Buffy, The Diva Slayer

Buffy, The Diva Slayer


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

The WWE was throwing a huge celebrity party and almost everyone was there. The Raw brand, the Smackdown Brand, football players, but most importantly, the cast of Buffy were there. They were there to ask some of the wrestlers if they could help them
do their own stunts, if they can make special guest appearances, etc. Sarah Michelle Gellar talked to a couple of wrestlers until creeping out of the crowd to get a better glance of the arena.

Sarah was wearing a tight black sleeveless that didn’t leave much to the imagination. She was also wearing a skin tight pair of red jeans. She held in her hand her prop bag, which by now she barely realized she was carrying. She walked past a couple rooms until she saw one that was open. In one of the rooms she saw Goldust masturbating to a picture of Booker T. So she quickly scurried off. In another room she saw Test and Stacy fucking the life out of each other.

Stacy screamed, “Oh yes!!!! I love your testicles!! She had his large dick deep in her pussy and she was riding it like a pro. “You’re the big bad Test!!”

Sarah looked on until Test cummed deep into her pussy and Stacy collapsed onto him. She continued to the next open door where she saw the lovely Torrie taking off her jeans and her shirt. The wrestlers were going to have a couple matches to present to the other celebs, so she was getting in gear. She went all the way down to her bra and thong before she got a phone call.

“Hello, this is Torrie Wilson. Uh huh. Yeah. I love Buffy! That is such an awesome show. I’ll be out in a while so wait up okay.”

She hung up the phone only to see Sarah Michelle Gellar standing inside her room. After seeing Goldust masturbate, Test and Stacy fuck, and Torrie half-naked she was really horny.

Sarah put her prop bag on the floor and approached Torrie.

“How much do you like Buffy?” Sarah said with a grin.

Torrie backed away cautiously. “I love Buffy.”

Torrie backed up all the way into a wall and Sarah was nose to nose with her. Torrie’s hand reached for the door knob but Sarah quickly put her hand on it first.

“What’s a matter Torrie, I thought you loved me.”

“I meant I liked the show. I mean your cool and all but I………”

Sarah kissed Torrie passionately and pressed her harder against the wall. After a while of kissing Sarah guided Torrie to the couch and sat her down. Sarah sat on Torrie’s lap, pussy to pussy, and deep tongued Torrie. Her hands fluffed up her hair and played with her ears. Sarah sat up, and walked to the center of the room facing the lovely Torrie. She rubbed her own breast through her tight black sleeveless and her erect nipples almost poked holes through it. She slowly grabbed the bottom of it and slowly lifted it over her breast, showing a glimpse of her perky tits. She threw the shirt over her head and seductively walked towards Torrie. She sat on Torrie’s lap and worked her tongue back into Torrie’s awaiting mouth. Sarah draws back and places her breast into Torrie’s mouth. Torrie was in heaven. She sucked on her erect tits and licked at the nipples.

Sarah was completely loving this, “Oh yes!! You’ve done this before haven’t you?”

She licked that tit like a dick. She did each breast bobbing her head back and forth. Sarah took her tits out and sat up on Torrie’s lap so that her pussy was facing her mouth. Torrie looked at Sarah skin tight red jeans, and licked at Sarah’s zipper. Torrie used her teeth to unzip her jeans and then she stuck her tongue in her pussy. What a slut Sarah was, she had no panties or bra. Torrie licked her pussy while Sarah grabbed the back of her head and forced her tongue deeper.


Torrie grabbed Sarah’s ass that were covered by the jeans and spanked it. She would rub her sexy ass and spank it every chance she got.

“Ah……ah……ah…….ah…….ah” Sarah would make a noise with every thrust of Torrie’s tongue.

Torrie pushed Sarah onto the floor and jumped onto her. She nearly tore off Sarah’s pants to get to her pussy. Torrie shoved her tongue deep into Sarah and invaded her pussy. Sarah spread her legs as far as she could and let Torrie get all of her sweet pussy.

“Fuck!!! I’m……ahhhhh……..gonna cum…….ahhhhhh!!!”

Sarah’s pussy juice splashed into Torrie’s face and she gladly licked it up. Sarah sat up to where Torrie was and licked some of her own juices off Torrie’s face. They embraced in a kiss as Sarah unlaced Torrie’s bra. She got it off and tossed it aside. Torrie turned around and got on all fours. Sarah licked Torrie’s plump ass and slurped up a chunk of it.

“Ummmm………” Torrie had her eyes closed completely letting pleasure take over.

Sarah slowly pulled down Torrie’s thong and shoved her tongue into her ass. She licked up and down her as crack and her inner thighs. Finally Sarah shoved her tongue deep into Torrie’s ass. It was so round and perfect. Sarah found her self rubbing Torrie’s ass and massaging Torrie’s pussy.

Torrie wailed, “Fuck yeah! Fuck my holes!!

Sarah kept her tongue in Torrie’s ass, put three fingers in Torrie’s pussy, and shoved a couple fingers into Torrie’s mouth. Sarah licked her asshole furiously and shoved yet another finger in Torrie’s pussy. It wasn’t to long until Torrie’s entire body was shaking and she released into Sarah’s hand. Sarah released Torrie’s holes and then licked her hands that were filled with Torrie’s cum. Sarah laid on her back still licking and Torrie crawled over to the prop bag. She grabbed the long 16 inch stake.

Torrie thought to herself, “They must cut it into smaller pieces.”

Torrie snapped off the pointed end on laid on her back. She easily shoved 8 inches of the stake into her pussy. Sarah looked over and was extremely excited. Sarah went over to her and put the other 8 inches in her own pussy. Sarah sat on Torrie and rode her like a cowgirl. Sarah jumped up and down as if the stake were a dick. She pretended that it was her dick and she rammed pumped Torrie’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh godddddddd!!!!!!!” Torrie was almost in tears as Sarah was fucking her pussy.

They were both getting fucked by the stake and were loving it. Sarah bent down to Torrie and passionately kissed her. After a while they had a huge orgasm and their juices flowed into their stomachs. After they “cleaned up” the pussy juice they got dressed and once again passionately kissed.

Sarah had a smile on her face as she asked, “Who else is good to fuck here?”

“Well, let’s visit Test and Stacy and see what their up to.” They put their hands in each others back pockets and looked for the two.”

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