Buffy The Vampire Slayer – The Movie 1: Create Your Own Story

Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Movie: Create Your Own Story

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Author: Pendulum

Celebrity: Alyson Hannigan

Codes: MF, Cons,
Oral, Anal

My name is Jack West, and I was one of the few people fortunate enough to have worked on the long running TV show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Which is why I’m where I am right now. Sitting in a dusty office looking over the L.A Landscape, the room is electric because one of the few people who qualify as geniuses of literature is merely inches away. Joss. Fucking. Whedon.

I had heard a few rumblings in L.A with a possible Buffy movie after the successful reunion a few months ago. The plot of the movie is supposedly going to be similar to Lord Of The Rings in recruiting new slayers to tie in the end of the series with the new Comic Books.

Joss walked into the room and smiled in a way only Joss could manage. I stood up and shook his hand firmly, he welcomed me to his home and sat me down. We then started small talking when Joss posed the idea of me being his P.A where I could help him with shots, writing and general stuff on set. Fuck. Yes. It would be awesome to work with the old team again, not to mention the total babes that were on the show. Unfortunately, all were now married or dating and I would be away from my girlfriend for a long while now.

The movie was coming up and I was in a foul mood. I had arrived home early one day and found out that my girlfriend of nearly three years had been cheating on me with another woman. Hot in any other instance but not today. I was so pissed off that I stormed out and went to my Mother’s. Luckily I was on tour with the girls for the next two months so I wouldn’t be putting her out too much.

In a foul mood, I walked up to Joss’ home where we were catching a rock star like tour bus to get us to the first location. Paramount, the executive producers of the movie could see this had mega bucks all over it so they went all out. The crew was split into one bus with the male cast sharing it while the female cast and crew had another bus. I could see Joss was not looking impressed, sure he didn’t know about my problems. I delved into work and walked up to him with my ‘could not be less sincere’ face on to cheer him up.

“Joss…What’s the matter buddy?!” I asked playfully punching him on the arm, forcing my own anger to one side to help out my friend/boss.

“Alex cheated on Aly just before the movie started so Aly’s all over the place at the moment. One time she wants to stay here and dive into work, the other times she just wants to go home and murder him. So, we’re all a little on edge at the moment…How’s Jane?” Joss added, thinking nothing of the comment.

“At the moment, a lesbian. Found her in bed with another woman, so I’m not doing too great either.” I said, grabbing a bottle of Pepsi and popping the lid. “Awfully nice of Pepsi to send us all this free stuff too, what time are we heading off?”

Joss looked at me with sad eyes; he knew all too well what Jane meant to me. Letting the comment go, Joss went back to business. “We’re were aiming to leave in ten minutes but with Aly being so out of it, we’re not sure if we can go any more.”

Just like that, a light bulb went off in my head. I took another swig of Pepsi and looked at Joss. “Hey, what if I go talk to Aly and see if I can persuade her to ignore what’s going on?”

Joss fell silent for a bit longer than a standard pause for breath and nodded his head. “Yes, that may work. She’s in the girl’s tour bus at the moment, I’ll get everyone ready. Work that tongue buddy!” We didn’t know just how true that statement would be.

I walked up to the girls tour bus and knocked on the door. I was greeted by a dressed and ready, Sarah Michelle Gellar who greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Aly’s in a bad way, do you want to talk to her?” I nodded and smiled as Sarah went to the back and spoke softly.

“Yes please, Jack, you can come up.” A teary Aly called out to me. I stepped onto the tour bus and pulled myself into the main area. I could see Aly was still in her silk pyjamas with all of her cast mates huddled around her looking after her. Eliza Dushku, Sarah (obviously), Michelle Tratchenberg and Alyson were all sitting on the bed. “It’s alright girls, you go get something to eat. I’ll be alright here.” Aly said bravely, the girl’s looked at each other, then at me and then back at Aly who seemed to push them out with just the look on her face.

The girls nodded and got up, each of them shooting me separate looks as they made their way out. As the door shut behind them, I took a deep breath and sat down at the edge of her bed. “You know Alex is an idiot right? If I was married to you I wouldn’t let you leave the house let alone me!”

Aly giggled lightly and brushed her hair back revealing her pretty face to me. “Thanks Jack…”

“No problem, y’know…I’ve just been cheated on too. My girlfriend Jane cheated on me with another woman. Caught them both in bed yesterday evening.”

Aly was quiet for a few seconds, as she looked at me as I stared intently at my shoes. “How serious was it?” She asked, breaking the awkward silence.

“Well, we were both serious and I was ready to take it to the next step…” I said cryptically, before reaching into my jacket pocket and tossing a black box to her. “That was for her, but you can keep it now. At least it’ll look good on you.”

“Jackie…I can’t take it…Thank you for the offer though. I’m truly sorry for what happened with you and Jane was it?”

I nodded silently and looked up to her, a tear trying to fight its way out of the pit of my eye. “Well, it’s not like I’ve cheered you up…” I said with a laugh, trying to lighten the mood.

Aly smiled and looked at me, bravery rushing to her face she moved up from her bed and scooted up next to me. She then got even braver and took a seat on my lap and put one arm around my neck and put her hand on the side of my head.

“I know how we can both feel better Jack.” Alyson said calmly. Knowing exactly what she meant I went to protest against my dick’s thoughts.


Before I could get anything else the beautiful singer had planted her lips on mine. At first reluctant, we both probably didn’t want this, yet I soon fell under Alyson’s spell and began returning the kiss. Aly went on the aggressive and pushed me backwards so I was now on the mattress of Aly’s bed. She moved her hands down to my trousers and grabbed my dick through the fabric and lightly squeezed it.

We began kissing again as Alyson continued to gently grope my cock. Alyson moaned lowly as our tongues entwined while we fondled each others bodies. Aly then rearranged herself so she was sitting directly on my lap with her arms lying gently on my shoulders as we kissed. Taking control, I moved my tongue from her lips, and slowly to Aly’s cheek lightly lapping at it. I then moved myself to her ear where I began licking just inside the lobe which was obviously a sensitive spot for her as she began moaning.

“Ohhhhhh…. That’s it Jack! Alex never gave much foreplay…”

Ignoring that last part, I continued to lick her ear and began moving my groin onto hers getting both of us aroused. After a few more bump and grind moments, I regretfully stopped and rolled us both over. Me now on top of Alyson, I got on my knees straddled over Aly’s waist. I yanked off my jacket and then pulled off my shirt, Alyson took her hands which had been lying limp and began rubbing them up and down my chest.

She went from my abs to my trousers where she unbuckled my belt and then set it aside for later. She then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans which then fell to my knees, resting on her tummy. She then went for the knock out blow and she grabbed my boxers from the sides and pulled them down to my knees allowing my cock to spring out.

Alyson was quiet for a few moments before she unleashed my own personal ego booster. “Wow, that’s big!”

I chuckled as Alyson stayed on her back, I quickly stood up and kicked off my trousers and boxers. I went to straddle Alyson again, but her voice broke the silence again. “I want to taste it.”

I nodded and looked down at Aly. “OK Aly, do you want me sitting or standing?” I asked the superstar who was sitting on her bed.

Giggling, Aly looked up at me and shrugged. “I don’t mind…”

Nodding I answered. “I think I’ll stand for a while, then I’ll sit.”

Aly licked her lips and looked at my cock, bobbing by its own causes in front of her. “Well…Let’s get going…” Aly wrapped her soft hands around my cock and began to swiftly stroke my cock, moving her hands up and down.

Groaning at the touch, I lightly gritted my teeth together as the powerful red-headed witch, Willow’s hands moved back and forth along my cock. “Fuck yeah…You hands are so soft Aly…” I said lightly as I leant down and reached down and unbuttoned Alyson’s luxury silky pyjama top, which caused it to fall just a bit from her chest.

Aly cooed at the touch and smiled up at me. “Oh, well you just don’t want to wait at all, do you?” Aly said with a playful wink before she leant her head down and placed her warm, wet tongue against the head of my cock. She then got to the job at hand and began to circle her tongue around the head of his cock.

I moaned a bit more as Aly’s incredibly soft tongue circled around and around the head of my thick cock. “Mmmm…Ohhhh well, who likes to wait to see someone naked?” I asked with a smile as I reached down and peeled Aly’s top completely away from her amazing, nice round tits. Aly removed her hands from around my shaft allowing her top to slide off her arms and onto the floor, completely exposing her soft, ripe and rounded tits. Aly closed her eyes as she gently flicked her tongue against the head of my cock before she opened her mouth and took my cock into the warm, sweetness of her mouth. Alyson Hannigan wrapped her lips around my shaft gently and began to smoothly bob her head on my cock as she sucked my cock.

What had I done to deserve this? Because I sure was glad to have done it! I groaned loudly as the hot red-headed actress bobbed her head along the length of my fat cock. “Ohhhh yeah…Oh fuck yeah…Alex truly is an idiot!” I moaned as I put both of my hands on top of her head as I watched the beauty devour my entire shaft. “Ohhhh…Mmmm… Damn your mouth is so hot…” I moaned as I felt Aly’s tongue slide against the bottom of my dick.

Aly was now bobbing her head gradually quicker on my cock as she shifted my cock around inside of her wet, warm mouth. Alyson gently batted and slapped her tongue back and forth against my cock as she started to grind her mouth against my cock. “Oooooh…Shit…” I simply moaned louder as I leant my head back. “Fuck, maybe I should sit now…” I said breaking the action. Aly looked up at me with her mouthful of cock and smiled. She torturously dragged her lips off of my cock and let it fall from her mouth with a comical ‘pop’ noise.

I then sat down next to Alyson, who hopped down onto the bus’ floor. She then leant over my cock and took it back in her mouth and resumed her torturous blowjob. I then slid my right hand to the back of Alyson’s head as I started to thrust my pelvis forward to push my cock a smidgen forward to get more of the shaft past Alyson’s hot, silky soft, wet lips. Aly began to moan softly around my cock as she took more of my cock into her delightful mouth as she continued to suck me off. Back to my brains delirium, I offered more nonsensical grunts and groans. “Uhhhh…Damn…Ohh fuck…” See, why does my vocabulary stop whenever I get sucked off or I’m fucking someone?

Aly moaned into my cock when I decided to give Alyson some action as well. “Aly…Up on the bed please babe…It’s your turn to feel better…”

Aly looked up at me and smiled, she got up off of her knees and unbuttoned her matching silk pyjamas. She then grabbed the pyjama bottoms by the side seams and slowly pulled them down her legs. I looked her up and down, marvelling at her now bare and very lovely arse. She turned her head to me and I swallowed deeply as she turned to me revealing a cleanly shaven pussy. In words, she looked like a sex Goddess, and there was nothing sexier than a Sex Goddess who had been wronged and looking for vengeance.

“Like what you see?” Aly asked as she watched me look her up and down with a stupid grin on my face.

I had nothing to say that would be considered intelligent so I just nodded my head as the young beauty giggled. “That’s a yes then…Lie down Jack.” Aly commanded, and I wasn’t stupid. I pushed myself back to lie on Aly’s remarkably soft bed. As I lay there, Aly stood over my, hovering for a few inches and grabbed my penis. She gently jerked it for nearly twenty seconds ensuring its hardness. She then directed it towards her pussy and slowly lowered herself. Aly gasped lowly as the head of the cock made its way in. Aly mewed lowly and got on her knees letting the rest of it into her warm and very wet cunt.

It was my turn to moan as my dick was accepted into Aly’s wet pussy, the way it hugged my dick gave it a warm feeling. At a slow pace she then began moving up and down on my rod, riding my member at a slow pace, adjusting to its size. Aly let out a low, primal grunt as she quickened the pace of her riding. Aly then put her hand on my chest to push herself up my dick. Taking a quick look at my member I could see that it was soaked with Aly’s pussy juices.

Watching Alyson Hannigan ride up and down on my cock was an incredible sight, moaning I ran my hand up and down Aly’s thigh as she continued to go faster and faster. Aly kept making silent moans of ‘Oh’ each time my cock went in.

My hands soon made their way up to Aly’s large breasts where I slowly groped them, playing her mounds in my hands. Aly’s riding got faster and faster as her head tilted back and started to writhe on my dick.

“Oh god! I’m cumming!” Aly exclaimed as she started to cum over my dick, I wrapped an arm around her waist and held her in position as her juices flowed from her cunt. It was blocked by my cock, sufficiently drenching it with her cum. Still having a decent effort inside of me, I wrapped both my arms around her waist and rolled her around. Having Aly on her back let me take control of the action, where I pistoned my cock in and out of her wet cunt. Aly grunted and wrapped both her arms around my neck, tugging me closer to her. Aly then wrapped her legs around my waist pulling my dick deeper into her.

Beads of sweat started to form on my naked body as I wrapped my arms around Aly’s neck and started to pump harder into Aly who was now on dream street. I looked down at Aly, who matched the look, with a few loose straggles of hair blocking her right eye, we both leant in and shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues lightly batted against each other as my breath became ragged. I knew I was close to cumming and didn’t really want this to end. Aly’s constant moaning broke the kiss as she tugged my neck bringing me closer to her equally sweaty body.

Looking over at her clock, I had only been in here for fifteen minutes, I could at least manage to fuck her again for another fifteen and it wouldn’t look strange either. Leaning my head down, I looked at her magnificent breasts.

“Wow, can’t believe I haven’t tasted these puppies yet…” I said aloud as Aly’s moaning drowned out any sound I could’ve possibly made. I gave her right boob light, tender kisses in a circle drawing into a smaller pattern as I neared her hard nipple. I finally arrived at the destination we were both hoping for, her nipple, and I began sucking on it. I twirled my tongue around it a few times before nibbling softly at it again. Aly had re-awoken from her mumbling dream to this and she seemed to like it.

“Oh yeah…That feels so good!” Aly gasped as I smiled from around her nipple. After a few more minutes of this, I moved my head and I repeated the process on Aly’s marvellous left boob. Repeating the process exactly, I started with the circle of kisses and then onto the sucking and nibbling of her nipple. I did that for as long as I had with the other boob when I felt a rush of wetness on my cock and knew that Aly had come a little more. Surfacing for air, Aly smiled and resumed the kissing from earlier. Once more my hands began roaming over her tight, perfect body, sliding down Aly’s back and getting a firm grip of her ass.

“Y’know, I think it’s time to repay you for that blow job earlier…

Aly smiled and unhooked herself from me, sitting up she put her arms back allowing her to lean back onto the bed. Licking my lips in anticipation, I grabbed Aly’s ankles and spread them apart, metaphorically opening the gates to her pussy. Admiring the sight for a brief second I moved in and buried my face into Aly’s pussy. She smelled so heavenly, I simply had to taste her, I then stuck my tongue out and began licking around the rim of Aly’s clit. Making tiny circles with my tongue I ran it around her love button before hitting the spot and lightly tapping my tongue against it. Alyson’s moaning gave me the knowledge that I was doing a good job so I continued doing that for a few seconds. Looking up, I could see Aly lightly pawing at her breasts.

Changing the procedure a little I began delivering my own personal whirlpool to her pussy, I went deeper and deeper until my tongue couldn’t reach any farther. I then began flicking my tongue in and out of her pussy, literally tongue fucking her, causing Aly to moan in pleasure. Aly then bolted up from the bed and started to pant very heavily and very loudly. Obviously reaching her point of no return I slid my tongue from it’s current path and moved it to her soft pussy walls. Her soft hands moved down to my head where she pushed me in deeper to her sweet cunt. A good place to be in anyone’s books! She continued to do so as I licked away at her soft pussy walls. I soon hit the proverbial jackpot as a river of her pussy juices came flowing out of her vagina and into my eagerly waiting mouth.

“On all fours baby…” I panted as Aly recovered from my oral assault

Aly smiled and licked her lips. “Oh you better bring it baby! Alex never gave it to me like this!” Aly said with a smile as she turned around, with her back facing me.

I licked my lips as Aly stuck her nice ass out towards me as she knelt on the couch. “Oh I’m going to bring it…” I said as I stood behind Aly and laid my hands on her hips. I then slid my cock into her hot and very wet, tight pussy and began thrusting in and out of her cunt. “Uhhhh yeah…” I grunted as I watched Aly throw her head back in retaliation.

What I couldn’t see was that Aly had gritted her teeth gently and began moaning. “Ohhhh…Ohh…Awww…Yesss!” Aly moaned as I thrust my hard cock in and out of the beautiful yet scorned Willow actress. I started pulling Aly back towards me so that her ass was pressing against my waist.

Moaning ,I gritted my teeth as I started making all of my thrusts longer but still keeping my pace quick. “Uhhhh Ohhhh oh yeah…You like that Aly?” I grunted as I pounded her pussy with my dick.

“Ohh I love it Jack!” Aly moaned as she started to buck her hips and thrust her hot, stunning body back against my cock forcing my dick deeper into her tight, hot pussy. I groaned and started to slow down my thrusts and then regretfully pulled my cock out of Aly’s hot, wet pussy.

“Shit I’m going to cum Aly!” I announced to her as she looked over her shoulder to me.

“Let me give you something Alex always wanted but never got…My ass…” My eyes went wide at the mention as Aly looked at me with a wicked, horny smile. “Go on…Take it…”

Shrugging, I separated her nice and plump ass cheeks and moved forward with my penis clumsily bumping into contact with her tight ass hole. It was far too tight, so with my right index and middle finger I began to spread her cheeks, making a pathway for my cock to follow. After getting nearly mid way on my middle finger I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my larger invader. I got the head of it in and then released my hands grip for her ass cheeks which quickly hugged my dick. I then put my hands on Aly’s waist as I thrust my dick into her ass. Growling at the tightness, I started to push it inside deeper and deeper until my dick was fully in her ass. Aly yelped in pain as I slowly began drawing it out again before driving it all in once more.

“Ow! Ah…Damn…Fuck my ass, Jack!”

Shaking my head at her relentless horny-ness, my pace began slowly with my dick coming out halfway before I drilled it back into Aly’s ass. I continued to repeat the action but began quickening the pace. I moaned aloud again my balls began slapping at her pussy.

Aly then began almost taunting me, took her right hand and rubbed her hand up and down my right thigh. I was already about to cum before fucking Aly’s ass, my short break hardly phased me. After a few more thrusts into her ass, I could feel the cum building up in my balls. “Fuck, Aly I’m going to cum again…”

“Cum on my face Jack! Cum on my face!”

Again shaking my head, I pulled my cock out and walked around to the front of her face. Aly sat up on her knees and opened her mouth, she then began to play with her tits as I started to jerk off. It didn’t take long and I was soon cumming. My hips jerked awkwardly as my balls emptied a large load over her face. Several shots sprayed out and landed on her face, some landing just above her eyes on her fore-head. The smaller shots then fell on cheek and landed in her waiting mouth.

Aly was quiet for a few moments before she swallowed down my load and wiped away the cum from her face. “That…Was amazing…You’re like a Sex God!” Aly exclaimed as we both recovered almost silently.

“You weren’t too bad yourself, you feeling better now babe?” I asked with genuine care as Aly grabbed her clothes.

“Far better now, how about you?” She asked, throwing me my clothes.

“I think I’m going to miss having a girlfriend…” I said with a smile as I dressed myself.

“Well don’t you worry about that! I’m sure me and the girls will help you out with that big cock!” Aly said with a grin, standing up she dressed herself and walked up to me. Standing on her tip-toes, Aly kissed me on the lips, the bitter after-taste of cum on her lips. I quickly shrugged it aside and changed too.

We both walked to the door and opened it where we saw the crew and the rest of the cast and crew looking at us. “Feeling any better Aly?” Eliza Dushku asked as she flipped her phone down.

“Much better, Jack’s awesome.” She said with a grin as we smiled knowingly at each other. She then kissed me lightly on the cheek and spoke again. “So, what time do we leave?”


We set off towards the first location to get a read through of the script and ideas for shooting done. The weather was shit and all of our moods were terrible. The fact that I was running up and down the double layered set making sure everything was right and good to go did not help! After everything was sorted out, the reigns of control were handed over to Joss for the evening.

It was nearly one o clock in the morning and I was exhausted. The read through had finished and the filming was starting tomorrow, the next day so there was no need to change hotels. I pressed the button on the elevator and waited for it to arrive. Suddenly, my cell phone beeped to life, digging in, I saw it was a text from a crew member. Must be important. I looked at the Elevator Floor Indicator and saw it was three floors away and rapidly approaching. I wanted sleep. I guess I could just go to bed and say I got it first thing tomorrow morning…Decisions…Decisions…

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