Buffy The Vampire Slayer – The Movie Create Your Own Story: Chapter 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – The Movie Create Your Own Story: Chapter 2

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Author: Pendulum

Celebrity: Eliza Dushku

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Story: Sighing heavily, I flipped open the phone to see the text message was actually a video text. I clicked on the open button and for 30 seconds it showed a brunette sucking the staff hand’s pole. Her face was partly obscured by her hair, the hand moaned heavily and pushed the hair out of her face revealing Eliza Dushku! She was slurping up and down on his pole making the guy moan heavily. At the very end of the video Eliza looked up and saw that he was filming her.

“Who the fuck are you sending that to?” Eliza’s potty mouth accounted for.

“Jack. You know? Joss’ P.A?”

“Dude! That guy is hot. Get him up here and I’ll fuck you both!”

The video then snapped to a close, a text message followed the video. It simply said ‘Room 310!’ Nodding my head quickly, I turned and sprinted up the stair well just to the left of the elevator. The doors upstairs had just shut when the elevator doors opened up, revealing Michelle Tratchenberg standing in the middle confused as to why her ride had stopped. Shrugging, she pressed a button and let the doors close again.

Running up the stairs, I hopped past the final few and opened the door. Stepping into a room with two single beds, about three feet apart from each other. The bed’s were messy and the sheets were hanging off of the actual bed. The room was poorly lit by a bedside table lamp which had been knocked over. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that there had been a fight here.

I took another step in and saw Eliza Dushku and Billy, the sound tech. On the bed closest to the wall I saw Eliza and Billy were engaged in a passionate sixty-nine position. Eliza titled her head upwards to orgasm and saw me standing there, she looked down at my hardening cock and moaned/grinned.

“Shut the fucking door.” Her potty mouth again revealed itself. I nodded silently and closed the door behind me just as Eliza started to scream out in passion. I stepped back in and watched with fascination as Eliza started to cum. After a few seconds, Eliza came down and climbed off of Billy’s face.

Billy went to complain but saw me standing there and grinned. “Hey there Jack!”

“Billy.” I said bluntly, eyeing the fact that Eliza had now sat on the other bed. “So, what’s going on here?”

“Well…Eliza came on to me earlier. Sucked me off in the toilet and now we’re here. She thinks I’m hot!” Billy said, excitement in his voice. Billy was a fairly attractive guy, he stood at just under six foot and weighed about one hundred and seventy five pounds. He had short black hair with the faint lining of a stubble on his face.

“Yeah, I wanted sex and Billy gave it to me! I want you to fuck me too!” Eliza added from the bed, eyeing me up and down.

I turned and looked at her with a wicked grin and carefully chose my next words. “So…You’re just a slut?” Damn it, that’s not going to go down well…

Eliza surprisingly just laughed and nodded her head. “Yeah that’s right!”

“You want a double dosage of that…Slayer?” I teased her, our eyes telling the story. “You want to be fucked at the same time by two studs?”

Eliza pressed her lips together and slightly licks her soft lips “Mmmm…I would love to do that with you guys!” Eliza said with a sly smirk as the rogue, yet hot, Slayer approached the bed, both Billy and I was now sitting on. Taking the lead, Eliza knelt down in front of Billy and boldly wrapped her smooth hands around the young sound tech’s shaft and slowly began to guide both of her soft hands, up and down his shaft. As this occurred, I had completely shed all of my clothing to become fully naked too. Eliza glanced over at me and smirks. “You know…Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean you will get it any quicker…” Eliza said with a laugh as she continued to stroke Billy’s hardening cock.

“Sure, but it helps to be prepared!” I laughed, standing up from the bed in order to push down my black pants in order to let out my own hardening, fat cock.

Billy had now kicked off his pants and had his left arm pushing himself up from the bed as Eliza stroked his cock with both of her hands. “Ohhhh yeah…Damn you’ve got some good hands Eliza…” Billy moaned as Eliza turned to look at him as she pumped his cock.

Eliza smirked and winked playfully at Billy. “Thanks…” Eliza said as she removed her left hand from around Billy’s cock and placed her left hand around my cock. Once I sat back down on the couch next to Billy. The feisty Rogue Slayer began pumping her soft hands up and down against the hardened shafts of me and Billy. Now…Let’s get fucking hardcore!” Eliza said as she leant her head forward and flicked her tongue against the head of Billy’s hard and thick cock.

Billy closed his eyes and leant his head back. “Oh Jesus…” Billy moaned as Eliza flicked her tongue against the thick head of his cock again.

“Mmmm…Eliza…You’re the best….” I added, trying to catch her attention by running a hand through her black hair. Eliza seemed to ignore my compliment and continued with rubbing her right hand back and forth along this stiff cock.

Eliza smirked as she flicked her head away from Billy’s cock after flicking her soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock. “Great!” Eliza laughed as she turned her head a bit to face my hard and thick cock as well “Damn…Why are you guys behind the scenes dorks? With dicks like these you could be porn stars!” Eliza said just before she leant her head down and flicked her tongue against the head of my cock while she moved her hands over to stroke both my and Billy’s cocks with her soft, dainty hands.

Moaning to the skies, I licked my lips as Eliza Dushku, the only girl who could outshine Sarah Michelle Gellar, slowly flicked her tongue around my shaft. “Ahh…Jesus, if they were all like you I’d get straight to it…I just don’t want my dick falling off.” I half-moaned, half-replied as I spotted Billy smirking, knowing full well what it felt as he had just received similar treatment.

“Well that’s a nice image Jackie. What is it about women who can kick your ass that makes them so hot?” Billy said with a low moan as he started to move his hips a bit to push his cock against Eliza’s hand.

Eliza lifted her head away from my cock and smirked proudly. “It’s so taboo. Guys don’t like the fact that the girls are stronger than them. They think they should be the strong ones!” Eliza said with an arrogant flair in her voice as she turned back to Billy’s thick, hard cock as she smoothly stroked her right hand against his shaft.

Eliza then lowered her head down to Billy’s cock and opened her wet mouth as she took the stage-hand’s cock easily into her mouth. Eliza pressed her lips around his shaft and started to easily bob her head on Billy’s meaty cock while she stroked her right hand against my cock. Her blowjob’s dropping was being beaten by her hand job which was going at a slightly quicker pace.

“Awww…Ohhhhh yeah…Fuck that is a hot blowjob!” Billy moaned as Eliza bobbed her head quickly and smoothly up and down on his large dick.

I watched with a smirk, I then put my hand on Eliza’s head and moved her soft brown hair back. Seeing her face, intent on sucking off Billy, I grinned and decided to see how hardcore Eliza could go. “How do you fancy taking them both in?” I said with a grin as Eliza lightly twisted her hand around my stiff dick.

Eliza smirked around Billy’s cock as she gently slapped her tongue against Billy’s shaft while she quickly bobbed her head on his cock. “Mmmm…Fuck…” Eliza groaned against Billy’s cock as her warm saliva dripped against his cock as she took him deeper into her mouth while she sucked on his cock. While Eliza was smoothly and easily sucking on Billy’s cock, she lowered her left hand down to my ball sack and rubbed her left hand against my large ball sack as she quickly lifted and dropped her head on Billy’s cock.

“Awww…Ohhh yeah….Fuck Boss…Suck that large dick….” Billy moaned as the hot movie and TV star deep throated his cock every time she lowered her head down on his pole.

I licked my lips and moaned as Eliza playfully fondled my large balls with her dainty left hand. “Mmmm…. hey…. are you gonna suck my dick soon?” I asked, impatience getting the better of me as I slid my hand her soft brown hair.

Eliza slowly lifted her head up from Billy’s thick, hard cock and smirked as she glanced over at me. Hungrily, she licked her lips at the sight of my ready-to-go cock. “Hmmm…How about now?” Eliza asked with a playful laugh as she turned her head towards my cock and placed her warm tongue against the large head of my cock and began to circle her soft tongue on the tip of my cock.

Licking her lips slowly, Eliza opened her mouth and slowly leant forward. Her tongue snaked out of her luscious mouth and playfully flicked against my dick’s head. Groaning slowly, Billy watched Eliza eagerly flick her tongue against his dick’s head again, almost teasing him. Looking up at Billy, I simply mouthed. ‘Oh my god!” At her oral skills, prompting Billy to chuckle, those chuckles soon turned to moans as Eliza wrapped both her hands around Billy’s shaft and started to jerk Billy off. Eliza put her left hand down at his base and steadily started to beat his meat, her right hand then moved down to her nicely sized left breast. Steadily, she started to fondle her own tit while playing with our dicks.

Each of the boys sharing a low moan, Eliza moved her hand from her breast and put it back on Billy’s groin. Opening her mouth, Eliza took my dick in and started to bob at the same pace she treated Billy to.

“Mmmmmm…” I groaned, tilting my head back. I moaned again, while licking my lips as I felt Eliza smoothly bob her head on my thick cock. I closed my eyes as I felt Eliza’s mouth start to move up and down my cock, her tongue roaming around my shaft, tasting every inch.

“Mmmm…Mmmm” Eliza gently moaned as she smoothly and eagerly bobbed her head, sucking my cock as her wet saliva dripped along my shaft. I opened my eyes and looked down at Eliza another moan escaping my lips. I put my left hand on top of Eliza’s head as she continued to suck on my cock.

“Mmmm…Mmmm…” Eliza seductively moaned around my thick cock as she lowered her head further down my shaft, while gently lapping her soft tongue around my shaft, coating it with her saliva.

“Mmmmm…That’s really good Eliza…” I said quietly as I pushed her hair back around her neck. “Keep at it…”

Eliza’s hands were starting to work over time on Billy’s dick, jerking up and down while playfully twisting at the base. Deciding to change things up, her hands started to work independently of each other. Her left hand moved to the top of his dick rubbing the pre cum from his dick’s head while her right one went down and fondled the base, playfully rubbing against his ball sack. Letting out a low groan, Billy spoke up, after quite some time being mute, enjoying the hand job.

“Fuck Boss…I think it’s time we see just how hardcore you are.”

Nodding my head. I agreed at the suggestion when Eliza slowly stopped bobbing her head. “Yeah…Yeah we should see if you can ride as well as well as we can…”

Taking her head off of my dick, Eliza looked over at Billy and grinned, seeing the hunger in both of our eyes she shrugged and mounted the bed Billy was sat on.

“Fuck yes! Let’s rock!“ Eliza exclaimed happily, taking Billy’s ten inch dick in her right hand she slowly lowered herself onto Billy’s large dick. Eliza’s eyes closed slowly as her mouth dropped open, her pussy adjusting to the size of Billy’s dick. Equally shocked, Billy groaned slightly as the Slayer took his dick into her cunt.

Leaning forward Eliza planted both her hands on the bed and moaned lowly Billy then placed his hands on her tight ass cheeks and gently cupped them, feeling their sheer softness. Taking advantage of the situation Billy leant forward and took her right breast into her mouth, gently sucking on the nipple.

While I sat on the other bed, I lightly jerked my dick, making sure to keep my dick rock hard for the session. Eliza looked over at me jerking off and shook her head lightly. “Come over here Jackie, fill my asshole up!” Grinning at the vixen in front of me, I ran a hand through my hair and climbed up onto the bed as well.

“Hey Billy, scoot up! I’m practically falling off here!” I said, I was stuck at the end of the bed, having to stand on the floor while Eliza rode Billy. Giggling, Eliza nodded her head as Billy sighed and pulled himself up on the bed.

“So fucking big!” Eliza said, her throat making sexy noises as she moved forward with the hobbling Billy.

“Yeah it is isn‘t it?” Billy said, regretfully moving his lips away from her gorgeous right tit. Taking his left hand up to Eliza’s left breast he slowly started to play with her now hard nipple, trapping it between his thumb and his forefinger. He gently rolled it around making Eliza groan as the touch. “You have perfect breasts Eliza…” Billy said lowly, admiring the wonderful sight in front of him.

Ignoring the two’s interaction, I took hold of Eliza’s ass cheeks and parted them. Pressing my cock against her tight asshole, Eliza grunted at the sudden intrusion. “Do you still want me to go on Eliza?” I asked, worried about Eliza’s reaction to the member.

“No, just lube me up first…It’s been a while since I had anything up there.”

Nodding, I looked around and found a bottle of water, seeing it was the closest thing available, I grabbed it and to Eliza’s surprise splashed it on her asshole. Making her shriek in surprise, I couldn’t help but smile. As fluidly as I had splashed her asshole I had then slammed my dick deep into Eliza’s asshole. Now double filled, the real action was about to begin. Pulling out slightly, I then slammed my way back in to her ass.

As I slammed in, Eliza lifted herself up and dropped down as hard as she could, feeling all of Billy’s dick filling her pussy. Easily getting into a rhythm, as Billy lifted Eliza up, I drew my dick out. As soon as Billy slammed her down, I pushed my dick in, completely filling her up again. Billy had then latched himself onto Eliza’s left tit, sucking on her nipple while his hands moved down to her silky thighs.

Eliza threw her head back and let out a loud moan as we started to work our way in and out of her. Taking her right hand from the bed, Eliza ran a hand through Billy’s hair as he hungrily sucked her tit. Ten minutes into the riding session, Eliza let out a low moan and spoke up quietly.

“Awww…Oh Yeah…Fuck…Let’s swap positions…” Eliza moans as she put her hands on Billy’s waist and pushed herself off of Billy’s dick. Nodding, I pulled out of her amazingly tight ass hole and took a few steps back off of the bed. “Mmm, Jackie bring that bed over here!” Eliza said, leaning down kissing Billy’s lips slightly.

Picking up some big boy muscles, I moved the second single bed over to where Billy and Eliza were lying. Satisfied they were together I climbed onto the freshly moved bed, watching the action. Eliza looked up and smiled, planting another kiss on Billy she stood up and walked onto the second bed. She then dropped to her knees into a Doggy Style and turned her head to me. “Mmmm…Give it to me Jackie!” Eliza said as I put my hands on Eliza’s super smooth round ass and got Eliza to push her ass out slightly. I then wrapped my right hand around my cock and guided it into Eliza’s warm and wet tight pussy. “Mmmmm fuck….” I moaned as I started to thrust my cock in and out of Eliza’s hot pussy.

Eliza moaned at the sudden intrusion and leant over to Billy’s rock hard dick. Planting a dainty kiss on his dick’s head tasting some pre-cum, Eliza pressed her lips together and lifted her head away from his dick for a moment. Glancing over her shoulder she looked at me fucking her and smirked. She smoothly pushed her hot body backwards pushing back against my cock. “Mmmmmm…Ohhh fuck yeah…” Eliza moaned before she turned her head back to Billy’s cock. Eliza opened her mouth as she lowered her head on Billy’s cock, taking his cock into her mouth and starts to bob her head.

“Ahhhh yeah…Mmmmm…Damn…” I moaned as I put my hands on Eliza’s sexy hips as I pumped my shaft fast and hard into her pussy.

Billy now had both of his hands on Eliza’s head and he held onto her brown hair as she bobbed her head on his large shaft. “Ohhhh yeah…Fuck…Damn you really give great head Eliza…” Billy moaned as he started moving his hips forward in order to thrust his shaft in and out of Eliza’s hot and wet mouth.

“Mmmmm…Mmmmmm….” Eliza softly moaned around Billy’s hard, thick cock as she pressed her lips tighter around his thick shaft as she easily lifted and lowered her head on his cock, sucking on his cock. Eliza closed her eyes as she gently slapped her wet tongue against his shaft and firmly pushed her hot, rounded ass back against my waist as I swiftly thrust my cock quickly in and out of her hot, tight pussy.

Billy moaned as he closed his eyes and leant his head back. Looking to the sky, he let out a moan, simply enjoying the sensation of Eliza Dushku, the one and only Faith, sucking on his large dick. “Ahhhh…Yeah…Ohhh fuck yeah…Suck that dick…” Billy moaned as Eliza took more of his shaft past her lips.

My moans were coming from the pussy action, ‘Faith’ was delivering. I wiped some sweat away from my forehead. Licking the tip of my teeth, I slammed my cock fast and deep into Eliza’s cunt, “Uhhh fuck…. oooo yeah…. you got such a hot tight cunt!” I moaned as my balls crashed against Eliza’s soft skin.

Eliza gently twisted her head on Billy’s thick cock as she lowered her head further down on his shaft, taking him deeper into her warm, wet mouth. Moaning, the feisty Slayer began to quickly bob her head on his shaft as she deep throated his cock. Eliza’s hot body continually rocked back and forth from my stiff thrusts to her tight, warm cunt.

“Ahhhh Ohh shit…Fuck…Billy…Now I see why you were hogging her pussy! Man…It’s so fucking hot!” I moaned as I kept up my hard, swift pace.

“Fuck, I can’t get over how great she is with her mouth!” Billy replied with a moan of his own as Eliza lifted her head off of his large now saliva covered prick.

“Mmmm damn…You boys are so nice to me.” Eliza half-laughed, half-moaned as she lightly kissed Billy’s large ball sack. “Want to change position again?” She asked looking over her shoulder as I thrust in and out of her. Slowing my thrusts down I shrugged and nodded my head.

Eliza grinned and licked her soft lips as she slowly brought herself to a standing position from the bed she was lying on. Eliza tossed her hair back over her shoulder as she stood in front of Billy. “Mmmm…Yeah…I want to ride that thing again!” Eliza said with a laugh as she turned around with her smooth and hot ass facing Billy. The horny starlet turned around and sat down on top of Billy’s cock, taking him into her amazingly tight ass hole. Moaning, Eliza immediately began to smoothly rock back and forth, riding his cock as her soft and smooth back lightly smacked against his lightly hairy, muscular chest.

“Ahhhh…Fuck your ass is tight…” Billy moaned as Eliza gradually gained more and more momentum as she rocked back and forth on his large stiff cock. Billy put his hands on Eliza’s smooth tanned legs as he thrust his cock up into Eliza’s hot tight ass hole.

Watching the action, I licked my lips as I watched Eliza Dushku ride on Billy’s dick. “Damn Eliza! A fucking hot babe like you probably needs a bit more dick! Right?” I asked as I got in front of Eliza and leant down a bit. Grinning, I pressed the head of my dick against her already soaking wet pussy.

Gritting her teeth tightly, Eliza narrowed her eyes into a lustful gaze as she locked her eyes with mine. Taking it as a yes, I rather mercilessly pushed my cock into her pussy. “Ohhhhh Fuck yeah!” Eliza groaned as she slammed down on Billy’s cock at the same moment Billy thrust up into Eliza’s ass, making her eyes widen at the filling.

Billy sexily rubbed Eliza’s smooth thighs as he pumped his cock upward into her hot tight asshole while her ass grinded against his lap. “Ahhhh ohhhh fuck…Ooohhh shit! Ohhhh damn…” Billy moaned as he himself gritted his teeth and leant his head back.

For the first time, I placed both of my hands on Eliza’s amazingly hot, rounded tits as I pumped my cock with swift thrusts into Eliza’s pussy. “Uhhh damn…Ohh fuck. Fuck yeah…Just like the good times!” Eliza grunted as I squeezed Eliza’s hot tits.

“Ohhh yeah! Fucking good times!” Billy groaned as Eliza gritted her teeth while she grinded her pussy against my cock. Billy’s cock slammed deeply into her stretched asshole as sweat began to drip off of our hot bodies.

“Ohhhh yeah fuck me!” Eliza moaned as she slammed herself down on Billy’s cock just as I slammed my cock into Eliza’s pussy causing my large balls to smack against her hot, filled ass as Billy thrusts up into it.

“Ahhhh…Ohhhh damn…Fuck…You’re the best Eliza!” Billy grunted as sweat dripped down his lightly hairy body as he thrust his cock as hard as he could up into her asshole.

I slowly moved my hands off of Eliza’s hot tits and placed them on her shoulders as I fucked her pussy. “Uhhh…Ohhhh fuck…God damn… I’ve never been so happy to be working…” I moaned as I tossed my head back letting sweat fly from my hair as I gave Eliza a hard thrust just before I started to cum. Looking Eliza in the eyes, she knew what was happening and simply nodded, with the OK to cum inside of Eliza’s hot pussy. It was too much, I slowly let go of my load, spraying the inside of her pussy with my seed. Eliza let out a low moan and tilted her head back, her eyes closed as she felt my warm, sticky cum spray into her hot pussy. Billy managed to push his orgasm back as he continued to bounce their fiery sponsor quickly and roughly up and down on his cock as she and he both sweated heavily.

“Ahhhhh ohhhh damn…Eliza…I’m gonna cum soon!” Billy moaned as he slid his hands to Eliza’s sexy slender hips as he slammed his cock upward into Eliza’s tight ass.

“Nearly there…Fuck my pussy!” Eliza grunted as she started to play with her tits, Billy rolled his eyes, Billy wanted to cum there and then!

Billy slid Eliza up to the top of his dick and as he slid out of her ass hole he readjusted himself and let Eliza fall back on his dick, completely filling her pussy. Arching her back at the surprise, Eliza leant against Billy’s sweaty chest as she grinded her pussy sharply against Billy’s cock “Ohhhh Yeah…Fuck my pussy!” Eliza wildly moaned, obviously nearing her personal target. Making use of one last trick, Billy started to slam her up and down his full length he moved his right hand over to her pussy. He then started to feverishly frig her clit letting her go over the edge.

Throwing her head back, sweat flew from her now wet hair, Eliza just missed head butting Billy as she started to orgasm over his dick. Her pussy’s contractions sent Billy over the edge. Not being able to hold it anymore Billy groaned aloud and let loose a torrent of cum, shooting deep inside of Eliza. Eliza let out a torrent of expletives as she shook from side to side from a violent orgasm. Letting out a defeated groan, Billy finished cumming inside of Eliza Dushku’s wet pussy.

“Ohhhh damn…Fucking…Hell…” Billy moaned as he breathed hard after double-filling Eliza’s pussy with his and my cum.

Eliza smirked as she glanced over her shoulder at the sweating Billy and myself, although I was equally sweaty.

“Mmm…Boys that was fucking great!”

“Ohhh yeah…Fucking awesome…” Billy moaned as he licked his lips, resting to catch his breath.

I wetted my lips nodded. “Damn…Eliza this was really fun…But I’ve got to get to bed now. Joss needs me up early, tomorrow. Need my rest.”

With that, Eliza made a face and pouted lightly. “You don’t want to fuck me some more?”

“It’s not that Eliza…I just really want this job!” I said, wiping the sweat from my forehead. Pulling my clothes on, I looked at Billy and nodded towards him. “I’m sure he can manage with you!”

Billy nodded his head as Eliza looked at him. Shrugging, she nodded. “Alright. You were a good fuck though. You should definitely come back some time!”

I smiled and nodded. Grabbing my clothes, I threw them on as Eliza started to suck Billy off again. Looking towards him, I mouthed silently. “We’ll talk later.” For while he could keep his head vertical, he nodded and then fell backwards. I shut the door and started up to my room. Sleep, sweet, sweet sleep. I said to myself as I unlocked the door and opened up my room.

Lurching toward my bedside table, I set my clock to wake me four hours from now and collapsed on my bed. I found that I was asleep before I hit the bed.

*Bzzt* *Bzzt* *Bzzt* *Bzzt*

What in the mother of all things holy is that? My eyes slowly opened, things were a blur. Boy, I’d had my fair share of these. A blurry table with four red LED’s indicated I was looking at my alarm clock. Unleashing a punch Buffy would’ve been proud of, I slammed my fist into the clock, knocking it off of the table. Sighing heavily, I pushed myself off of the bed and walked into the bathroom.

One shower later…

I stepped out of the shower and slipped on some new clothes. I slowly opened my door and made my way out. Just as I shut the door, I came across Jane Espenson, Story Editor and Writer to the Buffy movie, Jane was in the same situation as me. We both started talking and made our way downstairs, passing the luxurious paintings and decorations that stood upon the wall. It looked like one of those places that was made up for stories. Large domed lights hung over the halls, as we walked they clicked off. Canadian sunlight crept into the hallways, as we walked.

“So Jack, Joss tells me you’re some sort of Hollywood prodigy?”

My cheeks flushed with blood. Joss had called me that? I shrugged it off lightly, unsure if it was some sort of prank.

“I don’t know if that’s true. I do come from a creative family.” I replied, running my hand through my hair as we approached a grand spiralling stair case. Putting my hand on the golden piping, I guided myself down, still a little wobbly after the fuck session with Buffy’s official wild card, Eliza Dushku.

“Now, don’t be modest. You’ve already started to shine! Joss has got some big plans for you!” Jane said with a slight laugh, lightly slapping me on my forearm.

Now that had me worried. What did she mean by that? I looked towards her face trying to catch something that would give her away. No such joy. This was all because of my Dad! I should explain.

When you use the word ‘Legend’, it was synonymous with my Father. Every movie he had directed was a hit, and he had an unnatural charisma to him. I’m guessing that Joss was after me for that similar appeal. Never helps having that sort of pressure on me.

We turned down onto the hotel lobby where Joss was waiting for us. Joss seemed nervous as we walked down. “What’s wrong Joss?” I asked, reaching the bottom of the stairs.

“Jack, we’ve got a problem! Sarah’s been complaining about her shower not working properly could you go and check it out?”

“Can’t the staff do it?” I asked, not complained but asked.

Joss shook his head as I spoke. “She asked for someone on our staff specifically.”

“Alrighty, what floor is she on?”

“Floor Ten, room ten seventy.”

I nodded my head and decided to run up the stairs keeping myself in shape.

As I got up the fourth set of stairs I spotted a figure across the hall I noticed instantly. Alyson Hannigan. She was being pressed up against a wall by whom I could only assume was Alex. Her husband, soon to be Divorcee. I already had a job to do, but could I just leave Aly like that?

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