Buffy The Vampire Sluts

Hey- This is a little something I put together on my day off…Please tell me what you all think, ok?

Ok, hold on there. I need you to ask yourself one thing. Are you 1) some fuckin’ religious zealot, 2) underage kid
or 3) anyone else who doesn’t wanna read about lesbianism, oral sex, anal sex and wild ass orgies with at least
underage bitch? Cuz, if you are, stop reading. In this little story, I fuck at least one underage sexpot up the ass
and do
a whole buncha other stuff to two others. It’s a great little tale, but if you don’t go for that kinda thing (I would
question why anyone WOULDN’T, myself),
stop reading, ok?
So, why are you still reading then, fuckface?


The other day I found out what a bunch of sluts the stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are. I was guest starring
on the WB show (no, I’m not gonna tell ya who I am) when, a few hours into it, it was mentioned that I would
have to try
out the Buffy group.
Not knowing what that was, I asked little Michelle Trachtenberg. She just smiled and told me where to meet them
later on
that night. This is exactly as it happened:
I entered the room and Eliza Dushku, the lovely Faith, is putting on a strap-on cock and approaching the table in
front of her. Michelle Trachtenberg, who, at 15, is just as gorgeous as the rest of the older cast members, is on
the table
and spreading her legs for Eliza. Both are nude and an equally nude Sarah Michelle Gellar is watching on, playing
herself on the couch. Michelle is begging to get fucked.
Sarah waves me over and I sit down next to her. She tells me not to speak but simply to make love to her so I
caressing her gorgeous tits even as I watch Michelle scream in pain/ecstacy as Eliza pushes her tool inside the
girl’s cunt.
Sarah moves her mouth over mine and I move a hand down to her crotch.
She’s very wet.
I move a finger inside her.
In seconds she has my ample meat in her hand and I am quickly shedding my remaining clothes. Then, Sarah
moves my
cock into her mouth and, just before I close my eyes and relish this amazing cocksucking, I watch Eliza’s dildo
slipping in
and out of Michelle’s pussy. My hands brush through Gellar’s hair and she takes my ball sack in her hand,
squeezing lightly.
I groan and just then Eliza notices us and withdraws from Michelle with an audibly slippery plop. She then slides
the young
star over to us slightly and begins fucking the child again. I lean over and have one of Michelle’s nipples in my
mouth as
I watch the cock slip inside her and begin to feel my climax build.
“Not yet.” I tell Gellar and move her head away from my manhood. I then move up to Michelle’s mouth and begin
her lips. She recieves me and we begin kissing. I ask her if I can penetrate her.
“Yes,” she breathes in that childlike voice of hers.
Seconds later, I am sinking my meat into her rectum even as Eliza continues to fuck the beauty. She screams at
double penetration, but she is calling for more. Wanting me and Eliza to fuck her harder, deeper. Sarah’s crotch is
at my
mouth now and I breathe her in. Lick her and suck her pussy lips. So does her onscreen sister. I kiss Michelle
thrusting harder now, and I taste Sarah on her lips.
And then that’s all I can take.
I spurt my seed into the small girl’s anus as she comes to her fourth climax. Only then we withdraw.

Sarah is once again on me and she whispers in my ear.

“Fuck yeah!” I exclaim, and within a minute we are involved in another foursome.

I am on my back and taking Michelle’s pussy lips in my mouth. She is shaved and I am almost overcome with her
and scent. I feast on her.
Sarah is riding my cock like a bronco, fucking my rod up and down. I feel her breasts drag across my chest and
is screaming “God yes! Fuck, yes! Fuck me hard!”
I do.
Meanwhile, Eliza, ever the bitch-goddess, is fucking me up the ass with her enlarged strap-on organ. It is huge
inside of me, or seems so and she is grasping the base of my cock, feeling the juices produced by Sarah between
her fingers.
Her other hand is on Gellar’s beautiful ass and she is pumping inside me even harder now.
Michelle floods my face with juices for the second time, just as Sarah begins leaning down and licking the child’s
clit. Michelle is screaming louder now and she is only eclipsed in volume by me.
My climax comes hard and fast and I shoot into the onscreen Buffy like a cannon from hell. I keep cumming, it’s
almost neverending and I feel heaven close, almost within grasp. Nirvana. I keep pumping my semen into her and
Eliza keeps
thrusting in and out of my rectum.
I nearly pass out.
We all recover after five or so minutes and I then help Michelle in her idea of fucking Eliza while she plowed into
her anus with Eliza’s own dildo. Sarah succeeds in cumming a few times positioned over Eliza and we all cum and
cum and
cum and cum…….
I can’t wait for my guest appearance on Charmed!

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