Buffy’s Plane Ride

By Yenoc (mc,celeb,nc,mf)

Sarah Michelle Gellar was sitting in the first class
section of the airplane, reading a romance novel to
pass the time. The star of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
had just finished shooting her lastest film, "Cruel
Inentions", and she was headed back to Los Angeles
to resume shooting her t.v. show.

The young actress was making films as well as doing
her show. She was trying to find the movie that would
be her big break and launch her movie career. Having
her own television show was nice, but she wanted
be a film star.

The celebrity started to feel uneasy all of a sudden.
She felt like she was being watched. There were not
too many people in the first class section and Sarah
had gotten a seat to herself.

She casually looked around the cabin and peered
toward the back. That’s when she saw the man
staring at her. His gaze was intense and she felt
drawn to his eyes. He was a handsome man, though
her was older than she was.

He had short black hair and chiselled features. He
was a large, muscular man and Sarah felt oddly
attracted to him. He had the most amazing grey
eyes that seemed to stare right into her soul.

She shook her head to clear out the cobwebs and
turned back to resume reading her book. Behind
her, the man contiuned to watch her closely.

His name was Sloane and he was a mind controller.
He posessed a ring called the Eye of Mephisto and it
gave him the power to control minds and turn people
onto his slaves.

Sloane was a bigwig in Hollywood and owned his own
production company. He had an excellent track record
and had produced several blockbuster films. His movies
all made big money and the people who starred in them
became huge stars in Hollywood.

Sloane used his production company to attract female
celebrities and draw them into his grasp. Any actress
was more than eager to get a meeting with him to get
a role in one of his films.

Once he had the actresses in his office, Sloane used the
ring and took over their minds. He entrapped the stars
and turned them into his sex slaves. who would obey
him without question. Sloane had dozens of actresses
under his control.

And now he had his sights set on Sarah Michelle Gellar.
He had recognized the Buffy star the instant she had
stepped onto the plane. He had left her alone until the
plane had taken off. Then he had started to work his
influence over her mind.

He slowly and expertly manipulted her thoughts and
altered her mind to suit his needs. She would soon be
attracted to him and sexually aroused by his presence.

Sloane got out of his seat and approached Sarah. As
he walked up the aisle, he sent out a mental field that
encompassed the entire plane. He fixed things so that
all the people on the plane would ignore them and
not see anything they did.

Sarah was nervous when she saw him standing next
to her. He asked if he could sit down and Sarah smiled
at him and invited him to sit next to her.

Sloane sat down and introduced himself. Sarah was
surprised when she found out who he was. His name
was well known all over Hollywood and all his film
projects had the gold touch. Now Sarah was very glad
he was there.

If anyone could get her a hit movie, he could. They
talked for a while and got aquainted. Then Sloane
mentioned that he was looking for the lead in his next
movie and Sarah was ecstatic when he said he wanted
her to audition for the part.

Sarah was extremely happy that she had met him. And
she knew he was attracted to her. The actress felt her own
arousal emerge as they got closer and the talk became
more intimate. They talked about getting together and
going to dinner. She was more than willing to go out with
Sloane and agreed readily.

After an hour of talking, Sloane excused himself and went
back to his seat. Sarah could not get him out of her mind
and she was getting hotter for him by the second. Her
pussy was wet and her nipples were erect beneath her top.

She kept sneaking glances back at him and she could
feel his gaze on her back several times. Her excitement
became too much and Sarah found herself wanting to
fuck Sloane right there on the plane.

Sarah turned around and, sure enough, there he was
at the end of the aisle, casually watching her. Sloane’s
face broke into a smile and Sarah felt her pussy tingle
with arousal. She threw caution to the wind and decided
to go for it.

She quickly turned her head back and blushed. She
knew there had been more than politeness in his
smile. Perhaps there was something subconscious in
her choice of that moment to go to the restroom.

Sarah, at least, wasn’t consciously thinking that Sloane
was going to follow her. The actress had no clue that
is was Sloane’s handiwor that made her want to pursue
this route. He was inside her mind and had her in his

She put down her romance novel, stood up, and started
down the aisle of the plane. Once she was in motion, she
knew that he was behind her, catching up. She could hear
the click of his heels on the deck behind her. He was just
matching her pace as she neared the end of the aisle.

At this point, Sarah didn’t know what to do. She had never
been in a situation like this before. Her mind was aswirl
with the possibilities. Sarah wrestled with her conflicting
feelings. part of her was weary of the man and part of her
wanted him to follow her into the restroom and fuck her
brains out.

Her pussy was wet and her clit was buzzing by the time
she reached the door of the bathroom. The restroom was
unoccupied and so Sarah went inside and locked the door
behind her.

Then Sarah did something completely inexplicable, she
reached out and unlocked the restroom door! Just one
qucik flick of her fingertip, and that changed the whole

The door swung partly open and Sloane stepped inside,
close to her, pressing against her, intoxicating her with
the smell of his cologne.

It happened so fast that the actress had no time to think!
Suddenly his arms were around her and his mouth was
pressed to hers, his tongue drove inward and fucked her

Sarah hardly had time to gasp before his hands were
undoing her blouse and then wild all over her tits. She
trembled with pleasure as his strong hands molded her
aching breasts. Sloane swizzled the erect nipples between
his fingers, making her gasp and writhe against him.

"Fuck me!" Sarah whispered to the man. Sloane accepted
her invitation. He reached down and unbottoned her
jeans, then he slid the zipper down. The jeans were tight
so he had to peel them off her legs.

Her blonde haired crotch was revealed to him inch-by-
inch. She had on panties and he got a good view of her
whole glistening pussy.

And then he turned her around. The small restroom was
cramped and Sarah found herself squashed against the
formica wall as Sloane dragged her pants all the way down.
She figured that he was going to drive his prick into her
from behind and she was ready.

But that wasn’t what happened. "What?" Sarah asked as
he pressed against her and nuzzled the head of his hard
cock into her. "You’re not going to…Are you?" she asked.

he did. Sarah took a sharp breath as Sloane rammed his
stiff rod into her asshole with a sudden shove forward.
"No!" she begged him. "No! The other way! Please! I can’t
take it!" She figured her rectum would be too small for his
big cock.

But Sloane didn’t listen to her pleas. He withdrew his cock
from her anus. Then he put some spit on his fingertips and
dipped his fingers down to her asshole. He worked the spit
into her nether hole and lubed her rear channel.

"I don’t think so…I wish you wouldn’t…..AAARGGHH!!!"
Sarah screamed out as Sloane rammed his organ back into
her tight asshole. His cock penetrated deep into her anus and
she shrilled in pain. Tears rolled down Sarah’s cheeks as she
got her ass fucked for the very first time.

"AAhhhh! Please STOP! UNNGHhnnn!!" she whimpered as
she bit her lower lip. Sloane pushed hard, plunging his cock
deep into her asshole. Her lower body was humping back
and forth as the actress was forced to move with his powerful

The intense pain made Sarah think he was going to tear her
anus apart with his monster cock. But he was in and moving
his manhood in and out of her rectal passage. Sarah felt like
a baseball bat had been shoved up her ass as Sloane rode her
rough and fast.

His fingers were clawing at her bouncing and jostling naked
tits as he banged hard into her rump. Sloane’s cock was buried
deep in her guts. He was sliding in and out, making her asshole
feel like it was being set on fire by the impalement of his thick

"Oh, Jesus! Oh, fuck!" Sarah gasped as he slammed her harder
and faster still. He was picking up speed as he rutted into her
ass. "Oh, fuck!" she whailed.

"The pain is worth it, isn’t it, Ms. Gellar?" Sloane moaned in her
ear. "It feels so fucking good, doesn’t it? It feels right!" The man’s
plunging body pushed Sarah against the wall as he hunkered
behind her.

Sloane drilled his cock back and forth in her violated asshole.
He was in control and Sarah knew it, she wanted it! She was
whimpering and crying, her face was pressed hard against
the cold wall. He pounded the celebrity with a flurry of quick,
hard strokes, driving his pole between the globes of her ass.

All her sensations and feelings her focued on the cock raping
her tight rectum. Then Sarah was jerking like a crazed rag doll
and crying out. "Fuck me hard! Hurt me! Fuck my ass! Please!
Sloane was happy to fulfill her request.

He arched and Sarah felt the scalding splash of his jism blast up
her asscrack, and she bit back on her cry, hissing with pleasure.
Sarah felt him hauling his thick cock out of her ass after he spilled
his seed deep in her bowels.

Sloane leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Then he licked
the inside of her ear with his tongue. "I should be getting back
to my seat…" he stated.

But Sarah didn’t want him to go. Without asking, she quickly
knelt down. She loved the way his semi stiff prick hung in the
air in front of her face. Then she slid her lips over the spongy
cock head drew him into her mouth.

Sarah could taste her own asshole as she licked and sucked his
cock. Sloane gladly slid his cock in and out her lips. He held onto
the back of her head and sent a series of deep sliding strokes into
her mouth.

He was fucking her mouth like it was a cunt. She sucked him with
all she had to give. Sarah grabbed and squeezed his hairy balls,
milking them so that his juices would explode in her mouth.

Sarah could feel him twitching against her. Sloane groaned and
his cock erupted into her hungry mouth. Sarah moaned and
shuddered as she was overwhelmed by a sudden orgasm that
swept over her entire body. Her hand shot down to her pussy
and rapidly diddled her clit.

Sloane spurted his hot cum into her mouth and she eagerly
swallowed his spend into her belly. Sarah took all his seed and
licked him clean when he was finished. He pulled out of her
mouth and they both got redressed. The plane would be landing
soon and they had to get back to their seats.

Sloane looked at Sarah and smiled. She looked into his eyes and
knew she was his to use. She stared at him in wide-eyed awe.
He took a business card and pen out of his pocket.

He scribbled something on the card and handed it to Sarah. He
kissed her deeply on the mouth and said, "Here’s my phone
number, give me a call tomarrow and we’ll arrange a meeting
for you to come to my office and ‘audition’ for me."

Sarah could only nod her head in response. He winked at the
actress and went back to his seat. Sarah quikcly reached out
and locked the restroom door. She had to compose herself
before going back to her seat.

She looked down at the card in her hand and read the note
he had scribbled on it. The note read: "Come to my office
tomarrow and don’t wear any panties!" Sarah smiled wickedly
and started making plans for the next day.

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