Built For Sex

Story Title: Built For Sex
Celebs: Lindsay Lohan
Codes: MF, oral, anal, science fiction, comedy, fant
Author: Money

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened SERIOUSLY IT DIDN”T if you take this story as fact there is something wrong here anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please I would like to thank HunterD for coming out of a long writing break to help with this project I couldn’t keep a straight face without his help now on with the story.

Working on cars has been my thing since I was a kid there is still a picture my dad took of me when I was 5 trying to take the wheel off the family car I was gifted with a mechanics ear I could listen to an engine and figure out the problem quick I was just about to leave for the day when a busty redhead in a high end sports car pulled in it sounded horrible.

“I need help I need whatever is wrong with this thing fixed fast I’m supposed to be on the set in an hour.” she said

“Allright I’ll have a look calm down and I’ll see what I can do.” I said

The redhead turned out to be Lindsay Lohan she was decked out in a NASCAR style jumpsuit that showed off most of her boobsI had a great view of her legs as I went under the car.

“So how long will it take I’m on a tight schedule.” she said

“Easily 2 weeks maybe a month since you thrashed the rotors on this thing.” I said

It was a good thing I was under the car I almost got choked up looking at the damage knowing I had long days and a lot of paperwork ahead of me.

“But I need this fixed today.” she said

“Not going to happen we have a loaner over there.” I said

I lifted my leg right between Lindsay’s pointing in the direction of the car.

“What a piece of junk.” she said

“It can cover 100 miles in about 20 minutes if you need it to.” I said

“I can’t be seen in this thing.” she said

“It’s all we have right now.” I said

I had spent lots of time and sweat on that car Lindsay calling it a piece of junk struck a nerve with me as she got in it I almost hoped the thing didn’t start since I had her ride up on the rack now when it didn’t she looked at me and I told her to try again and it would the car started right up that’s when I got the weirdest feeling something was up.

The seatbelt wrapped around Lindsay on it’s own, she didn’t seem to think much of it, being used to new high tech models, but I knew this was an old car, and that wasn’t supposed to happen.

She reached down to grab the stick shift and it jerked away in her hand, stretching higher and curving inwards towards her legs and beginning to nudge her crotch.

Lindsay was in shock and so was I.

I began to run through my mind what I’d hope would happen next, and as if responding to my thoughts the top of the seatbelt moved itself closer to her zippered top and then moved down, causing the zipper to slide down her frame, exposing her big freckly rack.

The stick shift kept grinding against her still covered groin and Lindsay let out a long moan “Kinky” she began to laugh “It’s like the worlds biggest sex toy.”

Wow, I guess the rumors about how she was up for anything were true.

Even restrained Lindsay reached down and unzipped the last portion of the suit, the pedals began to move to press against the bottom of the suit and helped pull it lower slowly.

Once her pussy was free, the stick shift began to rub against her bald pussy, and Lindsay was quickly dripping wet, the bulbous head of the stick slowly pushing into her, stretching her out hard and she let a loud moan out.

“FUCK YES!” she screamed, bucking her hips towards it to get it even deeper into her.

The seatbelt began to press into her right breast, imitating a groping motion, Lindsay reached up her own hand and began to grope the left.

The stick shift began a thrusting motion, pulling outward until you could see the bulbous handle and then sliding back inwards a few inches, It wasn’t going in very deep, but considering the size of the head was about the size of Lindsay’s fist, it didn’t need too.

It began to swirl around slowly, stretching her pussy on every side, Lindsaay threw her head back on the headrest and began a series of moans “THIS IS A GREAT FUCKING CAR!!” I heard her scream.

Lindsay was really getting worked over as she gripped the steering wheel while the gear shift continued probing her pussy she pushed her chest out resting them on the horn.


The horny redhead crawled through the sunroof with the gear shift still in her pussy as she gripped her big tits thrashing around Lindsay lost her balance stepping on the gas sending the RPM’s over 5,000 and her over the edge.


Her orgasm sprayed everything on the dashboard and covered the seats in a rather strong sex scent

Lindsay was breathless after the car released her it was rather funny to see the big smile on her face after what happened with her hair messed up and big tits bouncing around.

“Where did you find this thing?” she asked

“It arrived here not long after I started working here I took the bad parts out and replaced them with the parts from my last car and it worked fine it’s far from a piece of junk.” I said

“I’ll buy it from you no questions asked.” she said

“Sorry it’s shop property I can’t.” I said

As Lindsay put her clothes back on I looked at the clock and saw an hour had almost gone by since Lindsay had arrived she was going to be late if she didn’t leave.

“I have to leave now but I will be back for my car.” she said

“Take the loaner and I’ll start on your ride first thing tomorrow.” I said

For the whole time Lindsay was gone I kept playing back her adventure in the car and wondering how it did all those things it wasn’t designed for when her car was finally ready she returned wearing a button down blouse and mini skirt the inside of the car had a strong sex odor in it.

“You do realize that your loaner has a mind of it’s own right?” she asked

“What makes you say that?” I asked

“Everytime I got in the thing it took my clothes off and fucked me in my driveway, at stoplights, intersections, I gave up and drove naked for a few days good thing I had a change of clothes in there.” she said.” she said

“You might have given it ideas.” I teased playing along

Lindsay just rolled her eyes silently admitting it did sound silly coming from her even though it did happen but who would believe it anyway.

“So how much longer till my car is ready.” she asked

“I was just putting the last lugnuts on the tire when you pulled up give me 2 minutes.” I said

I finished with the car and went to my office for the keys Lindsay followed right behind me locking the door.

“Here’s the bill and your keys.” I said

“I still want to buy the loaner.” she purred

“I told you no deal before.” I said

“Not even if I put a down payment of these on the table?” she asked

She unbuttoned her blouse showing off her big tits as she threw everything off my desk.

I wasn;’t going to miss an opportunity like this, I reached out and grabbed her big freckly tits, giving them a squeeze.

She grabbed my coveralls and ripped them open, roughly pulling them off and dropping to her knees to shove the boxers I had beneath them.

She was moving so fast that I was barely hard, but it didn’t slow her down as she took my cock into her mouth and began to suck with more power than a NASCAR engine could put out.

I felt my cock growing inside her mouth and felt it bump the back of her mouth. She barely pulled up and then shoved back down, taking it down her throat.

She moved at full speed , getting me to my full 12 inches before pulling back, leaving my cock coated in her saliva.

“I love this thick monster cock.” she moaned

She took an appraising look at my dick and smiled before standing back up and turning me around so my back was towards the desk.

She shoved me down onto it and worked off her skirt before swinging her leg over to straddle me.

She was dripping wet and shoved me inside her so fast I wondered if the car had worked her over on the way here.

She started riding my cock so hard that her bouncing tits almost hit her face as she looked down at me.

I reached up and grabbed them both, squeezing them hard.

“YEAH!” Lindsay screamed.


I squeezed them rougher and I dove my head between them, taking one into my mouth and then the other.

Lindsay would take my entire shaft into her while grinding her hips all around to feel my cock on every curve of her vaginal walls.

I felt her start to flex her pussy muscles as she rode me, tightening them so she gripped me hard when she pulled up away from me

I knew this wasn’t going to last long with the speed and force she was fucking me, but I was going to get more than her pussy before I was done.

“I want in your ass.”

Lindsay didn’t say a word, she just picked herself far enough up that my cock popped out of her pussy, and then she reached down, aiming it higher towards her asshole.

She pushed back and I was in her ass, but still with her on top and facing me, she did slow down as she rode me, but not by much.

“FUCK MY ASS WHILE YOU WATCH MY TITS BOUNCE!” She demanded, while speeding up again and pulling the same trick of clamping down as she pulled up.

I grabbed her hips and started to slam into her faster and faster.

“FUCK YEAH! FUCKING MAKE ME CUM!” Lindsay yelled as I felt her body tense as she came.

“Wanna cum on those tits.” I said breathlessly.

Lindsay pulled off me and I felt my cock pop from her ass, she dropped to her knees by the desk, and I stood back up as quickly as possible, and found myself having to lean against it for support after the fucking Lindsay had given me.

She took my cock back into her mouth, deepthroating and moving back up and down at the fastest speed she could muster.

“HERE IT FUCKING COMES!” I yelled to warn her.

She pulled off in just enough time to get a large cum blast right to her forehead, she moved upwards and aimed my dick at her tits, swaying from side to side as it kept shooting more cum than I had ever shot in my life, managing to leave a trail across most of her big boobs.

She casually began to use one hand to scoop the cum that hit her forehead on her fingers, and then bring them down to her mouth to suck them clean, while she ran her other hand over her chest, seeming to rub the cum into her skin.

Once she was done she turned to me.

“Your pretty fucking good, not as much fun as the car though.”

Great I was having my skills compared to a gear shift.
Even though Lindsay didn’t get the loaner she still left happy to some degree I was pretty sure she would be back I just hope the next car she brought in just needed a tune up.

“So when do you want to compare notes?” I asked


“Don’t worry I’m sure she’s not the only celeb speed demon in L.A.” I said

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