Bullshit! Hayley Williams

Title: Bullshit! Hayley Williams

Author: MeanBlackJack47

Celebs: Hayley Williams

Codes: MF, cons, oral, facial

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Walking through the corridor of one of the many Los Angeles recording studios, I had a cup of coffee in one hand and my smartphone in the other as I read some of the headlines that featured one of the many stars I would deal with in the studio. It appeared that Hayley Williams, lead singer of the pop-punk band Paramore had accidentally put a topless photo online and a lot of people were either clutching at their pearls of a woman being foolish enough to do something like that or people were just annoyed by the fact that this total non-story was something that a lot of websites was running with. Nodding my head, I brought the cup of coffee up to my lips and swallowed a mouthful before stuffing my phone back into my pocket. Walking down the long corridor, my feet pressing down against the carpet inside of the corridor, I made my way down towards where I was working and quickly wiped my keycard against the door sensor and I was able to get inside. Closing the door behind me, I turned back around and took the time to think on the day ahead of me.

I worked as a studio tech for a lot of bands in the Los Angeles area and while the money was good, being able to hear music before anyone else was definitely a big plus too. Swallowing another mouthful of coffee, I could hear a low murmuring of noise down the extra corridor I was walking down and while that wasn’t exactly a rare thing with where I worked, it was pretty unusual to hear something this time of the morning. Swallowing the last mouthful of coffee, I tossed the cup into a recycling bin and moved towards the sounds.

Hearing the sounds inside of the studio, I looked around and grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on. Grabbing a stapler, I put my hand on the door handle and slowly twisted it to the side before barging into the studio to surprise whoever was on the other side of the door ransacking the studio. Quickly pushing the door open and stepping inside, I took one look around the inside of the studio before I saw the source of the noises and I dropped the stapler to the floor. On the small couch propped up in the corner of the room was Hayley who had her legs spread, her left leg hanging over the side of the couch and the other bouncing up and down on the floor while her hand was between her legs and pumping one of the many microphones we had for use in the band to record their album in and out of her pussy. Hayley’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open slightly as she was fucking herself with the musical instrument.

Watching her sliding the microphone in and out of her, I could already feel my own dick starting to come to life and make my jeans just a little bit tighter all while I watched her pleasure herself. As my eyes were focused on her pussy and the disappearing instrument into her, I wasn’t paying attention to the stapler I had in my hand and it fell from my grasp and it fell down to the floor and made a rattling noise. Hayley’s eyes snapped open and she was left staring at me from across the studio before she grinned and nodded her head.

“Oh… Took… Took you long enough!” She had managed to pant out, her eyes half open as she continued to slide the microphone in and out of her. “Close… Fuck! Close the fucking door!”

That was something I was more than happy to do. Turning on my waist and closing the door, offering the twist-lock a turn to the side to lock it, I turned back to look at the orange haired star who was still lounging on the main sofa inside the recording studio. Hayley had her teeth sunk into her bottom lip as she clumsily slipped the microphone in and out of her own wet pussy. Her breath was getting shorter and shorter and as she grabbed at her chest, cupping her breasts over her shirt while she fucked herself with the microphone. Hayley squeaked in pleasure before she arched her back up off of the sofa and she started to cum. Watching her pussy lips soak the microphone so thoroughly, Hayley came hard over the instrument before she collapsed down on the couch in a relaxed, well-fucked heap.Her eyes roamed over my body before settling on the lump in my pants. Slowly positioning herself so that she was now on her hands and knees towards the side of the couch, Hayley offered me a smile before she spoke again.

“So I’ve cum… Let’s see if you can cum with me.” She said with a wicked grin. Hayley tossed the microphone over her shoulder and reached out to me, grasping at my pants and working on already unzipping me down so she could get at my hard cock.

Hayley unzipped the front of my pants and quickly, her small hands were inside the fly of my jeans and she had pulled the front of my boxers down and my hard cock was fresh out of my jeans and into the air of the studio. Licking her lips, the singer looked up at me and offered me a saucy wink before opening her mouth and flicking her tongue against the wide head of my cock. Moaning at the taste, Hayley reached down and placed her hand flat against my waist and the other wrapped around the base of my dick, holding it in place as she opened her mouth up and pushed my cock inside of her warm, wet mouth. As she closed her lips down around my pole, she let out another moan as she started to apply some light pressure on my cock. Her hand moved down from my waist and towards my balls, pulling them out from my boxers and into the studio air.

With her hand on my sack, I reached down and brushed some of her bright orange hair out of her face so I could see her going to work on me. Her lips closed down around my shaft and she started to slowly move her head up and down, applying a decent amount of suction on my cock while her hand continued to squeeze and roll my balls around. Groaning in pleasure, my fingers raked through her hair all while she started to go to work on swallowing more of my cock inside her mouth. Her emerald green eyes flicked up to look at me as she seemed to get a wicked smirk on her face all while she had her mouth stuffed with my cock.

Slipping her mouth up and down on my length, Hayley had swallowed about half of my cock inside her mouth before she pulled my dick out of her mouth and slapped my dick against her sweaty, still red from the earlier masturbation face. Smacking my cock against her cheeks and then against her chin and lips before she reached up and spat a string of saliva onto my shaft. Stroking it into my shaft, she looked up at me and started double fisting my length with her two hands.

“If you’re going to cum, I don’t think a blowjob will do it.”

Looking down at her, I stroked some bright orange locks out of her face before I spoke.

“No? What do you think I’m going to have to do?”

“I think you’re gonna have to fuck this pretty little face.” Hayley was fairly forward and straight to the point with what she wanted from me. Leaning back on the couch, she stripped off the shirt she was wearing and threw it to the side, it hit the mixing desk with little to no consequence. Showing off her chest, seeing her breasts in real life was a very different experience to seeing the screen grabs from Twitter. Licking her lips, Hayley settled back down on the couch in a traditional doggy style position before looking up at me. “Come and get it stud.” She added, a dirty smirk on her face as she ran her tongue over her lips.

Stepping forward, I reached down and ran my fingers through her hair before taking a firm grasp of her head. Guiding her face down to my length, my cock throbbed and some of her warm, wet saliva fell from my length and down towards the floor of the studio. Pulling her head down towards my prick, Hayley opened her mouth and pushed her tongue outwards as if to offer me a landing strip for me to go in. She opened her mouth up wider and let her tongue push down towards her chin just a little bit wider. My cock moved inside of her mouth and as soon as it moved inside her, she closed her lips down and formed a tight little seal around my dick. Keeping a firm grip on her hair, I started to pull my hips backwards and then pushed them forwards to simulate a steady procession of fucking her pussy. Hayley moaned around my cock inside of her mouth as I started to push it inside of her. The head of my cock pushed against her throat and that produced a slick gag from her but she didn’t stop. Her hands moved from being planted in the couch and moved to take hold of her wrists behind her back, crossing her arms as she let me take over keeping her upright on the couch.

Hayley was doing well at keeping herself from making too much noises from my dick sliding in and out of her mouth. Her olive eyes flicked open and she looked up at me as I started to push more of my dick inside her mouth. I could feel some strands of saliva dripping out of her mouth, coming from the sides of her mouth and down towards her chin as I started to pick up my pace of penetration. Working my hips backwards and forwards, my cock slipped inside of her mouth and started to go deeper and deeper, looking down at my length I could see that the wet point on my length was starting to go down further and further. Eventually, I had managed to push the entirety of my length inside of her mouth and my balls pressed against her chin with one final push.

Holding my length inside of her mouth and pressing against her throat, I ran my fingers through her brightly coloured hair before taking a firmer grasp of her locks and started to move her head up and down. Hayley let out a loud noise around it but she didn’t try to stop me, instead her grasp on her wrists seemed to tighten, almost as if she were trying to steel herself for what was to come. She looked up at me before blinking a couple of times, tears escaping from her eyes and rolling down her round cheeks and towards the floor, her make up threatening to become ruined as I picked up a steady mean of sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. Moving my cock inside her mouth and then out of it, I could only moan at how good it felt as she got used to me.

Hayley’s mouth was still accepting of my length and she was still on her knees, bent over in front of me as my hands kept her upright with my hands in her hair. I started to work my cock inside of her mouth, fucking her mouth and face just like I would do if it was her pussy. Pushing my cock inside of her mouth with one hard push, I stabbed against her throat and she let out another hard cough and gag around my dick in perfect synchronicity with my dick hitting against the back of her throat. With a hard push inside of her throat, Hayley let out a groan just as soon as my balls started to slap against her chin. With my balls hitting against her chin, Hayley made another noise that I could have sworn was a giggle. Looking down at her, I could see her starting to take my cock inside of her mouth.

Moving my cock back in and out of her mouth, I started to pull my hips backwards and forwards moving faster and faster and making more noises and more spit and saliva falling from her mouth. Hayley took my cock inside of her mouth as easily as she had done so far, her eyes flicked up to look at me and then down towards my cock as it slid inside of her mouth. As my cock disappeared inside of her mouth, my balls started to slap against her chin with harder slapping noises joining in with the noises from her. The grasp she had on her own wrists started to tighten and her legs were kicking up and down against the surface of the couch as I continued to fuck her face nice and hard, just how she wanted it.

Hayley groaned around my cock and another drop of spit rolled down my shaft and out of her mouth before my cock fell from her mouth. Taking hold of my dick at the base, I offered her face a slap with the head of my dick before Hayley took over stroking my cock. Licking her lips, Hayley offered my slick dick a kiss at the tip before rearranging herself on the couch. Moving to the middle of the couch and spreading her legs, I looked over to her face and she looked right back at me. She lifted her left hand up to her face and used the back of her hand to wipe away at some of the tears that had been produced from her face fucking. She ran her tongue along her pretty lips before nodding her head and looking back to me.

“Well? Come and fuck me nice and hard.”

That sounded simple enough.

Walking forward, I reached down and grabbed hold of Hayley by the bottom of her legs, my fingers touching against her long socks. Looking down into her olive coloured eyes, I watched her face carefully as I pushed myself forward and my dick, still slick with her saliva, slid inside of her and moved all the way in. My balls pressed against her ass and we both let out a long, low groan as my dick settled inside of her. I kept my hands on her legs as I pulled my hips backwards and then pushed them forwards again with a hard stroke, sliding myself back inside of her and making the pint sized singer moan and buck her hips in pleasure. Hayley reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit in time with my balls slapping against her ass. Licking my lips, I ran my hands along the fabric of her long socks as we settled into a rhythm of me fucking her on the couch.

Taking hold of her long legs, I pulled Hayley’s smaller frame towards me and as I did so, her legs came up and towards her head, almost as if she was in position for a piledriver. Hayley looked up at me, blinking a couple of times before nodding her head. Settling on the new position, Hayley’s legs straightened slightly and she held them there as I started to move my hips backwards and then right back inside of her again. Moving in and out of her, I watched Hayley’s face carefully to make sure the new position wasn’t too hard for her. I had never really done it before but I did know that it was difficult to carry on with.

But listening to the moaning spilling out from Hayley’s mouth it was enough to let me know that what I was doing was more than good enough for her. Pulling my hips backwards and forwards, I could hear the tone in Hayley’s voice starting to rise as my dick stabbed inside of her. Hitting one particular sweet spot brought out one particularly loud squeak of pleasure from her and her right hand went right back to rubbing against her clit. Some of her bracelets jangled ever so slightly as her hand rubbed against her hard clit, the sounds were a perfect blend combined with the noises that were coming from her mouth as I fucked her hard. Hayley was biting down on her bottom lip but she was still sounding like she was enjoying herself. My hands ran along her legs and up towards her exposed thighs before holding onto them firmly as my body bounced against her entrance.

Rocking myself in and out of her, I looked into Hayley’s face as beads of sweat started to form on my own body along with Hayley’s as I fucked her hard on the couch. My hands came off of her thighs and moved to her stomach, sliding under her shirt and reaching down to cup her breasts as we fucked together. My cock was pushing inside of her sweet spots frequently, I moved my dick all the way back inside of her and as I did that, her body started to tense up and her walls were hugging me tighter. Sweat was forming on her body and as she bit down on her bottom lip, another surge of pleasure raced through her body and her walls hugged me tighter before it was enough to let me know exactly what was happening. Her legs twitched and convulsed as she started to cum hard over my cock as I pushed inside of her.

“Oh fuck yes!” Hayley let out a loud scream of pleasure as her back arched up off of the couch and she nearly spilled off of the side of it as I pushed in and out of her. Sliding my dick inside her, I pushed myself in and out a couple more times, fucking her through her orgasm as she continued to leak over my shaft. “Fuck! Fuck yes! Fuck me!” She added, her moans of pleasure mixing with just raw sounds of sex that was spilling out of us both as we shared fucking hard on the couch. Sliding my shaft inside of her one last time, I let out a groan of pleasure before sliding my hips backwards and taking a step back so Hayley could recover from the raw feeling of her sex. She looked up at me and nodded her head.

“Good… Fuck… Good start… Still want more though!” She said with a grin.

Sitting down on the couch next to her, Hayley climbed up off of it and stood forward a couple of steps before she reached down and she flipped her skirt up and took hold of it. Pinning the front of it to her stomach as she carefully backed herself back up to take her place on my cock again. Pressing her forearm to her skirt to keep it rolled up, the pint sized singer looked over her shoulder to me as I reached up and took hold of her by the sides. Keeping a hold of her and helping her take her place on my lap, Hayley quickly swapped herself around and climbed up onto my lap. Her feet pressed down against my thighs and then her arms came back behind her to settle herself on top of me.

With her hands on my chest and her feet pressing on my thighs, Hayley reached down between her legs and gripped hold of my dripping wet shaft. Keeping it upright, Hayley slowly pushed herself down on me again and soon, my cock was right back inside of her. Pushing herself all the way down on me, Hayley slowly rolled her hips around in a slow circle before she started to settle into a steady way of fucking herself on me. Bouncing herself up and down, I looked up and watched the fiery colours of Hayley’s hair shaking around as she slipped up and down on me. Her body was easily finding itself at home on my lap as she moved herself up and down while my hands moved up her body. Sliding my hands up to her chest, I grabbed at her breasts as they bounced.

Pinching at her nipples as she slipped up and down on me, I started to push my hips up and down in time with her, sliding my hips up inside of her as she pushed them down. Hayley let out an appreciative groan of pleasure, mixing with my own growls of pleasure as I settled into fucking Hayley with a decent rate just how she seemed to like it. I could already hear Hayley’s breath getting short with each hard push inside of her and as my hips raised and dropped on the couch, I ran my hands down to her sides and held onto her, almost pinning her to a spot in the middle of the air all while I started to push my hips upwards towards her, fucking her hot, wet pussy like I had done just moments ago. Hayley’s arms almost collapsed while she was on my lap, her upper body crashed with mine and she weakly lifted her right hand up to stroke against the side of my face as I pounded her.

Turning my head to the side to look at her, I could only smile before pushing my face against hers and pushing our lips together. Our tongues were soon dancing with each others and as her pussy hugged my dick tighter and tighter, I knew she was closer and closer to having her own hard orgasm. Mine wasn’t that far off either. Slapping my hips up off of the couch and inside of her, I could hear the lewd wetness coming from her entrance as I pushed my dick inside of her. Sliding my cock inside of her, I made sure to slide my tongue over hers before wrapping mine around hers and sucking down on it as Hayley’s fingers stroked over my face.

Sliding her body up and down, I started to use her body just that little bit harder and it was all Hayley needed for her lips to break off of mine and start to moan louder and harder. My hands were taking a firm grasp of her and keeping the Paramore singer bouncing up and down on my lap all while her own hands clawed at something to try and keep herself steady. As I lifted my hips up and pushed my dick inside of her one more time, my dick hit against a spot inside her and her head rocked backwards and her tight walls exploded around me again. As she started to cum, I pushed my dick inside of her and started to fuck her just a little bit harder. With each hard pump inside of her, my orgasm started to take over. Pushing my dick inside of her one more time, I let out a low growl and that was enough for Hayley to know what was happening.

“On my face!” She panted, letting out a deep breath of pleasure as my hips pushed inside of her one more time before it was enough for me to know what she wanted. Sliding my hips down and pulling my cock out of her, Hayley groaned and rolled herself over onto her front as I got to my feet in front of her. Offering my slick dick one quick pump, I started to cum over her face. Hayley closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting me shoot my load over her face and into her open mouth. Firing a rope against her right cheek and then another rope landing on her forehead, moving my dick to the side slightly, I fired one more rope over her left eye and onto her eyelid before emptying my final rope onto Hayley’s tongue.

A few moments passed before Hayley swallowed the load on her tongue and then reached up to clean up some of the cum that was on her face. Opening up the eye that didn’t have my load on it, the pint sized singer flashed me a smile before giggling.

“Just… Just what I needed. I think I need to record here more often.”

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