Bullshit: Kate Upton

Title: Bullshit: Kate Upton

Author: MeanBlackJack47

Celebs: Kate Upton

Codes: MF, cons, oral, tit fuck, cumshot

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Staring at the screen, my fingers were poised over the in-flight entertainment pad-thing and if the plane wasn’t so well air conditioned, you would imagine there might have even been a bead or two of sweat rolling down the side of my face. Gone were the thoughts of those oh-so-delicious salted peanuts, I was focused on trashing whoever the hell it was in 14C. We had been playing the game roughly since we hit our desired altitude and while I had claimed all of Economy and Coach, the woman in 14C and First Class, was kicking my ass. Staring at the little pink stick figure with a dress, her avatar, I could have sworn that the text figure was almost taunting me. As if on cue, the screen changed from the illuminated seats of players, just us two at this point, and a cartoonish velvet red curtain fell down over the screen before a black screen was revealed. An old timey countdown came up and as it ticked down, I moved forward in my seat, desperate to take the win.


‘Who directed the first Harry Potter movie?


Christopher Columbus

Michael Bay

J.J. Abrams

Katherine Bigelow


Hammering the A button, the question timer ticked down before the screen went black, the computer thought about it for a brief moment before awarding me the full five points and putting me in the lead by a measly three points but that was enough for me to win the whole game!


“Take that 14C!” I shouted, punching the air and no doubt waking a few people who all, in turn, scowled at me and shook their heads at what I had done. Still, no judgmental old women could break the feel-good sensation that was swimming through my veins. Sitting back in my chair, I laid my hands across my lap and let the general feeling of being smug was over me. The flight I was on was a very late red eye from New York City to Venice, I was going over for a business trip, I owned a business that was responsible for importing and exporting leather jeans. I had a very nice penthouse apartment/office that overlooked the busiest city in the world but right now, I was mostly looking forward to kicking back and spending the New Year in Venice. As I contemplated ordering myself a bottle of beer as a job well done, my screen buzzed and I saw that I had an instant message from someone on board the plane. Tapping on the keypad, I logged into my screen and saw that 14C had sent me a simple message.


‘Well done ’


Smiling, I ran my hand over my freshly shaven chin before I tapped out a response.


‘Thanks! You did really well too!’ Too patronising? I wasn’t sure, but after typing it out and reentering it, I decided it worked okay. ‘Was thinking about ordering myself a beer to further pat myself on the back.’


‘lol After that performance you deserve it! But what about me?’


‘You want me to get you a beer too?’


‘lol! You are adorable! I’ve already had a couple anyway 😉 I was more thinking that you should get a reward from me?’


‘Oh? Like what? There’s only so much you can really do on a plane.’


‘Use your imagination!’


That spun me for a loop. Hovering my fingers and thumbs over the pad, I shrugged my shoulders before keying in a response. ‘Send me a silly selfie then I guess?’ Now, the flight was an advanced one but it was nowhere near as advanced that the keypads came with cameras attached. However, everyone came with their phones on board and even in airplane mode you could snap a photo of yourself. Then, all the mystery woman would need to do is clip the phone into the socket and she would be able to send me the selfie at her leisure. Taking a sip of the in flight water, a couple of minutes passed before I got a quick picture notification on my IM screen. Scrolling over to it, I opened it up and the second I saw who was in 14C, my jaw dropped.


The picture sent over contained a buxom blonde supermodel who was nursing a beer glass between her breasts. I recognised the woman instantly as the supermodel, Kate Upton. She had one arm up with the other having her fingers up over her chin, her fingers spread as if she was in shock. A few second passed as I was gawping over that image when another one appeared on my screen, her arm coming up and pressing her impressive cleavage together and her hands were suggestively tugging at the top of her dress, a glittery black number that certainly showed off her impressive body and chest. Finally, a third picture arrived on my screen which was a closer selfie of the gorgeous supermodel.


As I was leering at the photos, I got another IM message.


‘That good enough?’


Being a smart ass, I responded. ‘I did ask for ONE silly selfie.’


I saw the three dots on my screen appear, bouncing up and down slowly before I got another message from her.


‘Well aren’t you the rude one?’


‘What can I say? I’m a jackass around famous people.’


‘Well, I’m wide awake and all alone up here. Why don’t you come up?’


‘Can I? I mean, I don’t have a first class ticket?’ Oh boy, that really was stupid. Moments passed and I didn’t see the message flickering on screen to suggest that I was going to be getting ANYTHING back from the famous supermodel and I could only bury my face in my hands as I realised I had screwed it up. What felt like an eternity had passed before I heard a quick cough. Looking up through my fingers over my face, I saw a flight attendant standing there, smiling at me. She coughed again softly before speaking.


“Mr Edwards? We’ve received a request from one of our first class passengers for you to come up to her seat. The upgrade will be free of charge since we’ve got such a light flight.” She smiled warmly before popping open the overhead compartment and taking out my carry on bag, the woman led me up the aisle towards where Kate Upton was no doubt waiting for me. We eventually came to a stop near to the row where the blonde was sitting, she moved forward and looked over to see the attendant and then over at me. She was even more radiant in person and she had a big, warm smile on her face. She moved her bag off of the seat and stood up, passing the bag to the flight attendant who was already stuffing my gear into the box above the seats. She then took Kate’s bag and placed it with mine inside of the small compartment, said her goodbyes and left me alone with Kate.


She smiled over at me and then took her seat again, crossing her legs over to show she was still wearing a fashionable pair of high heels. She looked over at me and nodded towards the seat.


“Come on, take a seat. I’m not going to talk to you while you’re just standing there!” She said with a smile. Taking a seat next to her, I saw that she had already logged one of the three screens on her row to the interactive map that was showing where the plane was in terms of their journey. Sitting down, I suddenly felt as if I were all a part of a big, elaborate ruse from Kate, the way she was looking at me did make it look like she was expecting something. “So… You owe me two then?” She asked, a wide smile on her face.


“Uh, yeah I guess so?”


Reaching down, Kate slipped off one of the high heels before moving over to the other one and pushing that off of her feet. Spinning around in her seat and bringing her feet up to my lap, she laid them down on my lap and simply laid back.


“Give me a foot rub. My feet have been killing me all day.”


“I thought I was the one that won?” Back to being overly confident.


“You did, I’m the pretty girl though so I make the rules. Now, foot rub.” She said, placing the sole of her right foot directly on my lap.


Kate’s foot continued to wriggle and find its place in my lap. Looking over at the busty blonde woman and then at her feet, the electric blue of her painted toenails a contrast to the tanned bronze of her skin. Realising that this was already something from beyond my wildest dreams, I figured I might as well. Bringing my hands up, I started to work on rubbing at the top of her feet, my fingers and thumbs working on a massaging motion, rubbing out the stress that was built up in Kate’s foot. She did carry herself well for a model, looking at the woman’s body and then at the foot, continuing to rub at it, massaging the skin and pushing the tension out of her body. As my fingers and thumbs worked over her foot, working my way up towards the top of her foot and then brushing over each toe individually, I was greeted with a delighted groan from Kate, who had her head back. Brushing her hands through her long blonde hair, Kate looked up and over at me before making an approved noise.


“So far so good Mister trivia guy.” Kate purred, lifting the one foot off and moving the other back to my lap, though this time, it came down with the sole flat against my crotch. Slowly moving it backwards and forwards, I suddenly realised just what she was doing to me through my slacks. Her foot moved backwards and forwards in a rubbing motion, this time she was the one taking the role of massaging me. Her tongue escaped her mouth and ran along her bottom lip before she spoke again. “So here’s the thing… I’ve been on location for nearly a month and had to endure so many stares and leers at me. Ugly, horrible guys who I’d never even dream about touching, let alone fucking. But you? I could fuck you.” She said huskily, her foot working up and down faster and faster. Bringing her other foot up to sandwich my length between her two feet, effectively giving me a footjob right here in first class. I was going to suggest something but as soon as my mouth opened, I realised I didn’t have a working vocabulary.


“Take it out.” Kate demanded, my staff hardening now under Kate’s ministrations. Looking over at my pants, Kate took her feet off of my slacks so that I could work on undoing the button at the top and then unzipping them completely. Pulling my pants open and then reaching into my boxer shorts, I plucked my hardened length out of my boxers and my length began to bob independently under the artificial lighting of the plane. Cooing softly at the sight, Kate wriggled backwards in her seat, her back pressing against the cool plastic of the arm rests. Getting herself comfortable, Kate brought her two feet up and began again with the footjob. Pushing the soles of her feet together and working on rubbing my dick again. My head fell back, hitting the top of the the seat’s headrest as she stroked me with her two feet.


Rubbing the sole of her right foot up and along the base of my cock, her toes curled around the side of dick as she pumped me, her toes keeping grasp of my length while her left foot came down and pressed against the other side. Not moving up or down but instead using the toes as a dancing motion against the hard, slightly pimpled upper part of my length. Her right foot came down and her toes pressed against the spongy sack of my balls, her feet taking their time in working out just how my cock felt in her possession now. Fidgeting from side to side, I could only moan and groan as Kate worked on me. Biting down on my bottom lip, I struggled to find the words as the busty blonde supermodel stroked my dick with her feet. Bringing her feet up off of her ballsack, Kate wrapped her toes around my cock again and continued to stroke me, lifting her feet up and down.


My fingers clawed at the headrest and it was then that Kate realised that I was close to cumming. Kate ramped up the pressure, the blonde wanting nothing more than to have me cum all over her feet presumably. The blonde supermodel’s footjob slowly began to come to a stop and then, she swung her feet off of my lap and down onto the floor of the plane.


“That’s enough I think. I think you owe me something now.”


“I owe you? Like what?” I asked, coughing and managing to catch my breath after the stellar footjob from Kate Upton. With a simple smirk, the blonde stood up and quickly unzipped the side of her dress, pulling the side of it just a little bit looser to show off her incredible body that was still encased in a bra and panties. Her hands squeezed at her cushiony breasts before she stood up, looked around the near empty cabin before walking in front of me and bending over. Her hands came down to the hem of the dress and she slowly lifted the fabric up and over the curve of her ass, giving me my own private striptease as the plane continued to fly across the world. Looking over her shoulders at me, Kate slipped her fingers into the waistband of her lacy panties and rolled them down off of herself and down towards the floor of the plane. Stepping out of them, Kate reached down and tossed them over her shoulder at me. Grabbing them, I brought them up to my nose and took a deep inhale of the scent that lingered on them.


Rolling her eyes, Kate used a free hand to stroke her index finger against her slit, making sure to run her digit all the way up and then down. Sliding her way through her hot, wet folds, the busty blonde let out a groan of pleasure before she threw her head back and looked over at me.


“You’re going to devour my hot little pussy right here, right now.” Kate said, her hand sliding through my hair and pulling me forward so that I could smell her arousal purely from the source. The sheer scent was almost overpowering and I was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, or perhaps more apt, a wet celebrity in her pussy. Taking hold of her thighs to keep her steady, I could see Kate lifting her arms up to steady herself on the seats in front of her as I moved forward and pushed my tongue against her entrance. Groaning at her taste, my tongue slipped inside of her and started to carefully explore her insides, flicking it upwards and then down, aiming towards what she might consider the roof of her pussy. Rolling my tongue around in a circle, running clockwise and then anti clockwise as I listened to the moans coming from the busty blonde while I licked at her. My hands continued to slide up and down her tanned thighs, my fingers digging into her skin as I pushed my tongue inside of her.


Her arousal was fresh in my mouth as I started to hungrily lick against the insides of her folds, pumping my tongue and using the tip to lovingly scratch and scrape against every little part of her inner walls. Keeping my right hand on the top of her thigh, I used my left hand to come down and rest on the curve of her ass, squeezing at it before lifting it up and swatting down against her rear, slapping it firmly as my tongue continued to explore her inner walls. Pushing my tongue as deep inside of her as I can do, I pushed the tip up against the roof of her folds, stabbing the tip of it against her hot g-spot, listening to how she moaned and how her voice seemed to get higher and louder as if to further direct me as to where to work. Pulling my tongue backwards and then jabbing it forward, working to fuck her with my tongue as she remained firmly bent over but panting for more.


Deciding to further what I was doing, I kept my hands buried against her skin as the busty blonde started to push her hips backwards. One of her hands reached back behind her and slipped through my shaggy black hair to keep me exactly where I was to ensure that I wouldn’t go anywhere. Not that I wanted to of course. Slipping my tongue in and out of her hungrily, I moaned as her fingers tugged on my hair to keep me pressed against her slit. I could feel her juices pressing against my face and slowly moving to run into my beard as I pushed my tongue into her juicy pussy. Sliding my hands over the curve of her ass, smacking it again to hear her cry out, my eyes carefully flicked up to look around the few heads that were inside of First Class, none of them had been disturbed from their slumber and Kate’s body was right back to being my little toy.


With Kate’s juices completely running out of her lower entrance and onto my face, I knew that I was onto a winner with what I was doing with her and my tongue was working a mile a minute as I hungrily flicked it up and down, massaging the same sweet spot that had provided such sickly sweet moans from the busty blonde. Pumping my tongue inside of her, pushing my face just a little bit closer to her to brush my beard against her clit, stimulating the hard little nub as she started to push and buck her hips backwards against my face as I tongue fucked her. Kate’s voice was constant noise now, her own orgasm was starting to approach and while I was tempted to tease her just as she had done with me and her earlier footjob, I was actually more interested in having her cum all over my face. Pushing my tongue against the spot of her more sensual area, I used the tip to scrape against it while my free hand came up off of her thigh and using my thumb, I started to rub the clit with the pad of my thumb. Doubling the effort on her nether regions had definitely done the trick and looking up at Kate as she started to cum, her fingers were tightly knotted in my hair and the other was clawing at the seat in front of her as she threw her head back, her long blonde hair whipping against her back as she started to cum.


Keeping her bent over and continuing to eat her pussy, I slowed down my ministrations before finally pulling my face back and able to breathe again as she whined softly. Her fingers came out from my hair and the other one came forward and off of the seat rest in front of her. Inspecting her nails, Kate made a soft tsk noise before turning around, allowing me to see her impressive chest actually in front of me, in person. Standing before me, her panties and dress off and still, her large chest was still covered by the bra but looking up at them, I had no doubt that once the bra was undone they would still look as impressive as I imagined they would do. Looking around the cabin, Kate decided we were safe and reached behind her back to unclasp the bra and slip out of it. Flinging the bra at me and now totally nude, Kate Upton walked forward and turned around, her ass facing me again and this time, she moved to take a seat on me. Her hands reached between her legs and grabbed hold of my throbbing rod, stroking it a couple more times before she moved herself backwards, her long blonde hair pressing against my face gently and her back was against my chest as she aimed my length against her wet hole.


With a quick flick of her hips, Kate had pushed her hips down and my cock was buried inside of her with relative ease. The earlier job I had been doing with eating her pussy must have worked well as she sunk herself down on me completely. Her ass hit my thighs with a soft thud and a husky moan from the owner. My hands came up off of the arm rests and onto her body, settling on her waist before sliding up towards her large chest. Squeezing her breasts gently, I moved down to kiss against her neck as she rolled her hips around in a slow circle to grind herself against me.


“Shit… That’s a good dick.” Kate moaned, her eyes closed and her head tilted up towards the overhead compartment. Her hips came up off of my lap and then dropped down again, her ass hitting me with a loving sound as she let another moan come out of her lips. Moving my head with me as she started to work into a rhythm of riding me, while not making too much noise to wake our compatriots in the first class lounge. Kissing along her neck, offering them slight bites, my hands moved along her perfect body and then up to her amazing chest. Holding them and squeezing them as she bounced up and down on me, I couldn’t believe I was actually squeezing them as she rode me.


“Yeah, you like my tits?” Kate asked, looking over at me as she raised herself up and down, rolling her hips occasionally as she fucked herself on me. “Everybody loves my tits. They love getting fucked by them and cumming all over them. You want to do that to me Mister Trivia man?” She purred again, her head tilted back completely as she raised herself up and down on me. Her body started to work up and down faster and faster before slowing and controlling the pace, seemingly wanting me to get very excited and ready to blow but then slow down and tease me. As she rolled her hips around, her clit grinding against my lap as she started to pick up the pace on fucking me. “i’VE never fucked anyone in first class before. You like being my first time?” Kate asked, her body slowing down as she asked me a question.


“Fuck… I love all of this.” I answered honestly as she laughed and started to pick up the pace again.


Kate was truly a master of seduction and I was not going to say no to doing anything with her. Moving my hands up and down her sides, there was a part of me that wished her skin was bare for me but again, having Kate Upton on my lap and her body slapping against me with every rise and fall was enough for me to simply sit back and take it. Kate’s head was still backwards and her hair was still tickling against against my neck as she bounced eagerly. My hands continued to not really know what to do with themselves as she bounced up and down, there was nothing more I wanted than to reach up and grab at her chest while she rode me. Looking over her shoulder at me as she lifted herself up and down, her pussy bumping against the short tufts of my pubic hair that had emerged from my denim jeans.


Fucking Kate Upton was one of the more desired lays in the world and having her deal me such a good card for presumably beating her in the little trivia game that we had been playing earlier. With her generously sized chest slapping against her stomach, I was loving just how good Kate felt on my lap and as soon as her breath started to hitch in her throat, I almost knew she was ready to cum. My hands ran down from her sides and down to her thighs, lifting her up with by slipping both of my hands under her thighs and started to help her fuck herself on me. Lifting her up and drop her down, Kate let herself come completely into the role as being my fuck toy. Lifting her up and dropping her down, Kate’s hands came up off of the arm rests and to her large breasts, squeezing them fondly as I lifted her up and down.


Then, with a sudden twist, her right hand came up and knotted itself in my hair, tugging me forward to a deep, messy kiss. Actually being able to taste Kate Upton’s mouth and then tongue as her pussy juices dripped off of my chin, I couldn’t believe I was living through this while she only seemed interested in deepening the kiss. Her tongue wrapped around mine and eagerly sucked on it before she passed over the control of the kiss for me to suck on hers. Our lips melded together with absolute ease as I lifted her up and down while she moaned into the kiss. Soon, her fingers tightened and the hand on the arm rest dug into the hard plastic before she started to cum around my cock. Her silky walls squeezed me tightly as she started to help buck herself back against me, still wanting to get herself off by use of stimulating her clit.


Slowly, her messy kiss came to a stop and she offered me guidance in pushing her hips down and pushing my thighs down to the seat. With a slightly more gentle lift of her hips, Kate rolled herself up off of my lap and pulling herself up to a standing position, despite her own subtle moans of having her pussy emptied. With shaky legs, the busty blonde supermodel picked herself up and faced me, her chest heaving as she slipped her thumbs under the straps of her dress and slipping it down to show her own large breasts under the light of cabin. Bending over, she looked down at me and flashed me a wide grin.


“Come and give it to me one last time.”


That was definitely something I could get behind and as I took a position behind the panting, and dripping, superstar I wondered just how better my day was going to get. Gripping hold of her hips and keeping her steady, bent over in front of me, I pushed my hips forward and slid back inside of her making the two of us groan out in equal measure. Slipping back inside of her wet fuck hole, Kate let out a throaty groan as did I. Her warm, wet folds welcomed me inside of her and soon I was balls deep inside of her again. Letting my cock soak inside of her for a bit, I started to pull my hips back and then pump them forward, sliding my rod inside of her. The sickly sweet sounds of her pussy accepting my cock started to ring out in the first class cabin as Kate threw her head back and let out a loud moan to show how good the dick was. Biting my lip to do my best and try and stop myself from screaming in pleasure as Kate was no doubt doing the same.


“Ah fuck yeah! That’s good dick! Give it to me Mister Trivia Man!” Kate squealed, pushing her hips back to meet my invading thrusts. The blonde supermodel was eagerly giving it back to me just as much as I was giving it to her. The shoot she had been on was clearly a stressful time for her and as I pushed myself all the way back into her, I was more than happy to be her stress toy. My hips were beating against her rear with a steady slapping motion, the flat of my stomach met the curve of her ass in perfectly synchronised motions. Taking my right hand off of her hips, I reached under her and finally got my hands back on her tits, squeezing and kneading them both as she bit down on her lip and her soft, velvet walls tightened around me. “Fuck… Three cums? God damn it…” Kate muttered as she started to whine louder and louder. Suddenly, her walls explodes around me and a high pitched squeal left her mouth as she came over my dick.


That was almost it for me as well. My own orgasm was not far off and while I was tempted to suggest another round, I didn’t want to push my luck. Tugging on the long blonde locks and yanking her head back, I bit down on her earlobe and whispered to her.


“Going to cum Katie…” I whispered, using an extended version of her name as she meekly but her bottom lip and nodded.


“Want to fuck my tits?”


“Fuck yes.”


With a giggle, Kate pulled herself forward, sliding off of me and straight to her knees in a near fluid motion. Looking over my length, Kate licked her lips, her bright blue orbs eyeing up my cock that was slick with her juices.


“Fuck… I coated you didn’t I?” She said, a smile wide across her face as she looked me over. Running her tongue over her lips, Kate opened her mouth and took my cock inside of it. Her lips were then pressed down around me and she had formed a tight seal around my length. Her hands came up to the back of my thighs and she started to suck her lips up and down. Her tongue was working just as quickly as her lips were as she bobbed her head up and down, her tongue was dancing along the underside of my cock, scooping up the slick juices that were lathered over my length. Bobbing her head up and down, the blonde hummed around my cock, the vibrations sending a shiver down my spine as she worked on getting her cum up off of my cock. My hands threaded themselves through her long blonde hair as the busty woman worked on getting me off.


Satisfied with how good of a job she had done, Kate Upton moved up on her knees and wrapped her massive melons around my pole. With her large chest enveloping my cock, I was in heaven and Kate was enjoying herself just as much as I was. Lifting her tits up and down, Kate looked up at me, a pleading, pouty look on her face as she silently begged me to cum. I wasn’t far off and she must have known because as soon as we made eye contact, she had a sudden surge and started to fuck my cock with her tits faster and faster.


“Come on baby, cum for me! Shoot your load all over my big fucking tits!” Kate squealed, lifting them and dropping them just as quickly. With a groan, beads of precum started to leak from my cock. Letting her tits fall away, Kate opted for a handjob instead, both hands working on my cock while aiming it down towards her chest. Her hand was working up and down, squeezing me very occasionally while working on making me shoot my load all over the impressive assets of the woman on her knees before me. My fingers dug into my jeans as I did my best to control my orgasm before it took over my body and I simply let loose. Kate cooed in pleasure as I shot my load, the blonde rearranged herself as I came, her chest a very large and appealing target, and one Kate was more than willing for me to paint. Hot ropes of my cum shot from my length and landed across her left one before another landed directly in the middle of the valley of her chest, another one landed almost on top of it before the other breast got an equal treatment. With one final rope of cum landing over her right breast, Kate let go of my cock, letting it throb and pulse with a final burst of cum, a last rope of my sperm shooting over the top of her large chest. Taking hold of me by the base of my dick, the blonde supermodel tapped my cock against her chest before holding my cock steady as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue over my cock’s head to fully clean me up after the hot sex we had shared together.


Completely spent, I managed to take a seat next to her as Kate ran a finger over her chest, bringing it up to her lips to clean it up. Making a pleased sound, she beamed over at me before scooping up some more of my cum.


“I don’t hate the taste you know?” She commented, flicking her finger along her chest before sucking the tip clean again.


“I’ll take that as a compliment shall I?” I said with a grin, looking over at her as she stood up in the middle of first class, rearranging herself and slipped the straps of her dress up to conceal her chest. Smoothing down the bottom of her dress, Kate looked herself down before she looked over at me and made a motion to see whether she was good or not. When I nodded my head, Kate smiled and leaned back against the empty row of seats before us.


“I would do. I don’t usually drink this much cum up.” Kate was quiet for a moment, absent mindedly sucking the tip of her finger before looking over at me. “So…”


It was there that I realised just what was happening. There had already been the happy ending, now though, now was the unpleasant morning afterwards. Nodding my head and zipping myself up, I stuffed my shirt back into my pants and looked up at her.


“Thanks this was…”


“Fun.” Kate finished my sentence for me but it was exactly what I was going to say. Standing up, I made sure that I still had Kate’s panties in my pocket before making my way out of First Class and down towards my seat with a very stupid grin on my face.

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