Bullshit: Margot Robbie

Title: Bullshit: Margot Robbie

Author: MeanBlackJack47

Celebs: Margot Robbie

Codes: MF, cons, oral, cumshot

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Looking across the sea of blonde and artificially dyed hairs in the Halloween party I had been invited to purely by fact that I lived upstairs. Living on the edge of a frat house and a college campus, my apartment building had its share of college students and as soon as Halloween rolled around, you could bet that you would be seeing many college aged women in states of undress or very sexy dress. I had lost count of the sheer number of sexy black cats or naughty nurses and even with my toes, I doubt I would have a full idea of the number. Not that I was complaining of course! I was a single man and the sight of blondes, brunettes and redheads crammed into sexy costumes was definitely enough for me to not care about the noise even if it was screeching at one o’clock in the morning.


Being passed a red solo cup of cheap beer by the main tenant of the apartment, a nice enough guy called Edward, he shot me a grateful smile as I took the beer from him, took a swig and must have made a face at it.


“Ah come on, it’s not that bad!” He said with a scoff, resting against the side of the kitchen counter. Dressed as Suicide Squad’s take on The Joker, the classic villain of Batman and seeming to be the main bad guy of the movie that was filming across the street from our apartment building. Now that was another thing that was great about where I lived, it was a nice cityscape for being such a small city and it was definitely the sort of place that a film crew could use for a fictional city which was what was going on. We had seen Will Smith on set with his family and there had also been hints of some of the other stars being here as well.


“Whatever.” I laughed, looking at the light beer in the cup, swishing it around before taking another mouthful. Looking across the throngs of Harley Quinn’s that had swarmed the party, I made a noise and looked back over to Ed. “Harley’s pretty popular this year huh?”


“Just wait until next year. All of this?” He said, gesturing towards the women who were all socialising and chatting. “They’ll all be warrior women. You mark my words.” Looking over his shoulder, he made his way towards a young woman who was there with a guy who had been pestering her. As he made his way away from me, I was almost instantly joined by a very convincing looking Harley Quinn. She looked me up and down and smiled.




“Hey there, enjoying the party?” I asked, turning my body slightly to actually face her. Looking her over, she was actually very convincing. Even the small tattoos on her face looked a lot like the ones that Margot Robbie, the actress playing Harley Quinn, had on.


“I am! It’s been so long since I’ve been to a real house party.” She said, her voice also following the slight inflections that Margot used for Harley Quinn. She looked over at Ed and then over to me. “He the host?”


Tilting my head to the side slightly, unsure of how she had gotten into the party if she didn’t know Ed, considering how famous he was on the campus for his late night ragers. I shook it off and nodded my head.


“Don’t let the cheap suit and grease paint fool you, that is Ed Hardy.” I said with a smile, looking him over as he started to put the moves on the earlier accosted Harley. Turning back to MY Harley, I shot her a grin and wetted my lip gently. “So what are you studying?” I asked, my eyes drifting over her body briefly as she surveyed the scenes of all the Harley’s that I had been looking at earlier. She looked back to me and her bright blue eyes shined at me.


“Acting! I want to win an Oscar.” She said with a grin, the slightest bit of her midriff was showing as she leaned back against the counter, her toned stomach was pale to match her makeup and I could have sworn that I saw some of the tattoos that Margot Robbie’s Harley had on. Whoever this girl was, she had done a really good job at playing the convincing Harley. Looking her in the face, I had to wonder whether she was looking to getting into cosplaying or something, she had done a very good and convincing job as the crazed former psychiatrist. Stroking at my stubbled chin, I looked over at her and then back to the party’s main floor. The crappy euro technic music that was playing from several of the bluetooth speakers, I could simply roll my eyes and look back to the Harley I was speaking with.


“That’s pretty cool, have you been in much?” I asked her, again, my body turned to face her so to give her my full attention.


She smiled and shook her head.


“Nothing of note really, whatever’s going on up at the campus.” She said, folding her arms across her flat stomach and then sighed softly.


“I guess you’re friends with the costume department?” I asked, looking her up and down again, her tiny hot pants showing off a lot of her body.


“Oh what? This thing?” She said, lifting herself off of the counter and slowly spinning herself around to show off the outfit. Looking her up and down as she offered me the look, I had to admit, it did look pretty convincing but no less so than some of the other women who were walking around the party, talking to others and some of the men who were there in costumes as well. The party had been a fun one so far, but it was starting to dwindle down with pairings and couples coming off towards the bedrooms inside of the block of apartments. She smiled over at me and fluffed the bottom of one of her red, blue and blonde pigtails, she looked very happy with how the costume had turned out and really, she had every reason to. “Pretty hot right?” She asked me, her eyes flicking over to me, almost for approval.


“Definitely hot!” I said, opening honestly. “Just… Trying a little hard aren’t you? Look at all of these other Harley’s none of them have gone that far for it.” There it was. The line that was going to make her leave me alone so I could go to be alone and think about what had happened tonight. No doubt, I was going to be scolding myself over the thought of what I had said and curse myself for being so stupid but in face, I was actually treated to a laugh from the attractive multi hair coloured woman who shrugged her shoulders. “I mean… Trying too hard aren’t you?” And there was another thing to try and get me not laid tonight.


She slipped her thumb under the white with red stripes shirt and flashed me a little more of her stomach to show that she wasn’t completely white under all of her costume. She turned her back to me, and grabbed herself her own red solo cup and swallowed a mouthful of crap beer before tossing it away, the plastic cup bounced idly in the sink and she turned to look at me. A wide smile moved across her face as she moved a little bit closer to me and then, her arms came up and laid across my shoulders with a smile. Taking a step towards me, I suddenly felt very exposed as the Harley Quinn in front of me took another step so that her chest was almost pressing against mine. Lifting herself up onto her tiptoes, Harley leaned forwards and whispered in my ear.


“Why don’t you invite me to your room so we can see just how much effort I’ve put into this costume?”


Now that was an interesting proposition.


“And just how do you know me and Ed don’t share here?” I said with a teasing smirk, taking a step closer to her so our bodies were almost touching. She reached over and her hands slipped inside the pockets of my slacks, her hands tugged against the fabric as if to encourage me away. Harley turned her head to the side and flashed me one of those crazy smiles that only the Clown Princess of Crime could do. Her bright blue eyes studied my face before she moved forward, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a deep, hot kiss. Her breasts pressed against my chest as her mouth slipped to the side and her tongue made its way into my mouth. Seeing just how into it she was, I figured I wasn’t going to be scolded if I had my hands on her.


So I did.


My hands came up off of the side and every single finger of my hands dug into her pert, round rear, squeezing and kneading the flesh softly as she gasped in pleasure. Our kiss broke and Harley’s lips were slightly glistening with a sheen of saliva from the kiss. Her hands roamed over my chest before slipping into the bottom part of my belt, Harley moved forward and lifted herself up on her tiptoes to whisper in my ear.


“Do you really want to sass me or did you want to see if you can rev up this Harley?”


Now that was a challenge I could get behind.


Taking Harley’s fingers out of my pants and then taking her by the hand, I led her out of Ed’s apartment, stepping over the passed out bodies of other party goers that had dutifully been laid on their sides to avoid any possible sick coming up later on in the evening. Closing the door behind us, we quickly made our way up the wooden spiral staircase to the second landing of the apartment building and towards where I lived. Slipping my key into the lock of my mint green painted door, the entrance swung open and my Harley was greeted to the nerd utopia that my apartment was. Crossing by the Cowboy Bebop and Akira anime framed posters that hung up along the thin entrance way, Harley closed the door behind her and noted the small wooden shoe rack that was nesting against the opening of my apartment. Looking down at it, she offered me a nod towards it before she spoke again in that trademark, almost sing song, voice of Harley.


“Want me to take my shoes off puddin’?” She asked, using the term more famous for Tara Strong’s Harley and less so for Margot Robbie’s. If I had been online, there was a fair chance I would have donned my internet fedora for a ‘Well, actually…’ type of post but I was going to get laid by a very attractive Harley Quinn dress up artist. I was not going to look like a dateless virgin in front of her.


“I don’t think it matters. Going by what you said downstairs, I don’t think you’re going to be wearing much else soo.”


Harley laughed at that and followed me through, her fake baseball bat hitting the floor with a soft thud noise as she worked on unzipping her costume. Walking towards my bedroom, I pushed it open with the flat of my hand and my bed soon came into view. Thankfully, I had just changed the bedsheets so they were still smelling fresh and they were clean. Harley breezed plain by me and flopped face first onto the bed before swinging her body around so that she was on the classic all fours position. Looking over at me, Harley ran her tongue over the top of her lips before moving up onto her knees, her stockings pushing against my bedsheets while she shrugged the fake leather jacket off of her upper body to show off the tight fitted white shirt that showed off the text ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ just like Margot’s Harley did.


“And they just let you out of Arkham like that did they?” I said with a teasing step towards the woman on her knees. She offered me a confused look and I realised I had said something incredibly nerdy to the Harley before me. “Sorry, I thought… I thought you’d get that.” I said with a shrug of my shoulders. Harley didn’t seem to mind though and she soon had her hands on the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up off of her body and tossing it across the room, the fabric hitting the back of my computer chair without real consequence. As she stripped herself down, I made my own attack on my clothing, wriggling myself out of my shirt and jacket, then pushing my shoes off and simply stepping out of them, not interested in flinging them across the room for fear of breaking something collectable.


With my shirt off and pushing my jeans down, I walked towards the bed and Harley reached up to grab a hold of me by the shoulders. Pulling me into another deep kiss, I placed my hands on Harley’s chest, squeezing at both of her breasts fondly as our mouths opened and our tongues found each others again. Wrapping our tongues together, Harley pulled me closer to her as I squeezed on her chest. The two of us shared a moan with one another as she pushed me backwards and away from her to a standing position. Looking at her, Harley wetted her lips again and reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Sliding it off of her long arms, Harley casually dropped the lacy fabric to the side so that I could see her teardrop breasts that were already tipped off with hard nipples that were just begging to be sucked on.


Dropping down to her hands and knees in front of me, Harley looked up at me and then down at the forming bulge at the front of my slacks. She ran her tongue along her lips before slowly walking forward on her hands and knees, reaching across the small gap to lay her hands on the front of my slacks, squeezing my rod through the fabric of my bottoms. Her fingers slipped under the flap of my slacks and slowly tugged the zipper down and pulling my pants apart. The fabric of my bottoms soon fell to the floor and hit it with a soft thud and that gave Harley a chance to admire the bulge in my boxers. Her hand came up and grabbed a hold of my over my boxers, her hand tightening and squeezing at my length as it was now making a tent form in my shorts.


Still continuing to jerk me off through my shorts, Harley used her other hand to pull my shorts down and slide them off of my legs. Kicking the softer boxer shorts away, my now hard cock was instantly grabbed by the woman on her knees and soon she was working on stroking me up and down. Jerking my cock to life and keeping it nice and hard for me, Harley opened her mouth and slipped the head of my cock inside of her warm, wet mouth. With my cock now firmly inside of her mouth, I looked down at her as she placed her other hand on the bedsheets and slowly, she started to work her mouth up and down, slipping my cock just a little bit further inside of her with each bob of her head. Her soft tongue started to beat against my cock’s length, stroking against the invading member inside of her mouth.


Still on her hands and knees before me, I was tempted to place a hand in her hair but with her being in such a position that really exposed her to me, I knew better and simply placed my hands on my hips while her soft, pouty lips slipped up and down on me. Seeing how her lips were so tight around me and how her tongue flicked and bathed against my hard rod with her spit while her mouth slipped up and down on me. Looking down to stare into her eyes as she was focusing on sucking my cock while she was also concentrating on not gagging too much as my pole slipped inside of her mouth while she bobbed up and down on me. It was all too much for me, lifting my hand up, I threaded my fingers through her hair as she sucked on me.


She let out a soft, reassuring moan as my cock filled her mouth. Her big, bright blue eyes flicked up to focus on my emerald green eyes while she bobbed up and down. She had a wide smile on her face as her lips were split around my length while she sucked up and down. I could see her toes curling as she bobbed her head up and down. Looking along her long, pasty white legs that were all adorned with tattoos just like the Harley from the Suicide Squad movie. Those tiny, tiny shorts that she was wearing just like the ones that were seen in the movie. This Harley really had done a good job, it looked like she was fresh from the set of the movie and while it was entirely possible that she was Margot Robbie, the blonde Australian babe was far too high class to be here at some frat house party.


That idea was just bullshit.


Harley repositioned herself on the bed, a hand coming up to rest against the inside of my thigh before coming up and cupping my balls, fondling them softly and squeezing on them as she slipped her lips up and down along my length as she happily sucked on me. I let out a soft moan as she sucked on me and pushed her lips down even further, reaching past the halfway mark and slightly gagging as my dick hit the back of her throat. Looking down at her as if to check on her and see if she could keep going but Harley had simply closed her eyes and was pushing herself further. My dick soon found itself as a resting place inside of her mouth, her pouty lips had spread around me and some of her saliva was starting to leak down her chin and splattering against the foot of my bed as she sucked on me.


Sliding my fingers through her hair, I found myself toying with the dyed tips, the electric blue and the bright red were a very nice contrast for her long bright blonde hair and I knew I kept going back to it, but she had done a very, VERY good job at replicating what Margot Robbie had done with Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Slipping her mouth up and down while her fingers continued to fondle and squeeze on my balls, I let out another loud groan as I started to leak precum into her mouth. Harley tasted the salty liquid and lifted her lips up off of my cock, slapping the wet cock head against my cheek before looking up at me.


“If you cum, can you go again?”


“Fuck yes…”


“Fuck yes what?”


“Fuck yes Harley.” I said with a smirk as she squeezed on my balls.


“That’s what I like! Come on, give me that hot puddin’!” She squealed, sounding a lot like Tara Strong’s Harley as she pushed her lips back down and started to slide her lips up and down, moving along with the hand on my balls, now squeezing in perfect synchronicity with her lips as she slipped up and down. Her bright red lips were now starting to stain my dick as she bobbed up and down. Looking down at the sight of this wonderful Harley cosplayer as she blew me, my toes started to curl and my fingers were sliding through her dyed hair as she blew me. As she slipped up and down, her fingers scraping and squeezing my ball sack, Harley let out a simple, throaty moan around my dick while it remained buried in her mouth. And with that, my head fell back and I started to cum. Emptying my balls inside of her mouth, Harley continued to suck, her lips up and down, working on getting every last drop of my seed from my length and into her mouth.


Harley eventually slowed her lips up and down and simply let me finish cumming in her mouth. As my orgasm finished, one that I had been sorely building and looking forward to, the Harley Quinn that was on my bed slowly pulled her lips up off of my cock and then the Clown Princess of Crime opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to show me the creamy six ropes I had just fired into her mouth. With a smile, she brought her tongue back in and then made an almost comic book gulping noise as she swallowed it down. Satisfied, Harley sat back on her knees and looked up at me as if expecting something more. Sitting down on the bed next to her, I took a chance and put my hands on her hips, pulling her forward for a kiss. I could feel her lips against mine and then her arms wrapping around me as she pulled me down to lay above her on my bed. Her arms linked around my neck while she slowly curled a leg around my hips as if to anchor me in position. Not that I would want to be ANYWHERE else of course.


My hands came down and ran against the side of her thighs, stroking the material of her torn, dirty stockings and almost threatening to bring up some of the make up that had been painted on her skin. Our tongues wrapped along one another’s as my hand started to wander and move between the gap of her legs. My hands worked on slipping over the gap of her stockings and down towards her folds that were leaking all over the bedsheets she was lying on. Pushing my finger inside of her wet opening, I slipped my index finger into her entrance and slowly pulled it backwards, listening to the Harley I had flat on her back in my bed. Exploring her folds slowly, I curled my finger upwards as if I was beckoning someone closer to me. My other hand came up and held the Harley close to me, our lips meeting briefly as she moaned.


Sliding my finger in and out of her, Harley’s hands wrapped around my back and kept me closer to her as my finger was bumping in and out of her. My free hand came down from her shoulders and to her chest, grabbing a hold of her small teardrop shaped breast, squeezing it softly as my finger pushed in and out. Slipping my finger in and out, I could feel just how wet she was and just how excited this whole random sexual encounter had gotten her. It wasn’t one of my intentions to get some random dress up girl in my bed, wet and ready to go but here I was. I also wasn’t the type to look a gift horse in the mouth and while I would never call this Harley a horse, it was certainly a very nice surprise for what had been a long, long week.


Pulling my finger out of her entrance, I brought my slick digit up and pressed the fingertip to her lips, rubbing her arousal against her mouth before I pushed my lips back and tasted her along with her own tongue as she let me work on her and then kiss me right back. Her arms tightened around my shoulder blades before I pushed my finger right back inside of her and added my middle finger, pushing the both of them in and out of her. While my fingers were running in and out of her, my thumb brushed against her hard nipple, rubbing it up and down and teasing it while I used my other hand continued to feel her entrance and just how wet she was for it. Using the both of my fingers to slip in and out of her, I could feel Harley’s walls hugging my fingers tightly as her back arched up off of the table and started to wiggle.


Seeing how her body reacted, I started to experiment with her body. Taking my lips off of her mouth, I ducked my head down to her collarbone and started to take a few experimental bites against her bone through her skin while my fingers slipped in and out. Lewd noises rang out from my bed as she was really getting into it. Her breath was catching in her throat as her back arched up off of the bed, her body almost bouncing as I worked on finger fucking her faster and faster. Using the tips of my fingers to stroke against the roof of her pussy, I continued to rub and stimulate her lower walls, making sure to get every little bit of her while I tasted her skin.


She was getting close to cumming by the looks of things and how hard she was writhing in my arms, Making her cum was something I was going to be happy to do for her. Keeping her close to me, I could feel her nails digging into my skin almost as if that was her meaning of letting me know that she was going to cum soon. With the palm of the hand that had two fingers buried inside of her, I put my hand flat against her lower lips and started to rub my palm against her hard clit as it throbbed while I pushed my fingers in and out of her. Slipping the double fingers in and out while rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand, I started to toy with her faster and in more different ways to get her to cum.


“Oh fuck… Fuck!” Harley exclaimed, her body was shaking and there were cracks starting to form on her pale face from the sweat that was running down her face. My mouth came up away from her skin so that I could see the woman’s face contort and twist as she came from my fingers. Slipping them in and out, I pulled both of my fingers out up to the bottom knuckle and slowly added a third one, stretching her lower lips while I pushed my fingers all the way back inside of her. As soon as I did that then Harley’s eyes went wide and she started to cum. Her lower lips hugged my fingers tightly and started to squeeze me as her lips exploded all over my fingers. Slowly forcing my fingers back inside of her, I could see her body shaking as she came. Her juices were leaking all over my bed sheets as she came.


Pulling my fingers out of her folds, I was just about to lick them clean until Harley grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled my fingertips to her mouth. Sucking on all three of them, Harley cleaned my fingers of her juices before letting my fingers fall from her mouth. Despite having just cum, Harley knew what she wanted and had already pulled me flat onto my back. Not showing any signs of wanting a break, Harley had me flat on my back and had her lap hovering over my own crotch. Reaching between her legs, Harley took a hold of my length, stroked it a couple of times before angling it upwards and pushing the slick member up inside of her.


Hitting her insides with a single stroke, the both of us moaned out loud as she slipped herself all the way down until her ass was pressing against my large ball sack. My hands came up and cupped her tits as she started to bounce up and down, working herself up and down on me as she let out a low groan, her voice seeming to get higher as she found herself fully impaled on my cock. Her head fell back, her long blonde hair was matting to her face, the makeup coming off as she started to sweat more and more. Her long blonde hair, the tips still freshly dyed, had started to shake in time with her moves up and down on my lap. Squeezing her chest as she athletically rode me, I could feel just how divine it felt to be inside of this Harley and as I was watching her slide herself up and down on top of me, I just knew that she was going to keep going until we both couldn’t go any more.


My hands continued to fondle and squeeze her breasts, my hands massaging them softly as she let her head fall back and cry out in pleasure as her hips lifted and dropped down on my lap, her body starting to get into a steady rhythm pushing herself up and then dropping herself down with a quick, rapid flick of her hips. Changing her position while keeping herself on top of me and with my dick inside of her, Harley moved up and placed both of her hands on my shoulders and positioned herself so that instead of kneeling she was almost standing on my bed, her feet flat on the bed as she started to lift herself up and then drop herself down on my lap. With her hands around my neck, she pulled me in close so that I could press my lips to her chest, worshipping and kissing her skin as she lifted herself up and down.


“Oh fuck yeah…” I panted against her skin, running my tongue against her body, kissing all over her small breasts while she lifted herself up and down.


“Yeah, you like my pussy baby?” She asked, looking down at me as her hips started to rock up and down. Her hands continued to stroke against the side of my neck while my lips were kissing against her nipples. Taking the hard nub in my mouth, I sucked on it gently while my hands come around to her firm ass, smacking and squeezing the cheeks as she panted and moaned inside of the room as she rode me. Feeling her tight walls slip up and down on me, I could only imagine what it must be like to fuck her in as many ways as I knew how to. Kissing my way over to her other breast, I caught the hard nipple between my teeth, tugging and sucking on it as she bounced herself up and down. A hand left my neck and moved to steady herself further behind me as she bounced up and down. Her tongue had escaped her mouth and was sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she rode me.


She definitely looked like a new, different Harley Quinn.


Her body was bouncing up and down on me with harder strokes, her hands both clawing at my neck and my bedsheets as she worked herself up and down. My head fell back off of her chest and called out in pleasure.


“Fuck. So fucking good!” I panted, lifting my hips up slightly to aid Harley in riding me. Lifting my hips up as she dropped herself down, we found ourselves in an easy rhythm working together as she had her own pussy leaking around my cock as it throbbed inside of her. The two of us worked hard, our bodies slamming together as the costumed babe was riding up and down on me. With an experimental slap to her right ass cheek, I looked up at her and grinned. “Fuck me harder Harley.” I teased, running my tongue over the top row of my teeth.


“Yeah, you like getting fucked by one of the bad guys?” She said with a grin as her hips slapped down against my thighs. There was something about the way she phrased that last couple of words that made me almost want to raise an eyebrow as it sounded so familiar but instead, I was greeted by the sight of Harley wrapping her arms around my shoulders and pulling me backwards and her falling onto her back. She wasn’t finished though and instead pulled herself off of my cock and then got onto her hands and knees, wiggling her round ass at me before reaching under herself and using her index and middle finger to spread her pussy lips. Looking over her shoulder at me, she ran her tongue over her top painted lip and made eye contact with me. “Come and get it again.” Was all she said and that was the only sort of instruction I needed.


Taking a hold of her hips, I started to slide myself in and out of her from behind. Fucking the Harley Quinn doggy style was another one of those things that I hadn’t considered a really interesting position to be in but now as Harley threw her head back she let out a cry of delight as I pumped my hips forward, sliding inside of her and almost instantly stroking along the roof of her folds and against her g-spot. Hearing the woman cry out in pleasure, I pulled my hips backwards and pushed myself forward, pushing my cock’s head against the same spot, listening to how she cried out for me. Rocking myself backwards and forwards in a steady, focused rate of penetration, I reached forward and took a fist full of her dyed hair, yanking her head backwards so that I could press my lips against hers. Kissing her hotly as I continued to fuck her from behind, I felt Harley squeal and then her hot, warm and wet velvet walls exploded around me.


As soon as Harley started to cum, my lips left hers and my hands both moved back down to her hips, pumping in and out, stabbing against the same spot while she came hard around me. Her vocal pitch was raising with each stroke inside of her and each and every time my balls slapped against her clit with a stroke inside of her, I could feel my own orgasm coming up. Grunting, my head dropped down to her ear to tell her that I was close. As soon as I did that, Harley bit down on her bottom lip and looked over her shoulder at me with a wide grin on her face.


“Then cum all over my face.”


Now that I could get behind!


Pulling out of Harley and seeing some of her sexual fluids leaking down to the bed sheets beneath her, I watched as the blonde with red and blue highlights got onto her back and scooted down closer to me so I was able to get on top of her chest and aim my cock at her face. Stroking my slick dick while keeping it directed at her face, I closed my eyes and bucked my hips forward as I started to explode. Shooting a series of hot ropes of cum from my dick’s head and towards her face. A rope landed on her left cheek, with another one darting out and landing over the bridge of her nose in a directional angle. Stroking myself faster and faster, I aimed my length over to the other side of her face and shot my load over the other side of her face, a rope landing on her closed right eye before the final two landed on her cheek and one just under her nostril and on her lips.


Harley grinned as she let her tongue come out to lick up the hot ropes of cum that were settled on her lips. Managing to open her left eye, she looked over at me and flashed me a pearly white smile before making a motion.


“Did you want to get me a towel or something?”


Walking over to the freshly folded laundry that was sitting on my computer table, I grabbed her one of the slightly more fluffy royal blue ones and walked back to the bed, passing it to her. She quickly took care of the mess on her body, cleaning her leaking folds before rubbing at her face, no doubt ready to take the cum off of her face as well as some of the makeup too. As she was finished dabbing at her face with it, she gave her face one more swipe before feeling satisfied and tossing the towel across the room to the massive pile of dirty laundry. She turned to look at me and that was when it was my turn for my jaw to drop.


The Harley Quinn I had been fucking was actually THE Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie. Margot Robbie now sat on the edge of my bed, dressing herself happily as she looked over at me occasionally, a smile on her face. Standing up, she checked herself once more before walking over towards my bedroom door.


“Aren’t you… You know, worried I’m going to say something?” I blurted out, looking over at her as she stopped to turn around and look back at me.


“Really? You tell anyone and they’ll tell you that you’re talking bullshit.”


And with that, she opened the front door to my apartment, walked out and straight out of my life.

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