Burning Bridges, Part Three

Burning Bridges, Part Three

By Cassidy

With Reese Witherspoon (Fmf, pedo, cons, reluc, oral, anal, fist, inc)

DISCLAIMER: You know the rigmarole the events in this story are fictional and based in fantasy, they in no way represent the person in question. If you are offended by sexually charged material or are underage, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORY!! Like the story? Other comments? Requests? Then tell me so at megaherzman@yahoo.com.

Reese couldn’t imagine how this must look to Ava, her eldest daughter. The girl was her first but she was still very much under ten years
old and way too young, thusly, to know about the desires that had led her mother into this precarious position. And what a position! Thought Reese, as she glanced at the mirror and caught sight of exactly what her daughter was seeing. There she was the glamorized Hollywood slut, that only a scant month ago been a loyal and caring housewife, kneeling down on the bed over the nude body of her 5 year old son with a two strings of cum trailing from her lips to his crotch. Reese smiled and as her sex crawled with renewed anticipation.

“Mommy? Is Deac ok?” Ava said, this time worry tinged her voice.

“He’s fine, honey. He just needed mommy to put him to sleep.” Reese said, still absently looking at the mirror while talking to her daughter. “Can you help mommy rest too?”

Ava, stilly wary, came forth a couple of steps and glanced at the scene before her as Reese finally shot a viciously hungry glance at her. Ava seemed alarmed.

“Mommy needs help going to sleep; you want to help me like I helped Deacon?” Reese said, her desire barely masked by the façade of a doting mother.

Ava nodded, slowly, then, “But I can see your thingy and Deacon’s wee wee is out.”

“You mean this little thing?” Reese said as she gave Deac’s cock a swirl with her tongue. “That’s ok, he needed for me to kiss it and make it better. Come up here Ava.”

Ava hitched up her bedtime gown and cautiously got on the bed. She stared intently at her nude mother. Reese crawled over Deac’s sleeping body and poised her dripping wet pussy over his face as she reached over and rummaged through her bedside drawer. After a quick search she found what she was looking for.

“Here you go honey,” she said as she handed Ava a bottle of lube. “Cover your hands and arms in that for mommy ok?”

Ava reached over and grabbed the tube, stopping only to read the label on it, “What’s this for mommy?”

“To make mommy happy,” said Reese in response.

Ava squirted the lube into her tiny hand and began to coat her hands and arms with it. Reese looked at her, her cunt amped up at the thought of what was about to happen. She reached over and began pulling at Deacon’s cock with her thumb and forefinger while her other hand went below to the radiating heat coming from between her legs. She dipped two fingers and instantly a wave of pleasure overtook her body. She moaned under her breath, causing Ava too look up from her now finished task.

“Ok Mommy…” Ava stared at her mother as she fondled her brother and touched herself. Reese snapped a look at her and then flipped over on her knees and buried her face back into Deacon’s crotch.

:”Put your fingers into mommy,” Reese said, unable to control the yearning in her voice. “Now.”

Ava approached and asked, “Into your thingy?”

“Yes, do it.”

Ava obeyed and brought her fingers up to her mommy’s cooch. At school they had taught her that she should never let strangers touch down there but mommy was no stranger and she was no stranger to mommy, so she figured it was ok. She stuck in a finger and felt Reese receptively grind into it.

Reese grunted as she felt one of Ava’s tiny fingers go into her moist hole and rolled her hips rapidly into her daughters hand forcing it to go in further until she felt a heavy shift and knew that she had made the entire hand slip into her pussy.

“Mmmm, baby, that’s soooo good. Now push it in and out, honey.”

Ava obeyed and soon Reese’s jammed pussy was being carefully filled and refilled by her daughter’s hand.

“Is that good mommy?” Ava asked, obviously pleased in herself.

“Oh yeah,” Reese barely managed as she shrouded her moans by attaching herself back onto Deacon’s dick and sucking on it like her life depended on it. Her gesture certainly did not go unnoticed by Deac who was drawn out of his sleep by the renewed feeling near his crotch only to see his mother bent over his penis again. Deac shifted to his side, to ease the involuntary thrusting reaction his hips had now picked up, and saw his sister with her hand deep in his mommy’s pussy.

As if on cue, Reese detached herself from Deac’s cock with a loud smack of her lips and yelled back to Ava, “Put your arm as far as it will go, baby.”

Ava obeyed immediately and her arm glided into Reese’s pussy with a sloppy ease that was enabled by the excessive wetness in her cunt. Ava’s face was now alarmingly close to her mom’s butt and Ava made an effort to both “help” her mommy yet keep her face away from an area she knew could be quite unpleasant.

“What are you doing Ava?” Reese said, as one of her hands remained busy with Deacon’s cock.

“Nothing,” Ava said, now afraid she’d done something wrong.

“Exactly, so why don’t you start licking my asshole?”

Ava’s arm stopped dead in its tracks, “What?”

“Do it,” Reese said firmly, now more intent on getting off than giving half a rat’s ass about anyone’s feelings.

“But its…” Ava started.


A few tears teetered on the brim of Ava’s eyes, “No, mommy.”

“Then get to work.”

And with that Reese went back to her work as she got a hold of Deac’s legs and dragged his crotch up to her mouth, once again taking its entirety into herself. Deac squirmed and grabbed a hold of his mom’s hair and shoved her face further into his crotch.

“Oh yes, mommy whore,” he cried out.

Ava herself was still struggling with the task put before her. She inched her face toward her goal. Reese’s pink asshole was slightly contracting, Ava noticed, as a result of her fervent action toward Deac. Ava got closer and smelled a faint bitter stench; it wasn’t as bad as she had thought. She stuck her tongue out and placed it over the anus, she tried to hold it in but the idea of what she was doing overwhelmed her and instantly she retched a couple of times before spilling the contents of her stomach all over Reese’s big, round ass.

Reese stopped slamming her head onto Deac’s cock and looked back. Her face filled with anger.

“What the hell….” But the sight of her vomit coated backside was too much for her to handle. A spasm of delirious joy ran the length of her body and she looked back at Ava and said, “Lick it off, Ava and don’t you stop ramming your arm into my fucking cunt.”

Ava stared wide-eyed at her mother for a few seconds.

“NOW!!” Reese yelled out, now desperate to have her pussy thirst quenched.

Ava didn’t hesitate this time. Instantly she began to lap up the thick, sticky fluids that coated her mom’s ass and, simultaneously, pump her arm in and out of her ass.

“Oh yeah, baby doll, get in between the crack.,” Reese grunted out as she looked back at the mirror and took sight of herself as her daughter went about her business and she pumped furiously at her little boy’s penis. The sight was too much, she felt her pussy contract once, tried to hold the torrent back, and then just let go. The onslaught of girl cum shot out of her pussy and all over Ava, who screamed in shock.

Reese, now determined to have more than she had planned for dove down and took Deac’s cock and balls back in her mouth and furiously sucked on them, causing Deacon to scream as his sensitive balls where viciously whirled around Reese’s mouth. Deacon began to cry, the pain being too much, but Reese didn’t care she wanted cum. She suddenly concentrated on his cock only and dug at it with her mouth, heavy gusts of breath coming out as she rammed her face into his body. The feeling overwhelmed Deacon too, and he began to shoot his load into her mouth. Quickly she backed up and let the gooey strands of cum cover her entire face as a smile grew on it.

Finally, fulfilled Reese flopped over and sighed heavily. She glanced at the mirror again, at the aftermath of her actions. She smiled again. This bridge wasn’t burned, it was completely decimated.

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