Burning Bridges, Part Two

Burning Bridges, Part Two

By Cassidy

With Reese Witherspoon (FSolo, MF, mast, inc, Pedo, oral, ws, fist, anal)

DISCLAIMER: You know the rigmarole the events in this story are fictional and based in fantasy, they in no way represent the person in question. If you are offended by sexually charged material or are underage, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORY!! Like the story? Other comments? Requests? Then tell me so at megaherzman@yahoo.com.

It had been one month since she had asked Ryan to stay in their LA home so that she could have time to reevaluate their marriage and Reese
had honestly never felt better. Of course, jerk that he was Ryan was all “supportive” of her suggestion of some time apart he hadn’t even argued the idea; after all, it would provide a great chance for him to hit more auditions but that was something he kept to himself. However clever he thought he was being in taking the role of a concerned and sympathetic husband for his own benefit, Reese didn’t really care. He could think whatever he wanted as long as she had all the time in the world to explore the pleasures she had been wantonly delving into since her great moment of revelation. In a span of four weeks she had discovered the delights of dildos, vibrators, pornography, and other such scandalous endeavors. After much reading she had learned how to locate her G-spot and how to squirt on command. It was never enough. There was so much to learn and she wanted to devour it all.

What had once been taboo was now standard to her. Every morning, before she prepared the kids’ lunches for school, she would slip into the shower and use her showerhead to get off, but even that was not enough. Soon enough she found herself on all fours in her bathtub grinding her pussy onto the faucet as the water ran at its highest setting. That progressed to her suctioning the plunger onto the floor of the restroom and lowering herself as far as she could. There was always something new to discover, she had found out, and it was a lot greater feeling than waiting for some argument to resolve itself with Ryan. THIS was truly living.

On the day after the first month, she woke to the sound of her alarm. She had been setting it earlier and earlier because she found her masturbation sessions had been getting longer. Wishing not to disrupt her children’s morning schedule, the only solution was to get up progressively early. The alarm sounded its blaring honk twice but was quickly silenced by Reese’s hand as it slammed down on it. She was tired, but eager to get her daily dose started with.

She flicked on the bedside lamp and gave herself a quick glance in the dresser mirror. Figuring she’d like a better look, Reese stood up on the bed and gave her nude body a really good look. She turned around and glanced at her ass. All the working out paid off, she thought as she spread her ass to reveal the seal end of a butt plug she had taken to wearing almost all day long. She let her ass go and then ran her hands up her body and to her breasts. A quick smile and she jumped off the bed and started to make for the restroom but then thought better of it. She didn’t want to wait, she wanted it now.

Abruptly she swiped all the sheets of the bed and sat down spreading herself out for her own viewing pleasure. She stuck two fingers in her mouth and drenched them in spit and then trailed them down her body and over her pussy, sending waves of preemptive joy through her body. She stopped as an idea popped into her head. Quickly she reached over to her bedside drawers and pulled out one of her, now expansive, collection of dildos. She stuck out her tongue and wet the suction end of it and then stuck it to her headboard. Then she got on all fours and crept up to it as if it were a real man about to get the royal treatment. She flicked the tip of it with her tongue and then swirled it around the head, lavishly lubing up the phallus with her own spit. She drew back her head and then hocked a loogie onto the dildo. Pleased with the results she turned around and looked back as she descended onto the dildo, the thought of riding it like a dog making her more wet than she already was.

The large penis entered her tightness reluctantly but with a roll of her hips she brought it into herself to the hilt, the feeling causing her head to drop to the mattress. Head down, she brought her hand up and spread open her ass cheeks giving a clearer path to the large silicon intruder. She slowly built up speed as she went back and forth onto the dildo, her pleasure manifesting itself in increasing bouts of muffled screams.

“Oh my god, yes!! Fuck that pussy!! Fuck it!!” The pleasure overrode her as she continued moving her lower body back and forth onto the object of her attention. Wanting more, she placed her hand back on the bed and lifted herself back onto all fours and began to grind her hips aggressively on the dildo. She backed up and extracted its 9 inch length from her pussy, leaving only the head in her oozing snatch. Slowly she began to grind the full 9 inches into her body, her dripping vagina twitching with each motion. Losing her patience again she rammed her ass back and brought the full dildo deep into her in one single motion, pain and pleasure intermingling as a result of her eagerness. She let out a scream.

“Arrrrrggghhhhh, yesss!!!” She felt the orgasm build up and explode in a matter of two seconds. Her pussy contracted and tightened around the dildo forcing her to slip off and release the stream of cum she was holding inside. Coursing torrent after torrent of her juices splashed onto the headboard of her bed, dripping down onto her sheets as they followed the carved rivulets of the wood. Reese was breathing hard, still trying to catch her breath and then she heard the voice.

“Mommy, are you okay?” It was Deacon, her five year old son, standing at her door with his pajamas still on and his teddy bear in one hand.

She looked up from the den of depravity she called a bed and into the wide eyes of her little man, Deac. How must she look to him? What was he thinking? Surely he couldn’t think anything more than she was hurt, right?

“Little man, how long have you been there?” Reese said, finally being able to react to being caught and dragging the drenched sheets up to cover herself.

“I heard you scream and I ran over here and you were peeing on the bed…,” he seemed more fascinated and curious than concerned, Reese thought.

“Oh, Deac, I wasn’t…uh…,”she looked up at him, at a loss for words, that wonder and awe was still in his eyes. She felt a stirring in her loins, the idea of her son seeing her bring herself to climax was getting to her. No, what are you thinking?!, she scolded herself. She had to fix this somehow.

“Come here little man,” She moved the covers more securely over herself as Deacon ran over to her and leaped on the bed. He crawled over to her and then stopped.

“Your pee is still on the bed mommy,” he said.

“Oh sorry, it’s not pee but little boys like you shouldn’t touch it anyway,” she got off the bed dragging the moist sheets off with her. “I’ll be right back, honey, ok?”

“Ok, mommy,” he said as he plopped down heavily on the part of the bed he had remained in, still holding his bear.

Reese entered the restroom; her heart was pumping, but was it from the rush of being caught or from the mass of ideas streaming through her head? No, you can’t even think that, she told herself. Quickly she dropped the sheets and looked for something to put on. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror and stopped for a moment, almost eating herself up with her eyes. A smirk made its way onto her face before she continued her search, but it was all for naught, there weren’t any clothes in here, not even in the hamper. Resigned, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it above her breasts and under her arms. She turned back to the mirror and looked at herself. Damn, you even look good in a towel, she told herself. The towel barely reached the top of her thighs but it would have to suffice. Maybe he’ll like it, her mind told her, but she quickly quieted it.

Back in the bedroom, Deacon was already fast asleep again. Reese entered and smiled, she had avoided the sure to be awkward explanation of what he had seen her do. More relaxed she headed over to the bed and crawled up next to her son. She lay directly next to him on her side, letting the warmth of his body permeate her own. She sighed, suddenly pleased with the way things were going. She had gotten rid of the pariah in her life, Ryan. Here she had all she needed: her kids, her privacy, and herself.

She laid her hand on Deacon’s chest and reveled in the feeling of his chest rising up and down, but still her mind wandered. She began to stroke his body, each stroke leading her closer to his PJ pants. She stopped, but it was too late to change her mind. Already her pussy was leaking between her legs. Instead she used the pause to throw off the towel and unveil her nude body, and then she continued the business at hand.

Reese slid her hand down from Deacon’s five year old chest and under the elastic waist of his PJs and felt the tiny lump of his young cock and balls.

“Oh baby,” she said looking at his sleeping face, “you’re so small. I’ll make it grow and feel good for you.”

She rose onto all fours and positioned herself slightly over her son’s lower body. She hooked her fingers under the waistband of his pants and pulled down. She dragged down slowly taking in every inch of his unmarred flesh, finally revealing his tiny cock and balls. Reese’s eyes glistened and her mouth watered at the sight of that and she uncontrollably pulled the pants the rest of the way down. The motion jostled Deacon awake.

“Mommy?” He asked groggily.

Reese looked up at his face, smiled and placing her hand on his chest, said, “Lay back down little man, mommy is going to make you feel good.”

Confused he started, “What are you goin…,” but he didn’t continue as he felt the warm moisture of Reese’s mouth encompass both his cock and balls. His eyes rolled back in his head and he laid back down obediently.

Reese kept her eyes glued on his reactions as her hands lay at the sides of his hips framing the object of her attention. The thought of what she was doing drove her so close to a hands free orgasm, it was crazy. There she was, Reese Witherspoon, Academy Award winner, on her knees sucking for dear life on her five year old son’s penis and balls. A gust of energy shot through her as the image ran through her mind and she applied it with gusto to the ministration on her son’s cock. She had so far refused to let go of the tiny tadger and balls that fit both so well into her mouth, she drove her tongue wildly in between her son’s cock and balls and swished the saliva building around to give him a feeling unlike any other. He began to moan.

“Oh mommy, don’t stop,” he said between gasps.

Reese stopped, both to tease and to say, “Call me whore, little man.”

“Put your mouth there again mommy whore, “ he nearly yelled out.

“Only if you do something for me, little man,” Reese said as she teasingly bobbed down and ran her tongue over the length of his cock and balls to give him further incentive.

“Anything, mommy whore,” Deac said pleadingly.

“Pee all over mommy while she plays with your pee pee. Will you do that?” Reese said smiling.

Deac didn’t even get to answer, the stream of piss shot up and hit Reese in the eye. She started to laugh with joy as the stream of warm urine drenched her face. In the midst of it all she dug down again and continued to suck him off even as he finished off his urination. Once he was done she brought her head up again, her lips sealing in all the urine she had been able to catch. She swallowed and relished the feeling of it.

“Please don’t stop mommy whore,” Deac said, aware that his mom was too busy doing something else besides licking his thing. Reese smiled and shot her head down to his cock again, instantly covering the whole of his tiny manhood, her urine soaked hair slapping his stomach as her head went up and down. He moaned as Reese began to run her eager tongue all over that part of him he only used to pee. Just then Reese ran her tongue under his foreskin and his sensitive head went haywire, his balls contracted and he began to shoot out his load.

Reese felt the spurt of her boy’s cum and removed her mouth and watched in wonder as Deacon’s cock shot out his first batch of ejaculate over his stomach and waist. Unable to just sit back and watch anymore she grabbed the tiny cock between her thumb and forefinger and tilted it toward her face and she jacked it off. The final spurts hit her eyelid and her cheek and began to ooze down. She continued jacking off the tiny cock as her tongue darted up to receive the dripping cum that had made its way down her face. Her continuing attention to Deac’s penis was not without its rewards though, as it shot out again. She felt Deacon begin to shake and suddenly thick rope of cum hit her lips and dripped into her mouth, yet another draped itself over her nose.

“Oh, my little man! You made your mommy so proud!” She said, the cum still clinging to her face, but Deacon was out cold. She glanced down at his penis, he was really worn out, but there was still a lot to look at, namely the pool of congealing cum that still lay on his waist and stomach.. She crawled up and low over his stomach and began to lick off every last drop off of him. So intent on getting him cleaned up that she didn’t hear her daughter enter the room.

“Mommy?! What are you doing to Deac?!” Ava said aloud.

Reese looked up from her unfinished breakfast, she gave Ava one look over and decided to burn one more bridge.

To be continued…..

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