Burning Bridges Part 4

Burning Bridges Part 4

By Cassidy

With Reese Witherspoon (mF, Ff, inc, Pedo, oral, cons, nc)

DISCLAIMER: You know the rigmarole the events in this story are fictional and based in fantasy, they in no way represent the person in question. If you are offended by sexually charged material or are underage, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORY!! Like the story? Other comments? Requests? Then tell me so at megaherzman@yahoo.com.

Reese Witherspoon, once the town heroine and sweetheart, had set the formerly proud locals of her hometown into a frenzy of disapproval. Bertha
Clements, the town gossip, had begun the commotion the moment the tabloids spread news of Reese and Ryan’s finalized divorce and the madness had only spread from there. Not only had she left her husband but her children were now misbehaving at school, touching their classmates where they definitely should not, among other things. Reese herself had been spotted at the local dive bars going into the men’s restrooms, or so it was rumored among the harder drinkers in town (a rumor that quickly left that less than pristine social club and made its way into Bertha’s ear). All this, naturally, reflected most unseemly on Reese.

Unbeknownst to the townsfolk the subject of their attentions was taking more liking to being a social pariah than the woman she used to be: nice, respectable, Reese Witherspoon. She had a point to make now: She was her own woman and no one else’s. This was something she felt increasingly devoted to. Since she and Ryan separated she had been the most content she’d ever been in her entire life. With her inhibitions being shattered on an almost daily basis, Reese felt that there could be no better place to explore her needs than the place were she grew up.

This particular morning she woke, slipped on a tiny, silk robe that barely concealed the bottom of her bare buttocks, and headed out to the kitchen to prepare lunch for Deac and Ava. Even though her morning masturbation ritual had been abandoned since the first day she discovered the joys of her own children, Reese’s loins still burned with the need she had accustomed her body to for a whole month. Thankfully, she thought, I have something much better to get me through the day now.

She finished making a couple of sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, for her kids. Once placed in their respective lunchboxes, she ambled over to one of the stools lining the kitchen island and waited. She shot a glance down at her self and slid off the chair again to undo her robe. She got back on the stool, now fully uncovered, the robe hanging to her sides, and crossed her legs to make herself appear more enticing to her prey.

The first one to come through the kitchen door, as always, was eager little Deac. Ever since their first experience, he’d been more than willing to repeat it as often as possible. She shot him an anxious smile, thinly veiling her anticipation with faux friendliness.

“Morning mommy,” he ran up to her excitedly.

“Now what did I say about calling me that?” Reese said, cocking her eyebrow.

“Sorry, slut,” he said, his innocent candor only making it sound more alluring to her.

“Better,” she said, “are you ready for your goodbye kiss before school?”

“Yes mommy-whore,” Deac said.

“Good,” Reese said as she uncrossed her legs, slipped her hands under his armpits and lifted him up to the cooking island. “Takes those fuckin’ pants off, I don’t want to see them!”

Deac laid back on the top do the island and slipped his pants off in one quick motion. Reese smiled at the sight of his smooth, bare lower half. He wasn’t wearing underwear, just the way she liked it. She bit her lip and resisted the urge to completely encompass his cock with her mouth. Instead she slipped her hand over her right breast and pulled at her nipple.

“Do you want mommy to suck your cock, Deacon?” She whispered as she longingly looked at his penis, unable to remove her eyes from it.

Deac only moaned and, much to her delight, began to shake with expectancy. Reese slid her hand up his smooth leg and over his tiny cock. Deac’s cock engorged at the touch of Reese’s warm palm.

“Good boy,” Reese said, totally distracted, her eyes virtually feasting on his manhood.

Reese took Deac’s cock in between her forefinger and thumb and slowly began to stroke it, savoring the feeling of his rigid rod, lined with delicate veins. Removing her other hand from her tit, she brought it up to Deacon’s balls and began to massage them ever so gently.

“I want you to cum all over me baby, come on. Please, baby, please,” she said as her hand became a fleshy blur. Deac’s hips lifted from the table as he felt his orgasm build up deep within his abdomen.

“Oh mommywhore, I’m gonna cum!!”

Reese reacted with breakneck speed. Still jerking his cock off furiously, she moved her mouth over his scrotum and devoured it. Deacon screamed gutturally, as he looked down and saw his mom’s cheeks sucked with the sheer amount of force she was sucking his balls off with. Her relentless hand was now banging onto the base of his cock making a hard thumping sound.

“Put it…,” his eyes rolled up in his head as Reese reapplied pressure to his balls in her mouth, her tongue weaving about the surface, “…put..it..in your mouth!!”

With a loud pop Reese released his ballsack, a hungry smile instantly crossing her mouth, “ You want it in my hot, wet mouth?”

“Y-yes, yes, mommywhore. Please,” Deacon managed before slamming his head back in utter ecstasy.

Reese, eager to please, gave his cock one last quick jerk, let go of it, and immediately slid her lips over it. The feeling of her moist mouth drove Deacon over the edge.

“Arrrrgghhhh, I’m cumming!!”

Reese felt the first spurt inside her mouth and instantly released his cock from her mouth and aimed it at her face. A stringy squirt shot across her face and hit her forehead, another hit her hair and then plopped down over the bridge of her nose.

“Oh yes, baby, I want it all,” Reese said, as she slurped in his penis into her mouth and sucked out the last of his considerable load. Bobbing her head up a few more times to make sure every single last drop was drained, she finally drew back, her lips tightly pursed.

She managed the best smile she could considering she couldn’t risk letting his seed spill out of her mouth and reached over the counter, grabbed his lunchbox and handed it to him. Deac pulled up his pants and jumped off the island, rushing for the door. She looked after him as he slammed the door behind him and ran by the window on his way to school.

“Mom?” A voice from behind her, Ava’s, called.

Reese turned around, the hunger back in her eyes. Reese set her sights on Ava as she daintily plucked the robe off herself and let it slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. Slowly she walked over to her and then squatted down so they were face to face. Reese ran her hand through Ava’s hair, grabbing a fistful of it as her hand reached the back of her head, and pulled her head back roughly. Reese spit Deacon’s load all over Ava’s face. She stood back up, as Ava frantically clawed at her face, trying to rid it of her brother’s semen. Reese backed into the stool and then and put one leg up on the seat.

“Come here Ava,” Reese said seductively.

Ava’s eyes seemed to sink into her sockets, “No mom, please, I don’t want to.”

“Ava, obey your mother!” Reese yelled out, as she slid two fingers over her clit and then down her lips. She’d been having trouble with Ava, who was more and more reluctant to please her as the days passed but a harsh word or two usually did the trick. She spread her pussy open, revealing the glistening pink within.

“Come here and lick my cunt, you stupid little bitch,” Reese blurted out.

Ava slowly approached her mother, her head at the level of her dripping, wet slit. Ava stuck her tongue out and tentatively closed in on Reese’s pussy.

“Arrrgh,” Reese grunted, losing patience and viciously grabbing Ava’s head and shoving it into her twat. “Lick it!”

Reese sighed in utter relief as she felt Ava’s tongue run over the velvety pinkness of her parted pussy lips. Grabbing her head with her other hand, Reese began to rapidly thrust her hips into her daughters face. She felt Ava’s nose slip over her clit and an enormous spasm racked through her body.

“Oh god yes, you eat that pussy,” Reese virtually grunted out as her hips madly pumped over her daughters face, leaving traces of her wetness all over it.

Ava began to sob as the attack became more intense but Reese did not stop, if anything it fueled her desire more. Just then she felt her daughter’s hand on her hips, she was struggling to get away. Reese released her hair just as Ava pushed her hardest. Free from her mother’s grip Ava was propelled backward and fell hard on her ass. She looked up at her mom, tears streaming down her face, and saw her grab her sack lunch.

“Here, take it and get out,” Reese said as she tossed the bag at her.

Ava grabbed it and ran out the door the rush of the air making the semen and tears on her face feel cold against her skin. Reese walked up to the door, which was still opened and saw as Ava turned the corner of the street. Stupid bitch, Reese thought to herself. Here she was still fired up with unfulfilled desire and it was all Ava’s fault. She was about to close the door when something caught her eye. She smiled and swung open the door, stepping out into the lawn.


Jonathan pulled on Sparky’s leash. The dog was frantically trying to rush into a large bush now that he was finished taking a leak. Jonathan pulled the leash again; Sparky relented and walked up to his legs, brushing lightly against his warm-ups. Jonathan bent down and rubbed Sparky’s head.

“You’re a good little boy aren’t you,” he told the large German shepherd.

“He sure is,” a feminine voice said to his right. His eyes caught the sight of bare feet. He’d been so distracted he hadn’t noticed the person walk up to him.

“Listen, I’m sorry. He was trying to get into the bush but…,” his mouth became mush as his eyes finally traced their ways up her body, first catching sight of a silky smooth pair of legs then a thin strip of hair on an otherwise hairless crotch. Above that was a flat, toned stomach and above that a pair of perky breasts, the nipples sticking out in the morning cold. It was however the girl’s that most sent him reeling.

Having moved into town only a few years ago he’d not been aware that Reese Witherspoon used to live here but upon her return he’d found real quick. Now there she was, unmistakably her. The high forehead, the beautiful smile, those blond locks of hair they were all there framed in what seemed to be the dripping remnants of cum. Jonathan choked on his own words as his mind still tried to cope with what he was looking at.

Reese, deciding to take advantage of his incredulity and ease this situation to her liking squatted down and began to pet the dog with hand, her other hand now rubbing her clit. She cooed at the pooch, then turned to face Jonathan with a wicked smile.

“Bring him inside,” its all she said. She stood up and walked away.

Jonathan stared at her beautiful firm ass as she walked toward the front door of the house at the end of the lawn. Somehow he eventually managed to make his legs function enough so that he got up and followed, Sparky in tow.

Up ahead, Reese had reached the door and now idly leaned on it as she fondled her own breasts. She could already see the raging erection in the guy’s pants yearning to break free. She could help him, but first she wanted something else.

“What’s your dog’s name?” She called out.

To be continued…..

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