Burning Bridges Part 5

Burning Bridges Part 5

By Cassidy

With Reese Witherspoon (MF, beast, anal, oral, pedo, Ff)

DISCLAIMER: You know the rigmarole the events in this story are fictional and based in fantasy, they in no way represent the person in question. If you are offended by sexually charged material or are underage, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORY!! Like the story? Other comments? Requests? Then tell me so at megaherzman@yahoo.com.

“Sparky,” Jonathan finally managed, his suddenly dry throat making his voice sound almost childish. “My dog’s name is Sparky.”

smiled, “Well come on in…”


“Jonathan.” With that she turned and casually walked into the kitchen that was directly ahead of a short hallway.

Jonathan led Sparky into the house, hardly aware of anything but the perfectly shaped ass that was now making its way past the kitchen into big living room. Jonathan and Sparky followed her. He still couldn’t believe what was going on here. One moment he was walking his dog and the next a nude Reese Witherspoon was inviting him into her home. He felt a rush of excitement at the sheer thought of it. The image of her cum stained face, her perfect breasts, her hands over her pussy, would be things that would never leave his mind. Questions and possibilities where rushing through his mind like crazy but still they were put at ease with the sight of her bare back, those perfect legs, her blond hair.

Ahead of him Reese opened a door and turned to face him again. She beckoned him with her finger and a mischievous grin. Jonathan dropped Sparky’s leash and took a step forward.

“Uh uh, bring him with you,” Reese said, disappearing into the room.

Jonathan bent and picked up the leash again, his mind racing so fast that the request didn’t strike him as odd. Sparky and he entered the room to find Reese on the bed. Her legs were spread open and bent at the knee and she was slowly rubbing her clit while she looked at her two visitors. Jonathan felt sure his cock was about to burst. He grabbed at his throbbing member through his pants and slowly approached Reese.

Reese intensified the movement of her fingers, feeling the wetness within begin to creep out between the folds of her labia.

“Take off your pants,” she virtually commanded.

Jonathan didn’t waste a second; he unbuckled his belt and undid the waist and zipper in a matter of seconds. The pants hit the floor leaving him in only his tented briefs. He stuck his fingers in the waistband, ready to get rid of them too but Reese protested.

“Leave them on,” she said as her leg stretched out and she placed her foot over his aching cock.

The feeling drove him wild. He was she was touching him but he couldn’t feel her soft skin only the roughness of the undergarment rubbing against his hard-on.

“Please,” he begged.

Reese obliged almost instantly her foot expertly snaking past the Y-front of his briefs and resting on the top of his cock. He felt her toes expertly stroke him. He also felt about ready to burst, after all this was Reese Witherspoon. Whatever hopes of busting his nut right there he had were gone as she pulled her foot back as quickly as she had blessed him with its touch. However, all was not lost as she went back to rubbing her clit and pussy lips. Jonathan smiled and stepped up between her legs. He leaned forward letting his cock slide down between her incredibly moist twat. He put his hand on her knees and pushed them forward, making her pussy come up more to level as her hips rocked back. Without the slightest pause he slid into her, the intense relief of finally getting inside her making him shudder. He began to thrust into her but was shocked to find his actions futile as Reese was pumping her hips onto his cock a lot more violently. He let go of her knees and let the full sensation of her hips take over.

He looked into her eyes, her face had yet to lose a beat on that naughty grin but her glare read pure wanton hunger. Reese, her hips never stopping their skilled ministrations, threw her legs around Jonathan and locked him in. Her grip was intense and powerful and Jonathan found that it had driven his cock deep within her. She continued to grind her hips at him consciously building up an orgasm.

Unable to take it any longer Jonathan attempted to pull back.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said, but found that she did not release him.

Instead Reese doubled her efforts and began thrusting her hips onto his cock at a wild pace. Jonathan groaned and felt his balls tighten, then release as spurt after thick spurt of cum shot into her pussy. The feeling was incredible and he let her milk him dry as her hips finally came to a stop.

“God, I hope you’re on birth control,” he said, breathing hard.

Reese unlocked her legs’ grip on him and then pushed him back.

“Don’t worry, it’s not staying in there,” she said as she parted her pussy lips and pushed out his cum.

Jonathan watched in wonder as his semen flowed slowly down this amazing girls slit. He stared entranced but snapped out of it when he heard Reese give a slight whistle and slap her pussy with her hand.

“Come here boy, come here Sparky,” Reese called out to the dog.

Jonathan’s mouth dropped and he felt a pang of nervousness deep inside his stomach. He shot a glance at Sparky who was already cautiously stepping up to Reese. Unwilling to let this happen, Jonathan grabbed onto Sparky’s leash and pulled him back. Sparky yelped.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jonathan said, appalled.

“Well, I needed something to get him over here didn’t I?” Reese said as she signaled at her dripping pussy with her eyes.

“You want him to lick you…down…there?”

Reese pouted her lips playfully.

“Awww, come on Jonathan. I’ll make it worth your while,” with that she dipped two fingers into her cunt and dragged them out coated in a blend of his and her juices. She stuck her tongue out and wrapped it around her fingers cleaning them off completely.

“Come here and let Sparky do what he must,” she purred at him.

Jonathan let go of Sparky’s leash and walked up beside her at the side of the bed. She reached out and cupped his balls then slid her hand over his cock and began to jerk it off. Once she reached a pace she saw he was comfortable she turned her attention back to Sparky.

“Come on boy,” she said, slapping her sopping wet cunt.

Jonathan watched as Sparky walked up between Reese’s drawn up legs and propped himself up on two feet until his head was facing her cooze. Reese drew in a deep breath as Sparky’s tongue began to lap up Jonathan’s cum, first tentatively then at a furious speed. Each time its rough tongue ran over her clit she tightened her grip on Jonathan’s cock.

Having licked up all of the cum, Sparky made a job of trying to lick up all the moist sweetness inside Reese’s cunt. She felt as his tongue wormed inside of her sending involuntary shivers run through her. This was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Maybe I need to get a dog to replace Ava, she thought but then her head went spinning as she felt Sparky’s tongue find a pace.

Reese let go of Jonathan’s cock and placed her hand under her hips and proceeded to push her hips up enabling Sparky’s tongue to go deeper. Jonathan, unwilling to be left out, got on the bed and swung a leg over Reese’s head. Reese, more receptive than he thought she was going to be, opened her mouth. Taking this as a cue Jonathan brought his balls down into her mouth. Reese’s tongue instantly began to bat them around. Jonathan, unable to withstand the feelings that her expert mouth was submitting him to, reached for his cock but had his hand swatted away by Reese’s. She took a hold of his cock herself and began to ferociously jack him off while looking up at him between his legs. Jonathan reveled in the feeling of her hand over his cock but was not able to do so for long as she felt his orgasm burst forward.

Reese felt the first spritz of cum hit her hand and lowered his cock to her forehead letting it coat her face and her hair. Her hand was an insane blur as she made sure every last drop was on her. Satisfied, she pushed Jonathan off. Once off, she looked down at Sparky and petted him before dragging her pussy away from his tongue. She got on her knees on the bed and patted the mattress.

“Come on Sparky, up here. Come on.”

Sparky obediently jumped on the bed. Reese stopped for a moment and took in the implications of what she was about to do. Any thoughts of this being a step past any logical choice totally escaped her mind. She had only one thing in mind and she was going to have it no matter what. She looked at Jonathan.

“Put him on his back,” she said.

Jonathan, who was absently stroking his spent tool, cocked an eyebrow at her.

“You sure about this?”

“Did I fuckin’ ask, DO IT!” She yelled out, already anxiously rubbing her clit while she kneeled on the bed while she ran one hand through her hair.

“Alright baby, cool it,” Jonathan said, frankly he wanted to see this. “Roll over boy.” He patted the dog’s stomach and Sparky instantly rolled onto his back. Jonathan looked up at Reese and smiled when he saw the unmistakable sparkle in her eyes. He sat back and watched.

Reese crawled forward and over Sparky’s lower half, her eyes never leaving his sheathed penis. She lowered herself over it and stared a bit longer before taking it into her mouth. She heatedly worked on the tip and was almost instantaneously treated to his radiating heat growing into her mouth. She laughed gutturally, her mouth never leaving his member, at the feeling of it. Finally, she detached herself from his cock and looked at her handiwork.

Sparky’s cock was a deep red and not that vastly different from a human cock, but Reese was still massively impressed at how hot it felt in her mouth, she couldn’t wait to put it inside her. Unable to contain her passion she lunged for his cock again, this time grabbing a hold of it from under his knot. She sloppily bobbed her head up and down on it the cum that had congealed on her face now dripping of her, intermingled with sweat. So vigorous was her attention to Sparky’s cock that he began to whine.

Reese stopped, deciding that she wanted to save his load for her pussy. She looked up at Jonathan who was now furiously stroking his cock at this most intense scene of debauch.

“Will he led me ride him?” She asked, dead serious.

“I’m damn sure he won’t protest after that blowjob,” Jonathan offered.

Reese flashed him her wicked smile and returned to Sparky. She gave him five more good, long, hard sucks and then crawled further up his hairy body. She swung her left leg over his backside, then her right. She rubbed her pussy over his warm cock a couple of times before she reached back and grabbed it. She stuck it in her pussy and was instantly sent into a burning frenzy as she felt the cock’s smoldering heat rub up the walls of her sensitive cunt. Throwing her head back and pulling at her hair, Reese was in pure ecstasy, she began to energetically move her hips back and forward, driving Sparky in and out of her at a maddening pace that she knew would drive her over the edge quickly. Leaning back and putting more weight on her movement she felt the fiery organ reach deep within her. Her pussy reacted immediately, releasing a strong gush of cum all over his fur. She drove her hips in frenzy as she made sure her orgasm was fully exploited, then collapsed on the dog.

After few moments of heavy breathing she shot a glance up at Jonathan who was trying his hardest to cum before this awe-inspiring image was gone. She smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done,” she said as she pulled Sparky’s cock out, “and he’s not either.” With that she poised Sparky’s phallus at her puckered asshole and rammed back onto it using only the juices she left on it as a lubricant.

Sparky yelped at her aggressive tactic but instantly placated himself and took to her insane grinding. Reese, on the other hand, was intent on getting not only Sparky off but giving Jonathan a real show that he’d never forget. She went to work. Bringing up her legs from under her she got into a reverse cowboy position and started impaling her ass on Sparky’s cock while she brought her hand up and stuck her two middle fingers into her snatch. She rammed her fingers into her cunt at an alarming speed. The sounds of her palm slapping her crotch becoming louder than anything else in the room. It took not more than a minute for her vicious actions to make Sparky’s cock lunge forward. Reese’s pussy went into overdrive and spurted again as she felt the dog’s knot push past her ass hole and lodge itself there. Then she felt the torrent of cum wash into her ass and pool there. She grunted as she looked over and saw herself in the bedroom dresser’s mirror, the sight of this most sickening display of degradation reigniting the heat in her pussy.

She glanced at Jonathan and lunged forward, dragging Sparky by his wedged cock with her, and gulped down his cock forcing his hand out of the way. She was busily working his cock when she heard the door open.

“Holy shit,” Jonathan yelled out as he tried to cover himself.

Reese turned, frustrated that someone would interrupt her but stopped in her anger when she saw Ava standing there, her mouth agape.

“Ava, you’re back just in time,” Reese beamed.

“I came to apologize…what are you doing to that dog and who is that man?” Ava said, tears already pouring down her face.

“Come here Ava, I can explain,” Reese assured her as she batted away Jonathan’s hand from its vaguely shielding position and started to stroke his cock. Jonathan began to protest but the feeling of her hand relieving his tension stopped his tongue dead in its tracks.

Meanwhile Ava was carefully walking up to her mother. Reese reached out and grabbed her when she was at arm’s length, instantly jerking her up close to Jonathan.

“This is Jonathan, he’s a friend,” Reese said as her hand went into a fury on his cock. Jonathan grunted as he let loose his load. Reese aimed his cock at Ava coating her face in a new layer of jizz. She grabbed her daughter’s head with both hands and brought her up to face her directly.

“I forgive you Ava,” Reese said, then she began to lick off the cum on her face.

To be continued…?

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