Busta and TJ’s New Toy

Title:  Busta and TJ’s New Toy

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Bridget Mendler

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Busta looked down at the gorgeous girl sucking his cock and smiled as he shot his load all over her face.  Selena Gomez used her fingers to scoop up all his cum and swallowed it down like the nasty cum slut she’d become.  Ever since Busta and his buddy TJ raped her in front of her ex-boyfriend, she couldn’t get enough cock or cum to satisfy her.  Of course, the fact that they’d turned her into a coke addict didn’t help matters.  She would do anything for another line or fix.

Busta zipped up his pants and opened the door and told the next guy it was his turn.  Busta and TJ were throwing a party at Selena’s house, which they had moved into immediately after that weekend, and had invited over 20 or so of their friends.  These parties had become a regular thing at the house with Selena being served up to everyone and anyone.  They charge each guest one thousand dollars for the privilege of attending.

The next guy came in and admired the naked teen starlet laying on the bed, her face still glistening with cum and sweat.  She was rubbing her clit with her perfectly manicured finger nails and spread her legs wide for him.  Busta closed the door and went over and got his camera and began filming his little slut.

The tall black man took off his clothes and pointed his 12 inch cock at Selena.  She licked her lips and got on her knees in front of him and opened her waiting mouth.  Selena had become one of the best cocksuckers Busta had ever had and he had had a lot of them.  She took the huge cock deep down her throat and Busta got a closeup of her tongue darting out and licking the man’s balls as she swallowed his cock.  He grabbed her head and began pumping the pretty teen’s mouth with a furry.  His balls slapped against Selena’s chin as he throat fucked her.  He let go of her head and got up on the bed behind Selena and shoved his rock hard monster deep up her ass.  Selena loved cocks in her ass and came immediately.  The man grabbed her hips and slammed his 12 inches deep into her bowels making her grunt like an animal screaming for more.  She was well into her third orgasm when the man filled her gaping hole with cum.  When he pulled out, she took him into her mouth and sucked the remaining jizz out of his cock and swallowed it down like the good little whore she had become.

The man got dressed and left and let the next guy in.  Busta told him to have fun and went downstairs.  TJ and three of their guests were busy on the couch fucking a very hot brunette.  TJ had his cock buried in her ass while she rode another cock.  The third guy was pounding her throat while she jerked off the last man.  They switched positions and continued to pound Vanessa Hudgens holes.  She had been their latest conquest.  Selena brought her home one weekend after they finished shooting a movie together.  Busta and TJ turned her out that weekend and she’d become a regular at their parties.  She was a bigger cock whore than Selena and also a lot nastier.  She did things that even Selena wouldn’t do.

Busta watched as all four of the men started to cum in and on Vanessa.  Baby V, as she liked to be called, swallowed as much as she could and collapsed on the floor panting like an animal.  Some of the men started chanting for a show.  Busta held up his hands and told them now was as good a time as any.  TJ pulled his pants up and went out the back door and brought in their pitbull.  He was a massive dog and everyone could see that he knew what was going on.  He trotted over to Vanessa and started licking her pussy.  Vanessa spread her legs wide and let him lap her holes.  She reached down and started stroking his exposed cock and then took him into her mouth.  Everyone was cheering as the pretty Latina sucked the pitbull’s cock.  Her skilled mouth action soon had the dog filling her mouth with his spunk.  She continued to stroke and suck him off and then got on all fours for him.  The big dog mounted her and his cock hit its target almost immediately.  He had his front paws wrapped around her waist as he drove his cock into her pussy.  She felt him knot up and was soon cumming as the dog rammed her deeper and deeper.  The pitbull continued his assault on the actress for almost 15 minutes and then finally filled her hole with his cum.  Vanessa collapsed on the floor and it took several more minutes for the dog to finally pull out of her pussy.  Vanessa took his cock into her mouth and sucked and licked up the remaining doggie spunk.  She had a huge smile on her face as she lay there, exhausted from the fucking she just took.  Four of the men walked over and picked her up and took her over to a wooden bench.  They bent her over the bench and strapped her wrists and ankles together.  One by one, the men got behind the pretty brunette and sodomized her.  One of the men got in front of her and face fucked her while her asshole was pounded by huge cocks.

TJ went upstairs and saw that Selena was getting gangfucked by a dozen men.  She had all her holes filled with cock and was stroking off several others as they fucked the shit out of her.  Her hair, face and body were covered in cum and sweat and he could see the nasty filth running out of her ass and pussy as they ravaged the former Disney star.

He left them to continue their gangbang of Selena and went down the hall to his room.  He went inside and turned on the light and smiled at the girl tied to his bed.  He hadn’t told anyone, even Busta, about her.  She had shown up at the house earlier that afternoon looking for Selena.  He invited her in to wait for Selena and offered her a drink.  He had laced it with a strong sedative and it didn’t take long for the drug to render her unconscious.  Bridget Mendler was gagged but she was wide awake.  As soon as TJ came into the room, her eyes got wide and she tried to plead with him though the gag.  He locked the door and told her to shut the fuck up.  He could see the tears running down the side of her face as he took in the beauties naked body.  Her arms were tied to the headboard and her ankles tied to the bottom corner posts.  Her legs were spread wide and he could see that the buttplug was still firmly planted in the young girl’s ass.  He took off his pants and began stroking his 10 inch cock.  He got up on the bed and placed his cock at her pussy and slowing entered her.  She shook her head no as he entered her.  He pushed his rock hard cock all the way in.  She was soon filled with his cock and he began to pump her pussy.  He placed his hands on her shoulders as he drove deeper and deeper inside her with each thrust.  Soon, he was pounding her pussy and driving his hips against her as he fucked her.  Her head was thrashing from side to side as he punished her with his cock.  He raped the pretty teen for about 15 minutes and then pulled out and shot his hot load all over her face.  She closed her eyes at the horror of what had just happened to her while he wiped his cock clean with her hair.  He put on his pants and left her there, cum dripping from her gaping pussy.

The party lasted until well after two.  Busta sold Vanessa to a couple of his friends for the night and they took her with them.  Five grand was the usual price for a private session but these guys paid him and extra grand and took the pitbull with them.  Busta locked the door and joined TJ on the couch.  The place smelled of sex and pot.  TJ rolled another joint and lit it up.  After a few minutes, Selena came down and joined them.  She was having trouble walking from taking so many cocks in her ass.  They saw that she had showered and washed the filth from her body.  She sat down gingerly and took the joint from TJ.  After they finished, they attached a leash to the collar around her neck and led her over to her cage in the corner.  She crawled in and laid on the blanket and went to sleep almost immediately.  After Busta attached the lock to the cage, TJ told him he had a surprise upstairs.

Busta followed him up to TJ’s room and saw what he was talking about.  TJ told him how he got her and Busta high fived his friend.  He was elated with having another fucktoy and stripped out of his clothes.  TJ untied Bridget’s ankles and flipped her over onto her stomach.  It was always Busta’s privilage to take their new toys asshole for the first time.  TJ didn’t mind since he knew he’d get to sodomize her soon but Busta was his friend and if it weren’t for Busta, he’d probably be dead or in jail.

Bridget was screaming though the gag and Busta smacked her hard on the ass and told her to be quiet.  He told her there was nothing she could do about it and that she’d might as well enjoy it because getting fucked in the ass was going to be a regular thing from now on.  He pulled the buttplug from her asshole and saw that she was gaped wide open for him.  He spit a couple of times into her hole and slid his cock inside of her.  She screamed in agony as his 10 inches filled has her ass.  He pushed his cock all the way inside and felt her close around him.  He loved it when their assholes did that and it almost made him cum.  He waited a few seconds and then began to pound her ass.  He looked down and saw his cock was coated with blood and shit but continued to assault on her.  TJ took out the gag and shoved his cock into her mouth.  He slapped her and told her to suck him.  She did the best she could between the screams of pain from getting her asshole raped by Busta.  Busta tensed up and TJ watched him fill her bowels with his load.  TJ quickly followed and came all over her face again.  Busta grabbed her by the hair and told her to clean her nasty shit from his cock.  She did as she was told.  She tasted the vile mix of blood and shit and immediately vomited.  TJ and Busta just laughed.  They left their new prize laying there in her vomit.  Busta went into his room and TJ went downstairs and woke up Selena and got another blowjob before falling asleep on the couch.

The next morning, TJ woke up and fed Selena in her cage.  He put her bowl of cereal inside and watched the pretty broken teen lap up her breakfast like a puppy.  When she finished, he fed her his cock and soon had her swallowing her first load of the day.  He went upstairs and went into his room.  Bridget was still sleeping when he shoved his cock up her ass.  She woke up with a scream from the intense pain of having TJ’s cock violate her.  TJ pounded the pretty teen for several minutes and then came in her ass.  He left her there sobbing in the vomit covered sheets and took a shower.  When he finished, he untied Bridget and led her downstairs.  She looked at Selena in horror and started to plead with TJ to let her go.  Selena just sat in her cage and watched her as TJ forced her to her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth.  He told her to suck him and that she’d better make it good or she’d get punished.  TJ looked over and saw that Selena was fucking her pussy with one of her rubber toys as TJ face fucked Bridget.  TJ loved to make these little teen starlets gag and Bridget was no exception.  She gagged and choked on his huge cock and he pummeled her throat.  She was gasping for air when he finally pulled out and came on her face and hair.  TJ drug her over to Selena’s cage and handcuffed her to the bars and sat down on the couch.  He got out some coke and prepared a syringe for Bridget.  She tried had to prevent him from shooting her up but he held her arm and injected her with the drug.  Bridget was soon riding high from the coke and TJ saw her eyes glaze over and drool run down her chin.  He took the cuffs off of her and pulled her over to the couch.  He lifted her up and sat her down on his cock and she started to ride him.  It didn’t take long for her to orgasm and TJ felt her juice running down his cock.  This turned him on even more and soon he filled her pussy with another load.

TJ looked up and saw that Busta had filmed the whole thing.  TJ told Busta that he was pretty sure she was ready for another cock up her ass.  Busta laid her across the coffee table on her stomach and rammed his cock into her ass.  She didn’t scream this time as he filled her rectum with cock.  His huge black snake was buried deep inside of her and she was grunting like a pig with each thrust.  Busta pulled his cock out and shoved it into her sopping wet pussy.  He came inside her within a few minutes and when he pulled out, he watched his spunk run out on the coffee table.  Bridget was still panting and moaning when Busta went over to Selena and had his favorite slut clean him off.

They spent the rest of the day giving Bridget drugs and abusing her.  Later that evening, their friends brought Vanessa and the pitbull back to the house and they all watched the video they had made of her with the dog and about a dozen of their friends.  While they watched, they had Selena, Bridget and Vanessa bound and gagged in the upstairs bedroom.  The video had turned them on so much that TJ went up and brought Bridget down.  She was so fucked up on drugs that she didn’t put up a fight when they had the pitbull mount her.  She moaned and groaned as the big dog fucked her pussy.  One of the men took the dogs cock and forced it into the young girl’s ass.  He pumped her for several minutes and then gave her his cum.

After their friends left, Busta took Bridget upstairs into his room and fucked her holes for several hours before finally falling asleep.  TJ put Vanessa into Selena’s cage and took Selena to bed with him and fucked her ass once more before they both drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Busta brought Bridget downstairs and gave her some food.  He put a collar on her and told her she belonged to him and TJ and from now on, she would service them and their friends anytime they wanted.  She had the look of defeat on her face and simply nodded her head.

TJ and Selena came down about an hour later and Busta told TJ it was time to give Bridget her jewelry.  Bridget looked over at Selena and saw her friend smiling at her.  Selena pulled at the nipple rings they had put on her that first weekend.  She looked over at Vanessa in the cage and saw similar rings on her as well.  TJ swabbed Bridget’s nipples with alcohol and inserted the needle through the first nipple and then the second.  He attached the nipple rings to her and stepped back to enjoy his handy work.  Busta took her upstairs and put her in the shower.  After she finished cleaning herself, Busta gave her some clothes and had her put on some makeup.  Busta dressed her up in a little schoolgirl outfit and attached a leash to her collar.  He put her in the car and drove to their lawyer’s office.  There she signed away her power of attorney, just as Selena and Vanessa had done before her.  After she signed away her life, Busta let the lawyer fuck her.  She obediently got on her knees and sucked his cock.  When he was good and hard, she bent over the desk, pulled up her skirt and took him in her ass.  Busta watched as his new fucktoy took the lawyers cock and nodded his approval.  After the lawyer finished fucking the pretty teen starlet, Busta shook his hand and took his new toy home.

Bridget Mendler, former girl next door teen starlet was the main attraction at the next weekend party.  Busta and TJ were making a fortune with their fuck slaves and wondered who would be next.

The End.

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