‘Oh fuck, Lee…………..don’t stop’ Dunk yelled at the top of his voice.

Anyone listening out side would think he was being tortured, but in fact he was making love to his colleague and sexual partner, Lee Ryan.

It was a hot sunny day and the boys had been given the afternoon off from work

Well deserved after a hectic week

Being in Blue wasn’t an easy task!

They couldn’t think of a better way to spend it then making love in Duncan’s bedroom.

His Mum had gone out to work, leaving the house empty.

‘Ooohhhhhhh………..yess……….harder………harder’ Duncan yelled again.

was behind him, shoving his 8″ cock inside his lover’s arse thrusting it in as far as it would go!

‘I’m gonna come…..i’m gonna come!’

With that he exploded, orgasm overtaking his body.


Spunk shot out of his penis onto the duvet cover as he wanked himself off.

Lee grunted as his juices filled Dunk’s arse.

‘Oh fuck’ he groaned

He left his dick inside Duncan’s arse till the orgasm had fully subsided

Once spent, he pulled it out and slapped Dunk arse.

‘Alright mate?’

‘Yeah’ Dunk replied breathlessly, before collapsing on the bed.

Lee put his arm around his lover and they lay there for a few minutes, not saying a word.

He kissed Dunk’s shoulder and Dunk turned to face him.

He stroked Lee’s cheek and Lee kissed him again, this time, on the lips.

Their tongues explored eachother’s mouths, tasting the aftermath of the juices they’d swallowed earlier

They lay there in slience listening to the tune playing on the radio


Dunk woke up to find himself caked in cum

He lifted his head and looked around

It took him a few seconds to gather his thoughts.

He remembered where he was.

He was in his room with his bandmate Lee

They had just finished making love

He looked over his shoulder to find Lee still fast asleep

His head nuzzled into the small of his back

His arms wrapped tightly around Duncan’s waist.

Duncan stroked Lee’s arm and he stirred

He opened his eyes and smiled at Dunk

Dunk turned over to face his friend, planting a kiss on his cherry lips

‘I didn’t realise we’d fallen asleep’ Lee said wiping the sleep from his eyes.

‘Mum will be back soon, we’d better get a move on if we want another go!’

They locked lips, savouring the taste of eachother, bodily fluids swimming around in their mouths.

They broke the kiss off with a loud pop.

Lee held Dunk closer and kissed his neck

‘Mmmmmmmmm……..’ he sighed

They kissed once again, this time, longer and more passionate.

Lee reached for Dunk’s limp cock, bringing it to life again with one swift movement.

Dunk rubbed Lee’s chest, running his fingers lightly over the soft skin

Lee’s hand worked faster on Dunk’s cock till it was full and hard again

He got up and moved down to Dunk’s cock, flicking a tongue over his slit, drops of precum stained his lips

He swallowed the head, running his tongue in circles over the fleshy bulb.

‘Uhhhhhhhh………….’ Dunk groaned, pushing his cock further into his mouth.

Lee took the opportunity to engulf his whole cock, right down to the base. The pubic hairs tickled his nose and he pushed further down. His nostrils flared as he smelled the manly scent of his lover.

He slid back up to the top, his tongue flickering over the purple head.

His hand wanked the base as he continued to suck.

His other hand worked furiously on his own cock beating it into a frenzy.

The taste of Dunk’s jism filled his mouth, the salty fluid filled the back of his throat and he had to pull away slightly to avoid choking.

He carried on sucking until he felt Dunk’s cock go limp in his mouth

A few swift jerks and he let go

Duncan leaned over to kiss him

He could taste himself in Lee’s mouth, salty juices mixed with his own saliva as he worked his tongue round his partner’s mouth


Dunk slid his cock into Lee’s arse.


He grabbed his hips and grounded into him hard and fast

Lee’s body rocked to Dunk’s thrusts.

‘Oh baby….fuck me up the arse’

Dunk thrust his cock deep inside his tight arsehole. It felt amazing!

The front door opened and Fiona walked in with a bag of shopping.

She knew the house would be empty, Dunk was at work

She went into the kitchen and started to unpack the shopping

A noise suddenly stopped her in her tracks

She stood there for a second

There is was again

A thud followed by shouting

Who was in her house?

She dropped the loaf of bread and made her way up the stairs

She followed the noise, which seemed to be eminating from Duncan’s bedroom……..


She stopped at Dunk’s door.

She could distinctively hear Dunk’s voice.

Perhaps he came home early and brought a girl home with him.

She was about to turn away when she heard another male voice.

She pressed her ear against the door.

After a few seconds, she realised she recognised the second voice.

It was Dunk’s band mate Lee Ryan.

She couldn’t quite make out the words, but whatever it was, it sounded quite heated

Boy was she right!

She went to turn away but stopped in her tracks when she heard Lee call out

‘Oh yeah Dunk – fuck me, fuck me’

What on earth was going on?

The curiosity got the better of her and she slowly opened the door

She wasn’t prepared for the sight in front of her!

There, on Duncan’s bed was Duncan himself and his friend Lee

Lee was on all fours on the bed, Duncan was behind him thrusting himself into him

Duncan seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, his eyes closed, a broad grin ran from ear to ear

Part of her wanted to walk away, but part of her was transfixed

She had never seen such a sight!

Her legs felt heavy and she found she couldn’t move them! She was rooted to the floor

All she could do was watch her son pleasuring another man

Duncan was humping faster, his groans filled the room as he thrust himself deeper into Lee

Fiona put a hand to her mouth to stop herself from making a sound as she watched the scene unfold

She was astounded by what she saw!

She could sense that Lee was close to climax, his eyes screwed shut, his erection prominently protruding from his body

His hand worked furiously up and down his long shaft.

A sudden loud groan made her jump. She realised it was coming from her son!

His body rocked violently as he came, his manly juices filling his friends arse.

Lee groaned shortly after, his body writhed under Duncan’s as orgasm took over him

They’re bodies were covered with beads of sweat which glistened in the light

Only then, did she make a sound

The boys turned, saw her, and immediately jumped off eachother, their large cocks now limp

‘Oh my God’ was all Fiona managed to say

‘Mum……………..’ Dunk started to say

Fiona interrupted him ‘I’ve never seen anything like it!’ she gasped, trying to catch her breath ‘Are you…………’

‘Gay?’ Dunk finished for her ‘Ummmm………..well sort of’

He looked at Lee for support

‘We………….were horny, that’s all’ Lee explained

‘Well, i’ll leave you boys to it’ she said, not sure what else to say.

She closed the bedroom door behind her, leaving the boys in stunned silence

She wasn’t sure how she felt about what she’d just seen.

She crossed the hallway to her bedrom and closed the door………….

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