C-S-S-A Heroes – Episode 1

This is a series I decided to start about heroes who meet celebrities. If any of you who play or have heard of City of Heroes, there are some elements I have taken from the game and used them in this story. I hope to make a few more episodes so I would like some feedback. Please send them to kojainaaron@lycos.com. And for those who don’t know, Toccara is featured in this story. She was the plus-sized model in America’s Next Top Model. Enjoy the story.

C-S-S-A Heroes – Episode 1

By Kojain

Today’s Episode: Plus-Sized Troll

Disclaimer: If you are under the ages of 18, please
don’t read this fanfic.

Once again I’m patrolling the streets of Paragon City. No matter how many times I walk these streets and no matter how many familiar and new faces I see. This city doesn’t seem to change at all. From the towering buildings of Steel Canyon to the crashing waves heard in Independence Port, it all just seems the same. I’m known as Xalit, a Mutation Tanker, 25 years old. Tankers are known to absorb larges amounts of punishment and able to deal it in return. That’s just me. I didn’t think I would be the hero type until I learned about my mutation abilities. I have the power to manipulate a sort of stone-type ability, allowing me to surround by body within rock in order to protect myself from being hurt, but I can also use this as a weapon, I can turn my fists into stone and knock the living daylights out of my enemies. And not to mention my favorite attack, using a Stone Mallet to send them flying into the air. My powers didn’t arrive until I was around 12 years old. These were the times when mutates were treated like diseases by normal people. I was the victim of a very mean bully. Constantly he would tease me, push me, and just plain torment me to no end. But one day, I just had enough. I’m not sure how it happened, but he was messing with me and I just flipped, I swing my closed fist at him and it suddenly was covered in stone, which broke his jaw and sent him falling like 4 feet back. I froze because I was scared of what happened.Needless to say, that kid was in the hospital for quite some time and I was sent to a school for mutants in Paragon City. One of those schools to make sure mutants don’t use their powers for wrong doing, etc. I’m not sure what happened to that bully after I left, but rest assure his jaw is probably still hurting. I wish my father was more supportive of my achievements, he just kept going on and on about how could my mother give birth to a mutant. I admit I was hurt, but I didn’t allow that to bother me. I knew I would be destined for greatness if I worked at it, and even if he didn’t want to be there for me, I would still go on with my life. I can still remember my last conversation with him the day I walked:

“Dad! I’ve had enough of you! I will make my own decisions in my life!”, I said.

“Decisions? Where did these decisions of yours come from?”, he replied, “Going to be a hero? For what good?”

“I want to make something good with my powers, I want to make something of myself.”, I said sternly.

“Bah! You’ll walk out just like your mother did, right?”, he asked.

“Mother walked out because you couldn’t expect the fact that I was born this way and you couldn’t handle it. If that was the case why the hell did you raise me this far?”, I retorted.

He looked at me with a silence, apparently he didn’t have anything to say about that remark.

“That’s what I thought, now excuse me.”, I said the final words as I gathered my belongings and walked out.

To this day, I never heard a word from my father. I never looked back at the place I thought was my home. I now live in a nice apartment complex in Steel Canyon alone. I can’t believe I was able to afford a good place. And it has a nice view of the Fool’s Gold District. I admit I am a little lonely, but I’m happy that I’m able to do my part to make the city safer. I remember the day I saved this elderly woman from a mugger, she was so happy she had been rescued. I walked her back to her home so she didn’t get into anymore trouble after I beat down the mugger.

Mostly, I just do hero work. But at times I also do some jobs like standing post at a big convention or patrol the block. I’ve also done a few advertising with some of the small companies here in the city. It’s good to be able to earn an extra dollar or two, I gotta pay the rent somehow.

Today, I wasn’t going to be doing any crime fighting. I was given a task by one of my contacts who called me at 9 AM in the morning.

“You want me to do what?”, I asked, still half asleep.

“It’s a model show in Skyway City today, just want you to go over there and stand guard to make sure nothing crazy happens.”, he spoke.

“Oh really?”, I asked, “I thought I was going to be walking down the runway.”, I joked.

He laughed over the phone, “Very funny kid, but you’ll patrol within the building to make sure the models will be safe. We’ll also have some police officers on duty to back you up in case anything else happens.”

With a sigh I reply, “Sure. You just better get me some good seats!”.

After I hung up with him, I pulled myself off my bed and decided to get my clothes on. Now unlike most heroes, I don’t go for that ‘Secret Identity’ bullshit. I don’t know how the hell they can go for that wearing a mask crap. I mean, big ups for them for pulling that off, but it’s just not my thing. I don’t mind wearing a cape however, it impresses the ladies it seems.

After I left my apartment, I headed over to the Green Line and took the train over to Skyway City. Once arriving I decided to walk over to the Vista Plaza where the modeling show as taking place. And it would have been a lovely walk if I didn’t run into a few trolls on the way over there.

“Bwaa! Me crush puny hero!”, a trollkin bruiser bellowed.

Stupid Trolls, they are super strong but super stupid. At least that’s a plus for us heroes, for usually they didn’t see my stone mallet coming at their face until the last minute.

To end that part, I took out a few more trolls on the way to keep myself awake. Fully I reached Vista Plaza and the building. I gotta remind myself NOT to skip the travel powers again.

Flashing my hero license, the guard allowed me in without question. The show hasn’t even started and this place was alive. Cameraman are running back and forth, several models are practicing their walk on the runway. It wasn’t chaotic, but it was quite nosy. I wandered down one of the hallways when I accidently bumped into someone.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t see where I was going.” I said, helping the person I knocked down.

She smiled and giggled, “It’s okay, I didn’t see where I was going either.”

After I finished helping her up, I got a closer look at her. She seemed so familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint who she was. I wasn’t sure if she was one of the models for she was causally dressed, wearing a loose white t-shirt and blue jeans. Not to mention she looked a little plus sized for a model.

“Excuse me, do I know you?”, I asked.

She grinned, “Maybe. Have you ever watched America’s Next Top Model?”.

I nodded to her, then I suddenly realized who she was, “Oh wow! You’re Toccara?”.

“That’s right sweetie!”, she said with a big smile on her face.

“Cool! It’s a pleasure to meet you.”, I said as I reached my hand out to shake hers.

Toccara instead walked over and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. I was a little shocked by her friendliness, but I recovered. It felt good as her breasts squeezed on my chest as I firmly hugged her back.

“So, you’re the hero who’s suppose to be on guard here?”, she asked as I released her.

I blinked, “How did you guess?”

She giggled, “Well, you’re not dressed like any of the security team around here and I heard they were gonna have a hero on duty just for back up. So I figured it was you.”

“I see.”, I said.

“Normally heroes where spandex or some sort of suit, why are you dressed like a normal person?”, she asked, curious.

I laughed at her, “Because it throws off villians. When they see me walking in the street and they view me as an easy target, I quickly turn around and pummel them.”.

“Damn! I bet they don’t see it coming.”, she giggled.

I nodded to her.

“By the way, what is your name?”, she asked, finally.

“Xalit.”, I replied, “I’m a Mutation Tanker.”

“You look too cute to be a mutant.”, she says.

“Thanks.”, I said, blushing.

“Is that your natural skin color?”, she asked.

“Yes. I’m black. But I have some pretty tough skin.” I replied.

“I see.”, she said as she lightly caressed my arm, causing me to get goosebumps.

“Ummm, are you suppose to be getting ready for the show?”, I asked her.

“Oh my god! You’re right. I gotta go get dressed!”, she said, “Can you walk me to my dressing room?”

“Sure thing.”, I replied.

We walked down the hall towards the model’s dressing room and contiuned the conversation we were having. I shared with her my experiences here in Paragon City and she told me about how her life as a model was. She was really down to earth and a sweetheart to boot. Once we got to the dressing room I had to leave her.

“Ok, here we are. I gotta get ready.”, she said.

I nodded, “Ok. I’ll be watching you.”

After she walked in and closed the door, I walked to the stage to see how things were out here. Everything seemed perfect. Hopefully nothing stupid will happen today.

The show finally started. Alot of the models were wearing some of the top designer outfits by Rocawear, G-Unit, Sean John, and others I didn’t even know existed. Some of these models were so unbearable skinny it wasn’t even funny. I was being to wonder what was keeping them alive. Finally, Toccara comes out. She looked so hot! She walked down the runway wearing a sky blue dress which flashed an insane amount of cleavage and short enough to show off her legs. She winked at me as she walked by, I guess she saw me leering at her.

Finally, the show ended around 6 PM. Everyone the camera crews were cleaning up and the audience was on their way out the building. I was doing a few last minute security checks with the guards within the area when suddenly I heard a very loud scream.

Preparing for the worse, I ran down the hallway where the models were screaming and running in the other direction. I was able to grab one of them and asked what was going on.

“Some huge green thing got into the dressing room! Toccara is still in there!”, the model said, shakingly.

Quickly, I ran into the room and saw Toccara cowering in the corner, trying to get away from the huge troll that stood before her. I’ve faced one of these guys before, apparently these type of trolls overdosed on superadine, a drug which makes them into green fighting machines, and become Supa Trolls.

“Get away from her you ugly bastard!”, I taunted.

The Troll turned to face me, “I crush puny man!”, he said, coming straight for me.

Making a quick decision, I cover myself within my stone armor just before he punched me in the chest, knocking me back about a foot before I quickly recovered and returned the favor with a stone fist to his face. Not only did that knock the daylights out of him, it also made him much angrier. After recovering he charged at me again, but not being caught off-guard this time, I conjure my stone mallet and swing it at him, sending him flying into the air and down on the floor. He didn’t move after that.

After defeating the troll, I walk over to Toccara to see if she’s okay. Still cowering in the corner, I calm her down and tell her everything is okay.

“Oh my god, that was so cool!”, she said, still shakin up.

Toccara wrapped her arms around me and hugged me real tight. I thought she was gonna squeeze the breath out of me. I can still feel she was still scared from the experience.

After awhile, several other heroes and a few police officers come to make sure everything else is okay and to prevent anymore nasty troll attacks. I was just about to make my way out to go home when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

“Thank you for saving me. I’ve never really seen a hero in action before.”, she said, smiling.

“Only did what I had to do.”, I replied, grinning.

“You know, you don’t have to go home tonight. My hotel is about 4 blocks away from here.”, she said with a wicked smile on her face.

After a 15 minute limo ride, we arrived at the hotel Toccara was staying in. She had a room on the 5th floor. I allowed her to unlock and open the door, but I decided to go into first to make sure everything was safe in there. I admired such a lovely and roomy space she decided to stay in. I looked out the window as she closed and locked the hotel room door. The place was so spacious, even my apartment isn’t this wide.

I turned around to see Toccara wrapping her arms around me and kissing me directly on the lips. It felt so good and warm. I must have been kissing her for about a minute, not moving my lips from hers. I finally pull off her.

“Wow. Where did that come from?”, I asked, rather shocked.

“Consider it a ‘thank you’ for saving my life.”, she giggled.

She moved forward and kissed me again, this time she parted my lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I returned the favor and kissed her hungrily as I tried to match fire with fire. She suddenly pushed me back into the bed and jumped on my lap, putting her weight on me. She wasn’t heavy, as least to me, for if I wanted to I could toss her off me. As we kept liplocked, she reached down to remove her shirt, I decided to follow the suit and take off mine. We stopped kissing just to get our tops off. For a brief moment, I surveyed her beautiful breasts that was concealed in a bra that could barely hold them in place.

“Loosen my bra, this thing is killing me.”, she commanded.

Reaching around her back, I unclasped her bra and it floated to the floor. I reached over and gently rub and caressing them, not kneading too hard for fear I might hurt her.

“That feels so good. Mmmmm.”, she sighed in my ear.

She suddenly moved up so her breasts were up to my face. Getting the message, I bring my face up to her left boob and began to gobble it in my mouth while my hand teased the right nipple. Toccara started to breath heavily as I took as much of the breast in my mouth.

I’m not sure how long I tended to her breasts and I didn’t care. I was having too much fun listening to her moan in pleasure. Suddenly she pulled me off her chest.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked, a little upset that she took me off.

“Lie back sweetie.”, she told me, as she placed her hand on my crotch and started to unzip pants.

My dick was trying to find it’s way out as Toccara pulled my pants down to get to my boxers. It finally sprung free and she clasped it in her hand. She gave me a wink as she brought her mouth it to her mouth.

“Ohhh.”, I gasped as she took as much of my cock into her mouth. I can’t describe the warmth I felt as she pleased me, making very little teeth contact. I lied back on the bed and enjoyed this fellatio, every now and then looking down as she bobbed her head on my penis.

After awhile, I felt her stop. I looked up to see her climbing on top of me. She must have taken her bottoms off while she was giving me head. I held my dick straight up for her, then she lowered herself down into it. Slowly at first, until my cock was completely engulfed within her pussy.

“Oh my god!”, I moaned.

“Like that, don’t you?”, she grinned.

I answered her my thrusting my hips upwards, making her yelp with pleasure. Slowly at first, then picking up the pace. Toccara started to ride me like a mechanical bull. Sweat started to pour out of her pretty face, which was made into a very sexual expression. She was really enjoying herself, liking the feeling of my dick in her snatch. All I did was just move in and out, but I left most of the work to her. I reached and grabbed her breasts as they swung heavily up and down, practically hitting her in the face, pinching her nipples and causing her to groan sexually.

“Oh yeah, I’m about to cum.”, she announced, starting to speed up her motion.

Feeling my orgasm coming, I tried to hold out until she was ready, but that pussy was getting way too good for me. Luckily, she was finally ready for her release.

“Oh my god!”, she screamed. Signaling her orgasm, which released mine 4 seconds later.

She crashed next to me on the bed, she was completely exhausted due to the lovemaking. I could got another 12 rounds, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. Gotta love that fitness power pool set. She must have felt asleep about 20 minutes afterwards. I was about to get my clothes and leave, but I decided to stay in the hotel room with her for the night. I’m glad I was about to meet such a pretty girl. I guess it’s true, big women are better love givers after all.

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