C-S-S-A Heroes – Episode 2

Welcome to another addition of C-S-S-A Heroes by Kojain. As I said before this series has elements from a MMORPG called City of Heroes. Go to there web site if you don’t understand some of the things I write about in here. I’ve decided to write about a different hero this time around, but I might bring back Xalit sometime in the near future. If you don’t remember Xalit please read Episode 1. Send any feedback to kojainaaron@lycos.com. I’m up for suggestions and comments as well. This story features video chick Chessika Cartwright.

C-S-S-A Heroes – Episode 2

By Kojain

Today’s Episode:
Video Victim

Disclaimer: If you aren’t of the age of 18 or older you shouldn’t be reading this at all… Seriously

I really can’t stand being on post at these clubs. Just about every week there’s something going on at them. Some dumb ass has to start a fight and then someone ends up pulling out a gun and getting shot. I suppose that’s why they called a hero to be around just in case something does happen. But why do I have to suffer with all the noisy atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind listening to music, but damn it’s always the same shit over and over again. I have to admit I do get to check out some of the fine women that come in here. Some of them look really pretty, other are dressed so damn slutty it’s not even funny. I’d like to know that if there are 3 bulky security guards at the door why the hell am I here? Can’t they handle the shit that goes down? Oh well, I guess I just better relax. At least I get some free drinks from the bartender.

My name is Aronacus, I’m a Magic Blaster. I’ve been studying the art of Frost Magic for quite some time now. And it seems I’ve perfected it. See? I can use ice blasts to freeze my enemies and slow them down. My favorite ability is to create a patch of ice under my foe’s feet and then laugh as they slip and fall on their head. I also like to conjure my ice sword and slash at goons who think they can get up close and personal with me. I could have practiced Fire Magic, but I decided to go with ice.

It’s just about 10 PM now, I really just want to get out of this damn place and go to bed. Sadly, I agreed with the club owner who knows my contact to stay until at least 2 AM. Oh well, it pays the bills I suppose and I do get to meet a few celebrities to come into some of the clubs in Paragon City ever now and then. Hell, I’m surprised this club is doing good business here in Talos Island with the gang problems within the area.

Patrolling different sections of the club, I decline several stankly-clad girls offer to dance with me, telling them I’m on duty, I decide to get some ice water to keep me focused. I pretty much found myself bored of being here. I don’t know how people can stay up until the late hours of the night dancing and getting drunk.

Hours passed before I even knew it, and people were exiting the club. I stood by outside the entrance just in case a fight broke out. Happily, everything went smoothly. I walked back inside to see if everything was okay. Then I noticed some guy trying to talk to girl over on the couch. I went over to see if everything is okay.

“Excuse me”, I asked, “Is everything okay over here?”

The black girl looked at me as if she was about to say something, then the man interrupted before she could speak.

“Yeah Yeah! Everything is fine here.”, he quickly replied.

Ignoring him, I turned to the girl, “Miss, are you okay? You look like something is wrong.”.

The man, who looked like he was in his early 40s, stood up to me. “I said everything is fine.”.

“I wasn’t talking to you.”, I replied, brushing him off and returning my focus on the girl, who looked slightly frightened. “It’s okay. He’s not going to do anything to you. You can answer me.”. Trying my best to keep her calm.

He glared at me as if he was going to attack me. I noticed he was balling up his hand into a fist.

“Go ahead, give me a reason to knock you on your ass.”, I said, waiting for him to make the first move.

He looked at me angrily for another 3 seconds, then wisely walked away. I watched him walk away just in case he tried to pull something on me while I wasn’t looking.

The girl who was in fear stood up and smiled at me. “Thank you so much. He’s be all over me all night long.”.

I nodded to her, “What is he? A pimp or something? He looks old enough to be your father.”.

She shrugged, ” I have no clue, it could have been that or he’s just some dirty old man looking for a one-night stand.”

“I’m sorry, but you look familiar. Have you been in any videos or movies?”, I curiously asked her.

She smiled, “Yes. I was in 50 Cent’s Candy Shop video and in David Banner’s Play video.”

“Wow! Cool! I’m not much of a 50 Cent fan, but I do like David Banner.”, I suddenly knew who she was. “Oh my! You’re Chessika.”

“That’s right. Nice to meet you sweetie.”, she said as I stook her hand. “But what’s your name?”

“How rude of me.”, I said, “I’m Aronacus. I’m a Magic Blaster who’s been patrolling the club. What are you doing in a place like this? I personally can’t stand these clubs.”

She smirked at me, “I really just wanted to get out and have some fun. But sometimes you get those guys you just want to slap. Like that guy you scared off.”.

I nodded to her. For a brief moment I inspected her with my eyes. She wore some blue jeans with some open-toed shoes. The white v-shirt she wore could barely contain her large breasts, which looked like they were going to break out of her top at any moment. Her hair was wore down and wavy.

“Well, are you waiting for someone to come get you because this place is closing up.”, I asked.

She looked at me with a vacant look, “Actually, I came here with some friends, but they left early and didn’t come back to get me. I was afraid if I tried to leave that guy would have followed me and tried something on me.”

“That sucks! How far do you live from here?”, I asked her, getting worried.

“Like 4 blocks away, I really don’t want to walk home by myself.”, she said.

I nodded to her, “I guess that means you’re stuck with me.”, I grinned, “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

She smiled in relief, “Oh thank you!”, she suddenly jumped forward and give me a hug. I could feel her large boobs press against my chest as she held on to me so tightly.

As we walked out of the club, we continued to talk about ourselves. I told her about my studying in ice magic while she told me about her career as a video vixen. She told me it was good money and it paid well. But she also explain how some rappers would try to coax her into getting in her pants in order to do a video. I could see how that could upset her, because I personally wouldn’t tolerate that kind of crap from anyone if I was in her shoes.

We walked about a block away from the club, when suddenly a car drove up to the side of the street. A man stepped out of the car and approached us, getting a closer look, I recognized him from the club. It was the same man who was harassing Chessika.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”, I asked.

“Yeah, you can step away from her while I take her home.”, he said to me.

I was about to tell this person off when Chessika spoke suddenly, “I told you back there I wasn’t going home with your ugly old ass!”.

“Bitch! You better shut up and get in the car now!,” he suddenly got loud.

Now I started to get angry, “Hey asshole, don’t you get it? No means No. Now get back in your car and go away.”

“I’m about to fuck you up kid!”, He suddenly charged at me.

I quickly dodged his closed fist and replied with a frozen fist to his face. Knocking him onto the hood of his car. He examined his face with his hand and noticed he was bleeding from his mouth. Pissed off, he reached into his pocket for, not to my surprise, a gun. By the time shot 3 rounds at me, they were harmlessly deflected off my frozen armor which I conjured up just in time.

“Have you lost your damn mind?”, I asked, then blasting in with my freeze ray, encasing him from the neck down in solid ice.

“What…The…”, he could barely speak as he ice had him shivering.

I grinned at him, “Don’t worry, you can ‘chill’ there until the police arrive to throw you in jail for assault. Have a good night sir.”.

After putting that guy in his place, I continued to escort Chessika home. By the time we got to her place it was well around 2 AM.

“Well, here you are.”, I smiled at her.

“Thank you very much for walking me home. I’m sure if you didn’t he would have done something horrible to me.”, she said.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. He’s on ice now”, I said, grinning.

That got a giggle out of her. “Could you come in for awhile, please?”.

“Sure, I suppose. I need to relax after all that loud music pounding into my head.”, I said as she unlocked the door and walked in.

“Go ahead and sit on the couch. I’ll be right back” She said, as she locked the door.

I took her word and relaxed a bit. It was so soft after standing up for just about 4 hours long. Chessika must have went into her room to change or something. I waited for about 5 minutes then I heard her call for me. Getting up, I go upstairs and walk into her room. She was still dressed in her clothing she wore at the club, but she motioned me to come over.

I sat next to her on the queen sized bed. The room was dimly lit and it felt so comfy here. We were quiet for about 30 seconds then she suddenly spoke.

“So do you find me attractive?”, she asked.

“Yes. You looked alot better than some of those girls back in the clubs.”, I replied.

“I saw them trying to hit on you, I’m surprised you didn’t go home with any of them.”, she said.

“Please! I know better than that. Besides, you never know what club girls might have if you know what I mean.”, I said seriously.

She laughed, “Don’t worry, I fully understand you. At least you’re not a womanizer. I like that in a guy. Someone who respects themself. Are you single?”

“Very much so. Who has time for a girlfriend when you’re a hero.”, I replied.

She gently took hold of my hand, “So you don’t have anyone to show you female companionship?”.

“Wow!”, I laughed, “Are you for real?”

She grinned, “Of course I’m real. I’m as real as these are”, she said as took off her v-shirt, presenting me with her melon-sized breasts.

She then stood up in front of me and sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around me with her chest almost in my face.

“I guess those are real.”, I said, trying to hide a blush.

“Enough talking, time for me to breast feed you”, she said as she shoved my face in her boobs.

I really didn’t have much of a choice. I hungrily devoured her left tit like a 6 month old baby while my hand gently groped the right boob. Chessika groaned loud as I licked and sucked on her breast, rubbing the back of my head trying to get more of her boob in my mouth. When I released myself from her, she made a moan of disappointment until I started to feast on the other nipple. As I was sucking her off, she reached down for my pants, unzipped my fly and searched in my boxers for my erect penis, which has become rather hard at this point.

I tore myself from her breasts as she removed her pants and took of her thong, then she leaped back on top of me and slowly inserted my dick into her wet pussy.

Chessika’s entire body shuddered as my dick went fully inside her. She closed her eyes in ecstacy when I was completely inside her, and started riding me like a bull. I grabbed one of her breasts with both breasts, and gently caressed and rubbed them, which drove her wild. I don’t know what was happening to me, but whatever it was, I was enjoying the hell out of it. I can’t believe out of all the guys at that club she could have taken home, she chose me. But I wasn’t thinking about that right now. My dick was completely engulfed in her as she kept bouncing up and down on me while I knead and sucked on her breasts. I was enjoying this to no end, but I felt my climax coming pretty soon.

“Oooh Chessika… I’m going to cum soon.”, I was barely able to moan.

With that, she quickly got off me and bend down, taking my dick, which was still rock solid. between her breasts. She winked mischievously, as she begin to slide it between her cleavage. I almost doubled over, unbelieved how warm her curves. I bulked my hips as I began to fuck her tits.

I closed my eyes and grunted loudly as I released my essence out of my dick and all over Chessika’s breasts. I kept my eyes closed until every drop was done, only to open them and see I cover her breasts and blasted her chin.

“It was that good, huh?”, she said, grinning.

“Damn! I said.”, replying, trying to caught my breath.

We both laughed at that, I was going to go home afterwards, but seeing how there were a few more hours of night left, I decided to stay over and make love to Chessika a few more times before the morning.

Maybe taking those patrol jobs at night clubs isn’t so bad after all.

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