Author: KarenPond911

Celebs: Christina Hendricks

Codes:  MF, cons, oral, spank, swallow

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Tape #1 – Christina Hendricks.

Birth: May 3, 1975

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 161 lbs

Breast size: 34H


Getting the job of casting director on Wonder Woman was really the best thing that ever happened to me. It wasn’t my skills that got me that gig, though, it was rather a big help from one of my dearest friends, who works as an exec at Warner Bros.

The casting call suggested that the actresses for the role should be ‘tall, brunette, athletic and exotic’. That fact didn’t stop me to auditioning several women that didn’t fit the description, however they were perfect in their own way.

First one to audition was an American actress Christina Hendricks known mainly from the TV series ‘Mad Men’. She expressed a huge interest in the role and I thought why not.

Camera was set up and the audition could start. She wore very tight blouse that almost couldn’t contain her enormous jugs, tight black skirt and black stilettos – she’s a pro she knows how you get a role.

The first half hour was dedicated to her reading a couple of lines and then me interviewing her on why she thought she might be perfect fit for the role. To no one’s surprise one of the things she mentioned were her tits.

The second half or so of the audition was the part I love about this job and the reason why I wanted to cast Wonder Woman.

“Okay, Christina, now to the whole point of this session. How do you intend to prove yourself being the right fit for this role and, more importantly, how are you going to persuade me?” this is a line that I say basically to every actress that I audition and usually they get what I want them to do, only scarcely I have to explain what they ought to do.

Christina wasn’t an exception, as I said she is a pro.

“Well, as I said I think my best qualification for this role are my breasts…” she said as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her boobs to me, and they were divine, to this day I haven’t seen better pair. They really were her best quality and she was ready to fully used them.

“Come here to check.” she motioned with her finger. She tossed her blouse to the ground and started playing with those milky-white jugs.

I walked to her and she thrust her chest forward for me to knead her tits. She unclasped her bra and it fell down to the ground and her huge bosom spilled out, exposing her big light-pink aerolas with already erect nipples.

I had to have them in my mouth as soon as I saw them and so I didn’t need her encouraging words: “Come on, try them.” She moaned as I sucked and lightly bit down on her nipples. Her hands were in my groin stroking my hard dick through my pants.

After a while the whole of her breasts were glistening with my saliva. “Sit down.” she ordered hungrily and I gladly did so. I sat into the armchair where she previously sat, while she undid my pants and pulled them down along with my underwear, freeing my cock.

“Mhmm!” she said as she looked at my erect penis. “Can I suck it?” she asked with lust in her eyes.

I nodded and she hungrily swallowed the most of my length at once. To help her take all of my length I grabbed her by her wavy-red hair and started fucking her face, the tip of my cock thrusting against the back of her throat, gagging and gurgling escaping her throat as I did so.

Ten minutes passed and she grabbed my hand placing them back in her chest as she now maintained her own pace, deepthoating me every second thrust.

It was heaven, this woman really knew where’s her place. And how to please a man.

She gave one finally thrust, grabbing me by my ass and pushing herself on me and licking my bally with her tongue. She held like that for more than half a minute before releasing my dick and sitting back onto her heels and panting hard, playing with her pussy under her skirt.

When she calmed a bit, she stood up and turned her back on me. Then she bend forward sticking her big round ass out. “Why don’t you take me?” she asked looking back at me.

I didn’t need much more persuading as I stood up and walked behind her putting my hands on her fleshy bottom. To bring my attention to her she wiggled her ass grinding against my cock. I slid her skirt down and she stepped out of it and tossed it away with her foot.

The only things she was wearing were now her pink thong and black stilettos and not for long since her panties were off right that second. They were wet in the crotch and pink just like her nipples. I threw them onto my chair to keep them.

I lined my cock-head with her dripping-wet pussy and thrust forward. She moaned and arched her back in pleasure as I drove my dick in and out of her at a rapid pace, while playing with her clit.

“Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! Make me cum!”

I kept on thrusting harder and harder as she begged me, also grabbing her by her hair and pulling her head back to have a better grip on her. As I looked down onto her big white as it just begged to be spanked.

“Oh yes, spank me, spank me hard.” she yelled as I slapped her white skin, leaving red marks where I hit her.

“I’m gonna-” but she didn’t finish as a strong orgasm shook her body. I stood back and flicked her clit and she started squirting, her juices flowing from her pussy and spraying my legs and the floor.

She lay spent on her belly, on the table, breathing hard. I tried touching her pussy and she shuddered with more pleasure. I gave her a couple of more moments before pushing my dick back into her. I grabbed her by her hands and pulled her almost into a standing position, her pussy gripping me tightly, which drove me almost to the edge and so I pulled out.

She knew exactly what that meant and sank to her knees. She pushed her tits together, gave my dick a few sucks to lube it up and I started titty-fucking her enormous bust.

She lowered her head and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. I thrusted harder and harder, with it being more and more difficult to postpone my own orgasm.

She looked up to me, locking her green eyes with mine. “Cum for me. Make me your cumslut. Cover me with your hot, sticky cum, let me taste it.”

I couldn’t hold any longer and I came. I shot streams of cum. Some landing in her mouth and on her tongue, which she immediately swallowed, apparently enjoying the taste. Most of my cum, though, ended up on her gigantic globes, covering their tops.

She licked most of the cum she could reach. The rest mostly on her breasts she just simply smeared all over them.

That was it I was done with her. She picked up all her clothes – excluding her panties which I took – send me one last kiss through the air, let me see her perfect figure swaying going to the door, before disappearing behind them.

-End of Tape #1-

Next time: Cobie Smulders



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