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Celebs: Cobie Smulders

Codes: MF, cons, oral, fist, creampie

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Tape #2 – Cobie Smulders

Birth: April 3, 1982

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 141 lbs

Breast size: 32B


Getting the job of casting director on Wonder Woman was really the best thing that ever happened to me. It wasn’t my skills that got me that gig, though, it was rather a big help from one of my dearest friends, who works as an exec at Warner Bros.

The casting call suggested that the actresses for the role should be ‘tall, brunette, athletic and exotic’. That fact didn’t stop me to auditioning several women that didn’t fit the description, however they were perfect in their own way.

Next one to audition was a Canadian actress Cobie Smulders known mainly from the TV series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and for her role as Maria Hill in ‘The Avengers’.

Camera was set up and the audition could start. She wore tight black pants, that showed very well her firm ass and a thin, almost see-through, shirt with no bra, giving me perfect view of her light brown nipples.

The first half hour was dedicated to her reading a couple of lines and then me interviewing her on why she thought she might be perfect fit for the role. Her qualification, according to her, were her fighting experience as well as her good looks and ‘perfect’ body.

The second half or so of the audition was the part I love about this job and the reason why I wanted to cast Wonder Woman.

“Okay, Cobie, now to the whole point of this session. How do you intend to prove yourself being the right fit for this role and, more importantly, how are you going to persuade me?” this is a line hears every actress I audition and Cobie, as the most of them, knew exactly what she was meant to do.

She got up and walked over to my desk motioning for me to get up and move to her with her finger.

I did so and she immediately dropped to her knees skilfully unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my pants, which she then let drop down to my ankles.

My now free cock slapped her across her face and she moaned quietly.

“Please, let me suck that.” she said looking deeply into my eyes and licking her lips.

With one hand I gripped the base of my dick while with the other I grabbed all her hair and pulled her head back, she as the ever so good slut opened wide and I was free to push my entire length into her waiting throat.

This wasn’t certainly the first time she deepthroated someone and probably not even the hundredth since she didn’t even shudder as the head of my cock cut off her air supply, not even a single tear. All I could feel were her throat muscles massaging my cock.

She slowly pushed me away pulling herself off of me, her drool dripping down onto the floor from her mouth.

I was ready to fuck her throat be she said: “Wait.”

And she got up and walked to the other side of my desk starting to put things from it aside. When the desk-board was empty she climbed on it and laid down on her back, positioning herself so her head was hanging over the edge.

“Now. Come here and fuck my face, and fuck it hard.”

She opened her mouth again and took my place by her, guiding my penis into her warm and wet dickhole.

This time I really went slow and pushed myself inch by inch into her, enjoying the sight of my cock making a visible bulge in her throat. I slapped her cheek and she moaned, giving me permission to start thrusting.

She had to grab the edges of the desk in order not to fall off.

Hands on the other hand wandered to her shirt covering her perky tits. I grabbed the shirt with both of my hands and ripped it open, the buttons flying around.

Her boobs were a perfect handful with tiny brown aerolas. Fucking her throat, I bend down and bit down on her nipples and she groaned in pleasure.

Not wanting to end only after fucking her face I finally pulled out and she gaped for air, her saliva covering her face.

She smiled and threw away the torn shirt, then she moved onto all four, showing me her tight ass, slapping herself and moaning loudly.

She then reached to the front of her pants to undo the one button that was keeping them on and then started slowly and teasingly pulling down her pants revealing her bare ass and pussy, which was glistening from her wetness.

She tossed her pants away and stuck her ass out for me. I gazed in awe as she stated playing with her clit with one hand, while the other one was used to finger her pussy with three fingers.

“Come on and help.”

I approached her and took over teasing her clit. Her both hands now started focusing on her pussy, thrusting three fingers from each hand in.

My jaw dropped as she slowly stated pushing her whole hand inside of her until she was in up to her wrist. She was letting out soft moans and gasps as she fisted herself slowly.

As she pulled out with a loud ‘Pop!’ she brought her hand to her mouth and licked all of her juices.

Then she looked up at me with innocence of a schoolgirl in her eyes and whispered: “I need to be punished… daddy.” this really almost got me.

I positioned myself and raised my hand into the air and she slightly nodded, which meant I could spank her and spank her hard I did. She continued her act and cried: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry daddy, I’ve been a bad girl.”

Her pussy got even more wet from all the spanking. “Daddy you will have to punish my pussy too. She’s been naughty, bad, bad pussy…” she begged. “…put your big fist inside of me to make me good again.”

I needed no further encouraging as I dropped to my knees, licked he snatch and jammed three of my fingers inside of her, making her shriek in pleasure.

“OH, Oh my god, daddy, yes. YES!”

When my hand was cover enough in her juices I added fourth finger and then finally even my thumb, pushing further still.

“YES! Yes. Daddy! I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve been a bad girl. Daddy, punish my pussy, punish your bad GIRL!”

I was now at least half of my forearm deep, which she couldn’t take anymore and started cumming violently, pushing herself harder onto my fist.


I moved my hand in order to keep her cumming longer. At the absolute peak of her orgasm she lost her voice and just kept gasping for air.

When her orgasm died away she dropped down onto the desk, completely spent, panting and still moaning.

It took her minutes to recover but when she did she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs into a perfect split and feebly begged: “Fuck me, daddy.”

I gave myself a couple of strokes to make my cock rock solid again and lined my pre-cum dripping cock-head with her cunt.

She bit her lip and nodded. “Mhmmm!” I pushed my dick until I was balls deep. Her pussy was tight as hell even though few minutes ago my whole fist was inside of her.

I pushed her legs wider open and started pounding into her hard, making her squeal.

“Yea-ah da-ddy th-is fee-ls so gooo-ood. Fu-uu-ck you-r bad gi-rl, da—ddy.”

When I was done fucking her like this I climbed up onto the desk to be over her pussy. She put her legs together and spread her butt-cheeks.

I mounted her and started pounding away, bottoming out every time, new orgasm was building inside of her as I felt her pussy grip me harder and harder.

“Daddy? Will you let me cum?” she begged me and I knew what she wanted from me.

“No, slut!” I slapped her ass for a good measure and she cried out.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her torso of the desk my other hand playing with her nipples.

“Daddy, please!” she begged some more.

I didn’t answer, instead I simply stated: “I’m gonna cum.”

“CUM INSIDE MY BAD PUSSY, DADDY!” she cried as she was nearing her own orgasm having to grip the edges of the desk hold on for another second.

Doing so she let go of of her ass and so I let her drop down onto the desk and spread he cheeks with my own hands, spanking them a little before doing so.

“DADDY-!” she started cumming which sent me over the edge too.

Her pussy walls were gripping me hard, milking every last drop of cum from me. Her orgasm was jerking with her whole body as she was once again unable to breath from the pleasure.

I pulled out of her as she was still experiencing the last waves of her massive orgasm, spanking her one last time.

“Hmm, daddy, you filled my pussy good. I can feel your cum deep inside of me.” I grinned stupidly.

She moved from her belly into a squat, facing me.

I could see my cum slowly starting to drip from her pussy, she let a couple of first drops touch the desk before putting her hand beneath her cunt to catch the rest.

When it was all out she brought her hand to her mouth and started licking my cum off of her fingers.

He she pushed one of her fingers back inside of her get more cum, which she then slowly and seductively licked.

Lastly, she dropped back to her knees and lowered her head to the desk and sucked in the little pool of cum that appeared there.

She played with it for a while before swallowing thoroughfully and the showing me her empty mouth.

“Good girl.” I replied.

She then proceeded and jumped down from the desk and again dropped to her knees, walked the short distance to me on all four and gave my dick one last suck and kiss.

“You taste so good, daddy… I promise I’l be a good girl now.” with that she stood up and turned her ass to me and wiggled it a little. I slaped her ass one last time.

Then she walked over to the pile of her clothes and headed to the door, where she turned back to me, grabbing her ass.

“Bye, bye, daddy.”

And then she left.

I didn’t keep her panties because she didn’t wear one.

-End of Tape #2-

Next time: Kat Dennings



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