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Christina Aquilera:
by Justin Christopher ©
Black Cock Lover

The crowd was screaming as Christina Aguilera finished her set at the sold
out Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. She ended with her big hit, "Come On
Over", in which she danced, swayed and most of all bounced to the upbeat
dance song. Christina praanced of stage in her "almost skin" outfit, which
consisted of a tight white sports tank top with sparkles and amazingly
tight black sequin pants. Christina also loved the fact that she wasn’t

wearing a bra under the tank top so as she danced she could feel her
nipples get hard and push against the thin material. And, as usual, her
tight, round ass was covered only by the black pants. She never wore any
panties, and when she did they were always sexy, black and satin.

Christina shuffled off stage and hurried back to her dressing room. As she
walked she was followed by the arena’s backstage manager. "Now, I’m going
to take a shower and relax for about an hour. I don’t want anyone to
bother me. Do you understand?" She stated to the man. He replied with a
quick "you little bitch" nod and hurried away.

Christina hurried into her dressing room locking the door behind her. She
walked over to her bag and took off her tight, sweaty tank top. She pulled
it over her head allowing her gorgeous tits to bounce free from the
confines of the material. Following that she removed her shoes and socks,
letting her cute little toes wiggle out in the open. Next, she smoothly
slid her pants over her hips, down her thighs and finally off her legs to
the floor. Christina now stood completely naked, her unreal body
glistening with sweat. She gently, almost unthinking, ran her hands up her
body feeling her big tits and erect nipples.

As she did so, she walked toward the large shower room in the back of her
dressing room. She stepped onto the tiles of the shower and began to turn
on the water. She regulated it and seconds later the water started to
stream out of the head. The hot water splashed down on her, flowing
through her hair and over her curvaceous, blonde body. As the water
streamed down upon her, Christina just stood under the shower head,
enjoying the feeling of the hot sensation run over her tits, down her flat
stomach, down to her wet twat and down her back over her sexy ass.

Christina’s eyes were closed and suddenly she felt two hands grip her
large chest. She let out a slight cry but then noticed that the two hands
fondeling her were the hands of a black man. Also, the hands were so big,
almost bigger then her tits, and the man knew exactly how to caress her
hard nipples. After the initial shock of the man’s hands on her body, she
started to realize how big the guy’s cock was pushing against her ass.
Christina couldn’t take it anymore and turned around, dropping to her
knees. Her hand reached out almost instinctively and grabbed the throbbing
eight inch cock of the man. She stroked it gently and then placed her soft
lips onto the head of the guy’s cock. She started to suck farther up onto
his shaft as she stroked the lower part of his dick with her hand. After
awhile she began to gather a rhythm, taking all eight inches of the big
black cock down her throat. The guy placed her hand onto her head, guiding
her on his dick. Slowly, the guy began to pump into her mouth, matching
her rhythm and forcing her to take his cock faster then she was.
Christina’s expert cock-sucking skills were becoming almost to much for
the man as he began to moan, feeling his balls tighten and the rush of an
orgasm build up inside him. Christina also sensed this and suddenly
removed her mouth from his dick. She looked up at the big black man with
hopeful and lustful eyes and gently layed herself down to her back on the
wet tile floor of the shower. She spread her legs and asked in the most
seductive tone she could find, "Baby, I need you to lick my pussy right
now. I’m so wet…"

The man didn’t need anymore prompting then that and layed down in front of
Christina’s pussy. He lowered his head to her cunt slowly, taking in the
sight of her blonde pubic hair which was practically non-existant and
shaved neatly into a thin line. He slid out his tongue, tasting
Christina’s juices. She wiggled uncontrallably on the floor. Her hand
reached up to her tits, massaging them and playing with her nipples. The
man wrapped his muscular arms around Christina’s thighs as she mutually
placed her legs on his shoulders. He began to lick and lightly kiss around
the outer layers of her pussy, loving how with every lick she moaned with
fierce passion. Christina’s breathing was already becoming short and the
man realized how horny this girl actually was. He began to suck at her
twat with more energy now, making every inch of Christina feel the
pleasure radiating out from her slit. As the guy flicked his tongue over
her clit her massage of her tits became more intense and her toes curled
tightly with the pleasure. Finally the man moved his hand down to
Christina’s hole and inserted two fingers. He began to fuck her with his
fingers as he sucked on her clit. She moaned louder and louder, "Oh God!
Fuck me with your fingers… fuck me! Ohhhh… I’m gonna cum soon… I’m
gonna cum… I’m… ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!" Christina cried out at last
feeling her first orgasm of the encounter. Her whole body tightened, her
nipples got extremely hard and she loved every second of it.

After allowing Christina a second to recover from the orgasm, the man then
stood up and told her to roll over and get on all fours. The black guy
then knelt down behind her and aimed his huge eight inch cock into
Christina’s waiting pussy. He first inserted his head and when it was
completely in he thrust the rest of his dick into her twat. As he did this
Christina moaned feeling a little pain but a lot more pleasure. Also, her
tits swung beautifully underneath her. Next, the guy placed his hands on
Christina’s shoulders and started to fuck her. He pumped into her slowly
at first, letting the blonde’s tight cunt adapt to the big cock. When he
thought she was ready he began to thrust faster into her, building up a
good rhythm. Christina began to moan as she felt the man pump into her.
Her tits were bouncing in front of her, her nipples sticking out like
little half-inch long pebbles. Moaning like crazy, Christina threw her
head back, eyes tightly closed, loving the feeling of the eight inch cock
in her twat. The guy’s pumping began to get faster and faster and now his
thrusts were harder and deeper then before. Christina was in heaven,
moaning and writhing her body against the guys cock. When the black man
noticed how tight she was getting he figured it was the best time to do
what he’d been waiting to do since he first saw her. He wanted to fuck
that gorgeous little ass until he came into her. Just about now
Christina’s pussy was dripping and she was on the brink of another orgasm.
The man pulled his cock out of her twat and directed it to her tight
asshole. He pressed the tip of his cock against her ass and to his
surprise he was practically able to slide it in. So, he pushed a little
more and slid his shaft up her waiting hole. He placed his hands on her
ass and began to pump her with almost rapid speed. Before he even pumped
into her three times she was cumming. Her ass became so tight he though
his dick would burst inside her. She screamed from the bottom of her lungs
and shoved her ass even higher into the air. After a few seconds of this
the man couldn’t take it anymore and started to fuck her despite the fact
that her second orgasm hadn’t even worn off yet. He pumped into her ass
and as he did so he slapped her on the right cheek, making her yelp with
pain and the pleasure of feeling so nasty. He smacked her tight ass again
and she responded, "Oh yeah… slap my ass… hard!" He slapped her again.
"Spank me, spank my ass… it feels so good… I’m a bad girl, fuck me…
fuck me hard!" This got the man so hard that almost came right then. But,
he managed to hold off. He reached around Christina’s body and grabbed
hold of her perfect tits. She moaned excitedly as he fucked her with
everything he had. He pumped into her for about five more minutes and then
couldn’t take it anymore. With a loud grunt he pumped into her for a final
time, shooting a huge load of cum deep into her anal passage. Seconds
later she came for the third time, and rode his cock until both their
orgasms subsided. Christina was so sexually exhausted that she collapsed
right there on the wet, tile floor of the shower. The man pulled his
semi-erect cock out of her ass and walked out.

About ten minutes later when Christina felt strong enough to get up she
though to herself that she never knew the man’s name and knew that she
probably never would. But she knew one thing. That this would be one of
the greatest fucks she’d ever have.

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