CCN: Celebrity Challenge News Part 1 : Starring McKayla Maroney

Title: CCN: Celebrity Challenge News Part 1 : Starring McKayla Maroney

Author: Satoshi88

Celebs: McKayla Maroney

Codes: MMMMMF, blowjob, facial, spit, public, tease

Disclaimer: This is completely fictional (unfortunately). This is just some idea that popped into my head that seemed like a bit of fun. Comments are more than welcome, just be constructive if you have any advice/suggestions

*Bored online you decide to browse PornHub when you see a new sponsored video that just went live and click it*

*opening sequence with your typical generic news music playing over a video featuring various  celebrities in multiple stages of a live on air bukkake. The words CCN flash across the screen then the screen cuts to a nude English woman, you know the one you see for that high slut site when you watch free porn, as she begins to talk.*

“Good evening ladies, and I’m sure more than a few, gentlemen. Welcome to the first episode, of the first season of Celebrity Challenge News. What is Celebrity Challenge News? Well, we’ve all seen Naked News right? That got old fast didn’t it? Naked girls reading the news, yawn am I right? So here at CCN, we decided to step it up a notch. How the challenge works is that we invite in a random celebrity, whether that be an actress, a musician, a model, a web star, athlete, whatever, and dress them up as a typical news anchor. Their only objective is to get through reading the day’s news, without breaking character. That means if she acknowledges anything that’s happening to her, whether that be some guy having a wank over her head, having a load of cum plastered over her face, a dick shoved down her throat, or a big black cock shoved up one of her right holes, then she loses. Sounds fun right? Right! Well today’s contestant is the current Instagram and Twitter tease, McKayla Maroney! And looks like she’s all set and ready to go. Let’s cut to her live feed, so you can enjoy the show.

*Cuts to McKayla Maroney, wearing a red and black sheath dress, her makeup immaculate, red lipstick , and her eyeshadow on as she smiles at the camera before looking down at her sheet of notes and begins to read*

“We start off our broadcast with an earthquake off the coast of Tonga….” Two guys then walk up to a small ladder on either side of Mckayla’s desk and climb up them so that their crotches are above her face. They stand there in their underwear and rub their bulges as she continues. “The earthquake itself damaged about 200 homes and buildings, however the resulting tsunami wave, knocked out power that left hundreds more without power.” Mckayla goes on to read, constantly maintains her news anchor persona, either looking into the camera or briefly looking at her notes for help. The guys for their part have tugged down their underwear and now their cocks are dangling dangerously close to Mckayla’s face as they drop precum onto the desk. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy… In other news another 31 workers today died in Qatar in the building of stadiums for the World Cup…” Just as she finished that sentence, the man to her left moans as he erupts all over her face and hair, cum splashes against her skin yet McKayla doesn’t flinch and continues on. “The cause of these workers death is believed to be heat exposure and dehydration.” She says as the guy finishes cumming, squeezing the last drop into her forehead, just as the guy on her left lets off onto her left cheek. Most of it misses her face and lands on her dress near her collar. “The UNHRC will be looking into the matter and is urging Qatar to deal with these atrocious conditions and methods leading to the deaths.”

McKayla turns the page and begins to read the next story as two more men step up.  “Our next story, the Greek economy…” One the guys immediately begins to cum on her, aimed at her nose and lips, which he absolutely covers. “Mmmm…” McKayla says trying to open her mouth, but the cum cakes it before she swipes her tongue over them collecting the cum and takes a moment to swallow. “Excuse me… The Greek economy this week, despite rejecting the World Bank’s advice to introduce more austerity measure has begun to climb…” The remaining guy grabs her head and forces open her mouth as he places his cock above it and unloads his cum in as McKayla maintains eye contact with the camera as best she can and gurgles out the rest of the news story. “Hmmm gurg hmph gai…” The gentleman finally finishes and turns and walks down the ladder as McKayla looks at the camera fully now, with cum drying on her face and dress, her hair beginning to get matted and swallows. “Excuse me again folks… we seem to be having some technical difficulties…” she says as she coughs a few times to clear the cum clinging to her windpipe.

The next pair of guys walk up on either side of her as she continues. “Our top story this evening, is about the current sitting president and his latest…” The man on the left grabs her head and shoves his cock between her lips plump soft red lips and begins to fuck her face, grabbing onto the sides of her face and going at it, to quickly cum. “Gah gack, blurr gak urg…” McKayla tries to say as the unnamed man pounds away at her face as the other strokes himself and reaches into her dress to feel her swinging tits. McKayla keeps trying to speak as though nothing is wrong, when suddenty the man hatefucking her face shoves his cock all the way down her throats and begins to cum. “Gak urggg gah…” she coughs as he finishes and finally releases her head as her head flies back. Her hair’s a mess, cum is leaking out of the side of her mouth as she turns to the camera takes a breath. Then with the man using one hand to fondle her tits in her shirt, “This tweet sent out by the president led to Senator Christie coming under fire for… ah oh ahhh gah….” As the man used his other hand to pull her face toward him as he let loose his swimmers all over her face, making more of a mess of her makeup, before shoving his still jerking dick down her throat a few times, then he pulls his spit covered cock out of her mouth and walks away. “Boy, the republicans are gonna be in for a doosie!” McKayla says looking straight into with a smile on her face, dress, and hair covered in cum, never breaking character. She nonchalantly licks a strand of cum hovering above her lips, that is hanging off her eyelash, before changing to the third page as two more men, this time two black ones walk up to her desk.

“Now we turn over to a bit of the lighter side of the news…” one of the black men goes behind McKayla and rips open her dress, so now her bra encased tits are in display before he begins to maul them, making McKayla blush even more than from the rough facefucking she had just recieved. “Beachgoers in Malibu today, were treated to quite a surprise as a pod of whales headed north were spotted and put on quite a display very close to shore. We can watch that video now.” She says as the screen next to her begins to play the  video. While that’s happening the black guy rips her bra in half, releasing her tits out as he immediately jumps on her tits. He plays with her sensitive nipples making it hard for her to focus as the video comes to a close, not to mention him grinding against her clothed ass. Meanwhile she also has to deal with the other guy slowing jerking his dick next to her. “Wow they are… beautiful… creatures aren’t they?” Mckayla breathes out as her nipples continue to be pinched and pulled, making her grow wet between her legs as she clenches them together. Then suddenly, the man not currently working on reaching under her dress and tearing off her panties, grabs her head and pulls her over to his throbbing black dick before shoving it in her mouth and working it back and forth at a deep, but leisurely pace. McKayla gags when it goes past the back of throat, causing spit to roll down the shaft of the cock towards his balls, as she fights to maintain eye contact with the camera and try to gurgle out the next story.

At the same the man behind her had succeeded in pooling her underwear around her feet and now is kneeling behind her admiring her huge round white ass, spreading it and watching her drooling cunt. He licks his lips before shoving his tongue into her hot cookie, making McKaylas eyes go wide and fight the urge to moan and grind as she tries to continue going on about the story of a new tribe being discovered in the Amazon between being the receiver and victim oral assault.  The man treating her throat like a pussy grabs her hair into a ponytail for better leverage as his eyes roll back enjoying her tight clutching throat in his long now wet shaft as he watches McKaylas mascara smear and create black tears from the throatfucking she is experiencing. It doesn’t go unnoticed by him that when he bottoms out in her throat a bulge can be seen in the outline of her theist causing him to shake with pleasure. McKayla shivers as well, however hers is from the tongue slashing her pussy now entertaining her pink asshole. McKayla despite the rough and undoubtedly sore throat she will be dealing with later, is thankful for the cock in her throat so she can’t moan out from the unique pleasure she’s feeling.

Suddenly, the tongue eating out her ass is gone making McKayla frustrated before she understands why and a slightly wet cockhead is replaced by it. She braces herself, as the cock in her mouth pulls out, knowing it’s a test to see if she will gasp out or not. McKayla continues with her news coverage, “And after the town was seized by the enraged Buddhists, the Muslim students at the local school FLED THROUGH…” she says with a noticeable voice inflection as the man sinks to the hilt in McKayla in one good thrust. His hip bone comes into contact with McKaylas luscious ass with him sighing out in pleasure as her tight clutching tunnel grips his in a death grip. He slowly pulls back feeling her occasionally tighten around him when his cock twitched in her, until just the head was inside her heated hole before slamming back in making her body bump forward causing her exposed tits to juggle in front of the screen and her voice to shake as he began to pick up the speed of his thrusting. “After…12…hours… Burmese…officers…were…finally…able to….” she struggled to get out between thrusts as the anal fucking rocked her towards her orgasm, hoping she’d finish the last story before then.

The guy with the hard cock next to her, not wanting to be left out, places himself so his balls are right in McKaylas face before pushing her mouth towards it. McKayla continues the story me when her mouth is open, “accidentally” ends up with her tongue and mouth licking and sucking his nuts. “Only…slurp… after…slurp… firing… lick… rubber…lick…bullets…” McKayla says, while technically breaking any rules. However with the guy behind her pistoning his black dick in and out of her behind, it won’t be long before her earth shattering does make her lose. She has a feeling though, that she can hold out before he finishes. She knows if he sees the other guy cum, he’ll finish too. The other guy, getting his nuts licked and sucked is on a steady pace to cum, when suddenly he feels her stop and just goes on with the story. Frustrated, he notices she has a free hand and gets an idea. He takes her hand and lathers it in her spit and throat slime that had pooled on the table from her earlier skullfucking and wraps her hand around his cock and begins to fuck it. He then throws his hand back in ecstasy. By now the room is loud with the squishy sounds of McKaylas slime covered hand being fucked, the loud smacking sound of the guy fucking her ass slapping against the whooty, and McKayla’s voice herself trying to ignore it all and do a job.

It is at this point that the guy fucking McKayla’s hand realizes he played himself and screwed up. When he pulls back to far he realizes she has made a death grip around his cock, so he can’t pull out if he tried and McKayla has picked up the pace of her slight stroking and her thumb is subtly rubbing the head and underside of his cock, rushing forth his orgasm with her teasing. He groans out an “Oh fuck…” before his cock jumps twice and cum fires out of him like a unmanned fire hose. It covers McKaylas face, hair, dress, the desk, one strand even hangs off the tip of her nose. “One down, one to go…” Mckayla thinks to herself as she goes on about gun violence in Florida. And her prediction comes to true as the black cock in her eyes stops balls deep, before she feels those balls draw up and the cock in her ass twitch before a flood of cum empties into her. “Oh my god yes…” the man behind her sighs as he finishes up before pulling his cock out of her abused little hole and he and the other man walk away offscreen.

“And that ladies and gentlemen is why you should support your local library. They are not obsolete and still serve a vital part in your community. I’ve been McKayla Maroney, and this has been your nightly news report here on CCN. Thank you and good night.” McKayla says smiling, having completed the challenge. Her hair’s a mess, wild looking and matted with cum. Her makeup is completely smeared, her eyeshadow and liner running down her face, and her lipstick either smudged or gone probably on someone’s cock. Her dress is torn in places with spit and cum stains all over it, her bra below her tits, which are drenched in cum, and her panties are pooled around her feet. And as she steps out of them a drop of cum leaks out of her ass onto them.

“Congratulations McKayla! You’re our first guess and our first victor!” The British girl (Natalia Forrest for those interested) says from off frame. “Yeah, my god that’s got to be one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever done… especially with the black guys fucking my throat and ass. I was this close to cumming.” McKayla responds now able to break character. “But in the end I had a blast, I’ll definitely be back if you guys will have me.” She says excitedly. “Ha, well I’m sure we’ll make time for you in the next season, for sure.” Natalia says, “We do have one more guy who needs to get off if you still have time, not to mention yourself…” she says. “Sure, who is left?” McKayla says looking to her left and right, not seeing anyone. “Well, actually it’s our cameraman. He’s a big fan of yours… especially your arse and feet. He wanked to your feet pictures from your Olympian days often and is a big arse guy too and yours is one of his top favorites.”

McKayla turns to the camera, “Is that so, Mr.Cameraman?” McKayla asks with a sly smile as she stands straight up and turns to the side showing off her round bubbly ass. “Does this ass drive you crazy?” She pushes it out slightly more as the camera moves up and down in a nodding motion, making her playfully giggle. “Hmmm so I bet you just loved watching it get stuffed by a big black cock huh? Did you wish it was you?” She now climbs onto the desk, getting on all fours, so her ass is pushed out further. “Mmmm, you know I actually get off wayyyy harder when my ass gets fucked than my pussy? Sometimes just someone spanking me is enough…” she says before smacking her own ass hard leaving a red print, before biting her lip and clenching her thighs and moaning out.

“Oh are you jerking off now? That’s so hot, your cock is thick as fuck.” She says to the camera. “Oh look at all that precum leaking out…” she smiles putting a finger to her lip and biting the nail. “You probably want to see these too, huh?” She says sitting and takes off her heels to reveal her perfectly manicured feet. “You like my cute feet? My cute little painted toes? You want these wrapped around your cock, pumping out that hot load all over them?” She asks curling and uncurling her toes. “Bet you want to lick and suck them? Maybe oil them up before they slide up and down your cock?” She asks before she smiles at the camera. “What’s that? You’re gonna cum?” She giggles and smiles. “Well where do you wanna cum on me? My pretty feet?” She asks pushing out her feet and teasing them. “Or my perfect round ass?” She asks turning over and jiggling her booty. She puts her hand under her chin. “Oh I know…” she teases before turning her back to the camera, sits on her knees, so her ass is seated on the back of her heels. She pulls up her dress so her ass is more exposed, with her soles right below her perfect ass that is now starting to leak some cum from earlier from being so deep inside her. “Is this a good pose Mr.Cameraman?” She asks in a teasing voice. “Think you can handle being able cum on my ass and soles at the same time?” She asks as the camera man rushes over and aims his cock at her ass and feet and begins to stroke.

McKayla giggles and twerks one asscheek and looks back at the cameraman and teases him with her eyes. The cameraman smiles and gives her ass three hard smacks, which true to McKaylas word, causes her to suddenly spasm and cum all over the desk as the cameraman unloads all over her ass and feet. “Fuck!” McKayla groans from being stimulated for the last hour and some odd minutes, as she twitches all over the desk, while the cameraman quietly groans and finishes squeezing out the last drops of cum on her before thanking her and walking back offscreen. “Well I’d say someone had a good time.” Nat says as McKayla turns back to the camera, scooping up a bit of cum and putting her in her mouth before swallowing it. “Naughty girl. Well we have to go off air now, can you say bye to the audience?” McKayla waves and out of breathe says, “Bye guys, hope to see you again soon…”

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