CJ Gets Lowe

A sexual fantasy involving West Wing’s Alison Janney & co-star Rob Lowe

Alison Janney enjoyed her role as CJ Cregg in the Emmy-award winning TV show “The West Wing”. The dialogue was fantastic and she loved the feeling of power playing the President’s Press Secretary gave her. She also loved being in the public eye each week in Prime Time TV and wished she had had the chance earlier in her career when she could perhaps have had some sexier roles. The truth was though that at that mysterious forty-something age she had never been more attractive. Her 6 foot 1 inch height was the key thing and she knew
that the length of her legs turned men on. Many fans had told her in lurid letters that they longed to have them wrapped around them.

Alison’s true fantasy though was co-star Rob Lowe. She had followed his career in brat-pack movies in the nineties and admired his taut physique which was clearly still much in evidence under his working clothes. She had pleasured herself constantly with thoughts of unwrapping his particular present but what she didn’t know was that Lowe felt the same about her. Despite his heart-throb image he had been without a partner for nearly a year now and the thought of the amazonic Janney stripping off and joining his party always made him hard.

The meeting of minds and bodies came one quiet shooting Tuesday in the West Wing dressing room complex. Everyone else had gone home early leaving Lowe and Janney to finish one final scene and after that was done Lowe showered in his own room. Alison’s dressing room was adjacent and hearing the sound of movement next door he knocked gently and went in wearing only his robe. Alison was sitting on a long couch at the side of her dressing table and stood up when he came in. She was wearing the smart business shirt and skirt that she had been wearing in the scene and had just begun unbuttoning the shirt.

“Sit down again Ali” said Lowe, “Everyone else has gone home, there’s only you and me left. You know I’ve been watching you for weeks now to see if you had an interest in me and I think you have. Is there anything we can do for each other while it’s so private? I can sure think of some things I’d like to do for you”. Despite being momentarily stunned Alison knew this was her big chance and beckoned Lowe over to the couch.

Lowe put his arm around his co-star and kissed her gently on the lips and Alison found herself returning the kisses, putting her arm around his neck to hold him tight. She had enjoyed many kisses before but Robs were so gentle and so persuasive that she found herself relishing every one and looking forward to what was to come. She slid her hand under his robe and onto his thigh and stroked and caressed it gently. Ali then felt Rob’s hands continuing the unbuttoning of her shirt and felt him cup her small but pert breast. Her nipples tingled with anticipation. She opened her lips and touched his with the tip of her tongue and felt his lips open to receive her tongue into his mouth while at the same time she felt her shirt being pulled out of her skirt’s waistband.

She hesitated momentarily but then relaxed as Rob pulled her shirt off and unclipped the front of her bra to let her breasts fall free. He knew they were not going to be massive but was impressed by their firmness and the already stiffening points. His fingertips caressed Alison’s breasts so gently and her nipples were now getting so hard she could have hung her coat on them as he rubbed them lightly with the palm of his hand, then broke his kiss to lower his head and kiss her nipples. He sucked them in turn and licked them with the extremities of his tongue and her whole body began to tremble and she felt herself going damp down below. She longed for him to move lower down.

Ali slid down an inch or two and her skirt rode up her long thighs. She opened her legs and slid down some more and Rob’s hand slowly moved over her stomach to slip up her skirt and touch her pants, stroking the outline of her pussy with his fingertips while he still sucked and licked her nipples and breasts.

She was shivering with ecstasy as Rob’s fingers pulled her pants to one side and caressed her pussy lips then she felt him touch her clitoris and a wave of pleasure ran through her. He rubbed her clit gently for a while then slid two fingers slowly into her pussy. Alison gasped with delight as his fingers thrust slowly in and out and then in a swift movement Rob stood up, sweeping Ali up with him, unfastened her skirt and let it fall, then, with his thumbs in her pants pushed them down to the floor whilst letting his own robe fall off.

The two TV stars looked at each other for several sweet moments. Rob admired Alison’s tall frame, incredibly long tanned legs and nicely trimmed bush while Ali was simply transfixed by Rob’s muscular body and particularly by his cock which by now was erect and powerful. It stood straight up against his stomach and seemed as long and thick as any Alison had ever seen or imagined. She was certainly not disappointed.

Rob knelt down between Alison’s legs and lent forward to lick her pussy. His tongue ran along her slit and dipped into her and then up and over her clitoris. The sensation was absolutely fantastic. His hands squeezed her buttocks and his tongue continuing to slide over and into her pussy drove Alison wild as she felt herself coming. Rob then stood up once more and began kissing her breasts again and she felt his erect cock touch her pussy lips and rub up to her clit. Then she finally felt him push it slowly in.

Alison felt herself arching her back to meet him and her gasps turned to sighs as he slid slowly deeper and deeper until she thought she was going to split open. His arms were around her, crushing her breasts and Rob’s kisses were so passionate and his tongue was in her mouth and she could taste her own juices on it.

Then Ali was quickly coming again, two, three times and Rob’s cock suddenly jerked inside her, spurted gushes of cum into her and it went on and on twitching and jerking with each lovely jet and she came again, so powerfully she thought she would pass out.

Both of them then collapsed on the couch and Ali looked as Rob used a tissue to clean himself. Before he had finished Alison stopped him and with a twinkle in her eye said “No – I want a taste of that before we have to go”. With that she moved her head and hands down and skilfully moving her hands up and down Rob’s cock quickly brought it back into life. She then took the hardening member into her mouth and the salty taste of his previous cum was caviar to her taste buds. Her tongue circled the end of his cock as her hands moved strongly and powerfully up and down and it was only a minute before his rushing flood came again and he jetted spurt after spurt into and around Alison’s mouth.

Rob pulled away and handed Ali the box of tissues. The two West Wing Stars were wreathed in sweat as they collapsed once more onto the sofa and turned round to see that they were not alone. They thought Jeb Bartlett had gone home much earlier but actor Martin Sheen had been watching them all along. “Time to get on home now Rob”, said the make-believe US president, “CJ’s my Press Secretary and I have something I want to release right now !!”

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