CR: America’s Sweetheart Gets Nasty

Caroline Rhea: America’s Sweetheart Gets Nasty
by Ironfist

Caroline Rhea was in need of a change. The 38 year old Canadian actress and
comic was bored with her current life. She had the ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’
gig, had played Drew Carey’s girlfriend, was a regular on Whoopie Goldburg’s
‘New Hollywood Squares’, as well as her stand up career, but it was all very
boring and tiring for her. It was time for ‘America’s Sweetheart’ to take a much
needed sabatical!
Packing up a suitcase, and hopping into her convertible Mercedes, the pretty
blonde left her Malibu home in search
of some excitement.
After driving along the coastal highway for several hours, Caroline Rhea decided
to pull off for the night and rest. She came upon a small motel just off the
main road, directly infront of a gorgeous mountain range and small crater lake.
"Well this looks absolutely precious!" she beamed, pulling her car into the lot.
Making her way into the main office, she spied a man behind the front desk
reading a paper. He wasn’t particularly good looking, was balding and slightly
over weight. He wore a loud hawaiian shirt and cut off jean shorts. His face
wore several days of shadow and he was smoking a cigar. He loked up and Caroline
and grinned, his eyes opening up as big as saucers. "Holee Crap! Are you…?
From that show about the girl and them witch’s? That game show..?" he stammered
out nervously.
The comely comedian smiled sweetly, wiping the sweat from her brow after the
long drive. She walked up to the desk and dropped her bags to the floor. "Hiya!
Yup, I’m Caroline Rhea, America’s Sweetheart!" she kidded.
"Damn!" the bald man muttered excitedly, "I absolutely love you Ms. Rhea! I
watch everything you’ve ever been in! You are sooo funny!"
"Thanks sweetie!" she replied sarcastically. This guy reminded her alot of Drew
Carey, except not as fat! "I’d like a room please."
The man signed her in and gave her a key to her room. As Caroline left the main
office, the man bellowed out, "Remember Ms. Rhea, if there’s anything you need
just gimmie a ring!"
"Sure thing." she smiled back, the office door closing behind her.
Caroline had just finished a fantastic bubble bath and was stretched out on her
queen sized bed. Her room wasn’t big, but it was cozy, with a television, a
small wet bar and a lovely view of the mountain and lake. Just as she was about
to doze off, a loud knock on her door startled her.
"Just a minute!" she yelled, pulling the drawstring of her pink bath robe
tightly to cover herself. Opening the door, there stood the hotel manager, still
wearing that same hawaiian shirt. Caroline giggled lightly, smiling as she
opened the door wider.
"Sorry to bug you Ms. Rhea, but please, if you don’t mind, could I get an
"Sure," she greeted warmly, inviting him in. The man stepped into the samll
room, admiring the view in front of him. Caroline’s short blond hair was slicked
back, wet. It looked very sexy. Her pink robe, though baggy, did little to
conceal her voluptuous form, particularly her pronounced hips, full ass and
large chest. He felt instant wood in his shorts.
Caroline sat at the foot of her bed, signing the piece of paper he had brought
with him. "What’s your name, sweetie?" she asked innocently.
"Rock. My name’s Rock," he replied, his eyes glued to her full, luscious legs.
"Rock, huh?" she kidded, "That a nick name or something?"
"Sorta," he replied, nervously.
"So, how’d you get a name like Rock?" she asked, standing up to give him the
"Well…" he interjected, quickly pulling down his shorts and boxers. His rock
hard schlong popped into full view, thick and veiny, with a huge bulbous head.
It must have been at least 10 inches long!
Caroline’s jaw dropped, utterly in shock. It was the biggest dick she had ever
seen in her life! She dropped the paper to the floor and fell to her knees,
directly in front of Rock’s ‘Rock’. "Oh-my-God!" she whispered breathlessly, her
green eyes wide open in utter disbelief.
Rock grinned, grabbing his cock and jabbing it at the shocked actress/comic,
teasing her full, pouty lips with the monstrous head. "Whatdya think, Ms. Rhea?"
he chidded.
Caroline’s only response was to open her mouth wide and slowly take the huge
meat into her warm, inviting mouth.
"Oh yeah!!!" he grunted, shutting his eyes. Caroline’s mouth on his dick felt so
unbelievable Rock thought he’s shoot right there! He placed his hands on her
slick, wet blond head and began pumping his meat into her oral cavity. Caroline
hummed and grunted, sucking as much of the meat into her mouth as she could. It
was so big her jaw hinge ached from the effort, but she was a real trooper and
pushed onward and upward! Caroline licked at the head, spitting on it, getting
it all wet and slick. She pumped it with both of her small, elegant hands,
lapping at the veiny under shaft, teasing his heavy, sweaty balls. She was a
definate pro when it came to sucking cock, and Drew Carey could attest to that
fact! "Ohhh, baby" she cooed, priming his pump, "God what a fucking huge slab of
meat! I could fucking choke on this pole!" she gasped, breathlessly.
"Oh fuck, Ms. Rhea, that feels so good! Suck it! Suck it, baby! Goddamn you sure
know how to suck dick!" Rock groaned, his legs shaking from pleasure.
Caroline gave a wicked grin and quickly began bobbing her head forward and
backward, literally skull fucking the pork stick in a frenzied blur! The loud,
wet smacking noises drove Rock crazy, and the fact that his dick head was
smacking the back of Caroline Rhea’s throat was incredible!
"OH FUCK! Unfucking believable!" he marvelled, as Caroline continued deep
throating his love wand. By now, Caroline’s robe had fallen open, exposing her
large, full, bouncy tits. She had large, bumpy areola, with big, button nipples
that stood erect. Rock reached down and began fingering her tits, pinching and
squeezing her nipples, groping the huge fleshy fun bags. "Jezus you got big
tits!" he groaned.
Caroline looked up, jerking his rod with strong steady strokes. "Thanks Rock!
You really like my tits?" she inquired, catching her breath slightly.
Without answering, Rock reached down and wrapped Caroline Rhea’s milk jugs
tightly around his throbbing baseball bat. Her tits were incredibly soft, and
silky to the touch. Rock marvelled at their impressive expansiveness. "Jezus!
Lookit that!" he gasped, almost speechless, his pole sliding in and out of the
velvety cushion of Caroline’s boobs.
Caroline looked down, gripping her hands over Rock’s, as she helped slide her
tits over his meat. "Wow! I’ve never done this before!" she exclaimed, with a
slight chuckle. "How’s it feel, Rock? Do you like fucking my boobs?"
Rock could only manage a gutteral groan as he continued thrusting his hips
slowly in and out, revelling in the softness of Caroline’s heaving bosom.
"I’ll take that as a yes!" she winked, increasing the tempo of her tit fucking.
She spit down on his dick head, getting the valley between her breasts all slick
and juicy. It looked incredibly nasty to see a 10 inch pork staff sliding in and
out from between her cavernous knockers. It made her feel dirty and she liked
it! "Come on Rock! Slam my titties! Slide that rock hard dick between my soft,
juicy melons! Do it baby! Do it! Ohhhh, feels sooo good!" she moaned.
Rock’s grip on her tits tightened and his thrusting became more spirited, and
Caroline knew he was close to coming.
"OH FUCK, Ms. Rhea! I’m gonna fuckin pop! I’m gonna shoot your huge tits soooo
fucking good!" he cried out desperately. He pounded his hips faster and faster,
shuttling his dick from within Caroline Rhea’s billowy soft tit valley with
everything that he had. Caroline matched his tempo, sliding her tits faster and
faster, gripping the throbbing shaft in an incredibly tight vice grip. "Oh
baby," she moaned, smiling passionately,"I can feel you throbbing! You wanna
cum, don’t ya? You wanna flood my big boobs with a huge, sticky load of love
cream, don’t ya? Cum on Rock! I want it! I want it all! I’m dying for a drink
and your cock’s my fountain! Cream soda, please!" the blond comic teased, her
pretty face contorted in a frenzied passion of carnal delight.
"OH SHIT!!!" Rock bellowed at the top of his lungs, gripping Caroline’s tits
painfully, as with one final thrust, his mushroom head exploded, a shower of
thick, creamy white sauce erupting from the slit! Gobs and gobs of love sauce
splattered everywhere on Caroline’s face and tits, taking her completely by
surprise. Caroline shrieked, her face and tits covered haphazardly with Rock’s
plentiful seed. She lapped at the strands dripping from the head, making Rock
convulse violently. "Sweet Fuckin Christ!" he groaned, satisfied beyond belief.
Caroline swallowed the thick, creamy seed in her mouth with a large, audible
gulp. It was a little salty, but not bad. Her face and tits were covered in
sweat, spit and cum. Rock looked down at the gorgeous vision before him.
Caroline Rhea looked like a total cock slut, and a damn fine one at that.
Gasping for breath, he pulled her up to him, kissing her sticky, wet lips.
"Uhhmmm, thank you, Ms. Rhea," he beamed happily, "God, that was fantastic!"
Caroline carressed his brow and cheek, smiling sweetly. "Thank you, Rock! Now
that’s what I call room service!"
They both laughed and fell to the comforting embrace of the bed.
"Feel like going another round?" Caroline asked, sexily.
Rock grinned, his hands groping her big, bouncy ass, "Yeah, I think I can swing
Caroline giggled like a school girl. She wondered how her fans would feel about
‘America’s Sweetheart’ getting nasty with her bad self! Looking down at Rock’s
crotch she noticed his flacid pole was slowly but surely beginning to salute
once more.
"Time for another piece of the Rock, huh?" she kidded, stroking his hairy belly.
Rocke grinned, eagerly anticipating putting the bone to this hot babe and have
her beg for mercy. She was about to find out why they really called him

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