CSSA Chain Story 4: The CSSA Cruise

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Authors: TRL, Cosmo Kramer, Evil, Sheridan, Voodoo Joe, Kojain,
Tricksterson, Hamster, Rawballz, Butch Rosser, Victor Field, InThe313, Dr.
Blasphemy, and Hater.

Celebs (in order): Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, Rose McGowan, Renee
Olstead, Jessica
Alba, Kelly Rowland, Mia Maestro, Keira Knightley, Tricia
Helfer, Katee Sackoff, Grace Park, Natalie Portman, Danica Patrick, Maria
Sharapova, Kelly Clarkson, Lexa Doig, Gwen Stefani, Rachel McAdams, Michelle
Rodriguez, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Pressly, Roselyn Sanchez, Amber Tamblyn,
Emmy Rossum, Elisha Cuthbert, Michelle Trachtenberg, Raven Symone, Hayden
Panettiere, Jessica Biel, Hilary Duff, Cindy Crawford, Nicolette Sheridan,
Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan, Mandy Moore, Brittany Murphy,
Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson (Black Eyed Peas), Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell,
Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson,
Alexis Bledel, Eliza Dushku, Ashanti, Evangeline Lilly, Jennie Finch, Maggie
Grace, Kate Bosworth, Faith Hill, Sela Ward, Dana Delaney, Jennifer Aniston,
Mila Kunis, Kirsten Dunst, Avril Lavigne, Syke Sweetnam, Ashley Judd, Maria
Menounos, Kate Beckinsale, Jillian Barberie, Rachael Ray, Beyonce Knowles,
Liz Phair, Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis, Katie Holmes, Eva Mendes, Danielle
Panabaker, Kay Panabaker, Rhona Mitra, Lauren Sanchez, Angelina Jolie,
Jennifer Connelly, Naomi Watts, Minnie Driver, Sienna Miller, Charlotte
Church, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Summer Glau, Monica Bellucci,
Amanda Tapping, Shana Hiatt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Leighton Meester, Maria
Grazia Cucinotta, Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain, Salma Hayek, Sarah
Silverman, Vanessa Marcil, Anna Paquin.

Codes: MF, FF, Ff, MDom, FDom, MC, inc, and I think there maybe a few others
if I didn’t catch them my apologies. There is no scat, ws or anything gross
like that.

Anyway, enjoy it.

* * *

CSSA Chain Story 4: The CSSA Cruise

Captain Donald Marissco looked down from the observation deck of the cruise
ship Luxury and frowned. There they were, prancing about in next-to-nothing,
many already making out, clearly ready for a week of nothing but sex, sex,
and more sex. Hell, his ship wasn’t even scheduled any real ports of call –
just go out into the Caribbean waters, let the passengers fuck all they
want, and come back tanned all over and ready to go back to Hollywood.

He hated them all. Every last one of them.

But he had his job, and by god, he’d do it. He hadn’t work so hard for the
last ten years to get this far, just to loose his command because these
snotty celebrities and their sex-up writer friends got on his nerves.

His first officer, Lt. Smith, approached him. Smith was as bland as his
name, and lord knew he did nothing to improve that image. He seemed almost
personality-less, really.

“Sir, I have the course our guests have requested.”

“Bermuda, eh? Odd, I would’ve expected Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands for
this bunch – well, maybe not the Virgin Islands, eh?”

“Yes, sir,” Smith said.

Marissco rolled his eyes. “Do yourself a favor, Smith. While you’re on this
trip, get yourself laid. These women are all horny. My wife won’t let me
partake myself, but by god man, you could use some loosening up.”

“Yes, sir.”

Marissco rolled his eyes.

* * *

Somewhere on the top deck of the Luxury, TRL lay on a lounge chair. He was
wearing just a pair of Darth Vader swim trunks, and squeezed a very topless
Eva Longoria to him, enjoying the feel of her nipples as they pressed
against his bare chest.

“You plan some of the best vacations,” Eva said, nibbling on his ear. Her
crotch was pressed to his, and the way she was gently humping him, he knew
he was about to get rather lucky.

“Well this was more Evil’s idea than mine, but I’ll take the thanks anyway,”
TRL smiled, slipping his hands down Eva’s back and into her bikini bottoms.

“You would, wouldn’t you?” Eva asked as he gripped he cheeks.

“You bet,” TRL said, gently sliding the bright red bottoms off Eva’s ass.

Eva giggled. “I think,” She said, reaching beneath her to undo his swimsuit,
“it’s time for you to get your light saber out.”

“I love it when you say stuff like that,” TRL said as Eva positioned herself
to take him inside her.

“Mmmm,” Eva moaned as she engulfed his cock. “So,” she asked as she lay atop
him, holding him inside her, but not moving. “When’s Kelly getting here?”

“Oh, come on!” TRL moaned, trying to hump Eva. “Kelly should be here soon –
she wanted to grab a few new bikinis before we left. Personally, I think she
wants to catch another of those Texas Hold ‘em Poker shows on TV – she’s
become addicted to those lately.”

Eva rewarded him by slowly starting to slide herself up and down his cock.
“You two should enter the ship’s Poker tournament. I hear you’re pretty

“I am. Kelly isn’t. However, I did win a week of free anal sex with her
thanks to her poor skill, so I can’t complain too much.”

Eva smiled and started fucking TRL a little harder. “I’ll have to play you

“You’re playing me right now,” TRL said, grabbing her ass and pulling her
onto him. “Enough talk, Eva.”

“Enough talk,” Eva agreed, kissing TRL before she started humping him in

* * *
“Hey Jen, how are ya?” Evil asked as Sheridan stood
by the wall. Both were in a soundstage in Miami where Evil has just finished
watching his new movie Cable

“I’m gonna be ok, I just wanted to know how the movie is coming along.” she

“Principal photography is done. I just wish you could be here for the CSSA
Cruise.” Evil said, knowing Jennifer was pregnant with his baby.

“I know, but I can’t risk anything. I’ve got a couple friends taking care of
me. I’ll be ok.” Jennifer said softly.

“I know, but this doesn’t feel right without you.” Evil said as Sheridan
made a gagging motion.

“You and Sheridan have a good time, I’ll be ok.” Jennifer said.

“Ok, I’ll try.” Evil said sarcastically, swatting at Sheridan.

“Bye.” Jennifer said as she hung up.

“Aw, isn’t that sweet.” Sheridan teased.

“Shut up.” Evil said playfully putting her in a headlock.

“You ready?” Evil asked.

“Of course.” Sheridan replied.

“I mean, are you READY?” Evil said.

“Yes, I’ve got everything.” Sheridan said as they went out to her SUV and
tossed in a couple of bags.

“So when are you gonna tell me about the wedding?” Sheridan asked as she
arranged the bags to get more space.

“You really want to know?” Evil asked as he got in the front seat.

“Uh, yeah. For one thing I want to know why we weren’t invited.” Sheridan
asked as she closed the door.

“We didn’t want a lot of attention. If I’d invited all our friends and
family it would have caused damage.” Evil said laughing as Sheridan got in
the drivers seat.

“Oh c’mon we’re not that bad” Sheridan replied as she started her SUV.

“Do I need to remind you of what we did to Hayden Jensen’s house?” Evil
replied which got Sheridan laughing.

“He had that coming.” she replied.

“Anyway I went to Turks and Caicos first, then Ben Affleck arrived, then Jen
was next followed by Victor Garber.” Evil said.

“Was he the maid of honor?” Sheridan asked laughing.

“Funny. Anyway, you know how the papers said it was her and Ben getting
married?” Evil asked.

“Yeah, so what’s the deal with that?” Sheridan asked.

“We made it seem like Ben was marrying her. You know how it mentions and
unidentified friend?” Evil asked.

“That was you.” Sheridan said realizing what he was saying.

“Yep, I married her but we made it look like it was Ben.” Evil said

“Didn’t you marry her because you knocked her up?” Sheridan asked as they
pulled near the docks where the ship sat.

“No, I proposed before I knocked her up. I proposed on New Years, I knocked
her up on Valentines Day.” Evil said as they pulled to a stop.

“You went all out didn’t you?” Sheridan asked.

“Yep, candles, roses, chocolates, the whole nine yards.” Evil said as he
helped Sheridan carry some of her bags up to the ship.

“I’ve never seen you this mental over a woman before, not even when we were
dating.” Sheridan said.

“What can I say, she does weird things to me.” Evil said.

“Ooh can I watch?” Sheridan replied.

“You joined in when we got back from Boston on New Years.” Evil said.

“Oh yeah.” Sheridan said as Evil grabbed a couple more bags and joined
Sheridan on the ramp leading to the ship.

* * *

“We’re going
to the Bahamas, we’re going to the Bahamas,” Voodoo Joe chanted as he
boarded the ship. “We’re going to the Bahamas to have sex with teenage

“We’re not going to the Bahamas,” someone yelled from behind him.

“Hey fuck you,” Joe snapped. “If I say we’re going to the Bahamas, then
we’re going to the Bahamas.”

“We’re going to Bermuda dipshit,” the same person called out.

“Fine then, we’re going to Bermuda, we’re going to Bermuda,” Joe said,
changing his chant.

“Will you shut the fuck up and move it so the line can move?”

“Give me a blowjob and I will,” Joe challenged.

“I don’t give head to morons,” Rose McGowan said.

“Then I guess you’ll be staying away from Hamster,” Joe said, making a drum
roll sound to accompany the zing. “Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the
fish tacos, they’re quite tasty. Especially when they belong to a teenage

* * *

Renee Olstead wandered around the deck of the boat, her red hair catching
the sunlight and casting a slight halo around her angelic looking face. She
didn’t know why she here, just that she’d gotten the invitation from
Jennifer Garner and thought a cruise sounded nice.

Now that she was here she was beginning to have second thoughts. All around
her people were getting naked and cavorting like monkeys in the zoo. Just a
couple minutes ago she’d seen Jessica Alba writhing around on a lawn chair
while some skinny black guy had his head between her legs.

The whole ship seemed to have an aura of sex about it and it was making the
sixteen year old slightly nervous. She was old enough to know about the
birds and the bees, and had even lost her virginity the year before, but she
was still inexperienced enough that watching a giant orgy develop in front
of her eyes was overwhelming.

As she walked past the pool, where a guy was sitting on an inflatable raft
in the middle with his legs dangling in the water while a blonde was in the
water with her head and shoulders sticking out giving him a blowjob, she
noticed Jennifer Garner. They’d met when she’d had a small role in 13 Going
On 30 and they hadn’t talked at all since. She hadn’t even been sure Jenny
remembered her until the invitation had arrived.

Jennifer Garner was sitting on the stairway leading up to the next deck.
Renee lifted her hand to wave, but stopped short when she looked closer and
saw Jenny’s hands were resting on a mop of brown hair that was bobbing
slightly between her legs.

* * *

Kojain waited quietly at the
south end of the ship, looking out at the endless water before him. He was
wearing some sky blue shorts with an orange shirt. Normally, he wouldn’t go
out on luxury ships such as this. Not in his blood at all. But after hearing
Kelly Rowland that she would be coming, he wasn’t about to miss this. He
started to fall asleep in his chair when suddenly he felt a gentle stroking
on his cheek.

“Ahhh, did I keep you waiting too long?” Kelly said, smiling.

“Nyah, I wasn’t waiting that long.” Kojain stated with a grin.

Kelly giggled, “Good. Because I’m not gonna have you sleeping on the job

Kojain was fully awake now as he observed the dark skinned beauty before
him, wearing a yellow bikini. He caressed her toned body as she began to
work her way out of her bikini bottom and climb on top of him. He decided to
remove his shorts, allowing his cock to spring out before her.

“Come on Boo, make me lose my breath.” She laughed as I stroked her legs.

“Baby, you don’t need to tell me twice.” Kojain said as he lifted her and
inserted his member into her.

Kelly let out a moan of pleasure as she started to ride Kojain with a steady

“Oh… We should really do this more often.” Kelly groaned as Kojain humped

“What? Have sex?” Kojain grunted.

“No. Having sex on cruise ships. Oooo!” Kelly screeched slightly.

“More moaning, less talking.” Kojain said with a grin as he wrapped his arms
around Kelly and began to pick up the motion.

* * *

“Oh God,
that’s so good,” Jennifer Garner moaned as she felt her orgasm hit her. Her
body shook as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body. “You’ve gotten
so much better babe, remind me to thank your teacher.”

“I thought you weren’t coming, but I’m glad I was wrong,” Mia Maestro said
as she raised her head from between Jen’s thighs.

“That’s just what I told Evil,” Jennifer said. “He’s just become so
obsessive lately I needed some time to myself. Plus, I wouldn’t miss one of
these events for the world. I don’t care if I’m pregnant or not.”

“I’m glad you came, Not only this week, but also just now and in a few
minutes,” Mia said, smirking as she started to slip two fingers back into
Jen’s twat.

* * *

“The cabin we got is nice and big.” Sheridan
said as she came back to the car, her shoulder length blonde hair flowing in
the tropical wind.

“What’s up?” Evil asked.

“I just met that British chick. I think she was in that Pirates movie last
year.” Sheridan said confused as to who she talked to.

“Keira Knightley? She didn’t try to jump your bones” Evil asked, laughing
and shaking his head.

“What?” Sheridan asked.

“Keira is a nympho, she’ll expect…payment….” Evil stopped, looking at
Sheridan “…which I’m sure you’ll be glad to pay.”

Sheridan nodded and grabbed a silver case from the car. The case was twice
as long as a normal guitar case and twice as wide. Evil grabbed the other

“Are you sure we needed to bring these?” Sheridan asked.

“You know how Eric is never wrong about these things. Better to be safe then
sorry in the end.” Evil asked as they boarded the ship.

“You sure we’re ok parked there?” Sheridan asked

“Will you stop worrying, everything is going to be fine….” Evil asked.
Sheridan gave him a look “…well, for the most part.”

Evil and Sheridan boarded the ship and went straight for their cabin, which
was in first class so it was luxurious. When they entered the room they saw
Keira Knightley sitting on Sheridan’s bed

“Keira.” Evil exclaimed.

“Baddy, darling.” Keira said getting up from the bed and pushing Evil to the
bed and straddling him. Sheridan grabbed the case, and then glared at Evil.

“Nice to see you too.” Evil asked as Keira started to grind on him.

“No problem.” Keira said lustfully with Sheridan watching on.

“About your payment…” Sheridan said as Keira got up, grabbed Sheridan and
planted one on her lips. Sheridan pushed her off slightly.

“…we have to do this later.” Sheridan said breathlessly. Keira shrugged
and walked out of the room, as she closed the door she winked at Evil.

“Wow.” Sheridan replied.

“I know, this happens all the time at these gatherings.” Evil said smirking
as he slid one of the silver cases under the bed.

“This is gonna be one hell of a cruise then.” Sheridan said as she started
to unpack.

* * *

“Isn’t this nice?” Tricia Helfer asked her
companions swimming in the pool with her. “Spending our break in a tropical
paradise, with nothing to do but get some sun and have sex, could it get any
better than this?”

“Yes, actually,” Katee Sackoff answered. “I thought we were getting away
from the geeks, but then that guy in his Darth Vader shorts is all like, ‘So
many Vipers does Galactica have left?’, like the actors ever keep track of
that stuff.”

“Oh come on Katee,” Grace Park chimed in, “it wasn’t that bad. Besides, I
thought he was cute.”

“Yes, he was cute, but that’s not the point. The point is we were supposed
to be escaping questions like that. Oh yeah, how about when he asked when
we were going to find Earth. How the frak should I know?”


“Yeah Tricia?”

“You do realize you just said frak, right?”

“Frak you Tricia.”

“Ooh, is that a promise?”

Katee swam over to her co-star and kissed her on the lips. “I’m going to
frak you all night long.”

“Hey, what about me?” Grace asked playfully. “Is anybody going to frak me?”

Both blondes moved towards the Korean girl. “You bet your frakking ass we
will,” Tricia said.

“Right IN your frakking ass,” Katee added…

* * *

Portman got out of her limo, hefted her single bag over her shoulder, and
adjusted her sunglasses. For a long moment, she wished she hadn’t shaved her
head – most of the CSSA crew enjoyed her long hair. But a role was a role,
and it was growing back all right. She had more than peach fuzz right now,
which was good. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about getting sunburned
on her head.

Natalie made her way towards the ship, basically enjoying the ocean breeze
on her bare arms, and thinking about everything she was going to do. Or,
rather, everyone she was going to do. Tops on her list was to hook up with
Keira Knightley again – they hadn’t seen each other since the New Years Eve
party, and Natalie was hungry for some Knightley love. She was also looking
forward to seeing TRL and Kelly Clarkson, and rumor had it that Rachael Ray
was supervising the cooks again.

As she approached the boarding ramp, Natalie spotted a gorgeous young woman.
Long black hair cascaded down the back of her yellow sun dress, and she
seemed just a bit out of place in that dress – as if she were used to
wearing more manly things.

“Hi,” Natalie said as she approached the girl.

“Hi,” the girl said, sounding a bit timid but determined to get by.

“I’m Natalie.”

“Natalie Portman, I know who you are,” the girl said, smiling. “I’ve been
around the CSSA website enough.”

“Yeah,” Natalie said, sheepishly. “I’m a bit of a star there I guess.”

“I’m Danica. Danica Patrick.”

“Oh my god! Really?” Natalie said. “Wow, I’ve always wanted to meet you!”

“Really?” Danica said as the two made their way up onto the ship.

“Oh yeah, you’re like this big women’s empowerment symbol. You’re totally
cool,” Natalie said. “Where’s your room?”

“1139,” Danica said, looking at her boarding pass.

“No way!” Natalie said, giggling. “I’m 1138! We’re right across from each

“Cool,” Danica said, smiling. “I guess we can go to our rooms together.”

“Guess so,” Natalie smiled. “So, is this your first CSSA event?”

“Yeah,” Danica looked around. “Is it true that they’re nothing but sex?”

Natalie giggled. “More or less. But trust me, you’ll have fun. I’ll make
sure of it.”

* * *

The joyous mood on the pier was broken as
people noticed a heated exchange develop between a tall young blonde and an
older, balding man. The young woman was trying to board the ship while the
man was trying his best to stop her.

“Daddy, we’ve been over this! I’m going!”

“No, you’re not! Your mother may be getting soft on you, but I’m not! You
don’t have time for a vacation, you have a lot of hard work to do!”

“I need a break!”

“What you need is to toughen up and get your head out of your ass! The last
few losses have been a direct result of you choking under pressure!”

The blonde was brought to the verge of tears with that last statement.
“Daddy that’s not fair-”

“It’s the truth! And I am not about to let you throw away all those years
of hard work to go on this ridiculous pleasure cruise! Besides, I’ve heard
the rumors about these events! They say these things are filthy orgies!”

“Daddy you’re exaggerating! I’m sure nothing like that really happens! Can
I please just have a break for once? No matches, no commercials, no public
appearances, no worries. Please?”

The man finally lost his cool. “MARIA YURYEVNA SHARAPOVA, YOU WILL NOT GET

At that moment, a young, broad shouldered man stepped out of the crowd.
“Hey, what seems to be the problem here?” He stood a little over 6 feet
tall, slightly taller than Maria and significantly bigger than her father.

“Stay out of this, boy!” Yuri Sharapov yelled, jabbing his finger angrily
into the young man’s chest. “Typical American punk, always getting involved
in other people’s affairs!” he shouted as he kept poking his finger at the
yellow C on the “boy’s” Captain Charisma T-shirt.

“Okay, that’s getting real old,” the younger man said as he grabbed Yuri’s
finger, twisting it back painfully almost to the point of breaking. “Now I
think you owe all these good people an apology for being such an assclown,”
he said, giving the finger a little twist to emphasize his point.

“Go to hell, you- OW!” Yuri cried out as the torque on his finger increased.
“I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being such an assclown!”

“Good. Now tell your daughter to have fun and be safe.”

“Have fun Maria! Be safe!”

“See how easy that was? Now, you’re going to let Maria enjoy herself, and
we’re going to forget all about this unpleasantness. And you are NEVER
going to speak to her in that manner again, because that would make me very
upset. You don’t want to see me upset, do you Mr. Sharapova?” the young man
asked, giving Yuri’s finger another twist to get his message across.

“It’s Sharapov, you only add the ‘a’ if you- OW! I mean, I understand
completely. I don’t want to see you upset.”

“Good! Well off you go then,” he released Yuri’s finger and dismissed the
Russian with a wave of his hand. Once the disgruntled father had retreated
back to his car, the young man turned to Maria. “That certainly was a lot
of fun,” he said as he grabbed her bags.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Maria said in awe. After checking out her rescuer,
she hoped her father was right about this trip becoming an orgy. “Wait, you
just became the first person to tell off my dad and I don’t even know your

“My friends call me Cosmo.”

* * *

Kelly Clarkson boarded the
CSSA cruise ship with two armloads of bags – overloaded with sexy clothes
and whatnot, most of which she suspected would be on her for little more
than a few scant minutes – less if she put them on when TRL was with her in
the room.

God, she was looking forward to this. She and TRL had been together for more
than six months now, and aside from a little side adventure at the Grand
Canyon, hadn’t had the chance to hang out with anyone from Hollywood at all
– or even the CSSA folks! The week long trip to Bermuda was just the thing
to bring out the freak in TRL.

Kelly had already spoken with Eva Longoria – who’d called her the instant
she found out TRL and Kelly were coming, and the three of them would be
sharing a rather large cabin – though, according to Eva, there’d only be one
bed. No surprise there.

Kelly hit the main ship and smiled. Sure enough, there was TRL, already hip
deep in Eva. The two were naked – save for TRL’s trunks around his feet, and
were happily fucking away.

“Hey guys!” Kelly said, popping up next to the two.

“Oh, hey Kelly,” TRL said, clearly a bit distracted by what he was doing to

Kelly smiled, leaned in towards Eva, giving her a long, slow kiss that
lingered just a bit longer than it should have.

TRL’s eyes went wide, and he shot his load at once.

“Lesbianism,” Kelly said, winking at Eva. “Works every time.”

“Damn, I’ll have to remember that,” Eva said, slowly climbing off TRL. “You
just get here?”

“Yep. Care to show me to the room?” Kelly asked.

“As soon as Captain TRL here pulls up his pants, we’ll get moving.”

“Captain TRL,” he said, smiling. “I like the sound of that.”

“Uh-oh,” Eva and Kelly muttered together.

* * *

“You ready to
tour the ship before it leaves port?” Sheridan asked as she sat on the bed
after putting away her clothes.

“Just a second…” Evil said pulling the silver cases out from under the
beds again. “…I wanna make sure we didn’t forget anything.”

Sheridan stood behind him looking as he entered the combination to the lock
“666”, the contents of the case seemed to glow as it opened.

“Looks like we have everything.” Sheridan said as Evil closed the cases.

“I just want to be prepared, Eric’s dreams have never been wrong before. If
he says something is going to happen, I want to have all of our bases
covered.” Evil said.

Sheridan rolled her eyes. “Are you going to be like this the whole trip, if
so you need to find another room because I fully plan on getting a lot of
pussy on this trip, especially if Anna Paquin is going to be here.”

Evil laughed as Sheridan sat back down. “Nah, I’ll be ok.”

“Good, I need to go find Anna, I’ve got a bit of role-playing planned.”
Sheridan said as she pulled a leather outfit out of one of her bags.

“You’re kidding, you actually have a replica of her X-Men outfit?” Evil
asked laughing.

“Yep, I’ve had a thing for that little Canadian hottie ever since the first
X-Men and I fully plan on nailing her to the bed before this trip docks in
Bermuda.” Sheridan said, putting the outfit away.

Both friends stepped out of their luxury cabin, locking the door behind

“I hope Jen is ok.” Evil said as they headed for the deck of the

* * *

Lexa Doig lay on the bed, clad in half of a black
bikini and being fondled by a similarly clad Gwen Stefani who had just
slipped her top off and was sucking on her nipples.

Much as she was enjoying the attention she was getting she was fixated on
the closed door of Tricksterson’s lab from which strange sounds and even
stranger smells were issuing.

“Mmmm, what the *hell* is he doing in there?”

“I don’t know, every time I ask he just cackles and says ‘Revenge shall be
mine!” I think it has something to do with Voodoo and the electroshocks he
got New Years”

“Uh oh, think it’ll be safe?”

“Probably but we better leave soon or we’ll never get there, especially
since we have to pick up You-Know-Who at the airport”

A look of jealousy flashed across Lexa elegant face. “Oh, you mean
Jailbait Princess”

“I heard that!” Tricksterson said as he exited his lab lugging a packing
case. “You *know* how I feel about you girls but Emma is…is…” and here
his voice took on a genuinely creepy note “my precioussss. And just for
picking on her you get to load this on the VTOL”

Both beauties rolled their eyes. Just their luck to get tangled up with a
mad scientist who worshiped pagan gods.

* * *

IYG popped out
of his small cabin, a big smile on his face, and headed down towards the
main deck of the ship. The boat wasn’t due to leave for a few more hours,
but there were enough people around that he wanted to visit with.

As he walked down the hallway, he passed Keira Knightley leaving Evil and
Sheridan’s shared cabin, and then nearly walked right into TRL, Kelly
Clarkson, and Eva Longoria.

“IYG!” TRL said. “Good to see you, little buddy!”

“Good to be here, TRL,” IYG said. “What’s going on?”

“Moving Kelly into the room,” TRL said. “We gotta get moving, I’ll catch you
later, IYG.”

“Sure,” IYG said, moving on. He hit the main deck, the sun nearly blinding
him for a second, and then glanced around. People were everywhere, and they
were all at least approaching some stage or another of undress. Off to one
side, Kojain and Kelly Rowland were getting it on right on the lounge chair.
In another direction, the three babes from Battlestar Galactica were clearly
getting friendly in the pool. There was Cosmo leading Maria Sharapova aboard
the ship, and he just missed Natalie Portman leading Danica Patrick into the
ship’s center.

Suddenly, someone bumped into him from behind.

“Oh, excuse me.”

“It’s okay,” IYG said, turning around. He was met by a pretty face he didn’t
immediately recognize, but seemed familiar.

“Rachel McAdams,” she said, offering him her hand. “Listen, I don’t mean to
be rude or anything, but could you help me find my room?”

“Sure,” IYG said, smiling. God, he loved these CSSA events.

* *

Evil and Sheridan emerged from the inside of the ship and on to the
top decks, the Miami sun blazed down on them as they stripped down to their
bathing suits.

Evil in simple black board shorts, but Sheridan got a few hoots and hollers
from the crowd. She had on a black two piece that barely covered her 36 c
breasts and a black thong that showed off her shapely bum.

She even posed a bit for the delight of the crowd. Evil just stood there and
smirked. “Show off” he said once she was done.

She shrugged her shoulders and the two kept on walking. Evil nudged her as
they made their way toward the entrance.

“Michelle” Sheridan said smiling as Michelle Rodriguez strode up the ramp.
As soon as she got up to the top she dropped to her knees and pulled out
Evil’s cock.

Michelle slurped and licked on it right there in front of everyone, even
blocking a few people who were trying to get on. Michelle sucked him off
while Sheridan moved behind her and removed her and shoved her tongue in
Michelle’s pussy.

Sheridan dabbed away, just slightly denying Michelle pleasure until Evil was
good and sucked off. Michelle licked away as Sheridan teased her
mercilessly, Michelle whined as best as she could with a cock in her mouth.

Michelle licked faster and faster as Evil propped himself up by holding onto
the ship itself, Michelle licked as fast as she could so Sheridan would give
her pleasure. Evil moaned in delight as he blew his load into Michelle’s

Once Evil pulled out he watched the show as Sheridan went to town on the
keeling Michelle. Her moans so loud that even the elderly captain looked
down shaking his head.

Everyone was watching Michelle moan at the movements of Sheridan’s skilled
tongue, Sheridan sped up her tongue lashings and Michelle’s moans got
louder, Michelle collapsed in orgasm as she came all over Sheridan’s
porcelain doll-like face.

As she stood up, the ship applauded and Sheridan took her bows as Evil
pulled Michelle up.

“Well, hello to you too.” Evil said to a groggy Michelle Rodriguez. She
collected her bottoms and smiled.

“Long time.” Michelle replied.

* * *

Natalie Portman switched
into a bikini – a simple black affair that was more conservative than some
of the bikini’s she’d brought, but still sexy, and gone across the hall to
knock on Danica’s door. There was a long pause, and then Danica opened the
door, looking a bit flustered.

“Oh, wow, you’re already in your bathing suit,” Danica said, letting Natalie

“Yeah, I figure it’s a cruise, why wear much more than this?”

“You look lovely,” Danica said.

“Thank you,” Natalie said, smiling. “Listen, I was going to go look for

“Keira Knightley?” Danica said. “You mean you two know each other?”

“Well, we worked together on a movie, and we’ve been friends and lovers ever

“Lovers,” Danica said. “Wow. I mean… wow,” Danica said, not knowing what
else to say.

“We aren’t dating or anything,” Natalie said. “But we have fun when we get
together.” She gave Danica a long look. “You know most of the girls on this
boat like other girls, right?”

“Yeah,” Danica said slowly. “It’s just, well, I guess I wasn’t ready for the
reality of it. I mean, to me, you’re all still movie stars.”

“You’ll get over that quick,” Natalie said. “Trust me. Anyway, I was going
to go look for Keira, and I wondered if you wanted to come along, see the
ship and what not.”

“Really? You wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all – though, if we see Keira, you might have to fight to get her
hands off of you.”

“Really?” Danica said, blushing.

“Oh, you are so her type,” Natalie said, smiling. She took Danica by the
hand and led the other girl out onto the ship.

* * *

sighed deeply as he walked up the ramp of the cruise ship. He had a couple
bags jammed with whatever crap he could find, 20 minutes before he left the

Sweat dripped down his head, and the large hyena on his leash was dragging
him alone every time she saw a seagull that she seemingly found offensive.
The greeter stopped Hamster as he tried to board which was only serving to
further annoy the TSSA’s most prolific writer.

“What?” Hamster demanded.

“Sir your animal cannot board.” The foolish man said.

Hamster, who had been playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic way too
much waved his hand before the man. “The Hyena will be fine.”

“Sir you are most certainly NOT a Jedi.” The greeter said.

“You’re holding up the line!” somebody shouted.

Hamster looked at the greeter sternly. “Are you threatening me, master

The greeter rolled his eyes. Hamster began to glare and concentrate very

“Hamster, stop trying to use the Force.” Anne Hathaway said behind him.

She slipped the greeter a 50 dollar bill. “The Hyena and the wannabe Jedi
are with me.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said as he pocketed the cash.

“Hi Anne it looks like team Fuckit is all here.” Hamster said.

Anne piled all her luggage onto Hamster. “I’m in 4-B thanks.”

She continued on to her cabin.


Hamster had situated Anne’s thing and was on his way to the buffet when he
was spun around and slammed against the wall. His shorts were around his
ankles before he knew it and he looked down to see Rose McGowan grabbing his

“What the hell?” Hamster asked as his penis began to stiffen up.

“I’m teaching that idiot Voodoo a lesson.” She said.

She wrapped her lips around hamster’s cock and began to lick and suck with
all her might. Hamster stroked her hair as he felt the electric pleasure of
her blowjob surge though him. He began to moan as she sucked harder and

“I hope he keeps pissing you off.” Hamster moaned.

* * *

lead Rachel out onto the observation deck – located high up on the main
superstructure, it was considerably smaller than the main deck, but featured
a fantastic view of both the sea, and the front half of the ship below.

“I can’t get over how big this ship is,” Rachel said.

“We don’t do anything in half measures at CSSA.,” IYG said. “Of course,
every thing above this is for the crew only, but you can see all the guests
arriving, and everyone in the pool, and all sorts of good stuff from here.”

“This is incredible – is that Kelly Rowland on top of that guy down there?”

“Huh?” IYG said. Looking down, sure enough Kelly Rowland and Kojain were
still going at it. “Damn, he doesn’t stop, does he?”

“So,” Rachel said. “Who were you planning on hooking up with while you were

IYG blinked. “Well, uh, I didn’t really come with anyone.”

“So you’re just going to hook up with whoever you find?” Rachel asked.

“I wasn’t even sure I’d hook up,” IYG muttered.

“Well, you can’t have that! It’s a CSSA event! You gotta hook up with

“Uh-“ IYG started.

“Tell you what, who are your top ten babes?”


“Your top ten. Who are they?”

“Well, uh, I guess that would be Sarah Michelle Gellar, Angelina Jolie,
Jennifer Garner, Natalie Portman, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jennifer Love
Hewitt, Salma Hayek, Eliza Dushku, Shania Twain, and Emma Watson.”

“Emma Watson?” Rachel said. “Isn’t she a little young for you.”

“I’m not that old-”

“Well, tell you what – while we’re on this cruise, I’m going to try and hook
you up with as many members of your top ten as I can.”

“You will?” IYG said, his jaw hanging open.

“Yep. And, if I don’t get as many of them as I can before the cruise is
over, you can make up the difference with me.”

“What do you mean?” IYG asked.

“Say I only get you six of your top ten – then I’ll let you do me four
times, so that you at least get it ten times.”

“Okay. What if you don’t get ANY of them?”

“Then you get to do me ten times,” Rachel said.

“Uh, okay.”

“What, am I that ugly to you?”

“NO!” IYG said. “It’s just, well, I don’t usually get offers like that.”

“C’mon, let’s go find you some babes,” Rachel said, grabbing his hand and
tugging him back down the stairs.

* * *

Jaime Pressly stood
outside the door of suite 821 and wrapped her knuckles against the
well-finished wood. She adjusted the left strap of her lime tree green
bikini top higher on her shoulder. The top was lightly covered by a lovely
see-thru white top with all of the buttons ajar. Her tight sky blue colored
shorts hugged her ass well enough to show off every curve of her hind
quarters. Her light green flip-flops shuffled in anticipation across the
carpeted floor as she waited for the door to swing in.

She saw the door handle turn and the door swung open. Roselyn stood in the
doorway with a smile that took no time at all to flash across her cheeks.

“Jaime!” Roselyn shouted as she took a step into the hallway and wrapped her
arms around Jaime’s back.

“Hey, Popi. How have you been?” She asked while returning the hug.

Roselyn pulled back to face her. “Things couldn’t be better.” A glowing
flash could be seen in the pupils of her eyes.

“Oh my God.” Jaime started laughing.

“What is it?”

Jaime tried to control her laughter. “I never thought I’d say this to
anyone, but you’re fucking glowing.”

“I am not.” Roselyn responded with the smile creeping back onto her face.

“Girl, if I had you around, I’d never need a flashlight again.” A small
snort was heard from Jaime.

“Get your ass in here.” Roselyn demanded as she burst into laughter as well.

Jaime shot inside the suite as Roselyn gave her fanny a light slap as she
passed by her.

“Where’s Raw?” Jaime asked quickly.

“He’s in the shower.” Roselyn responded while shutting the door.

“Washing up?”

“Of course. Do you want some breakfast?” Roselyn asked as she sat down at
the small table that sat next to the sliding glass doors.

“Nah, I already ate. I’m ready to get by the pool and sip on some
margaritas. You go ahead though. I know how sex makes you hungry.”

“You’re such a bitch.” Roselyn laughed as she took a sip of black coffee.

Jaime sat down on the opposite end, put her elbows on the table and cradled
her chin in her hands.


“What?” Roselyn asked.

“Spill it, bitch. How have things been going with you and Mr. Ballz? Why are
you glowing and why in the hell haven’t you called me in six months?”

Roselyn took a bite of the blueberry bagel and giggled. “I told you things
are fantastic with Mr. Ballz & I.”

Silence was again the noise of choice.

“Popi, if you don’t spill it & spill it right fucking now, I’m gonna come
over there, pull you’re panties down and spank you’re little bottom raw.”

“I’ll let you do that anyway, Jaime. And besides, I’m not wearing anything
else under this bathrobe.”

“Speak!” Jaime yelled followed with a laugh.

“We couldn’t be happier. We’ve grown closer than I ever originally thought
we ever could, okay? Does that sound good enough to you?”

“So, you haven’t heard anything from Mr. Cent since New Year’s Eve?”

“Not a peep, thank God.” Roselyn said as she took another sip of coffee.

“You have any more of that?”

“Coffee? Sure, help yourself.” She pushed the coffee dispenser her way.

Roselyn sat back in her chair, crossed her lengthy legs and held her cup
with both hands.

“One thing though………….at times Raw really doesn’t act

“What do you mean, himself? Who does he act like?” Jaime giggled.

“Seriously, Jaime. I think that fight with 50 really knocked something loose
in his head. He’s fine most of the time & I really shouldn’t complain about
when he’s not himself, but…..”

“You’re stammering, Popi. What are you trying to say?”

A small smile caressed across her lips. “It’s funny, when we’re intimate he
acts like a raging beast sometime. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for
incredible sex, but it’s really strange sometimes. I mean, he calls himself
a different name and everything. It’s like he has a split personality.”

“What does he call himself?”

“Zllabwar or something like that. He still makes love with me tenderly, but
not when he’s Zllabwar. It’s balls-to-the-wall fucking going on, pure and

“Sounds exciting.” An intrigued Jaime crossed her legs.

“Oh, believe me it is. The funniest thing about it is how I found out why he
gets like this.”

Jaime leaned in closer.

“There is a codeword that send him into this fit….this other personality.
I found out about it a couple months ago when I told him what we were having
for dessert that night.”

“What was it?”

“Poundcake.” Roselyn whispered.

“I don’t believe you!”

Jaime started to laugh but cut it short when she heard the bathroom door
open and Raw’s voice.

“Baby, could you rub some of this Neosporin on my back? I think you drew
blood this time.”

Raw walked out of the bathroom garnered in only a white towel wrapped around
his waist.

“Oh, Jaime I didn’t know you were here.”

“Get attacked by a wild animal, did you?”

“Yeah, something like that.” Raw said as he leaned down to give Jaime a deep

“So, what’ve you got planned today, Jaime?”

“Oh, a lot of drinking and fooling around. I’m all booked up today.”

“Well, why don’t you join us for breakfast first?” Raw poured himself a cup
of black coffee and kissed Roselyn on her cheek.

“I’m not hungry. I got filled up this morning on…….poundcake.”

Jaime’s laugh soon fell to a studder as Raw grabbed her by the shoulders and
threw her on the bed.

“Oh……My……God!” Jaime screamed.

“I tried to tell you. You better hurry up and get some lube, he doesn’t wait
when he’s like this.” Roselyn smiled as her hand slid between her

* * *

Amber Tamblyn boarded the ship, wondering why
she’d signed up for another one of these events. She wasn’t the typical
party girl that attended orgies, but she had to admit there was certainly
something dangerous and fun about having several different mouths kissing,
licking, and sucking your flesh at the same time as they brought you to even
greater heights of pleasure. She got so lost in contemplation of being
licked and sucked that she walked right into the person in front of her.

“I’m so sorry,” Amber apologized as she bent down to pick up the sunglasses
and towel she’d knocked out of the girl’s hands. “Renee?”

“Oh, hi Amber,” Renee said, surprised to see Amber at this kind of thing.

They’d seen each other around the CBS lot in the two years Amber’s show had
been on the air and Renee had been on Still Standing and had developed a bit
of a friendship. They were too far apart in age to really have much in
common, but they still waved when they saw each other and talked from time
when they had time off on the set at the same time.

“You looking for someone?” Amber asked her, discreetly looking the sixteen
year old up and down in her pink bikini.

“I was looking for Jennifer Garner, but I, um, found her,” Renee said,
blushing slightly.

“Oh, okay,” Amber said, getting the gist of what Renee meant. She remembered
how she’d felt the first time she’d been exposed to this sort of environment
and knew how Renee felt. “You can hang around with me if you want, though
I’ve been told I’m a little boring.”

“Boring would be good right now,” Renee said. Her mind was being overloaded
by the images all around her so a chance to recover was definitely

* * *

“So, come here often?” Joe asked Emmy Rossum as she was getting a cup of
coffee from the dining room.

To her credit, she didn’t scream bloody murder about an idiot trying to pick
her up. She just stared at him blankly as she pored over possible responses
to such an idiotic question.

“You want to know if I come on cruise ships often?” she finally replied. “Or
are you using stock, unimaginative lines for the hell of it?”

“Mostly the latter,” Joe said, trying to roll with the punches.

“At least you’re honest,” Emmy said, shrugging her shoulders as she let out
a short laugh.

“Guess who?” a voice said from behind Joe as a pair of hands covered his

“Umm, the hands don’t have enough fur on them to be Hamster, so I’ll say
it’s his hyena,” Joe replied.

“You are so going to pay for that,” Elisha Cuthbert said as she playfully
pushed Joe’s shoulders. “Maybe I should just forget about you and hang out
with Emmy there.”

“Maybe you should,” Joe said as he looked at his watch. “Emmy, can you keep
an eye on Elisha for me? I have to go find a couple people. Shouldn’t take
me long.”

“I guess,” Emmy said, wondering how she’d gone from being the target of his
pick up attempts to baby sitting his girlfriend.

* * *

Kelly Clarkson said as she stowed the last bits of her stuff away. “What do
we do first?”

TRL came up behind her and gently kissed her bare shoulder. “Well, I was
thinking missionary would be a good place to start, then you can start
paying off that week of anal you lost to me the other day-”

“Uh, hello!” Eva said. “Desperate Actress over here.”

Kelly turned around and kissed TRL quickly on the lips. “Now now, Eva, you
already had you chance with him.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Eva said, coming over and pulling Kelly and TRL
apart. “We have the entire cruise to fuck each other silly – I want to get
out, see who else is here, and what kind of trouble they’re all getting

“Actually,” Kelly said, shooting TRL an apologetic look, “That does sound
like fun. These things are always so crazy, who knows who we’ll run into.”

TRL rolled his eyes. “You know, when I agreed to share a room with two
babes, somehow I thought there’d be more sex involved.”

“C’mon, Vader pants,” Eva said, grabbing the draw string on TRL’s shorts.
“We can let you pick on those Battlestar Galactica girls while Kelly and I
look around.”

TRL shrugged. “That sounds like fun.”

“Just save some energy for me later, TRL,” Kelly said, smiling.

“Me, too,” Eva said, giving his drawstrings another quick tug.

* *

He remembered exactly how he had kicked off 2005. It would take
Alzheimer’s to forget.

He saw his first sunrise fucking Jessica Alba from behind on a balcony. He
hadn’t came yet, because about 20 minutes prior to that he’d blown a massive
wad all over Brooke Burke’s rack that she had licked up. History is
cyclical, he thought, as he reached up and played with Jessica’s nipples
with his free hand while two fingers pistoned her snatch.

It wasn’t love–she would fuck other people on this ship, he was already
thinking about seeing if he could be the dark meat in a Battlestar Galactica
Park/Helfer sandwich–but when they got together, incomprehensibly, it just

For the first time in five minutes, he pulled his head up so he could see
the look on her face.

She moved some of her honey-blond hair out of her eyes and focused her gaze
on him as he licked up everything like an eager, expectant puppy. The pout
as she brought her head forward reminded him of her Dark Angel days, and he

“Yeah, baby.” Her hand covered his, four fingers tweaking one nipple and
then the other. “Make your queen happy.”

“How happy?” The moment they’d kissed on the deck and fallen into the lawn
chair, her pushing his head down as he removed her black two-piece had made
sure he would be on his knees. Not that he minded. She was the one who
needed the worship, after all; if she stared at him hard enough, he’d

“Not quite that happy.” She smiled at him, readjusting herself on the
plastic. “Gotta save something for the rest of the trip.” He shrank, just
a couple millimeters. “But you would do well to drop the beach trunks.”

With a quick flourish, he undid the bow in the front and discarded the
shorts so they landed on their briefcases and her bikini, and Jessica licked
her lips. He pulled out and put the luckiest fingers on planet Earth in
Jessica’s mouth, and once she began to suck them off he drove into her with
all her might, adding about 10 inches to her 67 other ones.

“Oh, godDAMN it!” he cried out. It was always a homecoming, and always an
event the first time they would hook up. Jessica torqued her body and he
felt the back of her legs on his shoulders as they leaned forward in a
drunken capital T, continuing to suck her juices off of his fingers.

“I missed Black Thunder so much!” she cried out, a mostly true statement.
She knew he loved it when she used their nickname for his unit. “I was
fucking myself on the way–I couldn’t wait for it to take over.” she moaned
breathlessly. His heart was beating so loud he wondered how long it was
going to be before someone tried to rap over it.

“Is that right, Jess?”

“Mmm-hmm! Spreading me open…yessss!”

“That’s…it?” He was feeling sweat come down the side of his face as he
reached the back of her head and stroked it before kissing her, tasting her
yet again with her tongue wrapping his like a bow.

“No…I’m going to be yours all week long.”

“I…know…that…” He slapped her tits as he continued to go
full-throttle. Every time he was faced with the same battle: take it slow
to preserve the moment or turn it up to 11 and bathe it in while he had it.

“NO. I’m gonna…gonna…”

“Gonna cum, aren’t you?”

“Gonna…fuck any chick you want on this boat!” That would be the beginning
of the end of him holding out. “Any hot piece of ass on the ship! I don’t
care if we’re in line at the buffet! I’ll suck their little clitties! I’ll
shove my tongue in their ass!”

“Oh, CHRIST!” He gritted his teeth and leaned back; if she was saying it to
get him to unleash the kraken, it was working. If she was saying it because
she was going to hold herself to this promise…

“Oh, is it making you cum, baby?” Jessica was taunting, panting, pawing her
clit all at once. “I’ll make you come all week until you can’t walk

“You…oh, god…”

“I saw Eva already…that cute little Asian girl from the Maxim…the cute
blonde from 24…just say the word. I’ll watch you fuck–ohh, fuck me

He pulled on her hair and stared her in the eyes. She stared at him back.
They knew.

“I’ll fuck myself and watch you fuck. I’ll suck off any girl for you. I’ll
even let you fuck me in the ass this time.”

“JESSICA, I’m going to come!”

“That’s right! Fuck me! No Cash, No Liz!” She kissed him, biting on his
bottom lip. “For the next week, it’s you and me. All the time. You love

That hadn’t been in doubt for years. His eyes rolled around and she grabbed
him by the head so he saw her eye-to-eye.

“…and I’m going to repay you with my love. Until you can’t WALK!”

He slipped a finger in her ass, and she began squealing.

“Fuck your queen! Oh, fucking come inside me! Ohhh ooooh…” Both of them
screamed and moaned as he began to lean forward, and then screamed even
louder–she clamped down on him.

One holy shit later, he collapsed on top of her as she bathed him with her
orgasm. He kissed her face, the cute little mole on her chin.

“Were you serious? What you said?” he managed to get out between breaths.
She stroked his face.

“Every word. Every late night e-mail you sent, I kept. All your
fantasies…I’m going to try to make them all come true.”

“Jess…you are my fantasy come true.”


They kissed as though nothing could fall. It was a grandiose Hollywood
moment, as the sea breeze played across their bodies during the loving

“You know, if you kids don’t put sunscreen on, you’re going to burn.”

“Yeah, thanks–” As Butch turned his head upwards, his head took in the
sight and his hand came off Miss Alba’s bellybutton ring.

It wasn’t just the brunette, but it helped.

It wasn’t just the statuesque body with curves, but it helped.

It wasn’t just the lifeguard one-piece bikini, which really helped.

What really put the moment over the top was the fact Angelina Jolie was
filling it out. His mouth was agape. For a wordsmith–and an extroverted
one at that–he was struck mute. Jessica smiled and nudged him aside as she
presented her chest, sweating and heaving.

“I sure could use some of that SPF, if you’re giving it out.”

Angelina’s face had one of her trademark smiles. “It doesn’t come free, you

She squirted a few shots of lotion on Alba’s bare chest, and Jessica moaned
as Angelina massaged it into her. Her mouth opened, and that’s when he
realized the last orgasm had killed him and he was truly in the kingdom of

His cum, spilling out of Jessica Alba’s lips, and right onto Angelina
Jolie’s. The girls moaned and sighed, but Jessica stopped and looked at

“Are you crying, Butch?”

“I’m not crying! It’s dusty out here! Fucking…ocean!”

* *

There was a soft rap at Anne Hathaway’s cabin door and she went and
it opened to find Michelle Trachtenberg standing there with a bag.

“Hi Michelle.” Anne said.

“Hi Anne, could you help me out?” She asked.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Anne.

“I was hoping that you could tell me which bikini I should wear.” Michelle

“No problem at all.” Anne said.

Anne sat on the corner of the bed and watched as Michelle dumped her bathing
suits onto the seat across from her. Michelle took her blue top off and then
pulled off her white shorts. She then took off her bra and panties and went
for a red & white striped bikini. Michelle gave a slow turn.

“Do you like it?” Michelle asked.

Anne nodded her approval. The girl had fantastic set of boobs and a great

Michelle smiled then stripped down again and put on a metallic silver
bikini. This process continued with several different ones. As she watched
Anne was getting fairly aroused and was imagining herself sucking on
Michelle’s tits.

Finally once Michelle got on a black bikini that was a bit too small for her
Anne couldn’t take anymore.

“You are trying to get me hot aren’t you?” Demanded Anne as she stood.

“Guilty.” Michelle said.

“Well it worked.” Anne said as she crossed over to Michelle.

She grabbed Michelle by the waist and pulled in tight, she kissed her deeply
and soon both girls were kissing enthusiastically as the felt up each
other’s breasts feeling and squeezing for all they were worth. Anne deftly
removed Michelle’s bikini bottoms and knelt in front of her crotch. Soon
Anne’s tongue was flickering across Michelle’s pussy. Michelle moaned as she
closed her eyes and squeezed her own breasts. She was lost in a wonderful
see of pleasure until she finally came.

“YES oh yessss, that is so wonderful I’m cuuuuuuming.” Michelle cried as she

After lapping up the rest of Michelle’s juices Anne stood. “Now that I’ve
made you cum, there is something that I’d like for you to do for me.”

Ms. Fluffy’s ears perked. She was watching the girls with great interest.

“What do you want?” Asked Michelle.


It felt almost as if Rose was going to suck his cock clean off of him and
Hamster was loving every pleasure filled minute. Hamster felt the pleasure
course through him as he gently stroked Rose hair until it built up in
levels he could no longer control. With light grunt he filled her mouth with

She gulped it down and wiped her mouth.

“Later Hammy.” She said.

“Aren’t we going to cuddle.” Hamster asked.

“Nah.” She said as she left.

Hamster wandered off downtrodden, feeling dirty and used.

* *

Raven Symone was standing on deck, having just boarded tapping her
high heeled foot impatiently. She was wearing a flowered sundress that
hugged her considerable curves and showed off her often unappreciated gams
to serious advantage.

“Where is that asshole, we’re almost ready to leave?”

Her answer came unexpectedly from above as a bright purple helicopter came
into view, hovering dangerously low over the docks and scaterring the few
people still in line to board. A rope descended from either side and Lexa
and Gwen skinned down each of them dressed in matching teal cat suits. The
helicopter rose up.

“Do we have to?” asked Gwen.

“Hey, we knew he was nuts when hooked up with him.”

Each took a medieval style trumpet off their back and blew a slightly
off-key blast. On cue Tricksterson leapt out of the helicopter, deployed a
parasail and floated to the ground, bearing a passenger piggyback.

“Well,” said Raven striding down the gangplank, “No wonder I didn’t notice
you what with you hiding in the background and all”

“Hi hun,” replied Trickster sheepishly as he and his burden untangled
themselves. “Oh, uh, this is Emmy.”

“Uhhuh, tad young for this isn’t she?”

“You’re mad aren’t you?

“Damn right I’m mad, you forgot to pick me up!”

“Oops.” He went to his knees in apology, took off her high heel and kissed
her foot, licking his way up her leg and under her dress.

Emma was staring fascinated. This was her first experience with something
like this and she felt her loins stirring. She also felt an arm going
around her shoulders and looked up at Gwen’s smiling face.

“Getting turned on?”

“Mmmphm” was the noncommittal reply. Both Gwen and Lexa had been awfully
cold to her on the ride up.

“Listen, I’ll admit we were jealous bitches but lets be friends okay?”

“Okay,” said Emma and stuck out her hand only to have grasped and then be
pulled into a lip lock with the tall blond.

“And where do I fit in here?” asked a fuming Lexa.

Tricksterson ducked his head out from under the writhing Raven’s skirts to
answer. “In my cabin, with me and Raven post haste. Gwen, can you see Emmy
to her room?”

“No,” said Gwen, coming up for air. “But I’ll see her to mine. All the
rooms connect right?”

“Yup, that’s why we booked this particular ship.” The two couples proceeded
to board as dockworkers cleaned up Tricksterson’s mess and the crew lugged
aboard the man sized packing case being lowered from the

* * *

Natalie Portman and Danica Patrick arrived
on the main deck about the same time Tricksterson’s bunch arrived. Danica
felt her eyes go wide as she saw Tricksterson drop to his knees and go up
under Raven’s skirt, but Natalie just shook her head.

“What is it with this bunch,” Natalie said, looking at the strange case the
crew was hauling aboard. “They’ve all gotta bring a bunch of weird stuff on
trips like this. I barely brought enough clothes to last the week.”

Danica tried to say something, but she just couldn’t get her mouth to work
quite right.


The two girls spun around at the sound of the voice, and found TRL, Eva
Longoria, and Kelly Clarkson coming up behind them.

“Hey guys!” Natalie said warmly, hugging Kelly first, then Eva.

“What, no hug for me?” TRL asked, his face downtrodden.

“You,” Natalie said, smiling, “Get more than a hug.” With that, she leaned
in and kissed him once on the lips, then drew him to her in a huge hug.
“It’s so good to see you again. All of you.”

“It’s good to see you, too, Natalie,” Kelly said. “Who’s your friend?”

“Oh, my manners,” Natalie said. “Danica, this is Eva Longoria, Kelly
Clarkson, and TRL, the author. Guys, this is Danica Patrick.”

“Oh, wow,” TRL said, offering Danica his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” Danica said.

“Have you guys seen Keira around yet?” Natalie asked.

“I thought I saw her earlier” Eva said.

* * *

“Happy birthday, Hayden,” Victor beamed as he toasted
the young actress on the upper deck.

Hayden Panetierre giggled as she sloshed her glass of ginger ale. “It’s not
for two days, Vic,” the 15-year-old pointed out.

“Dammit, jumping the gun again. Just wishful thinking.”

“Or the traveling, right? Messing up your head?”

Victor had to agree. He’d flown over to spend a week with his dad in
Barbados and a week with his mum in Nevis, building up to his flying over to
Miami with the latter for the day the Cruise started and his real vacation
started. It wasn’t so much the jaunts and the customs wrangles that took it
out of him as the excuses he had had to tell them (separately) as to why
neither of them could come along on this trip; somehow Victor didn’t think
his parents would take kindly to the idea that their son was about to fuck
several women he’d had his eye on for years, or in some cases months. And
knowing his dad, he’d probably want to know where (shudder) Diana Ross was.

Anyway, Mum and Dad were going to be spending a week in Miami – separately,
thank goodness – and they were going to wave wildly at him when the Luxury
set a course for adventure, its sights on more than romance. And the
youngest one of Victor’s ladies had been the first one to come on board,
kissing her parents and sister goodbye and telling them she was going to be
fine, or whatever else she had told them to keep them from coming after her.
She might have been a little girl, but she knew what she had; the way she
carried on at premieres had told Victor that.

“You want another drink?” Hayden asked.

“That’s my job,” Victor replied.

“No no no, it’s cool,” she told him, bending forward a little. “You’ve got
to relax for the big day. Don’t want any falling asleep on the job, right?”

Victor nodded, trying not to look down Hayden’s shirt, the way she wanted
him to. He told himself to think back to an hour earlier as the girl smiled
at him and got up to go to the bar… if Hayden was going to wake things in
him, better channel them to thinking about someone old enough.


Nothing but the best for the CSSA Cruise; even the lower-class decks – or
the closest equivalents thereof – had accommodations that made the Waldorf
Astoria look like a slum. It was in one of these that Jessica Biel threw her
head back underneath as he thrust away between her legs, with her pouting
lips locked onto his, her superb body and his not-so-fabulous one locked
together as they ground away on the mattress, one so thick that even the
most intense gymnastics couldn’t make it creak.

“You… couldn’t… WAIITTTT!!!” Victor screamed, grabbing Jessica B tighter
as he shot the first cum of the voyage deep into her steaming cunt.

“You… couldn’t… either…” she pointed out, enjoying the way he kept
rushing into her and shaking with how it felt.

“Tell me about it,” Hilary Duff smiled from the other end of the room,
sitting naked and waiting her turn. “The moment that business on the island
was over with he was all over me and Cindy.”

“Oh yeah. Victoria’s Island,” Jessica B. muttered. She was still pissed that
she hadn’t been able to come. Damn filming schedules. “When’s the next one?
And why did you put me in J-Lo’s? Are you saying I’m a bad girl?”

“Well, are you?”

Jessica B raised an eyebrow. “I could be…” She put her arms around
Victor’s neck and kissed him. “We’ve got a whole ocean to find out. I’m
kinda surprised you aren’t with Cindy though.”

“I hear she had some kind of emergency job,” Victor told the sultry actress.
“She couldn’t make it.”

“Never mind,” Hilary cooed, climbing onto his back. “We’ll help you get over

* * * * * * * * * *

“Get over it, we’re here!” Cindy Crawford snapped to Nicollette Sheridan as
they headed up the gangplank behind a tall woman hefting more luggage than
either of them.

“But the guy went driving all over the place just to up his fare!” the
former Paige and latter-day Edie grumbled, glaring at Cindy through her
sunglasses. “I told you we should have hired a limousine, but no. You had to
have a taxi, and now we’re out like 150 dollars.”

“I don’t know why I went with you instead of her,” Cindy groaned. “I don’t
even know why I came all this way when that job wrapped up early…”

The woman in front of them reached into her shirt pocket and took out a
folded picture, opened it up and handed it back to Cindy. She and Nicollette
instantly recognized it; it was a candid shot of their mutual friend with
her hand around Victor’s prick. “Oh yeah…” the two women said as one.

“Oh yeah indeed,” Nicole Kidman agreed, carrying their stuff onto the

* * *

Lindsay Lohan stepped out of her car and grabbed
her bags. The tropical wind blew her blonde hair back out of her face.

She sighed as she looked upon the ship that would be her resting place for a
week and smiled. After being on her knees the entire night on new Years Eve
she couldn’t wait for what was about to happen.

With all her bags gathered she headed for the ramp, but just as she got
there an instantly recognized Hummer sped up to the dock.

“Lindsay Morgan Lohan, don’t you even think of getting on that boat.”
shouted Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mom.

“Mo-o-om” Lindsay said annoyed that her mom had followed her there.

“I know what happened in Boston young lady, I will not have you treated like
an animal by these people.” Dina said with her hands on her hips.

“Mom, I lost a bet that’s why I was on a leash the whole night.” Lindsay
said as her mom rubbed her temples.

“I don’t care, you are not going on this cruise. I will not have you
catching something from these people.” Dina replied.

“Mom, don’t act like you know what goes on here, you’ve never been to one of
these and don’t think I don’t know about you in college.” Lindsay shot back.
Sure Dina had her wild days but those stopped when she became pregnant with
Lindsay and she didn’t care to relive them.

Lindsay turned and bolted on to the ship, it took Dina a second to come to
her senses and once she did she took off running after her rebel daughter.

* * *

“So, you’re gonna sleep until tonight?” Sheridan asked Evil as they
re-entered their cabin after depositing Michelle Rodriguez in hers.
Sheridan’s tongue had worn her out already and she was sleeping off an
explosive orgasm.

“Yeah, filming the movie took it out of me so I need a few hours rest. Wake
me up when we start to leave port.” Evil said as he collapsed on his bed.

“I’m gonna go check out that pool.” Sheridan said as she finished undressing
into a different bikini, this one was powder blue. Evil smirked at her
choice in clothing.

“You remember that time when we were at you and Jason’s house having a pool
party and you dived in the pool, when you came up your bikini was gone?”
Evil asked.

Sheridan laughed. “I can’t believe you remember that, it was so

“I bet there are some ladies and men on this ship hoping for an encore.”
Evil said as Sheridan finished dressing.

“Well, good night.” Sheridan said as she closed the door. Evil turned over
and went to sleep.

* * *

Mia Maestro returned to the shady
spot on the starboard side of the ship with the lemonade and ice tea she’d
been sent for a few minutes before. Hiding underneath a large straw hat,
Jennifer Garner still looked warm – warm and pregnant – as Mia came up to

“Here’s you lemonade, Jen,” Mia said, sitting down next to her.

“Thanks. God, I wish I could have a REAL drink. Being pregnant sucks

“I bet,” Mia said. “So, other than me, was there anyone else you were
looking forward to fucking while you were on this trip?”

“Oh, whoever I can find,” Jennifer replied.

“What about Evil?” Mia said.

“That’s why I’m wearing a hat,” Jen said. “So he doesn’t see me.”

Mia shook her head. “Jen, you play a better disguise artist than you really
are. You’re pregnant on a sex cruise – you stand out like a sore thumb.
Sooner or later, Evil’s going to spot you.”

“Well, until then, I’ll just have to have all the fun I can have. Besides,
no one’s spotted me yet.”

“Jennifer Garner?” a voice said.

Mia shot Jen a meaningful look as the two Alias stars turned to see Rachel
McAdams and IYG approaching them.

“I thought that was you – my gosh, you’re pregnant!”

“Can you keep it down,” Jennifer said. “I’m trying to keep a low profile.”

“Low profile?” Rachel said, confused. “In THAT bathing suit?”

Mia giggled.

“What can I do for you, Rachel?”

“Actually, I was hoping you could help me out – I promised IYG here I’d help
him get with his entire Top Ten list before the cruise is over.”

“That’s nice,” Jen said.

“Anyway, you’re on his list,” Rachel said.

“I am?” Jen said, looking at IYG.

“Yeah,” he said, looking a bit shell-shocked. Jen frowned. “So you just
thought you’d bring him to me and I’d fuck him?”

Rachel frowned. “It’s a CSSA cruise. Aren’t you here to fuck everybody?”

Jen frowned. She hadn’t really come for the fucking – though she’d enjoy Mia
to every extent she could. Really, she just wanted to vacation – it would
probably be the last before she had the baby. Still, IYG was cute, and
Rachel was…. well Rachel was worth putting up with almost anything for a
shot with.

“Tell you what, IYG,” Jennifer said. “If you let me have some fun with
Rachel, I’ll give you a blow job.”

“Deal!” IYG said quickly.

“Whoa!” Rachel said. “Hang on a second!”

“You don’t want to fool around with me, Rachel?” Jennifer asked.

“That’s not my problem. I think you should let IYG fuck you, that’s all.”

“I’m pregnant – let me get away with something.”

“I don’t mind,” IYG said. Judging from the bulge in his shorts, he was more
than happy with the arrangement.

“You sure?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah, but I want to go first,” IYG said.

“Tell you what, IYG,” Jennifer said, undoing the bottom of her bikini. “I’ll
suck you off while Rachel sucks me off.”

Rachel frowned again, but said nothing as she got down between Jen’s legs.
“C’mere, IYG,” Jen said. “Let me show you how I’ve been keeping Evil happy
through my pregnancy.”

IYG smiled, and dropped his shorts.

* * *

Cosmo was feeling
pretty good about himself as he made his way back to his cabin. He had been
thrilled when he heard rumors that Maria Sharapova would be on this cruise,
but wasn’t sure how to approach her. Luckily, a set of very fortunate
coincidences solved that problem for him. He had gone back ashore to grab
the backpack his cabin mate had left on the pier, and as fate would have it
Yuri Sharapov had chosen that moment to become a belligerent asshole towards
his daughter.

‘The fool might as well have handed Maria to me on a silver platter and
begged me to fuck her silly,’ he thought to himself. Cosmo knew Maria was
fawning over him as he helped her to her stateroom, and he would have gladly
obliged her if not for the fact that he needed to return his cabin mate’s
bag. Normally, only a complete idiot would turn down Maria Sharapova just
to return their roommate’s backpack. But in this case however…

“Took you long enough,” Mandy Moore said playfully as Cosmo entered their
room. “I was afraid you’d drowned.”

“Sorry, I got held up,” Cosmo answered as he dropped her bag on the bed and
joined her on their balcony.

“Yeah, I saw that commotion down there,” Mandy gestured down to the boarding
ramp. “That was Maria Sharapova wasn’t it? Is she really that beautiful in

“Yes and yes.”

“Why aren’t you with her now?”

“She’s pretty overwhelmed right now, and I didn’t want to rush her into
anything. Besides, I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”

Mandy kissed him softly. “That’s so sweet of you. It turns me on.”


Mandy answered by dropping to her knees and unzipping Cosmo’s shorts. “Let
me show you just how much it turns me on.”

* * *

“Popi, HELP
ME!” a helpless Jaime screamed as Raw tore her bikini top off with one

She could see in his eyes that this wasn’t the Raw of times past. This was
someone else indeed. Some raging, out of control demon with the sex-drive of
a lion. Jaime was indeed turned-on, but turned-on by the fear of her present

Raw jerked at her shorts until they found their way off her feet along with
her bikini bottoms. Jaime knew she didn’t have much time to prepare for the
inevitable after watching Raw’s towel fall from his hips. He was fully erect
and ready for action.

Quickly, Jaime managed to suckle three fingers and spread the moistness
around her pussy lips before Raw reared back to give it to her.

Raw grabbed Jaime’s wrists and pulled them down to her sides on the bed. He
pushed his body forward catching her legs on his shoulders as his man meat
was inserted full-force into her surprised cunt.

almost blew a hip out.

As if trying to play “Beat The Clock”, Raw wrapped his paws around her
shoulders and pushed forward again.

Jaime, now in no position to withdraw or argue, could only take the pounding
Raw was inflicting on her tight little box.

With each stroke Raw began forcing himself deeper and faster. Jaime’s entire
body jiggled every time the Jackhammer struck again and again and

Roselyn untied her white bathrobe and let the sides drift down to her sides.
Her completely naked body was like a vision of heaven as the morning sun
seem to soak into her skin instead of just bouncing off.

She lightly spread her legs as she watched her soul mate punish one of her
best girlfriends right in front of her. Her hands soothed down the insides
of her legs & gently back up to the thighs. She smirked to herself, knowing
that she could stop this at anytime. All she had to do was tell Jaime the
other codeword, but she thought she’d wait until she got off.

After ten straight minutes of constantly abusing her pussy, Raw pulled out
and grabbed her by the left arm & leg and pulled until Jaime flipped onto
her belly. She knew where this was all heading.

But to her surprise she felt Raw prying open her asshole. She was about to
turn her head and speak up until Raw shoved a cool six and a half inches of
100% Angus beef into her rectum. Jaime’s entire body stiffened up as she
intently felt his cock pushing and pulling its way inside of her.

Raw grabbed her by the wrists again and pulled them behind her back as if
she were being arrested. Her head fell quickly to the pillow as Raw picked
the pace up and thrust himself deeper inside the cavern of her almighty butt

Jaime felt a tingling sensation rise up her body from just below her belly
until it shook her fingers and toes. The orgasm was so incredible that her
screams could be heard perfectly clear, even though she had a mouth full of

Jaime knew she had reached her limit, for the time being. She had orgasmed
hard and full enough to wait until the last day of the trip until having sex
again. But yet, Raw was not stopping. This worried Jaime to death. Not
knowing what to do, she looked for Roselyn in desperation.

Standing right beside the bed, Roselyn told her “Say ‘driftwood’.”

“DRIFTWOOD!!! DRIFTWOOD!!!” Jaime yelled.

Raw stopped immediately and fell to the bed with his eyes closed.

“Oh my God.” Jaime whimpered as she tried to catch her breath and look
around for her discarded clothes.

“Do you believe me now?” Roselyn asked as she sat on the bed next to her.

“I’m a believer. I have seen the fucking light.” Jaime breathed deeper.

“Tell me one thing, Popi. How in the hell did you figure out ‘driftwood’?”

“It took a long time and plenty of ice.”

* * *

As Natalie
Portman somehow rooked Kelly Clarkson and Eva Longoria into her search for
Keira Knightley, TRL found himself all alone near the pool. This was, of
course, fine by him, because the pool was rapidly becoming filled with cries
of passion.

It was no secret that TRL was a big fan of the new Battlestar Galactica. It
was also no surprise that one of the main reasons why he was so enamored
with it was it’s highly addictive female cast. Tricia Helfer, Grace Park,
and Katee Sackoff were three undeniable hotties, and TRL had sincerely hoped
they would show up for the cruise.

And here they were, the ship hadn’t even left port, and all three babes were
getting it on right in the middle of the pool – well, the side of the pool,
anyway. Tricia had Grace pinned to the side of the pool, and was frequently
dipping her head below the water in order to suck on Grace’s nipples. Katee,
on the other hand, was almost constantly underwater, switching between
licking Grace and Tricia’s respective crotches. TRL was instantly impressed
with how long she could hold her breath.

“Oh, Frak me!” Grace cried out as Tricia went beneath the water once more,
her lips circling around her costar’s nipple. “Frak me, frak me, FRAK ME!!!”

Suddenly, Katee came up out of the water.

“Oh, Frak, you two are impossible to get off.”

“Get yourself back down there, Katee!” Tricia said; coming up again, water
cascading down her face, plastering her blonde hair to her head. “I was
almost there.”

“The frak you were,” Katee said, taking a couple of deep breaths. “And I’m
sick of doing all the work.”

“Then get someone to frak you while you go back to Fraking me,” Tricia said,
her voice turning icy.

“Fine,” Katee looked around and her eyes quickly landed on TRL. “Hey, Nerd

TRL frowned at that, but spoke up none-the-less. “Yeah?”

“You get out of those Vader trunks and get your ass over here, and I’ll let
you Frak me.”

TRL thought for a second, shrugged, and dropped his trunks.

“Oooh,” Grace cooed. “And when you’re done with her, you can Frak me!”

“And me!” Tricia said as TRL jumped into the pool. He tensed momentarily as
the cooler-than-expected water hit his body, but made his way over to Katee.
She smiled at him once, turned around, and presented him her ass. “Frak away
– I’ve gotta get Miss Cylon off here.”

“That better be a promise,” both Tricia and Grace said at once.

TRL smiled and slid his hard cock right up against Katee’s ass.

She turned around and slapped his arm. “The FRONT door, Nerd Boy. Don’t push
your luck.”

“Yes, ma’am,” TRL said as he slid himself inside Katee’s wet pussy and
slowly started thrusting. Katee smiled at him once, then dove back down
beneath the water, angling her torso towards Grace.

“You can frak my back door later,” Tricia said to TRL with a wink before
turning back to Grace.

“I love this boat,” TRL said, happily fraking away.

* *

Raven threw herself on the bed while peeling off her dress. “Now
where were we? Oh yeah, you were making nice to me for being late.”

“Almost late,” corrected Tricksterson as he knelt down between her legs.

“Details, details, eat my pussy!”

“Aren’t we the top all of a sudden?” cooed Lexa as she stepped out of her
own clothes.

“That’s right, now come here and pay some attention to my tits.” The woman
smiled and obliged. Raven’s own hands were soon busy both on Lexa’s smaller
but still delightful breasts and inside her slit.

* * *

Meanwhile Emma was somewhat bewildered to have been dragged into a cabin by
another woman. She had agreed to this cruise only reluctantly, her parents
thinking she was pursuing a more innocent form of R&R after finishing
filming the latest Harry Potter epic.

Underneath the jumpsuit she had worn for “Tricksy’s” little stunt she had a
midriff bearing t-shirt and tight denim shorts that showed off her coltish
legs and surprisingly developed young ass. She felt Gwen’s hands roaming
underneath her shirt and even though it felt quite nice thought she should
at least make a perfunctory protest.

“Now hold on,” she said pulling away. “We haven’t even been introduced.”

“I thought we had,” replied Gwen, cocking an eyebrow sardonically. The
young brunette blushed at this.

“Well…not properly.”

“You *are* aware just what kind of cruise this is aren’t you.”

“Yes, it’s all just a bit much don’t you know?”

“Feeling a bit in over your head?”

“A bit.”

* * *

At this time Trickster’s own head was being eagerly worked on by both his
current partners. Raven was sucking his balls while Lexa’s mouth was
bobbing up and down his shaft.

“Slow down…don’t want to cum…just yet.”

The trio repositioned themselves once more so that Trickster was straddling
Raven’s torso and started fucking her massive boobs while Lexa placed her
crotch over her face. This way Trickster’s dick enjoyed one set of tits
while his lips and tongue explored the other.

* * *

“So have you ever kissed another girl before?”

“Ummm, no. There’s a *lot* of things I haven’t done before. That’s why I
agreed. Well that and Tricksy can be soo nice when he’s not ummm.”

“Acting nuts?”


“So let me introduce myself properly.” This time the kiss was both slower
and more tender. The older woman’s hands caressed the young girl’s back up
and down and in time Emma duplicated the moves. This time when the blond
singer pulled back her partner was smiling and eager to be disrobed.

As she undressed her Gwen understood what Trickster saw in the teenager.
Her body, while still developing was quite nice. Emma in turn ran first her
eyes, then her hands appreciatively over the older woman’s tight and toned

* * *

“I’m hungry, what about you?” Amber asked Renee as
they wandered the halls of the ship.

“I am kinda hungry,” Renee agreed.

“I wonder if the buffet is open,” Amber pondered. Before she they got far
though, Michelle Trachtenberg popped up front of them.

“Hey Amber,” Michelle greeted them. Looking behind Amber, Michelle sized up
Renee and then went back for another look. “Who’s your friend?”

“Michelle, this is Renee. Renee, Michelle,” Amber said, introducing them.

“I like redheads,” Michelle said, practically drooling. “Can I borrow her?”

“I don’t think so,” Amber responded coolly.

“What about you? There’s a closet just down the hall we can jump into for a
few minutes,” Michelle suggested.

“Sorry, can’t,” Amber said.

“Come on, please,” Michelle begged.

“You chose Hamster. You’re off limits,” Amber said before motioning for
Renee to turn away from Michelle and leave her standing there.

* * *

“So, is he always such a jackass?” Emmy asked Elisha as they sat down to
enjoy their coffee.

“Who, Joe?” Elisha asked.


“He’s not that bad, really,” Elisha responded.

“I find that hard to imagine,” Emmy said, though she had to admit he was
kind of cute.

“Maybe I can convince you to give him another try,” Elisha said, kicking off
one of her sandals and rubbing her bare foot against Emmy’s calf.

“I don’t know, I’m tough to convince,” Emmy replied.

“I’ll take the chance,” Elisha said, slipping out of her chair.

“That’s a nice start,” Emmy said as Elisha began pushing her skirt up her

When Emmy’s skirt was around her waist, Elisha grabbed the waistband of
Emmy’s panties and pulled them down. With Emmy’s panties around her ankles,
Elisha leaned forward and blew a stream of air across her pussy.

“Uh,” Emmy grunted, sliding her ass forward in her chair.

Elisha put her hands on Emmy’s thighs and spread her legs further apart.
Slipping her tongue out, she grazed Emmy’s slit with it, causing Emmy to
suck in her breath sharply. Taking Emmy’s reaction as a sign of approval,
Elisha began flicking her tongue against Emmy’s clit.

“Fuck,” Emmy moaned. She reached down and grabbed Elisha’s head and pressed
it against her pussy.

Sucking Emmy’s clit into her mouth, Elisha pressed her middle finger against
Emmy’s dripping hole. As she slid it in, she increased the suction on the
clit in her mouth.

“OH GOD,” Emmy wailed as she felt her body start to tense. As Elisha’s
finger pistoned in and out of her pussy, her muscles started to spasm as her
climax hit her.

“So, did I convince you?” Elisha asked as she looked up from between Emmy’s

“Oh yeah,” Emmy said, her body melting into her chair.

* *

Sheridan walked up the stairs to the main deck. As she stepped into
the sunlight she got a smattering of applause for her performance earlier
with Michelle Rodriguez. She smiled at the attention her black bikini was
getting her.

Sheridan approached the pool and slid into the shallow end for two reasons.
One, she just wanted to relax for a bit and two, there was a four person
orgy happening at the other end of the pool.

Sheridan smiled as she watched the moans of pleasure of the three women as
the guy’s head emerged from underwater and another woman fell back into the
pool wall.

Sheridan dunked her head underwater and came up for air, splashing water
over herself. “God I needed that” Sheridan said to herself as she sat back
on the steps to watch the orgy.

Sheridan though back to when her lifelong friend Evil first told her about
this, naturally she didn’t believe him but then he came home with Jennifer
Garner and told her that he’d gotten engaged to her. From that day on she
was a believer.

Before she could completely escape into her thoughts a sultry British voice
spoke from behind her.

“I think I am owed a certain payment.”

Sheridan turned and saw Keira Knightley standing above her smiling. Sheridan
knew what was coming and she couldn’t wait.

* * *

It was an
odd situation, Jennifer Garner mused. Here she was, several months pregnant,
lying on a lounge chair, giving a blow job to a kid she barely knew and
getting eaten out by an actress she’d never worked with.

And yet, she was enjoying herself. This was, after all, why most people came
to these CSSA events.

Jennifer sucked and yanked on IYG’s cock, using her saliva to make it wet,
and used her free hand to lightly grip his balls. Every other bob of her
head, she’d pull all the way off him, and give his head a quick little lick
before diving back down. She did this quickly, forcefully, as she wanted IYG
to get off fast.

She wanted him to finish because she didn’t know how long she could deal
with Rachel’s tongue! Jennifer had never really met Rachel McAdams before –
and she’d certainly never seen her at one of these CSSA events – but she
already loved the way the girl licked pussy. The way Rachel’s tongue was
moving inside Jen’s crotch, the Alias star began to wonder where she got her
experience from. After all, Rachel hadn’t been to one of these CSSA events
before, and yet she was eating pussy like a pro!

IYG’s rod jumped in her hands, and Jen knew he was getting close – poor boy
looked like he had died and gone to heaven. Jen felt a similar stirring in
her own body, and knew she wasn’t far from reaching Heaven, either. Damn, if
Rachel didn’t work fast!

Jen tugged a little harder of IYG’s balls, sucked his entire cock into her
out, and ran her tongue over the underside of it. She looked up just in time
to see IYG’s eyes roll into the back of his head, and then she felt the
first blast of his juices hitting the back of her throat. He got off four or
five powerful little bursts before finally wilting away, his legs literally
going week. If Mia Maestro hadn’t been standing behind him, he would’ve
collapsed to the floor.

Jennifer wasted no time, instead swallowing IYG’s come and quickly wrapping
both hands around Rachel’s head, pulling the girl even closer to her pussy.
Rachel instantly buried her tongue deep into Jennifer’s folds, and somehow,
at the same time, used her nose to rub Jen’s clit.

It took exactly fourteen seconds of that action to bring Jennifer Garner to
an earth-shattering orgasm. On any other ship, the cry she let loose
would’ve turned every head on the deck, but seeing as how this was a sex
cruise, no one paid her any mind. Jennifer collapsed back on her chair and
panted for several long moments.

“There,” Rachel said, getting up and wiping her mouth with a towel. “That
wasn’t so bad, was it.”

“Where on earth did you learn to lick pussy like that?” Jennifer asked,
looking up at the girl.

“I was in Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan taught me everything I know about
lesbian sex. And I’m a quick learner,” Rachel said as she turned to IYG. Mia
had managed to get him back on his feet, and he was slowly slipping his
trunks back on. “C’mon, IYG. One down, nine more to go.”

Jennifer and Mia watched Rachel lead IYG away, and the turned to each other.
“I have got to get Lindsay Lohan into bed,” they both said

* * *

Brittany Murphy walked around the luxury wing
of the ship completely lost. She couldn’t find her cabin, this ship was very
huge and it was easy to get lost in it.

“Finally” she said to herself as she spotted her room, it was a corner room
so this must be it. Brittany pulled out her key card and swiped it.


She swiped it again.


She then began pounding on the door and pushing hard on the handle, it was

“WHAT THE HELL” Brittany said, all of the sudden the door opened.

“What is your problem woman?” Evil asked as he groggily opened the door.

“Um…I think this is my room.” Brittany said.

“Nope, this room is mine and my friend Sheridan’s.” Evil said rubbing the
sleep out of his eyes.

“This isn’t room 105?” Brittany asked. Evil shook his head and pointed to
the number above the door, it read 180.

“Oops, I’m sorry.” Brittany said smiling, Evil went back to his bed allowing
Brittany to slip into his room with a mischevious smile on his face.

Evil sat down on his bed and began putting his boots back on when he noticed
her in his room. She was wearing daisy dukes with red boots and a red halter
top with let her block hair flow over her breasts. Evil liked what he saw
and Brittany knew it.

“Maybe I can make it up to you for waking you up.” Brittany said moving
closer to Evil, almost straddling him.

Evil leaned back and let Brittany fall on to him and began making out.

Evil grabbed Brittany’s ass through her jeans and pulled her on to his bed.
Brittany immediately moved toward his crotch and pulled his cock out, she
licked and slurped it all the while removing her clothes. She flung her top
toward the door while never breaking her suction on Evil’s cock.

Evil held her head in place as she kicked off her boots and slid her daisy
dukes down her shapely legs. Brittany broke her sucking and immediately slid
Evil into her.

Brittany pumped in and out very fast, which was easy since Evil’s cock was
soaked with her saliva already. Brittany nibbled on Evil’s neck while she
rode him. Brittany’s moans were heard down the hallway as she continued to

“Almost…” Evil stammered out, this wasn’t what he expected to find when we
was rudely woken up but he wasn’t complaining. Brittany moaned louder as she
too was approaching orgasm.

Both moaned loudly as they came. Brittany rode for a few more seconds as she
came down from her orgasm, she then collapsed at his side.

“Thanks for that one tiger.” Brittany said tracing a pattern onto his chest.

“Thanks for the wake up call.” Evil replied as Brittany giggled.

* *

Sheridan smiled up at Keira as the young brit quickly undid the
strings on her bikini bottom. “Now, let’s see,” Keira said, letting the
fabric fall away from her shaved crotch. “Now, I believe Evil told me you
can last in bed for a long time, I want to test drive you and see if he’s

“I’m ready whenever you are,” Sheridan said. “Do you want just one now, or
all three?”

Keira arched an eyebrow. “You’re offering me multiples, are you?”

“I am,” Sheridan said.

Keira thought for a long moment. “Okay, I’ll take all three right now. But
if you can’t give me all three, you’ll owe me three more later.”

“Ooh, I like a challenge,” Sheridan said.

Keira was looking across the pool at the small orgy going on over there. “Is
that TRL?”

Sheridan looked up at the man, who was now licking Tricia Helfer’s breasts
like they were lollipops. “Is it? I’ve never met him. He seems to be having

“Well,” Keira said, taking a few steps down the stairs and into the pool.
“Guess that gives me something to watch while you pay me.”

“I guess it does,” Sheridan said.

“Take your top off,” Keira ordered. “I want to feel your tits.”

Sheridan shrugged, and quickly slipped out of her black top, exposing her
36c breasts.

“Oh, my, those are lovely,” Keira said, pulling Sheridan to her. She kissed
the blonde once, then grabbed both breasts and squeezed. Sheridan moaned
lightly, but let Keira do whatever she wanted. Sheridan was going to enjoy
passing this particular test.

Sheridan reached for Keira’s chest, but the Brit slapped her hands away.
“None of that, now. You owe me three orgasms. You may start now, while I
watch my friend TRL fuck that Asian girl’s ass.”

Sheridan simply smiled and reached down with her right hand, letting it slip
under the water and press right up against Keira’s slit. With a minimum of
effort, she slid three fingers up into Keira, who moaned in time with one of
the women behind Sheridan in the pool. Keira kept her hands on Sheridan’s
chest, pulling and teasing her nipples while Sheridan slowly started
stroking away.

Sheridan lightly placed her thumb on top of Keira’s clit, and then quickly
started rubbing the engorged bud, making Keira gasp and moan.

“Oh, yeah, right there. Right there!” Keira moaned. “Bloody, hell, don’t

Sheridan rubbed her thumb faster of Keira’s spot. It helped that the water
made moving down there so much easier. Keira’s grip on Sheridan’s breasts
felt like vices, but Sheridan didn’t mind – she loved having her tits
squeezed and played with. Her only real complaint was that she couldn’t
watch the orgy going on behind her.

Sheridan felt Keira’s fold clamp down a bit on her fingers, but didn’t stop
thrusting. She had three orgasms to go, and Keira, while clearly enjoying
herself, wasn’t making it easy. The way she was holding Sheridan’s tits, the
blonde author couldn’t get down and lick the English actress – which
Sheridan knew would be the fastest way to get Keira off.

So instead, she concentrated on the actress’ clit, trying desperately to get
her off fast. Once Keira had climaxed once, it would be easy to get her off
again and again.

“Harder,” Keira hissed. “Rub me harder!”

Sheridan obliged, really pushing her thumb down over Keira’s clit. Sure
enough, the Brit babe squirmed and swayed, her body reacting to Sheridan’s
expert touch. The author could see that Keira was just about there, though
the other woman’s eyes were on the orgy going on over Sheridan’s shoulder.

Sheridan decided it was time Keira hit her limit, so as she thrust a fourth
finger into the other woman’s crotch, and pressed down hard on her clit,
Sheridan leaned in and kissed Keira hard.

Keira exploded, her orgasm shaking her entire body as she fell back, almost
hitting her head on the steps of the pool. Sheridan held her up, making sure
she didn’t slip under the water, and smiled as Keira slowly calmed down.

“That was bloody brilliant,” Keira said when she finally caught her breath.

“Thanks,” Sheridan smiled, playfully flicking her thumb over Keira’s clit
one more time.

“Think you can do it two more times?” Keira asked.

In response, Sheridan leaned in and kissed the Brit again. This was going to
be fun.

* * *

Standing outside his work station, Tom took one
last look from the dock. This was a tough situation. He’d throw on his
favorite “sweater” and be known for who he truly was. He had so many times
been mocked by his fellow C-S-S-Aer’s. Voodoo Joe. Cosmo Kramer. TRL.
Butch. They all took their fair share of swipes at him. He couldn’t stand
the potential humiliation that could come from one of their tricks. Then
again, here he was, on a cruise ship in the middle of God knows where.
Where else could he go? Besides, that “sweater” was more than clothing to
him. It was a way of life. There was no turning back.

He threw on his Steve Yzerman jersey and walked into the room. There was no
way he’d be unknown any longer.

“Hey 313,” somebody yelled out. Tom looked to see who it was, but he was
unable to tell. Oh well, he thought, I’ll probably see that person, whoever
that was.

Evil had set Tom up with the job of bartender. Being 19, he had no real
alcohol consumption, but he was willing to have a little fun. After
studying up on Drinks 101, Evil had given him the coveted position and Tom
couldn’t have been any happier.

“DRINKS ARE OPEN,” Tom shouted.

Unfortunately, it took a few moments before anybody came around. But when
someone finally did, Tom couldn’t have been more happier.

“Hey, you must be 313,” Stacy Ferguson said.

“Call me Tom. I’m guessing you must be Fergie,” Tom shot back jokingly.

“You can call me Stacy,” Stacy said. “I noticed you have quite the crush on
me. Anything I can do for your #1 spot?”

“Well, I, um, ahh,” Tom stammered. “Sorry, it’s permanently reserved for
Britney. But I can always show you a good time since she’s taking care of

“You’ll get your shot, big boy,” Stacy said. “For now, I’ll settle for a
strawberry daiquiri.”

“Coming right up,” Tom said. He looked under the bar and gathered the
necessary ingredients. Strawberry schnapps. Light rum. Lime juice.
Powdered sugar. Strawber—

“Hey,” Tom said. “Where the hell are those damn strawberries?”

At that moment, Tom started digging through his supplies for strawberries.
Alas, they were nowhere to be found.

“Hey, Stacy,” Tom popped up and said. “Can you hold down the fort? I’m
going to the kitchen for strawberries.”

“Sure thing, Tom,” Stacy agreed. “But before you go…”

With that, Stacy pulled Tom in by his Red Wings jersey and planted a kiss on
him, her tongue penetrating his lips. Tom felt powerless, knowing the only
thing to do was to give her tongue back. They spent what felt like forever
swapping spit. It was one of Tom’s dreams come true. After at least 45
seconds, Stacy let him go.

“The strawberries,” Stacy reminded her shocked bartender.

“Oh, yeah,” Tom said, turning around for the kitchen supply room.

* *

A slightly sad looking Hamster became downright depressed when he
saw a familiar face passing him.

“Oh fuck.” He said as he recognized his evil hell-bitch of an ex-wife.

“Nice to see you too Hamster.” J-Lo said.

“I’ll just try to pretend she isn’t here.” He said out loud to himself as he
averted his eyes and continued walking.

“Well that’s good because I have a NEW husband in mind.” J-Lo said.

“Another one? What’s this you’re going for your 666th victim you
insane-yet-attractive bitch?” Hamster demanded.

“You cannot stop me Hamster, I will find and break yet one more soul.” She
said with a slightly deranged look in her eyes.

“And what poor bastard are you slapping your spirit-crushing ball-and-chain
on?” Hamster asked.

“Someone you should know very well. Kojain Stali.” She announced.


“Your best man at our wedding.” J-Lo

“Sorry I’m drawing a blank.”

“Did I steal your brain in addition to your soul?” J-Lo asked.

“I really have no idea who you are talking about.” Hamster said. ” But
whoever this guy is I’ll never let you destroy him like you did SOOOOOOOO
many others.”

“We shall see.”


Michelle Trachtenberg was on top of the bed and all fours. Anne Hathaway had
announced her love of Michelle’s ass and had requested the privilege of
giving it a spanking.

Anne ran her hands over the soft globes of Michelle’s ass. They were as
close to perfect as Anne had ever seen. Michelle looked back nervously as
Anne lifted her hand and then slapped it across her bottom.

“EEEEP!!!” Michelle squeaked.

Anne decided to get it all out of her system before her lover changed her






“EOUCH! I hope you are happy.” Michelle said.

“Ecstatic.” Anne replied as she began to run her tongue over the reddened

She traced a trail all the way to Michelle’s pussy.

“Mmm, yeah, oh fuck, yes you are doing a great job of making up for that
spanking!” Moaned Michelle.

* * *

His absence had been
conspicuous and he knew it. Through all the previous times the world of
CSSA and the celebrities the authors had so lusted for he had received the
instant messages and the notes. They had asked for him and wondered when he
was going to get his ass in motion and actually join in, but each time KMB
had declined.

Oh sure there had always been excuses…most of all there had been the fact
that there was no time. Working two jobs (three if you counted chronicling
the adventures of the lusts lasses of Malibu, which he didn’t consider work)
had taken its toll on KMB and with each trip and each adventure he had
passed on getting involved.

But not now. Not this time. The offer had been too impossible to pass up.
Not that he’d even been given much of a choice. There was too much on the
table this time.

But even with all that, KMB had almost not come. He lived his life
according to schedule and there was no time for cruises, no matter where
they were headed and no matter who was on board. Even on the limo ride to
the ship, he had almost told the driver to turn around. He had never been
the social type. It hadn’t been in him.

What had finally compelled him to make good on the ticket he had been sent
had been the phone calls, the emails, the IM’s from her. It wasn’t hounding
if it was wanted and KMB always answered the call of his muse, no matter
what hour of the day. She was not taking no for an answer this time. Too
many times he’d left her waiting for him on these adventures and this time
she’d insisted.

Boarding the ship with his bags in tow, KMB wondered again if he’d made a
mistake. He’d gone just fine without getting involved in these crazy
adventures. Would change yield disaster?

Unlike the celebrities that filled the ship, KMB had no need for baggage
handlers. He had all he needed in the duffle bag slung over his shoulder.
Clothes…MP3 player…and most of all his notebooks…they were all in
there. He never went anywhere without those notebooks. The truth of Malibu
was in them…all the ideas, all the suggestions all the truths that were
almost too unbelievable to actually write. At the very least KMB planned on
putting the rest of his life aside during the trip and getting some writing
done…but naturally he was hoping for more.

He knew he was one of the last to arrive and the ship seemed ready to cast
off. A few minutes later and he might have missed it. As he boarded KMB’s
ego was in tune enough to hear the murmurs of surprise that he was actually
there, but that wasn’t the reaction he cared about. The only person he
wanted to know that he was there was just finishing off her handiwork on

With a final lick of her lips she’d left CSSA’s mascot well taken care of
and when she turned her head she saw KMB’s arrival and a satisfied smirk
crossed her lips.

“Well well well,” Rose said as she got up and sauntered over to her personal
writer. “I see Victoria let her little KMBaybee out to play. I’m a little
surprised you got your ass on board. I thought for sure you were gonna
pussy out on me again.”

“You left me precious little choice,” KMB pointed out.

“Who? Lil’ ol’ me?” Rose asked angelically. “How on Earth could I wrap a
big strong writer like you around my little finger? It certainly wasn’t the
fact that I told you I was gonna drain everyone on this boat and you were
gonna miss it, was it?”

“Maybe,” KMB answered, a flicker of anger in his eyes.

“Aww did KMB get jealous knowing I was gonna fuck Evil and 313 and send him
pictures if he didn’t get his ass on board,” Rose teased, her hand reaching
down to rub KMB’s cock through his shorts. “I know you think so highly of

“Don’t start with that Rose,” KMB warned, his voice not even close to being
threatening since it was hard to be tough when you were close to getting
hand job from your muse.

“Well maybe you can think of a better use for my mouth then,” Rose grinned.

“Just lose the Hamster breath first,” KMB said as he reached into his bag
for some mouthwash. “And then we’ll talk about how you’re gonna pay me back
for me letting you talk me into doing this.”

* * *

“So, how
are you feeling, baby?” Roselyn spoke kissing Raw on the forehead.

“What the hell happened? The last thing I remember was coming out of the
bathroom, seeing Jaime and then…….nothing.”

Raw sat up on the bed, scratching his head in confusion. He paused and
quickly looked around the suite.

“Where is Jaime anyway?”

Roselyn walked up to him and stood between his legs. “She had to go back to
her room to change. I told her that we’d meet her at the bar a little later
for a drink or five.”

The fog in his mind quickly lifted when his eyes focused again on Roselyn.
He looked up her body from the floor up. Her perfect, beautiful feet nestles
inside of two pink flip-flops with rainbow colored soles and a plastic
butterfly on top of her foot to top of the package.

About six inches above her knees began the deep pink skirt with patterns of
flowers and mariposas fluttering from petal to petal. The string was tied
loosely and hung in a perfect flow at the top.

Crossing up over the elegant landscape of her tight belly eventually met a
matching bikini top that hugged her brilliant breasts very closely. The pink
straps seemed to jump off her skin, but yet melting together to give you a
jaw-dropping visual.

Caressed over her shoulders was one of her most prominent features. Her
long, pitch-black hair seemed to flow with any tiny movement her body made.
All of this surrounding the angelic face that kept Raw’s heart rate up.

“Are you okay, my man?” She tenderly whispered.

With the widest and warmest smile forming on his face he spoke.

“Nothing else matters. Let’s boogie, Popi.”

After a fateful kiss, Raw slipped on his trunks, his favorite lounging shoes
and finally, his favorite Dropkick Murphys t-shirt that had seen better

With the slip of their sunglasses on, the pair exited the suite and headed
down the corridor.

“This time I have to learn not to spin as much time in the room like I did
on New Year’s Eve.” Raw joked.

“Well, I heard that Jaime is going to be having a little get-together in her
bed sometime later tonight anyway.” Roselyn smiled back and pulled her right
shoulder strap back up.

“We might have to look into that.”

“Might? I’ll meet you there if you decide to show up.” Roselyn said as she
gave him a playful punch in the ribs.

“You and Jaime? I’m already there.”

The elevator doors open and KMB & Rose step out into the hallway.

“KMB! Sonuvabitch! I guess I lost the bet.” Raw joked as he shook his hand.

“Jesus, you guys don’t have anything better to do than to bet on if I show
up or not?”

“You know us, BMK. And here I thought that it was a sure bet. Well, welcome
aboard the two of you. It’s good to see you even if I am five hundred
dollars lighter.”

Rose quickly caught a glance of Roselyn’s eyes fixated onto her more than
enough breasts. She returned the look by catching her eyes and giving her
trademark eyebrow arch.

“We’ll see you around, man. I gotta get downstairs, my alcohol meter is
already in the red.”

“Take care, you two.” KMB replied.

Before the elevators shut, KMB heard Raw shout from the elevator.


With a laugh, he & Rose headed down the long hallway.

* * *

the key card slid opening up the door to her room aboard the cruise ship,
Kristen Bell felt an odd wave of giddiness mixed with a slight taste of
apprehension and uncertainty enter her petite body. She couldn’t explain
why, but she knew her life was about to change in major way. Looking back on
it, she thought it was quite odd that she received an invitation in the mail
from something initialed CSSA for an all expense free cruise to the Bahamas.
When Kristen commented about the odd letter to her good friend and former
co-star Alyson Hannigan, she couldn’t stop the cute redhead from pressuring
her into going and boasted about how it would be the best thing she ever
experienced. If it wasn’t for the fact Alyson also admitted she going on the
trip with Charisma Carpenter along with many other celebrities she would
have most likely passed, but the idea of having the opportunity to get
really close to the two sexy Buffy stars in the blonde’s mind was too good
to pass up.

Crossing the threshold she placed her large suitcase on the bed and began to
put away her clothes when the room’s phone rang. After the second ring
Kristen picked up the receiver and put it to her ear. “Hello?” she answered.

“Hey, Kristen, its me, Alyson. I just arrived with Charisma and thought I’d
check in on you and see if you made it in okay.” the redhead stated.

“I just made it in myself and was in the process of getting situated.”
Kristen replied.

“Once you get that done, how about meeting us over here so we can plan our

“Sure, what room are you in?”

“Two sixty-nine.”

“Ok, then I’ll meet you both in a few,” Kristen said ending her side of the

“We’ll be anxiously waiting.” Alyson suggestively promised.

As Kristen placed the receiver back in its cradle, her mind for a split
second felt the way Alyson sounded in her last sentence was a bit odd, but
quickly shook her head rationalizing it was just her imagination.

* * *

Unknown to the oblivious blonde, her natural instincts were in fact dead on,
because on the other side of the line the two Buffy starlets’ plan of attack
was well underway. In fact all throughout their small chat, Alyson had two
fingers working deep inside her already wet pussy in anticipation for the
fun about to come. Putting the phone away, she removed the two digits from
her hole and fed them to her accomplice, who gladly began to suck them

“Mmm,” Charisma moaned with pleasure tasting the redhead’s
sweet juices with a smile.

“If you thing that’s good,” Alyson began, “just imagine how yummy that fresh
meat is going to be.” She then pulled her fingers away and followed it up by
giving Charisma a jaw dropping French kiss.

* *

“OH…oh…ohhhhYEAHHHH!” cried Trickster as he rode the swells and
curves of Raven’s bodacious titties, finally coming over them, her neck,
chin and Lexa’s thighs as she clamped down and gritted her teeth as the
black starlet brought her to her own climax.

“That better not be all you got,” growled Raven as Lexa slid down beside her
and started licking off Trickster’s cum.

“Have I ever disappointed you before?” was Trickster’s reply as he parted
her legs and slipped his meat inside. Both women had to admit he was right.

* * *

“Kind of wish the walls were thicker,” said Emma. Gwen had drawn her down
to the bed and was kissing and suckling her adolescent breasts.

“I find it inspiring myself.”

“Mmmm, me too, I was more worried about *our* noises.” Her new friend
smiled and slid her hand down to the pale brown hair of the young girl’s
bush, causing her to make some of those sounds she was worried about.

“By the end of the cruise you won’t be worried about that,” she reassured
her. Evidently those anxieties were already a thing of the past as Emma
gasped and arched her back at the entrance of a long slim finger into her
tight slit.

* * *

came. Having been cleaned thoroughly she was returning the favor to Lexa’s
thighs, bringing the caramel colored cutie towards her second orgasm. The
petite one, displaying initiative stretched over Trickster’s body, further
the one would think possible and brought his cum surging out into their
mutual playmate by inserting a finger into his ass.

“Ah! Bitch!”

“Oh come on, you loved it!’

“Well yeah.”

“You know, you still haven’t fucked me.”

“Have mercy woman.”

“Well if you two are going to just lay there…”

Raven and Trickster looked at each other, wondering where such a small woman
got such energy and replied simultaneously, “We are.”

“Then I’m going out on the prowl.” Saying so she donned a scarf skirt,
leaving her top bare and maneuvered around the packing case.

“What is in this thing anyway? And why is it so cold?” Indeed cold
radiated from it. Standing near it would have made her dark, small nipple
stand up if they hadn’t been hard already. In reply Trickster just grinned
like a fox eating shit through a wire brush.

“Fine. Be secretive,” she said with a sniff and stalked out.

* * *

“Oh! That’s…that’s…ohhhh” Emma was experiencing her first “chewing
out” and it was blowing her little English hottie mind. Gwen grinned
because she had only begun to eat . She went from lazily slurping up and
down her new girltoy’s labia to pushing her tongue in. Soon she was
vigorously thrusting her tongue in and out. Then she started exploring the
teen’s clit not merely with tongue but teeth. The results were cosmic as
Emma’s body stiffened then arched in a perfect bow from calf to shoulders
and she let out a scream came close to shattering the rooms windows.

“Oh…oh my…I never. I mean once or twice with my fingers but…” Her
voice was barely above a whisper.

“So Trick was right. You’re a virgin?”

Still barely aware of her surroundings Emma just blushed and nodded.

“And you still got work in a major movie series?”

“Well I *was* just eleven,” was the reply. “So Mr. Columbus settled for a
wank job. And umm,” once again she blushed, “I had to kiss it.”

So Trickster had been right. Well miracles *did* occur every once in a

“So would you like to kiss this? She took Emma’s small hand and placed it
on her shaved pussy.

Emma smiled brightly. “Yes, Mommy Gwen, teach me how.”

“Okay, start with my tits. Yeah, lick all around, now take one nipple
between your fingers and squeeze while …ohyeah…sucking on the other,
ohthat’sgoodsogood! Now kiss between them and kiss your way down my body, oh
you sweet little minx you!” This last was said as Emma took Gwen’s navel
ring between her teeth and gave a playful tug.

“Now down between my legs,” the sultry blond commanded as she spread them
wide for her protégé. Without even being told Emma, taking the initiative,
explored the shaved pinkness with her fingers, without however actually
putting them inside.

“Ohhhhhh! You’re a natural, I’m tempted to keep you all to myself…, but
no, Trick’s wrath would be awesome to behold. Now push your fingers in,
just two right now, yeah, that right, more than right, now add your tongue,

All on her
own Emma had managed to find her lover’s clit and both tongue and fingers
were applied enthusiastically to stimulating it. Gwen’s fists pounded on
the bed as she came, her body writhing as if she was being electrocuted.
When she was done, the little English sexbunny raised her head and grinned

“Did I do good?” Raspy breathing and the caress of fingers across her hair
were her only replies.

* * *

As Rachel Bilson walked onto the
ship, she felt a hand grab and squeeze her ass. Without thinking, she spun
around, ready to smack whoever had fondled her. When she saw a smiling
Scarlett Johansson staring at her, she remembered that the whole point of
the cruise was to spend a week fucking anything that moved.

“You know, you shouldn’t touch if you’re not planning to buy,” Rachel told

“I don’t know about buying, but I’d sure like to take a test drive,”
Scarlett responded.

“Meet me by the pool in ten minutes and you can try me out all you want,”
Rachel said, winking at Scarlett before going off in search of her cabin.

* * *

“Alexis, wait up,” Joe called out to the cute brunette as she turned a

“Hey Joe,” Alexis Bledel said when he caught up.

“If you follow that with asking about a gun, I’m not hooking you up with
Amber,” Joe told her.

“I don’t need your help with that babe,” Alexis replied.

“Okay, then I won’t watch,” Joe said even though they both knew he bluffing.

“Oh dear, whatever would we do without you?” Alexis asked, feigning concern.

“Where is Amber, by the way?” Joe asked. “I haven’t seen her yet.”

“I saw her talking to Michelle and some redhead a little bit ago, but I had
to find my cabin so I didn’t stop to talk or anything,” Alexis answered.

“If I find her, want me to send her your way?” Joe asked.

“If you don’t, you won’t be having any fun on this cruise,” Alexis

“Then I guess I better get busy,” Joe said, rushing off to find Amber.

* * *

“Do you come to these things often?” Renee asked Amber as they entered the
dining room.

“A couple times,” Amber replied.

“Does it ever stop shocking you?” Renee asked, getting another shock as she
saw Elisha Cuthbert finishing off Emmy Rossum at a table in the middle of
the room.

“No, there’s always another pleasant surprise waiting behind the next door,”
Amber said as she watched Elisha lean back on heels with her hands on Emmy’s
knees. “Want to join them?”

“It does look like fun,” Renee acknowledged.

“Then come on,” Amber said, grabbing Renee’s hand.

* * *

leaving Brittany Murphy asleep in his bed Evil left to go out and get some
sun before the ship left port, but as soon as he left his room to head to
the deck, he was passed by a vision with red hair. Evil knew who it was

“Eliza Dushku, you actually thought that wig could fool me.” Evil said
smiling. Eliza stopped and spun around, lowered her sunglasses and smiled.

“Hey there lover boy.” Eliza said as she approached him and ran a finger
down his chest.

“I’m surprised the club gave you the week off.” Evil said as he shoved Eliza
up against the wall and kissed her while feeling her up.

One month earlier…

Evil walked into the strip club after finishing up filming in Los Angeles,
he was about to head to Florida to start filming out there.

The music was blaring and the women were hot as usual.

He took his seat at a booth near the stage as the DJ came over the P.A.

“Gentlemen, get ready for the exotic……Jasmine.” he said as the crowd
hooted and hollered. A vision with flaming red hair came on the stage and
worked the pole and the crowd.

As the dollars flew on to the stage Evil took a good long look at this

“I know her from somewhere” he said to himself.

Jasmine came down from the pole and started ripping off her clothes as she
looked straight at Evil but didn’t stop.

“It can’t be.” Evil said to himself as ‘Jasmine’ continued dancing on the
other side of the stage as her top came off.

“Eliza.” Evil said to himself.

About an hour later he’d requested Jasmine for a lap dance. She walked into
the booth and didn’t even look at him.

“I hope you’re ready for a hell of a ride cowboy.” Jasmine said.

She bent over the front of him giving Evil a good view of the thin white
lace panties she wore. Evil then slipped a $50 into the front of her
panties, rubbing it on her pussy then.

She quickly spun around. “You’re not supposed to touch…..” Jasmine froze
when she saw who it was. Immediately Jasmine dropped the act and pulled off
her red wig.

“Well, I guess you found out my secret huh?” Eliza said still standing.

“I always did say that if this acting thing didn’t work out you’d do very
well for yourself in the strip clubs.” Evil said smirking.

“That you did.” Eliza said as she moved in closer to Evil, kissing him on
the lips, then started grinding.

Evil smirked and so did Eliza.

“This one is on the house.” Eliza said as she began bucking her hips on
Evil’s denim covered crotch.

The music got louder as Evil noticed a camera in the corner. Eliza knew
about it and as soon as she removed her top she threw it on the camera where
it stayed.

“Let’s have some real fun.” Eliza said as she worked to get Evil’s cock out
of its prison.

Once it was free Eliza moved down to her knees and began to suck. It had
been a long time since Eliza had done this, he hadn’t seen her since
Boston’s New Years Eve party. Eliza’s tongue however kept him from forming
rational thought as every time he tried she did something to his cock that
send the blood south.

“I think you’re all ready and prepared there darling.” Eliza said as she
slid out of her panties and straddled Evil.

Eliza smiled as she slid Evil into her as her began to suck on her breasts.
Eliza moaned as she pumped him in and out of her. Eliza’s moans became
louder, so loud that both were afraid of the club’s bouncers coming in and
pulling ‘Jasmine’ away and knocking him out of the club.

Eliza bit into Evil’s shoulder as her pumping became faster and faster, Evil
flinched in pain but kept a good grip on Eliza via her breasts. The bite
broke skin as Eliza came and so did Evil.

Eliza stood up and sighed.

“That was good.” Eliza said.

present day…

Eliza broke the kiss and the groping session with a smile.

“We can’t do this now.” Eliza said as she straightened out her skirt.

“Damn, why not. I never did get my lap dance.” Evil said.

“Let me find my room first…” Eliza said rubbing her hands on his chest
“..then I’ll give you a great lap dance.”

“Now I remember why I love these things.” Evil said as he watched Eliza
purposely sway her ass as she walked off. She looked back at him with a

Evil sighed and went into his room where Brittany was still asleep. He
picked up his guitar and started to play.

* * *

Kelly Rowland
was stilling riding Kojain’s dick, her whole body covered in sweat as just
bounced up and down. Kojain was enjoying this ebony beauty who was moaning
in pure bliss on top of him. Kelly let out a final groan as her climax
engulfed her.

Kojain lied back on his chair, exhausted from the love-making. Kelly lied on
top of him for a few minutes before getting up.

“Going so soon?” Kojain asked.

Kelly said, “Yeah, I’m going to go wash up a bit and rest in my room. I’ll
see you later boo.”

Kojain smiled, “Alright.” As she came over and kissed him.

Kojain looked at Kelly’s chocolate booty as she walked away, before he put
on his shades and closed his eyes to relax.

Almost drifting off to sleep, Kojain began something caressing his chest. At
first he thought it was Kelly coming back to for round two, but he opened
his eyes to find it was another beautiful singer.

“Ashanti?” Kojain suddenly waking up, taking off his shades to get a better

“What’s up Koj!” Ashanti said, with a big smile on her face.

“How did you know about this cruise?” Kojain asking, confused.

Ashanti grinned, “It was your friend Evil. He told me you were around
somewhere on the ship. Took me awhile to find you.”

Kojain raised his eyebrow, wondering if she noticed Kelly and I going at it.
Hopefully, she didn’t.

Ashanti was wearing her hair down, with a very pretty pink one piece bikini.
She wasn’t as built as Kelly, but she still had a nice body.

“So, what are you doing here by yourself?” Ashanti began to ask.

“I just wanted to be alone for awhile. I’ll be joining my fellow authors
later on. I’m not into large crowds to people.” Kojain explained.

“A… Aren’t you lonely baby?” Ashanti asked, caressing my chest.

Kojain started to feel his manhood rise. “Not really, I’m used to it.”

“Well, you don’t have to be lonely now. I’m here.” Ashanti started to move
her hand lower to his crotch, clasping his penis which has regained it’s
hardness. She kissed him tenderly as she tugged on his dick, then slowly
lowered herself to his crotch.

“Ashanti, what are you… ooohhh” Kojain groaned, as Ashanti took his dick
into her mouth and began to suck him off.

* * *

Sheridan and
Keira made out like mad women, somehow having moved out of the pool, and
were now on top of each other on the side of the pool. Sheridan worked her
fingers over the front clasp to Keira’s bikini top, while Keira’s fingers
sought the wetness between Sheridan’s legs that hadn’t been caused by the

All the while, the orgy in the pool continued, oblivious to the two girls
who had just recently stopped watching them.

Sheridan finally got Keira’s top off, and quickly shuffled down to place her
lips on the other woman’s erect nipples.

“Oh, god, yes!” Keira moaned as she pulled Sheridan’s thong off her ass and
grabbed the firm flesh tightly. “Lick those nipples, Sheridan.”

Sheridan decided simply to cram one hand down into Keira’s snatch again,
hoping to distract the Brit and get her off – she still owe Keira two more
orgasms, and the longer she waited, the longer it would take.

Keira stiffened as Sheridan pushed two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, a
low moan escaping her mouth as Sheridan continued to suck on her nipples
while rapidly stroking Keira’s most private areas. The young Brit tried to
hump her ass in time with Sheridan’s efforts, but in a bit of playfulness,
Sheridan altered her strokes so that Keira couldn’t quite hit the right

“Oh, FRAK!” one of the girls in the orgy screamed out, and Sheridan used
that as a good time to pull her lips off Keira’s nipples, and slide down her
body in order to press her lips against Keira’s clit instead.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Keira moaned as Sheridan went down on her. At first,
Sheridan could only taste the pool water, but shortly, Keira’s natural,
slightly tart flavor hit her tongue, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before
she gave the young Brit her second orgasm.

Ironically, Keira’s second orgasm hit at the same time Katee Sackoff got
Grace Park to climax on the other side of the pool. Sheridan ignored Grace’s
screams of passion, and instead concentrated on holding Keira’s body down as
she flailed about – it wouldn’t do to hit the hard ship’s deck with too much
force. Keira squirmed and shimmied beneath Sheridan, who found the whole
thing rather arousing – as if going down on Keira Knightley wasn’t arousing

“Oh, bloody fuck!” Keira said a moment or two later when she caught her

“You’ve still got one more orgasm to go,” Sheridan said, smiling.

“Fuck that,” Keira said, pushing Sheridan over onto her back and mounted the
author before Sheridan knew what was happening. Keira’s lips instantly found
Sheridan’s nipples, and it rapidly became clear that Keira had held off as
long as she could.

“Oh, god, yes!” Sheridan moaned as Keira’s lips and tongue found her
nipples. The young Brit’s hands were already working their way down towards
Sheridan’s crotch, sending tingles across the blonde’s body as the arousal
she’d built up in the last several minutes finally started to get some

Keira’s fingers slid right over Sheridan’s clit – sending a spark up the
blonde author’s spine – and dove right into Sheridan’s pussy. Two, three,
four fingers penetrated Sheridan, each wiggling about independently, and
sparking cries of passion loud enough to be heard on shore. Keira gently bit
one of Sheridan’s nipples, then the other, all while stroking her faster and

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Sheridan started chanting, her body boiling over
with lust and need.

And suddenly, Keira stopped.

“No!” Sheridan hissed, but Keira was mere repositioning herself. Sheridan
looked up to see Keira’s pussy lowering down towards her face. The blonde
smiled and accepted the sixty-nine position happily, eager to re-taste
Keira, while receiving her own cunt licking.

Sheridan quickly lost track of both time and licks as she and Keira worked
to get each other off, but neither of them complained. Neither of them
spoke. They only pulled away from each other’s crotches when they needed to
breathe, before diving back in.

Sheridan actually came first, her orgasm exploding out of her like a
hurricane. She actually stopped lapping Keira’s cunt, but she’d done enough.
Keira followed suit with her own climax, her juices coating Sheridan’s face
as her third orgasm in a row blasted through her lithe frame.

When Sheridan came to, she heard clapping. Looking up, she saw TRL and the
three Battlestar Galactica girls had apparently finished their orgy, because
they were all applauding Keira and Sheridan’s efforts, as were several other
groups around the pool.

“So,” Sheridan asked as Keira slowly got off her, “When are you available to
do this again?”

* * *
“Why did I let you convince me to come?”
Evangeline Lilly asked Maggie Grace as they sat around watching Jennie Finch
and Mandy Moore play strip volleyball with a couple guys in the pool.
Unfortunately for the guys, they seemed to be getting spanked like the Red
Wings playing the Mighty Ducks.

“Because you’ve discovered that you like sex and there’s no place on Earth
you’re more likely to get laid than on this ship,” Maggie responded.

“If that’s the case, then why am I not getting laid right now?” Evangeline

“You ask, you get,” Maggie said. “Hey Kate, come here.”

“You rang?” Kate Bosworth asked as she appeared almost out of nowhere beside
Maggie’s chair.

“Evey wants to get laid. Think you can help her out?”

“Sure thing,” Kate said, sauntering over to Evangeline’s chair. “Come on
cutie, let’s go.”

“I don’t know,” Evangeline said, suddenly feeling nervous. Maggie had
seduced her in Hawaii on the set of Lost, but this was something else

“Don’t make me ask you again,” Kate demanded, sensing that a firm hand was

“She means it, Evey,” Maggie said, motioning for a waiter to bring her
something with an umbrella in it.

“That’s a good girl. Now we’re going to get you fucked,” Kate said as
Evangeline got up from her chair. As Evangeline started walking, Kate turned
and motioned for Maggie to join them.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Maggie said.

* * *

“Wow, hey Amber,” Elisha said as she felt a hand on her ass and turned her

“Need some help?” Amber asked as her fingers slipped inside Elisha’s bikini

“More than you know,” Elisha responded, grinding against the fingers.

“Three girls enough for you?” Amber asked Elisha as she glanced at Renee and

“I guess. I mean if that’s all you got,” Elisha said.

In response, Amber slipped a finger into Elisha’s dripping snatch. When
Elisha moaned, Amber pulled the finger out and pulled her bikini down.

“Get your pussy down there for her Renee,” Amber instructed.

“Mmm, redheads,” Elisha grunted as Renee slipped her shorts off and slid her
pussy under Elisha’s nose.

As Amber began licking Elisha’s pussy from behind Elisha buried her tongue
in Renee’s. Every lick Amber made spurred Elisha to lick Renee.

Not wanting to be left out, Emmy untied Elisha’s bikini top and let the cups
fall from her breasts. Reaching under Elisha she cupped one of her breasts
in her hand and massaged it.

“Oh yeah,” Elisha moaned into Renee’s cunt.

“Suck those tits,” Amber told Emmy as she took a moment to wet her finger in
Elisha’s pussy.

As Emmy lowered herself and sucked Elisha’s nipple into her mouth, Amber
slipped her now wet finger out and pressed it against Elisha’s asshole.

“Fuck,” Elisha groaned as her anus was spread by the penetrating digit. When
Amber’s tongue went back to her pussy it set Elisha off. “Cumming, so

* * *

‘Only a Detroit fan would wear a hockey jersey
when it’s 85 fucking degrees outside,’ Cosmo thought to himself as he walked
past the bar and out to the pool. ‘Okay, so Maria’s not in her room, so
either here or in the gym.’

“Hey Cosmo!” Mandy shouted out from the pool. “Find Maria yet?”

“Nope. She’s not in her room, and I don’t see her out here, so I figure
I’ll check out the gym next,” he answered as he approached the edge of the
pool. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothing much, just finished playing some strip volleyball with Jennie here
against Hater and Hardguy,” she said as she and Jennie climbed out of the
pool. “Oh gosh, where are my manners? Cosmo, I’m sure you recognize Jennie
Finch. Jennie, Cosmo.”

The 6’1″ blonde eyed Cosmo for a moment. “Shouldn’t you be a skinny dufus
with crazy hair?”

Both Mandy and Cosmo laughed at that. “It’s a long story,” he replied.
“So, anyway,” Cosmo changed the subject, “since you’re both still wearing
your bikinis, I’m assuming you ladies won?”

“Yeah, well, they really weren’t much trouble,” Jennie said as she motioned
towards the two guys trying to cover their genitals with their hands. “They
kept arguing about Beyonce and Eva Mendes. I was hoping for more of a

“If you’re looking for a workout, I’m sure Mandy and I can satisfy you.”

Mandy rolled her eyes at that. “Um, Cosmo? Aren’t you a little busy to be
making lame jokes? Remember our deal? You don’t get my ass until you get
Maria’s. In fact, I’m changing it. You don’t get my ass until you get both
Maria AND Jennie.”

“Excuse me?” Jennie asked. “Don’t I get a say in this?” After pausing for
a few moments she continued, “You don’t get Mandy’s ass until you’ve done
mine and Maria’s.”

“Now if you don’t mind,” Mandy said as she grabbed Jennie by the hand,
“Jennie owes me a massage for agreeing to play volleyball.” And with that,
she turned and led her new friend back to their room. “Hurry up before you
miss all the fun!”

* * *

Raw leaned back on the chair by the
poolside on the main deck. With Roselyn sitting back as well, her back was
cradled by his stomach and the back of her head nestled into his chest. They
clinked their glasses together and each sipped a long, soothing mouthful of
their margaritas.

“Does it actually get better than this?” Roselyn asked as she rubbed her
fingernails down his left leg.

“It can always get better.” he whispered in her ear.

“Are you getting lusty again?” Roselyn giggled and turned her head to the

She felt the stiffness under Raw’s trunks grow against the small of her bare

“That feels like almost seven inches of lust there.” Roselyn said as she
moved her body up and down to give him a little hidden pleasure.

“Almost seven and almost about to explode.”

“What would you like me to do?” Roselyn whispered as she took another sip.

“Something for me to watch. I’m not sure exactly, but I’d like to see you
become bold with someone.”

“How bold would you like me to be?” Roselyn asked.

“Be bold like the wind. Don’t say anything to them, not one word. Just go up
to them, sneaking up behind is always a good plan of attack, and do your

“What’s my thing?” she joked.

“Use your imagination. Whatever ‘thing’ you use, it’s gonna work wonders.”
Raw said as he pressed the underside of his hard cock against her back more.

“What if they don’t go for me?” Roselyn smiled.

“Not go for you? Well, we’ll just toss them overboard because they’re
obviously insane and a threat to national security.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I have a whole mess of people in mind. That’s a dangerous question.” Raw
responded while gently moving his hips up and down.

“What about her?” Roselyn pointed to a blond woman standing on the balcony
of the deck above them.

“Who is that?” Raw squinted his eyes.

“If it’s not Faith Hill, it’s her twin sister.”

“Do you want Faith?” Raw asked as he took another gulp.

“I gotta have Faith.” Roselyn sing-songed her response to the old George
Michael tune.

“It’s a deal. Can I come too?” Raw pleaded.

“This is for your eyes only, Ballz.”

“Well, me and the other fifty or so people out here. I’ll just stay here and
whack-off then, okay?” he said with a pretend frown.

“Good. Keep it warm for me.” Roselyn smiled and stood up from the chair.

With a deep kiss, Roselyn made her way up the steps to the above level.

As she got up to her destination, Roselyn found Faith with her back turned
towards her. She was looking out over the ocean and had no idea of the plans
that were made for her.

She wore an orange bikini top and a snow white beach skirt that seemed to
dance as the winds picked up. She stood with her elbows against the side
railing and seemed to be deep in thought. Roselyn was about to give her
something else to ponder.

“Is this seat taken?” a woman asked and interrupted Raw’s intense focus on
the happenings above and across the pool from him.

He looked over and saw Sela Ward pointed to the chair to his immediate

“No. No, not at all. Be my guest.” Raw quickly stood up and motioned for her
to sit.

“Thanks. I thought that I’d better hurry up and get out here before it got
too packed.” Sela said as she put her bag down and spread her beach towel
over the chair.

She was a vision to behold. Even at her mature age, her body was banging
hot. Her black bikini top was just the right style for her breasts. And as
she dropped the skirt to her feet, and displayed the bottoms, for a brief
second Raw believed in God again.

Sela sat back in the chair and propped one leg up.

“God, she looks so delicious.” Raw thought to himself.

“I’m Sela Ward, by the way.” she said as she offered her hand.

“I’m Raw and I already knew you were.” Raw responded and shook her hand.

“And I already knew who you were as well.” she smiled back.

“Really? I had no idea you floated around CSSA.”

“Oh yeah. A lot of celebrities do, at least most of the ones I know do.”

“Can I get you a drink or something?” Raw offered with his tongue
practically hanging out of his mouth now.

“No thanks. My friend is going to get me one if she ever makes it out here.”

“And who would this mystery friend be?” Raw asked.

“Dana Delaney. You know, from ‘China Beach’.”

“Better yet, from ‘Exit To Eden’.” Raw responded.

“Yeah.” Sela laughed.

“Besides, if you did get me a drink, you had better be careful lugging that
heavy piece of machinery around. There’s a lot of glass by the bar.”

Raw noticed that she was looking down right at his crotch. He looked down as
well and noticed that his erection was pointing directly at her. His face
turned a bright red and he briefly thought of jumping off the side of the

“Freeze. This is a stick-up.” he stammered.

“Are you talkin’ to me?” she laughed. “Come a little closer, I need to
uncover and check your weapon.”

“Ohmygod….ohmygod…..ohmygod….ohmygod…..ohmygod…….” Raw

* * *

Natalie Portman, Kelly Clarkson, Eva Longoria,
and Danica Patrick had spent the last several minutes looking for Keira
Knightley. Traveling through all the various hallways of the ship, the girls
had chatted amicably between themselves, and they were slowly starting to
loosen Danica up a little bit.

“I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Jennie Finch,” Danica admitted. “We’ve
met once or twice, at various sporting events. She’s so tall.”

“Really?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah, something like six feet. Beautiful face.”

“Have you ever been with a girl before?” Kelly asked as the group turned a

“No,” Danica admitted. “I’ve been with men – well, boys mostly – but I’ve
never been with a girl before.”

“But you’ve thought about it, right?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah,” Danica admitted. “It would be nice if, just once, I could feel a
little girly when I’m having sex. All the boys I’ve done want me in grease
and motor oil – or on the hood of their cars. The last time I did it, the
guy fucked my ass while I was bent over the hood of my racer, my helmet was
still on!”

“Sounds kinky to me,” Eva replied.

“Oh, it is – I’ve done whole races with no panties on, that is kinky – but
I’d like to be treated like a girl, you know. I think having sex with a
woman might let me feel more feminine.”

“With your body, I’m certain you can find yourself a babe here,” Eva said
before suddenly stopping.

“Something wrong, Eva?” Natalie asked.

“You guys hear something?” Eva asked.

“Sounds like someone tuning a guitar,” Kelly said. “I hear it every day –

“I wonder who it is?” Eva asked.

“Don’t know,” Kelly replied.

“Tell you what,” Eva said. “I’ll catch you girls later – I’ve got to go
change…” The Desperate Housewife said as she ran off towards her own

“Change?” Danica asked. “What’s wrong with her swimsuit?”

Natalie and Kelly shrugged. “C’mon,” Kelly said. “Let’s find

* * *

Cosmo spotted Maria immediately upon entering
the Luxury’s fitness center, which was quite easy since they were the only
two people there. What he didn’t expect was to find her wildly swinging
away on the heavy bag hanging up in the corner. “You know, all the fun
stuff is happening outside.”

Maria never lost focus on the bag. “I know!” she grunted as she threw
another punch. “I’m just… just so mad right now! I’m mad that my dad is
such an ASSHOLE!” she exclaimed as she struck the bag again and again.

“Okay, easy now,” Cosmo said as he went over to her. “Can I just suggest
something? If you’re going to hit something, at least do it right. Here,
let me show you…”

* * *

“So your husband’s okay with you being here?”

“He’s the one who begged me to come here in the first place. Casey gets off
on watching me, or hearing about me doing stuff,” Jennie answered Mandy as
the girls got back to the room. “Don’t get me wrong, he loves joining in
too. He’s so great, I’m so lucky to have him. He’s really helped me get in
touch with my sexuality. I can still be a good girl in public while being a
total nympho in private!”

“I think there are a lot of girls on this cruise like that. They’ll all end
up doing stuff that seems way out of character for them, it’s like there’s
something in the air that releases their inner slut. Heck, at the New
Year’s party I ended up on a leash serving the Chocolate Mafia!” Mandy
began taking off her wet bikini top. “Do you mind if I take a quick shower
before this massage? I hate feeling this icky chlorine on me.”

“That depends. Do you mind if I join you?”

“I insist.”

“Good,” Jennie began as she too began shedding her swimwear, “now tell me
more about this party…”

* * *

Evil was sitting on his bed
strumming away on his guitar. Brittany Murphy had woken up and left without
even so much as a second look, she said she had to find her room if she was
going to settle down on the ship.

Evil turned the page of the latest issue of Revolver magazine to the songs
pages and was about to play “Set the world afire” by Megadeth when he was

Instead of being angry at the interruption, it was certinately a most
welcome one.

“Hey stranger” Eva Longoria said in full groupie costume.

“How did you get backstage?” Evil asked setting his guitar down and
approaching Eva.

Eva was dressed in short boots, legs clad in fishnet stockings, a black
skirt and a “Journey” half shirt that showed off her flat tummy, she had
fingerless gloves on and a studded collar around her neck.

“I just had to get back here and tell you…” Eva said, laying a hand on his
chest. “…I’m your biggest fan.”

“Really? Care to show me how much of a fan you are?” Evil asked, getting
into his character as the big rock star and Eva as the groupie.

Eva dropped to her knees and fished Evil’s cock out and began to suck on it
as Evil the rock star settled back on his bed and let the groupie do all the

Evil was getting into Eva’s ministrations when Sheridan appeared at the
door. “I’m not interrupting anything am I?” she asked.

“Yeah, you kinda are.” Evil said, breaking character. Eva pulled his cock
out of her mouth and smiled at Sheridan.

“Hey, how are ya?” Eva said grinning.

“I’m fine, I just got out of the pool with Keira Knightley.” Sheridan said
starting to change her out of her swimsuit.

“You know where she is?” Eva asked getting up. Evil sighed and put his dick
away, he wasn’t getting any more at this moment.

“Yeah, I last saw her at the pool. I gave her three orgasms.” Sheridan said

“You always were a nympho when it came to women.” Evil said, re-adjusting

“Especially ones as hot as Keira.” Sheridan said fully dressed in a white t
shirt and blue jeans with a leather jacket completing the look.

“My friends and I were looking for Keira, can you take me to her?” Eva

“Who are your friends?” Sheridan asked smirking, hoping she could get some
more action before they left port.

“Natalie Portman, Kelly Clarkson and Danica Patrick.” Eva replied.

“Really…” Sheridan said, winking at Evil “…let’s go.”

Eva and Sheridan left the room as Evil slammed his head into his pillow for
a second. His action has just been stolen.

* * *

“Anyone got any idea at all where we haven’t looked yet?” Natalie Portman

“No clue,” Danica replied. “But I don’t know the ship that well.”

“We should be leaving dock soon,” Kelly muttered, looking at her watch. “I
think I’m going to run back to my cabin and change into my new sundress –
it’ll drive TRL wild when he sees it.”

“Do we get to see it?” Natalie asked playfully.

“Only if you see me before I see TRL,” Kelly smiled. “If I see Keira, I’ll
send her your way, Nat.”

“Thanks, Kel,” Natalie said as she and Danica headed up another flight of

Kelly quickly hurried through the halls of the ship, pay attention to the
door numbers until she found the suite she shared with TRL and Eva. She used
her key card to open the door, and quickly pulled off her top, exposing her
breasts to the empty room. She moved quickly to her closet, opening it up
and pulling out the yellow and pink sundress that would show off her
cleavage, while barely sinking below her ass. TRL would indeed love it.

“Oh my god!” A voice said behind Kelly, who spun around quickly, using the
dress to cover her chest.

“Sheridan, look, it’s Kelly Clarkson!” Eva Longoria said, leading a blonde
Kelly didn’t recognize into the room. Eva was dressed differently from the
last time Kelly had seen her – Her hair was tussled and feathered, and she
had more mascara on than Kelly had ever seen her wear before. She had a half
shirt with the word “Journey” on over her ample breasts, and a short skirt
with fishnet stockings and short boots covered her legs. She completed her
look with a studded collar and fingerless gloves that looked like they
belonged on a biker, not an actress.

“Kelly Clarkson,” the blonde said – she was simply clad in a black thong
bikini. “We’re your biggest fans.”

“Eva?” Kelly asked, surprised.

“I know we’re not supposed to be back stage like this,” Eva said, sauntering
up to Kelly and slowly lowering the dress the singer was using to cover her
bare chest. “But we love your music, and we just wanted to show you how much
we enjoy your work.”

It took Kelly a heartbeat or two to catch on, but then she remembered Eva’s
costume fetish. She didn’t know Sheridan, but the blonde seemed to be
playing along. And Kelly certainly could use a little groupie attention

“How much do you enjoy my music?” Kelly asked, pushing Eva away slightly and
focusing on Sheridan.

“You are my favorite singer,” Sheridan said. “I kiss your poster every night
before I go to bed.”

That made Kelly smile – she could remember doing that to her favorite
musicians when she was younger – before she became famous and was able to
kiss them in real life – and more.

“Then how would you like it if I kissed you back, just this one time?” Kelly
said. Sheridan didn’t even get a chance to respond before Kelly pulled her
close and kissed her hard.

“Hey, what about me?” Eva pouted.

“You’re next,” Kelly said, tugging Eva over to her and kissing her, too.
“I’ve always wanted my own groupies.”

* * *

“See, doesn’t that
feel better?” Cosmo asked Maria, guiding her arm as she hit the bag again.
He had been teaching her how to box, or at least he had tried to, but it was
no easy task considering that: A) she was getting so turned on by him that
she wasn’t entirely focused on the boxing, and B) Cosmo really just wanted
to throw her down and have his way with her.

“Oh, um, yes, it’s much better,” Maria replied somewhat distractedly. ‘God,
I wish he’d just throw me down and have his way with me.’ “So, uh, thanks
for the lesson. Is there anything I can do to repay you?”

“Well,” Cosmo began, “actually there’s a friend of mine who would really
like to meet you-”

Maria struggled not to let her disappointment show. ‘He’s trying to pass me
off to another guy?’

“- and, um, gosh I guess there’s no easy way of saying this, she really
would like it if all of us, you know…”

Maria quickly went from disappointed to shocked, and also quite curious.
The idea of lesbianism wasn’t new to her, even though she personally had yet
to experiment with another woman, there were a lot of girls on the tour who
seemed to have those tendencies. Amelie Mauresmo in particular seemed very
“friendly” around the ladies, and Maria had to admit that she was curious to
see what it would be like. “Oh. Wow. How… interesting,” Maria said,
stunned by what she had heard.

“Shit. I shouldn’t have said that,” Cosmo apologized. “My bad, just forget
I said anything.”

“No! I mean, um, I’ve never, you know, done that before. But,” Maria said
nervously, “I’d like to. With you and your friend.”

* * *

Jennie loved showering with other girls. The sight of another woman with
hot water cascading down her body had always been a turn on for her,
especially when that other woman was as beautiful as Mandy Moore. The girls
had spent the past several minutes washing each other beneath the large
ceiling-mounted shower head, and both were now extremely worked up.

“Jennie, please… I can’t wait,” Mandy pleaded, “I need you!”

“Patience. You still haven’t told me about this New Year’s party,” Jennie
said as she leaned back against the shower wall, spreading her legs enough
to slip two fingers into her drenched slit. “Tell me what you did. And
make it good! I wanna cum while you’re telling it,” she hissed.

“Oh God,” Mandy gasped as she watched Jennie begin to masturbate, her own
hands wandering down to her throbbing pussy. “I- I don’t know where to
begin, there was so much that hap-”

“THE SEX! TELL ME ABOUT THE SEX!!!” Jennie cried.

“Mmm, yeah, the sex,” Mandy groaned as she leaned back against the opposite
wall and began rubbing her clit. “It was sooo good. First, Rose McGowan
whored me out to Cosmo. We ended up back in his room with Jules Asner and
Aisha Tyler. God Jules was a slut, sucking Cosmo’s dick after he fucked
Aisha’s ass, and again after he fucked my ass,” Mandy rasped as she rubbed
herself harder.

“Oooh, that’s so nasty,” Jennie muttered, picking up the pace on her own

“Yessss,” Mandy hissed. “It’s all that whore’s fault! She started that
whole thing! Next thing I know, I’m sucking Kristanna Loken’s ass off Halle
Berry’s strap-on!” Both girls were now furiously attacking their needy
cunts. “And I wanted it! I begged for it! But the next morning, Jules
wouldn’t let me have it!” Mandy whined, even as she began to cum all over
her fingers. “He fucked all of us again, and that fucking greedy cunt
wouldn’t share! That bitch wouldn’t let me suck Cosmo! It wasn’t fair, she
had her turn as his bitch!”

“Mmm, is that what you want Mandy?” Jennie growled as her pussy clamped down
on her invading fingers. “You want to be his nasty whore? Is that why you
want him to assfuck me and Maria? You wanna be a dirty slut too? You wanna
be a dirty little fuckslut who begs her man to shove his cock down her
throat after he fucks another girl’s ass?”

“YES!!!” Mandy screamed as she came again. “I’M HIS SLUT! Always his slut!
Always…” she continued murmuring as her legs buckled and she slumped to
the shower floor.

Jennie gave out one final cry as she frigged herself to another violent
orgasm, then she too slumped to the floor. After several more minutes, she
regained enough strength to crawl over to Mandy, who was still a quivering
mess. “C’mon babe,” she said to the young brunette still crumpled on the
floor of the shower. “Let’s get you out of here so you can be Cosmo’s

Mandy could only nod her head weakly.

* * *

Walking down to the kitchen, Tom got quite a few odd looks from his cohorts.
Wearing a hockey jersey in the middle of the summer looked weird, but it
was something only passionate hockey fans would do. Besides, he couldn’t
wait until next summer where he’d be doing this with these guys again and
they’d be drinking from the Stanley Cup.

Right now, hockey, as well as all other sports action, took a rare backseat
in his brain in favor of something more important. Fergie needed a
strawberry daiquiri and was horny. How could this get any better? Well,
finding the strawberries would help. He continued scourging the halls in
search of the kitchen. Nowhere in sight. Why didn’t I bother to look over
this boat earlier, Tom thought to himself.

Suddenly, Tom caught something out the corner of his eye. A door opened and
out walked a young woman with cart full of entrees. Tom knew this had to be
the supply room. When the waitress was gone, he went for the door, but he
suddenly turned around to look at her. She had jet black hair, about 5′ 8″,
120 pounds, and a nice ass to boot. From what he remembered, the waitress
also had a few freckles on her face and a 32C cup. He wanted to talk to
her, but Tom knew he had work to do.

Walking through the supply room, Tom searched high and low in search of his
strawberries. Then, all of a sudden, there they were. Starwberries. In a
bushel basket, of all things. Daiquiris should have been the special
tonight. Tom went for the strawberries when all of a sudden, they pulled
away from him out of no where.

“Hey,” Tom said stunned. “What the hell?”

He bent down to pick up the bushel again, and again they were pulled away
from his reach by nobody.

“What the hell is this,” Tom asked himself. If Cosmo or Voodoo were behind
this, they’d get a mouthful. He went for the strawberries and again they
moved out of his reach.

“Oh that’s it,” Tom exclaimed. “I give up.” He started walking away from
the strawberries and headed out the door.

Suddenly, Tom went back though the door in a run and took a lunge at the
strawberries. However, the fruits were tugged out of his way, sending Tom
crashing through a pile of empty cardboard boxes. Shaking off the shock,
Tom ran for the basket and finally caught it. He then noticed something
unusual concerning the bushel.

“Hey,” Tom said. “Why is there a string tied around this?”

“Well I guess I’m busted,” Tom heard a voice reply. He knew heard that
voice before, but it couldn’t have been. He looked behind and was
absolutely astounded.


It wasn’t the only thing out of the ordinary. Not only was Jennifer Aniston
standing in front of her worshipper, doing so holding a string. To top it
off, she was butt naked.

“Whoa, are what are you doing here,” Tom asked the Greek goddess he lusted
after so much.

“Well, I heard you were here, and I couldn’t pass this up,” Jennifer
replied. “Founding the Aniston Anarchists and writing ‘I’ll Be There For
You.’ That really caught my eye. And you know, most of what you wrote was

“R-r-r-really,” Tom stuttered, absolutely shocked.

“Yeah, a lot of what these authors write about me are true. Rawballz and
KMB are right about me for the most part, but you had my seduction of CeCe
down to a T,” Jennifer said seductively. Naturally, she was referring to
the time Tom wrote about Jennifer’s seduction of Courteney Cox Arquette.

“Well, I’m quite honored,” Tom said. “I actually did a good job depicting

“Oh yeah,” Jennifer replied. “And now, you’re going to realize how grateful
I truly am.”

* * *

Rachel Bilson was standing by the pool in
her bikini and looking at her watch as the ten minutes expired. Just as she
was about to give up on Scarlett showing up, she felt a finger slip into the
back of her bikini bottoms and pull the waistband out before letting it snap
back into place.

“Ow,” Rachel said, spinning around and rubbing the small of her back. Seeing
Scarlett wearing shorts and a tank top she frowned. “You’re late.”

“Come on, I’m two minutes late. You didn’t give me a whole lot of time to
begin with,” Scarlett muttered.

“Then I guess you’ll have to owe me,” Rachel said as she leaned into

* * *

“At least wait until we’re on the ship,” Mila Kunis told her blonde
companion as they waited in like to board the ship.

“What if I don’t want to?” Kirsten Dunst asked.

“Then I’ll leave you in your cabin when I meet Laura,” Mila threatened.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Kiki challenged.

“I would, and you know it,” Mila returned.

“Fine,” Kirsten said, regretfully removing her hand from Mila’s ass.

* * *

“Can you believe it? There’s a fucking Red Wings fan on the ship,” Avril
Lavigne said with amazement to her fellow musically orientated Ontario
native, Skye Sweetnam.

“Some people have no taste,” Skye agreed as she watched 313 walk into the

“The only team that matters are the Maple Leafs,” Avril said, continuing on
as if nothing had happened.

“Senators,” Skye said, nudging Avril with her elbow.

“Leafs,” Avril said, starting to get angry.

“Senators,” Skye said, tackling Avril.

The two of them rolled around in the middle of the hallway screaming “Leafs”
and “Senators.” Using her slightly less than an inch height advantage, Skye
rolled over on top of Avril and pinned her to the ground.

“Let go of me,” Avril screamed.

“Say it,” Skye demanded. “Say the Senators are better.”

“No,” Avril said, practically spitting.

“Whoa, break it up there,” someone said as Skye was lifted off Avril.

“Let go of me,” Skye screamed, kicking her feet as she was suspended from
the ground.

“Just in time Joe,” Avril said, getting up off the ground. “If you’re up for
it, we can teach her to appreciate the Leafs.”

“I’m a Devils fan,” Joe said, picking Avril up and tucking her under his
other arm. “Now I’ve two to show the light to.”

* * *

With each step Roselyn took, her excitement grew. Now standing directly
behind her she could feel the electricity in the air. She took a brief look
behind her and saw Raw staring back at her with his pelvis right at Sela’s
eye level.

This made her passions almost spin out of control as Sela’s hand connected
with his raging hard-on thru his swimming trunks. Sela had the brightest
smile on her face that almost equaled in length to her own.

Roselyn turned her focus back to Faith, who still stood there oblivious to
what was about to happen. Popi leaned down and placed a small, yet firm,
kiss on Faith’s shoulder.

“Wha…..” Faith uttered as she started to turn around.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Popi responded as she placed her index finger over
Faith’s lips.

To Roselyn’s surprise, Faith turned her head back around and more
importantly, didn’t scream for security. Roselyn placed the palms of her
hands on her shoulders and rubbed onto her skin. She tenderly worked her
hands down her back, following close behind with kisses placed onto the
already traveled areas.

Roselyn moved forward to where her hips pushed up against Faith’s clothed
ass. She leaned forward and clenched her teeth onto the bright orange string
that was tied together around the back of her neck. Roselyn pulled back
until the string worked its way through the loose knot and pulled free.

Popi placed her tongue against her warm flesh and moved down her spinal
column until she reached the other orange knot that needed an unraveling.
Again, using only her teeth, Roselyn back until the bikini top found itself
limp and fell from her chest.

Watching it fall, Popi saw the wind quickly pick the top up and threw it
overboard until it floated into the waters. Apparently Faith didn’t even
notice because she never broke stride. Her head was tilted back with her
eyes closed and her arms spread out as she held onto the railing.

Roselyn reached behind herself and quickly removed her own top. She dropped
it to the floor and stepped on it. Her hands found themselves reaching
forward around Faith’s side and feeling her nipples with her fingers. She
gave her breasts a tight squeeze and she heard Faith let out a sigh.

Popi wrapped further around Faith’s back until her own erect nipples touched
against her bare back. Gently she maneuvered around feeling her back up with
her breasts. Roselyn pushed her hips forward harder against her ass and
moved back and forth humping her hind-quarters.

Roselyn glided her palms down Faith’s belly, then out to her hips and
finally buried them underneath her skirt. As she slowly knelt down, Popi
kept her breasts in contact with her back flesh and pulled her skirt down
off her ass in the process.

Again to Popi’s surprise she discovered that Faith wasn’t wearing anything
else under her skirt. Her clothing quickly fell around her feet as Roselyn’s
palms soothed down and across her naked rear. Positioning herself on her
knees, Popi gently pulled her butt cheeks apart and licked down the crack of
her ass.

Faith’s entire body shivered with delight at such focus and intense passion
her ass was receiving. Popi’s hands massaged her buttocks as her tongue
darted in and around her asshole. Instinctively, Faith stepped out of her
bunched-up skirt and spread her legs apart even further. This gave Roselyn
full access to anything she wanted in her candy store.

As fate would have it, the skirt found itself on the same journey as the
bikini top had traveled. This time, neither one had noticed.

Roselyn’s fingers reached between Faith’s legs and quickly found her damp
pussy lips. Kneading them with their tips, some also ran across her clitoris
and began to play upon it. Faith’s legs began to shake as Roselyn pushed up
two fingers inside her cunt and began exploring her insides.

Popi tongue-fucked her asshole with a steady pace. Faith’s breathing
increased and heavy moans soon followed. Roselyn managed a third finger into
her vagina and this sent Faith over the edge. With a grip strong enough to
rip the steel railing from its bolts, Faith’s orgasm shook the very wooden
boards she stood upon.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” was all Lt. Smith
heard standing just around the corner.

After gathering herself back together, Faith turned around to see the
mysterious giver. Roselyn smiled at her while licking the remains of her
love juices off her fingers. Faith leaned forward and fell into her arms out
of breath.

“Thanks, I needed that in the worst way.” Faith spoke softly.

“Just breathe.” Roselyn whispered back.

* * *
In the cabin,
Jessica Biel had gone from having one person on top of her to having two on
either side; Victor and Hilary Duff were kissing and stroking her swollen
breasts, wonderfully bronzed from the all-over sunning she had enjoyed that
morning; Jessica B had especially loved seeing one of the crew walking by,
seeing her relaxing stark naked, turning red and fuming, and him not being
able to touch her or even complain about it. The Luxury was their ship for
the duration of this cruise, and if any Puritans on board got pissy, well
they could just dive off and swim back to Miami. Or just dive off; the ship
hadn’t left yet.

“How’s this taste?” Hilary asked Victor between kisses of Jessica B’s
diamond-hard nips as she rested a free hand on the 24-year-old’s cunt.

“Better than Lindsay’s,” Victor answered with a little smile, his hand
stroking Jessica B’s legs as the object of their affections didn’t say
anything apart from the odd “Ummm…” and “Uhhhh…” She was enjoying their
mouths too much to complain about what he had just said.

Hilary rested her hands on Jessica B’s jugs, fondling them as she moved her
head between the woman’s legs.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kingston the purser refocused his binoculars. It had been fun getting a look
at all the women coming on board the ship – his best friend the first mate
had tuned himself out when he discovered that there weren’t any male celebs
on this trip. It took all sorts. For his own part, Kingston had never been
so happy to be straight. And if Mr. Smith could manage to get some tail,
maybe he could as well… heaven knows, it had been long enough.

Wait a minute – wait a minute. He trained his binoculars on the three women
who’d embarked. They all looked older than 30, so they’d really stick out on
this trip… not that he had a thing for older women, but sometimes it was
nice to get a bit of experience. And… Holy shit!

Kingston’s eyes almost shot through the glass. Someone else on this ship dug
Cindy Fucking Crawford. Still as fine as the day he’d first come to her on
MTV. He hoped to hell the stories of what had happened on that island were
true – maybe she might find herself on Desperate Housewives, or at least on
one of them. She’d certainly brought the right company…

“What’s wrong, Cin?” Nicole Kidman asked chirpily. “Thinking about the

“Like I was going to bring them here,” Cindy replied. “I’m just thinking
about Victor.”

“You’re thinking he’s going to switch over to someone else, right?”
Nicollette Sheridan said, waving to a friend waiting on the dock. “This is
all just sex, forgotten? He might go around sticking it in other ladies but
he’s never going to be anyone’s but yours.”

“She’s right, Cin,” Nicole added. “These writers all have one person who’s
number 1. It’s an unwritten thing – they don’t go around shitting in someone
else’s nest. Trust me; you might be older than Raven-Symone and Brenda Song
put together, but when he puts that cock…” At that mention, Nicole’s mind
drifted for a moment before snapping back to the present. “…when he puts
that cock inside someone else, he’s thinking about you.”

* * * * * * * * *

At that very moment, Victor had his cock deep inside Jessica Biel’s mouth
while Hilary continued tasting her snatch. Hilary glowed as she slipped her
tongue further inside; Victor was right. She did taste better than Lindsay.

Jessica B rubbed Victor’s thighs as she swallowed him, her lips enjoying the
sucking as much as he was. In fact, so much so that when the full length
slid into her, he was thinking about Jessica B…

* * *

know, Natalie’s looking for you,” TRL said as he lounged by the pool.

“Oh, good,” Keira Knightley said as she gently stroked his cock under his
shorts. The two were resting on twin lounge chairs they had pushed next to
each other. Keira had instantly gone for TRL’s cock, claiming something
about having had nothing but pussy so far. TRL wasn’t going to complain, but
he was a little exhausted from his foursome with the BSG girls in the pool.
Grace, Tricia, and Katee had all gone off to get dressed for the ship’s
rapidly approaching departure and the formal dinner later that night, but
all three had whispered to him that they were going to have him again before
the week was out.

“Good?” TRL asked as Keira continued to stroke life back into his member. “I
thought you’d be jumping up and racing out to find her as soon as I said

“Perhaps when I’m finished with you,” Keira said. “Natalie and I have all
week, and I fully intend to fuck her brains out before long. But sometimes,
a girl just needs some meat.”

With that, Keira lowered TRL’s shorts enough to expose him, then straddled
him, engulfing his cock with her snatch. As he gasped, she slowly started
lowering and raising herself.

“That’s nice,” TRL said, a bit breathless.

“Well, you used a lot of energy on those Sci Fi girls, so I thought you
could use a little slower paced love making this time.”

“Love making?” TRL asked.

“Hush, you,” Keira said, kissing him. “Just enjoy me for a bit.”

Keira continued to slowly fuck TRL, riding him gently, keeping him hard and
happy, but not bringing him anywhere near orgasm. “So, how’s Kelly these
days?” Keira asked as she put her hands on TRL’s chest.

“Kelly’s great,” TRL said, trying to hump up into Keira. She shot him a look
and he laid back. “I’m sure she’d be happy to see you, too.”

“Everything’s good with you two, then?” Keira asked.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” TRL asked.

“Oh, look!” Keira said. “There’s Maria Menounos, Kate Beckinsale, and Ashley
Judd – looks like they’re all getting on again.”

“Keira,” TRL said, refocusing her attention. “What’s going on?”

“Hey, Kate!” Keira yelled out. Kate Beckinsale looked over and smiled,
approaching quickly.

“Kate, luv,” Keira said, getting off TRL, “Can you finish lover-boy off for
me – Natalie’s looking for me.”

“Sure!” Kate said, smiling. She lifted up her skirt, pulled aside her thong,
and straddled TRL before he could get off the lounge chair. “Just tell Maria
and Ashley I’ll catch up with them in a bit.”

“Thanks, Luv,” Keira said, giving Kate a passionate kiss that served as more
than enough distraction for TRL. By the time he finished humping up into a
very appreciative Kate Beckinsale, TRL could find no trace of Keira
Knightley around.

* * *

Wonder Mike was taking the elevator up
to the main deck already fantasizing what he’d do to all the sexy celebs he
was about to screw when it stopped a few floors short of his destination.
The doors opened up and to his surprise entered his number one obsession,
the wild and sexy, Jillian Barberie dressed in a tiny two piece purple thong
bikini with a see-thru sarong wrapped around her waist. He couldn’t believe
his luck. There in front of him stood the goddess of his dreams. Mike wanted
to say something to her, but his eyes were glued to the sight of her
perfectly tanned ass causing him to an instant erection. Mike thought she
looked ever more exquisite in person than when he saw her on TV.

Jillian sensing her ass was being ogled turned toward him and asked with a
smile, “Do you like what you see, stud?” before punctuating the question by
slapping her firm ass making a loud ‘smack!’.

“Hell, yeah!” he confirmed.

“And looking from the big reaction in your swim trunks I can tell you like
what you see,” Jillian stated licking her lips impressed by what he was

“Most defiantly.”

Jillian proceeded to pull the emergency stop button on the console abruptly
halting their ascent. She then moved in on his cock pulling it out from its
enclosure, where she stroked it a few times before squatting down to
becoming eye level with it. Mike let out a loud moan as he felt Jillian’s
moist mouth wrap around his rock hard member. It was way better than he ever
imagined as she bobbed her head franticly taking it all the way banging the
back of her throat. Then if that wasn’t enough she deep throated him
swallowing all of his tool, pressing her nose against his pelvis. No doubt
about it she was defiantly a master cock sucker.

Withdrawing Jillian then stood up and commanded, “Fuck my pussy, umm…”

“…Wonder Mike,” he finished.

“Mike, come over her a fuck my brains out,” she said resting her ass on the
elevator banister’s corner and moving her bikini bottoms to the side
exposing her bald wet pussy.

Mike moved in between her legs and inserted his prick into her ready twat.
He pounded away at her tight hole burying his cock balls deep with every
thrust. Jillian groaned with delight as she put her legs around his waist in
fear of loosing the sensation forever.

“Goddamn, your pussy is so good!” Mike praised between moments of sucking on
her tits.

“If you thing that’s good you should try my ass!” she shot back.

He took the hint and completely pulled out of her and aimed his wet prick a
little lower and pressed it again her anus. Slowly her sphincter yielded and
he entered her vise grip of a brown eye. Firmly intact Mike began the thrust
slowly penetrating her deeper with each forward motion until he was
completely inside her once again. Jillian was in heaven from the pleasure of
having her ass stuffed and was now down to straight out screaming from each
powerful plunge.

“Oh, shit! I’m going to pop!” Mike warned turned on by her loud wails.

“Cum in my ass!” Jillian begged as she fingered her pussy and rubbed her
clit with her thumb.

It wasn’t like he actually had a choice and he shot his lode deep into her
butt. Shot after shot of gooey sperm splattered her insides white washing
her bowels. Feeling the liquid heat enter her ass, her body reacted causing
it to orgasm. She squealed out in as she went into overload from pure

After his last squirt Mike pulled out his dick where Jillian immediately got
down from her perch and on her knees. She then licked and sucked clean his
cock of her juices, stink and his cum. With that task completed she then
stood up and pushed the button causing the elevator to continue its course.

The lift stopped a floor and a half later where Jillian got out and said,
“Catch you later, Mike!” finalized with a wink.

After the doors closed all Mike could think about was if his luck was this
good on the first day there was no telling what would happen the rest of the
trip. Getting off at his stop the elevator then returned down to the depths
of the ship where the doors opened once again.

In walked Kristen
Bell, who could smell the scent of dirty sex in the air. “P.U.!” she
responded as she pressed the button labeled “2” before pinching her nose.
She hoped she wouldn’t pass out or worse die from the funk before reaching
Alyson’s room level.

* * *

“Have you forgiven me yet for
sucking off Hamster and not waiting for you?” Rose playfully asked as her
fingers grazed KMB’s bare chest as he lay gasping on the bed.

No words could come out of the author’s mouth for once as all he could do
was groan something indecipherable.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Rose grinned as she gave her lips another lick to
get the last of KMB’s cum off them. “Mmmmm yummy. A girl needs her

All KMB could do was nod his head in agreement. Right now he would have
agreed to just about anything Rose said. If she wanted him to vote GOP…no
problem. Give up writing…anything you say. Get a Derek Jeter tattoo on
his ass? Just point him toward the needle. There wasn’t much KMB could do
but agree considering the blow job he’d just gotten from Rose. A quick
swipe of his tongue inside his mouth confirmed that, yes, she had loosened
his fillings and things had only gotten started. He ordinarily would have
thought that watching his cum pool on Rose’s pink tongue before she hungrily
swallowed it down would have been heaven but he hadn’t lost enough of his
brain power to forget that things could only get better.

“So what’s it gonna take to get this thing working again,” Rose inquired as
her soft hand encircled KMB’s cock, still glistening from her saliva.
“There are a lot of girls on this ship that I’m gonna fuck and I can’t live
on cock alone after all.”

“You might want to give me more than a minute to get hard again considering
you just drained my balls dry,” KMB groaned as his voice returned.

“See this is why boys can be so useless,” Rose pouted. “Girls never get
tired. They never need recovery time. Maybe I should go off and find me
one right now. Mmmmm maybe I’ll go find Jessica Alba. She seemed pretty
happy with her friend, but I think I can make her smile even more. Ooooh or
that little Hilary Duff. She needs a few slut lessons and I’m a great
teacher. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh or even better. I saw Tara Reid getting on board
before. Maybe I should go hunt her down. You’re kind of fond of her,
aren’t you baby?”

That got KMB’s cock twitching again and Rose’s smile broadened.

‘Mmmmm now that’s what I want to see,” Rose smirked. “Let’s see if I can’t
get that a little harder so you can give me a reason not to go all sapphic

* * *

“The way you shake it I can’t believe it I ain’t
never seen a ass like that. The way you move it you make my Slinky go

Truth be told, Tom knew he couldn’t rap for beans. He was an Eminem fan, so
that had to count for something. Tom just thanked Slim Shady for coming up
with a song made for this type of situation.

“Jennifer Aniston you’re so damn sexy I ain’t never seen a ass like that.
Every time I see that show on NBC my Slinky goes ya-doang-doang-doang.”

“Not bad at all, Tom,” Jennifer said. “But do yourself a favor and don’t
give up writing for rapping.”

“Why would I do that,” Tom asked. “After all, who, besides Zllabwar and
Kenneth Michael Bolton, would tell your stories?”

Jennifer laughed at that, but her laughs transformed into moans of ecstasy
when she felt Tom’s lips on her neck.

Never in his life would the young porn writer ever imagine this situation.
Tom had stripped bare with the nude Greek goddess of sex wrapping her legs
around his waist, allowing his cock to easily fuck Jennifer’s pussy.

Not only that, but Jennifer’s pussy wasn’t the only area receiving
attention. To Tom, a woman’s needs were more important than his own. So
naturally, Jennifer was in heaven as Tom kissed her lips, tongue, neck and
breasts and he used one hand to pleasure her clit while it still took a
pounding while the other’s wet thumb curved the rim off her asshole.

“Ohhhhh, Tom, you’re so damn good at this,” Jennifer yelled. “Keep it up
you big stud! Give my body all it could handle! Make me cuuuuummmmm!”

Tom was a little nervous at first. He was not only minimally experienced in
the bedroom, but also he’d be fucking his idol, who was 17 years his senior,
making matters more stressful. Jennifer saw through that stress and coaxed
him into ease. Now he was showing everything he could. With Jennifer, many
of her new lovers would pull out the tricks they knew. Tom was no
exception, but so far, he was well-composed and was doing a great job.

“Ohhhhh my Godddddd,” Jennifer screamed. “Ravage my fucking boooooody.
Give it to me. I’m ready to cummmmmmm.”

“Ahhhhhhh, Jennnnnnn,” Tom burst out. “Ohhhhh, I’m soooooo fucking close
tooooooo. I’m so hard in my cock and it’s all for you. Whooooaaaa! You
ready to cream?”

“OHHHHHH, FUCK YES,” Jennifer exclaimed, raising her voice. “I WANNA BLAST

Tom picked up the pace thrusting his seven inch unit in and out of the
former “Friends” star. His hand continued to massage her pussy, and the
blood rushing to his cock was going full blast. It was now or never.



With that, Jennifer released her cum all over Tom’s rock-solid cock, and he
blasted her pussy with as much seed as he could get out.

shouted to the heavens.


There was a moment of nothing but garbled nonsense between celebrity and fan
as their juices dripped over their bodies that mixed with the sweat and
saliva that also coated them, making them a glowing statue of passion.

After a few moments, Tom finally pulled out, catching his breath. Jennifer
followed suit in getting back some oxygen. The two took about a minute or
so to cycle down before they reunited in a wet passionate kiss, their
tongues dancing with each other.

“Wow,” Tom said, hardly believing what just transpired. “Did we just fuck?”

“Hell yeah, Tom,” Jennifer replied, her head resting in his lap. “You
really know what you’re doing and you were above suberp.”

“Umm, thanks, Jennifer,” Tom said, swapping spit with Jennifer once again.
“That was amazing. You were just absolutely like… wow! All that was what
you read in our stories?”

“Hell yeah,” Jennifer said. “You were great. Unfortunately, I’ve gotta
give some other guys some care. Anybody else here?”

“Yeah, Ballz is here,” Tom said.

“Oh, goodie,” Jennifer said, clapping her hands like a giddy schoolgirl.

“I also heard rumors KMB’s here with Rose McGowan, but I haven’t seen them
yet. For all I know, they are more than likely here. Plus, a whole bunch
of your Harem costars are here.”

“Can’t wait then,” Jennifer said. “I’ve got to get together with them. But
before I go…”

Jennifer slipped Tom some more tongue, letting him know how good he had
treated her.

“Bye, sexy,” Jennifer replied.

“So long, gorgeous,” Tom replied back.

Jennifer winked as she left the kitchen still naked, giving Tom some last
glimpses of her ass. It was so beautiful and he just wanted to fuck it one
last time. He couldn’t though. He put his Wings jersey back on, thinking
about how there’s no hockey town like Hockeytown, Detroit. Putting the rest
of clothes back on, he was determined to give Fergie some extra

* * *

Jennifer Garner sat back on the deck chair
sipping some orange juice basking in the afterglow of an orgasm. She
stretched out smiling.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.” Jennifer said to herself.

“Maybe what won’t be so bad?” came the accented voice of her TV sister, Mia
Maestro. Mia had returned form the bar with orange juice for her pregnant

“This cruise, after that orgasm from Rachel and IYG. This trip should be
ok.” Jennifer said taking a sip of her drink.

“Maybe, I mean maybe Evil won’t be too mad that you came without telling
him.” Mia said.

“Funny Mia, he called me just before he got on the boat. He’s going to be
mad. I know him, hell I’m married to him. He freaked when he found out about
Victoria’s Island, we argued almost non-stop on New Years, trust me Mia. I
know how he’ll react.” Jennifer said sitting up carefully.

“You give him too much credit. He was mad about Victoria’s Island because he
wasn’t invited. He’ll be cool about it, you are carrying his kid after all.”
Mia said rubbing Jen’s belly, she even felt a kick from the child growing
inside of her.

Jennifer giggled as Mia gave her a suggestive look.

“Let’s go.” Jennifer said as she and Mia bolted from the pool-side deck and
headed for the shared cabin they had.

“You’re going to get Mia’s special kind of rest and relaxation.” Mia said
planting a passionate kiss on her co-star’s lips.

* * *

Clarkson was in heaven. She lay naked on her back, Eva Longoria tonguing
away at her crotch, and Sheridan balanced on her face. All Kelly had to do
was lick away at Sheridan’s pussy, and Eva and Sheridan would take care of
the rest. Sheridan was turned around facing down Kelly’s body in order to
watch Eva licking away at the pop star, while also allowing her to play with
Kelly’s breasts. Eva was topless, her short skirt and fishnet stockings the
only clothes left on her as she ravaged Kelly’s pussy.

Groupies. What a wonderful thing to have. Kelly made a note to get some real
groupies for her next tour – maybe even TRL, just to add some meat to the

“Oh, fuck!” Sheridan moaned as she gripped Kelly’s tits. “Don’t stop
licking, Kelly. Show your biggest fan how much you appreciate her!”

Kelly pressed her tongue right against Sheridan’s clit, making the blonde
swoon with delight. Kelly redoubled her efforts, determined to get the
female author off.

Sheridan started to moan more, and she squeezed Kelly’s breasts so hard, the
singer was worried she might just yank them right off. But she kept licking,
alternating between Sheridan’s clit and her slit, driving the other woman
insane with lust.

It didn’t occur to Kelly for several moments that Eva had stopped licking
her own cunt. Had it been anyone else, she might have complained, but Eva
had a way of making you enjoy her little absences all the more.

Suddenly, Sheridan screamed out in pleasure and collapsed onto of Kelly’s
naked body, orgasmic juices coating Kelly’s face.

“How’s that for appreciation?” Kelly asked, playfully slapping Sheridan’s

“Wonderful,” Sheridan said, quickly sliding two fingers into Kelly. The
singer stiffened, but didn’t resist as the busty blonde started finger
fucking her.

“Oh no, that hole belongs to me,” Eva’s voice cut in. Kelly looked up over
Sheridan’s bare ass to see Eva coming back into the bedroom area. She still
wore her skirt and fishnets, but now she had a new attachment – an
eight-inch long pink strap-on, already wet with lube. Without needing to be
told, Sheridan rolled off Kelly and spread the singer’s legs. Kelly smiled
as Eva slid right inside her with the large dildo.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Kelly cried. “Fuck me, Eva! Fuck my hot hole! Make me cum
on your huge rod!”

“Whoa,” Sheridan said, smiling as she laid down next to Kelly. “She likes

And Kelly did. Eva rammed her dildo in and out of her for a good fifteen,
twenty minutes before Kelly had an ear-splitting orgasm. Sheridan had spent
that time licking Kelly’s nipples, and occasionally feeling Eva up while the
latina was going to town. Now, though, all three lay in a heap on the bed.

“Ah, well, that was fun,” Kelly said, slowly getting off the bed.

“You know,” Eva said, looking down at her fake cock, “I think I just might
keep this on for a bit – maybe give Natalie and Danica a surprise next time
I see them.”

“The boat’ll be leaving dock soon,” Kelly said. “If you’re wearing that when
we wave good bye to everyone on shore, you’ll probably make the papers.”

“Nah, I’ll wear a skirt over it – maybe sneak up on some babe and give her a
little fun,” Eva said. “C’mon, help me get dressed. This is going to be the
best cruise ship departure ever.”

* * *

Kojain’s eyed rolled
back into his head as enjoyed the fellatio that Ashanti was giving him. For
such a sweet and innocent looking girl, she sure could suck a good dick. He
was able to look every now and then to see how much Ashanti was enjoying
herself with his cock. He was especially amazed by the amount of pressure
she was creating.

“Oooh damn Ashanti… That’s feel so incredible. Just like that girl! oooh!”
Kojain moaned as he caressed her head as she kept sucking him off.

He was loving this to no end, but he started to feel his orgasm approach. He
wanted this to last longer, but Ashanti was giving way too much pleasure for
him to hold it back any longer.

“Ashanti, I’m about to come.” Kojain grunted.

Either she didn’t listen or she didn’t care, she just kept on sucking away.
She then pulled her mouth off, only to be rewarded with a blast of white
fluid all in her face. And by the look Ashanti had on her face, it was quite
sure she was caught totally off guard by it.

Kojain grinned sheepishly, “Ummm… Oops!”

Ashanti had a slight smirk on her face, “Couldn’t you have warned me a bit
earlier?” As she wiped off his cum with her hand.

“Come on girl, that’s a new look for you.” Kojain laughed.

“Very funny! Damn! You got it in my hair too!.” Ashanti giggled.

Kojain kindly handed her a towel nearby so she can wipe herself off. He
suddenly heard his cell phone ring. He quickly picked it up and flipped it

“Hey! What’s up?” He answered.

“Kojain? That you? It’s Hamster!” A voice said from the phone.

“Yeah. What is it?” Kojain replied.

“I got to give you a warning! J.Lo’s lookin for you!” Hamster said.

“WTF does that bitch want with me?” Kojain said, slightly suspicious.

“She’s trying to get you to marry her. I swear, that bitch is succubus!
Don’t go let her fuck with your head man! She’s looking for you!”, Hamster

“Oh really, eh? Thanks for the warning. Later.” Kojain said, hanging up.

Ashanti had a look of confusion on her, “What’s going on?” She asked.

“Oh nothing… I gotta go do something for one of my fellow authors here.
I’ll meet up with you later.” Kojain said, as he went over to kiss Ashanti
and run off.

* * *

Running around a hallway looking for the
bar was tough work on Tom. It wasn’t made easier that he was pushing a
one-shelf cart with a giant bushel of strawberries. It was made more
difficult by the fact he was just coming off sex with Jennifer Aniston.
Damn, Tom though. That chick can really wear someone down.

So here he was, leaning against a wall, drinking nature’s only pure thurst
quencher. After all, Pepsi could do everything it could ever to for your

Out of the corner of his eye, Tom noticed something, but whatever or whoever
it was turned the corner too quickly for him to see what or who that was.
He decided he ought to grab an extra Pepsi for that person or, God forbid,
thing. After coughing up another dollar on carbonated water and grabbing
the bottle. Tom turned the same corner the shadowy figure went, hoping to
keep up with it.

When he went around the corner, Tom noticed the figure was gone. What was
around though was a cart full of food. Being a sucker for food and somehow
being able to stay thin, Tom couldn’t help but ogle at the food before him.
There was a buttered lobster, mini club sandwiches, salads, rolls, potatoes,
and shrimp by the eyeful. He just looked at everything almost the same way
he stared at Jennifer’s body.

“Ya know, Yzerman, if you want that food, you gotta pay for it,” Tom heard
somebody say from behind him.

He turned around and was shocked to find the mystery figure was none other
the sexy waitress he saw before he went into the kitchen.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Tom said, backing off from the food. “I was only looking,
I swear. Nothing’s been touched.”

“It’s okay, you can take something with you if you want,” the waitress said,
allowing Tom to grab a club. “I’ll just pay for it. Hey, weren’t you the
guy sneaking into the kitchen?”

“Sorry, ma’am, but I’m the bartender,” Tom explained. “I was short a few
strawberries so I went to pick some up.”

“Did that also include screwing Jennifer Aniston,” the waitress inquired.
Tom chucked up his last bite of his sandwich like a Three Stooges spit take
in shock.

“How did you know,” Tom asked.

“Saw it all,” the waitress said. “It was pretty damn sexy. I’ve had quite
a few boyfriends, but none of them knew a woman’s pleasure zones quite like

“Wow, gee thanks,” Tom said. “I feel pretty good about what you’re say…”

Before he knew it, Tom found himself in yet another French kiss, entangling
his tongue along with the waitress’. Damn, Tom thought. I’ve got to come
to more of these events. Letting go, Tom could only look in amore at the
graceful woman in front of him.

“I think I should introduce myself. My name’s Tom, but my friend’s call me
313,” Tom said.

“Ummm, I wonder why,” the waitress replied with a slight giggle. “Where can
I catch you for a little action?” At this, the waitress began rubbing her
body against Tom’s, leaving him nearly incapacitated. Just then, Tom
realized he still had work to do.

“Not right now,” Tom said, pushing her away. “I’ve still got to give some
loving to Fergie, but I’ll get around to you, sexy. My room is, and I swear
I didn’t set this up, Room 313.”

“I’ll meet there soon,” the waitress replied with a wide grin on her face as
she sauntered her ass away.

“Wait, hold on,” Tom yelled. “I didn’t catch your name, I’m sorry.”

“It’s Stephanie,” the waitress replied. “My name’s Stephanie Sanders.”
With that she was gone, shaking her hips as she carted away the

* * *

“Believe me, it’s cocked and loaded.” Raw panted
as Sela began rubbing his hard cock through his swim trunks.

“Well, I didn’t expect this kind of attention so soon.” Sela spoke.

“What? A fine woman like yourself hasn’t gotten her bones jumped yet?”

“I just got on the boat an hour ago, Raw was it?” she said as the rubdown

“If I knew you were coming, I would’ve given you the traditional CSSA
welcome as soon as you put one foot on the boat.”

“I guess I’m about to make up for lost time, huh?” she said in a sultry

“Sela, you have no idea.”

Sela turned in the chair, planting her feet flat on the deck as she began to
untie Raw’s drawstring. His cock hardened even more knowing it was about to
see the light of day. He turned his head to see Roselyn staring back at him
from the above balcony across the pool.

After the knot was undone, the only thing holding up the now baggy trunks
was his stiffened member. Sela gently pulled his swim attire out from his
body and reached inside with her left hand into the cookie jar.

Her smooth fingertips tenderly soothed across the length of his cock,
feeling every inch. Raw ran his fingers through her dark hair, grabbing at
the ends and pulling slightly.

Finally, Sela pulled the trunks over his cock until it flopped out like a
spring doorstop. His cock was full and pulsating with thrills.

“Oh, my God. I haven’t seen anything that big since last year’s Macy
Thanksgiving Day Parade.” Sela gasped.

“Bullwinkle?” Raw asked under his heavy breathing.

“No, Woody Woodpecker indeed.” she responded and let his swimwear fall to
the deck.

She placed her two palms on either side of his cock and lightly rubbed at it
with a slow pace. A small drop of precum formed on the tip of his rod. Sela
enjoyed seeing this and wiped it away with her thumb. Her fingernails
climbed up the bottom of his cock starting at the base and running up to the

“Well, go ahead. Hurry up and suck my man’s cock!” Roselyn blurted out
standing just a few feet away with Faith.

Sela quickly let go of her grasp as her face grew bright red.

* *

Up until an hour earlier, Rulehater had felt like the luckiest guy
in the world. Not anymore. Holding his hand in his head as he paced the
ship’s exit, he knew that whatever decision he made next was about to
irrevocably change his life.

He had enthusiastically arrived the cruise ship like every one of his fellow
authors, looking forward to an exciting, sex-drenched time on board. It was
in fact supposed to be a celebratory time for him, as just days earlier, it
appeared that every single one of his dreams had been about to come true,
every thing he had worked towards for years appeared to be paying off.

But now, in order to actualize those dreams, it seemed, he was going to have
to say goodbye to such an important part of his life, a group of people who
were already like family to him.

The CSSA community had been thrilled when one of their own had won a million
dollar recording contract with Interscope Records. Hater was CSSA’s
resident rapper, incredibly talented, though his attempts to hit it big kept
getting frustrated, and for a while, it appeared that he was not going to
rise beyond the occasional CSSA freestyle battle, which he usually won with

And then by a stroke of luck, an A&R exec at Interscope had stumbled upon
one of his tapes and passed it along to Dr. Dre, who was impressed by the
fresh talent. After giving the world Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent, he was
certain that he had found the next big thing.

Thus, Hater had been befuddled when, barely thirty minutes after getting on
board the cruise ship, right in the middle of a strip volleyball game
against 2 hotties, his phone had rung, with a stern sounding Dre on the
other end.

“I’m afraid there’s a problem,” Dre had said.

“What is it?” Hater asked, ignoring Hardguy’s gestures for him to come and
continue their game.

“I have word that you are currently about to embark on a cruise organized by
CSSA,” Dre said, “and dawg, we can’t let that happen.”

“Why not?” Hater asked, confused, “I mean, I can’t give up all of this

“I understand there was a bit of trouble at the last CSSA organized event
with one of our artists,” Dre let out.

“Oh that,” shrugged Hater, “50 deserved getting his ass beat like he did. I
love 50’s style, but if you’re going to be beating up on females, then you
need to get your butt whooped.”

“50’s an asshole,” said Dre, “No one knows that better than me. But it
doesn’t change the fact that there’s a huge conflict of interest here. If
you’re going to be a member of the Aftermath family, you can’t fraternize
with a rival organization.”

“But it’s not like I’m kicking it with Ja Rule or anything like that,” Hater
said in his defense, “I mean, Dre, come on, I’ve known these dudes for ever,
it’s just a group of writers fucking celebrities, you can’t ask me to give
that up. Christina Milian’s waiting for me in my cabin now, and after that,
I think Tyra Banks wanna get down. I can’t walk out on all of that.”

“Look Hater,” said Dre, “I really feel for you, but I hope you make the
right decision here. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I really think
you could make it with us, but I won’t hesitate to cancel your contract if
you proceed on that cruise.”

“You can’t do that,” Hater had cried.

“50 is the biggest rapper in the game now, like it or not,” Dre countered,
“and he’s too valuable to let go. I’m too old to be rapping now, and Eminem
ain’t what he used to be two years ago. 50 Cent and his G Unit crew
guarantee us at least 5 to 7 million albums sold each year. You know what
they say, he who pays the piper.”

“Dre, at least let me chill for a few days. The ship’s about to take off.
I’ll just say goodbye to all of my friends and get off at the next stop.”

“It’s your choice, player,” Dre empathized, “but I done told you, if you
take off with that ship, you could be kissing your rap career goodbye.”

That had been 15 minutes ago, and Hater was still pacing the ship’s exit
like a mad man, not one bit closer to a decision. He could stay on board,
have all of the pussy he wanted, but with the knowledge that it meant
blowing away by far the biggest break he had received, and consigning
himself to several more years of back alley rap competitions, hawking around
demo tapes, and dissing the likes of Hamster and 313 on CSSA freestyles.

Or he could walk off the ship, off to a future of fame, fortune and riches,
of working with the best rap artists and producers in the game. But it
would mean divesting himself of anything to do with CSSA for eternity.
Goodbye to friends who had grown as close as brothers and sisters to him.
Goodbye to his blossoming writing career. Goodbye to Beyonce, Alicia,
Mandy, Ciara, Eva, and all those other celebrities whom had come to know and
love him.

Making his decision, Hater took a long gaze into the distance as he brought
out his mobile phone. It was, after all, the only decision he could
possibly take under such circumstances.

“Yo, Dre,” he said into the devise, “this is how its gonna be.”

* *

Thinking back on Hamster’s warning as he walked around the ship,
Kojain began to try to figure out why Jennifer Lopez would want him. Sure,
she was a beautiful woman with a world famous booty, but what would she want
with a younger man?

Kojain has turned out a lot of beautiful women in his life because they were
either shady, not too bright, or just plan nuts. He doesn’t recall much of
Hamster’s ordeal with her, he didn’t even know Hamster too well. But it
still didn’t make it clear why he would warn me over J.Lo?

Then it finally hit Kojain, Jennifer Lopez’s reputation was well-known to
marry a man then ditch them within 6 months. And now Kojain realize that she
found her next victim. Kojain himself.

‘If that bitch thinks she can mess with my head, she’s got another thing
coming to her’ Kojain thought. ‘I’ll give her something to think

* * *

Dina Lohan stormed through the ship looking for
any sign of her daughter. There was no way she would allow her daughter to
go through with this cruise. Besides she had to get to New York for divorce
proceedings and that was going to be hell in itself.

“LINDSAY.” Dina yelled over the deck. No one paid her any mind except a few

‘There she is’ Dina thought as she headed for the starboard railing, she
approached the person who was dressed in similar fashion to her daughter.

“You’re coming with me right now young…..” Dina stopped when she saw that
it was not Lindsay her daughter, but in fact someone else.

“Sorry.” Dina said releasing her grip on the woman and walking off.

Lindsay saw what her mom just did and laughed, Dina locked eyes with her
daughter and before she knew it Lindsay took off headed for the other side
of the ship. Dina gave quick pursuit. Lindsay tried to run faster but her
mom was faster then she was.

“We are leaving this ship right now young lady.” Dina said as Lindsay
struggled with her mom’s strength.

“No mom, I need this.” Lindsay said struggling.

Both women stopped their struggle when the ship’s horn sounded. That sound
meant only one thing, the ship was leaving port.

“No” Dina whispered to herself, she released Lindsay and stormed up the
steps to the captain’s cabin.

“Is there a problem ma’am?’ asked the captain.

“Yes, I’m not supposed to be here, you have to stop this ship.” Dina said.

The captain sighed, this was the last thing he needed.

“I cannot stop this ship once we have started leaving. I’m sorry ma’am but
it looks like you are stuck here for a week.” the captain said closing the

“A WEEK?!?!” Dina said as she slammed her fist on the door, the captain
didn’t respond. Dina walked down the steps, she watched the crowd gather to
see the ship off. She saw people in various stages of dress and undress and
it shocked her.

“Looks like you’re stuck here with me mom.” Lindsay said stripping down to
her bikini in front of everyone. Lindsay’s little show gave the audience
something to cheer about as well as the ship leaving port.

Dina sat back on the step and ran her hand through her hair. What was going
to happen next?

* * *

“Honey, I’m home,” Cosmo joked as he
entered his cabin along with Maria.

“Finally. We were getting impatient,” Mandy called out from the bedroom.

“Yeah, your girlfriend is such a horny slut!” Jennie chimed in.

Maria followed Cosmo into the bedroom, but froze at the sight before her.
Mandy Moore and Jennie Finch were laying together on the king sized bed.
Naked. “I, um, wow…”

‘Interesting way to make an introduction,’ Cosmo thought. “So, Maria, this
is Mandy Moore and that’s Jennie Finch. Mandy, Jennie, this is Maria

“We’ve met before,” Jennie said. “At the ESPYs. Although that was a
slightly different environment than a CSSA event,” she added jokingly.
“Well, are you two just going to stand there, or are you going to join in?”

Cosmo resisted the urge to jump into bed immediately, checking first to see
if Maria was okay. Maria took several deep breaths. ‘Here goes nothing,’
she thought to herself before pulling her top off.

* *

Sheridan bolted into the shared cabin that her and Evil shared. She
held up her leather jacket to cover up her nudity, but Evil paid no
attention to her.

Evil said as he put the marked cards down “So how did it go?”

“Well, Kelly and Eva are both insatiable and Eva’s costume fetish sure is
interesting to play around with.” Sheridan said smiling as she fixed her

“Yeah, thanks for stealing my action by the way.” Evil said slugging her in
the shoulder playfully.

“No problem.” Sheridan said

At that moment a horn went off signaling that the ship was about to leave
port. Sheridan picked up a camera and snapped a couple of practice pictures.
Sheridan and Evil headed for the deck to watch the ship leave port.

The deck was starting to fill up with the usual celebs, authors and board
members who were on the ship. Evil grabbed a drink from the bar and tried to
smack 313, but didn’t. He watched next to Sheridan, who was a safe distance
away from the rail but could still see over, as the ship left port.

“I wonder where Anna Paquin is, I know she got an invite.” Sheridan said.

“I’m sure she made it on the ship, don’t worry your depravities will not go
unheeded, not on this cruise.” Evil said.

“Hey call, Jennifer see how she’s doing.” Sheridan said as she snapped a
couple of pics.

Evil pulled out his cell phone and dialed Jen’s number. He let it ring for a
few minutes until her got her voicemail, he didn’t leave a message.

“No answer, probably sleeping.” Evil said as the docks slowly grew smaller
and smaller.

“You ready for the big dinner tonight, I hear Rachael Ray is serving.”
Sheridan said.

“Serving what? Herself?” Evil said laughing. Sheridan simply smirked.

“God I hope so.” Sheridan said as she disappeared into the ship and back to
their room.

* * *

Captain Marissco looked out towards shore as
the Luxury pulled away from the dock, it’s departure horn blasting away.
Usually, this was the part of the journey he enjoyed most – the people back
on shore waving up at the ship as it left. It was the start of the trip, the
beginning of the adventure.

Or, in the case of this particular trip, apparently the foreplay before the
actual sex.

Marissco frowned as he looked down on the deck and saw one woman coming up
behind another and lifting her skirt. Soon, with the assistance of a
semi-hidden strap-on, the first woman was fucking the second. Further down
the line, there was one of the authors of the trip screwing another woman.

This was already getting out of hand.

“Captain,” Lt. Smith said, coming up behind him.


“Sir, Lt. Jandzinski down in engineering reports all systems go. Doctor Mele
says the ships stores are stocked with medicine, though he’s not sure we
have enough condoms and morning-after pills for the entire trip. Purser
Pouliot reports all valuables have been secured, and Misters Miller and
Thompson report ship’s security at full status. Oh, and Chef Laroe says that
thanks to the help of one Rachael Ray, he is both ahead of schedule on
tonight’s formal dinner, and behind.”

“How on earth is that possible?” Marissco asked.

“Apparently, after the first course was finished, Miss Ray decided she
needed to work on the second course without pants.”

Marrisco sighed, and was about to order Thompson and Miller down to remove
Miss Ray from the kitchen when the door swung open. A short, older woman
with blonde hair came bursting into the room.

“Is there a problem ma’am?” Marissco asked.

“Yes, I’m not supposed to be here, you have to stop this ship,” she replied.

The captain sighed, this was the last thing he needed. Well, actually, the
last thing he needed was a large iceberg filled with horny penguins to hit
the ship, but this was right up there.

“I cannot stop this ship once we have started leaving,” Marrisco said,
gently pushing the woman out the door. “I’m sorry ma’am but it looks like
you are stuck here for a week.” With that, he pushed her out of the cabin
and closed the door. “Have Miller keep an eye on this one. That’s one
stowaway already. Probably a dozen more. I want this ship swept.”

“I’ll have Sanchez and de Jesus help with that,” Smith said.

“Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I desperately need a drink before I have to
attend the formal dinner at sunset.”

* * *

“Go ahead.” Roselyn demanded as she glared at Sela.

“Listen, I didn’t know you two were an item, okay? If I had…”

“You would’ve sucked him off anyway, right?” Popi shot back at her.

“No, I…..”

“It’s one thing for a woman to sneak behind my back and make sexual advances
with my man. But it’s another when she doesn’t even have the balls to finish
what she’s started.”


“Suck my man’s cock right now. I want to see how you do it, sister.”

“She can be quite the motivational speaker, huh?” Raw smiled down at Sela.

Sela looked around nervously, trying to shy away her embarrassment and find
a way out of this.

“What the fuck are you waiting for! Put your lips around his cock and suck
it!” Roselyn yelled as she pushed Sela from the back of her head, forcing
her face into his still-hardened dick.

Slowly, Sela’s mouth opened and Raw bucked his hips forward entering the
head into her orifice in the process. Sela clasped her lips around its head
and kissed the tip of it.

“Now use your tongue on him.” Roselyn gave pointers as she sat down right
next to Sela.

Her tongue massaged gently down his shaft until she hit the base. She swam
her tasting muscle around over his balls and shimmied it back up again along
the bottom.

“Now take it all in your mouth.”

Sela opened her mouth wide and came down on his cock until her lips reached
near the trunk. She tightened her lips around his thick johnson and gave it
a full body wash with her tongue inside her mouth. She pulled back until his
dong was again exposed to the outside and watched as it bounced from side to
side, coated with her own saliva.

“Not bad. Now start bobbing your head on it for a while. Stand up, but don’t
take your mouth off his cock.” Roselyn helped her stand up as her head began
to bounce.

Raw slowly sat back down in his lounge chair and then laid back, putting his
hands behind his head. Sela was quite the trooper as she never broke stride
from her current duties. She was standing up, completely bent over with a
mouth full of dick.

Roselyn sat down in Sela’s chair directly behind her jiggling ass. This was
getting Popi hotter by the second. As if she had no other choice, she pulled
Sela’s skirt and bikini bottoms down off her ass and lumped them in a pile.

Her fingers quickly discovered her clit and pressed the digits firmly
against it while rubbing in circles. Sela moaned loudly all over Raw’s
slippery cock. Roselyn suckled her left index finger and then spat on Sela’s
ass entrance. She then sunk her finger in until it could go no further.

Sela’s entire body tensed up, except her head, which was bobbing up and down
faster than a well lubricated piston. She firmly squeezed on Raw’s ballz as
her saliva dripped down over them.

Roselyn spanked her butt hole with her finger faster until Sela’s knees
buckled with weakness. Her breathing became incredibly loud from her
nostrils as his cock was jack hammering the back of her throat.

Sela’s hips shook uncontrollably as she orgasmed onto Popi’s right fist.
With her legs quivering, Sela still continued to smoke the cock.

“Okay, stop. Now it’s my turn.” Roselyn grinned.

* * *

‘I wonder if 313 enjoyed his strawberries,’ Joe thought to himself as he
walked toward his room with a Canadian cutie under each arm.

“Let me go,” Avril screamed as she tried to wiggle free from Joe’s grip.

“Senators,” Skye taunted Avril.

“Leafs,” Avril said, trying to reach across Joe and grab Skye.

“If you two don’t shut up, I’ll let Raw have his way with you,” Joe said,
making them instantly clam up.

Reaching his door, Joe set Avril down so he could get his key out of his
pocket. Before she could take off on him though, he leaned against her and
kept her pressed against the wall. When he had the door open, he pushed her
through and followed with Skye in tow.

“So, you got us here, what are you going to do with us?” Avril asked,
sitting on his bed.

“First things first,” Joe said, setting Skye down and parking her in a
chair. Rifling through his bag he came up with two pairs of handcuffs. “Jen
sent me a gift pack.”

“Kinky,” Avril said, grinning.

He grabbed Avril’s wrists and cuffed her to the headboard. Moving across the
room, he cuffed Skye to the desk next to the bed.

“Wouldn’t it be more fun to have us both on the bed?” Skye asked.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” Joe informed them. “If I’m not back in an hour,
I’ll send someone to get you.”

“What?” Avril screamed, pulling against the cuffs.

“Feel free to have some fun, but you’d better hope you can get it done with
your toes,” Joe said before slipping out of the door.

* * *

“Renee’s turn?” Amber asked a gasping Elisha.

“Uh huh,” Elisha said, nodding in agreement.

When Elisha had caught her breath, she went back to the treat in front of
her. Reaching under Renee’s spread legs she grabbed her hips and slid her on
the carpet until she was closer.

“Ohh,” Renee moaned as she felt Elisha’s tongue snake through the folds of
her pussy. When the tongue hit her clit she closed her eyes and hissed

“Tongue that pussy,” Emmy said, cheering Elisha on before deciding she
wanted in. Hitching her skirt back up, she straddled Renee’s head and
lowered her pussy to the redhead’s hungry lips.

Seeing where the pairing was going, Amber smiled. Grabbing her bag she
reached into it and fished around until she found what she was looking for.
Touching her tongue to her upper lip, she stood up and slipped the strap on
dildo over her feet and then up her legs.

“Eanie meanie miney mo,” Amber said, letting the fates decide where to stick
her toy. When Emmy leaned forward to help Elisha tongue Renee, she figured
the fates had just given her told her where to stick it.

“Oof,” Emmy cried out as she felt the strap on unexpectedly plunge into her

Having two tongues work her over was heaven for Renee. Watching a plastic
cock plunge into a pussy right above her face was icing on the cake.
Reaching her arms past her head, she grabbed Amber’s ass and helped pull her
into Emmy’s ass. With every stroke Amber made the intensity of the licking
on Renee’s pussy increased.

“Fuck me,” Emmy said hoarsely, alternately lifting her ass up to present a
better target for Amber and lowering it to make it easier for Renee to get
her tongue in there.

With one final push Emmy screamed and came all over the fake cock in her
pussy. Her cum leaked out around the phallus to be lapped up by Renee
beneath her.

* * *

After Evangeline Lilly had entered her room, Kate Bosworth closed the door.
She would’ve locked it, but she didn’t want to lock Maggie Grace out once
she decided to follow.

“Strip!” Kate ordered Evey.

Hesitantly, Evangeline pulled off her tank top to reveal a simple white bra.
When Kate nodded appreciatively, Evey unbuttoned her shorts and started
pushing them down.

“Turn around,” Kate commanded.

Doing as she was told, Evey turned around and pushed her shorts down over
her ass to reveal a pair of white bikini cut panties. Getting more into the
act, she bent over at the waist and stuck her ass out to Kate as her shorts
got past her knees rather than just letting them drop to the floor.

“Stay right there,” Kate said, coming up behind Evey. She let her hands roam
up the back of Evangeline’s thighs before getting a nice hold on her firm

“Take them off,” Kate said, giving Evey’s panties a little yank to let her
know exactly what she was talking about.

Evangeline started to straighten up but Kate put her hand on her back and
stopped her. Taking the hint Evey stayed bent over as she pulled her panties
down. As her panties traveled down her legs Kate’s fingers trailed down her
spine, bringing goose bumps to the surface of Evangeline’s skin.

“Stand up,” Kate said, reaching around Evey and putting her hand on her
stomach to pull her upright.

When Evangeline was standing up straight, Kate molded herself to Evey’s back
and unhooked her bra. After pulling the cups apart Kate moved her index
fingers in circles around Evey’s nipples.

“I’m not too late, am I” Maggie Grace asked as she finally made her

* * *

“Hey, watch where you’re going,” Beyonce
snapped at the tall, black guy as he bumped into her.

“My bad,” Kojain explained, “I was rushing ‘cos I don’t want J. Lo to find
me. What’s with the attitude anyway?”

“I didn’t mean to be such a bitch,” she apologized, “I’m just pretty tense
right now. Hater’s supposed to have met up with me but I haven’t seen him.
Would you know where he is?”

“Man, don’t even bring up that fool Hater’s name right now, I’m mad at him,”
Kojain grimaced.

“And why’s that?” Beyonce asked.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with him for weeks, I thought it’d be cool
if we planned a few things for this cruise, but the dude’s been ignoring me.
Paged him, emailed him, even stopped by his crib, and the boy didn’t even
acknowledge it.”

“I’m sure there’s a good explanation for it,” Beyonce said, “he’s been
really busy. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the record deal.”

“Yeah, good for him,” Kojain said, “but it doesn’t mean he should forget
about his old friends. I wonder where he is anyway.”

“Maybe I’m paranoid,” Beyonce said, “but the last time I was looking for him
at one of this CSSA events, he was shacked up with Angelina Jolie. I hope
he hasn’t abandoned me again, especially not on this trip.”

“Why?” Kojain asked.

“Well, I wanted Hater to be there when we were telling people, but you’re
practically family anyway, so I guess there’s no harm. We are planning to
announce our engagement during this cruise.”

“My God,” Kojain’s mouth popped open, “my little buddy Rulehater, getting
married. I’m so thrilled for you guys.”

“You know, as her best friend, I wouldn’t be giving you bad advice if I said
the time was ripe for you to pop the question to Kelly. I know she’s

“Are you serious?” a bemused Kojain asked. “I love Kelly and all but…”

“It’s OK, not putting pressure on you or anything,” Beyonce smiled.
“Anyway, now you know. I hope Hater won’t be mad I spilled the beans. God,
I’m so excited.”

“Go on and find him,” Kojain urged, “and you two lovebirds find somewhere to
get it on. Meanwhile I got to get moving, or I might find myself getting
married even before you two.”

* * *

Flipping open his cell
phone, Tom decided to give Evil the news. He waited while it rang, but got
the voice mail.

“Hey Evil,” Tom said the machine. “I’ve been checking up with everybody and
there’s been no sign with Anna Paquin. A few guys left me her home and cell
numbers, but I couldn’t get a hold of her. Just thought I’d let you know.

With that, Tom closed his cell and went back to work.

“More tequila, Ms. Lohan,” Tom asked.

“Yes please,” Dina Lohan replied.

Tom poured the tequila into a shot glass down to Dina, who gulped it down

“Poor thing,” Tom said walking down to the other end of the bar to Fergie.
“She may be a bitch, but she doesn’t even deserve this.”

“I know,” Fergie replied. “I offered her my cell phone to call her lawyer,
but she’s too distraught to talk to anybody. How do you think she’ll handle

“I don’t know,” Tom replied, sliding a Jack Daniels down to Beyonce. “She’s
really in a tough spot. I don’t like her, but she deserves her kids more
than Michael. That guy’s a complete craze-oid. Anybody who gives him
custody of the Lohan children either has no brain or soul.”

“Or both,” Fergie said, deciding to change the subject. “Now, don’t we have
to get done to something?”

“Of course, how could I forget,” Tom asked.

“Maybe because you got too much Jennifer Aniston on your mind,” Fergie

“Hey, hey, she had me cornered,” Tom said, setting up his defense. “What
else could I have done?”

“Say no,” Fergie said.

“Yeah, like that will ever happen,” Tom said. “Now come on, I’m feeling
horny. My room shouldn’t be too far away from here.”

On the way out, the lusty couple was knocked down by somebody.

“The hell,” Tom exclaimed, before realizing who it was. “Kojain?! Are you
OK? You look like you just saw a murder.”

“Worse,” Kojain said, gasping for air. “Jennifer Lopez is after me. She’s
trying to marry me. I need a place to hide.”

Tom felt sorry for Kojain, even though he thought getting married to J. Lo
wouldn’t be so bad, no matter how short it was.

“Tell you what,” Tom said. “The stage room is right behind the bar. You go
put on some sort of disguise and hide out at the bar while I take care of
some business,” the bartender said, lustfully eyeing the Black Eyed Pea.

“Great idea, Tom,” Kojain replied, hugging him in relief.

“Ahh, Kojain,” Tom said cautiously. “We’re guys. We don’t hug unless we’ve
lost a family member.”

“Right,” Kojain said, releasing Tom and scampering towards the stage room.

“Now where was I,” Tom said to Fergie, licking his lips eagerly.

* *

Evil and Sheridan returned to their cabin after the ship left port.

“So what now?” Sheridan asked as she tossed her jacket down on her bed.

“We get ready for the big dinner.” Evil said pulling one of the silver cases
out from under the bed. He turned the tumblers to the proper combination
“666” and lifted up the case. Again the contents of the case seemed to glow
as Evil opened it, he grabbed a bandana from inside and tied it around his
head pulling his long hair back.

Sheridan changed into a white form fitting dress and white high heels.
Sheridan turned and saw Evil and smirked.

“Is that all you’re wearing?” Sheridan asked.

“What’s wrong with it?” Evil asked as he looked himself over in the mirror.
He had one an “As I Lay Dying” T shirt and black leather pants with the
bandana holding back his jet black hair.

“It’s a formal dinner, dumbass.” Sheridan said smacking him upside the head.

“You’re lucky you’re my friend, other wise I’d smack you back.” Evil said
adjusting his headband. Sheridan just shook her head as they heard a knock
at the door.

“Come in” Evil said as Eva Longoria came in wearing a shimmering gold dress.

“Hi, um, Sheridan I’ve got something you may want to hear.” Eva said
approaching and putting her arm around Evil.

“Before you get to that Eva. Is this a costume or just a dress for tonight?”
Evil asked smirking. Eva smiled and began to rub up against him.

“Well, I can play the wealthy heiress but then what would Paris Hilton do?”
Eva said laughing.

“What’s your news Eva?” Sheridan said looking herself over in the mirror.

“Oh…um…I just heard from 313 that no one has yet seen Anna Paquin. She’s
on the guest list but no one has seen her yet. Sorry.” Eva said walking out,
Evil was staring at her ass but Sheridan looked at herself in the mirror.

“You gonna be ok?” Evil asked as Eva closed the door.

“Yeah, I guess I was just expecting too much with her showing up…”
Sheridan said “… let’s go to the dining hall.”

Evil shrugged as Sheridan grabbed her purse and left the room. Evil followed
her out and headed for the dining hall.

* * *

Kojain walked
around the ship, carefully avoiding any unwanted attention. He’s been known
to stealth around when he doesn’t want to be bother or left alone. True, he
enjoys the company of his friends, but he needed time to figure out a way to
avoid J.Lo during this cruise. And he wasn’t about to stand around in one

But he remembered the words Beyonce spoke to him.

‘So… Hater is finally tying the knot, eh?’ Kojain thought to himself. ‘All
my life I’ve wondered if he was the marrying type. We’ve been tight and all,
but this is a big move for him.’

Kojain then began to wonder about Kelly’s failed marriage with Football Star
Roy Williams. ‘What caused those two to break it off before they even walked
down the aisle? I just hope I don’t make the same mistake as he did.’

Thinking back at the last C-S-S-A event, which Kojain couldn’t attend due to
personal issues, he recalls ‘Hater telling him that he almost got shot by
Jay-Z for being with Beyonce. What if something like this happens again?

Kojain was just about lost in all his thoughts when suddenly a pair of hands
came with behind and covered his eyes! In a panic, he quickly spud around
and reached for the dagger he always has concealed in his pants, thinking it
was J.Lo, but it was ever so happy when it was a much more pleasant site.

“Oh Kelly!” Kojain smiled as he leaped over and hugged her.

“Hey Koj… Wow! Nice to see you too boo!” Kelly said, rather shocked.

“Sorry, I just thought you were someone that I didn’t want to see right now!
Or at all!”, Kojain explained, as he let go of her.

“Who? What’s wrong?”, A concerned Kelly asked.

Kojain began to look around. “Not here. I’ll explain everything in my
cabin.”, he said as he took Kelly’s hand, beckoning her to go with

* * *

Dina Lohan managed to get down to the main deck in
time to see something that would change her life forever.

Dina was a big Desperate Housewives fan – had been since the show started.
So when she saw Eva Longoria, her first thought was to get an autograph.
Then she saw what Eva was wearing underneath her skirt – a large, pink dildo
poked out just enough to be seen. Dina went white as she realized that, just
like everyone else on this ship, Eva had given herself over to her sluttiest

Dina watched in shocked horror as Eva slinked up behind another woman,
lifted her skirt, and slowly inserted the dildo.

‘Oh my god!’ Dina thought! ‘Eva Longoria is a lesbian!’

The blonde woman, who had been waving at the crowd below, froze for a
moment, but let Eva fuck away. And Eva fucked masterfully. Dina watched as
Eva worked the plastic cock in and out of the other woman perfectly. For a
long moment, Dina was envious – she hadn’t been fucked like that since her
last child had been conceived! Eva moved with a grace and speed that belied
the fact that she had her new lover pressed up against the side of a boat!

And then, as the boat had pulled far enough away for the crowd not to be
able to see them, Eva pulled out and turned the other woman around.

And the last thing Dina Lohan saw before fainting was her daughter Lindsay’s
face as she moved in to kiss Lindsay.

* * ** * **

“Care to explain to me just what you were thinking, hitting your head on
that deck chair like that?” Dr. Mele muttered as Dina came around.

“I fainted,” Dina muttered, feeling the ache in her head.

“Well, you’re going to be fine – just a headache for the rest of the day. If
I may make a suggestion, take the aspirin I’m going to give you, go out and
find yourself a willing partner, and have yourself an orgasm. It’ll improve
your disposition dramatically.”

“Doctor!” Dina said, shocked.

“Mom?” Lindsay Lohan asked, coming around the corner into the ship’s sick
bay. “You’re awake?”

“I am, no thanks to you,” Dina said. “Lindsay, why oh why didn’t you ever
tell me you were-” The older Lohan looked around and lowered her voice. “A

Lindsay rolled her eyes. “Mother,” she started.

“I saw you with Eva Longoria!” Dina said. “She’s a lovely woman, really, and
if you two are happy together, that’s wonderful, but why didn’t you tell me?
Why did I have to learn about it while watching you two in the act.”

“Eva and I aren’t dating, Mother,” Lindsay said.

“But, but, you had sex! Lesbian sex!”

“Mom, it’s a sex cruise. That’s what people do.”

“But I thought you’d at least be having sex with some of the authors here,
not the other women! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I knew you would react like this,” Lindsay said. “Come on, I got
the crew to put a cot into my room – you can stay with me while we’re on the
cruise. Let’s go back and see if we can squeeze you into one of my formal
outfits. The ship’s dinner will start soon, and I don’t want to miss it.”


“We’ll talk about it later, Mom,” Lindsay said, forcefully. “Now, let’s go
get you changed.

“Don’t forget that aspirin!” Dr. Mele called after them.

* * *

After leaving Avril and Skye handcuffed in his room, Joe moved down the hall
to the stairwell. Taking the steps two at a time he went up a floor and then
down the hall. Finding the door he was looking for, he knocked on it twice.

“Where ya been?” the blonde that answered the door asked him.

“Well, you know, had to find a couple cute girls for you,” Joe said. “I
think they’ll like serving the Blowjob Queen.”

“Now I know why I keep you around, kid,” Liz Phair said, pinching Joe’s
cheek as she let the door close behind her. “Lets go get ’em.”

* * *

“We’re on the ship,” Kirsten Dunst reminded Mila Kunis as they walked down
the hall toward Mila’s room. “How much longer do I have to wait?”

“You can either wait until we get to my room, or you can wait until we find
Laura,” Mila replied.

“Those are my only choices?” Kiki whined. “Can’t you call Laura from your
room and have her join us? That way we can start without her.”

“Laura doesn’t like to join in the middle,” Mila explained.

“Then lets go find Laura,” Kiki said, grabbing Mila hand and pulling her off
down an adjoining hallway.

* * *

“Guess who,” Alexis said as she snuck up behind Katie Holmes and put her
hands over her eyes.

“I give up,” Katie answered. When Alexis removed her hands and spun her
around, Katie leaned in and gave her a hug. “Alexis? I wouldn’t have figured
you for this kind of thing.”

“You don’t exactly fit the type either,” Alexis countered.

“So, you spoken for yet?” Katie asked, her eyes cruising up and down Alexis’

“Not at the moment if you’re up to it,” Alexis responded.

“Come on,” Katie said, nodding for Alexis to follow her as she went looking
for a quiet place.

* * *

As Emmy orgasmed on top of her, Renee felt her own orgasm approaching.
Elisha’s tongue was dancing around on her clit like a butterfly. Even with
Emmy idle as she caught her breath, there was still more than enough
stimulation for Renee.

“Open up,” Amber told Renee as she pulled the dildo from Emmy’s pussy. When
Renee did as she was told, Amber lowered the toy to her mouth to be cleaned

“Oh God,” Renee moaned on the brink of coming. When Elisha slipped a finger
into her snatch it pushed her over the edge.

To cover Renee’s screams of ecstasy Amber pushed the head of the dildo into
her mouth. When Renee didn’t object Amber began to fuck her mouth and pulled
Emmy up until she was hovering over Renee’s chest. Turning her head, she
pulled Emmy back and gave her a kiss.

“Okay girls, time to clear out. We have to get ready for dinner, so take it
somewhere else,” Rachael Ray announced to Elisha, Amber, Renee, and Emmy.

With that the four girls disengaged themselves. Renee lay on the floor for a
few more seconds to gather herself, but soon joined the other three in
getting themselves dressed.

When they were presentable, or as presentable as four women without panties
could be, they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Elisha went
off in search of Joe, Amber and Renee went to see if they could find Alexis
Bledel, and Emmy decided to go in search of pretty much anyone.

* *

“Maybe I’m just like my mother. She’s never satisfied. Why do we
scream at each other? This is what it sounds like when doves cry.”

Was there any better artist to have wild, animalistic sex to then Prince?
Didn’t think so. Some Tom and Fergie had Prince’s greatest hits blaring
over the stereo as they fucked the night away.

Normally, Tom would make the mood more exciting by singing along, but he had
his mouth full at the moment, and he always knew better than to talk with a
full mouth. He wasn’t alone. Fergie’s mouth was crammed as well.

They continued to lick and suck each other to the edge as they 69’ed on the
bed. Fergie was an absolutely freak in the sack. She had already rode Tom
like Seattle Slew, sucked him like a Popsicle, allowed him to ram her ass
and pussy, and fuck her tits. This was just gonna be the icing on the cake.

Fergie writhed as licked Tom’s tower to an almost creamy finish. This guy
may not be experienced, be made up for it with determination. He wanted to
be the best anyone had. Fergie always loved a guy who was willing to do his

Tom was just enjoying Fergie’s absolute sexiness. It was better than
dissing Voodoo Joe or ‘Hater. She knew exactly how to handle him. She knew
every trick in the book and wasn’t afraid to pull it out. All Tom was
really hoping was that her pussy would explode on her face.

Just than, Fergie’s hips started to buckle. It was just so much. With
Tom’s tongue a mile deep in her pussy, it was to good to resist. Without
letting Tom’s dick out of her mouth, she released every drop she had onto
Tom’s face.

Tom felt it all over him. She exploded all over his face like a volcano
after years of dormancy. Catching every drop was nearly impossible, so he
grabbed as much cum on with his tongue. Tasting the horniness of Fergie
made Tom lose all control.

He let his cream soak Fergie’s mouth and swallowed each and every drop like
the slut she sometimes led on to be. God, Fergie thought, how’d I go this
long without this cock?

Fergie slid off of Tom’s body and planted her face to his, getting their
tongues to dance like maniacs. It felt so good licking each other, and the
time to relax was what they needed.

“Awesome,” was all Tom could mutter.

“You or me,” Fergie complemented with a laugh.

“I’ll say you, but I hope you we’re talking about me,” Tom fired back. “You
are simply incredible.”

“Well, you big stud,” said Fergie. “You shouldn’t be the only saying the
praise. You were great for someone who doesn’t fuck often.”

“Hmm, thanks, sexy,” Tom said. He proceeded to lean in and again swap spit
with the former Sally Brown.

“Oh crap,” Fergie said, looking at the clock. “It’s almost time for the

“Hang on let me get my clothes,” Tom said, scooping up the outfit he had
shed off of him earlier.

“You’re still gonna wear that jersey,” Fergie inquired.

“Two things, sista,” Tom said. “One, I love the Red Wings more than life,
but not as much as hot, slutty chicks like yourself. Two, I’m a bartender,
so I don’t need to dress formal.”

“Alright, let me put something on,” Fergie said before Tom grabbed her on
the arm.

“Hold on, I have an idea,” Tom said.

“What,” Fergie asked. Tom whispered something in her ear and her face lit
up like a light bulb. “Hot damn, I’m in.”

Walking back to the bar, Tom noticed something was wrong.

“Where the hell is Kojain,” Tom yelled. “I thought he wanted to avoid J.

“Dunno,” Fergie said. “Maybe he still didn’t feel safe.”

“Oh well. Come on. We’ve got a plan to hatch,” Tom said.

Tom and a still-naked Fergie slipped behind the bar as Tom poured multiple
shot glasses of tequila.

“Ready,” Tom asked.

“More than ever,” Fergie said, putting her nude body face up on the bar.
People were starting to gather around knowing something was up. They all
knew what was coming when Tom placed the glasses on certain parts of Fergie.
To make it official, Tom blew an air horn and shouted, “HEY EVERYBODY!

* * *

“So what’s up with
you and Ashley Judd and Maria Menounos?” TRL asked Kate Beckinsale as the
two left the open deck of the ship and headed inside.

“We came to a sort of agreement,” Kate said. “Well, basically, Ashley and
Maria did.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Well, when Ashley heard what Angelina Jolie did to Maria during the New
Year’s party, she wanted to apologize, even though she had nothing to do
with it.”

“Sounds like Ashley,” TRL said.

“Anyway, Ashley went to see Maria and offered to make it up to her. And, as
usual, when Ashley offered to do anything, Maria took her up on it. I walked
in on them still going at it three hours later.”

“Why do I get the feeling you weren’t upset?” TRL said, shaking his head.

“Are you kidding me?” Kate said. “If you walked in on Ashley Judd and Maria
Menounos having sex, what would you do?”

“The same thing you did, I suspect,” TRL smiled.

“Yep,” Kate smiled. “Instant threesome.”

“You know me so well,” TRL laughed.

The two were just then walking past the bar area when the cry went out.

“Did I just hear that right?” Kate asked.

“Judging from the line forming at the bar, I’m going to wager you did,” TRL

“Come on, we have to try it,” Kate said, grabbing his arm.

“Uh, I kinda wanted to catch up with Keira…” TRL muttered, but let Kate drag
him up to the bar.

There lay Fergie, down to a mere tiny yellow bikini that was already looking
wet in some suspicious areas.

“Hey Fergie,” Kate said, pushing TRL up to the bar.

“Hey girl,” Fergie said. “Who’s the boy toy?”

“This is TRL,” Kate said. “And, if you let him take a shot off you, I’ll
take one off you after that.”

“That does sound like a deal,” Fergie smiled. “You ready for a shot, TRL?”

“I’m not really a drinker…” TRL muttered.

“Shut up, pansy,” Fergie said, setting up a shot between her breasts. “Take
your shot like a man.”

“You do get to put your face between those breasts,” Kate pointed out.

“All right, all right,” TRL said. He bent over Fergie and sure enough, his
head went down between her breasts. Unfortunately, the shot-taking-virgin
TRL accidentally tipped the shot over, spilling it all over Fergie’s chest.

“Oh, jeeze, I’m sorry –” TRL said, pulling up. But Kate pressed his head
back down.

“Help clean her up, TRL – you did make the mess,” Kate said.

“She’s right. And then, spill the next one over my crotch,” Fergie said,
smiling up at Kate as TRL started licking the alcohol off her

* * *

A bare-naked Roselyn sat back in her beach chair
and reclined back. Her perfect legs slowly spread as she motioned to Sela.

“Show me what you got, Sela.” she told her as she licked her lips.

Transfixed within the heated moment, Sela sat down on her knees on the end
of the chair. She bent over and flicked her tongue down Popi’s right leg
towards her inner thigh. Roselyn reached back above her head and grabbed a
hold of the back straps of the recliner.

Sela bent further over and lapped at Roselyn’s swollen clitoris. With her
ass hiked high into the air, Raw took his cue and beat Faith to the home
base. He rested his boner on the crack of her ass and felt the perkiness of
her rump.

“Spread your legs so Raw can fuck your pussy, Sela.” Roselyn playfully
hissed at her.

“Oh, yes. I want to feel his hard cock inside of me.” Sela mumbled back from
between Popi’s thighs.

Without waiting another second, Raw pulled his hips back and let his cock
fall until it was eye to eye with Sela’s honey pot. With a quick thrust
forward, Raw felt his dick plunge into Sela’s wet cunt. Her lips and inner
walls produced a firm grasp on his cock as he stroked it in & out.

Sela moaned into Roselyn’s pubic mound as Raw began pounding her harder from

“Fuuuuuuccckkkkkk!!!!!!’ Sela stammered and then forced her tongue straight
into Roselyn’s cunt.

“Yeah, that’s right. You fuck my pussy with your tongue!”

Raw grabbed Roselyn by her ankles, one in each fist and spread her legs
further apart. Sela sucked harder on her pussy lips as she slid two fingers
inside of her snatch.

Sela suddenly paused her actions as her body crouched still and felt the
rumbling inside of her loins. To her, all the noise upon the boat vanished
and all she heard was the thunderous thumps that Raw was inflicting on her.
Her knees weakened as her orgasm flowed from her insides.

Her head was swimming and she rolled off of Roselyn and hit the deck beside
the beach chair.

“Still a rookie.” Roselyn laughed, “Ballz?”

Raw hopped down between her thighs with a gigantic smile and a boner to
boot. He quickly grabbed her by the back of knees and slid her down in the
chair until her cock was engulfed. This was what he always looked forward to
beyond anything else. This was home.

Raw rocked his hips slowly in & out of her, savoring every inch of her sweet
love cave. Their eyes connected and Raw knew what Popi really wanted.

Quickly Roselyn got up from the chair and Raw laid down in her place. She
hiked one leg over and straddled the chair & Raw with her back facing him.
She carefully laid her naked ass on his abdomen and pointed his cock
directly at her cunt.

With ease, she lowered her body down until she felt his member enter her
holy tabernacle. Balls deep, she turned and whispered to him.

“Poundcake.” she whispered.

Raw felt the blood rage inside of his head as his animal instincts took
control. He grabbed Roselyn by her shoulders with force and began bouncing
her entire body up and down on his cock.

“God, yes. That’s what I need, Raw baby!!!” Popi screamed.

Faith reached her hand down and massaged Popi’s clit with her greedy
fingers. It was kind of hard for her to keep her focus, as Popi was bouncing
all over the place.

Roselyn knew what she was doing. She knew that she needed that little extra
boost from Zllab and he was certainly giving it to her with no questions

Popi yelped some incoherent Spanish as her entire nude body was swept away
by the orgasmic winds.

* * *

He had to be in his room, Beyonce
decided, as she moved down the corridors, trying to locate Room 213 in her
slightly intoxicated state. She had spent the past few hours searching for
Hater, but he seemed nowhere to be found. But she knew he had boarded the
ship – she even had eyewitnesses to that effect.

“Here it is,” she muttered, raising her hand to knock as she found the door
she had been looking for, and then changing her mind.

“I don’t need to knock,” she said out loud to no one in particular. “I’m
gonna marry this man, so I think I have the right to barge in on him
uninterrupted. And may the good Lord help him if I find him busy with
another girl. Of course, technically he’s allowed to, but he shouldn’t, not
after leaving me hanging for hours. Beyonce Giselle Knowles, quit talking
to yourself and do what you need to do.”

She noisily made her way in, and her fears seemed to be confirmed when
indeed she saw what definitely was two bodies entangled under the sheets,
too engrossed in whatever they were doing to even notice her entrance. Her
heart sank, and trying to compose herself, she steadily walked over and
removed the covering, before stepping back in surprise, as she realized that
Hater could certainly not be one of the semi nude participants – for one,
none of them was dark enough.

“What the bloody fuck,” a pissed Hardguy shot, tearing his face away from
Eva Mendes’ exposed tits.

“I think Beyonce Knowles wants to join in,” Eva Mendes smiled, not
attempting to conceal her topless state.

“Maybe later,” Beyonce said, embarrassed, “I’m trying to find Hater. Why
isn’t he in his room?”

“Um, Hater ain’t on the ship,” Hardguy said, “I thought you’d know that.”

“What do you mean? Of course he’s on the ship. He called me right when he
boarded, and TRL and Kelly Clarkson confirmed he was on earlier…”

“He was on,” Hardguy said, slipping on a shirt to take his slightly hairy
chest out of view, “but he told me he had to leave. He came in, talking on
his cell, I’ve never seen him look so agitated all the years I known him.
Then he muttered something about doing what he had to do, making a painful
choice, hoping we’d all understand. And he packed a few things and was off.
Come to think of it, he was acting weird, but I didn’t think much of it,
you know Hater’s penchant for disappearing unannounced. Besides, it was a
chance for me to move in on his room. All those moderators keep the best
rooms for themselves, you should have seen the piece of shit they had me in

“I don’t believe he left, I don’t believe he did that,” Beyonce was aghast,
“He couldn’t have done that, not on this trip, not now.”

“Hardy Baby, I’m going to get dressed for dinner,” Eva cut in, “I’ll be in
the bathroom.”

“OK,” Hardguy said, a puzzled expression on his face as he looked at
Beyonce, who was already seated on the bed, holding her face in her hands.”

“I wish he wasn’t so scared of commitment,” Beyonce had begun to sob, “If he
didn’t want to do it, he should have been honest, instead of just abandoning
me all by myself.”

“What are you talking about?” Hardguy asked.

“Last night, we went out for dinner to celebrate his record deal, and he
asked me to marry him. We were supposed to announce our engagement at
dinner tonight.”

“I see,” Hardguy said stoically, trying his utmost best to conceal the
piercing feeling, much like a dagger, that had gone through his heart. For
Beyonce, after all, was the only woman he had ever loved.

* *

It was entirely possible that being with Rose was going to kill
KMB…but then again if that was the case then he was ready to go because
who wouldn’t want to go out like this.

“Harder!” Rose cried as she slapped her hands flat against the shower wall
while she stuck her ass out. “Fuck me harder goddamnit! Slam that cock
into me! I can fucking take it! Give it to me deep baby! Show me how
fucking hard you get writing about me fucking all those hot sluts! I know
it’s gotta get you fucking crazy dreaming about me slamming everyone in
Malibu over and over again while all you want is to fuck me right back!
Give it to me hard!”

KMB had been giving it hard to Rose ever since they’d gotten to his cabin
and the raven haired sex goddess showed no sign of slowing down. She had
ridden him raw on the bed until he had nearly blacked out and then she had
dragged him into the shower. Of course he had offered no resistance…who
would? And now he was in the middle of another endurance test as Rose
pushed her ass back to get more of his cock inside her still needy pussy.

“This is your reward for actually showing up this year baby,” Rose had
sighed in between tongue swipes at her own heaving tits as she took one hand
off the wall to fondle her mounds. “Mmmmmm you get my sweet little cunt
whenever you want it. If you’re a good boy then you get my ass later
tonight and if you’re really good you get to join in with all the chicks I’m
gonna fuck on this trip. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss just like that!
Harder! Deeper! Fucking give my pussy all of your hard cock! I know you
like the sound of that! You’re dying to fuck me with another chick. Mmmmmm
maybe you’ll get to join in as I ravish Jeannie Finch. I’ll bet you’d love
seeing me lick up that good little Christian girl and make her into a nasty
fuck slut like me. Mmmmmmmm I saw Emma Watson on board now THAT would be
fucking nasty! She needs a mommy to show her how to fuck! Mmmmmmm and Eva
Mendes, wouldn’t you like to fuck me from behind while I’m gobbling up those
huge fucking tits. Ohhhhhh and I saw Elisha Cuthbert with Amber Tamblyn
before…mmmmm you can get that cock of yours nice and hard baby while I
hold their heads down and make them lick me dry…Elisha’s tongue in my cunt
licking up that sweet juice while Amber rims my ass and get its all wet for
your dick! Oooooooooh but I know what you really fucking want! I know you
want my face buried in Tara Reid’s fucking little party girl snatch while
you fuck her face and make her deep throat your cock! AHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK

Rose had been talking nearly non stop since they had started fucking and
once again she had said the magic words. Like pulling a string, KMB
responded and increased the speed and force of his thrusts, loving the way
Rose’s pink folds wrapped around his cock like the softest velvet as he
slammed into her while her words spun the fantasy of a threesome with his
two favorite girls.

Rose was having trouble holding back her orgasm. She had already lost track
of how many she’d had today and that was just how she liked it. She kept
talking even as her voice got high and hoarse and her breath got ragged and
just as she was telling KMB how she was going to spit into Tara’s ass and
rim her hole so she could fuck it with Mr. Snappy while he gave it to her
pussy, double penetrating Tara, she came all over his cock, soaking his
prick once more in her heavenly ambrosia as her body shook and her eyes
rolled up into her head in orgasmic delight with a porno star type

“Mmmmmmmmmm….” Rose sighed as she sunk to her knees and enjoyed the
pleasure zipping through her naked body. “Baby you fuck me so good. You’re
gonna get a lot more of this on the trip. Mmmmm and I know I’m gonna want a
lot more of this too…”

With that Rose reached for KMB’s stone hard cock and began sucking it with
one goal in mind…getting him to cum. After the fuck he’d just given Rose
and her own lust to lick all her juices off his prick it didn’t take long
and with a smile she felt him tense up and she pulled off, wrapping her hand
around his shaft.

“Cum for me baby…all over my face…just how you like it,” Rose urged.
“Shoot that load all over my pretty face so Tara can lick it off!”

That did it and with a happy grunt, KMB unloaded all over Rose’s pale face,
shots of his cum landing on her outstretched tongue and up to her nose and
down her chin onto her waving tits. Rose giggled in delight at the facial
and immediately made a show of licking it all off her lips and scooping what
she couldn’t get with her fingers and feeding it to herself.

“Mmm yummy…” Rose grinned. ‘Now let’s get out there baby. And bring your
notebook. There are a lot of bitches out there I need to make sluts out of
and I want you writing it all down. I have a few new moves I want you to
work into Harem.”

* * *

TRL was still puzzling over Keira
Knightley’s strange reaction to him earlier when he entered the state room
he shared with Eva Longoria and Kelly Clarkson. It was, almost surprisingly,
empty, though there were enough clothes strewn about to tell him that
someone had gotten some earlier.

Sighing, TRL moved to his closet and quickly changed into his more formal
outfit for the dinner – namely, a white button up shirt, khaki pants, and
absolutely no tie – “Never give the hangman a noose to work with,” was one
of TRL’s favorite sayings about ties.

He had just finished putting on his shoes when Kelly and Eva came in.

“So you weren’t even fucking Lindsay’s mother when she fainted?” Kelly

“Nope,” Eva said. “I was buried inside Lindsay, but no where near her

“Hey babes, what’s going on?” TRL asked.

“Eva sent Dina Lohan to the ship’s infirmary,” Kelly said simply, slipping
out of her sundress.

“Dina Lohan’s aboard?” TRL asked.

“Yep,” Eva said, taking off the strap-on she was wearing. “She caught me
fucking Lindsay and apparently didn’t take well to it.”

“Huh,” TRL muttered. Suddenly, he looked up and realized he was the only one
dressed in the room. And khakis did nothing to hide the fact that he liked
what he saw.

“Oh, sweetie, we don’t have time,” Kelly said, seeing his erection.

“He can’t go to the dinner like that,” Eva said as she slid on a black

“You’re right,” Kelly said as she pulled out a shimmering, silver dress.
“You want to handle it, or should I?”

“You do it,” Eva said. “I want to put my hair up,” Eva replied, heading to
the bathroom.

Kelly shrugged, walked over to TRL, got down on her knees and unzipped his
zipper. “C’mon, big boy. Let’s do this quick,” she said as she slid his cock
into her mouth.

“I knew I’d enjoy these living arrangements,” TRL muttered.

* *

Hater had to be the dumbest mo’fo in the world, Hardguy decided as
he sat next to Beyonce on the bed, watching her as she, between sobs,
spilled her heart out. God, if he had Beyonce, Hardguy was certain that
he’d go to the ends of the earth and back to make sure she did not shed a
single tear. Incredulously, from her tales, it appeared Hater had almost
been taking her for granted.

“I don’t know what to do about him anymore,” Beyonce was crying, “one moment
he acts like he adores me, and the next he gets so aloof and sulky. I
thought he’d change once we got engaged, but judging from his exit from the
ship, he’s acting unsure all over again. I don’t know what to do, Hard.”

“Look here,” Hardguy said, looking into her eyes, “I’ve known Hater for as
long as I can remember, and I know for sure he is crazy in love with you,
pardon the pun. I mean, look at you, he’d be crazy not to. If the man can
risk Jay-Z’s bullet, and even more dangerous, Angelina Jolie’s wrath, I
think you can have a bit more faith in him.”

Hardguy wished he didn’t have to play the part of the loyal friend, and
instead could tell her what was on his mind. Like how he had been in love
with her ever since he laid eyes on her, how he was so bitter that Hater had
met her first and laid his claim to her. It had been so tough, for years,
watching her and Hater’s relationship wax stronger and stronger, while he
had to pretend to be happy about it. He’d finally found Eva Mendes, and
she’d had enough of an impact on him to be able to convince himself he was
over his irrational obsession with Beyonce. But whenever he was honest with
himself, as was the case whenever he was in Beyonce’s presence, he knew
that, as hot and special as Eva might be, being with her was like settling
for a Miller Lite because the chilled Heineken he wanted got away.

How he wished he could just take her in his arms, forget Hater and everyone
else, and make sweet love to her. But Hater, whatever his faults, had
always been a good and loyal friend to him, and he could not imagine
betraying his trust.

“Wherever Hater is right now,” he concluded, “I’m sure he has a good
explanation, which you’ll find out soon enough.”

“You’re really great,” Beyonce said to him, her twinkling eyes causing his
heart to cease for a few moments. “You’ve made me feel so much better.
Hater’s really lucky to have a friend like you.”

“So, do you wanna go and grab dinner?” Hardguy looked at her. “I hear
something special should go down tonight.”

“I’d like that,” Beyonce smiled, leaving her eyes on his

Their eye contact was broken by the bathroom door swinging open, a dressed
Eva Mendes emerging from behind.

“Are you ready to go down to dinner, baby?” she asked her man.

Hardguy, who had even forgotten Eva was in close proximity, was suddenly
brought crashing back to reality. Eva was his girl, he was crazy about her,
weas not going to let her go because of some diehard childhood crush. He
looked apologetically at Beyonce.

“It’s OK,” the singer said, getting up, “I wasn’t that hungry

* * *

“I can’t believe I spent all that time looking
for Keira and couldn’t find her,” Natalie Portman grumbled as she and Danica
went back to their rooms.

“I’m sure she’ll be at the formal dinner,” Danica Patrick offered helpfully.

“Yeah, but it would’ve been nice if we could’ve… well, you know.”

“Know what?” Danica asked.

Natalie smiled at her. “Had sex first. I haven’t seen her pretty much since
the last CSSA event, and I was hoping we could get reacquainted privately
before we started screwing everyone else on the ship.”

“Oh,” Danica said, looking a bit flustered as she reached for her door.

“Wait for me out here,” Natalie said. “We’ll go to the dinner together.”

“Okay,” Danica said before slipping into her suite.

Natalie entered her own room and quickly shed her clothes. Changing as fast
as she could, she slid on a brand new pink thong and the got into a
strapless white dress that hugged her body down to the waist, then flared
out in waves around her legs. Natalie did her hair up simply, and added just
a hint of make-up for effect before heading back out to meet Danica.

Danica looked amazing. Gone was the shy girl who’d followed Natalie around
the ship all day like a lost puppy, and in it’s place was a tiny, but sexy
woman who looked like she could hold her own with any guy who hit on her.
She wore a black dress that lacked sleeves, but went up around her neck
Mandarin style. The dress flowed down over her legs, but became somewhat
sheer the further down the dress the eyes traveled, revealing hints of sexy
legs that were usually hidden by a racing outfit. Black high-heels added an
inch to Danica’s height, but that wasn’t that much. Her dress was completed
by a tiny heart-shape cut out between her breasts, showing just a hint of

“My god,” Natalie whispered.

“How do I look?” Danica asked.

Natalie answered by walking right up to the Indy Car driver and giving her a
long kiss. Danica stiffened at first, but then melted into Natalie’s touch,
clutching the actress as she had her first lesbian kiss.

“Wow,” Danica said as Natalie pulled away.

“If I don’t see Keira at the party tonight, then you and I are going to come
back to my room, and you’re going to have a lot more to say than just wow,”
Natalie said, taking Danica by the hand and guiding her towards the dining

* * *

The dining hall was slowly filling up as Evil and
Sheridan walked in. Sheridan was taking it all in, it still seemed so
surreal to her. Evil smirked as he saw Rachael Ray and some of the other
kitchen staff putting food on the table.

Evil walked up to Rachael and grabbed her ass.

“Hey now…” Rachael said as she spun around to face Evil. “…now unless
you are planning to finish the job. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Evil looked delightfully stunned, he pointed at himself and mouthed the
words ‘finish it’a la Animal House.

“Oh I’ll finish it all right.” Evil said as he grabbed Rachael by her ass
and was about to take her on the table, but that didn’t happen.

“Holster it, save it for after dinner.” Sheridan said as she smirked at

“I’ll get you for that.” Evil told Sheridan as Rachael walked away, swaying
her ass the entire time.

“Oooh, I’m scared…” Sheridan said rolling her eyes “…if I can handle
Samantha Malone’s abusive dad, I can most cerinately handle you.”

“How are her and Blackie doing?” Evil asked as they looked around at various
tables trying to find their seats.

“Last I heard, she’s playing drums in his band.” Sheridan said as she
stopped at the bar to grab a shot of vodka.

“Sweet, glad to see she’s doing ok.” Evil said as he saw Eliza Dushku
looking at him, he winked at her. She winked back and shook his ass in his

“Guess who I heard from yesterday?” Evil asked as he kept staring at Eliza

“Who?” Sheridan asked finally finding her seat. She sat waiting for an
answer but Evil’s mind was currently occupied at the moment. Eliza Dushku
had grabbed Michelle Rodriguez and was purposely making out with her on the
other side of the room, but making sure Evil was watching.

Sheridan watched the scene as well, but swatted Evil on the arm getting his
attention again.

“Who was it?” she asked.

“Who?” Evil asked, obviously forgetting what he was talking about.

“Who did you hear from yesterday?” Sheridan asked as she pulled Evil down to
his seat.

“Huh?” Evil asked confused.

“You just told me you heard from someone yesterday, who was it?” Sheridan

“OH…” Evil said finally remembering what he was saying “…Chris

“No shit, I haven’t seen him since high school. Last I heard from him he was
somewhere in Mexico.” Sheridan said.

“He’s in Miami with your husband and our friends.” Evil said.

“Nice to know they are on call.” Sheridan replied.

“Hey guys.” TRL said approaching them along with Kelly Clarkson and Eva
Longoria. TRL sat at the chair across from Evil while Kelly and Eva sat next
to each other and whispered to themselves.

* * *

“Where’s Lexa, we’ve got to get to the dinner,” said Tricksterson as he
finished shaving his head.

“Well if you’d fucked her properly, ” injected Gwen, “She wouldn’t have gone
off searching, now would she.”

“You’ve been a bad Daddy!” said Emma in a voice that sounded even younger
than she actually was, grinning mischievously all the while from what had
become “her and Auntie Gwen’s” room through the connecting door.

Tricksterson sighed, “All my women are turning against me.” Nonetheless as
they finished dressing he surveyed them with pleasure. All wore matching
dresses, ankle length but slashed on either side nearly to the hip with
cleavage almost to the navel except for Raven who needed more support and so
had a bra sewn into the dress but still managed to show most of her bosom
and a back that stopped just short of their butt cracks. As a result the
dresses were all held together by an expanse of only a few inches of velvet
cloth. Emma’s dress was white, Gwen’s a bright crimson and Raven’s forest
green. Lexa’s, if she showed up would be black. In contrast to the
elegance of his ladies Trick was done up in studded black leather jacket,
faded jeans and biker boots.

Finally she did, staggering through the door, her handkerchief dress missing
a few scarves, a look of satisfaction on her face.

“Well aren’t we looking well fucked,” commented Raven archly. Lexa stuck
her tongue out at her.

“Don’t stick that thing out unless you intend to use it,” replied Raven.
Putting action to words, she leaned over and the two women shared a long
tongue kiss.

“What kept you?” asked Trickster. “Or do we want to know?”

“Not that it’s any of your business,” said Lexa, sticking her tongue out
again and getting another long kiss from her wacky lover, “but I’ll tell you
on the way.”

When she had dressed the five some exited arm in arm, Trickster in the
center with Gwen on his left and Emma on his right . Raven attached herself
to their youngest member and Lexa hooked onto Gwen.

“When we get there feel free to roam but Emma, remember what we agreed on?”

“No penetration,” she said with mock glumness.

“Exactly. Fingers and tongue are okay though. And especially be careful
around Rose McGowan. That woman knows no control. Now, Lexa my dove,
regale us.”

* * *

A few hours previously:

“So, is this for BSG chicks only, or can any Sci-Fi slut join in?”

The three starlets eyed each other and reached a silent decision.

“Water’s fine, come on in,” said Katee.

“Nah, would ruin my dress, besides, you girls are turning into prunes.”
This got her a three-way glare but they also realized she was right and she,
Katee and Grace were soon on their way the BSG girls suite. Trish, saying
she’d be along shortly

As soon as they entered the room, Grace and Katee each took an arm and
dragged Lexa to the bed where they tore off some of the scarves from her
dress and tied her to the bedposts. The dark hued beauty’s protests were
quickly stifled as Grace covered her mouth with her lips and Katee covered
her lips (the lower ones) with her mouth.

When Katee had her writhing and sweaty, Trish made her entrance. Silently
she went to a drawer and took out a huge strap on. Katee and Grace moved
each to a breast as Lexa watched the slender blond position herself with a
mixture of fear and anticipation. Katee blocked her view by straddling her
face while Grace’s lips and tongue continued to tour her chest. She gave a
grunt of mingled pain/pleasure as the dildo, rivaling the legendary Mr.
Snappy in size, entered her. The two sensations continued to stay mingled
together as one blond vixen rode her pelvis and the other rode her face.
Meanwhile Grace masturbated herself into a frenzy watching all this.

When all had collapsed in a tangled, sweaty heap Lexa said. “Hmm, have you
considered the possibilities of all of us sci-fi hotties getting together
and forming…” here a smile grew on her face “a Federation?”

* *

“And that’s the story! I’ve been kinda on the run since then.”
Kojain explained to Kelly Rowland.

Kelly put her arm around Kojain, “Don’t worry. She won’t come near you as
long as I’m around.”

Kojain smiled, “Thanks Kelly, But I think I need to handle this on my own.
It’s the only way she’ll get off my case.”

“What do you plan to do to her?” Kelly asked, confused.

“I’m not too sure. Maybe I should just give her a taste of something she
can’t handle.” Kojain said with a menacing grin.

Kelly had a puzzled look on her face for a moment. Then suddenly they both
heard a knock on the cabin door.

Curiously, Kojain got up to answer it. Thinking it could be J.Lo making her
move, but made a sigh of relief to find it was Kelly Rowland’s band mate.

“Beyonce! How you doing?” Kojain asked, smiling.

Beyonce smiled slightly, “I’m good I suppose. Can I come in?”

“Sure, Kelly is here with me.” Kojain replied.

Kojain allowed her entry into his cabin. Kelly was about to ask who it was
when she smiled that it was her longtime friend.

“Hey girl! What’s going on? Where is Hater?” Kelly asked.

“He’s gone. He’s not even on the ship anymore.” Beyonce said sadly.

“What?!” Kelly and Kojain said in unison.

“I just got done speaking with Hardguy, He left the ship awhile ago.”
Beyonce spoke, trying to fight back tears.

“I can’t believe him! How the hell could he do this??, an upset Kojain said.

As Kelly got up to hug Beyonce in comfort, Kojain couldn’t believe that
‘Hater leave her like this. Through the course of their friendship Kojain
has been known to give advice to ‘Hater and help him out in times of need.
‘Hater has made stupid choices in his life, but this by far has got to be
the worse of them all. Any man in the world would give their left nut to
marry Beyonce Knowles. Sometimes Kojain wishes he could see what goes
through that boy’s mind and what the hell goes on in there. But nonetheless,
‘Hater has been like a brother to Kojain and knows that he has a reason for
everything, no matter how foolish it might be.

Kojain noticed Beyonce quietly sobbing in Kelly’s arms. His mind started to
toy with having a threesome with both of them. But then remembered the
agreement that he made with ‘Hater on the first day of their friendship.
Beyonce was ‘Hater’s and Kelly was his. So he quickly set his mind back to
how to get things back to normal.

“Kelly, stay with Beyonce. There’s something I need to do!” Kojain said as
he made for the door.

“Kojain! Where are you going?!”, Kelly yelled after him.

“To drag that damn fool back here!” “Kojain shouted back, running down the

* * *

“So, how’s Jennifer?” TRL asked as he and Evil
walked around the dining room. It was still early, and a while the crowd was
slowly filtering in, the meal itself was still a ways off from getting

“She’s back in L.A. I think she’s due in a few months.” Evil said

“Ah,” TRL said simply.

“You spoken with the Captain of this boat yet?”

“Nope,” TRL said. “I haven’t really spoken to anyone on the crew, why?”

“Just want to be sure about ship’s security,” Evil said.

“Something I should be worried about?” TRL asked.

Evil shrugged. “I hope not. I’ve taken some precautions of my own, just to
be safe.”

TRL shook his head. “I hate it when you get like this,” he muttered. “You
and your weird friends, and their information and what-not. I was hoping
this trip could go smoothly, Evil.”

“It will, it will,” Evil replied. “Smooth as the silk of Eva’s panties.”

TRL frowned at that. “I don’t think Eva’s wearing panties…”

* * ** * **

“So where have you been Miss Eva?”

Sheridan, Kelly Clarkson, and Eva Longoria all turned away from each other
for a moment and looked up to see Marla Sokoloff approaching. Marla wore a
black, strapless dress that showed off her ample cleavage.

“Marla!” Eva squealed in delight, racing over to give Marla a hug. “Oh, I
haven’t seen you in ages! How are you?”

“Better, now that I know you’re here, Eva,” Marla said, giving Eva a quick
kiss. “Been looking for you all day.”

“Oh, come now, honey, I’m not THAT hard to find – just look for people
having sex, chances are I’m there.”

“Do you know how many people were having sex on this ship, Eva?” Marla
giggled. “Anyway, mind if I join you for dinner?”

“Not at all,” Eva said, turning to introduce Kelly and Sheridan.

* *

Raw awoke to darkness surrounding him. The stiffness of lying
on the floor paled in comparison to the pounding in his head. His eyes tried
to adjust as he got to his knees and then stumbled to his feet.

He ran his hands up to his forehead in confusion. The left side of his was
imbedded with the impression of the carpet that he now stood on.

“Popi?” he asked aloud, hearing his own voice echo back at him.

No answer was heard. The only sound he now noticed was the running of water
from a nearby room. He glanced over to his right and saw the outlining of
light around a door.

“Bathroom” he mumbled.

Dragging his feet, he got closer to the rectangle of light until his hand
fumbled for the doorknob. Like a close encounter, the bright light from the
bathroom blinded his eyes. After a moment, he squinted his peepers enough to
see the water running in the sink. The steam from the water had fogged up
the mirror just above on the wall.

Raw stood in front of the sink and read an inscription on his reflection.

“Come to the bar on the fifth deck and ask for Rho. Remember to bring the

“Good God. What the fuck have I got myself into now?” Raw whispered to

* * *

“Owe you, huh?” Scarlett asked as Rachel leaned
in to kiss her. “Like how much?”

“You were only a couple minutes late, so just a little,” Rachel said,
letting her hand settle on Scarlett’s breast.

“Just a little? I was hoping for more than that,” Scarlett said, slipping
her hand into the back of Rachel’s bikini bottoms.

“Wow,” Rachel said as Scarlett’s fingers found the entrance of her pussy.
“You can owe me as much as you want.”

“Good,” Scarlett said, removing her hands from Rachel’s bikini. Grabbing the
string on the Rachel’s hip she tugged and the bow came untied.

“Don’t forget about this one,” Rachel said, turning her body so the side
that still needed to be untied was facing Scarlett.

“Of course not,” Scarlett said, pulling on the other one and watching the
piece of fabric fall to the deck of the ship.

* * *

“Just in time,” Kate Bosworth replied as Maggie Grace pushed through the

“Hi, uhh, Maggie,” Evangeline Lilly said, pausing in the middle to moan as
Kate rolled her nipples between her fingers.

“Its almost dinner time, so we better hurry,” Maggie said, hastily pulling
off her bikini.

“Evey wanted to do that for you, didn’t you Every,” Kate asked Evangeline,
sliding one hand down the brunette’s stomach.

“Uhh, yeah,” Evangeline said as Kate’s fingers snaked through her bush.

“Next time,” Maggie said, advancing on them.

Suddenly Evangeline found herself with two sets of hands on her. Kate was
still behind her with one hand cupping a breast and the other making her
knees buckle with the work it was doing on her pussy. Now Maggie was
kneeling in front of her with one hand complimenting Kate’s downstairs and
her other stroking her inner thigh.

“Oh God,” Evangeline gasped as Maggie slipped a finger into her cunt. At
least she thought it was Maggie. She’d closed her eyes to enjoy the
sensations and was beginning to lose track of who was doing to what, but she
wasn’t complaining since it all felt so good.

“Lay down,” Kate commanded, pulling away and forcing Evangeline to come back
to reality.

Grunting her displeasure at being pulled back to Earth, Evey threw herself
back onto the bed. Before Kate could tell her to, she opened her legs and
waited for it all to begin again.

“Good girl,” Kate said. She moved towards Evangeline’s legs and motioned for
Maggie for go to the other end of the bed.

With her eyes closed again, Evey almost jumped, and then moaned, when
someone dragged their tongue along the folds of her pussy. Just as she was
opening them, she saw Maggie grinning above her as she lowered herself onto
Evey’s face. With the mystery solved, Evey grabbed Maggie’s thighs and let
her own tongue go to work.

* * *

“Its about fucking time,” Avril screamed as the door opened. When Liz Phair
walked through the door, she instinctively recoiled for unknown reasons. It
certainly wasn’t that Liz was physically imposing. At about 5’2″ Liz was the
shortest in the room.

“I like it when they cower,” Liz remarked when she saw Avril’s reaction. “It
means half the work is already done.”

“What work?” Avril asked, rediscovering her attitude.

“Speak only when spoken to,” Liz snapped, making Avril shut up.

“Avril might be a little tough,” Joe said. “But Skye might up for your brand
of fun.”

“I like fun,” Skye agreed, brightening noticeably.

“Me too,” Liz said. “Take her cuffs off, Joe.”

“What about me?” Avril demanded, only to be cut off by Liz spinning around
to glare at her.

Joe, being the not-so-humble servant he was, quickly pulled the handcuff key
out of his pocket and unlocked Skye’s cuffs. As she rubbed her wrists to
restore circulation he tossed the now empty cuffs onto the table.

“Now we break the little one,” Liz said, turning her attention to Avril.
“Skye, was it? I want you to eat that pussy until your jaw hurts but she
can’t come.”

“What?” Avril screeched.

“Keep it up and your ass is mine,” Liz snapped. Just to show she meant
business, she dropped the bag she’d been carrying onto the floor and dug
through it until she found what she was looking for: a black butt plug.
“That’s what I thought.”

* * *

J-Lo entered the dining hall
wearing a backless black dress that gave an excellent view of her cleavage.
She glided through the hall and found a table from which she felt she could
survey the entire room like the predator that she was. She sat down and
awaited her prey.


Anne Hathaway was wearing a beautiful blue dress and was walking arm in arm
with Michelle Tratchenberg who was wearing a burgundy leather dress. Anne
had Ms. Fluffy’s leash in her free hand.

“Hope we see Hamster at dinner.” Said Anne. “I know he wants to meet you.”

“Really?” Asked Michelle.

“Oh yeah, he’s had a thing for you since Inspector gadget.” Anne explained.

“Sheesh, I was just a kid in that film.” Michelle said in surprise.

“Yes, well he IS a bit of a perv.” Anne replied.


An Iceberg was on a collision course with the cruise ship! Ok it had mostly
melted away and couldn’t scratch a canoe if it hit it. But it was going to
make contact either way.

Still huddled together on the Iceberg were three dozen penguins. Penguins
who had been exposed to a concentrated form of Viagra that had been dumped
onto their iceberg as a joke.


Hamster entered the cabin. He was about to play one of his renowned
high-stakes poker games. Winner take all. And if he won, the whole ship was
going to receive a treat.

* * *
Skye moved over to the bed where
Avril was chained and began to lick Avril’s pussy while Joe had finished
removing his clothes as ready to take Liz.

Liz reached over and
kissed Joe on the cheek. “What was that for?” Joe asked.

Liz giggled
and said “You’re about to fuck me and you’re asking this?” Joe nodded and
got on top of Liz as she laid down on the couch where Liz could watch Skye
lick Avril.

Skye’s right hand slid a finger or two into Avril’s
snatch while she licked. Liz bolted up as Joe was in her. “Don’t let her
cum.” Liz shouted.

“Sorry ma’am.” Skye replied as Avril moaned in

Skye’s fingers began rubbing the outside of Avril’s lips
but not pushing in. Avril moaned in frustration as Skye teased and tormented
her under Liz’s orders. Avril felt herself getting more and more turned on
by Skye’s teasing.

Liz and Joe watched on as Joe pumped in and out of
Liz, Liz merely enjoyed Joe’s efforts but her attention was rapt on Skye and

Skye’s finger found Avril’s clit which made her twitch and
moan loud. Skye then removed her hand and started to lick Avril’s pussy
again while pinching her nipples. Avril moaned at the treatment she felt
herself nearing orgasm.

“UUUNNNHHHH” moaned Liz as Joe orgasmed into
her and Liz had hers at the same time.

Liz got up and walked over to
Skye and Avril, smacking Syke on the ass Liz told her to move. “Yes Miss
Liz.” Skye submissively replied. Skye stood up and Liz kissed her hard on
the mouth.

“I’ll work on her pussy, you can ride her face.” Liz said
as she held Skye’s face in her hands. “Yes Ma’am” Skye replied as Skye
stripped off her clothes and straddled Avril’s face.

As Skye lowered
herself down on Avril, Liz lightly ran a fingernail across Avril’s pussy she
bucked trying to get more of Liz’s finger into her but Liz smacked her
pussy. Avril moaned into Skye’s pussy as Skye began to grind on Avril’s

Liz lightly pulled Skye back by her hair and asked “Would you
like to suck on my tits you little slut?” Skye smiled and spun herself
around on Avril, Skye’s pussy not leaving Avril’s tongue.

Skye took
one of Liz’s breasts into her mouth and traced a circle around her nipple,
which was hardening in her mouth, Skye lightly ran her teeth over Liz’s
nipple while Avril continued to lick away. Skye continued to suck on Liz’s
tits but Avril squirmed below her, not getting any attention on her

Avril’s teeth nibbled at Skye’s clit sending shivers
throughout her whole body. Liz’s hand came down and rose between Avril’s
thighs and two fingers inserted into her vagina. Avril moaned as Liz finally
allowed her to cum. “Oh, Oh, Oh, I’mm coooooommmmmmmiiiinnnnnggggg” Avril
moaned as Skye fell back against the headboard.

“Now it’s your turn.
Avril, finish her off slut.” Liz barked.

“Yes Mistress” Avril said,
her will broken by Liz.

Avril’s tongue went right to work as Skye
moaned at the immediate sensation. “Faster” Skye cried, Avril’s tongue was
now flicking at her clit, this was making Skye’s bottom bounce on her face
and Liz started rubbing herself as these two sluts obeyed her without
question. Young girls were so easy to manipulate.

Skye arched her
back …. “Ohhhhhhh fuck, I’m coooommmmmmmmmiingggggg, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, yeeeessssssss” Skye’s hips smashed into Avril’s face. Her body convulsed
as the orgasm took over. Her body trembled. A flood of juices covered
Avril’s face, Liz pulled Skye in for a kiss as Skye came down from her

Liz smiled, she was definitely going to be having fun with
these two.

* * *

Evil looked around the dining room as Eliza
Dushku and Michelle Rodriguez were getting to know each other better in one
part of the room, Evil and TRL were sitting at the bar.

“So what the hell has gotten you so shaken up?” TRL asked.

“Just something a friend told me before we left Miami.” Evil said taking a
sip of his beer.

“Your friends are nuts, you know that. Just by what you and Sheridan have
said about them….” TRL was cut off by Evil.

“…that’s not the whole story.”

“Then what is?” TRL asked as 313 put a beer down by him.

“It’s complicated, but Sheridan’s brother in law is referred to as a
prophet.” Evil said without a hint of humor in his voice.

“A prophet?” TRL said smirking

“Yeah, but let’s not get into that…” Evil said pointing at Eliza and
Michelle. Eliza was on her knees lapping away at Michelle’s pussy and
Michelle had her hands wrapped in Eliza’s hair, her head was back against
the wall and she was moaning.

The small gathering in the dining hall had their eyes locked on this display
with glee and Eva was touching herself through her dress.

“What could happen next?” Evil asked.

* * *

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” asked a naked Mia Maestro.

“Yeah, I just want to go to sleep, besides I may run into Evil there and I’m
not ready to tell him that I’m here yet.” Jennifer Garner said as she turned
over, protecting her belly, and tried to go to sleep.

Mia was worried, she’d never seen Jennifer like this before. Mia had known
Jennifer for a while and she’d always been bubbly and happy, lately however
Jennifer had been sad and sully, almost like a scared child.

Mia was about to leave the room when she heard Jennifer’s voice.

“Mia…” Jennifer said sitting up. Mia turned to her, but Jennifer didn’t
say anything as she laid back down. Mia closed the door quietly and headed
for the dining hall.

* * *

Two more people joined them at the table.

“I guess this is ours.” Natalie Portman said.

“I guess so.” Sheridan said, moving so Danica Patrick and Natalie
Portman could sit down.

“Looks like the table is full now.” Sheridan said smiling.

* *

As Trickstson and his women entered Emma’s eyes bulged at what
Eliza and Michelle were doing in the corner. She had heard stories of
course but to actually see what was going on in the open made her very aware
of her youth.

“Is that a…hyena?”

“Don’t worry, she’s totally tame,” said Raven, nuzzling her neck.

“Excuse me ladies, I’ll be right back” said Trickster and ducked out of the
ballroom and to the nearest restroom.

Checking the stalls to make sure he was alone he took a transceiver out of
his jacket pocket.

“Trickster to Pirate Queen, are you there?”

“Aye aye, you’re right in our sight. When’s this shit going down?” The
voice was husky and female.

“Tomorrow. Tell Love, Angel, Music and Baby that Gwen misses them.”

“Sure, but if I have to listen to one more verse of “We all lived on a
Yerrow Submarine I’m not gonna be held accountable. For real.”

“Are you sure they haven’t detected you. The stealth tech on the sub is
experimental. Over and out”

” We lucked out. There’s a fucking Ishityounot iceberg, complete with
penguins. We’re hiding behind it. Out.”

* * *

“So, Danica,
what do you wear underneath your racing jumpsuit when you’re in the car?”
Eva Longoria smiled wolfishly as Natalie and Danica sat down at the table.

“Eva!” Marla said, swatting her friend on the arm.

“What, it’s a legitimate question,” Eva smiled.

“More than I’m wearing now,” Danica answer as she sat down next to Sheridan
and . “Though, sometimes it’s hot enough I don’t bother with shorts.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear,” Eva smiled.

“So, Natalie, did you ever find Keira?” Kelly asked.

“Not yet. I know she’s here, but I haven’t found her yet.”

Sheridan said. “She tastes wonderful.”

“I know that,” Natalie said, smirking. “Still, I haven’t had a taste of her
all day. I’m feeling a little deprived.”

“Knowing Keira, I’m sure she’ll find you before long, Natalie,” Kelly said.

“And, while you’re waiting, you can always taste the rest of us,” Eva said.

“Don’t think I won’t, Eva Longoria,” Natalie said with mock severity. “You
girls will all be lucky to get through this meal without me getting between
your legs.”

“God, that sounds nice,” Marla said.

“Where’d the boys get to, anyway?” Sheridan asked.

“Bar,” Kelly said.

“Ah, should’ve known.”


“I just find it odd that Natalie Portman just promised to get between the
legs of every woman at this table, and those two horn dogs didn’t appear out
of thin air.”

“Whatever they’re talking about, it must be interesting,” Danica replied.
“They seem rather engrossed in their conversation.”

“What on earth could be more interesting than a bunch of hot women wanted to
fuck each other?” Eva asked.

* * *

With Stacy Ferguson on one
arm and Jennifer Aniston on the other, Tom made his way into the ballroom.

“Now you girls remember our deal,” Tom said. “Don’t get too out of control
unless the moment comes up. Follow those rules, and tonight, it might be a
little one-on-one-on-one-on-one.”

“Hmmm, me likey,” Jennifer said. “How about you, Fergie? You wanna be a
naughty girl?”

“Already am, and willing to stay that way,” Fergie said, breaking Tom’s hold
and slapping both him and Jennifer on the ass.

“Hey, hey, save it for later, chica,” Tom said, regaining his grip.

They walked into the room together when they overheard some very familiar

“I just find it odd that Natalie Portman just promised to get between the
legs of every woman at this table, and those two horn dogs didn’t appear out
of thin air.”

“Whatever they’re talking about, it must be interesting. They seem rather
engrossed in their conversation.”

“What on earth could be more interesting than a bunch of hot women wanted to
fuck each other?”

“Well, from what I’ve seen on this boat, nothing,” Tom said getting
attention of everybody else in the group. There was no doubt who they were.
In front of Tom, Jen, and Fergie were Danica Patrick, Eva Longoria, Marla
Sokoloff, Natalie Portman, Kelly Clarkson, and Sheridan.

“Hey, Jen. Hey, Fergie. Hey, 313,” Kelly said.

“Please, it’s Tom,” Tom replied.

“Whatever,” Natalie piped in. “Hey, who’s watching the bar?”

“Some cook,” Jen said. “Nobody from this crowd. Anyways, sounds like we
missed a very interesting conversation. Gonna start spreading yet, Natty

“That’s for all of us and later,” Natalie said. “Besides, we’re trying to
get every girl on this boat to join into a daisy chain that puts the one in
Harem 5 to shame.”

“Ahh, good times, good times,” Jennifer said, blissfully remembering the
poolside orgy she was involved in for the Malibu housewarming party.

The group erupted into laughter at that before Marla spoke up.

“Hey, Tom, you’ve seen Anna Paquin anywhere?”

Looking into Sheridan’s eyes, Tom knew how to say this truthfully.

“Well, I’m trying to get her onboard when we stop in Bermuda, but it’s not
finalized yet. I’m hoping she’ll be there.”

“Dude, that would suck without her,” Eva said. “She’s pretty freaky. Hard
to believe the ‘Fly Away Home’ girl would become such a sexpot.”

“Tell me about it,” Kelly responded to her fellow Texan. “When I first
hooked up with her, she was absolutely ready and willing.”

“Thanks for trying, Tom” Sheridan said. “I really appreciate the efforts.”

“You’re welcome,” Tom said. “But I won’t be content until Anna Paquin’s on
this boat.”

“Care to stick around guys,” Danica asked. “I’m sure you got some freaky
stories for us all.”

“Oh do we ever,” Fergie said, slapping Tom and Jennifer on the ass

* * *

After he had figured out what time it was, Raw
threw on his best pair of pants & shirt and headed out the door and into the
hallway. The pills he took didn’t seem to have helped his pounding headache
in the least bit.

After slamming the suite door shut, Raw heard the shuffling of feet coming
up from behind him. Closer and closer the scurry came, louder and louder the
made their way toward him. A cold chill ran down his back and his legs
seemed to turn to jelly.

“Raw!”, a well sexied-up Jaime yelped, “Where the hell have you been?”

Raw turned around quickly as if the boogeyman was creeping up on him.

“J….Jaime, hey.” he stuttered.

“Jesus, are you okay? You look terrible. Sexy, but terrible.” she said as
she put her hand on his forehead.

“I’ll be okay. I just have this splitting headache.”

“Anything I can do for you?” she asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Have you seen Popi around? I can’t seem to find her.”

“I swear the two of you are too into each other, but no. I haven’t seen her
since this afternoon.”

“Just my luck, huh?” he said while pulling a cigarette out of his shirt

“You coming to dinner?”

“I will shortly. I have to get somewhere first though.” he responded while
searching through his pockets.

“Well, I hope to see you down there soon.” she gave him a kiss on the cheek
and a wink as she walked away.

“Fuckin’ lighter.” Raw mumbled quietly.

“Oh, good luck with finding Popi.” Jaime spoke as she tossed a small object
towards him.

Raw grabbed the object in his hands and opened them up slowly. A small
matchbook laid there in the palm of his hand. A bright red backing with gold
trim and wording on it that read “The Nude Mermaid”.

He opened the book up to grab a match out of it. On the inside was someone’s

“Where are you? – Rho” he whispered as he read.

He looked up to see the elevator door shut. He lit a cigarette as the
pounding inside his brain continued.

* * *

When Rachel was
naked, Scarlett moved her over until she was next to a lounge chair before
pushing her down onto it. Kneeling next to Rachel, Scarlett let her fingers
walk up the brunette’s leg like Thing in The Addam’s Family.

“That tickles,” Rachel giggled.

“How ’bout this?” Scarlett asked, letting her middle finger split her pussy
in half and rest among the folds.

“Mmm.. no, that definitely doesn’t tickle,” Rachel cooed. When the tip of
Scarlett’s finger changed its angle and penetrated her pussy just the
slightest bit, Rachel found herself raising her hips trying to get more in.

Scarlett slowly eased more of her finger into Rachel’s snatch and leaned
forward. Grabbing the string between the cups of Rachel’s bikini with her
teeth she lifted it and moved it until her breasts spilled out.

“Oh yeah,” Rachel moaned as Scarlett’s tongue flicked one of her nipples.
Grabbing the back of Scarlett’s head Rachel held it there.

As Rachel’s hips continued to press against her palm, Scarlett finally gave
in and began fucking her with more speed. Her hand was positioned so that
her finger brushed against Rachel’s clit on every stroke and it was quickly
driving Rachel wild.

“Fuck me,” Rachel gasped, barely able to find words as her body was
assaulted at two pleasure centers at once.

“Come all over my fingers,” Scarlett said, stopping just long enough to slip
another finger into Rachel’s pussy.

“Oh God, yeah,” Rachel growled, her whole body spasming as it was rocked by

“Want to get some dinner?” Scarlett asked, idly stroking Rachel’s clit.

“Yeah, I’m famished,” Rachel lazily replied.

“Me too, but I think I still owe you. Either that or you owe me now. I
haven’t decided yet,” Scarlett said as she helped Rachel stand up on
slightly wobbly legs.

“What about my bikini?” Rachel asked as Scarlett started leading her away
from the lounge chair.

“You don’t need it, and you won’t be wearing it for long anyway,” Scarlett
reassured her.

* * *

“Where is everyone?” Kirsten Dunst asked Mila Kunis as they wandered the
ship looking for Laura Prepon. When they’d first boarded the ship had seemed
to be buzzing with activity. Most of it was people having sex wherever they
felt like, but in the last ten minutes or so the action had disappeared. Now
even the seemingly constant sound of moaning had dried up and all that could
be heard was the water against the hull as the boat cut its way through it.

“They’re probably in the dining room,” Mila suggested. “I think it’s about
time for dinner.”

“Makes sense,” Kirsten said. “Maybe we should wander over that way.”

“It doesn’t look like we’re going to find Laura so we might as well,”
Kirsten sighed.

As they hooked a right toward the dining room, they continued to keep their
eyes peeled. By the time they neared the dining room the sounds of people
returned. So far there wasn’t a whole lot of moaning but there were
definitely people in there and the sexual tension that had been in the air
all over the boat earlier was back.

“Where have you been?” Laura asked Mila, suddenly showing up at her side as
they walked through the door into the dining room.

“Looking for you, that’s where,” Mila said.

“Obviously you didn’t look hard enough because you never found me,” Laura
said. Opening her purse, she pulled out a vibrator and handed it to Mila.
“And I do believe the bet was that you’d masturbate in the middle of the
room with this if you couldn’t find me.”

* * *

“Right here,” Alexis said, leaning against the rail.

“Nice view,” Katie said, referring to both the ocean and to Alexis.

“It gets better,” Alexis said, pulling off her tank to top to reveal nicely
shaped, if not overly large, breasts.

“That it does,” Katie agreed, moving in to suckle on them.

As Katie latched onto Alexis’ tit with her mouth, one hand went around her
back and the other moved down to massage her pussy through her shorts. When
Alexis moaned, Katie the opportunity to unzip the shorts and push them down
over her hips to fall to the deck.

“Fuck,” Alexis gasped as Katie’s fingers rubbed her pussy through her

Pressing Alexis even harder against the railing Katie pressed her finger as
far into Alexis’ pussy as her panties would allow. Slipping the fabric
aside, Katie slid two fingers in for real this time.

“God,” Alexis moaned, leaning her head back and feeling the ocean breeze run
through her hair.

Detaching herself from Alexis for a moment, Katie dropped to her knees.
Lifting one of Alexis’ legs she put the foot on the lowest rung of the
railing and then pulled her panties to the side.

“Mmm,” Alexis moaned as Katie’s tongue licked its way along her slit from
the bottom to the top. Once at the top it gave her clit a couple quick
flicks before starting over.

As Alexis moaned her approval Katie got more into it. Since her fingers was
still were still wet from their last foray into Alexis’ pussy, Katie decided
to put them to the same use.

“Don’t stop,” Alexis pleaded as she felt herself approaching her zenith.

Picking up the pace, Katie began working the fingers in and out of Alexis as
fast as she could. She matched the pace with her tongue as best she could
until she finally felt Alexis start to quiver. Curving her fingers she found
the right spot and Alexis exploded.

“Fuck, oh fuck,” Alexis babbled as she coated Katie’s fingers with her love

“That good enough for you?” Katie asked Alexis as she stood up.

“Oh yeah,” Alexis replied through half closed eyes.

“Shall we go rejoin everyone else?” Katie asked.

“Yeah, just give me a minute,” Alexis said, enjoying her post-coital

* * *

Danielle and Kay Panabaker waited for Hamster
both seated at on end of a small table. Hamster seated himself across from

“Alright Hamster, you know what we want.” Danielle said.

“Do you have it?” Asked Kay.

Hamster smiled and opened a briefcase. A yellow glow emanated from inside.
Once satisfied with it’s contents the sisters nodded their approval. Kay
reached for it and Hamster snapped it shut.

“Ok girls dinner is soon so let’s make this quick.” Hamster said. “We play
one hand of poker Danielle and I. If I win you get the briefcase, If I win
you two are my obedient slaved for the duration of the trip.”

“I don’t know about this.” Said Kay

“DEAL” Said an overconfident Danielle.

Hamster smiled. “Kay just to show you I’m not up to something you can
shuffle and deal.”

Kay kept a close eye on Hamster as she shuffled and dealt the cards. Hamster
looked at his cards and then asked for two. Danielle also asked for two.

“Let’s see what you got.” Said Hamster.

“Four Nines.” Said Danielle who desperately hoped it was enough.

Hamster laid down the Ace of Spades, King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Jack
of Spades and Ten of Spades.

Both girl’s stared at the royal flush in horror.

“You both belong to me now.” Hamster said. He had learned street magic a
long time ago and could pretty much get whatever hand he wanted.

* *

Two of the younger writers on the ship walked by the women sunning
themselves on the upper deck, getting a head start on the rays before the
Luxury set sail; thanking their lucky stars they had turned 18 just before
the cruise had been announced (the age limit was strictly for the writers,
not the celebrities), they smiled in what they hoped were winning ways at
one of the cutest of the girls (WOMEN!) lying there.

Hayden Panetierre smiled back, looking at them from over her sunglasses and
giving them a little wink. Even though she was on the verge of hitting 16,
Hayden had always loved getting attention from boys older than she was and
men who thought she was older than she was, whether it was from Racing
Stripes or Ice Princess. And now here she was, without her parents getting
in the way, looking forward to finally having some real fun. Best of all,
she wouldn’t have to feel weird about not being a virgin the next time she
was with Lohan and Duff and Trachtenberg. She had a body, and she wanted to
use it.

The two Nicks were getting their share of glances as well, with Nicole
Kidman especially happy after she’d won the game of rock-paper-scissors and
left Cindy Crawford to do their unpacking before she could join them. Now
with the stresses of movies behind her, she could get down to the serious
business of being an elder stateswoman of fuckability; Nicole wasn’t
expecting the younger writers on board to be panting after her, but when
that greedy bastard Victor was finished with his little girls, he could get
some relief from a grown woman. Taking a sip of her drink, she told herself
not to be hard on him – it wasn’t like she wasn’t willing to give some of
those little girls a… helping hand. “Nice scenery, Sheridan?” the redhead
asked her friend.

Nicollette wasn’t smiling at all.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Still thinking about those contracts?”

Nicollette nodded.

“Forget about it, Paige…”

“I told you not to call me that. It’s Edie,” the blonde cracked.

“Look, they’ll have it all sorted out by the time it’s over, so just relax.
We’re in de Caribbean, mon!”

“You should shoot your dialect coach.”

“You’re too tense, Sheridan,” Nicole said soothingly, patting the woman’s
arm. “Good thing we’re in the right place to ease up…” She craned forward,
preparing to give Nicollette a little kiss with her right hand resting on
Edie Britt’s left breast. “Not usually a fan of silicone, but…”

“What the hell are you doing?!?” Nicollette snapped, jerking back.

Nicole’s mouth dropped in surprise. “But I thought – ”

“I don’t care what you’ve heard, not all of us go both ways. You and
Crawford might go both ways…” Nicollette pointed to her crotch. “…but
this is for men only.”

“Okay, okay…” A flustered and humiliated Nicole moved back to her own
side. “I just got carried away with this whole thing…”

“Damn right you did. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get lucky on this

“Count on it,” Nicole said as she studied Hayden from a distance getting up
to go down below, her session in the sun done. The teenager’s pleasingly
swelling body didn’t go unnoticed by some of the others. Including the two

* * * * * * * * * *

In Victor’s cabin, he had his cellphone out and his mother on the line,
chatting to her about how great the ship was and asking about how they were
getting on, if she was studiously avoiding Dad again.

“Him? Oh, he’s a lost cause,” Mum said, flippantly dismissing him. “If I see
him on the pier I’ll shove him in the Atlantic… is there someone there
with you?”

There were, in fact, two someones there with him; Hilary Duff had her
cute-as-a-button face buried deep inside Victor’s behind, happily rimming
his asshole; while Jessica Biel was still kneeling in front of him, treating
herself to a second helping of cock. Both women were also busy caressing
him, and it was becoming a struggle to keep from letting his mother deduce
that he was talking to them while in the act… feeling Hilary’s tongue in
particular, he finally had an idea of how the girl felt when he was between
her legs. If only she had done something like this during The Perfect Man.
With Vanessa Lengies.

“Oh…. no…. just the TV…” Victor managed to say, as Jessica’s lips came
along his prick all the way to the pubes, and she looked up at him with a
pleading/tempting look in her eyes. Victor was afraid that he’d actually
come down the phone…

“Don’t forget to come out on the deck; I want to wave my boy off…”

Hilary, her tongue dabbing deep inside her lover, wanted to bring her boy
off as well. Reaching between his legs, she began to fondle Victor’s balls
while Jessica continued to suck fiercely, loving how Victor was finding it
harder to keep from breaking each word with his own grunts.

“Er… mum, I need to charge this phone up…. I’ll talk to you later…”

“Okay Vic. Have a great time, and remember I love you…”

“I love you too, mum… bye bye. Take care. OH FUCKKKKK…..”

That last bit came after Victor hung up, and gave himself to the tongues of
Duff and Biel. Luckily for him, that came just after Cindy Crawford, in
between unpacking bouts, gave up for the time being on calling Victor – the
line was always busy…

* * *

“God, Eliza, I can’t wait,”
Michelle Rodriguez said as she kissed Eliza Dushku on the mouth. “None of
the crew is here yet, I need to feel your lips on my clit.”

Eliza smiled broadly. “Well, if you insist.” Looking over, Eliza saw an
empty chair by the door. Taking Michelle’s hand – and knowing they had a bit
of an audience with the CSSA regulars, Eliza sauntered over to the chair and
sat down.

Michelle, wasted no time whatsoever. She quickly reached down and pulled the
long flowing ends of her dress up, exposing her thong-covered snatch.

Eliza grinned greedily as she ran her hands up Michelle’s legs, stopping at
the strings to her panties. With a slow, painstaking movement, Eliza lowered
the panties down Michelle’s body, exposing her most private area to the

“Oh, god, I can’t wait,” Michelle said, reaching forward to grab Eliza’s
head and shove it into her crotch-

-When, suddenly, the door swung open and a very flustered Rachael Ray came
out, crashing right into Michelle. Hot soup went flying, half of it landing
on Michelle, who cried out in pain.

“Ouch!” Michelle cried as she fell to the floor next to Rachael.

“Oh my god!” Eliza said, jumping up. Soon, Evil and TRL were there as well.

“Are you all right?” Eliza asked Michelle.

“No, I don’t think so,” Michelle said, pointing down towards her legs, where
hot soup was still running off them.

“Could be burns,” Evil said.

“And you wanted to know what could happen next,” TRL muttered. “Rachael, are
you okay?”

“I think so,” Rachael said, getting up. “Oh, my god, Michelle, I’m so

“C’mon, we need to get you to the medical station,” TRL said, helping
Michelle up.

“I’ll take her,” Rachael said. “We can cut through the kitchen.”

“You sure?” Evil asked.

“Whatever’s faster,” Michelle said, wincing. “I just hope the Doctor’s not
getting dressed for the dinner.”

“You want me to go with you?” Eliza asked.

“No, I’ll be all right,” Michelle said. “Stay and save me a plate – I’ll be
hungry when I get back.”

“Okay,” Eliza said as Rachael helped Michelle out through the kitchen door.
Evil and TRL were now heading back towards the table they shared with
Sheridan and a host of babes, leaving Eliza all alone.

And horny.

Suddenly, there was a tap on Eliza’s shoulder. Turning around, Eliza came
face to face with Rachel McAdams.

“Is Michelle going to be okay?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah, she should be. Soup was hot, but the doctor should patch her up

“Thank goodness,” Rachel said. She then looked around for a moment. “Say,
Eliza, you looked like you were enjoying yourself just now.”

“I was about to eat out Michelle Rodriguez – who wouldn’t enjoy that?”

“No one I know, but you never got the chance to actually eat her, did you?”

“Not today,” Eliza said. “Why, are you offering to take her place?”

Rachel smiled at Eliza. “Perhaps,” she looked around. No one was looking at
them. “Why don’t we go somewhere for a few minutes and talk?”

* *

Evil and TRL sat back down at their table.

“What happened over there?” Sheridan asked.

“Rachael Ray spilled some hot soup on Michelle, she’s taking her to the
medical station.” Evil replied.

“I hope it’s not too serious.” Kelly replied.

“Nah, Michelle’s tough she’ll survive….” Evil said as he looked around the
table and noticed someone missing “…where’s Natalie?”

At that moment Eva moaned out loud, Evil looked under the table to see
Natalie Portman munching away on Eva Longoria.

“I guess that answers your question huh?” Sheridan replied smirking.

“I guess so.” Evil replied as he sat back and watched Eva moan in orgasm.

“Me next.” Danica said standing slightly and slid her panties off and put
them on the table. Everyone laughed as Danica blushed, never had she done
something so slutty before, but it felt right. Maybe the atmosphere was
getting to her.

“What about the rest of you? You want to join Natalie?” Evil asked.

The ladies looked around at each other and shrug.

“Why not?” Marla said.

“I want you Marla hon.” TRL said as Marla grinned and went under the table
and went for TRL’s cock.

“Eva.” Evil said, before he got it out Eva was already under the table going
for Evil’s cock. This just left Kelly Clarkson and Sheridan.

Sheridan motioned for Kelly to get under the table, Kelly looked nervous
until Sheridan stood up and grabbed Kelly by the hem of her dress and
planted one on her lips.

“Under the table.” Sheridan said as she broke the kiss. Kelly couldn’t move
fast enough as she crawled under the table and up Sheridan’s dress.

Sheridan leaned her head back and patted Kelly’s head.

* *

“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when you took me aside,
Rachel,” Eliza admitted as she slowly stripped out of her dress.

“I promise you, you’ll enjoy yourself,” Rachel said as she guided Eliza onto
the bed in her room. “You can even eat me out while you’re doing it.”

“Oh, I know I’ll enjoy myself – IYG and I have met before, right IYG.”

“Yes, ma’am,” IYG said as he carefully put his dress pants over a chair, so
as not to allow them to wrinkle.

“Are you really going to wear a bow-tie to the dinner?” Eliza asked him.

“Sure, why not?” IYG asked as Rachel grabbed a bottle of lube.

“Well, it’s cute and all, but not really what’s in fashion these days.”

“Really?” IYG said, looking at Rachel. “Should I take it off.”

“Don’t you dare – I think you look darling with it on. In fact, keep it on
while you fuck Eliza – it’ll make things kinkier.”

“Okay,” IYG said.

“Kinkier? Kinker than fucking my ass while I eat you out?” Eliza said. “You
two definitely belong here at CSSA.”

“Thanks!” Rachel and IYG said together.

Eliza rolled her eyes. “All right, big boy, give me all you’ve got.”

* * ** * ***

To anyone walking into the room, it would’ve been an odd image. There were
three CSSA authors and a race car driver, sitting around a table, all more
or less looking up at the ceiling moaning. TRL held his hands down over
Marla’s head, while Evil clutched most of Eva’s hair in one fist. Sheridan
actually had her hands flat on the table, and Danica hugged herself,
shivering both in fear and delight.

“Relax,” Natalie said as she looked up from under the table to see Danica so
panicked. “You’re only making it harder.”

“I’m sorry, Natalie, I’ve never done this before.”

“Don’t be sorry, be horny!” Natalie giggled as she slid one finger into
Danica’s snatch. The little brunette’s eyes went wide as Natalie slowly
started to finger fuck her.

“Feels good?” Natalie asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Danica answered.

“Now let’s try this,” Natalie said, placing her tongue down on Danica’s clit
and slowly flicking the tiny bud.

Suddenly, Danica’s hands flew to Natalie’s head, holding the actress where
she was. Natalie smiled. She’d had a feeling Danica would be a quick

* * ** * ** * **

“Oh, fuck YES!!!!” Eliza cried out as IYG plunged deeper into her ass,
ramming her for all she was worth. She hadn’t been ass fucked this well
since the last time Rose McGowan had invited her to one of her strap-on

“I’m in heaven,” IYG moaned as he continued to fuck Eliza from behind. They
hadn’t been at it too long – maybe fifteen minutes, but all three were
vastly enjoying themselves.

“Stop moaning and get back to licking,” Rachel demanded, pulling Eliza’s
head down into her bare crotch. “You wanted Michelle so bad, let’s see how
fast you can get me off.”

“Deal,” Eliza said. A thrust from IYG sent her diving back into Rachel’s
pussy, where she happily stayed this time, lapping away.

“This,” Rachel moaned, “is the best cruise EVER!”

* * *

stepped inside into the dimly lit and smoke-filled room known as The Nude
Mermaid. The bright red lights flowed like a sea serpent all the way across
the walls and ceiling.

A small blues band played in the corner of the bar to a thin crowd. This had
to be the seedy bar on the cruise ship by far. But the fact that all the
women taking the orders and slinging alcohol were performing their tasks
completely in the buff, that had to count for something.

For a moment Raw forgot what he was doing here, but the crushing memory of a
absent Popi quickly got him back on track.

He worked his way up to the main bar and plopped himself down on the nearest
stool. Noticing the gorgeous figure of the woman behind the bar, Raw cleared
his throat to get her attention. The woman handed two bottles of beer to
another nude lady, turned to Raw and smiled as she slowly walked towards

“What can I get you to drink?” the woman purred softly with a thick British

“I’ll take a Bud Light, thanks.” Raw responded while popping another
cigarette in his mouth.

The woman cracked open a bottle with a swiftness and placed it in Raw’s

“Anything else?” she asked.

Raw took a long gulp of the frosty brew and then placed it back on the bar.

“I’m looking for someone named Rho. Do you know who that is?”

“I’m Rho. Rhona Mitra actually.” she said with a smile.

Raw took out the matchbook, took a match out and lit his smoke before
placing it opened up on the bar in front of her. Rhona glanced down at the
inscription on the inside and looked back up at him.

“You must be Raw.”

“I think you already knew that. You’ve known where I’ve been for the past
hour and as far as I know, all day.”

Rhona dismissed this with a cold stare on her face.

“Do you want my help?” she asked.

“Help with what?” he asked with a smirk.

“In finding your Mariposa.”

“What do you know?” he asked.

“I know of certain clues that you won’t be able to see with your eyes.”

“How am I supposed to see them then?” he asked puzzled.

“Put this on.” Rhona produced a green blindfold from behind the bar and
handed it to Raw.

“You’re going to have to trust me on this, okay?” she said with a sly

* * *

Hamster strode into the dining room flanked on
either said by Danielle and Kay Panabaker. Both girls looked slightly
crestfallen. The sisters both wore matching red dresses. Hamster had a seat
and shot J-Lo a dirty look.

“Kay why don’t you dive under the table, finger off that sister of yours and
suck my magic wand.” Hamster

Kay made a face but got under the table and did as instructed. She slipped
her hand under her sister’s dress and began to rub Danielle’s pussy through
her panties.

With her free hand she unzipped Hamster’s pants and pulled out his cock. She
opened her mouth and wrapped her cute lips around Hamster’s penis. She
started lick the shaft and suck on it with all her might. As this went on
Hamster leaned over and began to kiss Danielle. Hamster raised a hand and
began to squeeze and massage one of Danielle’s breasts.

Meanwhile, Michelle Tratchenbeg and Anne Hathaway spotted Hamster from
across the hall but seeing that he was busy they left him alone. Instead Ann
took a butter knife from where she was eating and stuck the dull end in a
glass of ice that had just a little water in it.

“What are you doing?” Michelle asked.

Anne did not answer put patted her thigh and said “Have a seat on my lap.”

Michelle smiled and did as she was told. Anne reached under Michelle’s dress
and pulled her underwear down. Anne picked them up and stuffed them in her
purse. Ann then grabbed the butter knife and quickly rammed the ice-cold
metal handle in Michelle’s pussy.

“OH MY GOSH!!!!” Michelle cried out and drew the attention of almost
everyone in the room.

Anne began to push it in and out as fast as she could as Michelle writhed on
her lap. Anne grabbed one of Michelle’s meaty breasts to hold her in place.
Michelle was so soon cumming wildly to the amusement of many onlookers.

At the same time Kay’s mouth was being filled Hamsters warm seed.

* *
Roselyn awoke with the shock of ice cold water being splashed all over
her face and body. Her hands became fists as her breathing escalated. Her
rapid inhales & exhales were currently the only sounds she heard besides the
water dripping on the floor.

She opened her eyes to see only the green fabric that covered them. Flashes
of light could be seen as her environment looked dimly lit. Voices began to
hum in her ears, as some sounded familiar and others did not.

She felt the cuffs that surrounded her wrists and heard the rattling of the
chains above that held her arms over her head. Her legs tried to pull
together, but were restricted to the other pair of cuffs laced around her

She could hear the voices dying down and a pair of footsteps slowly
approaching her. A dark shadow was seen through a world of green. The
footsteps stopped and Roselyn could feel the presence of the figure without
the use of physical contact.

“Are we awake?” a heavily accented voice spoke.

Roselyn could not respond audibly. Her body and mind seemed sluggish at
best. She knew she must’ve been slipped something that made her feel this

“Not to worry, sweet one. Soon enough you will find yourself blessed to be
given your life.” the voice spoke softly right next to her ear.

The fear creeped through her bones as the room filled with maniacal

“Ballz.” she cried to herself.

* * *

Danica Patrick had ripped
the tablecloth trying to keep herself from yelling out in orgasm as Natalie
finished her off. Natalie emerged from under the table as Danica sighed
hard. Natalie planted a kiss on her lips.

“Now you know what these CSSA parties are all about.” Natalie said with a

The rest of their party however, has not yet finished. TRL was about to
shout ‘I’m cumming’ but Marla didn’t let him as she sucked him dry under the
table. Unlike Natalie however, Marla slid up on TRL as slid himself into her
and began humping him right there at the table.

Sheridan’s legs were wrapped tightly around Kelly Clarkson. Her tight, toned
legs made sure the American Idol wasn’t going anywhere until she finished
what she was doing.

Evil and Eva Longoria were also almost done. Eva knew her way around the
male anatomy and she knew Evil was about to blow when she pinched the
underside of his cock.

That was all he needed, Evil exploded in orgasm in Eva’s mouth. Eva slid up
and sat on his lap. Evil simply looked at her and said “I’ll get to you

* * *

Meanwhile elsewhere on the ship, Rachael Ray had been apologizing profusely
to Michelle Rodriguez for spilling hot soup on her legs.

“Will you stop apologizing I’m fine. It burns a bit but I’m ok.” Michelle
said as she sat down on the examination table.

The medical room was empty. The doctor was most likely at the formal dinner
by now.

“Just let me take care of you. Let Nurse Rachael heal all your wounds.”
Rachael’s voice took on a seductive tone, Michelle smiled and laid down on
the table.

“Heal me nurse.” Michelle replied in her tough tone. Rachael giggled and
opened the supply cabinet, looking for something as Michelle removed her
clothes. At that moment Rachael saw something that got the dirty wheels in
her mind working.

Rachael took it out of the cabinet and hid it behind her back as she
approached Michelle. Rachael placed a kiss on Michelle’s lips and pulled out
the gauze from behind her back. She slowly wrapped the gauze around her
wrist and fastened it to the bench.

Michelle was slowly starting to realize what was happening. She tried to
stop Rachael but couldn’t as Rachael fastened Michelle’s other gauze wrapped
wrist to the other side of the bench.

Rachael broke the kiss and Michelle struggled against her bonds as Rachael

“Ok, you’ve had your fun Nurse Rachael, now untie me.” Michelle said.

“Nah, I’m gonna leave you tied up while I fuck your brains out.” Rachael
said as she spread Michelle’s legs and slid between them.

Michelle locked her legs around Rachael as soon as she got close enough to
her pussy. Rachael’s fingers worked the same magic they did in the kitchen
as they spread Michelle’s lips and Rachael’s tongue dove in.

The effect on Michelle Rodriguez was instant and electric and Rachael’s
tongue darted in and out of Michelle. Michelle’s moans echoed throughout the
empty and dimly lit medical room. Michelle’s bonds held firm as her body
responded to the pleasure she was receiving.

“Oh god Rachael, how did a cook learn to lick pussy like this?” Michelle
asked as Rachael stopped her ministrations and looked up.

“You’d be surprised what you learn in culinary school.” Rachael said as she
dove back in and Michelle let out one loud moan. Michelle’s hands wrapped
themselves in Rachael’s hair.

Smiling at this, Rachael removed her own panties then placed her head
between Michelle’s legs again.

Rachael kissed her way up Michelle’s legs and her fingers were entering and
exploring the other girl’s vagina, bringing grunts and moans of pleasure.
When Rachael found her lover’s clit and started rubbing it Michelle went
strangely still and silent, her muscles locked in this new and incredible
wave of pleasure running through her. Rachel kissed her way up Michelle’s
body, spending time on her breasts.

Rachael began by tracing the outlines of labia and vulva with her finger
then pushed it inside, gently at first, then more forcefully. Michelle’s
moans got louder and louder as she screamed “I’MMM CUMMMINNGGGG”, Rachael’s
fingers were covered with Michelle’s cum.

Rachael licked her fingers as she gathered her clothes and put them on.

Michelle struggled against her bonds.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna untie me?” Michelle asked as she laid there naked.
Rachel stopped as she walked to the door, she looked back at the bound
actress and replied “Nah.”

Rachael closed the door to the medical room and left Michelle there bound
and naked.

“Damn, I should have gagged her too.” Rachael said giggling to

* * *

It had been 15 minutes since Alyson and
Charisma had talked with Kristen on the phone, but between that time the
urges for what they were about to accomplish became far too great for them
to resist. They started without their guest of honor and were already having
fun on the bed pleasing themselves by fondling and sucking on breasts along
with fingering each

other’s holes on the verge of cumming.


“Oh, shit!” the duo whispered in unison bolting straight up.

“Kristen, is it you?” Alyson called out.

“Yeah!” they heard her respond from outside.

“Just a second!”

Both women quickly adjusted their clothes. Lucky for them they were smart
enough not to get completely undressed, so all they needed to do was button
or pull down their tops and fix their skirts. After making themselves look
as presentable as possible, Alyson made her way to the door and opened it
wide. “Hiii!” she said with a large smile on her face followed with big hug
acting like they weren’t guilty of anything.

“Hi,” Kristen returned hugging her back with pecks on each cheek.

“Come on in,” Alyson offered.

Kristen noticing both were lightly perspiring said, “It looks like you two
seem to not be able this Miami heat.”

“Yeah, it’s a real hot box!” Charisma quickly agreed fanning herself with
her top.

“I know what you mean. The ride up on the elevator was pure hell. They
really need to fix the air conditioning in this place.”

“That’s why we were thinking we should start off with a little dip in the
pool to cool off. Do you have a swimsuit under your sundress?” Alyson said
tossing out her lure.

“No, I didn’t think we’d be going that way so soon. Let me go back up to my
room and put mine on,” Kristen suggested.

“You don’t have to go through all that trouble, I think one of us might have
something that’ll fit you. Charisma, go see what you have to spare while I
check here.”

“Okay,” she confirmed going to her adjoining suite.

After rooting through her drawers Alyson pulled out a few choice skimpy
bikinis for Kristen to choose from and placed them on the bed quickly
followed by Charisma’s just as “nothing left to the imagination” selections.
“Ok, so which one do you like?” Charisma asked.

Kristen examined her choices and decided on a nice colorful flowery number
with string ties to make it easy to adjust to her frame. “This one looks
good,” she claimed.

“You’ll look really sexy in that. Right, Alyson?” Charisma said causing a
little blush from Kristen.

“Most definitely!” Alyson agreed picking out a tiger print thong for

All three women began to strip. Kristen couldn’t help but stare at both of
their sexy bodies. They perfectly contrasted each other with Alyson having
milky white skin with pink nipples while Charisma was a nice mocha with dark
brown ones. Seeing them in the buff Kristen felt something stir deep inside
her she never occurred with her before. Well, at least not with somebody of
the same sex. ‘Oh, my God. I’m going lezbo!’ she thought covering her mouth
with hand to muffle a squeak at the realization.

“Kristen, are you ok?” Alyson asked walking up to her in just her bikini

“No, nothing’s wrong,” Kristen lied beginning to blush.

“Then why are you blushing?” she continued moving in closer to her prey.
“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We’re all women here.”

Kristen’s eyes went wide by what happened next. Alyson kissed her full on
the mouth. She tried to protest the invading tongue, but the deep hidden
urge to have sex with Charisma and now the fiery redhead. No matter how she
justified not wanting to give in, the more her mind and body began to give
in to her lust. Especially now that the brunette MILF started to fondle and
lick one of her pink nipples making it become erect. She finally admitted to
herself she had no choice allowing her tense lips to slacken letting
Alyson’s tongue slip inside to dance with hers.

* * *

“I’m not
sure if I can do this.” Raw questioned while holding the green blindfold in
his hands.

“Believe me, Raw. It’s your only answer to the questions you have.” Rhona
replied then taking a shot of something.

“Whatever you know, can you please just tell me?”

“I don’t have any of the answers you are looking for. All I can do is lead
you in the correct direction.”

“Which is where?” he asked urgently.

“We can play these games all night, Raw. But I suggest that if you want to
find your Butterfly, you do as I say.” Rhona peered down at him with her
arms stretched across the bar.

“How do I know that you’re not involved with whatever happened to her?”

“Like I said, you must trust me.” she replied, “Besides, I have nothing to
hide, obviously.”

She walked from behind the bar and up to where Raw sat and stared at her.
Her nude body was on display and he couldn’t help but get an eyeful of it’s
virtues. She brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and licked her
luscious lips at him as she got closer.

She turned his stool around to face her and walked close enough between his
legs that her hips rested against his inner thighs.

Never breaking eye contact with him, Rhona grabbed his unoccupied beer from
the counter and took a long sip. She sloshed the liquid around in her mouth
for a few second and then grabbed an empty beer mug on the counter behind

After to bats from her eyelash, she released the beer from inside her mouth
into the glass. Raw looked in amazement as the liquid was just as green as
the fabric that he still held in his hands.

He looked back up at her and with penetrating green corneas, she smiled at

“Green is definitely the color for you too.” she whispered.

* *

“Jillian, what took you so long? You said were on your way over,” a
peeved Lauren Sanchez said to her good friend.

“Sorry, I got a little caught up banging some guy in the elevator,” she
replied with a naughty grin.

“You dirty bitch. You started without me!”

“I couldn’t help it. He was kinda cute and with him eyeballing my ass and
just lost control of myself.”

“So was he good?”

“He wasn’t half bad. I even let him cum up my ass.”

“No way!”

“‘Yes’ way. You can even check my asshole if you like,” Jillian dared. She
then turned away from Lauren and bent herself in half exposing her pussy and
ass from behind the ting strip of cloth. “Come on. Do it!”

Lauren knew Jillian was a nut, but that’s what she loved about her ever
since they first met. Even though they worked for rival television stations
doing the news. Once in a great while she even appeared on her morning show
when Jillian was on vacation. It wasn’t until they both did the sports
program “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” that they finally had a chance to
meet instantly connecting with each other becoming the best of friends.

Lauren shook her head knowing there was no way out of the situation, because
Jillian would pester her the whole trip to do it until she gave into her
demands. Sticking out her right index finger she placed it against Jillian’s
pucker and rubbed it a bit before sinking it all the way in causing her bent
over friend to sigh in pleasure. She could feel the still hot seed against

she digit as she swirled it inside. Pulling it out she saw that it was
coated with a clear liquid residue.

“See, what did I tell you,” Jillian beamed proudly with her head still
between her legs.

“Fine, so you got first lode,” Lauren said just to resolve the situation.
With that out of the way, not wanting to put it to waste, Lauren put her
slime laced finger in mouth and quickly sucked it clean along with friend’s
dirty essence. She had to admit to herself the mixture didn’t taste
half-bad. Jillian began to stand up when Lauren stopped her saying, “Don’t

Before she could ask why, the next thing she felt was Lauren’s wet tongue
licking away at her ass hole. Jillian let out a coo as the muscle penetrated
her back door and began to fuck it. “Fill my mouth with cum,” Lauren begged
between stabs.

Jillian did as she requested and started to expel the cum from her bowels.
Her anal muscles expanded followed by the flow of watered sludge, which
poured right down Lauren’s tongue into her mouth. “Don’t swallow it, I want
some, too,” Jillian said followed by the sound of tiny farts letting them
know her ass was empty.

With her mouth overflowing with cum Lauren and the now standing Jillian
began to kiss passing half the dirty solution to the other sharing it. Both
women gulped down their portion with satisfied smiles on their faces.

“So I guess this makes us even?” Lauren presumed.

“Not on your life,” Jillian smiled.

* * *

returned to the ballroom to find Emma in Raven’s lap, face buried between
the voluptuous minx’s breasts, giving her a lap dance that was enhanced by
the facts that both girls had their dress pulled up around their hips and
both were wearing thongs.

‘Sigh, they grow up so fast…and so nicely,’ he thought to himself. Aloud
he asked “Is there room on that seat for me?”, pressing himself against
Emma’s back and reaching around to grope her own titties, far smaller than
Raven’s but still wonderful to the touch. His lips kissed her neck,
bringing a muffled moan from the young girl.

“Is this making you as horny as it is me?” Gwen asked Lexa. Her answer came
in the form of Lexa’s tongue shoved into her mouth and her hand sliding up
her smooth white thighs.

* * *

As everyone returned to their
seats, Rachael Ray and the other waiters and cooks began to serve food.

Everyone’s attention was given to the captain as he stood up. “I wanted to
welcome everyone to the CSSA Cruise…” The captain said, very despondently
“…I hope you all enjoy your meal and the rest of the cruise. A woman named
Victoria told me to mention tomorrow’s poker tournament and say good luck to

Everyone applauded as the meals began appearing in front of everyone. Evil
and Sheridan both had chicken and mashed potatoes. Evil began immediately
tearing into the chicken.

“So that’s how a limo ended up through the gym at junior prom.” Sheridan
finished. The group at the table began laughing at the stories of high
school follies.

“I’m telling you we ran that high school like we were the mob, NO ONE
crossed us. We had Sheridan here to handle any females who stepped out of
line and we had her husband and his two friends, Butcher and Mad Dog to
handle any other guys who tried to stop us.” Evil replied.

“So who was the don?” asked TRL. Evil pointed to himself in reply.

“Remember Homecoming week during Senior year?” Sheridan asked.

“How could I forget, that was a brutal game…” Evil said.

“…and a brutal homecoming dance.” Sheridan replied.

“Why, what happened?” Eva asked as she took a bite from her salad.

“OK, we had our homecoming dance on a Wednesday, and the game was on a
Friday. Mad Dog and Butcher, who are each 6’7″ and over 350 pounds all went
out to dinner. It was me with another girl, Sheridan and Jason and Mad Dog
and Butcher with their dates…” Evil said taking a bite from his chicken.

“Why were they called Mad Dog and Butcher?” Danica asked.

“They were called that because Butcher knew how to make people bleed on the
football field and Mad Dog was…well….crazy.” Evil replied with
Sheridan’s laughter.

“He was out of his head.” Sheridan replied

“Anyway, we were all out at a restaurant before we went to the dance. Some
guys from the Central football team showed up, Central was the team we were
playing in the Homecoming game, anyway they showed up and tried to instigate
a fight between us and them. Mad Dog stood up and said ‘You’re making a
mistake son’ and they all left, but a few minutes after they left we saw
them across the street….” Evil paused to take a drink of his soda.

“…Mad Dog got on the phone to call Butcher his brother, he hadn’t shown up
yet. He said ‘Brother, come to the restaurant, we’re going to have some fun’
If you know Mad Dog, you know that when he says ‘have some fun’ someone is
going to get their ass kicked.” Evil said which got his captive audience
laughing again.

“So anyway, Butcher shows up decked out in a suit and Mad Dog joins him.
It’s 5 on 2. The rest of us were watching this fight break out, but at one
point Butcher had a guy on his shoulder and was going to lawn dart him
through the window of Morty’s Sporting Goods, but Butcher tripped…” This
got the crowd laughing again

“…man was he pissed. Butcher got up and kicked this guy so hard that the
tip of the wingtips he was wearing, BROKE OFF. Here’s the funny moment, Mad
Dog handled the other four guys, when he was done, he looked at his brother
and said ‘I’m sorry you missed out on your fun.”

The whole table erupted in laughter.

“So they are in Miami right now with Sheridan’s husband, we’re gonna party
with them when we get back.” Sheridan said.

“Yeah, they joined the Navy SEAL’s after high school and are still in, but
they are off for now.” Evil replied.

“Hey check it out, Dina Lohan just walked in.” Sheridan said eyeing the

“Oh my god.” Eva said hiding her face.

“What?” Evil asked.

“Dina saw Eva fucking Lindsay from behind and she fainted.” Kelly Clarkson
said laughing.

Sheridan saw Dina sit at the bar and Lindsay join a few writers at their
table. Sheridan got up and walked toward the bar.

“Wonder what she’s going to do?” Evil asked.

* * *

“I swear to
God,” Tom said between laughs and pieces of steak, looking under the bar.
“You two are absolutely nasty.”

“Can you think of anything better with gravy,” Jennifer Aniston asked.

“Yeah, eat it,” Tom replied. Of course, licking it seemed like a very
tantalizing option, as Jennifer had poured gravy all over Fergie and was
lapping it all up. “Just be careful though, Jennifer. I don’t think Fergie
used the bathroom before eating.”

Jennifer laughed at Tom’s crack of the highly publicized photo of Fergie
performing on stage and pissing her gray sweatpants, leaving a large dark
spot on the pants. Fergie didn’t take it lightly. Despite having Jennifer
on top of her, she thrust her right leg between Tom’s legs and under his Red
Wings jersey, slamming him in the family jewels and bringing him crashing to
the ground.

“Keep it up and Gretchen Wilson won’t show up at the next event,” Fergie

“OK, but just remember her this time,” Tom said, bringing up the Super Bowl
pregame concert. No sooner than he uttered those words did he find Fergie’s
foot back in his Nether-region.

“That was will.i.am you fool. Now, any other cracks,” Fergie said.

“No,” Tom said, his voice about five octaves higher.

“OH GODDDDDDD, JENNNNNN,” Fergie screamed when Jennifer hit a hot spot with
her tongue. “I’MMMMMM COMMMMING!”

Not wanting to pass this up, Tom joined at Fergie’s pussy next to Jennifer’s
as the ex-child star splashed their faces. The fan and object of affection
lapped all the sweet honey they could. Tom and Jennifer then joined in a
kiss, swapping spit and pussy juice. Fergie quickly gathered her bearings
and joined in for a lip lock that seemed like it came out of “Wild Things.”

“Hey girls,” Tom asked. “Will you be able to help me with the poker tourney
tomorrow? This is going to be a heavy-duty day tomorrow.”

“If it’s for free drinks,” Jennifer said. Fergie quickly nodded her head in

“Already thanks,” Tom said, kissing both girls on the cheeks before going
back up to the bar and finishing his meal.

As a naked Fergie went for the gravy bowl to pour on the stripped-down
Jennifer, Rachael Ray made her way past the bar. Tom decided to take the
best of the moment.

“Umm, Rachael,” Tom said. “You’ve seen a waitress here, jet black hair,
nice breasts and ass, freckles?”

“Sorry, Tom,” Rachael replied. “She had a long day getting here. She’s
taking a nap right now.”

“Oh, thanks,” Tom said, not afraid to show his disappointment while Rachael
walked away. No Stephanie Sanders in the room. Damn, this sucks, Tom

* * *

As the kiss deepened, Kristen felt a surge of energy rush through her. Here
she was, in a boat bedroom, planning on getting changed into swimsuits along
side her friends Alyson and Charisma. Now, things had taken a complete
reverse. Here was Kristen in her birthday suit, being French kissed by
Alyson and her nipples licked by Charisma. Deciding that now was the time
to do some “Veronica Mars” style digging, the young starlet broke the

“Wait, hold up,” Kristen said. “How did you two, well, um, you
know, hook up?”

“Ummmmm, you should hear the stories,” Alyson moaned.
“Every day on the set of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was a lesbian orgy for
the ages.”

“Yeah, it was fucking fantastic,” Charisma stated. “Picture it, Kristen.
The entire female cast of the Whedonverse together licking each other’s
pussies. Me, Alyson, Sarah, Michelle, Eliza, Amy, Amber, and Emma, all
feasting on everybody’s snatches.”

“Ohhhh, I can taste the juicy goodness,” Kristen groaned in ecstacy. “Why
didn’t I ever guest star on you show?”

“You really should have. We would have loved having you there,” Charisma
explained. “Whenever we had a hot piece of ass drop by, such as Ashanti,
we’d drag her in.”

“Thing is,” Alyson said while Charisma returned to licking Kristen’s
nipples. “I really wanted to guest on your show because the script was so
promising and had that cult-like feeling ‘Buffy’ had. But when I saw you, I
knew had to have you. And while Charisma was really looking for work after
‘Angel’ got axed, she was enthastic about the role she’d play on ‘Veronica
Mars,’ but also excited about what told her about you. You’re so beautiful,
Kristen. You have this little pocket-sized body with a good girl/bad girl
attitude that I love.”

“You girls so beautiful, too,” Kristen said, trying not to scream in fear
that others might hear her while she was pleasured by the two ex-co-stars.
“You two have some of the best tongues I’ve ever experienced. Don’t kid me
work, my boyfriend’s good, but I can’t leave him for you two because I love
him too much. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me getting some side-nookie from
you twooooooooooooooo.”

The reason Kristen dragged that last word out was simple. Before she could
put two and two together, Alyson and Charisma began a double-team tonguing
of Kristen’s pussy. The Broadway star moaned and writhed as her friends
pumped their tongues in and out of her tiny little body.

“Ohhhhhhh my fucking God,” Kristen belted out. If this what C-S-S-A is like
all the time, she thought to herself, I am going to all of their events.

Alyson and Charisma had waited too damn long to get their hands on Kristen.
They were determined to get her to come on their faces. Neither girl wanted
to share. That’s why at that moment, they both had Kristen’s legs spread as
wide as possible while they also inserted both tongues inside of her.

“Ohhhhhhh, more, more, mooooooooooore,” Kristen gasped. “Come on you sluts,
you did this to me. Now make me one of your filthy carpet-licking

Hearing that started to energize Alyson and Charisma even
more than originally. While Kristen took the tongue lashings, Alyson
decided to grab one of Kristen’s perky breasts. Though Kristen would always
tell the writers to crack on her being flat, she never really minded her
breast size. Sure, being 24 and looking like you haven’t hit puberty has
it’s downsides, especially in the bars, but Kristen didn’t care. She
appreciated what she had and knew it could have been something she’d never
want. But suddenly, she felt her other breast grabbed, as Charisma, a woman
who showed off her large, natural tits in Playboy, went to work.


Deciding it was now or never, Alyson and Charisma thrashed Kristen’s throbbb
clit. They were going with such velocity, Kristen could no longer hold on.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES,” Kristen exclaimed, probably sending her

Not being ones to give up a request lick that, Alyson and Charisma did as
asked, slurping and gulping the pussy juice while Kristen tried to recover
from her first lesbian orgasm. They licked around the walls of Kristen’s
pussy, leaving no place untouched. Wanting Kristen continue down the
Hedonisitic path, Alyson and Charisma lifted themselves up and swapped a
three-way kiss with Kristen.

Never in her life had Kristen ever
tasted her own come. Even if her boyfriend wanted her to “clean the weapon”
so to speak, she was still acted lady-like and wiped it off with a Kleenex.
Now she finally tasted herself. Beginning to separate her juices, from
Alyson and Charisma’s spit, Kristen found out why her boyfriend was always
so eager to eat her out. She tasted like a vintage California white wine,
his drink of choice. Damn, Kristen thought, guess I know what I’m drinking
when I get back to Detroit.

“Holy shit,” Kristen panted in between kisses. “How did I go so long
without something as amazing as this?”

“It’s a mystery to us, too,” Charisma answered. “One thing is important
right now. You willing to do this more often?”

“Fuck yes,” Kristen enthusiastically answered. “I want to lick a hot
chick’s kitty every day, all day, and have the favor returned.”

“Well let’s break you in, shall we,” Alyson asked, lying down on the bed and
spreading her legs as wide as possible. “Come on, Kristen, you want this
clitty. Don’t deny it.”

“Oh hell no, I’m not turning that down,” Kristen exclaimed in excitement.
With that, the petite yet sexy actress kneeled down before the redheaded TV
witch turned TV sitcom housewife. Almost subconsconsiously, Kristen begin
working her tongue on Alyson’s pretty pink pussy.

“It’s OK, baby, just go with it,” Alyson encouraged. “Lick it like it’s
your first lick of ice cream. Don’t be shy, I’ll be willing to help you

Kristen started an approach of heavy licking, like a cat cleaning her fur.
She could feel the hips of her friend quiver in delight while she worked to
give Alyson the pussy-eating of a lifetime, by rookie standards.

Not wanting to be cast out from this intimate and sultry moment, Charisma
led herself to the bed. She leaned in and kissed Alyson with the tonguing
long-time lovers could only show.

“Look at her,” Charisma said to Alyson. “One of our closest friends.
Eating your pussy. When she came here, she was looked so sweet, sarcasm
aside. Now look at her and what we’ve done. We turned her into a
pussy-eating whore, just like you, me, and all our friends. Did you ever
imagine this?”

“Not at all,” Alyson answered, gripping to the bed sheets as Kristen went
into all out tonguing mode. “She is such a slut. She just didn’t know it.
But I’ll give her a reality check.”

Alyson then grabbed Kristen by the hair and lifted her head up to ask her a
very important question.

“What’s my name?”

Kristen hesitated and was left wordless at the thought of Alyson asking her
such a silly question. Of course that awkwardness came to a screeching halt
when Alyson yelled, “SAY MY NAME, BITCH!”

“Alyson! Alyson!” At that point, Kristen figured out what Alyson was


Alyson shoved Kristen back down as the young blonde went back to eating
Alyson’s increasingly wet pussy. Kristen found herself taking the choice
spreading Alyson’s pussy lips apart and thrashing them over and over with
her tongue.


Kristen was not going to stop this until she had finally eaten her first
pussy in her first try, and she damn near close. Seeing the bright clit of
Alyson, a bleeding heart red, she dove in and gave it several hard tonguings
in succession, send Alyson straight to Cloud Nine.

“OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY…” Alyson nearly let the “God” part leave her lips as
she climaxed all over Kristen’s beautiful face, but Charisma, not wanting to
be the forgotten woman, had been timing it well enough to leave the noise
out and let Kristen slurp and gulp while the brunette MILF swallowed
Alyson’s words.

Meanwhile, Kristen savored the moment. She made a woman come.

* * *

Kojain could not believe Hater would leave the woman of his dreams and his
friends. It was not like him at all. Kojain reached the deck of the ship and
pulled out his cellphone. He must have dialed ‘Hater’s number over 10 times
at least, until finally someone answered.

“Hey! What’s happening bro?” ‘Hater replied.

An enraged Kojain said, “What do you mean ‘What’s happening’?! Why the hell
aren’t you on this ship!?”

‘Hater sighed, “Look Koj, You know what’s been going on! I finally got the
deal with Dr. Dre on his label.”

“Yeah! Yeah! You told me. But that still doesn’t give you a reason NOT to be
here!” Kojain yelled.

‘Hater replied, “You remember what happened at the last C-S-S-A event?”

“I heard 50 Cent got his ass kicked for hitting a girl. Good! I’d kick his
ass too if I saw that! But it’s still not an excuse to be with your
friends.” said Kojain.

“Dr. Dre considers C-S-S-A a rival organization after that ordeal. That’s
the reason why I’m not there now. ‘Hater said.

“Oh… So we’re your enemies now?!” Kojain vexed.

“I didn’t say that! Damn! Don’t be like this Koj. This is my future we’re
talking about!” Hater replied.

“You’re future?!” An angry Kojain replied, “Your future is here on this ship
crying her eyes out because you’re nowhere around! How could you do this to
Beyonce? And most importantly, How could you do this to your friends? The
people whom you would call family?”

“Come on Koj! You’re still my bro.” ‘Hater reassured.

“Fuck Aftermath! Fuck G-Unit! I can’t believe you would ditch your friends
for this? Better yet, your fiancé!” Kojain cried out.

“What? What do you mean?” ‘Hater questioned.

“Beyonce told me she was gonna announce your engagement. I was going to
propose to Kelly so we could have a double wedding or something. Damnit
‘Hater! How many times are you going to make her cry?”

“Sorry Bro. I can’t…” Hater sighed.

“I don’t fucking believe you!” Kojain growled. “I thought you were better
than this!”

“Kojain… Don’t do this to me!” ‘Hater cried out.

“Just go ‘Hater! Go join Aftermath and forget about your friends!” Kojain
let out before hanging up his cellphone.

A furious Kojain placed his cellphone back in his pocket and turned around.
Only to find himself face to face with the woman who has been stalking him
the entire time.

“So… You must be Kojain.” Jennifer Lopez said with a smile.

* *

“I’m sorry, Rhona. This is just too damn weird for me.” Raw said as
he got up from his barstool.

He quickly grabbed his smokes and headed to the exit in a hurry.

“That’s a pity, Raw. I guess you don’t really care, do you?” she darted back
at him.

Raw stopped dead in his tracks and then turned back around. With a fire in
his eyes, he brought his nose within half an inch from Rhona’s and glared at

“When I’m dead and rotting away is when I’ll stop caring. I appreciate you
letting me ogle your nakedness and all, but I just don’t think we’re on the
same page here.”

“There’s that fire.” she whispered and leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

Raw backed up quickly. “That’s exactly what this is all about, isn’t it?”

He turned and headed back towards the exit.

“Come back when you’re man enough to face the music.” she yelled.

“You do know what you can do with that green snotrag, don’t you?” he yelled
back and disappeared into the night.

“There’s always another opening, Raw.” Rhona said aloud to herself as she
slid the blindfold through her fingertips.

* * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * **
* ** * ***

Raw felt the sharp pain in his head again. It was funny that the entire time
he was in The Nude Mermaid, his head was conflict-free. This returning pain
was making him crazy. He was tired of the pain, tired of everlasting

Had he made a grave mistake by leaving the bar? Clearly, Rhona knows
something about what happened, but are her intentions true? Or at least, the
truth that he wanted to believe in? And what the fuck was up with that green

All these questions played over and over in his mind. A shitload of
questions with no clear answers. Should he go back? Will she still be there
if he did? And would she still help him?


“Do you have a match, stranger?” a voice asked from behind him.

* * *

He sat on the bed, facing the mirror, singing idly and putting the powder
blue pocket square with the lightning bolts on it into the front of his

“And it’s official–we’re 30 minutes late!” he called out to the low-flying
angel who was fixing her earrings in the bathroom mirror.

“Fashionably late, baby. You gotta come to L.A. more.”

Her heels clicked and on the sixth one he took his eyes off the mirror and
looked over.


She stood there in some sort of Fred Segal black gown with slits up her
sides to expose her legs, studded all around and gleaming off the dull light
of the cabin’s room. With that smile, wars had started, lives had ended,
epiphanies realized. She threw her head back.

“Still complaining about the 30 minutes?”

Butch always thought she was the most beautiful thing on the face of the
Earth; in that, she elevated herself to the five most.

“Butch? HELLOOOOOOOOO?!” He looked at her eyes, suddenly jolted from his
adjective-heavy reverie.

“What’re you thinking about?”

She knew.

It’d just happened an hour ago.

* * *

Michael Jordan Bullets throwback: $75.

Black one piece swimsuit: $120.

Beach shorts: on sale, $15.

Red one piece swimsuit: $80.

Fucking Angelina Jolie: …you know, to say priceless would really
undervalue the word. What could be better than that?

“Oh, Christ, fuck my cuntttttttt….”

Oh, right: hearing Angelina Jolie moan in ecstasy while you fucked her and
had two fingers inside Jessica Alba. Once again he quietly thanked
Jessica’s inquisitive nature for providing him this moment–while Jess had
been the celebrity Butch had most wanted to date and marry, she’d finally
cracked him into admitting the celebrity he’d always wanted the one-night
stand with was Lara Croft.

And now he was plunging into her about nine inches a flinch while
finger-fucking Max. If only’d I’d been a little bigger sci-fi geek, one of
the brain cells giggled, I’d really be able to appreciate this.

Jessica’s face contorted into an O. This act covered two through five of
the 26 things she wanted to give him since she’d missed said birthday
wrapping up the F4 shoot (Angelina, Baywatch outfit, three-way, sex in
public), and the sudden looseness of her moral character in a
consequence-free environment was keeping her in a state of virtual heat.

Angelina had a wicked little smile on her face. This wasn’t exactly her
first three-way but she knew she wanted another run at Jessica on the boat.
The fact she was getting some quality dick in the process was just a bonus.

Her lips subsumed Jessica’s and sunlight went off their tongues in stripes.
She heard him moan loudly again, and took a look at his body exerting.
Sweat was practically a shirt on his semi-cut upper body by this point,
considering he & Jessica had been doing it before she’d gotten onboard. She
knew what she wanted from him now, and then what she would want after it.

Pulling on Alba by the hair, she looked down as his hands continued to hold
steady with her waist, maybe with a little occasional assgrab as she moved
her midsection in a wavelength.

“Yeah, Jess, you miss that cock, don’t you?” She kissed Jessica on the side
of the neck, hearing Alba sigh like an infatuated schoolgirl as Jolie
pressed her bare chest to her younger counterpart. She pulled on the
tresses of Jessica, lightly but enough to get her attention.

“Watch that dick! Watch him fuck me!”

Angelina began to nip at her earlobe, wiggling her tongue in her ear before
delivering another seductive purr. He thrust his head back, and gritted his
teeth. It was going to be fun to turn his body into goo.

“Yeahhhhhh…” Another chill went down Jessica’s spine and her eyes began
to glaze over. Were those her juices? Angelina’s? How much longer was she
going to have to wait to find out?!

“I’m going to make him come inside me, Jess. He’s already started.” They
kissed feverishly, Angelina playing with Jess’s tits as she did so, pulling
and twisted a little pain before sugaring it over in her mouth with her
tongue. He pushed the sweat off his face with the back of his hands; she
could feel his sweat on his body as his hands went to his sides. She could
milk better than Jersey maid, and knew in the next two minutes he was going
to arrive.

And poor little Jess was going to go without.

His breath became shallower, as he listened to Angelina put on an
infomercial on his cock.

“Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you get on your knees and clean me out. But
if you’re going to clean me out, you have to do something for me first.”
Angelina abruptly cut off a kiss and focused in on his eyes.



He grabbed onto her, and forced her closer to him, their chests pressing
together. She was completely covering him, and they seemed to have
forgotten about Jessica entirely.

Yes, this would be the first time in his life since the trailer for Idle
Hands. Extenuating circumstances.

Jessica watched Angelina fuck her bo-o–nooooooo–watched her fuck him, her
hair spilling over her back. She cocked her head. It looked like an arrow,
the way it fell. Maybe it was just her mindset. On the chair she crawled,

Opened her mouth.

“Yes! Oh, fuck, yeah! Cum in my pussy while she eats my ass!” He let out
a low shudder that turned into a moan; he was now t-minus zero and the ship
had left the platform. “Shit! Eat it, you fucking slut! Fuck my ass with
your tongue! Rim me out!”

Jessica almost stopped, she was coming so hard from the risqué ness of the
act. But she channeled the energy into smacking Angelina’s butt cheeks,
watching them ripple out of the corner of her eye as she continued
delivering analingus.

“Do it! You BITCH!”

Angelina opened her mouth wide and her teeth warred against each other. His
eyes rolled, and he fell to a side. As his eyes closed, he saw Angelina
lean back, Jessica between her legs eating while Angelina stroked her hair
and whispered quietly to her.

Somebody was going to have a hell of a time delivering his eulogy next week.

* * *

Into the stateroom they walked, headed for the promised land: table 19.

“Aww, they started serving already.” Butch pouted.

“You know who we’re sitting with?” Jessica asked, adding “Thank you” as she
sat down in the chair he’d pulled out for her.

“No clue.”

They both looked around the room.

“Well,” he said to her and nobody in particular, “this ought to be
interesting. Now–who’s leg you gotta dryhump to get a Heineken around

He pounded the table twice for effect.

* * *

“So what seems to
be bothering you Miss Lohan?” Sheridan asked as she began nursing her drink.

“Well where do I start, my daughter likes to have sex with women. I get
stranded on this ship for a week and I am squeezed into this dress that fits
Lindsay more then it does me. I’m feeling very exposed here.” Dina said as
she gulped down her shot and adjusted the dress that was dangerously close
to exposing herself to the whole ship.

“The joys of motherhood huh?” Sheridan said.

“Yeah.” Dina said finally cracking a smile.

Sheridan ordered a shot of Jack Daniels and moved closer to Dina.

“Hey, I’m young, why not live it up while you can?…” Sheridan said as she
raised her glass. “…to living it up.”

“To living it up.” Dina said clinking her glass with Sheridan and gulping it

Sheridan then gave Dina a smoldering look.

* * *

Meanwhile back at the table…

“That is nothing compared to what happened a few days later at the
homecoming game a few days later. Butcher, Mad Dog and Jason put Central’s
Quarterback in a coma….” Evil said to the crowd.

“How did that happen?” Eva asked.

“…well. Those three broke through the line and all three hit him at the
same time. Mad Dog clipped him in the leg. Jason head butted him in the
sternum and Butcher head butted him at the base of his neck, his helmet flew
about 12 yards and I’m suprised his head didn’t go with it. Those three
folded him up like an accordion, he spent the next week in a coma and never
played football again.”

“Damn, that had to suck.” TRL said.

“It did, but now that story time is over I want to get laid before desert
gets here. Kelly?” Evil asked as he started to get up.

“NO…” TRL said stopping him “…she’s coming with me.” TRL held out his
hand and led Kelly away.

Evil looked around the room for someone, but noticed she wasn’t there.

“Where’s Michelle Rodriguez?” Evil asked.

“Last I saw of her she was being led away by Rachael Ray.” Natalie Portman

“Ok.” Evil said walking away from the table leaving Danica Patrick, Natalie
Portman and Eva Longoria still sitting at the table.

“So Natalie, I saw what you did to Danica…” She said with a glint in her
eye as Natalie slid back under the table.

* * *

Marla Sokoloff
returned from the salad bar to the table to see Danica Patrick looking
disheveled and Eva Longoria looking for the entire world like she was
somewhere else mentally. Everyone else was gone.

“What did I miss?” Marla asked, pulling up her chair and sitting down.

“Uh, well, Evil went to find Michelle Rodriguez, TRL and Kelly left for some
reason, and Sheridan’s over at the bar with Lindsay Lohan’s mother.”

Marla looked over at Eva, who had her eyes screwed shut and was leaning back
in her chair. Suddenly, Eva pounded on the table hard several times, drawing
the attention of the other tables before going stiff and nearly falling out
of her chair.

“Whoa,” Marla said. “What happened there?”

“Natalie happened,” Danica responded.

“Natalie?” Marla asked, looking around. She was about to ask where Natalie
was when suddenly she felt a pair of hands pulling her legs apart, and
fingers diving into her panties. Suddenly, she knew exactly where Natalie
was, and she was happy she was there.

* * ** * *

“Why are we leaving now?” Kelly Clarkson asked as TRL pulled her out into
the hallway. “They were just about to serve the soup – tomato, I think it
was. Your favorite.”

TRL answered her by pressing her up against the wall and kissing her. “I
need you,” he said as the lifted up her dress.

“Now? Here?” Kelly asked as his fingers slid under her thong and pulled it
down her legs.

“Yes,” TRL said as he kissed her again, and then turned her around.

“OH!” Kelly said as TRL pressed his dick against her asshole. “Now I get it.
What’s the matter, Marla wouldn’t let you fuck her ass?”

“You know it’s your ass I’ve been craving,” TRL said. “Besides, you lost the
bet, and you owe me anal every day of this trip.” With that, he slowly
started to press inside her from behind. His cock was still coated from
Marla’s earlier efforts, so this was an easy entrance. Kelly smiled as he
made it all the way in, and reached around to grab her tits. This wasn’t the
first time TRL had fucked her against a wall, but there was something so
primal about the way he grabbed her breasts when he fucked her this way that
sent an electric thrill through her body.

As TRL slowly started to fuck her ass, Kelly resolved to lose more bets like
this to him.

* * *

Raw quickly recognized the face that came with the voice. He stood in
disbelief for a split second and then smiled.

“Jennifer.” he spoke as he inched toward her.

“Why haven’t you called?” she asked.

“Well, you know, trying to find myself in my writing and…”

“Roselyn?” she smirked.

“Yes, of course.”

Raw took out the matchbook he still carried and lit one on the back of the
package. The sparks produced tracers that dazzled their eyes for a brief
moment in a dimly lit area in which they stood.

Jennifer Connelly was decked out from head to toe in a strapless black
evening dress that dazzled the eyes with its shimmering beauty. Her hands
shook nervously as she sucked on the filter of her cigarette.

“How about a hug, Raw?” she asked with her arms open wide.

Raw returned the favor and held her in a deep embrace for a few moments.
They parted and looked one another in the eyes.

“Where have you been?” Raw asked.

“Naomi and I just had dinner. The food we ate was to die for.”

“Naomi? Wow.” he teased her.

“Oh, leave me alone.” she said as she playfully pushed him away.

“When did this start?”

“After New Year’s we kind of hooked up and have been seeing each other quite
a bit since then.”

“Damn, that’s hot.” he joked, “Where is she?”

“She went to get me another margarita. She’ll be back soon.”

“Well, I’m sure the two of you make a great pair.”

“So, how have you been keeping yourself busy, Raw?” she asked as she took
another drag.

“I’ve had one fucked up day so far, Jen.” he responded as he lit a

“What happened?”

“Roselyn has been missing since this afternoon. It’s not like her to just up
and vanish on me like that.” he admitted.

“That is strange. Women don’t usually do that to you do they?” she laughed.

“I’m serious, Jen. I’m really worried about her. There’s nothing worse than
not knowing, it’s killing me.”

Jen leaned in close to him and placed her palm to his forehead and then ran
her fingers through his hair.

“You know I’ll help you, right?” she whispered.

“You don’t have to do that, Jen. I don’t want to drag you into my problems.”

“I’d do anything for you, Raw. Besides, if you want the best held you can
find, I have the perfect individual in mind.” she said smiling a curious

“Who, Naomi?”

“Naomi? Hah!” she laughed, “Let her get back and we’ll walk to her
stateroom, okay?”


* * *

Mia crept back into the cabin she was sharing with her co-star and
occasional lover. Mia had made it halfway to the dining hall when she
realized she wasn’t wearing clothes. Granted, it was a sex cruise but she
couldn’t show up to the formal dinner completely naked, it would spoil the

Mia grabbed a pair of jeans and a t shirt, she didn’t have time to get
dressed in a formal gown. Jennifer began to stir. Mia crept over to her and
kissed her forehead. ‘She’s so vulnerable right now’ Mia thought as she slid
the t shirt over her breasts.

Jennifer turned over and continued sleeping as Mia slid out of the room.

Mia headed to the dining hall but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a
familiar face.

“Hey Mia, glad you could make it.” Evil said approaching her.

* * *

“You think the ages 2-5 are bad, just wait until they hit puberty.” Dina
Lohan said as she took a drink from her glass.

“True, but at least when they are teenagers you know what to expect. When
they are this young you just want QUIET.” Sheridan said laughing drunkenly.

“Oh my god, don’t get me started on them being teenagers. You don’t know who
their friends are, you don’t know where they are going, and if you ask it
just makes them hate you even more.” Dina said, obviously referring to
Lindsay’s partying habits.

“Oh c’mon, don’t tell me you weren’t a wild child as a teen.” Sheridan said
as she finished off her drink.

“Well yeah, but it was a lot safer back when I was a teen.” Dina said,
slurring her speech. Dina didn’t know about Sheridan’s nefarious plans for
her and she didn’t notice the roofie that was slipped in her drink. She’d be
conscious, but not for long.

Sheridan knew she had to work fast.

* * *

“Mmmmmmm…gonna….cummmm” Marla said as Natalie’s skillful tongue slid in
and out of her sopping pussy.

Marla’s fists pounded the table and scratched the tablecloth as Natalie
finished her off.

“UUNNNNNHHHHHHHH.’ Marla moaned as she came all over Natalie’s face.

Natalie slid up from under the table and planted a kiss on Danica’s lips. It
lingered as Danica tasted her first woman.

“You’re going to be repaying me tonight.” Natalie whispered to Danica who
simply blushed.

“Looks like an interesting night.” Eva said as she sat back and took in the

* * *

How time flew by when they were having sex… when
Victor had come out of the cabin it had been almost time for dinner. Which
he didn’t mind – nothing like a good meal after sex, except that Hilary had
begged off joining him because she had promised to be there with someone
else, and Jessica Biel had similarly split the scene because she just plain
wasn’t hungry, leaving the poor man to come into the dining room all on his
lonesome. He reflected that this was a good thing in a way, given how he’d
been known to eat – he wasn’t really in the mood for being lectured about
his table manners. But on this ship, for once he really wanted some female
company for dinner…

“Guess who?!?”

Victor’s vision was blacked out by a pair of soft hands over his eyes.
Sniffing, he recognized that smell… only one woman he’d known had that
aroma. Thoughts of food went out of his mind as he turned around.

“Cindy?!” The two hugged in delight as they reunited.

“How’ve you been doing, Victor?” Cindy Crawford asked happily.

“I thought you weren’t going to be here this time!”

“Oh, that job for Omega was wrapped up early. And you know me, I’m not going
to let down my biggest fan.”

“Apart from your parents and Rande, right? Ummm… I always wondered; I know
Rande knows about you coming to these things-”

“He actually wanted to come this year. I think he wants to grab Kelly
Clarkson’s ass,” Cindy laughed.

“I don’t know if she’s here, and anyway they don’t allow spouses on these
things. What I wanted to know is… do your parents know?”

“Mine do. And I don’t care,” Jessica Biel interrupted, startling Victor more
than Cindy, who just watched the two with a slightly amused look on her
face. Jessica shook Cindy’s hand briskly as she squeezed Victor’s waist. “I
changed my mind; I’m hungrier than I thought. Hope you’re having a good
time, Miss C,” she added. “I sure am.”

Before Victor could say anything, Jessica clamped her arms around him and
deeply kissed him on the lips. This time Cindy was startled as she watched,
Jessica’s head moving as she tongued the writer for what seemed like forever
before letting the spent man go. Flicking her hair from her face as she
turned to look at the model, Jessica gave Cindy the thumbs up. “He tastes
great. Just like he did before dinner,” she beamed. “See you around…”

Jessica sashayed off, the supermodel and the writer standing there trying to
find words. When she had gone, Cindy found some first. “Are you…? And

“…no. Nothing serious… it’s only sex. Pure and simple.”

“Jessica Biel? Pure?” Cindy asked, an eyebrow raised.

“You know what I mean. You know we’ve always been straight with each
other… she’s hot, but she’s not you.”

Cindy allowed herself to look relieved, but with Jessica Biel still in her
line of sight, the 39-year-old was a little worried. Victor was right –
Jessica WAS hot. And she WASN’T Cindy. She made a little note to keep an eye
on the competition. Just in case.

“So… better get this dinner started before it’s all gone,” Victor said
breezily, and was happy to see Cindy taking up her plate in earnest. Happier
than he was to see Hilary Duff already there, busy eating lighter than she
had been of late, and sitting opposite little Hayden (eating with more of an

Cindy didn’t have to worry about Jessica Biel; with her it really was just
sex and nothing but. The trouble was, with Hayden and especially Hilary it
was something else again…

“And can I get you ladies anything else?” asked the waiter.

“We’re fine, thanks,” said Nicollette, as their wine arrived.

“Enjoy your trip, and if there’s anything else I can bring you don’t
hesitate to ask.”

Nicollette opened her mouth, and closed it sharply on account of Nicole
Kidman’s foot coming down on one of her own tootsies; the Australian had
seen the “Here comes a double entendre” look in her eyes. “KIDMAN! I was
just going to have a little joke…” she grumbled when the waiter was gone.

“Oh, I know all about your little jokes, Sheridan,” Nicole smirked, playing
with her glass of Chardonnay. “How about we take them a little further? Make
the voyage interesting?”

“I’m listening.”

“I know how much you love a man in uniform,” Nicole started. “How many of
them do you think you can get to visit your well-traveled crotch by the time
the ship docks?”

“More than you,” Nicollette replied.

“Don’t flatter yourself, dearie. I know a thing or two about it myself. But
if you’re right, I’ll perform a forfeit as soon as we drop anchor in
Hamilton. If the Ginger Garden sees more action, you do it. And I promise
you it won’t involve sleeping with me. Are we on?” Nicole finished, raising
her glass.

“We’re on,” Nicollette agreed, toasting their wager as she glanced at their
waiter. First blood was going to be hers.

Nicole had her eyes on Hilary Duff and Hayden Panetierre, a glint in her
eyes. When she won this thing, Nicollette Sheridan would not be sleeping
with *her,* oh no. The first pussy she tasted would belong to someone
American and much younger.

* * *

Raw followed the closely
behind Jennifer and Naomi down the corridor. He glanced down from time to
time watching the two hotties grope and pinch one another’s rump. They
whispered and giggled like to schoolgirls together. Like two Catholic
schoolgirls. Like two Catholic schoolgirls with those short uniform skirts
and ponytails and….and…..

“She’s really eccentric, Raw.” Jen spoke up, “So don’t let that weird you

“At this point, Jen, I don’t think anything could weird me out any more than
I already am.”

“Is this the room?” Naomi asked.

“Yeah, this is it.” Jen responded and stopped to face the door.

Jennifer knocked three times on the door, paused for a second and then
followed it with two more knocks.

They waited.

And waited.

“Are you sure she’s here?” Raw asked.

“She’s in there. She’s just probably deep in a trance.” Naomi answered.

Suddenly the door clicked and pushed slowly inward. The creaking froze the
three in anticipation. Naomi slowly pushed the door open further and looked

“Oh my God.” she whispered.

The three of them walked inside and all looked directly in the same

“Wow.” was all Raw could mutter.

Minnie Driver sat on the very edge of the foot of the bed. She was stark
naked, wearing only some form of headpiece. It looked like peacock feathers
that were sticking out of the top in a huge arrangement. Her legs were
crossed over one another and her hands laid on top of her knees. Her eyes
were closed and her skin sparkled with many colors of glitter. She wore
purple eye shadow around her eyes and extended outward to her jawbone.

“There’s a sight you don’t see everyday.” Jennifer joked.

Minnie raised the index finger from her right hand and the door shut. Raw
jumped back out of the way.

“Jesus Christ!” he yelled.

“What is it that you seek?” Minnie voice was heard but her lips did not

The three stared blankly at one another for a few seconds.

“I need some help.” Raw spoke up cautiously.

“Indeed you are in search of help. That is why you are hear.” Minnie’s voice

“I need help finding someone.”

“Who has come to bear witness to this person’s needs?” Minnie’s voice echoed
while her eyes still remained shut.

“It’s me, Jennifer Connelly and Naomi Watts who will be Raw’s witnesses.”

“Very well. Please step forward in front of me reduced back to your purest
forms.” Minnie’s voice spoke loudly.

“Purest forms? What the hell is she talking about?” Raw whispered to

“I think she wants us to take our clothes off, Raw.” she whispered back.

* * *

Roselyn remained hanging in cuffs in an unknown location. The winds inside
of this place whipped up causing chill bumps to form all over her body. The
wind even seemed to be whispering something to her.

“The green is burning for you.”

The fear grew inside of her as if the devil himself was speaking to her. The
dark clouds took over and she fell into blackness.

* *

“So… We meet at last.” Jennifer Lopez said with grin.

Kojain looked at the woman who stood before him with an evil eye, he knew
what she was here for yet she was playing as if everything was okay.

Jennifer Lopez stopped smiling, “What’s with the mean look?”

“You’re the last person I want to see right now. I suggest you leave me
alone. I’m in a bad mood as it is.” Kojain stated, as he began to walk away.

Kojain turned and walked away from her without saying another word. He
wandered over to the lower deck of the ship, which was totally empty, so he
could be alone and rethink what the hell just happened. He sat down on a
chair which was nearby and put his feet up on the table to relax. Suddenly,
he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He got up and turned around, only to
see that J.Lo had followed him.

“J.Lo! WTF? Didn’t I tell you to go away?!” Kojain growled.

Jennifer looked like at him with mock innocence, “What’s with the attitude?”

“Listen, I just lost my best friend. And I’ve been doing my best to avoid
you, only to have you find me. I don’t want to have anything to do with you
and your marrying bullshit. So just go away.” Kojain said, as he sat back

Jennifer walked over and sat on his lap. “Listen sweetie, I just want to get
to know you. I’m sorry about your best friend. But I would really like to be
with a sweet guy like you.

Kojain’s manhood was beginning to rise, almost poking J.Lo’s ass through his
pants. Sure, she was a hot Latina singer/actress, but she was also known to
marry someone then dump them 6 months later. Kojain was NOT about to allow
this woman to add him to another one of her collections.

“Listen to me careful,” Kojain said as he lifted Jennifer off him. “I
already have someone in mind I want to marry. And that person is NOT you!
You think you can coax me to wed you only to have you dump me within 6
months? Yeah right! I’m not going to be added to your little collection of
man-souls, so just bounce and get away from me. Now.”

Jennifer gave Kojain a look of shock. She knew that he knew what she was up
to. She, however, wasn’t about to give it up yet. And continued on with her

Jennifer giggled, “Oh really? That black bony bitch you were fucking awhile
ago? She can’t please you like I can. I’m a real woman.”

Kojain eyes burned with anger. “You ain’t no woman if you just want to
collect wedding. Get lost before I do something I might regret.”

Jennifer didn’t move. She stood over him and began to caress his leg, slowly
working her way up to his crotch. Kojain pushed her hand away off his leg
before she could go any further.

“Don’t fight this Kojain.” She said as she lowered herself to his face and
started to nub at his neck. “I can make your every dream come true.”

Kojain was about to go berserk on her. She didn’t care about how he felt.
She just wanted to seduce him against her will. But Kojain kept his iron
will and fought her advances.

Kojain said as he pushed her away. “Listen, if you think you can screw with
me just like you did to your other husbands. Forget it! I’m not wasting my
time with someone who just wants another wedding ring on her finger to add
to her collection. And as for what you said, the girl I plan to be with is
more of a woman than you! Now fuck off!”

Jennifer Lopez looked like she wasn’t going to give up. She leaned in to
Kojain’s face and breathed lightly on him. Kojain, still, wasn’t about to
drop his resistances for her.

“J.Ho! I think you better leave me alone now if you know what’s good for
you.” He warned.

“Kojain, don’t fight this. I’ll make you feel so much better.” She stated,
as she began to rub his chest.

Kojain’s rage was starting to build. Normally, he would have taken her
without thinking twice. But it seems she doesn’t care for his feelings as
all. All she wants is another man to add to her growing collection.

“Take me Kojain. You know you like what I got.” She taunted me, as she began
to unhook the buttons on her shirt, revealing some cleavage.

Kojain was just about to burst with fury. He figured that the only way to
get this stank off his case was to give her what she wanted. So he realized
that if she wants to fuck around with people, then she’ll should get fucked
in return.

“You know what… FINE!”, Kojain yelled, as he lunged out of his chair and
grabbed Jennifer, pulling her close to him as he attacked her with a
forceful kiss. She was caught off guard, but quickly started to return the

He put as much strength into the kiss as he could, grabbing her world famous
ass and pulling her closer to him. He used his other hand to tear her shirt
off, causing a few buttons to fly off. Lowering his head, he started to
assault her breasts with his hand and mouth.

“Oooh… That’s right baby.”, Jennifer Lopez groaned, taking her hand and
lowering it now to his groin.

“Stop whimpering like a bitch!” Kojain barked.

She was still whimpering as Kojain savagely devoured her breasts with his
mouth. After awhile he pulled away from her chest and decided to go for his
next attack.

“Turn around. NOW!” Kojain ordered.

Jennifer didn’t say a word. She just turned around and flaunted her rear end
to Kojain.

“So, you think you can just seduce any man against his will and take him for
your own, eh?” Kojain said as he got a grip on her hair.

“Just fuck me damnit!” Jennifer said.

With that said, Kojain unzipped his fly and unleashed his dick from his
pants. It was ripe and ready for action. He leaned her over the table so
that her ass was in the air and her cunt was in a good position for doggy

“Take this you ho!” Kojain bellowed, as he charged straight into her waiting
pussy. She made a slight cry of pain, probably because she didn’t expect
that to happen to her so quickly.

Kojain, still gripping her hair, pulled her head up to his, “Something

“No. Just fuck me damnit!” She shrieked.

With that said, Kojain began to thrust into her, each one more powerful than
the other. He wasn’t suppose to be doing this. He was suppose to be with his
love Kelly. But if J.Lo wasn’t going to stop hunting him down, then this was
the only way to get her to back off.

He kept banging her cunt with more and more fury. She was groaning
something, but he really didn’t care if she was in pain or was enjoying it.
As for she didn’t care if he wanted her or not. He just wanted to make her
feel the pain that she’s been causing to many men.

“Oooh… screw me harder!” Jennifer let out.

Suddenly, Kojain withdrawn from J.Lo’s cunt. He decided it was time to give
her a little something to remember him by.

“Hey. What are you doing back there?” She questioned.

Without answering her, Kojain took his semi-lube dick and placed it at the
entrance of her ass.

“No! Don’t! Not there!” She began to yell.

“Shut the fuck up! You think you can fuck with me, I’m gonna fuck with you
now!” With that said, Kojain pushed his cock into her ass.

Jennifer let out a very loud groan of pain as he fully entered her anal
passage. Giving himself a few minutes to savor the feeling of her ass, he
stood like that while listening to her whimper slightly.

“Stop crying like a bitch!” Kojain stated, “This is what you wanted, right?
Now shut up and face the music!”

Kojain then started to thrust in and out of her butt. Causing her to groan
which seemed to be a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her wailing began to
increase as he started to put more force into fucking her ass.

“I said shut the fuck up and stop crying!” Kojain bellowed, as he slapped
her ass.

“Ouch! What was that for?” She asked as she looked back at him.

Kojain glared at her, “Hurts, doesn’t it?” He said as he slapped her ass

She let out another cry of pain, “Okay! I’m sorry!”

Kojain yakked her hair slightly, “What was that?” He slapped her ass again
and started fucking her even more forcefully.

Her cries were getting louder, “I said I’m sorry!”.

Kojain slapped her ass again as he kept pounding away at her. “I can’t hear

This time, she began to cry, tears flowing out of her eyes. “I’m sorry! I’m
sorry for trying to seduce you! I’m sorry for stalking you! I’m sorry for
what I said!”

Kojain’s orgasm came just after her apology. With that, he pulled out of her
and drenched her ass with his turret of sticky cum.

Kojain stared at Jennifer Lopez, who was still leaning over the table,
slightly sobbing and ass in a cum stained heap. Kojain can’t believe what he
just did. But on the other said, he had a hard time feeling bad about it.

‘Maybe this will teach her that she can’t use men as her playtoys.’ He
thought to himself, as he began to gather his clothes. He took one more look
at her, still recovering with the brutal sex, and walked away.

* *

“I’m glad to finally see you here.” Evil said to Mia, who was
petrified that he would discover Jennifer was on the ship.

“Um…hi Evil…what’s been up?” Mia asked, her Argentinean accent barely
masking her trepidation.

“Nothing, just looking for Michelle Rodriguez…” Evil paused when he saw
her “…you look damn good.”

At that moment something clicked in Mia’s mind, she knew how to keep Evil
away from her room and finding his pregnant wife. Mia approached him and ran
her hands down his chest.

“I’ll help you find her if you do something for me.” Mia said seductively.

The proposition along with Mia’s ethnic voice, it was no question which head
Evil was thinking with. He picked up Mia and put her against the wall, she
wrapped her legs around him and kissed him.

Evil fished out his rapidly overused cock and yanked Mia’s shorts off and
plunged into her.

Mia moaned into Evil’s mouth as she felt him slide into her. He repeatedly
bumped her into the wall as he fucked her all the while she kept her lips
locked around his. When she finally broke the kiss she moaned out loud.

Evil continued his assault on her pussy all the while the thoughts kept
repeating in her head ‘keep him away from the door’ and ‘I hope Jennifer
doesn’t wake up’

Mia moaned out loud “I’M CUMMMIIINNNNGGGGGG” as Evil unloaded into her and
she yelped out in orgasm.

Mia was finally set down on her feet, but she couldn’t keep her balance as
she fell to her knees and sucked Evil’s cock clean. Once she was finished
there she put his cock away and got her shorts back on.

“You going to dinner?” Evil asked as they both regained their composure.

“Uh…yeah.” Mia said as Evil held out his arm, Mia took it and smiled. Her
secret would be kept for now.

Evil smiled and thought to himself. ‘Michelle is gonna have to wait for now,
wherever she is’

* * *

TRL had just blown his load deep into
Kelly Clarkson’s ass when IYG, Rachel McAdams, and Eliza Dushku came around
the corner, heading towards the dining room.

“This cruise is crazy!” Rachel exclaimed, looking at TRL and Kelly.
“Everyone’s fucking everyone!”

“That better not be a complaint,” Eliza said.

“Never,” Rachel smiled. “C’mon, IYG, lets go see who else is here on your

“Sounds like a deal to me,” IYG said as Rachel pulled him into the dining
room. Eliza was about to follow when she stopped right next to TRL and

“You two make a cute couple,” Eliza said. “Almost as cute as your ass,

“Thanks,” Kelly said, tugging down her dress, doing her best not to look

“TRL, your ass isn’t nearly as cute as Kelly’s,” Eliza said as she swatted
his bare rear end, “But I’d still do you.”

“I’ll have to keep that in mind,” TRL smiled.

“You do that,” Eliza said as she entered the dinning room.

“Does every woman on this ship want to jump your bones?” Kelly asked as she
helped TRL pull his pants up.

“No,” he said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure Dina Lohan wants nothing to do
with me.”

“Funny,” Kelly said, allowing his pants to drop to his ankles and walking
off to follow the others into the dinning room, smiling playfully back at
him as she wiggled her ass just a bit before closing the door behind her.

“This cruise is crazy,” TRL said with a smile.

* *

Tricksterson put his arms around Emma from behind and laid her
adolescent breasts bare, pinching her hard little nipples and bringing a
moan from her. For her part she had stripped Raven practically naked, the
buxom beauty’s dress gathered around her hips. Emma slid down her body,
licking her way down from the Eighth and Ninth Wonders down Raven’s belly,
her head coming to rest in her lap. Raven lifted her hips and bit down on
her lips as the youngest member of Trickster’s party proceeded to show what
she had learned from Gwen Stefani earlier. The sighs and moans coming from
above told her that she had indeed been an apt pupil.

Trickster saw Jessica Alba and her greatest admirer enter and waved at them
to come over then went back to contemplating the bare back of the young lady
on all fours before him. Part of him wanted to lift her skirt and take her
right there but he stifled that thought. He wanted their first time
together to be special. Did he love her? He wasn’t sure but although he
cared about all the women he had and would later bring aboard there was
definitely something special about Emma. So he settled for kissing his way
down her spine and inserting two fingers into her wet throbbing vagina.

Watching this Gwen got down on the floor with the trio and stripped off
Trickster’s faded jeans then slid underneath to apply her skilled mouth to
his rigid cock, wrapping her arms around his hips to stabilize herself. She
then reversed herself when the Tricky One went topsy-turvy to start licking

“Make up your fucking mind,” she grumbled.

“Sorry,” was the muffled reply

Lexa considered making it a full daisy chain as Raven slid, trembling in
rapture, from her seat but, ever the self appointed outsider, decided to go
visit Michelle Rodriguez in sick bay and apply some TLC (Tender Lusting
Care). But first to stop in at her cabin. There was this cute little
nurse’s outfit she’d packed for fun and games later that would be just

* * *

Kojain walked up the steps to the main deck. He
felt confident, felt strong as he whistled a tune. A shadow lurked down over
him from above. Kojain looked up and saw Rhona Mitra walking slowly down the
stairs and stopping just a step above him.

“Wow. And who might you be?” Kojain mocked.

Rhona pulled her green robe together at the neckline and smiled at him.

“Have you seen Raw?” she asked.

“Raw? I didn’t even know he was on the ship.”

“Oh, he’s here, but I’m just having trouble locating him at the moment.” she

Kojain really dug her British accent and he leaned in closer to her.

“Well, I haven’t seen him. But if I do, I’ll tell him some chick in a green
robe is looking for him, okay.”

Rhona quickly grabbed Koj by the hand and placed her hand over his palm. He
felt an object fall into his grasp and he curiosity peaked. Rhona abruptly
shut his hand into a fist and turned away.

“Please tell him that Rho will meet him when the curtains are pulled.”

Rhona continued her walk down the steps onto the deck below. Kojain’s mind
boggled at this strange chance meeting and opened his hand. He looked down
and saw a small, green micro cassette tape lying in his palm.

“Damn. What’s he got himself into now?” he mumbled to himself.

He stuffed the tape into his pocket and headed back up to his original

* * * * * *

Raw stood in disbelief as he watched Jennifer and Naomi slowly remove
themselves from their clothing. The tremendously overweight worm in his
pants began to turn as his eyes got as much candy as they needed.

“Raw, do as she says.” Naomi said to him.

“The two wings shall deliver him to me in his natural state.” Minnie spoke

Raw tried to keep his mind on his mission and convince himself that this
will certainly lead him towards finding his Mariposa. It was hard to keep
that goal in mind when Jen and Naomi were butt-naked and removing his

The two nude women pulled down his boxer shorts together and watched as his
cock sprang up and slapped his stomach with a loud thud. He was rock-hard
but still tried to remain focused.

Naomi couldn’t help herself as she brushed her fingernails down his shaft to
the head. Raw felt a warm sensation run up his back.

“He is to be brought over to me untainted!” Minnie screamed.

“Sorry.” Naomi whimpered.

Each woman grabbed one of his arms and lead him over to the foot of the bed
in front of Minnie.

“Stick your cock down my throat now.” she said with her eyes now open.

* * *

“Evil’s not back yet?” TRL asked as he and Kelly Clarkson sat down at the

“Not yet,” Marla Sokoloff replied. “And Sheridan’s still hitting on Dina

“But the good news is that the soup’s arrived,” Danica Patrick replied,
taking a spoonful of tomato soup to her lips. TRL caught himself staring as
the racer seductively sipped the red liquid between her lips.

“Hey now,” Natalie Portman said, swatting TRL on the arm. “I know that look.
Lay off Danica – racer girl’s mine for the night.”

“Sorry,” TRL said, shaking his head. “Say, you haven’t seen Keira lately
have you?”

“Nope,” Natalie replied. “Haven’t seen her all day.”

“Really? I would’ve thought you two would’ve fucked three or four times by
now,” TRL said.

“I heard YOU got to fuck Keira earlier,” Natalie said. “As well as some
sci-fi babes in a pool.”

“I’ve been busy,” TRL admitted.

“Why didn’t you bring Keira to me?” Natalie asked.

“She kinda left me in the middle of something,” TRL muttered.

“Kelly, do you mind?” Natalie asked suddenly, taking TRL by the hand.

“He’s all yours,” Kelly said. “I’m looking forward to actually eating some

“I won’t be long,” Natalie replied as she pulled TRL back out of the room.

“I love this ship,” TRL smiled as the door closed behind him. He took
Natalie in his arms and kissed her hard. He and Natalie had fucked each
other often enough that TRL didn’t even waste time trying to undo her dress
– he just lifted it up and pulled her panties aside, expecting her to have
his cock free in a heartbeat, and they’d get right to it.

As such, he was more than a little surprised when Natalie pushed him off
her, scowling.

“Not now, TRL, I need to talk to you.”

“You didn’t pull me out here to fuck me?” He asked.

“No. How long ago did you see Keira?”

“Before the ship left port,” TRL answered. “Can we fuck now?”

Natalie sighed, reached into his pants, and started stroking his cock. “You
get a hand job right now. Take it a be happy.”

“I’m always happy with you, Natalie,” TRL said, putting on the charm.
Natalie rolled her eyes.

“What did Keira say to you when she left you?”

TRL paused for a moment. For a second, Natalie thought he was milking the
hand job, but when he spoke, she realized he’d honestly been thinking about
it. “That was the odd thing. Keira and I had a rather odd conversation while
we fucked.”

“What did she say?”

“She asked how Kelly and I were doing, and if things were all right between
us. She seemed a little odd. Then she got off me before I could finish, and
went looking for you.”

“Why didn’t you go with her?” Natalie asked.

“Well, she kinda left Kate Beckinsale on me, and, well, I got distracted.”
As he said that, his cock twitched in Natalie’s hand. “That’s all I know,

“I believe you,” Natalie said, sighing. “Still, you’re the last person I
know saw her. If you see her again, please bring her right to me.”

“If she’ll let me,” TRL said.

“She should let you,” Natalie said. “Sounds like she’d enjoy spending the
time with you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” TRL asked.

Natalie rolled her eyes, turned around, pulled her dress up, and presented
her ass to TRL. “Go ahead and finish off inside me, TRL. We need to get back
to the dinner, and I know giving you a hand job can take some time.”

TRL thought about arguing, then shrugged his shoulders. In one quick fluid
movement, he was inside Natalie Portman’s pussy, fucking her in the exact
spot he’d been fucking Kelly Clarkson not five minutes earlier. And soon,
all thoughts of Keira were banished from his mind as he shot a load deep
into Natalie.

* * *

“Look you gotta show or you’ll disappoint
a lot of people,” Tom said on his cell. “It’s plain and simple. People are
dying to hook up with you and really miss you. Kelly Clarkson is reliving
so many flashbacks of you two it’s getting too hot for words. Please come
on this boat.”

Tom listened to the other end for a few moments and put his two cents back

“OK, you’ll be Bermuda. Great. You don’t know how happy people are going
to be now. We’ll see you there. OK. Bye.”

Tom turned off the speaker of his phone and text messaged Sheridan.


Sending the message, Tom waited. And waited. And waited. Then he
remembered she had Dina Lohan in her room. Oh well, there were two people
who’d listen to him.

“Great news, ladies. Anna’s in.”

“Alright,” Jennifer Aniston exclaimed. “This cruise can’t get any

Jen really had to draw out that last part as Fergie lapped her pussy and hit
the finishing spot.

“OHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT,” Jennifer screamed. Cream came bursting
out of her pussy and Fergie’s face. Well, most of it. After she was done
lapping up the cream, Fergie turned around and noticed the pussy juice on
her dress that was off to the side.

“Oh crap,” Fergie said. “This will never come off.”

“Hang on let me try,” Tom said, quickly grabbing a seltzer bottle of club

“Don’t,” Fergie said. “That will make it worst. Club soda won’t work.
I’ll just get this dry-cleaned when I get back.”

“Stacy, I am sooooo sorry,” Jennifer said. “I’ll pay for it to be

“Don’t worry, it’s not a problem, and it’s not your fault,” Fergie said.
“I’ll pay you back later.”

Fergie laid a kiss of Jennifer and ran off.

“Sheez, that sucks,” Tom said.

“No, I suck,” Jennifer shot back, dropping Tom off his barstool on top of
her nude body and stripping off his clothes.

* * *

Rodriguez struggled and yelled futilely in her bonds. Where the hell was
the damned doctor? Or a nurse? Anyone who’d let her out. It had been
nearly a half hour since she’d been abandoned.

She heard the door open and shut.

“Hello? Who’s that?” The feeling of helplessness, which had been erotic
during sex now had her feeling just…plain helpless.

Into the room came Lexa, dressed in a nurse’s uniform that was one size too
tight and waaaay too short, ending just millimeters below her tight and
perfect ass and requiring only the slightest of bends to show that she’d
dispensed with the concept of underwear.

Which, along with a bit of sweet talk was how she had gotten the bouquet of
flowers she was holding in her hands from the gift shop without paying.

“I heard you were sick,” she said, in a deliberately childish voice, “and
thought I’d see if I could kiss your booboo and make it aaaall better.”

Michelle growled. Was it her fate to be the helpless sex toy of anyone who
came along? On the other hand, when that “anyone” looked like Lexa, there
were worse fates.

“Now where does it hurt?”

“Can’t show you, that bitch Rachel Ray tied me up.”

“Was you a baaad patient?” Lexa continued in her child voice.

“No, I was a very good patient. But I guess you’ll just have to find the
booboo on your own,” she replied, starting to get into the spirit of things.

Lexa took her bouquet and brushed up the Hispanic lovely’s belly towards her
breasts. “Was it here?”

“No,” Michelle replied, suppressing a giggle.

“Here?” She flicked the flowers across her new toy’s breasts causing the
dark nipples to pop up and harden.

“Mmm, no, but you can check them out if you want anyway” Lexa bent down and
took one in her mouth, sucking gently at first, then harder.

“Mmm, let me up and I’ll be realll nice, I promise.”

“I’m the nurse, I’ll decide when you’re well enough to get up,” was the
reply. She got up on the table and straddled the hot Hispanic’s face.
“Tell you what, if you can make me come more than twice I’ll let you go”

Michelle smiled. This was a bet she was confident of winning.

* * *

As he came in Gwen’s mouth and Emma came on his face Trickster looked up
groggily and realized what a traffic hazard the four of them were being to
the beleaguered waiters and waitresses running to and fro. He heaved
himself up off the floor and helped Gwen and the went to their table. He
noticed that Emma’s head was still buried in Raven’s snatch.

“Umm, girls,? Maybe you should break it off for the moment?”

“Fuck you!” screamed Raven. Noone’s..unh..moving..til…OhGodGod!…CUM!
CUMMMMING! OHHH…GODDDD!” As she slumped semiconscious, to applause from
the onlookers, Gwen and Trick shrugged and smiled at each other then helped
the two teens get to their seats. Tricksterson noticed Gwen’s face, covered
in his cum and the pussy juice dripping from his own and Emma’s chins and

“Waitress? Can we have some extra napkins please?”

* *

Sheridan led a visibly drunk Dina Lohan back to her room. The drug
she had slipped into Dina’s drink were fast taking effect and if she was
going to have Dina as her hypno-lover this trip she had to work fast.

“C’mon hon. I’ve got a surprise for you.” Sheridan said with a grin.

Sheridan pulled a laughing Dina into her room. Dina gazed into Sheridan’s
eyes. She momentarily made her feel small and insignificant. Sheridan said,
“It looks to me as if you were looking for a good time with a powerful
woman. Look into my eyes and feel my power.”

Dina looked up from the bed she was laying on and her eyes found Sheridan’s.
Dina immediately felt like she was falling into Sheridan’s eyes and the
drugs she was slipped were having their desired effect.

Dina had never felt so submissive and yet simultaneously comfortable with a
person as she did right then. Sheridan held her gaze for a moment longer
until I replied, “Yes, your power.”

Part of Dina’s brain screamed at her not to look and to get out of there,
something was wrong, but the other part of her brain and the part that
seemed to be winning told her to look so she could enjoy that floating
feeling again. As Dina argued with herself, she found herself gazing into
Sheridan’s eyes. She felt like she was falling into them.

Sheridan then grabbed Dina’s face and said, “Are you enjoying the feeling of
being captivated by me?”

Dina stared helplessly into her eyes and said, “Yes.”

She said, “Excellent. I am going to hypnotize you now so this feeling never
goes away. You’ll be nice and relaxed and forget all about your troubles for
the duration of the trip. Doesn’t that sound good to you?”

Dina tried very hard to fight the feelings that were sweeping over me as she
realized for the first time what was about to happen. What Sheridan was
saying made so much sense to her, she wanted to forget her troubles and have
a good time. Dina replied, “Yes.”

Sheridan strengthened her gaze and said, “Enough talk. You will now listen
and obey. As you stare into my powerful compelling eyes I want you to notice
how incredibly sleepy you feel. Your body relaxes with each word I speak and
you feel drowsier and drowsier. And I can see that in spite of your protests
you are very much enjoying the way I make you feel. I did not command you to
smile so you must be loving the way I

make you feel.”

Dina laid back and fell deeper into Sheridan’s spell, she was smiling wide
and enjoying herself. Her thoughts became more and more complicated.

Sheridan said, “You feel so sleepy and so relaxed now and want to go deeper
because obeying me makes you feel so good. As you look into my eyes I want
you to feel my energy entering your body and occupying your mind. As I enter
your mind you so badly want to sleep but you cannot close your eyes yet
because your eyes are where I have entered into your mind. Your eyes are so
heavy, so very heavy, but I will not allow you to close them yet. Stare
helplessly into my powerfully hypnotic eyes and open your mind to me. Feel
my power as it overwhelms your mind and crowds out your ability to think for
yourself. When I count to ten I will have completely assumed control of your
mind. You will look into my eyes knowing that I completely control your

Sheridan began counting while rubbing Dina’s temples, the extra stimulus
made her fall deeper into her trance. As she began counting Dina felt her
mind disconnect from herself. Dina’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as
Sheridan counted from 1 to 10.

Sheridan reached out, put her hands over Dina’s eyes and said, “Close your
eyes and sleep in my power.” Her eyes shut and she was aware of nothing but

Dina heard Sheridan’s voice afterwards but nothing she said registered with
Dina, she was too far gone.

Some time later she heard Sheridan saying, “Six, more and more aware. Seven,
becoming more and more alert. Eight, you are almost awake now. Nine, brain
returning to normal. And ten, you are fully awake, fully alert and
completely mine.” She paused for a moment and then said, “How do you feel

Dina said, “I feel great. Never better.”

She said, “Good. Do you remember me hypnotizing you?”

Dina said, “Yes I do. I can remember everything right up until the time you
had my eyes close.”

She said, “But you cannot remember anything after that can you?”

Dina shook her head as she cleared the cobwebs from her mind.

Sheridan smirked at her and said only one word. “Kneel”

“Yes Mistress.” Dina replied as she dropped to her knees, put her arms
behind her back and lowered her head.

* * *

The Luxury was not
eight hours out of port yet, and it was already coated with mysteries. But
one mystery had a rather pale explanation when compared to some of the

Keira Knightley had a very good reason why she wasn’t at the formal dinner
with all her friends and lovers. She was hiding.

And she wasn’t alone.

“I don’t know what you’re so bloody worried about,” Sienna Miller said as
she lounged about on her bed, naked as the day she was born. She stretched
wide and cracked her toes, having cramped them up over the last hour or so.

“Oh, come on, I nearly spilled the beans to TRL,” Keira, similarly nude, but
bunched up on a chair opposite the bed she’d recently been sharing with
Sienna. Her toes weren’t cramped, but her hair was a mess from where Sienna
had been grabbing it earlier.

“You know TRL, he couldn’t catch on to anything like that if you left him a
note,” Sienna replied. “Besides, you want help distracting him at dinner?
I’ll go fuck him. I hear he’s good.”

“Most of the authors here are, Sienna,” Keira replied. “That’s why I invited
you. After what Jude did-”

“We aren’t talking about my love life right now, Keira,” Sienna said, a
little too coldly. “And I’ve already done my cheating on Jude.”

“Girls don’t count,” Keira said, rolling her eyes slightly. “You need to
fuck a man to really get back at Jude. Maybe your gardener…”

“What am I, a Desperate Housewife?” Sienna asked. “I can handle Jude, and I
assure you, I’ll fuck some guys before we get off this boat. But you need to
tell TRL-”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Sienna asked, clutching the sheets to her chest – if it was a
crewmember, she and Keira would have to cover up fast…

“Candygram!” a voice shot back through the door, followed by some giggles.

Keira rolled her eyes again, and Sienna dropped the sheets as she moved to
the door, suddenly unconcerned with her nudity.

“You told her we were here?” Keira asked as Sienna walked across the room.

“No, but I bet she’s come looking for us,” Sienna sighed, opening the door.

“Now this is my kind of greeting!” Charlotte Church said as she walked into
the room. The young singer was clad only in a bikini that emphasized her
rather impressive chest and perhaps her even more impressive ass. She paid
no attention at all to the fact that neither Keira nor Sienna were happy to
see her, she simply came in.

“I didn’t see either one of you at dinner,” Charlotte said as she marched up
to Keira and quickly kissed her cheek. “So, I figured one or the other of
you would be in your rooms. And lucky me, I found you both.”

“Charlotte, now’s no a good time-” Sienna started.

“Nonesense – this is a sex cruise, and the three of us are going to have
lots of sex. I can see you two have already been at it. Now, who wants to
lick my pussy first?”

“I knew we should’ve hidden in a different room,” Keira muttered.

* *

With a hand on each of his buttcheeks, Jen & Naomi pushed Raw
forward until his erect cock was a half inch from Minnie’s lips.

“I sense a great sorrow currently in your life.”, Minnie spoke is a whispy


“Do not speak unless I am asking you a question.” she shot back at him

Her tongue poked out and coated her lips with saliva. She gazed up at him
with piercing brown eyes, looking inside of him. His cock ached feeling her
hot breath beating against its head. His concentration was growing weaker
and weaker by the moment.

“I can see straight into your soul, and I sense a troubled one. One in
constant turmoil, continuously fighting against itself. If you choose your
path with your heart, you will find everlasting happiness.” her words echoed
in the room.

“However,” she continued, “If you are not honest with what is inside of
yourself, your life will become a raging sea and your center will be lost
forever. You have been a victim of theft.”

Jennifer and Naomi began lightly rubbing their chests against Raw’s arms.
Their hardened nipples danced around him like four fireflies glowing about
him. Their voices hummed a tune as Minnie continued on.

“Your extension is alive, but time is slowly running out. She is surrounded
by pure evil and her thoughts are of you. She is scared and crying. They lie
to her, try to make her believe the that nothing matters and they are
gaining ground quickly.”

Raw could feel his energy being taken from him. His head became cloudy and
his knees grew weak.

“The ship is pure but full of holes into other worlds. There are rips and
like cockroaches, they find their way into our existence. They are what
makes the wide oceans treacherous at times. They were damned eons ago to an
aquatic prison and come every time a vessel passes through their lair to
conquer the living.”

Minnie’s voice seemed to crack with fear.

“They were considered witches and then were thrown out to sea. They create
mysteries between the waves and their secrets are as black and dark as the
ocean floor. Your Roselyn is in its clutches and it will not let her go.
They have sensed something within her, something strong….something to
worship with a green fire!”

Her voice went from a normal pitch to a steady yell.


With that, Minnie’s entire body slumped and she fell back onto the bed. Her
chest rose and fell with her breathing. Her hands came up to her chest and
her fingers massaged her nipples. She lifted her head up slowly from the

“You will fuck me now!” she demanded.

* * *

“For heaven’s sake
girl, EAT SOMETHING!” Hayden cried.

“I *am* eating,” Hilary pointed out beside her, her Caesar salad traveling
between the plate and her mouth.

“I meant eat something that’ll fill you up!” Hayden said, sinking her fork
into her steak. “You’re losing more weight each time I see you… you should
take a page from Jessica Alba’s book.”

“Change my hair color and make comic book movies? That isn’t me.”

“No,” Hayden argued. “She saw she was starting to look like Paris Hilton and
she did something about it – she’s still slim but at least she’s got curves.
She stopped it, so can you.”

“If I want lectures, I’ll ring my mom,” Hilary mumbled through the leaves.
“I’m fine.”

“Suit yourself,” Hayden sighed. “But don’t blame me if I end up with all the
guys when we get back home.”

“Yeah, that’ll happen. I know your type. Letting them check out your boobs
and your walk, but you’re all tease, no follow through.”

Hayden set aside her cutlery and stared right at Hilary. “No follow through,

“Nope,” Hilary laughed.

Hayden’s left hand slipped under the table. “I’ll show you ‘no follow
through’…” Smiling at Hilary all the while, looking as if being cute was
the one and only thing on her mind, her hand slithered over to her
companion’s lap. “At least your legs aren’t sticks yet,” she said very
quietly, slowly caressing Hilary’s thigh; she didn’t want any comments
between them to be heard by everyone in the room.

Hilary was regretting being almost finished with her food; she found it
easier to hide her reactions to stuff like this when her mouth was being
occupied. And with Hayden’s fingers moving under her dress and spreading
further up her leg, she could just barely call for the waiter without
wanting to squeal… the girl was clearly liking how she was making Hilary
feel. Not excited yet, but getting there. Hayden was still smiling and
twirling the fork in her food with her free hand, but the glint in her eyes
told another story to anyone up close.

Now Hayden’s fingers were resting on Hilary’s fabric-covered pussy; Hilary
had forgotten all about salad now. Hilary was 18 and Hayden was almost 16,
but here was the younger girl teasing the older one; Hayden moved her middle
finger in a circle around Hilary’s muff before letting the fingers slide
under her panties and onto the warm, soft slit below. Hilary gulped as she
felt Hayden’s fingertips moving along her opening and playing with the silky
little hairs, feeling the cunt moistening under her young friend’s touch.
Either Hayden Panetierre was a natural, or this girl had put in a lot of

“Ohhhh…” Hilary breathed, praying no one else had heard as she felt
Hayden’s fingers entering her, her button being taken between Hayden’s thumb
and index finger and being rolled gently. Hayden was still sitting there
calmly, and even continuing to eat as under the table her hand was sliding
in and out of Hilary Duff’s pussy, making the older girl start to feel very
warm and damp with pleasure. Hayden started to chew, savoring the food
almost as such as she was savoring her fellow actress’s gash, and the way it
was warming up as her fingers slipped in, out and around the cunt.

Shivering with delight, Hilary bit the inside of her mouth to keep from
yelling as her pussy became hotter and her breathing became faster; she
started to shove her own hand under the table, but Hayden shook her head.

“You’ll get your chance,” the girl smiled, calmly watching Hilary breaking
out in sweat as her fingers flicked around. Hilary was, by now, soaking her
fingertips and panties with her fluids; she tried to keep her groans inside
as she began to dampen the seat.

And almost succeeded…

“So,” Hayden Panetierre snickered, pulling her hand back as Hilary Duff
loudly gasped and quaked in her seat, “about that no follow-through…” And
she licked her fingers, quivering herself a little at how Hilary

* * *

Raw climbed onto the bed hovering above Minnie.
As he met her eye to eye, his stiff cock instantly found her slit. With
tremendous ease, he bucked forward and buried his dick inside of her. She
was well lubricated and her insides were hot with a thick passion.

His cock seemed to swell even bigger while inside of her. His balls rested
against her asshole as she lifted her long legs and wrapped them completely
around his lower back. Her heels dug into his spine until pain was created.
He grabbed her by her wrists and pinned her arms above her head.

He wiggled his hips back and forth feeling every inch of her inner walls.
His testicles slapped harder and louder against her anus as his ass moved
quicker up and down. A long sigh escaped Minnie’s mouth. Their stomachs
collided together slightly misted in sweat.

She pushed and pulled him with the strength of her legs. Her moans became
louder and longer. She bit her bottom lip as Raw began fucking her cunt
harder than ever. The entire bed shook and the headboard began making an
indention on the wall behind it.

Jennifer and Naomi helped them further by pushed on Raw’s ass as he pushed
inside of Minnie. They shared a deep kiss together and stood on their knees
on the bed. Kneeling on each side of him they again began rubbing their
breasts against the sides of his back.

Minnie screamed as she orgasmed all over his cock. Raw shot his hot load
deep inside of her until it tickled her tonsils. He let go of her wrists and
remained hovering over her with his hands on the bed. His breathing was deep
and hard. He felt as if something had been sucked right out of him as he
closed his eyes.

“You will now see with new eyes.” Minnie said with a tired breath.

Raw wrapped his hand around his eyes and pressed down on his temples with
his middle finger and thumb. A sharp pain shot from the small of his back
right to his eye sockets. He fell on the bed beside Minnie with his hands
covering his face.

As his breathing slowed, his hands fell from his face.

“Wow, nice color.” Naomi said looking over at him.

“I can’t…..see………..anything.” he whispered as he lay there with
bright green eyes.

* * *

Evil strode through the ship looking
for the medical bay. That was the last known whereabouts of Michelle

Before he could get back to his room his cell phone rang.

“Hello…..yeah, speaking…..really……why me?…..oh ok….makes
sense……I know the perfect place, this small town…..ok I’ll fill you in
on the details later……thank you Victoria.” Evil hung up his cell phone
and went into his room.

It wasn’t the sight of Dina Lohan in lingerie that stopped him, it was the
glazed over look in her eyes.

“You used your hypnosis on her didn’t you?” Evil asked to a naked Sheridan.

Sheridan nodded and grinned.

“She’s forgotten everything, I mean just look at her…..her body language
you perv.” Sheridan slapping Evil upside the head.

Evil noticed how relaxed Dina looked and nodded in approval.

“So what are you going to do with her?” Evil asked as he went though one of
his bags.

“Wrong question. It’s not what AM I going to do with her, it’s what AREN’T I
going to do with her?” Sheridan said as Evil pulled out a black planner

“What’s that for?” Sheridan asked.

“I just got a call from Victoria, the woman behind all of this, and she said
I’m planning the next CSSA get-together so I’ve got a few calls to make.”
Evil asked.

“Where is it going to be?” Sheridan asked as she slid on a leather bodice
that pushed her breasts up.

“Skull Mesa, Vermont. That resort that Mad Dog and Butcher’s dad owns.” Evil
said as he flipped through the book and went to leave the room.

“You may need to find another place to sleep tonight.” Sheridan said.

“No problem.” Evil said as he left the room, heading back for the dining
hall. Michelle would have to wait, again.

* * *

Things were
proceeding as usual when TRL and Natalie got back to the table. This time,
while Danica fussed watched on, Eva had pulled her chair between Kelly and
Marla’s seats, and the Desperate Housewives star’s hands were clearly up to
something beneath the table.

“I’m shocked this dinner hasn’t turned into a complete orgy yet,” Natalie
said as she and TRL sat back down.

“Give it time,” Eva replied with a wicked grin. “I think everyone’s actually
looking forward to eating food before they break down and start eating each

“Sounds reasonable,” TRL said, finally getting to his tomato soup. He took
one soup, frowned, and sighed. “It’s cold.”

“Too bad,” Danica said. “Here comes the next course – looks like fish to

“We are on a cruise,” Eva replied.

TRL and Natalie exchanged looks. Neither Kelly nor Marla had said a word yet
– in fact, they were both staring off into space, Marla looking rather
distractedly right between Natalie’s eyes.

“Eva, just get them off and let them eat, all right?” TRL said.

Eva sighed. “Fine.”

Suddenly, both Kelly and Marla seemed to collapse in their seats. Marla
actually grabbed a napkin and bit down into it, muffling her cries. Both
women had clearly just climaxed right at the table.

“What can I say,” Eva said when Danica, Natalie, and TRL all stared at her.
“I’ve got the touch.”

“You’re going to have to teach me that touch sometime,” Natalie

* * *

Panting for breath, a freshly dressed Tom
popped his head up to see how things were running. Having Jennifer Aniston
suck him off took a lot out of him.

“Jeez Jen, don’t you rest at all,” Tom asked the brunette beauty.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Rose and Christina, it’s that sleep
is for the weak,” Jennifer said, bringing up her Harem costars.

“Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten this much action in one day,” Tom
replied, getting back on his stool as Jennifer, much to his chagrin, slipped
back into her sparkling black dinner gown. “I mean, come on, I’m still
pretty novice at this. Give me some time to recharge or something.”

“You’re doing great, Tom,” Jennifer said. “Look, I know you don’t have much
self-confidence in yourself, but you’re doing just fine. I mean, you’re
still able to get me to come right?”

“Well, yeah,” Tom sheepishly admitted.

“Then what’s there to worry about,” Jennifer asked. “Tom, as you get older
and more experienced, you’ll find you’re more talented than you think.”

“Ahh, thanks, Jen,” Tom said, giving her a friendly hug. Jennifer and Stacy
had been so nice to him throughout the cruise. Even though they could be
considered friends with benefits, the key word there was friends. Jennifer
and Stacy weren’t afraid to be honest and helpful, and Tom really
appreciated how they could let one of their fans closer to them emotionally.

As Tom continued the hug, he noticed the door open and his mouth suddenly

“Hey, Tom, you OK,” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Tom said. “It’s just that she’s here.”

“Who,” Jennifer asked, quickly releasing the hug to look. “Oooh,” was her
response when she saw who it was.

“Think she’ll notice me,” Tom asked. No sooner than he asked was the
attention of Stephanie Sanders focused on him.

“Oh yeah, she’ll notice,” Jennifer said as Stephanie sauntered her way to
the bar.

“Hey, hot stuff,” Stephanie said as she approached the bar.

“You talking to me or him,” Jennifer asked, getting laughter from all three.

“What’ll be, Stephanie,” Tom said.

“How about two blowjobs, one here, one in your room,” Stephanie said,
sliding her hands under Tom’s jersey and massaging his chest.

“Ahhhh, well, ummm, sure, OK,” Tom said, grabbing some Bailey’s Irish cream
and amaretto almond liqueur and mixing them together before spraying on some
whipped cream.

“Ready,” Tom asked.

“Ready,” Stephanie said, putting her arms behind her back.

“Then go for it,” Tom said. With that signal, Stephanie picked up the glass
with her mouth and downed the entire glass in less than thirty seconds.

“Sweet Jesus,” Tom exclaimed as Stephanie put her glass down on the bar with
Jennifer’s jaw half way to the floor.

“I’ll see you around 9 at you room, sexy,” Stephanie said. “And bring your
slutty little friends with you.”

* * *

Kojain arrives at his
cabin a short while after his run-in with Rhona Mitra. He began to wonder
what kind of trouble Rawballz could have gotten himself into this time. He
shrugged it off and decided to lie down on his bed and rest.

About 15 minutes later, he’s awoken by a knocking on his door. He sighed as
he got up to answer it. He woke up completely when he saw who was on the
other side of the door.

“Bey, What’s going on?” Kojain asked.

Beyonce answered, “Nothing much, still rather upset. Did you manage to get a
hold of Hater?”

“I talked to him on my cell phone. I wish he wasn’t so damn stubborn.”
Kojain said, as Beyonce sat on his bed.

“What happened? Did you 2 get into an argument?” Beyonce asked.

With a sigh, Kojain said, “Very much so. He’s getting a record deal with
Aftermath. And according to Dr. Dre, he can’t be on this cruise ship with us
because we’re considered his rivals after the whole 50 ordeal last year. I
say to hell with that grease monkey! He got what he deserved.”

Beyonce’s eyes began to water, “So he’s left not only me, but you as well?”

Kojain nodded, regretfully.

As Beyonce began to sob, Kojain wrapped his arms around her in comfort.
Kojain was still in disbelieve of this whole situation. Any man in the whole
would give their left nut to marry Beyonce Knowles. Hater must have
seriously lost his mind to give up all this for a deal with Aftermath.
Kojain was thinking this to himself. He let go of Beyonce, but she still
held on to him.

“Thank you Kojain for being a great friend.” Beyonce smiled, “If I didn’t
find ‘Hater first, I wouldn’t have minded you.”

“What’s that suppose to…” Kojain was going to say just before Beyonce
moved in and kissed him on the mouth. He was slightly stunned by the move,
but quickly recovered.

“Hey! Hey! I can’t do this Beyonce.” Kojain said as he pulled away.

Beyonce, with a look of desire, spoke “Why not? He’s gone. At least you can
make me feel good.”

“You don’t understand…” Kojain was silenced once again by another one of
Beyonce’s kisses. Kojain admitted her lips feel so soft, but he knew this
wasn’t right. But Beyonce was no where near giving up.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Kojain used this chance to get away
from Beyonce to answer the door.

“Kelly! There you are girl!” Kojain beamed, as he reached forward to hug

Kelly smiled, “Hey sweetie! Have you seen Beyonce?”

“Yeah! She’s right here.” Kojain pointed over, allowing Kelly to see her.

“Oh! I didn’t know you got back here before I did. What were you two up to?”
Kelly asked.

“We were just talking Kel.” Beyonce said, nervously.

Kelly nodded, “Where you able to get a hold of Hater, Koj?” She turned to
his direction.

Kojain sighed, “He’s not coming back. I just got done telling Beyonce the
same story.”

“How could he do this? What is wrong with him?” Kelly asked.

Kojain and Beyonce shrugged at the same time.

“I don’t know him anymore. It’s so strange. At first we were the best of
friends. We never kept secrets from each other. We were always there for
each other. Now he’s getting a record deal with Aftermath and we’re just
small fry now.” Kojain said, with a sound of anger in his voice.

Beyonce says, “Don’t take it too hard Kojain. I know he doesn’t mean this.
I’m sure he doesn’t.”

Kelly sighed, “Whatever you say Bey.”

“Hey Kelly,” Beyonce asked, “Can I talk to you for a minute over here?”

“Oh sure.” Kelly said, both of them getting up off the bed and going into
the corner of the room.

Kojain could hear slight whispering and giggling among the two, but he
decided not to get involved. So he lied back down on the bed and get some
rest while they talked.

After awhile, both Kelly and Beyonce approached Kojain while he was lying

“Are you awake Koj?” Kelly gently spoke.

Kojain eyes opened, “Yeah. Why?”

“If you wanted to have a threesome.” Kelly started to talk, while Beyonce
was unbuttoning Kojain’s shirt.

“All you had to do was ask.” Kelly finished, with a grin.

Kojain was still kinda confused, but snapped out of it when Beyonce opened
up his shirt and started to caress his chest. Kelly moved her mouth over to
Kojain’s and kissed him.

Beyonce moved her hands down to Kojain’s pants. She rubbed his hard on
through his pants as she started to unhook his belt while Kelly still had
him lip locked.

Kelly moved away from Kojain’s lips and assisted Beyonce into getting off
his pants. They both peeling his pants off his legs until his dick sprung

“Hey Beyonce, whoever doesn’t make him cum has to get it in the booty!”
Kelly grinned.

“Deal!” Beyonce giggled.

“What are you two up to down… Oooooohhh!” Kojain grunted his Kelly started
suck away at his dick. She must have been at it for about 2 minutes until
Beyonce interrupted.

“Okay! It’s my turn now!” Beyonce protested, as she moved Kelly out of the
way and took over on Kojain’s dick.

Between the two of them, they both took turns slurping away at Kojain’s
cock. He rolled his eyes back into his head as she enjoyed the feeling of
both Beyonce and Kelly passing his cock to one another. They must have been
at it for at least 20 minutes, until finally Kojain was about to climax.

“Girls, I’m about to cum!” Kojain groaned, his eyes still closed in ecstasy.

Without a second warning, Kojain released his essence at however was giving
him head at the time. He sighed as he tried to squeeze out whatever cum was
left in him. He lifted up his head to see who got the treat.


Kelly muttered, as she wiped the cum off her face. Kojain
must have blasted her at the last minute. “This is why I don’t give you any

Both Kojain and Beyonce laughed at that, watching Kelly wipe the semen off
her face.

“Not funny. You know what this means Bey!” Kelly grinned.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Beyonce muttered, as just started to remove her jeans.

Kojain watched in awe as Beyonce seductively took off her jeans, presenting
her lovely bronze thighs in some laced panties. He enjoying the show until
Kelly butted in.

“Since you’re taking your sweet time. I might as well make sure he’s well
lubed up.” Kelly said, as she moved over to suck Kojain’s dick once again.

Kojain lied back and watched Beyonce undress and enjoy the feeling of
Kelly’s lips on his cock. Just then Kelly pulled off and dragged Beyonce,
who was now in her birthday suit, down to Kojain. She turned Beyonce around
so her back was at Kojain, and held his dick as she eased Beyonce’s tight
butt onto him.

“Oh. My. God.” Kojain moaned, getting the feeling of having his dick into
Beyonce’s ass.

Beyonce made a similar groan, mixed with pain and pleasure as Kojain rammed
his dick in and out of her. Kelly was now between Beyonce’s legs, licking
her pussy as Kojain continued assfucking Beyonce.

Kojain’s orgasm came much quicker this time around. Beyonce was about to let
loose to, just by the way she was moaning. Kojain pulled out of her ass just
before he shoot his loud all over Beyonce’s ass and back. Kojain’s head feel
back to the bed in exhaustion.

“Kojain, how are you feeling dear?” Kelly questioned.

“Very tired sweetie.” said Kojain, trying to catch his breathe.

“Guys, I’m happy we did this.” Beyonce said lying on the left side of

“Me too Bey.” Kelly answered, on the right side of Kojain.

“So am I girls.” Kojain finally said, before closing his eyes.

Strangely, Kojain realized that he was speaking the truth. Although the deal
from day one was that Beyonce was Hater’s and Kelly was Kojain’s, he
couldn’t feel enough pity to turn Beyonce down for a threesome. And Kojain
was pretty sure that Hater probably would have done the same. Even so,
Kojain was not going to give up getting Hater back with Beyonce. No matter
what a took.

* * *

“Just lie back, Raw”, Minnie said,
“Jennifer and Naomi will bring the colors back to your life.”

Jennifer hiked a leg over his face and sat back until her moist cunt brushed
up against his lips. He felt Naomi straddle his legs and her hands soothed
their way up his thighs until her hands cupped at his already hardening

Naomi’s hungry tongue flicked at the base of his throbbing member as her
fingertips danced around the head. With the pain subsiding, Raw shot his
tongue into Jen’s snatch and wiggled his bottom lip onto her clitoris. He
could feel her moans shake through her body.

Like a hot dog eating champion, Naomi wrapped her lips around the head of
his cock and slowly descended taking the entire organ into her mouth and
throat. Her fingers massaged his quivering balls, kneading them with a light

He felt Jennifer’s body shift forward, almost laying on him now in a
sixty-nine. Naomi’s hot mouth lifted off of his dick and he then felt
Jennifer taking it down all the way. She gave him a quick ten deep throat
thrusts and then Naomi took another turn. They must’ve had some kind of
competition going on, because it felt like each one was trying to outdo the
other. He wasn’t about to pick a winner yet.

Raw continued to lap at Jennifer’s cunt with tremendous pressure. His tongue
circled and dove into her hot sweetness as he felt her groan onto his cock.

Naomi stood up on the bed with excitement. Jennifer held Raw’s cock in
place. He felt Naomi’s feet shift to the sides of his thighs as she sat down
on his lap. He felt his hard rocket slide entirely inside of her dripping
wet pussy. She rocked back and he could feel her asshole press up against
his balls. Like a good cowgirl, she began bouncing up and down.

Her cunt felt so good hugging his thick hotrod. But what turned Raw on more
is the sounds that were echoing from above. Naomi panted loudly and groaned
with satisfaction. Jennifer grinded her hips against his mouth and Raw
continued to strongly tongue-fuck her twat.

Minnie pushed Naomi’s head forward until her nose was smothered between
Jennifer’s gigantic breasts. Naomi quickly wrapped her lips around her left
nipple and suckled it like an infant. Jennifer’s right breast began batting
Naomi on the side of her face when she further grinded her ass down on Raw’s

Naomi screamed a heavy shriek as she came all over Raw’s still-hard cock.
Within the span of two seconds, the light stung Raw’s eyeballs as Jen
quickly pushed Naomi off and quickly hopped on his cock. She placed herself
in reverse cowgirl, arching her back and placing her palms on the bed on
each side of his shoulders.

Raw wrapped his meat hooks around her shoulders and bounced her like a ball
on his lap. His cock crashed deep inside of her as her legs shook on the
bed. After giving her plenty of lube and foreplay, it didn’t take Jen long
to climax. Her orgasm was long and soft sounding. She whimpered as she
lifted herself off of him.

“Look now, Raw. Look at everything around you.” Minnie sighed as she was
fingering herself.

Raw opened his eyes and saw that his sight had crept back into his life.
Although fuzzy, he looked over at Jennifer and Naomi and saw a slight aura
around them. He thought that this was just because his sight was blurry, but
even once they cleared up, it still showed around them.

Naomi’s aura was a bright yellow, while Jennifer’s was a soft pink.

* *

“No, not at all….I know what to do if that
happens….yes…..look, I just want to make sure you will be prepared for
when me and mine come to Skull Mesa…..I understand Mr. Vassar…..yes your
boys are ok, they’re in Miami right now….I’ll make sure they behave…..ok
bye.” Evil hung up his phone and entered the dining hall, sex was happening
all round them.

It hadn’t de-evolved into an orgy but it was getting close to it.

He approached his table and saw Eva sucking on Natalie Portman’s exposed
breast, while TRL, Danica, Kelly and Marla watched on.

“Ahem….” Evil coughed announcing his presence. Eva eyed him, then detached
herself from Natalie. “…don’t stop on my account.”

“I can save Natalie for later.” Eva said as she pinched her nipple eliciting
a moan form Natalie.

“So who was that on the phone?” TRL asked.

“Oh it was Butcher and Mad-Dog’s father, he runs a ski resort in northern

“…Skull Mesa?” TRL interrupted.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” Evil asked.

“I’ve been there a couple times, he runs a good town.” TRL replied.

“Well, Victoria called me and told me that I’ll be in charge of running the
next CSSA get together. I’m having it there at Skull Mesa.” Evil said.

“Well I’m gonna turn in, I’ll see ya at the poker tournament tomorrow.” Evil
said as he left the room.

* * *

Jessica Simpson had slipped on some tiny white shorts and a tight pink
t-shirt after the dinner and had made her way back to her cabin’s bathroom
where she laid a line of powder out on a mirror. As she began to start her
line she felt someone coming up behind her and grab her ass. The hands,
which belonged to a woman worked around to the front of her shorts
unbuttoned them just as she finished her line.

Jessica didn’t look up in the bathroom mirror, she wanted to be surprised
although she had a few suspicions. She started another line as her shorts
where pulled down and the woman’s hand began to lovingly caress her
panti-less crotch. A pair on fingers

Jessica squirmed. She wasn’t sure what was happening but since she stepped
foot on this ship she had been thinking about getting laid, the tongue in
her pussy was skilled. Jessica tilted her head back and saw a mop of dyed
black hair and her suspicions were confirmed immediately.

“MMMMMM Ashlee, god damn you are good at this.” Jessica said as she held on
to the counter top to keep her balance.

Ashlee looked up at her sister and grinned. Jessica wasn’t sure what she
wanted more, her sister to keep going or to go out and find a nice thick
cock to get plunged into her. She didn’t even try to rationalize that doing
it her sister counted as incest.

“More!” Jessica demanded, and pulled off her shorts completely to reveal her
naked pussy.

“We have to make sure you’re good and wet,” Ashlee smiled. Slowly, sensually
Ashlee unzipped her leather mini-skirt and let it slide down her stocking
clad legs to the floor. She stepped out of it, moving her only a little
closer to her waiting sister.

“You’re teasing me,” Jessica complained, half-seriously.

In reply, Ashlee unbuttoned her black silk top slowly from top to bottom,
pausing before peeling it off her shoulders. Her black lace bra only had
half cups, her erect nipples exposed, and to her sister’s excitement,
enhanced with lip gloss.

Jessica pulled off her top to expose her own
breasts and started to play with her nipples as she watched Ashlee wrap a
belt around her hips with a dildo attached to it. Jessica wished she had
three hands, so she could play with both her nipples and her clit at the
same time as Ashlee walked slowly, seductively towards her, the dildo
jutting out and bouncing gently.

Jessica got down on her knees and moved her head to between her sister’s
legs, licking at the glistening juices already coating the inside of the
girl’s thighs.

“No more, do me now!” Ashlee cried, and grabbing handfuls of Jessica’s hair,
pulled her sister over the top of her. “Fuck me now!”

Unable to pull her hair free, Jessica lowered herself on to the head of the
rubber cock into her moist slit and then thrust it in hard. Jessica
screamed, but the pleasure, the expectation, the need, had already overcome
the momentary pain. Still holding Jessica’s hair, Ashlee forced the pace,
making Jessica thrust harder and faster until the climax
“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.” Jessica climaxed all over the fake cock. Ashlee
pulled it out and put it by her sister’s lips.

“Suck it bitch” Ashlee
growled. Jessica parted her exhausted lips and Ashlee forced the rubber
phallus into her sister’s mouth. Ashlee pumped in and out until she was
satisfied that her sister’s love juices were cleaned up.

Ashlee then
pulled off the strap on and put it away as Jessica rolled over. Ashlee saw
her sister’s naked ass and smacked it.

“Later slut.” She replied as she left the room.

* * *

Raw sat up quickly in bed. His body was in a cold sweat as he gazed hazily
around the room he was in. It looked different from what he remembered last
night. Did all of that really happen? He could ask Minnie if she were only

He looked down and saw Naomi and Jennifer lying other either side of him.
His head seemed okay, no pain, at least at the moment. He slid out from
under the covers and stood up from the foot of the bed. Quickly, he located
his boxer shorts and put them on.

The room was extremely bright from the morning sunshine blasting in through
the windows. So much that it stung his eyes. He looked back at the two women
whose colors danced above their lying bodies, they were dead asleep.

“Room service.”, a friendly voice from the other side of the door said,
followed by a brisk knock.

Raw wandered over to the door and unhooked the latch. The door opened to an
older woman dressed in a black and white lace apron and pushing a silver
cart with an assortment of plates with lids and pitchers on a big tray on

“I have your breakfast, sir.” she pushed the cart in with a huge smile.

Raw recognized this woman who had brought him food and beverages. Of course,
yes, he had even jerked quite a few times in Exit To Eden.

“Aren’t you Dana Delany?” he asked as his cock shifted in his shorts.

“Yes, I’m Dana Delany, okay?” she shot back, “I’m just moonlighting, you

“But, you

‘re in movies and television. Why do you need to work

“Well, after a while you get tired of doing nothing but Lifetime movies and
the such. So, I’m paid very well and I just love this outfit.”

Dana turned around and Raw quickly noticed that the apron she wore was the
only stitching of clothing currently existing on her body. Her ass looked
great as it spun around in slo-mo in his mind. His rock-hard cock poked out
through the fly in his boxers.

“Looks like your friend is awake as well. Is he hungry too?” Dana asked as
she walked up closer to him.

Her hard stare seem to take control over him. His resistance had vanished.
She seemed to be pulling him in and he couldn’t stop her.

* *

Trickster blinked awake. Mornings were never good for him. As a
child of the Elder Race called Trolls he had an aversion to sunlight and
daytime. On the other hand, he pondered, looking at the bodaciously curved
bronze body of Raven snuggled by his side, sometimes it depended on who you
woke up next too. Through the open connecting door he could see Gwen and
the Child of his Heart, Emma, similarly nestled together. Where Lexa was,
was anybody’s guess. He got up and quietly closed the door. What he and
Raven were going to do next he wanted some privacy for.

He looked down on the sweet face beneath him and smiled. Trickster had a
worldview that to most people would be most kindly seen as demented. To him
the features he looked on denoted a mixed heritage not entirely human, of
races, called Goblin and Elf, long disappeared from the world and only now
beginning to resurface, for reasons only the gods knew.

But that was neither here nor there. He bent down and kissed her gently,
first on the forehead, then the nose. She finally wakened to his lips on
hers and opened them to let his teasing tongue in. When they broke off she

“Hi lover,” she said softly. She looked over and saw the closed door.
“Just you and me this morning?”

“Not exactly. I want your help in waking our new friend.” As he spoke, he
went over to the massive trunk that been sitting in a corner of the room
since they’d gotten here and removed a false back. The sounds of thrown
switches and pressed buttons emanated from whatever had been hidden there.

“Sooo, the secret is revealed, huh? Why me?”

Trickster’s brow furrowed. Tact wasn’t exactly his strong suit at the best
of times. “Ummm, welll…I need…body heat and you have…welll…”

“The most mass? Are you calling me fat? You betterthehell not be calling
me fat!” She started looking for things to throw.

“Nonono! You *know* I love your body exactly the way it is! But, well, you
*do* have more flesh, really well constructed flesh! then any of the other

She stopped in mid pout. She couldn’t deny that compared to her, Gwen, Emma
and Lexa were kind of sticklike. She decided to let him live. For now.
Besides. things were getting interesting with the trunk. What she thought
at first was steam, but soon realized was an icy fog was coming out of it as
the door opened by itself revealing a body inside. A body that made Emma
look like Sara Rue.

“Help me get her out and onto the bed,” Trickster said as he slowly pulled
Summer Glau out of the cryogenic case he’d smuggled her onto the ship

* * *

“Wonder how the dinner was last night?” Mandy asked
Cosmo as they sat by the pool to eat their breakfast.

“Couldn’t have been better than what we did,” Cosmo replied, sipping his

“Mmm, I suppose that’s true,” Mandy said, thinking about their romp with
Jennie and Maria. Watching a big strong girl like Jennie Finch getting
mercilessly pounded up her ass was even more of a turn on than Mandy could
have ever hoped, and to top it all off she also got to watch (and taste)
Cosmo’s cock as it deflowered Maria’s virgin ass.

“Hello? Earth to Mandy?”

“Huh? What?”

“I was asking if you were uncomfortable. The way you were squirming around,
I thought maybe that butt plug was bothering you?”

‘Oh yeah, this plug you made me shove up my ass,’ Mandy thought with a
smile. “Now that you mention it, it does feel a little strange, just
sitting back there.”

“I didn’t think it would be a problem. I mean, it’s not that big.”

“Easy for you to say, it’s not up your ass Cos.”

Cosmo had to concede the point. “True. Do you want to take it out?”

“NO! Not unless you’re ready to put something else back there,” Mandy said

“I’m sure I can come up with some… thing…” Cosmo trailed off as his
attention was grabbed by something behind Mandy.

“What,” Mandy asked, turning to see what had Cosmo so distracted, ” are you
staring… at?” Mandy followed his gaze to a very nude Monica Bellucci
emerging from the pool. “God she’s beautiful,” Mandy couldn’t help but
blurt out.

“Want to go introduce ourselves?”

Rather than answer with words, Mandy grabbed Cosmo and made her way towards
the naked Italian goddess…

* * *

“Ughhh,” Tom said. Awake,
he looked to close to the blinds over the window. He tipped the blinds shut
and went back into bed. Then he noticed something was seriously wrong.


Scooting back on the bed like he was crawling away from someone having an
Emily Rose experience, Tom was just trying to figure out what happened last
night before he scooted onto the familiar feel of human skin. Cautiously,
Tom turned his head around to see what he ran into.

“Hello, you big stud,” came a soft femine voice.

“What the flock is happening here,” Tom said.

“What don’t you remember me,” the woman asked.

“Hang on, lemme think,” Tom pondered in his mind. “How could I be so
stupid? Stephanie, I’m so sorry. I feel like the biggest idiot in this

“It’s okay, Tom,” Stephanie Sanders said. “I wasn’t expecting that kind of
result from a few Bacardis either. It really had quite the effect on your

Stephanie pointed over to the bed on the side of the room where Stacy
Ferguson and Jennifer Aniston laid on top of the sheets, naked, embraced

“Good to see they had fun,” Tom joked. “If I may ask, was I good?”

“More like great,” Stephanie said. “You’ve got quite the ability. Just
when I thought I was out of orgasms, you pulled another right out of me.
You must really be a hit with the ladies.”

“Well, Steph, it’s not really like that,” Tom explained. “I haven’t really
gotten a lot of action until this cruise. I’ve had a few here and there,
but for me, this cruise is like a winning streak to me.”

Suddenly, Tom noticed Stephanie frown a bit.

“What’s the matter, Steph,” Tom inquired. “You seem kinda down.”

“Well, Tom,” Stephanie started. “I’m really not the wild type myself. My
behavior yesterday isn’t really me. I just heard about this cruise two days
ago and when I got the details, I was just desperate for a boyfriend or
girlfriend. So when I saw you…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Tom interrupted. “You’re bi? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Just nervous I suppose, maybe since I’ve never had sex with a girl before.
I was too scared to do anything with Jen or Fergie last night,” Stephanie
answered. “Anyways, when I saw you, I just really wanted you. I’ve had
substandard boyfriends left and right and when I saw you bone Jen in the
supply room, that really got me going. I just really couldn’t be who I was
for you to notice me.”

“Steph, let me tell you something,” Tom said, beginning to stroke
Stephanie’s perfect C-cups. “Here, you just gotta be yourself. I already
noticed you and wanted you. You didn’t need an act. Trust me, you’re
gorgeous. And it’s not just that. You’re also really smart, funny, and
caring. That’s all it takes to impress me.”

“You sure about that,” Stephanie asked.

“How’s this for a response,” Tom answered, kissing Stephanie tenderly and
loving, using both his hands now to massage her breasts. It was a moment
Tom didn’t expect. Stephanie wrapped her arms around his back and not his
penis. She just wanted him close. Tom was starting to feel uncomfortable
with his actions and put his arms behind her, rubbing his hands up and down
her back.

Stephanie broke the kiss and said, “Thanks, Tom. Your words meant a lot to

“Anything for you, Stephanie,” Tom replied. “I was hoping to help you out
another way.”

“What’s that?”

“You said you’ve never been with a girl, despite being bi, right?”


“You sure you want to? I know a few teachers who can take you under their

“Well, I guess so. I’ve always been curious about a girl’s touch.”

“Alright, let me make a call,” Tom said, reaching for his cell phone on the
nightstand next to the bed and pulled out a number for his listings.

“Hey, this Jessica Biel? Great. Hey listen, I need a favor from you.”

* * *

Big, huge, suckable, tits. That’s all Cosmo could see as Monica stepped out
of the pool. She was only wearing her bikini bottoms, but she had no top
on!! Her breasts were swaying back and forth as she walked, pale milk sacks
just begging to be played with. She sat down without saying a word and
smiled at Mandy.

“I’ve got this one” Mandy said smirking. Mandy got up and walked over to
Monica and sitting next to her. Cosmo grinned and shook his head, amazed at
how innocent and yet slutty Mandy could be.

Cosmo watched as Monica grabbed Mandy by the tits, eliciting a yelp from
her. Seconds later Monica looked at Cosmo and said “hey, come over here.
Your slut is about to do something to me” Cosmo got up as Monica ordered
Mandy to strip, she looked at Cosmo, he merely nodded. Cosmo then straddled
Monica, which she did not expect. The breasts were warm, real, real, warm.

“What’s this?…” Monica asked as Mandy had finished disrobing. “..a butt
plug. How dominant.” Monica grinned as Mandy’s pussy got as wet as ever.
Being treated like a slut was something she was growing to love.

After a minute or two of playing Cosmo leaned forward and took a nipple in
his mouth. She shook a little but stayed still so he could suckle. Mandy
merely stood by and masturbated, Monica occasionally slipping a finger into
and around her pussy. Monica’s breasts were getting hot, filling with blood
and turning bright red. Cosmo switched breasts and took Monica’s other
nipple into his mouth, tweaking the other with his hand. Slowly he licked in
small circles around her nipples and areolas; he licked around the entire
breast, from almost her armpit, across each breast. Mandy stared moaning and
saying things like “Oh baby, MMMMM, do me Monica”.

Cosmo decided to go a little harder, he lightly nipped at each breast,
leaving little teeth marks of each one. Back and forth Cosmo went, biting
and liking, sucking and sucking on every smooth inch of Monica’s skin. After
about 10 minutes Cosmo finally could pull himself away, by now Monica’s
breasts were red from his biting, sucking, tweaking, hard massaging and
licking. Mandy had collapsed next to Monica in a deck chair, the plug still
firmly in but her pussy red and raw from her rubbing. Cosmo’s saliva covered
her entire chest.

Cosmo thought hard about what to do next. But his thoughts were cut short as
Monica reached forward and yanked down his shorts, Monica pulled out Cosmo’s
member while she spanked Mandy and told her to pay attention. Cosmo tensed
up as she pulled and played with his meat. Her hands were red hot as the
sensation was amazing. Monica leaned over more and put the entire shaft in
her mouth, but Cosmo didn’t feel anything yet. She formed a perfect “o” with
her mouth and made his cock disappear with out touching it. Without warning
she sucked in her cheek and with one motion his entire cock was covered in
wet, hot, smooth, tight mouth, her tongue went crazy.

She moved her head back up the length and let it slip out of her mouth and
flicked the head with her tongue. Cosmo moaned as Monica jacked the foreskin
up a down as he shuddered and tensed the first spurt hit her lips and ran
down her chin as the second went into her eye, she turned her head slightly
and the next 3 caught her forehead, hair and cheek. Monica released his
still pulsing cock and brought her hands to her face. Like a fine facial
cream she rubbed his cum all over her face licking her fingers and spreading
his jizz on her face more and more.

When Cosmo got his senses back Monica was smacking Mandy’s ass, he smacked
her ass a few times too, okay, a lot of times, and there were red hands all
over her butt now.

“That bush has to go.” Cosmo said to Monica. Monica looked at the fuzz
surrounding her pussy. Monica stopped spanking Mandy and sat down, spreading
her legs. Cosmo took out a small straight razor and grabbed the shave gel.
Cosmo frothed the gel and coated her steaming pussy with the white foam,
while Mandy gingerly turned around to watch the shaving. Slowly Cosmo
dragged the razor over the edges of her mound. The hair seemed to melt away
with each stroke. Soon there was nothing left but a few strays.

Mandy grabbed Cosmo’s electric razor, one with the “goo” that comes out and
went over the whole area. The swollen lips were amazing. Monica’s mound was
raised and swollen pink and she was dripping wet from all the stimulation on
her pussy and lightly moaning. Setting the shaving things aside Cosmo slowly
massaged the lips and outside, he traced a finger from her ass to her front.
Monica moaned and spread her legs. Cosmo stood over her and shoved his cock
in her face, she leaned forward and she once again took Cosmo into her
mouth. Looking down at her lips parted with my hard penis was an amazing
sight. Cosmo quickly came again, almost buckling beneath the immense
pleasure. This time she aimed his cum at her tits, covering her chest in 5
ropes of white sticky cum.

Cosmo pulled out and Monica spread her legs as Mandy sat back and
masturbated again. Cosmo climbed on the bed and took his place between her
legs. She responded by pulling her legs into the air and grabbing them with
her hands, now truly spread eagle for her lover. As Cosmo rubbed her warm
vagina up and down with his cock, she moaned and moved forward trying to get
penetration from me. Cosmo pushed in and was rewarded by slipping into the
hottest, slickest, wettest hole imaginable. He pushed as far as he could
push his pelvis in to hers. Once Cosmo reached a rhythm he tried to get as
deep as possible. Moaning and shaking she bounced up and down. Her tits were
going crazy bouncing up and down in rhythm to my fucking. Mandy was moaning
this whole time she hadn’t been touched sexually but only by herself.

Monica’s legs were still held up and Cosmo leaned forward to her, licking
and kissing her face while he pounded her. His balls were slapping against
her ass as Cosmo frantically pounded her. Her pussy was leaking onto the
chair as her trail of lube pooled by her asshole. The squishing noises were
a turn on for Cosmo and Mandy.

Cosmo pulled out and turned her over, wanting to go at it doggy style before
he blew his load into Monica’s cunt. Cosmo slid in again and felt her warm
folds envelope his rock hard cock. Monica hadn’t said much yet, still in a
trance like state. Cosmo felt his balls tighten as he started to come for
the third time in hour or so.

Finally she slumped down, letting his cum pool on her back drip across her
ass. Cosmo took one finger and stroked it around her asshole poking in and
out with his cum covered finger, Monica moaned as she laid there.

As Cosmo got up to leave Mandy spoke up.

“Aren’t I going to get a piece of her?” Mandy whined.

Cosmo simply slapped her ass and said “No”

* * *

“How about a lather your big buddy downstairs?” Dana whispered to him.

Raw said not a word. His mouth remained motionless, even though he was
trying to speak. His eyes followed Dana’s every move. She reached back onto
the metal tray and grabbed a silver looking thermos. She dropped to her
knees in front of him, pulling his boxers down to his feet in the process.

His erection sprang to life and almost gave her an undercut to her chin. She
lightly held the underbelly of his cock with her left hand. With the other,
she turned the thermos upside down and slowly, but surely syrup came oozing
out of its spout.

A sticky, transparent green stream was poured from the base of his dick to
the head. She sat the thermos onto the carpeted floor and touched her tongue
to the tip.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm……..Green Maple is my favorite.” she moaned as her tasting
device slithered up until she reached the base. She flicked her tongue back
down to the head and sucked on its throbbing tip.

Raw felt the pain from last night creep up the back of his skull as Dana
continued her nursing. Her lips were coated so well, that it looked like she
had caked them with green lipstick. She reached behind her back and untied
her apron from her body. She pulled it off and tossed it to the side.

Suddenly, Naomi grabbed Dana by her neck and flung her into the cart.
Everything smashed onto the floor with a loud crash. Dana was knocked out
cold and she laid there stark naked with green lips.

Raw came back to and looked over at Naomi. The yellowish tint around her
grew bright as she embraced him. Raw wrapped his arms around her bare back
and returned the gesture.

“I don’t know what happened to me, Naomi.” He spoke to her.

“She’s a part of it all, Raw. She was trying to get the best of you.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you here.” he said.

“That’s what I’m here for, Raw. We have to get to the bottom of this and
find Popi.”

“Yeah, I miss her so much.”

“Now that’s disgusting.” Naomi replied as she backed off of him.

“What’s so disgusting about that?” he asked.

“No. Your dick is sticking to my belly.” she smiled.

They both broke out into laughter, waking Jennifer up.

“What’s so funny, you guys?” she asked sleepily.

“You had to have been there, sweetie.” Naomi said still laughing.

“What’s that?” Jen asked sitting up in the bed and pointing over to the

Raw looked and saw within all of the wreckage, a green micro cassette

* * *

TRL Awoke in a rather happy place. He was naked, his legs tangled in the
sheets on his queen-sized bed. On his right, Kelly Clarkson pressed her
sleeping body – also nude – against him, shifting slightly, but without
waking up. On his left, Marla Sokoloff pressed her bare ass against his hip
as she snoozed, occasionally humping in her sleep. And on top of him, still
half covering his cock with her pussy, Eva Longoria dozed, one of her hands
reaching over and lightly gripping one of Marla’s tits.

The last night had been very good indeed.

Marla’s humping was starting to turn him on, and since he was still inside
Eva, he decided to take advantage of the situation. He’d been fucking her
for all of thirty seconds before she woke up. Ten seconds after that, her
grateful moaning had the other two up and moving.

And, being the greedy girls that they were, both Kelly and Marla wanted a
piece of what Eva was having for breakfast. By the time TRL finished with
all three, it was rapidly approaching ten in the morning.

TRL took his shower separate from the girls – mostly for the singular fact
that as soon as those three women squeezed themselves into the tiny shower
stall, there was little room left for him. He did watch from outside,
though, enjoying the show as Eva all but molested Kelly and Marla with the
tiny shampoo bottles.

When he finally got himself cleaned up and into his new swim trunks for the
day – Yoda green today – his three roommates had already left, leaving a
note in Eva’s hand writing that read: “Gone Pussy Fishing, back in time for
Poke-Her.” TRL shook his head and headed out to find some food.

He didn’t get far.

“TRL?” a voice said from behind as he walked towards the buffet area.
Turning, he found Ashley Judd approaching him, wearing little more than a
Kentucky Basketball T-shirt tied over her chest just below her breasts, and
a thong that was either the sheerest bikini bottom TRL had ever seen, or a
pair of panties that were looking remarkably water-proof. TRL didn’t really
care, he just wanted to get inside them either way.

“Hey, Ashley. How’s the cruise treating you?”

“Wonderfully. Since Kate and I started our little three-way romance with
Maria, it’s like a CSSA orgy every night. Did you spend last night with two
women, TRL?” Ashley asked, smiling mischievously.

“No,” TRL said, straight-faced. “I actually spent the night with THREE
women. But who’s counting?”

Ashley laughed. “So, tell me, TRL, you know a lot of what’s going on here on
this boat. Is it true that Danica Patrick’s here?”

“That’s true,” TRL said. “She was at my table last night.”

“You lucky SOB,” Ashley said. “You got to fuck Danica?”

“Actually, no,” TRL admitted. “Natalie Portman kept a pretty close lock on
her last night.”

“Well, if you can hook me up with Danica, I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Oh?” TRL asked. “Any chance I can get a down payment on that now?”

Ashley smiled and leaned over the railing along the side of the ship. “I’ve
always wanted to get fucked while sailing.” TRL smiled as his Yoda shorts
hit the floor and he moved up inside Ashley. He just hoped Natalie and
Danica were still hanging out together, otherwise he was going to be
spending his entire day walking around the ship with Ashley Judd.

Then again, he mused as his hands grabbed her ass and he started really
thrusting into her, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing.

* *

There was a furious knocking on the door from the other room. “Are
you picking on Raven?” came Emma’s voice.

“It’s okay honey,” said Raven.

“Can we come in?”

“Umm, no,” said Trickster. “Raven and I are working on a ummm, special

* * *

Emma frowned at the locked door. For a moment she wished that saying
“Alohamora” would actually work. Gwen came up from behind her and put her
slender arms around her.

“Better we should leave them alone. When Trickster’s engaged in one of his
“projects” it’s safer to leave him be.”

“But Raven’s in there. Is it safe for her?” the young novice wench asked,
her voice filled with concern for her friend.

“Oh yes, Tricky would never put one of us in danger. The worst that’s
likely to happen is she’ll wind up covered in something sticky. Shall we
prepare to wow them on deck?”

Her concerns mostly allayed Emma was soon leaving the room arm in arm with
Gwen, both dressed in string bikinis, Emma’s hot pink and Gwen’s bright red.

* * *

“So now what?” asked Raven looking down at Summer Glau’s pale cold body as
Trickster checked her for vital signs.

“Well her pulse is good, she didn’t swallow her tongue, she just needs to be
warmed up. that’s where we come in.” Raven shot him a look. “Yes an
electric blanket might be more efficient. But not nearly as fun.” Raven
had to admit he had a point and settled down on one side of the frozen girl
as her looney lover squeezed in from the other. They both started running
their hands over Summer’s currently wintery skin and soon the girl began to
stir as Raven kissed her neck and Trickster licked at her small tits.

“It…worked?” she whispered.

“Yes, doll, it did.”

“When I’m better, I’m going to rip your nuts off but right now I need them
and what’s attached.”

‘Uhoh,’ thought Trickster, I’d better give her serious incentive to keep me
and my nut attached.

* * *

Evil walked to the dining hall not
only to grab some food but to gather his bearings as well. Being woken up by
a screaming infant wasn’t the best way to wake up but he knew what he was
going to be in for.

As he grabbed a couple breakfast burritos from the bar as well as a Pepsi,
he noticed Mia Maestro as well, she was stocking up on food.

“Hey Mia…” Evil said as he approached her “…stocking up I see.”

“Um….yeah. I’m going to be in the poker tournament and I may need the
food…” Mia replied looking around nervously for some reason. Mia then
noticed him rubbing his eyes.

“…are you ok?”

“Yeah, Sheridan’s moaning woke me up this morning and so Dina started
moaning and I couldn’t get back to sleep.” Evil replied as he took a drink
of soda trying to get caffeine going through him

“I can’t imagine what you must be feeling, Jennifer is about to give birth
to your child so you must be excited.” Mia said

“I dunno, I’m a bit freaked. I’ve never had this much responsibility before,
I mean raising Jennifer Garner’s child, I don’t know if I’ve got it in me.”
Evil said.

Mia put her hand on his shoulder.

“You’re a good man.” Mia said, kissing Evil again.

Evil smiled as he grabbed this food and left.

“Thanks, it means a lot.” Evil said.

* * *

Danica finally pulled herself out of bed when Natalie left to grab something
for breakfast. She decided to take a shower because she wanted to be fresh
for the poker game.

Danica allowed the water to flow down her body, as Danica refreshed herself
she thought about what had happened last night.

Natalie had licked her pussy and she came as hard as she ever did before. No
woman had ever done that to her, she had been surrounded by testosterone on
the Indy Car circuit but she had never felt as she did when she was with

Danica was so far gone in her thoughts she didn’t notice Natalie enter the
room. Danica snapped out of it.

“Natalie.” Danica said shocked as Natalie entered the shower completely

She didn’t waste time as Natalie put Danica against the wall and kissed her

Danica moaned as Natalie introduced her fingers to Danica’s moist slit.
Natalie kissed Danica as she fingered her in the shower. Danica moaned into
Natalie’s mouth as Danica got her hands to work again and she slid her
fingers into Natalie’s snatch.

Danica’s fingers worked furiously to get Natalie off as Natalie did the same
thing. Their fingers pumped faster and faster as both women tried to achieve
climax at the same time, Danica moaned into Natalie’s mouth again as Natalie
brought her off. Natalie broke the kiss as she yelled out in climax.

Both women slumped over in the shower as Natalie kissed Danica on the lips
to calm her down.

“I brought breakfast.” Natalie said as she took Danica’s fingers and cleaned
them off. Danica laughed as both stepped out of the shower and toweled each
other down.

Danica knew, sexually, that she would never be the same after this

* * *

At the first chance they got, Keira Knightley and
Sienna Miller escaped Sienna’s room and headed towards the more crowded
areas of the ship, fully intent on getting lost before Charlotte Church
could find them again.

“We’ve created a monster, you know that, right?” Sienna said as she and
Keira – clad in bikinis and sunglasses – made their way towards the aft
observation deck.

“How was I to bloody know she’d turn out to be such a freak?” Keira
muttered. “I mean, I simply wanted to suck on those tits! That’s all. When I
first fucked her, she was so timid, I thought she needed to loosen up.
That’s why I brought her to you in the first place.”

“Yeah, well, we see how brilliant an idea that was,” Sienna said. “God, I
thought she’d never finish fingering my ass last night.”

“You used to enjoy anal,” Keira said.

“That was before it was the last place Jude fucked me – apparently not ten
minutes before he fucked that little tramp of a babysitter.”

“Ouch,” Keira said.

“We need to find a way to avoid Charlotte today. Any way at all.”

“Well, if I can find Natalie, I’m sure she’d be happy to keep us both

“Weren’t you looking for her all day yesterday?” Sienna asked. “Are you sure
she’s even aboard.”

“Yeah, TRL said she was.”

“Yeah, TRL, what’s the deal with you and him?”

“He’s a good friend and a good fuck-”

“That you happen to be falling for, right?” Sienna interrupted. “I thought
he and that Idol girl were together.”

“They are, and they’re cute together. Make a great couple.”

“Jealous much?” Sienna asked.

“Fuck off,” Keira said. “Besides, even if I did like TRL, it’s not like I
could win him away from Kelly. Natalie might be able to, but while she’s
happy to fuck him, she doesn’t have feelings for him. Kelly’s all but ready
to marry him.”

“So, what are you going to do? Break them up?” Sienna asked.

“No,” Keira said. “I couldn’t. I like Kelly, too. She’s sweet, funny, great
in the sack.”

“Have you fucked them both at the same time?”

“Sure,” Keira said.

“Maybe they’d be interested in a three-way relationship,” Sienna said.

“Really? You think so?”

“Well, I know Maria Menounos, Ashley Judd, and Kate Beckinsale seem to be
getting on famously with theirs. And I heard that Angelina Jolie and Brad
Pitt have a girl they share from time to time.”

“Huh,” Keira said. “You really think they’d go for that?”

“I don’t know,” Sienna said. “I don’t know either one. But it couldn’t hurt
to ask, could it?”

“It might,” Keira whispered. “It might.”

“C’mon, let’s find some big floppy hats and some lounge chairs facing the
water,” Sienna said. “Maybe we can hide in plain sight, and you can spend
all day thinking about this.”

* * *

Stephanie started playing with her fingers as she could feel the anxiety
build in her. She was bi, no doubt. She found both men and women very
attractive. The problem was that she could never strike up the nerve to
sleep with a girl. To her, it was very risky. Her family had no objections
toward gays, lesbians, or bisexuals, but she was scared they would still
shun her if that ever got out.

The one thing that kept her from refusing this was Tom’s voice, repeating
the words he had spoken to her earlier that morning.

“Steph, let me tell you something. Here, you just gotta be yourself. I
already noticed you and wanted you. You didn’t need an act. Trust me,
you’re gorgeous. And it’s not just that. You’re also really smart, funny,
and caring. That’s all it takes to impress me.”

At the moment, Stephanie could’ve used Tom’s kind speech, but at the moment,
he was busy with Jennifer and Stacy in the shower. All she could really do
was use her mind like a CD player, pushing play, pause, and rewind. Play,
pause, and rewind. Play, pause, and rewind. To say the least, she was
nervous, but she was willing to go through with this.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Stephanie knew who it was, but
didn’t want any risks.

“Who is it,” Stephanie asked.

“It’s Jessica,” the voice replied from beyond the door.

“Hang on,” Stephanie replied, unlatching the door and letting Jessica in.

“Hey, Jessica Biel,” Jessica introduced herself.

“Stephanie Sanders,” Stephanie replied, starting to feel overdressed.
Stephanie’s original idea was to wear something cute, so she went with her
uniform, a girl’s Guess? business suit. Looking at the actress before her,
she completely blown away. Jessica arrived without a stitch of clothing on
her, completely unafraid at the prospect of the paparazzi being onboard.

“You just gonna look at me all day or we gonna get some work done here,”
Jessica jokingly asked, breaking Stephanie out of her hypnotized state.

“Sorry,” Stephanie apologized. “I was… I mean… Like… Wow! That’s
a killer body you got going there.”

“Thanks,” Jessica said. “I needed to tone it to prepare for ‘Blade:
Trinity.’ Anyways, let’s get this going. Go lie on the bed and make
yourself comfortable.”

Stephanie did so without question, laying down and preparing for what was to
come as she watched Jessica strut from the door to the bed.

“Ummm, such a sexy little body,” Jessica marveled. “Why don’t we take care
of something?”

With that, Jessica undid the buttons of Stephanie’s shirt, revealing a
pleasant little surprise.

“No bra, me likey,” Jessica complemented.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t want to disappoint you,” Stephanie said, embracing the
feeling of her large, natural tits getting in the way of the blowing air

“I guess that means,” Jessica started, but not needing to finish. She
slipped off the waitress’s pants, and sure enough, no panties. Stephanie
moaned in pleasure as the cool air drifted onto her bare pussy.

“Wow, this isn’t too bad of a body either,” Jessica said. “You sure you
want to do this?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Stephanie said. “You’re so goddam sexy and I just
want you.”

Without a wasting a moment, Jessica threw herself at Stephanie, kissing her
and sticking her tongue down the cruise attendant’s throat. Jessica began
rubbing her fingers along the lips of Stephanie’s pussy, sending a pulse to
her brain to French Jessica back.

The electricity began shocking through both girl’s brains. Hearing the
moans of Stephanie gave Jessica the idea to the young girl something to look
forward to. The well-built actress leaned her lips down to Stephanie’s
tits, tenderly kissing the perky peaks. To top it off, Jessica decided to
start giving both pussies some attention and began grinding into Stephanie.
Feeling the kinetic heat of the two clits rubbing against each other,
Stephanie got the message and started returning the favor.

“Ohhhhh, Jessssicaaaaa, that’s it rigggghhhhht there,” Stephanie said in a
louder voice. “Lick those tittttttttties. Come onnnnnn, please, make me
come all of that exxxxxperienced face.”

Jessica continued to flick at the nipples with her tongue, wanting to give
Stephanie such stiff nipples that they could cut double-reinforced concrete.
But to Jessica, she just wanted to taste that pussy herself, and she was
willing to come as well. Jessica slowly began her decent down Stephanie’s
body, licking down the breastbone, down to the belly button, down to the
waistline, and arriving at the pussy.

“OHHHH MY FUCKING GAAAAAAWWD,” Stephanie shrieked, not caring if Tom and the
other girl’s could hear her over the running water and their screams of
lust. Before she knew what would happen, Stephanie’s face was muzzled by
Jessica’s pussy. She was a little surprised at this action, but she was no
dummy, so Stephanie started licking away at Jessica’s soaking pussy.

Both girls could have generated New York City with the pulsing sparks going
through them. They continued lapping deep into the other’s cunts, wanting
that sweet, sticky, sugary reward. The combined efforts of Stephanie’s
tongue and Jessica’s fingers continued to plow deep into each other’s clits.
All it took was one deep thrust of both and no sooner were they creaming
their faces.

All of the cream started filling the girl’s throats as they greedily
swallowed it down. All Stephanie and Jessica could bring it all in as they
filled their stomachs.

“So how was that,” Stephanie asked.

“All I’ll say is, give Tom AND the girls that stuff,” Jessica

* * *

IYG had awoken that morning with just a slight
headache all alone in bed. At first, he thought that was normal, but then he
remembered not only where he was, but also who he’d spent most of the day
with. It occurred to him that while he’d managed to get a blowjob from
Jennifer Garner and fucked Eliza Dushku up the ass, he’d never even gotten
close to touching Rachel McAdams sexually. The fact that she hadn’t spent
the night with him made him wonder just how much the lovely actress thought
of him.

Now, a couple of hours later, IYG was hard at work trying to talk his way
into the bikini bottoms of another woman.

“I’m sorry – Iggy was it?”

“IYG,” he muttered, knowing where this was going.

“IYG. Another initialed author. This ship is crawling with them. Anyway,
IYG, I’m flattered you’re interested in me, but really, I’m here more for
the women than the men.”

“I understand,” IYG sighed as Amanda Tapping smiled politely at him. The
lovely Stargate star wore little more than a purple bikini and sunglasses,
but that was more than enough to draw some attention from the locals.

“IYG!” A voice suddenly called out. Turning around, IYG saw TRL and Ashley
Judd approaching them. “Dude, how’s it going?”

“All right, I guess,” IYG said, taking TRL’s outstretched hand. “Oh, I’m
sorry, have you met Amanda-”

“Amanda Tapping,” TRL said, reaching over and giving Amanda a kiss on the
lips. “We met at a Sci-Fi convention a few months ago. Amanda and Rachel
Luttrell managed to convince me to start watching both Stargate shows.”

“And TRL,” Amanda said warmly, “Convinced me to start coming to these CSSA

“I think Rachel would’ve convinced you all on her own,” TRL said. “But you
know, IYG here’s a huge Stargate fan.”

“As he was telling me,” Amanda said, smiling over at IYG.

“I’m sure he’s thrilled just meeting you,” TRL said.

“He was trying to get into my pants,” Amanda said flatly.

“It’s a CSSA cruise, Amanda,” TRL said. “That’s what we all do, right

“Oh, yeah,” Ashley said, speaking for the first time. “Sex, sex, and more
sex. Makes for a fun week.”

Amanda seemed to consider things for a moment. “TRL, I heard a rumor that
the Battlestar Galactica girls were onboard.”

“Onboard and fracking each other’s brains out,” TRL said. “I got caught up
in a little pool party they were throwing yesterday.”

“I’ve always had a thing for Grace Park,” Amanda admitted.

“Tell you what,” TRL said. “You show my pal IYG a good time, and I’ll make
sure Grace and her friends find you.”

Amanda looked over at IYG once more. “I was trying to make this a pussy-only
trip for me…” she said.

“Well, IYG’s no pussy, but tell you what,” TRL said. “You show him a good
time, and not only will I get you hooked up with the BSG girls, but I’ll see
what I can do about getting Torri Higginson to join you and Rachel on your
next little convention romp.”

“You can do that?” Amanda asked.

“Torri, Kelly, and I hooked up last spring,” TRL said simply. “And I know
she’s got a bit of a crush on you…”

“So,” Amanda said, taking IYG by the hand. “Your cabin or mine?”

“You owe me, IYG,” TRL said as Amanda lead the younger author away by his

* * *

Evil returned to his cabin with food and drink for
Sheridan and Dina Lohan. He entered the room and saw Sheridan dressed in a
black leather vest with a white t shirt under it and blue jeans that were
molded to her. Dina, on the other hand was in pink lingerie with a collar
around her neck.

“What exactly did you do to her?” Evil asked as he observed.

“I temporarily erased her memory, she has no idea who she was before she
stepped on this boat.” Sheridan whispered as Dina stood behind her

“Nice, I didn’t know you could do that within a number of hours.’ Evil
whispered back.

“It was surprisingly easy considering everything she has been through, her
kid, the divorce, she wanted to forget her problems for a while. Trust me
she wanted this.” Sheridan replied.

“You ready to go to the poker game?” Evil asked as he took a step back and
finished off his breakfast burrito.

“Yeah.” Sheridan said attaching a leash to Dina’s collar. She obediently
followed her mistress out of the room.

As the room where the poker game was being held began to fill up Evil,
Sheridan and Dina Lohan entered and took their seat at the poker table.

“This looks to be fun.” Evil said as he tossed the chip guy some cash and he
was handed a number of chips.

* * *

As Danica Patrick walked around the poker tournament she noticed Natalie
Portman from across the room, granted they had come together but Natalie
still captivated Danica’s thoughts.

Danica blushed and looked away from the nearly bald actress, she was still
staring at her. It was as if Natalie wanted to do nothing but have sex with
her for the entire trip.

‘Would I resist if she did?’ Danica thought as she sat at a different table
then Natalie.

At that moment the room went silent as Victoria took the stage.

“Welcome to the CSSA Poker tournament you guys…” Victoria said, wearing
only a green bikini which barely covered anything “…ok I just wanted to
explain some rules for this game. You CAN bet clothing in place of money,
but if you’re naked and broke, please leave.”

The crowd laughed at that.

“Also, whoever wins, not only gets to keep the cash they’ve won but they
also get their pick of anyone on this ship. Male or female.” Victoria said

The crowd cheered at that as Victoria stepped off of stage and the games

Danica turned to her table and placed her bet.

* * *

“Are you sure?” Mia asked as Jennifer sat on the bed and ate some of what
she had brought.

“Yeah, I need the rest anyway and I don’t want Evil to see me before we
reach Bermuda.” Jennifer said.

“I don’t get why you don’t want to see him. You are married, why not just
tell him?” Mia asked.

Jennifer turned to Mia.

“I said I don’t want to speak to him right now.” Jennifer said raising her
voice enough to get her point across.

Mia backed out of the room, the last thing she wanted to do was become a
victim of Jennifer’s wrath.

As Mia headed for the poker game she thought about everything that had been
happening. She liked Evil, but she didn’t. She liked him because he was a
nice guy who treated Jennifer very well, but he didn’t like him because he
got her pregnant, and when she had her mood swings she took it out on
whoever was nearby. That meant that occasionally Mia was a victim of
Jennifer’s mood swings.

Mia had on only a pair of hot pants, high heels and a black top. She knew
she was going to get a lot of attention during this game.

Mia entered the room and saw that the game was already starting.

“Dammit” Mia said, having wanted to make it before the game started.

“Mia, over here.” Evil said as he motioned for her to come over. Mia sat at
the table containing her, Sheridan, a collared and leashed Dina Lohan,
Lindsay Lohan and Rachael Ray.

“What did I miss with this?” Mia asked in her Colombian accent.

Sheridan merely smiled as Lindsay Lohan couldn’t take her eyes off her mom.

“Trust me, it’s a good story.” Evil said.

* * *

Raw lifted the
recorder out from the broken glass that laid spread across the floor. He
found the eject button and pressed it.

“Nothing”, he exclaimed.

Frustrated, Raw slammed the recorder on the nightstand and went to go put on
his shorts. He pulled a shirt on and slipped his shades over his eyes. He
grabbed the green recorder and shoved it into his pocket.

“Where are you going?” Naomi asked.

“I don’t know, Naomi”, he responded quickly, “All I know is that I have to
find the tape that goes into this thing and try to figure out why some
people produce a certain color around them and what all this means. And the
icing on the fucking cake……..I still have to find Popi!”

“What are we going to do with her?” Jennifer asked still in bed and pointing
at Dana.

“Well, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get much information out of her
right now. So just tie her up or something and we’ll come back to her
later.” Raw shot back and slammed the door.

He walked quickly down the corridor, hoping to see the elevator around the
next corner. He heard the door open and shut behind him. Footsteps from
behind approached quickly. He wasn’t sure what everything was meaning, but
he was tired of answering questions.

“Hey, Raw!” a voice spoke up from behind. A hand came to his shoulder and he
turned around.

Jaime Pressly was standing there in a lime-green bikini and a white bag
hanging off her shoulder.

“What do you want Jaime?” Raw hissed.

“What the fuck is your problem, Raw?”, she shot back, “I haven’t seen you
since yesterday and you fuckin’ talk to me like that. Fine, I don’t want to
fuckin’ talk to you anyway!”

She turned to storm away. Raw quickly reached out and grabbed her by her

“Jaime…….I’m sorry. I apologize for snapping at you like that. It’s
nothing against you, it’s just…………I have a lot of things on my mind
that it feels like my head is going to blow off.”, he told her.

“What’s the matter, Raw?” she asked as she stepped in closer to him.

“Have you seen Roselyn recently?”

“Not since yesterday evening. Why?” she asked.

“Yesterday evening? Don’t you mean yesterday afternoon? Remember? In our
suite.” his voice got louder.

“No, after that. I’m not sure where you were, but she came to my room and we

Raw held Jaime by her arms and walked in closer to her.

“This is important, Jaime.” he told her, “I need you to tell me everything
that happened, okay?”

* * *

Bikini clad, Gwen and Emma roamed the deck looking for an good place to sun
themselves when they saw Lexa on a deck chair doing just that eyes closed.
They promptly sat on either side of her and started running their hands up
and down her body, which was still wearing the nurse’s uniform but with the
front unzipped to just above her pubic area. Her eyes flew open, startled
until she saw who it was and then she leaned forward just enough so that
they could peel the top part off leaving her bare breasted and then each
took one lovely tit in their mouth.

“So,” asked Gwen, raising her head, “have you been out here all night?”

“Oh, no, I spent a delightful evening in sick bay.” She then proceeded to
tell her companions of her adventure with Michelle Rodriguez.

“And you left that poor woman still tied up? That’s awful,” said Emma.

“It was just a joke kid. She’ll be fine. Someone will let her

“Yes, someone will,” Emma said primly, getting up. “Excuse me,” and she
walked off.

“Bit of a stick up her ass, isn’t there?” Lexa commented. “Nice ass
though,” she conceded.

Gwen sighed. “I’m afraid she’s still a virgin in more ways than one.

“So is Tricky going to leave her one or what? Horrible waste if so.”

“Oh no, he has definite plans for her for after his ‘Great Revenge’ comes

“Soooo, do you think he’s in love with her,” Lexa asked in a voice that was
just a bit too casual.

“Why, are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Why would I be jealous, I’m just here for the sex. Which he
hasn’t given me any of, I might add.”

“You are jealous!”

“AM not.”

“Are too”

“It’s not like we couldn’t get laid by anyone on this ship after all,” Lexa
said to change the subject. “After all, we’re two hot babes in almost no

“True, so why don’t we lie here and see who picks us up?”

* * *

“Hey,” Raven said at Summer’s threat. “You’re not the only one with a use
for his balls so no ripping, tearing or biting allowed.” With that she
reached over the slender woman to protectively stroke Trickster’s testicles.
This brought the expanse of her tits in range of Summer’s mouth, which
leapt up and started rather aggressively suckling one rich, dark nipple.

“Well, nibbling is allowed,” said Trickster, which Raven proceeded to do.
To do this of course she had to crawl slowly over Summer, much to the other
young woman’s titillation. Her own arms started exploring every available
surface of the larger girl’s body, particularly her butt. As she warmed up,
in more ways than one, Summer found her energy level on a definite rise.

“Trickster, you got any lubricant around here?”

“Nightstand…unh… top drawer.”

Summer wriggled out from under Raven to reach the nightstand and took out a
jar of cold cream. She greased up her fingers and then pushed one into the
other woman’s rectum. Raven winced a bit but soon found it pleasant, even
after a second finger was inserted.

For his part, Trickster was inspired and withdrew his dusky love’s face off
his cock.

“Rearrangement time,” he announced. After a bit of shuffling he was ramming
it into Raven’s poop chute while the two ladies engaged in an intense
sixty-nine. The pain/pleasure of having her butt fucked, combined with the
definite pleasure of Summer’s tongue in her pussy soon had Raven jerking and
shuddering as if she was being electrocuted. This had it’s own effect on
Summer and both girls soon came.

But the pale, semi-anorexic cutie was not yet satisfied.

“I said I wanted your cock, and I meant it!” she cried in a voice twice her
size. Since Trickster had not yet come he was more than happy to oblige.
Raven wiped his member clean with a handy handful of Kleenex and was soon
urging him on as he gave Summer the heat she so desperately craved.

“Yeah, that’s right, fuck her. Fuck her good!’

“He is, he is! OOOOHHHHHFUCCCKKKKK!” Summer screamed as she and Trickster
same simultaneously.

As the threesome wound down in after play Raven’s head came up from Summer’s

“Oh snap, we’re missing the poker tournament”

“Do we care?” asked Trickster drowsily.

His two partner’s looked at each other across him.

“Naaah!” they said together.

* * *

Still alone and tied up Michelle found her temper steadily rising to
encompass not only Rachel Ray and Lexa Doig but the sick bay staff (Where
the Hell, were they) the ships crew and indeed all of mankind.

And then she heard a voice that seemed to personify sweetness and innocence.

“Hello? Are you still there Michelle?”

“Who is it? Someone else come to taunt me?”

Emma came around the corner. “Actually I’ve come to save you. But not if
you’re going to be rude about it.”

“You try being tied up for as long as I have and see how pleasant you are.”

Emma had to admit this was true. She looked through the drawers and
cabinets and soon found a pair of surgical scissors. She soon had Michelle

“Thank you.” She tried to stretch and winced in pain.

“Are you all right?”

“Of course I’m not all right. I’ve been tied into one position all night.
I can barely move.” She soon found Emma Behind her slowly pushing her into
an upward position. She then felt small hands massaging her back with
unexpected skill.

“Mmmm, thanks kid. Where’s you learn that?”

“From Tricksy, and the name is Emma, not ‘kid’.”

“So, this Trickster’s okay to you?”

“He’s very nice and the backrubs are wonderful.” She giggled. “His front
rubs are good too.”

“Would you like me to show you how good my front rubs can be?”

“Delighted.” Soon they were facing each other and Emma’s top was off
exposing her small but very nice boobs. Soon Michelle’s hands and mouth had
her cooing like a dove while she demonstrated that she too could give a mean
“front rub”. Their tongues mingled together even as their hands explored
each other. Soon they were on the floor, Michelle riding Emma’s face

“Oh! Oh yeah!” Finally *she* was in charge . Her hips bucks rhythmically
as she came closer and closer to coming. Emma’s small delicate hands
gripped her ass cheeks with surprising strength as the older woman orgasmed.

“YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” As she collapsed. She kissed the young English lovely

“Thanks Ki…Emma but I’ve got to go now, Evil’s must be frantic. Plus I
have a bitch of a cook and a nurse to strangle.”

“You won’t really hurt them will you?” Emma pleaded. “Please? For me?”

“Well, only a little,” Michelle conceded as she got up and left an exhausted
Emma on the floor to recover.

* * *

“Damn,” TRL said as he sat
down at his assigned poker table. “Looks like this table’s already stacked.”

“Funny,” Natalie said, giving him a quick hug. “Any luck finding Keira?”

“No luck on Keira, but have you perhaps seen Danica lately?”

“Yeah,” Natalie said. “She wasn’t going to join in the tournament, but at
the last minute she decided to, why?”

“Ashley Judd is dying to meet her,” TRL replied.

“I’ll hook them up as soon as we’re done here.”

“Cool,” TRL said, smiling over at his other tablemates. Per the rules, early
in the tournament, only one author could sit at a table. As the number of
players got lower, that would change, as there would no doubt be at couple
of author who made it further along.

Right now, TRL sat at a table that was more than enough to make his mouth
water. Natalie aside, he sat with Rachael Leigh Cook, Tricia Helfer, and
Shania Twain. Ironically, TRL had slept with the entire table at some point
or another, but considering each and every one of the girls was more than
worth a second trip, he was happy to be sitting where he was. Now, if only
the hard-on in his Yoda trunks didn’t distract him from playing.

“All right,” the dealer said, shuffling the cards. “You each have 1,000 in
chips.” The dealer was a cute little redhead who worked on the crew, and
whose nametag read simply “Julie.” TRL smiled at her, wondering idly if
she’d be interested in sharing any of the girls at the table with him.

“The game right now is Texas Hold ‘em, but that can change if everyone at
the table agrees,” Julie continued. “As Victoria said, clothes can count as
money if you run out of cash, but you can only bet one item of clothing per
turn – in other words, a bra is worth whatever the money on the table is
worth, no ifs ands or butts.”

“Cool,” Tricia said. They each had Ten white chips worth 10 bucks each, 10
Green chips worth 25 a pop, 5 red ones worth 50 each, and four blue worth
100 dollars a chip. They made for rather nice stacks. They quickly drew
cards to see who went first, and Natalie drew the high card. That meant TRL
would be going second, followed by Shania, Tricia, and finally Rachael.”

“Ante’s Ten to get into the game,” Julie said happily as she dealt out the
cards. “No blinds to start with, we’re saving those for later tables.”

TRL checked his draw – a 9 of Diamonds and a 7 of Clubs. Worthless. Natalie
Anted in for 10, and TRL quickly folded. Shania threw her cards in right
after he did, and then Tricia called for ten as well. Rachael folded too,
leaving Natalie and Tricia in heads up action. The flop came up, and TRL
was instantly glad he’d folded – King of Clubs, Five of Spades, and King of
Spades. Natalie folded, and Tricia scored a whopping ten bucks.

“This,” Shania muttered, “Is going to be a long game.”

“Calm down, honey,” Tricia said, smiling that wicked smile of hers. “We’re
just getting started.

Julie shuffled, and this time it was TRL’s turn to start. He drew the King
of Clubs and the 3 of Hearts. The King made it playable in his mind, so he
went in for ten. Surprisingly, all of the girls did likewise, making TRL

“Full table action,” Julie smiled as she laid out the flop – the Two and 5
of Clubs, and the two of Hearts. There was a pair on the table, but it
wasn’t helping TRL much. Considering how the girls were playing, he decided
to cut his losses and folded right away. Shania added ten to the pot, and
Tricia quickly folded. Rachael did likewise, but Natalie threw in twenty

“Raise ten,” she said quietly. Shania matched her without saying a word, and
Julie dealt the next card – a 6 of Hearts.

Natalie quickly raised another twenty. Shania gave her a long look, and must
have figured Natalie was bluffing, because she called the bet.

The River came next, and it was a 7 of Diamonds.

Natalie quietly raised ten. Shania must have thought she’d caught the young
actress bluffing, because she smiled and raised the bet by another ten.

“Call,” Natalie said, throwing in her ten to match the pot.

Shania put down her cards – a Jack of Clubs and a 7 of clubs, for two pairs.
TRL thought she was probably going for the Club flush, fighting her way to
the river, but two pairs was nothing to sneeze at.

“Full house,” Natalie said, putting down her cards – a pair of sixes – with
the 6 on the table and the pair of twos, she did, indeed, have a full house.

“Damn!” Shania muttered. Natalie just smiled as she raked in a pot worth 170

“You’re ruthless when you play poker,” TRL muttered to Natalie.

“I haven’t even started on you yet,” she said back, smiling

* * *

“When I talked to you last night, you said
that you hadn’t seen her since that afternoon. Now you’re saying that you
saw her last evening?” Raw spoke angrily.

Jaime’s eyes glistened as tears rolled down her cheeks. She would not make
eye contact with him as he got closer to her face.

“Jaime, I need to know what happened and what the hell you’ve done. I’m
tired of playing these fucking games. All I want to do is find Roselyn and
try to enjoy the rest of the cruise.” he sternly spoke, “Now tell me what
the fuck happened………..now.”

Jaime began mumbling incoherently as the tears flowed heavier down her face.
She wiped at her wet cheeks but could not hold them back.

“She…….she’s gone by now, Raw.” he sobbed.

“Where has she gone? Who is the one responsible for this? And for the last
fucking time, what the fuck happened yesterday evening?” he yelled as his
fists slammed into the wall behind her.

“Roselyn came by my place yesterday and said that you had fell asleep in
your room. We were talking and laughing until the lights went off. I heard
this loud banging noise from my balcony. The curtains were drawn, but I
could see a group of figures standing just outside the window. There was
this eerie green light that lit up the whole room. By the time I walked over
there and slid the glass door open, the lights came back on and Popi was
gone. I thought she was playing a joke on me. Hell, I thought you both were
in on it, Raw. How was I supposed to believe that that was real?” she
exclaimed while still wiping at her eyes.

Raw shook his head in disbelief.

“Why did you give me this matchbook?” Raw said as he produced them from his
pocket and held them in front of her face.

“Just before I met up with Roselyn, I had gone to that bar. Some strange
woman with bright green eyes had given them to me & told me to give them to
the first one who needed a light, that’s all.”

“Her name couldn’t have been Rhona, could it?” Raw asked as he stepped back.

“She never gave me her name and they don’t wear nametags or anything

“Damn, I still have no idea what happened to me yesterday.”

“Does that scare you?” she asked.

“Yeah, but not as scared as not knowing what happened to my Mariposa.” he

* * *

A short while ago….

Hamster walked into the Gambling hall flanked by the Panbaker girls on one
side and Anne Hathaway and Michelle Tratchenberg on the other. He was
immediately stopped by Evil.

“What?” Hamster asked.

“Forget about it.” Evil said.

“What?” Hamster repeated.

“It’s well established fact that you are a cheater. You paid for your
courses at USC by gambling and you have tricked at least 3 innocent celebs
into becoming your sex slaves with your dodgy poker skills. I heard you even
won a game with 5 queens once.” Evil said.

“First of all it was 5 girls. Secondly what’s wrong with drawing 5 queens.”
Asked Hamster.

“Nothing was wild, two other players already had Queens and they were all
Queens of Spades.” Evil said with exaggerated patience.

“I promise to behave myself.” Hamster said as he awaited Evil’s

Evil sighed as Hamster stood near his table with the four
actresses. He looked toward Sheridan, then nodded toward Hamster.

“Search him.” he said as they both stood up. Sheridan aggressively threw
Hamster against the table and went through his pockets. Evil meanwhile, led
Anne Hathaway toward the table and gently caressed her as he searched her.

Sheridan pulled another deck of cards out of Hammy’s pocket as Evil ran his
hand up Anne’s leg and pulled a pair of aces out from under the hem of her
dress, and a pair of kings from under the waistband of her panties.

“Nice one Hammy…” Evil said as he continued his sensual search of Anne’s
body. “…hiding cards here.” Evil reached into Anne’s ample cleavage and
pulled out two more Aces.

Sheridan pulled out another deck of cards from his shoe. Sheridan bonked him
on the head with that deck as Evil stood up.

“Sheridan, I think you should finish the other three searches. I need to
finish up with Anne with a total strip search. I’ll be right back.” Evil
said as he led a giggling Anne away as Sheridan eyed the other three
actresses greedily.

* * *

Jennifer Garner sat down on a deck chair next to the pool. She needed to get
out of that room or she was going to go stir crazy.

She just laid back and drifted off to sleep. While dreaming she dreamt of
her life with her new husband.

It was going to be hectic, but she knew that Evil loved her. She wasn’t
asleep very long because she woke with a start. She heard familiar laughing
near the pool, he looked up to see Evil and Anne Hathaway come on to the

Jennifer pulled her hat down over her face and hoped they would leave.

Evil felt up Anne while everyone who wasn’t playing poker watched. Anne
giggled as Evil slid his fingers into Anne and she let out a moan.

“Let’s do this in my room.” Evil said as he led a panting Anne back into the

Jennifer sighed and wiped her brow, that was the closest she has come to
being caught, she didn’t even mind seeing him with another woman.

“I better not let him see me again.” Jennifer said to herself as she went
into the pool.

* * *

Sheridan found more card hidden in various places on Tratchenberg and the
Panabaker sisters. Michelle seemed to enjoy the search and Sheridan actually
found a deck of cards hidden between Sheridan’s ass cheeks. Ms. Fluffy, the
Hyena kept circling Sheridan and putting her paws on the woman’s hips until
Sheridan finally caved and petted her.

“Dammit Hamster, what were you planning to do?” Sheridan demanded. “Cheat
all night through with cards Michelle had in her ass?”

“Baby I don’t actually cheat, I simply take advantage of the fact people
underestimate me because I’m weird. For example I bet you didn’t know that I
could do this.”

Hamster showed her his hand so she could see he wasn’t holding anything,
then he made a fist then reached into it with one finger, he began to tug
and as he did so he started to pull out what resembled a scarf at first.
Soon he pulled it all the way out and to Sheridan’s astonishment she saw
that it was not a scarf but rather panties he was holding. Sheridan’s
panties!!! She realized she was no longer wearing them as soon as she saw
Hamster holding them and not a moment before.

“How? What the fuck?” Sheridan stared in confusion.

“It’s magic baby.” Hamster said. “Now since you searched me I think I should
be allowed to search you. I’ll start here.”

Hamster grabbed her boobs and squeezed. She promptly kicked him in the nuts
then snatched her panties away and stormed off. Hamster collapsed on the
floor in a heap.

* * *

“Welcome back to the Luxury’s closed-circuit TV coverage of the first CSSA
Poker tournament. I’m Willa Ford, and my co-host and color analyst is Shauna
Hiatt, and we’re coming to you live from the Gambling Hall of the Luxury,
where the hottest celebs and CSSA’s most adventurous writers are playing for
a massive pot in cash, and plenty of access to the losers.”

Amanda Tapping glanced up from the bed, where he face had been half buried
in the sheets, and saw that, indeed, the TV was on. How long had she and IYG
been here? Ever since TRL had introduced them, Amanda and IYG had been more
or less constantly fucking. And Amanda, for one, hadn’t regretted a single

“Hey,” IYG said, coming back from the bathroom and handing her a glass of
water. “Is that the poker tournament?”

“Looks like it,” Amanda said, rolling her naked body over and smiling up at
IYG. “Why, were you interested in playing in it?”

“I thought about it,” IYG said, sitting down on the bed next to Amanda. She
took the opportunity to reach over and gently start stroking his cock. “But
I decided against it.”

“That’s right, Willa,” Shauna Hiatt was saying on the TV. “And already, we
have a clear front-runner. Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has already won
half the chips on her table, and Katee Sakhoff’s shirt. While some games may
be going slow, and other haven’t even started yet, it’s already looking like
Lauren may be the one to watch.”

“Why don’t you want to play?” Amanda asked, stroking IYG’s cock more. God,
how many times had he shot his load inside her already? Two? Three? Five?

“I’m not very good with cards,” IYG said.

“I’m sure a lot of the people there aren’t good with cards,” Amanda replied,
moving closer to IYG’s lap. “It might be fun.”

“I’m having plenty of fun right here,” IYG said, reaching over and squeezing
her ass playfully.

“Shauna,” Willa said on the TV, “Do you have a favorite so far in the

“Well,” Shauna replied, “Lauren’s a clear favorite to move on. I’ve seen
Evil play before, and I know he’s good. I also think that if Natalie Portman
doesn’t advance, that would be a real upset.”

“I’m having plenty of fun here, too,” Amanda said, smiling as she went down
on IYG’s cock. God, she couldn’t get enough of him today.

“What about TRL?” Willa’s voice asked as IYG fell back on the bed, allowing
Amanda’s mouth to do it’s work on him.

“TRL’s a very conservative player,” Shauna said, “He’s won a lot of little
pots, but lost a lot of little pots, too. So far, he’s barely breaking even.
Natalie’s more aggressive with the chips, and unless someone gets really
lucky, look for her to take some serious cash from Shania and Rachael within
the next couple of hands. Best bet for that table, Tricia Helfer and Natalie
Portman in head-to-head action, with Natalie moving on with all the chips
and most of Tricia’s clothes.”

“You really don’t think TRL will make it?” Willa asked.

“That’s enough about TRL,” Amanda said, reaching up and grabbing the
clicker, shutting the TV off before she returned her mouth to IYG’s

* * *

“That should hold her.”, Jen exclaimed as she
finished tying Dana’s left ankle to the bedpost.

Since Raw had stormed out of the room, Jen and Naomi had been bust stripping
Dana from her apron and tying her wrists & ankles to the four bedposts.

Naomi dumped an entire pitcher of ice cold water down on her face. Dana
quickly woke up with a shock. She pulled at her restraints as her eyes
wandered around the room. Her sight focused on the two women glowing with
the colors that fueled her hatred.

“So, it must be the faithful helpers?” Dana hissed at them.

“Shut up.” Jen shot back with a blank expression on her face.

“I assume Ms. Driver has given you every single fact about our present
situation. Too bad it will all end in sorrow for all of those who oppose The

“And who might that be?” Naomi asked standing next to the bed.

“Poor yellow child, has Driver not been most forthcoming with you? Surely
she has all the answers and isn’t just some crazy cunt with a desire for
attention, right?” Dana laughed.

“We know everything.” Jen stated.

“Is that so? Well, if that’s so then why is Raw still wandering the ship’s
halls in agony?”

“Who is behind this?” Naomi interjected.

Dana looked over at her with an evil grin.

“He is returning from his own personal hell. He has been banished for far
too long and he will have his revenge. He is weak and he hungers. He hungers
for a sacrifice.”

“Who are you talking about?” Jen asked angrily.

“Not to worry, my darling. All will be revealed when the sacrifice is
complete and we shall haunt the seas again.”

Dana’s laughter grew louder and louder until the windows shook. Her naked
body glowed a bright green tint as she pulled at her restraints once again.

“Shut up!”, Naomi screamed.

Suddenly, the laughter stopped dead and the green color vanished.

“And to think, all would have been a loss if he hadn’t accepted that drink.”
Dana sneered.

“Naomi, could you get me the instruments? It’s time to teach this rude bitch
a lesson.” Jen smiled sarcastically.

* * *

As Evil and Anne Hathaway entered the cabin he was sharing with Sheridan,
they were furiously kissing and Evil had Anne’s legs wrapped around his
waist. when they entered the room Anne slid out of her dress revealing the
that she was wearing no bra. Her firm C-cupped breasts were sporting a pair
of thick hard stiff nipples. the black lace thong she had on didn’t leave
much to the imagination either.

Evil sat there stunned as he stared at Anne’s luscious body. Evil came out
of his state of lust when he started pulling at his t shirt as well.

“Now it’s your turn baby…”, Anne started, “…whatcha hidin’ under them
leather pants?”

Evil stood up and kisses Anne and whispered. “You do it” to her.

Anne knelt in front of him and took hold of the buckle and pulled them

down. Evil stepped out of his pants and kneeled in front of Anne and
immediately went for her panties, he hooked his tongue under the string at
the side of Anne’s thong. He slid his tongue down the string until it was
against the tiny front patch of the Knickers. Evil could smell Anne’s sweet
aroma and taste the salty/sweet flavor on the soaked patch. He bit down on
the little cloth patch and pulled it into his mouth sucking Anne’s juices
from it as he pulled them down.

Evil pushed his nose against Anne’s smooth hairless mound. Anne stiffened
and moaned quietly as Evil pulled the panties down her legs. Evil stood with
Anne’s g-string in his mouth. Anne leaned towards him and took them from
Evil with her own mouth. “MMM I am pretty good tasting aren’t I?” Anne said
then dropping the g-string.

Evil laid Anne down on the bed and began to lick and nibble on her breasts.
Anne loved the sensual feelings Evil was giving her. Evil’s tongue flitted
over her sensitive erect nipples. Down to her belly button then even further
down. Evil turned around so he could lower his cock into Anne’s mouth. They
were in the classic sixty-nine position.

Evil licked and sucked Anne’s pussy as she did the same thing to his cock.
Anne went to town going faster and faster wanting to beat Evil to the first
orgasm, but she too was building toward her own thanks to Evil’s talented
tongue. “MMMMMMM” Anne moaned as Evil brought her to orgasm, Anne then
finished Evil off as he came down her throat.

Anne was finding speech required too much concentration, especially when
Evil turned around and slid up her body and started licking and sucking her
breast, scraping his teeth gently as he withdrew, at the same time sucking
forcefully when all that remained in his mouth was one nipple.

His hand again strayed south and a wave of pleasure hit. His hands and lips
began roaming over Anne’s upper body, Evil’s fingers then started rubbing
between her labia though not yet entering.

“MMMMMMMMM!” Anne moaned, still coming down from her first orgasm. “More!
More! Ohyesplease, morrrrrre!”

Even as he kissed his way up Anne’s legs Evil’s fingers were entering and
exploring the girl’s vagina, bringing grunts and moans of pleasure. When he
found the girl’s clit and started rubbing it Anne’s muscles locked as a new
and incredible wave of pleasure running through her.

Evil’s upper lips met Anne’s lower ones. He began by tracing the outlines of
labia and vulva with his tongue then pushed it inside, gently at first then
more forcefully, Anne’s thighs clamped down around his head like a vice and
her surprisingly strong hands started grinding his face into her bush. The
screams of “Deeper! Harder!” were also a clue.

After Anne had finished cumming Evil managed to push the girl’s legs apart
enough to come up for air.

“You can let go of my hair now.” Evil replied

“Oh, sorry.” Anne said gathering herself.

* * *

Jennifer Garner made her way through the ship going back to her room and get
some more food in her. ‘This kid is going to be strong’ she thought to

Giggles followed Jennifer down the hallway, Jennifer looked behind her
questioningly and saw Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.

“Hi” Keira said seductively. Jennifer smiled knowing exactly what Keira

* * *

Moments later Anne Hathaway and Evil re-entered the Gambling Hall of Luxury
where the pokier tournament was being held. He approached his table and saw
Hamster on the ground holding his nuts.

“What did he do?” Evil asked as he sat down with a re-dressed Anne next to

“He did some trick where he removed my panties.” Sheridan said kicking
Hamster again in the ribs.

“That’s what you get for fucking with her man, you’re lucky her husband
isn’t here or you’d be hurting a lot worse.” Evil said to a fallen Hamster.
Evil then looked over the table and saw that Sheridan had cleaned out
Michelle Trachtenberg and the Panabaker sisters. The only thing either woman
had on were a pair of panties and Sheridan was about to take those too.

Sheridan checked her draw, she inwardly smirked as she had pocket Kings.

“What did you do with the cards you found on the ladies?” Evil asked.

“Tossed ’em overboard.” Sheridan said as she tossed in a $10 chip and the
ladies each removed their garments and placed them on the table as the flop
came up. 6 of clubs King of diamonds and a queen of clubs.

“Any of you ladies want to fold?” Sheridan asked as Evil looked over the
three ladies.

“Michelle, where’s Amber Tamblyn?” Evil asked.

“Probably in her room recovering from an orgasm.” Michelle replied as she
tossed in her cards.

The Panabaker sisters stayed in as the next card came up – an ace of

Kay folded but Danielle stayed in smirking.

The river card came up – Ace of Hearts.

Danielle showed her cards, Pocket Queens. Sheridan showed hers smiling.
Pocket Kings.

“Game over ladies, it’s been nice playing with you.” Evil said as he shook
hands, stepped over Hamster and led Anne Hathaway with him.

“On to your next conquests.” Evil said.

“Yeah, maybe this time you’ll actually get in some playing time.” Sheridan

“I was …….busy.” he said looking at Anne, who simply grinned.

* * *

Everybody want to be the King of the South

When they ain’t running a damn thing but their mouth

No doubt, it’s all good, y’all just stating y’all opinion

But in the South, in any hood, what I’m saying it’s a given…

Butch was bobbing his head to his new poker theme, “I’m A King”–the first
time he’d heard it before his home game he was the winner by a wide margin,
quadrupling his cash and then some. So now, that song was his “entrance
music”, and it also explained how he calmly walked into the room and headed
right for Table 19, Jessica Alba in tow. She was wearing a white sundress
and a pair of flip-flops, and looked refreshed. Probably something to do
with Butch’s restraint after the three-way last night. He claimed he was
focusing on winning the tournament; she chalked it up to him losing 12% of
his body weight via sweat and other bodily fluids.

He pulled out his seat, before taking one two away from her. She stared at

“What’re you doing?”

“Well, I can’t sit right next to you.” He popped the blue-tinted Oakleys to
his forehead. “You might try to seduce me.” With a wink, the shades went
back on his head.

“So do you know who else is at our table?”

Butch just shrugged. “It won’t matter. Unless it’s Danny Negreanu, Phil
Ivey, Doyle Brunson and Phil Gordon, I’m going to run this table over like a
slope.” He grinned widely, patting his good-luck Ronnie Lott 49ers

Jessica looked at him, and sat back in her chair. “Who’re they?”

Butch looked at her as if she said she was going to make Honey 2. “…you
know, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.”

“Is this 19?”

“No, I’m 26–” He turned to look, and saw a beautiful Korean woman in a
cutoff A&F top with a pair of board shorts on, showing plenty of leg.
“Actually, I’m…I’m…”

“I’m Grace Park,” she continued amicably, because clearly looks like hers
had given her the prior experience of turning a man’s brain function into so
much flatline. “Wow! You’re Jessica Alba!”

Jessica laughed. “Only by day–by night I’m a cyborg crime fighter in
post-apocalyptic Seattle.” She shook Grace’s hand, and smiled.


“Really? I’m a cyborg, but up in space.” She took the seat to Butch’s
left, and scooted herself in. Butch smiled at Jessica, and continued to
hold his goofy smile. Anybody he wanted, she said yesterday. She’d seen
him give Grace a 2-second undressing in his eyes hours ago before she’d
almost driven him through the deck chair with the force of her thighs.

It suddenly became clear to him he was going to make Jessica go down on
Grace, barring something major coming along to change his plans.

A blonde took a seat next to Grace, placing a microphone on the table next
to herself before wiggling out her hair. Wearing a black wrap over the
lower-half of a two-piece pink bikini, she looked quite fine in Butch’s
eyes. She wasn’t the reason he’d started watching poker; she WAS the reason
he contemplated going to breaks without his pants on.

“Grace Park.”

“Shana Hiatt.” The two newest members of the menagerie shook hands, and as
Jessica shook Shana’s hand in introduction the latter’s jaw dropped.
Jessica smiled as Butch turned his head to the right in following Shana’s

He almost pulled a Linda Blair.

One last person at table 19, right?

One last really hot statuesque brunette with the best lips in the world
who’d been the reason Butch had a carb-filled dinner and a three-way with

And, wouldn’t you know it, Angelina Jolie had forgotten her clothes. Well,
except the pair of heels.

The last seat was on Butch’s right, right between the two lovebirds, but she
only kissed Jessica. With a lascivious smile, she looked at the dealer
(male), going into a shake across from her nipples.

“You know, instead of stripping, if I lose all my cash I’m just going to
make it back with sexual favors. Is that cool with everybody?”

“I–er–oh, my.”

The four women and the author looked over at where the dealer’s name tag
faced the sky along with the rest of a man they only knew as Nathaniel.
Angelina smirked as everyone else looked on in shock.

“Well.”, said the star of Girl, Interrupted. “We’re going to need a new

“Yeah.” stutted Butch after a few seconds. Jessica finally managed to get
her mouth closed–even after sucking and licking at it yesterday, Angelina
Jolie naked was nothing to sneeze at. “Does anybody know what the rules

Shana said, “I do–we get a grand in chips for playing Texas Hold ‘Em, and
we can exchange clothes for cash when we run out–” she paused to look at
Angelina, and felt a distinct drop of sweat pool in her bellybutton “–or,
in, uh, Angelina’s case, sexual favors.” She swallowed, trying not to show
her arousal. “Whites go for ten bucks, greens are $25, the five red ones go
for fifty, and your four blues are $100 each.”

Grace smiled. “We’re lucky one of the hostesses got our table.”

A man in natty attire ran up, named Lucas. “What happened to NaHOLY SHIT!”

The reason smiled.

“Hi, I’m Angelina.”

Lucas took it in and swallowed. “I can see that.”

* * *

pain was almost gone but Hamster continued to lay on the ground out of sheer
irritation. Evil had made off with his girls and not only had Sheridan
kicked him in the balls (something he could forgive) She had kicked him
while he was down (something he could not).

He felt a gentle hand on his chest and heard a sweet angelic voice.

“Are you OK? I saw the whole thing.”

Hamster opened his eyes and saw the face of a pretty blonde.

“Whoa are you?” Hamster asked with great interest.

“I’m Carrie Underwood. I won American Idol. You haven’t heard of me.” She
asked disappointed.

“Sorry, I don’t watch Reality TV, even though I suddenly wish that I did.
HEY! I do know you. You are the hot blonde in the Hershey commercials.”
Hamster said.

Ms. Fluffy stalked up and began to lick Carrie’s face. She giggled. Hamster
was in love.

* * *

“So,” Jennifer Garner asked as Keira and
Sienna lead her back to Keira’s room. “What are you two doing here instead
of watching the poker game?”

“Hiding, if you must know,” Sienna said, sighing. “Charlotte Church has been
after us all day.”

“Charlotte Church,” Jennifer said, surprised. “God, I’d love to get my hands
on those tits of hers.”

“Well, watch it if you do,” Keira said, opening the door to her room. “Once
you’ve touched them, she never lets you go.”

“Clingy, is she?” Jennifer asked as Sienna lead her inside.

“You could say that,” Sienna replied. “Now, I’ve never had a pregnant woman
before. What’s it like?”

“About the same as a regular woman,” Jennifer smiled, reaching over and
kissing Sienna. “Only you just have to watch the belly.”

“Personally,” Keira said, coming up behind Jennifer and wrapping her arms
around the American’s waist, “I think having that pregnant belly is sexy.”

“Mmmm,” Jennifer moaned as Keira’s hands found her swollen tits. “Thank

“So,” Sienna asked as she slowly stripped out of her bikini. “How many times
did you have to fuck Ben Affleck to get knocked up?”

“Oh, it’s not Ben’s baby,” Jen said as Keira’s hand moved south, traveling
over her belly. “It’s Evil’s.”

“Your baby is Evil?” Sienna asked, confused as she stepped out of her suit
and stood naked before the other two girls.

“No, no, Evil, the author, is the baby’s father. We’re married.”

“Then Ben…” Keira asked.

“Is just a Hollywood smokescreen. Like how Sarah Michelle Gellar is the
smokescreen to cover the fact that Freddie Prinze Jr. is gay.”

“Ah,” Keira said, kissing Jennifer’s ear. “Well, I don’t care who’s baby it
is. As of right now, you’re my little mama. And I’m going to treat mama

With that, Sienna and Keira lowered Jennifer to the bed, and started
removing the American babe’s clothes.

* * *

Kojain woke up,
feeling refreshed. Beyonce and Kelly were still by his sides, waking up
shortly after he did.

“What a night.”, Kojain yawned.

“Yeah. No kidding.”, Kelly replied. “Hey Beyonce, Get up girl.”

Beyonce wiped the sleep from her eyes, “Yeah Yeah! I’m up already.” She

Kelly Rowland got up and headed towards the bathroom. “I’m gonna wash up.
I’ll be back.”

After Kelly closed the bathroom door, Kojain turned his head towards

“Bey, Why did you do this?”, Kojain asked.

“Do what?” Beyonce asked, in mock innocence.

Kojain raised his eyebrow, “You know what I mean! Why did you lie to Kelly
saying I wanted a threesome? Was it the only way for you to get at me?”

Beyonce sighed, “Yes. I’m sorry Koj. I didn’t mean to. I was just so upset
about Hater leaving and all. That and I was kinda jealous about you and

Kojain nodded and said, “Listen, I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t feel
good. But please let it be know that this can never happen again. Okay?”

Beyonce shook her head and replied, “Okay. I didn’t know you felt this way
about me.”

“Don’t get me wrong Beyonce, I think you’re very beautiful and a great
person. But I can’t betray Hater. No matter how much of a fool he can be.
When our first minute of friendship started, we said to each other that if
we ever met you 2 that he would be with you and I would be with Kelly. It
was kinda strange because we were so young back then and didn’t know we
would go this far.” Kojain explained.

Beyonce giggled, “Wow. I bet you 2 had some fun times.”

Kojain grinned, “Yeah. He’s like a brother to me. We would watch your
performances on TV and we would scream at each other on which one of you was
wearing the hotter outfit. It’s kinda funny how we still kinda argue about
it to this day.”

“Oh really? So you didn’t like me or Michelle?”, Beyonce smirked.

“Don’t get me wrong. I think you and Michelle are very pretty! It’s just
that he had a special connection to you like I have a special connection to
Kelly, understand?” Kojain asked, nervously.

Beyonce laughed, “It’s okay. Don’t get bent out of shape. I was only teasing

Kojain made a sigh of relief. “Phew, as long as you’re not mad at me.”

“I’m not. In fact, you’ve been a really good friend and I thank you.”
Beyonce said as she reached over and gave Kojain a hug.

“No problem.” Kojain replied.

Kojain and Beyonce released as Kelly came out of the bathroom.

“So… What are we gonna do today?” Kelly asked.

“Some of the guys are gonna be playing Poker. I’m really not into that sort
of thing.” Kojain said.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m going to take a walk. Talk to you guys
later. Beyonce said, as she got up to leave.

“Okay Bey, see you around then.” Kelly said.

Once Beyonce left the room, Kelly looked at Kojain for a moment.

“So, did you really want to have a threesome with us?” Kelly asked.

Kojain said, “I wasn’t expecting it to be honest with you. I know Beyonce
was upset about Hater leaving, which is probably the reason why she wanted
to try it out.”

Kelly nodded, “I’m not mad about it, mind you. I know she’s been upset. I
guess she felt a little better afterwards though.”

“Well, let me tell you this. Once this cruise is over with, I’m going to get
Hater back with Beyonce. Even if I have to hogtie him and drag him to
Beyonce.” Kojain proclaimed.

Kelly giggled, “He’s that stubborn, huh?”

“My dear, you have NO idea.”, Kojain grinned.

Kelly said, “At first I really didn’t like him around Beyonce. I guess
because I was so protective over her. But once I saw that he was such a nice
guy, I was hoping that I’d meet someone as well. And lucky enough, I found

Kojain blushed, “Oh Kelly… You’re making me blush.”

Kelly slowly caressed Kojain’s cheek, causing him to shudder slightly.

“So, how was it like giving it to Beyonce in the rear?”, Kelly asked with a

“Oh come on! Don’t even start now!”, Kojain said with a smirk.

“I bet you wish I had a booty like her’s, right?”, Kelly grinned.

“I’m not going to answer that.”, Kojain replied.

Kelly didn’t say a word, she slithered over to Kojain and started to tickle
him. Sending him into a fit of laughter. He struggled and began to wrestle
back with her, grabbing her rear end.

“Ooh…!” Kelly shrieked, as Kojain fondled her ass.

“See? You got a nice butt!”, Kojain laughed as he smacked it lightly.

Kelly reached around and groped Kojain’s dick, which was fully awake.

“Mmmmm, I guess I better assume the position then.” Kelly said, as she got
on all fours.

“Damn straight.”, Kojain said, getting behind her and ran his dick along the
entrance of her pussy.

Kelly gasped as Kojain grabbed her hair and started to hump her doggy style,
going at a steady pace to give her the right amount of pleasure.

After about 5 minutes, Kelly signaled him to stop.

“Okay, now stick it in my ass.”, Kelly moaned.

Kojain didn’t have to be told twice. He removed his well-tubed cock from one
hole to the other. As he started his low entrance, Kelly gave out a painful

“Kelly, are you sure you want to do this?”, Kojain asked, making sure he
wasn’t going to hurt her.

“Yes. If Beyonce can take it then so can I.”, Kelly said.

Kojain restarted to enter Kelly’s butt. Her breathing started to get heavier
as Kojain increased his pace of which he was fucking her ass.

“Oh yeah… That feels good Kojain.”, Kelly spoke as he was fucking her, “It
feels awkward, but in a good way.”.

Kojain’s pleasure was similar. It was much different from the normal
intercourse they usually have together, but it did feel great. His orgasm
seemed to come quicker than normal. He pulled out of her and splashed his
juices all over her backside. He felt back to the bed, tired.

“Well, that was different. I don’t know if I can do that all the time. But
it felt good.”, Kelly grinned.

Kojain smirked, “Yeah. That was good.”

“I guess I better go get cleaned up again.”, Kelly said, getting up to head
towards the bathroom.

Kojain got up as well, “Wait up, I’ll come over and help you.” He said with
a grin.

* * *

“I can’t believe that Hamster owns a hyena,”
Jennifer Aniston marveled.

“How on Earth can a hamster own a hyena,” Stacy Ferguson asked.

“Not a hamster, the owner’s author name is Hamster,” Tom said.

“He’s a TSSA author, right,” Stephanie Sanders said.

“Correct,” Tom replied.

“This place is absolutly nucking futs,” Fergie said, looking at the place in
bewilderment. The first day was pretty crazy by itself to her, but as she
stood there in the yellow dress she wore to the VMA’s, she just couldn’t
believe everything that was happening around her.

“What can I say, I work with these guys about two or three stories a month,”
Jennifer said in her pink shoulder-strapped dress.

“Hey, I’m one of these guys,” Tom replied, wearing blue jean shorts and a
white Ben Wallace jersey with red “DETROIT” letters and a big red “3” with a
blue outlining.

“Yeah, but being with these guys is great,” Stephanie said in her Guess
business suit. The four were manning the bar and keeping the drinks flowing
as the players kept coming for alcohol.

“So, what was your opinion of Jessica Biel,” Tom inquired his new friend.

“Let me show you,” Stephanie replied, yanking both Fergie and Jennifer by
the straps of their dresses and pulling them both in for a three-way
open-mouthed kiss. The next sound from Tom was a loud *THUD!*

* *

TRL was actually up some money when Kelly Clarkson and Eva Longoria
entered the gambling hall. Both wore bikini’s, and judging from the depth of
Kelly’s new tan, TRL suspected they’d been out on deck most of the

“Hey babe,” Kelly said, coming up to TRL and giving him a quick kiss on the

“Hey,” TRL said.

“Hey, babe,” Eva said, kissing Natalie Portman on the cheek.

“Thanks for including me,” Natalie said, smiling.

“So, who’s winning?” Kelly asked.

“It’s not me, that’s for sure,” Shania Twain muttered. “I need a break,
anyone else up for holding off on the next hand for five minutes?”

“Sure,” Tricia Helfer said, standing up and stretching. Everyone else
agreed, and TRL had a chance to catch up with Kelly.

“So, you spend all day sleeping in a lawn chair?” he asked.

“Hardly,” Kelly said. “Eva and I went rock climbing on the ship’s climbing
wall, and then we had a late lunch with Kate Beckinsale and Maria Menuounos,
and then we sat around on the aft deck with Scarlett Johansson and Amber

“Did you happen to see Keira anywhere?” Natalie asked.

“’Fraid not, though I heard Ashley Judd is looking for you and Danica,” Eva

“I think they’ve found each other already,” Kelly said, pointing across the

Danica Patrick was a fantastic racecar driver, a passable mechanic, and a
fine public speaker. She could bake cookies more or less from scratch, gave
excellent blowjobs, and knew all the state capitals by heart.

But she was a seriously sub-par poker player.

Case in point, here she was, only an hour or so into the game, and she was
tapped out.

“You can still bet clothing, you know,” Ashley Judd said to her as Danica
stood up from the table after loosing her last hand.

“I’d be naked in five hands anyway,” Danica said, smiling at the actress. “I
don’t know why I chose to play in the first place.”

“Everyone else was doing it, you just wanted to join in,” Ashley said. “Come
on, let me buy you a drink, and we can chat things up.”

“Your husband’s a race car driver, isn’t he?” Danica asked as Ashley lead
her over to the bar.

“Yep,” Ashley said as she stepped over an unconscious man wearing a Detroit
Jersey and approached the bar.

“Hey girls,” Ashley said to Jennifer, Fergie, and Stephanie.

“Hey Ashley,” Jennifer said. “What’ll it be?”

“Sex on the Beach for me,” Ashley said.

“No beaches on this ship, Ash, or I’d be more than happy to give you a go,”
Jennifer smiled.

“Oh, now THAT’s original,” Fergie muttered, rolling her eyes as she started
fixing Ashley’s drink. “What about you?” the singer asked Danica.

“Just a beer,” Danica said.

“Here you go,” Stephanie said, handing Danica an ice cold bottle. “Anything

“I think we’re all set,” Ashley said as Fergie handed her a drink.

“Cool. Don’t step on Tom on your way back to the tables,” Jennifer advised.
“He should be waking up in a little bit, once he realizes he’s not dead.”

Ashley laughed as she led Danica away.

“Is he drunk?” Danica asked.

“Only on lust,” Ashley said. “Which, by the way, you could certainly drive
someone to in that getup…”

* * *

Roselyn’s arms were let down
to her sides. Her mind was weary with absolutely zero sleep. Her entire body
felt numb as she could feel herself being walked across the room. Her eyes
squinted through the green cloth that surrounded her head. Two bodies helped
carry her across the room until she was stopped.

The four arms grabbed her by her arms and legs and lifted her up on some
sort of heavily padded table. Her body almost instinctively fell asleep as
this was the first time she was off of her feet since yesterday evening.

She heard the clanking of metal bars from the foot of her lying area. Too
tired to fight, two pairs of hands grabbed around her ankles and spread her
legs slowly apart. She felt the coldness of metal shackles being placed
around her naked ankles. She heard a metal object slide between the two
cuffs and lock into place. The hands removed themselves from her skin.

Her legs were held firmly in place as she tried to close them together. They
were a good three feet apart with no resistance. Another, or maybe the same
pair of hands, grabbed her by her wrists and clamped them to a pair of cuffs
on either side of her hips.

Roselyn almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the ice cold drops of
water being sprinkled all over her bare skin. Her nipples instantly hardened
and her mouth could only mutter a scream. The drops splashed all over her
body. She could feel them slither down between her thighs from her knees.
Her belly shook uncontrollably from the fierce dripping. The green around
her eyes became soaked with the wetness and everything turned to a darker

She felt a cloth, that was colder than all of the drops put together, being
touched directly on her vagina. Her body almost shook itself from the altar.
Hands and hands held her in her place as the cloth pressed harder against
her pubic mound.

About to pass out from exhaustion, Popi felt the cold steel of a blade being
brushed across her pubic hair.

* * *

“Oh, fuck, Yeah!”
Jennifer Garner moaned. She was flat on her back, pregnant belly up in the
air, and her legs spread as wide as they would go. Her breasts were in the
hands of Sienna Miller, who was happily playing with them, bending down
frequently to lick and suck on them. Jennifer figured she should get used to
having her nipples sucked on, but somehow, she figured her baby would feel
different than this.

If it didn’t, Jennifer could think of no reason not to breast feed the child
for life.

But despite Sienna’s fantastic efforts, Jennifer barely acknowledged the
sensation on her tits, because Keira Knightley was buried in her crotch,
those wonderfully pouty lips locked firmly around Jennifer’s clit.

“You like that?” Sienna asked, smiling down at Jennifer as her fingers
played over Jennifer’s swollen nipples.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Jennifer hissed. The Alias star was in heaven.

Suddenly, Keira slipped a finger up Jennifer’s ass. Jennifer came at once,
her entire body becoming nothing more than jell-o as she lost all control
over herself. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she reveled in the
wave after wave after wave of pleasure that coursed through her body.

When she came to, she realized two things – the first was that someone was
still sucking on her clit. The second was that it wasn’t Keira.

“Hello, Luv,” Keira said, leaning in and kissing Jennifer. Jen could taste
her own juices still fresh on Keira’s lips. Obviously, Sienna was still down
between her legs, but Jennifer was tired of just leaning on her back.

“Oh, no,” Jennifer said, pushing Keira off her. “It’s my turn to make one of
you cum.”

“Ooh, ooh! Do me, do me!” Sienna said, lifting up from Jennifer’s crotch.

“Okay,” Jennifer smiled, slowly rolling off the bed. “Keira, go get the
small black box I’ve got in my suitcase in the closet.”

“Ooh, is it toy time?” Keira asked, running off.

“You’ll see,” Jennifer said.

* * ** * **

TRL glanced down at his chips. It was a tough call as to who was leading
right now – him or Natalie. But one thing was sure, it wasn’t Shania,
Rachael, or Tricia. All three other babes were starting to hurt money wise,
and with the new 25 dollar mandatory ante, those who weren’t winning were
quickly running out of money.

Shania had first draw this time, and as everyone threw in their ante, Julie
dealt the cards. Shania quickly folded, as did Tricia. Rachael threw in ten,
and then Natalie folded. TRL looked at his cards – a Nine of spades and an
Eight of Clubs. Not much to work with, but he only had to worry about what
Rachael had. With the other three out, he was willing to put a bit of his
money down to see the flop, at least. He threw in ten, and waited for Julie
to draw the cards.

A Two of clubs, and 10 of hearts, and a king of Hearts hit the table. No
help to TRL at all, but what were the odds it was a help to Rachael? The
young actress hesitantly threw in another 10 chip, and TRL quickly matched
it – clearly, Rachael wasn’t sure of her hand. If he played his cards right
– literally – he might just be able to bluff this hand out…

A six of clubs came next, and Rachael very quickly threw in another 10. That
all but told TRL right there that she had a six in her hand – there weren’t
enough clubs on the table for a flush, nor were there any way two cards
could make a working straight.

TRL still had absolutely nothing, and if there had been even one more person
on the hand, he would’ve folded right then and there. But instead, he
decided to get clever. He threw in 10 to match Rachael bet, and then raised
her thirty.

THAT took Rachael buy surprise. TRL knew at once that she had to have
another six in her hand, because if she did have anything else – even two
pair – raising the pot another thirty would’ve been easy. But a simple pair
of sixes, with only one card more to go, was a weak hand to bet on, and
Rachael had played enough poker to know it. She hesitated for a long moment,
and then sighed.

“Fold,” she muttered.

TRL tried not to smile too much as he raked in the grand total of 205 bucks,
only a third of it or so his to begin with.

Suddenly, Kelly Clarkson was hanging on his shoulder. “I love a man who can
pull off a stone cold bluff,” she whispered in his ear. Something about the
way she said that made TRL pause, and when he felt her hand on his crotch,
he went stiff.

“That’s it,” Tricia said from across the table as Julie reshuffled the
cards. “Distract the bastard – he’s got most of my money, and I’d like to
get it back.”

“Careful, Tricia,” Natalie said, playfully swatting Kelly on the ass. “Or
Kelly here might just come and distract you.”

“Eh, I’m getting close to tapped out here anyway. Why don’t you come sit on
my lap for a bit, Kelly?” Tricia smiled. “You can leave your shorts where
you are.”

“Sorry, I gotta stick with my boy here,” Kelly said, removing her hands from
TRL’s crotch and standing back up behind him. “But when you’ve lost your
shirt, I’ll be happy to come sit in your lap then.”

* * *

and Sheridan sat at their table with Butch, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie,
Grace Park and Shana Hiatt. Anne Hathaway sat next to Evil and Dina Lohan
slid under the table and began licking Sheridan’s pussy.

“How did this come about?” Angelina asked as the cards started to be dealt.

“Hypnosis, its a fascinating study.” Sheridan replied smirking. Evil’s chip
count had not changed since he didn’t play at the last table so he anted up
first as Sheridan and Angelina looked at each other with lust in their eyes.

Evil rolled his eyes and looked at his cards. A pair of aces. What luck.

Three cards then hit the table, a 6 of clubs, a 4 of spades and a 3 of
hearts. No help to Evil but Sheridan tossed her cards in as did Angelina,
Grace and Shania. Just leaving Jessica, Butch, Evil and Sheridan.

Each tossed in their cards as Anne began to rub Evil’s crotch.

“Are you trying to distract me?” Evil asked as Anne giggled. Jessica grinned
and tossed in her chips as did Butch and Sheridan. The next card was a 5 of
clubs. Evil looked at the cards. All he needed was a 2 and he’d have a
straight. He tossed in a $25 green chip.

“Shit I fold.” Sheridan said tossing in her cards. Jessica and Butch tossed
in $25 as well and the final card came down

A 2 of spades.

Evil smirked at what he saw.

“I fold.”

“Me too”

Both Butch and Jessica tossed in their cards.

“Good move.” Evil replied showing his aces and raked in the whole pot.

“This is gonna be fun.” Evil said to Sheridan as Dina continued her oral
assault on Sheridan.

“Indeed it is.” said a voice from behind him.

“Where the hell have you been?” Evil asked as Michelle Rodriguez.

“I’ve been busy.” Michelle said as she sat down with her chips.

“Ante up.” Jessica Alba said as the next hand began.

* *

“There that should hold her for now.”, Jen spoke as she backed away
from the bed.

Dana’s entire body gyrated from the King Kong vibrator that Jennifer had so
easily shoved up into her cunt and left it on the highest setting. Dana
yelped into the ball gag that was shoved between her lips.

“Let’s catch up with Raw.”, Naomi exclaimed and the two headed for the door.

* * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * **
* ** * *

“I’ll help you in everyway I can, Raw. You know that.”, Jaime told him.

“Thanks, Jaime. It looks like I’ll need all the help I can get right now.”,
he spoke.

Jen & Naomi came jogging up to the two and stopped dead in their tracks.

“Hey, you two!” Naomi said.

“Where’s Dana?”, Raw asked.

“Not to worry, we took care of her. She’ll be busy for a while.” Jen

“As long as there’s no further distractions, I guess we need to start
searching.” Raw exclaimed.

“I wish we knew of a good place to start, this ship is huge.” Jaime added.

“We need to get our hands on a blueprint or something.” Naomi spoke.

“Maybe we could ask one of the crew members for one?” Jen said.

“Well, they do have directional signs of the ship all over the place.” Jaime

“Naomi and Jen have a point though. We need to find out every square inch of
this place. From the main pool on the top deck to where the janitors go to
the toilet. We need to know everything about this ship inside and out. I
also think that you two should try to get that in your hands. Some of the
male and perhaps some of the female crew members would be more willing to
help you two.” Raw stated.

“We’ll go check on that now and catch up with you two…….uh, where?”, Jen

“Somewhere there’s not a lot of people at the moment…..” Raw wondered.

“How about the theatre?” Jaime shot in.

“Cool, the theatre!” Raw said.

“We’ll see you there in two hours.” Naomi spoke and the two women headed for
the elevators.

“You think it’ll take them two hours to get a blueprint?” Jaime asked

“I guess they’re anticipating that most of the men are gay or something.”
Raw replied.

“And what makes you think that I couldn’t get my hands on something like
that?” Jaime smirked.

“I’d rather have you with me.” Raw smiled back.

“Raw!” a voice shouted down the hallway.

“Kojain! Hey, man! I didn’t even know you were here.” Raw shouted.

“I could say the same for you.” he replied as he walked up to them, holding
a bucket of ice.

Raw looked down at the small bucket of frozen pieces of water.

“Ah, Kelly must be back in the suite, huh?” Raw joked.

“You know me only too well, Raw.”

“Well, you’ve always been a man of very, very good taste.” Raw laughed.

“I’m not sure what this might mean, but a woman named Rho wanted me to give
this to you.” Kojain said as he pulled the micro cassette tape out of his
back pocket and placed it in Raw’s palm.

“When did you get this?” Raw asked.

“Last night, but I didn’t know where in the hell you were, as usual.” he

“Thanks, Koj.” Raw’s words drifted off.

“Is everything okay, Raw?” Kojain asked.

“Yeah, everything’s alright. I just have a few things to take care of.
Thanks again, man.”

“No problem. You need to relax, Raw, you’re on a cruise ship. If you’re
gonna take it easy and enjoy yourself, now’s the time to take care of that.”
Kojain said as he backed away.

“I’ll catch up with you later, Koj.” Raw replied as he stared with a lank
expression on his face.

“What is that, Raw?” Jaime asked.

Raw slowly pulled the recorder from his pocket and slipped the small tape
inside. His nervous fingers pressed the play button and his blood ran cold
as the tape began to play.

* * *

“Want another drink?” Ashley
Judd asked Danica Patrick as the two women watched the slowly dwindling
crowd playing poker.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Danica said. “I’ve had a few already. Too many more, and
a long shoreman with a wooden leg will be able to get into my pants.”

“Would that be so bad?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want the wooden leg to give me splinters,” Danica giggled

“Well, we’ll just have to find you someone with softer legs to get into your
pants,” Ashley said, smiling at her shorter companion.

Ashley had known of Danica for quite some time – Ashley’s husband raced on
the same circuit that Danica did, and there was no escaping the news of
Danica Patrick there. But Ashley – no stranger to lesbian sex herself, what
with affairs with Maria Menounos and Kate Beckinsale and half a dozen other
hot celebrity babes – really wanted was to get into Danica’s uniform. The
tiny little racecar driver had intoxicated Ashley since the first time the
actress had seen her take her helmet off. Since then, Ashley frequently
found herself masturbating to Danica’s sexy image. And while Ashley
certainly got plenty of sex from both her husband and her female lovers, she
still found time to lust after Danica as frequently as possible.

When Ashley had learned Danica was on the cruise ship, she’d told Maria and
Kate that she had someone special she had to do, and told them she’d make it
up to them later. Both happily agreed – a three-way lesbian relationship
where two of the women were married to men was obviously an open
relationship. Now, here she was, sharing drinks with the tiny little object
of her lust, and she was having a hard time pulling the trigger.

“Can I tell you something?” Danica asked suddenly.

“Sure,” Ashley said.

“I slept with Natalie Portman last night.”

“And?” Ashley said.

“T-that’s it,” Danica replied. “I mean, we had sex and everything.”

“Sweetheart, I slept with Kate Beckinsale and Maria Menounos last night,”
Ashley said. “I know Natalie – I’ve fucked Natalie – and I know that if you
spent the night with her, you had a wonderful time.”

“I did,” Danica whispered.

“Well, there, see, no big secret,” Ashley said, smiling at her new friend.

“I guess not.”

“Sweetheart,” Ashley said, taking Danica’s hand. “This is a CSSA cruise.
You’re here to have sex, either with authors, other celebrity women, or
both. Chances are you’re going to have a lot of lesbian sex before you’re
done here at CSSA.”

“I guess so,” Danica said. “But, I mean, I’ve only made love to Natalie so
far, and, well-”

“Well, what?” Ashley said, stepping closer to Danica. “You want to try
someone else?”

“Yes,” Danica whispered softly.

Ashley looked around and saw a door to the kitchen that no one seemed to be
coming in or out of. Smiling, she grabbed Danica by the arm and quickly
pulled her through the door.

“What are we doing in here?” Danica asked. Ashley quieted her by pressing a
finger to her lips. She pointed through a collection of hanging pots and
pans to where two people were obviously getting very close to each other.

“Who is that?” Danica whispered.

“That’s Chef Laroe and Rachel Ray,” Ashley whispered in her ear. Ashley
hadn’t expected to find the ship’s head cook and it’s celebrity food expert
getting it on in the kitchen, but it would work for what she wanted to do.
“Watch them.”

“Why?” Danica asked, turning to watch as Chef Laroe bent Rachel over at the
waist, exposing her bare ass underneath her apron. Rachel giggled as Laroe
shoved his dick deep into her pussy, and started moaning in time with his

“Is it making you hot,” Ashley whispered in Danica’s ear. She already knew
the answer – Danica’s nipples were threatening to shred the front of her
dress as they spoke.

“Yes,” Danica whispered.

“Keep watching,” Ashley said as she reached around and gently cupped
Danica’s tits through her dress. Ashley could feel Danica’s nipples all but
cutting through her palms as she slowly manipulated the other woman’s tits.

This, she knew, was going to be fun.

* * *

“I’m telling you,
Tom, jump in,” Stephanie encouraged.

“Yeah, but, right here, in plain view,” Tom nervously asked.

“Why not?”

“What if someone sees us?”

“Then we invite them in.”

“God, I hope a guy doesn’t come here.”

Eyes shifting, Tom carefully stripped off his Pistons jersey, shorts, and
boxers, slipping down into the outdoor hot tub on the top floor of the boat,
where an already naked Stephanie was patiently waiting for him.

“Looks just as good as I remember,” Stephanie pointed out, checking out his
toned body.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Tom interjected. “Yours is flawless all by itself.
Anyways, Steph, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” Stephanie said.

“Well, it’s very rare for me to sleep with someone before I get to know
them,” Tom joked. “So, why don’t we properly introduce ourselves?”

“OK, then,” Stephanie began. “I’m 21. My home’s in Milwaukee, but I’m
living in Hollywood, Florida to work the Luxury. I’m sure you figured out
I’m bi by now. I came from a family of moderate Republicans and I follow
that same trail.”

“Get out of town,” Tom exclaimed. “So am I!”

“Really,” Stephanie asked.

“Hell yeah,” Tom said. “Just to let you know, don’t bring that up here.
Otherwise, you’ll have junk thrown at you for a year.”

“I’ll remember that,” Stephanie said. “Anyways, I’m working toward being a
head chef at a five star restaurant. I’ve got a culinary arts major and I
think I can get my job. What about your life?”

“In a nutshell,” Tom started. “I’m 19, live on the west side of Detroit,
and I’m looking into getting into school next fall. I’ve got my own
apartment and car, and so I’m conserving as much money as I can for college
because my family went through some tough financial pitfalls last year.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Stephanie said sympathetically, putting her hand on Tom’s

“It’s OK,” Tom said. “I got the car and apartment before all the trouble.”

“If I may ask,” Stephanie inquired. “How’d you get down to Miami?”

“Well, I don’t know myself,” Tom explained. Automatically, he noticed the
quizzical look on Stephanie’s face. “Here, let me show you.”

Tom stepped out of the hot tub and bent over for his shorts.

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN,” Stephanie howled.

“Do you mind,” Tom asked in mock anger before reaching into his wallet and
pulling out a pair of sheets.

“What are these,” Stephanie asked, examining the pieces of paper.

“Round trip tickets from Detroit to Miami,” Tom answered. “When I got the
offer to work the bar, I told Evil I didn’t have the money for the flight.
A few days later, Northwest Airlines sends me these tickets and I never
ordered them. I called them up seeing who sent me these tickets, but they
told me that the person who bought the tickets wanted to remain
confidential. I’ve been trying to figure out who did this for me, but I’ve
yet to put two and two together yet. All I know is, I’ll definitely be
thanking them for this later.”

“You could always let me thank them,” Stephanie said in a seductive tone.

“Damn, you’re horny,” Tom joked. “Take it easy, girl. Jeez, I bet Jen and
Fergie are lapping wine off their bodies right now and you’re still hornier
than them.”

“I should let you know something, Tom,” Stephanie said.

“Really,” Tom asked curiously. “What’s that?”

“Well, it’s not easy for me to say, but I, um, ohgawd, how will I say this?”

“Steph, are you trying to say you like me,” Tom asked.

“Well, yes, I kinda am,” Stephanie said. She decided now was really the
time to let Tom know how she was feeling. She leaned in a started to give
him a warm, wet, tender loving kiss.

Naturally, Tom did what any man in his position would do: Return the favor.
But he could tell Stephanie wasn’t just all talk. As the two young adults
continued to twist their tongues, he saw she really wanted him for a
relationship. Not that Tom was ready to complain, but he had other ideas.

“Steph, before we go somewhere serious with this, I really think we should
at least be friends,” Tom said. “I’ll happily take friends with benefits

“That’s ok, Tom,” Steph replied, warmly hugging Tom. “I’d be a little
nervous going this quick, too, but I just want you.”

“I want you too, Stephanie,” Tom said in a comforting manner. “I’ll tell
you what. We’ll hang out with each other for the rest of the cruise. If we
still like each other by then, we can start a relationship. Deal?”

“Deal,” Stephanie said, sealing the deal with a handshake. “There is
something I would love to do though.”

* * *

Kojain made his
way back to his suite with a bucket of ice. Hoping that Rawballz isn’t into
any severe trouble. But if he was Kojain was sure that he could get himself
out of it.

Kojain got back to his suite and placed the bucket of ice on a table in the
room. Kelly Rowland wasn’t anywhere in sight. ‘She must have took a walk
somewhere’, he thought to himself. He sighed as sat on his bed and took out
his Nintendo DS and played a game.

Kojain was really into the game he was playing. So into it in fact that he
almost didn’t hear the loud knocking on the door. Grumbling, his turned off
the game and went over to answer the door.

“Kelly! There you are!”, Kojain smiled.

Giggling, Kelly replied, “Sorry boo. You took longer than I expected so I
took a short walk.

“Yeah. I ran into Rawballz and I have to give him something. Sorry about
that.”, Kojain said.

“Oh really… Well, I ran into someone too, she’s here with me now.” Kelly

“You’re with Beyonce?”, Kojain asked.

Kelly moved to the side to see show who was with her.

“Hey Kojain. Nice to see you again.”, Ashanti said, smiling.

Kojain was slightly shocked, “Ashanti! Hey! What’s up?”

“Not much, I haven’t seen you since yesterday and I got worried.”, Ashanti

“Yeah! I had a problem I had to deal with. Sorry.”, Kojain said with a sigh.
“Come on in girls.”

Ashanti & Kelly both entered the suite. Ashanti looked just as cute as she
did yesterday. But Kojain wasn’t about to mention anything about that while
Kelly was around.

“I didn’t know you and Kelly were at it.”, Ashanti said.

“Yeah. We’ve been together for a bit. Beyonce and Hater introduced us.”,
Kojain explained.

Kelly smiled at that, “He’s a very good guy. I can’t complain at all.”,
Putting her arm around him.

“Is Hater on board as well?”, Ashanti asked.

“No.” Kojain said, grumbling. “He left because he wanted to join Aftermath.”

“Hmph!”, Ashanti said. “I can’t believe that! Joining with that asshole 50

Kojain nodded, “Beyonce was upset as well.”

“Relax Kojain. It’ll all okay. He’ll be back.” Kelly said, massaging
Kojain’s shoulders.

Kojain sighed as Kelly’s silky hands made him feel at ease.

Kojain looked down to see Ashanti taking off his shoes and starting to
massage his feet.

“Oh wow… This feels good.” Kojain let out with a sigh.

Kojain lied back into Kelly’s arms as both girls massaged and worked on his
body. Kojain moved his head over and started to kiss Kelly on the mouth, she
returned the favor. He parted her mouth and inserted his tongue into her
mouth. Kojain felt his pants being unzipped, but most of his focus was on
Kelly’s mouth as he drank her in. Kelly removed her shirt and her perky
little tits were in view. Kelly moved over and sat on his chest, Kojain
moved over and started to suck on Kelly’s breasts, causing Kelly to moan

Kojain suddenly let out a gasp. He looked over past Kelly to see Ashanti
giving him a blowjob.

Kelly grabbed Kojain’s head and shoved it back into her chest. “Keep sucking
boy!”, She said as Kojain went back to work on her breasts.

Ashanti removed her mouth from Kojain’s cock and straddled his hips. She
then moved forward and held his dick. Kojain removed his face him Kelly’s
chest to see Ashanti slowly lower herself down on Kojain’s dick.

“Ooooh!” Kojain moaned loudly. Kelly turned her around to kiss Ashanti as
she groped Kelly’s breast with one hand while she rode Kojain up and down.

Kojain was in heaven, and before he knew it, he was blowing his load deep
into Ashanti.

Kojain lied back on the bed, exhausted. Kelly and Ashanti both climbed off
him and lied with him, caressing his chest lightly.

“Better rest up boy! Round 2 is coming up!”, Kelly grinned.

Kojain nodded slightly, trying to regain his breath.

* *

Silence flowed from the speaker of the micro cassette player. Raw
flipped the volume up all the way just to make sure he wasn’t missing
anything. He stood there and listened impatiently.

A few static hisses and pops were heard and then the soft sound of footsteps
on an uncarpeted surface. The steps grew louder and louder as the tape
rambled on.

He could hear distant howling and various voices speaking in gibberish. The
footsteps continued. The voices grew louder until they meshed together to
form one giant roar. Three more steps and the footsteps stopped completely.

All was silent.

Raw thought for a brief second about turning it off until he heard a
familiar voice speaking his name.

“Raw………help me……..Raw…baby…..” Popi spoke. Her voice was tired
and weak.

He could hear an evil laughter cackle until Roselyn’s voice could no longer
be heard. The laughter continued into a maniacal force that almost persuaded
him to shut it off again.

“I assume you are in the corridor with a blonde woman not two feet from
where you stand listening to this, Raw.” a female voice with a thick Italian
accent spoke suddenly. The voice had been slightly distorted into sounding

“Your loved one will play as our sacrifice to our savior. Only you can help
her by following my instructions very carefully. If you do not comply with
my instructions, the sacrifice will commence mercilessly.”

Raw listened closely.

“In order to save your precious one’s life, you must take her place at the
dark altar. In order to do this, you must follow every step that I command
of you.”

Raw’s fingers trembled as a tear fell down his cheek.

“Your first objective is…………”

* * *

Back in the
kitchen area, Rachel Ray was getting her ass fucked by the ship’s head cook,
but the hidden audience she’d had earlier was gone. As they’d watched,
Ashley Judd and Danica Patrick had slowly started making love, with Ashley
peeling Danica’s dress off and then fingering her through her flimsy thong.

Now, though, all caution was thrown to the wind, and Ashley had a very naked
Danica on the floor, spread eagle, taking three fingers up her cunt while
the actress feasted on the young racecar driver’s left breast.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Danica kept moaning as Ashley finger
fucked her. This was dramatically different from the tender loving Natalie
had given her the night before – this was fucking, plain and simple. Ashley
maneuvered her own body – still partially clothed, but with her tits and
pussy exposed enough to make skin contact – on top of Danica and started
grinding her crotch on Danica’s leg, all while still finger fucking her new

“Cum for me,” Ashley whispered in Danica’s ear, sliding up her body enough
so that her tits rested on top of Danica’s. “Let go and cum for me.”

“Oh, god,” Danica moaned as Ashley shoved a fourth finger into her snatch.
Her whole brain was a blank at this point, unable to process anything but
the pleasure she was feeling. Her orgasm was racing in at her, about to
explode like a volcano, and she couldn’t stop it. Even if her husband were
to walk in on her right at this second, Danica couldn’t stop her orgasm.

Just the thought of the incredibly sexy Ashley Judd molesting her little
body was enough to get Danica hot all of a sudden – to actually have Ashley
Judd molesting her little body was sending Danica’s head through cartwheels.

“Cum for me,” Ashley demanded, kissing Danica’s neck as she ground her own
pussy down on the racecar driver’s leg. She placed her thumb on Danica’s
clit, massaging it as best she could while slamming four fingers in and out
of Danica’s slit. In the background, she could hear Rachel Ray and the chef
finishing up, getting dressed, leaving. Danica was holding out longer than
Ashley would’ve expected, but that was good. It meant the whole thing would
reverberate in Danica’s mind for quite some time.

“Cum for me,” Ashley demanded one last time, kissing her new lover full on
the lips.

And Danica came. Hard.

Danica gasped and moaned as she came, her juices coating Ashley’s hand. The
sight of the young driver writhing beneath her was more than enough to get
Ashley off herself, and she coated Danica’s leg as she had her own orgasm.

They lay tangled together for several long minutes before finally getting up
and getting dressed again.

“They’re probably all wondering where we went,” Danica gasped as she reached
for her dress.

Ashley smiled. “I doubt it, honey. When people disappear on a CSSA cruise,
they’re fucking someone or another.”

“Oh, god, then everyone knows,” Danica moaned as she searched for her

“Again, CSSA cruise, sweetie,” Ashley said, taking Danica by the shoulders
and kissing her lips once. “They’re all doing the same thing.”

“I need to get back to Natalie. Where are my panties?”

“Oh, I’ll be keeping them,” Ashley said, holding up the tiny thong Danica
had been wearing. “When you greet Natalie, make sure you tell her who’s got

“We really should get going.” Danica said, pulling her dress back on and
heading towards the door.

“No rush,” Ashley said, looking out at the poker room. There was only one or
two tables left, and Natalie Portman wasn’t at either one. “C’mon, I’ll
take you back to Natalie’s room. You can make it up to her by telling her
everything I did for you.”

“She won’t be mad?”

“Nope,” Ashley said with a smile. “But she’s going to want to fuck you while
you tell her.” And sure enough Natalie did.

Ashley then swatted
Danica on her ass and grinned as Danica walked out of the kitchen.

* * *

Some guys liked to do it with a big flourish.

Some used all their power for big impact.

Some made sure they had everything lined up and then did it in one fell

And Butch? He liked leaning back and using his hands.

“All in.”

The game hadn’t gone as expected at all: a bad beat and losing with Queens
to Kings had seen his money nearly halved while Grace had barely dipped in
the red, Angelina was still at a grand, and Shana and more surprisingly
Jessica had split time on top of the leaderboard. With $530, Butch was
hoping no one was calling his Q3 suited bluff here. Nobody was in the lead
so far that they’d sneeze over half their chips being bet. It was a daring
move, and while he was steaming he felt pretty good he could pull a flush.

Grace looked at her hands, and counted her money. She thought about it, but
folded. Jessica and Shana went quietly.

And thus, he’d been able to trick all


It figured the woman with no clothes to lose was going to trip him up. He
made a face and flipped over, drawing Grace’s snippy “I had J/10 suited,

He saw Angelina with a K7 suited, clubs vs. hearts but she had the lead on
him. Lucas burnt one.

And both of them whooped–the ace of hearts and king of hearts put Butch one
more heart away from the nut flush.

It also gave Angelina the lead with a pair of kings.

Nine of clubs.

One last shot.

Six of spades.

Angelina smirked as Butch leaned back and sighed. “I suppose if there
wasn’t luck involved, I’d win every one,” he muttered, watching Angelina
stack his chips and become the new leader at the table. The next hand saw
Butch fold his non-suited connectors, as Grace did hers, and Angelina fold.
Jessica raised Shana, who called with an Ace/six of clubs–not knowing Ms.
Alba had the Big Slick of King-Ace in literal spades.

The flop, a monster: rainbow Jack, King, and Queen. Shana checked. Jessica
checked her Kings behind her. Two of spades did nothing but produce two
more checks. Four of spades on the river gave Jessica what Butch had been
going for last hand.

Shana bet $300 on a bluff.

Jessica smiled.


And took the chip lead ahead of Angelina with the nut flush. Shana pouted.
“I should’ve known you were up to something with that flop.”

Jessica smirked and shrugged, then pointed at Butch. “This isn’t even my
lucky sundress!” She laughed, piling her chips. So she didn’t see his eyes
narrow. She was in for it now.

The next hand saw Grace raise a little pre-flop and everyone else folding
muck, drawing Park’s anger. “I had pocket 10s, you bastards!”

“Pocket Albas.” Butch smiled.


“Pocket Albas. That’s what I’ve been calling them since Jess is a 10.” He
smiled evilly. “You know, Jess, since you folded, Grace didn’t get to play.
So, I think it’s about time you made that up to her by, oh, I don’t know,
let’s say, getting on your knees and licking her out, hm?”

Jessica’s eyes widened. The promise. She’d even told him she’d do it, but
that was the almostgasm talking! One time she’d called this dude DAD, for
crying out loud! It didn’t count!

“What about the game?”

“That excuse would work, if we had blinds. I guess you’ll just have to bust
your tongue to get done faster.” He grumbled, taking a sip of water from
next to him. “Ought to have some fun without my money.” Jessica opened her
mouth to protest again, but decided to shut up and take it; it wasn’t like
he was making her go down on Kathy Griffin or anything. She walked behind
the table, and past Angelina and Butch before turning Grace’s legs towards
her as she sank to her knees.

“Oh, keep Grace’s shorts on, would you? Wouldn’t want her to be improperly
docked when SHE still has money.”

Butch opted to play the next hand, waiting for someone to make a move.
Grace felt Jessica open her up before swiping her pussy with her tongue, and
it sent a thrilling chill up her spine. She folded her crap hand, as did
Shana. Angelina asked him how much the throwback was, and she put in the
$130 to cover the clothing. His Big Slick vs. her J/9.

They both made pairs on the flop; his Aces over her nines. A worthless 10
of clubs on the turn, and then a third nine on the river.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Angelina smiled, and touched his leg.

“Off with the jersey, boy.”

He shook his head, “I have the worst fucking luck.” His jersey came off,
and he felt 8 eyes on him as they looked at his slightly defined chest as he
handed the jersey over to Angelina. All he had left on were shorts and his
own flips.

Angelina took the jersey and put it on her side of the table, “A nice
trophy, indeed.”

He turned to where Jessica was, and poked her on the shoulder. He lifted
his shorts a little.

“Suck it.”

Grace stared at him. “Hey! You can’t just leave me like this!”

“Jess, use your fingers.”

He could feel her pull him slightly to the left of his seat, then reach back
and begin to finger Park’s pussy. He could see her nipples harden
underneath his shirt; she could see his heart beating faster. It was only a
matter of time now. But for now, they would enjoy the conduit between them,
the most beautiful girl in the world servicing them both.

“I’d ask you how you like your mouthful of cock,” he said wryly, “but that
would really defeat the purpose.”

* * *

Still sunning
themselves Gwen and Lexa saw Emma staggering towards them.

“So how did the “rescue mission” go?” asked Lexa.


“That’s what we thought.”


“You have your bikini bottom on backwards,” Lexa replied with a grin.

“Oh, damn! Excuse me.” with that the English tartlet headed back towards
their cabins.

“Well, I’m bored,” said Lexa getting up.

“Where are you going?”

“On a recruiting mission.”

“For what?”

“I’ve decided to form a Federation of all the fantasy and sci-fi babes on
board. I already got the Battlestar girls.”


“I’m bored and horny.”

“You realize that includes Emma.”


“Well, you’ve been standoffish to her, it could come back and bite you on
the ass.”

“I’ll settle for a nibble.”

As she sauntered off she passed Raven wearing a fuchsia one-piece who threw
herself exhausted onto Lexa’s vacated deck chair.

“What?” Gwen asked, has he installed a revolving door or something?”

“Nah, it’s just that he and our new roomie wanted to take a shower and it’s
not big enough for three people if one of them has tits and ass the size of

“New roomie? Who and how?”

“Who, you’ll have to see for yourself. How, let’s just say that big case
has become unpacked except for a 12-pack of Sam Adams that he stocked in

“Okay, this I have to check out for myself.”

* * *

Shana Hiatt
wiped a little bit of sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

Where to begin?

1) Money.

She’d just lost about 60% of it to Angelina when Jolie got a queen on the
river to outdraw her pocket 8s. Even with three over cards on the board,
Shana thought Angelina had been on a flush draw that hadn’t come.


So, she was sitting here far and away the short stack amongst the girls that
still had money. She was going to have to make a move soon.

2) The rest of the table.

It wasn’t that any of them had any sort of superior game play, or unusual
style–it was the fact that 3 of them were sort of on the verge of doing it,
and the one who wasn’t was stark naked, playing with the olive in her
martini to flirt with the dealer.

And maybe Shana, too.

She kept looking over between hands at it, Jessica fingering Grace and the
lone man at the table, who seemed to have Jessica wrapped around his fingers
to get her to wrap Grace around hers. And as she saw Jessica’s mouth
bulging, and what part of it she could see with her eyes that wasn’t
covered, she knew why.

Kid was packing.

“Angelina got the chip lead back from you, Jess! You better hurry it up
down there!”

He began leaning back, as another round got dealt. Shana could see a
faraway look in the dealer’s hand as she folded. Grace was the only one who
wanted to play the last hand, and even her will to play was being dissipated
from Jessica’s fingers sliding in and out of her two at a time. Grace had
gone from being shocked that this was happening to her to completely giving
herself over. She’d always been demonstrative about her joy when it came to
the mattress dancing, and it didn’t matter if she was on her knees or had
somebody on theirs.

“Do it, Jess.” she moaned, and the dealer shuddered again.

Butch pulled away, as Shana went all-in with her A8 off.


Jessica looked up at him, stunned. “What do you mean, ‘nope’?”

“Whoever wins my shorts with the next hand gets this.” He smirked and
tucked himself in, the two-second peek Shana had gotten had been
confirmation of her suspicions. “Assuming they want it, of course…”

“Or want it again.” Angelina gave that smile, and Shana felt the first
droplet push out of her. She’d fucked him, too? Well, it was Angelina
Jolie–but that smile on her face suggested she wouldn’t mind making him a
repeat customer.

“In fact, Jess, since you seem so close to making amends with Grace…” He
leaned over as Grace called Shana and their hands went up. K3 suited,
spades, from the Battlestar Galactica star. Shana smiled, she had a 3:2
lead before the flop.

“C’mon! No spaaaaohhhhhhhhhhhh…” Butch shoved Jessica face first into
Grace’s pussy, holding her there by the hair. He looked at Grace and
smiled. “Beats the hell out of table 20, don’t it!”

That got Shana’s attention back to the flop.

Which had a King in it.

“Gonna…come…Jess! Oh, shit, lick my twat! Lick it hard!” Jessica
burrowed in deeper, and decided to skip all the pretenses. If Grace won
this hand, and Angelina chip leader…her mouth opened, and closed again.

“YES! YES! SUCK THAT CLIT, BITCH!” Grace had completely forgotten
everything else in the world, as Butch looked over and smiled. Shana turned
to the table again, just for a second.



Had to get an Ace, or else she was going to be on the road to nudity.


Everyone looked at Grace–well, even more so. She jumped almost half a
foot, almost falling out of her chair. Her dark hair was sticking to her
face, she was using her left arm to keep her upright, and if she didn’t need
her shirt later, she would’ve ripped it off her body. So she did the next
best thing and pulled her nipples with one her while she looked Butch in the
eyes and helped hold Jessica into her.


Shana shook her head in dismay. Got to come from Jessica Alba’s tongue AND
got two pair on the river. So there went her money.

They watched as Grace began to cycle down, and Jessica finally pulled away
with most of her face covered in the prettiest Park on the ocean, looking a
little exhausted. She went back to her seat as Grace finally opened up her
eyes and looked down.

“Hey…I….I won the hand.”

Grace looked around at the table, panting.

“I was in the hand?”

Jessica sat down, and collected herself as much as she could. Now she
wanted to get off, wasn’t in the lead, and had Grace to deal with, too.

“Got something on you,” purred Angelina, before licking the side of
Jessica’s face a la Rick James. Grace shuddered. All this poker game was
getting in the way of the orgy that seemed set to erupt any second.

Oddly enough, after Jessica brought Grace off, no one played in the next

* * *

The waves bounced off the ship as it sped through
the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Night was falling and the sunset was
doing that strange orange glow thing it always does.

Evil stood on the upper deck of the Luxury looking out over the ocean as he
took time away from the poker game.

“What are you doing out here all the action is inside?” Sheridan said as she
led Dina Lohan out by a leash.

“I’m just out here thinking.” Evil said brushing his hair back. Sheridan saw
that her friend obviously in deep thought about something and signaled for
Dina to go inside.

“What’s your problem man?” Sheridan asked putting her arm around her friend.

“Nothing, I’m just worried.” Evil replied.


Evil sighed. “About Jennifer, I mean what if I fuck this fatherhood thing
up, lord knows I’ve fucked up everything else in my life up to this point.”

“What are you talking about?” Sheridan replied.

“That wrestling, the acting, high school, college, there’s a lot of shit
from when we were growing up too.” Evil replied.

Sheridan sighed, then smiled to her friend.

“Look, all that stuff is in the past. You’ll be ok.” Sheridan said

Evil smiled.


“You remember that hottie with the huge cans from last night at our table?”
Sheridan asked.

“Yeah, Marla Sokoloff.” Evil replied.

“Me, her and Dina are gonna have some fun once this poker game is over so
you’d better find yourself some fun.” Sheridan said patting her friend on
the back.

Evil smiled and re-entered the poker room with Sheridan and Dina.

* *

IYG left Amanda Tapping’s cabin a good seven hours or so since he’d
entered it, feeling more than a little relaxed. Funny, seven hours of
fucking usually tired him out, but Amanda had kept him going rather well.

“There you are!” A voice called out. Turning around, IYG saw Rachel McAdams
approaching him. “I’m glad I finally found you,” she said. “I’ve got a
surprise for you.”

“A surprise?” IYG asked.

“You’ll love it, trust me. C’mon, we gotta get to the tournament,” Rachel
said, grabbing IYG by the arm and dragging him off.

* * ** * ***

Jennifer Garner called her personal vibrator “Ol’ Trusty,” because it had
never failed to get her off when no other option presented itself. Now
Sienna Miller was about to experience the sensations that Jennifer always

“Too bad we don’t have a strap-on,” Keira Knightley said as she started to
gently massage Jennifer’s breasts as the American lay down next to Sienna.

“I can’t really use strap-ons right now,” Jennifer said, turning on the
bright pink, six-inch vibrator. “They squeeze the baby when I push in.”

“Now there’s something I never thought I’d learn,” Sienna said, smiling as
Jennifer placed “Ol’ Trusty” directly onto her clit. Soon the blonde brit
was moaning in delight.

“Some things you only learn at CSSA events,” Keira said, kissing Jennifer’s
ear as she watched the two other women on the bed.

Sienna simply moaned in response

* * ** * ** * **

IYG still didn’t know what surprise Rachel McAdams had in store for him as
they approached the poker room, but he’d already determined that whatever it
was, it was probably going to involve sex. He’d already passed several naked
women walking out of the room.

Suddenly, Rachel pulled him into a room NEXT to the poker room. “Wait here
for a second,” she said, pressing him against the wall by the door. “Your
surprise will be right in.”

“Right in?” IYG asked, but Rachel was gone, leaving him alone in a dark

Suddenly, a door on the far side of the room opened, and Michelle
Trachtenberg ran in. And she ran in wearing a skimpy cheerleader outfit and
a scared look on her face.

“Oh, IYG, thank god you’re here,” Michelle said, collapsing into his arms.
“I just barely escaped from those vampires! Buffy’s gone for help, but
you’re the first non-vampire I’ve found.”

“Huh?” IYG asked.

“What’s the matter, IYG?” Michelle said. “Don’t you recognize me? It’s

“Huh?” IYG said, still not sure what was going on.

Michelle jabbed him in the gut gently. “Play along, you dummy,” Michelle
said before quickly slipping back into character. “Oh, IYG, thank god we
fought off those vampires!”

“We did?” IYG said. Michelle stepped on his foot. “Oh, yeah, we did,” he
said quickly, catching on.

“I couldn’t have done it without you, IYG,” Michelle said. “How can I ever
repay you?” She asked, closing in and kissing him.

“I can think of a few ways, Michelle,” IYG said.

She stomped on his foot again. “It’s DAWN!”

“Dawn, Dawn! Right,” IYG said, kissing Michelle in return. “Now, let’s see
what’s under that Cheerleading outfit of yours…”

* * *

if we join you?” asked Evil as he, Sheridan and Dina Lohan stood by their
poker table, Tricia Helfer was topless and only in her panties with Kelly
Clarkson sitting on her lap.

“Why not.” TRL replied as Evil and Sheridan sat down.

“So what were you talking about back there?” Evil immediately asked

“I was just saying that someone told me that I was the best pitcher our high
school ever had.” Sheridan replied.

“You played baseball?” TRL asked.

“As a starter and a closer.” Sheridan replied.

“She was a closer before she was a starter.” Evil replied as the cards were
starting to be dealt and everyone put chips in.

“What’s her record?” TRL asked, still interested in the conversation.

“As a starter or a closer?” Evil asked.


“As a closer I was 2-3 with a 3.93 era, 47 strikeouts, 26 walks and 26
saves….” Sheridan replied looking at her cards as Dina Lohan took her
place under the table and began licking Sheridan. Sheridan had an Ace and 7
of hearts. “…as a starter I was 11-7, 3.80 era, 107 strikeouts and 48

“Is that good?” Kelly Clarkson asked from where she sat on Tricia’s lap.

“It’s certainly quite respectable,” TRL said. He turned towards Sheridan.
“26 Saves is impressive. I knew guys in high school who went into the minors
with half that many saves.”

“Yeah, well, they don’t let girls into the minors, do they?” Sheridan said,
sighing slightly. “But I had fun, and what else are you supposed to do with
an arm that can throw that fast?”

“Got me there,” TRL said.

“I played too, I was an outfielder.” Evil replied.

“Yeah, what were your stats?” TRL asked as he anted on the flop. Which was a
6 of clubs, 4 of diamonds and a king of clubs.

Evil looked at his cards a 4 of hearts and 6 of diamonds and saw that he had
two pairs, he tossed in $50 worth of chips.

“Playing conservatively huh?” asked Rachael.

“Yep. Anyway, my stats. .293 batting average, 18 home runs, 70 RBI’s, 74
runs and 9 stolen bases. ”

TRL gave him a look. “You stole 9 bases?” he said, clearly not believing

“Hey, I can steal a base,” Evil said.

“On who? Sheridan?”

“I could throw him out,” Sheridan said, smirking.

“THAT I would believe,” TRL said.

“You really don’t believe I stole nine bases?” Evil said

“I’m not saying you didn’t, but I’m guessing there was a little sleeping on
the pitching mound.”

“You can’t prove anything in that regard,” Evil said.

“Are we going to talk baseball or are we going to play?” Shania Twain asked.

“We are playing,” TRL said. “I’m trash talking Evil here so he won’t win.”

“That’s never worked before, why do you think it will now?” Evil asked.

“Actually, I’m hoping whatever it is Dina’s doing to Sheridan down there is
going to distract you,” TRL muttered.

The next card came down, a 10 of clubs. No help to either Evil or Sheridan,
but they tossed in more chips anyway. Tricia had bet what she had left on,
Shania folded in disgust, and Natalie, Rachael and TRL all stayed in.

The final card came down, a 6 of spades. Evil flipped over his cards to
reveal a full house and winning the pot, much to the shock and dismay of
everyone else at the table.

“Shit,” Tricia muttered, peeling off her panties. “I knew that was going to
be my last hand.”

TRL hooted and Kelly Clarkson fondled Tricia’s ass.

“Frak all of you,” Tricia muttered.

“It’s been fun, Tricia,” Rachael said. “I’m sure I’ll be joining you soon,”
she muttered, looking down at her chips.

“I’m going to go find some fun,” Tricia said. “Coming with me, Kelly?” she
asked, running a hand over Kelly’s chest.

“I think I’ll stick around here,” Kelly said, moving over to stand by TRL
again. “See how the rest of the evening goes.”

“Suit yourself,” Tricia said, walking off completely naked.

“She knows she gets her clothes back when she leaves, right?” Sheridan

“I don’t think she cares,” Rachael said, keeping an eye on Tricia’s perfect
ass as it departed.

“Ready for the next hand?” asked Natalie as Evil noticed her sliding her leg
over Sheridan’s and by Dina Lohan.

“Yeah, we got a lot more stories to tell as well.” Evil replied as they
threw in their bets and received their cards.

* * *

Sheridan did like to play poker, but she wasn’t there. She was back in her
cabin, having left Nicole Kidman alone to join in or not – knowing that
Nicole couldn’t play poker to save her life, the blonde was wishing she had
hung around to watch her friend get fleeced without end, but she had
something else to do. Or someone else to do.

The waiter she had asked to bring her a little snack – her dinner hadn’t
been as filling as she’d hoped, or so she told the guy over the phone – was
a little tied up at the moment. Okay, that was a bad and hackneyed joke, but
it happened to be true. The man was in his mid-20s, shaven slick and with a
flat and similarly hair-free chest, which pleased Nikki; she liked biting
chests, but she liked picking hair out of her teeth about as much as men
did. And she really liked it when they didn’t try to have their fun and
go… that was her job. Like now, for instance; he was gagged and naked and
strapped into the chair, pleading for more as much as he could through the
tie in his mouth and around his head as an equally naked Nicollette writhed
and gyrated on his cock. Her amazingly hard, poke-your-eyes-out nipples were
thrusting dangerously close to the hapless young man as he sweated, pulling
against his bonds and trying to touch her. But she knew her stuff.

“Come on…” Nicollette grunted, her well-traveled pussy sliding up and down
his pole. “You want that tip, don’t you…?” At least Kidman was busy with
the game, she thought.

Nicole Kidman was playing all right; but with two of the crew. Before
dinner, she had seen one of them giving her an appreciative eye; she had
returned it, and never one to turn down a man in uniform, she had slipped
him a note with the number of her cabin and an assurance that if anyone he
had to answer to had any problems, to refer him/her to her. Nicole had also
suggested that he bring a friend.

He had.

And as the cabin steamed up with the heat three people gave off, his friend
pumped his generous length of cock in and out of Nicole’s crimson pussy
while he himself had the pleasure of sitting on the creamy redhead’s face,
watching as she swallowed his organ and grabbed him like he was a lifebuoy.
“Come here!” she mumbled through his prick, clutching his hardened ass and
getting in closer, all the while jerking around underneath his friend’s

As Nicole gobbled, she waited for his friend to flood her hungry pussy with
his love juice; then they’d switch places. But just before they did, she’d
ask them for a little autograph to go with the pictures that were being
snapped, one every thirty seconds since they started. A little memento to
show that they’d been here, so she and the Sheridan could keep track.

“The first… time I saw you…” the sailor grunted, “I couldn’t wait… to
get it up… your ass…”

Nicole nodded without missing a beat in her gulping. That was just what she
had in mind. Even though it wouldn’t be the first time on this voyage.

Meanwhile, the waiter trussed up inside Nicollette’s cabin was shrieking
with happiness as the blonde began rubbing her ass against his crotch,
preparing for what she thought was the first celebrity rump he was about to
sink into…

* * * * * * * * * *

You had to laugh at the irony; here they were on a ship where everyone was
basically supposed to fuck, and Hilary Duff and Hayden Panettiere weren’t
able to take part in something that didn’t require them to take off all
their clothes. They weren’t able to play at the tables; Hilary couldn’t play
poker to save her life, and Hayden had wanted to but that spoilsport of a
probably impotent captain had finally made a small stamp of his authority by
invoking the “No minors allowed to gamble” rule. Whatever they did in their
rooms was none of his damn business, but this was one rule he was standing
by, and one the celebs had been forced to agree with, just to avoid any kind
of problems.

Which was why the two H’s were in the lounge, side by side with darts in
their hands; five each, the winner being whoever got closest to the

“Cheer up, Hill,” Hayden giggled. “I’d have beaten you anyway.”

“I don’t need cards to kick your butt,” Hilary countered.

Hayden nearly said “At least I’ve still got a butt to kick,” but after a
quick mental rewrite changed it to “You’re lucky we’re not playing for money
here,” as she threw the first dart. She then added a “Ggghh!!” postscript as
it flew straight into the board; the board of the wall that was right next
to the dartboard, that is.

Hilary pitched her dart cleanly into one of the middle circles. “Good thing
we’re not playing for points, Hay,” she cracked.

Hayden aimed her second dart, and threw. POINK! This time it landed on the
dartboard, but only on the edge.

“Oh, poor baby,” mocked Hilary. “All talk, no walk.” Then she threw her dart
– and it scored further inside the board than the first one. “ONE HUNDRED

“Duff, I don’t know much about darts and even I know that wasn’t-”

“Hey, it’s the only darts phrase I know, give me a break. No, wait, I should
give you a break,” Hilary chortled as her pretty friend hurled the third
dart. It hit deeper inside the board than her first two – but it had hit the
metal bars, sending it glancing off the board and dropping to the floor.


Hilary laughed, and flung her fourth dart. POINK! That one landed on a green
part on an outer circle, and a steaming Hayden glared at her rival. “Come
on, Hay,” the Duff said, “this is embarrassing.”

Hayden threw her dart, and this time it landed on the board, on a red part.
In one of the outermost sections, but on a red part.

“See, I knew you could do it! Last one pays for all…” Hilary shot her
bolt, and the dart hit one of the middle circles in the red. Taking a mock
curtsey, she beckoned Hayden to step up to the plate. “You can only do your

“Yeah, I guess,” Hayden replied, and with a strength and assurance that
hadn’t been in any of her previous four attempts, she threw the dart and
sent it flying straight and true into the centre of the board. POINK!!!! The
dart’s wings stuck out from the red circle, silently taunting Hilary Duff as
she stood there, looking as if she was a Columbia executive who’d just seen
the box office returns for Stealth.

“And that,” Hayden Panetierre smiled, looking as if she was an ABC executive
who’d just seen the ratings for Lost, “is what you call one hundred and
eighty. Better get used to your right hand, Hill.”

Hilary sullenly bid farewell to any more cock on this voyage, as per their
bet, and wished they had been playing for money. The little hustler; no
wonder it had been her idea to do darts. It wasn’t just in body that Hayden
was older than her years.

* * *

“UGGGGHHHH,” was the sound
coming from the outdoor hot tub, more specifically Tom screaming in

“I don’t think you can get any harder,” Stephanie joked, bouncing her body
up and down on Tom’s lap, his seven-inch dick fitting snuggly in her pussy.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN,” Tom replied, catching the gist of the wisecrack.

“Oh, you really want this, do you,” Stephanie asked, planting another kiss
on Tom’s lips, and moving her hand down to his waist, grabbing his balls and
gripping them firmly.

“HMMMMMM,” Tom said, clearly enjoying the pleasure the waitress was
providing him. It was just way too much. Being ridden for about 20 minutes
wasn’t easy work.


Come he did, as Tom blasted everything he had into Stephanie’s lovely cunt.
All Stephanie could do was drown out the author’s voice by French kissing
the young Detroiter again.

The fucking was a lot for Tom and Stephanie. They had been in that hot tub
for about an hour and running low on energy. However, Tom was willing to
pull one more trick out of the hat and see that Stephanie didn’t leave
without wobbly legs.

“Hmmm, Steph, baby, that was fucking amazing,” Tom said. “Would you like
one more orgasm?”

“God, Tom, you complain about me being horny,” Stephanie giggled, slugging
Tom on the arm. “When was the last time you looked in the mirror?”

“It’s not for me, honey, it’s for you. All I want right now is to make you
feel great.”

“Well, alright, one more. After that, we’ll need to get back to work.”

“Doesn’t work usually involve sex here?”


“Alright, Steph, up on the side and spread.”

“Yes, sir,” Stephanie said with a salute. Following orders, she promptly
emerged from the hot tub, her naked body glistening in the sun as she spread
her legs a mile wide.

“Hmmm, where to start,” Tom wondered. “How about like this?”

Tom used his fingers to pull at Stephanie’s pussy, leaving her clit
vulnerable to any outside force. Not wanting to keep this perfectly
sculpted vision waiting any longer, he leaned in and extended his tongue
right into her sweet clitty.

“OHHHHHHHHH,” Stephanie screamed in rapture as she felt her pussy being
intruded on. She couldn’t help but enjoy the way Tom was tonguing her.

At first, Tom started nice and slow, with a few licks her and there.
Stephanie clearly enjoyed the attention her sometimes neglected vagina was
now receiving as she ground her hips into Tom’s face.


Sensing an obscure call for relief, Tom stepped up his game, plowing his
tongue into Stephanie’s clitoris, making the black-haired, voluptuous vixen
writhe in pleasure as moans of ecstasy filled the vast Atlantic.


When it came to sex, Tom was never quite the guy to only finish half-way
through. He wanted Stephanie to feel like her brain would explode with
sexual lust. So it had been with every other woman he’d hooked with. But
in the case of Stephanie Sanders, letting this goddess go with any ordinary
orgasm simply wouldn’t do.

As his tongue continued thrusting in and out of the bare pussy, Tom used the
fingers from his free hand to get inside Stephanie. With a tongue and three
fingers going through her and an orgasmic urge just waiting to be released,
Stephanie could no longer take it.

“OHHHHH MY GAAAAAWD,” Stephanie screamed, no doubt giving the docking crew
in Bermuda an estimated time as to when the Luxury would arrive. “THAT’S

As Stephanie’s language turned to incoherent babbles through her gritted
teeth, Tom fulfilled her wish, using his tongue to lap up each and every
drop of pussy juice that the young waitress was providing him. Once his
mouth filled up, he swallowed and let the taste linger in there, blessing
his tongue with a fruity taste. Tom slowly pulled away from the worn-out
clit of his conquest and admired his work.

As soon as Stephanie could get her brain to function again, she pulled Tom
out of the water and kissed him with such veracity, that they both fell on
their sides on the ground. Not letting the hard surface get in their way,
their tongues continued to twist and twirl in their mouths like a boa
constrictor suffocating it prey. The two nude lovers broke the kiss,
letting oxygen get back in their circulation before brain death would kick

“God, Tom, that was amazing,” Stephanie said. “You’ve really received quite
the training.”

“Believe me Steph,” Tom replied. “I only had one motivation, and that was
to make you feel good.”

“Well, trust me, you made me feel great,” Stephanie said. “Now come on,
let’s get dressed and back to the bar before Jen and Fergie destroy it.”

“Alrighty then,” Tom said, doing his best Ace Ventura and getting a giggle
out of Stephanie. Suddenly, Tom got an idea.

“Hey, um, Steph, I was wondering. Would it be ok if I, er, hold your hand

Stephanie’s eyes darted slightly toward her scalp in thought for a few
moments before giving an answer.

“If it makes you feel comfortable, sure.”

* * *


Tricksterson had Summer up against the wall of the cabin’s shower and was
slamming into her, her legs wrapped around his waist when he heard footsteps
in the room beyond.

“Whoever’s there, feel free to come in!” he called between grunts.

“What if I was a guy?” came Lexa’s voice, soon to be followed by her naked
body, having doffed the nurse’s uniform in the bedroom.

“Depends…on…whooooooh!” moaned Summer as Trickster came in her and she
sank to the floor with a smile.

“Raven was right,” murmured Lexa as she ran her hands over Trickster’s chest
and stomach from behind. “She never would have fit in here with both of
you.” One hand drifted down to Trickster’s cock and started rhythmically
squeezing it to keep it from deflating.

Oh, I don’t know,” Tricky replied, turning carefully around to avoid
stepping on Summer, who was just now trying to regain her feet. “It would
have been tight but that wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad thing. His
hands came up to play with her dark brown nipples.

“Sorry, I haven’t been giving you the attention you deserve.”

“No you haven’t. But now’s your chance to make up for it.” At the same
time she was thinking that now was also the perfect time to start on her
collection of sci-fi/fantasy babes with Summer.

* * *

The game
was on.

With Tricia and now Shania out, the poker game was getting good with TRL,
Evil, Sheridan, Rachael Leigh Cook and Natalie Portman were all that was
left. Dina Lohan has brought Sheridan a couple more orgasms during the game
and Kelly was encouraging TRL throughout.

“Do you remember the time Jason got arrested?” Evil asked his close friend
as they each tossed in a bet.

“Which time?” Sheridan asked.

“The time they got him for refusing to leave a bar after closing time, in
Indianapolis.” Evil replied.

“When did this happen?” asked Rachael.

“A few years ago…let me tell this one.” Evil said to Sheridan.

As Evil began his story, the cards were dealt. Evil had pocket 10’s so he
tossed in a couple more.

“Do we have to do this?” Sheridan replied.

“They’ve been listening the entire time, and we’ve told a lot worse stories
then this.” Evil said.

“I’m telling you not to.” Sheridan replied as the table went “Ooooohhhhhhh”

“Telling me? How do you plan to stop me?” Evil asked. Sheridan then sent a
chop to his face, but was stopped by Evil’s hand.

“Do you remember nothing out sensei taught us? Physical strength without
control means nothing.” Evil said as he tossed Sheridan’s hand down, the
flop then came down. A pair of 6’s and a king of clubs. Evil tossed in more
chips as he continued the story.

“Jason was in a hotel bar a few years ago and it was getting to last call.
The hotel people wanted him to leave so they could close up. He said he
wasn’t leaving, so the hotel people called the cops…” Evil said as the
next card came down. A 5 of clubs. No help at all, but he did have 2 pairs
so he stayed in.

“…the cops arrived and pleaded with him. You gotta remember Jason is 7’7″
and weighs nearly 500 pounds. So when they tried to grab him, he stood up
and started slamming bottles against his head. They tried to mace him, he
just licked it off and ate it…” Evil said

“…I think he also grabbed the mace, sprayed it in his mouth and kissed a
female officer.” Sheridan said, which got the table erupting in laughter.

“..then he bangs his head against the bar. They finally manage to get cuffs
on him, they used a chain because his arms are so big. When they get him out
to the car, he slams his head on the roof of the car, more blood. They get
him to the jail cell and they have a doctor stitch him up….he slams his
head against the cell wall and busts the stitches open…” Evil says with
everyone laughing.

“…this is the best part. Jason has to call her…” He says pointing to
Sheridan “…now there is only one thing that big, bad Jason Draco is afraid
of and it’s Sheridan. So when she gets there she is dragging him out of the
station by his ear. He’s going ImsorryImsorryImsorry. God it was classic.”
Evil said as the table laughed again and Rachael hi-fived Sheridan.

Getting back to the poker game, the final card came down, an ace. All Evil
had was 2 pairs. When everyone else revealed what they had, it was Rachael
who wound up taking the pot. She had another 6 and an ace. Full House.

“I think you might want to stop telling stories and concentrate on winning.”
Kelly said smirking.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get mine in the end.” Evil said winking at

* * *

Sienna Miller bucked hard underneath Jennifer
Garner’s hands as her second orgasm in as many minutes shattered through her

Keira Knightley leaned in over Jennifer’s shoulder and kissed the American
on the cheek. “Keep this up, and Sienna will never get off your bed.”

“Maybe I want her in my bed forever,” Jennifer giggled as Keira’s hands
wandered down onto Jen’s breasts, squeezing them playfully.

“I think Sienna’s time is almost over,” Keira whispered into Jennifer’s ear.

“The hell it is,” Sienna gasped from where she lay on the bed. “Jennifer,
you take that vibrator out of my pussy and I’ll shove my foot right up your

“Oh, come on, Sienna,” Keira said, kissing Jennifer on the cheek. “You’ve
already had two, Jen’s had one. It’s my turn.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Who the hell?” Keira asked, looking over at the door.

“Sienna? Keira?” A voice shouted through the door.

“Bollucks!” Sienna muttered. “It’s Charlotte!”

“Hot the hell did she find us?” Keira muttered.

“Who’s Charlotte?” Jennifer asked as Sienna got off the bed.

“Charlotte Church,” Keira said. “She’s been after us for a while now.”

“I know you two are in there!” Charlotte’s voice came through the door. “Let
me in or no more foreplay when we get up in the morning.”

Jennifer managed to catch both Sienna and Keira rolling their eyes as Keira
headed for the door.

* * *

“Well gentlemen, and ladies. This
is my cue to leave.” Sheridan said tossing in her cards, lowering her skirt
and pulling Dina Lohan out from under the table.

“Go easy on her.” Evil said smirking as Sheridan flipped him off.

“Not my style.” Sheridan said walking away. Dina walked out being lead on a
leash by Sheridan when Lindsay Lohan came up to them.

“Where are you taking my mom?” Lindsay asked.

“Technically, she’s not your mom right now.” Sheridan replied with a
predatory smile.

“What do you mean?” Lindsay asked.

“Follow us, I’ll explain everything.” Sheridan replied.

* * *

“So who all is left?” Evil asked as his chip count significantly increased.

“Me.” Rachel replied.

“I’m out.” Natalie said

“I’m still in.” TRL said

“Then I guess it’s just the four of us.” Evil said as the next hand was

* * *

“You hypnotized her?” Lindsay asked intrigued

“Yep, I mean you know what you mom has been through these last months…”
Sheridan said as Lindsay shamefully nodded. Some of it was her fault “…I
merely used hypnosis to make her forget. She’s temporarily forgotten
everything, she remembers nothing from the time before she got on this

“Wow, that is kinda hot.” Lindsay said as Sheridan arrived at her room.

The three women entered as Marla was putting her clothes back on. “Sorry, i
have a few things to do tonight.”

“Thank you.” Sheridan whispered. As if Marla knew what Sheridan had planned
she gave one last smoldering look as she left.

“I’m in room 316.” Marla said. Sheridan nodded.

“Tomorrow.” Sheridan replied.

Sheridan then turned to the ladies Lohan with a predatory smile.

“Now it’s fun time.”

* * *

“So, You gonna tell me where you have been?” Evil asked as Michelle
Rodriguez and Emma Watson entered the poker tournament.

“I’ve been uh….busy.” Michelle said as Emma blushed.

“First Mika Boorem on the set of Blue Crush and now Emma Watson. Do you like
’em young Michelle?” Evil asked smirking as Michelle and Emma sat down.

“What do you say we switch to five card for a while?” Evil asked the table.

“Cool with me.” TRL replied.

“Yeah I’m for it.” Natalie said

“Me too” Rachael said.

“Let’s party then.” Evil said.

* * *

Sheridan and Dina were making out on her bed as Lindsay just watched shocked
in the corner.

Sheridan unbuttoned her top and let it fall to the floor, revealing that in
addition to no panties she was also not wearing a bra. Clearly motherhood
had no effect on her body. Her plump body filled it out nicely, her breasts
almost standing at attention as their firmness amazed Lindsay. Leaning over
Sheridan kissed a mesmerized Dina on the mouth and was pleased with how
eagerly the other woman responded, her hands straying up to Sheridan’s

Dina was soon naked and sprawled out on the bed, Lindsay’s legs were lewdly
spread as she watched her mother get licked to orgasm by this woman,
Sheridan’s head buried between her mom’s legs as the woman’s tongue lapped
expertly at her cunt. Sheridan had already cum many times and knew Dina was
ready to do anything to please her lover.

Lindsay cooed in delight as Sheridan retrieved a strap-on dildo from a
drawer and belting it around her waist. Sheridan was soon humping the mother
while her daughter watched on.

Sheridan smiled as Dina moaned while she pumped in and out of her. Lindsay
smiled as she watched with perverted glee as her mom was humped to heights
of pleasure.

“Don’t think you’re getting away without getting any Lindsay, you’re next.”
Sheridan promised. That promise made Lindsay explode in orgasm.

* * *

“Thank god this is a non-smoking room,” TRL muttered. The poker tournament
had gone on for several hours now, well into the deep of the night. There
weren’t many players left, a few scattered about maybe four remaining

TRL had been cleaning up, mostly through winning smaller pots and bowing out
of the bigger ones before they got too high up. He’d played smart and safe,
and gotten this far.

By contrast, Evil had come close to bust about a dozen times, but won
several huge pots – he’d actually cleaned out Jennifer Love Hewitt and a
couple others with one hand a few tables back. He’d been lucky, but often,
it was better to be lucky than good.

This was a starting hand TRL normally would’ve bowed out on. He had three of
a kind – all Jacks. Not the best hand in the world, but not to worst. He’d
managed to take quite a bit of Evil’s money in the last few hands, but his
pile was still considerably less than what Evil had brought to the table.

“I’ll raise,” Evil said, throwing in several more chips – more than enough
to cover what TRL had left.

Kelly appeared at his shoulder. “You’ve got him,” she whispered into TRL’s
ear. “He’s bluffing.”

“How can you tell,” TRL muttered, looking at Evil’s sunglasses and wondering
why the hell he bothered this late a night.

“Every time he bluffs, he slaps the table like he just did,” Kelly said.
“You’ve got three of a kind, and still haven’t drawn your last two cards.”

“You have been watching way too much poker on TV,” TRL muttered, calling

“I’ll take three,” Evil said.

“See,” Kelly whispered. “He’s only got a pair!”

“I’ll take two,” TRL said, dropping his crappy cards. He drew a 7 of Clubs
and 5 of diamonds. Absolutely no help. Evil’s face hadn’t changed a bit.

“I’ll raise,” Evil said, throwing in a handful more chips.

“You’re kidding, right?” TRL said. “I’m tapped out.”

“You can’t be tapped out!” Kelly said, a little too loudly.

“Tell you what,” Evil said, a grin coming to his face. “Why don’t we make
this a little more interesting. I’ll go all in – all my money. You’ve
already got all your money in, but if you throw Kelly in as well, we’ll call
it even.”

“Kelly?” TRL said. “For what?”

“We’re on a CSSA cruise,” Evil said. “What do you think I’m going to do with

“Do it,” Kelly said.

“How long?” TRL asked.

Evil thought for a long moment. “The rest of the night, that’s all.”

“He’ll do it!” Kelly said.

“I will?” TRL said.

“You will,” she repeated. “You’ve got him. He can’t beat you.”

“You sure?” TRL said, looking at Kelly.

“I’m sure,” she replied.

“I call then,” TRL said. He placed his three Jacks down on the table.

“Damn, three of a kind,” Evil said. “I’ve got one of those,” he said, laying
down three 5s.

“Yes!” Kelly said.

“-AND,” Evil said, putting down his last two cards. “A pair of 10s. Full

“Shit,” TRL muttered.

“What? No!” Kelly said. “No, that’s not right! You couldn’t have won!”

“I did,” Evil said. He turned around and saw Michelle Rodriguez standing
behind him. “Michelle, can you play the rest of my chips for the night.”

“Sure, but don’t you want to-“

“I just won everything I wanted,” he said, standing up and taking Kelly by
the hand. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I plan on not getting any sleep at all

“But… but….” Kelly continued to say as Evil gently led her out of the

Michelle looked at the moping TRL. “He won’t hurt her.”

“I know,” TRL replied. “It’s just that I had kinda hoped to keep playing in
the tournament myself.”

She smiled at him. “You can help me. Looks like Lauren Graham’s ready to
play, and she’s got a lot of chips. C’mon, let’s clean this tournament up.”

* * *

Lindsay didn’t want this to stop. The fingers were rubbing her slit, the
mouth working up her neck. Lindsay moaned as her mom and Sheridan both
worked her over on the bed. The fingers brushed her clit. Lindsay
reflexively moaned and bucked her hips. She opened her mouth and breathed
deep. She was going to moan, but her mom of all people, kissed her on the

The sensation, the passion overwhelmed Lindsay, enfeebling her. All that
registered were the burning lips against hers and the tongue on her cunt.
Lindsay bucked with the pleasure, almost throwing Sheridan and her mom off.
The young mom was freakishly strong. Lindsay nearly came because of the
treatment, but Sheridan stopped it, returning to the moment and realized she
was bucking her hips into Sheridan’s probing fingers. Lindsay moaned.

Dina broke the kiss and sat up. She peeled her top off. Like a butterfly on
display, lust pinned Lindsay to the bed as she watched her own mom disrobe
in front of her. Lindsay reached for the waistband of her mom’s panties.
Together they took them off, Lindsay went dizzy with the sight and smell of
her mom’s pussy, the moisture on the folds looked like morning dew. Lindsay
leaned forward, tongue extending as Dina straddled her daughter’s face.
Sheridan smiled at what was about to happen.

Sheridan positioned herself between Lindsay’s legs and pulled off the
sopping green panties. Lindsay raised her ass high in the air to let it
happen. Dina fell onto Lindsay, her pussy placed right over Lindsay’s face.
Sheridan smiled and shoved her fingers into Lindsay. Lindsay had never felt
anything as sweet and delicate as what was pressed over her face.

Dina started slowly, slowly grinding over Lindsay’s face, stopping briefly
to allow Lindsay to nibble and suck. Occasionally Sheridan touched her clit
and she flinched with joy. Sheridan worked her hands up Lindsay’s sweating
bod up to her. Lindsay arched her back and Sheridan took a warm, salty
nipple into her mouth. Dina moaned and worked her hips faster.

Sheridan working to keep their cunts touching. Lindsay’s mouth worked
roughly against Dina’s pussy. Her hips moved like violent blurs as they
thrust her daughter’s face again and again. All three were beyond thought,
they only acted and reacted to the electric joy pulsating from their sexes.

The noise of their fucking filled the room, grunts and breathing along with
the sopping babel of wet folds worked over and over. Lindsay came first, her
orgasmic shrieks stifled by Dina’s body. Sheridan then came as all three
women collapsed on the bed.

* * *

IYG was hip deep in Michelle
Trachtenberg’s ass when the door to the room the two were in came flying

“Dawn, IYG, there you are,” Sarah Michelle Gellar came running into the
room, carrying a carving knife like it was a stake she used on vampires. “I
was so worried about you, baby sister.”

“Huh?” IYG said.

Michelle jabbed him in the gut with her elbow. “Sarah’s here to play,”
Michelle whispered. “Buffy! You’re alive!”

“Thanks to you and IYG defeating all those monsters,” Sarah said, coming up
next to them. “But, what are you two doing now?”

“Uh, recovering?” IYG asked.

Sarah’s face went dark. “IYG, are you fucking my baby sister?”

“It’s not like that, Buffy,” Michelle said quickly.

“The hell it isn’t, Dawn,” Sarah said, pointing down to where IYG’s cock was
still inside Michelle’s ass.

“Uh, sorry?” IYG said.

“You will be,” Sarah said as she reached down and pulled her tank top over
her head. “Shame on you, IYG, fucking my baby sister before I got the chance

With that, Sarah leaned her topless body down and kissed Michelle on the

“This is the best episode of Buffy ever,” IYG smiled as Michelle and Sarah
started to make out.

* * ** * **

“This is the worst vacation ever,” Sienna muttered as Charlotte Church
barged into the room.

“You guys were fucking another girl without me?” Charlotte said. “Well, I
guess we can correct that now that I’m here.”

“Excuse me?” Keira Knightley asked.

“Wow, you’re Jennifer Garner,” Charlotte said, looking at Jennifer’s naked
body on the bed. “And you’re pregnant! Oh, this is so cool. I’ve never
shagged a pregnant woman before!”

“You can’t shag her,” Keira said quickly. “She’s pregnant!”

“What the hell were you two doing then?” Charlotte said.

“She was shagging us,” Sienna said, “but now she’s tired.”

“I’m tired?” Jennifer asked, suddenly confused.

“Tired?” Charlotte echoed.

“Yeah, she’s too tired for sex,” Keira said, grabbing Charlotte by the
shoulders and ushering her towards the door. “Sienna and I were just about
to put her to sleep.”

“Really?” Charlotte said.

“The baby needs the rest,” Sienna said quickly.

“Oh,” Charlotte said. “Well, when you’re done, come back to the room. I
really want to eat you both out again. And then maybe we can play with some
vegetables – I hear a lot of girls stick them up their pussies in order to
get off, and I’d like to try that.”

“Fine, fine, whatever, luv,” Keira said, pushing Charlotte out the door.
“We’ll be back as soon as we can.”

“Great,” Charlotte said as the door swung shut in her face. Shrugging, the
Welsh singing sensation walked down the hall until she almost bumped right
into Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth.

“Hey, do you two know if it’s alright for a girl to shag while pregnant?”

“You mean fuck?” Kate asked. “I think it’s alright.”

“Even if she’s fucked by other women?”

“Oh, yeah, that won’t hurt anything at all,” Katie said. “I heard Madonna
kept two different lesbian maids around her 24-7 during her pregnancy. At
least, that’s what Tom tells me…”

“Huh. Jennifer Garner apparently can’t,” Charlotte said. “Oh, well, I’ve got
to go get some fruits and vegetables. Have either of you ever fucked a
banana before?”

* * ** * ** * **

“You’ve only got a pair of kings,” TRL whispered into Michelle Rodriguez’s
ear as the two worked together to defeat Lauren Graham. The Gilmore Girl
seemed almost unstoppable, having taken every hand so far since she’d hit
the table. It was getting late at night now, and most everyone else had
already lost or gone on to better things. Natalie Portman had just left the
table after losing her panties to Lauren, and even the crowds of watching
players were thinning out.

“You think she can beat a pair of kings?” Michelle asked.

“Almost certainly,” TRL muttered.

“I wanna see the next card,” Michelle said, and she threw in her bet before
TRL could tell her not to. Suddenly, a third King Appeared on the table.

“I’ll bet seven thousand,” Lauren said casually.

“WHAT?” Michelle and TRL said at once.

“Fold,” TRL hissed. “Fold.”

“Tell you what, Michelle,” Lauren said. “You get TRL to take off his shorts
for the next two hands, and I’ll cover any bet you make.”

“Fold,” TRL said. Michelle shot him a look, then pulled down his Yoda
trunks, exposing him to the room.

“Huh,” Lauren said as everyone else around laughed. “I could’ve sworn you
were bigger down there, TRL.”

“You weren’t complaining last time you paid me and Kelly a visit.”

“Sweetheart,” Lauren said, “That’s because of Kelly.”

“Three of a Kind,” Michelle said, laying down her two Kings.

“Straight Flush, King high,” Lauren said casually, placing her Queen and
Jack down on the table. “Don’t bother pulling those pants up, TRL, you and
Michelle may be betting them next.”

* * *

Butch was naked.

Shana was topless.

Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and Grace Park were locked in a pretty solid
game–Jessica and Angelina were trading off the lead with the latter
currently holding it, and Grace in the small stack looking for an opening to
make her move with.

For a few hands, nothing transpired other than Grace mumbling about not
being able to catch a decent pair of hole cards. It seems the post-coital
effect of Jessica being forced to go down on her only lasted for a few
minutes before her competitive side came roaring back to the front.

Two hands later, Shana bet what of her modest was left on Q9 off suit.
Jessica called her with K6.

When a rainbow flop came up with a King in it, Shana immediately took off
the wrap and let it pool around her ankles. The next card eliminated her,
and she slid off her bikini bottoms, and threw them at Jessica playfully.
Alba tossed them to Angelina on her left.

“You might have more fun with these.”

Angelina had 45% of the remaining chips, Jessica 34%, and Grace the
remaining 21%. A couple more hands passed with nothing.

“God, Lucas, you’re killing me!” cried Grace in frustration. “I really need
some help.”

As it turned out, play for one blonde at another table had ended, and when
Grace saw who’d gotten bounced, she squealed in delight.

“Here’s my little good luck charm!” she cried out, as Tricia Helfer sat down
in her lap and stroked her hair.

“Hey, baby,” Tricia said giving Grace a kiss on the cheek. Coincidentally,
Grace’s cards came to her in the form of a King and a 10.

“You’re paying off already,” smiled Park, throwing in a $50 chip.

“You smell like yourself!” Tricia exclaimed.

Jessica looked at her hand–J/A off suit was good, and she did what she
usually did and went 250% over the top to $125.

“So, who fucked you?” Tricia looked over at the lone writer and male at the
table, sitting next to her girl at ¾ attention.

“Hi.” Butch said sheepishly.

“Hi.” Tricia said distractedly, looking down. “Not him?”

“No, his girl.” Grace pointed to Jessica. “And she–” pointing to
Angelina, who was busy licking Shana’s bikini bottoms before checking her
hand–well, 5K suited–and causing the World Poker Tour hostess to squirm in
her seat. She was going to come soon, whether it be from the chair or

“–licked most of the good stuff off.”

Tricia looked at Angelina. “Why’s she naked and still playing.”

“Showed up naked.” Angelina wriggled her tongue in wavelengths before
calling. So did Grace.

“Of course, I’m winning.”

The flop came down, another rainbow. Angelina made 5s, Jessica Aces, and
Grace got nothing. She checked, and when Angelina called Jessica’s second
$125 she got out of the way. Jessica ended up winning the hand, putting her
neck-and-neck with Angelina.

“I guess I’m not good luck,” Tricia sighed.

“Maybe a kiss?”

Tricia and Grace made out for a while, and Shana whimpered again. The look
Angelina was giving her as she went back to licking her panties was
beginning to ruin the chair, and Jessica’s boyfriend had the look on his
face of a man trying his hardest to resist abusing himself. Tricia

“So kick some ass, sea bass.”

Grace raised her J/9 up to $200, hoping to draw folds.

It wasn’t happening with pocket 7s (Jessica) and suited with an Ace
(Angelina). The flop was absolute crap, but Grace got 9s and went all in
for her remaining cash. Angelina folded the flush draw, and Jessica called
with her sevens, suspecting she was bluffing. If Jessica won, she was going
to vault over Angelina for the heads-up lead. If not, she was going to fall
to the small stack while Grace found herself knocking on the door of the
lead. Shana and Butch leaned forward as Angelina admired Tricia’s ass.


Only a 7 to save Jessica now.

“I’m going to skip the obvious Friends joke,” smirked Butch. Jessica gave
him the stink eye before looking back at the board.


Tricia and Grace looked at each other in absolute shock as Jessica went into
a fist-pumping celebration.

“That’s RIGHT, motherfuckers!”

Jessica had Angelina, 30k to 20k. Grace was down to her shirt and shorts
now. Tricia looked at the dealer.

“What’re the odds of that happening?”

“You don’t want to know.”

When the opportunity came, with a suited King and Jack, Grace looked at
Tricia. “What should I bet?” Tricia whispered in her ear.

“I mean, I don’t think you’ll lose. But if you do–”

Jessica folded, and Angelina called with a 6 & Queen, also diamonds.

“More naked girls is never a bad thing in my book.”

Grace paired her Jack on another rainbow flop, and it held up.

“Yay!” cheered Tricia, giving Grace another wet, sloppy kiss.

“Yeah, Grace,” said Angelina, coming over to her side of the table. “Good
play.” Angelina grabbed Grace’s face before plunging her tongue in her


Grace knew if she ever let it out Angelina was a better kisser than Tricia
was it was going to be no lube time. So instead, she had a better idea,
pulling Tricia into a three-way kiss before slowly removing herself and
letting Angelina mack with her for a while.

“Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about losing,” smirked Grace, unplastering her
bangs from her forehead. Tricia came off with a wet smack as Angelina
walked past Butch with a smack on the ass. She sat back down, and smiled at
Jessica. She smiled back.

“It’s not going to work.”

Angelina laughed. “You’re the only one. Watch this.”

She pointed at Shana. She crooked her finger and Hiatt began walking over
to her before standing in front of her.

“Hi, Shana.” said Angelina cheerily. She stroked Shana’s long blonde hair
and began to pull her nipples. Shana let out a sigh like all the air was
coming out of her. “You like pussy?” Shana could only nod and moan. “How

“High…school…field…hockey…shower…” Shana was surprised she still
had a hold on the English language.

“Ooh, bad girl!” said Angelina jokingly. She looked at her. “I’ve been
watching you all game. I bet you know what comes next.”

Angelina grinned.


She began pushing Shana’s shoulders down, and soon had her on her knees.
Shana Hiatt didn’t need any further prompting, and began to lick Angelina
with long swipes of her tongue, head bobbing in Jolie’s lap.

“That’s a good little pet.” She turned to the dealer.

“You can deal any time you’d like.”

* * *

“The blonde woman
that stands next to you must strip off her clothing and you must have your
way with her until she has been completely satisfied three times. At the
point of her third climax, you must record it upon the opposite side of this
cassette. Do not try to cheat in any way or your precious Popi will meet her
certain fate. I have eyes everywhere, so be aware and more importantly, be
honest. Afterwards, listen very closely around you. You will find out where
to go next. You have until midnight tomorrow to complete all four tasks I
have for you, so time is of your essence.”, the Italian voice spoke.

The voice was cut off quickly by the whimpers of Roselyn and then went
silent. Raw listened for a few more moments, and after hearing nothing he
clicked the player off.

“What are we going…..” he stammered as he looked over at Jaime.

The rest of the sentence didn’t need to be spoken as Jaime had already
stripped completely bare and dropping to her knees in front of him.
Everything was moving so quickly that he didn’t have time to notice that
Jaime already had her mouth full of his cock.

Her soft lips pushed and pulled on his staff until quickly his member stood
at complete attention. Her warm palms massaged his balls as she continued to
deep throat his soldier.

Hurriedly, Jaime fell back on her back to the carpeted floor. She took two
of her fingers into her mouth and sucked on them until they were soaked with
her saliva. The fingers instantly did the walking down to her clit and
rubbed the wetness around.

“Hurry, Raw! We don’t have time for you just gawking at me. I mean, I’m
flattered, but we gotta get it on.” Jaime said as she laid there with her
legs agape.

Raw quickly stepped out of his pants and dropped to his knees between her
gams. He wet his cock with his spit and took her legs onto his shoulders.

His thick cock slipped into her cunt with ease. Jaime gasped at the
intrusion and grabbed firmly onto her firm breasts. Her pushed his hips
forward and thrusted all the way inside of her. He leaned forward which sent
her into a perfect L position.

Raw slammed her pussy hard as his cock pushed and pulled its way into her
snatch. Sweat appeared over her perfect chest and belly as her entire body
shook from the tremors that he was sending into her.

“Oh, God!!!! Here it comes!!!!!” Jaime screamed.

Raw could feel her orgasm quake around his cock as the first of a needed
three filled him with hope.

“C’mon, Jaime. Just two more to go. Get on your knees and I’ll give it to
you doggy-style, okay?” Raw panted.

* * *

“I’m telling you
guys, she’s the coolest, most down to earth girl out there,” Tom said from
the bar, watching Stephanie serve water to everybody in the room. “She’s
sweet, she’s funny, she’s smart, and she knows how to perform in bed.”

“Well, Tom, just be careful with her,” Jennifer Aniston said. “I don’t want
you feeling bad should she break your heart.”

“I’m with Jen on this,” Stacy Ferguson chimed in. “She’s a good girl, but
young love rarely lasts. Believe me, I know. I thought all those guys I
was doing acid with in my teens loved me. Boy, I was wrong.”

“Stacy, come on. Stephanie’s no drug addict,” Tom said with a slight bit of
anger. “She’s just as sober as you, me, or Jen.”

“What I think Fergie’s saying is that when you’re young, you tend to make
mistakes,” Jennifer said, working to cool Tom’s temper before it exploded.
“Look, Tom, just don’t get too caught up with her. You never know if it
will last. I’m sure you two will keep in touch after the cruise, but a
Detroit-to-Milwaukee relationship might not work too well.”

“Yeah, I guess you girls are right,” Tom said, disappointed. “I thought I
might actually find the one, but the odds of seeing each other after we land
back in the States are slim and none. I just wish it didn’t have to work
like that.”

“You know what,” Fergie asked. “Don’t get down on yourself. You’ve got
plenty of time left with her, so you need to make the most of the
opportunity that remains. Believe me, even if you two never see each other
again, she’ll keep a place in her heart for you.”

“Aww, thanks Stacy,” Tom said, hugging his friend/lover and then bringing
Jennifer into the embrace. “You two are great with words. Where’d I be
without you two?”

“Possibly forgetting you’ve got people to serve,” Jennifer said in a way to
drive a point home.

Tom had been so caught up in his conversation, he had yet to notice Eva
Longoria was at the bar.

“Eva, hey, how’s it going,” Tom said, greeting the Latina babe friendly.

“Pretty good,” Eva said. “Just one question. What’s up with that ugly-ass

“Oh brother,” Tom replied, rolling his eyes. “Come on, Eva. That series
could have gone either way. I guess only Crotch Shot Bob Horry could save
you though.”

“Still on Clutch Shot Bob Horry in Game 5, are we,” Eva said.

“Well, just don’t think Rasheed’s gonna leave him open next time,” Tom said.
“Ask Fergie. Her Lakers know.”

“Shut up,” Fergie replied mockingly. “God, if I have to hear anything else
from you about Shaq and Kobe not getting along, you lose a nut.”

“SHUT UP, LAKERS SUCK,” Tom and Eva shot back in stereo.

“Anyways, just tell Tony congrats and that I look forward to a rematch of
the two teams next year,” Tom said to Eva.

“Can do,” Eva said warmly. “Who knows, maybe you’ll get back at us next

“Maybe,” Tom said. Just then, Tom randomly yelled out

“You really like that announcer guy, don’t you,” Eva asked.

“Mason? Yeah, he’s one of the most exciting in the NBA,” Tom said. Just
then, he noticed a local face coming toward the bar.

“I’m sorry, I thought I heard the Pistons fan mating call,” the woman said.

“HOLY MOSES,” Tom said, hardly believing his eyes. It was a fellow Motown
native. “KRISTEN BELL?!”

“Yeah, how’s it been,” Kristen asked.

“Ahhh,” was all Tom, Eva, Jennifer, and Fergie could say. They couldn’t
resist that petite figure.

“What’ll it be,” Tom finally said, breaking his trance.

“Just gimme a Miller Lite,” Kristen said.

“Coming up,” Jennifer said, grabbing a beer glass and squirting a
Steveweiser in it. Seeing the luscious blonde had Jennifer’s mind ready to
go after her. Was she into a little HLA, or was she not ready for that?
She decided now would be a good time for the icebreaker.

“So, Kristen, been with anybody yet,” Jennifer asked, sliding the glass down
the bar. Immediately, Kristen’s face blushed to a beet red.

“It’s okay, you can tell us,” Fergie said, seeing her friend’s plan and
jumping in.

“Well, yes,” Kristen said timidly.

“Who then,” Eva butted in, willing to hear this conversation. All her
question did was make Kristen blush so much, one more question and she
could’ve been mistaken for a stop sign.

“It’s girls, believe me, I’ve seen that look before,” Tom said.

“He’s right,” Kristen said. “Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter seduced
me. They had treated me like a sister when they were on set, but now
they’ve really changed.”

“Trust me,” Jennifer told the confused Broadway star. “I’ve known Alyson
and Charisma for a while now and they’ve been bi for a while. I can’t put a
date on Alyson, but Charisma’s been into girls for about three years now.”

“Wow, just when you think you’ve known someone,” Kristen said, shocked.

“Well, that’s not what matters,” Eva interjected. “Were they good?”

“Oh my God,” Kristen moaned. “They were unbelievable. They did things to
my body no one’s ever done to me.”

“What do you say we try do even more things,” Jennifer said, kissing Fergie
right in the mouth.

“Hmmmm, I’d love it,” Kristen said.

“Room 313,” Fergie said. “Don’t forget it.”

“Deal,” Kristen agreed. “By the way, guys. Alyson and Charisma gave me
this number. Who is this guy?”

Tom took a sheet of paper and looked at the number. “No doubt about it,
it’s KMB’s number. Alyson and Charisma are probably passing a
recommendation of you to him for his series.”

“I’ll give him a good word if you’re able to satisfy me tonight,” Jennifer
said. Kristen thought it over for a few moments.

“OK, I’ll definitely see what I can do for this guy,” Kristen agreed.

“Great,” Tom said, turning his focus to the other girls. “Eva, Fergie, if
you two want, I’ll recommend you two to KMB as well.”

“Hot dog, I’m in,” Fergie said.

“I’m in too,” Eva said. “I gotta go though. Evil’s looking for me.”

“Me too, I gotta tell Alyson and Charisma where I’ll be,” Kristen said. “By
the way, Eva, next year, fear the ‘fro.”

“You wish, sista,” Eva said, as the two brightest new stars for the 2004-05
TV season left arguing over their respective teams.

* *

Shocked couldn’t even begin to describe Kelly Clarkson at the

How could he have won, TRL had the perfect hand? He must have cheated.

Kelly and Evil had arrived at his room. “Hmmm, she’s gone. I guess we’re all
alone then Kelly.” Evil said as she was lead into the room.

“A bet is a bet.” Kelly sighed.

Evil smiled at her. “Look Kelly, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I
just did what I did to bust TRL’s chops.”

Kelly was taken aback by this. “Are you saying you don’t want me?” She

“Oh yeah, I do, I just don’t want you to feel you have to.” Evil said
sitting back on his bed.

Kelly thought for a second. He did it to burn TRL, but she was a part of the
bet. It took Kelly a few seconds to make up her mind. She grinned at him and
said “A bet is a bet.”

Kelly then slid over Evil and planted a kiss on him. Kelly’s kiss became
more passionate as Evil moved to undo her pants. Kelly did the same thing.

Evil gave no further objections and slid his boxer shorts off before lifting
Kelly’s shirt up over her head, revealing her fantastic nude body to Evil.
He worked his throbbing cock into her pussy and began to slide it in and out
as Kelly softly moaned.

“Ooooohh Yeah!” She moaned as Evil filled her completely. “Yesssss” As Evil
worked his cock rapidly in and out of Kelly’s wet snatch, her moans grew
louder and louder until Evil was sure everyone could hear her. Not that he
cared, all Evil was focused on was the vise like grip Kelly’s cunt put on
his dick as he pumped and pumped.

Just as he thought Kelly was about to climax she said to him “I want you in
my ass.”

“Are you sure?” He asked. Evil said stunned, he didn’t expect Kelly to be
into anal.

“Yes I’m sure” she said. “I want you to ram your cock up my ass so hard that
I can’t sit down for a week. I need to feel you inside me.”

No more convincing was necessary as Evil pulled his cock from Kelly’s pussy
and spit on her asshole before gently easing the head inside. Kelly gasped
as she felt Evil slide the rest of his dick inside and begin to pump away.

“Ohh Yes! Fuck my asshole!” She screamed while at the same time working her
fingers into her pussy. “That feels soooo good!” Evil could feel his orgasm
approaching and cried out “Kelly I’m gonna come!”

“Come all over my face!” She commanded as he pulled out and she turned
around and knelt down. As she continued working her pussy with her fingers,
Kelly soon felt the blast of warm come splash across her face. She took her
fingers out of her snatch and wiped the come off of her face before licking
her fingers clean.

“More coming?” Evil asked as Kelly cleaned herself off.

Kelly then giggled and said “Oh yeah, I’m yours all night.”

* *

Jaime was positioned on all fours, ready for intrusion. Raw grabbed
her just above her asscheeks and lined his still rock-hard cock up to her
freshly-fucked cunt. With ease, his dick slid inside of her familiar walls
and pumped with a strong force.

He wrapped his hands around her shoulders and pushed her body back as he
rode forward. Jaime gasped for breath as her second orgasm was coming

“Fuck, yeah!!!” she screamed, “Give me all of that huge cock!!!”

Two people walked their way carefully around the two humping in the middle
of the hallway. Their strange, but curious stars did not slow down the
action on the carpet.

With beads of sweat pouring down her face, Jaime clenched at the floor as
she could feel her second wave of passion swelling in her lower regions.
Raw, himself was getting close to blowing his load, but was trying his
hardest to stop it by thinking of Janet Reno naked.

As her inner dam burst, Jaime let out a loud scream as her orgasm shook from
her. Raw felt the stirring of her loins on his cock as before. It was a
feeling he was welcoming more & more. Was this all of the types of tasks he
had to perform? He had to go through all of this bliss in order to save his

Surely, things would get more difficult.

After her moaning and breathing had slowed, Jaime stood up with weak legs.

“Let me ride you reverse cowgirl.”, she said.

“Reverse cowgirl? Coming right up!”, Raw shouted with glee.

He laid on his back and watched as Jaime straddled over his midsection and
slowly brought her cunt directly over his swollen cock. He stared at her ass
in amazement as it flexed to the position she was putting it in.

As she sat down, she guided his dong inside of her pussy once again. Once
inside, she arched her back and placed her hands on both sides of him, palms
down on the floor. Her head fell back and her hair tickled at his chest as
she began pushing up and down.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to last the round through without finishing
off himself. He just hoped that she would reach before he did. Like a true
cowgirl should, Jaime bucked up and down on his shaft until her moaning
reached that well-known tone.

She grinded her teeth and a frown appeared on her forehead as her entire
body tingled with raw feeling.

“God, here it comes again!!!!”, she yelled, “Raw, get the recorder!!!”

Forgetting all about why he was doing this, he had to stretch his hand
really far back in order to touch his fingertips to one corner of the small
device. Finally, after a brief struggle, he managed to get a hold of the
recorder and press what he thought was the ‘record’ button.

He quickly handed the tape recorder to Jaime and continued to enjoy the rest
of the ride. Jaime placed the built-in microphone directly on her parted
lips as she groaned in her strongest orgasm yet.

Finishing, she laid all the way back on Raw as her arms could no longer hold

“My God, that was incredible, Raw.” she whispered.

“Hang on, I’m not finished yet!” he yelled back.

“Wait, don’t cum! What if she wants you to do something sexual for all of
the missions?”

“That’s what I’m hoping for!” he grunted.

“Well, don’t you want to be at your finest and strongest for all of the
occasions?” Jaime asked.

“Yeah, but this is gonna kill me before I’m finished!”

“Maybe that’s what she wants.”, she replied.

Jaime stood up from a withered Raw and walked over to put her clothes back

“Jesus.” he mumbled.

“I’m sorry, Raw. It’s for the best.”

“I know, I know. You’re probably right.” he groaned as he stood up and began
to dress.

“I’ll tell you what. When all of this is over, I’ll make it up to you.”
Jaime smiled.

“If we get through this, then I’m going to make it up to Popi.”

“Right.”, she said disappointed.

“So, where am I going to go next?”

“Well, I don’t know about you but I’m going to the poker tournament. If it’s
still going on, that is.”, she shot back at him.

“That’s it then. Maybe that’s where I’m supposed to go to find out what my
next task is.”

* * *

Lexa was just sliding Trickster’s cock, just starting to recover from
fucking Summer Glau into her mouth when yet a fourth person entered into the

“Oh,” said Emma, “I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Feel free to join in,” said Lexa, seeing a chance to score two on her list
right off the bat then going back to Trickster, her lips sliding up and down
while her tongue worked him skillfully.

Emma gave a skeptical look. Even though she was a rather small girl the
shower didn’t look like it would fit her comfortably. On the other hand,
the sight of all those naked bodies in sexual congress was definitely
turning her on. So she settled for squatting on the closed toilet
spreading her legs and rubbing her fingers up and down her pussy.

This quickly got Summer’s attention and she moved sexily across the tiled
floor on all fours and was soon licking her way up Emma’s thighs.

“Mmmmm, fuck!” screamed the English tartlet as she slid down off the toilet
seat and onto the tiles.

Watching this out of the corner of her eye, Lexa was torn. She really,
really wanted Trickster’s cock in her but she also wanted to join the pair
frolicking on the bathroom floor.

Trickster took that decision out of her hands (which were in any case busy
rhythmically squeezing his balls) by suggesting that they take this out of
the bathroom to where they had more space.

Shortly Emma was returning Summer’s favor as the Serenity star straddled her
face while Lexa got herself both a taste of adolescent English pussy and the
gratifying feel of Trickster’s cock being slammed into her own pussy from
behind. Annoyingly Tricsker pulled out just as she was about to come and
sprawled on the bed still erect.

“You bastard!” Tricky just grinned. At the same time Summer came to a
shuddering climax and changed the equation once again, crawling under Lexa
to finish the job Trickster started.

“Oh! Oh gooood!” screamed Emma under Lexa’s administrations and then joined
Trickster on the bed to suck his cock. He propped himself up on the pillows
to get a good look over her bobbing head and pert little bottom at the 69
now forming between Lexa and Summer.

“I’m going to cum!’ he soon warned the Brit minx but to his surprise she
didn’t’ take it out but merely pulled back to let his sperm shoot down his
throat. This both thrilled and worried him as he knew the perverts credo,
“The difference between lust and love is spit or swallow.” That he had
feeling for her, he couldn’t deny but did he L-O-V-E her? And if he did was
he wanting a relationship with a girl young enough to be his daughter? At
least his daughter.

This speculation didn’t stop him from drawing patterns on her face and chest
with the overflow from her mouth or from letting her snuggle against him as
they watched and cheered on the two women eating each other on the

* * *

TRL supposed that things could be worse. Sure,
he’d lost out on the poker tournament, and sure, he’d lost his girlfriend,
Kelly Clarkson, for the night, and sure, he was now reduced to providing
advice to Michelle Rodriguez while she played against Lauren Graham, and
sure, he was all but naked now, standing next to Lauren until the game was
over, basically forced to be her toy whenever she felt like rubbing it in
that she was winning by a significant margin.

But on the bright side, Lauren pretty much only let go of his cock when she
was looking at her cards or making a bet – in essence; he was getting a slow
hand job for the length of the game.

Not that the game was going to go on much longer. Michelle was now down to
just her panties – surprisingly pink, frilly things – and unless her luck
changed radically, Lauren was probably going to be the big winner of the

TRL couldn’t help much, either, because he was forced to stand right next to
Lauren, in case she felt like either stroking his dick or chopping up his
ego – depending on Lauren’s preference at the moment. It was humiliating,
but again, at least he was getting his cock stroked.

Michelle was looking down at her hand, frowning rather obviously. There were
already three cards on the table, an Ace of Clubs, a five of Hearts and a
two of Diamonds. Lauren seemed unconcerned, but then Michelle could double
up three or four times over without getting anywhere near close to what
Lauren had accumulated.

Suddenly, Michelle sighed, and pushed all her chips in. “All in.”

“Ooh, all in action,” a new voice said. TRL looked over his shoulder to see
Willa Ford coming over – with the small camera the ship had given her to
broadcast the event over the Luxury’s closed-circuit system.

“Hey, Willa,” TRL said.

“Hey yourself,” Willa said, patting him on the ass. “You look happy.”

TRL looked down at the raging hard-on he was sporting. “Yeah, I guess I do.”

Michelle and Lauren laid down their hands. Lauren had almost nothing – just
a three of Spades and a ten of Clubs. Michelle, on the other hand, had a
five of Diamonds and a two of spades – giving her two pair. She looked like
she’d double up pretty easily. Not that it would dent Lauren’s pot all that

The next card came down – a jack of Spades – nothing really special there.

“So,” Willa said, wrapping her arms around TRL. “Rumor has it you lost your
girlfriend for the night.”

“Only for the night,” TRL said.

“Hands off, Willa,” Lauren said, swatting Willa’s ass. “TRL’s mine until the
game is done. But, please, be a dear and jerk him a bit while I see who wins
this hand.”

“Works for me,” Willa said, reaching down from behind TRL and grabbing his
cock while hugging him to her.

The final card came down. It was a four of Hearts, giving Lauren a straight

“Fuck!” Michelle swore as Lauren raked in the chips.

“This is it, sweetie,” Lauren said, smiling at Michelle. “This hands for
your panties. After that, I win.”

Michelle scowled at her for a second, then reached down and slid her panties
off her legs. She dropped them unceremoniously onto the table and looked at
the dealer.

“Deal,” she said.

* * *

Raw and Jaime entered through the doors to the poker area. Their eyes filled
with half naked and fully naked women and some men.

“It looks like we’re a little late.”, Raw mumbled.

“For poker, yeah. But there’s Blackjack tables as well.”, Jaime replied and
started walking towards the nearest table.

Raw followed quickly, keeping his eyes peeled for any clue to his next task.
Jaime pulled up a seat next to a familiar looking brunette woman and Raw sat
down next to Jaime.

“That’s it for me,” the dealer spoke “Good luck.”

It was the changing of the guards as the new dealer now approached. Raw
gazed around the table and noticed a second woman sitting at the very end.
He recognized her right away.

“Vanessa?”, he asked out loud.

Vanessa Marcil looked up at him and smiled a sly grin. Her black tank-top
hung loosely on her shoulders.

“Hey, Raw.”, she said “I didn’t know you were even on the ship.”

“That’s what everyone tells me.” he replied.

“Well, you should show your face around people more often.”, Vanessa smiled.

“What can I say, I’m a busy guy.”

“Yeah, that’s what I hear.”, she replied with a wink.

“And you’re not even going to say anything top me are you?”, Sarah Silverman
spoke up from beside Jaime.

“Sarah? Wow, I was just trying to make you sweat.”, he joked.

“Hmmmmmmmm…I could use a good steam.” she smiled.

“Hello, ladies and gentleman. I’ll be your new dealer.” Rhona Mitra said as
she walked to the opposite side of the table holding a new deck of cards.

Her green eyes gazed around the table and stopped directly on Raw. She was
dressed in an almost complete suit minus one jacket and shirt. The black
vest was a tight fit around her ample chest. Her hands quickly went to work
on the deck as she shuffled the cards.

“Twenty dollar minimum, everyone ante up.”, she said as her eyes never left

“I thought you worked at the ‘Nude Mermaid’?” Raw spoke up while adjusting
himself in his seat.

“The powers that be have me all over the place these days.” Rhona smirked.

“How convenient.” Raw said.

“Are you quite ready, sir?”, she said and leaned in towards him. “Are you
ready to play the game?”

* * *

It was nighttime, his ladies
were wandering the ship and it was finally time to kick start Phase 2 of his
revenge scheme into action.

“You there?”

“Wherethehell else would I be but stuck in this sub with these crazyass
Japanese girls?” came the pissed off tones of Eve.

“Well then you’ll be happy to know that it’s time. Hamster will have Miss
Fluffy waiting for you.”

Two more calls, to Hamster and a certain bartending author and everything
was arranged. Now all he had to do was lay out the deli special and he was
ready to roll.

* * *

“I can’t believe I lost to Lauren
Graham!” Michelle Rodriguez snarled as she and TRL left the poker room. TRL
had been able to reclaim his swim trunks, and Michelle was clad only in her
bra and panties – Lauren had insisted on keeping what was left.

“I can. I’ve heard she’s a real card shark,” TRL muttered

“If we’d gone for another hand, I think we’d be walking back to our rooms
naked,” Michelle muttered. She looked over and saw KMB and Rose McGowan
walking by in that exact state – naked.

“We wouldn’t be the only ones,” TRL said, sighing.

“A naked Rose McGowan walks by and you sound depressed,” Michelle said.

“Kelly and I were going to…. well, you know.”

“Ah, say no more,” Michelle said. “You really like Kelly, don’t you?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to say we’re falling for each other, because I don’t
know how she feels about me, but I’ve got it pretty bad for her.”

“Bad enough to give up other women?”

TRL frowned. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Michelle blinked at that. “Wow. You are in it bad. C’mon, let’s get you back
to your room.”

It took only a few minutes to get to the suite TRL was to share with Kelly
Clarkson. Of course, Kelly wasn’t there. But that didn’t mean the room was

TRL opened the door to the image of Eva Longoria laying on his couch. She
was dressed as a sailor, only her uniform was in two pieces. The bottom was
a white skirt with red and blue stripes running around her waist. Those same
stripes appeared on her shoulders, as did a few tiny red anchors sewn into
the tiny sleeves of her top. Her breasts were practically spilling out of
her top, and her stomach was on display for everyone to see.

“I’m sorry, Captain, TRL,” Eva said with a sultry voice, “But you said you
wanted to inspect my poop deck. I figured we could do that here.”

“Oh. My. God,” Michelle said, seeing Eva.

“Oh! Michelle!” Eva said, surprised. “I thought Kelly was-”

“Kelly will be gone for the night,” TRL muttered, cutting her off.

“Oh,” Eva said. “Does that mean we can’t have fun?”

“Only if I can join in,” Michelle said with a smile as she pushed TRL into
the room.

* * *

Voodoo Joe sat alone in his room,
disconsolate. He didn’t know what it was, maybe he had just brought too
many babes along and burnt out but he simply had lost the desire for this
cruise. After the first day, he’d released his women to float free and
horny around the ship while he pouted sullenly and listened to his secret
passion, N’Sync CDs.

His brooding was interrupted by a knock on the door. He opened it,
growling, “What?” Then he stopped. Facing him was a six foot long rolling
table being pushed in by a pretty young thing he’d seen working the dining
hall. A human form lay on the table draped in a white cloth.

The serving girl whisked the cloth off with a flourish. “Voila,” she said.
“A get-well gift from your friends.” then skipped out the door.

What lay beneath the cloth restored his lost potency with a bang. On the
table lay Summer Glau, who he hadn’t even remembered being on the cruise.
Smeared from neck to ankles and wrists in a honey glaze she was a gourmet’s
delight. Her arms and legs were covered with cold cuts, pineapple rings
encircled her nipples and three lines of condiments ran down her slim torso,
ketchup from her right tit to her hip, relish from her left tit to left hip
and mustard from between her breasts to her navel. For dessert a slice of
cherry pie ala mode lay centered between her thighs.

“Eat me,” she cooed.

His only dilemma was where to start. he decided to begin with the fruit,
leaning over and plucking one pineapple ring off a small perky breast with
his teeth then after eating it, licking the titty clean. He pulled the
young woman forward so that her legs dangled off the table and then ate the
second pineapple ring. Fortunately the honey glaze had kept the cold cuts
stuck to her legs. He peeled off a slice ham fro her upper thigh, smeared it
across the line of mustard then gobbled it down. Soon her legs were clean
except for the glaze, which he proceeded to lick off, working his way upward
than ate the pie without bothering to use his hands, being sure to lick and
suck every crumb off her thin strip of pussy fur. He entered her condiment
smeared body.

“What the fuck?” Voodoo’s mighty member had hit an obstruction. “What kind
of birth control are you using babe?” He reached in and pulled out a
plastic wrapped cell phone.

“What the hell is going on?” Suddenly something that had been nagging at
the back of his mind came to the surface. A get-well gift from his friends?
He didn’t have any friends.

Then the drugs kicked in and he hit the floor.

“That was close,” muttered Summer as she got off the table and unwrapped the

“Subject unconscious and waiting for Eve. Now I’m going to take a shower
and wash off the Voodoocooties.”

* * *

At the same time as this a grappling hook attached itself to the ship’s
railing and Eve, dressed in the pirate’s outfit from her and Gwen’s “Rich
Girl video came up and over followed by Angel, Love, Music and Baby dressed
in ninja costumes.

* * *

“Let’s get this over with.” Raw
said as he sat back in his seat.

Rhona flew through the deck and flung the cards across the table with a
quickness. Raw slapped his hand down on his two cards with the nine of
hearts facing up. Slowly he lifted the bottom card and snuck a peek.

The three of clubs showed through the writing that was scribbled all over

“Ask to be hit!”, it read.

The ink was of a deep green that matched Rhona’s eyes exactly. He hung his
head over his cards as his mind swam with exhaustion.

“I’ll stay!” Jaime exclaimed as she giggled with glee.

“Please wait your turn, Miss.” Rhona darted back at her.

“Hit me.” Raw spoke as he lifted his head up only to see Rhona smacking him
across the head with a pistol.

The darkness quickly sank in as he fell off the back of his seat and was
sent crashing to the floor with a loud thud. His last vision before the blur
took over was of Jaime smiling at him as he fell.

* * *

moved to kiss TRL quickly, but Michelle pressed herself between them.

“Oh, no, missy. You’re a disgrace to that uniform,” Michelle said, flipping
one of Eva’s erect nipples through her top. “And I won’t have it here.”

Eva blinked at her for a long moment.

“Do I make myself clear?” Michelle said, in a commanding tone.

“Yes, ma’am!” Eva said, snapping to and getting into character. Michelle
smiled. She was going to have fun with this.

“You think you can just come in here and get what you want from Mr. TRL, do

“Yes, ma’am – I mean, no, Ma’am!” Eva said, standing up straighter. This
jutted her tits out beautifully, and Michelle knew she would be sucking on
those perfect breasts before she left the room.

“Now, TRL has just had a hard day, and lost his best girl in the process,”
Michelle said, walking past TRL and swatting him playfully on the rear end.
She hadn’t planned on sleeping with him tonight, but since it would get her
Eva as well, she had no problem making it a threesome. “Now, Eva, can you
think of a good way to help TRL get over his loss?”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” Eva said.

“And what would that be?”

“Ma’am, I would fuck him right here, right now, ma’am!”

“I just bet you would,” Michelle muttered. She looked over at TRL, who
seemed considerably happier at this turn of events.

“But,” Michelle said before either TRL or Eva could move, “I don’t think
that’s what’s going to happen. At least, not yet.”

“It’s not?” TRL said, sounding shocked.

“Shut up, we’ll get to you in a moment,” Michelle said. “Now, Eva, you’re
going to listen to me and follow my every order.”

Eva smiled. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good,” Michelle said. “Now, get on your knees in front of me.” Eva obeyed
at once.

“Good girl,” Michelle said. “Now, kiss my pussy.” The ‘Desperate Housewives’
starlet reached up and tried to grab Michelle’s panties, but the other woman
swatted her hands away.

“You can’t use your hands. In fact, until I tell you to, you can’t move my
panties, either. I want to see if you can get me going through the fabric.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Eva giggled, still holding to her sailor character. She placed
her hands behind her back, and leaned in, pressing her lips onto Michelle’s
panty covered pussy.

“Not that I’m complaining,” TRL put in as Eva started licking and sucking
away, “but how does this exactly help me?”

“Are you enjoying the show?” Michelle asked.

“Well, yeah, but-”

“Then no more buts or I’ll be sticking some things up YOUR butt.”

“Yes, ma’am,” TRL replied.

Eva had completely soaked Michelle’s panties now, her saliva making the
white material completely see-through. Michelle, knowing there was a CSSA
event coming up, had on purposely shaved her pussy bald, and now Eva was
enjoying that fact.

Michelle was enjoying it, too. Not all of the liquid soaking her panties had
come from Eva’s mouth.

“Good, good,” Michelle moaned, taking Eva’s head in her hands and pressing
it to her snatch. “Keep your hands behind your back. Just keep licking. Get
my panties nice and wet, my little slut.”

“Uh, if you two are going to keep this up, can I at least-” TRL started,
pointing towards his rock-hard dick, but Michelle cut him off with a glare.

“You, go get me some ice.”

“Ice?” TRL asked.

“Listen, author-boy, you’re about twenty minutes away from the greatest
threesome of your life. If you want any chance of being a part of it, you
will go get me some ice right now.”

TRL was out the door with an ice bucket three seconds later

* *

“Been a crazy day, hasn’t it,” Tom asked as he slid his card key
through the scanner.

“I’ll say,” Stephanie said, accompying her lover to his room. Throughout
the hallway, Tom and Stephanie walked hand-in-hand, and not even surgery
would separate the two. “I’ve met a ton of people that I never thought I’d
meet, and get to have some wild, uninhibited fun. Of course, thanks to

“Aww, jeez, Steph, you’re making me blush,” Tom said, opening the door and
escorting the voluptuous brunette inside.

“Well, you’ve really helped me unleash a side of me I’ve always wanted to
let out,” Stephanie said. “You helped me live my fantasy of having sex with
another girl. It’s something I’ll never be able to repay you for. Tom,
you’ve really changed my life.”

To show just how thankful she was, Stephanie kissed Tom square on the lips
and pushed her tongue into his mouth, with him returning the favor. All the
young man could do was give Stephanie a heat that she never quite felt. But
just before he could, Stephanie broke the kiss and went on the bed crying.

“Stephanie, what’s wrong,” Tom asked, concerned that he had done something
wrong. The way things had gone sp far between the two left that as only a
theory, but it was one Tom felt he had to check on.

“It’s just not right,” Stephanie said in between sobs. “I mean, all this
will be for naught. Once we land back in the U.S., we’ll never see each
other again. For all the things you’ve done for me, it’s not fair that it
should end like this.”

“Look sweetie,” Tom said assuringly, though shocked he had called her
sweetie. Maybe there was hope for a relationship. “There’s a lot of time
between now and the end of the cruise for us to be with one another. We
just gotta use it wisely. And I’d love to keep in contact with you. I
mean, you never know, something might come out of this.”

“You sure,” Stephanie said, reaching for a Kleenex and wiping off the
make-up trail.

“I’m positive,” Tom said.

“Oh, Tom,” Stephanie said, throwing her arms around Tom and him returning
the favor. All that Stephanie needed was a moment to regain herself. She
was very emotional, and seeing her like this had Tom worried, so he didn’t
plan on leaving her behind.

“Hey, Tom,” Jennifer said, popping her head in the door. “Ready?”

“Nah, give me a few moments,” Tom replied.

“Oh, okay, see you soon,” Jennifer said, noticing the scene and deciding not
to interfere.

* * *

It was night and the darkness of the
shadows crept in around the weary man laying on the dirty floor. A single
candle flickered light upon the walls that made the dark dance out of its

The man felt the stinging in his head as he slowly began to come to. That
bitch. That fucking bitch Rhona Mitra had sucker punched him and now this is
where its all ending up. Alone in the dark on a dirty, filthy floor.

His hands ached to massage the pain from his head, but they were unable to
break through the rope that had them held together behind his back. He
lifted his right leg up to gather some momentum to sit up.

After a few minutes past he sat upright and immediately felt the pain
shooting through his face and into the center of his face. His nose felt
like it was burning off of his face. Then he felt the drops of liquid
sputter down onto his lips.

That bitch. That bitch had busted his nose all up to shit. That fucking
bitch. Raw tasted his own blood and then tried to wipe his nose off on his
shoulder. The wipe smeared the blood across his face to his left cheek.

There was a single porthole on the wall facing him. He got to his feet
slowly with his weak legs. The stars gazed in from the sky outside and the
waves flowing together as they crashed against the ship.

How long had he been out. Had midnight come and gone already? Was Roselyn
dead? And where in the hell was he?

“R…..Raw?”, a voice spoke from the shadows behind him.

* *

By the time TRL returned to his room with the ice, he found both
Eva and Michelle on the bed, clearly getting to know each other well.

“Knock knock,” TRL said as he entered. The two girls ignored him, clearly
intent on their own, naked fun.

“Uh, hello?” he asked again, wondering if they were ever going to notice

“Oh, you’re back,” Michelle said, looking up from Eva’s tits. “Get your
clothes off, and then come lay down on the bed. Leave the ice on the bedside

“Sure,” TRL said, shucking his trunks as fast as they would clear his legs,
he placed the ice bucket where he was told, and then hopped onto the bed.

Eva was on him at once, kissing him ravenously. TRL enjoyed it so much, he
didn’t even notice Michelle was lifted his arms up above his head until she
locked the handcuffs to the bed frame, trapping him there.

“Uh, this is different,” TRL said when Eva broke the kiss.

“Just shut up and do what you’re told, author boy. Trust me, you’ll like

“Who am I to argue?” TRL asked, shrugging.

“And yet, you’re still doing it! Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” Michelle
snapped angrily. TRL didn’t even answer.

Suddenly, Eva was next to him, running her hands over his chest and stomach,
and nibbling on his ear a bit. “I’m sorry you lost Kelly,” she whispered to
him. “I know she’s probably missing you right now, too. But let Michelle and
I make you forget all about her for one night.”

Suddenly, Michelle was between TRL’s legs. Looking down, he saw her reach
into the ice bucket and pull out a small chunk of ice. She sucked on it
playfully in front of him for a second or two before popping the whole thing
in her mouth. Then, before TRL could even ask what she was going to do, the
young actress bent down and engulfed his cock in her mouth, putting it in
there with the melting ice cube.

TRL gasped as the contrast between the cold ice cube and Michelle’s hot
mouth assaulted his dick, but before he could say anything, Eva was kissing
him again, rubbing her bare breasts against the side of his chest.

What followed was the single greatest blowjob TRL had ever had. Michelle and
Eva switched off again and again, each sucking him with an ice cube until
the cube melted. Then they’d switch places again. They kept TRL rock hard
and on the brink of orgasm for what seemed like days, but was really only an
hour or two. When he finally lost all control and blasted his load down
Michelle’s throat, it was just after midnight, and the third day of the CSSA
cruise was beginning.

Of course, Michelle and Eva kept TRL locked to the bed until morning, and he
got very little sleep as the two girls teased him by fucking each other on
the bed while all he could do was watch. None of them got much sleep at

* * *

Summer answered the knock at the door. When she
opened it she saw Eve astride Miss Fluffy and backed by four female ninjas.

“Good job. You know something? When you’re riding a hyena through the
corridors waving a sword and yelling ‘Yohoho, muthafukas’ people will get
out of your way,” said Eve, getting off her steed and handing Summer some
clothes. Summer got dressed in the purple leotard, daisy dukes and flip
flops walked a wide circle around the hyena and scooted out into the
corridor. This had all been a little too weird for her.

“Okay, get to work,” Pirate Eve told her cohorts. The Harajukus lifted
Voodoo’s prone body onto the rolling table and Baby got out her tattoo

* * *

“Who is that?” Raw said as he squinted into the
darkness behind him.

“It’s me, Raw. It’s Faith.” the weak voice responded.

“Faith? Are you okay?”

Raw slowly walked to where the voice was coming from. It was still almost
pitch black inside the room and he was careful not to run right into where
he thought she was.

“I think so. I’ve been out for hours, I think.” she said, “Maybe longer….I
don’t know. I was drugged and woke up in here some time back.”

“I’ll help you out, Faith.” he said, “Just let me try and get my hands

With all of his might Raw slowly pushed his hands down over his ass and
stepped over his arms. Quickly, he untied the cloth from around his wrists
and walked over to pick up the candle.

The candle burned hot wax on his knuckles as he took it into his hand. The
light came closer and closer to Faith’s voice until the she could be seen in
the corner of the room.

She was sitting with her ankles bound together in front of her and her
wrists were tied to her ankles. She was naked except for a green cloth that
was tied around her sweaty neck.

As the sky outside began to lighten with the first rays of the morning sun,
Raw began helping Faith out of her predicament.

“Here. Let me get this for you.” he said as he knelt down in front of her.

The more he fumbled with the cloths that kept her restrained the more he
could get nowhere with them. The strips of cloths seemed to be coated with a
sticky substance that practically began gluing themselves to his hands.

“Oh boy, this gonna be a tough one.”

* * *

Meanwhile Amanda
Tapping was doing her own brooding. Fucking IYG had been quite nice but
she’d come on board for pussy and so far she’d had nary a taste. This was
about to end.

She answered a knock on the door to see her Stargate co-star, Lexa at the
door wearing one of the skin tight body suits from her previous show,
Andromeda. Amanda herself was dressed more casually in khaki shorts and a
t-shirt tied off to show her tight abs.

“I’m on a mission and your help is vital.”

“What mission is that and how can I help?” she said with a smile. She
sensed something was up and that she would like it immensely.

Lexa put her hands on Amanda’s shoulders and gently pushed her way in. “By
fucking me.” was the answer.

“Oh, well, let me check my schedule.” Amanda mimed flipping through a
notebook. “I think I can pencil you in sometime…about now.”

“Oh goody,” was the reply as Lexa maneuvered her towards the bed and slipped
her hands under the t-shirt. Soon it was off completely and the two women
sank giggling onto the bed as Amanda peeled off Lexa’s bodysuit and the
dusky beauty suckled at her pale pink nipples.

“Mmmmm,” Amanda moaned and then pulled her up for a long slow kiss. During
the kiss she rolled over on top and finished pulling off Lexa’s bodysuit.

“Oooh, nifty”, the blonde honey cooed as she discovered the other woman had
come commando. Meanwhile Lexa unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand

* * *

waking Kelly Clarkson up with a start. Evil scrambled out of his bed and
grabbed one of the silver cases under it.

“What’s going on?” Kelly said covering her nudity with the blankets. Evil
looked up at her, his black hair a mess because of the night of sex. He then
sat back against the wall.

“What’s wrong?” Kelly asked as she got out of the bed and got down next to

Evil sighed.

“Just a bad dream is all….” Evil paused to regain his composure “…let’s
got get Sheridan. I bet she’s in Lindsay Lohan’s room having a ball.”

Evil said as he got up.

“Wait, don’t um…” Kelly paused “…don’t you have more time with me left?”
Kelly bit her finger, giving her a sexy but naughty look.

“Why yes I believe I do.” Evil said as he picked up Kelly and put her back
on the bed. Neither of them was wearing much, Kelly wasn’t wearing anything
and Evil only had a pair of boxers on.

Kelly giggled as she was slammed on the bed. Evil yanked his shorts down and
plunged into Kelly, she moaned as she was penetrated.

Evil slowly slid in and out of her prolonging her pleasure, Kelly moaned a
bit louder as Evil picked up the pace. Kelly moaned as Evil started going
faster and faster. Kelly shrieked in orgasm as Evil continued his pumping of

Once Kelly came down from her orgasm she saw Evil about to leave the room.

“Wait.” Kelly called after him. Evil spun around and before he could react
Kelly was sucking him off. Evil leaned back against the door as Kelly milked
his cock for all she was worth.

Her fist pumped up and down on his rod as it slid in and out of the velvety
warmness of her mouth. Evil clinched the door handle so hard he thought it
would break off as Kelly’s ministrations continued.

Evil let out a ragged moan as he came in Kelly’s mouth. Kelly swallowed and
wiped his seed off of her chin. She giggled as she stood up and turned to
the bed to gather her clothes. Evil smiled and left Kelly to tend to her

* * *

“You’re out of your mind. Who the hell would
do something like that?”

Last time he checked, Tom was of perfectly sound mind. So, an early morning
swim wasn’t nuts after all. Besides, they were in the middle of the
tropics, so why not?

A natural swimmer, Tom snuck out that morning as Stephanie, Jennifer,
Fergie, and Kristen wore off their tired bodies. Not wanting to be one to
brag, Tom was able to send them all into a sweet orgasmic coma last night.
Of course, the girls also had their way with him, as well as themselves, so
that pretty much evened out the score.

Taking a swift sip from his Aquafina bottle, Tom thought about last night
and how upset Stephanie was over the prospect of being separated once the
cruise was said and done. It took him a good, long hour hugging his friend,
telling her he expected that they’d meet up again, and they should just live
for the moment. Once she was calmed down, she said she was ready to go and
invited the other girls in. Making a promise to himself, Tom vowed not to
touch American land until he got phone numbers and a screen name from
Stephanie so they could keep in touch.

Now that he was on his final 50 yards, Tom decided to slow it down and
relax. After all, the Luxury’s pool wasn’t exactly Olympic sized, but
10,000 yards a day could really drain a person. Besides, Tom knew he
couldn’t spend too long in the pool. He’d have to shower to get the
chlorine out of his hair and hit the bar to get the drinks flowing early.

Seeing as tomorrow he’d be roaming Bermuda in search of Anna Paquin for
Sheridan, Tom decided to make today all about Stephanie. Pampering her,
worshipping her, eating her out, it didn’t matter. He’d do it for her.
Finally hitting the wall one last time, Tom jumped out and grabbed his
clothes and towel.

Entering the empty locker room, Tom set his stuff done on the bench closest
to the shower. He hopped in the shower with his trunks still on and grabbed
the complementary bottle of conditioner and ran it through his hair. As
soon as his hair was rinsed off, Tom turned off the water and ran his comb
through his hair before quickly toweling it off so it wouldn’t get tangled.

Just than he heard the door open. Thinking it was just another author
looking to use the showers after a workout, Tom yelled, “It’s okay to come
in, I’m dressed.”

“I’d rather you’d not,” came a feminine voice.

Shocked, Tom whipped behind him and found the owner of that voice.

“Kristen, what the hell are you doing here,” Tom said. “It’s the men’s
locker room.”

“Well, I just thought you’d be here,” Kristen said. “After all, I got a
little something for you from Stephanie.”

“Actually, this might be a unisex room,” Tom joked at the sound of the
waitress’ name.

“She told me about last night before the orgy in your room,” Kristen
explained, moving exotically toward him in a barely there bikini. “That was
really sweet, and Stephanie knew you were a fan of mine, so this is for

Before Tom could question what was transpiring, Kristen took away that need
by stripping off her bikini and leaning in to kiss. It started out slowly
with lips being sandwiched together. But while that was happening, Kristen
had the presence of mind to continue her work and remove Tom’s bathing suit.
That led to a fast and furious exchange of saliva. Suddenly, Kristen
broke the kiss and put her hand on Tom’s chest as a universal sign of what
was to come.

“Get ready you stud,” Kristen said.

* * *

Danica Patrick awoke
early, feeling more than happy. Another night in bed with Natalie Portman
had gone by, and the young race car driver felt more sexually fulfilled than
she had ever felt with her husband.

That thought made Danica pause. She glanced over at Natalie, who was dead
asleep next to her. The tiniest corner of the bed sheets lay across
Natalie’s crotch, not quite covering her naked crotch. Her breasts were open
to the room, exposed like a pair of tiny, glorious flowers. Danica had never
realized how beautiful a pair of breasts could be, but now she knew. Now she

Now she had to pee.

Exiting the bathroom a few minutes later, Danica wondered what was happening
to her. She wasn’t a lesbian – not by a long shot. She loved her husband,
and she loved his penis. But being with Natalie had awoken something inside
her, something that would be very hard to put away again.

“Maybe it’s just Natalie,” Danica whispered, gazing down at the young
actress. Natalie was certainly beautiful. She certainly had the ability to
sweep a person off her feet. Danica knew a lot of girls who claimed certain
actresses were beautiful enough to “make them go gay.” Perhaps Natalie was
the one for Danica.

Except that didn’t explain the feelings she had looking at other women since
coming on the ship. Or that little tryst she had earlier with Ashley Judd.
Had coming on this trip turned her gay? And if it had, was it such a bad

Danica needed some fresh air – fresh air and coffee. She decided to get
dressed and go for a walk – Natalie would never notice. Based on how she’d
slept the last couple of days, the beautiful Miss Portman would be out for
several hours. Danica quickly got dressed in a pair of short-shorts and a
tank top and left quietly, making sure she didn’t wake Natalie as she

* * *

TRL awoke on the morning of the Third Day of the
CSSA cruise to find himself still handcuffed to the bed, still naked, and,
surprisingly, still horny.

Unfortunately, the only change he could tell from the previous night was
that both Eva Longoria and Michelle Rodriguez were nowhere to be found. For
the first time since he’d gotten on the ship, TRL was horny and had no one
to fuck!!!

“Well, this just sucks,” TRL muttered.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Uh, Come in?” TRL called out, hopefully.

The door surprisingly swung open, and there, standing in the morning light,
was a bikini clad Scarlett Johansson.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, looking down at TRL chained to the bed – her eyes
lingering over his erect cock. “I was supposed to meet Eva Longoria here for
breakfast. I must have to wrong room.”

“Oh, you’ve got the right room,” TRL said. “Eva’s just run off with Michelle
Rodriguez at the moment. I’m really hoping they’ll be back soon.”

Scarlett smiled at him. “I bet. You’re TRL aren’t you?”

“In the flesh,” TRL said.

“That’s you alright, Voodoo says you’ve got a bad sense for puns.”

“That’s right, you’re always hanging out with Voodoo Joe these days, aren’t

“More for the company he keeps, but VooDoo’s quality people. And he’s good
in the sack.”

“That I was probably happier not knowing,” TRL said.

“You haven’t seen Voodoo lately, have you?” Scarlett asked. “None of us have
seen him since last evening.”

“Sorry, I’ve been tied up,” TRL said.

“Well, I’m sure he’ll turn up somewhere soon. Probably just got the chance
to bang some hot chick and fell asleep in her cabin,” Scarlett said.

“Been known to happen on this ship,” TRL said.

Scarlett came over and sat down on the bed, smiling down at TRL. “So, if
this is Eva Longoria’s room, how come you’re still as stiff as a board – I
would’ve thought she’d milked you for all you’re worth by now.”

“I have to admit to being a little surprised myself,” TRL said. “She and
Michelle really worked me over last night. I must still be on a high from
everything they did.”

Scarlett glanced at his dick once more. “Yeah, I’d say you’re still on a

“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to look around for the keys, would you?”

“And violate Eva’s privacy?” Scarlett said, with a mock serious face.

“I was afraid of that,” TRL sighed.

“But tell you what,” Scarlett said. “I’ll stay here and keep you company
until she gets back. Deal?”

“Works for me,” TRL said.

“Now, whatever will I do to pass the time…” Scarlett said, licking her lips

“Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this?” TRL muttered.

* *

Maria Sharapova may have been on a vacation – an overly sexual
vacation – but she still had to work out. The Luxury was a first rate cruise
ship, and had a ton of exercise equipment and workout rooms dotting the
ship. Maria could’ve worked out any time of day or night, on just about any
deck of this ship. However, she was a creature of habit, and that meant she
needed to go for an early morning run.

Of course, the easiest way to do that was to run laps around the ship’s main
deck. She figured twice around the ship would more than cover a mile, so
getting in her regular ten miles would be no problem if she ran around the
ship twenty times. She awoke pretty much as dawn brushed over the ship,
grabbed her Ipod, and got ready for her run.

Of course, seeing as how this was a CSSA cruise, she decided that she had to
sex up her routine just a little bit. After all, when in Rome…

Instead of her usual running pants and t-shirt, Maria opted for skin-tight
lycra shorts that clung to her ass like paint, and topped it off with a
black sports bra that, while it supported her, didn’t completely remove the
possibility of boob bounce. Anyone seeing her coming or going as she ran
around the ship was in for an eyeful.

For the next hour or so, Maria worked up her first real sweat on the trip
that didn’t involve sex. Working out, just running along the ship, letting
the ocean breeze cool her just enough, felt wonderful. With music in her
ears, her heart pounding in her chest, and her legs pumping away, Maria felt
in the groove. She was on her 15th lap around the ship when she suddenly
found herself wondering if there was any chance the Luxury had a tennis
court on board. She didn’t recall seeing one of the ship’s map, but one
never knew. Maybe there was at least an indoor racquetball court. Something
where she could swing a racket and smack something…

And then, as she came around a curve, she spotted a gorgeous little brunette
standing next to the rail of the ship, looking out across the ocean. The
brunette wore a pair of short-shorts and a white tank top and seemed lost
in thought. Maria’s first thought was “She’s absolutely beautiful.”

Suddenly, the last thing on Maria Sharapova’s mind was exercise.

“Hello,” she said, slowing down dramatically as she approached the cute

“Hi,” the other girl smiled. “Getting in a run?”

“Yep,” Maria said, slowing down to jog in place. “I like to work out in the
morning. What about you?”

“I was just out getting some air,” The brunette said. “It’s so nice first
thing in the morning on a ship like this.”

“Yes, it is,” Maria agreed, slowing her jogging down quite a bit.

“By the way, I’m Danica. Danica Patrick.”

“Maria Sharapova,” Maria said, offering the shorter girl her hand. “I hope
this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

“Well, you’re certainly beautiful enough,” Danica responded.

As Maria shook the other girl’s hand, she knew that she wasn’t going to be
finishing her exercise at all today.

* * *

“Maybe if you could
move your body around and place your back to my chest I might be able to
work it around your……”

Raw said as he tried to free Faith from the sticky tape. Faith shoved her
naked body around with all of her strength until she was wedged between Raw
and the wall. Her forehead rested against the cold wall as she tried to
catch her breath.

Faith’s left leg was caught directly between his legs as he crouched behind
her. Her right wrist was still tightly attached to her right ankle and her
ass was pressed hard against his crotch.

Raw held a fistful of the stickiness in his left fist. He pulled with all
his might until he felt his hardened cock fall into the crack of her ass.

“Well, that’s not going to work.”, he stammered.

“I don’t know, Raw.” she looked back, “It’s seems to be working in other
ways, huh?”

She giggled at the wood she felt against her hind-quarters.

“Uhhhh, Oh that! That’s just the uh friction causing that.”

“Really? It feels like a lot of friction.”, she laughed.

“Well, I think I saw something about this on Mr. Wizard one time.”

“Did it end with that old dude fucking some woman doggy-style?”, she asked
with a grin.

He couldn’t deny that he was extremely turned-on by this situation. I mean,
it wasn’t everyday that you found yourself tied up to a nude Faith Hill

“Maybe if I could push you forward just an inch or two I can……”

He wasted no time once she pushed forward. He freed his thick cock and found
with the head that her slit was dripping wet. His member slid in with ease
and filled her love hole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh……….God.”, she whimpered feeling his cock stretch into
her hot cunt.

“This is just an experiment. I think maybe the constant movement and our
sweat will make the tape lose its adhesive.”, he panted.

“I love these types of experiments.”, she cooed.

Faith grasped at the wall with her left hand and touched her forehead to the
back of it for support. His cock rode in and out of her pussy as he pumped
his hips forward. Her sweaty buttocks shook with each thrust he penetrated
into her.

His balls slapped loudly against her clit as he took his cock in all the way
to the base. His left hand slowly crawled down her bare chest and slid down
her belly until it approached her clitoris. With a hefty stroking, Faith
began pushing her ass back onto his dick and panted with delight.

“Oh God, I’m coming!!!!”, Faith screamed.

“Fuck, yeah!!!”, Raw yelled back and filled her love tunnel with his hot

Instantly the tape snapped in half and the two fell to the floor in a puddle
of cold sweat.

“Thank you, Raw. Now your that much closer to your rescue.”, Faith said with
an evil grin as she stood up straddling his torso.

“What did you say?”, he asked.

The heavy metal door slid open with an ear-bleeding screech. Rhona Mitra
stood on the other side and greeted Faith with a heavy embrace.

* *

Tall, blonde, and athletic, Jennie Finch found herself very popular
on the CSSA cruise. She’d spent the last night with a couple of different
women, but thanks to a still buzzing hangover, couldn’t quite remember who.
Now, clad only in her Mets jersey and sunglasses, she stepped out onto the
deck of the ship, feeling the cool but not cold ocean air shoot up into her
most private of spots.

“I don’t remember much about last night, but I remember it was fun,” she
whispered to herself. She did that a lot when she had a hangover – as if
just thinking was too loud for her head.

Of course, Jennie knew the best cure for a hangover in the world – an
orgasm. At least, it always worked for her. Whenever she woke up with a
hangover, she’d give herself an hour or so of just being awake, then she’d
lay back on her bed, and finger herself to climax. The resulting waves of
pleasure and energy generally chased most of the drinking pains away. So
far, it had never failed her.

The only difference here was that she was on a ship that was, in essence,
the largest orgy in the world. She figured it couldn’t be too hard to find
someone willing to get her off and cure her little hangover, and thus save
her the work of fingering herself. Sure, it was lazy, but when one is aboard
a CSSA cruise, one is expected to have as much sex as possible.

Now, all she needed was someone willing to get her off.

She wanted to avoid getting any of the male authors – she loved penis as
much as the next girl, but she WAS married, and she’d never even let her
husband serve as her early morning hangover cure – she wasn’t going to have
another man fuck her just to cure a headache.

So she needed a woman, and preferably a cute one.

And then, as if on cue, two very attractive women walked around the corner.
This HAD to be a CSSA cruise, Jennie figured. Nowhere else in the entire
world were sex prayers answered so quickly.

The two were quite the pair, and Jennie recognized them at once. Danica
Patrick and Maria Sharapova. She and Maria had hung out some on the trip,
but Jennie hadn’t even known Danica was aboard. Time to rectify that
situation at once.

“Maria!” Jennie shouted, then winced. The sight of the two beautiful girls
coming towards her had made her forget about her hangover, if only for a
moment or two.

“Jennie,” Maria said, smiling as she approached. “Have you met Danica

“Not yet, but I’ve always wanted to,” Jennie said, offering her hand to the
short brunette. Danica almost had to crane her neck up to look Jennie in the
eyes – Jennie was over six feet tall, while Danica barely clocked in over
five feet herself. That did, however, place Danica’s eyes almost directly
level with Jennie’s breasts.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Danica said.

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” Jennie said, smiling through the pain in her

“Did you forget your pants this morning, or are you just really into the
CSSA spirit?” Maria asked, smiling down at Jennie’s legs.

“I’m barely out of bed,” Jennie said. “I, uh, kinda had a late night.”

“Join the club,” both Danica and Maria said together. All three girls

“Listen, Jennie, we were about to go get something for breakfast,” Danica
said a moment later. “Did you want to join us?”

Jennie looked around and leaned in close to the two girls. “I’d love too,
but I’ve got to get rid of this hangover first.”

“Oh, sorry,” Danica said, her voice instantly dropping into a whisper.

“It’s okay,” Jennie said.

“Is there anything we can get you? Coffee? Tea?” Maria asked.

“Actually,” Jennie smiled, “There’s something you both can help me with. I
promise to make it worth your time.”

* * *

Voodoo woke groggily to the feel of a warm Caribbean breeze, the tug of
gravity and a painful feeling on the end of his dick. As he blearily opened
his eyes he realized two things: That he was naked and that he was
suspended from the bow of the ship over the sparkling waves of the Caribbean
Sea by ropes attached to his wrists and ankles. Looking down he saw that
the pain in his penis came from a large pair of novelty Walking Teeth
attached firmly to it’s tip.

“What the FUCK! GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!!!” It would be a bit longer before
he noticed the kanjei tattooed on his chest that, unknown to him, translated
to “Trickster’s Bitch”.

* * *

Halfway down the ship Trickster and his women heard a distant scream.

“That’s our cue to vamoose.” he said as he helped Raven and Emma climb down
into the yellow submarine clamped magnetically to the cruise ship’s side.
They would be the only one’s joining him. Gwen was in a cuddle huddle with
her “girls”, Angel, Love, Music and Baby, Lexa was nowhere to be seen and
Eve and Summer had decided to stay and taste the happiness of the cruise.
He gave each of them a long slow kiss and then descended into the sub.

“See you in Bermuda!”

* * *

“MMMMMM” Sheridan moaned slightly
as she began to stir. She woke up with Dina Lohan behind her and Lindsay
Lohan on the other. Dina’s arm was draped over her and feeling her up.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Dina said kissing Sheridan on the cheek. Dina stood up
and got changed. It was at that moment Sheridan noticed a change in Dina’s
body language.

“What’s with you?” Sheridan asked crawling out of the sheets allowing
Lindsay to turn over and sleep.

“Nothing, I’m ok.” Dina said putting on a white t shirt. Sheridan sighed.

“I guess my hypnotic control over you is gone huh?” Sheridan replied. Dina
stopped, then turned.

“Yeah…” She sighed “…but I had fun. You know how badly I needed this.
I’m just thankful you gave it to me when I needed it.”

Sheridan giggled. “That’s not all I gave you.”

“I know…” Dina said as she resumed dressing, then looked at Lindsay still
deep asleep on the bed. “…we had a good time as well.” Dina said as she
walked over to the bed and gave Lindsay a peck on the cheek.

At that moment the door was pounded on, Sheridan opened it and in flew Evil.

“Call Jason.”


“CALL JASON” Evil shouted waking up Lindsay.

“What happened?” Sheridan asked.

“Eric was right, something is going to happen. I saw it happen.” Evil said
pacing back and forth. Sheridan grabbed him and held him by the shoulders,
then slapped him across the face.

“CALM THE FUCK DOWN….” Evil regained his composure for a second, then took
a breath and spoke.

“I had that same dream Eric did, the exact same one, this ship is going to
explode.” Evil said, which got Lindsay to sit up and Dina to sit next to
her. Dina stopped her daughter before she could speak.

“Ok, just calm your ass down. I’ll call Jason and tell him to take the next
flight out of Bermuda, we should be there sometime tomorrow anyway.”
Sheridan said as she got on her cell phone and Evil sat down.

He noticed Dina and Lindsay and gave them a smile and a wave.

“Jason….. no not yet, just get to Bermuda we should be there
tomorrow…..Yes everyone is fine….yeah he did…..you’re kidding…..Eric
did too huh…….well just get there, if we need you we’ll call……love
you too hon…..bye. They are on the next flight.” Sheridan said as she hung
up the phone.

“Thanks.” Evil said.

“So what are we doing today.” Sheridan asked.

“Well first you need to go and get dressed, we may need kevlar too, then you
can meet me in the lounge on the main floor.” Evil said as he regained his
composure and left the room.

“Is he always like that?” Dina asked as she hugged Lindsay close.

“No, sometimes he’s mean…” Sheridan said smirking, which got a laugh out
of the other women. “…he’s right though. I gotta get dressed, I’ll see you
guys later.”

Sheridan left the room as Lindsay began kissing her mom’s neck.

* *

Jennie Finch lay back on her bed naked, her legs spread wide, and
her arms to her side, and her eyes closed. Laying next to her, a similarly
naked Danica Patrick kissed and fondled Jennie’s breasts, occasionally
sneaking in a kiss to her lips, but generally keeping to Jennie’s impressive
rack. Between the softball star’s legs lay Maria Sharapova – also naked –
who had been spending the last ten minutes or so licking and lapping at
every nook and cranny inside Jennie’s crotch.

Jennie had sought the girls’ help in getting rid of her hangover – a good
orgasm usually being the best cure for the softball babe – and when Danica
had offered to finger her to orgasm, Jennie had jumped at the chance. The
problem was it took all of five minutes for Jennie to reach a climax more
than powerful enough to end her headache and get her good to go for the day.

But she still had a sexy sports car driver and a sultry tennis player in her
bed, both naked, and both looking very appreciatively at her. Jennie quickly
lied and said she still had a bit of a pain in her temples, and asked Maria
to take a try. As soon as the blonde tennis star had slipped between her
legs, Jennie had pulled Danica to her, and started making out. Things had
gone quite well since then.

A second, more powerful orgasm started to race through Jennie’s body, and
she knew this time there would be no fooling the girls into thinking she
still had a headache – especially when she screamed like a banshee when the
first blast of pleasure rocked her body.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Jennie hissed loudly as Maria’s tongue worked wonders
through her pussy, lapping up her juices. “Oh, God, FUCK YEAH!”

“Someone’s enjoying themselves,” Danica said, kissing Jennie’s nose.
Suddenly, Jennie pushed Danica off her and rolled over on top of the tiny
little driver.

“Your turn, short stuff,” Jennie said. “Maria, why don’t you taste Danica
for a bit.”

“Mmmm,” Maria said, pushing a stray strand of hair out of her face before
shuffling over to lay her mouth down over Danica’s pussy. The tiny racecar
driver squirmed in delight as the tennis star’s tongue probed deeper and
deeper into Danica’s folds.

Not to be left out, Jennie came around behind Maria and slowly inserted two
fingers into Maria’s snatch. Maria gasped, but Danica grabbed her head and
shoved it back down into her crotch.

“Don’t stop,” Danica moaned. Between Natalie and Ashley, Danica had thought
she’d hit her lesbian highs. But now she was having her first threesome –
with two other girls. As Maria worked her tongue over her clit, Danica
wondered why she’d never ever tried this before. A week ago, having sex with
women was completely out of the question. Now it seemed like the most
natural thing in the world.

And Danica wouldn’t trade it for the world. She was into Lesbian Sex, and
she wasn’t going to go without ever again.

* * *

“You know,
it’s so hot on this ship,” Scarlett Johansson was saying as she sat on the
bed, idly playing with TRL’s knee.

“Do tell,” TRL muttered. Still handcuffed to the bed, he had been suffering
through Scarlett’s teasing for a good fifteen minutes now.

“No, really, it’s hot. I’m hot even in my swimsuit.”

TRL rolled his eyes. “Why do you hate me?”

Scarlett smiled down wolfishly at him. She reached around and undid her top,
allowing the tiny piece of fabric to land just shy of TRL’s crotch, and
exposing her marvelous breasts right there.

“Scarlett?” A voice suddenly said from the doorway. “What are you doing?”

For half a second, TRL thought Eva and Michelle had returned. But alas,
standing in the doorway were two other girls – Leighton Meester and Alexis
Bledel. Both girls were wearing tiny pink bikinis.

“Oh, hey guys!” Scarlett said, not bothering to cover herself up. “Come on
in. I’m just waiting for Eva Longoria to show up so we can go to breakfast.

“And who’s this?” Alexis asked, seeing the very naked TRL chained to the

“TRL. An author.”

“The annoying one VooDoo’s always talking about?” Alexis asked.

“No, that’s Rawballz. TRL’s the one who Voodoo thinks is a total hack,”
Scarlett said.

“You guys are so mean!” Leighton said, coming to sit on the bed next to
Scarlett. “Why haven’t you unchained him?”

“’Cause I don’t have the key,” Scarlett said.

“So you’re giving him a breast show instead?” Leighton asked.

“It’s called teasing,” Scarlett said. “And if you must know, I WAS going to
give him a hand job when I thought he’d had enough. But now I’m not.”

“You DO hate me,” TRL muttered.

“Why not?” Alexis asked. “It’s not because of us – I mean, you helped me
take Leighton’s cherry the other day-”

“Thanks for sharing that,” Leighton muttered. She turned towards TRL. “She
means my lesbian cherry. I’ve fucked guys.”

“I’m sure,” TRL said. “Can you go find Eva for me?”

“Not now,” Scarlett said, tickling TRL’s balls lightly. “I’m not done with
you yet.”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to give him his hand job?” Alexis

“I’m not,” Scarlett said. “But Leighton, when was the last time you gave a

“Me?” Leighton said. “Uh-uh, it’s too early. Make Alexis do it.”

“Don’t get me involved in this,” Alexis said. “I’m supposed to be sunbathing
with Lauren Graham right now – and you know how mad Lauren gets when you’re

“Oh, big whoop, she’ll make you eat her out, and then everything will be
fine,” Scarlett said. She turned back towards Leighton. “C’mon, just a quick
blowjob. The poor boy is probably ready to explode right now.”

“That’s true,” TRL muttered.

Leighton squirmed. “I don’t like giving blowjobs on an empty stomach,” she

“We can get you something to eat,” Alexis suggested. “There’s the morning
buffet on the way to the aft deck, where I’m supposed to meet Lauren.”

Leighton considered it. “Will they have grapefruit? I’m on a huge grapefruit
kick lately.”

“I’m sure they will,” Alexis said. “I’ll send her back when she’s eaten.”
With that, the Gilmore Girl took Leighton by the hand and ran out the door.

“Looks like it’s still just you and me, big boy,” Scarlett said, slowly
running a hand down TRL’s leg.

* * *

“Christ”, Raw muttered as
he got to his feet.

“You know, we really need to stop running into each other like this.”, he

Rhona kissed Faith firmly on her cheek and then turned her attention towards

“Raw, you really have no idea what you’ve got yourself into, do you?”

She slowly walked around him, noticing his still very erect cock protruding
from his britches. He kept a close eye on her looking for any funny business
she might try to entertain him with.

“All I know is that you’re going to take me to where Roselyn is right now. I
don’t give a good damn what tricks you may have up your sleeve. You will NOT
take this charade any further.”, he spoke boldly.

“My, big words for such a desperate man, my dear. Indeed, I will take you to
your precious Popi. You will however be accompanied and supervised by my

“What companions?”, he asked.

Rhona smiled wickedly at him as she pulled out her revolver and pointed the
barrel directly at his skull.

“You had no idea all this time, did you? You’re a pathetic worm with your
sleeves soaked with your own emotions. I do suppose it’s time to fess up

With a quick snap of her fingers, the women began to file into the small,
dingy room.

Sela Ward and Dana Delany were the first to enter. They glared blankly at
him and took their places next to Faith. The next pair was more shocking to
Raw. Jennifer Connelly and Naomi Watts flowed into the room with not a hint
of recognization towards Raw.

Minnie Driver soon followed. Raw realized no matter what progress he had
made for the past two days, it had been guided by other hands.

Jaime finally passed through the doorway. This one hurt him the most. Even
beyond Jaime’s obvious jealously of Popi, she was still considered a close
friend of the couple. How could she do this? Was her jealousy worse that
originally thought?

“Shall we?” Rhona asked as she pushed the revolver into his right temple and
motioning out the door.

“Jaime, how could you?” Raw asked her as he passed by her.

* *

“Where the hell is he,” Jennifer asked looking anxiously at her
watch. “He was supposed to be here an hour ago.”

“Well, remember how I sent Kristen out to give him a thank you gift for last
night,” Stephanie said. “He should be receiving it at this very moment.”

“The things you’ll do get some ass,” Fergie said.

The three girls were taking hold of the bar while Tom was out with his
post-workout sex session with Kristen. Jennifer and Fergie worked the cash
register and naturally, Stephanie was given the duty of preparing the
drinks. There weren’t any customers yet, but they knew someone was bound to
come early.

“You think he’s alright,” Jennifer asked.

“Without a doubt,” Fergie said. “I bet right now he’s singing…”

“Watcha ya gonna do with all that ass, all that ass inside them jeans,” Tom
sang, as if almost on cue.

“I’m gonna make make you scream, make you scream, make you scream,” Kristen
sang as she entered the room with him.

“Hey, get your own song. First the Emmys, now this,” Fergie asked with mock

“Jeez, get a sense of humor,” Tom said. “Hey, I had a blast, Kristen.
Thanks a lot.”

“No problem,” Kristen said, slipping Tom tongue. “I gotta go. Alyson and
Charisma must have been lonely.”

“Alright, farewell,” Tom bid to the young Detroiter.

“So, how was it,” Stephanie asked.

“Awesome,” Tom replied approaching the bar in blue jeans and a Placado
Planaco Tigers jersey. “You gotta do this more often, Steph. That girl is
an absolute demon. Unbelievable. But I think I should repay you first.”

Tom then went over to his new friend and planted a warm, tender kiss on
Stephanie’s lips. While it didn’t consist of any tongue, Stephanie knew
that it was meant to be that way. No lust, just love.

“So what are going to do this morning,” Jennifer asked, looking at her
watch. “We’ve got an hour before business picks up again.”

“I’ve got a few ideas,” Fergie said with a devilish grin glowing across her

“Please tell me it’s of the exotic kind,” Stephanie begged.

* *

“You’re killing me,” TRL said.

“I am not,” Scarlett Johansson said as she rolled her naked body over TRL’s
tied-up form once more. “I’m teasing you, and you like it.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Mr. Happy down here says otherwise,” Scarlett said, playfully tickling his
dick for the briefest of moments.

“You know, I used to like you,” TRL muttered,

“And now you love me,” Scarlett said, kissing his ear as she pressed her
breasts into his chest. “You want me so bad, don’t you?”

“YES!” TRL said. “Damn it all to hell, yes! I want to throw you to the floor
and fuck you senseless! Is that what you want to hear?”

“No, but that’s a wonderful sentiment,” Scarlett said.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?”

Scarlett and TRL looked towards the still open door to see a bikini-clad
Keira Knightley and a tank-top and panties wearing Sienna Miller standing in
the doorway.

“Keira!” TRL said. “Natalie’s been looking all over for you for the last two

“Oh, bollucks, I almost forgot about Nat,” Keira said, coming in. “I’m going
to owe her about two dozen screaming orgasms for that.”

“How about I come along as a peace offering?” Sienna asked.

Keira smiled. “That might just work.”

“Damn, TRL, you a little horny or what?” Sienna asked, looking down at TRL’s
raging cock.

“I’ve been teasing him,” Scarlett said, licking TRL’s nipple as she spoke.

“You want to tease me next?” Sienna asked.

“You want to fuck, Sienna, I’ll fuck you right now,” Scarlett said. “Right
here, on top of TRL. He’ll love it.”

“This isn’t teasing, it’s torture,” TRL muttered.

“Scarlett, can I give TRL some relief,” Keira asked. “I mean, the poor boy’s
balls are almost literally turning blue here.”

“No relief for him until I either can’t hold myself anymore, or Leighton
gets back and is willing to give him a blowjob.”

“Or Eva gets back with the key to these cuffs,” TRL muttered.

“A shame,” Keira said, leaning down to whisper into TRL’s ear. “Because I
would’ve loved to suck your cock. Your cock is the one cock I really love
sucking the most, TRL,” Keira whispered. “And when I suck any other cock,
yours is the one I’m thinking about.”

With that, Keira stood up, took Scarlett’s face in her hands and kissed the
blonde actress hard. When she broke the kiss, Keira tweaked a nipple or two,
then looked to Sienna.

“Let’s go see if we can find Natalie,” Keira told the other Brit. “I’m sure
she’d love to have you as a peace offering.”

“Sounds like fun,” Sienna said as the two girls walked out the door.

Scarlett watched them go, then turned towards TRL. “All right, I give in.
Fuck me, TRL – after that kiss, I desperately need the fucking.”

* *

Meanwhile, on the good sub Hagbard Trickster was giving his girls a
tour of the boat.

“So it’s all run by robots huh?” said Raven.

“Yup. You didn’t think the Harajukus ran it did you?”

They came to another door. “And here is of course the most important room
on the sub.”

“What room is that?” asked Emma coyly.

“As if we didn’t know.” added Raven

“You got me girls, it is indeed the bedroom.”

As he ushered them in Raven commented, “Well, this is…interesting.” The
entire floor was one huge mattress. Things that were normally found on the
floor, bureaus, nightstands etc were all affixed to the walls about a foot
above the mattress. Said walls were done in alternating stripes of purple
paisley and ice-blue and hot-pink plaid. The ceiling was painted as a night
sky but all the stars were subtly wrong.

“Well people are always telling me I belong in a padded room, I thought I’d
meet them halfway.”

“Who’s your decorator, the Joker?” asked Raven. Meanwhile Emma was just
staring around in jaw dropped amazement.

“So this is where I’m going to lose it?” she finally stammered. Just how
crazy *was* the man she planned to give her virginity to?

“Actually I plan to start things in the hot tub and see where it goes from
there. But first we dine.”

* * *

On the other side of the
Luxury, Natalie Portman was waking up in her bed. She knew right away that
she’d gotten laid the night before – after all, she was naked, covered in
sweat, and her legs were sore. Usually, waking up that way was a good thing
– Natalie always appreciated getting laid.

Slowly, Natalie remembered where she was – the CSSA Cruise – and remembered
who she’d spent the night with – Danica Patrick. The only problem was that
Natalie was alone in bed – and Danica was nowhere to be seen.

“Danica?” Natalie asked aloud. “Are you still here?”

There was no answer, so Natalie got up and went to the bathroom. Danica
wasn’t there, either. Natalie searched the whole room for a note or
something, but found none. Shaking her head, Natalie decided to take a
shower, and figured Danica would be back before long – probably just gone
out for some food before Natalie woke up.

* * *

Elsewhere on the ship, IYG was waking up feeling very similar to Natalie
Portman in that he’d clearly had sex. The difference was that he wasn’t in a
bed but rather on the floor, his clothes were nowhere to be found, and a
clearly still sleeping Michelle Trachtenberg and Sarah Michelle Gellar were
still sleeping near him – Sarah’s fingers still inside Michelle’s crotch, as
a matter of fact.

“Hey, you’re awake,” a voice said, startling IYG. He turned to see Rachel
McAdams standing not far away. “Have fun last night with ‘Buffy’ and

“Yeah,” IYG said, remembering the role-play he and the two girls had done.
“Thanks for hooking me up with them.”

“No problem,” Rachel said. “Are you busy?”

“Uh, you mean other than desperately needing a shower and a change of

“If you make it a fast shower, you can probably squeeze it in. Meet me on
the aft deck before noon. And bring your sneakers.” With that, Rachel turned
and left. Suddenly, IYG wondered just how close to noon it was.

* * *

Danica was not back by the time Natalie had gotten out of the shower. Nor
had she shown up by the time Natalie had changed into her baby blue bikini.
Natalie was famished at this point, and decided it was time for every woman
to fend for herself. She quickly jotted down a little note in case Danica
came back, then went to find a buffet.

Natalie locked her door behind her, and then made her way up towards the
central part of the ship. Had she waited another three minutes, she would’ve
had two very good reasons to stay and wait for Danica.

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller rounded the corner and headed right for
Natalie’s door. Keira knocked loudly.

“Natalie! Oh dirty, slutty, little Natalie! Come on out and greet your long
lost fuck buddy Keira!”

There was, of course, no answer.

“She must be somewhere else,” Keira muttered. “The last time I knocked on
Natalie’s door saying that, she rushed me inside in three seconds flat.”

“And then fucked you silly?” Sienna guessed.

“Actually, it was my turn to paddle her with a ping-pong paddle,” Keira
said, leading Sienna down the hallway. “See, Natalie had bed me that I
couldn’t get a girl in a club to let me suck her pussy from under the table
while she was talking to her boyfriend without him finding out…”

* *

“How the hell did this happen?” Raw asked himself as the eight evil
beauties lead him down the darkened stairs.

As if they were leading him straight into hell, Raw could feel the
temperature rise with each step down. His hands were bound again behind his
back with what felt like a tremendously thick rope.

The women were on all sides of him with Rhona leading the way. All were
wearing see-thru green nighties and matching glittery heels. All was silent
as they pushed him further down , that is until Rhona spoke up.

“Did you happen to complete the four tasks that you were instructed, Raw?”

“Since you know everything, you know the answer to that.” Raw retorted.

“Indeed I do. But, not to worry. You’ve already completed seven of them.
Well, eight if you include your precious Popi.” She laughed.

“What do you mean seven?”, he asked.

“Well, let’s just say that your sexual conquering has fulfilled our destiny.
It is because of you that your in the situation you currently find yourself
in.” Rhona revealed. “So, you can rest forever in peace that it’s your fault
that your Roselyn will find herself dead.”

Not knowing how to reply to that, Raw decided to keep his mouth shut and try
to figure out how he was going to get out of this.

A few steps further down, Raw found himself and the others walking into
total darkness. He went blind as the shadows covered his eyes.

A growing horde of moans echoed in his ears as he felt the bodies next to
him jostle around his arms as if they had ran, or rather flew in front of

Alone. All alone. The moaning had stopped and the only sound he could hear
was his own footsteps steadily walking down the steps. Fear gripped his
heart as he wanted to turn around and run back towards the light from above.

He knew in his heart of heart that if he did, Popi would certainly be dead.
He swallowed his fear and continued his descent.

With each step he could hear a hissing sound getting closer and closer.
Suddenly, he stopped as his face met with a cold metal door. From behind the
door was the evil hissing noise.

Raw turned his back towards the hissing door and pulled at the handle with
his fists. The heavy door creaked open and the noise filled his ears to a
deafening volume.

He turned back inside his new environment and found himself in a thick cloud
of green smoke. It stunk. It smelled like hell. Raw choked on the vapors as
he ran to reach clean air.

He stopped in front of a stage and he couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared
up at a giant green curtain.

* * *

Evil walked around the deck
of the ship looking out over the ocean. He knew in the pit of his stomach
that something bad was about to happen, and he hoped he could prevent it.

The mood of the ship was sex and how he could concentrate on anything else
was beyond even him. That was about to change with the arrival of one
certain female.

“Enjoying the trip?” asked a very nude Victoria.

Evil gave her a look over and turned back to the ocean. “Yeah, I’m having
all kinds of fun.” Sarcasm dripping out of his voice.

Victoria giggled “What’s wrong?”

“You ever get the feeling that something very bad is about to happen and you
can’t do anything to stop it?” Evil asked as he brushed stray hair out of
his eyes.

“Yeah, back on the island. I knew something wasn’t right about that day. I
just thought it was Hurricane Michelle, but then some celebs went missing,
and the whole EVIL TRL thing happened.” Victoria sighed as she remembered
the island.

“I don’t know what’s about to happen, but I’ve got a bad feeling that it is
something big.” Evil said as he leaned on the rail. Victoria leaned next to

“If something does happen, are you sure you can prevent it?” Victoria asked.

“I’m sure, we’re about a day out from Bermuda and I’ve got friends there.
One call and they are here.” Evil said.

“Then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Enjoy yourself, I think I saw
Danica Patrick in the dining hall.” Victoria said as she walked away.

Evil sighed and looked back out over the ocean. If what was coming was as
bad as he thought could he and his friends stop it? Was Victoria right?
Could he have nothing to worry about?

‘Danica Patrick does sound like an interesting catch’ Evil thought to

“I hope Natalie hasn’t turned her completely lesbian” he said to himself as
he headed for the dining hall.

* * *

Scarlett Johannson’s hot,
sweaty, naked body fell onto the bed next to a still chained TRL, her breath
ragged and her juices flowing down her legs.

TRL, on the other hand, was pretty much in the same, teased, horny state
he’d been when Scarlett started.

“When you said you wanted to fuck, I assumed I’d get the chance to actually
have sex myself,” TRL muttered.

“Oral sex is sex,” Scarlett panted as she lay next to him.

“Only for the one receiving the oral sex,” TRL said.

“Why is TRL not getting any oral sex?”

The two on the bed turned to see Eva Longoria walking into the room, clad in
a tiny pink bikini, sunglasses, and a baseball cap.

“Eva, thank god,” TRL muttered. “Please fuck me.”

“I think I’d rather fuck Scarlett,” Eva said, eyeing the blonde beauty

“Would SOMEONE fuck me?” TRL cried out.

“Why is no one fucking TRL?” another new voice said from the doorway.
Looking up, TRL saw Natalie Portman walking into the room.

“Natalie, please, for the love of god, fuck me!” TRL cried out.

“Wait a second, you’ve got both Scarlett and Eva here, and you’re not
getting any?”

“No, I’m not getting any at all – I’ve been tied up all morning.”

“That sucks,” Natalie said.

“Who sucks?” Leighton Meester asked as she walked in the room. “I thought I
was going to suck TRL.”

“Please do so,” TRL begged.

“Why is everyone arguing over who’s going to fuck TRL?” Natalie asked.

Eva looked closely at TRL’s face. “Who’s cum is that on your face?” she
asked him.

“Oh, that’s mine,” Scarlett said, sitting up. “I just made him eat me out.”

“I think that means you should blow him in response,” Leighton said.

“You said you would when you got back,” Scarlett said.

“I leave for an hour and you get yourself into all this trouble,” Eva
muttered, swatting TRL on the head.

“He does that a lot,” Natalie said. “I remember once when Keira and I were
having dinner with him – we went to the bathroom to make out a bit, and when
we got back, we found him with his head between Jessica Alba’s legs.”

“DAMN IT, SOME ONE FUCK ME!!!!!” TRL screamed aloud.

“What on earth is going on here?”

Everyone in the room turned to see Kelly Clarkson come walking in.

“TRL, why are you tied up?”

“Long story,” Eva said, sheepishly.

Kelly came over, sat on the bed next to TRL and kissed him. “I missed you,”
she said to him.

“I missed you, too,” he replied with a smile.

Kelly looked down at his raging hard cock. “Who’s responsible for this?”

“I am,” Scarlett admitted.

“And I helped chain him up,” Eva said.

“I was going to give him a blow job,” Leighton admitted.

Everyone turned towards Natalie.

“Don’t look at me, I was just walking by.”

“Well, none of you are going anywhere until TRL has fucked each one of you,”
Kelly said, rather sternly. “Now, who wants to go first?”

Scarlett raised her hand. “I’m already naked.”

Kelly pointed towards TRL’s cock. “Get to it. And no oral – everyone’s going
to make this up to my love the proper way.”

* * *

walked in on Marla Sokoloff just as the young actress was changing into her
sundress for the day.

“Oh, hello!” Marla said, smiling as the dress fell over her ample breasts.
“I didn’t expect you until later.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to get some breakfast,” Sheridan said,
openly admiring Marla’s chest as the actress settled the dress over her
frame. “And, of course, you.”

Marla smiled seductively. “Well, If you work fast, you just might have

“What were you looking for?” Sheridan asked, slowly moving closer to Marla.
“Something similar to what I gave Keira the other day?”

“Actually,” Marla said, taking a step closer to Sheridan. “I was hoping for
something a little more… languid than that.”

“You’re turning down multiple orgasms?”

“In favor of one really good one,” Marla said, taking Sheridan’s chin in her
hand and kissing the blonde gently. “How are you with your hands?”

“I’m an expert,” Sheridan replied, kissing Marla back.

“Good!” Marla said, excitedly. She spun away from Sheridan and reached for a
bottle of baby oil that was on her bed stand. “You can start by giving me a

“A massage?” Sheridan asked, surprised.

“Do you want to put you hands all over my oiled body or what?” Marla said,
letting her sundress fall to the floor. The sight of Marla’s hot, naked body
was almost overpowering.

“I think I’d like that,” Sheridan replied.

“Good,” Marla said, getting down on the bed and rolling over onto her
stomach. Marla’s ass was so perfect, Sheridan wished she had a camera – it
was a sight she didn’t ever want to forget.

“Well?” Marla asked, seeing Sheridan just staring at her. “What are you
waiting for? Get kneading. And don’t forget my happy ending.”

“Now we’re talking,” Sheridan said, smiling. She quickly stepped out of her
sandals, and threw her T-shirt off over her head. That left her in her
bikini-bottoms, which she quickly pulled the strings on, leaving herself
naked and ready to go.

Sheridan got on the bed next to Marla, and quickly sprayed the other girl’s
back with the baby oil. As the silky liquid pooled in the small of Marla’s
back, Sheridan hoped her baby girl would sleep a while longer. This, she
thought, was going to be fun.

Sheridan quickly coated her hands with the baby oil, and started working
over Marla’s back. She quickly kneaded the tight flesh around Marla’s neck
and shoulders before moving down to her arms and hands. Next was the middle
of her back, then the sides, and finally the small of Marla’s back, where
most of the oil had pooled. Using that collection to re-wet her hands,
Sheridan skipped over Marla’s ass and went for the actress’ legs. Working
quickly, she moved up and down both of Marla’s legs, getting them nice and
shiny from the oil, and kneading the little kinks right out.

Now, though, it was time to add a little kink of two. Grabbing the bottle of
oil, Sheridan squeezed some more out onto Marla. This time, though, she
aimed for the brunette’s ass crack. Marla gasped slightly as the cool liquid
hit her hot skin, and then gasped again when Sheridan quickly worked her
fingers into the crack, trying to “catch” the liquid. She ran her fingers up
out of the crack and went right to work kneading Marla’s ass cheeks. These
were fantastic, and Sheridan found herself spending a lot more time on them
then she had any other part of Marla’s body.

After a few minutes, Marla stirred a bit. “I know you like my ass, but
you’ve got another whole side of my body you need to massage before you give
me my happy ending.”

“I do?” Sheridan asked, surprised.

Smiling, Marla rolled over, exposing her ample breasts, erect nipples, and
perfectly trimmed pussy. “You haven’t done the front yet, silly,” Marla

Sheridan quickly shared the smile, and then sprayed Marla’s stomach with
some more baby oil. Sheridan’s own lusts were raging inside of her – she
wanted to just grab Marla’s breasts and start sucking on them, but this was
payment. Marla deserved all the payment she wanted. If she wanted Sheridan
to massage her body before fucking her senseless, then she’d get her

Sheridan repeated the same process she’d done of Marla’s back with her
front, with only minor differences. She started up around Marla’s collar
bone, then skipped over the actress’ breasts. Spilling a little more oil
over Marla’s belly, Sheridan went to work coating her skin between her
breasts and her crotch with the shiny liquid. By now, almost every part of
Marla glowed like she was sweating. The sight was making Sheridan extra hot
– she could feel the wetness between her own legs growing with every stroke
over Marla’s skin.

Sheridan skipped over Marla’s crotch and worked the front of her legs now.
Marla cooed in response, especially as Sheridan moved up the legs, kneading
the flesh between her fingers like bread.

Finally, Sheridan was done with everything but Marla’s breasts and her
crotch. She started the real work by heading right for Marla’s fantastic

“Oooh,” Marla moaned as Sheridan leaned down and gave each nipple a quick
little lick. Sheridan certainly didn’t want to lick those globes once she
covered them with baby oil. Letting her tongue linger for just a second on
the last nipple, Sheridan pulled up and saw Marla looking up at her,

Sheridan didn’t say a word as she pressed her hands down onto Marla’s
breasts, feeling the actress’ hard nipples poking right up into her palms.
She made no pretense at massage now – Sheridan was simply fondling Marla,
and they both knew it. Marla closed her eyes and allowed Sheridan to handle
her breasts for several minutes, loving the sensations and the expertise
that Sheridan brought with her fingers.

But she could only hold out so long. Finally, as Sheridan was pulling on her
nipples playfully, Marla broke. “It’s time,” she moaned. “I want my happy

Sheridan smiled, gave the nipple she was playing with on last little tug,
and then dropped down Marla body until she was hovering right over the
actress’ crotch. She lowered her head slowly, her breath drawing goose bumps
across Marla’s flesh, despite the heat pouring out of her pussy. The actress
stared down her body, between her breasts, and saw Sheridan’s face hovering
just above her slit.

“Either dive in or do something, because just standing there isn’t the happy
ending I was looking for,” Marla said, mock threateningly.

Sheridan responded by giving Marla’s engorged clit one good, long lick,
shutting up all complaints from the actress.

Sheridan licked slowly, eliciting moans and squirms from Marla as she went.
Young Miss Sokoloff might have been experienced with lesbian sex, but
Sheridan knew how to drive a woman really nuts. She swirled her tongue left
and right, over and around Marla’s bud, working the other woman into a slow,
but powerful frenzy. Marla flipped and flopped on the bed, reacting to
almost every lick with such force that Sheridan had to use her elbows to
hold the other woman still enough to continue her ministrations.

The two women lost track of time as Sheridan went down on Marla. Marla lost
track as pleasure and heat ransacked her body, while Sheridan lost track as
she enjoyed Marla’s taste. They would’ve kept at it for much longer, too,
until something happened.

Sheridan slammed three fingers quickly into Marla’s snatch. This worked
perfectly, as the sudden intrusion was so different from what she’d been
feeling before that Marla came on the spot. Sheridan left the young actress
climaxing on the bed as she went to the window, it was almost noon.

* * *

“Doc, you gotta help me out!” the haggard-looking young man pleaded.

“You do seem a little run down. What seems to be the problem Mr. Kramer?”
Dr. Mele asked his patient.

“My, um, my friend Mandy,” Cosmo began, trying to define exactly what his
relationship with Mandy Moore was, “she’s insatiable! She’s obsessed with
the idea of being the biggest slut she can possibly be for me. I mean, I
completely missed out on the poker tournament because she made me fuck her
and Monica Bellucci! Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time, but I don’t
know if I can keep up with her.”

“I see. Please continue.”

“Sometimes I think she feels she’s in a competition for me, like if she
doesn’t do these things I’ll won’t like her as much. It’s like her new goal
in life is to be my personal ATM machine! But I don’t want to seem like the
guy who demands things like that from his girlfriend. I hate that guy!”

“Yes, things are terrible for you,” Mele responded sarcastically. “A
beautiful, rich woman is crazy about you and is trying to show you how much
she cares, and she’s even throwing money at you. Yes, you sure need some

‘That’s not the kind of ATM I was talking about Doc,’ Cosmo thought to
himself. “Doc, I’m serious.”

“Fine. Go up to the juice bar and get a protein smoothie.”

“That’s it? You’re not giving me anything?”

“You really want something? How about THIS?” Dr. Mele said as he gave Cosmo
a backhanded slap across the face.

Cosmo was suddenly wide awake, and ready to knock the doctor out. “WHAT THE
FUCK WAS THAT?!? You’ve got two seconds before I kick your ass up and down
this ship!”

“There, all better. Now why don’t you take all this newfound energy and get
the hell out of my sick bay so I can have room for people with actual
medical problems? If you’re having a problem with your woman you should
take it up with her!”

“Hey, you’re absolutely right. Thanks Doc!” Cosmo hopped off the bed and
headed towards the door. “Oh, and one more thing Doc,” he said as he looked
back at Dr. Mele, “you got a freebie there, but don’t you EVER do that

* * *

IYG followed Rachel McAdams through the ship for
a good twenty minutes until finally they arrived at the very front of the

“What are we doing here?” IYG asked.

“We’re getting laid, hopefully,” Rachel said, looking around. “Where is

“Who are we looking for?” IYG asked.

“You’ll see when she gets here,” Rachel said.

* * *

“Excuse me, have you seen either Keira Knightley or Sienna Miller?”

Michelle Rodriguez was feeling rather happy with herself – after the
marathon night of sex she’d had with Eva Longoria and TRL, she’d decided she
needed some fresh air before she started fucking anyone else. So she’d
grabbed a chair on the port-side deck, removed her top, and began sunbathing
rather happily.

Until now, that is.

“And you are?” Michelle asked.

“I’m Charlotte Church. Keira and Sienna are my lovers.”

“That’s sweet,” Michelle told the busty young Brit. “I haven’t seen either

“Well, I wish they would stop wandering off without me. I didn’t come on
this cruise to have my pussy completely ignored!”

Suddenly, Evil came up next to Michelle’s chair. “Hey Michelle,” he said.
“Nice rack.”

“You’re such a charmer, Evil,” Michelle said. “How’s Jennifer doing?”

“All right, I guess. She’s well past morning sickness now – been craving a
lot of Popsicles lately, last I heard.”

“Wait a moment,” Charlotte said, turning towards Evil. “Are you talking
about Jennifer Garner?”

“Yeah,” Evil said.

“Then maybe you know where Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller are.”

“Sorry, haven’t seen them,” Evil said. “Try TRL – Keira’s been on him a lot

“Well, it’s just that they spent last night with Jennifer Garner and I
thought maybe you saw them when they left.”

“What do you mean?” Evil asked. “They couldn’t have been with Jen last

“No, I saw them all together – they were having lesbian sex without me.
Imagine the gall those girls had – licking a hot little bird like Jennifer
without me.”

“Jennifer’s not on the ship,” Evil said.

“Oh, yes she is,” Charlotte replied. “I saw her lovely pregnant body last
night when I barged in on Keira and Sienna practically devouring her. I must
admit the sight turned me on quite a bit. I went back to my room and frigged
myself rather hard, hoping Sienna and Keira would show up and do me
properly. Why did you know…”

Evil had stopped listening by that point. Jennifer was on the ship? How was
that possible? He’d clearly left her behind – she hadn’t felt up to the

Clearly, she’d lied to him. The question was why?

* * *

“Sorry I’m late,” a bikini-clad Shania Twain said, rushing up to IYG and
Rachel. “I had some trouble finding a swimsuit. And, of course, finding

Behind Shania came a similarly dressed Miranda Lambert, looking a bit

“Shania Twain,” IYG said, his eyes wide as the brunette singer’s breasts
faced him.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, we better get going if we’re going to reach
our destination in time,” Rachel said.

“What? Where are we going?” IYG asked. “I thought we were going to get

“You will,” Miranda said, smiling at IYG. “We’re just going to go somewhere
fun to do so.”

* * *

Tricksterson stepped into the hot tub
room to be greeted by the welcome sight of Emma and Raven topless and making
out in the tub. Emma made space for him in between them but he shook his

“No dear, you’re going to be in center stage today,” he said climbing in.

“I can’t imagine why.” she said coyly.

He leaned in, planted a soft kiss on her lips and whispered, “Because
tonight we fuck.”

“Oh?” Emma replied, arching one eyebrow at him. “What makes you think I
want to?”

“Well the fact that you’re half naked in a hot tub with me is a pretty good

“So are your erect nipples,” added Raven, nuzzling her neck from behind.

“That’s because your hands are all over my tits!” exclaimed the English
tartlet. “No fair you’re both ganging up on me!”

“I heard about fighting fair once a long time ago,” said the Tricky One
licking between her breasts and sliding a hand underneath her bikini bottom
to stroke her tight young ass, “and decided I wanted no part of it.”

“What he said,” added Raven, pressing in from behind and finishing the job
of removing Emma’s bottoms.

The truth was, it was Raven’s presence that had inspired the few inhibitions
Emma had about losing her cherry. Having someone else there was
just…disturbing. On the other hand it might be comforting to have someone
to help her over the rough spots and after all she wasn’t exactly a
stranger. Just the day before yesterday she’d had her face buried deep
between the other girl’s thighs and her tongue feveredly thrusting in and
out of her crotch. Finally she surrendered happily to the inevitable.

“Yesss,” she purred, “Do it!”

“Do what?” asked Trickster teasingly as he kissed his way down her soft

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

“Oh, that. Well, maybe, I’ll get back to you on it.” He said with a grin
then thanked his gods that looks couldn’t really kill or he would have been
flash fried right then and there. He was rescued from physical assault only
by Raven taking a deep breath then diving underwater to tongue tickle her
friend’s pussy, making her freeze on the spot.

“Uhhhhohhhhh, you bastard, she can’t stay down there for long and then…”
she sank back against the wall of the hot tub as her knees given out under
her friend’s oral assault.

* * *

The three lust birds entered the bizarre bedroom still dripping wet and now
completely naked. Trickster and Raven shared a look and then each grabbed
an arm and a leg and tossed Emma onto the huge bed, then leaped onto
themselves, sending waves sloshing back and forth.

“It’s a water bed?”

“Strawberry Jello actually.” With that he leaned over to take one small
breast in his mouth while Raven offered up her own more substantial ones to
Emma for a taste test, an offer quickly taken up on. Trickster slipped a
finger into Emma’s tight little twat and found both warm and moist. He
pulled the finger out and let Raven lick it clean.

“Mmmm, I think she’s ready.”

“Uhhuh,” was Emma’s contribution as she smiled and spread her legs.
Trickster poised himself above her, and let gravity take over. Emma’s face
contorted with pain as he broke through her hymen and for a second a look of
“ohmygodwhathaveigotteninto!” crossed her face. Which is where Raven came
into the picture.

While Trickster held himself still, giving Emma time to get used to having
him inside her Raven brought her down from the pain and panic by kissing and
caressing her way up and down her friend’s body.

“It’s okay honey, it’ll be a lot better in a minute?”

“It will?” The truth was that the pain was definitely fading.

“Is it okay now?” asked Trickster, desperately fighting the urge to make
like a freight train down her love tunnel.

“Ummm, yes, just , slow at first?”

After the first couple off thrusts, the pain subsided into an itch which
gave way to a pleasant heat which built into a roaring fire of passion.

“YES! Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!!”

Trickster needed no more urging than that, ramming into her, full force,
ball slapping against her firm little ass as he slung her legs up around her
neck. Watching, Raven was rubbing her clit frantically. Shortly Emma’s
arched her back until only shoulders and hips touched the bed, her eyes
rolling up in her head as she came.

As her eyes refocused they saw Raven’s pussy descending down on her face and
she quickly thrust out her tongue to meet it. As Raven rocked back and
forth on her sweetheart’s face Trickster rolled off Emma only to straddle
her torso so he and his chocolate skinned cutie could embrace. His face
descended onto her massive tits, licking, nibbling and sucking. As he
pushed her against the wall Emma crawled out from underneath them and
pressed herself against his back as he entered the dusky lovely before him.

“That’s it,” she said in a husky growl that was totally out of character,
“Fuck her lover, fuck her good!” Hearing her call him “lover” sent both a
wave of warmth through Trickster’s body and a chill up his spine.

“Oh, he is, he is!” screamed Raven as both girls wrapped Tricksy in a
cocoon of warm flesh. Finally he came in her and all three slid down onto
the bed, exhausted but satisfied.

* * *

Face to face with the

This is what everything had boiled down to. The green had plagued him since
he and Roselyn had first got on this damned ship. Every choice and turn he
had taken thus far has been guided by higher forces. This was where he knew
he would have to end up.

Just twenty feet stood between his questions and their answers. Just twenty
feet. He knew he might not like the answers he will be given, but he was
willing to accept anything that was thrown his way.

Raw made his way onto the stage and heard the boards creak loudly underneath
his feet.

How could something as perfect as being in a suite with his Popi turn into
standing on a decayed stage in a theatre that had to be off the map and
condemned decades ago? Sometimes life just doesn’t make any sense.

After all that’s happened, who was he to ask for anything to make any damn

All of the faces that he thought he knew so well had turned out to be the
most evil faces he’d ever met. Jaime. How could Jaime do this to the two of
them? Had her jealousy really spun that far out of control? Jennifer, Naomi?
All of them, great friends and lovers, bloodthirsty villains.

The point of no return was miles behind him. He knew that as he wrapped his
hands onto the opening of the green curtain and quickly flung them

* * *

Evil tore his way through the ship looking for Mia
Maestro. She knew the answers and she was going to tell him one way or

Blowing right past Eliza Dushku his momentum was only stopped by Sheridan.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“She lied to me. Jennifer lied to me.” Evil replied

“What are you talking about?” Sheridan asked.

“She’s been on the ship the whole time.” Evil said, louder then he would
have liked.

“Wow.” Sheridan replied.

“Yeah, I’m going to find Mia and get some goddamn answers.” Evil said.

“That won’t be necessary man.” Sheridan replied.

“Why the hell not?” Evil asked

At that second the door to their cabin opened and in the doorway stood Mia
Maestro and Jennifer Garner. Evil looked back at Sheridan and led him into
the room.

“This is going to be interesting.” Sheridan said to herself.

* *

A very naked and very sweaty Eva Longoria rolled off TRL and was
immediately embraced by a similarly naked and sweaty Scarlett Johansson. As
Eva got off, Natalie Portman took her place atop TRL’s rock hard cock, and
the two old friends were fucking once again.

“Long time no sex,” TRL smiled up at Natalie. He was still chained to the
bed, but this time, thanks to Kelly Clarkson’s influence, all the girls were
letting him get off and there was almost no teasing at all.

“Too long,” Natalie moaned as she sank down over TRL’s manhood. “You know, I
was just walking by, and all of a sudden, I’m part of a reverse gang-bang.
You have to love these CSSA events.”

“They’re certainly my favorite things to do during the year,” TRL said,
humping up into Natalie.

Across the room, Leighton Meester was visibly pissed. “Come on, Kelly, let
me at least make out with Scarlett until TRL’s ready for me.”

“No go, missy,” Kelly said, shaking her finger at the naked “Surface” star.
“You made TRL the way he is right now, you can wait your turn to cure him.”

“Can I at least masturbate?” Leighton sighed.

Kelly thought for a moment. “No, but you can come here.” Leighton quickly
came and stood before Kelly, who was still clad in a T-shirt and shorts.
Kelly sat down in a chair and motioned Leighton to join her. Smiling, the
young blonde sat on Kelly’s lap, facing the singer.

“Turn around,” Kelly said as Leighton reached for the American Idol’s tits.

“You don’t want me to touch you?” Leighton asked as she turned around. Kelly
pulled the girl in close, pressing her shirt-covered breasts to the younger
girl’s back.

“Nope,” Kelly answered as she reached around and started playing gently with
Leighton’s nipples. “I’m going to tease you a bit. Just like you teased

“Scarlett did most of the teasing,” Leighton insisted as Kelly began to run
her hands up and down the blonde’s stomach.

“Scarlett will get what’s coming to her later,” Kelly insisted, gently
kissing Leighton’s neck. “Right now, it’s my turn.”

Natalie was really getting going now, humping up and down on TRL like a mad
woman. She’d had a slight case of arousal since she’d woken up without
Danica, and now she was using TRL to work off some of that extra horniness.

“Oh, before I forget,” TRL said as he tried to match Natalie thrust for
thrust – which was harder to do without his hands than he would’ve thought.
“Keira was here not too long ago. I told her you were looking for her.”

“Just missed her again,” Natalie said, shaking her head. “Mind if I work off
that frustration on you?”

“Not at all,” TRL said. Natalie responded by really shoving herself down
onto him hard.

“Whoa! You are frustrated,” he said.

“You think this is bad – wait until I get Keira in my hands,” Natalie
smiled. “If you’re lucky, maybe we’ll call you and Kelly to help us clean up
once we’re done finding each other.”

“Now that sounds like fun – just like New Year’s Eve, all over

* * *

“Holy shit.” was all Raw could manage to utter.

The entire back of the stage was filled with a light green smog. The
flickering of many torches lit up the entire atmosphere.

Raw fought his way through the thick fog and stumbled onto the steps of an
altar of stone. He took two steps up and saw strapped to the top lying down
on a pile of straw was Roselyn.

He heard a faint chanting coming from all around him as he looked down at
his love.

“Popi?” he whispered.

There was no response from her. She remained completely immobile. She was
naked underneath a see-thru green fabric wearing only a matching blindfold.

Raw cradled her limp head in his arms. And as tears rolled down his cheeks,
he began to lift her from the altar.

“Now, you really didn’t think that it was going to be that easy did you?” a
familiar voice spoke from behind him.

Raw looked back and saw a tall woman walking down a flight of stone steps
from the very back of the stage.

“I’m taking Popi away. You’ll have to kill me before you take her from me
again.” he boldly replied.

“Oh, don’t worry my dear Raw. Your death is a certainty as well as your

The woman held the very thick Italian accent that he remembered he had heard
on the tape. She was flanked by all of the other women that had left him on
the stairs outside just moments ago.

They were all dressed exactly the same. Nothing.

He knew the time must be close for the supposed sacrifice. All of them had a
dead look in their eyes as they approached him. He tried to grab Roselyn and
run away, but the closer they came up to him, the more he found himself not
being able to take his eyes off of them.

“I am Maria Grazia Cucinotta, but you can just call me your death.”, she

* * *

Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert lead IYG and
Rachel McAdams deep into the heart of the ship, where, much to IYG’s
surprise, rested a rather large sauna. Easily large enough to hold twenty
people, it had more or less gone unnoticed by the vast majority of the
ship’s passengers. IYG chalked that up to the fact that there were several
smaller saunas across the ship, including one not thirty feet from the pool
on deck.

When the foursome entered, they found themselves alone, save for two people
– Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie both lounged naked in the steamy heat,
ignoring the group as they entered.

“Clothes off, girls and boy,” Miranda said, slipping out of her bikini. “In
this sauna, nudity is the only option.”

“I knew there was a reason why I invited you on this trip,” Shania smiled at
Miranda as the perky blonde got naked.

“And I thought it was because Faith Hill had other things to do,” Miranda
smiled as she helped Shania out of her swimsuit.

“Bah, Faith had something ‘important’ to do,” Shania grumbled. “What could
be more important than having sex with your best female friend.”

“Did someone mention having sex with females?” Angelina Jolie said from
across the room.

“Yes,” Salma added. “I heard that very clearly.”

Suddenly, Rachel stepped forward. “All right, girls, I have a deal to offer
all of you – I’ll have sex with any one of you who has sex with IYG here

Salma sized up IYG quickly, as the young man shed his swim trunks. “I will
take that deal,” the sexy Mexican said, sliding over to IYG. “Have you ever
had a Latin lover before, IYG?”

“N-not really,” IYG sputtered.

“Then it’s time you did,” Salma whispered huskily as she took IYG by the
hand and pulled him down to her.

* * *

Unable to move, Raw
stood in erotic horror as the group of naked demons moved in closer.

Words could not escape his throat as the ring leader, Maria grabbed him by

“You pathetic little boy! We will consume your soul for The Master and you
will thank him for it”, she screamed “Whenever will you have another chance
to please a being as powerful as he?”

The green flashed in her eyes almost blinding him. Yet, he could not look

“Everyone on this fucking ship is headed straight to hell anyway. Why would
you even consider putting up a worthless fight now? The very guardians of
this ship have done his bidding all along. They know where we are really
going and it smells like home. Home to The Evil Master!”

Her words shook his soul deep inside. Maria released her grasp and Raw
crashed to the wooden floor below. He broke from her trance and looked over
her right shoulder.

He saw a green diamond-shaped object embedded into the back wall. It looked
as if it were consumed with flames.

“YOU WILL DIE!!!” Maria screeched.

She outstretched her arm and a long sword appeared out of thin air into her
hand. The blade glowed brightly with the popular color down here. She
cackled as she pointed the sharp tip against his throat.

Raw felt the very tip slide an eight of an inch into the front of his neck
just under his adam’s apple. The heat was too powerful to fight. He couldn’t
raise a hand in defense as he prepared for the end. Whatever was to come
after, he just hoped and prayed the Popi could somehow make it out of this
hell alive.

He felt his own hot blood dribble down his chest. Maria had the ball in her
court and he knew it. He closed his eyes and dropped his head back

Maria’s eyes flashed with a wicked gesture as she prepared to finish the job
and remove his head.

A sudden crash was heard from just beyond the curtain.

“Who dares to disturb me?” she said filled with anger.

* * *

After about an hour of a threesome with Kelly and Ashanti, Kojain decided to
get some air. Ashanti left a little while after the sex and Kelly said she
was worried about Beyonce. Kojain said he would go look for her so Kelly
wouldn’t worry.

Kojain was about to give up his search, but he saw someone at the deck of
the ship.

“Hey, how are you feeling?”, Kojain asked the lead singer of Destiny’s

Beyonce turned around and smiled, “I’m doing okay I guess. I’m kinda lonely
seeing how Hater is no where around.”

Kojain nodded, “Beyonce, I’m so sorry about this. He’s been telling me about
this deal way before this cruise was planned. I didn’t think he just leave
like that.”

“It’s not your fault Kojain”, Beyonce replied, “Some of this is my fault. I
should have kept a better lock on him. I should have told Jay-Z from the
beginning that I was seeing someone. Maybe then he wouldn’t have strayed

“Don’t take it too hard Beyonce. Remember, I’ve known Hater longer than you
have. He can be a fool sometimes, but he’s been the best friend I’ve had for
a long time. He’s been more of the brother than my real brothers to be
honest with you.” Kojain said.

Beyonce smiled, “Same with Kelly and I. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t
have her by my side.”

“Feeling a little better now? Kelly was worried about you after you walked
out.”, Kojain said.

“Yes. Thank you Kojain.” Beyonce replied with a smile.

Beyonce moved forward and hugged Kojain tight. Kojain really didn’t expect
her to move in like that, but he enjoyed the feeling.

Kojain released himself from her and says, “Come on, I don’t feel right
having you alone on this cruise. Kelly and I are gonna look after you. Once
this cruise is over with, I’m gonna hunt down Hater and get this all fixed

Beyonce giggled, “Oh boy, I can’t wait for this.”

Kojain snickered. Beyonce seemed to feel better now knowing that she has
someone on the cruise to talk to.

“Hey Kojain, would it be alright if we had another threesome?” Beyonce asked
with an evil grin.

Kojain raised his eyebrow in her direction, “We’ll talk, okay?”

* *

“We have to talk,” Cindy said quietly.

“About what? The weather? The food? Those pursers?”

“About us.”

This was absolutely the last thing Victor wanted to hear that didn’t involve
a terminal disease. He’d successfully avoided seasickness (something not
everyone had accomplished – any possible fantasies about Evangeline Lilly
had been wiped out the moment he spotted her colored a lovely shade of green
and heaving over the side yesterday), and the big night was almost upon him
and Hayden; he didn’t miss Biel a bit, and Hilary was off somewhere yukking
it up probably. And best of all, Cindy had-

“Rande doesn’t mind you, because he knows you won’t hurt me, but…”

“You think I don’t look at younger women? I’d think there was something
wrong with you if you didn’t look at guys.”

The equally bi Cindy raised an eyebrow.

“Uh – you know what I mean…” Victor stammered. “It’s just that I know
you’re not going to leave your family for me, and I can’t up stakes and take
up with you…”~

“Why not? You don’t have anyone living with you, you don’t have any family
to support… I just want to settle this once and for all. We can’t keep
flying back and forth just to see each other any more; writing’s fun,

Victor didn’t speak. He did want to get out of London for a while; he’d been
wanting to spend longer times in America, and at least Cindy could help him
ease into LA life.

“Do they have snow in California?”

“Only the fake kind,” Cindy chuckled.

“I guess I can write just as well in LA as in London.”

“Probably faster too.”

“Touché. It’ll take a few weeks to wrap up everything before I can come

“Figures. You can stay with us till you get your own place,” Cindy said as
they arrived at their ultimate destination, the uppermost deck of the
Luxury. Right at the very top of the ship, up here nobody could see any
couples in the mood for doing it al fresco unless they were flying overhead
or had satellites, and with the bright blue cloudless sky and the sun
helping out Cindy’s tan, it was perfect. “But just one thing,” Cindy added
as she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her maturing beauties.

“What?” Victor asked.

“You’re going to have to watch the kids sometimes.”

Victor winced. He was secretly glad that while he could fire, he didn’t have
live ammo; other people’s children were bad enough. Cindy’s own kids weren’t
so bad, but sometimes… “Is Presley getting teased?” he asked as he started
to take off his own clothes. “About having such a sexy mum?”

“Well, he does have a lot of his friends asking if they can sleep over,” the
supermodel laughed as she stepped out of her skirt. “He’s more worried about
why you and I keep wandering off…” She finished her stripping as Victor,
who’d slowed down to watch her undress, got to his underpants. “He said we
were screaming.”

“Think they’ll hear us up here… Miss Crawford?” Victor asked.

“I hope so…” Cindy smiled, stroking his chest. “You haven’t finished
yet…” She slid her hand down his front, cupping his crotch. “Or were you
saving it for me?” In Cindy’s fingers went, caressing Victor’s swelling
basket before sinking to her knees, pulling the underwear as she went. When
she was down, she had her friend and lover’s fully hard cock right in her
sights. “You’ve done a good job. A very good job,” she breathed to her star
pupil, and kissed the tip of his prick before closing her mouth around it.

The upper deck was silent apart from the odd sea bird, the rush of the
waters far below, and the groans of both Victor and Cindy, the “student”
fondling the hair of his “teacher” as she sucked away on his cock, loving it
as much as they had the first time. Cindy’s fingers moved up and down him as
he felt her tongue playing with him, his only regret being that he hadn’t
gotten to eat her first this time. And when she touched his balls like that,
he knew it wasn’t going to be long before his cream ended up in her mouth –
he didn’t want it there this time. Victor tapped Cindy on the head when she
brought her head right next to his pubes; the supermodel looked up at him,
her eyes wondering what was wrong.

“Nothing… I just don’t want… to do it in your mouth…”

Cindy pulled herself back as slowly as possible, lying back and opening her
legs. She was getting more beautiful as she got older, and Victor still
hadn’t gotten tired of seeing her pussy open and ready for him. The sunlight
was glistening slightly on it; she was already wet down there. Victor was
soon down on the deck, pressing his eager body atop Cindy, his mouth kissing
her mole and his cock begging to be inside that dark brown heaven between
her legs; Cindy clasped him in her arms, returning every passionate kiss and
wrapping her legs around him, grunting “Come on, Victor… time for your
next lesson…”

Victor would have loved to role-play with Cindy as a patient and nurse, but
his mother was a nurse. Luckily, his mother wasn’t a teacher; many was the
time they had imagined Cindy was keeping Victor after class and making him
do some extra work to up his grades. “Mmmm… love these field trips,”
Victor murmured as he moved himself along Cindy’s body, his prick resting
atop her thatch. As they kissed, he raised himself up getting ready for the
first thrust…

* * * * * * * * *

Nicollette Sheridan tossed back another drink. Earlier that day Nicole
Kidman had given her a buzz – she hadn’t said much, just “Eleven.” The
previous day she’d called and said “Eight.” Every single damn day Nicole had
pulled some guys; either she’d gotten to them before Nicollette did or the
ones snared by Sheridan turned out to be gay. She was wondering how Nicole
could tell; then she remembered her rival had once been married to Tom

Either way, Nicole was so far ahead that Nicollette had no chance of
catching up with Miss Look At My Oscar.

“Hey! You’re Edie Britt, right?”

“I do have a real name, thank you very much,” Nicollette grumbled as she
glanced at Hayden Panettiere. “I can’t get you on the show – Cherry doesn’t
like guest stars.”

“I don’t want to be on the show,” Hayden replied, her usually ebullient face
downcast. “I just need someone to bitch with.”

“You? You don’t have any company? You’re young, you’re cute – ”

“Who isn’t young or cute on this thing?” Hayden snapped, ignoring
Nicollette’s face brightening. “And after what that blonde did I can’t get
any company. And I was looking forward to – ”

“Which blonde?” the older woman asked, now all ears. “Sit down and tell me
about it. And have one on me.”

“Thanks,” Hayden sighed. “If it isn’t my parents watching me it’s the crew –
I can’t gamble, I can’t drink, and now I can’t fuck.”

“How come?”

“Hilary My-Shit-Doesn’t-Stink-But-My-Records-Do Duff,” Hayden pouted,
picking up her glass. “She suckered me in a bet and now she gets to air her
pussy all over this boat. Victor’s gonna be mad when tonight comes…”

“Victor?” Nicollette interrupted again. “The writer Victor? MY Victor?”

“Technically he’s that supermodel’s Victor. I know he puts it about a bit,
but hey who doesn’t around here?” Hayden added.

“Me,” Nicollette sulked. “So I’ve been screwed by that Aussie stick twice.”

“Do tell.”

“You’re not the only one who’s betting on sex around here – if she gets more
guys than I do, we’ve got a forfeit to do. She wants me to sleep with a girl
or something.”

“And you don’t?”

Nicollette didn’t bother answering; she just sipped at her drink again,
eyeing Hayden over the rim. “So tell me… what were you and that slimy
Limey planning for tonight?”

That second drink loosened Hayden up.

* * * * * * * * * *

Up on the deck, Cindy’s full ass bounced up and down on Victor’s package,
the supermodel screaming as she thrashed around on top of him, feeling his
cock jamming right up her, waiting for him to shoot into her the way he’d
done so many other times. Beneath her Victor was yelling as he grabbed her
body, pinching and squeezing as he screamed about how hot Cindy was, how he
wanted to be her slave all day long as soon as they “…get back…
backtoLA… oh Cindy… oh

Cindy’s cunt dampened with their love juices, but the spell was broken; as
Victor gasped and shook under her, she snapped out of any ecstasy and pulled
herself up off him, standing with her legs apart over him.

“I don’t mind you looking at young girls,” she said coldly, thrusting her
fingers into her snatch and rubbing around in there. “I don’t even mind you
fucking them. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to play second fiddle to
anyone else while your dick’s in me. When you’ve made your mind up, look me
up again.” Finishing off wiping out as much of Victor’s cum as she could,
she flicked her hand to symbolically send his juice away from her, and
strode away still naked, leaving him there shocked at what he had just done.

His cock was still hard; so, apparently, was his head.

* *

“Jennifer, Naomi see who is the cause for this rude interruption!”
Maria screamed.

Jen & Naomi arrived just in time to fling open the giant curtain and meet
the two unexpected guests.

Vanessa Marcil & Sarah Silverman jumped back in complete shock as they saw
the two naked women running up to them.

“Oh my God!” Sarah yelped “Watch where you swing those wrecking balls!”

“I think we have the wrong room” Vanessa sheepishly spoke. “If you’ll excuse

“GRAB THEM!” Maria commanded.

Naomi grabbed Vanessa by her neck in a choke hold, while Jennifer grabbed
Sarah by her arms and pinned them behind her back.

The large cardboard box Sarah had held in her hands crashed to the floor
with a loud thud.

“BRING THEM TO ME!” Maria yelled as her eyes glowed with green rage.

The two new arrivals were pushed by the naked ones up next to the altar.

“Rhona, go fetch me that box.”

“Yes, mistress.” Rhona replied gladly.

“What in the hell are you two little sluts doing here?” Maria hissed at

“We were just looking for a dark place….to…..y’know……have fun.”
Vanessa whimpered.

“Fucking dykes, huh?” Maria laughed.

“Here you go, Mistress.”, Rhona spoke as she laid the box on the altar next
to the sleeping Popi.

“Were you two little whores going to have fun with this box?”

“Yeah, we were gonna build a clubhouse out of it, cunt!” Sarah spat out.

“WHORE!!” Maria screamed and side kicked her right into the stomach.

Sarah gasped for breath as the pain quickly set in.

“Ladies, have your way with these two little cunts!” Maria hissed “More
sacrifices could never hurt our standing with the Master.”

All of the nude women quickly descended onto Vanessa and Sarah, ripping
their clothes away with a quickness and fondling their bodies.

“You’ve sent them here haven’t you?” Maria glared down at Raw.

To tell you the truth, Raw didn’t even hear a word she said as his entire
body was paralyzed with fatigue and fear. He remained as her was, head back
with the tip of Maria’s sword embedded in his throat.

His shirt had a long, skinny stain of the reddest blood as he waited.

With her curiosity getting the best of her, Maria pulled up the top of the
box next to her. She looked down into it and was puzzled by its content.

“A pound cake?”, she whispered.

Raw’s ears exploded with the echo of that word. All of the fury that he held
deep inside of himself was suddenly shooting to the surface. And God help
whoever stood in his way.

* * *

“Holy hell!” Nicollette said
as a woozy Hayden led her into her cabin. “You pulled this one? It’s bigger
than mine!”

“And I don’t have to share it with anyone,” the teenager giggled, stepping
slightly unsteadily inside. “You’re the first one I’ve had… in here,” she
added, laughing.

“How many did you have?”

“Oh, one, two… who was counting?”

Nicollette had counted about four; not enough to get Hayden roaring drunk,
but just enough to disorient her a bit. “Good thing I got you out of there
before one of those grumps they call the crew saw you,” she continued.
“Better have a rest, sleep it off…”

“I don’t WANNA sleep!” Hayden pouted. “I want to have some fun… ”

“Shhhh. When you get over it you’ll have all the fun you want. Now come on,
get out of those clothes.”

Hayden’s fingers were fumbling with her top; Nicollette shook her head a
little. “Here, let me do it,” she said calmly, her non-sloshed fingers
taking over and slipping off Hayden’s shirt, nodding approvingly at what she
revealed. “Nice set for a girl your age,” she murmured.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Hayden laughed, falling back on the bed as
the older woman gently pulled at the girl’s skirt, airing more of Hayden’s
body. “Too damn bad he’s gotta wait until tonight.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot – happy birthday, Hayden!” Nicollette said, sitting on
the side of the bed and stroking the girl’s blonde head. “But you can’t go
with him tonight, can you?”

“Fuck… that bet I did with Lizzie McGuire.”

“She hates being called that.”

“Why do you think I keep calling her that?” Hayden chuckled. “I gotta do it
all the time now; payback.”

“Cheer up,” Nicollette said, kissing Hayden’s head. “It doesn’t count if
it’s a woman.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been friends with Vic for a while… he’s kind of old-fashioned. If
you don’t put a cock inside it doesn’t count as a first time. And I don’t
have a cock.”

Hayden’s eyes shifted nervously. “But you’re a…”

“Yeah, but there’s a first time for everything. I was nervous the first time
as well,” Nicollette semi-lied, since this was going to be her first time
with a girl as well. Still resting her hand on Hayden’s head, she gently
moved her fingers along the girl’s sweet face. Her flesh was warm and soft,
and Nicollette could tell Victor was going to enjoy touching it. “Time to
let these out…” the woman added, and reached under Hayden to undo her bra.

“Aren’t you…” Hayden started.

“Oh yeah,” Nicollette nodded, and as Hayden propped herself up and started
to undo her own bra the older woman stepped back and began to undress, her
eyes on the girl as she finished off her disrobing. From visits to gossip
sites, she knew that there were those teen boys (of all ages) who wouldn’t
have minded seeing Hayden Panettiere naked; checking out the blonde’s pert,
medium-sized breasts and tanned, nicely shaped body, Nicollette knew that
there’d be few if any complaints if that ever happened.

“Body from Baywatch, face from Crimewatch,” Hayden said to herself as the
woman finished stripping.

“What was that?” Nicollette asked as she joined Hayden on the bed.

“Oh nothing… just something Vic said some people said about you. He
thought they were assholes.”

“Glad to hear it,” Nicollette smiled, kissing Hayden’s neck. “And speaking
of assholes…” Her hands slid down Hayden’s back and cupped the girl’s ripe
bottom. “But we’ll get to that later,” she laughed.

Hayden finally returned the kiss, tentatively resting her hands on
Nicollette’s tits. For all her cockteasing, Hayden had yet to touch any part
of someone’s body other than her own; she tried to keep control of herself
as she massaged the woman’s boobs. Hayden felt Nicollette’s fingers on her
own bosom, moving over them with years of experience fondling men – in some
ways they weren’t so different.

But as Nicollette put her lips around one of Hayden’s nipples, she was glad
they were real boobs and not of the man variety. Hayden’s nips were small
and hard; Nicollette tenderly licked each one, sucking on them slightly as
her hands wandered over the girl’s body, not quite matching Hayden’s more
tentative caresses but making a good rhythm.

They moved closer to each other, Hayden’s hands moving along Nicollette to
land on her well-shaped ass. Getting more confident, she pinched it as
Nicollette moved one of her hands between Hayden’s legs. “You’ll get your
turn later, Hayden,” the woman said confidently. “But first…”

Her head slid down Hayden and moved between her legs, and Nicollette
Sheridan, not Victor, became the first person to find out what Hayden
Panettiere tasted like.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Dammit, Victor…” Cindy Crawford muttered to herself. A wonderful vacation
ruined, all because he couldn’t stop thinking about other people. Not that
she occasionally didn’t think about Rande, but until now neither of them had
actually said something out loud.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t actually had any feelings for the
guy. But as long as he couldn’t decide between her and… HILARY?

Talk about coincidence; there she was, griping to herself about the girl
who’d come between her and Victor, and there little Miss Duff was, sitting
at a table all by herself. Well, Cindy knew she wouldn’t be alone for long;
not least because one of the passengers had spotted her and was heading
directly towards her.

“Sorry, sir, but I saw her first,” Cindy said brightly as she headed him
off. “She and I have something to talk about.”

“You and… her?” the passenger said in surprise.

“I’ll tell you later,” Hilary Duff replied, not wanting to tell Cindy that
this was one of the friends she’d made on board. “What is this about?!?” she
snapped once he’d gone.

“Our mutual friend,” Cindy muttered. “The one you’ve been having so much on
the ship that he’s even seeing you when we’re together. You’re probably
going to go and meet him today…”

“I can’t meet him today,” Hilary interrupted. “He’s off limits to me.”

“Do tell…”

* * *

“Care to explain why the hell you’re here” Evil said as everyone
entered the room.

“I don’t owe you an explanation.” Jennifer shot back as she sat on
Sheridan’s bed.

“You lied to me, you said you wanted to stay in Los Angeles because you are
pregnant.” Evil said as Sheridan and Mia tried to calm them down.

“ENOUGH.” Sheridan yelled.

Mia walked over to Jennifer and whispered to her to calm her down as Evil
stood by the window looking out. Sheridan calmed down and talked to the room

“Jen, you told me your reasons for lying to him and Brian you need to hear
it.” Sheridan said turning to Evil and using his real name.

“Let’s hear it then.” Evil said turning to his wife.

“I came here because I didn’t want you to know….” Jennifer began but Evil
interrupted her.

“Did you think you could hide out the entire trip. I would have found out
sooner or later.” Evil said, then was pulled out of the room by Sheridan.

Once outside the room Sheridan slammed him up against the wall.

“What the hell are you doing, are you trying to ruin this?” Sheridan asked.

“What do you mean?” Evil asked rubbing the back of his head.

“Dumbass, you’re about to fuck up the best thing you’ve ever had because of
your ego. Are you trying to ruin it?” Sheridan said.

“She lied to me.” Evil replied.

“Oh like she’s the first woman to do that to you…” Sheridan then slapped
him upside the head “…wake up jackass. The reason she told you she was
back home is because she wanted to come to Bermuda to surprise you and take
you out because as she put it ‘you’ve been so good to her’.” Sheridan shook
her head and re-entered her room leaving Evil to ponder what he was just

* * *

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Amanda Tapping had
joined Lexa Doig in her quest for sci-fi/fantasy pussy and they had tracked
down Evangeline Lilly and Maggie Grace to their room. From the noises
emanating from the room, they were definitely in.

“Should we knock or just break down the door?” Asked Amanda.

A giggling shriek decided them. Amanda gave the door a swift karate kick
and they burst in, toys in hand.

Evangeline looked up from tickling a naked and bound Maggie. “Wha’ the

“We figured you’d never hear us if we knocked,” replied Lexa calmly.
“Besides, we brought presents!” she said waving a 10-inch neon purple dildo.

“Oh goodie!” Maggie exclaimed. “Bring that thing right over here.
Evangaline had hoped for some alone time but resigned herself. Resignation
quickly turned to happy acceptance as Samantha stripped down and launched
herself at the Lost hottie.

* * *

The perfidious Hamster having rejected her advances when she returned Miss
Fluffy to him a disgruntled Eve decided to join Gwen and her harajukus in
the orgy she was sure was going on in Trickster’s former rooms. On the way
she met and beheaded a penguin that tried to hump her leg.

When she got there, the festivities were just getting started. Gwen was
stretched out on the bed with Angel kneeling between her legs licking away.
The other three were kneeling by the bed, patiently awaiting her orders.
All were of course naked.

“Mind if I join in?” Eve asked as she stripped off her pirate costume.

“Plenty to go around,” answered Gwen as she writhed under Angel’s oral

* * *

With his bloodshot eyes glowing with
sexual fury, Raw grabbed the blade of the sword and pulled the tip out of
his neck.

Before Maria could react to this sudden turn of events, he had swiped the
sword from her hands and threw it behind him twenty feet where it embedded
itself into the stage.

“What the…….” Maria stammered.

Quick to his feet, Raw grabbed Maria by her wrists and abruptly pinned them
behind her back. He pushed all of his weight against her, sending the two of
them crashing onto the floor with him on top.

“This can’t be!”, she screamed.

He forced himself between her long legs and his stiff cock quickly found
refuge in her private property. His full seven inches snaked into her love
hole as he bucked his hips forward.

Her bountiful boobies trembled with intensity as he collided inside of her
again and again. She could not get this sexual beast off of her.

Raw got back onto his knees and pulled her legs up until her feet were
dangling off his shoulders. Before she could pull her hands out from behind
her back to use as weapons, Raw grabbed them again by the wrists and held
them down by her sides.

Her breasts swirled round and round as the rhythm of the fucking continued.
Maria’s body was betraying her as she felt the evil green being diluted from
her thoughts. Her entire body ached with an overwhelming orgasm that
exploded onto Raw’s fierce manhood.

With cat-like reflexes, Raw hurled himself up her body and his still
hardened cock sunk deep into her mouth. He pumped his hips up and down and
she choked as his dick swam in and out of her throat.

With the breathing from her nostrils increased to an all-time high, Raw
completed the fastest twenty push-ups in the history of mankind.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slid down to her belly. Before she
could even attempt to close her mouth, he took her giant breasts, one in
each hand, and pushed them together.

He pushed his body forward until his schlong squeezed between her two Mt.
Everests and pumped his heart out.

The green evil was all but vanished from her mind. All that consumed her
thoughts was that this was the most incredible sex she had ever taken part
of and that this was the first time anyone had tit-fucked her.

After about eighty more strokes, Raw stood up, grabbed her by her wrist and
rolled her over onto her stomach. He knelt down behind her and pushed her
knees forward until her ass was hiked completely in the sex-filled air.

Her pushed her ass cheeks apart and spat onto her asshole and rubbed the
saliva around with his middle finger. After a quick lubing, he shot the
finger into her anus, but then quickly retracted it.

She could barely get over that first intrusion before Raw buried all of his
manhood inside of her asshole. The feeling rushed through her body from head
to toe as she scratched at the wooden floor with her fingernails.

He was merciless on her virgin butthole. Seven inches inside with no more
vacancy. He pummeled her until everything went black inside her mind and she
fell to the floor in complete exhaustion.

“Get off of her!!”, Rhona screamed as Minnie and she pulled him off of

They had quickly realized their mistake as he turned around to face them
with his green, hellish eyes.

* * *

Natalie Portman rolled
off a very spent TRL, and suddenly it was Leighton Meester’s turn.

“I’m a little scared,” Leighton whispered to Kelly Clarkson as the singer
helped the young actress onto the bed.

“Why?” Kelly asked. “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

“Oh, no,” Leighton said quickly. “It’s just that I’ve never been with a guy
who’s just been with so many women.”

“Trust me, sweetie, TRL will love you,” Kelly smiled, kissing Leighton
quickly on the lips before helping the young girl onto TRL’s crotch.

“Hey, I thought you were going to give me a blowjob,” TRL said as Leighton
sank down atop his cock.

“Kelly says I have to fuck you,” Leighton said, arching an eyebrow. “You
aren’t complaining, are you?”

“Never,” TRL said as Leighton started to slide up and down atop him.

* * *

In the middle of the ship’s largest steam room, IYG was working up a sweat
that was completely unrelated to the steam. Salma Hayek stood up and stepped
aside, IYG’s cum sliding down her leg, and Shania Twain got down in front of
him, her ass waving in the air.

“This has been the best trip ever,” IYG gasped between breaths.

“Come on, fuck my ass, IYG!” Shania said, looking back over her shoulder.
IYG wasted no time, sinking his dick deep up Shania’s rear end.

Of to one side, Rachel McAdams lay naked with Miranda Lambert, watching as
IYG basically continued to have the time of his life.

“So you bet him you could hook him up with his entire top-ten list?” Miranda
asked as she slowly played with Rachel’s clit.

“Yep. I’ve got something like six or seven of them now. More than I

“Can I ask why?” the blonde country singer asked.

“Well, I don’t really know anyone from CSSA, and I met IYG almost as soon as
I came aboard. I was looking for a guy to spend some time with, and he was
the first one I found. Plus, he’s kinda cute, so it’s not like it wasn’t

“So you’ve been fucking him the whole trip?” Miranda asked.

That made Rachel pause. “Actually, we haven’t done it. I’ve been busy
hooking him up with other babes.”

“Have you even had sex on this trip?”

“Sure, with other women,” Rachel said. “And, besides, I like watching, know
what I mean?”

“You’re a voyeur then,” Miranda smiled.


“Well, then you’re in the right place coming to these CSSA events.”

“That I am,” Rachel said with a smile as Miranda sunk her fingers in deeper.
The two turned to watch Angelina Jolie pull Shania off IYG’s cock, and then
start jacking him off with her hands. “That I am.”

* * *

Jennifer reached into her lungs for one last gasp of air, she felt herself
being snatched by Fergie. The pop star had no intention of a moment like
this slip away as she kissed the just-as-naked actress.

Meanwhile, on the floor, Tom and Stephanie embraced as they let their bare
bodies rub on each other as they kissed their exhaustions away.

Looking at the clock, Tom saw there was still some considerable time left
before the bar had to open up.

“You know what, girls,” Tom said. “I think we can sneak some more fun
before we have to get dressed again. Fergie, you started this idea. What’s
your next?”

“I think I got just the thing,” Fergie responded. “Stephanie, could you
come over here please?”

“What is it,” Stephanie inquired. Fergie whispered into Stephanie’s ear as
the black-haired waitress listened in. A grin widened across Stephanie’s
face larger than a Cheshire Cat’s.

As prompted, Stephanie and Fergie started kissing with reckless abandon,
smoothing each other’s mouths with their own. As they kissed, Tom and
Jennifer noticed that the two girls were scooting closer to the writer.
Instinctively, Tom went to sit up, but Fergie, without breaking her kiss
with Stephanie, grabbed him by the hair and held him down.

Fergie and Stephanie slid their pussies over Tom’s face. He immediately
caught on to what was going on, beginning to lick Stephanie’s wet cunt
followed by Fergie’s sopping clitty. Tom switched back and forth, giving
each girl’s pussy a tonguing they wanted. The girls were in heaven at this
moment, Stephanie licking Fergie’s perky tits with the singer working on the
novice lesbian’s neck.

While all of this went on, Jennifer could only watch in envy. Though the
other three hadn’t forgotten about her, she felt alone. She had to keep
herself sexually satisfied somehow, so she went down to her pussy and
inserted three fingers inside of her. All Jennifer was concerned about was
keeping her sex drive strong while she masturbated at the lovely sight of
Stephanie and Fergie kissing as they…

Wait a minute, Jennifer thought to herself. Those girls are riding, so why
shouldn’t I?

Going unnoticed to the other three, Jennifer slid her body toward Tom’s
throbbing cock as it stood upright looking like it needed some TLC. Since
it was already wet from coming earlier, Jennifer took a chance at hoping it
wasn’t dry and sore. She positioned her pussy directly over the pulsating
dick and started to ride it like only she could.

No sooner than that was Tom moaning directly into his girlfriend’s and
friend’s pussies. He tried to look to see what was going on, but he
couldn’t see around Fergie’s ass.

“Come on, Tom,” Jennifer encouraged, catching her friend’s attention. “Give
me some hip movement.”

Tom obliged happily as his cock and Jennifer’s sweet pussy ground against
each other with all their gusto.

“Thought you’d never catch on,” Fergie said.

“Yeah, bitch, where the hell were you,” Stephanie said through a smile.

“Just waiting for the right moment,” Jennifer replied, wrapping her arms
across Stephanie to massage her large tits as she continued riding Tom like
a bike.

Seeing this scene was a lot for Tom to take. Fergie and Stephanie kissing
and caressing each other while Jennifer ground her pussy into Tom’s dick.
There was really no more he could do. Muffling the sounds under the girls’
pussies, Tom released into Jennifer. She, too, was reaching climax and was

“Come on, Tom, just a little more,” Jennifer said. With that Tom fired a
couple more jets of come into Jennifer, sending the actress overboard.

“OHHHHHHH BABBBBBBBBBY, YESSSSSSSSSSS,” Jennifer screamed through gritted

Hearing this only made Tom lick harder into Fergie and Stephanie. He hit a
sweet spot in both girls, and as their mouths were trying to swallow the
other whole, they came right on his face. Immediately, Tom lapped up every
piece of the creamy delight his tongue could reach. The girls fell off the
the lone piece of beef in that fish market and began to cycle down. When
Tom sat up, the girls surrounded him, and they all engaged in a hot four-way
kiss amongst each other. Everybody there knew it be back to business once
the kiss broke.

* * *

“Oh………my………God.”, Minnie
spoke as her body trembled.

Raw’s right hand swung around with a vengeance and grabbed her by the back
of her neck. His grip was powerful and was not in the mood for reluctance.

His raw strength forced her down to her knees and quickly put her face to
head with his eight inch member. Raw pulled her head towards him and his
cock entered her mouth with no surrender. With his hand now placed on the
back of her head, he skull fucked her into oblivion.

Rhona stood there not knowing how to react. Raw turned his head towards her,
smiled an evil grin and grabbed her around her ass in his left arm. As she
started to protest and beat him upon his chest, Raw hoisted her into the air
above his head.

The green coursed through his veins as he positioned her cunt right above
his hungry mouth. His tongue escaped his lips with a green tint to it about
six inches long. It touched her clitoris and tickled it to his delight.

He had become a powerful being having just sucked the green soul from the
ringleader of this operation. And he had something to prove.

His tongue ravished her clit and then slid deep inside her pussy. With a
quickness, he swam inside of her tasting her inner walls. Rhona’s naked body
heaved at the insertion and the wet demon inside of her.

Minnie was still giving the blowjob of a lifetime as her head was still
being dribbled by his right hand onto his cock.

With a quick change of pace, Raw pushed Minnie until she fell flat on her
back. He exited his tongue from Rhona’s vulva and lowered her on top of
Minnie. With her back on Minnie’s chest, Rhona closed her eyes as she waited
for his next move.

Raw dropped to his knees and grabbed the four legs that covered the
treasures that he coveted. He gobbled them up into his arms and pushed
forward until his cock pushed its way inside of Minnie’s pussy. She screamed
onto the back of Rhona’s neck.

After thrashing out about thirty strokes he pulled his dick out and slipped
it deep into Rhona’s wet snatch. All three of their bodies heaved together
in sweat and screams.

He would trade up holes every few minutes until the two women came together
and breathing heavily onto one another.

After their minds went blank, Raw stood up from the two nude bodies. His
green heart was pumping mad and he turned towards the pile of women just
across the stage from him. He and his ten inch mad-hard cock quickly walked
toward his next victims.

He reached blindly into the pile of women that were still on top of Sarah
and Vanessa. He pulled out two blondes, Naomi and Jaime.

They kicked at him, but could not fight off his starving clutches. He
dropped Jaime to the floor in front of him and forced her to her hands and
knees. He then lowered Naomi onto Jaime’s back in the same doggy-style
position with her body draping over.

Her threw out his meat hooks and wrapped his hands around Jaime’s thighs.
The head of his ten inches rested against Naomi’s anal opening and then slid
it down against her cunt. He was toying with them with his demonic games. He
lowered his cock further and lightly brushed the head against Jaime’s
butthole and pussy and brought it back up again to Naomi’s anus.

Jaime and Nomi panting in anticipation as they waited with nervous energy.
Raw lunged forward and shot his meat thermometer inside of Jaime’s asshole.
Her knees buckled and almost shook Naomi off of her back. His ten inches
pushed Jaime to the brink and just before darkness closed in, he pulled out
of her rear entrance.

Jaime sighed loudly as her anus quivered in pain. Raw slid his hips upwards
and entered himself into Naomi’s cunt. Instinctively, Naomi clamped her
teeth down onto Jaime’s bare shoulder and screamed. Raw pushed and pushed
further into her until her body was sliding off the front of Jaime. Her
sweaty body pulsated with an orgasm that shook the entire stage. Blackness
closed in and Raw’s cock grew another inch.

He grabbed Naomi by her wrists and rolled her off of Jaime’s back. She could
not have prepared herself enough for the eleven inches being quickly
thrusted into her pussy even she was a girl scout.

Raw grabbed her by the wrists and pinned them behind her back and held onto
them like Santa and his reindeer. He held her arms behind her as if they
were reins and crashed inside of her cunt walls. Ripples of her bare flesh
shook across her ass cheeks as Raw continued his grinding.

Her mind went blank as she quaked in orgasm and fell limply to the floor.

He cackled in laughter as he walked over and grabbed Faith and Jennifer from
the pile of nakedness.

Forcing his hand upon them, Raw laid on his back and pulled Jen on top of
him by her thighs and lowered her onto his foot long. She gasped in ecstasy
and thriving pain as his mean cock penetrated her like she had never been
before. The look on her face was that of a deer caught in headlights. She
could not believe the size of what was pushed inside of her.

Raw bounced his hips up and down and shook her feverishly on his cock. He
let go of her with his hands and grabbed Faith by her legs around the knees
and pulled her on top of his dark-green ten inch demonic tongue.

His tasting device slithered its way between her thighs and pushed its way
into her cunt. Faith leaned back with her hands behind her, palms flat on
the floor and wiggled on his incredibly thick tongue.

Jennifer’s huge breasts heaved up and down and side to side as he filled up
her hole and bounced her like a basketball. Her mind shut down within a few
second as her insides creamed with orgasmic waves.

He again grabbed Faith by her ankles and pulled her down his body without
any pity. His thirteen inches was instantly plunged into her pussy. With her
back facing him, Raw grabbed her on top of her shoulders and pushed her down
on his lap until she was filled with that unlucky number of measurement.

Her screams echoed throughout the entire auditorium as she climaxed and fell
back onto Raw’s chest. He pushed her aside and off of him and stood back up.

14 inches and still not finished yet, Raw set his sights onto Sela and Dana.

Vanessa and Sarah were more able to fight off the last two as Raw approached
them from behind. He grabbed Dana up like a rag doll and spun her around
until she was face to face with him. She quickly gulped in fear.

He snatched his hands around her wrists and then grabbed her up from around
her knees. He picked her clear up off the floor and held her in front of him
swinging aimlessly.

Rocking her back and forth, he aimed his massive erection directly in front
of her unguarded pussy. He slammed her into his waist, shoving the entire 14
inches inside of her. Dana’s screamed were incredible. He pushed with his
pelvis, rocking his cock in and out of her.

I didn’t take too long before Dana came all over his cock and passed out.
Raw wiggled his body until she fell of the head of his 15 inch member and
smashed onto the wooden floor below.

Vanessa and Sarah had Sela by each of her arms and drug her over towards
where Raw was standing with an evil smirk across his face.

“Get down, Raw!”, Vanessa shouted at him.

Raw laid down on the floor on his back with his hands folded behind his
head. Sarah and Vanessa positioned Sela directly over the monstrous cock
that pulsated with a greenish tint to it.

The two ladies forced Sela’s legs apart and her weight pushed her down upon
Raw’s heavy lumber. She sunk halfway down on the shaft as Vanessa and Sarah
grabbed her by her ankles.

The two women began running in circles around Raw and twirling Sela around
his tremendous cock. Sela’s head fell back and she panted in extreme sexual
vibrations as the cock spun inside of her cunt.

“Almost there, Raw!”, Sarah shouted in glee.

Sela released a powerful scream as her body went limp and her orgasm could
be seen sliding down Raw’s 16″ trouser snake.

“Quick, get her off!”, Vanessa said.

They pulled Sela off of his erection and carefully laid her on the floor.

“Stand up, Raw!”, Sarah yelled. “We have to get you off!”

Raw stood up in confusment as the two ladies wrapped their hands and mouths
around his heavy cock.

“Massage his balls, Sarah!” Vanessa shouted and then quickly lapping his
dick with her wet tongue.

The two women worked feverishly trying to get him off and release the green
demons that had possessed his body. Three hands wrapped around his thick
cock, pushing and pulling. Two tongues sliding back and forth as the lips
pressed up against the thick meat.

Sarah juggled the two testicles within her hand as she felt them quake with
his orgasm.

“He’s about to release!” Sarah screamed.

“Quick, point it towards the green diamond!” Vanessa yelled back continuing
her stroking.

Sarah and Vanessa guided the cock until the head of it was pointed directly
at the green-flamed diamond that existed on the far back wall of the stage.

They felt the floorboards shake as his orgasm entered through his member.
Raw released a hellish howl as the green was sucked from his body all into
his dick.

“Keep it from shaking off the target!”, Vanessa yelled. “It’s about to

With a force stronger than any fire hose known to man, Raw released the
green semen from the head of his cock and directly onto the diamond on the
back wall. The flaming diamond exploded on contact sending waves on green
flames echoing through the theatre.

A loud devilish scream rang through the room as the diamond

* * *

“So you can’t fuck anybody?” Cindy Crawford
asked. All the bitterness she had felt for Hilary Duff had dissipated now.

“Yeah. And meanwhile Hayden’s whooping it up with whoever…”

“The cruise’ll be over soon, don’t worry about it. And anyway, what’s Hayden
got on her plate? Bring It On 3, right?”

“Still more than me.”

“Hey,” Cindy said, taking Hilary’s hand. “It’ll pass. Like that thing with
me and Victor.”

“Oh yeah. That thing. I don’t know if I should be sorry or flattered…”

“Now that I think about it, go for flattered. If he was going to think about
anyone, at least it was you.” Cindy patted Hilary’s hand and smiled

“Same here… the last time we got together before this cruise, he said your
name once.”

“The guy can’t concentrate…”

“He didn’t mind when I said Joel’s name, so why get mad?”

“You still like that guy?! You could do so much better, Hilary. Like…”
Cindy brought out the smile again. “Like me, for instance.”

Hilary returned the grin, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I’m still
stuck with that damn bet, Cindy.”

“Not like this, it doesn’t…” Cindy slid her hand under the table, resting
it on Hilary’s lap. “If this counted, we’d all lose it by 17.”

She caressed Hilary’s lap for a few moments as the girl sat back and enjoyed
how Cindy’s hand felt. Hilary kept her own hands under the table as she
edged towards Cindy, waiting for the older woman to slap her back
good-naturedly and tell her to wait – it wouldn’t have been the first time,
“Wait your turn” and all that. But as Cindy’s fingers slid under the edge of
Hilary’s shorts, the blonde didn’t get any resistance when she touched the
supermodel’s dress. Or the supermodel’s thigh when she moved her hand under
the silk. Or the supermodel’s dark, thickening pussy hairs; Hilary quivered
when Cindy’s fingers touched her own slot as she began to stroke Cindy’s
beautiful cunt.

Cindy’s soft, tender clit was soon being squeezed by Hilary, her fingertips
running over the woman’s warm opening. Cindy flicked her tongue over her
lips in delight as she started to dip her fingers into Hilary’s trimmed
snatch, moving and searching for the key to make the girl explode in
passion. With their hands slipping in and out of each other, the trembling
women leaned towards each other and kissed softly…

Nicollette Sheridan and Nicole Kidman, the latter still glowing from her
latest encounter, leaned towards each other and kissed, their arms wrapped
around each other. Earlier, Nicollette had confronted Nicole and told her
she forfeited; Nicole told her that she wouldn’t have to have a three-way
with a German Shepherd and a Persian after all – if she let the Oscar-winner
sleep with the Golden Globe-loser.

“I know it’s weird to be with someone who hasn’t got a cock,” Nicole
admitted, stroking Nicollette’s snatch as she turned herself around. “But
you’ll get used to it,” she added, as she felt her blonde friend sliding
down her back and gripping her famous ass with more enthusiasm – and
expertise – than she had expected.

Nicole had time to think that maybe Sheridan had been leading her on about
this whole no-woman thing before she felt the woman’s tongue shoving into
her front entrance, and then she wasn’t thinking about anything except

* * * * * * * * * *

On the island, Hilary’s mum had brandished pictures of Lindsay and Rush
Limbaugh; these shots weren’t for blackmail, just for fun. And no one in
them was fat or ugly, but Victor was shocked just the same.

In some of them Hayden Panettiere was posing as if she was doing a shoot for
Barely Legal. In others, taken from her point of view, a woman literally old
enough to be her mother was happily nestled between her legs, licking away.
In still others, from Nicollette’s point of view, Hayden was bent over with
her spread-eagled ass in the air and a generously sized dildo aimed right
towards her wide backdoor.

“Nicky wanted you to see the whole thing,” a blushing, repentant, mostly
dressed and totally sober Hayden explained. “She knew you and I were going
to fuck on this boat, and she was mad at you for the whole Nicole thing. I
gotta admit she and Charlize make a better team, so I can see why you’re
always hanging with MuffinMan. Among other things…” she finished
hesitantly. Nicollette had also taken malicious pleasure in telling her
about Victor’s nights with his fellow writer.

“I kind of wish he was here as well,” Victor admitted, squeezing Hayden
around the shoulders. He couldn’t be mad at her for this; it wasn’t like
she’d set out to do it. Besides, it was kind of hot seeing Hayden slapping
Nicky’s buns.

“Anyway,” Hayden continued, fidgeting on the bed, “she gave me a choice; I
could have that thing up my ass or up my snatch. That’s why I’m still kinda
sore there… I kept this,” she finished, pointing to her cunt, “for you.”

Victor let out a happy sigh as he folded Hayden into his arms. “I told you I
wanted you to be the first-” she started, before Victor shut her up with a
kiss. Hayden got the message, starting to help the writer off with his
clothes, baring more of his dark skin as he showed more of her own. Soon the
lovers were both naked at last; Victor was hoping that she wasn’t
embarrassed by what she saw because he knew he was no Tyson Beckford – he
always felt like this the first time he was with a new woman – but the smile
that moved over her face when she took his cock in hand wiped out any
nervousness. Hayden’s touch had it stiffening almost at once as he began
fondling her lovely young tits.

“I’m kind of worried… about sucking this,” Hayden said, hefting Victor’s
shaft. “Always a first time.” Hayden crouched down, counting to herself to
try and calm down, and then nervously closed her mouth around the mushroom
head. She was slow with her swallowing, but her tongue seemed to know
instinctively what to do. As Hayden’s little head engorged itself around
Victor’s cock, he could tell this girl was a cocksucker born and bred.

Patting her blonde tresses, Victor tried to keep from dropping all of his
come down her throat as the girl put more of herself into it. “Mmmm… yes,
Hayden, that’s great…” he murmured. “Keep going…”

Hayden stroked the meat sticking out of her mouth, feeling little tasty
white drops going into her. Mmmm! Not bad… the girl jammed her head around
his length up to the balls, oblivious to everything around her but what was
going on right now in this room. She swallowed and tasted him further and
harder, her tongue slipping all over the cock; she was still feeling like a
girl, but a happy, excited girl. And she wanted this prick inside her cunt.

Without waiting for Victor to ask her to stop, she drew back and climbed
back up him, landing on his lap with his shiny prick near her box. Victor
couldn’t wait any longer either, sweeping her in his arms and pinning her
onto the bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

“What about Hayd?” Hilary asked as she licked the taste of Cindy’s pussy on
her fingers.

“The first night we’re back home I’ll ask her and Victor over,” Cindy
replied, gently stroking Hilary’s arm. “Besides, if he likes Hayden…”

She let it trail off, but Hilary knew what Cindy meant. And she wanted to
try the girl out too.

* * *

As the fires began reducing themselves to a flicker and all the smoke began
to settle in the grand theatre, Raw slowly opened his eyes up to a new day.

He got to his feet and looked around him. It looked like he was in the
middle of a giant forest fire that had just recently been extinguished. The
smoke was thick and black. That was the only silver lining in this smoke
filled arena, it was black and not green.

He couldn’t remember anything after having the tip of Maria’s sword thrusted
into his throat. He held his hand up to his neck where it once was, but
there was no gash, no scar and no pain.

And most importantly…….no green.

“Hello?” he yelled in hopes of one responding voice.

“R…….Raw?” a very weak voice answered.

A sudden jolt of energy swam through his body as he instantly recognized the

“Popi!” he screamed as he ran to the altar.

He looked down upon his love with tearful eyes and joyous emotions. She
looked up at him with those deep eyes of hers and as that familiar smile
coated those full lips of hers, Raw knew deep down that everything was going
to be fine.

He carefully cradled his hands around her back and head a lifted her into
his arms for the embrace he had longed for what seemed like an eternity.
Nothing else mattered to them. Nothing about what exactly had happened the
last few days and nights mattered. All there was, was the two of them and
thanking whatever may linger on the other side of the clouds above, that
each other was alive and well.

Raw rested him face against hers and felt her tears of joy and relief join
his own as they fell down one another’s cheeks. The warmth from her body
thrilled his soul as held her closer than he ever did before. He couldn’t
let go again.

“Excuse me. I hate like hell to break this tender moment up, I really do.”
Sarah spoke from behind them. “But this isn’t over just yet.”

“What do you mean?” Roselyn asked.

“The third member of our research team has yet to respond to us since she
entered into the crew’s control room.” Vanessa added.

“Who’s the third member?” Raw asked.

“Jennifer Love.” Sarah spoke up. “It looks like this is turning out exactly
how we hoped it wouldn’t have.”

“What do you mean?” Raw asked confused. “Who the hell are you?”

“That’s not important for you to know at this time, Raw.” Vanessa directed.
“What’s important is that we get everyone here to safety before the shit
really hits the fan.”

* * *

Walking along the boat’s deck,
Jennifer decided now would be a good time to just kick back and relax. So
much was going on with this cruise, catching up with old friends, meeting up
with new friends. As much as she enjoyed it all, she just a little time for
herself. It had been a while since she wasn’t in the company of others, so
decided to watch the ocean as she laid out on a lawn chair in her favorite
thong-bikini combo.

It looked so peaceful out there. The waves gently bouncing off the side of
the boat. The humor of watching dolphins jump in the air as they played
with each other. The beauty of watching a humpback whale breach off in the
distance, collecting plankton in the baleen in his mouth used as teeth,
before jumping out of the ocean and landing with a giant splash. Jennifer
enjoyed the peace of nature and was content to just lay back and soak in its

However, that feeling would not last long. Jennifer picked up something
with her ears. It sounded mechanical. At first, she thought it was a
problem with the boat, but she heard the sound again coming from the deck.
Wanting to investigate, Jennifer walked over to the sound and watched as a
friend of hers worked at the controls of a giant arm and cable.

“Hey, Jen, what’s going on,” Stephanie said upon noticing her friend walk in
on her.

“Well, not a lot. I just wanted to see what was going on,” Jennifer said.
Immediately the sexual tension between the two girls began to rise as
Jennifer noticed Stephanie checking her out. Not that Jennifer was as
guilty. She really loved Stephanie’s white swimsuit with a light blue polka
dot pattern. What was more impressive were Stephanie’s bottoms, the types
that could be passed off as Daisy Dukes if they were jeans.

“Well, I’m just catching some fish right now,” Stephanie said.

“Seriously, what are you doing,” Jennifer asked.

“Catching fish,” Stephanie replied. “I wasn’t trying to make some sort of
lesbian joke.”

To prove her point Stephanie pointed down to the net.

“Ahh,” Jennifer said, noticing what was up. “Now, suppose the fish start
swimming down. Will that be enough to tip the boat?”

“Jen, you’ve seen ‘Finding Nemo’ way too many times,” Stephanie joked.
“Hang on. I need to bring the net up.”

Stephanie went over to the controls and pulled up the net before turning
back to Jennifer.

“So are these CSSA events always this crazy,” Stephanie asked.

“Well, they can be,” Jennifer said. “You should have seen the New Year’s
Party. ‘Hater absolutely wailed on 50 Cent there.”

“Who’s ‘Hater,” Stephanie asked.

“I guess Tom hasn’t told you about the other authors on board yet, as he,”
Jennifer asked.

“No, when we talk, it’s always a conversation about us, our hopes and
dreams, what we do, that type of stuff,” Stephanie responded.

“He really does like you, doesn’t he,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah, he does. I’m just nervous about getting off this boat and leaving
him,” Stephanie said. “Anyways, trying to get back on track, when I meant
crazy, I meant stuff like that.”

Stephanie than pointed behind Jennifer and they both watched as a group of
penguins were humping the captain and the first mate.

“Umm, stuff like that has a tendency to flair up around here,” Jennifer

Suddenly, there was a thud from behind them.

“I guess the fish are on the deck,” Stephanie said. “Hope you like
tonight’s seafood meal.”

“I bet I will,” Jennifer responded with an open-mouth kiss to Stephanie,
implying that that was a lesbian joke. “I’ll help you out in a few

“Alright, but don’t take too long,” Stephanie said. She turned the corner
while Jennifer watched as the penguins continue their displays of horny lust
toward the crew. Seeing this was making Jennifer nearly roll on the floor
in laughter, and she would have had she not heard a scream.

“AHHHHHHHHHH,” Stephanie yelled. “HELP!”

Concerned Stephanie was being hurt, Jennifer ran around the corner and saw
something she thought she’d never see. Right there on the deck was a great
white shark, thrashing like it was in a fight.

“Holy crap,” Jennifer exclaimed. “How the hell did that get onboard?”

“I have no idea,” Stephanie screamed, grabbing Jennifer and climbing midway
up a staircase for safety. “When I got there, he was on the deck flailing
like he wanted to get back in the ocean.”

“Well, what are we supposed to do,” Jennifer panicked. “We can’t have a
great white shark on the boat deck. He’d kill somebody.”

“Wait, I have an idea,” Stephanie said. “Jen, I need to you grab one of
those tuna and throw it to the shark’s mouth. It should work as a

“Are you sure, Steph,” Jennifer asked out of concern.

“Just do it.”

“Okay. Here goes nothing.”

Jennifer went down the stairs and onto the deck. Quickly, she threw the
closest tuna to her and tossed it toward the shark. As the shark caught the
helpless fish and tore it to shreds, Stephanie bolted down the stairs and
through the kitchen door. Jennifer waited patiently as the shark finished
his meal and continued thrashing on the deck, as all she could do was pray
nobody would walk by and get hurt or killed. Suddenly, Stephanie emerged
from the kitchen brandishing a butcher’s knife.

“Jen, throw him another tuna,” Stephanie commanded.

Jennifer reached over and grabbed the next closest tuna and threw it over to
the shark, which was remarkably able to catch that one in his mouth as well.
As the shark worked on its latest victim, Stephanie charged toward the
shark with butcher’s knife and slammed it into the shark’s skull. She took
three more slices at the oceanic predator before it stopped thrashing and
laid limp. Deciding it was now safe, Jennifer walked toward the carnage
with disbelief.

“Well, now what,” Jennifer asked.

“I guess tonight, we’ll all be eating like kings and queens,” Stephanie

* * *

Raw and Roselyn tore their way through the
ship trying to get away from their captors when they came across Evil
standing on the deck looking out over the ocean.

The ship was mere hours away from Bermuda and Evil couldn’t wait to get off
the ship.

“Evil….dude….you gotta…..help us….” Raw said panting.

“What seems to be the problem?” Evil said not even bothering to turn to face

“There are kidnappers on this ship.” Roselyn said.

Evil immediately perked up, he straightened his shirt and said “Get to the
lifeboats and get everyone you see to them too, get everyone off this ship.”
Evil said as he took off back toward his room.

* * *

burst into the shared cabin that he and Sheridan shared.

“Call Jason.” Evil said as he entered.

“Why?” Sheridan asked

“JUST DO IT.” Evil shouted.

“Not until you tell me what the hell is going on.” Sheridan said putting her
hands on her hips. Evil brushed her off and grabbed his cell phone.

* * ** * ***

On the island nation of Bermuda the sun was beginning to set on another day
as five men all dressed in dark clothing sat at the resort’s outdoor bar.

“So when do you think they will arrive?” asked one massive man with short
black hair.

“Sheridan said it should be here without trouble around 8pm local time.”
stated the largest of the men.

“You know that won’t happen…” said the smallest of all of them “…my
vision are never wrong.”

“You only saw the ship exploding little brother, you never saw anyone on
it.” the large man said.

“I suppose you are right Jason…” said Eric Draco “…you’d know your wife
better then anyone I suppose.”

At that moment Jason’s cell phone rang.

“Hello….hey bro….WHAT???….already…..yeah they are all here…yeah we
can be there in an hour…all of them?….ok *sigh*…yeah we’ll be
there….later.” Jason said hanging up the phone and rubbing his temples.

“What happened?” asked a pale, white haired man with the group.

“Chris, it looks like you will see some action after all. The boat carrying,
my wife,brother as well as a shitload of celebrities has just been hijacked.
The suspects are not yet known…..”Jason pointed to the large men and the
pale, white haired man. “..Butcher, Mad Dog, Chris, pack the weapons….”
Jason then turned to his prophet little brother “..Eric, grab the vests and
all our other accessories. We leave within the hour.”

Jason looked out toward where the ship was coming in. He prayed his family
would be ok.

* * ** * ** * ** * *

“They’re coming.” Evil said closing his phone.

“I guess we’d better get ready for their arrival then.” Sheridan said. She
and Evil both went for the cases under the beds. The combination ‘666’ was
entered and the contents again lit up.

Out of the cases came several guns and body armor. Sheridan and Evil both
suited up their armor and loaded their weapons. Evil tied a bandana around
his forehead as did Sheridan.

When both were done dressing and getting armed, they looked at each other.

“We need to get everyone off this ship and find out who our enemies are.”
Sheridan said as both left the room and locked it.

* * ** * ** * ***

In another part of the ship Rhona Mitra and Minnie Driver knelt before a
throne hidden in the bowels of the ship.

“We failed sir, he got away.” Rhona said.

“That’s ok my dears. My plan is already in motion.” He said blowing a puff
of smoke toward the women.

“What plan is that sir?” asked Minnie. At that moment a door opened and
three struggling women were being dragged into the room.

Ashley Judd, Maria Menounos and Kate Beckinsale.

* * *

can’t believe this,” Tom said. “Where the hell is everybody? It’s almost
time for lunch.”

“I’m pretty sure everyone will show soon,” Fergie assured him. “Besides,
these guys won’t miss a chance to get loaded.”

“That’s true,” Tom said. “Hey, hold on please.”

Tom went for his cell phone and flipped it open. He read the text message
and his face immediately went as pale as a sheet.

“What’s wrong, Tom,” Fergie asked out of concern.

“This isn’t good Stacy,” Tom answered. “The boat’s been jacked. I just got
the text from Evil. We’re going need to find Jennifer and Stephanie, grab
our stuff, and get off this boat.”

“OK, I think they’re in the kitchen,” Fergie said.

“Great, just hold on,” Tom said, opening the cash register to the bar and
pulling everything from the start of the cruise out. “Sorry, I just get to
keep all of the bar profits. Ready?”

“Ready,” Fergie replied, at the two swiftly ran out of the bar in search of
their friends. They quickly got to the kitchen and swung open the door.

“Jen, Steph, where are you,” Fergie yelled out.

“Back here,” Stephanie called out from the back of the kitchen. Not wanting
to waste a second, Tom and Fergie rushed to their spot.

“Come on, let’s get… HOLY SCHNIKES,” Tom burst. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

“Your dinner,” Jennifer replied. “We’re having shark fin soup. It’s a long

“Well, it’s going to have to wait,” Fergie answered back. “We’ve gotta
abandon ship. Some mutineers have taken over the boat.”

“Are you serious,” Jennifer asked.

“Positive,” Tom said. “Evil gave the heads up. We’re going to be arriving
in Bermuda via lifeboat. Steph, do you have any money you made with you?”

“Yeah, it’s all in my back pocket,” Stephanie said.

“Alright guys, let’s head back to my room so we can grab our stuff,” Tom
commanded. “We don’t leave the room if nobody’s done packing. Got it?”

“Got it,” the girls said as the four lovers rushed to their room.

In less than ten minutes, Stephanie, Jennifer, Fergie and Tom were on the
middle of the boat’s side deck.

“Alright, everybody toss your bags in,” Stephanie barked. Needless to say,
the boat was filled with luggage within seconds. Soon, the four of them got
on and started lowering the boat toward water.

“Wait,” Fergie yelled. “Does anybody have experience with a speedboat?”

“No, but I have boat similar to this back home,” Jennifer stepped in. “I’ll
take control.”

Once they hit the water, Tom and Stephanie unlatched the cables from the

“Hey, Jen,” Tom asked as the actress was revving up the boat’s engine. “How
are we going to know which way Bermuda is?”

“Hang on, let me see,” Jennifer responded, checking the monitor in front of
the boat’s steering wheel. “Ah, here we go. GPS. Feel safer now?”

“Much,” Fergie said.

“Alright, let’s gone before we’re spotted,” Stephanie yelled out. With
that, the boat started to become a dot along the horizon.

* *

“What the fuck is going on?!”, Kojain barked, as he walked with
Beyonce back to his cabin to return to Kelly.

“Kojain! Beyonce!”, Kelly’s voice can be heard screaming.

Kelly Rowland comes rushing up to Kojain and hugs him tightly, Ashanti
following shortly behind.

“Damn girls! What the hell?!”, Kojain stated.

“We gotta get outta here!”, Ashanti said in a panic.

“She’s right!”, Kelly quickly added. “The entire crew has gone berserk! One
of them tried to attack me in your cabin.”

“Oh shit! I think I remember Evil telling me something about this! I think
this happened at another C-S-S-A event!”, Kojain said in horror.

“How the hell are we gonna get away?! We’re miles away from land!”, a
frightened Beyonce asked.

“I am NOT swimming if that’s what you guys are thinking!”, Ashanti

“Who said anything about swimming! We can use one of the lifeboats. They are
motorized.”, Kojain said in relief.

“Koj, are you sure about this?”, Kelly asked.

Kojain nodded quickly.

“Okay! We just gotta make a break for the nearest lifeboat then.”, Beyonce

“Will it hold all 4 of us?”, Ashanti asked, a little uncertain.

“Of course. You 3 are lighter than I am. We’ll be fine. Trust me”, Kojain

Ashanti looked relieved, somewhat.

After walking back to the side deck, they spotted one of the lifeboats.
Kojain looked out to make sure it was safe.

“OK girls, come on!”, Kojain said.

Beyonce, Kelly, and Ashanti quickly got on the lifeboat with Kojain quickly
getting on behind them. Kojain lowered the lifeboat down to the ocean water
and unattached it from the rest of the ship. He started the engine and it
quickly came to life.

Kojain pulled out his cell phone and tried to call up Evil. Luckily, he got
an answer.

“Kojain! That you?! Everything ok!?”, Evil answered in a panic.

“Yes! I’m good! I’m with Beyonce, Kelly, and Ashanti now.”, Kojain answered.

Evil’s sigh of relief can be heard from the phone, “Good! Get on one of the
lifeboats and get out of here! Now!”

“Way ahead of you buddy! We’re just about 50 feet away from the cruise ship
now.”, Kojain replied.

“Great!”, Evil said, “Listen, just head south. You should reach Bermuda
within an hour.”

“OK. Thanks man! Good luck back there! Hopefully I’ll meet you in Bermuda
soon.”, Kojain said as he hung up his cell phone.

Kojain quickly changed to the direction Evil instructed.

“Kojain? Where are we going?”, Kelly asked.

“Evil said to head for Bermuda. We should get there in an hour.”, Kojain

“Damn! This is just nuts! Probably worse than the time Hater got shot at by
Jay-Z.”, Beyonce said.

Kojain nodded, “If I knew some crazy shit like this was gonna happen I would
have stayed home.”

The 3 girls giggled as Kojain continued to steer the lifeboat to shore.

‘I just hope the others will be safe.’, Kojain thought to himself.

* *

“Aww mannn! What NOW!?!” shouted Eve as the ship’s claxons
sounded. She had been enjoying a double massage by Love and Baby, one
working her back, the other her legs, and had just been about to turn over
and let them do her front. She raised her head to see Music going to the
door and looking out.

The door opened to reveal authors and celebrities, all in various forms of
undress, rushing hither and yon in a panic, a situation not helped by the
occasional melee between guests, crew and sometimes penguins.

“Holy shit!” yelled Gwen. “Whatever’s going on can’t be good, let’s split,
but let’s try to stay together.” Thanks to Eve’s cutlass and the Harajuku’s
ninja-to they made it to one of the life boats and were just about to cast
off when Gwen spotted Lexa, Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace and Amanda and
motioned them over. The life boat full, they then left the doomed

* * *

Leighton Meester had just finished climaxing on
TRL’s cock. Her young, lithe body swayed in pleasure as Natalie Portman and
Kelly Clarkson helped her off the prone Author.

“That was Amazing,” Leighton moaned lightly.

“And now it’s finally my turn,” Kelly said happily. She bent over and gave
TRL a quick kiss on the lips before getting on the bed, ready to straddle
her boyfriend.

And that was when everything went right to hell.

“Everyone evacuate the ship!” One of the crewmen screamed as he barged into
the room. He seemed completely unfazed by the amount of naked women. “There
are kidnappers aboard!”

“What?” Leighton and Scarlett Johannson cried.

“Why is it always kidnappers?” TRL muttered. “Just once, couldn’t it be
something other than kidnappers?”

“We need to get out of here,” Natalie said, pulling Kelly off TRL. “Eva,
where’s the key to TRL’s handcuffs?”

Eva Longoria looked up from where she’d been eating out Scarlett. “Uh, right
in my panties. It’s around here somewhere…”

“Got it,” Scarlett said, pulling the key out of a tiny pocket in some very
tiny panties. She tossed it to Natalie, who quickly got TRL unhooked.

“Get dressed, everyone,” TRL said, rubbing his wrists. His shoulders were
sore, too, from being chained up for a good twelve hours now. But there was
no time to waste. It was time to get off this ship.

The girls got back into their swimsuits or underwear, whatever they’d been
wearing and just enough to be decent when they were seen in public again –
if Paparazzi caught sight of the rescue boats carrying tons of half naked
celebrities, the gossip rags would have a field day. TRL found his Vader
trunks and put them on, then grabbed his Red Sox Hawaiian shirt.

“Everyone ready?” he asked.

“I can’t find my bra,” Leighton said, running around topless, looking
through the ton of clothes strewn about.

“Oh, honey, I’m not wearing panties, you can go without a bra,” Eva said,
shoving one of TRL’s T-shirts at the young girl. As soon as Leighton was
covered, they all made for the door.

“Stick close,” TRL said.

“Natalie?!” A voice cried out suddenly as the group left the room. Coming up
fast behind them were a bikini-clad Keira Knightley and a tank-top and
panties wearing Sienna Miller, both looking rather flushed.

“Keira! I’m so glad you’re safe!” Natalie said, hugging her friend. “Where
have you been?”

“Where have YOU been, I’ve been looking for you for three days?!” Keira
cried out.

“Come on, girls, now is not the time,” TRL said, pushing them along.

“I see you got untied,” Sienna said to TRL. “I think you look hotter tied to
a bed.”

“What did I just say?” TRL muttered, pushing Sienna towards the lifeboats.
They actually were going to get one more or less to themselves, but the
seven of them would pretty much fill it.

The boat next to them was already filling up with IYG, Rachel McAdams, Salma
Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Shania Twain, and Miranda Lambert.

“What’s going on?” IYG called out.

“Kidnappers aboard!” TRL yelled at him as he helped Leighton into the boat
first. “Time to abandon ship!”

“We’re already gone!” IYG said as their boat started lowering towards the
water far below.

“Come on, come on,” TRL said, helping Scarlett in next. Eva followed her,
and then came Sienna. That left just Natalie and Keira.

“Nat, you’re up,” TRL said, turning around.

Only Natalie wasn’t there. And neither was Keira.

“Girls?” TRL cried out. “NATALIE! KEIRA!”

“Where are they?” Scarlett asked.

“I don’t know,” TRL said, scanning the crowd. Suddenly, there were other
people looking to get on the ship. Willa Ford, Elisha Cuthbert, and Amber
Tamblyn were suddenly standing next to TRL.

“Is this boat full?” Amber asked, out of breath.

“Get in,” TRL said, helping Willa jump up.

“What about Natalie and Keira?” Eva asked.

“I’ll find them,” TRL replied.

“No!” Kelly said. “Please, come on this boat! I don’t want you staying
aboard! I can’t think about you being grabbed by kidnappers.”

“Trust me, sweetheart,” TRL said, kissing Kelly. “If there are kidnappers
aboard, they aren’t after me.”

“Then they’ll kill you!” Kelly said, grabbing his arm. “Please, please, come
with us! I can’t loose you.”

“But Natalie and Keira…” TRL said, looking back over his shoulder. He still
couldn’t see where the two girls had gone.

“Please, TRL, I love you,” Kelly said. “Don’t leave me.”

TRL looked back at her. Tears ran down her face, and her knuckles were white
where she gripped his arm. “All right,” he said. “I just hope Natalie and
Keira have gotten on another boat.”

TRL leapt up into the lifeboat just before one of the crewmen started
lowering it. He turned back towards the streaming crowds racing towards
other lifeboats on other parts of the ship. He recognized so many of them –
authors, singers, actresses, and sports stars. He hated leaving any of them;
he was so protective of the CSSA bunch. But Kelly needed him right now, and
that’s where he had to be.

And then, suddenly, just before the lifeboat dropped below the edge of the
ship, he spotted the two he’d been looking for – Natalie Portman and Keira
Knightley. But they weren’t headed towards another rescue craft – crewmen
were hauling them deeper into the ship.

“NO!” TRL screamed as the lifeboat sank towards the water faster and faster.

But it was too late. There was nothing TRL could do to help them now.

* * *

We gotta get the hell outta here!”, Raw yelled as he and Roselyn ran down
the crowded stairwell.

Hand in hand, they pushed and shoved their way through the sea of
panic-filled men and women. Roselyn, who was only dressed in a bath towel
had to hold on to it tightly to make sure it didn’t come off.

They were headed back to their room to retrieve whatever they could get to
take with them on a lifeboat.

The crowd started to thin out when they reached their floor. Quickly, they
turned the corner and ran directly into Jaime and Jennifer C.

Roselyn fell to the floor on her back from the heavy impact as did Jaime.
Raw quickly helped the two ladies to their feet.

Raw’s attention was quickly attracted to the evil screaming coming from down
the hallway from where Jen and Jaime were running from.

“What the hell is that?”, Raw asked calmly.

“There are at least a dozen or so crew members with weapons running after
us.” Jen explained. “They don’t look quite right.”

“Come on, let’s just get out of here!”, Raw demanded as he began pushing the
three women behind him backing up to the stairs.

He reached behind his back and pulled out the revolver he had found at the
old theatre and checked to see that every chamber was full. Six shots and at
least a dozen crazed crew members headed directly towards them.

“Get to safety, NOW!”, he shouted.

“Aren’t you coming, Raw?”, Roselyn sobbed.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, I promise you.” he exclaimed with tears in
his eyes. “Please, if anything ever happened to you again, I’d just want to

“We can’t go without you.”, she responded.

“Find a boat while there is still time, PLEASE!”, he shouted.

“Come on, Popi!”, Jaime said as she pulled her up the stairs.

“I’ll find you, I swear.”, Raw added and then turned to face the music.

Around the corner swarmed thirteen crew members with their piercing green
eyes glowing from their sockets. Each held some sort of weapon, knives,
hatchets, cleavers and machetes.

Raw quickly aimed his revolver at the enclosed fire extinguisher that was
enclosed in a metal box with a glass face on the wall to his far left. His
shot rang true as the bullet hit directly into the side of the tank and it
exploded in a beautiful array of colors and took out the closest six crew

They fell to the floor with their bodies engulfed in flames and temporarily
slowed down some of the others.

He was proud and surprised that he actually hit where he aimed, but there
was no time for a self-induced pat on the back. Five bullets left and seven
crew left. The cries and screams of the six fallen were abruptly drowned out
by Raw’s own heart pumping in his head.

Raw backed up a few steps as the remaining crew were still rushing towards
him on a hurry. The closest member jumped out at him and Raw fired hitting
him directly in the middle of his face. He dropped right in front of him and
Raw aimed his revolver again.

Another shot hit the next on in the side of the neck and he slowly fell to
the floor. The next blast exploded inside of the next crew member’s chest.
He flew back six feet and landed on the floor with a loud thud.

The remaining four were getting closer and closer to Raw as he pointed the
revolver towards the two closest noggins he could see. Two quick blasts
later, two more were rushing his way with no bullets left.


Raw hurridly picked up the machete that the fallen crew member at his feet
was still holding with his dead hand. The two men grabbed him by the throat
and started to squeeze the life out of him. With no room to swing back, Raw
found the closest body other than his own and pushed the machete as far as
he could.

Slowly it slid into one of the men’s stomach until he heard it crush through
his spine. Blood came flowing from his mouth and his green eyes faded away.

The other man backed off in horror at what Raw had just done. Quickly, he
pulled the machete from the man’s belly and swung at him. Knowing he had hit
something, Raw looked at him confused. With just a blank look across his
face, the man stared at Raw for a few seconds before the top of his head
slid off its stump.

He fell to the floor in a bloody heap and Raw turned away to vomit.

* * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * **
* ** * ** * ** * **

“He’ll come,” Roselyn screamed. “I know he will!”

“I know that too, Popi. But this is the only lifeboat I see and we have to
get out of here.” Jennifer tried to explain to her.

“I’m not leaving until he comes!”

Jaime picked Roselyn up from behind and fell into the lifeboat with her in
her arms. Jennifer quickly boarded behind them and turned the crank that
lowered the boat to the water’s surface.

“NO!” Roselyn screamed as they hit the water.

* * *

“There’s a disturbance in the Farce,” said Trickster, sitting bolt upright
and dislodging Raven from where she’d been licking his nipples. On his left
Emma lay curled up like a kitten and fast asleep.

“Huh?” said Raven. “And don’t you mean Force?”

” No, that’s for Jedis and Buddhists. We followers of Trickster, the Great
Clown of the Universe monitor the Farce. Now let me concentrate,
something’s…wrong on the ship. I don’t know what, .” He assumed a lotus
position which disturbed Emma into wakefulness. She shot a puzzled look at
her friend who just shrugged. Trickster was always pulling weird crap like
this. She was never sure if she loved him despite or because of it.

Shortly he came out of it. “Weird.” was his only comment.

“What?” asked Emma. If Trickster thought something weird was going on it
was probably positively mind boggling.

“Well, let’s just say someone is taking himself waaay too seriously and some
bad things are happening on the ship. But our friends are okay.”

“Should we turn back and get them?” asked a concerned Raven.

“No, they’ll be alright and…other forces are taking care of the bad guys.”
He didn’t add that he didn’t want to put either of the ladies with him in
danger. Maybe if it had been Lucy Liu and Gretchen Wilson with him but much
though he loved them neither Raven nor Emma was the “action chick”

* * *

Grappling hooks latched themselves on to the side
of the ship, and as if instantly several men appeared on the ship and reeled
in the hooks.

Chaos was breaking out all around them with people screaming and abandoning
ship. Life boats dropped into the water and headed for the island as the
group watched it all happen.

“Where’s my wife?” asked Jason.

“She’s around.” Evil replied as Butcher, Mad Dog and Chris the white haired
lifted a trunk up to the ship. In it were flack jackets and ammo should a
major shootout be needed.

“You know anything about what is happening?” Jason asked his friend.

“Nope, all I know is that the crew is going crazy, I’ve seen some of them
abandon ship along with the passengers.” Evil replied.

“So we’re running blind here huh?” Jason asked as he put on his flack

“Nothing new for us huh?” Evil said as he stopped.

“Not at all.” Jason said smiling as he and Evil, followed by the rest of the
flack jacketed people went into the bowels of the ship.


“Got another one boss.” yelled Dr. Mele as he pulled an obviously sedated
Kirsten Dunst into the room. Maria Menounos, Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Judd
were all bound in the corner of the room and Kiki’s limp body was tossed
down next to them.

“Who are you?” screamed Maria as she struggled against her bonds.

“You seem to have lost some of your skills as an investigative reporter
Maria…” the man said. Immediately Maria knew who he was

“You’re supposed to be in prison.” Maria said as she struggled more
violently against her bonds.

“Right you are Maria, but I escaped, and got plastic surgery…” out of the
shadows stepped Lt. Smith “…I believe you guys referred to me as Evil

“How did you get Rhona and Minnie?” asked Maria attempting to stall.

“Mind control.” Evil TRL said as he walked away.


Meanwhile in Bermuda…

Several boats beached themselves at the Bermuda resort where CSSA had
registered. Eric was there waiting for them.

He picked up a microphone and spoke to the crowd.

“Calm down everyone….calm down. I’m here to say that everyone is safe and
the situation on the ship is being taken care of. I’m sure you guys are
familiar with an author named Evil from CSSA….” a low murmur went through
the crowd.

“…he’s a friend of mine. He and the rest of my family are handling the
situation as we speak. Everyone is safe, this is the island resort where you
were to be registered anyway, so if you want to get settled you can.”

Eric put down the mic and whispered to himself. “I sure as hell hope
everything goes ok.”

Jennifer Garner approached Eric.

“I know Evil, he’s the father of my baby.” Jennifer said as Eric looked at

“I know, he told me. He’s gonna be ok, they’ve done stuff like this before.”
Eric said. Jennifer turned toward the ship and sat down.

“I hope so.”


Back on the ship…

“Eric said that huh?” Evil replied as Jason told him about Eric’s prophecy.
The group went down to Evil and Sheridan’s room.

“It’s about time…” Sheridan said hugging her husband. “…a couple people
went through the room but I was hiding.”

“Did you get a good look at them?” Evil asked.

“No, but they were dressed in crew uniforms.” Sheridan said.

“Holy shit, its happening again.” Evil said.

“What?” Jason asked.

“Evil TRL.” Evil replied.

* * *

Totally uncaring about what
was happening elsewhere, Hayden Panettiere thrashed about underneath Victor,
as both ignored the phone ringing. And ringing. And ringing.

But the door being smashed open they couldn’t ignore; Victor had his cock in
Hayden up to the balls, and he did not like being interrupted.
“DOYOUFUCKINGMIND?!?” he yelled, swinging around – and instantly regretting

“You never take a rest, do you?” Hilary said, as Cindy dropped the hammer
she’d used to break in. “You and Miss P can finish this on the island…”

“What are you talking about?!”

“We’ve got to get off this boat,” Cindy added. “Come on, I’ll explain… I
only just found out myself.”

* * *

Jessica Alba had
manufactured anger in her career plenty of times.

She wasn’t faking this.

“We stay.” Her heels clicked the wood surface of the boat, moving through
the sea of people running for lifeboats and safer territory like the various

Three steps behind, he was.

“Why are we staying? We’re looking at pirates, or terrorists, or terrorists
under the direction of pirates, and…” She fixed him with a cold,
malevolent glare that stopped his voice and his movement.

“You know everything about me, then you know about what happened on
Flipper.” He nodded quiet ascent, looking down. “I swore never again. Not
to me, or anybody I cared about, not as long as I lived on this Earth. I
don’t care who’s crashing this party, I’m kicking them out. No one’s living
through what I went through. Never, EVER again.” She continued walking
forward. “They better be ready.”

“But how’re we going to stop them?” he asked her, running up to her side.
“I only know the stuff I’ve seen on TV! And wrestling, but I get the
feeling these guys aren’t going to react when I give them the Angle Slam!”

“Promise not to be mad?”

Alba reached behind her into her jeans, and pulled out some throwing stars,
placing six in his hands.


“Oh, and–”

The California girl then pulled out a knife, and hit a button on the side–a
8-inch blade shot out, nearly stabbing him in the arm.


“And, Exhibit C–”

The familiar click of a gun, as she pulled it from her pants-covered leg and
cocked it.

“These motherfuckers want to ruin my vacation?” She nodded grimly, eyes off
into the distance. “We’ll see. We’ll fucking see.” She continued up the
ship as he took a second before trailing behind.

Despite the fact he could die any moment, he still thought to himself: she’s
never looked hotter.

* * *

Watching the ocean was becoming a
new hobby for Tom. Whether it was at peace or in the violent breaking
courtesy of a speedboat, he was just getting used to enjoying the view.

The rest of the crew was scattered across different parts of the boat.
Jennifer was at the boat’s helm, Fergie was using a set of binoculars to
make sure there was no sign of trouble from the Luxury, and for some reason,
Stephanie stowed herself away in the tiny “room” layered with carpet that
was the nose of the boat.

Deciding to avert his attention toward the front of the boat, Tom looked out
and saw that Bermuda was only mere moments away. He decided to go walk over
to Jennifer.

“How much further,” Tom yelled over the roar of the engine.

“We’ve got about two miles to go before we reach the dock,” Jennifer yelled
in response. “My advice is, if you got some unfinished business to attend
to, take care of it now.”

Knowing what she meant, Tom gave Jennifer a quick kiss before going over to

“Hey, Stacy, could me do a me a favor,” Tom yelled. “I’ll be in the room at
the front of the boat with Stephanie. I’ll need you to get us out just
before we dock, okay?”

“I can take care of that,” Fergie yelled.

“Great, thanks babe,” Tom yelled before kissing her like he had Jennifer.
“How’s it look with the Luxury?”

“I’m not sure,” Fergie yelled. “The boat is still in one piece and there’s
no smoke, but I’m not sure if anything’s going down yet.”

“Alright,” Tom yelled. “Thanks.”

Tom then walked over toward the front of the boat. He crouched down and
stepped into the tiny room. On his right, Stephanie lay sitting down in her
bikini ensemble, trying to relax.

“Hey, Steph,” Tom said in a quieter voice. The sound of engine was droned
out in this little section.

“Hey, Tom,” Stephanie said response, happy to see her friend.

“Hey, Steph, look I’m really sorry,” Tom said. “I didn’t think we’d be
having this danger going on. When I heard that the boat was taken over, I
was so concerned for you, I barely had time to contemplate my own safety. I
just wish this hadn’t happened.”

“Tom, look at me,” Stephanie said scooting over to him. “I had no idea
myself that something would’ve gone wrong. If it weren’t for you, I
would’ve been fish bait by now. I know you were concerned about everybody
getting off, me, Fergie, Jennifer. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see
you and talk to you again if something happened to you. I really wanted you
to be safe because I love you, Tom.”

At that point, Tom’s blinking rate was off the chart, trying to process in
his brain what was said. “Steph, did you just say you love me,” Tom asked.

“Yes, Tom, I did,” Stephanie said.

“Stephanie Sanders, I love you, too,” Tom said, leaning into Stephanie for
an embrace and a French kiss, only this time, it was much more subdued than
the previous times they had kissed. Tom and Stephanie just took their time
kissing, letting their tongues slowly work in the other’s mouths, while Tom
gently caressed Stephanie’s silky black hair. They had been so busy kissing
that they hadn’t noticed Fergie walking in.

“Hey, guys,” Fergie interrupted. “I’m sorry to butt in, because I heard
what you said, but we’re about to dock.”

“Hmm, thanks Fergie,” Stephanie said as the singer walked out of their
little space.

“You ready for this, Steph,” Tom asked, knowing this could be their last
time together.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Stephanie answered.

They then walked out of the boat’s nose as Jennifer started bringing the
boat’s speed down, slowly docking the boat at harbor in Bermuda as they
finally reached the safety of British soil.

“Thanks a lot girls,” Tom said. “I don’t know if we would have made without

“The thanks should go to you, Tom,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah, you got the message to abandon ship,” Fergie said. “We’d be toast
without you.”

“Hey, hey, I think we’re all just as responsible for getting out of there
safely,” Stephanie said. “Without one, the rest might not have made it.”

“Guess you’re right, Steph,” Tom said. “Now, come on. I think I see the
rest of the C-S-S-A gang.”

Tom pointed over towards the large group of people, many of whom were
celebrities who had been on board. Jessica Biel, Kristen Bell, Ashanti,
Danica Patrick, Eva Longoria, and Rose McGowan, among others, were all part
of the huge group. Thank God the press isn’t here, Tom thought to himself.

The four of them had just started loading bags onto the dock when a new
voice popped up behind them.

“Excuse me,” the feminine voice said. “Are you InThe313?”

“Please, you call me Tom,” he said, still keeping his eye on his work. “Let
me guess, the Tigers jersey gave it away.”

“Yeah, kind of,” the mystery woman said. “Anyways, I was wondering if you
knew anything about Sheridan showing up. Is she okay?”

Hardly believing this, Tom turned around and his jaw dropped.

“Oh my God, Anna Paquin,” Tom exclaimed. “What are you doing here, I
thought you weren’t going to make it here.”

“I heard about what happened, and I definitely knew I had to come,” Anna
explained. “Do you know how she is?”

“No, I haven’t heard from her in a while,” Tom said. “I can only hope she’s
still okay.”

* * *

The group had gathered in the shared cabin
of Sheridan and Evil. There were 6 of them, all dressed in black with face
paint on.

There was Sheridan’s large husband Jason, the psycho twins of Butcher and
Mad Dog, both men sporting crew cuts from the military. There was Chris the
white haired, polishing his gun.

Then there were Evil and Sheridan, looking at blueprints of the ship itself.

“Our best bet is to take the passageway to the main ball room where the
dinner took place on the first night. It’s the only room on this ship with
enough space to hold everyone.” Evil said.

“The doors are going to be heavily guarded.” Sheridan replied.

“To the lower deck maybe, but I doubt Evil TRL knows about the upper deck to
the dining hall.” Evil replied.

“So what do we know about this guy?” Jason asked as he joined the two

“Evil TRL, real name Stavros Valenzuela. Convicted in 2002 of attempted
kidnapping of many big name celebs, was supposed to be serving 20-life in a
prison on Colombia, but 4 months ago he broke out and no one has heard from
him since.” Evil rattled off while passing around a picture of Stavros.

“So what does he want this time?” asked Mad Dog.

“Revenge, his plan was foiled by a few CSSA members, he lost a shitload of
cash during all of this.” Sheridan replied.

“Who were his targets last time, maybe we can put together a victims list
and give it to Eric back in Bermuda.” Chris replied.

At that moment their door burst open and every gun in the room was trained
on it. Slowly backing up was Jessica Alba and Butch Rosser.

“What the hell are you two doing here? I said everyone off the ship?” Evil

“You did, but then I decided I wasn’t going to let these fuckers ruin my
vacation.” Jessica said.

Evil motioned to Butch, who raised his hands and backed up a bit. “I just
followed her man.”

Evil motioned for everyone to lower their guns.

“If you’re staying, I’m in charge, you disobey me and I’ll toss you off this
ship myself got it?” Evil asked as he whispered to Jessica. She nodded.

Evil sat down and addressed his group again, which now had 2 new members.

* * ***

On Bermuda, hardly anyone had moved since Eric’s announcement, they were all
out on the beach watching the boat sit motionless and still more were coming

As one boat came in he saw a man carrying a sobbing woman on shore.

“Is she going to be ok?” Eric asked the guy. The guy looked down at the
sobbing woman.

“Kelly, I’ll be ok, I’m here with you.” he said.

“I know TRL, but I wanna know what’s gonna happen with Natalie and Keira.”
TRL took Kelly into his arms as she broke down. This clearly was not what
she expected on this vacation.

Eric stood up and looked back out at the ship.

“I hope you guys know what you are doing.” Eric said to himself.

* * *

Back on the ship, more people were abandoning and Evil TRL’s crew took
advantage also taking Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Victoria and Cosmo
Kramer hostage as well.

In all there was Maria Menounos, Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Judd, Kirsten
Dunst, Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, Cosmo Kramer, Victoria and Keira

“Well, a few more guests to arrive and this party can begin.” EVIL TRL said.

“You won’t get away with this.” Cosmo said. Evil TRL a.k.a. Stavros glared
at Cosmo, then walked over and kicked him in the head making Mandy shriek in

“I can and I will…” he said turning to Victoria “…I’d really like to
thank you for not changing much after the last time. It’s how I was able to
get on board this time.”

Victoria merely spat in his face. Stavros grinned and walked away to some
crew members. She recognized them instantly. Dr. Mele, the crewmen Sanchez
and DeJesus, Mr. Miller and Mr. Thompson the security who grabbed Keira and
Natalie, and Lt. Jandzinski which would explain why the ship wasn’t moving.

Silently Victoria hoped that someone was still left on the ship that could
help the captives.

* * *

“Eric’s got the list and he’s looking for everyone on the island.” stated
Butcher as he closed his cell phone.

“Good, now let’s get to work.” Evil said as his group of 8 left the

* * *

It was nearly impossible to miss the large group
of authors and celebrities who had gathered around the dock. However, it
was a little more possible to miss the two people who had rested themselves
outside a tourist shop.

“I’m surprised you haven’t tried to screw me yet,” Anna Paquin said.

“Trust me, I’m just as surprised,” Tom said. “Then again, I really
shouldn’t. Evil’s repeatedly threatened to slice my head off if I do more
than hug you. That’s just a risk I don’t want to take.”

Tom and Anna laughed at that joke together as Tom took another sip from his
Pepsi bottle. “Seriously, Anna,” Tom asked. “What took you so long to get
with this group?”

“Well, I really wanted to go,” Anna explained. “The problem was I was busy
shooting for ‘X-Men 3,’ and being a main character on a sure fire
blockbuster, I can’t leave the set without the okay of the production
company. It took me and my agent many tries to get them to let me go.
Finally, they relented. I wasn’t going to take ‘No’ for an answer. After
all, when I heard Sheridan had the hots for me, and hearing how sexy she is,
how could I not? God, I just wish they’re okay and they arrive here in one

“Believe me,” Tom said. “I’m praying as hard as I can that they are going
to be safe. The last thing I want is the guy who brought me here to be

“You know anything on how they are,” Anna asked.

“Not a clue, Anna,” Tom said. “You might want to check in the massive group
there. I’ve seen Danica Patrick, Eva Longoria, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer
Garner hanging with Evil and Sheridan.”

“Thanks, Tom,” Anna said, hugging Tom. Oh please don’t kiss me, Tom
thought, Evil’s threats ringing in his ears. “I’ll catch you later.”

“Okay, bye,” Tom said as Anna walked away toward the group.

As Anna separated herself from Tom in order to gain more information as to
what happened, Tom went off on his own. A block down the street from the
tourist shop, Tom sat down on a park bench, watching as the ocean crashed
into the concrete wall protecting the island. Watching the waves brake, he
just hoped for some sort of miracle, that Evil, Sheridan, and everyone else
on board would just arrive on the shore that minute safe on their lifeboats.

Trying to focus his thoughts off his stranded friends, Tom decided to reach
into his pocket and pulled out his return ticket from Miami to Detroit. It
seemed impossible that the ticket would be worth anything now. Whoever sent
it was probably just wasting their money. There was no way for Tom to
afford a flight from Bermuda to Detroit, or even a brief stay in Miami from
the island. He was stumped in trying to figure out how he’d be leaving

As he banged the edge of the ticket against the palm of his hand, Tom heard
a very familiar voice speak to him.

“Hey there stranger, you feeling okay,” Fergie asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Tom replied half-heartedly.

“What’s wrong,” Fergie said with concern.

Taking a sigh, Tom looked at her as she sat on the bench and explained his

“That’s what got you worried right now,” Fergie asked.

“Don’t remind me,” Tom said with a little frustration.

“Listen, I’ll be willing to help,” Fergie offered. “Jen’s got a private jet
coming into to pick the four of us up. We’ll stop in Miami to drop off you
and Stephanie, and I’ll pay so you two can share a hotel room until your
flight’s ready to leave.”

“You’d do that for me,” Tom asked.

“Sure, what else are friends for,” Fergie said.

At this point, Tom squeezed Fergie tight in a hug and started crying.

“Sorry for the tears,” Tom said. “I just worry a lot, that’s all.”

“Hey don’t sweat it, Tom,” Fergie said, loosening herself from the grip of
Tom’s embrace.

“Come on, you wanna go see what’s the latest on the Luxury,” Tom asked.

“I suppose so,” Fergie said as they walked off toward the group of

* * *

“Do you love me?”

This was the question that Trickster had been dreading from the beginning,
most of all because he didn’t have an answer. It was of course Emma who was

The Hagbard was docked in a secluded cove once frequented by smugglers and
pirates but now rented out to paranoid weirdoes with a need for privacy.
The plan was to hike over to the more civilized part of the island to join
the festivities but now a not completely unexpected monkey-wrench had been
thrown into the works.

He decided to try and deflect her with humor.

“Trying out for a production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’? Funny, you don’t
look like Tevye.”

“I mean it,” she said, stomping her pretty little foot.

“Define ‘love’.”

“I mean *love*.”

“As in forever? As in exclusive?” He sighed. “In case you don’t remember
you’re way to young to get married even if we wanted to.”

“Well…but haven’t you at least thought about it?”

Trickster sighed, “It’s a lot easier to say ‘I love you at your age than at
mine because it’s a lot easier to think that it will last.”

At that she just glared, spun around and stomped out of the room. She
didn’t finish stomping until she was off the Hagbard and up above ground.

* * *

Sunset was fast approaching on Bermuda but hardly anyone had moved as they
watched the Luxury sit about 30 miles offshore, still visible in the evening

Eric Draco walked around the beach asking anyone if they had seen the names
on his list. No one had seen any of them since the lifeboats left the ship.

He picked up his phone and called his brother Jason.

“No one has seen any of the names…..I know….everyone has surprisingly
remained calm….listen Jason….I had another vision…..someone will die
on that ship….I don’t know who….just be careful brother.” Eric said as
he hung up the phone.

He took a seat on a rock, got in the lotus position which was best for his
visions, and got into a trance like state.

* * *

Jason hung up his phone and sighed.

“What happened?” asked Sheridan

“No one has seen anyone on the list.” Jason said turning to face the group
as they stood in a hallway nearing the grand dining hall.

“Then they must be in that room.” Evil said pointing to the dining hall
doors. Sure enough the door was guarded by two guards with guns.

“Let’s just charge it.” said Chris the white haired as he made his move
toward the room. Jason held him back.

“Eric said something else….” Jason said pausing “…someone will die here
tonight, so make piece with your gods.”

That announcement silenced everyone in the group. Everyone said a silent
prayer then Evil spoke up.

“We split into two groups. I’ll lead one into the upstairs balcony and Jason
will lead the other one down here. Sheridan, Jessica, Butch you come with
me. The rest of you stick with Jason. WAIT FOR MY SIGNAL.” Evil said as his
group left the hallway and headed for the stairs.

Butcher, Mad Dog, Chris and Jason stood there with their coms on and watched
and waited.

* * *

“Let the torture begin” proclaimed Stavros / Evil TRL.

Sanchez and De Jesus grabbed Keira Knightley away from a sobbing Natalie
Portman and tied her to a cross.

Stavros picked up some cables attached to a car battery and clicked them
together, they made a spark.

The spark brought a smile to Stavros’ face as he approached Keira.

* * *

Evil’s group made it up the stairs and quietly took positions around the
upper level. They could plainly see everyone who had been taken as Stavros
approached Keira with jumper cables.

“Do we take them now?” Sheridan whispered.

Evil shook his head. “Not yet”

Evil tried to silently communicate that if he made any moves toward Keira
attempting to kill her they would spring into action.

Those warnings were never received as the lower doors to the dining hall
burst open, into the room came Chris with one of the bodyguards being held
at gunpoint.

* * *

Back on the island Eric sat waiting as celebs, authors and board members
walked the beach looking for any info as to what had happened.

A noise came up from the crowd as the roar of a lifeboat’s engine broke the
silence of the beach.

On the boat was Marla Sokoloff and a couple other board members.

“Dammit, hurry up you guys” Eric muttered to himself

He just hoped the others would make it off the ship alive and that his
vision was wrong.

* * *

Where the hell are they, Tom thought
to himself. How are we going to get some help? Are they safe? Should I
contact them or would that provoke their attackers?

These thoughts and more raced through his head as he imagined the cruel fate
that Evil and Co. were experiencing aboard the Luxury. He was used to
rebellion, but that was whenever somebody carried a “FIRE MILLEN” sign
through Ford Field. And though he was the founder, president, and CEO of
the Anarchists, they weren’t anti-government people, like these guys might
possibly have been.

It was torture thinking about the pain and anguish those aboard the ship
might have been experiencing. He heard about Evil TRL, but he couldn’t have
been involved. He was in jail. Right? Well, more than likely, yes.

His thoughts turned to those onboard. Evil had become such a good friend to
Tom. In fact, the ship’s bartender was about to ask if Evil was willing to
systematically execute his pedophile uncle for tearing his father’s side of
the family in half. He didn’t know if Evil’s posse of Butcher, Mad Dog,
Chris, and Jason were there, but he had to imagine they were there.

It was scary thinking Sheridan was on the boat. The crew wasn’t the
best in the world, but what if they hadn’t made it off. Tom could only pray
for them if the boatjackers hadn’t already riddled them with bullets. Butch
and Cosmo Kramer were still there too.

He had some rough times with
both of them before, but he was becoming better friends with them all. And
Victoria, the sex goddess responsible for the site, what would C-S-S-A be
without her? Yes, Carnage Jackson was more than capable of running Tom’s
escape from reality, but it just wouldn’t be the same without Victoria. And
there were still celebrities onboard, many of whom he lusted for. Jessica
Alba, Maria Menounos, Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Judd, Kirsten Dunst, Natalie
Portman, Mandy Moore, and Keira Knightley were all in grave danger. They
were all in grave danger if something didn’t happen.

It was a lot for Tom to take, so many friends in great danger, as well as
good people he didn’t know that well. Tom just looked out toward the ocean
and prayed that all the victims of the kidnappings would escape in one
breathing piece.

* * *

“What the hell is he doing?” Evil said
to himself as his gun was cocked and ready. He peered over the ledge to see
Stavros / Evil TRL smirking at Chris with a gun to his comrade’s head.

“You seem to be mistaken friend.” Stavros said.

“Yeah, how so?” Chris asked. Stavros raised his gun and fired, hitting his
comrade in the head.

“He’s expendable…” Stavros then shot Chris in the shoulder. “…and so are

“NOW NOW NOW.” Evil yelled as shots rang out through the room hitting many
of the crew members striking them dead. Evil dove off the top level and
fought off the guys who were still standing. Sheridan went over and untied
the celebs and got them away as fast as possible.

Butcher and Mad Dog carried Chris out of the room and Jason joined Evil and
fought off the others. Evil and Stavros crossed paths and Stavros sent a
lick to Evil’s gut that sent him flying across the room. There was a lot
more commotion in the room with the crew of the Luxury winning out


The entire room went silent. Everyone had wondered what happened. Their
worries were dissuaded when Stavros / Evil TRL fell to the floor and Cosmo
Kramer stood behind him holding a pistol.

The survivors all gathered around the body of Stavros. Cosmo had a look of
rage on his face.

“That was for the island…” he said, then fired another shot into his head,
making sure he got the job done. “…and that was for ruining this

Sheridan rushed into the room “One of those guys had a detonator for a bomb
on this boat so we need to get the hell out of here.”

“Everyone to the lifeboats. I know there’s some left…” Evil said as he
rushed over to Chris’s body. “…stay with me buddy. Stay with me, we’re
getting you help man.”

Chris was bleeding a lot. The bullet had hit an artery and they had to act
fast to get Chris the help he needed or Eric’s prophecy would come to pass.
Mad Dog and Butcher showed up with a makeshift gurney, that looked like the
cot out of Lindsay Lohan’s room.

The group loaded Chris’s rapidly fading form on to the cot and got it to the
boat as fast as they could and bolted for Bermuda.

* * *

On Bermuda…

There was a commotion when the roar of a boat engine was heard in the
distance. No one knew who was on the boat, was it more evacuees who waited a
while before fleeing or was it Evil and his crew?

The question was fast answered when Evil drove the boat up on to the land
and hopped out. Another boat with the kidnapped celebs soon followed.

“Is there a doctor here?” Evil yelled as they lowered Chris’s limp and pale
body to the beach. RudeMedic and Dr. Blasphemy came out of the crowd and
checked on him. Dr. B took his vitals while RudeMedic tried to remove the

Dr. B looked at the crew and said “He’s gone”

Evil ran his hands through his hair. One of his best friends was dead, there
was only one thing left to do.

“Give me the detonator.” he said to Sheridan without even looking at her.
Sheridan handed it to him and he pushed the button effectively sending the
Luxury to the bottom of the ocean with the Titanic.

Evil then pushed his way through the crowd and sat down on a rock, he sat
there as reality hit him. His best friend was dead. Eric’s prophecy had come

Through the crowd he saw his wife, Jennifer Garner, sitting with Mia Maestro
wondering what had just happened. Jen and Evil locked eyes as he stood up
and made his way through the crowd. They stood eye to eye and kissed. All
was forgiven between the two.

The rest of the crowd was a bit somber at what had just happened. The mood
was getting lighter, however, night was falling and the celebration was

Evil had a phone call to make, a very hard one.

* * *

As Raw entered his suite, it felt as if the temperature had dropped about
twenty degrees. Looking about the room, he witnessed the massacre.
Everything had been rummaged through. Every piece of glass and mirror had
been shattered into millions of small pieces.

All of their luggage
had been rifled through and their clothes and personal items were scattered

“Please, God.” he prayed aloud.

Raw raced to the head
of the king-sized bed and fell to his knees. Throwing the mattress
completely off its frame, he closely examined every square inch of the
carpeted floor below. Nothing, his heart sank to a new low.

A flash
of gold he suddenly saw from the corner of his eye. There!

the far leg of the bed and the bottom of the wall, he quickly saw his quest
end. He jumped inside the empty frame and yanked the leg away from the wall.

The gold chain unraveled limply to the carpet. He picked it up and
looked at it closely. Not a scratch. The butterfly-shaped locket in the
center dazzled his eyes as he cradled it in the palm of his hand.

He had been through way too much to not give this to Popi. Way too much.

He quickly stuffed it into his front pocket and ran towards the door. But
before he could even get acquainted with the knob, the door blew open from a
blast on the other side. Raw flew back ten feet into the far wall behind
him, knocking the breath from his body. He was knocked down flat, but not

The fire spread quickly. Full of life, it consumed the door and
spread across the floor and ceiling. A thick, black smoke filled the room as
Raw got to his feet. The fire raged.

Gunfire from the opposite end
of the flames rang out into the room. Just in the nick of time, Raw managed
to scramble out of the way. The bullets followed his every step. The only
way out, he saw was the balcony. He quickly made his way through the broken
glass of the sliding
doors that had once separated the inside from the

He glanced over the edge. Too high. Much too high. It was
now or never though. The fire inside quickly ate away at the room inside,
sending pillows of heavy smoke out onto the deck. The shots continue to fire
inside. Raw grabbed a hold of the railing and kicked his right leg up. A
sudden piercing pain shot though his backside.

Of all things, everything has to end with me getting shot in the ass? At
least that was enough to get him hopping over the ledge. He stood on the
outer edge of the balcony and looked down.

“God, this is gonna hurt.”
he mumbled.

He threw ever second-thought aside as he pushed off the
ledge and plummeted towards the ocean. The entire weird time on the boat
flashed through his mind as the surface grew closer and closer.

my God! There he is!” Roselyn screamed as she watched Raw crash into the
water a mere fifty feet from his landing.

Jaime and Jennifer paddled
the lifeboat in the direction to where Roselyn was eagerly pointing. As they
made their way to the spot, all that was visible was the foam and ripples of

Roselyn stared down at the water with a panic-stricken look
on her face.

“I’m going in!” she shouted triumphantly.

She quickly loosened the towel from around her and let it fall into the
boat. Ready to spring butt-naked into the cold ocean, Raw suddenly emerged
to the surface.

“Raw!” Popi shouted.

“Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark!” he yelled as he tried to pull himself
into the boat.

Roselyn reached down and grabbed him by his right forearm. She pulled and
pulled, but to no avail.

“Here let me help you.” Jaime said as she rushed over to the side of the
boat. She grabbed him by his left arm and pulled alongside Popi.

“Watch out! You’re gonna……” was all Jennifer could scream before the entire
lifeboat flipped over completely. The three ladies came crashing into the
ocean along with Raw and the shark.

With all of his strength, he
quickly flipped the boat back upright. Amidst the screaming, yelling and
splashing, Raw managed to help Roselyn into the craft. He quickly nabbed Jen
by her sides and helped lift her up into Popi’s helping arms. Jaime was next
as Raw flung his left arm around her butt and hoisted her into the boat.

A few splash kicks later, Raw flopped into the boat with the three most
lovely and wet ladies in the history of the world. Besides the bullet hole
in his ass, the brain-smashing dive he luckily survived and a killer shark,
things couldn’t be better. I’m not even going to get into all the crazy shit
that happened on the boat.

Roselyn kneeled down to his side. She
kissed him softly on the cheek and wrapped her arms around his shoulders to
give him a stern embrace.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

great now.” he exhaled. “I feel a little overdressed in here with you

Roselyn slapped him playfully on the cheek.

“I sit
here a bleeding man and you’re hitting me.” he laughed.

“How is your
ass?” Popi asked.

“I think it just got grazed, but it still hurts
like hell.”

A sudden cold gush of ocean wind whipped across the small
vessel in a fury. Raw instinctively took off his shirt and placed it hanging
over the edge of the boat.

“What are you doing?” Roselyn asked.

“I don’t want to freeze to death before we hit the island. That wind feels
like its picking up a good bit.”

He looked to the back of the boat at the shivering Jaime and Jen.

“I suggest you two do the same.” he pointed out.

“Take our clothes off?” Jen asked.

“Yeah, take your clothes off and get over here and we’ll huddle till we’re
all dry.”

“Who’s going to paddle to boat to the shore?” Jaime

“The tide is going with us and we’re not that far away from
where we need to be. Now get over here before you catch your deaths.” he

“You’re such a shit.” Roselyn smirked.

“Hey, I can’t
help it that I’m a caring person. I’m a goddamn humanitarian.”

just want them to be naked and next to you.”

“I’m just concerned,
that’s all.” He smiled, “You’re the one turning this into something

“Well, I can’t say that I have any objections.” She

“See how easy it is to care about people’s well-being?” Raw

Jaime and Jen carefully walked naked to the others and sat
down forming a circle. It’s funny how life is. One minute you’re trying to
get away from a killer shark and the next you’re in a boat and more
turned-on than you ever though you could get.

“Do you need some help
taking off your pants, sir?” Roselyn giggled.

“If you would be so kind, my buttock hurts.”

Roselyn unfastened his pants and swished the zipper down to its end. The
lusty feeling filled the boat as the nakedness was almost full circle. To
Raw’s immediate left, Jaime eagerly helped Popi with the disrobing of his
pants. When the britches had cleared their way over his tender buttocks, Jen
finished yanking them down and off his feet.

“Very cute, Raw.” Jen


His sat there trying to defend his boxers
than had a print of ants all over them and around the waistband it read
‘Ants In My Pants’. But there was something more importantly growing and
shifting underneath this empire of ants. Something long and thick that
seemed to have its own very heartbeat. Something……………..alive.

was the first to unfasten the two buttons on the fly of his drenched boxers.
Her lovely hand reached inside of its darkness and after a brief struggle,
she pulled out one very hardened cock.

“Wow!” Jaime

“Holy shit!” Jen laughed.

“That’s very hard.” Roselyn
so masterfully stated.

She wasted no time in stroking his shaft ever so lightly with her fingers.
Raw sucked in the pleasure with a deep inhale. Roselyn’s fingers fondled
every inch of his erection, tickling it with her nails.

“Well, it’s
been a while since I’ve had a good bite to eat.” She winked and lowered her
head towards his lap.

“As long as there’s no biting

He was happy to be shut-up like that.
Roselyn’s moist lips wrapped around the base of his cock and slithered her
wet tongue over and across its head. She maneuvered around straddling Raw to
get a better angle on things and left her naked ass dangling in the air. It
was a little too close to Jennifer’s airspace that she felt as if she had
to take action.

Jen got to her knees and placed her hands on each of
Roselyn’s ass cheeks. She spread them wide and lapped at her asshole. Her
right hand pushed through Roselyn’s legs and her fingers ended up at her

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I need.” Popi purred.

took long strokes of his cock into her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and
down on his erection at a ferocious pace. She willingly spread her legs
apart even more, letting Jen have her way with her hindquarters. Jen eagerly
pushed her hot tongue further into her butthole. Two of her fingers found
refuge inside of Roselyn’s pussy. They twirled about inside of her. Her legs
were getting weaker by the second.

Popi stopped suddenly and pulled
her mouth off of his johnson. She looked over at Jaime and offered her a
taste. Quicker than you could fall asleep at a Carrot Top performance, she
scooted over and slammed her hungry lips around his member. She sucked like
there was no tomorrow, slurping up every ounce of taste out of his

Roselyn, panting all the way, leaned forward and let her
lips meet Raw’s. Their tongues intertwined and hungered for

“Now, keep it nice and slick for me, Jaime.” Roselyn sultry
voice spoke.

“Mmmmmhhhmmmmppphhhhhh.” Jaime responded with a

Meanwhile, Jen was still busy tongue-fucking Roselyn’s asshole with a
vengeance. She penetrated her rear in unison with her fingers fucking her
cunt hard. Her left hand was pinching one of her own hardened

“Oh, my fucking God! That’s good. That’s good.” Popi

Jaime backed off of his cock as she felt Roselyn lowering
herself down onto the mighty shaft. His thriving cock slipped ever so easily
inside of her hot, wet snatch. She grinded her hips and felt all of his
inches sliding all around her insides. She placed her palms on his mighty
shoulders and held on tight. She bounced up and down and side to side on his
lap, feeling the giant serpent thrash against her inner walls.

was heaven.

Jaime took Roselyn’s right nipple into her mouth a licked
at it to her heart’s content. Popi leaned forward and buried her tongue into
his mouth. With each thrust inside of her, Roselyn slid her tongue down his
throat. Not to be left out, Jennifer slid in closer behind Roselyn and
slowly ran both of her hands down her well-toned back. Her fingers descended
down her spinal column to the crack of her ass.

She quickly licked a finger and entered it inside of her rectum. Popi bucked
in pure delight at the sudden intrusion. With a slow but steady movement,
Jen finger-fucked her tight little asshole until Roselyn was about to
explode. Her loins erupted and her entire body shook in wave after wave of
incredible orgasms. Pouring sweat, Raw shot his rocks off deep inside
Roselyn’s heavenly cavern. They quivered inside of each other’s deep

All was well and heaven was here to stay.

small lifeboat sat on the edge of the beach. Land had finally come their
way, but none of them had the energy left to leave their seats. The small
orgy had been three hours long and this crew was closer now than ever
before. Jaime and Jen laid next to one another towards the head of the
vessel, using their discarded clothing as beach blankets.

Raw and Popi sat in the back snuggled so close to each other. Roselyn was
nestled with her back to his chest, sitting between his legs.

“By the way, there’s something I’ve been meaning to give you.” Raw whispered
in her ear.

“After that, I don’t think I’ll ever need anything again.” She whispered
back and kissed his cheek.

Raw pulled out the necklace from his crumpled, wet pants and lowered it
around her neck. He fastened it as Roselyn picked up the locket and stared
at it very closely.

“Oh, my God. Raw, I can’t believe this.” Her voice shot up an octave. “This
is so beautiful!”

“It’s even worth getting shot in the ass over.” He smiled.

“You pussy, it was only a flesh wound.” She retorted in a British accent.

They both broke down in laughter and love. As the sun slowly began to sink
into the ocean, they snuggled closer together and let the sleep seep into
their minds.


* * *

Seeing the commotion going on around him, Tom couldn’t help but look and
notice something was going on. He checked to see what was up, and was
pleasantly surprised.

“EVIL,” Tom yelled out.

“What the… oh, hey, Tom,” Evil replied with a handshake.

“Dude, are you okay,” Tom asked. “We’ve all been worried sick, man. Is
everybody okay?”

“Chris is dead,” Evil answered. “Bullet to the chest.”

“I’m sorry man,” Tom said, giving Evil an hug of condolence. At least
everybody else looked like they were here okay. Still, he felt for Chris’
family and friends.

“Hey, what’s going on,” Stephanie asked, rushing toward Tom and Evil with
Jennifer, Fergie, and Anna.

“Most of the guys were able to get off the boat except Chris,” Tom

“Oh my God, what happened,” Jennifer asked.

“Basically the usual, staff gone rouge, Evil TRL and his henchmen strike
again, we killed the crew and the other bad guys, and Cosmo blew away
Starvos,” Evil answered.

“Wait, did you say the crew was involved in the boat jacking,” Tom asked,
feeling his stomach drop out. That moment everybody’s eyes were fixated on

“Look, guys, I had no idea,” Stephanie said. “I had been working on the
Luxury for about four months. About a month ago, every crew member but
myself was fired. As odd as it was, I really thought nothing of it. If I
had known, I would’ve been off that crew in a heartbeat.”

“It’s okay, Stephanie, we believe you,” Anna calmly said. “I guess the
cruise liner didn’t know what these guys were up to.”

“Seems that way to me,” Evil answered. “Hope you guys don’t mind, but I’ve
gotta go get things ready, if you know what I mean.”

“We know, Evil, we know,” Fergie said before Evil walked off.

“Come on, Stacy,” Jennifer said, grabbing hold of her friend’s hand. “I’ve
got a few skimpy bikinis from the swim store down the road.”

“You never stop shopping, do you,” Fergie said excitedly, yet still rolling
her eyes as the two girls ran for Jennifer’s bags.

“Hey, Anna,” Stephanie said to the actress, tapping her on the shoulder. “I
think I saw Sheridan going that way. You better catch up with her before
she’s gone.”

“Alright, I’ve been waiting for this for a while,” Anna said, running off to
her lusty fan.

“So, you feeling alright,” Tom asked out of concern. “I mean, knowing the
crew tried to have us all killed and what not.”

“I really wouldn’t have known,” Stephanie said. “They were really nice to
me. A little off, but always nice. I guess they saw me as the only
potential flaw in their plan and would have killed me to carry it out. I
really owe you my life, Tom. I would’ve been dead if not for you.”

“Relax, Steph,” Tom said assuringly. “The crew’s dead, Evil TRL and his
goons are sleeping with the fish, most of us are alive and well, and we’ve
got an orgy to prepare for.”

“Speaking of which,” Stephanie interjected. “What do you think of this?”

The waitress reached into her luggage and pulled out an old school
Lita-style thong, lime green with black edges.

“Damn,” Tom said, hardly comprehending thought. “I’m really going to make
the most of this remaining time.”

* * *

“I really thought that it was just going to be a quiet little holiday this
time,” Victor sighed as the cool Caribbean night took over. “No fighting, no
bad guys, just some partying, ladies and a little hard stuff.”

“Wine, women and song?” Cindy Crawford asked.

“More like sex and drugs and rock’n’roll!” Hayden Panetierre laughed.
Probably because she liked hanging around with Paris Hilton, she’d shrugged
off what had been happening around them the fastest. The important thing, as
far as she was concerned, was that none of them had been hurt.

“Kids…” Hilary Duff groaned.

“Oh don’t get so uptight, Duff. Just because you weren’t the one getting it
from Vic when you broke in…”

“You aren’t on the boat now,” Cindy added. “Maybe now we can give him a
chance to make his mind up.”

“Yeah,” Hilary said, joining Cindy in looking at him. “How about it?”

“Wait…” Victor tried to find words. “You mean all of you? Here? Now?”

“Right. This is CSSA, not the Mormon Tabernacle,” Cindy pointed out.
“Authors fucking celebs is what it’s all about. Rande knows that, Hilary’s
mom – ” (Cindy and Hilary both spat on the ground and crossed themselves) ”
– knows that, Hayden’s mom knows that…”

It was at that moment that Victor’s mobile phone went off, and the ladies
all saw the shocked look on his face as he heard the ring. “Oh no… oh

“Victor?” Hilary asked. “What is it?”

“It’s my mum…” he groaned. She didn’t know.

“Five minutes to talk, then about half an hour to get over the
embarrassment…” Cindy smiled, leading the younger women away to wait as
Victor answered.

* * *

“Where the hell are they?”

“They’re here, they’re here,” TRL said as he and Kelly Clarkson worked
through the crowd that had gathered around the docks. He and Kelly had been
about as far away as one could get without leaving the beach when the
rescuers had returned, and as such, they found out later than either of them
would’ve liked.

It was funny, TRL mused to himself in a morbid
little way. It had only taken a couple hours for the rescue crew to do what
they needed to do and then get back to the island, but to the distraught
Kelly and TRL, it felt like whole months had passed.

“I’ll die if
they aren’t all right,” Kelly said, pulling TRL through the

“They’re fine!” TRL said. Someone had already told them that
none of the celebs had been hurt, though apparently one of the rescuers had
died. TRL made a mental note to pass on his condolence to Evil when he saw
him later.

* * *

“Well, everyone’s okay,” IYG said as he and Rachel McAdams sat down on the
beach, mostly just trying to be out of the way.

“Thank goodness,” Rachel said. “I was pretty scared there for a

“Well, that’s another CSSA vacation ruined,” IYG muttered.
“It’s a wonder any of us keep coming back to these things.”

“I think
we all come back for all the free sex,” Rachel said, smiling.

probably true,” IYG said.

“Speaking of which,” Rachel said, reaching
over and running her hand up under IYG’s shorts. “I believe I have a bet to
pay off for you.”

“Huh?” IYG said as Rachel wrapped her fingers
around his cock.

“I promised you the top ten babes on your list – you
didn’t get all of them.”

“I got more than enough,” IYG whispered as
Rachel leaned in and kissed his neck, all while stroking his cock to full

“No, you didn’t,” Rachel whispered into his

“You’ve been nothing but sweet to me this whole time, never even
trying to get into my pants while we were running about getting you laid. I
made a promise; I didn’t live up to it. Now its time for me to make things

IYG wanted to protest, but a wise man once said “never argue with a woman
who’s hand is wrapped around your cock.” So, he simply gave in.

Rachel pulled down his shorts and slowly started licking IYG’s rock hard
shaft. “So, how many from your top ten did I miss? Four? Five?”

“Seven?” IYG asked as Rachel started swallowing him. “Eighteen perhaps?”

Rachel smiled up at him. “Why don’t we just go until we can’t anymore and
leave it at that?”

“Deal,” IYG said. Yeah, that had to be it. They all kept coming back to
these CSSA events for the sex…

* * *

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Chris wasn’t supposed to go down now,
not at age 25, not from a gunshot wound.

Evil choked back a sob after getting off the phone with Chris’s mom.
Understandably she was inconsolable even with Chris’s girlfriend there with
her. Now Evil was at a small airport making arrangements for Chris’s body to
be flown back to his hometown where he would be buried.

Evil sighed as he pounded his fist on Chris’s casket. “I’m sorry my friend.”
He said to no one in particular.

Evil then felt arms wrap around him from behind, but rather then take the
natural reaction and spin around he just leaned back knowing who was behind

“You holding up ok?” asked Jennifer Garner.

“One of my best friends is dead, I’m not holding up too well.” Evil replied
not moving his vision from the casket.

“Hey, look at me…” Jennifer said moving in front of her husband “…he
died saving everyone. You should be proud of him.”

Jen then pulled her husband in and whispered “I love you” to him.

A flight attendant came over to them “We need to load this one on the

Evil signed a form as he watched them wheel Chris’ body away. Jennifer stood
there next to her husband and watched.

“I’m sorry.” Jennifer said once it was gone.

“For what?’ Evil asked

“For everything.”

Evil then grabbed her and planted a kiss on her as they headed back to the
hotel. There was much to prepare for.

* * *

Sheridan entered the room, feisty as ever. Here it was, her biggest moment.
She had dreamed for years of this moment. Sheridan always considered her
to be one of the planet’s hottest women. As she entered the room, she eyed
the delectable treat in front of her.

On the bed was Anna Paquin, looking as hot as ever. Sheridan had dreamed of
this for so long, so she was ready to make a simple request. Anna was
decked out in her black leather costume she wore as Rogue in “X-Men.”
Looking hotter than a Death Valley summer day, she sat on the bed’s edge,
waiting for what she considered the inevitable.

Suddenly, Anna’s world went black, feeling a pair of warm tender lips
kissing up and down her neck. The young Oscar winner let out an erotic gasp
as she grasped the darkness.

“It’s over, Rogue,” Sheridan whispered. “My mutant powers are that I can
shut off another mutant’s powers, that is why I can touch you and nothing
happens. There’s no escape. Now that you’re mine, your powers are

“Oh no, I’d never want that,” Anna said as Sheridan let go of her eyes. “I
don’t care if you do seduce me, Magneto is dead meat when I get loose.”

Tenderly, Anna and Sheridan began to French kiss, savoring each moment.
Anna was very much into role play with any of her characters. Whether it
was “The Piano,” “Fly Away Home,” “Finding Forrester,” and especially
“X-Men,” her characters were ready to break out of Anna and envelop her
being. Truth be told, it wasn’t cocaine, as rumored, that broke up Rebecca
Romijn and John Stamos. He had walked in on Anna, Rebecca, Halle Berry, and
Famke Janssen roll playing on his bed as Rogue, Mystique, Storm, and Jean

Sheridan didn’t have a costume, but it was much of anything really. She
wore a tight white cocktail dress that barely covered her asschecks.
Slowly, Sheridan started rubbing her large, firm tits on Anna’s, sending the
actress into moaning mode.

“Hmmm, you talk a lot,” Anna replied. “This can’t be, why aren’t my powers
working, you should be unconscious.”

“I told you, I shut your powers off an only I can turn them back on,”
Sheridan said. “Why don’t I show you my real intention?”

Sheridan took her hands off the young Kiwi and unzipped the back of her
dress. She ran her arms under the shoulder straps and stood up to let the
dress drop to the floor. Her large breasts stood in front of Anna in all
their glory. There was a lot more for Anna to gawk at. Her shaved pussy.
Her rock hard abs from years of kickboxing. Those made Sheridan very proud
of herself.

“What are you going to do to me,” Anna asked in mock concern. “You know
I’ll never break ranks with Professor Xavier.”

“You don’t to separate yourself from that old hack,” Sheridan said with fake
anger. “As long as you do what I say, you’ll get you powers back when it’s
all said and done.”

With that, Sheridan began to spread her legs. “Now, start licking you
powerless cunt.”

Anna did as she told. Not really having much of a choice, she went it for
Sheridan’s pussy, already reeking of sex. Going in, Anna put out her tongue
and licked the fleshy hotspot. She decided to give it another minute or so
of licks, so Sheridan could adapt to this new source of pleasure. Finally,
Sheridan was ready.

“Come on, Rogue,” Sheridan pretended to taunt. “If you want your powers
back so fucking badly, you’ve gotta pierce this pussy like it’s the shit.
Got it, bitch?”

Not wasting any time, Anna began to put her tongue inside the voluptuous
blonde, darting her tongue it and out like a Whack-A-Mole. Naturally, the
moans from Sheridan gave Anna a seal of approval.

“Mooooore,” Sheridan gasped. “Mooooore, now. Come on, Rogue show me how
Storm and Jean Gray ravage that body night after night.”

Anna decided now was the time. Seeing Sheridan’s bright red clitoris and
feeling it’s warmth, she was ready to make a drastic move. Sheridan seemed
too busy with herself to notice the starlet freeing up a hand a sliding it
under the CSSAer’s arched back.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD,” Sheridan screamed to the high heavens. “YES,

Everything Sheridan said after that was nothing more but gibberish, as she
started babbling her way through an orgasm. Anna enjoyed as the tangy
sweetness of Sheridan’s honey pot dripped on her mouth, tongue and chin as
she continued licking her admirer’s clitoris and pumping her asscrack.

Eventually, Sheridan felt the effects of the pleasure start to cycle down
and began to catch her breath.

“Wow, for someone as weak as you, you do pretty well licking pussy,”
Sheridan said. “Maybe you are deserving of your powers again.”

But before Sheridan could even do a thing, she found herself suddenly
flopped on her back, courtesy of an Anna Paquin takedown.

“Guess again,” Anna growled on top of Sheridan. “You may have taken my
powers but I still have the ability to lick your pussy until it’s red.”

“You wanna try me,” Sheridan snarled back playfully.

“Watch me, you’ll be surprised,” Anna said, jumping up to bellyflop
Sheridan’s faced. The author struggled to speak, but her voice was muffled
under Anna’s stomach. She felt her arms being grabbed and stretched out,
and the next thing she heard, there was a pair of clicks.

“Hey,” Sheridan yelled. “What the fuck? Let me go, bitch!”

“No way, slut,” Anna responded, looking at Sheridan as struggled helplessly
to get out of the two handcuffs that locked each hand to the head of the
bed. “May, how have the tables have turned. Now what about giving me
powers back?”

“Let me go and I’ll get your powers back to you,” Sheridan screamed.

“First things first,” Anna said. “I’ll let you go if you take care of one
minor little detail.”

Anna started to tantalizingly unzip her Rogue costume, unveiling her bare
skin. Her perky, petite tits. The red, light fluff of pussy bush. Her
firm, flat, six-pack stomach. Sheridan could only fathom what Anna was
processing through her mind.

“Alright, tramp,” Anna barked. “Start licking, and I’ll take it from

Anna plopped her rump on Sheridan’s face so the sexy author could begin
licking the pint-sized actress. No stranger to lesbian sex, Sheridan gave
Anna’s pussy long, rough licks to show she was as freaky as Anna was rumored
to be.

“Ahhh, yeahhhhhh,” Anna growled as Sheridan continued to lap up the pussy
juices. “Keep it going, you slutty fuck. Keep licking until I spray your
goddamn face.”

Naturally, Sheridan was enjoying this. The whole kinky game wasn’t exactly
her cup of tea, but she wasn’t afraid of using cuffs. She instinctively
went to grab Anna’s toned ass, but the handcuffs restrained her.

“Ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh,” Anna said in a half-taunting, half-pleasurable
voice. “No grabass for you, slut. Try again and Jean Gray will fill your
asshole with hard, solid plastic.”

Naturally, when her husband wasn’t home, or there wasn’t a chick around to
fuck, Sheridan was never afraid to use a dildo or strap-on on herself. Just
the thought of being filled up by Famke Janssen had her tongue pumping like
a plunger into Anna’s pussy.

“OHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSS,” Anna hissed as blood pumped through her veins in
record time and as sweat moistened her sexy body. “COME ON, SLUT! MAKE ME

Not one to make done from a challenge, Sheridan decided it was to up the
ante. Since her hands her still cuffed, she knew she had to improvise.

“Hey, what the hell,” Anna pleaded as Sheridan stopped licking her clitty.
“What the fuck is your problem, skank? You gonna finish me off, because if
don’t, I’m not letting you go.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Rogue, I’m not finished,” Sheridan said. The young author
then raised her head up, flipping the lightweight actress on her back.
Before Anna had any time to react, Sheridan went right back to work.


Sheridan wasn’t letting up, continuing to lick Anna’s tight hole. It was
obvious she hadn’t gotten much backdoor action, so Sheridan wanted this to
count. With every lick, Sheridan pierced Anna’s ass deeper until finally…