CSSA Chain Story – Episode II – Victoria’s New years Bash

From Evil: This is the second Chain Story to be released for CSSA. This was the combined effort of 12 authors and over 160 segments.

Allow me this time to apologize for letting it be drawn out this late, but here it is and our hard work was worth it. I’d also like to thank personally TRL and Cosmo Kramer. Without them I could not have done this, thanks guys. Now let’s get this train wreck moving.

Editor’s note: Yeah, so it’s a little late. You try assembling something like this while juggling the demands of school and a normal social life. Also, big props to Evil, whose hard work and determination kept this thing alive,
and TRL for coming through with some great stuff to help us out at the end. Also, thanks to the other authors who contributed. Except for that Charger-loving A-hole Hamster, he (and all his fellow Charger fans, and Chiefs fans, and above all else Raider Nation) can go to hell.

Just kidding. 🙂 Hamster is good people.

But seriously, Raider Nation can go to hell, and take your velour jumpsuit-wearing clown of an owner with you!

Now enough joking around, on to the business at hand…

These are the authors, so if you don’t like it complain to these guys: Budpaul, Butch Rosser, Cosmo Kramer, Evil, Hamster, IYG, The King, Rawballz, Tricksterson, TRL, Victor Field, and Voodoo Joe.

Officially, there are 73 celebs in this story. Others may appear randomly, but these 73 are the main ones, each receiving varying degrees of attention throughout. Chances are, you’ll find someone you like. Here, in chronological order, are the 73 featured celebs:

Rachael Ray

Kelly Clarkson

Lindsay Lohan

Eva Longoria

Alicia Keys

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Hilary Duff

Haylie Duff

Amber Tamblyn

Jaime Pressly

Jennifer Connelly

Angelina Jolie

Lauren Graham

Jennifer Garner

Amanda Bynes

Keira Knightley

Christina Ricci

Charisma Carpenter

Maria Menounos

Kate Beckinsale

Anne Hathaway

Alyson Hannigan

Iyari Limon

Jewel Staite

Eliza Dushku

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Naomi Watts

Sarah Silverman

Vanessa Marcil

Lucy Liu

Kirsten Dunst

Ashlee Simpson

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Elisha Cuthbert

Michelle Trachtenberg

Nicollette Sheridan

Rachel Bilson


Britney Spears

Brittany Daniel

Rose McGowan

Natalie Portman

Mandy Moore

Raven Symone

Jules Asner

Natasha Henstridge

Kristen Miller

Jada Pinkett

Vivica A. Fox

Halle Berry

Tamala Jones

Beyonce Knowles

Kelly Rowland

Cindy Herron

Jessica Simpson

Brooke Burke

Teri Hatcher

Marcia Cross

Aisha Tyler

Scarlett Johansson

Reiko Aylesworth

Salma Hayek

Penelope Cruz

Jessica Alba

Lacey Chabert

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Dempster

Roselyn Sanchez

Emma Bunton

Mischa Barton

Kristanna Loken

Mariska Hargitay


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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of erotic FICTION, and is not suitable nor intended for anyone under the age of 18. In no way is it meant to accurrately portray the real lives of the celebs contained herein (though wouldn’t the world be much better place if celebrity babes really were like this?). This is a make believe story conjured up by 12 (mostly broke) pervs, so even if you wanted to sue us you wouldn’t get much more than a few Liz Phair posters, a couple of Red Sox caps (GO SOX!), a few throwback jerseys from Butch, a Supergirl statuette, a few wrestling DVDs, a Brooke Burke calendar, a few slightly used 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and one Anakin Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber.

That’s it, we’ve listed the authors, celebs, story codes, and finally dropped the disclaimer in. So grab some tissues, some hand lotion, and sit back and enjoy!


CSSA Chain Story: Episode II – Victoria’s New Year’s Eve Bash


Evening, December 31, 2004

He groaned as he laid the last of the four massive Tupperwares on the podium. Back when he’d pitched the idea of DJing the party he also decided the crates he’d been toting were too worn. Besides, Tupperware kept dirt away from his records.

Reaching into the second set, he put on a record on one turntable and another record on another one. He looked down and was quite happy his throwback Kellen Winslow Chargers jersey hadn’t gotten scratched in the move.

It was four hours before the show. Despite the dryness in his throat, he had to know if he could do it.

ESPECIALLY with Jess probably coming.

His hand shot out to play the record on his left. The familiar breakbeat started off.


It takes two to make a thing go right… His right hand shot out to the other turnbuckle, bouncing the Eric B. & Rakim off the EZ Rock & Rob Base.

Def with the record, def def with the record…

It takes two to make it out of sight…

He kept going for the full five minutes but right then and there he knew he had it.

“I’m sorry… ” So he turned over his shoulder, where an attractive brunette with a bowl, a big wooden spoon, and a bigger New York accent was looking at him as if he’d farted in church.

“…but the crew would either like to request you stop or play some Outkast.”

“OH!” He quickly made the connection. “You guys are cooking the meal. Yeah, I thought getting here four hours early to setup and practice wouldn’t put me in anyone’s way. Butch. DJ Black Plague, tonight. And you are?”

The brunette offered her free hand, and a toothsome grin. “Rachael. Hey, can you taste this? It seems a little off.” She offered him the spoon. He took a taste and let it settle in.

“Eh. It’s fine to me, but I eat most anything.”

She chuckled at this, and took a slow lick off the spoon. It was then he recognized her–from both her Food Network shows and that FHM shoot. “Yeah, it tastes fine to me too. But good to know.” He watched her leave.

“This isn’t going to be my normal party, is it?” he said to himself, wondering what song would go well with Fat Joe’s part of “New York, New York…”


“Butch seems to have the music under control,” TRL muttered as he glanced around the empty ball room. “Who was in charge of bringing the booze?”

“That I don’t know,” Kelly Clarkson replied. The two were both wearing simple T-shirts and bluejeans as they brought in the last few boxes of decorations from the Van out front. “It might be ‘Hater, it might be Tara Reid. Heck, it might be you for all we know. This event isn’t the best organized.”

“Well, after what happened with our little island celebration, we decided to keep things simple this year,” TRL replied. “By the way, do you know who’s supposed to be helping us decorate this place?”

“There was a list up for volunteers. I don’t think anyone volunteered.”

“No one?!” TRL asked, looking at the boxes of party decorations. “This is going to take some time.”

“We’ve got time,” Kelly said. “The party won’t start for a few hours. And we can always grab some more help.”

“I knew I should have invited some Playmates to help.”

“I thought the Playmates were boycotting you after what happened on the island.”

“Not all of them,” TRL grumbled. “Just my favorites. Jodi and Carmella weren’t happy to learn they’d been screwing the wrong guy.”

“Poor TRL,” Kelly said. “Tell you what – if we get this place set up with some extra time, I’ll let you help me get dressed for the party.”

“Huh?” TRL asked.

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Hello, it’s a CSSA New Years party. It’s not like I’m going to be wearing underwear.”

TRL stumbled over himself and ripped into the nearest box of decorations while Kelly giggled to herself.


Hamster pushed open the doors and strode in. He too was wearing a Chargers throwback in honor of SoCali’s only pro football team.

On a leash he led a large hyena and on a second leash he led the very lovely Lindsay Lohan who was wearing a very attractive black dress. Whenever anyone stared at her leash and collar too long, she simply shrugged.

“Lost a bet to Hamster,” she said.

“Holla playas,” Hamster said. “I got a box full of assorted decorations.”


A sudden bang was heard as the doors flew open. A young man entered the place.

“You guys ready to party?” He yelled at the nearly empty ball room.

“Oh man,” Joe said from the other side of the room. “Who invited him?”

“We had to invite him dude,” TRL replied. “He is paying for half of this gig.”

“Hey IYG, what’s up?” Hamster yelled at him.

“Nothing much, just getting ready for the blow out, I have the booze in my ca…” IYG stopped in mid-sentence. “Is that Lindsay Lohan on a leash?”

“I lost a bet,” Lindsay said.

“Again?” IYG laughed.

Lindsay just shrugged the comment off.

“So, guys, I’m going to need some extra hands to get all this booze inside, who’s helping me?” IYG asked.

“I’ll go help you,” Hamster replied as he was tying Lindsay to a chair.

The two left to get the alcohol from IYG’s car with Butch’s music screaming in their ears.


IYG and Hamster tried their best to dodge the potholes in the street as they make their way to his ride.

“So whaddya get for the night?” Hamster asked, kinda worried about leaving Lindsay tied up inside with even just the few perverts who were inside.

“Man, I got everything that everyone could need. I had to rent a U-Haul be able to get all this booze here,” IYG replied, looking through his pocket for his car keys.

“Jesus Christ! Did you pay for all of this?” Hamster stepped back avoiding one heavy-ass brown paper bag that met the pavement with a loud thump.

“I fronted it. Raw was busy and asked me if I could pick it up. In fact, where is he? He said he would already be here,” IYG looked around nervously.

“Haven’t seen him yet, but…”

Hamster was cut off by the screeching of tires just down the street at the intersection. The black Hummer roared down the road headed right beside the two bystanders.

The vehicle came to an abrupt stop and the driver’s side window came down exposing the face of a grinning Rawballz.

“Hey, guys! Cool, very cool, IYG. Lemme pull on around and I’ll give you a hand with all that shit,” he said while laughing.

“You have the money, Raw?” IYG asked as two paper bags full of alcohol rested within his arms.

“When have I ever let you down, man?” he said as he pulled his visor down and a knot full of bills fell into his hands. “Here’s a little something extra for your troubles,” he said as he tossed him an extra $200.

“Thanks, Raw. But to tell you the truth, I can’t believe you’re flying solo tonight.”

“Solo? HAH! IYG and Hamster, I would like to introduce you Ms. Eva Longoria.” Eva’s head suddenly popped up right above Raw’s lap, her chin wet with saliva. She smiled at the two and then again disappeared downwards.

“Why does that not surprise me, Raw?” IYG asked with a smirk.

“What can I say, she loves my Hummer and I love hers. But seriously, I want to make one thing clear, tonight is gonna be remembered by all of us who want to remember it and prolly quite a few of those who don’t. Anyways, let’s fuckin’ party!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Hummer whipped up onto the front lawn, taking a few clumps of grass out in the process.


“Is Hamster really going to leave her there like that all night?” Kelly Clarkson asked as she glanced over at Lindsay Lohan tied to a chair.

“Nah, he’ll be back,” TRL said. “Though, with the crowd that’s due in here, I would’ve tied her up in a different room. Poor Lindsay’ll be quite popular with the guys if she’s on her knees all night.”

“The girls, too,” Kelly said, handing TRL one side of a large banner that read “Victoria’s New Year’s Eve Bash 2004/2005”

“Where do you want to put this?” TRL asked.

“Over the stage,” Kelly said as she lead the way. TRL followed, nodding to several of the other authors and celebs who’d volunteered to come in early and help set things up.

“We’re going to need a ladder,” Kelly pointed out. “Can you go get one?”

“Sure,” TRL said, placing his side of the banner down, TRL headed out of the room and towards the supply closet across the hall.

“TRL?” A voice asked as he opened the supply closet door. “Is that you?”

TRL turned around to see a very scantily clad Alicia Keys approaching him. Alicia was wearing a black cami-top that showed off plenty of her creamy-chocolate skin, and a skirt that was dangerously close to being an over-glorified belt.

“Alicia, long time no see,” TRL said. The two had met very briefly on Victoria’s Island, and hadn’t spoken much since. “You here for the party?”

“You could say that,” she said, coming up close to TRL. “What’re you doing in the closet?”

“Getting a ladder,” TRL said.

“Having a hard time getting up?”

“Uh, no, not really,” TRL said turning back towards the closet and grabbing the step ladder out of it.

“Huh,” Alicia said, looking down at the step ladder. “Somehow, I thought it would be bigger…”

TRL just blinked at her, not sure what to say.

“Well,” Alicia said, “if you do have a problem getting up, you know where to find me.”

“Uh, no, I don’t,” TRL said, turning back towards her. She smiled seductively at him, then slid him a copy of her room keycard.

“Now, you do,” and with that, she walked off, leaving a slightly confused and rather horny TRL in her wake.


Hamster, IYG and Rawballz finally returned, each carrying an ass load of alcohol. Hamster’s pet hyena immediately ran to him causing IYG and Rawballz to back away more quickly than necessary.

“Guys, she’s harmless. Really,” Hamster assured them.

The other two looked at each other incredulously and began icing down the drinks. Hamster grabbed himself a Smirnoff twisted apple and went over to help the decorations.

“Hey Butch, let me make one thing clear. If I hear ‘A Moment Like This’ just one time, Kelly here is going to have to fuck Ms. Fluffy the Hyena,” Hamster warned.

IYG had finished putting the last of the Coronas on ice when a pair of very feminine hands covered his eyes and he heard the voice of his dreams say “Guess who?”

He turned to see Sarah Michelle Gellar standing there in a white sweater and black leather pants.

“Sarah,” IYG mumbled, his face reddening as he blushed, “I didn’t expect to see you here so early.”

“I thought I’d surprise my favorite author before I go to my room and change for the party, but then I saw TRL is already with Kelly so I decided to surprise you instead,” Sarah said while starting to giggle.

With that, Sarah leaned closer and kissed IYG, “I’ll see you later at the party, hon,” she said as she walked away.

Suddenly a scream was heard. Everyone turned around to see Hamster’s Hyena licking Lindsay’s face. Hamster quickly ran up to Lindsay and untied her from the chair. Lindsay ran towards the washroom with Hamster following in her path.

IYG started to count the money Raw repaid him when he suddenly realized something.

“Hey Raw, where is Eva?” IYG asked.

“Oh shit, I knew I forgot something in the car,” Raw replied as he ran back towards his Hummer.

IYG started setting up the bar, he was the acting bartender tonight and he had to make sure they had everything from beer to martinis to Kool-Aid.

“Hey guys,” IYG shouted towards the still nearly empty ball room, “who has the guest list? I want to see who’s coming to this shindig.”


“Give me a beer, Raw,” Voodoo Joe said when he saw the booze caravan pulling in.

“Catch,” Raw said, tossing a bottle Joe’s way.

“Better make it two, just to be safe,” Joe said, reaching out to catch the second bottle thrown his way.

“Where’s Lindsay?” Hamster demanded, seeing that his redheaded lady friend wasn’t where he’d left her.

“Don’t know man,” Joe said, fighting to hide the grin that threatened to cross his face. “Maybe she got loose and ran away. You should tie the leash off tighter next time.”

Hamster grumbled as he put down the liquor in his hands. After doing that, he left the room to search for Lindsay.

“Where’d you put her?” Raw asked Joe when Hamster was out of earshot.

“She’s safe,” Joe replied, not bothering to elaborate. “Might as well give me another beer. I’ll take it to Lindsay. Can’t have her getting sober, now can we? She might want to be taken off the leash if she did.”

Cracking one of the beers open, Joe picked his way over to where he’d stashed Lindsay. Seeing her on her hands and knees, he decided to see just how far she’d take the role playing.

Popping his out into the open, he asked Kelly for a bowl as she passed by with an arm full of decorations. When she handed him one, he set it in front of Lindsay and poured one of the beers into it.

“Drink up,” Joe told Lindsay as he pulled a pack of smokes from his pocket.

“Can I get one of those?” Lindsay asked, picking up the bowl to drink out of it.

“Dogs can’t lift their bowls like that,” Joe reminded her, shaking out a cigarette for her. Lindsay rolled her eyes, but put the bowl down and starting lapping away at the beer in it.

“Here you go,” Joe said, lighting the cigarette and holding it out to her. “I’ll leave another beer here for you in case you need to refill your bowl.” Putting one of the two remaining beers down next to her, Joe left to go see if Elisha or Amber had shown up yet.


As the final decorations were going up and the DJ getting loose, Dave (currently known to the CSSA crowd as The King, formerly known as divadjen77) was still in his hotel room. He was dressed, hair done, shoes shined, but he was still in the hotel room. He leaned against the wall and tapped his foot. “Ready yet?” he yelled through the bathroom wall.

“Give me a minute,” said Hilary Duff.

“Ok. But Haylie is on her way.” Dave stopped tapping his foot and switched to pacing.

“I can hear your walking,” said Hilary.

Dave could almost hear her rolling her eyes. He slumped in a chair and called Voodoo Joe to kill time. “Hey, Voodoo Joe … What?… No, were on our way… A while, don’t know… Who lost a bet?… And she’s tied up right now?… Thanks of the update, I got to go… Do me a favor, keep her tied up till we get there… Thanks.” Haylie’s phone number was programmed right above Hamster’s in Dave’s phone. It took no time to place his next call. “Hey, Haylie… Hilary’s still getting ready… Listen, can you pick something up for me?”

Ten minutes later Hilary came out in a school girls outfit with white stockings, shiny flat black shoes. Her blond hair framed wet, red, shimmering lips and dark eyes had a hint of light blue eye shadow.

“Wow, Hilary,” Dave said as he extended his elbow. Hilary slipped her arm under and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You’ll never guess who’s waiting for you down stairs.”


“Y’know, those fuckin’ things will kill you guys,” Raw said as he popped a Marlboro light in his mouth and fired it up.

“Thanks for the advice, doctor,” Voodoo replied with a sarcastic smile.

“Ah, fuck it anyways. Listen, Joe, have you heard anything about Popi showin’ up tonight?” he asked, taking a sip of beer.

“You mean David Ortiz, Raw?” TRL quickly chimed in from across the room.

“I love you too, TRL,” Raw replied blandly while giving him a middle-fingered salute.

“Raw, Raw, Raw, Raw, Raw, I thought you were over that chick,” Voodoo said teasingly. “I don’t know, man. Word around the campfire says that she’s still seeing Fiddy. But just between you and me, I heard that they’re not getting along so well.”

“Why, what have you heard?” Raw asked leaning in closer to hear.

“Well, I don’t wanna speak badly without knowing all the fact first, but…”

“Yeah, you do. You don’t need no stinking facts!” Raw interjected jokingly.

“How come you have to know me so fucking well, man? Anyways, what I’ve been hearing is…….” Voodoo paused to be dramatic.

“Spill it, Goddammit!” Raw screamed as others turn around and stared. “What the fuck is it, man?” he now whispered.

Voodoo leaned in closer and whispered even lower, “People say that he’s been smacking her around a little bit.” Voodoo gave him a mercy shrug.

Raw could feel the anger boiling inside of his chest, rushing the blood up through his face.

“I’ll tell you one thing, man. I pray to Jesus Christ Superstar that they show up tonight, hand in fuckin’ hand,” Raw spat, and then killed the rest of his beer. He turned to walk away.

Voodoo grabbed Raw on the shoulder, turning him around. “Listen, I don’t like that motherfucker either, especially doin’ what I’ve heard he’s doing, but man, don’t let this ruin the night, okay?”

“No sweat, man. If they show up, I’ll just have a nice pleasant chat with him. Thanks for the info, Joe.”

“No problem.” Joe continued his mission to find out about Elisha and Amber.

Raw slammed the front doors open in a fury and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Eva butt naked, lying spread-eagle on the hood of his Hummer. Quickly, some of the anger melted away.


“Holy shit man, this is the guest list?” IYG exclaimed in disbelief as he went over the list. “This is going to be fun,” he added with a grin.

IYG went back to stockpiling the alcohol he had bought for the party.

“Lindsay, Lindsay, where are you Lindsay?” Hamster kept shouting throughout the ballroom.

Voodoo just grinned as he finally caught sight of Amber and walked up to talk to her.

In the meanwhile, TRL had just finished with the decorating of most of the ballroom; he decided he needed a drink.

“Give me something strong,” he called to IYG who was ducking behind the bar.

IYG popped up, a knife in his hand and a red liquid on his shirt. “How strong of a drink mate?” he asked.

“Jesus H. Christ, what the hell did you do?” TRL questioned with a tiny bit of fear in his voice.

IYG looked at the funny situation he was in, “Em, he he, I know this looks weird, I was opening one of the wine crates and I accidentally dropped one and it broke,” He said.

“You know,” TRL began, “I think I’ll pass on that drink after all.”

“Suit yourself man, I better head up to my room and change, the party is starting in what, two hours?” IYG asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” TRL replied, “I better go back to finish this decorating business, I’ll see you later.”

“I’ll go and change, be back in a bit,” IYG said as he headed towards the elevators. Just before he entered the elevator, he shouted towards Butch, “Rock on brother.”

‘Silly white boy,’ Butch thought to himself as he continued jamming.


Dave strolled out of the hotel with Hilary on his arm. A hand full of steps and they were in the elevator. Dave smiled and leaned in to kiss Hilary. Hilary edged away, “Not, yet. I don’t want mess up my make up. At least not yet,” she said.

Dave laughed and tickled her side, “Just save a couple for me.” The doors opened to the lobby. Haylie was there in a matching school girl outfit, complete with white stockings and shiny flat black shoes. She had two small decorative bags and was whispering in a bellboy’s ear. His tight black pants did nothing to hide his growing erection. Dave walked up and draped his free arm around Haylie. “Hey, Haylie,” he said to the bellboy. Dave scanned down to his name tag. “Sorry, Ted. She’s with me.” Ted’s face fell with disappointment. “Hey,” Dave continued with a whisper only Ted and the girls could hear. “If me and Hilary came down couple of minutes later, the front desk would be getting noise complaints from the two of you.” The girls giggled as Haylie passed one of the bags to Hilary.

They kept laughing as they passed IYG on the way into the party. “Hey guys,” Dave said, “I brought the party favors.” Hilary playfully punched him in the gut while Haylie pouted.

“Great,” said Voodoo Joe. “But you’re two hours early.”

“Two hours!” yelled Hilary as she pushed Dave. “You said we were going to be late.”

“Sorry, I told you now figuring you’d be ready in two hours. You surprised me.” Hilary just glared with her arms folded.

Hamster shouted from the bar, “Hey, you guys seen Lindsay?”

‘Thank you, Hamster,’ thought Dave. “No,” he said. “But speaking of Lindsay… Voodoo, she still tied up in back?”

“Ready and waiting,” said Voodoo Joe.

Hamster looked over to Voodoo Joe and Kelly Clarkson. “You knew where she was and didn’t tell me? Come on, man.”

Dave smiled. “Come on Hamster, you’ll want to see this.”

The school girl Duff sisters lead a group of guys the way back to Lindsay Lohan still tied up on the chair. Lindsay looked up from her bowl of beer and said, “Crap,” under her breath.

Dave stopped by Butch’s table and made a request the yelled over, “Hit girls!”

Butch started “Oh Yeah”, a song made famous in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Hilary and Haylie smiled and kissed each other’s cheeks. They pranced around Lindsay, who looked back and forth between the two. “Well, well, well. Look what we have here Haylie.”

“Looks like a poor little redhead all alone.”

“Well, we can’t have that,” said Hilary. Lindsay blew some of her red bangs out of her eyes. Hilary and Haylie joined hands and kissed deeply. Hilary broke the kiss and said, “She got beer, but she looks hungry.” Out of the two decorated bags came cans of Reddi Wip.

“Fuck!” said Lindsay with panic in her eyes and the Duff girls shook the can and their cans.

“I don’t know about you Hay,” said Hilary, “but I’ve always wanted to try this.” She hiked up her skirt to the appreciative whistles of the guys. She was wearing plain white cotton panties. She used her elbows to keep the skirt up and put the bottle between her legs. She aimed the nozzle at Lindsay. Lindsay knew the spray was coming but still squealed as she got showered in whip cream. Haylie took the hint and raised her skirt to even more whistles as she didn’t bother with panties. Lindsay yelped again with the second stream of whip cream. When they were Lindsay was covered in whip cream. Lindsay was wiping the cream off her eyes.

Hilary took a couple of steps closer and said, “Wow, I didn’t know these things had that much cream. I would lick it off of you but I’m bitch-tose intolerant.” Lindsay flicked a big wad of cream toward Hilary, who managed to jump out of the way. The Duff girls laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m sure there are plenty of volunteers here to clean you up.”

The girls turned back to the main room, an arm over each shoulder while Lindsay fumed. She looked over at Hamster. “I’m never betting with you again.”


“Step right up and lick whip cream from Lindsay Lohan’s face,” Joe called out, doing his best imitation of a carnival barker. “Only $1 per lick. Proceeds go to buying more whip cream to be sprayed lower on her body.”

A steady stream of singles were suddenly thrown at Joe as a swarm of horny perverts stepped up to lick Lindsay’s face clean. Within minutes there wasn’t a trace of whipped cream left on her, but her face sparkled under the saliva of all those guys.

“Jaime,” Joe called out. When Jaime Pressly came over, he handed her the money. “Go get Raw and have him go get more whipped cream. Last time I saw him he was headed outside, so he’s probably with his Hummer.”

“I’ll give him a Hummer all right,” Jaime said, grinning as she took off to find Raw.

Making her way through the growing crowd, Jaime quickly found her way to the entrance to the ball room. Pushing the doors open she stopped in her tracks when she saw Eva Longoria bent over the hood of Raw’s Hummer while he stuffed her pussy from behind.

“Fuck me good, Ballzy,” Eva moaned.

“Just for that I’m going to fuck you even harder,” Raw grunted as he stepped up his pace.

“I turn my back for five minutes and this is what you do?” Jaime demanded.

“Sorry,” Raw said, turning his head to look at Jaime.

“Not you,” Jaime snapped. “I was talking to her. She wasn’t supposed to let you start until I was out here.”


“I’m surprised you’re not in there licking all the whip cream off Lindsay,” Kelly Clarkson said as she handed TRL another bunch of balloons.

“I get the feeling there’ll be plenty of Lindsay to go around. And, from the look of the way the Duff sisters are practically hanging off each other, I suspect Lindsay won’t be the only one open all night.”

Kelly snorted. “Well, if you’re into just getting it on with someone you barely know, I guess that’s all right.”

TRL gave her a look. “You do know that this whole event is going to devolve into pretty much one big orgy before we’re done, right?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kelly said. “And don’t think I won’t be partaking in some of the fun – in fact, I’m tempted to go in there and lick some whip cream off Lindsay right now…”

“Why do I sense a ‘but’ in there,” TRL said, stepping down off the step ladder.

Kelly turned towards him, looking him in the eyes. “It’s New Year’s Eve, TRL. You need to be kissing someone at midnight for the year to be official. I don’t have anyone to kiss this year.”

“Take your pick,” TRL said. “Hell, there’s a good chance we’ll all be naked and kissing various naked body parts by midnight.”

Kelly shook her head. “You aren’t getting my point, TRL,” she said. “I want to kiss someone at midnight. One real, romantic kiss. And I want it to be with you.”

“You do?” TRL asked.

“You’re my best friend, and I know that by the time the night’s out, we’ll have had sex-”

“We will?” TRL asked.

Kelly kept on talking right through him. “- But before we’re done tonight, you’d better kiss me like you mean it.”

TRL looked at her for a long moment, and then smiled. “You’ve got a deal. Midnight, right here on the dance floor, no matter what state of dress we’re in, who we’ve been with, we’ll kiss. One real, romantic kiss, to ring in the New Year.”

Kelly smiled back at him. “C’mon,” she said, walking away from him. “We’ve got a lot more balloons to hang up, and less than two hours to do it in. And I still need to have you watch me get dressed.”

“God, it’s going to be a good party,” TRL smiled as he grabbed the step ladder and followed Kelly across the room.


“Joe wanted you to get some more whipped cream, Raw,” Jaime explained while her eyes were fixed upon his member stroking in and out of Eva’s pussy.

“Damn, he…..he’s already using it? Man, that dude doesn’t w…waste any time,” he stammered while trying to concentrate. “I g….got six cases right in the b…..back of the H…H…..Hu…..Hummer there. Would you be a sextoy and pull them out f….for me?”

“D….Don’t say anything a…..about pulling out, R…Raw!” Eva quickly stated back.

Her feelings a little hurt, Jaime turned around to head to the back of the Hummer. “Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt you,” she whispered to herself as she opened the back.

A cherry-red Corvette suddenly pulled up in the street and Jennifer Connelly got out of the driver’s side. Dressed to kill she quickly ran up behind Raw and placed her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” she said playfully.

“Well, sounds like someone I know who appreciates Naked Patty-Cake as much as I.”

Jen took her hands away and looked at him, resting her chin on his shoulder as he continued to plow away at Eva.

“Damn, you don’t waste any time do you?” Jen asked while grabbing a handful of Eva’s plump rump. She gave her butt cheek a little pinch. “Feeling good, Eva?”

“Oh, God yes! I can’t wait to suck on your huge boobs tonight sometime, Jen,” Eva replied, panting the whole time.

“Well, you play your cards right and you can use your mouth in other ways as well.”

“Yeah…..yeah, that’s good talk. K…..Keep that goin’,” Raw says as he reached behind and rubbed Jen’s ass through her jeans.

Jaime glared at Jennifer through the front windshield. She knew Raw had hooked up with her a few weeks ago, but always thought she was a stuck-up typical Hollywood bitch. He had started spending more and more time with her since they met and especially since Roselyn had broken his heart months before. The rage swelled up within her as she witnessed Jen kissing Raw on his chest and kissing him on his ear.

“That’s it,” she said aloud and stormed to the front of the vehicle.

With both hands, she grabbed Jen’s hair from behind and flung her to the ground.

“Why don’t you go back to the kennel where you belong, bitch!” Jaime yelled at the top of her lungs at her.

Raw rapidly turned around to see what had happened. “Don’t pull out, Raw,” Eva begged.

“Hang on one second, Eva,” he said quickly and pulled his boxers on. “If I let the guys miss this, they’ll never forgive me!”

Jen tackled Jaime at the knees and brought her sweet-ass down to earth. The two women rolled around in the grass, pulling, pushing, slapping… a pervert’s dream cum true.

Raw ran to the front of the house and flung open the door. He mouthed the words to Butch, who quickly turned on his mic and announced proudly, “CATFIGHT OUTSIDE!!! CATFIGHT OUTSIDE!!!”


IYG had just entered his room on the 7th floor when he thought he heard something. He grabbed his binoculars and looked out his window towards the parking lot, a crowd was gathering there as two women were fighting each other, he couldn’t see who was actually in the fight but he did see Raw’s Hummer nearby so Raw probably had something to do with it. Lucky bastard.

Suddenly IYG heard a voice behind him. “Hello there stranger.”

IYG jumped in his spot, hitting his head against the window, “God damn it, what is it with people jumping up behind me today?” he fumed.

IYG turned around to see Angelina standing in front of him, wearing one of the hotel robes.

Angelina had a wicked smile on her face, “I can just leave,” she said as she turned around.

“No! Don’t!” IYG yelled. “I’m sorry, please come back, please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top.”

“OK, OK, I’ll stay, just stop whining already,” Angelina replied and then began to laugh.

“So,” IYG began, “How may I be of service to you, kind madam?”

“Well, you can come over here and fuck me for starters,” she replied with a grin.

“That might just be what I’ll do but only on one condition,” IYG said.

“Oh?” Angelina whispered, “And what would that be?”

“I think you know,” IYG winked at her.

“Fine but this is the last time I’m doing this,” Angelina took a deep breath and recalled her lines, “In my womb I carried my avenger!” She said in a Russian-like accent.

“Yeah baby, you sure know how to make me hot,” IYG said as he moved towards Angelina.

He picked her up and put her down on the big bed.

Angelina opened her robe to reveal her big breasts. “Like what you see?” she asked.

“You bet your sweet ass I do,” IYG replied and he lowered his head towards the big juicy melons in front of him.

Angelina moaned as IYG’s tongue found its way to her nipples.

“God, I need a good fuck today,” she managed to say between moans.

“Mmphmmapmh,” IYG replied with a mouthful of tit in his mouth.

After spending some time on each of Angelina’s golden globes, IYG decided it was time to give her what she really wanted. He removed his pants and boxers to reveal a decent sized tool.

Angelina eyed the member and simply said, “That’s what I’m talking about.”

He entered her awaiting pussy with a hard thrust to which she gasped in a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

Angelina put her hands around IYG as he continued to pound deep into her. IYG was sure that someone outside has probably heard her screaming in ecstasy.

She gave a scream and he started to pound harder. Angelina dug her nails into IYG’s back, a little blood coming out.

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder you stud, give me all you got,” Angelina managed to scream out as she climaxed.

IYG began to slow down his pace when Angelina snapped at him, “What the hell are you doing, fuck me hard, fuck me fast and fuck me now!”

“I want to baby, I really do but I am getting kind of tired here,” IYG explained.

“Fine you big baby,” Angelina began, “We’ll do it my way.” With that, she grabbed him and flipped IYG over with her on top of him. “I’ll show you how to fuck,” she said.

Angelina started to ride IYG, her tits bouncing in front of him as he lay there, mumbling to himself in a state of bliss.

She continued riding him for a while when she felt another orgasm take over her body, she started to shake and scream, “I’m cumming!”

The intensity of Angelina’s second orgasm was too much for IYG to take and he started to cum inside Angelina’s welcoming pussy.

“Wow, that was intense,” IYG said as Angelina fell on top of him.

“Yes, Luv, it was and we’re going to do that again,” Angelina whispered to his ear.

“Yes we will but I really do have to change and get back to the bar so I can finish setting everything up,” IYG told her.

“Fine,” Angelina replied, “But if you’re not with me in bed again by the end of tonight, you’re going to find yourself a few inches shorter.”

IYG simply gulped as he got up and headed to the bathroom.


Tricksterson walked in, sort of. Actually he crawled in on all fours, naked, led on a leash by Lauren Graham who, seeing Lindsay similarly attired, hooked him up next to her chair and went off to get them some drinks.

Lauren was dressed in a short black leather skirt that just made it past her hips and a top that barely qualified as such, consisting of a sheer length of black silk that came up from her skirt semi-covered one tit, looped around her neck and then came down to semi-cover the other leaving her lusciously muscled back completely naked.

Lindsay looked sympathetically at Tricks. “Lost a bet huh?”

“Nope,” he said grinning, “Won one! So, need help removing that whipped cream?”


“Dogs don’t talk,” Joe snapped from behind the set of shelves where he’d stashed himself and Amber for privacy.

“I’m not a dog,” Tricksterson replied.

“If you’re on a leash, you’re a dog,” Joe shot back. “Now be quiet while Amber gives me some sugar.”

“You sure know how to sweet talk a girl,” Amber said, giggling as Joe leaned in to kiss her neck.

“That’s me, Mr. Sweet Talk,” Joe said between kisses to her neck.

“Dogs can still fuck, can’t they?” Trickerston shouted, looking over at Lindsay.

“Of course they can, but Lindsay’s off limits. Now shut up,” Joe yelled back, trying to focus on the goddess in front of him.

Pressing Amber back against the wall, Joe let his hands wander up her sides. When they reached her tits, he squeezed and smiled when a moan came from Amber.

“What’s under that skirt?” Joe asked her, nibbling on her jaw.

“Nothing,” Amber said. There was a glint in her eye that told him that she wasn’t teasing, she really wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt.

“If you’re going to do it back here and we can’t, can we at least watch?” Tricksterson asked.

“Lindsay, find something to shove in his mouth, will ya?” Joe groaned.

“Maybe we should get back to the party,” Amber suggested.

“I’m going to kill that guy,” Joe muttered, placing the blame for his not getting any squarely at the feet of Tricksterson for not being able to shut up for more than ten seconds.

When they came out from behind the shelves, Joe noticed pink material sticking out of Tricksterson’s mouth. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Lindsay, but only got a shrug in return. Curious as to what Lindsay had stuffed in his mouth, Joe reached down and pulled it out.

“You stuffed your panties in his mouth?” Joe asked her.

“You told me to stuff something in there. The only other thing within reach of this leash was the bowl of beer,” Lindsay explained.

“Here,” Joe said, handing her a towel off a nearby counter. “Stuff this in there, and I’ll keep these.”

“Hey, I wanted tho…” Tricksterson said before Lindsay stuffed the towel into his mouth.

“If you wear Lindsay’s panties, I’ll let you have them,” Joe offered Tricksterson.


“No, no, no, dammit!” The announcers said in dismay. “Your winner and NEW Ring of Honor Pure Wrestling Champion, ‘Superstar’ Brian Wilson.” The crowd booed very loudly as the man known as the Superstar to the fans, but Evil to the CSSA crowd was handed the ROH Pure Wrestling title after cheating to win.

Brian rolled out of the ring and to the back only to be met by Jennifer Garner.

“It’s about time,” she angrily said.

“Will you get off my ass, you knew what you were getting into when you started dating me,” Evil said.

“Are you ready to leave yet?” Jen asked.

“Um no……I have to grab a shower…” Evil said before Jen cut him off.

“You can get that at the hotel.”

“I still have to grab my bags from the locker room, give me five fucking minutes god,” Evil said as he entered his dressing room.

“Hurry up, that party starts in less then 2 hours and we still have to get from here to Boston,” Jen said as the door closed.

Evil plopped down on the bench and grabbed his bags.

“How did things get like this?” he asked himself.

His relationship with Jennifer Garner had begun when Evil did a guest spot on Alias over a year ago, they had started talking and become fast friends. That Christmas they came into contact again and it ended in a night of sweaty hot monkey sex.

Their relationship developed from there, but it started going south when Evil heard about Victoria’s Island… weeks AFTER it had happened.

Evil and Jen had been arguing practically non stop ever since. Not that Evil minded Jen fucking other celebs, hell he encouraged it. He was mad about not being invited when Jen had every opportunity to contact him.

“No time for that drama now….” Evil said to himself as he toweled off and grabbed his belt and bags. “…I’ve got a CSSA party to get to.”

Evil then left the locker room and followed Jennifer Garner out to her car.


“Will they just fuck and get it over with already?”

Voodoo and Amber turned to face the latest arrival. The young man beside them stood a little above six feet and seemed to possess a solid build beneath the white Elway Crush jersey and jeans he wore. “Hey man,” Voodoo started, “just relax, it’s a catfight. They’ll get to it soon enough.” Hearing nothing but an angry snort in reply, he continued. “What’s wrong with you? If anyone should be pissed, it’s us. We just got interrupted by some dude tied up like a dog, what’s your excuse?”

“Hmm, I wonder,” Cosmo began sarcastically, “what could be my problem? Certainly not the fact that Jules won’t get here until after midnight because she and that cheating assclown, er, her husband have to keep up appearances. Or the fact that I haven’t seen any other girls I know. Or the fact that I don’t particularly trust this ‘TRL’ guy. I mean, the last guy who called himself TRL did try to cave my head in with a rock, remember?” he said, referring to the unpleasantness on Victoria’s Island. “He’s lucky his ass is in jail, because I fucking owe him! And, to top it all off, seeing Butch in his throwback Winslow jersey reminds me just how much I hate those fucking-”

“San Diego Superchargers,” a new voice sang out.

“If I have to hear that fucking thing one more fucking time, I swear,” Cosmo angrily turned to face whoever sang out the familiar Chris Berman tune, “FUCK! Not another one?!?” Standing before them was Hamster, still clad in his own Charger jersey. “Holy fuck, you and Butch form a fan club or something? And what the fuck is that is that freaky-ass, dog-looking thing?”

“My hyena.”

“A hyena. Riiiiiiiight…”


“Cos, Cos, Cos Don’t ya know Charger blue is in, Denver orange is out. And the hyena is the unofficial symbol of Lesbian Dominatrixes, aaaaaaaaand it’s nice to see you made it. I heard that somebody splattered your brains all over the place,” Hamster said.

Cosmo mumbled something about how the Chargers would never be in first place if Elway was still with the Broncos then at Hamster’s last comment…

“The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated,” Cosmo replied.

Tricksterson looked up from his spot on the floor. “Oh hey Cosmo, didn’t you die?”

Cosmo sighed deeply.

At that point Amanda Bynes entered the room wearing a low-cut white dress.

Hamster clapped Cosmo on the shoulder then handed him the hyena’s leash. “I gotta go hit that before Budpaul gets here and hogs her.”

Hamster left Cosmo and strode purposefully in Amanda’s direction.

“What the fuck?” Cosmo asked as he eyed the hyena nervously.

Hamster stepped up to Amanda. “Hey there’s something for you in the other room. Come with me.” Hamster grabbed her by the rest and led her to a side room reserved for people wanting privacy.


There was an audible ping as the elevator doors opened and out walked IYG, wearing a San Diego Chargers jersey. Cosmo who was standing close by noticed IYG’s shirt and decided three in one day was too much for him to handle. He reached to pick up Hamster’s hyena and slowly grabbed the creature. With a roar he threw the hyena at IYG’s direction.

IYG immediately ducked as the hyena went flying into the now closing elevator.

“I’m just messing with you,” IYG said as he removed the football jersey to reveal his dark blue evening suit, “Now I need to go finish setting up the bar.”

IYG started to head towards the bar when he heard shouting and applause coming from outside.

“What the hell is happening there?” he asked Cosmo.

“Oh that,” Cosmo began to explain, “Jaime and Jen Connelly are having a catfight, someone is supposed to call me when they start fucking.”

“I knew Raw had something to do with it, I saw the crowd near his Hummer from my room,” IYG told his fantasy football adversary as he reached his bar and started to stockpile the remaining bottles of alcohol.


Jennifer Garner’s SUV pulled up to the small airfield outside of Philadelphia.

“You know I hate being kept in the dark about this,” Evil said as he slung the title over his shoulder and grabbed his bags. He was still in his wrestling gear, black shorts, kneepads, boots, elbow pads and his long black hair flowing in the wind.

“Do you want to complain or do you want to get there on time?” Jen asked as she tossed a bag on the small Cessna.

Evil sighed and tossed his bag and belt in and got in the plane.

“Why do I even bother?” Evil said to himself as Jen boarded the plane.

Jennifer boarded the plane and sat across from Evil. In the same tone she’d been using all night asked, “Is your car gonna be there?”

“Yes Jen, I’ve told you a million times tonight it will be there. I don’t want to argue, I’ve had a hard fucking night,” Evil said.

“Well if you don’t want to argue why the hell did you come? It seems that’s all we do lately,” Jen said.

“You wanna fucking know why that is Jen? Two words, Victoria’s Island,” Evil said sitting up and glaring at her.

“HOW much longer are you gonna throw that in my face?” Jen shouted.

“Until you tell me the truth why you didn’t tell me!” Evil shouted.

“Hey,” the pilot cut in. “Buckle up, we’re about to take off.”

Evil and Jen glared at each other for a long while until both sat down and buckled their seatbelts. The Cessna took off for Boston where CSSA’s New Year’s Party was taking place.


Butch looked over at the moody Cosmo and couldn’t resist. It’d been a flippin’ decade.

“BronCHOKERS!” he yelled over the turntables, gleefully cackling at the misfortune of others. And then he had to stop, because something large was thrown at his head and exploded into a thousand pieces on the wall behind him. “YOU’RE GETTING A JA RULE SONG FOR THAT, ASSHOLE!” Cosmo glared at him as he straightened back out before turning back around. “Pfft. If Shanahan was a real genius he would’ve won a playoff game WITHOUT Elway…” he muttered under his breath.

“Uh… who the hell are you talking to?” He turned to his left. Rachael, pleasantly again.

He gestured to the fringe of the ballroom. “The…back…of that guy’s head. It’s a long story. So, what’s up?”

“I’m taking a break. You ever gone in on a three-story chocolate cake?” His eyes opened wide. “Hello?”

“I would, but they don’t make forks that big.” She laughed.

“So, I got a break. Whaddya gonna do?”

He cleared his throat a couple times.”I figured I’d start it off with Fergie’s opening vocals on ‘Let’s Get It Started’, drop ‘Peter Piper’ after that, and then I’d just do the natural progression to ‘Work It’…”

“I meant about a chick. Everybody in this thing’s hooking up, from what I heard.”

The resident DJ shrugged. “I figure instead of tips, I’ll take pussy.”

“You’ve got enough room to do that and get with a girl?”

He smiled broadly. “By 2 feet.”

Rachael smiled back at him. “Let me run back in the kitchen and get something real quick?”


She went to her left, and he to his right. He had “Magic Stick” around here anyways.


He screamed out in delight as the chocolate pudding went on top of his skin, drawing the attention of the decorators. Clearing his throat, he looked down at the turntables–and the randy little chef right below them on her knees delivering (and more importantly, removing) the edible body paint.

As smoothly as he could do such things, he raised the volume up a little bit so no one would hear his short cries of joy that would ensue, or her slurping away. She began sucking on his testicles while stroking her, and had he not grabbed onto her left shoulder he would’ve sent the turntables flying and been exposed.

His breathing started behaving erratically. Courtney post-glam erratically. But he had always wondered if he could do both at the same time. He began to lean to his right, discreetly moving his unseen hips and trying not to trip over the jeans that were on the floor. He reached in the crates and then realized how odd it seemed from the other side to see the DJ reach in a crate and not look, so he looked inside. So far, so good. He grabbed a record, and realigned himself. Rachael was consuming him with her mouth now.

“And I thought I wasn’t supposed to have my dessert before my dinner,” she chuckled mischievously.

He began to laugh, and then she began licking across the top, cradling his balls, a non-stop tornado of licks and jerks.

“Mmm… Give me that cream right in my mouth.”

Boy, if anyone figured out why he was playing “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”…well, they wouldn’t care. But the fact he was getting away with something and had a beautiful girl on her knees while he was doing his work…

“Rachael…” he muttered under his breath. “Incoming…”

She replaced her hand with her mouth, and he held on to the back of her head before shoving it all the way down her throat this time. Drawing back on his 12th grade B+ in drama he tried to look bored and ordinary as the all-white inmates of Testicle Prison broke free.

Rachael licked her lips, and didn’t even smear her gloss. She looked up at him. “You okay?”

“Stupendous.” She looked down at her watch. “Oh, I better hurry–I know Nigella’s been covering for me. I want payback later.”

He nodded. “Sure deal. What are you guys cooking besides the cake right now that’s so vital?”

She took her hand out of her pants and began licking her fingers clean, too. “Five-cheese Au Gratin potatoes. We keep trying to make it so the parmiagno-reggiano doesn’t overpower the po—Butch, are you hard again?”


The Food Network star looked at him odd. “All right. I gotta go.”

“Hold on.” TRL was holding the ladder for Kelly, and there was the opening. “GogoGO!” She quickly ran from the back to the side door to the kitchen, heels tapping the floor. TRL and Kelly turned around while he put his hands back on the records and scratched, looking at the tables. He looked up. They both looked confused, and then went back to hanging the banner. He smiled, and then did his best Homer impersonation.

“Oh, my god…five-cheese Au Gratin potatoes…”


“Hey, TRL, I think we need some more ribbons,” Kelly said as she came down the ladder. “I think there’s another box of them out in the other room. You wanna go get?”

“Sure,” TRL said. “Back in a sec.”

Kelly watched him go, smiling to herself. She hated to admit it, but TRL was really growing on her, though why was still up for debate. He wrote smut stories – and at an incredibly slow pace at that – and certainly had a wandering eye. But his heart was right there on his sleeve, and it was that heart that Kelly was falling for.

Suddenly, a delicate pair of hands covered Kelly’s eyes.

“Guess who, Luv?” a voice with a rich British accent said.

“Keira!” Kelly cried out, turning around to see Keira Knightley standing before her. The hot British starlet was wearing a cut-off, white T-shirt and a pair of dirty-looking jeans. Her hair, recently cut short for her newest role, made her look almost like a boy, but the perky nipples poking through the shirt belied that myth fairly easily.

“Hey, Luv, how are you?” Keira asked. The two had met during some promotional work for “Love Actually” and hit it off well. Too well, in fact. After one night out for drinks, Kelly had ended up naked in Keira’s bed, and the two had made love whenever they got the chance afterwards.

“I didn’t know you were going to be here,” Kelly said.

“I wasn’t – ” Keira muttered. “The last time I had anything to do with CSSA, I got raped and kidnapped. But when I heard you were going to be here… Well, let’s just say it was come here or ruin a good pair of knickers jilling-off to the thought of what I’d miss.”

And with that, Keira leaned forward and kissed Kelly. Hard.

For a long moment, Kelly allowed herself to melt into the kiss, then she reached forward to grab Keira in her arms – but the actress stopped her.

“Uh-uh, not right now,” Keira said. “I’m going to go get dressed. I want to see you all dolled up before I rip the clothes off you for good. If I know this party, it’s going to degenerate into an orgy twenty minutes after it starts. So we’ll come down, fuck who we want, and then we’ll get reacquainted. Sound like fun?”

“Oh, yes…” Kelly moaned.

“Good. See you later, Luv,” Keira replied, turning and walking out of the room. Kelly watched the sexy brit leave, and then, her head clearing; she turned back to her work.

“I’m back,” TRL said, almost making Kelly jump. “I miss anything cool?”


Muttering that it wasn’t his fault that Voodoo needed five pounds of Viagra a day to get it up, Trickster took the opportunity to stuff something else pink in his mouth and got underneath Lindsay.

“Hey! Bad doggies!” yelled Lauren and sprayed both of them with an at-hand fire extinguisher.

“What is it with people here and spraying me?” wailed the bosomy Lohan.

“Mmm, you just seem the type to get wet?” was the muffled reply from underneath.

“Hey, you brought me here remember?”

“Oh, come ON, woman! Did you really expect to leave me tied up next this girl and NOT try something?”

Lauren had to concede the point. “But if you are going to I got to get some too,” she said, taking charge. She quickly arranged things so that Trickster was fucking Lindsay from behind while the redheaded wonder ate her out at the front.

Tricksterson hoped Joe wouldn’t be coming back any time soon.


The Cessna carrying indy wrestling sensation Brian “Evil” Wilson and Alias star Jennifer Garner sped its way through the air toward Boston and CSSA’s New Years Eve Party.

However, the mood on the plane was not one of celebration.

“So you’re saying this is my fault?” Evil asked.

“Yes it is, if you would stop thinking about yourself all the time, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Jennifer said.

“Well if you had told me everything, I wouldn’t be so pissed about it. We’re supposed to be in a relationship Jen, and relationships are based on trust. How can I have a relationship with you if I don’t trust you?” Evil said.

“Trust?… TRUST?!?!?!?… You’re the one who said ‘I don’t mind you fucking other celebrities’,” Jennifer said before Evil cut her off.

“You’re twisting my words again Jen. I said I didn’t mind it as long as I KNEW ABOUT IT!” Evil yelled.

“So you’re saying this is my fault?” Jen asked.

Before Evil could answer, the pilot interrupted. “Buckle up you two, we’re about to land.”

Jen and Evil again glared at each other, then sat down and buckled up. Evil sat at the back of the plane, Jennifer at the front of it.

The pilot veered the Cessna toward the landing strip. Evil looked out the window to see his car. A midnight black 1967 Ford Thunderbird sitting right where he had parked it.

Evil then white-knuckled the seat as the plane went down. “I hate flying,” Evil said to himself.

The Cessna touched down without incident and Jen and Evil left the plane. Jen got off first as she didn’t have many bags getting off the plane. Evil on the other hand had an overnight bag for his clothes, a bag for his wrestling gear and the ROH Pure Wrestling Title.

Once Evil left the plane he saw Jen standing by his car. “I’ll drive,” he said as Jen dropped the keys at his feet, Evil dropped down to catch them but missed.

He opened the trunk and loaded the bags, then got in the front seat and started the car, speeding off toward the hotel where the party was waiting.


“You’re not allowed to do that,” Joe calmly told Tricksterson and Lauren as he came back into the room. When they ignored him, he took out his stun gun and jammed it into Tricksterson’s chest. Good thing it was one of those new ones where it only affects the person you touch it to and didn’t transfer from one body to another or Lindsay and Lauren both would’ve gotten it as well.

“Wha…?” Tricksterson asked, twitching on the floor as the electricity worked its way through his muscles.

“I leave you for five minutes and you disobey,” Joe told him. “KMB and Rose have Lindsay reserved. Unless you want the Harem master getting upset, you might want to listen better next time.”

“What about me?” Lauren asked, smiling to show off Lindsay’s pussy juice that had accumulated around her mouth.

“I don’t think anyone is going to mind if you have a little taste,” Joe replied. “Just get this twitching pile of yours out of here before he tries again and I have to pull out the shotgun filled loaded with shells filled with rock salt. He’ll have a tough time sitting down if I shoot him in the ass with that.”

As Lauren grabbed Tricksterson’s leash to pull him away from Lindsay, Joe scanned the crowd for someone to keep watch over Lindsay. He couldn’t trust any of the guys because they’d do exactly what Tricksterson had done. Spotting Hilary, he decided she was perfect for the job. She disliked Lindsay enough to make sure she didn’t get any kind of satisfaction.

“Hey Hil, come here,” Joe called out. “Can you come and take over here for a bit?”

“She not sucking it for you or something?” Hilary asked when she saw him standing next to Lindsay. “Need me to step in and get you off?”

“Well…” Joe said. “No, I just need you to watch over Lindsay to make sure no one tries anything. If they do, tell them to move on. If they don’t listen, jam this stun gun into whatever body part is handy.”

“Even their nuts?” Hilary asked, making Joe cringe so much he almost doubled over.

“Their chest would probably work best, but I’ll let you decide where to shock them,” Joe replied, not wanting to be the guy to try anything on her watch.

Joe left Hilary tossing the stun gun back and forth between her hands as if she were in an old western. He suddenly thought that maybe he should have found someone to keep watch over Hilary to make sure she didn’t torture Lindsay too badly, but Amber was waiting and she said she’d be naked when he got there.

When he reached the elevators he pushed the button. After a moment the elevator opened up and Hamster’s hyena came prancing out. Muttering something about Hamster not being right in the head for having a pet hyena, Joe got into the elevator and rode up to Amber’s floor.


“God damn this party is crazy,” IYG said to himself as he heard Tricksterson scream from the zap. “And it hasn’t even started yet.”

“Well,” he heard a voice speak, “Since when do parties start when they are supposed to?”

IYG got up from the floor only to find a pair of breasts looking at him. Standing right there was Christina Ricci in a stunning yellow/green dress that showed a lot of cleavage.

“Cccchrissssstina,” IYG stammered, eying the mounds on display before him, “You look incredible.”

“Thank you,” Christina blushed, “You look half way decent yourself, I see you finally got rid of the silly looking fuzz on your face.”

“Yeah, it was itching like hell and I was too lazy to get it off before,” IYG told her.

“I actually kind of liked it, made me feel super good when you ate me out,” Christina said and winked.

IYG just stood there and swelled with pride.

Christina moved closer to IYG and whispered in his ear, “If you behave, I’ll let you drink champagne from my tits later tonight.”

With that, she turned and walked away, leaving a choking IYG at the bar.

“This is going to be one hell of a night,” IYG mumbled to himself as he took poured himself some water.


A black Ford Thunderbird pulled up outside of the hotel and Jennifer Garner and Evil stepped out. Both people, along with a crowd of others, were watching the catfight that was happening between Jaime Pressly and Jennifer Connelly.

The crowd cheered as Jaime landed a punch to Jennifer’s chest.

“Wonder what started this?” Jennifer G asked.

“It’s Rawballz’s Hummer so I bet he had something to do with it,” Evil said as he waved to Eva Longoria who was sitting, naked, on the roof of the hummer watching the fight.

Evil unloaded his bags from his car, never taking his eyes off of the catfight as Jaime ripped open Jennifer’s shirt, then stopped. Jaime then moved her head down to Jennifer’s tits and started sucking on them.

As Evil slung the title over his shoulder, he saw someone running toward the entrance of the hotel. Evil then noticed Eva spreading her legs, which got cheers from the small crowd, then Jennifer G. watching the fight/fucking intently.

The guy who had run toward the hotel had returned a few seconds later with several more people from the hotel that had obviously come to watch the catfight regress into fucking.

Jaime continued sucking on Jennifer’s tit which elicited a moan from Jennifer. Jaime then worked to get her clothing off, tossing her jacket to the ground off the hood of the hummer.

Eva watched this from the roof of the hummer with rapt attention and she began to finger herself while Jaime and Jennifer began their fucking.

Jaime then moved further south undoing Jennifer’s pants and sliding them down her legs along with her panties. Jaime slid her tongue slowly into Jennifer’s pussy.

She leaned her head forward, tongue-first, and slid her pink mouth muscle onto the offered box in front of her, drawing the clitty into her mouth with just a little suction.

“Mmmm, yes, oh… mmm, don’t fucking stop with that tongue,” Jennifer moaned as she started thrusting her hips forward and back, making the hummer bounce up and down. Eva was moaning herself as the crowd watched on and cheered as Jaime and Jennifer continued to fuck while Eva fingered herself.

With her hands, Jaime began to really work her own pussy – fingers on one hand were concentrating on her clit while the other was busy working Jennifer’s cunt. Her fingers slid in and out of the actress with ease and skill.

“I’m so… close… we’re going to cum… oh, so soon… oh…” Jennifer moaned as Jaime pulled up her head.

“Don’t you even fucking think of cumming bitch, not until I do….” Jaime said, then looking up at Eva, “…you either.” Eva simply nodded and slowed down on her ministrations while some in the crowd laughed at Jaime’s dominant attitude.

Jaime went back to work on Jennifer and her hand went back to work on Jaime. It didn’t take much longer as Jennifer began to shake almost uncontrollably, rubbing her crotch into Jaime’s mouth and lower face with such speed and erotic force that Jaime knew she’d be tasting Jennifer until morning.

Jennifer and Jaime climaxed at the same time, Eva a few seconds later. The crowd applauded at the triple orgasm on the hood of Rawballz’s hummer. Evil noticed Raw sitting a few feet away drinking a beer watching and smiling.

Evil smirked as he went over to him. “I take it this is your doing Raw?” Evil asked.

“Hell yeah man,” Raw said as he tapped fists with Evil and Jennifer Garner approached.

“Well that was fun,” she said as she blew past Evil and strolled toward the hotel.

“What’s up with her?” Raw asked as he drank more of his beer.

“No clue man…..no clue,” Evil said as he walked toward the hotel


“Hey assholes, the fucking has started,” Raw had called into the party the moment Jaime tore Jennifer’s shirt open.

An instant later, every male in the room, and a better part of the female populace as well, fled the room. Once on the street, they jockeyed with each other for positioning around the Hummer.

Joe, however, had been exiting the elevator onto Amber’s floor when the signal was given. Even if he had been downstairs at the time, nookie from Amber would’ve been higher on his list than watching a scene that featured Jaime Pressly. When he reached Amber’s door, he knocked twice then tried the doorknob. Finding it unlocked, he pushed it open and was greeted by the sight of Amber sitting on her bed, legs brought up to her chest and crossed at the ankles. Her hands were positioning her hair to cover her breasts and leave her really showing nothing, but making an absolutely stunning image because of that.

“Jesus,” Joe hissed, trying to stay on his feet despite the fact his legs had turned to jelly.

“You like?” Amber asked him, sticking her tongue out to lightly touch her upper lip.

“You could say that, but it’d be a gross understatement,” Joe responded, rushing across the room despite his unsteady legs.

Amber giggled as Joe dove onto the bed next to her. When he reached out to pull her to him, she went and then rolled over on top of him. Sitting up, she again arranged her hair to cover up her top half.

“Is that a gun your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Amber asked, putting her hands on his chest and pressing her crotch against his.

“If you had asked me five minutes ago I would’ve had to say ‘both,’ but I gave the stun gun to Hilary. So right now, it’s all about you,” Joe answered, reaching up to grab the back of her neck and pull her down for a kiss.

As Joe’s tongue invaded her mouth Amber reached down and undid his pants as fast as she could. When she finally had his cock free, she didn’t even bother pushing his pants down. She just raised up so she could aim his dick at her pussy and then dropped down on it.

When Joe was fully inside her they both took a moment to enjoy the coupling before either moved. Amber was the first to move by rising about halfway up his cock before sliding back down again.

Since Amber was plastered to his chest, her tits weren’t in a good position for fondling so Joe moved to his second favorite place to rest his hands while a woman rode him, her ass. Gripping the cheeks of her ass in his hands, he helped pull her on and off of his cock.

“Fuck my pussy,” Amber moaned, putting her hands on the bed and pushing herself up a little.

“Sit up,” Joe told Amber.

When she sat up on his lap, knees under her, Joe sat up as well. Grabbing her legs, he leaned her back a little so she could get her legs out from under herself and wrap them around his waist. As they rocked against each other, Joe leaned his head down and took of her succulent nipples into his mouth. Hearing her moan, he gently nibbled on it before moving to the other one.

“I’m gonna cum,” Amber moaned, clutching Joe’s head to her chest.

“Soak my cock,” Joe mumbled around her nipple.

With a soft whine Amber arched her back and pressed her breasts even harder against Joe’s face. Just as she was reaching her peak she felt the cock inside her start to pulse. When the first shot of cum filled her pussy her orgasm hit her.

“Ohhh,” Amber moaned, her body convulsing against Joe.

“Want to rejoin the party, or should we stay here and wait for round two?” Joe asked as he rolled her over to her back on the bed.

“We can rest a little and then see,” Amber said, smiling as she stretched out on the bed.

“I should see how Hilary’s doing, but she should be fine since she’s got the stun gun,” Joe said, rolling her onto her side so he could press up against her back.


Haylie wandered around the party, stopping by the DJ, “Hey, Butch. Seen Hilary around?”

Butch shock his head before he turned his attention back to the crowd just as a dark haired beauty in a black micro dress with plunging neck line entered, “Hey everybody, how bout a big round of applause for the former SAN DIEGO CHARGER cheerleader – CHARISMA CARPENTER!”

The crowd cheered and whistled except for Cosmo who just sulked. Charisma Carpenter smiled and waved, a little confused by the sudden attention and wondering why Butch mentioned her cheerleading. Cosmo yelled over the catcalls, “Booo, Chargers SUC-”

“Hey!” snapped Charisma. “That was a long, er, short, no um, it was ago. Don’t rain on my whistle parade, mister.”

Haylie walked away as Charisma continued to talk to Cosmo. ‘Where did Hilary go?’ she wondered. After about five minutes, she wandered back to Lindsay still tied up to the chair. Trickster was also tied up there and Hilary was pointing a stun gun at him. “Hilary, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Voodoo Joe is saving Lindsay for KMB. I’m making sure Lindsay has no fun till then.”

“Hilary, I’m so totally board. Let’s find Dave and have some fun.”

“I can’t. I have, like, a job here.”

Haylie looked around and motioned over Budpaul. “Hey Budpaul, I got a trade for you.”

“Ok, what?” Budpaul asked.

“If I suck you off, will you stand watch over Lindsay and make sure no one touches her till KMB shows up?”


Haylie squealed for joy and did a little victory dance, pumping her arms up and down. Budpaul stared at her. “What?” asked Haylie, “Oh yeah.” She dropped to her knees and unzipped Budpaul’s fly. She fished out his cock, which was starting to harden. A couple of licks got him rock hard. “Hmmm,” she moaned into cock traveled up his spine and made his knees weak. She kept bobbing up and down. The dick slipped out of her mouth. She grabbed on, spat on it, pumped it quickly, and said, “Come on, give it to me,” over and over.

Budpaul didn’t have much breath and just barely said, “I didn’t agree to a handjob – just shut up and suck it.”

Haylie smiled and clamped back down on Budpaul’s rod. She stilled moaned and slurped but she didn’t release Budpaul till his semen was squirting into the back of her throat. She kept sucking, milking every drop she could before swallowing. Then very matter a fact-ly, she stuffed Budpaul’s cock back in his pants, re-zipped, and bounced back to her feet. “We cool? You gonna keep an eye on Lindsay?”

“What? Yeah, we’re cool. No one has any fun with Lindsay till KMB says so.”

“That includes you, by the way.”

“Fuck! Ok, I got it.”

“Good, Hilary give him the stun gun,” said Haylie. Hilary looked a little disappointed to hand over the stun gun but she did anyway. Haylie leaned in close to Budpaul and whispered in his ear, “Remember, anyone tries anything with Lindsay shoot them with the stun gun. We’re off to find Dave but if we hear you let us down, we’ll slip you Viagra and you’ll wake up spooning Teri Hatcher and Linda Carter.”


‘Maybe coming here was a mistake,’ Cosmo thought as he left the ballroom. Admittedly, he had brought some of the Bronco bashing down on himself, but things were starting to get out of hand. ‘Guess I didn’t help my chances with Charisma Carpenter.’ Still, it could have been worse. He did refrain from giving Butch, and most everyone else in the room, Jake Plummer’s version of the Mile High Salute.


“Maria? On the job I see,” Cosmo said, referring to the fact that Maria was walking arm-in-arm with Kate Beckinsale.

“Oh, we were just catching up on stuff. You know, her upcoming projects, this thing about wanting to go to med school, that adventure on Victoria’s Island. As a matter of fact, we were just talking about you.”

“Really? I’m flattered.”

“Well,” Kate began, “I didn’t see you at that last group orgy. And I really wanted to thank you for what you did.”

Cosmo flinched at that last part. “Yeah, well I didn’t manage to do much of anything now did I? Apart from getting a concussion and 7 stitches in the back of my head.”

“Now hold on a minute,” Maria cut in, “just how many other guys were even there to try to rescue us?”

“Yeah, but-”

“But nothing. Kate wants you to fuck her. And I want you to fuck me too. So are you going to stay down here and mope, or are you coming with us?”

The decision was not a hard one. “Lead the way ladies…”


Hamster had led Amanda Bynes into a small private room with a large comfy couch and a small coffee table. He was bound and determined to nail her before Budpaul did.

“Hey Hamster, you said that you had something for me?” the blonde in the white dress said.

“I sure do,” Hamster said, grabbing her by the waist and ramming his tongue down her mouth. He pulled her in close and could feel her nice boobs pressed against his chest tightly. She struggled for a second out of surprise then settled in and enjoyed the moment. Hamster slid his hands up her thighs to the waistband of her panties then slid them off.

Hamster pushed Amanda up against the wall then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She threw her legs around him and he managed to guide his cock to her cunt. Hamster began to happily fuck her up against the wall.


Ms. Fluffy the Hyena was making the rounds around the party when she was spotted by the lovely Anne Hathaway who just entered the ballroom. She was absolutely stunning in a red dress.

“Is that Hamster’s hyena? He told me to get here as soon as I could. I owe him a favor and he said I could make good on it by coming here tonight. Has anyone seen him?” Anne asked of the crowd in general.


“Alright, alright, people! The show is officially over! Thank you for all of your kindly bets!” Raw shouted with an extremely large shit-eating grin plastered across his face.

“So what was the take?” Jaime asked as she pulled her tattered clothing back into position.

“Four hundred bucks, not too shabby for a little roll around in the grass, huh?” Raw replied still thumbing through the cash.

“So what about our cut, Ballz?” Jen asked with her hand out and palm up.

“Oh, your shares are up in the suite. It’s time to get y’all hosed off and ready to trip the light fantastic. Let’s go!”

The three individuals gathered all of their things and Jaime, of course, gathered up all of the whipped cream and they headed back to the entrance of the ballroom.

The short, nerdy, didn’t-look-a-day-over-twelve kid came running up to Raw before they found themselves inside and flung his arms to the sides to block their entrance. He had the worse case of acne that had ever plagued one human being before. He stood there for a second, breathing heavily.

Raw’s face became puzzled. “May I help you?”

“You can’t park your vehicle there, sir. The hotel will not stand for it!” he answered in a squeaky voice.

“Listen, uh… Wayne?” Raw said, looking down at his nametag. “This is a very special parking space to me and I will pay you rent for it before I leave. This to you I swear.”

“But, what about the clumps of grass you’ve dug up?”

Raw pulled a ten out of the stack of money he’d won. “Go down to K-Mart and if you don’t have your license yet, get your mommy to take you. Go down there and pick up yourself some patches of grass there. And with the money left over, go out and get you some Clearasil and a nice piece of ass,” he glared at Wayne before shoving him out of the way.

As they entered the building, Jen gave lil’ Wayne a wink and he shot her one crooked-toothed grin, which made her turn away in horror.

“Whipped cream. Signed, sealed, and delivered,” Raw said to Voodoo as Jaime slid the boxes across the counter.

“Missed one helluva show there, Joe.”

“I’ll catch round two, I’m sure.”

“Cool. I’ll take your money then, man,” Raw kidded, then slapped him five and headed to the elevators.

“So, what’re we going to do in the suite? Are we really taking a shower and going directly back to the party?” Jaime asked.

“Jaime, you know better than that. ‘Taking a shower’ has always meant ‘having sex’, duh,” Raw replied to her as the elevator doors shut, but at the last second he stopped them.

“What?” Jen asked.

“I forgot someone,” Raw said as he stepped off the elevator and charged toward the lobby, realizing he forgot Eva.

“We’ll start without you,” Jaime said teasingly.

“Don’t even think about it!” Raw yelled as he kept running.


“Someone really needs to get that hyena out of here before someone from the hotel sees it and throws us all out of here,” Joe said as he and Amber emerged from the elevator to see Anne Hathaway fawning over the creature.

“But it’s so cute,” Amber said, “in an odd way.”

“I’m glad you told me to change my pants before we came back down,” Joe said, looking down to see that his pants were no longer soaked in their combined cum.

“I figured you didn’t want to walk around looking like you peed your pants,” Amber said.

“I’m going to go see if I can find Hamster and at least get him to put that thing on a leash,” Joe told Amber as he watched Ms. Fluffy steal a piece of chicken from the food table.

“I’ll look for Elisha and Michelle,” Amber said.

When they parted, Joe started asking people if they’d seen Hamster. While he was doing that he caught sight of Cosmo heading for the elevators with Kate and Maria.

“I guess loving the Broncos isn’t such bad karma after all,” Joe muttered to himself.

“Hey TRL, have you seen Hamster around?” Joe asked as Kelly stood on a ladder hanging a banner and TRL stood at the bottom staring up her skirt.

“I think he was sneaking around with Amanda Bynes a little while ago. I’m not sure how long though,” TRL replied, not taking his eyes off Kelly’s ass.

“I’d lose track of time watching that too,” Joe said, ducking in closer to see if Kelly really did like to go commando. The sight of her bare ass confirmed the rumor and Joe gave a whistle of approval.

Finally tearing his eyes away from Kelly, Joe went back to searching for Hamster. As he approached where Lindsay was secreted, he decided to kill two birds with one stone and check on how Hilary was doing. Finding Budpaul guarding Lindsay, however, was not what he expected to find.

“Where’d Hilary go?” Joe asked him.

“She went with Haylie to find Dave,” Budpaul answered.

“Have you heard that Hamster’s sneaking around with Amanda?” Joe asked him.

“He is? That bastard,” Budpaul said, gritting his teeth.

“If you hurry, you might be able to catch him before he can do anything with her,” Joe said.

“I can’t. Hilary told me to stay and guard Lindsay,” Budpaul replied.

“I can do that,” Joe offered.

“Thanks,” Budpaul said, moving to leave.

“Give me the stun gun,” Joe said, stopping him.

“Here you go,” Budpaul said, looking disappointed as he handed over the stun gun.

“Good luck finding Amanda unsullied,” Joe called after him.

When Budpaul had disappeared, he looked at Lindsay and started to formulate a plan to get back at Hilary for deserting her post. Sure she found a replacement, and Lindsay didn’t look like she’d been used, but she was put in charge and left before being relieved.

“Can I get a cigarette?” Lindsay asked Joe.

“Here,” Joe said, tossing the rest of his open pack of cigarettes and a book of matches at Lindsay.

Seeing a length of rope sitting on one of the shelves, he got an idea as to how to take care of Hilary. A little bondage for her and her sister might help them stay at their post next time.


While almost everyone had run outside to catch the catfighting-turned-sex action, IYG remained at his bar. He was never a fan of Jaime and he still couldn’t forgive Jen Connelly for doing Hulk.

He just finished setting up the bar when he had his first costumer of the day; it was Jennifer Garner and she looked pissed.

Jennifer banged her fist on the counter and asked for a cosmopolitan.

Acting both from instinct and a little bit of fear, IYG immediately made the drink, only to see Jennifer gulp it down in a second.

“Is something wrong?” He asked Jennifer.

“It’s Evil,” Jennifer began. “I should have known better than to date a wrestling superstar.”

“Aww, don’t worry Jen,” IYG reassured her, “Evil is a great guy and even though he might seem pigheaded, ok, a pig at times, he means well… mostly.”

Jen smiled and said, “You’re sweet, maybe I should have been dating you.”

IYG blushed at the comment and replied, “Thank you but I don’t think you’d like to be with someone like me, always needy, nagging all the time, can’t shut up.”

Jennifer put a finger on IYG’s lips and whispered, “I want that fast moving tongue of yours in my juicy wet pussy now.”

IYG could have sworn he missed several heart beats but nonetheless, he took Jennifer’s hand and led her toward the back room behind the bar that was used as a storage room. They could hear that the fight had ended in the meanwhile.

Inside the back room Jennifer began to slowly undo her one piece dress and it dropped to the floor. In the room there was a small table which appeared to be just right for the event.

Jennifer walked up to the table and laid down on it as IYG closed the door to the room.

IYG stood mesmerized, looking at the perfect pink lips in front of him.

Without a word, he moved forward towards the lying beauty. He dropped to his knees and pushed his head in between her thighs. In no time, his tongue and mouth were at work. First kissing the shaved mound and then beginning to lick her pussy.

As IYG was licking Jennifer’s clit, he moved his right hand and shoved a finger in her snatch.

Jennifer started to moan from the intense pleasure she was receiving from the young bartender.

While going down on Jennifer, IYG noticed something from the corner of his eye, and an idea popped up in his head.

“Jen, I want you to keep your eyes closed, I have a surprise for you,” he told the naked goddess.

“Ugh, fine but do it quickly, I need your tongue” Jennifer said while catching her breath.

IYG got up and walked to one of the shelves in the storage room where he picked up something.

He walked back to Jennifer who was still trying to breathe regularly, he breasts heaving up and down, a wondrous sight to say the least.

“Surprise, surprise,” IYG said with an evil looking grin on his face as he shoved an empty wine bottle into Jen’s tight pussy.

Jennifer’s eyes popped open from the insertion and she started to scream.

After several seconds of being fucked by the bottle, having it pushed in and out of her tight snatch, Jennifer’s screams changed into orgasmic moans.

With an almost deafening scream, Jennifer came, her juices flowing into the bottle.

Jennifer collapsed on the table while IYG searched for a cork for the bottle, he had plans for that previously empty bottle of wine.

After closing the bottle, IYG looked at his watch, the party was only 20 minutes away and most of the guests would be arriving shortly. IYG walked over to the Alias goddess and bent over to give her a kiss.

He headed back towards his bar and before he closed the door behind him he said, “Happy New Year.”


It didn’t take long for Hilary and Haylie Duff to find Dave. He was in one of the private areas of the party talking on his cell phone. “So, when are you getting in?” he asked the person on the other end.

“We’re bored, Dave,” Haylie said twisting a lock of hair in her hand.

Dave looked up at them. Hilary still looked like the perfect little school girl, but Haylie’s smeared make-up made her look like the perfect naughty school girl. Dave kept staring at them and said into the phone, “An hour, huh? I’ll call you back soon.” He snapped shut the phone.

Hilary stuck out her lower lip. “Who were you talking to?”

“Don’t matter.” Dave pulled them close. “They’re not here now.” He kissed Haylie as Hilary still pouted. “Aw, don’t be like that. Look in bag on the folding chair.” Hilary turned around and opened the black medical style bag. Her eyes bugged when she saw the assortment of vibrators and strap-ons. Dave wrapped his arm Hilary’s waist and kissed the back of her neck. Haylie lifted Hilary skirt. Haylie propped her hands at Hilary’s hips. Haylie gathered down Hilary’s panties. Dave whispered in Hilary’s ear, “Forget about the phone, there’s only the three of us right here, right now.” Dave licked her ear, Haylie kissed Hilary’s ass cheeks, and Hilary’s eyes rolled up in her head. Dave other warped around Hilary, rubbing and massaging her breasts. His hands joined in the middle and started to open her blouse. Haylie took the panties to the floor. She eased Hilary’s legs apart and licked Hilary from her hairless pussy to her asshole.

Dave finally opened Hilary’s shirt. He slid the bag to floor and sat down. He licked one tit and rubbed the other. Dave kissed Hilary hard, their tongues dancing together. He put his hands on her shoulders guiding her down to his cock. She slurped, sucked, licked, and even though she wasn’t as good as her big sis, she was getting the job done. Dave brushed her hair out of her face. “That’s it baby, good girl, good girl”

Hilary smiled. She kept working the cock with her hand but said, “I haven’t been the- God Haylie your tongue is great- I haven’t been the good girl since I was sixteen.”

Dave chuckled as a little pre-come oozed out. “Wasn’t that 3 months ago?”

“Just over.” She licked the pre-come off. “Hmmm, hope there’s more where that came from.”

“Come up and have a seat baby.” She did, burying his cock deep in her pussy. Haylie, not to be left out, got a small vibrator out of the bag, a large double headed dildo, and a tube of KY. She put a little on the tip of the vibrator and put her hand on Hilary’s back. Hilary looked back and kissed Haylie.

Haylie broke the kiss and said, “Relax and let me take you over the edge.” She rubbed some KY on Hilary’s puckered ass and slipped in the vibrator. Once in was all the way in, Haylie turned it on and both Hilary and Dave jumped with pleasure. Haylie leaned back against the one real wall of the private area and lubed up the double end dildo. She put one end in her pussy, the lubed end she eased in her own ass. All three were screaming and moaning.

After a few minutes, all three came and fell silent except for the buzz from Hilary’s ass. Hilary looked up at Dave. “Would you please?” she said. Dave cocked his head for a second. “Oh,” he said, then reached down, turned off the vibrator, and pulled it out of her ass. He looked at it wondering where to put it now when a new text message came in to his phone with the familiar bleeps.

“Give it here,” said Haylie between pants. Dave threw it over and Haylie licked it clean. Dave looked at his phone. The text message said “Ten minutes.”

“So,” Dave said. “What have you two been up to?”

“Oh, I was guarding Lindsay till Haylie found me to find you,” said Hilary.

“What she said,” chipped in Haylie.

Dave sat up a bit on the folding chair. “So you left Lindsay alone.”

“No, we left Budpaul watching her.”

Dave laughed, “You think he’ll watch her?”

Haylie piped up, “I gave him a blowjob.”

“And you think he’ll stay there? If Amanda walks by he’s as good as gone. You both better get back there.”

Haylie and Hilary exchanged looks. Haylie pulled out the double dildo and they scrambled out.

Dave opened his phone as Hilary ran back, grabbed her panties, and ran out again. Dave waved. “Bye, girls.” He pressed his first preset. When it picked up, he said, “I’ll meet you in the lobby.”


Kelly Clarkson climbed down from the last pillar, admiring the work she and TRL had just finished.

“Looks good,” she said.

“Can’t argue that,” TRL smiled, patting Kelly’s butt gently.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you were looking at the whole time,” Kelly smiled.

“You don’t seem to be complaining,” TRL smirked back.

“Nope, I’m not complaining one bit.” She kissed him on the cheek quickly. “Listen, I need to run and make a phone call. You want to give me twenty minutes and then meet me up in my room? You can help me get ready for the party.”

“Sure thing, I’ll put the ladder away and meet you in a bit.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” Kelly said, smiling as she walked off, waving her ass as she went.

TRL grabbed the ladder and headed back into the hallway. He’d just managed to get the closet door closed when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he came face-to-face with Alicia Keys for the second time that day.

“I thought we’d never be alone,” Alicia said.

“Excuse me?” TRL said.

“Back in the closet, boy,” Alicia said, pulling open the door and shoving TRL inside. The closet was dark, and before TRL knew it, Alicia had his pants down around his ankles.

“What are you doing?” TRL asked, though he already had a sneaking suspicion about what was going to happen.

“I need a shot of cum, and quick,” Alicia said, tugging down TRL’s boxers.

“What for?” TRL asked, and then moaned as Alicia grabbed his already stiff rod and started stroking.

“You’ll think I’m crazy, but I’m not fond of crowds. But drinking cum always makes me feel better – that warm, salty taste calms my nerves.”

“You’re kidding,” TRL said.

“Boy, you’re about to get a blowjob, stop complaining and enjoy it!” A heartbeat later, Alicia’s lips hit TRL’s cock.


Keira was naked in her hotel room, changing before the party, which was now about an hour away. She wasn’t planning on wearing much, but one couldn’t show up naked – it took the element of surprise away. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. Reaching for it, she didn’t even bother checking the caller ID before answering.

“Hello, Luv,” Keira said.

“Keira, I’ve got fifteen minutes,” Kelly Clarkson said in a hushed tone.

“I’m already naked, Luv,” Keira replied. “Come to my room and we’ll have a pre-orgy orgasm together.”


Joe was sitting down across from Lindsay and smoking a cigarette when he heard Hilary and Haylie giggling as they approached. Grabbing the rope that he’d cut into 6 pieces, he stood just out of sight.

“God that vibrator felt great in my ass,” Hilary said as they came around the corner.

“Hey, where’d that guy go?” Haylie asked Hilary.

“He went to go find Amanda,” Joe said, stepping out into the open. “Now I have to ask what could possibly have been worth the punishment for leaving your post?”

“Dave wanted to see us,” Hilary said.

“If he wanted to see you badly, then why he’s out there with Alyson Hannigan right now?” Joe returned.

“He is not,” Hilary said. “We just left him.”

“Look out there and tell me I’m lying,” Joe hissed, grabbing Hilary’s pigtails and pushing her head out the door.

Hilary tried fighting it, but Joe was too strong. Besides, she was still a little shaky from her orgasm. When she saw Dave lean in and kiss Alyson, she thought was going to break.

“Get in the chair,” Joe snarled, pushing Hilary towards one of the two open chairs. “You too Haylie.”

After they’d sat down in the chairs, Joe set about tying them up. He brought Hilary’s hands behind her back, but between her back and the chair. Then he tied the rope to one hand, looped it through and around the slats in the back of the chair before tying it to her other hand. With her hands done, Joe tied each of her legs to a leg of the chair. After that, he repeated the process with Haylie until they bound tightly.

“The Duffs are tied up and open for business,” Joe called out to everybody in the main party room.

Untying Lindsay’s leash, he led her away before the people started pouring in to get a shot at Hilary and Haylie. Lindsay had to be moved to keep the temptation away for those that found themselves not immediately fucking the Duffs.


Hamster was nibbling on the back of Amanda’s neck and squeezing her boobs as he unloaded his cum into her. At that very moment the door slammed open and a horrified and angry Budpaul stood there. Amanda screamed.

“Hamster, you son of a bitch!!!” he yelled.

Hamster hastily pulled his pants and his Batman boxers up.

“Look Budpaul, I can explain…” Looking at the murderous intent in Bud’s eyes and realizing that diplomacy was a lost cause, Hamster threw Amanda at him and dashed out the door.

As Amanda and Budpaul collapsed in a pile he ran through the ball room in the direction of the kitchen.

“Hamster, wait a second!” It was Anne Hathaway.

Hamster stopped, grabbed her wrist and ran back in the direction of the kitchen while dragging Anne along with him.


“Hey, you,” Dave said as he kissed a hello to Alyson Hannigan. “You look great.” She wore a tight, thin, grey sweater that shimmered in the light over a black skirt with a slit up the side. Her pale skin was flawless with just a hint of green eye shadow. Several people in the lobby were staring at her big eyes and sparking smile. None of them noticed she was wearing pink sneakers.

“Thank you, as do you.” Dave had a navy blue sports jack over a gray t-shirt and dark cargo pants. He had on brown tennis shoes. Since he standing next to Alyson, no one notice the gap in his smile or the little bit of gray in his hair. “Am I late?”

“Not at all.” Dave slung his arm around Alyson as they started toward the party. “Things were just getting going. Now that you’re here, I got a feeling that everything’s going to be all right.”

The doors of the party burst open to the lobby and Hamster ran, naked for the waist down. “Argggggg!” Hamster yelled as he scratched at his crotch. Suddenly he stopped and look at his hands. He balled his fists and yell to the rafters, “MY DICK IS ON FIRE!!!” He ran off to the nearest door, a swinging door which lead to the kitchen. There were a few screams from the kitchen as well as the sounds of trays falling.

“On second thought, want to come up to my room for a while?” said Dave, still staring at the door for the party.

“Yes. Please,” she begged, and the pair made their way to an open elevator.

Though the doors closed and the elevator started moving, Dave could still hear Hamster screaming. “Um,” he said, just trying to start conversation. “So, how’s Alexis?

Alyson laughed. “Can you believe he’s still camped out on Joss’s lawn? He says he’ll stay there till Joss puts him in one of his movies.”

“He hasn’t worked since Angel went off the air, has he?”

They had always had an open relationship. Dave and Alexis had met once at the Mutant Enemy end of year orgy. “You know, when Buffy wrapped, he was like, ‘you’ll find something, keep trying.’ Now that he’s in the out of work club, he thinks he’ll never work again.”

Dave nodded. “Think that enough small talk?”

“Fuck yeah,” Alyson said as she pulled the emergency stop on the elevator. The elevator lurched to a stop quicker than Alyson had anticipated. “Whoa.” She lost her balance and fell back on Dave. Dave seized the moment, twirled her into a dip, and kissed her deeply.

When they broke, Alyson whispered, “Definite whoa.”

Dave smiled. “Enough talk.” Alyson looked him in eye and nodded. “At least enough of the sentence kind of talking.” A wicked smile started to spread over Alyson’s face until Dave kissed her again. Dave had one arm under her back, the other on her. Alyson’s hands ran trough Dave’s hair and held his face. They rose back to their feet together.

Dave kissed across her neck. Alyson moaned softly. She eased his sports jacket off as he nibbled her ear. She jumped a little when the overhead speaker spoke just as the jacket hit the floor. “We’ve detected an emergency stop, what is the nature of the problem?”

Dave said up to the speaker, “There’s a little bit of flooding.”


“Well, the elevator isn’t filling with water but,” Dave reached up Alyson’s skirt, “it’s very wet in here.” Alyson blushed and swatted his shoulder.

“Do you need help?” echoed down the mysterious voice.

Dave’s hand slipped under Alyson’s panties and his thumb rubbed her swollen clit. Her face tensed up and she screamed, “Oh God, YES!”

“We’ll have a team sent down.”

“What? Oh no, yes, no we’re good down there, um gawd, here, we’re so fucking good.”

Dave looked up at the speaker and asked, “Could you hold off on that team for about ten minutes?”

“Ten minutes?” Alyson asked.

Dave smiled again, “Make it a half hour?”

The voice was silent for a second then said “You have twenty, then we have to override the stop.”

“I can work with that,” Dave said. Alyson pulled her sweatshirt over her head and pulled off her lacy bra. Dave licked at the already rock hard nipples. He kept massaging her pussy with one and with the other reached around to unzip her skirt. The second the zipper was down, Alyson pulled that over her head so Dave wouldn’t have to stop attacking her pussy. He slipped a finger in her slick slit. She leaned against the elevator wall for support.

“God, I’d forgotten how good your fingers feel.” She let her head roll back and her eyes fluttered closed as if she was dreaming. “Yes, god, yes, yes, YES!!!” Dave continued to suck at her breasts. “Oh fuck yeahsss!” Her knees gave out as she collapsed against the elevator wall. Dave’s hand was sticky with her orgasm. Dave licked some off his hand and offered his fingers to Alyson. She readily accepted them.

“Hope you’re not ready to call it a night,” Dave whispered.

“A night? I’m just getting warmed up.” Alyson turned away from Dave and dropped to her knees. She raised her rear toward him. “You ready?”

Dave didn’t answer. He just dropped his pants and also went to his knees. He rubbed his fully hard dick up and down her slit. “You want this?”

“Mmmm, please fuck me.” Dave wanted to keep teasing her, but he had lost track of how long had gone by. Once he started, he knew he was going to finish, even if the elevator moved, even if it stopped and opened, hell, even if it opened and the Pope was standing there, he was going to finish. He pushed in. She was no virgin but still it was like putting on a glove one size too small. “God, I’d forgotten how good your dick feels.” She dropped her head against the elevator wall as Dave started to thrust, slow steady thrusts. He leaned in close, reaching around her body to cup her small tits and smelling her hair. Dave wanted to feel every inch of the way in and out. Alyson panted. “Yes, yes, god, you’re good. Give it to me, faster.”

Dave pulled out so just the tip was in side and stopped. “No, please,” she said. “Just keep going, please.” He straitened up and grabbed a firm hold of her ass. Then he started to fuck, as hard, as fast as he could. Alyson body tensed up and her eyes closed shut with the sudden change of rhythm. She could not make any words anymore, just a series of rhythmic moans and grunts. She came twice more and the juice dribbled down her leg. After the second shudder Dave felt his own orgasm coming on.

“You like that? I’m cumming for you!” Dave yelled. Alyson pulled off and whipped her self around just to one stream across her face. She sucked down Dave’s cock and milked it dry as Dave ran his fingers through her read hair. “God, you’re beautiful.” Alyson let go of his cock, wiped the excess cum off with her hand, and licked her hand dry.

“How much time do you think we have left?” she asked just before the elevator started to move. She gathered her clothes and quickly put them on. “Anywhere we can freshen up?”

Dave pulled his pants up. “Well there’s my room. We haven’t quite made it there yet.”

“Right. But I didn’t bring anything fix my makeup.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sharing a room with the Duffs. I’m sure they won’t mind you borrowing some things.” Dave thought, ‘especially since they’ll have no clue.’ Dave zipped his fly just as the doors opened to his floor. Dave waved his hand toward the hallway. “Ladies first.” The doors opened and Alyson walked off. Standing in the hallway were Iyari Limon and Jewel Staite.

“Aw,” said Jewel. “They started without us.”

“And this surprises you, why?” piped up Iyari.

“Listen girls,” Dave said, “tonight is about fun and no worries. Just ‘cuz me and Alyson started early doesn’t mean we can’t all finish late. Besides Alyson here needs a shower. Either of you want to help?”


Evil stepped out of the shower in the room he was going to share with Jennifer Garner.

“I hope to hell we can fix some of the damage,” Evil said to himself as he grabbed a shirt and put it on. He looked over himself in the mirror. Doc Marten boots, cut off camo shorts, a long sleeved West Coast Choppers shirt and a Damageplan T-shirt over it.

He mussed up his hair a bit and headed for the exit.

When he reached the elevator he was met by a pleasant surprise. “Kelly, hi.”

Kelly Clarkson nervously smiled. “Hi Evil.”

“How you been lately? I haven’t seen you since the Grammys.”

“Um, I’ve been doing ok,” Kelly said, as she looked at the doors. Evil looked at her confused as Kelly knocked on the door.

The door swung open to reveal a nude Keira Knightley. “I wasn’t expecting you to bring a friend, Luv,” Keira said in a thick British accent.

“Um… I… uh…” Kelly nervously stammered.

“No matter, a snog is a snog,” Keira said pulling both Evil and Kelly into the room.


“The bar is open for business,” IYG announced.

Not that anyone noticed of course, most of the people there were either deep in conversations or deep in the Duff gangbang.

“Bastards,” IYG quietly sighed to himself.

“I thought you like gangbangs?” IYG heard a familiar voice say.

He found himself looking at Eva Longoria who had recently exited the elevator.

“I like them as much as any other guy here, just not that big a fan of the Duffs,” IYG replied. “I heard you still have your passion for public appearances.”

“Oh that,” Eva began, “just a bit of harmless fun.”

“Can you do me a favor?” IYG asked Eva.

Eva nodded and IYG moved closer to her and whispered something in her ear.

With a giggle, Eva said, “Yes, of course I’ll do that,” and she headed towards the back room, grabbing the bottle on her way.

A couple of minutes have gone by when Eva returned with the bottle, a little more full now. IYG took the bottle from Eva and gave her a small thank you peck on the cheek.

“I don’t know what your naughty plan for that bottle is but you better let me be a part of it,” Eva told IYG.

“Come look for me later when the bottle is full and we’ll make a toast for the New Year,” IYG said with a grin.


TRL groaned aloud as Alicia Keys’s lips continued to milk his cock. The closet was dark, and he couldn’t see. Something hanging behind him kept hitting the back of his head. And something smelled like rotten eggs. The closet would not have been his first choice for this kind of thing.

But he wasn’t going to complain a bit. “I’m cumming!” He hissed. Alicia turned her blowjob up a notch, sucking like a Hoover, and as the first wave of TRL’s spunk came out, it hit the back of her throat and slid down easily.

Moaning, TRL fell back against the ladder he’d just brought back, Alicia somehow maintaining her lip-lock on his manhood.

Alicia let go and stood up, pulling TRL’s pants up with her.

“Nice work, handsome,” she said, patting his deflated crotch.

“Like I did anything,” he muttered as she opened the door and walked off. “You’re welcome!” He screamed after her.


Upstairs, Kelly Clarkson was confused, horny, and desperate to get out of the room.

Evil had lost his pants so fast, Kelly almost tripped over them on the way to the bed. Keira had happily accepted a cock into her pussy, though she barely paid Evil any attention – her eyes were locked on the slowly stripping Kelly.

“C’mon, Luv, you don’t have much time. Give me that sweet pussy, and you can run off. Boy-Toy here can finish me off.

“The name’s Evil.”

“Sure it is,” Keira said. “Just don’t stop fucking.” Kelly dropped her skirt and moved over to the bed. Keira’s fingers quickly found her crotch and slid right into Kelly’s moist lips.

Keira Knightley was an expert and getting a woman off on her fingers. Her record was fifty-six seconds – and that was with a girl she’d never even met.

Today, Kelly took exactly sixty-nine seconds.

“OH MY GOD!” Kelly cried as Keira’s fingers brought an orgasm crashing out of her cunt, Kelly juices flood Keira’s hand. Kelly fell forward, catching herself on the bed just in time to prevent herself from slamming her head into Keira’s

“Wow,” Evil said, watching in amazement.

“What did I just tell you?” Keira said, whapping Evil over the head with the hand she’d just used to get Kelly off. Some of Evil’s hair was all messed up, slick and soaking. “Don’t stop fucking!”

“Right, right,” Evil said, grinding his crotch deeper into Keira’s. Kelly stood up and tried to recover herself.

“So, Luv, you got time for more?” Keira said, smiling sweetly despite the fact that Evil was going to town on her.

“I-I’m sorry,” Kelly said, putting on her skirt and heading out of the room. “I’ve got to go!”

“It’s okay Luv, I understand. You got a date. Just save some energy for me later.”

“I will,” Kelly said. “I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to it, Luv,” Keira said as Kelly left the room.

“Looks like it’s just the two of us, Baddy,” Keira smiled, slapping Evil on the ass.

“It’s Evil,” he corrected.

“Whatever. Just keep fucking. You’ve got girl cum in your hair, by the way.”

“Like that’s ever bothered me before,” Evil said, referring to the girl cum in his long hair as he pumped away at Keira who simply moaned.

Evil continued to pound away at Keira’s snatch as she moaned louder and louder. “YES….YES…YES…..UUUNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Keira moaned in orgasm. Evil stayed inside of the lithe British tart for a few more minute making sure he had dumped his entire load into her.

Evil pulled out and grabbed his shorts. Keira moved to get a towel.

“You seem to have Kelly under your spell,” Evil said after getting his boots back on.

“Yeah, she’s quite a good shag. She needs more time in bed with me, but she’ll learn,” Keira said, walking over to him and mussing his hair more. Keira then kissed him on the cheek.

“What was that for?” Evil asked with a smirk.

“For being a good shag, even though it was obvious something was bugging you,” Keira said getting dressed.

“What do you mean?” Evil asked as he slipped his Damageplan shirt over the West Coast Choppers one.

“I could tell your heart wasn’t into it like it usually is. I’ve seen and heard about you at these parties,” Keira said with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

“Well…” Evil said before Keira cut him off with a kiss.

“Don’t worry about it Luv. She’ll get over it,” Keira said and left the room with a confused Evil in her wake.


Moments later Evil emerged from the elevator and saw Rawballz and Eva sitting at his table admiring his belt.

“I hope you don’t mind Raw, but I’ve got plenty of dirty things planned for the lovely miss Eva here,” Evil said sitting down across from them as Eva got a blush across her face and looked away.

“Of course man…” Raw said laughing. “…just have her back by midnight.”

“Hey when does this party start anyway?” Evil asked as he watched Eva admire herself in the belt’s refection.

“Official time is in about 45 minutes but hell it’s started already, but there is something you need to know…” Raw said getting serious.

Evil looked at Raw and nodded toward Eva, who was still admiring herself.

“Why don’t you go have a dance girl, I’ll be with you in a sec,” Raw said as Eva walked off, still looking at herself in the belt’s reflection.

“Don’t lose that!” Evil shouted toward Eva.

“I won’t,” She replied. Evil laughed to himself and turned back to Raw.

“What’s up?” Evil asked.

“Joe told me some very disturbing news earlier and since you have the same Latina fetish I do, I figure you’d like to know about it,” Raw said.

“Roselyn?” Evil asked. Raw nodded.

“He told me that 50 is apparently slapping her around,” Raw said, his anger rising up in him again. Evil saw his hands clinch into fists. “If it’s true…”

Evil cut him off. “I’ll handle it, I apparently have more self control when it comes to situations like this. If it’s true then the both of us will hand him his genitals. I don’t stand for violence against women, I never have. Like with me and Jen, yes we’re having our problems right now, but no matter how mad she makes me I will never raise my hands in anger to her… apparently Fiddy needs to learn his lessons as well,” Evil said, his words seeming to calm Raw down.

“If push comes to shove…” Raw said.

“We shove harder then he does,” Evil finished.

Both men tapped fists again as Evil looked out over the already gathering crowd. He saw something that definitely caught his eye.

Brunette hair flowing like a breeze had come through the hotel, crimson red lips, a tight tank top, that did nothing to hide the generous cleavage, and leather pants that seemed like they were molded for her body.

“Eliza Dushku…” Evil said to himself. “I’ll be right back man.”

“Go easy on her,” Raw said laughing.

Evil paid him no mind and went right up to Eliza. She saw him, grabbed him by his favorite T-shirt and pulled him in for a very passionate kiss.

Once it was done, they looked into each others eyes. “Well, hello to you too,” Evil said as Eliza grinned.


Budpaul found himself in the darkened room with the object of his lust Amanda Bynes on top of him. As Hamster’s cum dribbled out from between her legs they looked into each other’s eyes and began laughing uncontrollably.

“Wow, Bud! It’s as if you wrote out a script. How did you know that Hamster would come after me?”

“Ah, that’s easy. He’s an evil rat bastard who cannot resist the beauty that is you. The only thing I had to figure out was how to punish him.”

“Well, all I can say is that it’s a good thing that you have a doctorate in chemistry. It came in handy when you developed that fast-acting itching powder that activates when it comes in contact with semen. Luckily, you gave me the antidote before inserting the powder into my pussy.”

“Yep, and he doesn’t have any antidote so his crotch ought to be on fire any minute now. Now, as luck would have it, I happen to have another dose that I might be willing to part with, but he’s going to have to offer up something pretty amazing in order to get it. Now, let’s go get you washed up.”

Budpaul led her away to the bathroom where they found Tara Reid was passed out on the floor. There was a white powder under her nose and traces of vomit on her face. As a courtesy, Budpaul leaned down to check for a pulse and was satisfied that he found one. He then carefully stepped over the mess that was Tara and helped Amanda wash out Hamster’s spunk.

“Jeez, this girl is a wreck,” Amanda said as she looked over at Tara.

“Yeah. And what the hell is up with the boob job? Absolute train wreck, baby.”

After making certain that all was nice and clean, Amanda readjusted her white dress as they prepared to rejoin the party. As she was getting ready to leave, Budpaul grabbed her by the hand and remarked, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh, sorry baby,” Amanda sheepishly replied.

With that, she dropped to her knees, unbuckled Budpaul’s pants and pulled out his cock.

“Hmm,” she said. “Looks like I’m not the first visitor here tonight,” Amanda finished as she noticed lipstick on his cock.

“Yeah, and you probably won’t be the last,” Budpaul said with a smile.

Amanda giggled and took his cock in her hands as it began to grow. She began licking up and down the rapidly growing shaft. She then opened her mouth the accept him as she starting with only a small amount. As she got a rhythm, she began to take more and more of him into her mouth until the entire cock was working in and out of her throat. Budpaul loved when Amanda would deep throat him. It was a skill that she had learned some time ago while still working on her variety show on Nickelodeon.

Amanda continued her oral assault on Budpaul’s cock until she felt that familiar twitching in his balls that let her know he was ready to pop. Soon, Budpaul was blowing up in Amanda’s mouth as she held her lips firmly on his cock. With his ejaculation complete, Amanda held his cum in her mouth and leaned down over Tara. She then spit it out onto the blonde’s motionless face.

“Wow, baby, that’s just cold.”

“Yeah, I know. But she just bugs the crap out of me,” Amanda replied as she headed over to the sink and rinsed her mouth out.

Upon finishing, Amanda took a final look in the mirror and played with her hair a bit and adjusted her dress. Budpaul took Amanda’s hand as they both stepped over Tara and headed out of the bathroom and over to the bar.


The elevator opened up onto the sixth floor to the smell of sex.

“Oh yeah, CSSA is definitely in the house. We’ve already left our trademark,” Raw joked as he, Jennifer Connelly, and Jaime walked out into the hallway.

“Why did Eva have to ditch us?” Jaime complained.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not like we’ll never see her again. If she wants to be the village bicycle and let the whole hotel have a ride, I won’t stop her,” Jen C. quipped. “Besides, that leaves more of Ballzy for us!”

Raw and the now only two women walked up to room number 66. As Raw opened the door to the suite, the faint sound of running water echoed through the space.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm… I wonder what that could be?” Raw said as he walked to the bathroom door and pushed it open. He quickly flipped the lights off and heard the female screams shout from behind the large shower curtain.

“Don’t make me come in there and clean you off myself, girls!”

“Why don’t you come and try it, big boy,” a voice said from the shower.

Raw motioned to Jaime and Jen C. They got on both ends of the curtain and quickly pulled them apart revealing a naked Jen Aniston, Jenny Love Hewitt, Naomi Watts, Sarah Silverman and Vanessa Marcil. “Are we too early?” JLH asked with a huge grin.

“Nonsense. Let’s see if the master shower here can hold a few more people.”

Jaime and Jen C. smiled at one another and began to strip down. Raw flung his shirt off and stumbled back out of his shoes.

“Where’s Eva?” Naomi asked while pulling her wet hair back.

“I lost her in the ballroom,” Raw said.

“We tried to find Alicia but she was nowhere to be seen,” Jen A. stated.

“Oh, don’t worry about her, Jen. She doesn’t like crowds and probably has her hands and mouth full right about now,” Raw said while stepping into the wetness.

Raw was greeted into the shower by a firm grasp of his manhood from the hand of Jen Aniston. She looked him dead in the eyes, slowly kneeling down in the process, but never breaking the stare.

“Please, be rough,” Raw pleaded while leaning over and lip locking with Sarah.

Jen A. rested the tip of her tongue on Raw’s ballz and slowly licked up the already hardened shaft. After reaching the head, she took the entire seven inches into her mouth and throat, tasting every square inch of it.

Jen C. was sat down by Naomi and Vanessa on an indentation on the shower wall. Each armed with a bar of soap in hand, they caressed her naked body with ease. Jenny Love turned Jaime around until she faced the shower wall and pushed her down between her shoulder blades until she was bent over and grabbing the lip of the tub with her hands. Love squatted down behind her and pushed her legs further apart. She took a washcloth in hand and proceeded to soap up her asscrack and cunt. Jaime gripped the tub harder and bit her bottom lip.

Jen A.’s head bobbed up and down faster and faster as Raw suckled on Sarah’s nice firm breasts. He lightly pulled back on her nipple giving her a good pain. Sarah looked behind her and saw Naomi’s bare ass right next to her leg. She was bent over giving special attention to Jen C.’s heavy-duty mega-tits.

Sarah took her right index finger and slowly protruded it into Naomi’s asshole. She jumped at the initial insertion, almost smothering herself against Jen C.’s boob, but then backed up and enjoyed the attention. Sarah pushed and pulled her finger to and fro in her anus.

Vanessa lathered up Jen C.’s pubic region, grabbed a disposable razor blade and began to give her a little trim. Jen C. rested the back of her head against the tile wall as Naomi lapped her breasts from nipple to nipple.

Love’s wet hand fumbled outside of the shower into her overnight bag. She found what she needed and took back inside to the steamy shower. She took the six inch dildo and slowly crept it up Jaime’s rectum. Jaime grabbed the side of the shower curtain in pleasurable pain.

Raw quickly stood Jen A. up to her feet, spun her around and bent her over, leaving her face to face with Jaime. Raw rubbed his cock once for good luck and then sunk it ballz-deep into her wet pussy. Jen A. grunted, but Jaime was quick to shut her up with a nice tongue down her throat. Raw pounded away at her helpless cunt from behind as Sarah kneeled down and reached under to fondle his ballz.

Vanessa looked down at Jen C.’s naked pussy and licked her lips. “Now to give it a taste test,” she said and then buried her face between her legs. Naomi managed to plant one foot on the lip of the tub and the other on a smaller ledge against the wall. She held onto the shower curtain rod with her right hand and grabbed a handful of Jen C.’s hair with the other. “Eat my pussy like a starved grizzly!” she demanded and pushed her head into her crotch. Jen C. licked away at Naomi’s bald cunt.

Jen A.’s legs weakened as her body trembled in an intense orgasm. Breathing heavily, she opened the curtain and stepped out of the shower.

“Where are you going?” Raw asked while bending Sarah over in front of him.

“I’ll be back if I have the leg strength. I gotta go call Brad and let him know I’ll be a little late tonight,” she replied while gathering her thoughts.

Raw quickly threw the curtain closed again and began pushing his wang into Sarah’s soaked cunt. “No, no, not there, Raw. Fuck me in the ass,” she demanded, staring at him with no thought of a smile on her face.

“As you wish,” Raw replied joyfully.

Without breaking a stroke, he exited her vulva and pushed his cock into her tight asshole.

“Ah… fuck yeah, that’s it!” Sarah screamed in acceptance.

Sarah Silverman let out a deep, satisfied sigh of relief as her orgasm ran down her legs. Walking like a newborn giraffe, she stumbled out of the shower and exited the bathroom.

After satisfying two women writhing the span of 15 minutes and not getting off himself, Raw became even more determined than ever. He grabbed Jaime by her naked hips and pulled her back with all his might. His entire cock filled up her cunt until her “No Vacancy” neon sign lit up.

“Oh my fucking God!” she yelped and quickly got the attention of the other four women in the shower.

Raw stuffed her cunt with all the force he could call upon. Jaime’s head was rocking in and out of the shower curtain. Raw palmed her asscheeks and slammed into her pussy even harder and deeper. Jaime screamed at the top of her lungs in ecstasy. As Jenny Love helped her out by rapidly stroking her clitoris, Jaime melted as she came all over Raw’s cock and ballz.

“Oh, my God. I……I can’t take anymore right now, Raw,” she whimpered and stepped out of the shower.

Still rock-hard and unfulfilled, Raw suddenly felt Naomi Watts jump into his arms. Facing her, she smiled as she lowered her wet body down onto his tool. She quickly wrapped and locked her legs around his waist and began to rock up and down.

Raw grabbed two gigantic handfuls of her asscheeks and started to plow away at the blonde bombshell’s pussy. Raw reached his right hand further back and around and entered two fingers into her butthole.

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I like,” she whispered in his ear. Raw jabbed his digits in and out of her anus as she rocked further towards the heavens. With the water from the shower head sprinkling her bare back, Naomi shook like a jackhammer and released her orgasm in grand fashion.

She unlocked her legs and in a daze, exited the tub.

“God dammit! I have to take care of the little guy here!” Raw yelled in a panic. He looked down and saw Jenny Love still squatted down and smiling up at him.

He grabbed her by the thighs and lifted her up in the air and quickly sat her down on his almost too hard cock. He backed her up against the tile wall and stoked his way in and out of her moistened cunt.

Love grabbed and clawed at his back, leaving some red marks and drawing just the tiniest bit of blood. Raw, with his sexual emotions at their peak, bit down onto her left shoulder.

This drove Love crazy as he continued the depth of the bite and continuing the blows to her pussy. She ripped at his back more, pulling her fingernails over the paths they had already traveled.

Raw howled in delight, but no orgasm came. Love sighed loudly as she released herself and came all over his cock. She jumped down and took one step out of the shower. “So, I guess you’re leaving too, huh?” Raw asked with a clear look of frustration on his face.

“I gotta get ready for the party, Raw. It starts in thirty minutes. You need to get ready as well.”

“I’ll get ready as soon I’m able to get someone’s help to deflate this fuckin’ blimp I have here.”

He turned to see Jen C. and Vanessa still standing in there with him.

“Please, for the love of all that is holy, help me,” he whimpered.

“What do you say, Jen?” Vanessa playfully asked her.

“I think we can help him out,” she replied.

“Just lie back and let us do the work, Raw. We don’t want you having another heart-attack on us,” Jen C. spoke tenderly.

Raw relaxed as he laid back in the tub. Vanessa took his cock in her soft hands and slowly began to stroke it. She stuck the head in her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. Jen C. began rubbing his ballz with one hand and ran her fingers down Vanessa’s spine with the other. Vanessa ran her tongue down to the base of his hard member and back up again.

In complete relaxation, Raw hit the back of his head against the shower wall. In his calm state of mind, his thoughts began to focus on Roselyn. He remembered the trip they both took to her native island. Making love on the balcony of their hotel room in San Juan while a holiday parade was going by in the streets below.

He always felt most comfortable around Popi. He felt most like himself, he enjoyed life more. He remembered her long, black hair tickling his face as she writhed her body up and down on him. Waking up in the early morning hours, to turn to one another and begin the love-making process all over again.

He remembered watching Roselyn walk through the room with his white dress shirt on, always too big for her but yet the perfect fit in his eyes.

Raw’s body convulsed as he opened his eyes once again. His first vision after darkness was of Jen C. pulling herself up off of his cock and returning next to Vanessa to help her stroke out the white, creamy beast.

Raw grabbed the shower curtain as his first load of cum shot down Vanessa’s throat. Almost yanking the soap dish off of the wall, another heavy load was quickly gobbled up by Jen.

As his breathing soothed, for the first time in a while he was happy again.


As Trickster came to he found Lauren squatting over him, licking his chest and working her way down.

“Ohhhh, man, what hit me?”

“Stun gun.”

“Shit, can you untie me?”

“Actually, I kind of like you this way,” Lauren answered as she arranged him to her satisfaction and began sucking his cock.

“Mmmm, well, whatever the lady wants.”

“I have to say, I like you like this too,” came a stern voice. Trickster looked up and saw Lucy Liu standing over him, clad in a black leather bodysuit, a samurai sword at her hip. The Asian temptress unzipped her costume to the crotch and planted herself in front of his face.

“Now worship me!” she said, pushing his face into her pussy where he happily commenced licking.

“Mmmm, fuck yes!”

Meanwhile, Lauren had given off sucking and mounted his pole, while pulling down the remains of Lucy’s body suit and stroking and pinching her small but well shaped tits.

‘Fuck, this is great,’ Tricksterson thought, ‘now if only my third dream girl would show.’

“Sorry, hun, Emma is too young for this party,” came a sultry voice. “Will I do?” Trickster looked up and came into a heaving screaming Lauren just as he saw Kirsten Dunst, in a red silk teddy standing next to them holding a vibrator. Lauren obligingly wiggled her ass as she dismounted and in went the vibrator.

“So is this a private party, or can anyone join in?”

Trickster looked up to see Ashlee Simpson wearing a shirt that seemed too small and a skirt that seemed too short, though that was hardly a bad thing given the nature of this event.

“Where did you come from?”

“Listen, would you rather talk about how I got here or do you want to fuck me?” Trickster was often foolish but not stupid, so the answer was obvious. “Fuck me of course.”

“And me!” squealed Lauren as Kirsten continued to work the vibrator in her cunt. “Lucy, you mind untying him? I want him to have his hands available,” she said as she knelt down and started administering oral therapy to Tricksterson’s cock. Lucy stepped away reluctantly from the tongue job she was getting, whipped out her sword and severed his bonds. Bored, she resheathed it and wandered away looking for Miss Fluffy.

“AHHHHH!” shrieked Lauren as Ashlee’s vibrator plunged into her ass.


“I have to go to the bathroom,” Lindsay told Joe.

“Hey Maggie, can you take Lindsay to the bathroom?” Joe asked as Maggie Gyllenhaal walked by.

“Depends. What do I get out of the deal?” Maggie asked.

“Bring Kiki by my room later and we’ll see,” Joe said, winking at her as she took the leash and lead Lindsay toward the restrooms.

With stun gun in hand, Joe decided to wreak a little havoc. He walked through the room shocking people at random. A waiter carrying some kind of mini-quiche got it between the shoulder blades, a parking valet took it in the chest, and a bell boy in the lobby found it pressed up against his temple a moment before Joe pressed the button and left him writhing in pain.

“You’re going to kill someone with that,” a voice said from behind him.

“Hello ladies,” Joe said, turning around to see Elisha Cuthbert and Michelle Trachtenberg standing there. “Can I show you to your rooms?”

“I get him first,” Michelle proclaimed.

“I was in his first story, so I should get him first,” Elisha countered.

“Ladies, ladies, ladies. There’s enough of me to go around. First we have to find Amber and then we can go play hide the sausage all you want,” Joe said, stepping between Elisha and Trachtenbooty. He put his arms over their shoulders and led them toward the party.


Kelly Clarkson made it back to her room with exactly three minutes to spare before TRL was due.

She wasn’t sure why she’d left in such a hurry – lord knows, most days, she would’ve gone to town on Keira all night long, party or no party. And Evil was clearly no slouch in bed, either – Keira certainly seemed to be enjoying him. Still, something had felt wrong about it, and she had to leave.

She splashed some water on her face in the bathroom, and took a deep breath. TRL would understand – hell, he’d made it clear he was going to sleep with as many babes as possible tonight. Kelly knew that, and didn’t have a problem with it. This whole party was little more than an orgy waiting to happen.

And yet, there was something about TRL that made her stop…

“Kelly?” TRL said, knocking on the door.

“Come on in,” Kelly said, putting a smile on. TRL entered, and the smile became real.

“Hey,” TRL said, throwing a clothes bag on the bed. “Hope you don’t mind, but I thought with the party about to start, I’d change here.”

“Well,” Kelly said, stepping closer to him. “You’re getting to watch me get changed. I suppose I should get to see you, too.”

“That sounds like a deal to me,” TRL replied.


For her part, Alicia Keys was feeling much better. The line she’d given TRL about using blowjobs to calm down hadn’t been a lie – the taste of sperm really had a calming effect on her system.

Now, freshly dressed in a white dress that would be incredibly easy to rip off, she sat in her bathroom, applying the last touches of her makeup, and wondering who’s sperm she’d get next.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Alicia?” The voice asked.


“Hey! It’s me, Mya. Are you at the CSSA New Year’s thing?”

“Hey, Mya! Long time, no see,” Alicia replied, smiling. “Yeah, I’m just getting ready now.”

“Can you possibly swing by the back entrance and let me in?” Mya asked.

“The back entrance? Girl, did you get an invite?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s in my pants.”

“So, come in the front gate.”

“Uh, Alicia, I’m stark naked right now. My pants are in my room.”

“I won’t ask,” Alicia said, standing up. “But you’re going to owe me.”

“C’mon, Alicia!” Mya pleaded. “Not the ass again.”

“Girl, your little tush is mine before the night is out.”

“Fine, just come let me in. It’s cold out here.”

“On my way,” Alicia said, hanging up and wondering, idly, just how Mya got outside naked. She was certain there was sex involved, but the real question was – with who?


“I get him first,” Elisha told Michelle as they neared her room.

“Like hell you do,” Michelle snarled.

“He’s written more stories about me, so that makes him mine,” Elisha snapped.

“You’re such a bitch,” Michelle said, stepping up to Elisha so they were toe to toe.

“And you’re a slut,” Elisha countered, getting on her tip toes so their eyes were on the same level.

“Amber already got me first,” Joe told them.

They’d start to argue when they stepped in the elevator then continued all the way up and it was starting to get a little irritating. Then he looked at the two of them and decided they could cut off his tongue and he’d gladly take it just for the chance to watch them go down on each other.

“She what? I’m so going to spank her ass,” Michelle groaned.

“You guys took your sweet time, so we had a little fun of our own,” Joe said, grinning at them.

“Then we’ll have to have some fun without her, won’t we Michelle?” Elisha asked.

“Way ahead of you,” Michelle said as a click was heard in the room.

Looking down, Joe saw that one of his hands had been cuffed. Tracing it’s path, he saw the other one being hooked to one of the posts on the bed’s headboard. With another audible click, Michelle locked it too.

“Be good and maybe we’ll play with you,” Michelle warned Joe.

With that, they moved out of his range and began stripping off their clothes. When they were fully naked, they each spun around completely to give him a full view of their nudity. To further torture him, Michelle moved behind Elisha and reached around to lift her boobs for Joe to see.

“Fuck,” Joe screamed, trying desperately to get out of the cuffs and join the action.

“No you don’t,” Elisha said, pushing Joe onto the bed. “This is just me and Michelle.”

“But… but…” Joe stammered.

“You should’ve waited,” Michelle said as she pushed on the top of Elisha’s head and forced the blonde to her knees.

“But…” Joe repeated, unable to think of much of anything else.

“Right there,” Michelle moaned as Elisha’s tongue found her clit.

Reaching around, Elisha grabbed Michelle’s ass and pulled her pussy right to her. Michelle returned the favor by grabbing the back of Elisha’s head and pressing it against her crotch with as much force as she could without suffocating her pleasurer in the process.

“Jesus,” Joe said, deciding to just enjoy the show.

“Stick a finger in my ass,” Michelle demanded, lightly humping against Elisha’s face.

“Please stick a finger in her ass,” Joe said.

In response, Elisha maneuvered around so that Joe was staring directly at Michelle’s ass. After dipping her finger into Michelle’s pussy for lubrication, she spread the cheeks and pressed it against Michelle’s anus.

“Fuck my ass with that finger,” Michelle commanded, pushing back on the finger before pushing against Elisha’s tongue on her clit.

As Michelle neared her climax, Elisha decided to bring her thumb into play. After rubbing the entrance to Michelle’s pussy with it, she quickly sunk it in and worked it in and out along with the finger in Michelle’s ass.

“Oh fuck me,” Michelle screeched as her orgasm hit her. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Once Michelle’s orgasm had cleared, Elisha removed her fingers. With nothing to lean on, Michelle legs turned to jelly and she dropped to her knees in front of Elisha.

“Can I get in there now?” Joe asked, trying to be good like they wanted, but it was so hard.

“What do you say Michelle?” Elisha asked.

“Call Amber and get her up here. Then we can think about letting him go,” Michelle answered, giving Elisha a long wet kiss to taste her own juices on the blonde’s tongue.


As Amanda Bynes and Budpaul shared a drink amid the comings and goings of the increasing debauchery around them, they scanned the crowd for Hamster. As expected, there he was standing amongst the growing crowd while his hand busily worked at his crotch in a desperate attempt to quell the burning itchiness ravaging his member.

He had no one but himself to blame for his current situation. Since Budpaul knew that Hamster could never resist the opportunity to sneak some fun time with Amanda behind Budpaul’s back, he had inserted a special itching powder of his own design inside Amanda’s pussy that would be activated upon coming in contact with Hamster’s cum. Budpaul was pleased to see that the powder was effective.

Budpaul had a dose of antidote for Hamster, but Hamster would have to offer up something pretty big in return.

As they surveyed their handiwork, Amanda’s thin fingers gently massaged Budpaul’s crotch.


Angel once said that there were three things he never did – tan, dance, and sing in public. Victor had never cared much for Angel (character or show), but he agreed on all three counts; he also didn’t care much for New Year’s parties.

Especially ones that the first person he asked had turned him down re going to them with him – Cindy Crawford had told him her husband was throwing one at one of his bars and she couldn’t get out of it, even though she’d loved being with him on Victoria’s Island and one time they’d be together again…

And just to rub it in, every other lady he’d called had already gotten an invite to the thing. Still, at least he’d be able to get a warm night in, instead of spending December 31st in the middle of a load of loud music and louder guests. Victor picked up the remote control and stabbed it, as the phone went off. “Hello?” he said reluctantly.

“You’re still there?” Nicollette Sheridan said on the other end. “We’ve got a party to go to.”


“Yeah, we,” Rachel Bilson shouted down the same phone. “Now come on.”

Victor shook his head and went outside to the car waiting for him.


“Amber’s not answering,” Elisha said, closing her cell phone.

“I told her we’d call her when we got here,” Michelle said, wondering why Amber wasn’t answering her phone.


“Oh God,” Anne Hathaway moaned as Amber’s tongue expertly tweaked her clit.

Amber had been wandering around looking for Elisha and Michelle when she’d run into Anne. Anne had gotten tired of Hamster spending more time fondling himself than her and gone looking for someone who would better appreciate her monumental rack. After a couple minutes of talking they’d decided that they each knew a great way to kill a few minutes.

“Eat me,” Anne gasped, humping her hips at the tongue tracing its way through the folds of her pussy. Her moans got louder when Amber’s finger slid into her sopping cunt.

Amber was driving the finger in and out of Anne’s pussy when she heard her phone ring. She tried to disengage herself enough to answer it but Anne wouldn’t let her.

“Answer that,” Amber told Anne between licks.

“Oh, oh, okay,” Anne said between gasps, reaching for Amber’s purse. She had a little trouble concentrating as Amber ate her pussy, but finally Anne extracted the cell phone. “Hello?”

“Who was it?” Amber stopped long enough to ask when Anne put the phone down before going back to her task.

“Hung, ohh, up,” Anne replied, locking her legs around Amber’s head.

Amber shrugged, figuring that whoever it was would call back if it was important. Sensing that Anne was getting close she opened her mouth and sucked Anne’s clit into her mouth.

“Gonna cum,” Anne screamed, throwing her head back.

Adding a second finger to Anne’s pussy, Amber let her tongue flick the clit in her mouth. That added stimulation was all Anne needed and flooded Amber’s fingers with her girl cum.

“Where’d you learn to eat pussy like that?” Anne asked Amber while she was enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm.

“I can introduce her to you if you really want to know,” Amber offered, knowing that Michelle would be highly pleased if she delivered Anne to her.

“Maybe later,” Anne said. “Right now the buzz is that there’s a wrestling champion in the building. I’ve always wondered if their stamina is good as it appears to be in the ring.”

“When you’re done with him, come to my room and we can have some more fun,” Amber said, slipping her a piece of paper with her room and phone numbers on it.


Driving them to the party, Rachel knew the short cuts like the back of her hand; she, Nicollette and Victor figured they’d be there in about half an hour. “Mind if I put on some traveling music?” she asked the passengers.

“It’s your car,” Victor said from the back seat, eyeing Nikki’s dress. It was like minus 10 out there and the woman was still dressed in the style some people called “Whitney dressed as Britney.” Good thing she was holding up better than Mrs. Brown – Whitney with nothing underneath her clothes was a real passion-killer…

Seeing the bulge below, Nicollette tapped Victor’s crotch playfully and wagged a finger at him. “Tell your friend down there to wait until we get there,” the blonde told him. “In any case, there’s no room in this car for the two of us to play.”

“Three of us,” Rachel snapped as she started the CD. “If you think I’m not getting in on the act you can get out and walk.”

Victor tried to hide his disgust as Keane started warbling away – much as he liked The O.C., this wasn’t stuff he’d choose to listen to. Rachel, on the other hand, cranked it up to the max as she drew them nearer to the party. Yeah… this was more like it!

“You know,” Nicollette whispered, “there’s no room to do everything. But…” And she rested her hand on his crotch, starting to unzip. Keane’s influence started to wane as Victor began to return the favor.


After slipping one of the security guys a 20 to protect his turntables, he headed upstairs. The party was about to go off in an hour, he could still spin the 1s and 2s, head from his favorite chef (Non-Swedish Non-Muppet Division)… this was going to be one hell of a New Year’s Eve.

Suddenly, inspiration struck. He pulled out the little notepad that’d come with his copy of Mean Girls and wrote something down, barely paying attention to the elevator that was coming down and opening in front of him. After he jotted this quick note, he was going to crash out for about half an hour before going downstairs and getting this party started right-slash-quickly.

“…Only U beat, 99 problems. Slam into Put Your Hands Where My Eyes…”

“Hello, my son.” The voice had a familiar feminine lilt, but he merely punched in an 8 to get to his floor and continued scribbling. “Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in your life?”

He snorted. Well, if you counted that part where Rachael was sucking him off and he said “Dear God, I’m about to cum”…no, that was still pretty atheistic. “Sorry, sister, but…” He looked at her, and then he looked again. Geto Boyz’ “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” wasn’t on the play list but it’d get there.

“If you have some time, I’d like to talk to you about the power of the Lord,” the convent product smiled at him.


The bell rang, and the nun followed him down the hallway to Room 808. He swiped in, and then in a violation of all the commandments the nun happily open-mouthed kissed him before diving on the bed on all fours.

“Are you prepared for the Lord to enter your life?” she said with a wicked smile, the dark hair waving beneath her habit.

He laughed and stroked his chin.

“Of course I am.” He started slipping out of his pants. “The question, Sister Longoria, is are you ready for me to enter YOUR life?”


“So, what have you been up to?” Eliza asked Evil on the dance floor.

“Same old shit, wrestling, winning, fighting, fucking,” Evil said as Eva passed by and he grabbed the title from her.

“How are things with you and Jen?” Eliza asked.

“Bad and have been since Victoria’s Island,” Evil said with a tone of anger in his voice.

“I thought you weren’t there,” Eliza said.

“Exactly,” Evil replied.

“Well, I had something reserved for you on that island, but I may as well give it to you now,” Eliza said leaning in to whisper to him. Evil grinned.

“Let’s go,” he said.

minutes later…

Eliza and Evil entered the room he’d been sharing with Jennifer Garner. Eliza then turned and shoved him into a chair and went to the stereo and put on a CD. Eliza turned to him and winked as the CD started.

Evil was seated in the middle of the living room, on a straight-back chair, he smirked at her and she strutted up to him. Eliza blew him a kiss as she started swaying her hips to the music.

For several minutes, Eliza did her most sexy dance moves for the wrestler. Eliza, then ripped her low-cut top from the cleavage down, exposing her bra clad tits. She swings the tattered top over head then tossed it toward Evil. Eliza smiled as Evil’s eyes immediately went to her larger-than-normal breasts. Eliza shimmied her top half letting the twins bounce around a little, making the writer lick his lips. Eliza smiled when she noticed a bulge popping up from his camouflage shorts.

To the beat of the music, Eliza danced around the writer, shaking and gyrating her hips in all the right ways… closer and closer, until she stood right in front of Evil. With one swift movement, she dropped her leather pants came off to reveal a skimpy thong that barely hid the delights beneath it.

There was a moment of silence as the song ended, and Eliza took that time to strike a pose for Evil. Dressed in only skimpy panties, obviously from Fredericks of Hollywood, and a black lace bra that made Eliza’s tits look even larger then they already were. Eliza placed her hands behind her head and stuck out her chest… Using her “bedroom eyes” she fixed the writer a look that made him get even more worked up by the dance he was getting.

Evil stared back at her, his eyes (as well as other parts of his body), were filled with lust. He wanted her so bad, but he was picking his spot.

Evil’s reaction to Eliza did not go unnoticed by her, she gave him a sexy pout as the second song kicked in, she continued to dance some more. After teasing Evil for a few minutes longer, she danced closer… and then started sliding her body against his. As she rubbed up against him, Evil noticed a wet spot on her panties; she was really getting into this. Evil grinned and stuffed a five dollar bill into Eliza’s panties, which for some reason got a moan out of her.

Eliza got really turned on when she felt cash go into her panties. She’d always been told if acting didn’t work out she’d have a place at the strip club. Eliza now was beginning to wonder if she’d chosen the wrong career path. She continued stroking her body against Evil’s as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on… Eliza even started grinding her panty-clad butt against Evil’s crotch, which caused Evil to start pushing more 5-dollar bills down her panties (making sure to fondle Eliza’s pussy at the same time).

Eliza stood up, spun around and reached back unclasping her bra. Slowly, she lowered the cups until both boobs were fully revealed to the wrestler’s lustful gaze. A second later, Evil buried his head in Eliza’s cleavage and rubbed his face against her tits, eliciting a moan from Eliza, who was already very hot and aroused.

Eliza fixed another smoldering gaze on Evil as she backed away. She lifted each red nipple into her mouth and licked it. Eliza then strutted up to Evil and straddled his lap, grinding her soaking pussy on his crotch. Scooting a little closer, she placed a hand under each breast; cupping the firm flesh in her palms, she offered her tits to the wrestler’s salivating mouth. He instantly opened his mouth and sucked one of the hard, red nipples inside. Evil lustingly nursed on it for a while, and then switched to the other nipple to give it the same treatment. He switched back and forth between each nipple until both nubbins were hard as pebbles. Eliza decided it was time to continue the show as she slid off of Evil’s lap, leaving a wet spot where her pussy rested, and started dancing again.

Facing the writer, Eliza cupped both her breasts and fondled them while moving to the music. Then, she slowly slid her hands up… over her tits, to her face… she played with her hair for a while, before moving her hands higher; clasping them together, she raised both hands until they were high above her head. She held this position for about a minute; softly swaying to the music… then gradually went into a sort of belly-dancer routine…

Evil absolutely loved it! While feeling her up, he kept shoving money down her panties, he must have blown all of his cash from his wrestling show just to keep up the illusion.

When the next song started, Evil pulled a fifty from his pocket, showed it to her, and then folded it double before shoving it down the front of Eliza’s panties. “Now for the rest of it,” Evil ordered her with a smile. Eliza fixed him yet another smoldering, bedroom eyes look, and then hooked both thumbs in the waistline of her panties and slowly pushed them down her legs, exposing her pussy to the wrestler’s eyes.

Evil wasted little time diving into Eliza’s exposed cunt, he dropped to his knees and lapped away making Eliza moan and pant loudly. Evil slightly wondered if these walls were soundproof, if they weren’t, the neighbors should be complaining very soon. Once that thought left his mind, and he had Eliza shaking on her feet, he ran his fingers down Eliza’s trembling body and shoved three fingers into her dripping cunt. Evil proceeded to finger-fuck Eliza’s pussy until she was on the brink of an orgasm… then suddenly halted.

Red-faced and breathing heavily, Eliza shot him a pleading look. Evil grinned, well, evilly as he said. “Beg for it.”

Eliza was panting heavily and breathing hard. “Please….make me cum… PLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEE,” Eliza whined. Evil shook his head. “You know what I want to hear Eliza,” Evil teased with his fingers just out of reach of Eliza’s dripping pussy.

Eliza moaned and cleared her throat. “Please master, your bitch needs to cum,” Eliza stammered. Evil knew just how to control the bad girl inside of Eliza.

“You may cum now Eliza,” Evil said. As Eliza slid Evil’s fingers in and started riding them, the raven haired wrestler moved his free hand to Eliza’s naked breasts and began fondling and squeezing the firm flesh.

The feeling of his fingers plunging deep inside Eliza’s cunt combined with the attention her tits were getting quickly brought her to a shuddering climax. Evil just sat back and licked his fingers clean. “That was fun babe,” Evil said as he slipped Eliza another $50 and left her lying on his hotel room floor.


TRL and Kelly Clarkson stood completely naked, facing each other from across the bed. It wasn’t the first time they’d seen each other naked – hell, they’d fucked each other silly on three different occasions. But there was something different this time, that neither one could put their fingers on.

“You look beautiful,” TRL said slowly.

“Thank you,” Kelly said.

They stood there for a long moment, unable to speak.

“We, ah, we should get dressed,” TRL said suddenly. “It wouldn’t be right to miss the start of the party.”

“I guess you’re right,” Kelly said.

“But we’ll see each other later,” TRL added quickly.

“Yeah, we need to have that one, good kiss,” Kelly said.

“Right,” TRL said, heading towards his bag.

“Or…” Kelly said, suddenly grabbing his hand.

“Or?” TRL asked.

Kelly leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. “Or we could be fashionably late.”

She pulled his naked body on to the bed, and slowly climb on top of him.


“Girl, you didn’t need to bring the fuckin’ strap-on with you!” Mya muttered as Alicia opened the back door.

Sure enough, Mya was stark naked, her nipples painfully erect from the cold.

What was surprising, though, was that she wasn’t alone.

“Thanks for letting us in,” Britney Spears said, following Mya in. Britney wasn’t naked, but she wasn’t dressed, either. Clad only in a g-string and a sheer black tank-top that left nothing to the imagination, Britney was leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

“What were you two doing out there?” Alicia asked as she hurried the two women back towards the elevator.

“What do you think?” Mya said. “I owed Britney a clitty-suck after our last get together, and she wanted to do it in her limo to save time.”

“God, I didn’t even know you two knew each other,” Alicia muttered.

“TRL introduced us,” Britney said. “Is he here yet?”

Alicia smiled. “He kinda came and went, but he’ll be back.”

“Great,” Mya said. “We’ll see him later. I need to get dressed.”

“Oh no, girl,” Alicia said, hitting the elevator stop button, and freezing the car right where it was. “If you think I came down here with my strap-on hanging out my skirt for nothing, you’ve got another thing coming. Now assume the position and prepare to have your ass fucked.”

Mya sighed. “Fine,” she muttered, bending over as best she could, presenting her scrumptious ass to Alicia. “Brit, you mind waiting a few minutes?”

“Can I join in?” Britney asked.

“Sure, sweetheart,” Alicia said, opening up her dress-top to expose her nipples. “Suck on these while I make sure Mya here can’t sit down for a while.”


Jennifer Garner sat at her table watching everyone enjoy themselves. It was 30 minutes before the party was set to begin and she was still miserable.

As if on cue Angelina Jolie sat down at her table and for the first time that night Jen cracked a smile. “Hello darling,” Angelina said.

Jen leaped out of her seat and hugged her. “It’s been a long time.”

“Yes it has,” Angelina said. “How are you doing?”

“To tell you the truth, I’m miserable. My relationship with Evil… it’s…” Jen couldn’t even finish her thought.

“On the rocks,” Angelina finished.

“You could say that. It’s been strained since Victoria’s Island,” Jennifer replied.

“Why is he pissed off? I imagine he had a good time there,” Angelina said.

Jen shook her head. “He wasn’t there.”

“Oh, I see why he’s mad now. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that,” Angelina said.

“The reason I didn’t tell him is because I needed some time away from all the media attention. I mean, ‘Golden Globe winner shacks up with Independent Pro Wrestler,’ it’s had people talking,” Jennifer said.

“I imagine so, but why did you not want him on the island, was it because of all the press or was it just that you needed time away from him as well?” Angelina asked.

“I don’t know Angie…” Jen sighed, “… I’m thinking maybe he’s right and my excuse is pretty flimsy. I mean, even talking about it now to you, I can see where there are holes in it.”

“No darling, if you needed time away, then you needed time away. It’s not his business why you did, but I can see where you would want to forgive him for all his mistakes, and he yours. Where is he anyway?” Angelina asked.

“Well…” Jennifer said turning around, allowing Angelina to sneak a girl under her table, “…there’s the belt he won tonight so I imagine he’s around here somewhere.”

“Do you care about him?” Angelina asked.

“Absolutely,” Jen said without even thinking about it. “If we can get past this, I think there’s no limit for our relationship.”

“Then take the first step. MMMM,” Angelina said then moaned. Jen looked at her suspiciously, Angie motioned below the table.

Jen leaned down and lifted the tablecloth and saw Charisma Carpenter licking out Angelina.

Charisma came up from under the table only to be grabbed by her hair by Angelina. “You’re not done girl, get back down there,” Angie said, never taking her eyes off of a grinning Jennifer Garner.

“Y-y-yes ma’am,” Charisma shaking reply came as she crawled back under the table and proceeded to get Angelina off.

“You always did have a way with women,” Jen smilingly replied.

“This girl, she’s easy to control, ineffectual husband and a kid and juggling a career, she needed this,” Angelina replied.

“What I’m trying to figure out is why you are shielding it with the tablecloth. I mean look around,” Jen said pointing to the dance floor. “We’ve got the Duff sisters practically fucking each other out there, Sarah Michelle Gellar dancing topless, and I heard Tara Reid is passed out in the bathroom.”

“Already? She doesn’t waste time,” Angelina said. That got Jennifer laughing until she looked out in the crowd and saw Maria Menounos all over Kate Beckinsale.

“I thought Kate was with Ashley Judd?” Jennifer asked.

“They were, but then Maria started spending a lot of time with them after what happened on the island, then eventually she got in between Kate and Ashley and split them up. Now Maria is with Kate and Ashley is back with her husband,” Angelina explained.

“That’s just terrible that she came in between them, she needs to be taught a lesson,” Jennifer said.

“You feel up to it?” Angelina asked.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said as Angelina moaned to herself. Charisma had just brought her to a silent orgasm.

Charisma came up from under the table. “You did good girl, but you need to be faster,” Angelina said, critiquing Charisma’s efforts.

“Yes ma’am,” she replied as she walked off with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Let’s go, my room is upstairs,” Angelina said, leading Jennifer toward the elevator.


IYG sat alone in his bar, thinking to himself, “Business is so slow.” He checked the clock and saw it was only 7:35 PM

It seems everyone was off somewhere fucking as he heard the screams of pleasure all around him, he could have joined in on the fun but he was waiting for someone special.

He managed to get certain lovely ladies to help him with the now almost full bottle, the juices of Eva and Jennifer Garner were now mixed with the newly added juices of Christina Ricci, Shania Twain, Eliza Dushku (before she was taken), Anna Paquin and Jolene Blalock. Jolene had vanished slowly afterwards as if she was teleported somewhere. IYG knew he was going to have to find her later.

IYG sat behind the bar, looking at the bottle, wondering what he’d do next. The party was supposed to begin soon and it seemed that most of his buddies were upstairs ‘exercising’.

“Did you miss me babe?” A voiced asked.

IYG looked up to see Sarah Michelle Gellar’s topless tits. The sight was enough to make IYG fall from his stool on his ass. “Sarah, it’s nice to see you again, in all your glory,” IYG said as he got back up on his feet.

“Aww, did I make you hurt yourself?” Sarah questioned and immediately continued, “Come here and kiss my tits, that will make you feel better.”

IYG moved towards Sarah and gently kissed her tits.

Sarah grabbed IYG and started to drag him towards the elevators.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she told the acting barkeep, who was quite surprised at Sarah’s actions, not that he seemed to mind too much.

IYG managed to grab the bottle and the two made their way into the elevator and towards Sarah’s room.

IYG and Sarah finally made it to her luxurious room where sparks were sure to fly.

“Come on Inar, we don’t have much time before the party,” Sarah said as she pulled IYG closer to her.

Sarah who was clearly in charge started to take off IYG’s clothes while he just stood there in near shock from what was happening. He still couldn’t believe he was having sex regularly with Sarah Michelle Gellar, his biggest love in the world.

After getting IYG’s clothes off of him, Sarah took off her own until they were standing, naked, in front of each other.

“Sarah, I love you,” IYG managed to finally blurt out.

“I know you do hon. Come on, we don’t have much time before the party starts and you are the bartender,” She replied.

“Em,” IYG began, “I don’t think they would really miss me, so far everyone is drinking water.”

“Sshhhhhh,” Sarah put her finger on IYG’s lips. “This is just you and me now, no one else.”

Sarah moved even closer to IYG, she kissed him, their tongues battling in each other’s mouths.

“Inar, Inar, snap out of it,” Sarah said as she slapped IYG.

“What is it, what did I do?” IYG asked.

“You’ve been standing there completely still for 3 minutes ever since I kissed you,” She replied.

“I was?” IYG looked surprised.

“Yes you were now shut up and come to bed,” Sarah ordered.

“You’re the boss,” IYG said as he climbed into bed.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Sarah screamed, “Fuck me already.”

IYG positioned himself behind Sarah and with a swift thrust he entered her awaiting pussy. He kept slamming into her until Sarah screamed with an orgasm. IYG wasn’t prepared to what happened next.

Sarah jumped off of him, turned around and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it as hard as she could, trying to speed the process, she obviously wanted to be at the party when it started.

A groan was heard from IYG as he came in Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah smiled at IYG and swallowed the cum in her mouth. “Hurry up, the party is about to start any second now and I hate being late,” Sarah said and she hurried to her clothes.

IYG just sat there, looking disappointed.

“I’ll make it up to you at midnight, I swear, I’m all yours and only yours, no once will have me but you,” Sarah reassured IYG.

They kissed and Sarah went out the door and back towards the party.


‘Am I in some weird parallel universe?’ Cosmo thought as he reentered the ballroom. When he left, he was feeling miserable while Hamster on his way to tap Amanda Bynes. Now, Cosmo was feeling great after a spirited romp with Kate and Maria, while Hamster was looking quite uncomfortable behind the bar.

“What’s up Hamster?” Cosmo asked as he looked around the bar for a suitable beverage. “Dude, can you… never mind, I’ll just grab a few water bottles.”

“Water? You afraid of getting busted for underage drinking?” came Hamster’s strained reply.

“First of all, I’ll thank you to NEVER doubt the power of ‘Niklos Papadakis’,” Cosmo proclaimed as he showed off his fake ID. “Second, I need to rehydrate. Sure, as Kate puts it, I’m a virile young man, but I still need to take care of myself. This is going to be a long night, and I need to be at the top of my game. And third, your dick is in that pitcher of beer.”

“Oh that. I think that fucker Budpaul put some itching powder in Amanda’s pussy.”

“Riiiight. And of course soaking your wang in beer will fix that.”

“Fuck you Kramer. It’s just temporary relief while I look for Ms. Fluffy. You remember Ms. Fluffy right? My fucking hyena I told you to watch? Do you know how much trouble we could all be in if she gets loose?” Hamster finished angrily.

“Oh, I, uh, gave her to IYG,” came the sheepish reply. “Last time I saw her she was getting into the elevator.” This, as Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, was the truth, from a certain point of view. Cosmo did throw the beast at the fantasy football champ, and did watch her land in the elevator. “Well, good luck with all that,” Cosmo said as he left the bar with his water. “And for the love of God, please throw out that pitcher!”


One of her Desperate Housewives co-stars (fortunately for the party, it wasn’t Eva Longoria) had joked that Nicollette had taken the money she’d reserved on acting lessons and used it on fucking lessons; now she was reliving her auditions, only this time she was making Victor’s cock pumped up and hard. Again. Her passenger had his fingers furrowing into her cunt – pretty loose, but nothing to kick her out for. He stroked Nicollette’s box, running his fingertips on her juicy little clit and pressing his middle finger deep inside, getting his finger moist with her before pulling it out and tasting it, while the older woman fixed her eyes on the writer’s swollen erection, moving her fingers up and down the brown staff and licking her lips.

Rachel could see the two jerking each other off in the rear view mirror; she pulled the car over as she watched Victor resting a hand on Nikki’s swollen chest, not missing the slight disappointment in his eyes – nice to see that he liked the real thing… “It’s not midnight yet, still got time,” she told them, tilting the mirror so she could watch.

Taking advantage of the pause and the dark road, Victor kicked open the door and pressed his face into Nicollette’s cleavage, starting to undo her clothes. “No,” she breathed. “Ladies first…” Making like Hugh Grant and Divine Brown, only with the colors reversed and the woman being prettier than the guy, she slid down his body until his cock was in front of her face, and licked the inches like it was ice cream, fondling his come-filled balls and lightly kissing it as Victor tried to keep himself together – the last thing he wanted to do was spray it all over her face.

Rachel had both her hands jammed between her legs, shoving into her tight young cunt as she watched Nicollette’s blonde head bobbing up and down, getting Victor’s prick down her throat and her lips all but touching his balls; the writer ran his eyes down her long body half in and half out of the car, her prime ass just visible… the thought of getting his hands on those cheeks made him howl, flinging his head against the window as he pumped his cream down into Nicollette’s throat. She sucked and swallowed until he was all done, her mouth letting a few drops seep out down his shaft.

“Not bad,” she smiled as she licked the drops off her lips. “Now scoot over before someone catches us – we’ve still got a way to go…”

Rachel got a look at Victor’s penis before he tucked it away, and thrust away at herself a little longer; her nubile body twisted in the seat as she thought over what she’d watched. Her breath came out in wisps of cold night air as she felt herself dampening… “Hey,” she sighed, pulling her hands out and offering them to the other two.

“Forget it,” Nicollette told her. “I don’t do girls on other networks.”

“Picky…” Victor replied, taking Rachel’s hands and licking off the girl’s cunt juice. “Tasty.”

“More to come,” Rachel giggled, and started the car… and drove around to the front of the building, and stopped. “We’ve arrived.”


It was really smart (in a lazy way) of Butch to not have removed the Do Not Disturb sign on the knob of Room 808, because right now he was about to break some of the noise ordinance laws.

Shrugging his way out of the Winslow throwback he could see Eva slightly lifting up the long black skirt. No panties meant the long black hair out of the habit was beginning to drape her shoulders.

“I’m just having a crisis of faith over these dreams I’ve had about you, Sister Eva,” he said, dropping onto his knees on the bed and beginning to kiss and lick the sweat from her toned thighs. “Pre-marital sex is a sin. Especially for a woman in–OF–your position.” He bit lightly into the inside of her thigh.

She gasped and it reverberated against the headboard. “But we must learn to resist our temptations, and our darkest fantasies. It doesn’t matter how attractive we find each other, it is a sin. We cannot do thi–OH!”

His right arm had begun moving of his own volition. “If it’s a sin, Sister, then why is it turning you on?” Slowly, she moved back against him. His left arm fiddled with and undid his pants, and they hung off his feet like a bear trap. “Are we not instructed by the Scriptures to make a joyful noise unto the Lord?”

“YES!” She gathered her breathing, re-regulating it. He’d added another finger, the bastard. “But we do it through prayer, like you do through your music…we don’t…we can’t…”

“Through prayer, huh?” Butch slid out of his boxers. The Emperor was ready. “I’ve been praying this would happen for a while.”

“But that’s–OOOOOHHHH!” He was teasing her slit with the head, slowly drawing it over her lips. “That’s immoral!” Even though Eva was supposed to be playing the reluctant clergy member, her right hand grazed over her nipples, pulling them to full length.

He was very grateful to hook up with an actress; they delivered good lines and great setups.

“Not as immoral as THIS…”



He couldn’t take the setup anymore, and with a half hour before the show was to jump off it was time to get after it, even if he had to bring his way into her all at once. “Oh, my God!” she yelled, her left arm suddenly grabbing onto the headboard of the bed. Boy, if the people in 806 weren’t with the party…

“Oh, Sister Eva! You’re so tight!”

“Of course I am! I’m a nuoooooooohhhhhhh…” The long skirt tilted, hanging onto her body like a poor third-tier weatherman to a post in the Storm of the Moment. It was then he saw the cross on her lower back. He grabbed her right leg and began to kiss it, and lick some of the sweat off her back. Even that tasted good.

“How does it feel being a dirty sinner, Sister?” He worked up her back, biting into her shoulder.

“Oh, my god!” He began thrusting into her a little quicker. She leaned back to say something else, and they began to kiss.

“I feel like a heathen. D-do me like a heathen.” He groped at her chest, quickened his pace…and stopped entirely.

“What-what are you doing?”

“Maybe I should stop. This is a sin. I-I’m sor-”

“NO! No, you don’t. Get back inside of me.”

“Only if you say it.”

She glared at him and smiled. “Fuck me, you son of a bitch.”

He smirked at her. “Was it that hard?” 10987654321BOOM

She was hanging on by the headboard, suspended in mid-air over the bed. “Give it all to me!”

“W-where?” Her muscles were about to milk him dry. She let go, gracefully falling onto the bed before pivoting and diving on his landmine with her mouth. “Sister Eva!” He let out a shout and released. She began swallowing him down, and it began to dribble out of the sides of her mouth. He fell to his knees, and then when he was done fell onto the bed.

“You like?”

“I love. Thank you.”

She straightened the habit out, and put the dress back on. “Well, we’ve got about 20 minutes. I’ll see you downstairs.”

“Wait–you’re going to the party dressed as a nun?”

She just smiled at him.

“You above all should have some faith in me, my son.” And with that, she shut the door behind him.

Right before he changed into his black pair of jeans, he suddenly picked up the pen and notepad he’d dropped on the floor.

‘Make sure to bump “Freak-A-Leek” when you see Eva.’


The slamming of the door jarred Raw awake. He looked around in a confused state at first not realizing where he was or what he had been doing. He slowly stood up from the tub, drying himself off with the white hotel bathroom towel that was so sweetly spread about him when he was sawing logs.

He finished toweling off and walked into the main room of the suite. He didn’t see another soul. The only moving objects were the sheer curtains waving like flags from the opened doors to the balcony and the smoke from a smoldering cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table. “Damn. How long have I been out?” he said aloud while picking up the last of the cigarette.

His eyes wandered over to the alarm clock on the nightstand.

“Shit! Only 15 minutes!” He stumbled over to his suitcase, flung it open with a quickness and started grabbing at random clothes. While zipping up his pants he looked over on the bed and saw a small white piece of paper with the hotel’s logo imprinted on the top center of it.

He picked up the note and began reading.

We’ve headed downstairs, Raw. As

if you couldn’t tell. We hope to see you

down there ASAP.



He finished pulling his shirt over his head and rushed to the front door. Just before he grabbed the knob, he heard a light knocking on it.

A sudden thrill surged through his mind and body hoping and dreaming that it was Roselyn. In his excitement, he flung the door open and saw Brittany Daniel standing in front of him.

Stuttering over his words at first, he finally came out with, “B…Brittany! Oh my God, I’m so glad you could make it.”

“You know me, Raw. A CSSA party on New Year’s Eve, I’m so there,” she responded quickly with a smile that could light up Times Square.

They leaned into one another for a deep, warm hug that lasted three minutes.

Now he hoped in the back of his mind that he would be able to be fashionably late to the shindig.


After Anne had walked off on unsteady legs to go find a wrestler to, well, wrestle, Amber picked up her cell phone to see who had interrupted her little play. A quick check of her messages revealed that whoever it was hadn’t left one.

“Probably Michelle letting me know she’s here,” Amber muttered to herself.

Deciding not to call Michelle’s cell phone, Amber decided to go to her room and surprise her. If Elisha was there too, then all the better. Two pussies to play with is twice as much as one, or so Michelle always said. As the elevator doors closed behind her, the small sea of people in room parted to reveal a scrumptious looking brunette in a low cut silver dress. She was leading a bald guy by the tie around his neck and another cute brunette followed as well.

“Get me a drink,” Rose instructed KMB.

“Yes, mistress,” KMB said, bowing before her.

“Where’d Joe put Lindsay for me?” Rose asked Cosmo, who just happened to be walking by.

“She was in the back last I saw,” Cosmo replied.

“Go find Lindsay and Tara, and I’ll give you an hour with Mandy here,” Rose told him, motioning to the brunette standing just behind her.

“I think Maria said something about Tara being passed out in the bathroom with man goo on her face,” Cosmo said before hurrying to do Rose’s bidding in order to get his time with Mandy.

“Tara knows better than to do anything without me,” Rose said quietly, her eyes narrowing.

“Here you go, Mistress,” KMB said, putting a glass in Rose’s hand.

“I want you go find the surveillance tapes for the bathrooms,” Rose told him. “We might have something for Mr. Snappy to take care of.”


“How much longer do we have to wait for Amber?” Elisha whined. She and Michelle were still naked, but Michelle wouldn’t let anyone have any more fun until Amber arrived.

“Until she gets here, but if you don’t want to wait, you can go ahead and leave. Just remember that you won’t be fucking Amber’s pussy with my strap-on if you do,” Michelle warned her.

“Fine,” Elisha said, crossing her arms as she pouted.

Elisha was sinking down into her chair to settle in for a long wait when there was a knock on the door. Jumping to her feet, Elisha rushed to the door. Without bothering to put any clothes on, she flung the door open and pulled a surprised Amber into the room.


It took maybe ten minutes for Dave, Alyson Hannigan, Jewel Staite, and Iyari Limon to move from the hallway outside his hotel room to the shower inside his hotel room. It took maybe ten seconds for them to strip and the hot water to be turned on. Dave let the warm water flow over him as he kissed Jewel while Alyson traded tongues with Iyari.

Iyari was short, busty, Latino with long brown hair. “There you are,” said Iyari. “I haven’t kissed you since Buffy.”

“What,” Alyson said between kisses, “was I thinking?” She reached up to knead Iyari’s tits and make her moan. “This wasn’t part of the show.”

“Should have been,” Iyari said as she grabbed Alyson’s ass and pulled her close.

Dave, meanwhile, kissed his way down Jewel’s chin and neck. He cupped each of her freckled covered tits, slowly kissing each freckle on his way to the nipples. Jewel threw her head back into the water flowing from the shower. “Would one of you please suck my cock,” Dave whispered as he rolled his tongue over Jewel’s nipples.

“I’m not going anywhere,” purred Jewel. “At least not to I…” Dave bit down gently on her nipple. “Good Gawd, yes, at least not till I cum.”

Alyson looked down at Iyari. “You’re closer,” she said with a wink.

Iyari stuck out her lower lip and blew some hair out of her eyes. “But their hogging all the hot water.”

“Sorry,” said Alyson. “I guess if you want some hot liquid, you’ll have to work for it.” Iyari kissed Dave’s stomach as she made her way down and got a quick ass slap from Alyson. Alyson slid over to Jewel. “Room for me?” she asked Dave.

“Always.” They shared Jewel’s breasts and Alyson’s hand found its way to Jewel wet pussy. Dave leaned back as Iyari licked his balls and stroked his cock. “Your mouth is amazing.”

Iyari smiled. “How do you think Kennedy got chosen for Willow’s girlfriend? It was a potential slayer free for all.” She popped his cock down her throat.

Alyson drove two slim fingers into Jewel’s wet pussy. Jewel let the tension in her body melt away. There was only the warm ball of pleasure fueled by Alyson’s fingers and tongue. She moaned and hummed in pleasure. “You got a bit more space in there,” Alyson said.

“Hmmm. Convention…” was all Jewel could say.

“Must have been fun. Last year I could never do this!” Alyson slipped her ring finger and pinky into to Jewel’s slit and used her thumb to massage her clit.

“Fuck! Umm, fuck me.”

“My thoughts exactly, but first,” said Alyson as she continued to suck on Jewel’s tits. Alyson reached around with her free hand to stroke Jewel’s ass. Her hand worked its way between the cheeks and teased Jewel’s puckered hole. “Let’s see how much fun that convention really was.” Jewel’s ass easily accepted one of Alyson’s fingers then another. “Wow, I’m impressed.”

Jewel looked into Alyson’s eyes with a hint of anger in her own. “What part of ‘fuck me’ was unclear?” she hissed.

“A challenge? I like it.” For the next few minutes Alyson rammed her fingers into Jewel’s pussy and ass, asking ‘do you like that?’ with Jewel screaming ‘yes’ louder and louder.

Meanwhile Dave was running his hands through Iyari’s long, thick brown hair. Iyari stroked, licked, sucked, and nearly swallowed his cock. He gently raised her head up and kissed her. “Why should they have all the fun?” She turned around and leaned against the shower wall. He lined up his cock and pushed in. “God you’re tight…” he trailed off as he hit her hymen.

She looked over her shoulder with a finger on her lips. “Shhh. I’ve got lots of practice with blowjobs, other stuff, not so much. Go on, slowly.” This would be two firsts – her first and his first virgin. He broke through the hymen causing a little yelp from Iyari. He then pulled out completely. “What?” Iyari said over the yells from Alyson and Jewel. Iyari looked over her shoulder just to see Dave drop to a knee. To make room Dave slipped his leg between Alyson’s legs. She also dropped to her knees to not only get a better angle on Jewel’s pussy and ass but also so she could grind her own pussy on Dave’s heel. “What are you doing?” asked Iyari. “I thought guys like virgins?”

“We do,” said Dave. “But I want to make sure you enjoy this.” He leaned in and gently spread her ass. He licked the length of her slit. “I want you as wet as possible.” He licked her clit until she came in his mouth as Alyson tried to hump his foot. Iyari tried to get the strength back in her legs and catch her breath, Dave twisted around to kiss Alyson’s pale ass. “I’m going to need my foot back.”

“Nhaw, mine now.” Alyson was still wrapped around Jewel’s legs – one hand fucking Jewel’s pussy, the other working fingers into her ass, and Alyson’s pressing and rubbing her breasts against Jewel’s thigh. “I need satisfaction.”

“I think Jewel owes you a happy.”

Alyson looked up to Jewel, who shivered with another orgasm. “She owes me five,” Alyson said. She stood up and offered her fingers, all of them for Jewel to lick clean. Jewel did without hesitation. A silly smile spread across Alyson’s face. She said, “Time for payback, bitch.”

“Sounds good to me!”a voice from the bathroom door said. Dave looked over to see Raven Symone in a tight leather skirt and white dress shirt. She was holding one of the chairs from the hotel room with her foot ready to kick the bathroom door closed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” asked Dave.

“Alyson said it, payback,” Raven said flatly. “You know, we Disney girls stick together. I wouldn’t have minded you using Hilary and her sister, if you had included them with Alyson and whoever those two are. But you got them in trouble with Voodoo. They’re tied up and are being used as party favors.”

“So what?” Alyson broke in, “No one cares. From what Dave tells me, they like being party favors.”

Raven squinted at Alyson, “I’m going to them downstairs and we’re going to have some fun. Dave, you wanted Alyson so much, you all can have a party right here.” With that Raven slammed the door shut. Dave jumped out of the shower to try the door but it wouldn’t give. “Hah!” yelled Raven through the door. “Don’t worry. The cleaning staff will stop by in the morning. Happy New Year!”


Kelly Clarkson’s velvety pussy lips enveloped TRL’s cock in a wash of pleasure that sent both lovers trembling. They’d done this before. There was nothing new here.

TRL reached up and pulled her head down to kiss her as she continued to swallow him inside her. This wasn’t anything they hadn’t done a hundred times.

Kelly gently pinched his nipples as she bottomed out on TRL’s cock, sitting happily for a second before she started to pull off him again. This, too, they’d experienced previously.

Slowly they began to fuck, if you could call it that, their eyes locked, their hands on each others chests. Kelly pulled herself up and sank herself back down, sending more shockwaves of pleasure through them both.

As she bounced herself slowly up and down on top of TRL, Kelly forgot all her problems – her infrequent affairs with Keira, her budding bisexuality, her seemingly insurmountable lust for female flesh. When she was making love to TRL – for that was what they were really doing – none of that mattered. She felt no shame, no guilt, and no uneasiness. She knew who she was, what she wanted, and how to get it.

She was Kelly Clarkson, pop star.

She wanted TRL’s cock insider her.

And all she had to do was lower herself down again, and she’d have it.

She felt herself approaching orgasm some time later – a minute, a week, a century; it was unclear how much time had passed.

But as she lowered herself one last time down onto the fullness of TRL’s cock, she knew that this orgasm would be one of the best she’d ever had.

And it was.

As she came down from the high she’d just released from her own body, she felt TRL’s climax within her, his warmth gushing into her. She allowed that warmth to spread through her, filling her body metaphorically at least, and making her feel complete.

“That was wonderful,” Kelly said, rolling off him.

“Yeah, it was.”

“How much time before the party starts?” Kelly asked.

“Shit! Ten minutes. Can you get dressed that fast?”

“Yeah, can you?”

“Sure, let me just go wash myself off. I’ll be right back,” he said.

“All right,” Kelly said, watching TRL close the bathroom door behind him.

“I love you,” she whispered.

And THAT was new.


Evil closed the door to his room after collecting Eliza Dushku and helping her downstairs. She was still stumbling a bit after the massive orgasm.

Evil had to return upstairs to help straighten up the room. With only 10 minutes left until the party he had to get downstairs and at least try to fix his relationship with Jennifer Garner.

On the way to the elevator he was met by a pleasant surprise.

“Eva,” Evil said appreciating the site he saw. Eva Longoria dressed like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader… somewhat.

A black top that showcased her cleavage, daisy dukes, and short boots that came up to the ankle and a cowboy hat.

“Hey you,” Eva said kissing Evil lightly on the lips. Eva then winked at him as she took off her cowboy hat and put it on Evil.

Evil smiled and said, “You know that when a cowboy or girl puts their hat on someone that means they’re gonna fuck them. You know that right?” Eva wrapped her arms around Evil’s neck and simply nodded. Evil grinned as she opened the door to her hotel room. “The party starts in like, 10 minutes hon,” Evil said.

“We can be fashionably late,” Eva said, accentuating her Spanish accent, driving Evil wild.

She pulled him into the room and he closed the door.


“You sure we can do this?” Jennifer said setting up the things Angelina had brought. Whips, chains, handcuffs, this wasn’t really Jennifer’s scene but Ashley Judd was a friend of hers and she was happy with Kate Beckinsale.

“Absolutely, Maria needs to be taught a lesson about being a home wrecker,” Angelina said.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to hurt her, she’s always been nice to me when I talk to her,” Jennifer said, the doubt obvious in her voice.

“That’s the press darling, they have to be nice,” Angelina said as she pulled out a bullwhip from under her bed. “Maria is a stone cold bitch who ruined a relationship I had high hopes for.”

Jennifer looked at the door and rubbed her arms. Jen then checked her watch. “There are only 10 minutes before the party gets underway,” Jennifer said.

Angelina looked at her and grinned. “Our party is just getting started darling.”

With that there was a knock at the door.

“Get that will you?” Angelina asked.

Jennifer answered the door to see Charisma Carpenter holding Maria Menounos in an arm lock. Jen recognized the hold from Evil’s matches.

“WHAT THE FUCK? LET ME GO YOU BITCH!” Maria yelled as Charisma closed the door.

Angelina walked up to her and slapped her across the face. “Shut your dirty mouth whore.”

Angelina then winked at Jennifer. She was going to have fun with this.


The elevator had just barely opened up again, depositing a naked Mya, Britney Spears, and Alicia Keys on the floor of their suites. All three babes were covered in girl cum, and Mya’s ass still stung from the spanking Britney had given her at Alicia’s demand.

“What a great warm up for the party,” Britney said, stopping at her door. “I’ll see you girls downstairs.”

“Right. Thanks again for the fresh tonguing, Brit!” Alicia said. “C’mon, Mya, let’s go get dressed.”

“I’m so not going to be able to wear panties,” Mya muttered.

“That’s a problem?”

“Not for me,” Mya smiled.

As Mya and Alicia walked down the hallway to their rooms, they passed a certain room that, mere moments before, had held Evil, Kelly Clarkson, and Keira Knightley. Now, just Keira remained, and she was finally ready for the party, now due to start in about five minutes.

Stepping out of her room, Keira marveled at the sheer black gown that clung to her body in the most perfect way. Considering that she had forgone underwear in favor of easy access, the fact that her nipples were visible through the top was to be expected.

“Keira?” A voice said from across the hall. Keira turned to see her old friend, Natalie Portman approaching fast. Natalie was clad in a tight, form fitting white dress with a short skirt that ended well above her knees. Calling Natalie sexy would be an understatement.

“Natalie!” Keira cried out, grabbing the other brunette in a hug. “I didn’t think you were going to make it!”

“Well, after what happened to me on The Island, I thought I deserved to give CSSA another chance,” Natalie replied. She stepped back and twirled about. “So, do I look fixable?”

“I’ll take you into my room right now and prove it,” Keira said.

“Oh no you don’t,” Natalie said. “I know the party’s just about to start. Enough people are going to be late due to sex, I don’t want to miss the beginning.”

“Then you can be my date,” Keira said, taking Natalie by the arm and leading her into the elevator.

“Why have we never had the chance to hook up before?” Natalie asked.

“Don’t know, but I promise you Luv, we will fuck before the night is over,” Keira said, placing a kiss on Natalie’s wet lips.


As Cosmo was going up to his room to get ready for the party, in case he didn’t have time once he started looking for Lindsay and Tara, he spotted the saddest excuse for a human being he had ever seen working in the hallway. “Why me?” cried the sorry, acne-ridden hotel worker. “Why do I ALWAYS get stuck with the worst jobs?” he continued to whine as he cleaned a steaming pile of crap off the floor.

“Hey man, cheer up,” Cosmo tried to comfort the poor bastard. While the guy really was a sorry sight, Cosmo was in a good mood and couldn’t help but try to spread some holiday cheer. “My friends call me Cosmo. What’s your name?”


“So what seems to be the problem Wayne?”

“Just look at this. There are all sorts of hot women downstairs, but I’m stuck up here trying to clean up this dog poop. People aren’t even supposed to bring dogs!”

Cosmo felt bad for the poor bastard, especially since he figured that it was Hamster’s hyena, not a dog that had made the mess in the hall. “Hey, it can’t be that bad. You’ll have plenty of time to pick up a honey at the party after you finish here.”

“What’s the point? I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. I’ve never even kissed a girl! I’m going to spend the rest of my life alone!”

“Hey, keep you chin up,” Cosmo patted Wayne on the shoulder as he tried to console him. “I’ve always believed there’s someone out there for everybody.”


“Absolutely. You know, in some cases, there’s two somebody’s for one person. Some might call it the jackpot, but I like to call it earlier this evening.” Cosmo immediately regretted that last statement, fearing it would just make Wayne feel worse.

“Really? That stuff really happens? Could you, you know, tell me about it?” Wayne asked, almost too anxiously.

“Well,” Cosmo began, not particularly interested in sharing details about his sex life with the pathetic-looking hotel worker, but not wanting to disappoint the poor guy either, “it happened like this…”

earlier that evening…

Maria hadn’t lied about her and Kate wanting to fuck. No sooner had the horny women gotten Cosmo into their room then they were going at it. In no time the ladies had undressed each other and were kissing madly, their hands roaming, exploring every square inch of each other’s bodies. Maria reluctantly pulled away from her British lover and turned to Cosmo. “So, you think you can handle us both?”

“Of course he can,” Kate paused from sucking Maria’s nipples to chime in. “I bet a virile young man like that can go for hours.”

Kate was now on her back, Maria lying atop her as they resumed their kissing. “So, who gets to go first?” Cosmo asked as he positioned himself behind the two beauties. “Kate,” he said as he rubbed the fat head of his cock around her wet pussy, “or Maria?” He moved his cock up to her dripping slit. Both women moaned eager to be the first to experience his hard tool. Over and over he did this, driving the ladies crazy with need.

“Please! Fuck me!” both women cried out. Kate, however, was a little more devious, and had a plan to make sure she got the cock first. She licked her finger, making sure it would be slick when the time came. When Cosmo began teasing Maria again, Kate pounced on the opportunity, reaching around and sticking her moistened finger deep into Maria’s ass.

“OH GOD! BITCH!” Maria cried out, the combination of the hard cock teasing her clit and Kate’s finger up her ass driving her to a sudden, violent climax.

“Well, since you’ve already gotten off, I don’t think it would be fair if Kate didn’t get to go first,” Cosmo grinned as Maria feebly rolled off to the side, still shaking from the powerful orgasm.

Kate smiled. “YES! ME FIRST! PLEASE FUCK-” her cries were cut off as Cosmo drove his length fully into her willing snatch. She was in heaven as she the large intruder spread her vaginal walls. “Fuck me! Hard! I need it! Pound that cunt!” And need it she did, Kate was in no mood for a slow or gentle fuck. She was craving it hard, fast, and deep.

Cosmo was more than happy to oblige. Not only did her pussy feel fantastic, but seeing the older woman writhing in ecstasy, knowing he was the reason for it, that drove him wild with lust. He thrust faster, harder, just as Kate begged.

Meanwhile, Maria had recovered somewhat and was eager to join in. She crawled over to Kate and began lapping at her clit furiously. The added attention was far too much, and Kate quickly fell into an intense orgasm of her own. Even as she babbled incoherently, Maria continued her assault, determined to get even with her girlfriend.

By now, Cosmo had pulled out, content to watch Maria bring Kate to several more gushing climaxes while he recovered. Maria, satisfied that Kate was well and truly fucked, was more than ready to get some cock for herself. Cosmo quickly granted her wish, entering her from behind.

“Ooooh, God yes,” Maria sighed happily. Cosmo reached around to play with Maria’s ample tits while sawing in and out of her sopping tunnel. Maria turned back to him. “Fuck me, just like you fucked her. Fuck me hard and fill me with your hot cum!”

Not wanting to disappoint, Cosmo began hammering into Maria with all his might. After several minutes, the sight of Maria’s quivering form, not to mention the feel of her spasming cunt, had him ready to blow. Finally, as her pussy clamped down, Cosmo lost control. “Mmm, fuck yeah,” he growled as he fired stream after stream of scalding jizz into Maria’s box. The feel of his hot seed spurting into her sent Maria over the edge once again, and she cried out as another delicious orgasm washed through her. Cosmo pulled out and allowed Maria to roll over, then brought his dick to her mouth so she could taste their combined juices. Maria happily went about her task, then suddenly began moaning and squirming. Cosmo looked down and saw that Kate had recovered enough to start sucking the cum out of Maria’s freshly fucked hole. Cosmo watched in amazement as Kate thoroughly cleaned Maria out, then moved up to kiss her girlfriend passionately, sharing the last remnants of his and Maria’s cum…


“Wayne? Wayne? Dude, I kinda lost you there.”

“Oh, sorry, I just, um, I mean, I really liked your story,” Wayne said nervously as he fidgeted about, trying to conceal the growing wet spot from where he had just ejaculated into his pants. “I, um, I have to go now!” He quickly retreated down the hall, hopefully to the nearest bathroom where he could clean up, or toss himself off, which ever worked best.

“Take care champ! You’ll get lucky soon, I just know it!” Cosmo yelled to the hapless hotel worker. Once Wayne was out of sight, Cosmo just shook his head. “I can’t believe the dude nutted in his pants. I feel dirty,” he muttered to himself.

“He’s not the only one who liked that story. I don’t suppose you could help me out?” asked a new voice.

“Jules?!? I thought you were going to be stuck in Cambridge at th-” Cosmo was unable to finish as Jules Asner’s tongue worked it’s way into his mouth.

“Talk later. Sex now.”


KMB and Rose gathered around a television to watch the security tapes from the bathroom. After fast forwarding through it, they saw Tara pull out a mirror and a little plastic baggie. Her head disappeared from view for a moment before popping back up. She threw her head back and wiped her nose.

“I’ll kill her for doing that shit,” Rose growled as she watched Tara snort lines of coke. After spending her childhood in a hippie commune, she had little use for drugs.

Tara leaned forward to snort another line, but never came back up. After a few minutes, Budpaul and Amanda Bynes came into view. They disappeared from view for a few moments before reappearing. The moment Amanda’s head disappeared but Bud’s stayed, Rose had a good idea where the semen on Tara’s face had come from.

‘Bring Amanda and Budpaul to me, NOW!” Rose screamed.


“Wow, hi there,” Amber said after she’d adjusted to the shock of being pulled into the room by a very naked Elisha.

“Michelle wouldn’t let me play until you got here,” Elisha explained, pulling Amber into the main part of the room where Michelle and Joe waited.

“Can we finally take these things off?” Joe whined, yanking at the cuffs.

“No, I think we’ll leave them on a little longer,” Michelle said, grinning as she eyed Amber. “You already got some of Amber. Elisha and I haven’t.”

“Pleeease?” Joe begged.

“No,” Michelle snapped. She pulled out one a bag and produced a strap-on. After tossing it to Elisha, she produced another one for herself. “Elisha, you get her pussy, I get her ass. If she can keep her mind focused, I guess Joe can have her mouth.”


Evil and Eva stumbled into the room furiously kissing. Evil tossed the cowboy hat across the room and picked up Eva and practically dropped her on the bed. Evil went straight for Eva’s pussy, nearly ripping her denim daisy dukes right off, luckily she hadn’t bothered with panties, they would only get in the way.

Evil plowed his tongue into Eva’s already wet pussy. Eva was still very energetic for one who just had another guy in her not more then 20 minutes ago. She leaned back on the bed, a soft moan escaping her lips as Evil’s tongue lashed in and out of her pussy, dragging along the bare area as his hands moved up and down her smooth thighs. Eva groaned again as she felt her legs push against Evil’s head. “MMMMM, popi,” Eva moaned in delight. She let her hands drag along her breasts, squeezing them tight as she pinched her nipples, her groans growing louder as Evil’s tongue pushed deeper and deeper into her snatch. With a sudden moan, Eva came, her entire body shaking as she came onto Evil’s face, her orgasm incredible.

Eva had just gotten her breath back when she felt Evil move onto her, his cock sliding into her pussy and immediately began pumping. “I’m not done yet hon,” Evil said. Eva was taken aback and wanted to say something but soon found herself too lost in pleasure as Evil pushed himself in and out of her with surprising strength. Eva’s moans got louder as Evil pushed his face into her chest, licking at her breasts and suckling at her nipples hard as he kept driving into her, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy with hard movements, pushing deeper into her pussy as his tongue slid all along her tits. Evil came inside her and Eva felt her body shake under another orgasm.

Eva got up and tossed Evil down on the bed and sucked him back to erect position and mounted him. “Ride ’em cowgirl!” Evil said. Eva lowered herself on to Evil and began to slowly bounce up and down on him, letting her breasts bounce as well.

Evil just laid back and let Eva do all the work on this one. His hands shot up to her breasts and began to knead them in his hands. Eva was moaning at the treatment her tits were getting. She was moaning louder and louder with each thrust, she began to go faster and faster, moaning louder and louder. Eva let out a primal scream as she came, then fell to Evil’s side, her costume long forgotten on the floor.

At that moment a thought popped into Evil’s mind. He checked the bedside clock. “Well, we’ll definitely be fashionably late,” Evil said as Eva checked the time.

“8:10, party’s already officially begun,” Eva said as she kissed Evil on the lips and went to her closet.


Meanwhile in Angelina’s room. Maria Menounos was chained to the bed and Charisma was naked standing next to her trying to force a gag into her mouth. Angelina was now dressed in full dominatrix gear. A leather top that showed off the goods, leather hot pants that clung to every curve and thigh high boots, and a whip to complete the costume.

“You ruined a relationship I set up you bitch,” Angelina said to Maria as she slid her gloves on.

“FUCK YOU WHORE!” Maria spat out at her. Jennifer stood in a corner in a bit of shock. She’d never seen Maria or Angelina like this before. Jen knew about Ashley Judd and Kate Beckinsale, she also knew about Maria and what happened on the island, but this was a bit too much for her.

Angelina looked over at Jennifer, who stood in a corner in shock at what she was seeing. Charisma lifted up Maria and Angelina turned to her and slammed the wooden paddle on her ass very hard.

Jen backed toward the door, which got Angelina’s attention. “Where are you going Jennifer?”

“I-I-I-I have to go,” Jen said.

“Please stay with us, we’re just starting to have fun,” Charisma said approaching her as well.

Jennifer felt herself backed into a corner, she bumped into the wall and made a mad grab for the door handle. “This isn’t the fun I had in mind,” Jennifer said running out the door. Charisma went after her only to be stopped by Angelina.

“Let her go Luv, she’ll be back,” Angelina said with confidence as they turned back to a gagged Maria.

Jennifer went to the elevator to go down to the party; this was too much for her.


“So, are you heading down to the party?” Brittany asked.

“Yeah, I was just tryin’ to get all my shit together first. You want to join me and we can make the grand entrance together?”

“Sure, but can we talk first?”

“Sure, no problem. I gotta finish getting ready anyways. Come on in,” Raw said as he stepped out of the way like a gentleman and held the door open for her.

Brittany walked into the main room of the suite and sat down on the sectional couch.

“I was actually surprised to find you all alone,” she said with a curious smile.

“Well, you know. I’m just a lonely type of guy,” he barely got out without laughing.

“Now I know you’re lying, you shit,” she heartily laughed back.

“So, what’s on your mind?” Raw asked sitting down next to her.

Brittany turned to face him and inched closer until their legs touched one another. A good thirty seconds of silence went by before she replied.

“It’s just…….I wanted to spend some time with you before we go downstairs and will probably lose track of one another, Raw.”

“Well, I…”

“Please let me finish,” she interjected and nervously adjusted her black leather miniskirt. “Deep down in my heart, I know that your heart belongs to Roselyn and I’m not trying to change that. Whatever is will be. It’s just that that week we spent with each other… I haven’t been able to forget about you. And it’s more than that though. I consider you one of my best friends, but since that week that we were together, I think that I might love you.”

Raw sat in silence.

“And I know that right now, at this particular time in our lives that it would never work. But I’ve had this pain and longing in my heart ever since then and I had to tell you what I’ve been feeling, what I have in my heart for you.”

Raw stayed in silence.

“I talked to Roselyn last night and she is coming here tonight. She was very reluctant about it at first but I convinced her to come. Her and 50 split up two days ago and she wasn’t sure if she should come here with you around and all the sex happening and drinking and all the other stuff. I’m sure it’ll be hard for her to see you with other women,” she said and paused to wipe a tear running down her cheek.

“Brit, Roselyn and I have been with other women together,” Raw stated while scratching his head.

“That’s the thing, when you two were together. She still has the deepest feelings for you and I doubt that will ever change even if she lives twelve lifetimes. You two are meant for each other and that’s that, but I still have to be true to myself and my feelings, right?”


“That’s why I wanted us to be together before we get involved in all the party stuff and before Roselyn shows up.”

Brittany slowly leaned in one inch from Raw’s face. “Besides, I’m not wearing any panties,” she whispered.

“Neither am I.”

Their lips made contact, but quickly broke apart when they heard a loud knocking on the door.

“What the fuck?” Raw stood up and walked over to the door while the knocking continued. He could here a couple of voices on the other side of the door.

Raw quickly pulled the door open to a naked Natasha Henstridge and Kristen Miller. Quickly they rushed by him and into the suite.

“Quick, close the door before they find us!” Natasha screamed.

“Who finds you?” Raw asked slamming the door shut.

“We got our clothes ripped off by a bunch of women on the other side of the hotel!” Kristen yelled while trying to cover her nakedness.

“Who is after you two?” Rawballz asked trying to catch a good glimpse of Natasha and Kristen’s goodies.

“It was an entire horde of women that were ripping off our clothes and fondling our breasts and putting their hands in other naughty places,” Kristen replied sounding like an innocent twelve year old.

As much as Raw wanted to take up for these two blonde bombshells, he couldn’t help but have his thoughts drifting towards gutter land.

“I can’t believe the nerve,” Raw almost cracked-up trying to do his best acting. Brittany let out a small giggle from the other side of the suite.

“Listen, this is a CSSA party. There are going to be a lot of…” Raw got out before being cut-off by a tremendous pounding on the door again.

“Don’t open it, it’s them!” Natasha yelled.

With a smile, Raw unlocked the door and cracked it open to look out. Suddenly, the door burst open with the sound of a group of women babbling about.

Natasha and Kristen ran and hid on the kitchen as Jada Pinkett, Vivica A. Fox, Halle Berry, Tamala Jones, Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Cindy Herron, Alicia Keys, and Mya holding a leash that was connected to a collar around the neck of Britney Spears all piled into the room at once.

The champagne and wine was spilling all over the floor and Raw knew what this would soon turn into.

‘Damn, will I ever make it downstairs?’ he thought to himself.

Jada jumped into Raw’s arms and kissed him deeply on the mouth. “You ready for the party tonight, Ballz?” she asked with champagne on her breath.

“More than ever.”

Jada continued to kiss his neck, as he looked behind her seeing Natasha and Kristen in the kitchen trying to fight off four of the women.

On the other side of the room Mya tied the leash around one of the bedposts. She, Alicia, Tamala and Cindy began chasing Brittany around the king-sized bed.

Overwhelmed by the excitement in the suite, Raw reached under Jada’s black skirt and tore her lace panties completely off her sweet ass. Their lips locked again as his hand caressed her tight asscheeks. He squeezed them for all they were worth and she responded by reaching down and unzipping his pants.

He looked over her shoulder again. Beyonce and Halle had Kristen on her back on the kitchen counter top. Bey straddled her torso backwards and forced her legs apart where Halle was waiting with a spatula held backwards in both hands.

Kelly and Vivica had Natasha laid on her belly on the same counter. Vivica held her ankles in the air and spread her legs while Kelly shoved her tongue into her cunt.

Raw panned to the other side. The others had been busy as beavers. They had Brittany totally naked already. Cindy was lying on her back on the bed and had a strap-on shoved up Brittany’s bum. Tamala and Mya held her in place while Alicia lubed up her strap-on dildo and force-fed it into her pussy.

Jada dropped down to her knees, bringing Raw’s pants and boxers down with her and massaged his already swollen cock.

“Thanks for showing up when you did, Jada. Those girls needed some loosening up for the big bash,” Raw whispered to her.

“Anything for you, Raw,” she said while looking him in the eye and taking his wang into her mouth for a long deep suck.

‘Damn, if this is before the party, I can’t wait until I get a taste of what’s downstairs,’ he thought while hearing Butch’s beats thump through the hotel’s walls.


“What do you mean, you don’t do girls from rival networks?” Victor asked as the three entered.

“I like this job,” Nicollette told him. “I figured that if I keep the fun in-house it’ll go down well with the bosses.”

“Scared you won’t get more work at your age?” Rachel sniggered.

“It’ll happen to you too, missy. Anyway, I hear you’re Fox-only…”

“On the record, yeah. Off…” and she laughed knowingly as they got to the elevator – Mischa Barton hadn’t been the only person she’d been with on the island. “I’m glad you came, Victor; my date blew me off at the last moment – I get some company, and you get to grow your ego for coming in with two hot babes. Among other things…” She and Nikki grinned as Victor tried to hide his own smile.

“Someone’s been busy in here,” Nicollette said, sniffing the air. “Quite a few someone’s. Going up…”

“And going down…” Rachel added, touching Victor’s crotch with a suddenness that startled the writer.

“But we just got her-”

“What do you think we came here for, the conversation?” Rachel told him.


“Look, if you’d said no you’d be doing the same thing at midnight home as here, except by yourself in your hand. Isn’t it better to get it inside the real thing than something imaginary?”

“Well, when you put it that way…”

As soon as the doors closed Rachel turned and planted one on Victor.

“This looks fun,” Rachel said as she slid to her knees and reached into Victor’s pants.

“Is this what you want, darling?” Nicollette was sweetly asking him. He just nodded, his eyes lit up with awe and anticipation.

The noises that Rachel was making were too much for him, and Nicollette could see that so started playing with her tits through her dress. Rachel continued to slurp, lick and suck.

The elevator was fast moving toward its destination as Rachel’s oral ministrations sped up.

Victor moaned in succession with Nicollette, as Victor blew his load down Rachel’s mouth and she stood up.

“MMMMM, thanks,” Rachel said as Victor put his cock away and the elevator doors opened.

As Victor was stepping off his cell phone rang.

“Hello…..speaking….yeah……WHAT?!?!?…..No….no don’t do anything….just stay there I’ll be right there…..look just stay there…I’ll be right there.”

Victor hung up his phone and turned toward his dates for the night.

“Sorry ladies, I have to go, a friend is having car trouble,” Victor said, before the ladies could respond the was back in the elevator and the doors were closed.

Nicollette and Rachel both sighed.

“Oh well, I guess we have to have fun then,” Rachel said.

“I told you in the car, I don’t do girls from other networks.” Nicollette then strode off leaving a sullen Rachel behind.


Jessica Simpson entered the Ballroom and was followed by her husband Nick Lachey. This caused dead silence. Quite frankly everything stopped and stared as they tried to figure out how the man could have the audacity to come to the party uninvited.

“YOU don’t fucking belong here!” Butch yelled angrily.

“Oh yeah, well you invited my wife so you invited me,” Nick informed him.

“No actually I quite clearly remember sending just your wife an invite and writing in 14 point, bold type: DO NOT BRING YOUR HUSBAND all in caps,” Butch explained.

“Yeah well who is going to throw me out?” Nick asked with a smug overconfident smile.

“We will!” came a male and a female voice.

Everyone turned and saw Hamster and Anne Hathaway standing side by side. Hamster had his cock resting in a pitcher of beer.

“To espouse the joys of masturbation.”

“To spread kinky sex across the nation.”

“To indulge in lesbian love.”

“To find something that rhymes with love.”



“Team Fuckit takes off at the speed of light!”

“Get the fuck out now or it’s not going to be your night!”

“Team Fuckit?!?” Nick said in surprise.

“That’s right douche bag. Now beat it before I get pissed,” Hamster said.

“Fine but I’m taking Jessica with me!” Nick said.

“Ms. Fluffy, I CHOOSE YOU!” Hamster cried.

With that Hamster’s hyena came flying through the crowd and clamped down on Nick’s balls with a bite 100x stronger than a pit bull’s.

Nick immediately collapsed in a heap and every male in 10 block radius doubled over in sympathetic pain.

IYG made his way out the elevators just as he heard cries of “That’s gotta hurt.”

He looked around until he saw Nick Lachey lying on the floor, his hands on his groin and Fluffy standing next to him.

IYG moved closer and noticed Hamster laughing beside him with Anne giggling to herself.

“Nice job dude,” IYG said as he high fived Hamster.

“Fucking party crasher,” IYG shouted at Nick as he kicked him in the nuts.

IYG then realized that Jessica was crying due to the fate of her husband.

“Don’t cry Jessica,” IYG reassured her, “He deserved it, here, take my hand and come with me to the bar, there’s a bottle I want you to see.”

“OK but I don’t drink, daddy doesn’t allow me, he says alcohol will ruin my big tits,” the busty blonde replied as she took IYG’s hand and made their way towards the bar.

They reached the empty bar (doesn’t anyone drink these days?) and IYG quickly found the bottle.

“You see this Jessica?” he asked.

“Yes, its half full not half empty,” she replied.

“Very good Jessica,” IYG began, “How would you like to cum and let your juices flow into the bottle while I fuck your tits?”

“Only Nick and daddy ever did that to me but I guess you can be number three,” she replied.

IYG signaled Hamster and Butch his score sign and led Jessica to the back room behind the bar.


The elevator doors opened once more, this time depositing a dark-suited TRL, looking about as dapper as he could possibly be, and a positively radiant Kelly Clarkson. Clad now in a gold dress that clung to her impressive tits perfectly, Kelly came in on TRL’s arm, a smile on her face that made everyone around aware of just how happy she was. TRL’s face had a smile that said “I just got fucked by Kelly Clarkson,” and that made more than a few others jealous.

“Just in time,” TRL said.

“And you didn’t think we’d make it.”

“Well, as soon as the music starts, this party will kick into gear. Until then, you want anything to drink? I think I saw IYG heading towards the bar.”

“Sex on the Beach, please,” Kelly said.

“Why is it every time I’m at a CSSA event with a girl, she asks for a Sex on the Beach?”

“I think it’s a rule,” Kelly giggled, gently pushing TRL on his way.


Upstairs, a very confused Maria Menounos was screaming into her gag as Angelina Jolie mounted the bed.

“You know,” Angelina said, sliding the strap-on dildo gently over the folds of Maria’s bare pussy, “You deserve a lot worse than this. I spend weeks setting up Ashley and Kate, and now you’ve gone and gotten in the way.”

Maria shook her head furiously, but Angelina ignored her.

“We’re missing the party,” Charisma Carpenter pointed out.

“THIS is the real party,” Angelina said, pressing the very tip of the dildo to the entrance of Maria’s slit. “Watch this. Right now, she’s expecting me to drive this home and fuck her senseless. See how the very thought of it is making her wet. She’s a bad little slut, and wants her due. Look at how hard her nipples are. Look at the way she’s trembling.”

Maria tried again to scream through her gag, but nothing more than a muffled groan came out.

“She wants me to fuck her. She really does. But I’m not going to.”

“You aren’t?” Charisma said.

“Nope. I’m going to tease her. Play with her. Use her. The same way she used Kate to play with Ashley. Drive her crazy. You know, Ashley went home to her husband, but she isn’t happy. She craves lesbian sex. I did her myself a few days ago, before coming here. But she loves Kate, Maria. She really does. And she wants to be with her. And you took her away,” Angelina said, pulling a small, thin baton from the back of her suit. Placing the tip very gently on one of Maria’s nipples, she turned towards Charisma.

“Why don’t you going join the party. Fuck Evil or something like that. I’ll be along soon enough.”

“You sure?” Charisma said. “I kind of wanted to-”

“You’ll have a turn. See if you can bring Jennifer back, too,” Angelina smiled. Maria tried to scream again.

“Okay,” Charisma replied, heading off to get changed.

“Now,” Angelina said, turning towards Maria and raising her baton. “Where were we? Oh, yes. Here.” And with that, she delivered a stinging blow to Maria’s right breast.


In his head he saw it like a split screen. The three tech guys had assured him the video wall behind the booth was set up and ready to cue as he arrived.

So he was doing an interview in the elevator on the way down, now re-attired in a C.L.I.T. (Coalition for the Liberation of Itinerant Tree-Dwellers ) shirt over some black khakis.

“It ought to be a lot of fun. I haven’t done it in a while, other than warming up earlier. But I’m looking forward to it.” He smiled.

The lights began to dim in the hall, startling some of the people.

Suddenly, the dormant wall surged to life.


Everyone began murmuring confused, as New Year’s was still four hours off. The lights died out, causing a few curses and worries.


“Maybe it’s an episode of 24,” snickered IYG.


Everyone got impatient, but then settled in…








What the fuck was–

Leeeeeeeet’s get it started…in heeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeee…

The lights came on, confetti began falling from the ceiling, and the video wall showed two images: 25% of the TV’s with the running clock to New Year’s (3:59:32) and 75% flashing three words in neon orange:


Smirking at the crowd, the aforementioned man dropped the first official beat of the evening. Now Peter Piper picked peppers/But Run rocks rhymes…

As they heard the now familiar beat sampled at the end of “Work It”, cheers erupted and couples (triples, quadruples) began to dance on the floor. The smirk faced the camera, and the attractive brunette in the black tube top and low-slung jeans smiled back at him from behind her own microphone–she was surely no stranger to that.

“So, Brooke, you want to see some DJing? Hang around.”


The elevator door opened and Evil arrived at the party, this time with Eva dressed as a Harem girl. “I take it you have a bit of a costume fetish huh Eva?” Evil said, as Eva blushed.

“It’s why I got into acting,” she replied.

“Eva,” cheered Teri Hatcher as Eva went over to her, and the two shared a passionate kiss as a naked Marcia Cross watched on. Evil walked over, greeting Marcia with a warm smile.

“Marcia, you’re looking rather good naked these days,” Evil said.

“Why, thank you, Evil.” She reached up and kissed Evil hard, almost shaking his teeth. He felt her warm breasts pressed against his chest, and for a moment, he almost forgot anyone else was there. “I’d offer you a fuck,” Marcia whispered in his ear, “But Teri and I need to find Nicollette and Felicity. Rain check?”

“Absolutely,” Evil smiled.

Evil walked up to the table where the ROH Pure Wrestling Title was laying, but his vision went black and a giggly “Guess who?” was heard from behind him. Evil smirked, then jerked his body and caught Anne Hathaway, who continued giggling.

“So what have you been doing little Annie?” Evil asked.

“Well, I wanted to see if it was true about wrestlers and your limitless stamina,” she said with a smoldering lustful grin on her face. Evil picked her up and headed for the elevator but was stopped by Rose McGowan and KMB at the DJ Booth.

“Attention everyone…” Rose said as she and KMB got the crowd’s attention “…I’d like to welcome everyone to the 1st annual CSSA New Years Eve party…” Rose said as Lindsay Lohan was led to her on a leash.

“Hi Rose,” Lindsay said, which caused Rose to smack her with a newspaper

“Doggies don’t talk,” Rose said which caused Lindsay to whimper, “you’re only allowed to bark bitch. Now speak.”

Lindsay barked, which caused a lot of people to laugh and grin.

“Good girl,” Rose said, petting Lindsay. “Now I just got word from Victoria that I’m running the show tonight. So while Victoria is away I’m in charge.” Those comments made Evil laugh.

Rose heard this and walked through the crowd and stood across from Evil as he held the title over his shoulder. “Who let the amateur in?” Rose asked which got a laugh out of the crowd.

“Same person who let in your hairdresser,” Evil replied as Rose got in his face and Anne moved to keep them separate.

“I’m surprised to see you here tonight, considering what happened on the island,” Rose said.

“What the hell are you talking about? I wasn’t even there,” Evil said dropping the title.

Rose grinned. “Exactly, ask your girlfriend.”

Evil headed toward the elevator leaving a confused Anne Hathaway behind.


Jennifer Garner made her way down the fire escape stairs in a rush. She never expected to get herself into what happened in Angelina’s room. This was all too much for her.

Jennifer straightened out her black dress and stopped at her floor and walked to her room. Jennifer sat down and started to cry. How did this happen? How did things get this far out of control?

Jennifer stopped crying and went in to the bathroom and splashed her face with water.


Once Evil got to the elevator he was met by Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. Evil and Keira shared a grin.

“Ready for round 2 darling?” Evil asked.

Keira grinned. “Maybe later Luv, right now I’ve got Natalie to entertain.”

“Well, if you want to have another threesome later, you know where my room is,” Evil said as he saw Natalie get a bit nervous and proceeded to kiss her passionately, then get in the elevator.


Jennifer Garner pulled out her bags and began packing her things. ‘I have to go, I can’t take this, it’s all too much.’ The emotional toll of the last few months with Evil and what happened tonight was too much to bear. At that moment the front door opened and Jennifer was face to face with Evil for the first time since they arrived.

“We need to talk,” was all he said.


The party was well underway when Keira and Natalie entered the main ballroom. Loud music was blaring, and it was fairly evident that there was a great deal of commotion going on. Both girls had been to CSSA events before, and knew that sex was a given. Men would fuck women, and women would fuck women. Natalie thought it might be possible that men would fuck other men, but had never heard of it happening – after all, most CSSA writers were so obsessed with the women they wrote about, questioning their sexuality wasn’t a high priority.

“Why didn’t we go with Evil? That could have been our chance to finally hook up?” Natalie giggled.

“Maybe, but I want it to be just the two of us, then and only then will I involve anyone else, but for now what do you want to do first?” Keira asked, taking Natalie by the hand.

Natalie giggled. “Don’t you mean WHO do you want to do first?”

“Nope,” Keira smiled. “You’ll be doing ME first, sweetie. The question is, do you want to get a drink and have a dance before we get each other off?”

“That sounds nice,” Natalie said. “Do you want me to get the drinks?”

“Nah, you stay put. I’ll get the drinks and be right back,” Keira said, actually kissing Natalie on the lips before she sauntered off towards the bar.

Natalie watched her go and then spotted Kelly Clarkson standing off to one side by herself. Natalie figured she’d go say hi while waiting for her drink.


Back at the bar, a rather confused TRL was looking around, wondering where IYG went.

“Where could he be?” TRL asked himself.

“Where could who be?” a sultry English voice asked. TRL turned to see Keira Knightley standing next to him.

“IYG. Dude’s supposed to be tending bar. I just saw him head over this way with Jessica Simpson, but now they’re both gone…” TRL said, a sinking feeling entering his stomach.

“Better check the back room,” Keira smiled.

“Yeah, better,” TRL sighed, knowing what he’d find inside.

Sure enough, IYG was inside, naked from the waist down, his cock sliding between the lubed up tits of Jessica Simpson. Jessica was completely naked, save for her high heels, and seemed to be masturbating herself with… something.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing?” TRL asked.

“Uh, titty-fucking Jessica Simpson.”

“I’m really good at it!” Jessica said.

TRL rolled his eyes. “IYG, you’re supposed to be manning the bar.”

“Dude, I’m titty-fucking Jessica Simpson! Get your own damn drink.”

“Jessica?” Keira asked. “What’s that in your pussy?”

“A bottle,” Jessica said. “It feels really good. Nick never makes me feel this good.”

“A bottle?” TRL asked.

“It’s mine,” IYG replied.

“I gathered that,” TRL said. Suddenly, Keira pulled him aside.

“Am I the only one who finds this rather hot?” she whispered in his ear.

“Well, Jessica’s hot,” TRL replied. “IYG’s kinda blocking her tits from me, though.” Keira slapped his arm playfully.

“Come with me for a second,” she said, pulling TRL over in front of the couple having sex. “Jess, IYG, don’t stop what you’re doing, but watch this.” She pulled a small stool over and bent over, exposing her ass to TRL. “Do me,” she hissed at him.

“What?” TRL asked.

“Fuck me!” Keira said, smiling as she pulled her top down enough to expose her perky little tits. IYG’s eyes went wide.

TRL let his pants drop, and slid his rock hard cock into Keira. The lovely Miss Knightley was sopping wet, her box a wash of lusty heat, accepting TRL’s manhood in one easy thrust.

“Ooooh, yeah,” Keira moaned. “That’s so good. Fuck my pussy, TRL. Fuck me while I watch Jessica and IYG get off. It makes me feel soooooo dirty.”

And so, TRL rapidly began banging Keira’s hot cunt. In and out, faster and faster. Meanwhile, IYG kept up his actions with Jessica, sliding his own rock hard cock between her ample, perfect tits. Jessica’s eyes were locked on Keira’s body, and the hot young Texan singer started driving the bottle in and out of her snatch in time with TRL’s thrusts into Keira’s pussy.

No one said a word for a good five or six minutes as the pace increased. Soon enough, though, the basic needs of human nature called. Surprisingly, TRL came first, shooting his load deep into Keira’s slit with a loud moan. Jessica came next, her activities with the bottle more than the innocent little singer could handle. Orgasm crashed through her, and IYG’s bottle went from half full to three quarters in the space of a few pubic spasms. Keira came next, the sight on Jessica’s face enough to set off her already aroused mind, and she crammed herself down on TRL’s cock while he was still unloading.

Finally, IYG came, his load shooting out over Jessica’s breasts and face. The young man practically fell off the singer, leaving her with a nasty face load of cum that was dribbling down her chest and coating the very breasts IYG had just fucked.

“Well,” TRL said a moment later. “That was fun.”

“Yeah,” IYG said, pulling the bottle out of Jessica’s sore little snatch. “So, uh, what did you guys want to drink?”


Raw pushed Jada off of his rock-hard cock and tore the skirt from her waist with ease.

“Gettin’ a little rough, are we?” Jada slurred with a half-drunk smile.

Without saying a word, Raw turned her around, pulled her hands behind her back and tied her wrists together with her discarded skirt. He leaned her over the small table in the hallway and spread her legs apart as far as they would reach.

“I think I’m gonna like this.”

He grabbed the back of her tank top and tore it in half right down the back. After ripping it from her shoulders, he leaned forward and shoved it into her mouth.

Rubbing his cock with his hand, he positioned himself behind her helpless ass. Without thought of an easy insertion, he took one stroke in until he was ballz-deep. Jada screamed a muffled scream into her top, but Raw wasn’t finished punishing her. He pulled all the way back out and shoved it in hard again. The top of her head banged up against the wall and the lamp that was sitting on the table came crashing down on the floor.

“Nobody walk barefoot in the hallway!” Raw yelled out to the action-packed room.

Beyonce, Kelly, Vivica and Halle had Natasha and Kristen on top on the kitchen counter. Both were on all fours and facing each other ass-to-ass. Bey and Halle were in front of of Kristen, pushing her shoulders as Kelly and Vivica were doing the same with Natasha. Their asses collided with one another as the double-headed dildo soared into both of them.

Raw started feeling homesick for the NPC ring.

Brittany was getting every hole filled up on the bed. Cindy was still lying beneath her, but was now face to face with her. She was matching each thrust to her pussy that Alicia was proudly giving to her anus. Mya was standing, with her feet on both sides of Cindy’s head, scull-fucking Brittany’s mouth. Meanwhile, Tamala was just casually licking her sweaty back. Britney looked lonely as she was watching all the action around her with her hand between her legs.

After causing all of the papers, vase and pens to scatter across the floor, Raw felt his heat rising. He quickly pulled out and shot his load in a perfect line up Jada’s backbone. Satisfied yet again and remembering why codename was what it was, he fell back against the far wall.

He jumped at the sudden sight of Aisha Tyler standing in the doorway. She was completely naked except for high heels, a strap-on dildo and a smile.

“May I cut in?” she politely asked.

“Be my guest. I gotta get downstairs anyway,” he responded while wiping his brow.

Adjusting his clothes back on himself, he took one last look around the room and laughed. “Damn, this’ll be going on all night.”

Tamala spotted him exiting the suite. “Raw, come back, Raw! We’re just getting warmed up! Come on girls!” she screamed.

He made it halfway down to the elevators and clearly heard that last line she yelled. As if in slo-mo he turned back around to see all of the women come crashing into the main hallway and running towards him.

“Shit,” was all he could say.

“Come on, come on, come on,” Raw grumbled as he continued pressing the elevator button in a panic.

He turned his head to see Alicia quickly getting closer to him. He never thought he see the day where he was running from a large group of hot, naked women, but every dog has its day indeed.

Suddenly, with her right on his tail, the doors opened up and Raw jumped inside. His head smashed into the far wall of the elevator and for the first time in his life he actually saw stars.

The doors hummed shut. Raw turned over onto his back and saw a blurry figure standing across from him. His brain still aching and his eyes foggy, he saw the figure crouch down next to him.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“I’m just rosey, teacher. Please hand me the mustard please,” he uttered.

“You poor thing. You must’ve hit your head pretty hard. Here let me help you out.”

Raw could feel her warm hands down below his equator, unzipping his pants and pulling his boxers down. Her smooth, tender fingers lightly brushed over the head of his cock and it instantly sprung to life.

“You must’ve hit your head pretty hard for it to do this to your cock.”

She ran the tips of her fingernails down his shaft to his ballz and back up again. In his stupor, Raw was in no mood to argue with this mystery woman with an agenda.

“This calls for an emergency procedure,” she laughed.

Raw felt her warm breath all over his rod and then her tongue flicked at the head. He was feeling so good that it was a miracle he didn’t pass out.

She slowly brought her entire mouth over his cock and stopped with it completely in. The exhales from her nostrils tickled his ballz. She brought with her just the right amount of pressure in her jaws as she pulled back up.

She cradled his ballz in one hand and began to build up the momentum on her sucking. Her tongue danced around his dick with each slurp as she rapidly began bobbing her head up and down.

The slurping sounds bounced off of the metal walls and played like an finely-tuned instrument. Her beautiful, full lips fastened around his member perfect like a glove.

Raw felt his ballz fill-up and the cum rushed up his hard cock only to explode into the mouth and down the throat of the woman.

“Mmmmmmmmm… that’s the shot I needed,” she said as she finished swallowing and wiped her chin.

Raw finally came out of it and rubbed his eyes. Clad in a black fishnet dress that only came down beneath her asscheeks was Scarlett Johansson. She was intently licking her fingers as Raw stood back up.

“Scarlett, I didn’t think you’d make it tonight.”

“Well, I…” Before she could finish, the doors opened up to the posse of women he had left just minutes before. Scarlett looked at Raw. “Friends of yours?”

Before Raw could reply, all of the horny, naked women rushed into the elevator.

Beyonce and Vivica grabbed Scarlett by the shoulders and pushed her back up against the wall. Before she could blink again her dressed was pulled over her head. The two women began bathing her nipples in their saliva.

Natasha shot both of her hands inside the front of Scarlett’s black panties and pulled back until they tore away from her hips. She could do nothing but close her eyes and give in. Why would she fight anyways?

Kelly and Halle ran over and grabbed her by her legs and picked her ass up off the floor. They pulled apart until Scarlett’s legs were spread as wide as Texas.

“Get her asshole wet, Natasha,” Vivica demanded.

After getting her cunt sopping wet, Natasha licked her index finger and slowly pushed it into Scarlett’s butthole. She winced in discomfort, but quickly grew used to it parked in there.

The elevator doors shut and Raw knew there was no way of getting to the party right this second.

“I might as well enjoy this while I can.”

Mya walked up to him with the leash around Britney’s neck. Raw looked behind her and saw Brittany being led by Alicia in the same format.

“Quickly the submissive type, huh Brittany?” Raw joked.

“Only when it comes to her,” she said pointing at Alicia.

“What did I tell you? Do not speak until spoken to!” Alicia yelled at her with her face just inches from Brittany’s.

“Now get on your knees and suck Raw’s cock!” she demanded.

Brittany slowly bent down on her knees and pulled his dick out. Raw made eye contact with Mya. She jerked on Britney’s leash and she quickly got to her knees as well.

Raw’s tired cock met the outside world once again and was greeted on both sides by the tongues of the two blonde women. Mya and Alicia got on either side of him and kissed down his neck to his nipples.

Cindy had joined Natasha crouched down at Scarlett’s ass. Natasha had a dildo buried into her pussy, while Cindy had another one stroking in and out of her asshole. Scarlett writhed in their arms as Kelly and Halle slapped her asscheeks while Bey and Vivica sucked on her full melons. Tamala joined the fray and shoved a third dildo into Scarlett’s screaming mouth.

Brittany and Britney took turns sucking on Raw’s cock, each giving the proper amount of attention before exchanging hands. In his mind, he started noticing the little differences of each one’s mouth. Brittany took her time and made sure she tasted every inch of the cock. Britney was faster, quicker to get a guy off. Both had their virtues and both had their vices. But for once it was great to have the best of both worlds.

Kristen had knelt down behind Mya and lapped at her asscrack with her tongue. Jada got down and did the same with Alicia. The two standing beauties both shared deep, intimate kisses with Raw.

With so much attention and focus on her body, Scarlett threw her head back as her orgasm was ready to explode.

Raw couldn’t take anymore himself and felt yet another stirring in his boys. Her palmed both of the blonde’s heads as he was ready to ignite.

“Wait! Wait, Raw! Don’t do it yet! Come over here!” Bey yelled.

“Yeah! Bust your nut in Scarlett here!” Halle added.

Raw made his way over to her body that was still being held in the air. As Kelly rapidly stroked her clit, Raw shoved his rod into her cunt and began plowing away.

It didn’t take long at all before Scarlett was filled in the other end with Raw’s cum. Raw stood there panting as he felt her orgasm running down his legs. They both slumped into one another’s arms.

The elevator’s doors finally opened on the bottom floor. Everybody quickly exited except for the two satisfied ones. “So… what was I saying?” Scarlett asked joined with a big laugh.

“I have absolutely no idea,” he replied trying hard to stop laughing.

Raw pulled his pants back up for the 161st time, put his hand on Scarlett’s ass, and they exited the elevator together.

“So what are your plans tonight?” Raw asked.

“Well, I gotta find Voodoo first. After that, who knows?”

“You hope to be the one kissing him at midnight though, right?”

“I’d love to, but if not, I’ll settle for you.”

“Heh. Well, I may bring my standards down as well and give you a little peck.”

They shared one last kiss before parting ways.

“I”ll see you later, beautiful,” Raw stated with a wink.

“Bye for now, sexy,” she responded blowing a kiss at him and walking away.

Raw felt someone poking him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw Eva standing there dressed very conservatively, very librarian-like.

“Eva, where have you been?”

“Around the world and back. It’s funny how much attention I’m getting from people here.”

“Funny? Nothing funny about it. Believe me, writer’s at CSSA have working eyeballs too. Come here.” Raw put his arm around her waist and they headed into the main room. “You and your costumes.”

They both walked in and let there ears be filled with DJ Black Plague’s beats.


“Make it fast,” Jennifer said as she continued packing.

“Rose said something that got me thinking about the island…” Evil said which made Jennifer freeze in place.

“W-w-w-what are you talking about?” Jennifer asked, now looking at him.

“That’s what I’m wondering Jennifer. So enlighten me about what really happened about that island,” Evil said sitting down.

Jennifer gulped and backed away from the bed with Evil glaring at her. “Um… it’s not what you think.”

“That’s the best you’ve got huh? It’s not what I think?” Evil said raising his voice and standing up, “Here’s what I think Jennifer. I think that Rose told you not to invite me, or even tell me about the island. You know damn well Rose hates me, I expected you to show more backbone than this.”

“BACKBONE?!?! Yeah Rose told me not to invite you… yeah I know you two do not get along… and YES I didn’t invite you to the island, you wanna know why? It’s because I needed a fucking break. You are always on the road, if you’re not wrestling, you’re in school… and all the media attention our relationship is getting is too much for me. I went to the island because I needed time off.”

Evil rubbed his temples. “I don’t get this Jennifer. You know I don’t get along with Rose, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE. You are supposed to back me on this. So you want to take a break, maybe we should. LET’S BREAK UP!” Evil said storming out of the room.

Jennifer listened to the door slam, and that’s when it all hit her. She sat down on the bed and started to cry.


“So, there I was, naked from the waist down, with only the pool water to cover me, and Carnage and Kirsten Dunst come walking in, hand in hand, obviously about to get intimate. Thank god TRL was there to cover for me.”

Kelly Clarkson giggled at the thought of TRL standing in front of a half-naked Natalie Portman in a pool on Victoria’s Island. TRL was such a goof-ball some time, it was exactly something he’d do.

“So, anyway,” Natalie went on, “After TRL managed to get Carnage and Kiki out of there, I gave in and we had sex. He was the first guy I did after the rape on the island.” Kelly saw a shiver run through Natalie at that memory. “But he was so kind, so gentle. He really treated me like a queen.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, “He treats me that way, too. The other night, he gave me his coat when I mentioned I was chilly. Then the fool went and almost froze to death when the temperature really dropped. When we got back to my place, I warmed him up by getting into the shower with him.”

“So,” Natalie asked with a wicked smile. “Are you two a real couple, or is he still available to play?”

“We’re both still available to play,” Kelly said slowly. “But… Well, let’s just say that if he wanted to, we’d be an item for sure. I mean, this is a CSSA event, and I know he’ll be doing other women all night long. Heck, I’ve already had a tryst with someone, and I want to do a few more girls before the party’s over, but when the sun comes up, maybe I’ll ask him to stay with me.”

“You make a cute couple,” Natalie said. “But, then again, I think you’re pretty cute on your own.”

“Natalie Portman!” Kelly exclaimed. “Are you coming on to me?”

Natalie smiled. “You said you wanted to be with a few other girls. I’ve spent the last five minutes telling you sex tales while watching guys and girls line up to have a go at Lindsay Lohan. I could use a little tension relief.”

Kelly smiled back. “TRL’s been gone a while getting my drink. We could probably slip into a closet for a few minutes…”

Natalie took Kelly’s hand and started pulling her out towards the hallway. “We’ll find TRL and Keira when we get back. Let’s go get into the spirit of things, shall we?”

“Happy New Year,” Kelly said, patted Natalie on the ass as they left the ballroom.


After kicking Nick Lachey then having his limp form removed to the dumpster outside Hamster and Anne went looking for Budpaul. His cock was no longer in the beer pitcher he now carried. It didn’t take long for Hammy to find him in the hall with his co-conspirator, the treacherous Amanda Bynes.

“I suppose that you’re proud of yourself?” Hamster asked.

The two were giggling uncontrollably.

“Come on Hamster, it was just a joke, and anyways considering what was going through your head you deserved it,” Budpaul said.

“Fuck you Budpaul, now give me the antidote or Ms. Fluffy is going to bite your cock clean off,” he threatened.

Grrrrrrr the Hyena growled.

“Hey, take it easy Hammy. It was just a joke, here take it.” Budpaul handed Hamster some cream.

Hamster promptly coated his cock and let the itching subside. Hamster placed the pitcher on the table.

“A peace offering,” Hamster said.

“See we can be civilized,” Budpaul said. Budpaul drank down a full glass. “It’s a bit warm. And it tastes flat,” he commented.

‘I wonder if that’s because I pissed and came in it,’ Hamster thought to itself. “How about we call a truce by watching Amanda and Anne go at it?” Hamster offered.


“Okay, I’m on my way down.”

“Who was that sweetie?” Jules asked as she came out of the bathroom, finally dressed in a simple black dress that managed to look sexy without being too slutty.

“Rose McGowan wants me to do some stuff for her,” Cosmo answered as he hung up his phone and finished buttoning his shirt. “Not that kind of stuff, just some errands. She says she’ll let me have Mandy Moore if I help her out.”

“Rose is asking for you? Wow, someone’s moving up in the world,” Jules teased her young lover. “Not to mention Mandy. You won’t sneak off with her and forget about me will you?”

“Of course not. In fact, I was hoping that she could join us, if you don’t mind that is.”

“Hmm, a chance to spend New Year’s with you and a beautiful girl, I guess I can live with that. In fact, I was planning on it.”

“Is that right? You had someone in mind?” Cosmo asked, excited by the prospect of yet another threesome.

“Aisha’s supposed to be here. I was hoping to catch up with her. Really, really hoping to catch up with her,” Jules said, unable to hide her excitement at the thought of hooking up with her tall former E! colleague again. “I’ll bring her if you promise to bring Mandy.”


Upon checking the spot where Lindsay had last been spotted, Cosmo found nothing but a pair of sleeping Duffs tied to chairs. They were coated in cum and looked surprisingly peaceful for having just been molested by who knows how many guys. He reached to untie them, but thought better of it when he saw the ropes were just as coated as they were.

After that, he poked around before finding someone say they’d seen Lindsay being led to the ladies room by Maggie Gyllenhaal. He cursed his luck over having to traipse all over, but decided any time he got to spend with Mandy was well worth whatever leg work he had to put in. He was approaching the bathroom when he saw Maggie exiting with an unsteady Tara leaning against her. Behind them, still on her leash, came a bored looking Lindsay. At least they were together and he didn’t have to go searching even more to find Tara.


“You want me to bring both of them back? By myself?” KMB asked her. He was just trying to make sure he had it correctly. There was no way he’d say no to Rose.

“Take Cosmo with you. If he objects, tell him he’ll get extra time with Mandy,” Rose said, waving him off.

With a nod of his head, KMB grabbed one of Rose’s goodie bags. It was one that she’d packed just in case one of her guests decided they wanted a little extra fun, or needed a little extra coaxing to get into the swing of things.

“Hey KMB, where does Rose want them?” Cosmo asked as he approached, a dazed Tara leaning against him and Lindsay following at the end of her leash.

“Give ’em to me,” Rose said, popping her head around the corner of the private room she was in. “Then you can go help Ken.”

“Shit, more?” Cosmo groused, but followed KMB anyway.


“How do you want us?” Elisha asked Michelle as she slipped the strap-on into place.

“You on your back on the floor by the bed would probably be best. That way Amber can straddle you and reach Joey there, leaving her ass open for me,” Michelle said, stroking her fake cock as Amber stripped.

By the time Elisha had positioned herself where Michelle wanted her, Amber had finished stripping. Amber moved herself to straddle Elisha. Lifting her hips, she reached between them to grab the fake cock. Pressing it against her pussy, she dropped down on it.

“Ohhh,” Amber moaned as she felt her pussy filled up.

After Amber had taken a couple thrusts, Michelle pushed her down until her chest was pressed against Elisha. When Amber was in the right position, Michelle moved up and pressed the head of the strap-on against her rosebud.

Amber had a moment of trepidation as she felt her asshole opening up, but she was too turned on to actually stop Michelle. By the time both dildos were seated in her, she felt so full and stretched that she couldn’t believe she’d taken both.

“Such a good little slut,” Michelle whispered into Amber’s ear before slowly withdrawing.


“Well, that sure was interesting,” IYG said to himself as he was slowly recovering from the backroom fun.

“What was interesting?” he heard a voice ask.

IYG looked up to see a stunning looking Reiko Aylesworth standing in front of him.

“Wowza,” IYG looked mesmerized at the beauty of Reiko, “It’s a long story but let’s just say that Jessica Simpson needed a shower afterwards.”

“Sounds like fun,” Reiko began, “Reminds me of the times me and Elisha spent some quality time on the set. I hear she’s here somewhere, I might go look her up later.”

“Good luck with that, Voodoo isn’t letting her out of his sight but I’ve got something planned for him, one day…” IYG said with an evil grin.

“So what do I have to get a drink around here?” Reiko asked.

“An easy task, just go in that back room and cum in this bottle right here,” IYG replied holding an almost full bottle in his hand.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right?” Reiko questioned with a shocked look on her face.

“Actually he isn’t kidding,” Christina Ricci said as she approached the bar. “It’s a lot of fun, I did it earlier, plus, IYG doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.”

“HEY!” IYG objected to the remark.

“Well,” Christina began, “It’s not my fault you didn’t come looking for me with champagne.”

“I was planning on doing that later,” IYG lied, in fact, he was hoping on getting Sarah and Angelina all to himself at midnight.

The pair suddenly noticed that Reiko and the bottle were both gone and that the backroom door was slightly open.

IYG and Christina entered the backroom to see Reiko already naked and slowly inserting the bottle into her pussy.

“If only this room had a security camera,” IYG thought to himself as he grabbed the bottle and continued Reiko’s thrusting actions. Reiko started to moan as IYG continued pushing the bottle in and out of her warm tunnel, the two complete oblivious to the fact that Christina was removing her clothes right next to them.

After she finished removing her clothes, Christina moved towards Reiko and climbed on the table. She gave Reiko a perfect view of her clean shaved snatch. Christina bent over and shoved her pussy in Reiko’s face. Reiko, as if on cue, extended her tongue and began to lick Christina’s cunt. Reiko certainly knew how to use her mouth; she did get the part in 24 thanks to it.

IYG was watching as Reiko ate out Christina. He was thinking about joining the action and fucking the two beauties but he knew his strengths and weaknesses, he’d already cum three times that evening and he knew that he had only one or two more in him and he wanted to save it until later when midnight approached.

Reiko who was by now practically screaming into Christina’s pussy finally let herself go and reached her climax, her juices flowing into the bottle.

IYG slowly took the bottle out of Reiko’s pussy and sealed it, only one more woman and the bottle will be full.

Christina was now lying down on the table with Reiko on top of her, the two were 69ing.

IYG knew he should stay there and keep watching the show but the bar had been unmanned for nearly 20 minutes now and he was doing a lousy job as a bartender. Besides, he knew Reiko and Christina would tell him everything later.

He walked up to the two, kissing Christina while rubbing her tits. Then he went over to Reiko, slapped her ass a few times making it nice a red before he moved closer and gave a small kiss to her pussy.

With that, IYG left the backroom and returned to his bar. This night was only beginning.


Alyson and Iyari sat on the rim of the shower, their elbows on their knees, their hands tucked under their chins. Jewel leaned against the shower wall reading a bottle of shampoo for the third time. Dave sat, as naked as the rest, on the toilet. His legs crossed at the ankles and his hands folded on his knees. He tried to look calm and dignified but that look is rarely achieved sitting on a toilet, even if the lid is closed. 45 minutes had past since Raven Symone slammed the bathroom door shut and braced it closed with a heavy wooden chair. A half hour ago, Jewel pointed out the party was starting. Quiet filled the tiled room till Alyson said, “Bored now.”

“You think you’re bored,” said Jewel, “try reading ‘rinse and repeat’ like a thousand times. I keep thinking ‘how can you repeat with a bottle this small?'”

Alyson, her chin resting on her hands, slightly garbled her words when she said, “I can’t believe I’m spending New Years in the bathroom.” She stared at the door like a Red Sox fan would stare at Derek Jeter. Tall, white, its perfect seams and slight gap at the bottom laughing at them.

Iyari pulled her hair back. “I can’t believe I’m still a virgin. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions last year.”

“You waited to now to take of it?” Dave asked.

“Well, I’ve been busy. I always thought ‘plenty of time in the year, I’ll do someone tomorrow’ but now tomorrow is next year and next year is 3 and half hours away.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I did, what’s the word, break the seal.”

Iyari put her head down but looked up to Dave with her eyes. “Yeah, but then you pulled out.”

Jewel dropped the bottle of shampoo to the floor of the shower. “What’s the matter, Dave?” she said. “Couldn’t take the pressure?”

“Hey,” Dave stood up as he spoke. “Let’s not get snippy. After I, you know…”

“Cleared the tunnel for service,” giggled Alyson.

“Sure, cleared the tunnel. I wanted to make sure the tunnel was well, to keep up the analogy, well oiled. Once it was properly greased, I was going to put it into heavy service. I didn’t expect Raven to interrupt us.”

“Why should she?” said Iyari, who stood up as well. “What’s changed? We still got hot water. We’re still together. We chose to be here, so what if now we can’t go? We should have fun. And someone should fuck me!”

Alyson put her hand on Iyari’s shoulder. “Sorry honey. But unless we’re playing Mistress of Pain, being locked up isn’t a turn on.”

Dave nodded. “She’s right, you know.”

Iyari looked at the door then Dave. “If I get us out of here, will you fuck me?”

“Well,” said Dave, “since I was going to fuck you before, you twisted my arm. But I tried ramming it. I nearly threw out my shoulder and it won’t budge. I can’t see how you could hit it any harder.”

Jewel added, “The walls are pretty thick to, so people don’t bother each other. Yelling won’t help and our cell phones are in the main room.”

Iyari put a finger in the air (no, not that one, her index finger). “I got an idea.” She walked over to the door. She, very matter a factly, dropped to the floor. She poked one of her slim hands under the door, knocking the chair out from under the doorknob. The chair crashed loudly to the carpeted floor. “Ta da!” She winked at Dave, “You owe me a fuck.”

Dave gathered her up in his arms. “Gladly, I’m no welcher.” Alyson and Jewel bolted past them as they kissed and fondled each other.

“They’re gone.” Jewel yelled from the other room.

“What’s gone?”

Alyson leaned around through the doorway. “Our clothes, they are all gone. Raven took everything – our purses, your wallet, our cell phones, all of our clothes, everything.”

Dave looked down at Iyari. She pouted and said, “You are going to welch.”

“Call it an I-O-U.” Dave helped Iyari to her feet and they both left the bathroom. Alyson and Jewel were right. All of their clothes, even their shoes, were gone.

“I don’t mind being naked,” Alyson said as she rocked back and forth on her heels, “especially at a party, but running around the hotel naked, looking for Raven? I think I’ll pass.”

“The hotel would have us arrested,” said a depressed and dejected Jewel.

Iyari leaned against Dave and played with some of her hair. “Well Dave,” she said, “at least the bed’s still here and so you can still repay…”

“That’s it.” Dave ran over to the bed so fast Iyari nearly fell down. He pulled the tan sheets off and threw one to Jewel. “We’ll make togas. Alyson give the front desk a call and have them send some more up. Then ask if they can patch us through to the party. Raven may have a been gone for about 50 minutes but if she’s still down there, maybe we could get our clothes back and have some fun at the same time.”

Iyari leaned against the door frame of the bathroom. “I’m never gonna get fucked.”


Maria Menounos was anything but happy. She was confused, because Angelina Jolie was hard at work torturing her. She was horny, because the whole time, Angelina was keeping the most delicious of strap-on dildos pressed right against the entrance to Maria’s pussy. She was worried, because she didn’t know why Angelina was doing all this. And she was getting impatient, not just to get off, but also to get to the party.

“You’re a little slut bitch, Aren’t you Maria?” Angelina asked as she brought her crop down once more on Maria’s tender breast. “You want all the pussy you can get, and don’t care who that pussy belongs to.”

Suddenly, Angelina reached down and gently kissed Maria’s right nipple. “You know, under other circumstances, I’d make love to you, Maria,” she said. “You’re beautiful. I can see why Kate was willing to bed you.” Quickly, she pulled roughly on Maria’s left nipple, sending a jolt of pain through the reporter. “But you had to break up her and Ashley, and that means I’m going to have to break you.”

Maria felt a tear rolling down her cheek. She hadn’t meant to get between Kate Beckinsale and Ashley Judd. She’d wanted both of them. She really had. While Kate had happily accepted Maria into her bed, Ashley felt that they should keep it together. Just the two of them. It must have had something to do with what happened to them on Victoria’s Island.

Not that Angelina cared.

“You want this,” Angelina said, pressing the dildo against the covered tip of Maria’s clit. Maria practically crawled out of her skin to answer in the affirmative, but the gag kept her silent.

“I want to give it to you,” Angelina said, running her crop gently over the taunt skin of Maria’s stomach. “I want to fuck you, get us both off, so we can go down and join the party. Would you like that?”

Maria nodded her head.

“Well, when you’ve learned your lesson, I’ll fuck you,” Angelina said. “But until then, more swatting for you!” And with that, she brought another nasty blow down on Maria’s tits.


Ironically enough, neither Natalie Portman or Kelly Clarkson knew that the closet they’d chosen to have their quickie in was the exact same closet TRL had gotten his blowjob from Alicia Keys earlier in the day. Not knowing, and probably not caring, the two quickly removed just enough clothing to be able to get each other off. Kelly’s top had been undone, and now lay wrapped around her waist as Natalie massaged her ample tits with her hands. Meanwhile, Natalie had pulled her skirt up enough that Kelly could sink her fingers into Natalie’s snatch without a problem.

The two made out as Kelly furiously fingers Natalie, and Natalie groped Kelly’s ample chest.

“Right there,” Natalie moaned as Kelly’s fingers found her clit and practically latched on. Suddenly, the door swung open, and light filled the closet.

“I thought we’d find you two in here,” Keira Knightley said, leading a confused TRL in behind her.

“Keira!” Kelly gasped.

“Hey, Luv. Meet my new boytoy. Nat, I know you’ve had this guy before, but I think Kelly and him haven’t been properly introduced,” Keira said, dropping to her knees and reaching for TRL’s zipper.

“Actually,” TRL said, “We came together. But I didn’t know you two knew each other.”

“TRL…” Kelly started.

“Knew each other?” Keira said, pulling TRL’s cock out of his pants. “We’ve been lovers for quite some time now. Kelly’s a lovely lay, she really is.”

“Uh oh,” Natalie whispered.

“What?” Keira asked, looking up. “What did I say?”


Aisha was pleasantly surprised when she spotted Jules entering the ballroom. She decided to abandon her search for Rawballz, at least temporarily, to catch up with her old friend. “Hey girl, long time no see.”

“Aisha!” Jules practically leapt into her friend’s arms. “I missed you sooo much.” With that she leaned in to give Aisha a soft kiss, which quickly escalated into a passionate tongue-filled kiss. Finally realizing they were drawing attention to themselves, Jules broke the kiss. “Can we go somewhere a little more private? Please?”

“You’re not getting shy are you?”

“Please? I just want you all to myself right now.”

Aisha decided not to question her. “Follow me.” The pair made their way to the ladies’ room, where Aisha hoped to resume their kiss, and more.

“I was hoping I’d find you,” Jules said as they locked the door behind them.

“Honey, I can’t believe you made it! I thought you had to go to that Affleck/Damon party?”

“Yeah,” Jules said bitterly, “well Steven decided to leave early and spend the rest of the week with Julia Roberts.”

“I’m sorry,” Aisha said as she stroked Jules’ cheek. “Is there anything I can do?”

“As a matter of fact,” Jules began as she hopped up on the counter and hiked her skirt up over her hips, “you can do a couple things. Stay with me tonight. I know Cosmo would love to fuck you, and I would love to watch. And,” she continued as she began to play with her shaved pussy, “I need you. NOW. Please?”

“Oooh, I almost forgot what a pretty little pussy you have. And you shaved it, you naughty, slutty little girl.” Jules blushed at that. “It’s a good thing I still have this,” Aisha said as she withdrew the large strap-on dildo from her purse. “Tell you what, I’ll fuck you,” said the ebony vixen as she began to put on the dildo harness, “if you tell me what’s got you so fired up.”

Jules couldn’t wait.


Evil stepped off the elevator into the ball room. His body language screamed that he was pissed off, which was the reason why what happened next couldn’t have come at a better time.

“YOU THINK YOU CAN LEAVE ME BITCH?” a man yelled, followed by a slap.

Evil got angry at this, he may have been a sex story writing perv, but even he had his limits. He walked over to the man as he raised his hand to slap the woman again and grabbed it.

“You hit her again, you answer to me 50,” Evil said, to a somewhat surprised 50 Cent. He dropped Roselyn Sanchez and turned to face Evil.

“This ain’t your biz-ness foo,” 50 said.

“It’s my business when I find you smacking around a woman. That shit is not cool with me,” Evil said, standing nose to nose with the taller 50.

“So, I guess you wanna take the bitch’s place huh?” 50 said, slugging Evil in the jaw and knocking him into the ballroom.

The two had a fight, which caused the music to stop, and a few people, including the DJ and Rose, tried to step in and stop it.

“This fuckass was hitting Roselyn Sanchez!” Evil yelled as Rose looked at him. Rose, then some other authors and guests all took their shots at 50. Evil then grabbed a bottle and shattered it over 50’s head.

“I’ll take the trash out,” Evil said to Rose. She just shrugged, and Evil carried 50 out to the dumpster behind the hotel. Evil tossed open the dumpster lid to see Nick Lachey still out cold from something.

“Huh, didn’t even know he was here,” Evil said as he tossed 50 in the dumpster and tied it shut with some nearby rope. Evil then sighed as he looked up to his room. The light was still on, which meant that Jennifer was still in there, probably crying.

“Good, I should have done this before,” Evil said with venom in his voice. Evil then checked his watch, 2 hours until Midnight. More than enough time to get a drink.


Back up in Evil’s room Jennifer Garner was indeed in tears, she hadn’t even meant for things to get this out of hand. Sure things were bad, but Jennifer wanted to get past them and get back to the way things were.

Jennifer had to get out of here, get her head straight, maybe go on a vacation. Jennifer began grabbing her bags, tears still streaming down her face. It took her a few minutes to pack her overnight bag. She had planned to stay here with Evil, but now that would not be happening.

She left the room behind and headed for the elevator, only to be met by a topless Charisma Carpenter.

“Hi Jen, you ok?” Charisma said, noticing the tears on Jen’s face.

“Evil and I just broke up,” Jennifer said, her voice cracking.

“Oh…” Charisma said, hugging the taller female. Something about the naked celeb’s body pressed to her made Jennifer feel something she hadn’t felt since the island. She tried to stay loyal to Evil, by making it just be the two of them and the occasional female celeb. She had never had another female celeb to herself before.

Charisma was seriously making Jennifer reconsider her stance.

“C’mon hon, there’s no need for that bag,” Charisma said with a twinkle in her eye. Jen knew exactly where she was being taken, but this time it didn’t scare her.


He felt good. In homage to Bill Walsh he’d planned out the first fifteen songs and the first two had gone over tremendously. He’d even (somewhat) managed to ignore the fact Brooke Burke and a camera were looking over his shoulder as he scratched and blew through the list.

The first two got everyone’s attention, and then he gave the folks a sampler in logical progression: “Work It” morphed into the more current “1, 2 Step”, which used the opening of the chorus to meld into the opening verses of “Tipsy” before he threw it back to the Old School with “1, 2, 3, 4 (Something New)”. When that was over, he stopped.

“How y’all feel?!”

Enthusiastic response.


Bigger cheers. “All right, then. Since y’all in with me–I’m about to do something I swore I’d never, ever do.”

He dropped the needle.

The familiar violin started.

The sixth song was “Toxic”. Happy squeals from the girls, a few scowls from the guys, and pretty quickly, back to the rump shaking on the dance floor.

“So how do you decide to do songs?” asked Brooke with the mic.

“I just listen to some of everything and see if I can start doing other songs over it. Then I come to the tables, see if I can scratch it the way I hear in my head!” A bunch of women were screaming and running somewhere. “It’s really something I’m told you have to have an ear for instinctually!”

So she cut, getting the soundbite.

“Are you doing anything later?”

“JESSICA ALBA.” He smirked; he’d just gotten her sorry-but-I’m-on-the-way text message.

“Well… if you two want to spice things up…” She leaned forward and hugged him, sneaking a keycard into his pocket. “494. Maybe you’ll be popping your cork with me.” She let go and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

He looked over the floor. “Evil looks fucking bummed. I should go say something.” He let the records spin, before turning back to Brooke.

“I’ll see if I can ‘talk her into it.'” He smirked, and then jumped down…


“BOOZE, LOTS OF IT!” Evil shouted toward IYG at the bar. IYG put a full bottle of Jack Daniels down on the bar and Evil tore right into it, downing 1/5 of the bottle in under a minute.

At that moment DJ Black Plague sat down next to him, Evil barely knew him but it looked like he had something to say.

“What?” Evil sighed.

“You trying to get loaded? I mean I’ve never seen you drink before, not at one of these things,” DJ said.

“What the fuck do you expect? I find out Jennifer has been lying to me the whole time, turns out that Rose told her not to invite me to the island, so I broke it off with her,” Evil said attacking the bottle one more time.


The noise caused the crowd to turn attention to the bar; the DJ stepped back over to his console and hit the music again, then returned to the bar. “Do you know how many of us have wanted to actually land the celeb we have been writing after and actually maintain a relationship with them?” DJ Black Plague asked. “I’ll tell you. ALL OF US. They are usually too busy for anything other then a quickie when they are in town. These parties are all we have for them, you are about to lose the best thing you’ve ever had.”

Evil looked at the DJ. He was right, he made a lot of sense. Jennifer was the best thing he had going right now.

“Dammit,” Evil said to himself as the DJ returned to his booth. He finished off another fraction of the bottle.

He then looked over and saw Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek practically dry humping each. Penelope was on Salma’s lap kissing her, Penelope was bouncing up and down on her like Salma had a dildo in her.

Salma had Penelope’s shirt open and was sucking on her tits.

“This could be interesting,” Evil said grinning.


Maria Menounos moaned as best as she could through her gag as Angelina brought down another strike on her reddened breasts. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Angelina said, and much to her surprise Jennifer Garner entered first.

“Look who I found Mistress Angelina,” Charisma said smiling as she rubbed Jennifer’s shoulders.

“Good girl,” Angelina said approaching them.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry about leaving earlier,” Jennifer said stammering.

“It’s ok girl, this just was about to get fun,” Angelina said.


“Maria?” Kate Beckinsale called out from the hallway. She hadn’t seen Maria since Charisma Carpenter asked to talk to her; she said she’d be right back. That was an hour and a half ago. “Maria, honey, where are you?” Kate said with concern in her voice. Charisma Carpenter hadn’t been seen in a while either. “Maria?!” Kate yelled. ‘Oh well, try another floor,’ Kate thought to herself.


Everyone in the room had frozen when they heard it.


It was coming from right outside the room, it was Kate Beckinsale. Angelina smiled at the three people in the room, she had a plan.


The supply closet was dead silent – so quiet, you could hear the music from the ballroom as if it was right in the room with the four half-naked people.

“You two are lovers?” TRL asked.

“TRL, I’m so sorry,” Kelly said, moving away from Natalie and approaching TRL. “I should’ve told you sooner.”

“You’re right,” TRL said. “You should have.”

“Can you ever forgive me?”

“Forgive you?” TRL said. “For keeping this secret from me? For not telling me that you’ve been fucking Keira Knightley behind my back all this time?!”

“But-” Keira tried to speak up, but TRL hushed her with a look.

“And now I catch you in a supply closet having sex with Natalie Portman!” TRL cried out. “You couldn’t even get her out of her clothes before you had to have her!”

“I’m sorry,” Kelly said, feeling tears well up within her.

“You should be,” TRL said. “Because, if I had known you were doing all this, I would’ve asked you to let me join you.” Keira giggled as Kelly looked up and saw the bright smile on TRL’s face.

“Oh, thank god, I was worried there was going to be a fight,” Natalie sighed.

“Kelly,” TRL said, “How could you ever think that this – THIS – would ever make me upset?”

“You aren’t mad?”

“No,” TRL said, kissing her gently on the lips. “But I am horny.”

“We can see that,” Natalie giggled, pointing down at TRL’s rock hard member jutting out of his pants.

“We’d better fix that,” Keira said, gently pushing Kelly down on her knees in front of TRL. “Kelly, Luv, you don’t mind doing the honors, do you?”

“What about Natalie?” Kelly asked. “I had her going pretty good.”

“Yes, yes you did,” Natalie smiled.

“I’ll take care of her,” Keira said. “Just you blow of TRL, and I’ll get Miss Portman all the way to heaven.”

“Deal,” Kelly said, sinking her lips down over TRL’s cock.


“Take it, slut,” Aisha hissed as she pounded the big strap-on into the helpless woman pinned beneath her, “FUCKING TAKE THIS COCK!”

Jules really had no choice but to take her friend’s toy, she was barely coherent by now due to the virtually non-stop orgasms she had been having since her ebony lover had first taken her on the counter of the ladies’ room. She no longer knew where she was or how long she had been there, she was only aware of the intense pleasure radiating from her extremely happy and well fucked pussy. Eventually, Aisha fell into an orgasm of her own, the strap-on’s base doing wonderful things to her clit, and she finally relented her assault on Jules’ very satisfied cunt. “Mmm, that was wonderful. I’ve really missed you Aisha.”

The two women kissed briefly, then Aisha spoke. “Okay, so now will you tell me what had you so worked up? And don’t say it was me, I know you better than that.”

Jules got a very sheepish look on her face. “I, um, well…”

“Spit it out honey.”

“I was such a dirty slut tonight!”

“Dirtier than anything you did on Wild On?”

Jules nodded. “Yes, absolutely, definitely YES! God, I can’t believe I wanted to do it, but it’s just so naughty that I’m actually looking forward to doing it again, and again, and-”

“Quit stalling and TELL ME!” Aisha was now desperate to know what was driving her friend wild.

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. But could you, um, fuck me in my ass while I do?”


“Mmm, that feels nice.” Jules was on her side, enjoying the feel of Cosmo spooned behind her. They were enjoying a leisurely session, Cosmo stroking slowly into her while fondling her breasts and kissing her on the neck. “I’m so glad Steven decided to ditch the Damon’s party and run off with that horse-faced bitch.”

“Huh, I always thought that the wife was supposed to be pissed when her husband ran off with another woman?”

“Silly, not if the wife has her own stud on the side. Besides, Steven’s probably going to spend just as much time with Julia’s husband, maybe even more.”

Cosmo’s eyes grew wide as he realized what Jules was saying. He already knew about Soderbergh’s affair with Julia Roberts, but the other bit was new to him. “You mean he, um, bats from both sides of the plate? Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.”

“Of course. Cos, would you mind if we did something other than talk about my switch-hitting husband now?”

“Oh, yeah, definitely. What did you have in mind?”

“I want you to do me up my ass.”

“Hmm, let me think,” Cosmo said playfully as he stroked in and out of Jules’ very wet pussy, making sure he was well lubricated with her own juices before attempting to penetrate her tight ass. “Okay, I suppose I could do that.”

“Wait,” Jules rolled onto her back. “I want to look at you while we do it.”

Cosmo lifted her hips and slid a pillow beneath her, making sure Jules was in a comfortable position to receive anal sex while on her back. Once that was done, he lifted her long legs onto his shoulders and pressed the head of his cock against her anus. “Ready?” Jules nodded, then Cosmo proceeded to push until his tip penetrated the tight orifice.

Jules moaned, and Cosmo tried to stop and give her time to adjust to the anal penetration, but she continued to push against him until he was buried fully inside her wonderfully tight, hot ass. Resting for a moment, he allowed her to get used to his size before slowly stroking in and out of her. “Are you okay?” Cosmo asked when he saw Jules get an odd look on her face.

“Yeah, I just, just…” Jules was trying to sort out her feelings. She had been feeling happy and content, but once they started she was overcome with a very submissive, almost desperately needy feeling. Suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted, what she needed from this encounter. “Come on. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Hard.” Cosmo began picking up speed, but it still wasn’t enough for Jules. “HARDER! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! PLEASE?!? MAKE ME YOUR ASS FUCKING SLUT!!!” Never one to disappoint, Cosmo began hammering into her with all his strength, and Jules met every one of his thrusts with one of her own. Once he began stroking her clit with his thumb, Jules lost it. “AHHHHHHHHH! Oh God, oh shit, ohhh…” she trailed off, continuing her delirious mumbling as her body was racked with powerful, multiple orgasms, girl cum flowing freely out of her sopping snatch and drenching Cosmo as he continued his merciless assault on her ass.

“Ah, shit, I’m gonna cum!” he managed to gasp as he felt himself on the verge of exploding.

Suddenly Jules thought back to their time on Victoria’s Island, when Cosmo had told her about his encounter with Kelly Hu. She wanted, no, needed to be a bigger slut for him. “My mouth, cum in my mouth!” she pleaded.

Cosmo was shocked for a moment, not only by the request but also the intense look in her eyes as asked for it. Quickly pulling out of her asshole, he brought his throbbing manhood up to her lips, but couldn’t stop his first blast of cum from splattering right across her nose and cheek. Jules pulled his cock into her mouth in time to catch the subsequent shots in her mouth. Cosmo watched as she continued swallowing until his orgasm subsided, then nearly passed out as she kept sucking and licking his sensitive cock clean. ‘Damn, where did that come from?’ Cosmo had fucked her numerous times before, in all her holes, but never had she been so slutty.

“Mmm,” Jules purred contentedly as she finally released the drained member from her mouth. “Yummy. Thank you for letting me do that Master.”

Cosmo was taken aback. “Master?”


“You called him Master?” Aisha hadn’t known Jules to have such submissive tendencies before.

“Yeah, I couldn’t help it,” Jules sighed, both holes now thoroughly fucked out by the 6-foot Nubian goddess. “I want to be his fuck slut, I NEED to be his slut tonight!”

“Well in that case, since you want to be a nasty little slut,” Aisha began as she withdrew the strap-on from Jules’ ass and brought it to her lips, “clean this dirty cock, you whore!”

“Yes Mistress.” Jules relished her submissive role and obediently accepted the plastic toy into her mouth.

‘Damn,’ Aisha thought as she watched her friend eagerly carry out the order to clean the dildo thoroughly with her tongue, ‘this is going to be one hell of a night…’


“You take Budpaul, I’ll take Amanda,” KMB told Cosmo when they spotted Bud and Hamster watching Anne and Amanda take each other’s clothes off. He pulled out a bag and checked it to make sure it had everything he needed.

“How come you get the girl?” Cosmo asked him.

“Fine, I get Amanda, you get Bud,” KMB said, making his way over to the group they sought.

“That’s better,” Cosmo said before the realization hit him that KMB had just repeated the same thing in a different order. “Hey, wait a minute.”

Bud was too busy watching and Amanda was too busy groping Anne to notice KMB and Cosmo approaching. That quickly changed when KMB grabbed Amanda’s hands and pulled them behind her back. As KMB was securing them with a plastic zip tie, she screamed. When her hands were tied, he pulled a ball gag out of the bag and stuffed it in her mouth before tightening around her head.

“A little help over here,” Cosmo said, struggling to keep Bud under control.

“Watch out,” KMB said, conking Bud on the head with a small club. “Now was that so hard?”

“You take the easy one and the club so I can’t use it?” Cosmo demanded. “You can drag Bud back, I’ll get Amanda this time.”

KMB grabbed one of Bud’s legs and dragged him across the behind him while Cosmo followed with Amanda slung over his shoulder.


“Oh, oh my God,” Amber moaned as Michelle and Elisha set a nice steady pace in fucking her pussy and ass. Her eyes felt like they were going to bulge out of their sockets, but there was no way she’d give up the extreme sensations coursing through her nether regions.

After sitting by watching the three girls, Joe finally got into the game. He moved as far to his side as the cuffs would let him and found himself just short of Amber. Cursing under his breath, he grabbed the back of Amber’s head and turned it to the side. With her mouth now within reach, he presented his cock to her.

“Suck that cock like a good whore,” Michelle demanded of Amber as she slammed the dildo into Amber’s ass.

Amber tried to concentrate on Joe’s cock in her mouth as long as she could, but after a few minutes the pleasure in loins just became too great. She was quickly building toward one of the biggest orgasms of her young life.

“Fucking take it, bitch,” Michelle grunted as she pounded Amber’s ass. “Oh yeah, that’s how you like it.”

As Amber’s climax approached, it felt like someone had set off an blast of static electricity in the room. The hair on her arms was standing up and every nerve ending in her body seemed alive.

“Oh God, gonna cum,” Amber moaned, barely above a squeak.


Hamster watched as KMB and Cosmo perpetrated a kidnapping and just shrugged.

“No, stop,” he said with a yawn. He looked at Anne and shrugged. “You saw, I tried to stop them. Hey Cosmo, remember that beer that I was soaking my cock in? Budpaul drank it.”

“Good one,” Cosmo said and slapped Hamster a high-five.

Hamster looked back at Anne who was already halfway undressed. “Waste not, want not,” he said. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in for a kiss while KMB and Cosmo dragged away Amanda and Budpaul.

Hamster squeezed Anne’s sweet ass. As they kissed Hamster massaged the sweet asscheek with one hand while unfastening her bra with the other. He became irritated as the bra stubbornly refused to yield it’s treasure. Finally, too annoyed for words, Hamster broke the kiss then used his trusty pocket knife to cut the bra off completely.

Now her sweet boobs bounced free and were ripe for the taking.

“Hey I liked that bra!” Anne protested.

“Can’t make an omelette… Besides you owe me one,” Hamster replied.

“Jeez, half the women in here have lost a bet to you at some point haven’t they?” she said.

“Yeah baby, but you’re my favorite,” Hamster said hoping that she bought it.

He moved in and pulled her panties down. Anne decided to be accommodating and got right into doggy-style position.

Hamster approached her from behind and began sliding his sausage into her love tunnel. He began pumping his cock into her slowly and deliberately and began to pick up the pace a little with each stroke. Soon he was slamming into her at a wicked pace as she wailed in pleasure.

“OH SHIT! THAR SHE BLOWS!” he said as he spewed his goo into his partner.


“So, why exactly does Rose want these two?” Cosmo asked KMB as they made their way back to the Harem mistress.

“Well, they found Tara Reid passed out in the ladies room. I still can’t believe she was snorting that stuff, I don’t even remember how many times Rose has warned her about it!” KMB said angrily.

“No, you’re kidding me,” Cosmo interjected sarcastically. “THE Tara Reid did some smack and passed out? And next I suppose you’re gonna tell me she’s secretly a huge party animal with fake tits. I would never have guessed it.”

KMB shot his younger companion a glare. “Look, I’m not condoning it, but that’s not the point. The point is these two found her and didn’t do anything to help. Instead, Bud thought it would be better to get a blowjob than to get help, and Amanda decided it would be a good idea to spit the cum in Tara’s face. Don’t get me wrong, Rose is mad as hell at Tara for snorting that shit, but she’s downright furious at the stunt Bud and Amanda pulled.”

“So, there’s going to be some sort of awful punishment involved then?”

“I can only imagine what she has in store for them. I’m sure it won’t be pretty though.”

Amanda struggled with all her might, terrified at the thought of what a pissed off Rose McGowan could do to her, but she could not escape Cosmo’s grasp. He just ignored her, the wheels in his head turning as a rather devious idea came to mind. “So, let me get this straight. Rose wants to inflict some cruel and unusual punishment?”

“Something like that. Why do you ask?”

Cosmo couldn’t help but smile to himself. “I have an idea…”


Keira Knightley was in heaven. As she watched TRL slide his cock in and out of Natalie Portman’s snatch, Keira herself was getting a wonderful tongue lashing from Kelly Clarkson. It was a sexual fiesta that Keira knew could only come from CSSA events. Which, of course, was why she came to these events in the first place, still she mentally kicked herself for not getting Natalie alone to herself when she had the chance.

How TRL was able to keep his cock alive after banging Keira earlier, and then getting a blowjob from Kelly was beyond Keira, but his penis obviously loved being inside Natalie, because he was giving it to her good.

Suddenly, there came a feeling from deep inside Keira – she was approaching orgasm, and there wasn’t going to be any backing down from this one. Instead, she let herself go, feeling wave after wave of pleasure radiate out of her clit, sending tremors through her body, and wrecking her brain. She almost collapsed atop Kelly, her legs nearly giving out on her.

“Whoa!” Kelly said, holding Keira up.

“Thanks, Luv,” Keira said. Suddenly, Natalie moaned out, and her eyeballs screwed shut.

“Hey, cool,” Kelly said. “We almost had stereo orgasms going on,” she giggled as she pointed towards the clearly climaxing Natalie.

“Next time I’ll try harder to match your tempo,” TRL said slyly.

“Well,” Natalie said, catching her breath. “I guess we’d better get back to the party.”

“Yeah, good idea,” Keira said. “If Lindsay Lohan’s still tied up and available, I’d like to get some quality snogging in on that ass.”

“Ooh, Lindsay’s cute,” Natalie agreed.

“What about the Duff girls?” TRL said. “I think they’re still tied up out back.”

Keira thought about it for a moment. “Eh, Duff, Lohan, all the same to me. We’ll snog whoever we see first…”


Evil’s mind was on anything but Jennifer Garner at that moment, which made him feel a bit guilty because he had just broken her heart. His eyes (and other parts of his anatomy) were focused on Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz; both Latinas were still heavily into each other not giving a care to their surroundings.

Penelope was still bucking up and down on a dildo with Salma had strapped to her. Penelope’s pants were open and obviously she didn’t bother with panties. Penelope was necking on Salma while riding her. Salma was sucking on Penelope’s tits.

Evil was awestruck at this blatant display of sexuality. It was no secret that both ladies had become close friends on the set of Banditas but no one had any idea just how close that the two actresses had become, but they did now.

Sure this was a CSSA party, but even this kind of outright display of sexuality drew its share of attention as there was already a group of people gathering around watching it, male and female. Even a bunch of people that Evil recognized. Eva Longoria, now dressed in a French maid outfit, Scarlett Johansson on a leash led by Beyonce Knowles, Marcia Cross still naked and Teri Hatcher, only wearing a thong and high heels, and one that really caught Evil’s eye… none other then Jessica Alba.

Evil grinned and walked over to her.

“Hello stranger,” Evil said grinning and a bit drunk as he had downed half a bottle of Jack Daniels already.

“Whoa, some breath you got there hon,” Jessica said, never once losing her sunny smile.

“Sorry, I’ve had a bit much to drink tonight. Jennifer and I just split up,” Evil said solemnly.

“Why, you two seemed like you would make it?” Jessica asked with concern.

“Yeah, it’s a lot of shit that I don’t really want to talk about right now,” Evil said as he took another swig of whiskey. Jessica grabbed the bottle from him.

“Ok, no more booze for you,” Jessica said as she dragged him away, toward the elevator. “Tell me what happened. Jennifer is one of my closest friends and if you did anything…”

Evil cut her off. “It’s not what I did to her. Ask her what she did to me.”

Jessica looked at him confused. “What are you talking about?”

“You remember Victoria’s Island?” Evil asked. Jessica nodded her head. “Remember seeing me there?” Evil asked again. Jessica opened her mouth as if she was about to speak, but stopped, then thought.

“You’re right, you weren’t there. Why?” Jessica asked.

Evil looked back at Penelope and Salma. Penelope had taken a shot of vodka and looked as most people do who have just had a massive orgasm. After her drink she passionately kissed Salma again.

“Rose told her not to invite me,” Evil said.

“Then why not go after Rose?” Jessica asked.

“Believe me, I plan on it,” Evil said staring at Rose from across the room, his mind already working on a revenge plan for the black haired vixen.


He scratched the shit out of “Toxic” seeing Eva shake her thing in the French maid’s outfit. Ditching the initial plans–at least for the time being–he quickly mixed in “Freak-A-Leek.”

It was a good plan for doing the DJing because he loved music so much and it was great watching everybody dance to what he was laying down.

What Butch had failed to consider was that what people would be doing on a dance floor–specifically Ms. Hayek–would cause him to develop a distraction that currently felt about past halfway to reaching it’s 11-inch maximum potential.

He was trying to get Eva’s attention for another go-around but the dirty dancing she was doing with Teri Hatcher had her attention. He thought about checking his phone again when suddenly his eyes were blocked from sight. The smell of tangerine put to rest his fears he was getting kidnapped by the Republican Mafia for various thought crimes. “Rachael?”


“Not Eva…”

“Nuh-uh.” Giggling. ‘Well, it’s a girl,’ he thought to himself. ‘Praise Foley, cause this thing isn’t going to suck itself.’ “Jess?”

“OH. So close. Judges?” She made a honking sound, and giggled again. Despite his eyes being covered, his eyebrows shot up. He’d heard that giggle before. For years. He used to be obsessed with it. “L-Love?”

Lights, burning into his retinas. He turned. She stood before him, in a slinky black dress covered in studs reflecting the light back onto him.

“Come on, you’d think I’d forget the #1 fan I couldn’t legally keep away from me? All those letters, and you DJing for the party–that sort of thing needs to be rewarded.”


“You DO realize you’re saying that out loud, right?”

“I am?”

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Because that’s not it. Not without some help, that is.” Love turned to the kitchen and called out, “Say, Lacey… get your tongue out of the cook and come on!”

Lacey Chabert walked in from the kitchen, desperate to pull her black jeans up and the straps back up on her purple ruffled shirt. His eyes squinted as he looked off to the side–Rachael. Deep throating a glistening cucumber. The ball, as a wise man once said, was just ’bout to ‘splode off his bat at this rate.

“I know we’re a few years late about this-”

“Lacey, get down on your knees. NOW.” She flashed him the puppy dog eyes.

“But I can’t do that. That’s naugh–ohh…”

He grabbed her by the hair and lightly pushed her down as Love’s hands roamed on her back and ass.

“Time for you to be corrupted.”

She put his C.L.I.T. shirt up, dropped his khakis, and fished it out from his boxers. She smiled sweetly at him.

And gulped it all down in one shot.

“YEEAGH!” Her tongue was cold.

Shaking, his hands reached for the “Lose My Breath” and “Tear It Up” records.



Kate Beckinsale turned around to see Angelina Jolie poking her naked body out of a door.

“Angelina,” Kate smiled, remembering the one wonderful night she and Ashley had spent with Angelina long before Victoria’s Island. It had involved three large cucumbers and enough honey to drown an entire bee’s nest in.

“My god, Kate, you’re looking hot. Care to come in and get naked?”

“Oooh, don’t tempt me,” Kate replied. “I’m actually looking for someone.”

“Who?” Angelina said.

“Maria Menuonos, actually,” Kate said.

“That hag?” Angelina replied. “What for?”

“Well, she’s kind of my date for the evening. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t fuck her if you got the chance.”

“You’d be surprised,” Angelina said. “C’mon in, I think I can take your mind off that little slut.”

“I really need to find her, Angelina,” Kate said.

Angelina walked up and slowly undid the strap-on Kate’s dress. The black fabric fell away from one breast, exposing one of Kate’s perfect nipples. Slowly, Angelina started circling the nipple with her fingers.

“Come inside,” Angelina insisted.

“But-” Kate started, but Angelina cut her off by boldly reaching right up under Kate’s dress and feeling her bare snatch – no panties, and freshly shaved. Kate gasped for breath.

“Come. Inside,” Angelina replied, stroking Kate’s clit like the pro she was.

“Oh-okay,” Kate stuttered, her dress practically falling off her as Angelina led her inside…


Rose was practically shaking with anger. Amanda Bynes and Budpaul lay bound and gagged at her feet, but Rose was so furious she could hardly even speak. KMB, Cosmo, and Mandy Moore stood off to the side, somewhat fearful of what Rose might do. “Dude,” Cosmo whispered to the older man, “is she, um, okay? She doesn’t seem too well in the head right now.”

“She’ll be fine. Eventually,” KMB whispered back. “I just hope she doesn’t kill somebody first.”

After several moments of awkward silence, Rose finally composed herself enough to speak. “I trust that our business is concluded Mr. Kramer? If that is all, I’d like to be alone with these two,” Rose said as she spat on her helpless captives.

KMB was uncomfortable with leaving Rose alone in her current state of mind. “Rose, are you sure tha-”

“I said ‘I’d like to be alone,’ KMB. Unless you’d like to join them?”

‘Shit, that can’t be a good sign,’ Cosmo thought. “Mandy, could you grab a few toys? We’re having some female company. Unless you’re uncomfortable with other women?”

Mandy perked up at the thought of getting some pussy. “Really? I’ll be right back!”

‘Well, at least that’s out of the way,’ Cosmo thought. ‘And now for the hard part.’ “Rose?”


Cosmo knew he couldn’t let her tone intimidate him. “If I could just make a suggestion, I’m sure it’ll meet with your approval…”

five minutes later…

“Are you sure that’s really a punishment?” Mandy asked as she and Cosmo made their way through the ballroom.

“Believe me, it’s… WAYNE! Dude, glad you could make it,” Cosmo addressed the newly-arrived hotel employee.

“My boss told me I was needed in the ballroom. Am I in trouble?” the acne-ridden toad questioned.

“Not at all man. In fact, this is your lucky night. Just go through those doors, and a dude named KMB will explain everything.”

Mandy watched as Wayne departed, then turned to Cosmo. “Eww, that’s WORSE than what Rose would have done to them!”


Taking another gulp from his mug, Raw sat at the bar with Al Barr, Ken Casey and the rest of the Dropkick Murphy band chanting and raising their glasses to The Spicy McHaggis Jig.

…One night at the pub a girl caught his eye

Big as a house, just the right size

The broad was enormous, stacked to the hilt

Spicy soon noticed the bulge in his kilt

The piper delivered his best pick-up line

Thought to himself, “This beast is all mine”

The portly young lady could stand for no more

Grabbed his cojones and went for the door…

Finishing off his beer, Raw slammed his glass down on the bar and fired up another cig. Trying to clear his mind and eyes, he looked down at his watch. Staring at his naked wrist, he realized that he had forgotten it.

“Hey, Al! What time is it, man?!”

“10:30, Raw, and time for another round!”

“Yeah, keep ’em comin’. I gotta step outside for a minute and clear my head.”

Sliding off the stool, he headed for the exit. Seeing Eva dancing pretty naughty with Teri, he blew them both a kiss.

The door suddenly opened to the quiet, dark sky. The metal door slammed loudly shut which left a ringing in his ears. Sitting down on the front steps and taking a long drag off of his cigarette, he heard some female giggling in a nearby shrub.

“What’s the bush giggling for now? It’s not even midnight yet,” he mumbled to himself and stood up. He quietly walked to the edge of the brush.

Pulling a branch he looked into it and saw Jen Aniston, Jen Connelly, Jen Lopez and Jen Dempster having a little fun with one another on a blanket. They had Jen L. on all fours and were shoving at least a good eight inch dildo into her asshole.

“You Jens are in big trouble when the night manager hears about this!” he shouted laughing manically.

“RAW!” they all shouted as they jumped out of their skin.

“Why don’t you come in here and slide me the real thing, sweetie?” Jen L. asked with a wink.

Pausing for a brief moment, “I’d love to. I really would, but I’m… uh… busy right now.”

“Busy waiting for Roselyn, Raw?” Jen D. smiled.

“Ah, leave me alone. I’ll catch up with you later, sweet cheeks,” he laughed and let go of the branch.

He had been thinking about Roselyn, but thought that he had erased her from his mind for the time being. Now he was back to the old drawing board once again.

Taking the last drag of his cig, Raw crushed it under his foot.

“Hello, stranger,” a very familiar and soft voice spoke from behind him.


Raven made her way down stairs to the party trying to find Hilary and Haylie. ‘My god,’ she thought. ‘They’re so young and to be used – twice, once by Dave then by all these freaks.’ She searched the entire party but found nothing. At about a quarter to eleven, she was nearly panicked. “What did these guys do to them?” she wondered aloud. Images of the two blondes tied up and dumped somewhere kept popping up in her mind. “Hey,” she yelled, grabbing the nearest guy she could find. “Where are the Duffs?”

The guy swayed back and forth, nearly falling over. “First off,” he said, “I’m not a horse so no hay needed. Hee, not a horse.” Raven folded her arms resetting her weight on her back foot. She was not amused. “Here,” he said handing her half bottle of beer. “Maybe you could find your sense of humor in this.”

Raven pushed the beer away. “I ain’t 21.”

“Geez. Sorry, what was I… oh yes. The second thing. The Duffs are back there,” he used the beer bottle to point behind Raven. “Some of us wanted some privacy while banging then. Besides, with them around no one was paying any attention to Butch’s music, so they had to go. Why, you hiding a strap-on somewhere?”

Raven rolled her eyes and said, “You disgust me,” before storming off to the private rooms just off the dance floor.

“Fucking tight wad.” The guy turned away and pulled his cell phone. He dialed and held the phone to his ear. “Dave, she’s on her way.”

Raven quickly found Hilary and Haylie. She was taken aback at what she found. The girls were still tied up. Their school girls outfits were torn to expose their breasts. Their skirts were flipped up on their backs and they were covered in cum, some still sticky. Strangely, when Hilary saw Raven in the doorway she still had a twinkle in her lovely blue eyes.

“Hey, Raven.”

Raven rushed over. “I’ll get you loose, don’t worry.”

“Why?” asked Haylie. Raven stopped cold and looked her.

“Duh, Haylie. If Raven unties our hands, we can take handle even more cocks.”

Raven stepped back to the door. “I’m here to rescue you from this.”

“Rescue? This has been the most fun I’ve had since we fucked at the Disney party,” said Hilary. She then shook her bound hands at Raven as if to say “Ok, untie me now.”

Raven looked a little green on the edges. “You mean, you’re ok with being used? By Dave, by all of them?”

“Honey,” piped up Haylie. “It’s not like we didn’t get anything out of it.”

“Totally,” continued Hilary. “Sure I was a little pissed when I saw Dave and Alyson leaving together. I mean, what, he couldn’t bring us along? That’s so selfish. I like sharing. I mean, I shared him with my sister for fuck’s sake! Now please untie my hands.”

Raven turned to leave but ran right into the toga clad chest of Dave. Behind him were Alyson Hannigan, Jewel Staite, and Iyari Limon – also in togas. Dave smiled and said, “Betcha didn’t see this coming, did ya Raven?”

“But how?” Raven stammered.

“Don’t matter how. What does matter is how you can make it up to us. Jewel, Iyari, I think the Duff girls could use a break. Why don’t you untie them?” Quickly Hilary and Haylie were free and stretching out their backs. Dave threw his hotel key to Hilary. “Still time to get a quick shower in and make back down before midnight.” The girls ran off giggling. “As for you Raven. Since they’re gone, we’re going to need a new party favor.” Raven tried to run past him but Dave grabbed her shoulders. “Now, I’m not into forcing anybody to do anything. So we’ll trade. You let us tie you to this chair for the rest of the night and we won’t press any false imprisonment charges against you. That seem fair, Alyson?”

“Very,” she said.

“Besides, Hilary and Haylie seemed to like it. We’ll even give you a safety. Say ‘Cosby’ and we’ll let you go.”

The last thing Raven wanted was to deal with cops. Cops meant press. “Fine.” Dave tied her down and grabbed his bag of goodies. He pulled out a ball gag without Raven seeing and slapped in on her before she could say a word. “Mommmmyy,” she scrammed into the gag.

“What?” asked Dave. “I can’t understand what you’re saying. Girls, any guesses?”

“I think,” said Jewel, “she’ saying ‘I’m really sorry but I’m getting exactly what I deserve for being such a bitch.'”

“That’s what I thought too.” Dave and the girls left Raven. It was almost 11.

Iyari turned to Dave, “Ok, so will you fuck me now?”

“Just a sec, I got to do one thing first.” He walked over to Butch and whispered to him. Butch nodded and Dave walked back. “Now where was I, oh yes.” He took Iyari’s hand, used it to spin her around into a dance dip and kissed her. “Let’s go to one of the private rooms.”


As they left, the song ended and Butch said over the mic, “Raven Symone is open for business, my bitches!”


After he successfully completed having sex with Anne Hathaway, Hamster was feeling quite pleased with himself. Then he remembered that he was an idiot.

“Shit!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!!!!!”

“What?” Anne asked.

“I forgot about Lindsay. After all this time… she’s been with all those perverts too long, lord knows what they’ve done to her,” Hamster said.

“Wow you really care about her don’t you?”

“Of course I do! I was going to fuck her, and do you think I want to do that after the whole CSSA has cum and pissed on her?” Hamster demanded.

“Gee Hammy you’re all heart,” Anne said.

three minutes later…

Hamster made his way into the ballroom followed by Anne. Out on the dance floor Kojain Stali was busting some serious moves.

“Hey who the fuck is that guy? Another Goddamm party crasher?” Hamster demanded.

“Kojain. The town crier. He introduced us. He was the best man at your wedding to J-Lo,” Anne said.

Hamster just stared blankly.

“Goddammit,” Anne said softly.

Hamster began his quest to find Lindsay Lohan.


“So that’s everything that has happened since about a couple hours ago. I haven’t seen her since,” Evil said as he and Jessica Alba sat on a window sill on the third floor overlooking downtown Boston.

“You sure she’s even still here?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, I drove here so I know she’s still here,” Evil said shaking his head and overlooking the town again.

“So what are you going to do? What are you planning?” Jessica asked urgently.

“I’m gonna get Rose back is what I’m gonna do. She deserves this for what she tried to do to me. CSSA is a powerful entity in Hollywood, but it only works that way when we work together as a team. There’s no room for egos here,” Evil said, running his hands through his hair.

“I agree, she is on a bit of a power trip, but what about Victoria? Are you going to tell her?” Jessica asked.

“Hell no, I’m no rat. I’m gonna handle this my own way. I have to do this on my own,” Evil said grabbing his title.

“What about Jennifer?” Jessica asked as he was getting up.

“Jess…you’ve been a great friend to her and me during all of this. I appreciate it, but I have to do this alone. Jennifer cannot know about it,” Evil said.

Evil got up to leave but was grabbed by Jessica.

“Since you… um… are going to be busy tonight… maybe we could…” Jessica motioned toward her hotel room door. Evil smirked and picked her up kissing her with fierce movements. Jessica opened the door and both went in.


“What’s going on here?” asked Kate Beckinsale as she saw what was happening in Angelina’s room.

“It’s a party Kate,” Angelina grinned as Charisma Carpenter struck Maria again on her already beaten breasts, making Maria cry out even more.

“One more of those and you take her place,” Angelina admonished.

“Yes mistress,” Charisma said backing off.

“What’s going on here?” again asked a nervous Kate Beckinsale.

“Maria is being punished for breaking up you and Ashley. I spent a lot of time getting the two of you together and now she had to go and ruin it,” Angelina said with anger as Maria shook her head.

“No… You don’t understand,” Kate said running her hands through her hair.

“What’s to understand darling? She split you two up, she has to suffer now,” Angelina said. It was at this time Kate noticed a very nervous Jennifer Garner standing in the corner watching everything. Kate had to get her love free though.

“No… Angie, it’s not like that,” Kate said.

“Then enlighten me,” Angelina said as she moved backwards to sit on the bed that Maria was tied to.

Kate swallowed and took a step back, fearing what Angelina might do. She finally mustered up the courage to speak.

“Maria didn’t break up me and Ashley… I did,” Kate said to the stunned surprise of everyone in the room.


The voice swam around in Raw’s brain for a few seconds. Letting it’s cooling sensations splash against the insides of his noggin. He stood up and turned around slowly.


She was standing there at the top of the steps decked out in a black jacket covering the same color tank-top, black pants and very high heels. Her arms were folded together with her head tilted to the side some thirty degrees.

“How are you, Raw?”

“Me? I’ve never been better. I was just coming out for some air, tryin’ to clear the ol’ head some,” he said as he walked up a couple of steps toward her, never breaking eye contact.

“I’m glad to hear that. I was looking for you in there. I went up to your suite but I guess you had already been down here.”

“Yeah. If I knew when you were going to show up, I could’ve waited all night for you.”

“All night?”

“Well, at least a good fifteen minutes or so,” he cracked a smile.

Her sudden burst of laughter suddenly turned into tears that rolled their way down her cheeks.

Raw quickly rose to her step-level and wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey, hey, what’s the matter? Don’t do that,” he whispered in her ear.

She pulled away “Didn’t you see what happened in there, Raw? 50 followed me all the way here from LA. He’s been stalking me and won’t leave me alone. I don’t know what to do anymore,” she sobbed.

“I’m sorry, Popi. I had no idea…”

“It’s okay, I guess. That guy Evil kicked his ass and threw him out.”

Roselyn turned her head just to the right angle, where Raw caught a glimpse of the red mark on her cheek as the light shown on it.

“That fuckin’ pussified mother-fucker!!! I swear, I’m gonna find him and when I do, I’m gonna kick whatever living shit is left in him! Where did Evil throw him out at?”

“I think it was around the back. Next to the dumpster,” she replied and pointed.

“That’s Dempster!” Jen D. shouted from the bush.

“Wait here,” Raw said and walked down the steps right into a muscular brick wall.

He looked up and saw 50 Cent with his nostrils flaring.


During his search Hamster passed his ex-wife.

“Whore,” Hamster said.

“Dick,” J-Lo replied as she walked past him.

“Why did you marry her to begin with?” Anne asked.

“It was my turn,” Hamster said.

That’s when he ran into Mandy Moore along with Cosmo.

“Mandy, I…” Hamster started.

“Save it Hamster, I loved you but you ruined it,” Mandy said.

“It wasn’t my fault,” he replied.

“Then whose fault was it that you ditched me at a party for a hermaphrodite prostitute after getting drunk on cheap Mexican beer?” she demanded.

“Mandy please, I don’t really want that getting around. My short lived marriage to J-Lo was cheap and hollow because I was still in love with you. That’s why she left. I kept calling YOUR name out during sex,” Hamster admitted.

“Too little, too late,” Mandy said as she left behind a tear-stricken Hamster.

Kojain approached Hamster and put a hand on his shoulder. “I heard the whole thing. That sucks man.”

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Hamster sniffed as he wiped away a tear.


Angelina Jolie was incensed. Mad fever seemed to coarse through her veins.

“You must be joking,” she said, pointing an angry finger at Kate Beckinsale.

“I’m not,” Kate replied. “I broke up with Ashley before I started going out with Maria over there.”

“I thought the two of you breaking up was strange,” Jennifer Garner replied from the corner where she and a very naked Charisma Carpenter stood.

“Yeah,” Charisma said, jerking a thumb towards the bed. “I mean, Maria’s cute and all, but you and Ashley seemed to really care for each other.”

“What have you done to Maria?” Kate asked. Approaching the bed, Kate saw her new lover, Maria Menuonos tied and gagged, her naked body covered with red welts from the whipping she’d received.

“We were punishing her,” Charisma said.

“Indeed,” Angelina said, coming up behind Kate. “Why did you break up with Ashley?”

“Because,” Kate said, turning towards Angelina, “Ashley and I were in love, and she was scared. She went back to her husband, and broke my heart. Maria was there to help me get over her. Now let Maria go.”

Angelina looked right into Kate’s eyes, and held them for a long second.

“Angelina?” Jennifer asked.

“Shut up,” Angelina snapped. “Charisma, get her out of here. Go fuck each other in the hallway or something.”

Charisma took Jennifer by the hand and pulled her out of the room, leaving Kate and Angelina in their stare down.

“Let her go,” Kate repeated.

Angelina looked Kate right in the eye, and smiled.



As they entered the room Jessica turned to face Evil, who was trailing her out of the building. She watched him look warily around as he strode up to her. His face was a little pale and his blue eyes were a touch wide.

“Well?” he said. “Here we are.” He grinned as if to acknowledge some kind of discomfort, but she couldn’t see any. All she felt was happy.

“So, what next?” Jessica asked with a glint in her eyes. She knew what was coming next.

Jessica could see that Evil felt nervous around her. Sure, he’d been getting action all night, but that was from random celebs he’d only see at CSSA events. He saw Jessica nearly every day, she and Jennifer were friends and then some.

“Evil,” she began, moving closer to him, she took his coat by its unzipped folds, “it’s ok. I know how you feel about Jennifer.” She moved a strand of hair out of her left eye. “Basically,” she said, her throat constricting, “I just want to fuck and run.”

Evil stood shocked. He’d never known Jessica to have a dirty mouth, she’d been hanging out with Jen so some of Jen’s inherent goodness rubbed off on her. Nonetheless, this brought a grin to Evil’s face.

One of her arms had found its way around his torso, while the hand of the other went to float lightly up and down the line of his zipper like a lazy elevator. He was hard. He wasn’t talking anymore. He was pressing her backwards to the bed. Slowly as they kissed, he pushed down on it. His hand went under her skirt and hit her pussy like an atom bomb, his cold fingers entering her effortlessly as she squirmed on them. For a moment she pressed her face into the cold skin of his arm. As Jessica heaved in the scent of him, her cheek could feel the form of the warm arm inside.

Evil’s fingers were aching in the heat of Jessica’s pussy. She was pressing him to her like she would die if she couldn’t pull him into herself. Her hips were grinding against his hand, and her wet lips were sliding across his mouth like bucket of water balloons. She violently untucked his shirt and pressed a cool flat hand against his abdomen, before it slid below his waistline and curled perfectly around his throbbing cock.

“Fuck me,” Jessica whispered, pulling her lips away long enough to make her eyes look into his. “Fuck my slutty pussy,” she said, quieter, closer, holding him. He wrapped his arm around her torso and lifted her up enough to slide her skirt completely off. He came close to her and she pulled him in by his cock, now visibly in her hand, shooting upwards inside the loose waist of his jeans. “Fuck me,” she said again, softly, opening the front of his jeans with her free hand. His hands were way up on her thighs, the big span of them wrapping half way around, his fingertips almost to her ass cheeks and his thumbs almost to her pussy, rubbing her wetness into her own skin.

Her cold hands went under his shirt and around to his back, drifting down to cup his ass and bring him towards her. His breath was ragged and he caught himself before he said “Jesus,” managing only to move his lips, when one of her hands came back around to grip him by the head of his cock, holding it firmly between thumb and forefinger.

She brought it close, pressing it against her entrance, rough with light pubic hair, and rubbed it there, into her wetness. “Do you want me Evil?” she asked with a coy smile, holding his hips as he tried to push into her. “Do you?” Her hand was on his balls now, pulling and stroking them. She was using them to position his body, like a rider working the reins of a horse, always holding him close, his head pressed into her wetness, but too superficially for any satisfaction. Her fingers squeezed him. He nodded. His hands were kneading her braless tits as he watched her. Evil nodded, Jessica let go of him and he plowed his cock deep into her. She smiled, then moaned as he penetrated her. Her moans were loud enough that Evil heard pounding on the wall above the bed with a yelling “KEEP IT DOWN!” coming from the neighbors.

Jessica laughed, and then moaned at this as Evil continued to pound her pussy hard and deep. “CUUUMMMINNNNGGGGG,” Jessica said as she exploded in orgasm, very loudly and very quickly.

Loud enough to hear the pounding coming from the next room again. Evil and Jessica both laughed at that.


“Holy crap Mandy! At least wait for us to get into the room!” Cosmo couldn’t believe that he was actually trying to talk Mandy Moore out of giving him a blowjob, but he didn’t want to wear himself out too soon, especially if Jules was serious about getting Aisha Tyler to join in on some four-way fun.

“I can’t help it! This is just sooo hot! I mean, the way Rose just whored me out, I know I should be upset, but there’s something about her that drives me crazy. It’s like she’s got this hold over me, and I have to please her. Plus you’re waaaaaaaaaaay hotter than I was expecting. When Rose told me ‘Your going to be Cosmo’s toy tonight,’ I was expecting a skinny dufus with crazy hair,” Mandy said as she felt the young man up, “not, well, you.”

“Yeah, I guess the name hasn’t really fit since the seventh grade, but it just sort of stuck,” Cosmo replied as they arrived at the door of his suite.

“There’s definitely nothing skinny about this,” Mandy purred as she groped his bulge. That led to a heated kiss as they stumbled into the room. Loud, feminine moans from the bedroom alerted them to the fact that they had company, and as they came into the bedroom they were greeted by the sight of Aisha Tyler and Jules Asner with their legs scissored around each other, grinding their pussies together furiously.

Jules glanced up briefly at the new arrivals. “Took you long enough. You don’t mind that we got started without you?” she asked without breaking her rhythm.

“No, not at all,” was Cosmo’s response. After all, how could he complain about watching two hot women rubbing their dripping cunts together in a lusty display of HLA? As for Mandy, she was creaming herself as she watched these two beautiful women together, fascinated by the contrast between Aisha’s dark skin and Jules’ pale flesh.

“So you’re Cosmo. You’re the one who turned my friend into a nasty, insatiable nympho,” Aisha said in mock irritation. “I have to admit, I was expecting a skinny dufus with crazy hair.”

“I get that a lot,” Cosmo said as he and Mandy quickly shed their clothes and joined in the fuck-fest. Very soon the three women were kneeling before him, and began worshiping his cock. He loved feeling three pairs of lips, three tongues working his engorged rod. The fact that the women would frequently kiss each other around his cock was a nice bonus too. Soon however, it became more of a two-woman show as Aisha and Mandy started hoarding his cock, much to Jules’ dismay.

“When can I suck it again?” She was less than pleased that she was being denied the chance to suck Cosmo, having grown very attached to him (and his cock).

“You’ve gotten more than your fair share, now it’s our turn to get some of this big, wonderful cock,” Mandy retorted. Aisha moaned in agreement, her mouth currently stuffed full of cock.


“Quiet, slut,” Aisha cut her off as Mandy eagerly took over the cock sucking duties. Jules was pouting, and Aisha was not going to accept that sort of behavior from her submissive friend/slut. “You want this cock?” Jules nodded desperately. “I’ll tell you what, you can suck his cock all you want, AFTER he fucks us. Would you like that slut, sucking on his cock after he fucks us? You want to taste our pussies all over his big cock?” Jules nodded her head, clearly excited by that thought.

Aisha wasn’t done yet, however. “I know what you really want, bitch. You want to suck his cock after he fucks our tight little assholes, don’t you slut?” Mandy stopped her oral administrations momentarily, shocked by that suggestion, but she saw that Jules was in love with the idea. “Tell me slut, is that what you want?” Jules nodded again. “Then say it. Tell me what you want, you fucking cunt!” Aisha demanded.

“I, I want to suck his cock after he fucks your ass,” Jules offered meekly. She could tell by the look on Aisha’s face that her answer was not satisfactory, so she gathered up her courage and tried again. “I want to suck on his cock after he fucks you up your ass,” she said with much more conviction. Seeing that her answer met with her Mistress’ approval, Jules’ confidence skyrocketed and she became more depraved. “I want to take his big fucking cock straight out of your asshole and clean it with my fucking slut mouth, Mistress.”

Mandy wasn’t sure which shocked her more, the fact that Jules really wanted to do that, or the fact that she really wanted to watch the older brunette do that. “What about me, slut?” Mandy passed Cosmo’s meat to Aisha’s hungry mouth and got in on the dirty talk. “Are you going to suck his cock straight out of my ass too?”

“God yes,” she hissed, her voice dripping with undisguised lust. “I want to watch him fucking pound you up your tight fucking ass, then I want him to stick it in my mouth and down my fucking throat! I’m going to fucking lick every square inch of his fucking cock clean!”

Cosmo was little more than a piece of meat during the whole exchange, but was ready to take control of things. “Okay ladies, let’s move this along. Mandy, go lay on the bed. Aisha, lie on top of her, I want to fuck both of you. Slut,” he said as he addressed Jules, “eat them out. Get those pussies ready for my cock.”

“Yes Master.” She quickly made her way to where the other two women lay on the bed. Mandy had her legs wrapped around Aisha, who in turn had her legs spread as wide as possible, exposing both of their very pink, very wet, and very eager pussies. Jules wasted no time, furiously lapping at both women’s juicy slits, anxious to please the young man she called Master.


The elevator beeped to signal the arrival of a freshly fucked someone from upstairs, that someone turned out to be Evil, still glowing from Jessica Alba. Marcia Cross then came up to him and planted a kiss on the lips.

“Well, I see you’re still in a good mood,” Evil said noting that Marcia was still naked.

“Oh yeah, I love it when my cast members eat me out. But nothing beats a flesh and blood cock,” Marcia said running her hands down to Evil’s crotch. Evil sighed. It wasn’t as if he didn’t find Marcia attractive, hell he’d done her in the past. Tonight though, he’d had plenty of action already and he needed to go forward with his revenge plan for Rose.

Evil held her hand, and then pulled it away. “Rain check, I have something very important I need to do.” Marcia whined in disappointment, but nodded as Evil walked off.

“That may very well have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever done,” Evil said to himself as he approached his table and grabbed his room key. He needed something out of his bags.


“She seems pissed,” Jennifer Garner said as she and Charisma Carpenter left the room. As the door closed, both women heard yelling coming form both parties. Angelina pissed that Kate broke it off with Ashley Judd and Kate Beckinsale trying to defend her decision to Angelina.

“Yeah, I know she is,” Charisma said. “Ever since she made me her slave, I’ve been afraid of her wrath. I hope Kate knows how to defend herself.”

Jennifer pushed Charisma up against a wall and started to kiss her. Charisma moaned. “What are you doing?” she asked smiling.

“Well, Angie said we should fuck each other and I need a good one right now,” Jennifer said as she rubbed Charisma’s bare pussy.

“Mmmmm, well I’m not complaining,” Charisma said as she spread her legs wider to allow Jennifer’s fingers invade her. Jennifer pumped in and out of Charisma as she watched Charisma’s _expression turn to one of pure ecstasy. “God damn Jennifer, where did you learn to do this?” Charisma moaned. Jennifer smiled.

‘I’m not the only one who’s learned from Angelina,’ she thought to herself.

Jennifer continued to pump in and out of Charisma, unaware that an audience was gathering.

“Should we let them know we can see them?” Elisha Cuthbert asked in what she thought was a whisper, but Jennifer could see them out of the corner of her eye.

“Not yet, let’s see how this plays out,” their male companion responded.

Jennifer decided to give them a show. She leaned in and nibbled on Charisma’s neck, which made her giggle and Jennifer continued to pump in and out of her. Jennifer then leaned in to give Charisma’s breasts some attention, she licked, sucked and nibbled on them making Charisma moan in delight, much to the delight of the audience who had no idea they had been seen. Jennifer licked and sucked on the breast while fingering Charisma’s cunt. The double stimulation was too much for her and Charisma moaned in orgasm all over Jennifer’s fingers. Jennifer licked her fingers off and turned to the group which included Keira Knightley, TRL, Natalie Portman and Kelly Clarkson.

“Enjoy the show?” Jennifer asked with a good girl smile on her face.

“Um… I… uh… we… um.” TRL stammered.

“Don’t worry about it, this is a CSSA party man. Voyeurism is allowed,” Charisma said as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Want company?” Jennifer asked eyeing Kelly, who she had always thought was an adorable lady.

“Ok,” TRL said as Jennifer held up Charisma whose legs were weak and joined them.


While a small orgy started just outside their room, a small catfight started inside Angelina Jolie’s room.

Angelina, completely naked, wrestled with the only slightly more dressed Kate Beckinsale. Kate had done several action filled roles lately, and was in training for the Underworld sequel. But all that effort was no match for Angelina’s raw strength.

“You little bitch!” Angelina snarled, slapping Kate upside the head and sending the brunette sprawling to the floor. “I wasted the last hour working this little cunt over when I should’ve been raping your ass!

“Angelina, get a hold of yourself,” Kate shot back. “Who I date is my choice, not yours!”

Angelina responded to that by delivering a nasty kick to Kate’s stomach, felling the Brit to the floor once more.

“You enjoy licking Maria’s pussy so much?” Angelina asked as she hauled Kate up on her knees by grabbing her hair. “Then lick it good, you little wench! Lick it good and clean!”


Jennifer Garner might have heard the conflict between Angelina and Kate, had she not been moaning in pleasure. Currently, she was locking lips with Kelly Clarkson, the singer’s hands working on Jennifer’s nipples. The Alias star had her own fingers deep in Kelly’s crotch, working the wet hot box over. Jennifer’s pussy wasn’t empty, though, for TRL had moved in behind her, and was now working his way in and out of her as he gripped her ass, clearly enjoying the moment.

Across from them, Charisma Carpenter was sandwiched between Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley, the three brunettes kissing all over each other in a flurry of passion and lust.

This, right here, was what CSSA events were all about.


Back inside the room, Angelina had forced Kate’s face down into Maria’s exposed crotch, and was forcing the Brit to lick her girlfriend’s cunt until she creamed. Maria didn’t mind at all, having been tortured for the last hour or so by Angelina, denied sexual release for too long. Kate wasn’t the greatest at giving oral sex – Maria was the cunnilingus expert in this relationship – but she was more than good enough. It wouldn’t be long at all.

“When she’s coated your face, you belong to me, whore,” Angelina whispered in Kate’s ear. “And it’s not going to be pretty at all.”


Cosmo stood back and enjoyed the show before him, wanting to settle himself after the world-class blowjob he had received. He was more than happy to watch Aisha and Mandy kiss passionately while Jules’ talented tongue explored their sopping holes, much to their enjoyment. Once he was satisfied that the two ladies were ready to receive him, and that Jules had gotten her fill of their delectable juices, he took his place between their legs and pressed his cock into Mandy’s steaming snatch. After giving her a few strokes, he pulled out of her and gave Aisha some attention. Back and forth he went, alternating his strokes into each woman, enjoying their receptive holes. Mandy was tighter, but Aisha still felt mighty good, and the visual stimulation of seeing his white cock pounding into her black pussy was amazing. Occasionally he would pull out and allow Jules to taste his cunt-flavored dick, which she enjoyed immensely. Finally he was ready to move on to the next step.

“Ladies, as much as I’m enjoying this, I think it’s time to move on. I’m sure our slut is just dying for this,” Jules shivered with delight when Cosmo said that. Mandy repositioned herself, crawling up the bed so she could watch the action while Aisha ate her out, and Cosmo ordered Jules to lick Aisha’s ass in preparation for his cock. Again the slut eagerly obeyed the order, and Aisha moaned as her friend’s tongue began to invade her most private hole.

“Mmm, yeah, right there slut,” Aisha moaned as the probing tongue worked deeply up her ass. “You like that don’t you? You like sticking your tongue up my asshole?” Jules could only moan in agreement. Satisfied that her ass was being well taken care of, Aisha turned her attention to Mandy’s tasty quim, and began exploring the pink folds with her fingers, lips, and tongue. She found the young singer/actress so delicious that not even the feel of Cosmo’s thick member pressing its way through her sphincter could distract her from licking that pussy.

Cosmo gave Aisha a minute to get used to him, then began thrusting in and out of her tight anal passage. He glanced over at Jules, who was fingering herself madly while watching his cock pummel her friend’s asshole. “See something you like slut?”

“Yes Master. Would you like me to lube you up some more? Please?”

“And how did you plan on doing that, my dirty little slut?”

“Like this,” Jules said as she crawled over to him, pulled his cock out of Aisha’s now gaping ass, and sucked it into her mouth. “Mmm,” she moaned around his cock as the sheer lewdness of her act triggered an orgasm. After sucking and slobbering on his cock for a few more moments, she returned it to her friend’s still open anus. Several more times the process was repeated, Cosmo fucking Aisha’s ass, then withdrawing so Jules could suck him.

For her part, Jules couldn’t believe how much she got off on doing this. It was so dirty, nasty, slutty, and yet made her feel so incredibly hot. She found she could cum without even touching herself, so she put her fingers to good use and busied them with Aisha’s hot pussy, attacking her friend’s clit and G-spot.

Mandy was enjoying her cunt-licking immensely, Aisha’s skillful ministrations had already brought on several smaller climaxes, and now coupled with the sight of Jules’ depravity she came as hard as she could ever remember. Her orgasm set off a chain-reaction. Aisha came next, the combination of Mandy’s sweet girl cum in her mouth, Jules’ fingers in her cunt, and Cosmo’s hard cock in her ass resulted in an earth-shattering orgasm. Cosmo had tremendously enjoyed the feel of Aisha’s tight ass wrapped around his cock, and now her wild orgasmic spasms had brought him to the brink of cumming himself. And he knew just how he wanted to do it.

“Come here slut,” he pulled Jules in front of his throbbing dick, determined to blast a load all over her face. The other women knelt in front of him just as his first rope of cum splattered across Jules’ nose and mouth. Then another, and another. Cosmo couldn’t remember ever shooting this much cum, but then again he had never taken part in an encounter as hot as this. Soon he had plastered most of Jules’ pretty face with his hot white cum, and had managed to coat Aisha and Mandy with a few thick strands as well. Finally, he stuck his cock in Jules’ mouth and allowed her to suck the last few drops out as the other women began licking the cum off her face. Once Jules’ face had been cleaned off, Mandy and Aisha licked each other clean before sharing a sloppy, cum-filled kiss. Jules reluctantly released Cosmo’s deflating member, but only because she couldn’t speak with her mouth full of cock.

“You’re still going to fuck Mandy’s ass, aren’t you?”

Judging by the hopeful look on her face, Cosmo knew she wanted him to say yes. He did not disappoint. “Yeah, but first we need a little break.” Seeing the crestfallen looks on the women’s faces, he quickly added, “Not a long break, just a few minutes to get a glass of water. As wet as you girls have been, you’ll pass out from dehydration if we keep this up. I know I will,” he said jokingly. “Slut, bring us water,” Jules accepted the command without question, and went about her task. Turning to the others, Cosmo asked, “Do we have a couple of strap-ons?”

Mandy rifled through her purse. “Let’s see… blue vibrator, pink vibrator, butterfly, anal beads, here’s one,” the starlet said proudly as she withdrew it.

“I have one too,” Aisha said, retrieving the one she had used in the ladies’ room earlier. “Why, did you want one of us to do you?” the comedienne joked.

“Do I look like Hater?” By the look on their faces, Cosmo could tell that little crack didn’t go over too well. “Kidding, kidding. No, seriously I was just thinking…”


The fight wasn’t exactly going the way Raw had hoped. He thought that his adrenaline, not to mention his furious rage, would counter 50 Cent’s advantage in size and strength. He didn’t anticipate the fact that the rapper would be equally furious. Raw was doing his best, but so far it seemed that no matter what he did, he couldn’t slow 50 down, while the bigger man had landed some big blows already. Raw had a feeling he’d be very sore once the adrenaline wore off.

50 swung his right fist directly at Raw’s head. Moving back out of the way just in the nick of time, he swung his left arm up and delivered a blow to 50’s ribcage. Stunned but unhurt, he grabbed Raw by the back of his shirt and flung him up against the railing.

Raw’s butt slammed to the cement with a thud. 50 rushed over towards him and Raw could only think of one thing to do. His right foot shot off of the step and connected to the rapper’s nuts, really hard. 50 bent over in agony as Raw stood back up.

With a hard right smack to the side of his face, Raw spun him around and pushed him headfirst into the railing on the opposite side of the steps. His peanut head cracked through two of the bars and lodged his melon between them. His hulking body fell on the steps lifeless.

Raw wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked up at Roselyn. “So, where were we?”

“Ballz, that’s not very fair kicking people in the nuts like that,” she said with a sly grin.

“Hey, he’s bigger than I am. That’s not fair either.”

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“I’ll show you how I feel,” Raw replied as he walked up the steps towards her, took her in his arms and bent her backwards. Their lips locked in a deep, passion-filled lip exchange. With their eyes closed and moving their tongues about, Raw felt whole again. He felt that he could take on the entire world.

Popi was back and everything else seemed trivial.


Upstairs, things were getting hot.

Natalie Portman now lay on her back, her mouth filled with the taste of Jennifer Garner’s pussy, while TRL slowly fucked Nat’s pussy. Off to the left, Kelly Clarkson was sucking on Charisma Carpenter’s left breast, while Keira Knightley fingered the former “Angel” star’s sopping wet pussy. Their clothes were strewn about the hallway in such a half-hazard way that no one could see where their entire outfit was. Heck, Jennifer and Charisma hadn’t been wearing clothes in so long, they weren’t even sure where they’d taken them off.

The group had switched partners enough now that they’d all had a turn with each other, usually in threesomes like they were arrayed right now. Lust flowed freely through the group, and none of them saw any reason to stop any time soon.

Inside the room the orgy was just outside of, more sex was being had. This sex, however, was not quite as fun.

“Take it, bitch!” Angelina hissed in Kate Beckinsale’s ear as she shoved her strap-on up the Brit’s ass. Kate moaned in pain/pleasure, but her moans were muffled by the gag Angelina had thrust into her. “Yeah, you cheating whore, take my hard cock!” Angelina said, loving every second of the punishment she was dishing out.

Kate tried to struggle, but with little success. So far, all she’d done was knock the phone off the bed stand, almost clocking Maria Menuounos on the head as she did so. Maria, still bound and gagged, could do little more than watch as Angelina all but raped her lover.

Of course, that little more than watch became something considerably more than just watching when she noticed a certain button on her phone.

Outside the room, things had degenerated into little more than a giant, panting, sweating pile of flesh.

“Who’s pussy is my dick in?” TRL asked between heavy breaths.

“I think it’s mine,” Charisma muttered.

“No, it’s mine,” Keira said. “That’s definitely male anatomy between my legs.”

“Then what’s in my pussy?” Charisma asked.

“Sorry,” Kelly said. “I think that’s my finger.”

“Oooh, yeah, that’s a finger,” Charisma said.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over the group.

“I’m sorry, but did you guys order room service?” Rachael Ray asked. She was standing over the group clad in a white chef’s coat and hat, but rather obviously missing pants – and panties, from what Jennifer could see. She had a large cart of food behind her.

“Room service?” Natalie asked. “How could we order room service? We weren’t even in a room?”

“Well,” Rachael said, “I got a Room Service page from the phone in Room 369, and thought I’d come take a look. I heard a lot of moaning, figured someone was getting laid, and thought maybe I could get a good tip.” She said that last bit with a twinkle in her eye.

“Huh,” TRL muttered. “Well, this is room 369 right here. Guess we could knock and see who’s inside.”

“Uh, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Charisma said, shooting Jennifer a look.

“Why?” Natalie asked, trying to pry her naked body out of the pile. “Who’s in there?”


Evil opened the door to his hotel room to find Jennifer’s bags gone.

‘She can’t have left, I’m her ride back,’ Evil thought to himself, then shrugged as he went to his bed and grabbed something out of his bag. “I knew I brought this for a reason,” he said as he unsheathed his katana sword, then resheathed it and wrapped the strap around his waist, leaving the sword at his side.

He then went to the vanity that Jennifer insisted be in the room and looked at himself. Still dressed in what he had earlier, a Damageplan T-shirt, camo pants and Doc Marten boots with his hair down and very messy from all the action he’d been getting.

“Rose, you are going to pay for fucking with my relationship,” Evil said to himself as he went for the door.

‘The hallways are empty tonight,’ he thought to himself as he hit the button for the elevator. He made it all the way down to the lobby noting how quiet it was. He checked his watch, 11 PM!?!?

The doors opened and he was met by Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria who was still in her French maid outfit.

“Evil, Marcia tells me that she hasn’t been fucked by you tonight. Is this true?” Eva asked in a seductive bedroom voice.

Evil grinned looking at both of them, Marcia was still naked. “As sorry as I am to say this… yes it’s true.”

“Well… “Eva said rubbing Evil’s crotch, “That’s gonna have to change, isn’t it?”

Evil looked at Eva’s hand, then at his watch, then at Marcia, then at his sword, then back at his watch. Evil then moved Eva’s hand away.

“Give me 10 minutes. Meet me in your room both of you. I have something I need to do.” Evil walked off as Eva and Marcia giggled and got into the elevator. He walked across the ballroom, completely ignoring everyone who tried to stop him. He finally arrived at his destination… the security room.

The guard was asleep at his post, Evil looked at all the cameras until he found what he wanted. Rose McGowan whipping Budpaul and Amanda Bynes while some nerd watched on with intent. Evil grinned. “This is just too perfect, I was going to scare her into apologizing, but now Rose will pay dearly,” Evil said to himself as he bolted back to the elevator and hit the floor for Eva’s room.

Before he dealt with Rose it was time to do something he’d been avoiding all night. Fucking Marcia Cross. And getting to fuck Eva Longoria was a pretty nice bonus too.

Evil knocked twice on the door, but heard no response. Evil shrugged and entered to find Marcia and Eva about to start without him. Both women stopped and turned to face him, but he waved them off.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he said. Both ladies grinned and went back to each other.

Marcia proceeded to carefully remove Eva’s uniform and placed her arms around her, pressing her body close to the smaller woman, and planted her lips on Eva’s lips. She kissed her passionately, which was eagerly returned by Eva, and their bodies pressed tightly against each other’s with their soft breasts squishing together.

Marcia rubbed her hands across the Eva’s back as their mouths were open, sucking on each other’ mouths and kissing a lot, sliding and pressing their tongues together in a really sloppy wet kiss.

Marcia forcefully guided Eva off the bed and down to the carpeted floor, and moved her hands over Eva’s breasts, squeezing them roughly, which elicited a grin out of Evil.

Eva squealed in pure delight, she was really loved it when a castmate just took her like this, she had always been submissive at heart and her castmates taking her without asking was almost as big of a turn on as her costumes. Marcia kneaded Eva’s tits and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples. They continued kissing passionately and their eyes closed, as Evil looked on and got more and more aroused by the second.

They continued like this for at least a minute, laying on the carpet kissing each other with Marcia kneading Eva’s breasts, Eva melting in heavenly sensation when all of the sudden she felt nothing and the kiss was broken. Marcia began to suck and nibble on Eva’s tiny nipples. Her hands snaked down her lover’s body, and began to rub Eva’s pussy ever so lightly.

Evil finally decided to get in on the action, leaving his sword by the door and removing his pants. He got behind Marcia and shoved his cock straight into her ass. Marcia gasped in shock, she hadn’t been expecting that. “Now you get what you want,” he purred into her ear.

Marcia flicked her tongue against Eva’s pussy. There were drops of cum glistening in Eva’s patch of black pubic hair. Marcia smiled as she went down and Evil pumped in and out of her. Marcia circled her clit faster as she heard Eva moaning and beginning to squeal as Evil continued his assault on her ass.

Marcia moved down and licked her warm dripping cunt hole, then stuck her tongue inside and found it quite open. Marcia returned lapping Eva’s clit and stuck two of her fingers deep with in her. She kept pumping Eva’s pussy as well as her ass. Eva squealed out her orgasm and both women writhed on the bed in orgasmic bliss as Evil shot his load into Marcia’s ass, which triggered her own orgasm.

Evil pulled out and grabbed his sword and pants. “Hate to fuck and run ladies, but I’ve got something VERY important I need to do before midnight.”

“No problem,” Marcia said, coming down from her orgasm, “just be sure to bring that cock back here sometime tonight.”

“Sure thing doll,” Evil said as he strapped his sword back around his waist and Eva began to lick her cum off of Marcia’s face.

Evil closed the door and went down the hallway toward his mission for the night.

Rose McGowan.


“Where the hell is everyone?” IYG stated to himself as he watched the empty ballroom from his bar.

He looked to his right and saw his now treasured bottle, only one more celeb and it would be filled. IYG slowly drifted to sleep even though the music was banging loud.

He suddenly woke up in the back room, no idea how he got there when suddenly handcuffs were put on his hands and legs, tying him down to the table.

“I’ve been planning this for months and now it’s going to happen,” a familiar voice said.

IYG managed to move his head to see who his capturer was; he almost choked with disbelief when he saw it was Baby Spice herself, Emma Bunton.

“Emma, what are you doing here?” IYG asked in semi-shock.

“I’m here to teach you a lesson,” Emma replied as she took out a whip.






IYG’s chest, which was completely bare, began to show big red marks all over the place.

For the first time IYG noticed what Emma was wearing, she was in a dominatrix outfit and ready to give pain.

“You like that don’t ya bitch?” Emma said as she whipped IYG some more.

“I can see you’re getting hard, what kind of sick fuck are you?” Emma continued the ordeal.

Emma walked closer to IYG, grabbed his now hard cock and gave it a squeeze, she tried to crush it in her hands until IYG screamed.

“How do you like it now, whore?” Emma continued torturing IYG, the pain and pleasure were by now one and the same to his body.

Emma reached for the wine bottle and inserted it to her now exposed cunt, getting herself off in front of IYG. She whipped him every now and then so he’ll still feel the pain.

Emma was slowly reaching her climax and her eyes closed as she was doing so.

She was unaware to the fact IYG was quite a strong lad, working out on a weekly basis.

Emma reached her orgasm and the bottle was finally full. She moved it to her side and closed her eyes to catch her breath.

Suddenly a pair of handcuffs was slapped on her. “It’s your turn now bitch,” IYG said, towering over her.

Emma looked both scared and turned on and simply answered, “Bring it.”


Evil walked out to the sparsely populated dance floor. The Duffs were fucking each other. Jessica Alba and DJ Black Plague were canoodling in the booth while the music was going, and Teri Hatcher had Rachel Bilson on her knees licking her high heels. Evil also observed a group of colored women. Jada Pinkett, Vivica Fox, Halle Berry, Tamala Jones, Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Cindy Herron, Alicia Keys and Mya all sitting at a booth with a marker on it- “RESERVED FOR THE CHOCOLATE MAFIA.”

All of the women had leashes attached to other female celebs, all of them were on all fours with their leashes attached to the chairs of their respective mistresses. Mya had Britney Spears. Alicia Keys had Brittany Daniel. Cindy Herron had Natasha Henstridge. Beyonce Knowles had Scarlett Johansson. Tamala Jones had Kristen Miller. Vivica Fox had Nicolette Sheridan. Kelly Rowland had Jessica Simpson. Jada Pinkett had Mischa Barton. Halle Berry had Kristanna Loken.

“Damn, they’ve got it good,” Evil smirked to himself, as he then readied himself to draw his sword and enter the room where Rose had Hamster and Amanda Bynes.

“Hold it…” a voice said from behind him. Evil turned around and came face to face with…

“…Detective Olivia Benson, NYPD,” she said with a wink and a flash of her badge. Evil smiled at the Detective, since she wasn’t exactly dressed like one. She had on a long sleeve thermal shirt and daisy duke khakis that displayed her luscious legs.

“Long way from Manhattan aren’t you, detective?” Evil asked with a smirk.

“Not really, I have cooperation from the Boston PD to help with my investigation,” she said as she shoved Evil against the wall and began to frisk him.

“Aah frisking, I love this part,” Evil said as the Detective ran her hands smoothly all over his body; she then ran her soft hands over his crotch.

“Mmmm, hidden weapon…” Det. Benson whispered into Evil’s ear, and then backed off. “…have you been involved in any sex acts lately?”

“No,” Evil said grinning, knowing full well where this was going.

Det. Benson stepped up to him and said, “Well, isn’t it time you started?” Then she planted a passionate kiss on his lips.

“Well, Mariska,” Evil said breaking the charade, “here or in my room?”

“Let’s go for it here,” Mariska Hargitay said as Evil picked her up and started furiously making out with her. Mariska kneeled before Evil and he quickly pulled out his cock and rammed it down the actress/detective’s throat, which caused her to let out a moan at the intrusion. Evil’s hand gripped Mariska’s right breast, encompassing it and squeezing it gently. Mariska’s tummy spasmed and she gasped as Evil’s cock pistoned in and out of her mouth.

She turned her head slightly over her left shoulder, looking at the door and letting Evil’s cock slip out. “Oh no, nevermind the door, you’re not done cop slut,” Evil said, before Mariska had a chance to respond he rammed his cock back in her mouth. Mariska resumed sucking and moaning, which vibrated all over Evil’s cock. Mariska looked up at him grinning. “What were you thinking of doing?” His voice had a smile that made Mariska start humming; Evil’s brain exploded in pleasure, clearly the actress/cop knew what she was doing.

Mariska was humming a tune as she was smoking the pole attached to the wrestler/writer and loving every second of it. Her hand was jacking him off while she was humming and sucking. Evil’s eyes rolled in the back of his head while she did. Unbeknownst to him, most of the dance floor was watching him get head in the corner.

“I… going to… oh God! God…going to,” he droned.

Mariska kept going and the crowd, at least those who weren’t engaging in sex themselves, kept watching.

“Going… to… to…” Evil’s hips were now rolling forward and back steadily, and she slurped in time to her butt pressing against the wall. Evil chuckled and with the top of his left hand pushed hard downward, sliding Mariska’s panties and hip hugger jeans to her mid-thigh before she could even gasp. Her hand’s small fingers entwined his, and she caught his palm in the vice of her hand. From Evil’s position he could clearly see Jayne Mansfield’s daughter’s fingers curl, reaching inside her and slightly spreading her nether-lips, as her thumb wiggled and rubbed her engorged love button. Mariska’s eyes were closed, and she winced, seemingly in pain.

Her fingers began diving in, then rocking out, from between the legs of the actress. Her thumb moved up and down and rolled around her clitoris twice the speed of hers fingers’ probing. Mariska’s back stiffened in an arch as her breath stuck in her throat, much like Evil’s.

Mariska’s hand was now moving in time with her other hand which was between her now exposed legs.

“Oh my God, I… I…” Evil whispered in a breathy voice. The crowd was watching on intently, including, unbeknownst to Evil, another woman who had been looking for him all night. Anne Hathaway.

“Yeah, baby. Tell me. Tell me what you were going to do.” His smirk was sick, and Anne prayed he would crane his head back, to see her there. Evil’s vision became letterbox, just like the movie playing, his right hand played with Mariska’s right nipple, pulling and flicking it lightly. Mariska’s head began bobbing up and down with his motions, faster and faster. She was getting more and more into it.

“Going… going baby, going, to… to… to…” in time with his stimulations. Her hand had gripped him and as she rolled forward, her hand slid upward, then as she rolled back her hand’s grip softened, flattening on top of the penis at its hairy base. She moaned a giggly pleasure noise Evil had never heard her, or anyone else, make before.

“Yes baby, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do baby?” Mariska’s voice was husky as she breathed her lust around Evil’s cock. Her eyebrows raised and she seemed like she was about to float toward the ceiling. Evil shot his load down her throat and Mariska moaned and squealed in orgasm at exactly the same time.

Mariska stood up, wiping his jizz off of her chin, standing up and pulling up her short khakis. “Well,” Mariska said, getting back in character as Olivia Benson, “I’ll let you off with a warning this time, but if you go without fucking me by morning then I’ll have to use the cuffs.”

Evil’s cock twitched at the promise of fucking her again. Mariska handed him his sword and walked off, Evil then went about his mission.


Jules came back into the room just as Cosmo finished conspiring with the others, pushing a room service cart load with bottled water and ice. “Sorry I took so long, I had to run down the hall to get some more ice. I’m not in trouble am I?” she asked coyly, hoping that in fact she would be in A LOT of trouble.

“You have no idea,” Mandy growled at her as she donned a strap-on.

“That’s right slut,” Aisha said as she equipped the other strap-on, “you’re in for it now. Your Master wants to see you get royally fucked, and if you’re really lucky he might even fuck your face!” Everyone took the opportunity to get a drink before hopping on the bed to commence Round 2 of their private orgy. Mandy was on her back, then Jules climbed atop her, taking the younger girl’s strap-on deep inside her willing pussy. Once that was accomplished, Jules felt Aisha settle in behind her, and tried to relax her ass enough to allow an anal entry. She was totally caught off-guard when she felt the second fake dick rubbing against her already filled slit.

“Aisha, what-” her question was cut off by a quick slap on her ass. “Mistress,” she tried again, “what are you doing?”

“Quiet, slut,” was the response as Aisha continued to work herself inside her slut’s occupied cunt. Eventually she was successful, which elicited a loud gasp from Jules as she now had both women buried in the same hole. She was very nervous at first, having never been stretched so widely before, but soon she was bucking her hips back at the other women, trying to draw more of the plastic cocks into her tightly packed twat.

Cosmo was content to watch for the moment, his cock regaining its hardness as he watched the display before him. Originally he’d meant only for the girls to give Jules a standard DP, one in each hole, thinking that would be enough to get him ready again. But Aisha upped the ante, insisting that they double-fuck their slut’s tight snatch. From the looks of things, Jules had no problem with that, as she was begging to be fucked even harder. It seemed that no matter what depraved activity they could come up with, Jules was equal to the task. The constant name calling, ass-to-mouth, two dicks in her pussy, she seemed to revel in it. Cosmo was a little worried about just how far she wanted to be pushed; he didn’t mind the master/slave bit, but he was afraid that she might want to tinker with whips, chains, bizarre fetish-wear, or even more extreme acts involving animals and/or bodily wastes, all of which were much too extreme for his tastes. There was really only one other dirty thing he could think of doing, but he thought it might be too much for her, even in her present state. After watching her thrash about in a violent orgasm however, he decided they might as well try.

“Enough of that now, I think the slut’s having too much fun now.”Aisha and Mandy were disappointed at first since they were enjoying the use of their slut, but Cosmo calmed them down. “Don’t worry, I just want to try something a little different.”

Jules was barely coherent at this point. She was dimly aware that they were being repositioned, and that she was being lowered onto Aisha, facing away from her and taking the taller woman’s plastic phallus into her ass. As she settled in, she noticed her Master whispering something to Mandy.

“You’re kidding right?” Mandy couldn’t believe what Cosmo just suggested. “That can’t even be possible! Even Miss Superslut over there can’t take that!”

“I swear to God, I’ve seen it done before. My friend has a video clip on his computer. Besides, she’s taken everything else we’ve thrown at her, we might as well go for it.”

“Okay, you’re the Master,” Mandy said disbelievingly as she climbed between Jules’ legs and thrust the strap-on easily into the older woman’s now gaping pussy. Satisfied that it was well lubed with girl cum, Mandy withdrew. “Get ready slut,” she told Jules as she prepared for reentry, “because this is gonna hurt!” Mandy began pushing, not into Jules’ steaming cunt, but along side Aisha in her stuffed ass. That certainly got her attention.

“NO! Oh my God, PLEASE! It’s too much!” Jules cried as the second fake toy worked its way into her already stretched anus. There was heavy resistance at first, but then something seemed to give way and soon both cocks were buried fully in her backdoor. She was sobbing with pain, and the others stopped what they were doing.

“Shit! Are you alright Jules?” asked Cosmo as he rushed to her side. He forgot about the whole master/slave bit. “Are you okay?” he asked again as he brushed the tears out of her eyes. “I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”

Jules took a moment to compose herself. It had been painful at first, but now the pain had morphed into warm tingling sensation, and was actually quite pleasurable. In fact, knowing what she was doing made her feel like the sluttiest whore in the world. “I’m fine now. Really, it’s okay… Master,” she added as she pulled his cock to her lips. “Fuck me. I can handle it. Please? I’m ready for it. I want it. Fuck me. FUCK ME HARD!”

And so they did. In no time Aisha and Mandy were absolutely hammering away at Jules’ asshole, even harder than they had been taking her pussy. She was also in a constant state of orgasm, drenching the other women with her squirting juices. “Come on, you fucking bitches,” Jules snarled at them, “RAM THOSE FUCKING COCKS UP MY SLUT ASS! HARDER, YOU FUCKING CUNTS!!!”

‘Hmm, can’t have the slut talking back to us like that,’ Cosmo thought before plunging his now hard cock into her open mouth, her head at the perfect angle to allow his cock to fully enter her throat. Jules obediently took her Master’s dick in her mouth, and loved it when he began fucking her face, treating it as nothing more than a hole for his own pleasure. As much as Cosmo loved this deep throat action, he still remembered his cock had a date with Mandy’s ass. Reluctantly he pulled out of Jules’ sucking mouth, playfully smacking her cheek with his rock hard tool. Jules gave out one final cry of ecstacy, then began mumbling unintelligibly as her body was overloaded with pleasure. The other women pulled out and removed their strap-ons as her limp form collapsed on the bed.

Now it was Mandy’s turn, and she knew exactly what she wanted. “You,” she said as she pushed Aisha down on the bed, “I believe I owe you a good licking.” She then kissed her way down the darker woman’s body and began feasting on her delicious honey pot, a gesture that was very much appreciated. She paused briefly to look back at Cosmo, “And you, you owe me an ass fuck!”


Jennifer Garner and Charisma Carpenter were caught, plain and simple. Surrounded by a naked Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Kelly Clarkson, TRL, and a more-or-less dressed Rachael Ray, the two were looking at some serious trouble for the two cornered girls.

“What’s going on in the room, girls?” TRL asked. He made no effort to hide his nakedness – after all, he just finished getting it on with everyone in the hallway except Rachael, and she didn’t seem the least bit offended.

Neither Jennifer or Charisma were clothed, either. They huddled before the doorway to room 369, clutching each other’s naked bodies.

“We promised not to tell,” Charisma whispered.

“Promised who?” Natalie asked.

“Angelina,” Jennifer muttered. “Angelina Jolie.”

“Oh, I haven’t seen Angelina in ages!” Keira said smiling. “We had one night in Sydney a few months back where she took one of those triple vibrators – you know, where it stimulates your clit and your ass while it’s going inside your pussy”

“Not now, Keira,” Kelly whispered.

“Oh, sorry,” Keira said.

“Who else is in there?” Rachael asked. “I mean, why would Angelina be in there alone when there are so many women out here who’d sleep with her?”

“She’s not alone,” Jennifer said, looking down at the floor.

“Who?” TRL asked, crouching down to be eye level with the two beauties.

“Kate Beckinsale and Maria Menuounos,” Charisma said.

TRL stood up and looked at Keira.

“Yeah, Angelina’s not happy with that coupling,” Keira said.

“Rachael, can you get us inside?” TRL asked.

“Yeah,” Rachael said, reaching for her key card and sliding it through the lock. The door swung open, and the whole group gasped.


“Is there a doctor in the house?!?” yelled Roselyn Sanchez. She could not be heard over the thumping beats of the DJ’s music.

Rawballz collapsed on the ballroom floor, leading to a few people screaming. Roselyn kneeled to tend to him.

“What the hell happened?” asked Butch.

“He and 50 got into a fight. They beat each other up pretty badly,” Roselyn said, nearly in tears.

“Grab the first aid kit under the second turntable,” he yelled to a half naked Lacey Chabert. She charged off into the crowd that had now gathered. “EVIL!” the DJ yelled over the now nearly silent ballroom. Evil sheathed his sword and ran over, making his way through the crowd.

“What happened?” Evil asked.

“50 Cent beat the shit out of him,” the DJ replied.

“He didn’t kick my ass, I beat his,” Raw said, finally saying something, then spitting up a puddle of blood. Roselyn held on to him as he tried to move.

“Don’t move man, you might have a broken jaw,” Evil said adjusting Raw’s jaw, which elicited a scream from both Raw and Roselyn. “Nope, not broken. You’ll be ok though, you do need to be checked out by a doctor.”

“No…” Raw said trying to stand, groaning, and collapsing on the ground.

“C’mon man. At least let’s get you to your room so you can sleep it off,” Evil lifted up Raw and gave him to Butch and Roselyn.

“Put him in bed and give him a beer,” Evil said as he stepped out of the hotel on to the landing. He saw 50 over by the dumpster out cold and smirked to himself.

The crowd began to disperse as the DJ and Roselyn Sanchez dragged a half conscious Rawballz to the elevator. It was a safe bet that he was done for the night.


Hamster downed his third beer in a while; he was still sulking over Mandy’s dismissing of him.

“How could she be so cold?” Hamster wondered.

Hamster looked around the ballroom and noticed of all the partiers who were still there. The Chocolate Mafia all had their girls under the table licking them out, all of the women in the booth had their heads back and eyes closed in ecstasy.

Hamster grabbed the bottle and downed the last of his beer. “Gotta keep looking for Lindsay,” he said to himself.

As Hamster left the empty bar, the DJ was in the same position as The Chocolate Mafia. Head back, eyes rolled up in ecstasy. His cock was stuffed down Lacey Chabert’s throat while Jennifer Love Hewitt looked on pleased. So pleased in fact, she had her dress up and panties moved aside and was fingering herself. “MMMMMMM,” the DJ moaned as he absentmindedly hit a button for another song to start. Love giggled at his twitching as Lacey was sucking for all she was worth.

“She’s a good little slut isn’t she?” Love whispered into the DJ’s ear. He simply moaned in agreement. Love then leaned down to Lacey, giving the DJ a good view of her naked ass. “Finish him off you little slut and you’ll get a treat,” she whispered with a grin. Lacey sucked and licked him faster, which got more moans out of him.

Lacey’s hoovering didn’t take long as the DJ exploded down her throat. As Lacey pulled his cock out of her mouth, she wiped her lips free of his cum. Love kneeled down and licked it off and whispered into Lacey’s ear, “Good little bitch.”

The DJ’s legs nearly collapsed from underneath him when Lacey was finished. On rubbery legs he finally stood up looking not unlike a newborn giraffe and resumed his duties as Love giggled and made out with Lacey in the DJ booth.

“So, what else you got planned for the night?” Butch asked.

“Well, I’m gonna fuck Lacey here, then I’m gonna fuck a whole lot more,” Love said, giggling as she proceeded to go down on Lacey.


Amber rolled off the bed in pure ecstasy, Michelle had just fucked the heck out of her and her pussy was still buzzing. Amber looked up through her post-fucked haze at Michelle who was standing over her looking like a super-heroine… a super-heroine who was only wearing a dildo, still slick with her juices.

“That’ll teach you to start without me,” Michelle said as she slapped Amber on her ass.

Joe still struggled in his bonds. “C’mon, you fucked Amber, now can I PLEASE get out of these chains so I can fuck the two of you?” Joe asked.

Michelle looked over at Elisha. “What do you think hon?” she asked.

Elisha looked at Joe and giggled. “Nah, let’s torture him some more.”

Elisha then walked over to Michelle, grabbed her by the back of the neck and laid a sloppy kiss on her. Michelle then fixed a smoldering look on Joe as Elisha sunk to her knees to suck on Michelle’s dildo.

“Poor Joe can’t do anything with us until I say so…” Michelle giggled as she slowly jerked off Joe’s cock, which was very quickly turning blue. “Next time you won’t start without us, huh?”

Michelle giggled evilly as she pulled her hand away, leaving Joe’s blueballs still unfulfilled.

“I am so gonna get you for this,” Joe said as Elisha continued to suck on Michelle’s fake cock.

“I’d love to see you try,” Michelle said as she patted Elisha on the head.


Cosmo knew he was expected to fuck Mandy Moore up her ass, and was determined to honor that commitment. Getting behind Mandy to prepare her ass for his intrusion, he considered getting Jules to use her tongue like she had for Aisha earlier. Unfortunately, the former E! hostess seemed quite out of it at the moment. Instead, he used his fingers, transferring the copious amounts of liquid running from Mandy’s cunt up to her tiny rosebud, smearing it around and penetrating a few inches into the tight passage. When she had opened up and relaxed to his satisfaction, he replaced his fingers with his cock, and slowly worked his way into Mandy’s back door.

“Ooh yeah baby, fuck my ass,” she managed to gasp between licks of Aisha’s snatch. Mandy enjoyed the sensation so much that she decided to let Aisha feel the same thing, sliding a finger into her ass while using her tongue to tease the other woman’s clit. ‘Thanks Rose for whoring me out tonight,’ she thought to herself. ‘And thank you Aisha for having such a yummy pussy,’ she thought as her tongue continued to explore Aisha’s soft folds, a second finger making its way into the appreciative woman’ ass. Finally turning her attention to the young man plowing up her asshole, she thought, ‘And thank you Cosmo, for shoving that big dick up my ass!’ Just when she didn’t think it could get any better, she felt something new playing with her dripping pussy. “OH FUCK!”

“What the?” Cosmo had been so focused on his enjoyment of Mandy’s tight rectum that he was caught off-guard when something entered her pussy and began to vibrate. Looking down, he noticed that Jules had recovered somewhat from her earlier fucking and had inserted a vibrator into the young woman’s cunt. She had also gotten busy with her tongue, flicking it rapidly over Mandy’s clit. Another round of orgasms ripped through the group. First was Aisha, the combination of the Mandy’s fingers up her ass and skilled tongue working her pussy setting her off. Next was Mandy, who was hit with powerful, multiple climaxes as she was overwhelmed by the incredible stimulation in her lower holes. Finally, Cosmo could no longer withstand the furious milking action of Mandy’s ass, and began shooting hot cum deep into her bowels. He was surprised by the volume he was producing, but he was getting extra help from Jules, who was now sucking on his balls. Once he had finally emptied himself, he pulled his sticky cock out of Mandy’s ass, only to have Jules quickly engulf it with her greedy mouth. Cosmo nearly passed due to the attention on his now very sensitive organ, and fell onto the bed in an exhausted heap. Still, Jules kept working his cock until she was happy that it had been thoroughly cleaned off.

“Wow,” he gasped while trying to come up with something intelligent to say, “that was, just, just… wow.”

Mandy was content just to lie still and bask in the afterglow of one of the hottest encounters of her young life when she felt Jules start tonguing her still open ass, trying to eat up the rest of Cosmo’s salty hot cum. “Christ, you really are a nasty slut aren’t you?”

Jules moaned happily in agreement, and Mandy decided to let the depraved slut have her way. She had to admit that a soft wet tongue felt very good in her ravaged ass, and soon the two girls worked their way into a 69. Mandy even ended up reciprocating the anal attention, figuring it was the least she could do for the former Wild On hostess. The ladies kept licking each other softly, not really trying to bring the other off; rather, they were trying to soothe each other after such an intense fucking.

“Damn crazy white girls,” Aisha muttered as she curled up next to Cosmo.

“No kidding,” he said back to her. “I was hoping we’d all have some fun, but I had no idea this would turn into something out of a Sara Violet story!” Not that he was complaining, but considering that there was still supposed to be some big New Year’s orgy to attend, Cosmo couldn’t help but wonder, ‘How the hell am I even going to live to see next year?’


Tricksterson groaned as he was finally able to move after the treatment that Lauren Graham, Kirsten Dunst, Ashlee Simpson, and Lucy Liu had given him.

“What the hell hit me?” he asked as he was finally able to move. He found that he was still naked and his dog collar that he’d worn on a bet was long gone. He was still in the closet that Lauren had stashed him in, but this time he was alone. He stood up, head pounding like he’d had a night of hard drinking and stumbled out of the closet.

A few girls screamed at what they saw and ran off.

“Oh c’mon, it’s not anything you haven’t seen before,” Tricksterson said as he entered the ballroom.

He held his head as he stumbled toward the bar where IYG was. IYG looked up at him shocked.

“Holy shit man, where have you been and why are you not wearing anything?” IYG nearly shouted, handing him a towel.

“I dunno what happened, last thing I remember is Ashlee Simpson taking Lauren from behind with a strap-on, then everything went dark,” Tricksterson replied wrapping the towel around his waist.

“I don’t know where they are right now man,” IYG said pouring a beer for himself.

“Ah, I needed to get out anyway, I need more pussy,” Tricksterson said walking off.

IYG shook his head and sighed, he looked up at the ballroom clock. I was nearing in on midnight.

11:30 PM, only 30 minutes away.


“You two are gonna get it for messing with one of my fucktoys,” Rose said as she ran the tip of her Cat O’Nine tails over the flame of a candle.

She cracked the whip and it made a satisfying crack on the floor.

Rose then turned to the bound and gagged Amanda Bynes and Budpaul. “You see little tramp…” Rose said lightly rubbing the tip of her whip over Amanda’s nipple, “…you spit cum on the face of one of my fucktoys. Now Tara is going to get hers, but you do NOT do that without my permission.”

Rose crawled on to the bed as Amanda shook in fear. Rose cracked her whip again, she moaned at the sound.

Amanda let out as loud of a moan as she could as Rose cracked the whip across her breasts. Rose cracked the whip again making Amanda scream louder.

Budpaul watched in horror as Amanda was tortured right in front of him and there was nothing he could do, he writhed in his bonds fruitlessly as Rose turned toward him and grinned.

“Relax Budpaul, you’ll get yours soon enough,” Rose grinned.

At that moment a banging happened at the door.

It got louder and louder. “What the fuck is going on out there?” Rose yelled, angry that her fun had been interrupted.

A large knife stuck its way through the door, cutting around the doorknob and the door flew open revealing Evil with a sword in his hand.

“Hello Rose.” Evil said with a very angry look in his eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Rose asked getting off the bed and stalking toward Evil, stepping over the terrified Wayne who was sitting in the corner.

“Someone has to teach you a lesson you fucking bitch,” Evil said as he kept his sword drawn on Rose.

Rose cracked her whip as she stalked toward him, both of them came face to face.

Evil and Rose both stepped back and Rose lashed her whip at him, but one strike form the sword cut it in half and Evil forced Rose to the bed.

As he was tying Rose to the bed he turned toward Wayne who was crouching in the corner.

“D-d-d-d-don’t hurt me!” Wayne cried.

“Relax junior, I’m not gonna hurt you, in fact I’m gonna make this a night you’ll always remember,” Evil said as he tied a struggling Rose to the bed and then forced a gag into her mouth. “She brought you in here to fuck the girl right?”

Wayne nodded.

“Well, instead of Amanda, how about the queen bitch of the world here… Rose McGowan.”

Wayne looked back and forth between Evil, who was still clutching his sword and Rose who was violently struggling against her bonds. Wayne began taking off his pants and going toward Rose.

Evil untied Amanda and Budpaul and dragged their bodies out of the room while Wayne plunged into Rose win one thrust.

Evil closed the door with a laugh that could only be considered……well……evil.


Kate Beckinsale couldn’t take it any longer. She’d held back as long as she could, but the punishment Angelina was giving her pussy was too much.

As the savage woman on top of her thrust the strap-on into her one last time, Kate Beckinsale came in a flash, her whole body exploding with pleasure.

Of course, that was the exact same moment the door to the room swung open, and the whole crowd outside came flooding in.

Down on the floor, still tied and gagged, Maria Menuonos screamed through the tape covering her mouth, flailing about like a madwoman.

“Oh my god!” Natalie cried out.

“What?” Angelina said, looking over at the group that had just barged in. “Charisma!! Jennifer!! How could you?”

“How could YOU, Angelina?” TRL asked. “It looks like you all but killed Kate here!”

“I’m fine,” Kate moaned from underneath Angelina. “Really, I am.”

“What about Maria,” Kelly asked. Keira and Jennifer had rushed over to untie the trapped reporter, who was just now getting ungagged.

“I’m okay,” Maria said. “I could use a shower, but I’m alright.”

“Angelina, what the fuck is wrong with you?” TRL demanded. “You act like you want these two dead!”

“I don’t want them dead at all,” Angelina said. “In fact, now that I’ve had a piece of both of them, I’m ready to let bygones be bygones.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Natalie said, her voice crawling with skepticism.

“Nope,” she said, slapping TRL on the ass as she stood up and walked towards the bathroom. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s closing in on midnight, and I’d like to be downstairs for the ball drop – I suspect that before you can say Happy 2005, there’ll be an orgy going on, and I’m not one to miss an orgy.”

With that, she shut the door behind her, leaving everyone else staring at each other, dumbfounded.

“Well,” Rachael said a moment or two later, “she’s right about one thing.”

“What’s that?” Charisma asked.

“It’s almost midnight. You all might want to get dressed again before things heat up downstairs.”


Roselyn dragged Raw’s limp body into his room and placed him on the bed. Raw moaned in pain as Roselyn went into the bathroom and grabbed rubbing alcohol to tend to his wounds.

“I’m so sorry about this darling,” Roselyn said as she climbed on the bed. She poured some of the alcohol on the rag and dabbed away at his wounds. Raw winced as Roselyn pulled away and hugged him.

“This is all my fault…” Roselyn said as Raw got up.

“No, it’s Fiddy’s fault. He’s the one who needed a lesson, he got what he deserved,” Raw said as he tried standing up, but collapsed at the foot of the bed. Roselyn kneeled down to help him back on the bed.

“Look what it has gotten you popi,” Roselyn said as Raw put his limp arm around her.

“It got me you,” Raw said as she smiled, then leaned in to kiss him.

Roselyn and Raw continued to make out on the bed, but Roselyn bumped his injured arm.

“I’m sorry darling,” Roselyn said as she grabbed the alcohol soaked rag. Raw held her arm back.

“No…” Raw said. Both paused for a moment and Roselyn dropped the rag and leaned in to kiss him again.

Roselyn undid Raw’s pants and pulled out his cock, she moved down and licked it, eliciting a loud moan from Raw

Roselyn smiled up at Raw and said “Just relax, I’ll take the pain away.” Roselyn straddled Raw and slid his cock up her already wet pussy.

Roselyn began slowly riding him up and down, making Raw moan in a combination of both pain and pleasure. She lowered the top of her dress and began playing with her tits.

Raw smiled at the site of Roselyn riding him again, to him all seemed right with the world… except for the excruciating pain in his body.

Raw moaned as Roselyn moved faster and faster on top of him. Soon the room was awash with moans and screams from both participants. Roselyn moved so fast her tits were nearly a blur as she moaned, “I’M CUMMINNNGGGGG!”

Raw let out a primal scream as he came inside of Roselyn, triggering her orgasm.

Roselyn collapsed on the bed exhausted, not knowing she fell on Raw’s injured shoulder.

“Sorry,” she said breathlessly.

“It’s ok. You’re worth the pain,” Raw said. Roselyn’s face lit up with a smile as she kissed him. Raw checked the clock. “11:50 pm. Almost midnight,” he said.

“Are you going to the orgy?” Roselyn asked.

“Yeah,” he said trying to stand up, but his ribs prevented him from standing up all the way. “You go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

Roselyn smiled and headed for the door, not even bothering to pull up her top, in fact she removed the rest of her dress.

Raw laid back on the bed and sighed. “Dammit, I’m going to this thing.” Raw said as he slowly stood up, paying attention to his ribs and walking very slowly.


Cosmo walked out of the room followed by Aisha walking Jules. Jules was on all 4’s with a leash around her neck, Mandy followed closely behind.

“How much time we got left?” Aisha asked.

Cosmo checked his watch. “10 minutes until midnight,” he replied smirking at Jules.

“You like that huh?”Aisha questioned

“What?” Cosmo asked.

“Don’t play dumb with me Cosmo, I know you like seeing Jules on all fours,” Aisha said winking.

“Well, I……” Cosmo stammered.

“Don’t worry about it kid, she did call you master.” Aisha handed the leash to Cosmo who stood there dumbfounded as Aisha confidently walked over to Mandy.

“On your knees,” Aisha commanded Mandy.

Mandy dropped to her knees and Aisha took another collar and leash out of her purse and wrapped them around Mandy’s neck. Aisha then strode toward the elevator, as she pushed the button she turned back to Cosmo.

“If you need me I’ll be with the Chocolate Mafia,” she said as she led Mandy, who was also on all fours into the elevator.

Cosmo looked at the elevator as the door closed, he shrugged his shoulders and headed to the elevator himself waiting for his ride to the orgy. “Well slut, let’s get going,” he said as he tugged on Jules’ leash.


Hamster finally found who he was looking for.

“Lindsay, where have you been?” Hamster asked before he saw what was going on. Lindsay Lohan had her face buried in between Maggie Gyllenhaal’s legs. Maggie was moaning as she hand fistfuls of Lindsay’s hair.

Lindsay was munching away on Maggie as she was now naked, her black dress from earlier in the night was now in tattered rags on the floor and Lindsay’s leash was wrapped around Maggie’s hands holding Lindsay in place.

Hamster stood, transfixed on the sight before him. The girl he brought to the party going to town on the girl who made S&M acceptable with Secretary. This was something to see.

Maggie’s moans only got louder as Lindsay’s tongue treatment got faster and faster. Maggie came with a loud scream that Hamster swore rattled the windows.

Once Maggie recovered and Lindsay removed herself from between her legs she finally noticed Hamster.

“Where have you been all night?” Lindsay asked.

“Looking for you,” Hamster replied.

“Wh-wh-what time is it?” Maggie asked as she finally recovered enough to speak.

“11:53. We’ve got seven minutes,” Hamster said. Lindsay scrambled to her feet and Maggie slowly crawled to her feet as well.

Both people left the room and headed to the main ball room where the orgy was about to take place.

“This is gonna be fun,” Lindsay said smirking while Hamster held on to Maggie so she didn’t fall over.


Evil tore his way through the crowd making his way to the elevator. He had to do this before midnight.

He boarded the elevator and got to his floor, the door opened to see him almost get knocked on his ass by the group of Amber Tamblyn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Elisha Cuthbert, and Voodoo Joe.

Evil turned the corner to see Jennifer necking with Charisma Carpenter, TRL and Kelly Clarkson going at it, and Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman about to go at it.

“Jen, can I , um, talk to you? Alone?” Evil asked.

Jen and Charisma looked at each other until Charisma spoke up. “Um…guys…I think we should take this elsewhere.”

“Dammit!” Natalie yelled out. “Are we ever gonna hook up?” Keira just shrugged and walked away with her arm in arm. Everyone piled on to the elevator and it went down as Jennifer opened the door.

“Come to rub it in?” Jennifer asked.

“No, I came to apologize. I never should have said what I said. I’m sorry.”

“No,” Jennifer said sitting down, “it’s my fault. I should have told you about the island, I should have been honest with you from the start.”

“No, I can understand why you didn’t tell me. You needed time away. I can understand that, but earlier tonight-” Evil said before Jennifer cut him off.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s ok,” Jennifer said standing up to be face to face with him.

“I love you,” Evil said as he kissed her and they moved to the bed.

As they started to strip each other, a loud voice rang through the hotel.


Evil and Jennifer continued to kiss as the countdown to the new year began.

“….5….4….3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone cheered.

“Happy New Year lover,” Evil said as Jennifer laughed.

Jennifer got between Evil’s legs and started to play with his cock, he was erect in seconds.

“You know, you have to kiss someone at midnight,” she said as they finished removing the rest of their clothes

“I think fucking is even better,” Evil said smirking.

“Trust me,” she said to him, “it definitely is.” With that, Jennifer pushed Evil back onto the bed and jerked him back to full hardness. She then straddled him on the bed. He looked up at her, the most amazing woman on Earth and he was about to fuck her.

“You ready for this pussy?” Jennifer asked. Not that it mattered. She had already lined up his cock and was sinking slowly onto it.

“Oh my god!” Evil cried. He was in heaven. Even though Jennifer was quite older, her pussy was tight.

“How does it feel?” she asked.

“Fuckin’ great!” he replied. Evil just looked up at her, his hands on her ass, helping her move up and down on his cock. She was moving on top of him slowly. He knew he truly loved Jennifer, it was more then the CSSA parties, this was the real deal.

“It feels better for me,” she told him. They were both in paradise. Gradually, she started to increase the pace. Her tight pussy was getting used to his thick cock.

Jennifer pushed down on his chest to help her push her pussy down onto his cock. By now, she was really bouncing on his cock. Evil reached up and squeezed her breasts together.

“Fuck yeah!” moaned Jennifer. “Squeeze my tits. Fuck my pussy. Slap my ass. Do me, baby!” Jennifer was in a state of complete lust.

Evil followed Jennifer’s instructions, even though they were really just the moans of a true slut. He squeezed her tits hard, almost making her have an orgasm. Then he slapped her ass a couple times.

Evil started slapping her ass hard as she bounced up and down on his cock. The harder the slap, the faster Jennifer started to ride him.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my god,” Jennifer moaned when Evil switched to squeezing her tits again. “I’m fucking cumming, baby!” Jennifer kept riding Evil hard and he kept squeezing her big tits.

“Ride my cock hard!” he moaned. Jennifer held onto his chest and started pushing her pussy harder and faster against his cock.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming again! You’re fucking amaaaaaaaazing!” Jennifer’s second orgasm was more powerful than the first.

Jennifer fell off of him and looked at him, she smiled. “I love you too darling.”


‘Where is he?’ Alyson Hannigan thought as she paced by the bar. Dave had left with Iyari Limon. Sure it was sweet that he wanted to keep his promise to take Iyari’s cherry before midnight but he’d also promised the last dance to Alyson.

She turned sharply back to the bar and said aloud to no one in particular, “Stay, he said.” IYG looked over to Alyson and offered a bottle.

“Still not interested in contributing, and that bottle is full anyway,” she said. “But thanks, again, and again. Beer, please.” IYG shrugged and slid a longneck down the bar to her. The cap twisted off and she drank. She was looking toward IYG but she was really talking to herself. “Five minutes, be right back. Should have known it wouldn’t be five fucking minutes or five minutes of fucking. If I wanted to be alone on New Years, I would have stayed in L.A. with Alexis.”

“Yes, my bitches, it is time for the last song of 2004,” Butch yelled over the mic.

“What? No, it can’t be.” Alyson looked up at the speakers and downed the rest of her beer. She looked over the dance floor. “He’s going to be late. The last song is playing and he-”

“Is just in time,” Dave voice floated in from over her shoulder. She turned to see him leaning against the bar with a short stem rose. He walked over and slipped the rose in her hair. He kissed her and then asked, “Can I have this dance?”

She nodded and followed him to the dance floor. They swayed together. Alyson said, “I’d almost given up on you.”


Alyson pouted. “What took you so long?”

“The first place we snuck off to already had a couple of people. We would have joined but Iyari didn’t want her first time to be in front of strangers. The next five places we tried, same thing. The elevator had an eight-person orgy. It was getting closer to midnight and I could hear the song for the dance wrapping up in the lobby. That’s when I saw Ted. You know how Haylie Duff has the attention span of sugared up puppy. Well, earlier Hyalie was this,” Dave gently pinched Alyson’s side, “close to ditching us for Ted, one of the bellboys. I see Ted in the lobby. All night he’s seen the most gorgeous women in the world walk right past him and, I’m sure, I took away the only one that showed any interest in him. I told him Iyari would make it up to him, if he could find somewhere they could be alone and fucked her right away. Employees always have a few hiding places. He agreed and while Iyari didn’t want to fuck in front of strangers, she had no problem getting fucked by one.”

“So it’s just us.”

“Other than the crowded dance floor, just us.”

Alyson smiled. “Funny,” she said, “I didn’t notice them.”

When the song finished, they went back to Dave’s hotel room and avoided the orgy for strictly each other.


For the most part, things were pretty calm at the moment. Oh, the music was blaring, people were dancing, Haylie Duff was topless and getting her nipples licked by her sister. But for the most part, things were going well. TRL was dancing arm in arm with Kelly Clarkson, while Keira and Natalie made out next to them, they looked to be about ready to get it on when Rachel Bilson joined them and Natalie turned to Rachel and made out with her. Keira wasn’t alone for long as Charisma Carpenter started making out with her.

Kate and Maria were lost in each others eyes, and Charisma and Keira were making a scene. Other couples moved about, half on their way to naked, half not. But when the countdown started, everyone stopped and counted along.

“I haven’t forgotten,” TRL whispered in Kelly’s ear.

“Forgotten what?” Kelly asked as the countdown hit three.

“This,” TRL said, taking her in his arms. Just then, the countdown hit midnight. A cry of joy went out through the hall. As it did, TRL placed one real, romantic kiss right on Kelly’s lips. At first, she was surprised, but then she melted right into it, and enjoyed the feeling for a while. The two kissed for quite some time, holding each other tight.

“All right, you two,” a voice said, breaking their moment. “That’s enough,” Keira Knightley said, moving up next to the two. Behind her, Natalie Portman was stripping Rachael Ray of her top, exposing the chef’s tits for the first time that night. “It’s after midnight, and clothing is no longer an option. Get naked, you two. It’s time for some fun.”

At that moment two things happened. IYG emerged from behind the bar holding the full bottle of girl cum.

“Hey guys, the bottle is full!”

Then the second thing happened. Hamster stormed off of the elevator with Lindsay Lohan in tow, followed soon after by Hamster’s hyena. IYG moved out of the way of the two charging people, only to be pounced on by the hyena.

As if in slow motion IYG watched the bottle fly out of his hands and into the dance floor, shattering into a million pieces.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” IYG yelled in despair. All his hard work shattered in a matter of seconds, it just wasn’t fair.

“Poor guy,” IYG looked up and saw Sarah Michelle Gellar completely naked and holding a bottle of booze. “Let’s join the orgy!”

IYG was many things, but stupid wasn’t one of them. He smiled and joined arms with Sarah as they went out to the dance floor where the orgy was in full effect.


The orgy was just getting underway as Evil walked around the upper level of the ballroom looking down on the crowd.

He rubbed his hands together anxiously trying to decide who he should go for first, he spotted Rachel Bilson in the crowd and is about to go to her when…


“Dammit…” Evil said to himself as he grabbed his cell phone “…hello.”

“You have a warrant out for your arrest if you don’t get up here to my room,” purred a sensual voice that Evil recognized immediately.

He grinned and said “I’ll be up there in a moment Detective Benson.”

Evil shut off his phone and headed for the elevator. He took one more look at the orgy in full swing before stepping into the elevator.

He took the elevator up to the sixth floor and stepped off and went to room 654, where for some reason the door was unlocked.

“Hello..” Evil entered the room tentatively. Mariska had always had fun role playing as Det. Benson, her character on Law and Order: SVU, but at times she took it too far.

Evil rubbed his wrist where she left a scar last time when she cuffed him to the bed.

“…Detective Benson?…” He asked knowing full well she in character.

“Help,” he heard. Evil entered the room to find Mariska with her hands cuffed to the headboard.

“How did this happen?” he asked, barely containing his grin.

“Never mind that just help me out here,” she stated.

Evil walked over to the bed and grabbed the key, but as he was about to unlock the cuffs he stopped, then put the key in his back pocket.

“What are you doing?” ‘Olivia’ asked.

“I’ve heard some things about you detective. About your unprofessional conduct with suspects, I’m afraid I may need to teach you a lesson,” Evil said as he lifted Mariska’s legs to pull off her daisy dukes.

“Noooo, stop,” Mariska said without any real conviction behind it.

“Lick my fingers, little bitch. Get them all wet.” Mariska opened her mouth and started to suck, her little pink tongue curling round his fingers and lapping between them.

Once she got his hand sufficiently lubricated Evil positioned his index finger at the tight pink starfish of her anus and shoved it in, hard.

She cried out. When it was loose enough, he shoved a second finger in, spreading her hole a little wider.

“Ah – it h-hurts…” A tear ran down her cheek. Evil smacked her ass hard.

“You are enjoying this, aren’t you Detective Benson?” Evil asked. Mariska just moaned.

Evil then lifted up her legs so that her legs were in her face and slid his cock in her ass. Mariska moaned out loud as Evil pumped into her, pulling at her binds as she tried to free herself.

Evil let out a laugh at her predicament – she obviously wanted out so she could enjoy it, but there was a reason his name was Evil. The only way she was getting out was with the key, which was safely in his back pocket.

“MMMMMMMM, GGOOOOODDDDDDDDDD,” Evil blew his load into Mariska’s ass

Evil pulled out and moved up to Mariska’s mouth, where she dutifully stuck out her tongue and sucked and licked him dry.

When Mariska was done sucking Evil off and letting him cum in her mouth, Evil moved down her body.

“You gonna fuck me like a cop slut?” Mariska asked innocently.

Evil grinned and ripped her shirt completely off. He took a moment to play with her tits, tugging on the nipples, twisting them around, and crushing them between finger and thumb, digging his fingernails in. Mariska squirmed, but couldn’t move out of position.

Evil plowed into her, all the while looking into her eyes. He grinned, she moaned.

Then he began the spanking.

Evil wasn’t gentle with her either. He administered a succession of stinging back handers to her tender twat, and watched with satisfaction as it reddened and juiced up.

He pumped into her more as she moaned louder and louder until they both had a mutual orgasm.

Evil stepped off of her and did up his pants heading for the door.

“Hey….” Mariska said, breaking character “…aren’t you going to let me go?”

Evil looked at her, the sheen of sweat covering her naked form, her daisy dukes around her ankles acting as shackles.

“Nope…” Evil said as he headed for the door, the sound of Mariska laughing rang in his ears.

“I’m gonna get you for this.” Mariska said as he neared the door.

Evil popped his head back in and said, “Looking forward to it.”

He then left the room and headed for the elevator, there was an orgy to get back to.


“Jesus H. Christ,” Cosmo muttered to himself as he strolled into the ballroom with Jules Asner in tow. “CSSA sure doesn’t dick around when it comes to orgies.”

He could hardly recognize anyone at first, the whole room was teeming with naked bodies writhing together. Cosmo thought he saw Amber Tamblyn, Elisha Cuthbert, and Michelle Tratchtenberg groping each other, but he couldn’t be sure because at that distance they looked like one big pile of naked flesh. He also saw TRL getting up on the stage and approaching the Duffs. Presently, Hilary was getting dildo fucked from behind by her sister Haylie.


Cosmo finally spotted Aisha and Mandy over with the rest of the Chocolate Mafia. It looked like the pair was quite busy at the moment, Aisha was hammering her strap-on into Mandy, who bent over a table and locked in a tongue-wrestling match with Kristanna Loken as the T3 star was getting drilled by Halle Berry. Thinking about joining in on that, he had just started towards them when someone else grabbed his attention.

“Oh. My. God. What do we have here?” Brooke Burke asked as she approached, focusing not on Cosmo but the naked woman he had on a leash. “Little Miss Goodie Two-shoes is a dirty little whore after all. I always knew you were a slut at heart.”

Brooke knelt down face to face with her blushing Wild On predecessor. “I’ve been waiting years for this,” she said as she grabbed Jules by the head and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. “You don’t mind, do you?” Brooke asked Cosmo. “I was supposed to get something from TRL, but he’s busy,” she said as she looked up at the stage. “So it looks like your little slut here will have to hold me over for now.”

“I’m sure we can work something out,” Cosmo replied as Brooke began undressing in front of them. “So, do you want to see just how nasty my little slut is? Jules, will you be a good girl and show Brooke what a slut you are?”

Both women were clearly excited and dripping wet, Brooke at the thought of seeing her former E! colleague acting like a $2 whore, and Jules because she had a pretty good idea as to what this encounter would entail. As she began kissing her way up Brooke’s legs, she remarked, “I hope you like anal…”

Across the room, Kristanna Loken was liking anal very much. Not that she had much of a choice, Halle Berry was really giving it to her hard.

“Who owns you cunt? WHO FUCKING OWNS YOUR ASS?!?” Halle demanded ass she drilled the blonde woman’s ass.

“Y-you, ahh, you do,” Kristanna gasped. “You own my ass!” Normally Kristanna liked to dominate other women, which was easy given the fact that at nearly six feet tall she towered over most other women. Tonight however she loved relinquishing control to the Chocolate Mafia. Being able to make out with Mandy Moore as they were both being dominated was a nice bonus.

“Oh god,” Mandy panted as Aisha withdrew the dildo from her wet pussy and began pushing it up her ass. Even as she welcomed the intrusion, she couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that she was even allowing this. Allowing someone she just met hours before to put a leash on her, bend her over a table, and ram a big plastic cock up her ass was absolutely insane; that sort of behavior was usually reserved for Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. “Fuck my slutty ass Mistress!” THAT definitely wasn’t a part of Mandy’s normal everyday speech. ‘Only at a CSSA event,’ Mandy thought happily to herself as she felt another orgasm approach.

Aisha loved the power she held over the young starlet. The thought that this pretty white girl begging her black mistress to fuck her, begging to be her bitch, was intoxicating. It was almost enough to get her off, even without the base of her strap-on grinding so deliciously against her engorged clit. ‘Speaking of proper white girls begging to be my playthings, I wonder where Jules is?’ Aisha glanced quickly around the room, spotting her friend-turned-slave tangled up with Cosmo and Brooke Burke. Seeing her submissive friend gave her an idea.

“Hey Halle, wanna REALLY put these bitches in their place?” she called over to the woman as she continued to sodomize Mandy mercilessly.

“I thought that’s what we were doing,” Halle responded as she pounded her strap-on deep into Kristanna’s bowels.

“Check this out,” Aisha replied as she pulled out of Mandy and moved next to Kristanna’s face. “Open up bitch!” she hissed as she plunged into the blonde’s open mouth before she even had a chance to realize what was happening.

“Oh my, that is pretty degrading isn’t it?” Halle cooed in appreciation.

Still somewhat delirious, Mandy had no idea what happened to the dildo which had just moments ago been reaming her ass. “Mistress, what hap-”

“Quiet, you whore!” Halle cut her off as she thrust her plastic phallus between Mandy’s lips. “Make yourself useful and clean this off!”

Ordinarily, neither Mandy nor Kristanna would ever dream of putting up with this kind of treatment, but they had given themselves over to their mistresses so completely that they happily complied. After both slaves had sucked the dirty strap-ons to their mistresses’ satisfaction, Halle and Aisha swapped girls. Both Kristanna and Mandy were so far gone with lust that they felt as if they were in a perpetual state of orgasm, and several times more the process was repeated, Aisha and Halle both getting ample opportunity to assfuck each willing slave senseless, then “force” the other girl to lick their dildos clean.

Meanwhile, Brooke Burke was in heaven, locked in a tasty 69 with Jules while Cosmo fucked her ass. She typically didn’t give up her ass to just anybody, but strangely Jules was the one begging for it, right before she slipped her tongue up Brooke’s back door. ‘I can’t believe little Miss Priss was begging me to get butt fucked. What does she get out of it?’ Brooke’s thoughts were briefly interrupted when she felt the other woman’s tongue drifting away from her clit and trying to get at her already full ass.

Cosmo also noticed Jules’ wandering tongue. “What do you think you’re doing, slut?” he asked playfully.

“I want to taste her on your cock Master,” Jules whined.

Brooke was pleasantly surprised to hear Jules beg for something like that, but didn’t think she’d actually go through with it. “Whatever. Like you’d really ever do that.”

Jules ignored Brooke, focusing only on pleasing her Master. “Please? Master please let me-” she was suddenly cut off as someone collapsed next to them.

“Please… no… stop… I can’t… I can’t take anymore,” Kari Wuher pleaded, weakly trying to crawl away from the insatiable brunette who seemed hell bent on keeping her tongue buried as far up Kari’s rectum as humanly possible. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for Kari, she loved a good tongue up her butt as much as the next girl, but she was already so weak from having countless orgasms over the past several hours that she didn’t think she could survive any more of this sweet torture. Unfortunately for her (or very fortunately, depending on the point of view) CSSA’s resident anal queen Sara Violet was not giving her any choice in the matter.

Jules watched briefly before once again pleading with Cosmo. “Please Master? Let me be your dirty little slut. Please?” she asked, not wanting to be outdone by the display they had just witnessed.

“Fine, here’s your treat,” Cosmo said as he pulled out, only to have Jules quickly take him into the back of her throat.

“Jesus, did she really just take you into her mouth?” Brooke asked, unable to see anything other than the dripping cunt in her face. “Fuck that’s so nasty, and slutty, and, and,” she tried to find another word, “and hot!” Brooke jammed three fingers deep inside Jules’ willing pussy, while moving her other hand down to play with her own needy snatch. “Do it again! MAKE THAT FUCKING PRISSY CUNT DO IT AGAIN!”

Cosmo did indeed do it again, and again, and again. Each time, Jules came as she swallowed the cock straight from Brooke’s asshole, and now Brooke was on the verge of cumming herself.

“Fuck! Eat me bitch!” she yelled as she forced Jules’ face back to her quivering pussy, thrashing about madly as she came. Cosmo was unable to withstand the furious milking action of Brooke’s ass, and flooded her rear passage with his final load of the night. As he softened and slipped out of Brooke’s satisfied ass, Jules obediently took him into her mouth for another enthusiastic cleaning.

“That’s right you cunt, taste my ass on your Master’s cock,” Brooke hissed in her ear. “Look at you now, Miss Jules ‘I’m not a slut like Brooke Burke, I would never be in Playboy’ Asner.” While Jules in fact had never said anything even remotely like that at E!, and Brooke actually liked Jules a lot, both girls were getting off on Brooke’s domineering attitude. “Licking my ass off that big dick like a cheap whore. That’s what you are, isn’t it cunt?”

“Yessss,” Jules moaned happily as she finished licking Cosmo clean. “I’m such a cheap little cunt!”

“Of course you are bitch. Now be a good little fucktoy and clean me up too. I’ve still got a date with TRL and I don’t want him to find a sloppy mess when he fucks me.” With that, Brooke pushed Jules onto her back and straddled her face, lowering herself onto the woman’s waiting mouth. Jules eagerly began licking, probing deeply into Brooke’s open anus with her tongue. As she was trying to clean up her Master’s cum she let her hands wander up to Brooke’s ample chest, cupping her breasts and teasing her dark brown nipples. Cosmo could only look on as his slut rimmed Brooke to another satisfying climax.

“Mmm, thanks for that Jules,” Brooke said as she composed herself. “I really do need to find TRL, but we need to do that again sometime. You, me, Aisha, and Cindy. A nice private E! reunion for the four of us.”

“Yeah,” Jules murmured weakly as she crawled over to where Cosmo was now sitting. “I’d like that. Can I be the bitch?”

“Of course you can,” Brooke said as she kissed the other woman on the nose. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with TRL,” Brooke said as she wandered off, completely ignoring the clothes she had left strewn on the floor. “Oh yeah, Happy New Year you two!”

“Same to you,” Cosmo replied. He knew he was done for the night, but what a night it had been. ‘A very Happy New Year indeed,’ he thought as he felt his exhausted pet curl up beside his leg.


Butch watched from his DJ station as the orgy came alive before him. The entire crowd was stripping naked in front of him. Breasts and asses were everywhere. He could clearly make out a very naked Kirsten Dunst lowering herself down to her knees, taking Carnage’s cock in her mouth as she did so. Across the hall, Lindsay Lohan and Hamster helped a clearly fresh-fucked Maggie Gyllenhall enter the room. Somewhere in-between, KMB had coaxed Tara Reid out of her panties, and Tara was coaxing KMB to an erection. Not that he needed much coaxing.

This was how all CSSA events should end, Butch mused. Just massive fucking. He supposed they all did, really, but this one hadn’t had any of the insane stuff that the events on Victoria’s Island had.

“Hey, Mister DJ, play a song for me,” a voice said from behind Butch.

He turned around to see Jessica Alba, already bottomless, standing next to a very naked Rachael Ray.

“Now how’d you two hook up?” He smiled, remembering that he, himself, was rather bottomless as well. The two women gave his enlarged cock a good long look before answering.

“Let’s just say we have a fuck-buddy in common,” Jessica said.

“That’s right,” Rachael replied. “A very good fuck-buddy.”

“You know, even though there’s an orgy going on right now, I gotta keep the music going,” Butch said.

Jessica looked at the crowd. “I don’t think anyone would notice, but if you’re too busy, I suppose we’ll have to entertain each other.”

“Oh yeah,” Rachael said. “We’ll keep ourselves entertained.” The chef reached over and unbuttoned Jessica’s shirt. Then she grabbed Jessica’s tits and squeezed. “Mmm. These things are wonderful. You really ought to show them off more often.”

“Maybe I will,” Jessica said as she snaked a hand underneath Rachel’s chef’s coat. A finger quickly slid into Rachel’s snatch, making the Bostonian swoon.

Butch took one look at the couple before him and swore. He threw in a mixed tape and leaped down from the stage, angling his cock for Jessica’s snatch. He wouldn’t miss this for the world.


The elevator pinged as Evil stepped off.

“Uh uh. Back on the elevator, you’re coming with us,” said Marcia Cross, still naked as Eva Longoria wearing a police woman outfit, dragged him back to the elevator.

Eva pushed him against the wall and began to frisk him.

“Frisking, I love this part,” Evil said grinning which made Marica giggle. Eva’s hands moved below his waist.

“Ya know, I’ve already fucked one cop tonight Eva,” Evil said, which made Eva back away.


“Aw, poor Eva,” Marica said as she kissed her on the lips.

Evil, watching this, smiled. “That did not take long at all.” Evil said undoing his pants.

The door pinged and they got off, this time on the 4th floor and headed for Room 419 and went inside. Marica and Eva landed on the bed with Eva on top. Eva’s tongue was deep in Marcia’s mouth.

“Aren’t you going to join us?” Marica asked as Evil stood by the door and watched.

“Gimme a sec, I’m gonna pick my spot,” Evil said as he put his dick back in his pants and stood against the wall watching two of the Desperate Housewives go at it.

Eva moved down Marica and thrust her tounge into her swollen folds Marcia moaned like it was her first time.

“Good girl. Oh yes you are a good girl,” Marcia moaned as Evil’s arousal grew.

Eva’s lips caressed and molded Marcia’s mound as her tongue slithered in and out of her womanhood. Eva’s tongue started lapping at Marcia, up and down and side to side, Marcia moaned like she had already orgasmed.

“That’s it Eva, eat my pussy like a good little slave. Make me cum, make me cum on your dirty little face!” Marica said, suprising Evil.

‘What’s really going on at the Desperate Housewives set?’ Evil thought.

Marcia looked down at her deftly licking her and driving her crazy at the same time, Eva knew exactly how to push her buttons and when she did Marcia always

came like a freight train. Evil grinned as the tent in his pants began to grow more and more as Eva’s licking sped up.

“Oh yes, there. Faster, lick faster. Harder, there, oh yes!” Marcia cried as Eva continued to lap at my cunt with abandon.

Marcia began to thrust her pelvis forward to meet Eva’s frantic slurping face even harder. Pulling her hair with Marcia humped her face while Eva continued

to lick and suck her over the edge. Marcia came, and came again, she collapsed on the bed not being able to take anymore.

Eva slid off the bed grinning at Evil.

“I guess that’s my cue,” Evil said moving toward the bed when he was cut off.

“I fucking knew it! You just can’t keep your hands off of her can you bitch?” shouted a visibly angry Teri Hatcher.

“I don’t recall making any such agreement,” Marica said, gathering her bearings and standing up.

“That is bullshit Marica, we both agreed to share jointly with Eva, you’ve had her all fucking night!” Teri yelled as Evil stood back and watched and Eva kneeled at the foot of the bed.

“I did not agree to that, you said first come first serve!” Marica yelled, standing up to face Teri.

Evil saw that things were about to get ugly, so he motioned for Eva to follow him and both left the room as the argument continued.


Halle Berry was having a very Happy New Year. After she and Aisha had exhausted themselves fucking their slaves, they ordered the girls to eat each other out. Mandy and Kristanna eagerly obeyed, quickly falling into a lusty 69 and greedily lapping at each other’s dripping folds. Once both girls had orgasmed, Aisha, who had already had more than her share of pleasure for the evening, commanded the two slaves to service Halle. And service her they did, slowly kissing their way down her body. First they made sure to give their Mistress a sloppy, tongue-filled kiss, then worked their way to her tits, which were also properly attended to. Finally they had gotten to her drooling snatch, and were both trying to fit their tongues in at the same time. More often than not, this led to Mandy and Kristanna kissing each other, but Halle didn’t mind since it proved to be a very erotic sight. Eventually, however, she decided she needed a little extra stimulation to get off. “Hey Blondie,” she used her pet name for Kristanna, “my other hole needs some attention too.”

“Yes Mistress,” Kristanna paused her ministrations to reply, then moved her tongue lower to Halle’s puckered anus. After teasing the orifice for a few minutes, she began pushing into the hole, feeling it relax and give way to her insistent tongue. Meanwhile, Mandy had kept up her efforts on Halle’s cunt, prodding her G-spot with two fingers while licking and nibbling on her swollen clit. Finally, Halle fell victim to the two-tongued attack on her lower holes, and exploded in an earth-shattering orgasm.

“AHHH! GOD! OH FUCK!” she screamed as her climax rocked her body. “Oh yeah, like that, just like that,” she panted as the orgasm washed through her, Kristanna and Mandy continuing to work as Halle came down from her incredibly hard cum. They continued to lick softly until Halle went limp, then finally withdrew their tongues from her well used holes. “Wow, for a couple of worthless cunt slaves, you girls are really good! I’ll have to use you again sometime.”

“Thank you Mistress,” both girls replied, then turned to each other and kissed, savoring the flavor of Halle’s pussy and ass.

“Well that was fun,” Aisha said as she grabbed Mandy’s leash, “but I think my slave has more work to do! Come on slut,” she said as she tugged Mandy along, “I’m sure we can find lots of work for that slutty mouth of yours. Happy New Year Halle!”

“Same to you,” Halle replied. “Now Blondie,” she said as she grabbed Kristanna’s leash, “let’s see if any other Mafia members need a good licking. Maybe if you’re lucky, there’ll be some ass-flavored dildo for you to clean off!”

“Yes Mistress,” Kristanna answered as she was led off towards the rest of the Chocolate Mafia.


It was rather ironic that, having spent most of the evening fucking each other, TRL, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Portman, and Keira Knightley – stranded almost dead center in the orgy – found themselves fucking each other. TRL had lowered Kelly to the floor, and with only her discarded dress beneath her, was slowly making love to her, Missionary Style. Natalie and Keira had opted for a rather straight-forward 69, each lapping each other’s pussies with gusto.

What none of them expected was that others might want to join in with them.

TRL had locked eyes with Kelly, lost in a very loving fuck, when suddenly a hand pulled his head to the side, and soft lips met his. At the same time, another set of lips met Kelly’s distracting the two lovers mid-thrust.

TRL blinked as Haylie Duff pulled away from his face, smiling as she showed him her naked chest. On the other side of him, a topless Hilary Duff was making out with Kelly, practically smothering the girl with kisses.

At the same time, Keira was pulled off Natalie by another pair of sisters – Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Before either actress could complain, the two singers assumed the positions of the departed partner. Ashlee took over on top of Natalie, while Jessica pulled Keira on top of her, yanking her ass down so that her lips met Keira’s snatch.

Not far from where Natalie and Ashlee were tasting each other, two women were stripping it off for an appreciative audience. Emma Bunton was down to her see-through bra and thong, and Jennifer Lopez had somehow managed to get all her underwear off without removing her too-short dress. Every time the latina shook her ass, her crotch was visible to the crowd. And the flimsy material covering her chest did nothing to hide her erect nipples.

Around them, babes and authors, message board members and chicks, hooted and clapped as the two women tried to out-dance and out-seduce each other. But the crowd wasn’t lasting long, as it too started to break off by pairs and trios, either pulling each other to other parts of the room, or just dropping to the floor where they were.

Over by the bar, Sarah Michelle Gellar had gotten a pants-less IYG up on the bar, and was actually doing shots off his cock. A pattern of drink, bite, and suck developed – the bitting being on a lime, the sucking being salt off IYG’s cock. Sarah had already downed three shots this way, and her temporary bartender, Jennifer Dempster looked eager to take her place.


Across the hall, the “Chocolate Mafia” was hard at work – forcing their separate lovers to get them off. Mya and Alicia Keys simply lay back in their chairs, allowing their temporary slaves – Britney Spears and Brittany Daniel – to lick them off. Behind them, spread out on a table, Cindy Herron had pressed Natasha Henstridge down into Kelly Rowland’s pussy, while stroking the blonde’s pussy from behind. Tamala Jones and Vivica Fox were actually eating out their slaves, Kristen Miller and Nicollette Sheridan respectively.

On the table the “Mafia” had sat at earlier, Mischa Barton was laid out, flat on her back, as Jada Pinkett took an eight-inch black dildo to her pussy. Mischa shook like a leaf on the table as Jada penetrated her, but seemed more than happy to be there. The young OC star moaned and cried as she was fucked, her eyes rolled back into the back of her head.

Beyonce Knowles, on the other hand, was UNDER the table, and far from alone. At first, just her newest lover, Scarlett Johansson, was tending to her needs, but soon another joined Beyonce in her quest for pleasure.

Beyonce was lost in pleasure as Scarlett sucked on her tits when she felt something enter her pussy. At first, she assumed it was Scarlett’s fingers – but then realized it was too thick for that – and too

warm. She opened her eyes, and smiled.

“Hater,” Beyonce sighed. Hater had slipped in underneath the table, and then slipped his dick deep into Beyonce.

“Hey, Bey,” Hater smiled. “Long time no see.”

“I didn’t know you were here,” Beyonce cooed as Hater slowly started fucking her.

“Been busy, as you have,” Hater said, motioning towards Scarlett. The young blonde was completely naked, save for a pair of pink panties with “Property of CSSA” written on them.

“I’m just glad you came,” Beyonce said.

“I haven’t come yet,” Hater said with a sly smile. “But I’m certain you’re about to!”


Across the ballroom, Rachel Bilson had slipped out of her dress and presented her body to a very eager Amber Tamblyn and Michelle Trachtenberg. The OC star let each girl take one nipple each as they both stuck fingers into her snatch. Rachel cooed in delight, not just because of what her new friends were doing, but also because from where she lay on the floor, she could easily see Reiko Aylesworth sliding a finger up Elisha Cuthbert’s panties. From that angle, the view most most explicit.

Angelina Jolie had entered the room now, not bothering with clothes, and was quickly working her way into a nasty five-way with Jewel Staite, Jaime Pressly, Christina Ricci, and Penelope Cruz. None of them were quite sure who’s pussy they were lapping, but all were enjoying it.

Back towards the center, TRL had just finished blowing his load in Haylie Duff’s ass when there came a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he found himself face-to-face with a very naked Brooke Burke.

“Brookie,” TRL smiled. “You look like you’ve been having fun.”

“I have,” Brooke replied. “But Cindy Taylor tells me that you’re worth a try, and I thought maybe you could help me out.”

TRL smiled. He’d met Cindy a few weeks back at a party and ended up slipping out of a crowded ballroom without his shirt – Cindy had needed it to cover her naked body after he’d ripped her dress off her underneath the dessert table.

TRL looked around for Kelly – he really wanted to make her night special, but she’d been hauled off by Lucy Liu. The Duff’s were making a sandwich out of themselves with a Natalie Portman filler. Keira Knightley lay not inches from them, tending to the sexual needs of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Keira seemed fascinated by their larger breasts, but was doing the best she could to keep her fingers working inside their pussies at the same time.

“C’mon,” Brooke said, reaching down and gently grabbing TRL’s cock. “All your little friends are busy, and I need me some cock.”

TRL shrugged. “Sure.” Brooke quickly lead him off by the dick.


Rose McGowan and Wayne were two of the last people to enter the orgy proper. Both were naked – save for Rose wearing Mr. Snappy – and both looked down-right shocked.

“Rose!” KMB cried out, seeing her. He allowed his current fuck-buddy, Alyson Hannigan, to fall flat on the floor to rush over to his goddess. “Are you alright?”

Rose looked at him sharply. “You weren’t supposed to let Evil in the room,” she hissed.

“I’m sorry,” KMB said. “What did he do to you?”

“He did nothing,” Rose said. “Wayne here… well, Wayne let me make a man out of him tonight.”

“Oh my god,” KMB said.

“And,” Rose said, gently stroking Mr. Snappy, “He let me make a man out of myself, too.”

KMB blinked at that. Then Wayne fell to the floor, unconscious, his backside looking rather shiny.

“Find me some pussy,” Rose said. “I feel dirty.”


Somewhere along the line, Mya had lost her slave, and instead decided to concentrate on joining what was rapidly become a reverse gang-bang on Hater. The author had come out from under the table and now sat in a chair. Scarlett Johansson sat with her back to him on his lap, grinding her sweet ass onto him like a woman possessed. At the same time, Beyonce was down on her knees between Hater’s legs, sucking on his balls and holding Scarlett’s legs open for Hater to access her snatch. At the same time, Jada Pinket-Smith and Mischa Barton were pressed to either side of him, rubbing his naked chest while he ran his fingers into each of their snatches. From behind, Kelly Rowland leaned down over Hater’s head and the two of them were making out like crazy.

Mya decided that, instead of working over ‘Hater – who looked like he was as closed to heaven as a man could get, that she would instead work on one of the girls helping him out. Moving up, she found herself face-to-face with Scarlett. The busty young blonde was still bouncing up and down on Hater’s shaft, but other than that, she was unoccupied. Without even thinking, Mya moved up, spreading her legs enough so that Beyonce could remain beneath sucking on Hater’s balls, and took Scarlett’s head in her hands. Before the blonde could react, Mya kissed her hard. As Scarlett sunk into the kiss, Mya dropped her hands to Scarlett’s fantastic tits, kneading the breast flesh for all it was worth.


“Why are we here?” TRL asked as Brooke Burke lead him into the back area of the kitchen.

“Because, I’d like a little privacy for this,” Brooke said, still gripping his cock.

“Don’t tell me there’s something you haven’t done sexually,” TRL joked.

Brooke smiled back at him. “Hardly. I hosted Wild On – I lost my last virginity on my second assignment.”

“Then why the privacy issue?” TRL asked.

“It’s not just for me, but for you.”


“You’ve heard of those ‘clone-a-cock’ kits?”

“Yeah, where you can make a dildo out of a mold, right?”

“That’s it,” Brooke said, opening a cupboard and pulling out a long tube. “Cindy’s birthday is coming up soon, and I wanted to give her a special gift.”

“What do I get out of this?” TRL asked as Brooke started to fit him for the mold sleeve.

Brooke smiled at him. “When I’m done, you can stick the real thing in me anywhere you want.”


Sandwiched between Jessica Alba and Butch, Rachael Ray had been having a lovely time, but when her third orgasm of the orgy subsided, she noticed that Butch had crawled back up on the DJ stand, ostensibly to replace the mixtape he’d put in earlier. She was about to go join him when she noticed that he wasn’t alone – underneath the tables, Adriana Lima was partaking in his cock, sucking it like she hadn’t tasted cock in ages.

Shrugging, Rachael turned around to see Lucy Liu and Kelly Clarkson going the separate ways into the orgy. Smiling, Rachael went over to Kelly and squeezed the singer’s ass.

“Oh, hey!” Kelly said with a smile. “Have you seen TRL?”

“Not since the orgy started,” Rachael said, taking Kelly’s hand and kissing it. “Care to join me for some fun?”

Kelly looked about. “Well, I was hoping to find TRL again, but I’m sure he’s off fucking someone. I guess I can join you.”

“Great!” Rachael said, kissing Kelly on the cheek. “Let’s go do some Jell-o shots by the bar.”

“But I thought-” Kelly started to say.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be naked Jell-o shots,” Rachael said, pulling Kelly away by the arm.

At the same time, Jessica Alba had somehow found herself the center of attention between Kelly Monaco and Lauren Graham. How those two had hooked up, Jessica had no idea, but Kelly had a strap-on around her waist, and Lauren was holding a double-dong before they got ahold of Jessica.

Now Jessica had one end of that double in her snatch, the other end being buried deep inside Lauren. Kelly was sliding a very lubed up strap-on up Lauren’s ass, and there was much moaning all around. Yes, things were going well indeed. If only…

“Excuse me?” a timid voice asked. Jess looked up to see a naked Iyari Limon standing next to her.

“Hi!” Jessica said. “Want to join us?”

“Well,” Iyari said, “I don’t want to intrude…”

“Oh, shut up and start sucking Jessica’s tits,” Lauren interrupted. Iyari smiled and quickly complied.

Over by the bar, IYG and Sarah Michelle Gellar were leading a growing group of babes and authors in naked jell-o shots. Basically, a babe would take a jell-o shot and place it anywhere she wanted the next person in line to suck it off. IYG had actually stuck a jell-o shot on his balls, and let Eliza Dushku suck it off him. Only she hadn’t stopped when the shot was gone, and Sarah had to pull Eliza off him so the line could keep going.

Rachael Ray had the extreme pleasure of sucking a jell-o shot out of Jennifer Dempster’s bellybutton, before crawling up on the bar herself. Kelly Clarkson was behind her, and Rachael smiled as she pulled open her pussy lips and, with the crowd cheering around her, slid the jell-o shot in as deep as it would go.

“C’mon, Kelly,” Rachael said with a smile. “Suck it up!”

Kelly looked around once at the crowd cheering her on, took a deep breath, and bent down, sucking as hard as she could. And Rachael squealed aloud, because Kelly had skipped the jell-o shot all together, and gone right for her clit…


The mold was done, and TRL was happily screwing away at Brooke Burke’s ass when the door to the kitchen swung open.

“Whoa,” Carnage Jackson muttered, leading Kirsten Dunst in. “What are you two doing in here?”

Brooke, bent over a chair and still taking TRL’s cock up her rear gave him a look. “What does it look like we’re doing?”

“What Carnage means,” Kiki said, “is that the big orgy’s still going on out in the main room. Why are you alone in here when you could be out there?”

“We just ended up in here,” Brooke said. “But, why’d you two come in here?”

“We’re looking for some more whipped cream,” Carnage said.

“Whipped cream?” TRL asked.

“Well, they ran out of jell-o shots at the bar, and Angelina Jolie’s offering to lick anything off anyone as long as they move quickly.”

“Ooh, that sounds like fun,” Brooke said.

“There’s some chocolate syrup in the fridge,” TRL said. “You can use that.”

“Ooh! Sounds like fun,” Kirsten giggled as she ran over to the fridge and started pawing around inside.

“Need some help?” TRL asked.

“Uh-uh,” Brooke said. “You keep fucking. I’ll let you know when you can leave.”

“Guess we’ll see you when you’re done,” Carnage muttered as he followed Kiki back out into the main room, her arms filled with various syrups and creams and even a tub of butter.

“Better hurry up,” Brooke said, looking back over her shoulder at TRL. “I wanna lick some maple syrup off Angelina’s tits before it gets too late.”

TRL answered by thrusting hard into her ass.

“That’s more like it,” Brooke cried out in joy.


By the time TRL and Brooke Burke entered the main orgy, everything had devolved into one giant fuck-fest. People weren’t even paying attention to who they were fucking, they were just fucking. Brooke and TRL looked at each other, shrugged, and joined in.

Eventually, TRL found his way somewhere into the center of the orgy, a trail of whipped cream on his ass, and sweat coating his hair to his forehead. And here, finally, he found Kelly Clarkson once more. Kelly had the remains of chocolate syrup on her breasts, and what looked like melted jell-o running down her legs. But when they saw each other, they fell into each others arms, and all was right with the world once more.


“Morning, you.”

TRL awoke with a smile, the gentle sounds of Kelly’s voice in his ears. “Morning to you, too,” he said.

“Well, it’ll be morning for another… three minutes,” Kelly said, lifting her naked body up off his.

“Damn, we slept in, didn’t we?”

“No, we fucked in,” Kelly giggled. “The sleep just caught up with us.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not for me,” Kelly said with a smile.

“Or me,” a new voice said. TRL blinked, and turned to the other side of the bed. There, Kirsten Dunst lay naked before him, and just beyond her was Charisma Carpenter.

“Oh, my,” Kelly said. On the floor by the bed lay Lindsay Lohan, Brooke Burke, and Kelly Rowland. Beyond them, Beyonce Knowles lay entwined with ‘Hater, both of them clearly having fallen asleep while having sex with each other. In the chair a sleeping KMB lay, Rose McGowan curled up at his feet. Hilary and Haylie Duff were twisted up together on the couch, and Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were sprawled out on the floor beneath them.

“Well,” TRL said. “Hope they’ve got a good continental breakfast at this hotel.”


“Mmm, did last night really happen?” Jules asked Aisha was absentmindedly fondling her.

“Wasn’t it amazing? God you were unbelievable,” Aisha responded as she planted a kiss on her friend’s shoulder. “And so were you kids,” she added towards Cosmo and Mandy. “Hello? Cosmo? Mandy?”

“C’mon Cosmo, it’s cute,” they heard Mandy say.

“It’s fucking stupid, that’s what it is,” was his reply.

“What are you guys arguing about?” asked Jules as she and Aisha sat up in bed.

“Cosmo’s bitching about the way they spell Reddi Wip.”

“Seriously, R-E-D-D-I W-I-P? What the hell is that? That’s not how it’s supposed to be spelled!” Cosmo exclaimed. “I fucking hate things like that, some company trying to be all cute with their spelling! ‘Ooh, look at how cute we are with our intentional misspelling, we can sell our Reddi Wip at the Kwik-E-Mart. That’s kwality with a capital K baby,'” Cosmo snorted in disgust.

“Three beautiful, NAKED women in the same room and all you can think about is how the whipped cream is spelled?” Jules teased him.

“No, I was also thinking about how crazy last night was and how I probably fucked 10-20 years of my life away.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Jules replied, her hand mindlessly stroking Aisha’s ass.

“Oh my God! I figured it out!” Aisha exclaimed suddenly. “I know why they call you Cosmo! You’re Cosmo Kramer, the Ass Man!”

“Yes ma’am I am. Hey that rhymed. It’s like I’m a poet and I d-”

“Please don’t finish that sentence,” Jules cut him off. “If you have enough energy to come up with stupid jokes then you have enough energy to fuck me and my girlfriend again.”

“Girlfriend? Do you really mean that?” Aisha asked hopefully.

Jules turned to look the other woman in the eye. “Hopefully. If it’s something you want. I know I do,” she said as she kissed Aisha softly.

“YES!” Aisha blurted out before returning the kiss passionately. “How about it kid?” she asked Cosmo. “I bet my girlfriend would love for you to fuck her ass while she eats me out. You up for it?”

“What about me?” Mandy pouted.

“You sit on my face,” Aisha replied. “I want another taste of your sweet, sweet candy.”

“Less lame jokes, more sex,” Jules demanded impatiently. “Cosmo, would you please get with the program and fuck me up my ass?”

‘Christ, I’m going to fuck myself to death!’ Cosmo thought. Then he realized, so what? So he’d die before turning 21, before getting a chance to hit Vegas (legally), before graduating, but was that really a big deal? 21 wasn’t nothing but a number, he could get booze anyway. Vegas could never hope to show him a better time than he was already having, and what the hell kind of college student would pass up an offer of hot sex with 3 hot and horny ladies? “When you put it that way… Mandy, could you grab that leash?”


Evil woke up in his room and looked over sure enough Jennifer Garner was curled up asleep next to him. He leaned down and planted a kiss on her, she stirred and woke up.

“Hey,” Jen said smiling.

“Hey you…” Evil said, “…did last night really happen?”

“Yeah it did. I had a lot of fun. I love these CSSA parties,” Jen said starting to wake up.

“About last night- ” Evil said before Jen cut him off.

“I meant what I said last night. I do love you.”

“Then let’s do it, let’s get married,” Evil blurted out.

“Are – are you serious?” Jen asked, sitting up to reveal her nude form.

“Very. When we get back to L.A. and I finish shooting on ‘Cable’, I think we should,” Evil said.

Jen was silent for a second and then smiled. “Yeah, we should. Let’s do it. I’m sure we can trick the media into thinking that it’s Ben Affleck who is marrying me so I think we should.”

Evil got on the bed and planted another long, passionate kiss on his future bride, then finished dressing.

“Where are you going?” Jen asked.

“I gotta go downstairs to the ballroom to find my belt. Gabe will blow a gasket if anything happens to it,” Evil said heading for the door.

Once he got downstairs he saw that what had happened the previous night was no dream, the orgy did happen and there were bodies everywhere to prove it. Some never even made it to the elevator.

People were in various states of both consciousness and undress. Hamster and Anne Hathaway were asleep in a booth with Anne on top, her dress from the previous night a distant memory. Raven Symone was lying face down on a table, her hands still tied behind her back, and covered in dried semen. From the expression on her sleeping face, it looked like she had a great time. IYG and Sarah Michelle Gellar were passed out behind the bar with empty bottles everywhere, SMG curled up next to him among the spilled beer and empty bottles.

Evil looked among the tables for his belt, still nothing.

He saw Rawballz, Roselyn and Eva stirring awake and went over to them.

“Hey Eva, have you seen the belt I had yesterday? The one you were admiring yourself in?” Evil asked.

Eva simply nodded and pointed to a nearby chair and sure enough his belt was there.

“You ready to go?” he heard Jennifer from behind him.

“Yeah, shooting starts tomorrow right?” Evil asked as Jennifer kissed his neck.

“Let’s go,” Jennifer said as Evil took a few bags from her and headed for the exit.


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