CSSA High #2: The First Week

DISCLAIMERS: This is an erotic story. It’s meant for people over 18. If you’re not 18, my telling you not to read this probably won’t change your mind. If you couldn’t figure it out, this is FICTION. I do not claim that any of the celebs in my stories act like this in real life. I wish they did, and I wish I was the male character in this story, but sadly, neither wish is coming true any time soon. Sorry. Oh, and if this sort of stuff offends you, don’t read it and don’t go bitching to the Republican Junta controlling our government. It’s protected speech, folks. Get over it.

CSSA High #2: The First Week

by FD52

Codes: MF, MFFf, MMFF, FF, oral, cons, reluc, first, anal

Celebs having sex: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Samaire Armstrong, Elisha Cuthbert, Sophia Bush, Alexa Vega, Liz Phair, Katy Rose, Rachel Bilson

Author’s note: Feedback and plot ideas wanted! sigmaFD@yahoo.com; AIM sigmaFD. SERIOUSLY. I want feedback, be it good or bad. Bring it on. Authors want to know that people are reading their work. At least, I do. Even if you don’t like something, or anything, it’s still encouraging to know you are reading this. Thanks to everyone who gave me character information for them, and an even bigger thanks to my “creative consultants”: My Muse/Editor BDSMChick, Continual Interrogators Mr. Fantastic and Evil, and Idea-Swapper/Competitive Drive Provider VoodooJoe. That said…yeah, this is Farrell’s chapter to get all the action he can. Don’t worry, it’s not a precedent for future chapters to be all FD-centric, but plot-wise, it was actually logical.

***************END OF BORING SHIT*****************

Jennifer Love Hewitt ran down the hall, clutching her books to her chest so as not to drop them as she rushed to class. She hadn’t slept well the night before – her brother Jason hadn’t come home until three in the morning, and wouldn’t say where he’d been – and then she’d gotten stuck in traffic on the way to school. She didn’t know why she cared about being late – not only was she a senior, but she was a cheerleader. Neither demographic was renowned for caring about academic performance. Nonetheless, she felt some sense of urgency to get to class. Maybe it was that she didn’t want to start the year off on a bad foot. More likely, she thought, was that she just needed something, anything, to get her mind off of what had happened the day before. She wasn’t sure what it was – whether being caught having sex was that embarrassing to her, or if she was worried about Jason’s violent reaction, or just if she was afraid that Mr. Burnem would close off the closet and she’d have to go without her janitor’s closet trysts for the rest of her high school career.

She pulled open the door of room 103 and started in. Realizing all eyes were on her, she slowed down. “Miss Hewitt, it’s 8:05,” Mr. Jackson scolded her. “As nice of a guy as I am, you’re late. Go down to the office and have them write you up for a detention, then come back for the rest of class.” Jennifer sighed and rolled her eyes, turning around to leave – but not before locking eyes briefly with her brother, seated in the back row. She couldn’t discern what she saw in his eyes – pain? anger? shame? – but she knew that he’d never tell her, anyways. Smoothing out her white blouse and catching her breath, she headed down to the office, hoping she could convince Mr. Barnes to let her off without any sort of punishment.

* * * * *

“Why are you guys calling him that?” Jennifer Orangio asked, leaning back in her chair and chewing on her pencil. Her auburn hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she was wearing her black-and-silver CSSA Stars field hockey uniform from the previous season.

“What, The Big Bang Boom?” Clint Richards responded, trying to give the teacher, Miss Ryder, the impression he was paying attention by looking up and scribbling in his notebook every couple minutes. “Brian spazzed out yesterday, didn’t you hear? Caused a big ruckus in study hall.”


“Some skanky freshman was jerking him off under the table,” Clint’s friend Andrew Baird, sitting behind Jen explained. “Lucky bastard,” he added, “I’ve been dating Michelle since last spring and still haven’t gotten as much as Brian got from a chick he didn’t know…”

“So you two are just jealous?” Jen rolled her eyes at the juvenility of giving someone a silly nickname over something like that, but the story did pique her interest. The idea of giving another student a hand job in school turned her on quite a bit, and Clint thought he saw a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Well, not ‘jealous,'” he reasoned. “More…um…. yeah, maybe jealous is a good word.”

“I can’t believe you two,” Clint’s girlfriend Jewel Staite said from her seat behind Clint. Usually she was a quiet girl, rather shy and reserved, but she couldn’t believe the stereotypical piggish male banter she was hearing. “You and your Bible-reading all the time, Mr. ‘Dark Genesis’ should think better than to be such a perv…” she looked at Andrew, who raised his hands as if in self-defense of her accusation.

“Hey, I read it for the literary qualities, not the moral issues…hence the DARK part, Jewel, I’ve never claimed to be a moral icon or anything,” Andrew reasoned.

Jewel ignored him and leaned toward Clint, her wavy brown hair hanging down onto her desk, and lowered her voice. “You keep objectifying women, you’re never gonna get past first base with me, darling.” Leaving him to think about that, she sat back in her seat and looked at Jen. “They’re sophomores, I’m a junior, and yet I’m still thinking of how juvenile they are… boys will be boys, I guess.”

“Yep,” Jen nodded, smiling. “No matter how old a male gets, he’s always just a boy when it comes to sex…. Still, it’s nice to have them around when you get horny.”

Jewel blushed, casting her eyes down and trying to turn her attention back to Miss Ryder’s lesson.

* * * * *

“Well, well,” Vice Principal Barnes mused, taking a sip of coffee from a New York Mets mug and looking up at Jennifer Love Hewitt. “Second day of school and you already get sent here? You and your brother are having quite a week.”

“You heard about Jason?” Jennifer’s jaw almost dropped in shock. Sure, he’d slugged a faculty member, but said faculty member HAD been screwing two students in his closet. The vice principal had to know about it – his own conduct with students wasn’t exactly exemplary, and that he’d kept his job was merely evidence that he knew how to rub Principal Victoria the right way. But Rawballz going to the vice principal surprised her; it seemed to be ASKING for trouble.

“Yes, and I’ve taken the appropriate disciplinary measures. If you’ll give this to your brother…” He slid a sheet of paper across the desk to Jennifer, who glanced briefly at it. It was a form mandating a week’s detention for her brother, initialed KMB by the Vice Principal.

“A week?”

“He got off light, considering what he did, but given the sensitive nature of the incident, I think everyone would like to put it behind them as soon as possible.”

“Since he’ll be too proud and tough to say it…thank you,” Jennifer sighed, realizing how lucky Jason was – given his past, she wondered just how much more he could take.

“Like I said… it’s not for his sake, it’s for the best interests of everyone involved here. No reason to start the year off with an expulsion. Now… what brings you here this morning?”

“I was late to class,” Jennifer muttered, rolling her eyes. “Mr. Jackson must be having a bad day.”

“All right,” Mr. Barnes nodded, rubbing his shaved head tiredly. “Late to class, no biggie. You know the drill.”

“Yeah,” Jennifer muttered, walking around to the other side of the desk as he swiveled in his chair to face her. She knelt down and looked up at him, her brown eyes not filled with anger or disgust or even lust, more a simple sense of excitement and energy. She licked her lips and reached out without hesitating to unzip his fly, scooting up as close as she could to him, her boobs pressing against the seat of his chair.

It was hardly a special arrangement between her and the vice principal, Jennifer knew – the detention rate among underclassmen, unattractive girls, and male students was abnormally less than that among pretty junior and senior girls. Still, as she took the first few inches of Mr. Barnes’ eight-inch cock into her mouth, she felt somehow flattered that a man almost ten years her senior, a man in an authoritative position, felt a blowjob from her was worth neglecting his duties and letting her off the hook for being tardy. This must be how Monica Lewinsky felt, she thought as she began bobbing her head up and down on Mr. Barnes’ shaft, periodically applying extra pressure to the underside of his cock with her tongue. Sucking off a man in power, in his office, being used like a common prostitute, but by an important man… Jennifer loved it almost as much as the depravity of screwing in a janitor’s closet.

Mr. Barnes let out an audible groan of pleasure, and Jennifer knew that her experience with him was paying off – she knew how to make the vice principal happy, and that was always good if she got in trouble. Relaxing her neck muscles momentarily, she sunk her head as far as she could, the head of his cock pushing at the back of her throat. Though she’d given dozens upon dozens of blowjobs in her life, Jennifer had never really been big on deep throating. She kept his cock in her mouth as far as she could without sliding it into her throat, working her tongue along the underside and tickling the portion of his cock not on her mouth with her fingers.

Mr. Barnes released his tight grip on the armrests of his swivel chair, moving his right hand down to Jennifer’s chest, sliding his fingers down to unbutton the top button of her blouse, and then sliding his hand inside her shirt. As his left hand stroked her hair, running his fingers through her locks and gently guiding her head up and down his prick, he smiled when he realized she had no bra on underneath her blouse.

Grinning broadly, he slowly danced his fingers across her left breast, first cupping the impressive mound in his palm, then teasing her nipple with his fingers, circling her areola before pinching the nipple gently. Jennifer moaned around his cock for a second before resuming the heavy suction she was putting on it. His hand roamed to her other breast, doing the same to her nipple there. He felt another hand join his own, and realized Jennifer had taken a hand off his cock, and began squeezing her breast with him.

Even after years screwing students, Mr. Barnes couldn’t last much longer with the happy mouth of a senior sucking his cock, and his and her hands massaging her tits. He closed his eyes, a deep groan coming from his throat, and told Jennifer softly, “I’m not gonna hold out much longer.”

She smiled, and slowly removed her mouth from his cock as his hand slid out from under her blouse and rested on her shoulder. As she pulled off of his cock, she closed her mouth slightly, running her teeth softly along his member. That did it – with another grunt, Mr. Barnes came, his cum hitting Jennifer’s lips, as she pulled back, the next few shots over her cheeks and nose.

When he was finished, Jennifer leaned in again, and took the tip of his dick into her mouth, cleaning off the remaining cum. As Mr. Barnes zipped up his pants, Jennifer stood up and re-buttoned her blouse. “Ummm…how am I supposed to explain this?” she asked, motioning at the semen splattered all over her face.

“Here,” he answered her, tossing her a box of Kleenex. “Wipe it off here, and then use the faculty bathroom down the hall from my office.”

“Thanks,” she said, cleaning up. “You sure I can’t talk you out of the detention for Jason, Mr. Barnes?”

“Jennifer… if the going rate for tardiness or cutting a class is a blowjob, you’d have to do an awful lot for me to let someone get away with hitting a faculty member.”

“Like what?” Jennifer asked, putting her finger to her mouth teasingly.

“I’m sure you’d do it,” Mr. Barnes said, rolling his eyes, “but you’d probably make more noise than I can afford to have you make in my office. Especially since I don’t have any KY jelly in my desk…”

* * * * *

“All right, choose your lab partner, go get your microscopes and get to work,” Sarah Michelle Gellar told her biology class. It was a simple enough assignment, just looking at pond bacteria under a microscope, but it had taken her half the class period to explain it, thanks to the incessant questions from a slightly pudgy kid in the front row named Chris Robbins. Oh well, she thought, at least he had some interest in the subject enough to care to ask questions.

Margo and Brian were setting up their microscope at a table next to Margo’s friend Alison Lohman, a quiet freshman with short brown hair, and an even quieter sophomore named Ashlee Simpson, who had evidently taken a liking to Alison on the first day of school – must be some sort of shy-kid-charisma, Margo reasoned.

Of course, Margo’s other friend in the class was the odd girl out, and Alexa Vega stood near the rack of microscopes looking around the room for a lab partner, her dark eyes darting around with a bit of concern about being alone for the exercise. She was pretty smart, but didn’t want to have to do her bio labs alone.

“You’ve got a great body,” a taller brunette said, striding up and looking Alexa over.

“Uh, what?” Alexa stuttered, looking down to make sure her shirt wasn’t torn or something. She didn’t notice anything – her light yellow tee-shirt and navy blue skirt were fully intact, and she thought she was dressed pretty modestly.

“Relax, I don’t mean like that,” the older girl laughed, holding her hand out. “I’m Sophia Bush, I just thought you looked like you’d make a good addition to our cheerleading squad, we could use another girl this year.”

“Oh,” Alexa slowly replied, blushing slightly. “Um, I did gymnastics last year, does that –?”

“Great!” Sophia chirped happily. The two continued talking as they set up their microscope and started working on the experiment.

“Oh, lovely,” Alison whispered to Margo, rolling her eyes. “Looks like Alexa’s decided to hang out with some cheerleader bimbo.”

Margo shrugged. “Well, maybe they’re just working together for today, who knows? Don’t be so mean and assume she’s out for the worst. Right, Brian?”

Her question caught him off guard, as his attention was focused across the room where Avril had her right hand wrapped around the tube of the microscope, rubbing up and down as though jacking off the instrument. She had a mischievous grin on her face, and winked when she saw Brian had noticed her. Thankfully, once Margo spoke, he was snapped out of his trance, his face left a little flushed, but she didn’t notice what was going on. Brian didn’t know why he cared – it wasn’t like he and Margo were anything more than new friends – but he really didn’t want her to know about what had gone on in study hall the day before.

* * * * *

“Jeez, took her long enough to get a detention,” Vance joked to Farrell as Jennifer re-entered the classroom more than halfway through the period.

“Oh, come on, you know that wasn’t what Jennifer ended up getting from Mr. Barnes,” Farrell explained the obvious, not even bothering to put up a façade that he was paying attention to Mr. Jackson’s attempt to educate him. Neither Farrell nor Vance had ever really been big on the concept of “listening to the teacher,” and senior year meant they were losing all pretense in that regard. For Vance, it was because he knew his grades were good enough that he could afford a drop-off in the last year; Farrell was smart but had never really been a hard worker, and generally just BS-ed his way through the educational system with A’s and B’s. Amber, as a sophomore, didn’t have the luxury of kicking back and relaxing during class, and had a slightly annoyed expression on her face as she attempted to pay attention, sitting behind Farrell.

Scarlett had seen Farrell as she entered the room that morning and decided to sit next him – not only because they’d hit it off the previous day, but also because of the fortunate coincidence that Jason was on the opposite side of the classroom. She’d tried to join in with Farrell and Vance’s conversation earlier on, but just couldn’t get her mind off of the previous day, or ignore Jason’s inscrutable expression as he watched her from across the room. She couldn’t stand it – she wanted to despise him, to be unable to forgive him, but instead she almost wanted to get past what had happened in Miss Aycox’ room and just go back to the way things had been. Scarlett glanced over to Jason, who was chatting to a tall girl with long brown hair. “Oh, nice, he’s already got himself a new girl,” she muttered, frowning. She folded her arms on her desk and slumped down to rest her head, trying to control the storm of emotions – anger, sadness, confusion, jealousy, and loneliness – that were threatening to overcome her.

“…and then I told Gugs that he had a better chance of scoring a date with Jen than of prying Beltran away from Kramer’s team!” Farrell laughed, shaking his head in amazement. “I guess some people just refuse to give up no matter how many times you tell them they can’t do something.”

“…says the Red Sox fan,” Amber chided him, rolling her eyes as she looked up from her notes long enough to make the all-too-obvious dig on Farrell’s pessimism.

“Hey, this is the year, Amber. They’ve got an unheard of team slugging percentage, Pedro and Lowe, and Wakefield’s underrated…” he paused when he noticed Scarlett hunched over, her eyes half shut. “Hey, are you okay?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“Yeah,” she mumbled in an emotionless voice. “I’m just not feeling too good today.”

“I’ve got some Tylenol in my purse if you want– ” Amber offered, but Scarlett raised a hand to wave her off. “I’ll be fine.”

By the time the period had ended, Scarlett’s demeanor had completely killed the joking mood of Vance and Farrell. While Vance passed it off without much worrying, Farrell had always been a bit more compassionate than most guys, and was genuinely concerned about Scarlett. He’d only met her yesterday, but he knew that there was something going on. He’d ask her, but he didn’t want to pry.

His problem was solved when Jason Hewitt deliberately ran into him on the way out of the classroom. “You friends with Scarlett?” he asked as Farrell picked up the textbooks Jason had knocked to the floor. The girl Jason had been talking to in class strolled by, a look of total concern on her face, prompting Jason to turn and acknowledge her. “Uh, don’t worry, Anne, I’m just helping him pick up his stuff. I’ll see you later, okay?”

She smiled gleefully, flashing her brilliantly white teeth, before turning and moving down the hallway. Farrell couldn’t quite describe it – she wasn’t skipping, but she had more spring to her step than your normal teenager. And that smile…some people were just too damn happy with life. “Seems a bit too, I don’t know, DECENT for you, Jason,” Farrell said with no hint of humor in his voice.

“She’s new here, and I figure a chick that happy should be easy to please in the sack,” Jason scoffed. “Now answer my question – are you friends with Scarlett?”

“We didn’t really meet till yesterday, but I think we’re getting along nicely, yeah,” Farrell reasoned, standing up and straightening out his t-shirt.

“Stay away from that bitch,” Jason said, using his right hand to push Farrell down again. Farrell rebounded quickly, only buckling his knees, and not dropping his books. “Or you’re gonna be looking over your shoulder for a long fucking time.”

“Interesting how people think they can throw in a couple of profanities and think they sound so much more intimidating,” Farrell shot back, no hint of fear in his voice. He calmly moved around Jason and started walking down the hall. “If you want to threaten me, feel free. But don’t fuck with my friends.”

He boldly turned his back on Jason, the thought in the back of his mind that turning his back on a guy nicknamed Evil probably wasn’t the brightest move, but he was tired of taking Jason’s crap. Maybe it was that he’d stood up to the school’s tough guy, maybe it was just feeling good about life for once, but something gave him the courage to stop Michelle Branch as she passed him in the hallway. “Meech!”

She turned to see who called her, and smiled. “Hey, what’s up?”

Farrell didn’t know how to say what he had to say. “Can I talk to you about something?”

She furrowed her brow, her own mood suddenly darkening because of Farrell’s somber attitude. “Yeah, what?”

He led her over to the alcove by the door to an empty classroom to get a bit of privacy. “Listen, I really didn’t want to have to tell you this… you’re one of my best friends, and I hate to see you sad, but I just think it would hurt more if I DIDN’T tell you…”

Michelle frowned, knowing that it had to be bad. Farrell could usually joke about just about any subject, no matter how politically incorrect or insensitive he came off as. That he was being so grim concerned her.

“It’s about your boyfriend,” Farrell said quickly, hoping to just break the news to her without making her wonder any more – and, figuring if he went slowly, he’d stop and not tell her. “We saw Dan coming out of Mr. Burnem’s closet yesterday, and Britney Spears was in there with him.”

Michelle looked at him, her face not changing. He couldn’t tell if she didn’t believe him, or if she was just in shock, or processing what he’d just told her, or –

She didn’t say a word. Silently, Michelle wrapped her arms around Farrell and hugged him tightly, a single tear falling from her eye. “Thank you,” her voice cracked as she said the words, casting her eyes down in sadness. “I…think I knew he was looking at other women, but I didn’t think he’d…” she couldn’t even say “cheat on me.” Instead, she loosened her hug on Farrell and stretched upwards, getting on her tiptoes to grab the back of Farrell’s head and draw him into a deep kiss. She locked lips with him for a good thirty seconds, the kiss full of passion, but not the same erotic heat they’d had when they’d dated.

She finally pulled away, stepping back from Farrell and wiping the tears out of her eyes.

“What was–?” A stunned Farrell asked, blushing heavily.

“That was me saying thank you,” Michelle told him. “Thank you for being a friend, thank you for being honest with me. It hurts, but at least I know that you and I haven’t lost anything, that I can still trust you one hundred percent. Thank you.” Before Farrell could find the words to respond, Michelle turned and left, heading to her next class.

Farrell shook his head rapidly to try to clear his mind of the surprising show of affection, and then saw Amber. “Hey,” she said, waving at him. “You coming to Physics? Miss Watts isn’t gonna be happy if you’re late already,” she joked.

“Uh, yeah,” Farrell said, trying not to let on that his mind was spinning because his ex-girlfriend, currently one of his best friends, had just given him a hell of a kiss. “Let’s stop at my locker so we can get my books, all right?”

Amber smiled. “Of course.” They walked at a rapid clip to Farrell’s locker, fortuitously close to their next class. He turned the combination lock and opened the thin metal door, kneeling down to get his books. Noting the pictures tucked in the door of his locker, Amber said, “You and Howard Dean…you and Dennis Kucinich…who’s this?” she asked, pointing to a white-haired man with a weary face.

“That would be the coolest man in sports journalism, Peter Gammons,” Farrell said, standing up. “He knows baseball, he knows rock music, and he’s a liberal. Pretty much, that’s what I want to be when I grow up,” He grinned.

“Jeez, Farrell…” Amber laughed, shaking her head in amazement. “If it wasn’t for her–” she pointed to a couple pictures of a girl with short, dark hair “-I’d think you were gay.”

“Yeah, that’s Mandy,” Farrell said, shutting the door of his locker. “And just because I have as many pictures of political and baseball people in my locker doesn’t mean anything… except maybe that I’m a total geek.”

“Well, yeah,” Amber nodded casually. “But if you’re dating someone as cute as her, clearly the geekdom isn’t unforgivable.” She hoped she wasn’t being too forward -he seemed pretty serious about his relationship with Mandy – but she’d liked him since she met him, and there was no harm in a little fun flirtation. After all…she was a cute girl, why shouldn’t she be having a little fun with a nice, handsome, funny guy?

* * * * *

“Good morning, CSSA High!” a perky sophomore with straight brown hair spoke into the camera. “I’m Mischa Barton.”

“And I’m Gregg Thresher,” a blond senior sitting next to her introduced himself. “We’re part of the crew for CSSA High’s first ever TV station, and we’ll be working with The Dish, your student newspaper to get you news stories that affect you, the students, every week.”

As the two enthusiastic students filmed the first segment of the year during third period, Jason looked on from the back of the classroom that acted as the studio, disinterested and bored. A skinny, fairly tall girl with short, platinum blonde hair, marred by black streaks, approached and leaned on the wall next to him. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” Samaire Armstrong pointed out, the statement neither a complaint nor an accusation. “You haven’t found someone new, have you?”

The comment made Jason crack a smile, as he pulled out a folded wad of cash and slipped it into her palm. “Nope, you’re still my girl.” She responded by giving him what he wanted – namely, several baggies of weed.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” she said, nodding as she thumbed through the money he’d given her, counting it be sure he hadn’t ripped her off. Satisfied, the senior dropped the formal demeanor. “So, what’ve you been up to?”

“Oh, you know, kicking people’s asses, getting high, fucking chicks, the usual,” Jason related nonchalantly.

“People still giving you trouble after what you did last year?” Samaire was surprised.

“Not as much, but there’s always the drunken bar fight to have a little fun, y’know.”

“Mmm, I see,” Samaire said, raising one of her fine, dark eyebrows in interest. “Sounds fun. And the fucking chicks part? Any chance I could help you out on that account?”

Jason frowned. “Hey, remember what we decided… you left the gang to go score some cash by dealing, and I told you that what we had wasn’t going to survive that.”

Samaire pouted. “Not even a quickie between classes?”

“I don’t think so, Sasa. Sorry,” he didn’t want to explain how much the incident with Scarlett was eating at him, let alone tell her that he had his eye on a happy-go-lucky honor-roll type. “But if you ever want to go out with me and the guys some night, I’m sure they’d be happy to see you again.”

* * * * *

Jason shoved his hands into his pockets and sullenly walked into the empty study hall, randomly choosing a desk near the back of the room and off to the left side, sitting down and dropping his bag to the floor angrily. He realized that he could have gotten off with a lot worse than a couple weeks of detention, but still…there were better ways to spend a Tuesday afternoon. “Like what?” he thought, realizing that Scarlett was gone. Sure, hanging out with the guys – and the occasional girl who’d accompany them to parties, bars, or whatever – was fun, but it wasn’t the same ever since last year.

He saw Mr. Barnes walking down the steps to the front of the spacious room, and rolled his eyes. It seemed pretty ridiculous for one student to merit a faculty member being present in the detention, but it was the first week of school, so Jason figured it would take most kids a little while to cause trouble.

The sound of footsteps on the tile floor proved him wrong. He turned his head to see a striking brunette walking down the stairs, with long, wavy brown hair, and wearing dark, maroon lipstick. Glancing over at him, she nodded in acknowledgement, and took a seat at the table in front of him, but closer to the aisle.

“Hey,” he said quietly, looking over at her. “What’re you in for?”

“That new economics teacher, Miss Graham, evidently didn’t like me carving ‘fuck money’ into my desk,” the brunette responded in a sexy, smoky voice.

“So did she send you here for having a knife, or for vandalizing the desk?” Jason cracked.

She glared back at him. “Two days for profanity, four for vandalism, and another four for having a weapon on school property, pending whether or not they suspend me for that,” she rolled her eyes. “I’m Eliza, by the way. What brings you here the second day of school?”

“Punching out the janitor,” Jason said nonchalantly. “I’m Jason.”

“You punched the janitor?” Eliza laughed. “Nice… but what for?”

“Let’s just say he was fucking around in something that’s none of his business,” Jason chose his words carefully, then quickly changed the subject. “So, being a regular here, I’d think I’d recognize you… are you new?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I usually get kicked out of school by the end of the year, so we’ll see how this one goes for me.”

“Ooo, multiple expulsions,” Jason whistled, impressed. “A woman after my own heart.”

* * * * *

“She asked you out?” Clint asked, stunned enough by what he’d overheard to stop reading his copy of Fantastic Four and asked his friend.

“Yeah,” Brian said, his eyes wide with surprise at what he was saying. Avril had approached him during Bio class the previous period on Wednesday morning, and said that she really wanted to get to know him better. Brian wasn’t sure how much better you could get to know a person than performing a sex act on them, but the world’s a strange place. “I’m not sure what to do.”

“She’s cute,” another of his friends, a short junior named Butch Ross, reasoned, leaning in to get in on the discussion. They’d become friends thanks to Butch’s love of Kevin Smith, and Clint’s comic book fanboy status. The three of them were seated together in the second-to-last row in room 120, Miss Sanchez’ Spanish. “And she’s obviously easy, so you can count on getting more of what she gave you in study hall on a regular basis.”

Brian blushed. “I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve never been out to get laid, I’d prefer a real relationship–”

“Dude.” Clint stopped him. “You’re turning down more or less guaranteed sex because you’d prefer love? Nothing wrong with that, I’m taking things slow with Jewel and all, but…dude. It’s sex. Go for it. And who knows, maybe you two will connect.”

“Your buddy Mr. Fantastic’s right, you know,” a petite black-haired girl sitting in front of Clint said, turning around. “There’s nothing wrong with going for some action while you wait for your true love to come around.”

“THANK you, Mila,” Clint said, nodding politely. She’d always been really friendly to Clint, something that had him at a loss – she was a babe who had dated the senior quarterback of the school’s football team in her freshman year; he was a scrawny, 5’7″ geek with a comic book obsession. But for some reason, she’d always been nice to him, even nicknaming him for one of his favorite characters, ever since around the seventh grade. “You see?” he told Brian. “It’s not just some sort of ‘guys are horny’ thing, even a girl says to go for it.”

“Okay, fine,” Brian gave in, throwing his hands up. “I’ll talk to her at lunch. God, you people are relentless.”

“¿Será usted callado, por favor?” Miss Sanchez spoke loudly from the front of the classroom, drawing blank stares from the three guys.

“She wants you to be quiet,” Mila conveyed, answering their surprised expressions, “Hey, I moved from the Ukraine and had to learn English; I pick up languages fast.”

Nodding at the acceptable explanation, Butch and Clint grinned and teased, “Brian’s got a girlfriend…” More than being embarrassed by the teasing, Brian actually found himself wondering how he’d ended up getting so lucky. Hell, at the beginning of the week, he was a computer geek with no real female friends (aside from Andrew’s girlfriend, Michelle); now, he was the envy of those guy friends, he’d made a good female friend in Margo, and then he’d been asked out by a cute (not to mention sexually aggressive!) girl! Suddenly, getting through English Lit and then his Honors Math course that morning didn’t seem as lousy, knowing he’d see Avril afterward.

* * * * *

Jason saved his work and grabbed his books, in a hurry to leave. He’d stayed behind a couple minutes to finish what he was doing, and the classroom had already emptied out. He didn’t know why he really cared about school; the way life had treated him, he had every right to drop out for good. But for some reason, he wanted to do well in his computer class, and was willing to put more effort into it than any of his other classes.

As if reading his mind, the teacher, Miss Garner, approached him. “You’re doing good work,” she told him. “I appreciate that you’re putting time into this.”

“Uh, thanks,” Jason said, not sure what to say to such a saccharinely sweet (and, he had to admit, very cute) teacher. He was relieved that his reputation hadn’t turned EVERY member of the faculty against him; he’d seen more than his share of distrusting glances from his teachers.

Destroying his hope that one of his teachers would look at him like a normal student and not a criminal, Miss Garner added, “You really don’t seem like the Jason Hewitt that everyone’s been talking about since last year.” Seeing Jason’s scowl at bringing the topic up, she quickly apologized, her eyes showing genuine emotion. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… I’m sure you aren’t… I’m sorry.” She turned away and walked back to her desk, ready to let him leave, figuring she’d probably offended him enough and anything she said was probably inappropriate. After all…there probably was no good way to tell a killer, “hey, you killed someone, but I’m sure you’re a nice guy and had your reasons.”

“I’m not the monster that people think I am,” Jason said flatly, stopping at the door next to the teacher’s desk. “One of my gang had just been beaten to a bloody pulp, and ended up in the ICU for a week. The guy charged me, he had a knife, I had a knife… and I got in the only blow. That’s all that happened.”

Jennifer’s eyes were wide, shocked at the matter-of-fact way he told her the story. “Why don’t you tell people that instead of let them think you’re…?”

“A cold-blooded killer? It’s tough sometimes, but it works. And for the sake of the gang, keeping a tough image is good,” Jason explained. “So if you don’t mind…let’s keep this little ‘Jason shows his good side’ moment between us?”

Jennifer nodded, smiling politely. “Of course. And…if you’re ever in trouble again, or need to talk, don’t be afraid to come to me.”

“Me? Afraid?” Jason scoffed at her attempt to befriend him. “Come on, I told you not to make a big deal over the fact that I’m only human!”

* * * * *

By Thursday, Farrell was certain that Jason was serious about his threat about not talking to Scarlett. Wednesday had come and gone with no real confrontation, but whenever he turned to talk to Scarlett in Mr. Jackson’s class, Farrell saw Jason look up from his Game Boy or magazine or conversation with Anne Hathaway – the smiling new student who seemed way too nice to ever hang out with him – and give him the evil eye. After lunch Thursday, Farrell stopped Scarlett outside of the cafeteria before lunch. “Listen, I know we’ve just met, and I really don’t want to pry or make you uncomfortable, but I’ve been wondering how you know Jason Hewitt.”

Scarlett, who had been getting more cheerful since Tuesday’s Poetry class breakdown, stopped in her tracks and looked at him.

“If you don’t trust me, I understand,” Farrell quickly assured her, realizing that he might have come across too strong.

“No,” Scarlett said softly in her smoky voice. “Let’s just… can we talk about this somewhere else?” She looked into the crowded, noisy cafeteria and then looked at Farrell with pleading eyes.

“Sure, where do you want to go?” he asked her. She walked down the hall and opened the first door on the right, the two of them entering the teachers’ lounge. “Oh…sorry, Mr. Wilson,” he said, stifling a laugh as they walked in on the music teacher, who had Miss Ledoyen pinned up against the wall, kissing her neck, one hand wrapped around her body to support her, the other clutching her ass. Quickly, he backed away from the French teacher, whose face was red with either sexual arousal or embarrassment, and tried to act professional.

“Um… Farrell, you know you’re not supposed to be in here,” he warned. “But, uh, since you’re a friend of Vance’s, I guess you’re a friend of mine, but let’s keep this–” his eyes darted from Farrell to Virginie, who was silent and clearly not sure what to do “-between us, deal?”

“Yeah, my lips are sealed,” Farrell chuckled.

As Mr. Wilson walked past them, holding Virginie’s hand in reassurance that the awkward situation wasn’t a problem, he looked at Farrell again. “I thought you had a girlfriend,” he whispered.

“What?” Farrell didn’t see what he was getting at, then laughed. “Oh, no, we just needed a place to talk in private.”

Rich rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say, kid, whatever you say…” As the door shut behind him, Scarlett found a seat on the couch along the wall.

“Nice choice of rooms to go to,” Farrell told her, sitting down next to her. “Haven’t been in here for a while, and let’s just say when I was, it wasn’t to converse.” Over the school’s PA system, he heard Vanessa Carlton’s “Pretty Baby” begin to play – quietly, it seemed Vance had worked out the volume issues since the first day blaring AC/DC incident. He was momentarily amused by the vast musical taste possessed by his friend, but realized that his own music collection ran the gamut from pop to hard rock.

Scarlett looked at Farrell and smiled softly, deciding that she needed to stop pretending things between her and Jason weren’t getting at her, and confide in someone. She didn’t know him that well, but he seemed like a nice guy. After all, even his exes Michelle and Elisha had stayed friends with him, and she knew he wasn’t some judgmental conservative who’d think less of her. And on top of all that, he was a lot less likely to gossip about her story than her female friends – even Amy Acker, who was the quietest of her girlfriends, was still a girl. And as everyone knew, The Gossip Gene located on the second X chromosome, and didn’t get passed to guys. “All right,” Scarlett sighed, leaning back in her chair and pulling an apple out of her paper bagged lunch.

Farrell pulled out a sandwich and a Dr. Pepper from his lunch, taking the cue from Scarlett to start eating. “Gonna end up here for the whole period? Must be a hell of a story,” he joked.

She looked at him with sad eyes, immediately making him feel guilty for making light of the situation. Then, without further hesitation, she told him about Jason: “We met during the summer at a club… he was with his gang, but we ended up talking by ourselves most of the evening. We really hit it off – and I admit, the whole “gang leader” thing was impressive, as was his reputation.” Her face reddened in shame and she cast her eyes down, “Like a stupid teenage girl, I thought his tough, badass attitude was attractive. God, I…” she trailed off, not sure how far she wanted to go with the story. After a moment, she ruled not to tell Farrell the specifics of Monday afternoon, just to be clear that it was the same “bad guy” appeal that had drawn her to Jason that now repulsed her. “I just got tired of him being so… cold, all the time. I mean, I knew his reputation, I didn’t think I was going to change him entirely, but I thought he’d be nicer to me if I…” she realized she’d said too much, and that she didn’t feel like completing the sentence by saying the phrase, “…sucked him off.” After all, she didn’t want Farrell to think she was easy; she’d only done what she did to appease Jason, not for herself.

“Okay,” Farrell nodded, figuring whatever she was about to say had to be sexual. He reached out and put a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t think you’re stupid, Scarlett. Everyone ends up making mistakes in the pursuit of love as a teenager; I just got lucky that the girls who weren’t right for me usually were nice enough and enough like me that we could stay friends. If everyone got along perfectly and stayed with the people they dated, we’d all be married already,” he shrugged, hoping he was being helpful. “Yeah, it hurts – especially if the other person’s a total asshole about things – but life tends to suck in general.”

“Gee, YOU’RE being helpful,” Scarlett laughed at his last comment.

“Hey, got you to laugh, didn’t it?” he grinned, finishing his sandwich.

“Good point… but why did you ask about me and Jason?” she inquired, realizing he’d never explained himself.

“Oh, when people are physically intimidating me for being friends with other people, I like to know why. Now I know… looks like Jason’s worried that you and I are gonna hook up,” he laughed at the notion. Jason Hewitt had never been the brightest guy in school, but fearing Farrell was going to steal his ex would be a new low for him as far as demonstrations of ignorance go. It wasn’t that Scarlett wasn’t attractive – hell, she was one of the most gorgeous women Farrell had ever talked to – but if he didn’t want a serious relationship with Mandy, or she with him, they wouldn’t have been dating since he was a sophomore. Sure, he enjoyed flirting a bit with Amber, but like Scarlett, she was just someone he was getting to know as a friend.

So if that was why Jason was going after him… he was quite mistaken. But Farrell wasn’t about to TELL the bullying biker brute that – let Jason think he was going with Scarlett, just torture the prick some more after having lost his girlfriend. “Why not?” Farrell reasoned. He was a nice guy, but everyone has their limits… and Jason wasn’t going to get a bit of sympathy or pity.

* * * * *

“Okay, okay, you can talk to him!” Vance finally gave up and waved his hands in the air. He was kneeling in front of his locker, grabbing the books he’d need to do his homework that night.

Katy, leaning on the locker next to his, giggled. “Good,” she said. “Now, about the drugs…?”

Vance looked up and rolled his eyes. “Oh, come on, you can’t score your own shit?”

Katy whined, “I’m a freshman; I don’t have any connections here yet! The guy who sold me stuff in junior high transferred over the summer, and–”

“Fine,” Vance agreed. “Just this once, I’ll get your stuff for you, but you’re paying to get into the club.”

“Deal,” Katy said. “Hey!” she waved excitedly as Farrell and Elisha came down the hall.

“What’s up?” Farrell asked her, as Elisha and Vance shared (what was now annoying to him, given his girl wasn’t present) a long, affectionate kiss in front of his locker. Before his friend could notice his scowl, Katy pulled Farrell aside.

“Liz Phair’s got a concert tonight at a club I go to,” Katy said. In response to his surprised expression, she explained, “I just hang out with older guys or flirt my way in, usually. Besides, they know me; my dad’s a musician, so I grew up at some wild parties.”

Farrell cocked an eyebrow at her confessed wild lifestyle, but decided to let it stand at that. “So we’re gonna go see her perform and…what?”

Katy sighed. “For an honors student who aced the ACT and SAT, you really aren’t too bright, are you? When she sees us, she’s gonna owe us something to keep her music life secret from all of these pop-loving people who don’t know an indie rocker when they see one.”

“What, you’re gonna blackmail her with that? Like you can’t pass Sex Ed without resorting to that?” Farrell still hadn’t caught on.

“You…really…don’t…get…it,” Katy enunciated each word slowly, as though she were talking to a little kid, instead of a guy three years older than her. “Think about it, FD. You know Liz’s music enough to know that she’s quite sexual, right? Why not find out just how good of a ‘blowjob queen’ she is?”

Farrell should have been surprised, but the absolutely unreal amount of sex that went on at the school had conditioned him to more or less get used to anyone and everyone being a total swinger. “All right, that sounds fun, but what do YOU have to gain from all this?”

“A, Vance is hooking me up with some coke and a little weed for tonight,” she explained matter-of-factly. “B, I might want some ‘extracurricular tutoring’ for Ms. Phair’s class, so I need to see what she has to offer. And C… hasn’t Vance told you that I think you’re hot?”

“All good reasons,” Farrell said, his proclivity to quick responses overwhelming his surprise at the forwardness she’d used when explaining her third reason. “Unfortunately, A, I don’t do that shit – only fear of jail, not a “drugs are bad” thing” – B, I’m sure you could find plenty of student study help, but C, I’m taken.”

“Well, get you to smoke up a little bit, and I might at least get what I need from you,” Katy said, licking her lips suggestively before turning and hurrying off to catch the bus.

* * * * *

“Oh, come on, you can’t stick around for the rest of lunch?” Elisha whined, grabbing Vance’s wrist and trying to pull him back to the table.

“I’m sorry, honey, I can’t,” he explained. “I told ‘Hater I’d cover for him today, he likes to go out and grab a cheap burger on Fridays.”

“So you have to cover for him?” Elisha pouted, getting to her feet and batting her eyes at Vance.

“Hey, it’s better than having him there and playing his hip-hop and rap music, Heesh,” he reasoned with her, immediately realizing that he’d chosen the wrong tactic.

“And what’s wrong with hip-hop?” she asked, folding her arms in indignation.

“Hey, give the guy credit, he’s more into that stuff than me,” Farrell piped up, trying to help out his friend. “All I can stand are artists like Mos Def and the Black Eyed Peas–”

“Only because of Fergie,” Vance interrupted.

“No, not just Fergie…though if ever a woman knew how to move her body, she sure as hell does…” he trailed off in lustful thought for a second, but refocused on what he was saying. “But I only like rap and hip-hop with blatant political content in some of their songs,” Farrell explained. “Outside of that… Vance is a lot more tolerant of it than I am.”

Elisha turned and rolled her eyes. “And I broke up with you,” she said with an icy tone. “What does THAT say?”

“Oh, come on, I–” Farrell was stopped by Natalie reaching across the table and cupping her hand over his mouth to shut him up.

“Don’t,” she whispered. “Don’t get her more worked up.” Farrell sighed, not ready to concede, but knowing in the back of his mind that Natalie was one of the smartest, nicest girls he knew, and he ought to heed her advice.

Amber, sitting next to Natalie, joined the conversation. “Trust us, Farrell. You’ll just make it worse for him if you get Elisha angry at both of you.”

“Fine!” Elisha huffed, exasperated at whatever Vance had said while Farrell was distracted by Natalie and Amber.

“I said you could come with me if you wanted,” Vance offered desperately.

“No, I’m fine, and I’ll have to go to class in twenty minutes anyways,” she said, sitting back down.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Vance assured her, feeling better that the offer had calmed her down, but still hoping she wouldn’t take him up on it.

“No, just go,” she told him.

“Okay,” he said softly, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. Still a bit angry, she didn’t react, instead sitting there motionless as he left.

“He’s trying,” Natalie offered. “He’s trying to be nice, even if he’s not doing that good a job of it.”

“I know, it’s just… we’ve got Poetry and Lunch together, and that’s it,” Elisha said sadly, hanging her head. “He already told me his aunt’s sick and he’s going with his family to visit her, so we can’t go out tonight. It just seems like he doesn’t want to spend time with me as much as he used to.”

* * * * *

Vance felt guilty as he walked down the mostly empty hall towards the radio studio. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with Elisha, but he just needed to shake things up a little. Plus, the radio studio was the most private place to do what he needed to before the night’s excursion – after school, there would be too many students milling about, as well as teachers, and Rawballz’ ever-present patrolling of the halls.

He opened the door of the radio station control room, finding it empty. He sighed angrily; had he known, he could have stuck around with Elisha longer, but no… Forcing himself to sit down, he pulled up the microphone and announced, “This is Voodoo Joe on CSSA Radio. By request, here’s Nickelback’s ‘Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting’.” He started the song, and sat back in the chair, frustrated at the way life was going for him. He was looking forward to seeing Liz in concert – and whatever else Katy was thinking of – but the guilt over lying to Elisha about his sick aunt was killing him.

After sulking for about fifteen minutes, just playing random, mindless pop songs on the request list pinned outside the studio, his secret rendezvous finally showed up. “About time,” he said coldly as Samaire Armstrong entered the room, her blonde-and-black streaked hair reminding him of who she was.

“Sorry, Mr. Al-Daoud wouldn’t let me out of our Drama class’ discussion until the end,” she explained. Samaire was wearing a loose-fitting black skirt made of some sort of shiny material, and a matching tank top covered in a layer of sheer, dark blue material.

Vance was still mad, but understood the situation. “So, Mike told me you were a good person to ask if I wanted, um…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Samaire responded, brushing a stray hair out of her eyes and pulling a couple baggies out of her purse. “Whaddya need?”

“Um, some coke and some weed,” he said, not really knowing how to talk to a dealer.

She laughed. “What, you buying for a friend? I know I’ve never seen you before…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Vance said, wanting to get the illicit transaction done with as quickly as possible. “I don’t know how much, we’re going out clubbing tonight and my friend wanted me to get some stuff for her.”

“All right,” Samaire said, tossing him a couple baggies. “That should do it, unless your friend’s got a problem, that’s more than enough for clubbing.”

“How much do I owe you?” Vance asked, pulling out his wallet and starting up another song on the radio.

“One twenty,” she said casually.

“A HUNDRED AND TWENTY BUCKS?” Vance’s jaw dropped. He’d never really been into the drug scene; he’d smoked pot a couple times at parties, but had no idea about the prices of such things. “Come on, that’s negotiable, right?”

Samaire paused a second, putting her finger to her mouth thoughtfully, before nodding slightly. “Maybe,” she told him, pulling out the second chair at the radio console. “I do have a favor to ask of someone, and I’m sure you’ll do just as well as any other guy.”

“What’s that?” Vance asked, puzzled at what a girl like her could need that he could provide – no one in his circle of friends really hung out with her type of people; hell, she was known to hang out with Evil, who was physically threatening Vance’s best pal…

“Well,” Samaire slowly explained, sliding her skirt slowly up along her legs, “I haven’t had a date in a couple weeks, Jason’s too pissed about breaking up with some bitch to fuck me, and I need to get off. Twenty percent off if you can do that for me.” By the time she finished speaking, she had the front of her skirt bunched up around her waist, revealing a pair of high-cut purple panties.

Vance stared down at her legs and crotch for a split second before nodding in speechless awe. Without a word, he reached down and started to undo his belt. He felt a pang of guilt for how easily he’d been seduced, but Elisha didn’t have to know… “Oh no you don’t,” Samaire scolded, grabbing his hand and pulling it away from his belt. “I’m not some sort of slut who’s gonna fuck every guy in sight, buddy. I just need to get off. You’re getting a discount on your purchase, don’t start asking for MORE.” Vance opened his mouth to protest, but Samaire leaned in and quickly kissed him. “Just shut up and eat me out.”

Vance scowled in frustration at what amounted to being seduced only to have it be a tease, but realized he was still about to eat a hot chick’s pussy. Besides, he acknowledged as he slid off his chair and onto the floor, eating Samaire out was for her, not for him. So he really wasn’t cheating on Elisha, since he wasn’t getting off… hey, he was even practicing how to get HER off better, so there was nothing to feel bad about!

Vance reached up and grabbed Samaire’s ass, pulling her towards the front edge of the chair to make his task easier. The swivel chair spun a bit with the sudden motion, and she squealed in surprise, grinning. “See, THIS is what I was missing!” He slid his hands down over the folds of her skirt, and onto her legs. Slowly, he moved his fingers upward, grabbing onto the hem of her underwear and tugging on it gently.


Samaire and Vance both jumped at the sound of the bell marking the end of fifth period. Her heart pounding – and her small breasts pressing hard against her top, Vance had to notice – Samaire breathed a sigh of relief. “Shit, that startled me,” she laughed uncomfortably.

“Yeah, and you’re not the one who’d get into deep shit for this,” Vance looked up from between her legs, getting back to his task of sliding her purple underwear down. He pulled them gently down along her legs, revealing a thin bush of brown hair as he cleared her pussy. “I’ve actually got a lot to lose if we get caught–”

“Again: just shut up and get me off, buddy,” she said, grabbing the back of his head with both hands and pulling it down as she slid her hips forward so she was poised on the very edge of the chair. As she removed her hands from holding up her skirt to push him down on her muff, her skirt fell over his head and shoulders. Samaire didn’t really care, and kept her hands firmly gripping Vance’s skull. Vance mumbled something in surprise, frustrated at working in the dark, and removed his hands from the outside of her thighs to fold the skirt up in Samaire’s lap. “What the hell?” she angrily asked as she felt the loss of his breath on her now-moistening pussy.

“I can’t tongue what I can’t see, for God’s sake!” Vance explained, before making it up to her by diving back down and getting to work. He figured he might as well bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible, and minimize his risk of getting caught. Satisfied her skirt wasn’t going to flop down over him again, he placed his hands on top of Samaire’s thighs and began slowly rubbing his way up and in towards her cunt as his mouth went to work. Confident he wasn’t going to stop, Samaire took her left hand off his head and gently grabbed her right boob through her top, squeezing it softly to add to her enjoyment.

Vance licked up her slit, then reversing directions back down, moving faster than he would if he was working at his own pace and not trying to get things done quickly. Then, applying more pressure, he forced his tongue inside her folds, working up to her clit. Reaching it, he circled it with his tongue, moving inward in a spiral along it. He figured he’d done something right when Samaire gasped and her legs snapped shut around his head. He could barely breathe as he continued licking her clit, but he figured there was no better way to suffocate than with your head trapped between a hot woman’s legs. He continued working to get Samaire off, alternating with driving his tongue as far inside her as he could, then slowly running the tip of his tongue along the walls of her pussy as he pulled back. Then, once he was out, he ran his lips along her pussy lips, finding her clit and sucking it gently.

Muffled by her legs on his ears, he heard The Black Eyed Peas’ “Where Is the Love?” ending on the radio, quickly replaced by Nelly’s “Country Grammer.”

“Damn rap fans requesting crappy songs,” Vance silently cursed the people who had requested a song about “going downtown” that almost made him laugh while trying to get Samaire off. He kept from laughing, though – mostly because the heat and humidity between Samaire’s legs was getting uncomfortable, as was the skirt that had again slid down, but this time only reaching his neck. Between that and Samaire’s pubic hair tickling his nose, he didn’t know how much longer he could last without having to come up for a break.

Fortunately, he was able to last longer than Samaire. Pressing his head to her pussy harder than even before, she arched her back, lifting her ass off the chair, and moaned in joy, her legs tightening even more around Vance’s head. He felt her cream beginning to flow out of her pussy, and slurped them down happily as her legs relaxed, simply hanging loosely over his shoulders instead of strangling him. Once he’d finished drinking down Samaire’s juices, he pulled his head back and took a couple deep breaths of fresh air, wiping his and her sweat off of his face.

“Wow,” she said, breathing hard, her nipples now hard and pressing against her purple tank top. “That was some of the best head I’ve gotten from a guy… maybe I should have let you fuck me, after all.”

“That would take another price cut, of course” Vance joked, standing up and straightening his hair.

“Oh no,” she said. “I’m not using you as a gigolo, I was just doing you a favor and cutting my personal commission for what I sold you. You wanna fuck me, you’re doing it for free. Oh, and you still owe me ninety bucks.”

Vance was too amazed at what had just happened to notice her math error that had saved him six bucks, and pulled out his wallet. “Mom and dad would love to see what I’m spending their money on,” he muttered, handing her the cash.

She reached out and took it from him, shoving the wad of bills into her purse, which she’d thrown on the counter. “You don’t mind if I just sit here like this for a couple minutes until that orgasm wears off, do you?”

* * * * *

“Sorry about being a bitch earlier today,” Elisha apologized to Farrell, breathing hard and her face flushed.

“Don’t worry about it,” he assured her, discreetly watching her larger-than-average breasts bouncing, and wiping a layer of sweat from his forehead. “I mean, as long as you and I can do this every afternoon and not feel awkward, that’s what matters.”

“You mean it?” she stopped, and he froze as well. He looked into her eyes, wondering how – or why – he’d let her drift away and find herself with Vance instead of him. It was in the past, but the feelings still resided. As though assuring him that she too still had some feelings for him, she reached down and grabbed his hand, squeezing it reassuringly. “I know you and Vance are best friends, but I’ve never wanted things between us to be awkward since we broke up. So…I’m really sorry for saying what I did at lunch.” She had caught her breath, but Farrell was still gulping down oxygen as she spoke. “You okay, FD? You’re usually a lot harder to wear out than this.”

He blinked his eyes to clear the beads of sweat that had dripped into them. “Yeah, I’m just–”

“You two!” he heard the gym teacher, Miss Milano, shouting at them.

“Oh, shit,” he muttered. They were in seventh period gym class, and the late-August heat had gotten to him as they ran on the outdoor track. But she’d never been much on understanding or forgiveness – and with her brown hair cut very short, she seemed to be a stereotypical lesbian feminazi. Not that there was any proof she was a lesbian, but Farrell had always found the complete lack of sex rumors about the P.E. teacher to be suspicious.

“You’re supposed to be running laps out here, not having social hour!” she scolded.

“I think I’m getting dehydrated,” Farrell explained, rubbing his head to try to push out the headache that the heat, exercise, and lack of water had given him.

“That’s nice, but you both still owe me four laps for chatting instead of running hard today,” she ordered, jotting down the information on her clipboard. “We’re going in now, get yourself some water, Dougan, but you’re both running after class for me.”

He rolled his eyes as she turned away, but didn’t say anything. No use in further pissing her off, he reasoned. Once back inside, the class turned its attention to that most sophisticated of athletic pursuits, dodgeball. Farrell was amazed – four years of high school, and Fridays were still marked by the arcane practice of flinging bowling-ball sized projectiles with the intent to wound your classmates. He shrugged… as a skinny, quiet freshman, he’d taken the brunt of the game, but having gained muscle, height, and senior status, dodgeball was more fun.

In that state of mind, he wound up and nailed a short, chubby sophomore, knocking him to the ground with a shot to the groin. His arm wasn’t in great throwing form since baseball season had ended, but Farrell evidently still had it.

“Wayne! Wayne, you okay, man?” a student Farrell didn’t know hurried to the chubby kid’s side in concern.

“Um, yeah,” Wayne said, laughing out loud at the stupidity of the situation, pausing between words. “I think, I`ll be, okay,” he laughed again.

After thinking about it for a split second, Farrell figured, “why not?” and pegged the kid who’d come to Wayne’s aid. The ball struck the second kid between the shoulder blades, so he didn’t go down like Wayne had, but still grunted in pain. “Come on, Poncho,” Wayne said, getting up surprisingly quick from what should have been a debilitating nut shot. “We`ll go sit out, until the game is, done.” He laughed out loud again.

Farrell couldn’t figure why a kid would pause so often in speech while laughing so much, but didn’t have much time to think as a ball whizzed by his head. “Jeez!” he was shocked at the velocity of the throw, and wasn’t surprised to see Guy Hardy, a sophomore who’d been annoying him since last year. Farrell had made the mistake of calling Mike “‘Hater” Carter’s then-girlfriend Beyonce Knowles “not that hot,” which didn’t bother ‘Hater nearly as much as it had Guy. Ever since his initial overreaction, he’d been going after Farrell every chance he got. “Tryin’ to take my head off, kid?” Farrell growled at Guy, who shrugged his shoulders as if to say “who, me?” and strolled away with a cocky swagger.

Farrell turned in disgust, realizing Guy wasn’t worthy of his time, and saw where the errant throw had gone – and saw Elisha clutching her head, her hand tangled in her blonde hair. “Are you okay?” he rushed to her side. She pulled her hand away, revealing a red mark on her right cheek where she’d been hit.

Walking towards the sideline, she assured him, “I’ll be okay. Just go take him out.” Farrell did that, rewarding Guy with several solid hits over the course of the period. Maybe it wasn’t the most mature reaction, but no one was perfect…

At the end of the period, the day’s final bell rang, and most students headed out to go home. Elisha and Farrell, on the other hand, were escorted out to the track by Miss Milano. “I’ll be watching to make sure you’re not talking, so you might as well put some effort into it and run fast.” Realizing that there was no reason in making things worth, Farrell and Elisha nodded, jogging out to the track. “Good thing I wasn’t counting on Vance for a ride home today,” Elisha said to Farrell as they started off. “My friend Rachel had a Student Council meeting anyways, so hopefully she’ll be able to drive us home once we’re done running.”

Farrell nodded, and started to speed up his pace around the track. He wasn’t in top shape, but after getting some water and cooling down inside, he was able to run the four laps with relative ease, finishing in about fifteen minutes. Turning back to watch Elisha still running, he saw Miss Milano glaring at him and walked back into the school.

He always liked the school best after the day was done… no crowds, no annoying freshmen, just a few random druggies, some extracurriculars going on, and of course, the students who for some reason choose to hook up at school instead of in their cars, at home, or other more private places. Farrell took a minute to admire the lithe bodies of the cheerleaders who were assembling, in uniform, on the gym floor, before heading to the locker room to change.

As he took off his t-shirt, he thought briefly of hitting the showers, having worked up quite a sweat running his extra laps. But given the late hour, and the fact that he didn’t know how soon Elisha would be done – she was a fast runner, and hadn’t been far behind him – he opted just to change and wait till he got home to shower. Besides, the filthy school locker room showers weren’t much more hygienic of an option.

As he opened the door to leave the locker room, he was surprised to see Elisha reaching for the doorknob. “What are you doing here?” he asked her. The girls’ locker rooms were on the opposite side of the gym, and Elisha was still in a sweat-soaked gray t-shirt and shorts.

“I don’t know, Farrell,” Elisha said, pushing him back inside the corridor leading to the locker area, walking down the brick-walled passage and then sitting down on one of the benches in the locker room. He sat down next to her. “I think… Farrell, I think I still have feelings for you,” she blurted out.

“Listen, we broke up years ago, Heesh,” he reasoned. “Do I still think about you from time to time and wish we hadn’t? Of course. But I’m happy with Mandy, and you and Vance are–”

Elisha saw where he was going and figured kissing him was the only way to argue her case. And it worked – as she leaned in and locked lips with him, he fell backwards onto the hard wooden bench, with her lying on top of him. “Listen, I–” he tried to push her away, gently grabbing her shoulders. “I don’t want to do anything that would fuck up your relationship with Vance, but I also don’t want to betray my friend,” he said softly, hoping she wouldn’t press the issue.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” she whispered seductively, pushing herself back down on him and breathing the words into his ear. “I know we broke up, but I just want one…” she reached down with her right hand and squeezed his cock through his shorts, “last…” with her left hand, she started pulling his shirt up, “fuck.” She leaned in and kissed him again, having figured he couldn’t turn down sex.

She’d figured right. Farrell accepted that if he didn’t screw Elisha now, she’d probably keep pressing, and the longer that went on, the worse the strain on her relationship with Vance. It was logic designed to fit his carnal needs, but logic nonetheless. And as long as Vance didn’t find out, things wouldn’t change.

Taking advantage of the situation, Farrell ran his hands down Elisha’s back, to her gray cotton shorts, and grabbed her ass through the material. She gasped in delight, then screeched in outright shock as Farrell picked her up and flipped her onto her back on the bench, her legs dangling over the end. Standing at the end of the bench, he looked down at her, smiling up at him lustfully, and quickly removed his shorts and underwear. Watching him, Elisha made sure she had his attention as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sweaty t-shirt and slowly peeled it off. She was glad to see he was still awestruck by her body – she slowly exposed her smooth stomach, then surprised him when the shirt rose to her fairly large breasts, revealing she hadn’t worn a bra.

Farrell had thought Elisha’s tits had looked pretty damn bouncy running on the track, but it was still a bit of a surprise. As she finished pulling her shirt off, he leaned over her, kissing her left nipple lightly, then doing the same to the right, making her giggle. Forcing herself not to succumb to Farrell’s teasing, she got serious. “No foreplay, we should do this fast… just fuck me,” she ordered breathily, gently pushing Farrell off her breasts.

Farrell was a bit disappointed – in the heat of passion, his guilt had faded, and he wanted to savor everything he knew Elisha’s body had to offer. Reluctantly, he grabbed her ass again, pulling it up to the very edge of the bench. He reached down grabbed the top of her shorts, pulling them over her ass, revealing a pair of black panties, which he quickly pulled down her legs as well. She had a full bush of blonde hair above her pussy, the same as when they’d dated. Farrell had to smile a bit as he tugged her shorts slowly her legs, pulling them along with his right hand as his left caressed her incredibly smooth, soft legs and cupped her left ass cheek. Farrell had always been a leg man, and while Elisha’s legs weren’t as toned or lean as Mandy’s, her silky smooth skin was still plenty arousing. Then, after getting her shorts around her tennis shoes and tossing them aside, he lifted her legs into the air, then hooked her knees around his shoulders. He had to bend his knees a bit to keep from lifting her too much off the bench, but he wouldn’t be thinking about the discomfort of his position for long.

“Come on,” she panted, impatient. “Just do it.” The way she was asking for it, Nike should have hired her to say their slogan with such passion and eroticism. She thrust her pelvis towards him, her hands reaching down to spread her labia for him. Shrugging, Farrell didn’t argue…moving his hands up her legs to grip her hips, he lined his cock up with her pussy, locking eyes with her as he moved forward and slid into her. He pushed all the way into her familiar hole in one steady thrust, her cool blue eyes locking his gaze to her face as he bottomed out in her.

The heat of her pussy was incredible, as running in the sun had warmed her entire body up, evidenced by the thin layer of sweat already covering her body. Farrell wondered just how exhausted she’d be after he was done with her. He stayed buried in her for a good thirty seconds, savoring the extreme heat and wetness, and conceding that if this was to be the last time he had sex with Elisha…he might as well make it good.

Elisha wasn’t so patient. She wanted to move quickly, since she figured they’d get caught if they went at it for too long. Sitting up from her position, she reached out and pushed Farrell back, trying to jump-start him into fucking her. Farrell got the message, and started moving himself back and forth, slowly thrusting into Elisha. He watched in admiration as she laid back down on the bench, her tits bouncing as her back hit the bench.

Wanting to marvel more at the natural wonders that were Elisha Cuthbert’s boobs, he picked up the pace, slamming his cock into her. As he watched her breasts dancing about with the force of his thrusts, he moved his hands from their grip on her hips down to hold her by her legs, pulling her towards him as he thrust into her. “Oh God!” she groaned in pleasure as he started doing this, hitting sensitive spots deep inside her pussy. “Keep fucking me! Fuck me hard, Farrell! Don’t stop!”

He wasn’t about to. Continuing to use her legs for leverage, he continued pulling her towards him as he thrust forwards, driving into her as deep as possible. They were no longer bothering to stay discreet – the sounds of their legs smacking together as Farrell thrust forward echoed around the locker room, accompanied by Elisha’s low, guttural moans, and the occasional grunt of exertion or pleasure from Farrell.

Leaning in to grab Elisha’s breasts, Farrell repositioned himself almost laying on top of her, but still keeping most of his weight on his feet as she wrapped her legs around his torso. He squeezed her left breast and slowly sucked it into her mouth, getting as much in as possible, then retreated so his mouth was sucking on her nipple. That was all Elisha could take – she grabbed her other breast with one hand, clutching Farrell’s head to her chest with her other hand, and let out a loud, contented sigh, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!” As her pussy spasmed, squeezing his cock, Farrell realized he couldn’t take any more of her warm, tight cunt.

“I’m gonna cum, Elisha,” he said, craning his neck to remove his mouth from her breast, and look up at her.

“It’s fine,” she assured him. “You can cum in me.”

Farrell was a bit taken aback by the statement – in their time together, Elisha had always made him wear a condom or pull out. But now, she was presumably letting the guys she fucked – notably, Vance – cum in her? The thought of taking sloppy seconds to his best friend nauseated Farrell for a split second, but with his cock nestled deep inside of a gorgeous, sexy blonde, he could hardly complain as he let himself go, shooting his load inside Elisha.

Exhausted, Elisha released her legs from holding him to her, and let her arms and legs hang limply off the bench. She lay there, her chest heaving as she sucked in air, completely out of breath and out of energy. Farrell knelt down on the floor at the end of the bench, needing to rest for a couple minutes before getting dressed. As his head rested on the end of the bench, he was incredibly tempted to move up a couple of feet and start snacking on Elisha’s pussy, but managed to resist the urge. He was surprised – he figured that once he’d cum, he would hate himself for what he’d done. But even though he’d cheated on Mandy and betrayed Vance, he couldn’t deny he still had some feelings for Elisha. He wasn’t going to leave Mandy and beg Elisha to take him back, but having sex with her had at least reminded him of the good old days.

* * * * *

“I don’t know if I really want to,” Alexa admitted, looking and avoiding Sophia’s eyes. She was wearing a light green tank top that showed off a bit of her stomach, and a white-and-green striped miniskirt that went almost down to her knees. She didn’t have a cheerleading outfit, so she’d worn comfortable clothes for her first practice. Of course, the point was made moot by Jennifer Love Hewitt canceling the practice at the last minute, but she had stayed behind to talk to the girl who’d recruited her, Sophia Bush.

“Listen, Alexa,” Sophia said, placing a hand on Alexa’s bare shoulder, rubbing it reassuringly. The two of them were in the empty gym, deserted after the rest of the squad had scattered at the announcement that practice was cancelled. “I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I wish you’d trust me about this.”

“I just…I’ve never had sex, it’s not that I’m saving myself or anything, but I just haven’t met the right guy yet.”

Sophia laughed, brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. “I know where you’re coming from, I really do. I felt the same way myself a couple years ago. But the odds are, when you finally give it up to someone, it’s NOT going to be ‘the right guy.'”

“What do you mean?” Alexa was officially confused by Sophia’s little lecture.

“I mean that while you’re saving yourself and missing out on a lot of fun, you’re probably going to end up regretting it the morning after your first time anyways,” Sophia said slowly, knowing what she was saying wasn’t easy to hear. “You know how I had you go down on me yesterday?” Alexa’s mind flashed back to what had happened at Sophia’s house, the older girl kissing her and then taking off her pants and then…

The idea of licking another girl… “down there” had shocked and even scared Alexa then, but once she got into it – and once Sophia returned the favor – she enjoyed it. “Yeah, but that’s different than actually having sex with a boy,” Alexa protested.

“I know it is. But I just want you to know that I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly, like I guided you through your first pussy-licking session.” Her bluntness and choice of words made Alexa blush, but turned her on at the same time. “The truth is this, Alexa. You really remind me a lot of myself a couple years ago… I never really thought of myself as the cheerleading ‘type,’ I was a pretty quiet and studious girl. But once I got started, I had fun, I made new friends, and I like to think that I broke the stereotype of the ‘dumb blonde slut’ cheerleader. But at the same time, when you go around school showing off your body,” Sophia looked down at the vast amounts of skin her cheerleading outfit showed off, “You’re probably not gonna stay a 100% good girl for long. When I finally gave in too all the guys who were lusting after me…” she trailed off.

Alexa looked into Sophia’s brown eyes and could tell that the older girl had become upset at the mere memory of what she was talking about. “My first time was really, really terrible, the guy treated me like a sex object and nothing more, then went and bragged to his friends about it. I never went out with him again, and I still regret it. If we can find you a nice guy, like the one I was telling you about, I really think you ought to just have sex with him and know that, at the very least, you won’t feel angry or sad every time you remember your first time.”

* * * * *

“I can’t believe her,” Margo said distastefully. “We’re best friends at the start of the week, and now she can’t even make time to hang out with us on a Friday afternoon, all because of ‘cheerleading practice.'”

Avril, who was sitting next to Margo in the backseat of Jewel’s car, leaning on Brian’s shoulder, shrugged. “Hey, I’ve always said that cheerleaders were stupid, evil, and all around bad news.”

“Unlike the girls who smoke up in Rawballz’ closet, of course,” Clint said, only half-teasing her. He was glad that Brian had found a girlfriend, but that they’d met with a half-stoned handjob from Avril was cause for concern. “Speaking of which,” he quickly moved past the comment before it could be taken seriously, “Anyone know why Mr. Burnem’s got a bruise the size of Wisconsin on his cheek?”

“I heard he was in a bar fight or something,” Brian offered, his hand on Avril’s shoulder pulling her an imperceptible bit closer after Clint’s remark.

“All right, you kids,” Jewel joked, looking in the rear-view mirror. “No one’s getting too touchy-feely in the backseat, unless it’s me.” Clint blushed, and Jewel mouthed “you wish” to him. “But Margo, I don’t know this Alexis–”

“-Alexa,” Margo corrected.

“I don’t know Alexa, but I think it’s just a normal high school thing,” Jewel explained. “I used to be good friends with a girl, and then she started dating guys a year older than us. I guess she just thought she could do better than her old friends and wanted to upgrade to better ones, and ended up–”

“Oh, come on, Vance and Farrell are both nice guys,” Clint protested. “I know you think Elisha abandoned you, but don’t make it sound like ‘they stole my best friend’ or something.”

Jewel shot him an angry look that looked unnatural on her usually soft, friendly face. “…and the way you’re going, that backseat’s NEVER going to get broken in,” she hissed at him, turning her attention back to the road as Clint shut up and stared straight ahead.

* * * * *

As Farrell stood up and grabbed his shorts off the floor, he heard the sound of a single person clapping her hands, and looked up with a start. A tall brunette with striking features and even more striking green eyes stood at the entrance to the locker area, leaning on the wall and applauding casually. “Bravo, bravo. Both of you, quite a nice show.” She was wearing a CSSA High cheerleading uniform. Elisha sat up and spun around, the sudden interruption giving her a burst of energy after she’d been completely out of it after fucking Farrell.

“Sophia!” she squealed in surprise and indignation. “What are you doing?!?!?”

Farrell recalled the cheerleader’s full name – Sophia Bush – and that she was a good friend of Elisha’s from the school’s volleyball team. He’d always found the junior to be strikingly attractive, beyond the normal hotness of the cheerleading squad – she just had something else about her. But despite being attracted to her, he’d been dating Elisha when they’d met, and besides, he couldn’t figure a cheerleader being his type anyways.

“Well,” Sophia answered Elisha’s question, “I was actually just passing by with a friend, and we heard you two going at it. But since I’m here, I wanted to ask Farrell a favor,” she said, moving forward and putting her hands on Farrell’s shoulders.

“Huh?” His cock was already getting hard again at the mere feeling of her hands on his shoulders, as well as her sultry voice.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Get out of here,” Elisha said coldly, getting up from her sitting position and grabbing her shorts and shirt off the floor.

“You see, there’s a new girl on the cheerleading squad this year,” Sophia explained, drawing herself closer to Farrell, the head of his cock now touching against her pleated skirt. “To be a good cheerleader, a girl has to be flexible, fit, attractive, and, most of all…” she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled herself close to his naked body, whispering, “ready to fuck.”

“So you’re saying–” Farrell couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yeah, I need you to help me train one of the new girls,” Sophia said, pulling away from him and turning away. “Alexa!” she called out. A shorter girl with wavy brown hair emerged from behind the wall separating the corridor from the locker area. Sophia explained, walking over and putting an arm around Alexa’s shoulders. “Alexa Vega, meet Farrell – what was your last name again? Douglas?”

“Dougan… everyone seems to forget and think it’s Douglas,” he complained, reaching out to shake Alexa’s hand. “I don’t know,” Farrell was forced to say, looking at the girl. “I mean, she’s a freshman? Kind of young, Sophia.”

“I can’t believe you’re even considering this!” Elisha yelled at him, pulling her shorts up and putting her hands on her hips, now fully dressed. “Sophia, I have no idea what you’re thinking. Let’s go, FD!” She took a few steps towards the exit, only to have Sophia hold out an arm and pushed her back a step.

“Don’t be jealous, Elisha,” Sophia scolded her. “He’s not your guy anymore, so if I want him, you’re not stopping me.”

“It’s not that,” Elisha stammered, shocked at the accusation. “He’s my friend, and I don’t want him to cheat on his girlfriend, and I–”

Sophia doubled over with laughter, giving Farrell the opportunity to glance down at her cleavage. “You seemed awfully close ‘friends’ a couple minutes ago,” Sophia managed to force out between laughs. “So I think it’s a bit late to stop him from cheating.”

Elisha blushed, and sat down on the bench. She didn’t know what to think – she just wanted one last fling with Farrell, someone she’d been with before. It wasn’t as bad as him fucking some cheerleader, was it? Her thoughts were interrupted by Sophia’s hands on her knees, the brunette leaning down in front of her and trying to calm Elisha down. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ve already shown Alexa how to please another girl. So don’t think you’re gonna get left out of the action.” Sophia leaned in further, her hands sliding up Elisha’s legs, from her knees to under her shorts and massaging her thighs, as their lips met. Sophia kissed Elisha hard for a moment before the younger girl pushed her away, shocked.

“I’m not a lesbian, and I’m not bisexual!” Elisha declared. “I’m not going to–”

“You don’t have to be to just enjoy the feeling of SOMEONE giving you an orgasm, whether it’s a man or a woman,” Sophia told her. “You can either stick around or walk out on a good time.”

Farrell was watching the goings-on with shock, his mouth open in shock at all that was transpiring. It was completely, totally implausible, something that by all rights shouldn’t be happening, something that happened in porno movies and smut stories, but not in real life…and certainly not to him! He’d had a good deal of girlfriends, as well as a couple one-night stands, but in the past week alone, he’d been getting an unparalleled amount of women coming on to him – Katy, Elisha, Sophia, and Alexa, and then Michelle’s kiss… it was like some erotic fantasy come true.

Breaking his reverie, he felt a hand on his cock, and saw Alexa standing in front of him. “I’m not sure about this,” he confessed, not really sure he felt right having sex with a freshman on the whim of Sophia Bush. “You’re, what, fifteen?”

Alexa nodded, blushing. “I’m not sure about it, either,” she admitted, taking her hand off his penis. “But Sophia and I talked about it earlier, and she really is only having me do this because she cares, and doesn’t want me to lose my virginity in some way I’m gonna regret.”

Farrell didn’t quite understand what she was saying, but… she was gonna get her cherry popped by SOMEone, probably at the first football game of the season next week… but why not him? As before, what Farrell could only call “cock logic” took over… even if morally and intellectually something was questionable, if he could find some logic or rationale to support himself getting fucked, it was good enough.

“Okay,” he finally told Alexa, looking over to Sophia, who was kissing Elisha and pulling her shorts back off. “I’ll do it.”

Stepping back, Alexa reached down, crossing her arms, and pulled her tank top off, revealing a plain pink bra. Breaking her kiss with Elisha, Sophia stepped up behind Alexa and reached around the girl, grabbing her breasts. Alexa gasped in surprised, then giggled. Squeezing her breasts, Sophia smiled. “Damn perky little things,” she judged approvingly, running her hands down Alexa’s body, across her smooth stomach, and then up the young girl’s back, unclasping her bra. Alexa giggled again, clutching her hands to her breasts before the garment could fall. “Oh, come on, don’t be shy,” Sophia told her, leaning around and kissing her on the cheek. Alexa blushed, and Sophia gently tugged her hands away from her breasts, letting the bra fall to the floor.

Sophia was right about Alexa’s boobs – they WERE “damn perky little things,” especially for a freshman. Farrell had never really been a breast man, but the fact that Alexa had some nice A- or B-cups already certainly wasn’t turning him off. He took a step forward, but Sophia stepped between him and Alexa. “Ladies first,” she said, nodding towards Elisha, who was seated on the bench, naked again, with her hands between her knees.

Understanding what she meant, Alexa sauntered over to Elisha, who moved her hands and spread her legs slightly, and knelt down on the floor in front of her. As she moved her head towards Elisha’s pussy, Farrell took a step towards Sophia, lust in his eyes. “Not yet,” she said, shaking her head and sitting down on the bench opposite the one Elisha was sitting on. “Let’s just sit down and enjoy the show.”

Alexa had her mouth firmly clamped on Elisha’s cunt, her tongue swiftly working all around the blonde’s clit and then inside her. Elisha was moaning loudly, not the same carnal cries as when she’d fucked Farrell, but the sounds of pleasure never before experienced. Elisha had both hands tangled in Alexa’s brown hair, holding her tightly. As Alexa’s licking and sucking got more intense, Elisha arched her back, groaning even louder. “Keep doing that, Alexa!” she commanded, her voice hoarse as she was on the brink of orgasm. Alexa’s inexperience was hardly a detriment to her servicing Elisha, but it was still evident as her hands were simply resting on the ground, propping her up.

“Grab her tits, baby,” Sophia coached, her own hands wandering under her cheerleading skirt. Farrell was slowly masturbating on the bench next to her, unable to restrain himself at the sight of a young, shy girl pleasuring his ex-girlfriend. As Alexa reached up to Elisha’s breasts, she accidentally knocked the older girl off balance, and Elisha fell off the bench and onto the floor.

Jumping up, Farrell rushed across the room. “You okay?” he asked her.

“I’m fine,” Elisha said, laughing hard. “I’m just angry, I was so close to cumming and then that happened.”

Alexa started to scoot up to Elisha’s pussy, but Sophia put up a hand. “I’ll finish her off, but I think it’s high time you fucked Farrell.”

Farrell grinned broadly, and told Alexa, who was playing with her hands nervously, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. Just bend over the bench.” She complied, and Farrell positioned himself behind her. As he grabbed the hem of Alexa’s skirt and slowly tugged it loose, he glanced to his left, where Sophia had gotten on her hands and knees and had her mouth hovering above Elisha’s pussy. Alexa raised her legs one at a time, slowly, and allowed Farrell to pull her skirt off.

He took a second to admire her backside – she was pretty pale, which Farrell greatly preferred to tanned women, and her legs were a lot skinnier than Elisha’s – not bony, but just smaller. Alexa was wearing very modest pink cotton panties, and Farrell reached in front of her, running his fingers down to her crotch. He could feel a small patch of wetness on her underwear, so no matter how shy and nervous she was about having sex, she was still excited by the situation. He slid his hand back up, running it over her soft stomach before slipping it inside her panties this time. He felt a small bush of soft hair, and ran his fingers down further between her legs, slipping his index finger inside of her pussy. She gasped at the sensation, and he wiggled it around, teasing her labia and clit, then pushing further inside, finding her hymen and confirming that she was indeed a virgin.

Farrell paused at this, not sure he wanted to pop some stranger’s cherry, and softly spoke to Alexa. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she moaned at the feeling of his fingers stimulating her. “Like I said, better to a nice guy like you than someone just trying to fuck a cheerleader…but please don’t cum in me, okay?”

Farrell smiled softly and nodded, assuring her, “I won’t,” and continued to finger her as he used his other hand to slid her panties down, letting them fall around her ankles. He then took his free hand and grabbed his cock, lining up with her entrance, as she bent down further. Slowly sliding forward, Farrell eased his cock into her, groaning in amazement at how tight she was. He’d deflowered well more than his share of women in his life, but Alexa had such a small frame she was naturally tighter than any of the others. As the head of his dick pressed against her hymen, he reached around Alexa and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing her nipples to distract her from the impending burst of pain.

As Alexa moaned at the hands on her breasts, Elisha cried out, “YES! YES! Keep licking my clit, Sophia!” and began bucking her hips, writhing about on the floor with the brunette’s head trapped between her legs. The commotion startled Farrell, and he moved forward, breaking Alexa’s virgin seal without warning. The young brunette yelped at the sudden pain, and lowered her head for a second in discomfort before Farrell started sliding in and out of her, and her pain was slowly replaced with the pleasure of being fucked for the first time. “It’s splitting me in two, but…but it feels… oh!” she moaned. “It feels so good…”

Farrell slid his hands off of Alexa’s breast and down her sides to take hold of her hips, his thumbs extending to squeeze into her ass a bit. He began fucking her with a steady rhythm, moving slowly in and out of her tight folds not only to make the experience as enjoyable for her as possible, but also because he didn’t think he’d be able to go much faster, considering how tight she was.

Alexa was moaning and breathing heavily, her head turned back to watch Farrell as he fucked her. As he rhythmically thrust in and out of her, her tight pussy clinging to his cock as he pulled back and sucking him in further as he moved forward, he glanced over to Elisha and Sophia. Elisha was still on the floor, sitting up with her back leaning against the bank of lockers. Sophia was on her hands and knees between Elisha’s legs, gently lapping up the juices dribbling from her pussy. Elisha’s eyes were closed, but Farrell could tell she was still awake, but exhausted, as he watched Elisha’s fingers stroking Sophia’s hair.

He turned his attention back to Alexa, who had lowered her head completely, her hair hanging down towards the floor as she watched Farrell’s cock pistoning in and out from between her legs. “Oh God…” she moaned, her pussy so tight Farrell worried he’d lose circulation to his dick if he stayed in it much longer. “AH!” she cried in surprise as she felt another person working her over. Farrell looked down between himself and Alexa, and saw Sophia had slid in, leaning back on her hands and craning her neck up to lick Alexa’s pussy. Her tongue slid onto Farrell’s cock, and she looked at him with a lewd grin on her face as she teased the underside of his penis, alternating with licking Alexa’s clitoris.

Alexa was overcome by a feeling she’d only had once in her life, when Sophia had demonstrated oral sex to her for the first time. “I think I’m… I think I’m gonna cum,” Alexa managed to get out, panting in desperation to get off. Realizing that there was no way he could hold back his own orgasm, even after just having sex with Elisha, in her tight pussy, Farrell pulled out, Alexa letting out a heartbreaking whimper of disappointment as her pussy felt suddenly empty again. “It’s okay, baby,” Sophia assured her, “I’ll finish you off, okay?” She grabbed Alexa’s hips and pulling her down, turning her over to lay on the bench. Sophia didn’t hesitate to position her mouth over Alexa’s young pussy, diving down and attacking her clit with great enthusiasm.

Alexa cried out in pleasure, arching her back off the bench, her hands pawing at the air and fruitlessly seeking something to hold onto. She slammed her eyes shut, her toes curling in pleasure as her feet kicked about in the air, her butt and head the only things still on the bench. Farrell reached out and grabbed her left hand as she flailed about, not wanting the girl to lose her balance and fall off the bench. She pulled on his hand as she came, using him for leverage as her muscles tightened up and she screamed in ecstasy.

Alexa writhed about on the bench for a solid minute, moaning and squealing as Sophia’s tongue prolonged her orgasm, before letting out a final sigh of contentment and relaxing, falling back onto the bench and breathing heavily.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Sophia asked, getting up from between Alexa’s legs and wiping the wetness off her face. He nodded, and she offered Farrell her fingers. After a moment’s pause, he took them into his mouth, tasting Alexa’s juices on them. “All right,” Sophia said. “You broke Alexa in for me, and I could tell you got Elisha off pretty fucking good, so now it’s my turn.”

Without another word, Sophia jumped onto Farrell, wrapping her legs around him and kissing him hungrily. Figuring he wasn’t going to last long after his time in Alexa’s vise-like pussy, Farrell decided not to fool around and just get to it. With his left hand on Sophia’s ass, holding her up, his right hand darted under her cheerleading skirt, sliding along the inside of her right thigh until he found her panties. Rubbing the crotch, he wasn’t surprised Sophia was soaking wet already. He hooked a finger inside her panties and slid them to the side of her slit, feeling a neatly trimmed patch of hair above her pussy, and at the same time spinning Sophia around and moving towards the wall. Her back slammed into the bank of lockers, the sound of the aluminum clanging against the concrete wall behind it resonating throughout the room. Sandwiching Sophia between himself and the lockers, Farrell, slid his still-hard cock inside her, drawing a pleased smile and moan from Sophia, beads of sweat rolling down both their foreheads.

He thrust up into her roughly, noting that her pussy, while nowhere near as tight as Alexa’s, wasn’t much looser than Elisha’s. Farrell was surprised, figuring that Sophia “training” Alexa was all but confirming the slutty stereotype of cheerleaders…but then, Sophia was an honor roll student, an exception among the squad. His other hand slid under her skirt as well, taking hold of her panty-covered ass as he started slamming into her, her back sliding up and down the lockers with each thrust and withdrawal.

“Oh yeah,” Sophia moaned, her arms wrapped loosely around Farrell’s shoulders and neck as he sped up the pace, banging her roughly now. He was slamming in and out of her, pressing her against the wall roughly as he forced his cock into her all the way to the hilt, his balls slapping against her as she gasped, “Holy shit!” at the depth he’d penetrated her. Enjoying the intensity of the sex, Sophia removed her hands from Farrell’s shoulders. He stopped for a second, watching as she reached down and pulled her cheerleading uniform off, leaving her in just a navy-blue sports bra which was quickly removed as well. Sophia’s tits weren’t as big as Elisha’s or as perky as Alexa’s, but still a nice firm set of B-cups, at least, hanging tantalizingly on her chest. “Keep going,” she whispered, securing her arms around his shoulders again.

Keeping one hand on Sophia’s ass, now daring to slide it under her panties and savoring the feel of her bare buttocks in his palm, Farrell moved his other hand to her breasts, playing with them and circling the nipples teasingly as he started fucking her again. As he got back into his rhythm, he leaned his head in, kissing down Sophia’s neck and to her left breast, gently taking her nipple between his teeth and tugging on it.

Between that and the steady fucking she was getting, Sophia could take no more, as she pulled Farrell to her body, keeping his cock buried deep inside her and his mouth on her breasts. Letting out a series of desperate moans, Sophia came, her juices flooding Farrell’s cock. He slowly lowered her to the floor, his cock slipping out of her. As he stood there over her, Sophia took his cock in her mouth and began sucking, teasing it with her tongue and gently rubbing his scrotum with her hands. He’d been on the verge of cumming when he was fucking her, and her skillful blowjob was too much for him. Grabbing the back of her head to stop her movements, he grunted and let loose, shooting his cum inside Sophia’s mouth. She looked up at him with eyes full of happy lust as she swallowed his load down.

When he was done, Farrell pulled his cock out of Sophia’s mouth and got dressed. As he put his shirt on, he looked down at Sophia. Her eyes were still wide open, but she was clearly exhausted…leaning against the wall, her breasts, covered in Farrell’s saliva, heaved with her heavy breath, and she didn’t even bother to adjust her skirt, which was flared up over her stomach, showing her soaked blue panties, bunched up to the left of her pussy. A small trail of cum was dribbling out of the corner of her mouth, but her tongue darted out to take care of it when she noticed Farrell looking at it.

It was an incredibly erotic sight, and yet Farrell couldn’t fully enjoy it. He’d fucked Elisha, his former lover, on her request. He’d felt guilty about that, but rationalized it enough that he could put it out of his mind. But having sex with two cheerleaders he hardly knew… once he’d cum and come to his senses, Farrell realized he’d fucked up, and there was no excuse for cheating on Mandy in that fashion. Why he hadn’t realized that before doing it, he didn’t know… but at the moment, he was overcome with a deep sadness, a pervasive feeling of guilt and self-loathing for what he’d done. Noticing Elisha had gotten dressed, he quickly left the locker room with her, hoping they could find her friend Rachel and he could get home to think about things by himself for a few hours.

* * * * *

As Jason sat in detention chatting with Eliza, he spotted Farrell walking by with Elisha and a brunette he didn’t recognize. Seeing a guy he was coming to loathe with two attractive women was annoying, but at least he wasn’t with Scarlett. If Farrell decided to heed Jason’s warnings after all, well, there’d still be some animosity between them…but at least Jason wouldn’t have to go through with his plan. And while the others in his gang might be disappointed, Jason was getting tired of having to kick people’s asses left and right.

* * * * *

“Who else should we call?” Rachel Bilson asked Elisha, flipping through her address book. Rachel was a year older, but still one of Elisha’s best friends They hadn’t seen each other much during the week, thanks to a complete lack of favor from the scheduling gods. It was about 6:45 in the evening, and the two of them were laying on Elisha’s bed, trying to figure out who to invite to the movies with them. “I know Rachael said she was gonna be with TRL, Jen and Laura are busy… how about Sophia?” she asked, picking up the cordless phone.

“No!” Elisha blurted out too quickly. “She…uh, she told me she wasn’t feeling good this afternoon,” she feebly tried to cover her slip up, blushing.

Clearly skeptical of Elisha’s reason, Rachel raised an eyebrow in curiosity, but didn’t ask. “Okay, don’t tell me why you got all flustered at the mere mention of her name… fine, how about Kirsten Dunst?”

“Yeah, call her… I know she and Nat don’t exactly get along, since Kirsten’s more of a party girl and Nat’s the most chaste, unpartying, good girl I know… but it’s worth a try. Oh, and I’m gonna call Amber, the one I told you about – she’s really nice, you’ll like her.”

Rachel shrugged, figuring if Elisha liked someone, she probably would too. Of course, she’d been hoping to just talk to Elisha one-on-one – she’d been acting strange since they’d met at the school that afternoon – but maybe once the phone calls were made…

* * * * *

Farrell, Katy, and Vance walked into the club, surprised that they’d gotten in without getting carded. Farrell chalked his success up to the fact that his facial hair made him look several years older, Katy’s to her looks (and the tight, black leather skirt she was wearing), but Vance’s to dumb luck. They had gotten there just in time, as Liz and her band were taking the stage. She was dressed fairly casually, wearing a short, dark red skirt and a light blue t-shirt. They found a nice little corner to watch from, not sure if they wanted to stay hidden or make Liz aware of their presence.

By her fifth song, that became a moot point. As Liz declared she wanted the men in the club to give her their hot white cum, she looked right at Vance. She actually stuttered and messed up a few lines of the song before recovering from the realization that her secret was out. For three more songs, she kept looking towards Vance and Katy, a mixture of concern, surprise, and intrigue in her eyes. After finishing up her set by performing her newest single, “Why Can’t I?”, Liz walked off the stage to an impressive round of applause, as well as a couple of drunken, rowdy solicitations.

“What now?” Farrell asked, looking back and forth between Katy and Vance. “It’s only nine o’clock, you guys wanna go catch a movie or something?”

“I was actually thinking we should go around back and try to cut Ms. Phair – Liz – what the hell should I call her? – off,” Katy suggested, her adventurousness both surprising and impressing Farrell.

“Hey!” a slightly chubby, balding man yelled in their direction, coming out of a room near the stage. Before they could make a break for it, figuring they were about to be bounced out of the club, the man stopped running towards them, and beckoned them over by waving his right hand. The three high-schoolers exchanged glances, hesitating for a second before walking slowly towards the man.

“Come with me, please,” he said sternly, walking towards the room he’d come from. They followed him nervously, not sure what to expect. As he ushered them through the door, though, Vance’s and Katy’s eyes lit up. The bouncer shut the door behind them as the three of them stood there, looking around Liz Phair’s dressing room.

“I KNEW this was gonna happen,” Liz sighed in frustration, finishing packing her guitar away and sitting down at the chair in front of her mirror. “I suffer to get recognition as an artist for years, end up having to take a second job teaching, and get recognized in the first goddamn week…” she muttered in frustration. She motioned the three students to the small couch in the corner, and asked, “So what do you want?”

“Um – well — ” Vance didn’t know how to say that he was hoping Liz was the nymphomaniac her music would make her seem to be.

“Vance wanted to get a blowjob from the Blowjob Queen, and probably something more,” Katy said matter-of-factly.

Vance and Farrell, who had been silent through the whole thing, nearly fell off the couch in shock of how direct the younger girl had been. Liz looked at Katy, her expression inscrutable, for a good twenty seconds, then looked at Vance and Farrell. Finally, she asked Katy, “And what about you and Farrell?”

“How do you know my name?” Farrell asked.

“I know a lot of things, young man,” Liz purred seductively, smiling at him.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind sharing you with the two of them,” Katy admitted, looking at the stunned-but-happy expressions on the guys’ faces. None of them could believe how readily Liz was agreeing to have sex with them, and figured she had to be messing with them and about to kick them out.

“Well, why don’t we just see what happens?” Liz asked them, standing up and grabbing a leather jacket from a hanger on the wall. “Let’s go back to my place and – no, wait…” she trailed off. “We’re probably less likely to get caught if we do it here,” she changed her mind, throwing the jacket over the chair she’d been sitting in. “Who’s first?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Vance stood up, striding towards the door. “I don’t know what you’re up to, but I’m not letting you play some sick joke on us… you can mess with us now, but remember, we know your secret and could tell everyone at the school…see how much respect you can get as a teacher THEN. Come on, let’s go,” he motioned for Farrell and Katy to follow him, but Katy insistently tugged on Farrell’s arm, pulling him back to the couch as he got up.

“You don’t think I’m serious?” Liz asked, turning towards Vance and putting her hands on her hips in anger. “How serious do I look NOW?” she asked, pulling off her shirt and quickly undoing her black bra. Her breasts, while not very large, were still incredible for a woman in her mid thirties. Vance couldn’t form words, staring at her chest instead of answering her question.

“Okay, you’re looking more and more like you mean it,” Farrell managed to get out, nodding his head in acceptance that she wasn’t kidding around.

“Your friend believes me, Vance. Now get over here and let’s go,” Liz commanded, the teacher taking authority again over her students. She had to stop herself from smiling – she’d played them so perfectly, achieving both of her goals – keeping them from thinking they were in charge, but also getting some young cock (and pussy) for the evening. She wondered if she should feel strange about having sex with students, but as far as she saw it, they were just more sexual conquests after another concert. Or, alternately, she could say she was just giving them a sneak peak of more ‘advanced’ lessons in sex ed.

Vance slowly walked towards her, in a complete trance staring at the woman he’d had a celebrity crush on for most of high school, now topless and ready to suck him off. He almost didn’t notice as Liz knelt down and scooted up to him, whipping off his belt and tossing it across the room, then tugging down his pants. He did, however, break from his trance and take notice when he felt Liz’s fingers tugging his cock out of his boxers, blinking his eyes to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. Liz looked up at him, drawing his gaze into the pools of her big blue eyes, and slowly moved her mouth toward his penis, never breaking eye contact with him. “Can you…say it for me?” Vance dared to ask as her lips neared the head of his cock.

Liz smiled, flashing her big, pearly white teeth at him, before whispering in a sultry voice, “I want to be your blowjob queen.” With that, she lowered her head all the way, engulfing Vance’s cock in her warm mouth, causing a shocked gasp from the teenager. He’d had some good blowjobs in the past, and this one had only just begun, but the feeling of having his cock in the mouth of one of his biggest celebrity crushes was incredible. Liz’s experience in giving head was evident, too – in one swift dive into his cock, she managed to deep throat Vance, causing him to exhale loudly in amazement as he felt the head of his cock push past the back of her mouth and into her throat. He’d tried to teach Elisha to deep throat, as his girlfriend before her, Keira Knightley, had been an absolute artist at it.

As Liz worked her mouth up and down along Vance’s cock, using her teeth to gently tug the skin from time to time, Katy made her move on Farrell, who was split between disgust at seeing his friend’s penis, and arousal at seeing an attractive older woman, topless, sucking said penis. Once Katy hopped onto him, straddling his lap and kissing him hungrily. “Vance told you that I wanted you the minute I saw you, didn’t he?” she whispered to him, gently cradling his head in her arms before leaning in for another kiss. “I know you’ve got a girlfriend, so this is the best it’ll get right now, but I thought I should give you a little sample in case you two ever break up.”

She reached down and took one of his hands, which were resting uselessly on the couch, and grabbed him by the wrist. His eyes went wide when she pulled his hand under her skirt, which was spread wide and sliding up her legs as she straddled him, pulling his hand to her crotch. He wasn’t too surprised to feel her lacy panties already damp and warm around her pussy, but he was certainly pleased by the fact. After sliding his hand under her underwear, Farrell WAS surprised to feel a barrier as he started sliding his middle finger into her, butting up against her hymen and causing her to moan loudly into his mouth.

“You’re a virgin?” he said quietly, shocked that considering how horny she was, and from all of her dirty talk, her cherry was still intact. He would have stopped the action right then and there had Katy been as hesitant as Alexa had been that afternoon, but Katy’s response also confirmed that he could enjoy Katy’s body without necessarily popping her cherry.

“In my pussy, I am,” Katy said, narrowing her eyes and giving him a naughty smile, before kissing him harder, as her own hand darted into Farrell’s pants. As worked her over gently with his finger, rubbing her pussy lips and slipping his middle finger inside her folds, she undid his fly and tried to pull his pants down, but settled to yank his cock out of the opening in his briefs.

Moving his other hand up Katy’s back, Farrell slipped down one of the thin spaghetti straps on her black top, and she lifted her arm to allow him to slid the top down over her right breast, revealing a strapless, lacy, magenta bra. He reached behind her and undid the clasp, then pulled the cup of the bra off of what was a surprisingly large breast – by no means as big as Elisha’s or Sophia’s were earlier that afternoon, but probably bigger than the ones Liz had just bared. Breaking the kiss, he lowered his head to suck on Katy’s breast, taking her puffy areola into his mouth and biting gently on it, causing her nipple to quickly harden with arousal.

His hand lowered the other strap on her top, and her bra fell off and into his lap, exposing her other breast. He moved his mouth to give it the same stimulation he’d treated the other to, all the while continuing to finger her pussy under her skirt.

Pulling her mouth off Vance’s hard prick, Liz called over to them, “You two, get over here. I need to be fucked, NOW.”

Farrell’s cock hardened even more – he was turned on enough by Katy, but having a 36-year-old woman asking for his cock made him painfully erect. He flipped Katy off of him, leaving her sitting on the couch for only a split second as she followed him over to where Liz had told Vance to sit down on her chair. Katy and Farrell paused, uncertain what to do. “Get behind me and take my skirt off,” Liz commanded, talking to Farrell like the idiot he clearly was if he couldn’t figure out what to do. Quickly getting naked, Farrell complied.

“What about me?” Katy whined, peeling her top off since her breasts were hanging out for all to see anyways. She watched in horny wonder as Farrell quickly got comfortable with the situation, stepping behind Liz and tugging her denim skirt down her legs, revealing a simple pair of black panties, not as sexy as any of them had expected for a woman like Liz, but on her ass, sexy nonetheless.

“Hang on,” Liz said after pausing to think for a minute about how to keep Katy occupied. “Okay, Farrell, lie down underneath me,” she coordinated the repositioning, standing up for a second and spreading her legs so Farrell could slide between them, his feet under the chair Vance was sitting at. Liz took the time to slide her panties off, revealing a tiny landing strip of blonde hair above her pussy. Once he was in position, Liz knelt back down, putting her knees on either side of Farrell’s waist, facing away from him and leaning forward to suck the head of Vance’s cock again, then looking back to remind Farrell, “Go ahead, fuck me. I’m sure you can figure out how to do that, can’t you?”

Hesitantly, Farrell grabbed the older woman’s legs, pulling her slowly back towards him, until he could finally pull her down onto his raging hard-on. He sighed in satisfaction as he felt his cock slip into her. Liz was hardly tight – being a mother, and being in her thirties, she was far looser than any of the high school girls Farrell had ever had sex with – but the heat of her pussy, plus the strangely arousing fact he was screwing a woman twice his age, made the feeling amazing. Katy, seeing her opening, crawled over Farrell, as though they were 69ing, but since his cock was busy, she chose to slip a finger inside of Liz’s cunt alongside Farrell’s cock..

A loud, muffled groan came from Liz’s mouth, which was back in position on Vance’s cock, as she’d deep throated him again. She had taken control of the sex with Farrell, grinding her hips rhythmically into him, syncing her fucking with her head bobbing up and down on Vance’s cock. As she fell back onto Farrell’s cock, burying him completely in her pussy, she pulled off of Vance’s cock, leaving trails of drool dripping onto the floor and her face. At one point, a glob of Liz’s saliva hit Farrell’s leg. It was hardly an erotic moment, but since he had his cock in one woman and his head between the legs of another at the moment, and was laying on his back doing nothing (a comfortable position, though the club’s carpeted floor did little to soften the feel of the concrete foundation he was on), he figured he had no right to complain.

“Ah!” Katy gasped as Farrell grabbed her ass and pulled her crotch down to his face, licking at her pussy through her panties. She tried to slid her tongue in to get at Liz’s pussy, but succeeded only in scratching the stud in her pierced nose along the area between Liz’s asshole and pussy. After a second of Farrell’s tongue-teasing, he undid Katy’s skirt and tugged her lacy panties halfway down her thighs, then plunging his tongue back into her, making her giggle in enjoyment of the treatment he was giving her pussy.

Liz pulled her mouth off Vance’s cock once more, this time giving him a skilled handjob as she spoke. “Katy,” she grunted as Farrell decided to get active and thrust up into her, “Do me a favor and loosen up my ass, will you?”

Katy, whose head had been resting sideways on Farrell’s stomach to watch the fucking of Liz and enjoy the oral stimulation she was receiving, sat up partway, looking at Vance, whose look of shock matched her own. Without further instructions, Liz lowered her head again to Vance’s cock, his loud groan and grabbing her head a sign he was close to cumming.

As Katy tentatively slid her fingers, wet with Liz’s juices and Farrell’s precum, towards Liz’s asshole, Farrell let go of her hips and reached forward to grab Liz’s instead. Katy slid her index finger into Liz’s anus, drawing a pleased groan from the alternative musician. The low vibrations from Liz’s throat massaging his cock, Vance finally came, flooding the mouth of his favorite singer with his cum. A gurgling noise came forth as she swallowed the large load, a bit running out of her lips and over her chin. As Liz worked on swallowing Vance’s cum, Farrell pulled her hips down as hard as he could, slamming his cock deep inside her and shooting his own load. After grinding her pussy into him for a few more seconds, Liz rolled off of Farrell, Katy’s finger popping out of her asshole, and stood up. As Farrell’s cum slowly oozed out of her pussy and slid down her inner thighs, Liz casually reached down and scooped it up with her fingers, licking it off with a mischievous smile on her face. “Who’s ready for round two?”

* * * * *

“You had to be stubborn and defy the critics by dragging us along to see this, didn’t you?” Natalie teased Elisha, Rachel and Amber’s laughter not disturbing many people as the theatre screening “Gigli” wasn’t exactly crowded.

“I just thought it was worth trying, it’s got Ben Affleck, and hey, at least the theater’s not crowded,” Elisha said, trying to find an excuse.

“Yeah, whatever,” Natalie said, rolling her eyes. She and Amber stood up, sliding in front of Rachel and Elisha to get to the aisle. “I’m gonna go get refills on the popcorn and Amber’s gonna flirt with that the usher,” she said, changing the topic. “Do you want us to get anything else?” Rachel shook her head no, letting Natalie and Amber leave.

As Amber and Natalie descended the stairs to the front of the stadium-seating arranged cinema, Rachel turned to Elisha. “You’re right, Amber’s nice. We’ll have to bring her along for more of our outings.”

“Okay,” Elisha agreed, nodding her head. “I think she’s got a crush on Farrell,” she observed after a second.

“Oooh, how cute,” Rachel giggled. “I remember when he liked me in middle school… wish I’d taken him up on that, even if he was a skinny little geek back then, he’s sure not anymore. Soooo… who are you more jealous of?”

“What?” Elisha asked, not understanding what Rachel was talking about.

“Well Farrell’s hot, and I know you two dated, but you can’t tell me Amber’s not a major cutie and you wouldn’t want a shot at her, either.” As the words came out of Rachel’s mouth, Elisha’s jaw dropped. She had no idea that her friend was interested in women, much less in Amber.

“Uh, no, I like men, not women,” Elisha stammered.

“Oh, come on, sweetie,” Rachel said, leaning over the armrest to whisper into Elisha’s ear. “I saw how you reacted when I mentioned Sophia earlier, and then you told me that you’d cheated on Vance… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even an honor roll student like me, to figure out that you and your cheerleading friend were doing some ‘experimenting.'”

“It’s not like that,” Elisha said, her voice cracking with emotion. “I love Vance, I don’t go for women, I–”

Rachel had heard enough. Having discovered her own bisexuality just within the past year, she knew where Elisha was coming from. But whether or not Elisha truly was bi, or just young and trying new things, Rachel decided she might as well go for it with her beautiful blonde friend. She craned her neck and locked lips with Elisha, kissing her hard enough to press her back against her seat.

Pushing Rachel off of her, Elisha protested in a hushed voice, “I told you, I’m straight, I don’t–”

“Fine,” Rachel said, reaching up and putting her right index finger to Elisha’s lips to shush her. “You just enjoy sex, no matter who it’s with, but you’re gonna end up with a guy in the end. That’s fine,” she told her, her left hand snaking down from Elisha’s breasts, over her stomach, and towards her jeans. “But in the meantime, why not have a little fun?”

Elisha gasped loudly as she felt Rachel’s fingers slip inside her panties, the brunette squeezing her entire hand into Elisha’s tight jeans, reaching down with her other hand to unbutton the button on the pants to loosen things up a bit.

“No, come on, I–” Elisha’s protests suddenly stopped when she felt a finger slip inside her, Rachel’s big brown eyes glowing with the ambient light of the film, her lips curled in a pleased smile. “Oh!” Elisha’s sudden cry as Rachel’s fingers find her clitoris rang out through the theatre, causing a few heads to turn, but fortunately no one realized what the two girls were up to.

Rachel kissed her blonde-haired, blue-eyed friend again, muffling the junior’s moans with her mouth. Having a decent amount of experience fingering other women, Rachel settled into a good system, her thumb slowly massaging Elisha’s clit, while her middle and ring fingers fucked her more rapidly, her remaining digits rested on Elisha’s pussy lips.

Rachel’s other hand took the opportunity to slide up inside of Elisha’s shirt, cupping and then squeezing the girl’s bra-clad breasts in an exploratory manner. Rachel realized she wasn’t going to get to suck on those tits at the moment, but it was good to see for future reference if they were as nice as they looked in some of Elisha’s low-cut tops.

“Oh shit!” Elisha gasped, pushing Rachel away. She spotted two familiar silhouettes at the front of the theatre, about to ascend the stairs. Neither Amber nor Natalie was the type of girl to understand having sex in a movie theatre, let alone with another girl. Suddenly adding her index finger to the mix, plunging the additional appendage into Elisha, Rachel brought her friend to orgasm, her pussy clamping down on the skilled fingers inside of it. She closed her eyes and let out a short squeal of pleasure as she reached her climax, then came back down to earth and saw Amber and Natalie approaching. Rachel quickly yanked her hand out of Elisha’s pants, no time to button them back up, even, before standing up to let Nat and Amber slide past them.

As Rachel reached into Amber’s lap to grab a handful of popcorn, Amber’s eyes widened as she gasped, “Ew! Why’s your hand all wet and sticky?”

“Oh,” Rachel apologized, grabbing a napkin and wiping the hand dry. “Uh, Elisha spilled some of her Mountain Dew…”

* * * * *

“Are you complaining?” Liz asked, bent over the arm of the couch, Vance standing behind her. “I figured you’d want more than a blowjob, and wouldn’t deal with sloppy seconds from your buddy there,” she nodded at Farrell, who was watching the scene unfold, standing somewhat awkwardly with Katy.

“True enough,” Vance reasoned. He used his hands to pull Liz’s butt cheeks apart, and put his cock head at her asshole. He could tell that Katy had done a nice job of loosening it up with her finger, as well as lubing it with Liz’s own juices; he penetrated her in one smooth motion, sinking his cock all the way into her ass without stopping. Liz moaned loudly as he slowly filled her ass, leaning down to rest her weight on her elbows. She chuckled and smiled, “Damn, not bad, kid,” at the feeling of his penis. Vance rolled his eyes, not amused by Liz’s constant reminders of how much younger he, Farrell, and Katy were, and jabbed his cock into her in displeasure.

As he started slowly sliding in and out of her, Katy looked at Farrell and said, “Y’know how I said I was a virgin in my pussy?” He nodded, seeing where this was going, but still pleasantly surprised when she told him, “I DO have a bit of experience with what Liz is doing.” With that, she went to the other side of the couch, bending over the arm and prying her ass cheeks apart. “Go ahead, fuck my ass,” she told Farrell, who uncertainly approached her, looking at her puckered little rosebud, then her face as she looked over her shoulder at him. Her eye shadow had smeared from the sweat she’d worked up, and she looked a bit slutty with her hair disheveled hair and messy makeup. “Do it!” she told him, prompting him to finally take hold of her hips and slowly force his cock into her.

He was surprised at how easily her sphincter relaxed, but he still took his time, aware that it had to be a bit uncomfortable for her. Of course, the way Katy was pushing back at him, trying to get him to go faster, wasn’t exactly consistent with that theory. As he finally got most of his cock inside of her, Farrell reached around in front of her to play with her clit again, hoping to get her off as well. At this point, he was beyond feeling guilty for cheating on Mandy, as he’d already fucked four other women, and since Katy was well-versed in anal sex, he didn’t feel he was corrupting an innocent youth. The heat of the moment had taken both his conscience and any awkwardness he felt being in such close proximity to his best friend having sex.

As Farrell slowly fucked Katy’s asshole and played with her pussy, Katy looked forward at Liz, who was now being rapidly fucked by Vance, her breasts jerking about underneath her as he rammed his cock into her ass. Reaching up with one hand, Liz grabbed Katy’s hair and pulled her head forward, kissing the freshman as they were both fucked in their respective asses. Katy, surprised (but pleasantly so) at the forwardness of her sex-ed teacher (though, given she was fucking her male students, kissing her female ones shouldn’t have seemed too odd), moaned something into Liz’s mouth, as the teacher used her tongue to explore Katy’s mouth.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Vance declared, watching his pelvis slapping against Liz’s ass cheeks as he rammed his cock in and out of her ass as roughly as he would fuck a woman’s pussy. He was surprised she was enjoying it so much – her pussy was extremely wet, trails of moisture running down her thighs – but figured a woman like Liz was well-versed in pretty much every sexual act imaginable.

Farrell, however, was NOT as experienced, and the tightness of Katy’s ass hadn’t allowed him to last long before recognizing that oh-so-familiar sensation he’d been blessed with three times already that day. “I’m gonna cum soon, too,” he announced, not certain where Katy wanted it.

“I want both of you boys to cum on my face,” Liz demanded, breaking her lip lock with Katy and looking at each of the guys in turn. She repositioned herself to lay back on the couch, letting Vance jerk himself off.

Vance and Farrell exchanged uncertain glances, but figured that they might as well listen to her, even if she was a bit annoying in her repeated belittling of them as younger than her. Farrell didn’t have much time to think about the matter, though – as his rubbing of Katy’s clit finally brought her to an orgasm, her ass tightened around his cock, and it was all he could do not to hose down her bowels right then.

Yanking his cock from Katy’s ass, Farrell hurried around the front of the couch, getting in front of Liz’s face just in time. He’d just about run out of cum for the day, but still managed to shoot a nice strand that ran diagonally across her face from her right eye to her left cheek, followed by a couple of less-impressive small drops on her chin. As he finished, Vance pushed him aside to coat Liz’s face with several impressive blasts of semen. When he was finished, the singer was left with a face almost unrecognizable behind the layers of cum, her right eye shut as a stream of cum on her forehead slowly trickled downward. “Clean me up,” Liz ordered Katy, who crawled up between the older woman’s legs, her slightly bigger breasts rubbing against Liz’s.

As Katy started licking the cum off of Liz’s face, something that she was curiously adept at, Vance and Farrell exchanged uncomfortable glances and went to get their clothes, quickly getting dressed as they watched the two blondes share their cum. Farrell silently hated himself, having just shared a woman with Vance after fucking his girlfriend earlier in the day. He assured himself that the fling with Elisha had been just that, that it had meant nothing and would have no lasting consequence…but he still couldn’t shake the nagging guilt that overcame him now that he’d gotten his carnal release and no longer was going insane at the site of two naked women almost making out on a couch in front of him. But as long as Vance didn’t find out, Farrell held hope that he’d keep his friend, and nothing would have to change due to Elisha’s unfaithfulness.

As Katy finished cleaning the cum off of Liz’s face, the teacher looked at her and Vance with a serious look on her face, then turning to a smile. “I think you two just earned some extra credit points.”

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