CSSA High: First Day Of School

DISCLAIMERS: This is an erotic story. It’s meant for people over 18. If you’re not 18, my telling you not to read this probably won’t change your mind. If you couldn’t figure it out, this is FICTION. I do not claim that any of the celebs in my stories act like this in real life. I wish they did, and I wish I was the male character in this story, but sadly, neither wish is coming true any time soon. Sorry. Oh, and if this sort of stuff offends you, don’t read it and don’t go bitching to the Republican Junta controlling our government. It’s protected speech, folks. Get over it.

CSSA High: First Day of School

by FD52

Codes: FF, MF, MFF, oral, anal, cons, toys, blackmail, cons>nc

Celebs having sex: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jaime Pressly, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Scarlett Johansson

Celebs just showing up: a crapload, mostly in small roles, including Elisha Cuthbert, Shannen Doherty, Amber Tamblyn, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Branch, Virginie Ledoyen, Margo Harshman, Rachael Leigh Cook, Jewel Staite, Alexa Vega

Author’s note #1: Feedback and plot ideas wanted! sigmaFD@yahoo.com; AIM sigmaFD. SERIOUSLY. I want feedback, be it good or bad. Bring it on. Authors want to know that people are reading their work. At least, I do. Even if you don’t like something, or anything, it’s still encouraging to know you are reading this. There’s not much sex in this chapter, but I encourage you to read it anyway, since it will help get the characters established for future fucking. And if you just want to masturbate to hot sex scenes…this DOES have those.

Author’s note #2: About chronology: Basically, it’s an alternate universe type story. I’m throwing real ages out the window for the sake of plot, here. There will be some “real” celebrity appearances, but not every character who’s got a famous name is famous in the context of the story. Current events and timelines for outside events will be altered a bit, just to fit the story better. I know damn well that playoff season and primary season don’t coincide, but since I’m into politics and baseball…they both come up around the same time. Call me a lazy writer, call me stupid, call me whatever the hell you want.

Thanks to everyone who gave me character information for them, and an even bigger thanks to my “creative consultants”: My Muse bdsmchick, Continual Interrogators Mr. Fantastic and Evil, and most of all, Idea-Swapper VoodooJoe.

Without further ado…the story.

***************END OF BORING SHIT*****************

“Oh yes, Jaime!” Jennifer Love Hewitt lay on the floor of the janitor’s closet, her back pressed against a shelving unit loaded with cleaning tools and chemicals. Her long brown hair was draped over the bottom shelf, which was about two feet from the ground. She wore her cheerleading uniform, but the top was unzipped, exposing her breasts. The light blue- and white-striped skirt had slid up her legs, and was now bunched around her waist.

Between her legs, a blue-eyed blonde girl pulled her mouth from Love’s pussy, and spoke, her lips glistening in the dim light with the other girl’s juices. The blonde wore the same cheerleading outfit, the skirt bunched up like Jennifer’s, exposing her bubble-shaped ass pressing against her pastel blue panties. “Do I really have to–?”

“YES!” Love snapped, her hands moving from gripping the shelves above her down to Jaime’s short blonde locks, running her fingers through the younger girl’s hair. “Listen, darling…I know we’re both seniors, but you just transferred in. If you want a spot on my cheerleading squad, Miss Pressly, you need to EARN it, and the quickest way to do that is to show that you know how to please the other girls on the squad. I’m not making you eat me out for MY sake – I need to know you’re up to the task to be a cheerleader at CSSA High.”

“I don’t see how cunnilingus is a qualifying test for a cheerleader, but I–”

Love interrupted her again, this time by grabbing the back of Jaime’s head and pulling it to down into her well-trimmed crotch again. “Just shut up…your tongue is there for things other than talking and massaging cocks, you know.”

Jaime let out a grunt, muffled by Love’s thighs tightening around her head. “Oh yeah…” the brunette groaned softly. “That’s it! Keep licking my clit…” Jaime grunted again, clearly less than happy at her predicament, but, at least for Love, making the best of the situation. Then, after a moment of ceasing her oral ministrations, Jaime extended her tongue as far as she could, running it along the inner walls of Jennifer’s cunt before withdrawing it and returning to the clitoris, the fingers on her right hand replacing her tongue inside of Jennifer.

“Shit! I’m… cumming!” Jennifer bucked her pussy against Jaime’s face, her hands grasping behind her for a shelf to serve as traction as she writhed about on the floor.

Just then, as Love’s eyes slammed shut and her pussy tightened up around Jaime’s tired tongue and exploring fingers, the door of the small room opened, causing Jaime to lift her girlcum-soaked face from Love’s pussy and look up. Against the light of the hallway outside, compared to the very dim environs in the closet, it was hard to see the man who had opened the door. He looked to be almost six feet tall, with spiked brown hair and a baseball cap, and the light in the hallway glinted off two silver earrings in his left ear. He had a pair of headphones down around his neck, and looked at his discovery with a wry smile on his face. “Now girls, you know this is against the rules… unless…”

“Oh, hi, Rawballz!” Love said cheerily. “Actually, I don’t think she knows the deal with the closet yet. Jaime Pressly, meet Mr. Burnem, our janitor.”

“Um…hi,” Jaime mumbled, straightening out her skirt and trying fruitlessly to wipe Jennifer’s juices off her own face. She was split between two questions to ask Love. “Um…’Rawballz’? And what does he mean, ‘unless…’?”

Jennifer smiled sweetly and kissed Jaime on the lips softly, rubbing the blonde’s ass under her skirt at the same time, trying to reassure the new student. “We call him Rawballz because all the action he gets ought to make his balls raw. See, this is his closet – meaning he gets into the action of whatever anyone’s caught doing in here. Drinking, smoking, fucking, whatever.” On her hands and knees, Jennifer scooted up to Rawballz, who had shut the door behind him and turned on the brighter set of lights to see better. She started to reach for the zipper on his pants, but he stopped her.

“No,” Mr. Burnem commanded, “I want her.” He nodded towards Jaime, who had stood up and brushed the dust and dirt off her cheerleading outfit. Jaime looked aghast, but Jennifer stood up and looked her in the eye.

“You have to do this,” Jennifer encouraged. “If not, he’ll report both of us.”

Jaime paled, but after a second lowered her eyes in resigned shame. “All right,” she said in her mildly rasping voice. “What do you want me to do?”

Mr. Burnem grinned broadly, undoing his belt and lowering his pants and boxers. “Bend over and pull up your skirt. Jennifer, you can do what you want…”

Jaime slowly turned around and bent over, reaching behind her to hold her skirt up over her ass. Jennifer got back on her knees and helped Mr. Burnem slid Jaime’s panties aside, spreading the new cheerleader’s tight ass cheeks apart and exposing her pussy, shaved except for a tiny strip half an inch wide of brown hair. Jennifer gave the apprehensive girl’s pussy one more lick before Rawballz stepped up behind her and lined his cock up with Jaime’s slit.

Just then, a shrill ringing interrupted them, making them all jump, startled. “Fuck!” Mr. Burnem cursed. “Homeroom bell.” Jaime stood up again, straightening her panties and sighing in relief. “Oh, don’t think you get away without giving me a little something,” the janitor admonished. “We’ll finish this up later.”

* * * * *

“Oh, come on, man!” Farrell Dougan cried out, stopping in the middle of the hallway in anger. His mop of brown hair whipped around as he turned to face his friend. Behind his narrow glasses, shaded by the visor of his Boston Red Sox cap, Farrell’s blue eyes widened in surprise at the concept he’d just heard.

“What?” Vance Joseph asked, shrugging innocently. He was about 6’2″, and rather slim. “I mean, it’s not that big a deal-”

“Not a big deal?!” Farrell shot back, his voice getting the attention of other students in the halls of the California School for Scholastic Achievement – CSSA High, as it was known. It was August 25, 7:40 a.m. – homeroom had just let out on the first day of school. “Not a big deal? You’re talking about a serious issue, man… a serious commitment that needs to be thought over. This is not something to be taken lightly, Vance! We’re talking about a life-altering choice!”

“Life-altering? Dude, it’s not irreversible – people go back on these things all the time. It’s all about loyalty and keeping the love alive. And if there’s already that much love, it’s no big deal to make a couple of vows.”

“Is Vance talking about getting married already?” Elisha Cuthbert teased, coming out of the women’s restroom and putting her arms around Vance’s waist.

“No, something far more serious,” Farrell said grimly, his expression stern. “We’re talking about a much bigger commitment than that, Heesh.”

Elisha’s blue eyes darted back and forth between the two seniors’ faces, trying to discern some hint as to what they were talking about. Neither of their expressions told her anything. Then, as they resumed their course down the hall, Vance cracked, snickering against his will. “It’s nothin’, baby,” he rubbed Elisha’s shoulder, the two of them now having their arms wrapped around each other.

“Nothing?” Farrell laughed. “Come on, man…we’re talking about the Dodgers giving Gagne a contract that would last till the end of his career. That’s hardly ‘nothing.'”

“Oh for…” Elisha rolled her eyes. “You know, Farrell, I think this is why we broke up…you just can’t stop talking about your stupid baseball, can you? And you,” she turned to Vance, looking him in the eye, “…you’re just lucky I let you get away with it.”

“Stupid? ‘Stupid baseball,’ Elisha?” Farrell snapped. “Baseball is the most complicated, thinking man’s sport around. It’s–”

He was cut off by a door swinging open in front of him, almost hitting him. “Jesus, man!” Farrell yelled at the person running out, a medium-build boy with spiked black hair and wearing a trenchcoat. “You almost killed me, Slip!”

“Sorry, FD, I was…” Daniel Slip tried to explain himself, but before he could, a smaller blonde girl followed him out of the empty classroom, smiling widely. “Uh…gotta go.” Britney Spears’ grin got even bigger at Slip’s embarrassment as he ran off, the sophomore’s long black coat flying out behind him.

“Well, didn’t take you long, slut,” Elisha said menacingly, her hands on her hips. “First day of school, class hasn’t even started, and you’re already fucking someone?”

“I’m not a slut!” Britney protested, waving her hands about wildly and dramatically. “I just enjoy giving boys a good time. There’s nothing wrong with that!”

“There is when it’s with one of my best friends’ boyfriend,” Farrell said under his breath.

“Yeah, whatever!” Britney turned and walked away before anyone else could say anything.

“You think we should have told her about the wad of cum in her hair?” Vance asked, chuckling, and following Farrell and Elisha into Room 103, Mr. Jackson’s poetry class, an elective that Elisha had talked Vance into signing up for.

“Why bother?” Elisha asked sarcastically. “She’d just have more of it by lunch, anyways.” The three of them looked around the room, which was full of mostly underclassmen. “Hey Natalie,” Elisha greeted her friend, quickly having forgotten all about her anger at Britney.

“Hi Elisha! How was your summer?” Natalie Portman asked, looking up from her book.

“Pretty uneventful,” Elisha answered, shrugging. She took the seat across the aisle from Natalie, in the front row and in the corner of the classroom right by the window. Vance and Farrell sat behind her. “Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. So…taking another of Mr. Jackson’s courses? How many of his classes have you been in?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Natalie sighed. “He’s just a really great teacher, and a nice guy… and I enjoy the subject matter, so why not? Besides, it’s my senior year, Heesh. Ask Vance or Farrell – next year, you’ll just sign up for whatever you feel like since you’ll be ready to graduate anyways…”

Farrell had tuned out their conversation as his attention drifted towards the brunette sitting two seats behind him. He turned around in his seat, resting his arm on the desk behind him. “Hi,” he said. The brunette, who had been writing something in a leather-bound journal, looked up, seeming a bit perturbed that he’d interrupted her.

“Hi,” she said, then returned to her work, putting up her left hand to block out the early-morning sun that was shining in through the large paned windows. Farrell started to turn back to the front of the class, figuring this chick wasn’t interested in talking, but something about her was really attractive to him – a fact, he realized, that made him feel quite guilty; his girlfriend of two years, Mandy Moore, was now off at college, but he’d hoped he could stay faithful to her. In spite of himself, however, Farrell couldn’t stop himself from trying again.

“You might want to wear a hat to block out that sun,” he advised her, taking off his Red Sox cap and holding it out. She cocked an eyebrow at him and looked skeptical. “Hey, take it or leave it. It’s not the most fashionable thing around, but it’s something, at least…. Besides, I’ve always thought girls in baseball caps were incredibly cute.”

The girl laughed, evidently swayed by Farrell’s flirting, and took the cap. “Thanks,” she said, adjusting it to fit her head. She stuck out her hand, closing the journal she’d been writing in. “Amber Tamblyn.”

“Farrell Dougan,” he introduced himself, shaking her hand. “The name isn’t familiar – you new here?”

“Yeah, I’m a sophomore, but I transferred in from Santa Monica.”

“Oh, that’s–” Farrell was cut off by a loud voice in the hallway.

“Get the fuck out of my way!” A tall, muscular guy with greasy hair that matched his black leather jacket walked into the classroom, shoving a chubby freshman that had been blocking the door into the chalkboard. The tough guy grabbed a desk from the back row, on the opposite side of the room from Farrell and Amber, and moved it all the way to the back wall.

“That’s Jason Hewitt,” Farrell whispered to Amber, who had scooted up to the desk directly behind him. “People just call him Evil, because that’s what he is… there’s a rumor that he actually killed a member of a rival biker gang.”

Amber gasped, and seemed to lean forward in her desk to get closer to Farrell, as if he could somehow protect her from the biggest badass in school. “Why does he get away with it?” she asked after a minute.

“I don’t know,” Farrell admitted. “There are rumors that the Vice Principal, Mr. Barnes, is scared of him and won’t expel him.”

“Wow,” Amber said, trying to take it all in. “Pretty damn crazy.”

“No kidding,” Farrell agreed, as a tall brown-haired man in his early thirties entered the room.

“Good morning,” the man greeted them. “I’m Mr. Jackson, and I’ll be teaching you all about poetry for the duration of the year. I’ll be handing out the syllabi in just a moment. Now, can anyone tell me what poetry is? Ah. Miss Portman?”

Natalie smiled at Mr. Jackson, “Poetry is a work of literature written in meter and verse, as opposed to prose, which lacks metrical structure.”

“Very good, Miss Portman. I see you were paying attention in the fourth quarter last year, which is more than I can say for most of my students…” Mr. Jackson started writing on the board, and Vance turned to Farrell and rolled his eyes.

“Natalie’s still hot for teacher, I guess.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t mock her for that – I mean, aren’t you the one who’s been smitten with at least one of his teachers every year we’ve been here?”

“Yeah, right, man. It’s gonna be different this year, FD. No way I fall for another teacher. Besides, Heesh would kill me if I did something like that…” Vance reasoned.

* * * * *

Upstairs in room 216, Charlize Theron entered the classroom and was surprised at how orderly the students were. It WAS Honors Algebra, but the past nine years had taught her never to expect students to behave. “Well,” she said nervously. “I’m Miss Theron, as some of you may know… um… we’ll be studying advanced Algebra this year. Yes?” She pointed to a student who had his hand raised, one she’d had last year. She couldn’t quite remember his name, but decided to gamble on it. “Chris?”

“I was just wondering if we’d be discussing economic calculations at all in this class,” Chris Kramer asked. “I’m taking econ with some new teacher, and god only knows how incompetent she might be.”

Charlize was taken aback at the junior’s question, and couldn’t stop herself from laughing. “Lauren – I mean, Miss Graham knows what she’s doing. She’s proven that to me, I promise you. But yes, we’ll be discussing some story problems with economic applications.”

Chris could barely resist asking Miss Theron another question – something about her curves under the simple clothing she wore had attracted him since the first day of class last year. Math had never interested him – he was a hockey player, more concerned with knocking people out than with factoring binomials. But as soon as he laid eyes on the blonde goddess of a teacher last year, he had devoted himself to succeeding in her class.

But what’s the point? He had to ask himself. Miss Theron was hot, but then, so was his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. And from the look Olivia was giving him now, from her seat on his left, she wasn’t exactly pleased with how smitten he was with the math teacher.

* * * * *

At 8:40, the bell rang, its shrill sound announcing the end of the first period of the first day of the school year. Almost instantly after the bell rang, the hallways were crowded with students in a hurry to get to their next classes.

“So,” David Jenkins said, squeezing past the last two departing students to get into room 105, right next door to Carson Jackson’s poetry class. “How’d your first class go, Miss Ryder?”

Winona Ryder turned from the chalkboard in surprise, an eraser falling from her right hand. She wore a simple light blue blouse and a knee-length black skirt, her hair put up in a bun behind her head. “Oh, Mr. Jenkins! You startled me, you came in so quietly.”

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly, blushing a bit. “I guess I’m just the quiet type… they called me DJ Shadow in college because I scared a lot of people by showing up suddenly. Oh, and you don’t have to be so formal, just because I’m the head of the English department. I don’t want you to think of me as your boss, just a co-worker, so call me David.”

“I’ll try, but you have to call me Winona, then,” she smiled at him, picking up the eraser and getting back to work clearing the board. “I think I like it here. The students were nice, which is more than you can say at a lot of schools.”

David chuckled, sitting down in the front row right by Winona’s desk as she finished cleaning up the board. “Well, that’s probably because your first class was just freshmen and sophomores. They get a bit more unruly by the time they hit eleventh grade. Hey, your next class isn’t until third period, is it?”

“I don’t think so…” Winona responded, looking at her gradebook to confirm that. “No, I’ve got this period free. Why?”

“Just thought I could show you around the school, give you the whole tour since this is your first day,” David explained. “Unless you’d rather stay here and…work on lesson plans?”

“Oh, no, not this early in the year,” Winona laughed. “I need to gauge my classes’ abilities before I really know what I’m going to teach this year. So I think I would like that tour…”

* * * * *

“So how was your summer, Natalie?” Mr. Jackson asked, putting the poetry books in his desk drawer and pulling out an English Literature text.

“Oh, it was okay,” Natalie said softly, getting up from her desk near the windows and moving to the front desk right by Mr. Jackson’s desk. “Kind of boring, actually…I like the stimulation of academics more than just doing nothing.”

“Oh?” Mr. Jackson answered nonchalantly as other students began to enter the classroom. “Someone young like you should be enjoying her down time and having fun during the summer.”

“Why? Did you have a good summer, Mr. Jackson?” Natalie asked him.

The question seemed to catch him off guard, and he looked up from the planning notes he was reviewing. “I did indeed, Miss Portman… surely you don’t think I just sit around and think about English all year round?”

Natalie blushed and mumbled something in reply, but it was drowned out by the now growing crowd in the classroom. She finally settled on a response, shrugging uncomfortably, and locking eyes with Mr. Jackson for a split second before turning away.

* * * * *

The cafeteria at CSSA High was nowhere near big enough to accommodate the school’s nearly 1,000 students, and consequently, many of the youths either left the school in favor of one of the nearby fast food establishments or spent the 45-minute period eating in an empty classroom, in the halls, or outside. The situation had been made better by the fact that Principal Victoria had agreed to split lunch over fifth and sixth periods, but the cafeteria still didn’t have a seat for every student scheduled to eat in it.

Seniors, of course, were at the top of the pecking order – if they didn’t feel like leaving the building or eating elsewhere, they simply didn’t. It was a privilege that Vance and Farrell had waited three years to use…and they weren’t going to let it slip. The two friends had grabbed the table closest to the window, and figured not to relinquish it for the rest of their time at CSSA High – once you had a good table, it was yours – pity the poor freshman who didn’t recognize that hierarchy.

Of course, Farrell was too kind to hoard the table just for himself and Vance – presently, the two of them were eating with Elisha, Natalie, Amber (who’d returned Farrell’s Sox cap), and several other friends. There was TRL, a senior and the editor of the school newspaper; his girlfriend, junior Rachael Leigh Cook; sophomore computer geek Brian Neel and a quiet freshman he’d met in Biology, Margo Harshman; Farrell’s friend Jennifer Orangio, an innocent-looking senior with medium-brown hair; and Farrell’s fellow sports geek, John “Gugs” Gugarty, another senior. The group was discussing their good fortune in getting fifth period lunch together, and comparing schedules.

“So what do you guys have this afternoon?” Farrell addressed the others at the table. “I’ve got government and then P.E… god, I hate Phys Ed…”

“Hey, I’ve got P.E. last period too!” Elisha noted, looking at her schedule. “It’ll be fun, Farrell! Next period I have driver’s ed… not exactly looking forward to that, though.”

“Government and French,” Jen said, shrugging. “At least I have a class with my buddy FD,” she grinned.

“Sixth period study hall and then I finish the day with ‘Sex Ed,'” Vance told them. “God, high school seniors don’t need Sex Ed! That’s going to be worthless…”

“Unless the teacher’s hot,” TRL noted. “And given that this school seems to find all sorts of attractive women, I wouldn’t doubt that. Be nice if the schedules had the NAMES of all the teachers, so we knew what we were facing… I’ve got history next period and then French, with the lovely Miss Ledoyen and Jen… though I’ll of course have my attention solely on Rach here,” he caught himself, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend.

“Smooth, mister,” Rachael laughed, hugging him back. “I’ve got driver’s ed with Heesh and then French with this Don Juan.”

“Computer and then English Composition,” Amber sighed, disappointed that she didn’t have any more classes with Farrell – they were in Physics and Math together in the morning, and she really had started to like him. Before the others could say what courses they would spend the last few hours of the school day in, a man with unkempt dark hair and several days facial hair approached the table without hesitation and get Vance’s attention.

“Hey Mr. Wilson, what’s up?” Vance asked.

“I thought you might want to know,” the music teacher responded, “that it looks like the school radio station could use a DJ for the lunch periods and half an hour before and after school. You interested?”

“Um,” Vance mumbled, looking to Farrell and Elisha for advice, “I don’t know. Every day?”

“It wouldn’t have to be,” Mr. Wilson explained, understanding his student’s concerns. “If you want to have lunch with your friends, there would be other people to man the station too, but I thought you might want to do that for your free sixth period at least.”

“Yeah, definitely!” Vance said excitedly. “Count me in.” Mr. Wilson smiled and nodded, then left the table, letting Vance and the other students return to their lunch.

* * * * *

“What was that about, Rich?” Virginie Ledoyen asked as her boyfriend returned from talking to one of his students. Her English was perfect, but her French accent was enough to drive any man nuts.

“Nothing,” Rich Wilson told her. “Just talking to Vance about working at the school radio station this year…he knows his rock music, which is more than I can say for most high schoolers.”

“Oh, Richie,” Virginie sighed, kissing him on the cheek. “Give them a break. Hell, before I met you, I probably couldn’t have known ACDC from REM.”

“Then it’s a good thing you met me, isn’t it, Miss Ledoyen?” Rich smiled, leaning towards her. “Because I just don’t know how I could work with someone like that…much less have an affair with someone like that.”

She giggled, pulling away from him as he started to kiss her neck. “Not here,” she objected. “It gives the students a bad example. If you want to go have some fun, we ought to do it in a classroom, or the bathroom, or out behind the school, or…”

“But I thought you liked exhibitionism,” Rich whispered to her, now standing separate from her and looking no more intimate with her than he would with any other teacher.

“Oui, I do,” she nodded, her slip into French one of the most adorable things about her to Rich. “But not in front of the students!”

“All right,” Rich agreed. “Then why don’t we go take care of things someplace more private?”

* * * * *

Farrell entered Room 115 and took a seat towards the back of the class next to Gugs, who in turn was in front of Jennifer. “Hey man, you hear the rumor about the Sox?”

Gugs looked up and cocked his head. “What, they’re trying to give Nomar an extension?”

“Oh jeez, they need to start thinking long-term, not just till 2005 or 2006,” Jen grumbled.

“Yeah,” Farrell sighed. “They really don’t get it… it would tie up their payroll too much, they might as well just trade… for… A-Rod… ” He trailed off as a girl in a red t-shirt and jeans walked in. She had wavy, dark brown hair that went just down past her shoulders, and was by no means pudgy, but wasn’t as unnaturally skinny as a lot of the girls at the school.

“Hey, FD, haven’t seen you since that party at Hater’s last summer,” Michelle Branch said as she hugged him in greeting, then sat down next to him.

Farrell’s mind flashed back to the party she’d mentioned – it was hard to forget the blowjob he’d gotten from a drunken Tara Reid – for a second. Then, he awkwardly spoke, “Yeah.”

He didn’t know what to say – he and Michelle had been great friends since his sophomore year, when she was a freshman – but having seen her boyfriend coming out of a closet with Britney Spears that morning had left Farrell more than a bit confused. He and Michelle had dated for a while, but remained friends after mutually deciding they weren’t right for each other. Michelle had subsequently introduced Farrell to Elisha, who was her teammate on the school’s volleyball team, a relationship that had lasted almost a year, and Farrell in turn hooked up his friend, Daniel Slip, with Michelle. The two had hit it off immediately, and Farrell and Michelle had agreed that they needed to at least stay in touch and help each other’s sex lives.

But Slip was a friend, too; he didn’t want to break up what looked like a loving couple just because Dan had made one little indiscretion with a girl who everyone knew gave out blowjobs like Halloween candy, to anyone who came asking. “FD? You okay?” Michelle’s voice broke his thoughts, and he figured he’d have to talk to her about it later, after he got a chance to straighten things out with Slip.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just…” his voice trailed off as his eyes fixed on the girl who had just sat down in front of Michelle. She was gorgeous: short blond hair with darker roots, wearing a tight black tank top that showed off her large breasts and a pair of khaki shorts that went about halfway down to her knees, but showed off enough leg to get a man’s attention. But none of those were what had caused Farrell to stop in mid-sentence and admire her – the Howard Dean pin on her purse had immediately attracted him. Sure, he wasn’t the most well-liked candidate in the primary field, but Farrell was a big supporter, and nothing turned him on as much as a gorgeous woman who was also a proud Democrat.

“What? Her?” Michelle mouthed. Farrell just nodded, prompting Michelle to roll her eyes. “You’ve got a girlfriend, you know…”

Farrell immediately felt a rush of guilt, thinking of Mandy, and then thinking of the fact that Michelle was trying to keep him faithful, but he hadn’t told her about her boyfriend’s covert blowjob from the school slut. “Yeah, I know, Meech… just admiring a fellow liberal’s choice in pins.” He smiled at the girl, who had turned around after realizing he was talking about her. “I’m Farrell,” he introduced himself, his attention split between her deep green eyes and her substantial cleavage as she leaned across the aisle to shake her hand.

“My name’s Scarlett,” she said, in a deep, smokyat voice that just added to the undeniable allure she possessed. “Good to hear someone who actually likes that pin… TRL and a couple of others were making fun of Dean and saying that he doesn’t stand a chance against Kerry or Edwards.”

“Yeah, I still think he’s the most likely to beat Bush. But even if not… I’m a sucker for lost causes,” Farrell shrugged, “Hence the hat.”

Scarlett looked at the red “B” on his hat and recoiled. “I’m from New York…I don’t think I should be talking to you.” She frowned and started to turn around, then smiled and turned back to Farrell. “I’m just kidding, don’t worry about it.”

“Hey, I’ll worry if I want to,” Farrell said in a serious tone. “So, you said you knew TRL?”

“Yeah, I was talking to him a bit about getting a spot on the school paper this year; I tried last year, but they didn’t really want an underclassman. Now that I’m a junior, though, he told me they could use some help.”

“Oh, that’s cool,” Farrell nodded. “I do a little bit of writing for The Dish, too… mostly political and sports columns, a music review here and there…”

“Yeah, I think I remember you ranting about how there just aren’t any great rock groups anymore. Nice,” she nodded. “And that piece about Bush’s diversionary tactics by using Iraq was brilliant.”

“Wow, someone actually READ that?” Farrell said in mock awe. “And here I thought my angry-liberal spiel went unnoticed.”

“Oh, it didn’t,” a black haired woman said, handing him a sheet of paper. In their conversation, Scarlett and Farrell hadn’t even noticed the teacher, Ms. Doherty, approaching. She raised her voice so the entire class could hear what she was saying. “And as you’ll all learn this year, liberals like…” she looked at him for a name.

“Farrell,” he sighed, seeing where this was going.

“…like Farrell here are traitors to this country, and not to listen to them,” she scowled at him, no hint of even the slightest sarcasm or humor in her piercing blue-green eyes. “First book on the syllabus, Ann Coulter’s ‘Treason.’ It should change the way any of you with common sense look at people like Farrell, who are ruining this country with their liberal agenda. Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to U.S. Government and Politics. I’d say we’re in for an enlightening year.”

“If by ‘enlightening’ she means ‘brainwashing with conservative rhetoric’…” Farrell muttered, prompting a stifled laugh from Michelle, but a worried shushing from Scarlett and Jen.

Gugs turned to him. “You know, maybe this will do you some good, man. Turn you over to my side…”

“Oh, yeah, FD’s gonna be a die-hard Republican after taking this class,” Michelle rolled her eyes. “Gugs, just face it, he’s incorrigible.”

Farrell was silent as Ms. Doherty started to lecture on the historical accomplishments of the GOP, filled with a multitude of emotions. Anger at the teacher – who did that bitch think she was? – combined with guilt for not telling Michelle about her boyfriend’s extracurricular sex activities, and most of all, confusion. He HAD a girlfriend, and when Mandy had gone off to college, he feared SHE would find someone and leave HIM. Instead, he’d met two incredible girls already on the first day of school, and had no idea what to do.

* * * * *

“If you want to go fuck her, I can figure out this equipment by myself, you know,” Vance said nonchalantly, not looking up from the computer in the school’s radio studio.

“Fuck who?” Mr. Wilson asked, trying to act surprised but instead lying poorly and blushing.

“Oh, don’t be that way. Everyone knows about the carnal tryst between CSSA’s kind French teacher and shaggy-yet-lovable music guru. You guys hardly hide it when you’re all over each other in the cafeteria, for God’s sake!”

“I… uh… I don’t feel this is an appropriate topic for a teacher to be discussing with a student,” Mr. Wilson suddenly cut off his usually casual rapport with Vance, and opted to use those magical powers teachers were granted to stop the discussion from going anywhere. “And you probably want to watch your mouth – I don’t give a shit, but a couple of teachers here still aren’t comfortable with profanity.”

“Well, fuck ’em!” Vance laughed, before realizing his poor choice of words for talking to a man who was already in an affair with a coworker. “Um…anyways, why don’t you show me how this shit works?”

* * * * *

The hard rhythm of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” blasted through the basement study hall, where Brian Neel, working with his laptop, jumped at the sudden deafening noise. “Jesus, what the FUCK?!?!” he yelled over the music, covering his ears. The girl next to him, a short girl with long, dirty blond hair, started banging her head and smiled at him.

“Lighten up, geek,” she said, punching him in the arm. “It’s just music, it’s not hurting anyone.” The volume came down a bit, and Brian glanced down at the girl’s breasts, bouncing underneath her white tank top as she continued banging her head to the music. He could make out the outline of her black bra under the top. “Hey!” she squealed in shock, realizing what he was doing. “Are you looking at my tits?”

“Uh…Uhmm…” Brian stuttered. “S-sorry.”

“Oh for…why the fuck are you sorry for looking at my chest?” she asked indignantly. “That’s what boobs are for, to lure guys like you into fucking me.”

Brian’s eyes widened, and he blushed. “Uh…do I know you?” he tried to turn the conversation into a less sexual direction, since he wasn’t exactly comfortable having strangers – even cute ones – coming on to him.

“No, I’m a freshman, so I don’t think you would,” she shrugged. “I’m Avril.” She scooted her chair closer to his, as they were sitting at a long table that was mostly empty. The study hall room was a pretty bare setting, with tiered rows of tables and chairs leading down to the front. It also served as a testing room, but since it was the first day of classes, that wasn’t an issue.

“Uh – hi, my name’s Brian, I’m a sophomore.”

“Wow, could you be anymore fucking nervous?” she asked, now sitting directly on his left, and he was pressed against the wall. He had never used drugs, but he could identify the smell of marijuana on her breath, and her actions certainly indicated she was under the influence of drugs. “You’re not gay or something, are you?” she looked at him curiously.

“No, of course not!” he blurted out.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman before, Brian?” Avril whispered to him, her hand sliding down to his crotch and rubbing it through his pants.

“Ummm…” he stammered, not wanting to say no, but clearly, he hadn’t. Avril didn’t bother waiting for him to form words to answer her.

“That’s all right,” she was now pressing up against him, whispering directly into his ear. He could feel her hot breath and quickly became erect as she unzipped his jeans. “Hell, I’d fuck you right now if I thought we could get away with it. But even though there aren’t any teachers watching us, it would just be too risky.”

“That’s–” he was going to say, “okay,” but Avril cut him off again.

“I know, I’m sorry, okay?” she pulled away from him and spoke in a louder, conversational voice, her eyes narrowed in anger.

“God, you’re so easy,” she laughed, her hands returning to his crotch. She reached inside his unzipped pants and pulled down his underwear – he was embarrassed to be wearing an old pair of tighty-whities, but his worries were quickly forgotten as he felt her fingers grasp his shaft and pull his cock out of his underwear and out of his pants. His penis wasn’t small, but wasn’t monstrous either – about five or six inches long – but Avril’s hands were so small she barely could wrap her fingers around it.

“Oh!” Brian gasped as Avril released his cock only to run her fingernails gently along the underside of it, catching a flap of skin on the way up and tugging softly on his cock. When she’d slid her fingers all the way up his cock, she curled her fingers again and started jacking him off.

Avril pumped her fist slowly up and down his cock, going all the way from the head – which was now oozing clear pre-cum that made the handjob pleasantly moist – down until her hand was inside his fly and resting on his groin. Brian shut his eyes and groaned softly, his right knee jerking up and banging into the table. A few students turned around – Brian noticed his friends Clint Richards and Andrew Baird flashing him two thumbs up, before Clint’s girlfriend Jewel Staite smacked him over the head with a notebook for his actions. While they were seated in the row in front of Brian, a friend of Margo’s named Alexa Vega was across the room, and he hoped that the story wouldn’t leak to his (very cute) new friend. Embarrassed, Brian’s face turned red – though really, the treatment the cute Canadian freshman was giving his cock could have contributed.

Brian opened his eyes and looked at Avril, who leaned in and kissed his sweaty chin before moving upward and kissing him on the lips. It was a quick kiss, with no real passion, but Avril could tell Brian enjoyed it nonetheless. She always enjoyed seeing the effect she had on men, and there was nothing more fun to her than getting into a guy’s pants. Deciding to step it up a notch, Avril reached inside Brian’s underwear and teased his balls with her fingers. As her nails gently tickled his scrotum, Brian groaned softly. Avril stretched upward and kissed his neck, then went back to jacking him off.

Avril started with the slow pace she’d had a moment before, but then sped up. Her tiny right hand rapidly rose and fell around his cock, squeezing it periodically, lubricated by the generous amount of pre-cum she’d caused him to generate. After about thirty seconds of rapid pumping, Avril achieved her desired result. Brian’s cock throbbed as he came, shooting four squirts of cum onto Avril’s hand, as she slowed the pace but kept milking all the cum she could out of him, some of the cum landing on Avril’s dark green cargo pants. Trying to clean up the mess, Avril licked her fingers clean of cum, then wiped up the globs on her pants. About to zip Brian up – he was too stunned to do it himself – Avril reached over and squeezed his softening cock.

Brian had taken all the pleasure he could handle – completely overwhelmed, he jerked backwards, the legs of his chair sliding under him as he fell to the floor, the noise causing just about everyone in the room to look. He quickly stuffed his dick back into his jeans and zipped up, as Avril doubled over laughing, no longer caring about the wet spots on her pants. Brian slowly stood up and righted his chair, silently chastising himself for falling over and drawing attention to himself.

“That was fun,” Avril whispered to him, unashamed. “We should fuck some time. How about during Bio?”

* * * * *

By the time seventh period rolled around, any bit of first-day-of-senior-year enthusiasm Vance had had coming into the day was completely gone. He trudged into Room 169 as the bell rang at 1:25 and took the first seat he could find, in the second row along the wall closer to the door. The room was pretty full, and he didn’t see anyone he knew. Sitting in front of him was a girl with wavy, dirty blonde hair, wearing a KISS t-shirt. Almost as soon as Vance sat down, she turned to introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Katy Rose,” she said, offering her hand. Vance shook it, giving his name. “Who’s that guy you were sitting with in Mr. Jackson’s class this morning…. Tall, long hair, kinda scruffy? ” Katy asked him.

“Farrell?” Vance asked, amused. Farrell was pretty popular with the girls, but having a freshman asking about him on the first day of school was a new one. “That’s my best friend Farrell Dougan, why?”

“Is he seeing that girl he gave his hat to?” she asked, referring to Amber.

Vance started laughing, amazed. “No, they just met, and Farrell’s dating–” he stopped in mid-sentence when he saw the teacher walk through the door. She was dressed incredibly casually, wearing jean shorts and an olive green t-shirt that clung tightly to her, showing her tight stomach and breasts, the outline of a bra visible from behind. But it wasn’t her pretty face or model-like body that had made Vance stop short.

He knew her, he knew the teacher! …but he certainly didn’t know her from any educational experience. She got behind the desk and set down her bag and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Ms. Phair. I’m new at the school and I hope we can get off to a good start here. Now, what…”

Katy had turned around to pay attention, but turned back to Vance when she heard him gasp. “Holy shit…that’s…” he said quietly to her.

“Yeah, I know. Liz Phair, alternative rock goddess. Certainly qualified to be a ‘sex ed’ teacher, knowing some of her songs…” she said nonchalantly.

“What the hell is she doing teaching?” Vance pondered, more to himself than to Katy.

“How the fuck should I know?” Katy hissed, glancing back towards where Ms. Phair was drawing a diagram of the human body on the chalkboard. Confident they could continue the conversation, she turned back to Vance. “Listen, I don’t think anyone else here recognized her, so let’s keep this quiet until we figure out why she’s here. How’s that sound?”

“Fine,” Vance agreed. “Besides, that could give us some leverage if she wants to keep that secret…”


“Um…you know, if we want to get…” he paused. “…better grades.”

* * * * *

By the time the final bell rang at 2:10, Vance’s mind was on overdrive thinking about the insanity of the day. He met Farrell by the doors leading to the parking lot, and was nearly exploding with excitement. “Liz Phair’s teaching Sex Ed!” he announced as soon as he was within earshot of his friend.

“What?” Farrell asked, certain there was some misunderstanding. “The one who wants to be my blowjob queen and have me give her my hot white cum?” Vance nodded. “THAT Liz Phair?” Vance nodded again. Farrell looked at him for a minute in shock, before doubling over laughing hard. “You almost had me, man. A rock star converting to teaching, that’s a good one!” Farrell was struggling to breathe, he was laughing so hard.

“I’m serious,” Vance told him once he’d calmed down. “I have no idea why she’s teaching, but it’s her.”

“Come on, man,” Farrell said, rolling his eyes. “I can see why Principal Victoria might hire someone like her to teach kids about sex, but if she was a celebrity, I’m sure people would be talking about it.”

“People are stupid, FD,” Vance reasoned. “You of all people know that. High school kids aren’t going to recognize an indie rocker, and you’ve already showed that those who do would refuse to believe it’s her. Besides, it’s not like Phair’s a common last name.”

“Oh, come on…”

“Think about it: nine hundred and something students at this school, and I don’t think she teaches many classes…”

“SOMEONE would have recognized her, Vance,” Farrell told him.

“Someone did: me,” Vance smiled. “Oh, and this chick – she was asking about you.”

“Ooo, tell me more,” Farrell said, forgetting about Mandy for the moment. They were interrupted by Elisha and Amber coming up, Elisha hooking her elbow around Vance’s and Amber standing awkwardly off to the side.

“You ready to go?” Elisha asked him. “Amber saw me and asked if we could give her a ride home.”

“Sure thing,” Vance smiled. “Let’s go, then.” The quartet headed out the doors and made their way through the parking lot to Vance’s Jeep. He climbed into the driver’s seat and turned to Amber and Farrell. “It’s kind of a tight fit in the back, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, sure, give the girlfriend shotgun,” Farrell whined. He lowered his voice so only his friend could hear his next sentence. “Making me sit back here with a cute-as-fuck sophomore, despite the fact I’m already seeing someone, that’s just cruel, man.”

“Hey, if you’d rather sit next to me, I’m sure I could get Heesh to sit in the back just this once,” Vance said, than paused. “Actually, that’s not a half-bad idea…” But knowing he wasn’t going to have his girlfriend engaging in hot lesbian action with a girl she’d just met, in the back of a Jeep, Vance wisely motioned Farrell to sit behind him as Elisha took her seat beside her boyfriend and turned on the radio.

* * * * *

The sounds of Jason Hewitt’s pleased grunts and his voice could be heard through the door to the vacant classroom, but he and his girlfriend were gambling that the school was empty at this point. “Oh yeah…” he groaned, running his hands through Scarlett Johansson’s hair. The lights in the room were off, leaving it dimly illuminated by the bits of sun sneaking in between the vertical blinds across the window.

Scarlett was kneeling on the floor, her mouth around the head of Jason’s cock, slowly sucking the tip of it as he expressed his pleasure. “Keep that up, baby,” he told her. She looked up and locked eyes with him, fixing him with her gaze. He looked down at her lustfully, loving the fact he had a gorgeous woman on her knees sucking him off right there in school. His back was pressed against the desk of math teacher Nicki Aycox, and he had to reach back and put a hand on the desk to steady himself as Scarlett pulled her lips off his penis only to run her tongue over the top down to the base, then lick his balls.

She sucked hard, taking his right nut into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue, all the while keeping her green eyes locked on her boyfriend’s. He grunted loudly as she lowered her head slowly, releasing his right testicle with a soft, wet popping noise, before engulfing his left ball in the same fashion.

Jason reached down and massaged Scarlett’s left breast through her top, squeezing it roughly and making her gasp in a combination of surprise and slight pain. His right hand slithered under her top and pushed between her bra and her skin, searching for her nipple, as his left hand stayed glued to Miss Aycox’ desk for support.

As Scarlett pulled off of Jason’s balls and ran her tongue up the underside of his cock back up the head, he found her nipple and surrounded it with his index and middle fingers, then squeezed them together and closed his hand to squash her entire boob as well as pinch her nipple. Scarlett didn’t like this, and squealed in pain. “Not so rough, Jason!” she warned him. He lightened up the pressure a bit, earning him a small smile from Scarlett. She then took his shaft into her mouth and started sucking in earnest, pushing her head down as far onto him as she could. She felt a pubic hair tickling the tip of her nose, and pulled back a bit to get more comfortable. Then, she started bobbing up and down on him, her left hand massaging his balls and her right slowly jacking the few inches of cock not in her mouth.

Jason stood up straight and took his weight off of the desk, moving his left hand to the back of Scarlett’s head, grabbing the bun she’d tied her hair up into, and helping her move her head up and down his cock using her hair as a handle. At the same time, his right hand renewed its rough treatment of her right breast, mauling her tit and tugging hard on the nipple at the same time. He was amused to look down and see the outline of his hand through her black tank top, clenching around her breast.

“Mmmph ng,” Scarlett mumbled around his cock, narrowing her eyes in anger as she attempted to tell him to stop it. She tried to pull her head off his dick so she could speak clearly, but he was too close to orgasm to allow any stopping. Instead, he met force with force, and pushed her head further down onto him. She gagged but couldn’t stop as several inches of cock slid into her throat, forcing her nose and chin to press up against his pubic hair and balls, respectively. She panicked as she felt her throat being filled with his meat, blocking her airway.

“Yeah, deepthroat me, baby,” Jason groaned, on the verge of cumming. He slid his other hand out of her tank top and used it to grab her wrist as she tried to push him away. Her eyes were watering and her face was red as he fucked her throat with several more thrusts before pulling out of her mouth, thick trails of saliva all over his dick and dripping onto her face and neck. Scarlett coughed several times, gasping for air, as Jason jacked his cock off a few more times before he couldn’t hold back any more. He felt the load of cum rushing outward, and held back as long as he could to prolong the feeling and increase the pressure of his cum.

When he finally let loose, he shot his cum all over Scarlett’s face, covering her cheeks, chin, and lips, some dripping down to her neck and onto her shoulders and boobs. She would have pulled away, not wanting a facial that would ruin her clothes, and with no place to clean up, but was too shocked at her boyfriend’s behavior to really react, not to mention she was still trying to catch her breath. Jason groaned in pleasure as he let loose one last shot of cum that ran from Scarlett’s hair down to her left eyelid. “Oh, yeah…that was great, honey,” he smiled at her.

Scarlett wasn’t smiling back. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” she screamed, tears in her eyes. “How could you?”

“What?” Jason asked, aggravated. Scarlett had refused to have sex with him, insisting on saving her virginity, but she’d never complained about blowjobs. He was okay with that – he really liked her, and was willing to settle for oral sex.

“You want to treat members of your gang that way, like worthless sluts, I don’t care,” Scarlett said. “But I thought you respected me more than that. You gagged me, and ruined my shirt…now I’ve got to go walk home with cumstains on my top!”

“I’m…sorry,” Jason said, realizing that telling her that she had been a little tease by sucking cock but not having sex with him probably wasn’t going to win her over. “I can give you a ride home on my bike and–”

“Don’t bother,” Scarlett sighed, getting to her feet and doing her best to wipe the semen off her face and top. Scowling, she shoved her cum-covered fingers into Jason’s chest and smeared his jizz all across his shirt, snorting in indignation. “We’re through, Jason,” she told him, opening the door and walking out in anger. “If all you want in life is a slut to suck you off, someone you can treat like a piece of meat, you’ve got the wrong girl.” She slammed the door shut, leaving Jason to contemplate what had just happened.

* * * * *

Almost immediately after the last bell rang for the day, Jennifer Love Hewitt had grabbed Jaime Pressly’s hand in excitement, practically dragging her to Love’s locker. “Just leave your stuff here, Jaime,” the cheerleading captain told the new girl. Hesitantly, Jaime knelt down and put her books with Jennifer’s at the bottom of the locker. She slammed her locker shut and led Jaime back to the janitor’s closet they had begun their day in.

The hallways were mostly empty, with a few stragglers standing around and talking or playing basketball in the gymnasium. When the two of them arrived at the janitor’s closet, Jennifer opened the door and motioned Jaime in ahead of her. Jaime paused for a second, looking at the dark, quiet chamber, before Jennifer playfully smacked her ass. Jaime jumped in surprise and continued into the closet, followed closely by Jennifer, who shut the door.

“Now what? We wait for Mr. Burnem?” Jaime asked, her eyes adjusting to the darkness.

“Yep,” Love told her, “He should be here soon. But there’s no reason we can’t get started without him,” she added.

“What do you–” Jaime started to ask, but was cut off as Jennifer strode across the closet, grabbed Jaime’s hips, and pulled the blonde into a deep kiss. The two stood there making out for several minutes, Jennifer trying to get her tongue into the new student’s mouth, but Jaime not wanting to accept it. At last, Jaime relented, and Love’s tongue slipped inside her mouth, exploring excitedly. Jennifer’s hands slid from Jaime’s hips, up and under her skirt, to massage her soft, plump ass cheeks, squeezing them and kneading them together, then spreading them apart. Jaime moaned into her seductress’ mouth, pleased at the attention her butt – what she considered her best feature – was receiving.

The moan turned into a gasp of surprise as Love’s middle finger found Jaime’s asshole, slipping inside to the first knuckle. Once the initial shock passed, Jaime moaned in pleasure and got more into the kiss, slipping her tongue into Jennifer’s mouth as her hands found the other young woman’s tits and squeezed them through her cheerleading outfit. After a couple more minutes, Jennifer broke the kiss and maneuvered Jaime up against the wall. She pressed her body to her partner’s, lifting Jaime’s left leg and hooking it around her body, holding the two of them together even tighter.

Jennifer removed her hand from Jaime’s ass and reached up behind her, pulling the string to turn on the single light bulb in the closet, wanting to be able to see her lover’s face better. She turned back to Jaime once the light was on, smiling widely, and looked at her beautiful face, now glistening with a thin sheen of sweat – even though they hadn’t been doing much more than kissing, it was the end of August and the closet wasn’t well-ventilated. The two girls kissed again, Jaime slowly sliding down the wall to the floor until she was laying there with Jennifer on top of her.

Jennifer paused, wondering how far she should go before Rawballz showed up, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to loosen Jaime up. She slowly moved down the blonde’s body, kissing over the portion of stomach her cheerleading uniform left exposed, then moving down to the bottom of Jaime’s skirt. In one swift motion, she slipped a hand under the small of Jaime’s back, making her lift her ass off the ground, and unzipped her skirt from behind. She slowly removed the blue and white striped skirt, running her hand along the back of Jaime’s leg as she tugged it off. Once she reached her feet, she also took of Jaime’s shoes, leaving her in pale blue panties, a matching top, and white socks.

“Oh…” Jaime gasped as Jennifer started to kiss up her legs, starting the inside of her right knee, then alternating legs as she got higher, finishing with a long, sloppy lick across Jaime’s crotch, turning the light panties a darker shade of blue in that wet patch. Jennifer was amazed that Jaime’s own juices hadn’t done the trick, but guessed that the other girl was just more nervous than aroused. Of course, the sound of Jaime’s voice telling Jennifer, “fuck me,” seemed to go against that assumption.

As if on cue, the door opened, and Rawballz stepped into the room, a smile on his face. “Well, well, looks like you two got started without me,” he said in mock disappointment.

“Sorry, Mr. Burnem,” Jennifer said, crawling over to the janitor and squeezing his already-hard cock through his pants. “I’m just impatient.”

“I know,” he answered, quickly removing his clothes. “You’re lucky you brought me someone new to fuck or I’d have to punish you for that.” He walked over to Jaime, who had gotten to her feet, and kissed her. “Let’s get these damn clothes off you, huh?” He reached down and grabbed the bottom of Jaime’s top, pulling it up her body as she obediently raised her arms over her head so he could remove it. She was left in just a white bra, her panties, and socks, and neither the panties nor bra stayed on much longer as Rawballz quickly undressed her. “Lay down,” he commanded, bunching Jaime’s clothes together on the floor to give her someplace softer than the tile floor to rest her head.

Jaime complied, still nervous and a bit embarrassed, but Jennifer’s efforts had made her horny enough that she just wanted to be fucked. Jaime spread her legs apart as Mr. Burnem knelt between them, stroking the thin strip of brown hair over her slit for a moment before grabbing Jaime’s ass cheeks and pulling her forward to him. He kept his right hand on Jaime’s ass, holding her up, and used his left to align his cock with her pussy. Slowly, he pulled her onto him, the head of his cock popping into her, then slowly pushing the rest into her warm cunt. It was hardly tight – he could tell Jaime had fucked plenty before, and her apprehensiveness that morning was probably only due to sobriety, not any sort of reluctance to fuck on a moment’s notice. On the other hand, it wasn’t the loosest pussy he’d fucked, and certainly not loose by “cheerleader standards.” Once he’d gotten about six inches of his 9-inch member into her, he pulled back a couple inches, then thrust his hips back into her.

Jaime squirmed about on the floor, her hair splayed out surrounding her head, most of her weight painfully deposited on her shoulders and neck. But while the position was a bit uncomfortable, the janitor wasn’t the only one enjoying himself. As he increased the speed and depth of his thrusts, Mr. Burnem was hitting spots along the upper part of Jaime’s pussy walls that had never been touched before. “Harder!” she managed to squeal between thrusts, “HARDER!” Her hands moved to her tits, and began massaging them slowly.

Rawballz grinned, overjoyed, and complied with her request. He started pistoning his hips as rapidly as he could, pulling Jaime onto him in sync with his thrusts, managing to completely bury his cock inside of her. Jennifer scooted up next to him and leaned in front of him, kissing him on the lips and slipping a bit of tongue in as well, before asking, “anything you want me to do?”

“Hold on a minute,” he replied, leaning back until he was lying there with Jaime on top of him. Jaime didn’t seem to mind the change in positions, and leaned down to kiss him again. He continued to pound into her cunt, but she could now control her own movements, sliding up and down on him. He reached around her and grabbed her ass with both hands again, squeezing it as she rode him, and craned his neck up to suck on her tits. As he took her right nipple into his mouth, he momentarily removed a hand from Jaime’s ass to flash a thumbs-up to Jennifer, who had stripped down while he and Jaime were fucking. Jennifer’s eyes widened and she smiled widely as she reached into a bucket on the second-to-top shelf in the corner and produced a seven-inch black strap-on, which she quickly put on and crept up behind Jaime.

Jennifer got on her hands and knees and started licking at Jaime’s pussy, her tongue working all the way down to Mr. Burnem’s cock, pistoning in and out of the blonde cheerleader, and then back up along Jaime’s slit. She even managed to get the tip of her tongue into Jaime as Rawballz pulled out, making the other girl shriek in pleasure.

After a couple minutes of using her tongue, Jennifer slipped a hand into the fray, wetting it with Jaime’s now free-flowing juices. She spread the slick liquid around Jaime’s inner thighs, working up to her ass and smearing Jaime’s juices around her anus. Then, she spit on her hand, wet down the strap-on, and moved into position behind Jaime. Mr. Burnem slowed his fucking for a minute, just long enough for her to line up the tip of the strap-on with Jaime’s puckered asshole. Leaning forward and kissing the back of Jaime’s neck, Jennifer slowly pushed the plastic phallus into her friend’s ass.

“OH! SHIT!” Jaime grimaced, her sphincter clamping shut in surprise. Jennifer didn’t relent, though, as Rawballz resumed fucking Jaime, slowing his pace now that he was part of a double-penetration. He could feel the pressure of the cock in the girl’s ass rubbing his own dick, as Jennifer had managed to get a good six inches into Jaime. “Fuck…. My asssssssssssss…..” Jaime hissed in pain, feeling like she was being torn apart.

Jennifer, however, took it as a command of “fuck my ass” and was happy to do so. She started to speed up, bucking her hips and thrusting in and out of Jaime’s tight asshole. Jaime seemed to have gotten through the worst of the pain, though, and was now merely grunting with each thrust from the cocks filling her. After only a minute or two of fairly hard fucking, Jaime could take no more. She flung her head back, slamming her eyes shut, and didn’t care who heard as she screamed in orgasm. Her ass clamped down around Jennifer’s strap-on, keeping her stuck inside of her friend’s ass, and her pussy muscles spasmed hard around Rawballz’s cock. She moaned loudly and went completely limp, collapsing into a sweaty heap on his chest. The action had taken it’s toll on Rawballz, as well, and he hugged Jaime tight to him as he came, filling her pussy with his cum. He groaned and kissed Jaime’s forehead, a token of thanks for fucking him.

Jennifer undid the strap-on and pulled it out of Jaime’s now relaxed (and stretched) ass, realizing that neither of her sex partners had the energy to do any more. If she was going to get off, the matter was in her own hands, so to speak. The strap-on had been rubbing her clit while she fucked Jaime, but she hadn’t gotten to cum. So she took the strap-on and slid it into her own pussy, too eager to cum to care that it had just been in someone else’s ass. After all…she was a cheerleader; there was no reason to start worrying about her wild sexual behaviour now. As she thrust it in and out of her pussy, she saw Rawballz gently roll the exhausted, barely-conscious Jaime Pressly off of him. He reached out and smiled, taking Jennifer’s hand in his own and helping her masturbate. Jennifer smiled and they each used their free hands to play with her tits, Rawballz alternating between massaging Love’s breasts and sucking on her chest. After a couple more minutes, Jennifer finally had her turn to cum, climaxing silently, but satisfyingly.

* * * * *

Jason sat on Miss Aycox’s desk for several minutes, stewing over what had just happened. Women…Scarlett had never minded giving blowjobs before, he had just been pushing the boundaries to make it more arousing. Ever since he’d killed the punk-ass who’d attacked one of his gang last year, his life had been a living hell. He’d been forced to drop out of school in February, even though the incident was ruled justifiable homicide by reason of self-defense, but the jail time leading up to the hearing, plus the emotional impact it had taken, had nonetheless led to him repeating his senior year. He was a man on the outside of things at school, his friends all off at college, and the other students looking at him suspiciously. Members of his gang didn’t fully accept him; they didn’t understand why he’d stay in school in spite of everything, and it undermined his “toughness.” He was sick of it, sick of the stares, the whispers, the way his family looked at him… he wasn’t a cold-hearted killer; the court had seen that. Why couldn’t anyone else?

He got off the desk and walked out, slamming the door angrily. He was just going to head out, get on his motorcycle, and ride around the city until he calmed down. As he walked towards the doors, though, he heard a loud noise coming from the janitor’s closet. He was no longer really in the mood for sex, but it was worth seeing who was in there, if only to use it against them later.

He turned the doorknob and almost collided with Rawballz, who was straightening his shirt. “Hey man, who’d you fuck…. today?” he was almost unable to speak when he saw Jennifer, naked but trying to quickly put her clothes on. “You FUCKER!” Jason yelled. “That’s my sister!” Without hesitating, he swung his fist, hitting the janitor squarely in the jaw and causing him to stagger back into the closet.

Before the situation could evolve into an all-out fistfight, Jason turned and left. If the janitor wanted to follow him, he could. But he’d sent his message – Jennifer was his sister, and while he didn’t expect she was a virgin, he wasn’t going to put up with faculty members fucking her on school grounds. As he hopped on his motorcycle and sped away from the school, his anger began to fade, leaving him only loneliness.

* * * * *

“So what do you think?” Farrell asked as soon as Elisha had entered her house and he and Vance were in the Jeep alone, heading toward Farrell’s place. “You DID say you weren’t going to fall for another teacher this year, man.”

“What, you mean Liz?”

Farrell rolled his eyes. “No, I mean Mr. Wilson. I know what you two did in the radio studio,” he joked, earning an angry glare from his friend. “Hey, I’m just saying, you had a thing for Liz when I had no idea who she was a couple years back…I still don’t believe you that it’s really her, but if it is…”

“Hey, what about YOU, Mr. Ladies Man? You gonna tell Mandy you loaned your hat to the new girl today? Let alone that Katy girl who was asking about you…”

Farrell shrugged. “Hey, giving a cute girl a Red Sox cap to shade her beautiful brown eyes from the sun isn’t the same as fucking her, man. Nobody’s having an affair.”

“Yet,” Vance added, pulling into Farrell’s driveway. “I’m not saying you’re doing anything wrong, but don’t come after me because I have a thing for the Sex Ed teacher. And really, come on…it’s not like she’s going to invite me to stay after class and help her ‘tutor’ one of her students, y’know?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All right, folks, that’s it. At long last… CSSA High, Chapter 1, is done. So post on the forums, e-mail me, IM me, whatever. Let me know what you think, good or bad. The sex scenes here were on the short side, I know… I’m going for a mixture of character drama, over-the-top humor, high school antics, and fucking… and the fucking really took a backseat to character introductions for this chapter. If that disappoints you, tell me…but it WILL pick up steam in future chapters, which I hope to produce quicker than this one. If you want to see a certain hookup, event, or subplot, let me know, I’ve got plenty of characters to use and can always use little ideas to work them in. Thanks for reading!

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