CSSA Shorts

This is a compliation of stories, created by CSSA authors. The challenge was to write the best, most detailed scene in 100 words or less. Who is the best? You decide!


I couldn’t sleep. Nudging the girl next to me, Natalie knew what to do. Rolling over, her eyes still closed, she pushed her lips to my throat and let her hand curl around my hard cock. She gripped me hard, just as I liked it, and began to pump her fist. I didn’t take long. Soon my come shot across my stomach and I gasped. Natalie dipped her head and cleaned my skin with her tongue, then fell back to sleep. She
had a magazine shoot in the morning, needed to look her best. The camera never lies. I do…

– Rich Wilson


The blood pulsed excitedly through my enlarged gland, before erupting, discharging its seed down the bottomless pit of its capturer’s throat. I had fallen prisoner to my lover’s succulent, predatory lips. Her dark, dirty blond, stringy hair fell over her sweating, heated forehead as she jerked, pulled at my cock’s undersized length; sucking, licking, and smiling, enticing me to flood her oral cavity.


“I’m Haylie, you moron,” she responded hastily, releasing me. “Remember, I’m the cock sucker, she’s the ass hound.”

“Don’t fret delicious, I have 3 months to get you two straight.”

“Not straight, bi.”

“Whatever! Just SUCK!”

– DCForever


Day three in the hotel, the morning sun coming up again, peaking in through the heavy shades. Kirsten smiled at me as she stretched sleepily at the foot of the bed, crawling towards me naked and glorious. The beams cut across her smooth back like rays from heaven, accentuating each and every curve, her breasts and ass delicate and gorgeous.

Her lips caressed mine as her hair brushed my scratchy cheeks, our bodies familiarly lined up as she lowered her wetness onto my shaft, her small hands astride my shoulders. We both gasped.

Here we go again.

– Carnage Jackson


What a night

“Fuck me tiger,” a sweaty Beyoncé was screaming from underneath me, “do it faster.”

Events of the night seemed to be unfolding at an astronomically surprising rate. Thirty minutes ago, I was but an adoring fan gazing as she performed from my front row seat at the Verizon Amphitheater. A backstage invitation, then a one on one dressing room meeting, followed by an all-too-easy seduction, from which she proceeded to fuck my brains out.

“Fuck me real hard,” she again yelled.

Some night.

“Baby, you don’t need to ask me twice,” I grunted, dramatically hastening my thrusts.

– rulehater


Liz Phair stroked the guitar that sat on one side of her as she lay on the bed. The movement caused the redhead on the other side of her to stir.

“Morning,” Lindsay Lohan sleepily said, opening her eyes. Lindsay had come to Liz for guitar lessons, and had gotten more than either expected.

Liz let fingers trace Lindsay’s slit, the memories of her hands accidentally brushing Lindsay’s breasts while showing her the chords flooding back. They’d both gotten so hot they’d wound up in a sweaty pile on the couch.

“Oh fuck,” Lindsay screamed as Liz fingered her pussy.

– voodoojoe


“Are you sure you’re all right, Eva?”

“Yeah, it hurts a bit, but my orgasm took care of most of it.”

“It’s not every day you snap a dildo in your pussy.”

“It’s not every day you have hot, passionate sex with Brooke Burke.”

“I can’t believe I broke it inside you…”

“Believe it, Brookie. I like my sex rough.”

“Who knew Eva Longoria enjoyed rough lesbian sex?”

“Well, there is this one website online. It’s called CSSA…”

“Been there, read that, had the orgasm.”

“God, Brooke, now I want to break an dildo inside you!”



More Than A Handful

The petite form of Kristen Bell laid down nude on her bed. Her right hand began to finger her pussy while the other worked a breast. Now wet, one of her fingers entered her. More and more digits followed until her whole hand was completely inside. Rolling over she then started to work her other hand into her anus. Grunting, two fingers squeezed their way past her tight sphincter, slowly followed by the others. With just her thumb left, she tucked it in and pushed. With both fists buried deep inside, she caused her body to have a mind-blowing orgasm.

– Dr. Blasphemy


This is a story of a guy named Joe

Who decided it would be fun to wear mistletoe

He walked around the studios without a pass

Hoping he can get some ass

Then suddenly a woman named Jennifer

Stopped Joe in his place and said “Wait there”

Jen ran over to Joe and grabbed his arm

She took him to her trailer and turned up her charm

Jen took off his shirt and saw the mistletoe

She giggled to herself and jumped on Joe

In a manner of seconds they were fucking like mad

And this song is really bad


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