Backstage at “Saturday Night Live”, 1:20 AM


“SNL” set may have been evacuated for the night, but

there was plenty going on in Tina Fey’s office…she

lay back in her recliner, her jeans just pulled off by

a horny Amy Poehler, who inhaled her womanly essence

deeply before burying her face into Tina’s slot. Amy

was totally nude with Tina’s bauble chain attached in

her asshole, tugged hard by Tina to get the desired

result from Amy’s tongue; gushing her creamy mess all

over Amy’s happy face!

“Oooohhhyeahhhhh…best co-anchor

EVER!”, Tina told the drenched Amy as they shared a

sultry tongue-kiss…

– MuffinMan


Charlize’s House Party

I was delighted to be Charlize

Theron’s special guest, even though she was not

present…her friendly cohorts welcomed me


Soon, we were in the bedroom naked, as I was being

caressed by George Clooney and Catherine Zeta Jones,

both kissing my body all over…even better was

Charlize’s boyfriend Stuart Townsend using his warm

mouth on my erection, making me shiver joyously…


then arrived in an open robe and thong bottom, looking

at me seductively, causing me to erupt all over

Stuart’s face. Finally, she brought the scented oil so

the party could really begin…

– MuffinMan


My Favorite Couple

Cindy Crawford was

ecstatic, laying down so her husband Rande could

orally lavish her magnificent pussy…encouraging me

to get behind Rande, sliding my beef-pole between his


Mmmmsoooofuckingood…our sexed-up, sweaty bodies

work as one…Rande loves being our sandwich meat so

much, he shoots his pearly load all over the bedsheets

as Cindy’s eruptions soon follow, along with mine…

“Pretty good for a white guy, eh?”, I ask Rande as he

greedily takes the cock that just speared his asshole

into his hungry mouth.

“It sure is!”, Cindy agreed,

licking out my cum dripping from Rande’s sexy rump.

– MuffinMan


“Sizzlin'” with Cameron D and Eva M

I’m enjoying

my holiday in the Brazilian forest, under a refreshing

waterfall, with the naked Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes

beside me.

Cammie commands me to lick her sexy legs and

toes, while Eva nibbles her toned stomach. I do such a

good job, Cammie moans and snorts above the sound of

the waterfall, fingering her sizzling pussy…she

works herself over to gush a fountain of her own,

shooting hot streams of puren that drenches my face

and chest…Cammie laughs wickedly as Eva laps up the

goo off my body to lubricate my hard-on…

– MuffinMan


Lost With Estella

While on business, my plane makes an

emergency landing, forcing me and fellow passenger

Estella Warren on a deserted land-mass. We look over

the area, searching for food, shelter, and…

…a comfy

place for us to fuck, giving in to our animal

passions…me sinking my pole into her soaked pussy. I

look into her eyes, kiss her heavenly lips, and give

everything I have into her love-tunnel, both enjoying

this primal mating…

Later, the rescuers arrive, but Estella

and I hide from them, deciding we’d rather feast on

each other some more in nature…

– MuffinMan


Morning Glory

After another hot dream about Jennifer

Garner, I’m sprouting a forest full of wood upon

waking. I spot the GQ with her on the cover beside my

bed and pump my fuck-stick furiously while moaning for

Jennifer, her brown eyes fueling my desires for her

while posing in a sexy black dress and stilettos. I

squirt a copious amount of cum in her honor all over

my body, getting the attention of my roommate Mike.

“Not Jennifer AGAIN?”, he slyly winks before cleaning the

mess I made with his soothing tongue, just like Miss

Garner does on a nightly basis…

– MuffinMan


I’m on top of her, penetrating her as hard and fast as I can.

“I’m going to cum, Britney.”

“Cum in my pussy and I will kill you. ”

“Okay, where do you want it?”

“You can cum on my tits, on my face or in my mouth. Everywhere you want, just not in my pussy.”

“Turn around then. I’ll cum in your ass.”

– C.J.


My hands are stroking her blonde hair as Elisha’s head slides forth and back on my cock. She tenses that I’m close but that only makes her blow harder.

Then I cum in her mouth and she swallows everything – not a drip leaves her lips.

“Yeah, I told you “Canada rocks””, Avril says as she high fives Elisha.

“But I’m still hard, so right now it’s “Canada sucks”” I reply as I push her to her knees and shove my cock in her mouth.

– C.J.


“I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m already cumming, I’m already cumming. Yeaaaah.” Her body is sweaty but she smiles happily. “That was the best climax of my life.”

“See Kelly, I told you two tongues would make you come harder than just one” Mischa replies licking Kelly’s pussy dry.

“And who is going to suck on my juicy, wet pussy lips?” Rachel asks invitingly opening her thighs.

“I will” Mischa answers.

“No” Kelly says “we will.”

– C.J.


“Once I fucked five guys at the same time.”

Sarah Michelle is nibbling on her redheaded friend’s breasts while finger fucking her at the same time. Then Alyson comes and Sarah presses her lips on her mouth to cover the moans.

“Five? I never had more than three at a time.” Alyson slides between Sarah’s legs and runs her tongue over her pussy. “How can you handle so many guys?”

Sarah shrugs as she pushes Alyson’s lips harder on her cunt.

“Slayer strength.”

– C.J.


“I have to work, honey. I really do.” I tell her, sitting at my desk.

“You know I tried gymnastics when I was a kid” she says completely ignoring me. “Wanna see?”

I turn my head to the bed. There she lies on her back. Michelle Trachtenberg. Naked. With her feet next to her head.

“Fuck me” she whispers, her eyes starring into mine as I walk over to bed. “Make me cum. Again.”

– C.J.


Claire Danes and I are lying on the bed. We are kissing, stroking each other. I feel her lips on my neck, then she sticks her tongue into my ear.

“What do you want to do, baby?” I ask her.

“Mh,” she purrs into my ear, “same as yesterday. I’ll suck you off if you eat me out before.”

“Here I go again” I think as I slide between her legs.

“Claire Danes’ loyal servant. Happy.”

– C.J.


“I had a nickname for you when you were on 24,” I said.

Vanessa Ferlito smiled up at me as she lowered her naked body between my legs, stroking my cock with her hand.

“And what was that nickname?” she asked as she gently cupped my balls.

“Princess Poutty Lips. You looked like you could suck the Eiffel Tower without blinking an eye with those beauties.”

She slowly licked up the length of my shaft. “Mmmm. Not as big as the Eiffel Tower, but much tastier.”

“And I’d bet you have no problem sucking it, either.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?”



‘Thanks Jessica,’ I grabbed her arm as she walked past.

‘Sorry, do I know you?’ she bemusedly stared at me.

‘Not yet, but you will. I just needed to say thanks in advance.’

‘What for?’

‘Thank you for those beautiful children of ours.’

‘I beg your pardon,’ she looked shocked.

‘And before that, for our wedding next year, even for our first kiss later tonight, for the hot, fervent lovemaking to follow, for the way you moan and groan and scream my name from underneath me, for…’

The resounding slap that followed, audible for a mile, was not particularly undeserved.

– rulehater

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