CSSA Shorts II

This is the second compliation of stories, created by CSSA authors. The challenge was to write the best, most detailed scene in 100 words or less. Who is the best? You decide!


The plush mattress groaned again underneath the satin body of Jessica Alba as her lover ground away; the two looked into each other’s eyes, his strong chest pressed against her perfect breasts while he jammed his eager cock further into her.

They had made love so hard for so long… at last she had found a man who could satisfy her. This powerful man she only knew as Butch…

Turning her head to one side, she opened her mouth to let in Victor’s cock, ecstatically groaning “Oh God yes… you guys win… I’m going full-on nude next time…” before swallowing.

– Victor Field


“Silence,” she said as she looked at me with her piercing eyes.

Sarah put her finger on my lip and assured me everything was alright, everything was as it was meant to be.

I wanted to say something but I couldn’t, I stood frozen in her presence.

I heard a zipper open and I saw Sarah kneeling in front of me.

I was waiting for this moment for years and it was finally here.

Just as Sarah took me in her mouth I heard an alarm going off…

My alarm!

It was morning and my bed sheets were soaking wet.



Bloodshot Innocence

I cradled slutty Dakota Fanning’s head in my hands as I roughly face-fucked her tiny mouth with my foot long. She looked so nasty as her lips stretched beyond capacity while slobber poured from them. What really turned me on were the loud duck quacking sounds she made from every thrust. It drove me so crazy I knew I wouldn’t last. Gripping her skull, I slowly began to burrow my meat down her throat. She gagged in protest, but quickly relented letting her face smash into my pelvis. As I came, she looked back at me in exquisite bloodshot innocence.

– Dr. Blasphemy


Stuffed Belle Pepper

Eva Longoria’s eyes lit up with delight as she held her monstrous toy for the first time. It was a hefty, black 16 inches of rubber she couldn’t wait to bury into herself. Placing the dong on the floor, she then lubed it along with her cunt before squatting over it. Taking a deep breath, she impaled herself, letting out a powerful groan of pain and pleasure. Repeatedly she pistoned it’s full length to the hilt, filling her stretched beyond belief box. Like mantra she cried out “Ay!” until she finally exploded in orgasm before passing out from pure ecstasy.

– Dr. Blasphemy


As Monday morning dawned, Abi Titmuss kissed Lucy Pinder again, her hands fondling the brunette’s generous jugs. No one knew that she, not Michelle Marsh, was Lucy’s real best glamour friend; as Lucy’s fingers entered her lover’s thatch, Abi knew that Lucy was hers, all hers…

* * * * * * * * *

As Monday night ended, Jeany Savage’s tongue dipped into Lucy’s cunt again, her hands reaching up to fondle the brunette’s generous jugs. The photographer had slept with most of her models, but Lucy was her favourite. And she knew Juicy Lucy was hers, all hers…

– Victor Field



Penelope Cruz had her tank top, shoes and socks on the taple. Hamster looked at her over his cards. He was an excellant stage magician and few people knew that. He had yet to lose a hand.

Penelope lost her kahki shorts and then her underwear. She sat their naked as she looked at her final hand.

“So we get this straight, you lose and you are mine.” Hamster said.

“Full house.” Was Penelope’s only response.

“Royal Flush.” Was Hamster’s.

Penelope was defeated and she knew it. Hamster picked her up and laid he on the table so he could ravage her body.

– Hamster


Man Milk Does A Body Good

Rose McGowan stood surrounded with glee by an army of super hung black men. Kneeling down onto her knees, the anxious horde immediately charged forward burying her in a sea of cocks. Grabbing the first ones in reach, she deep throated and stroked their cocks, juggling as many as she could while others not so lucky slapped her face with their pricks waiting their turn. Within minutes cum rained all over her face, body and into her mouth. She was in utter bliss as wave after wave of fresh studs she blew shot their lodes drenching her in their seed.

– Dr. Blasphemy


He told himself he wasn’t swinging that way as he lowered the jeans of his conqueror. He tried to think of the other Bedingfield, he really did. But nothing helped…

When he touched the soft buttocks before him, he was gone. Soon he was sinking his meat into the singer’s rump; Nat was nothing more than a distant memory as he saw in the morning, the sun’s rays hitting him as he shot his cream.

“That… wasn’t so… bad… was it?”

Pulling out, he nodded; he’d mentally betrayed Natalie Imbruglia, but he knew he was straight thanks to Natasha Bedingfield.

– Victor Field


She Loves Creme In Her Cocoa

I pried Christina Milian’s ass cheeks apart getting a beautiful view of her chocolate brown anus. Overcome, I stuck my tongue deep into it causing her to squeal in delight. With her asshole now ready to accept me, I grabbed my huge cock and entered her. Pressing forward my whole prick slowly disappeared completely inside her. God, she was so tight. I pounded her ass like an animal with long full strokes until I felt ready to pop. Burying myself to the hilt I unloaded. Sated, I finally pulled out leaving her asshole gapping, sore and leaking of my cum.

– Dr. Blasphemy


The Gift

Christina Ricci’s hand wrists and ankles were shackled to the legs of the bench. She was facing up and her legs and arms were secured down. A red bow adorned her neck. She was a special gift

Hamster removed the bow and climbed atop her. He squeezed her tits like stress relievers as he fucked with stroke after stroke. Finally once he had cum he lay down atop her and sucked a nipple as he drifted to sleep.

– Hamster


Victoria’s Island: More Between Keira & Sara

Sara Violet’s mouth fell agape when Keira Knightley dropped her shorts and thong. The sight of Keira’s ass thrusting upwards while bending over, and the revealment of her full creamy ass cheeks and puckered pink anus, allured Sara more than anything else could. Sara licked her lips and dropped to her knees behind Keira. Then buried her face between the round cheeks, placing her mouth over the delicious anus and immediately lapping at it, soon shoving her tongue right up the rectum. Keira’s tight ring contracted around Sara’s tongue as she licked the rectum walls. Sara performed anilingus for hours.

– Sara Violet (saraviolet69@yahoo.com)


Bitch’d (F-zoo, cons)

Jillian Barberie got down on all fours presenting her wanton pussy to her canine lover. The beast immediately mounted her ramming the full length of his humongous cock into her cunt. The animal proceeded to jackhammer her like there was no tomorrow. Jillian groaned in pleasure from each powerful thrust of his prick. Before she knew it, the dog’s baseball sized knot entered her allowing him to cum. Molten, hot seed filled her womb causing her to explode in orgasm. After his tool exited with a loud pop, his seed leaked to the floor where she greedily licked it up.

– Dr. Blasphemy


I Scream For Testes Cream

Mandy Moore tilted her head back. Staring at the massive dick being jerked in front of her face. When he began ejaculating, the first strand went flying into her open mouth and into the back of her throat, resulting with causing her to gag and cough on it slightly. Another thick wad shot out and the majority went up her right nostril, a small trail of what didn’t go in left under her nose. His dick milked his balls for another powerful squirt that flew and lopped over her wide-open right eye. More jetted out and laced her cheeks.

– Sara Violet


Timestop Syndicate Does Fernanda Tavares

Fernanda Tavares was walking down a catwalk modeling a thong bikini before a crowd of hundreds of people, when suddenly, time stopped for all but the Timestop Syndicate members. They removed her bikini, turned her around so her ass would face the crowd, bent her over, and bound her with a whole bunch of straps and chains they bolted to the floor, walls and ceiling, ensuring she would be unable to move. A transparent butt plug was forced into her ass. The entire audience was bound, with their hands near their groins for the option to masturbate. They resumed time.

– Sara Violet


A Cindy Inc. short:

The night Natalie Portman signed to come back was the same night Britney Spears made her next return visit. In her suite Cindy Crawford was celebrating in her favourite way, giving Britney’s plump ass an eager spanking with one hand and thrusting the other into Natalie’s dripping cunt. Miss P edged closer and knelt so she could give Britney a fingering while her butt was tingling, and as soon as Cindy stopped the tiny blonde presented her reddened seat to the two women. Britney sighed on feeling Cindy’s and Natalie’s tongues blending inside her asshole, and beckoned the customer watching…

– Victor Field


“This is so wrong,” Gretchen Wilson said as Faith Hill yanked the brunette’s panties off her legs.

“If it’s wrong, why are you so wet?” the naked Faith asked. Not waiting for an answer, Faith dived into Gretchen’s crotch, tasty the musky juices flowing freely from the Country Newcomer’s cunt.

“Please don’t,” Gretchen pleaded.

“Don’t what?” Faith asked, sliding a finger up Gretchen’s ass, while tonging her clit.

Gretchen swooned as her climax approached. She’d never been with a woman before, but now she craved the touch of another girl.

“Please don’t,” She begged again.

“Don’t what?” Faith asked.




Matt’s Lucky Day Part I

Matt couldn’t believe his luck, he was off to lunch with Alexis Bledel after working as an extra on her hit TV show Gilmore Girls.

After a ten minute drive the two arrived at a very posh looking hotel. Matt had a confused look on his face but he just figured they were going to eat in the hotel restaurant.

Alexis then turned to Matt and told him, “Slight change of plans”.

Inside their room, the couple removed their clothes and in seconds were together in bed.

“How do you want it Alexis?” Matt asked.

To be continued…



She leaned delicately against the glass, Broadway glittering on her skin from the window as I ran a hand down her slender neck, her brown trusses smelling like fresh roses and the hint of things to come.

“You know I love you right?” she asked, brown eyes alive with brilliant potential.

“Of course I do Emmy”

“Because I don’t give head to just anyone, no matter what size their dick is,” her pink lips playing coy at that last part.

My hand slid from her neck down to the small of her back. I loved Emmy, but what about…the others?

– Carnage Jackson


“What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I said. “Just adding to this thread.”

She leant on my shoulder. “What’s that one, Emmy? Not that sweet girl from Phantom?”

“I guess.”

She shook her head. “Carnage should know better, she wouldn’t do that.” She looked down at me wickedly. “I might though”.

She dropped down to her knees and pushed me back from the desk, ripped my jeans open and took me in her mouth. I was instantly hard, and she knew which buttons to push. In moments I was flooding her with come.

“Better? Right, leave the CSSA alone. Dinner’s ready…”

– Rich Wilson


“Remember the fun we had on the set of ‘24’ Elisha?”

“Of course Mia, but that was so long ago,”

“So what? Different set, same great tits of yours,” Mia said, removing the reluctant blonde’s tank top and rubbing her fingers over her lacy bra.

Elisha leaned in and kissed her, their sweet tongues mingling. “But this is a show about lesbians!”

Mia smiled. “All the better my dear. Can’t hide what you really are,”

She laid her down and unbuttoned Elisha’s pants as her fingers traced her mound, making her gasp.

“No cameras this time either,” Mia said. “Maybe…”

– Carnage Jackson

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