CTV Fanatic: Jessica Alba

CTV Fanatic: Jessica Alba by MDolizer

CTV Fanatic: Jessica Alba by MDolizer

This story contains explicit sexual situations, and is intended for adults 18 and
older. It is pure fiction, but if you know a place where it isn’t please drop me a
line. Thank you.

This is a long delayed continuation of a series of stories, “broadcasts” from
an underground TV station known as Celeb TV.
They cater to those who wish to see celebs
nude and in compromising positions. The highlight of their programming is their take
on MTV’s Fanatic, that lets people send in sums of money and a fantasy about a particular
celeb. The best of the 20 or so fantasies randomly selected each day wins. The
viewer is flown to wherever he needs to be, the celeb is “obtained” when
possible, and the fantasy becomes reality and is shown to the station.

Questions? Comments? Contact me at Mdolizer@2ndaccount.com I will try
to answer all emails this time.

Hey, hey! Welcome to another super-sweet edition of CTV’s Fanatic-the show where
one letter, one thousand dollars, and one random drawing gets you the celeb fantasy of a
lifetime! This is the V-Man, your humble tour guide for the evening.

Let’s get right to it with today’s winner- Tyson Harris! Tyson tells us
“…the only reason I watch the Fox show DARK ANGEL is the delectable little Jessica
Alba. I’ve been following her sweet behind for years now, and I’d love to have my
own little guest spot on the show, if you know what I mean. Help me!” Hey, I’ve
always had a soft spot for perverts, so we’ll help you out, Tyson. Tyson’s been prepped,
sweet miss Alba’s been “hired”, and the fantasy has been set up! So let’s
get going with tonight’s Fantasy…Jessica Alba!

The screen faded and came up again, and the feed switches over to a dark, grimy
alley in an unnamed area. Empty cardboard boxes tumbled dwon the alleyway,
occasionally banging against a wall or a Dumpster, almost sounding like tribal drumbeats
in this urban jungle. Tyson Harris walked slowly into the mouth of the
alley slowly, looking up to see the high, high walls on either side, curiously trying to
see the cameras that he knew were there. They were too well hidden, however, and
Tyson tried to stymie the nervous knot in his stomach. He looked down over his all
black wardrobe- the tee shirt, jeans, and leather boots-and wondered what he was supposed
to be here. The producers of this fantasy hadn’t completely filled him in, but they
promised him he would know what to do. In fact, as he heard the familiar sound of a
powerful motorcycle speeding closer, he felt an erection coming on just as it did when he
was just watching the show.0 He turned to the nearer end of the alley just in
time to see the Dark Angel herself skid to a stop. Jessica Alba, as her character,
Max, sat with her legs astride her bike in all black gear herself-turtleneck sweater,
tight jeans and boots- and yellow tinted shades. She slowly got off her bike and
began to approach Ty, and he immediately put his hands over his growing crotch trying to
cover it, and stared at Jessica in amazement. She had an amazing “aura”-
her olive skin, deep brown eyes, and wavy chin-length black hair blowing in the breeze-
made her seem unreal. When combined with that sultry, hip-swinging walk and
devouring stare, Ty found it very easy to believe that she might in fact have a few tweaks
in her DNA that placed her above anyone else. Jessica was easily the most beautiful,
exotic, and sublimely sexual woman he’d ever seen.

“Hey,” Jessica said softly, coming to a stop about half a foot away
from Ty. “You know you’re not supposed to be here, rat.” Ty
could only studder and stare. He had no idea where to go with this.
“I,uh …I forgot…?” was all he could manage.
“Yeah, right” Jessica said as she shoved him down and back against
the wall directly behind him, until he was perched on his knees against it. Ty
looked up at her as she kicked her foot to right beside his head, locking it against it
and the wall. She was apparently pretty limber even without special effects and body
doubles. That thought sent Ty’s cock into overdrive making him imagine how limber
she’d be in bed, and his nervousness faded away as he reached up and carressed her calf
through the smooth denim of her pants. “Babe, I’ll do whatever I
want,” he said, snaking his hand higher and higher until he reached the back of her
knee. “I’ll do whoever I want…” Jessica smiled a little
before removing her leg from the wall and his hand. She yanked him up by the lapel
of his jacket and pushed him back against the wall, leaning in close with her face a mere
few inches from his. The smell of her almost drove him wild. “Not
until I say so…if I say so.” she said, confidently. She was completely
submerged in her “Max” character, and was playing it to the hilt, and it had
predictable results on Ty. Ty was getting much bolder now. He jerked
away from Jessica’s grip, spun her around, and gently put her facing forward against the
wall she previously had him against. It was now obvious to him what he was supposed
to be doing, as he could tell that Jessica was not struggling and was ready to go along
with him. She kept her hands against the wall and didn’t fight back as Ty let his
hands roam around to her chest where they went to work on her bountiful chest.
“Mmm…getting bolder every day, aren’t you? Mmmm…”
Jessica purred like a cat as Ty grabbed the bottom of her jacket and sweater and pulled
them from her fit body before going back to her tits. For a time, he ran his fingers
over the erect nips poking against her lacy bra before removing it as well. Cupping
Jessica’s breasts tightly, he lifted them and squeezed them, gently pulling at her nipples
while kissing the back of her neck. “God, you feel so good…You taste so
good…” Ty said more to himself than to Jessica. His hands teasing and rubbing
lightly against her straining nipples, his mouth attached to her neck and shoulder, Ty was
in heaven. Jessica pushed her round, tight ass out and back against him.
Tingles ran up and down and through his body, and he felt his cock twitching in his
pants every time it made contact with Jessica’s butt. She would let her soft ass
brush against Ty’s crotch for just a second before pulling it away, teasing him and
laughing coyly. Every time she did it, Ty would lightly slap and squeeze her butt,
making her laugh even more. Even through the conditioning for this broadcast,
Jessica loved for guys to play with her ass, and she knew that they always loved it.
But something in her loved to tease even more, so she pulled away from him
slowly, and walked seductively over to the opposite wall of the alley, pulling off her
pants slowly. When she reached the other wall, she found a closed garbage can and
leaned over it, displaying her round butt more explicitly for Ty, encased in black satin
panties. At the site of this fabulous vision, Ty felt like dropping to his knees and
thanking the heavens, but instead he decided to wait until he got behind Jessica’s ass to
kneel. Once there, he found himself on the verge of coming on the spot.

Jessica had been swaying her butt from side to side in front of her appreciative
partner, enjoying the power she obviously had over him. She felt him grab her pliant
cheeks and fondle them and she continued to purr. “Mmm…Slap my ass,
baby. God I love it.” Hearing Jessica Alba talking like this was
turning Ty into a sexual beast, and he slapped her frim cheeks again to watch them jiggle.
“If you thought my neck tasted good,” Jessica hissed through
clenched teeth, slowly turning around, feeling Ty’s tongue snake around her hips as she
went,” You ain’t tasted nothin’ yet…” She sat on the lid of the garbage
can and spread her fit legs wide for Ty. He immediately dove forward, pulling the
crotch of her panties to one side, and his tongue drove as far into her snatch as he could
get it. Ty’s face was soon wet with Jessica’s juices and he didn’t want to
come up for air anytime soon. Jessica was right- her’s was the tastiest pussy he
could imagine. She put her one hand on his head, trying to push him in farther while
she leaned back on the other. “Huh…. Mmm…Deeper…ah…”
Jessica moaned with her face buried against her bare right shoulder. She couldn’t
remember the last time she was so turned on. She felt Ty’s tongue traveleing deeper
and deeper into her, lsiding furiously against the walls of her pussy and it was driving
her crazy. Ty slipped his hands under her butt and cupped it while raising it up off
the garbage can to push her cunt harder against his greedy mouth. Jessica began
gyrating her hips in small circles as she felt her first orgasm coming on.
“Ahh, God! NNNhh!” she screamed as her hips bucked against Ty
‘s face as she came, juices flowing freely into his mouth. It took her a few seconds
to come down from the orgasm, and Ty’s tongue only came out of her cunt to lick up and
down against her thighs before diving back into her and she smiled at him weakly.
Ty had to get his cock inside her now. He slipped her panties down past
her round buns, her tight thighs, and her trim calves, and stuffed them in his pocket.
He took his rock hard member out and placed it in the cleft of Jessica’s butt,
making the both of them tingle and shudder from excitement. He slid a finger down to
her hot, wet cunt and felt her juices flowing. He looked up over her back as he
continued to feel up inside her, to see Jessica looking back at him over her shoulder.
Her bright eyes half-closed in ecstasy, her pouty red lips quivering, she was
practically pleading to be fucked he figured. And he aimed to please. As
Ty went to place his cock at her sopping hole, she revealed her playful side again, and
squirmed away. “No! What are you doing?” Jessica asked,
laughing teasingly. His cockhead tickled her pussylips as she slid away at the last
moment once and again. Ty couldn’t believe how much he wanted this girl now, even
moreso than before. The way she carried herself was so erotic, but something inside
her made her seem so sute and innocent at the same time. He was going to lose it
soon if he didn’t have her. That in mind, Ty pulled his wet finger from
Jessica’s cunt, and grabbed her smooth, curvy hips. Smiling at seeing his own cock
lined up with Jessica Alba’s waiting pussy, seeing her try to squirm playfully against his
grip, he knew that nothing would ever top this moment. And he drove his cock
deep inside Jessica in one thrust.

“Aaahhh!” she yelped, her squirming ended, and she held her head up
with her mouth wide open. “Uh…God! I love it, I love it…slam
it…” Ty did everything he could to comply. His hands digging hard
into her shaking hips, he smacked his groin against that beautiful ass again and again,
imagining his cock driving deeper and deeper into Jessica with each thrust.
“Unf…so fucking tight! I could fuck you forever,
baby!” “Then…uh…then don’t stop…uh…uh…”
Ty slowed his pace long enough to lean over Jessica as she turned around to
wonder why. He put his hand on her smooth face as he moved into to kiss her big,
pouty lips. He drove his tongue into her mouth and nibbled lightly on her tender
lower lip. As they kissed, Ty continued to drive deeply into Jessica, letting his
cock stay for several seconds inside her, before slowly pulling out, and pushing in again.
Jessica moaned into his mouth as she pushed her body back to grind against his
gentle thrusts. Jessica and Ty fucked before the cameras for long minutes
before Ty thought about doing something more. Almost painfully, he pulled out of
Jessica’s tight cunt and cradled his cock between her tight buns once more before placing
it at the small hole between them This was the ass Ty had dreamt about since IDOL HANDS;
drooled over in PARANOID. Now it was his to mold, squeeze, kiss, lick..his to fuck.
Jessica was well and truly into her role now, and instead of pulling away she
was actually trying to push her asshole down over Ty’s cock. “Come on,
baby…I need it in my ass now. Stuff it in now…” she chirped. Ty
had actually considered for a second teasing her the way she had done to him, by pulling
away, but once his dick grazed her little butthole, he couldn’t have pulled away for
anything. He slowly slid into her delicious rump a little at a time, making sure not
to hurt her, and he leaned over a bit to play with her nipples again to try to take her
mind off the initial discomfort. He also took the opportunity to shove two fingers
of one hand deep into Jessica’s delicious pussy. Ty had to figure, though, that
she’d taken a cock or something up her ass before because she got accustomed to this
quicker than he would have thought. Soon, Jessica was grinding her sweaty, shining
cheeks back against his groin as her bubble butt swallowed his cock whole.
Jessica Alba’s newly famous ass spasmed and massaged Ty’s cock as she worked
her rectal muscles over him as his fingers delved deep into her pussy and tickled her
clit. Ty grabbed ahold of her soft cheek with his other hand and mauled away as he
drove in between them, cursing under his breath in extreme pleasure. He couldn’t
believe his dream had come true so fantastically. Jessica’s ass was everything he
thought it would be and more, and he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer when he heard
her coming in a long string of moans. With a few more quick, deep thrusts, he
pulled out and trapped his cock again between her asscheeks, feeling them milk more cum
from him than he ever thought possible. As she recovered, Jessica turned around and
grabbed his still blasting cock and licked the tiny hole on top, succeeding in making him
blow another strong load onto her full lips and into her mouth. She looked up at Ty
and kissed the head of his prick a few more times. She suckled his cockhead for a
few sweet seconds before they both plopped down onto their butts, completely spent. And
the screen went black.

Beautiful! Nice job, Tyson! I’d say you got your money’s worth out of that one,
wouldn’t you?

Before we go, I’d like to ask that no one else send any more fantasies about Marilyn
Monroe, alright? We may be perverts here, but we don’t go that far! Keep the letters
coming, and we’ll catch you next time on CTV Fanatic!

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