CTV Fanatic: Jewel

This story contains explicit sexual situations, and is intended
for adults 18 and older. It is pure fiction, but if you know a
place where it isn’t, please drop me a line.
Thank you.

I intend this to be a series of stories, "broadcasts" from a
underground TV station called CTV, Celeb TV.
They cater to those who wish to see celebs nude and in
compromising positions. The highlight of their programming is
their take on MTV’s Fanatic, that lets people send in sum of
money and a fantasy about a particular celeb. The best of the 20
or so fantasies randomly selected
each day wins. The viewer is
flown to wherever he needs to be, the celeb is "obtained" when
possible, and the fantasy becomes reality and is shown on the

Questions? Comments? Contact me at spud@94point7mail.com

CTV Fanatic: Jewel

Hey there, you CTV fanatics out there!
This is the V-Man comin’ at you live from CTV, Celeb TV!
Nothin’ but celebs, much more than TV!

Its’ 8:00 now, and you know what that means, boys and girls!
That’s right it’s time for the latest installment of CTV’s Fanatic,
where one letter, one thousand dollars, and one random drawing
gets you the celeb fantasy of a lifetime!

Without further adieu, I give you today’s lucky viewer…..
Stew Mitchell from Delaware!
Stew writes " Dear V-Man, I’d give my left nut to be a backup musician
for Jewel and just totally have my way with her own stage! This is
my most frequent fantasy, so please, please, please, make it happen!"
Well, Stew, who am I to refuse a loyal viewer1?
Stew has already been informed of his win, Jewel Kilcher has been
"prepared", and his fantasy has been set-up! And I think we’re…
yes! We are ready to roll!
Hang on to your seats, people, because here comes
today’s fantasy…Jewel!

As the screen fades out and back in again, there was the huge sound of
an amphitheater full of people cheering out for the attractive young
woman who has just strolled on stage. Jewel slowly walked up to the
microphone stand at the center of the stage. She was wearing a tight
white, cotton, baby doll shirt with no bra underneath, the breeze making the
nipples on her large breasts try to poke their way through. A blue cotton
skirt wrapped around her full hips and round ass, but not too tightly. Her
long, golden hair fell straight down over her shoulders and an occasional
wind picked it up and blew it back away from her strikingly beautiful face.
"Hi, everyone! Thanks for coming out," Jewel said succinctly to the crowd,
and as they roared in excitement, Jewel immediately picked up the roundback
acoustic guitar that stood next to the mike stand and began to strum, breaking
right into song. Unbeknownst to the Alaskan beauty, this crowd was
composed entirely of extras hired by the CTV studios who simply had come to
see her debased, and some people from off the street who had been brainwashed
into going along with the proceedings, just as Jewel herself had been.

As Jewel continued to strum and sing to the crowd, her brand new bassist
began to move from his spot to her left and cautiously, nervously wandered
around to about ten feet directly behind her. Stew Mitchell was strumming at
his instrument, but he couldn’t play a lick to save his life. His bass riffs were all
spooling off a tape playing in the stadium’s control booth, and his bass wasn’t
even plugged in. As it was, he was only still strumming because he was nervous,
still not believing that Jewel Kilcher was standing right in front of him and, more
importantly, was apparently his for the taking. As he stood behind Jewel, it
seemed as if he were the one hypnotized as his eyes focused on her
luscious-looking rear, swaying slowly to the music, back and forth, making Stew’s
head move from side to side, as well. Watching Jewel’s ass waving to him brought
Stew’s courage to a head, and he finally moved to stand directly behind her. Not
once having taken his eyes from her butt, Stew decided he needed to see it without
the dress. He stopped strumming, took a breath, and slid the head of his bass
guitar down underneath her skirt and pulled it up to just above her ass, revealing
her pink silk panties. Jewel kept singing and kept gyrating her hips to her music,
either somehow not realizing what was going on behind her or not caring. Either
way, stew didn’t care. All he cared about at the moment was the sweet looking
globes of ass flesh that called to him. He hurriedly took the guitar strap from
around his shoulder, slung the bass to the floor, and took her hips in his hands,
letting them move with her body. At that moment, Jewel looked back at him as
she played, her ice blue eyes sparkling at him, and gave him a sly, sexy grin. At
that moment, Stew could swear that he’d already come in his pants at least three
times already. He knew now that this was all real; he was going to have his way
with the girl of his dreams and she was going to let him. He lowered himself down
to his knees behind the singer and, taking a deep breath, let each hand grasp one
of her firm buttcheeks. He felt her squirming around as his hands squeezed and
mashed the flesh of her ass. Finally, filled with courage, he stood up, unzipped his
pants, and let his cock spring up to attention. He grabbed Jewel’s hips once again
and wedged his erection down between her legs, right where it would brush up
against her crotch, which he could now feel was hot and practically dripping. Jewel’s
crotch squirmed around his cock as she continued to shimmy and sway to her guitar,
though she found she was unable to continue singing from being so worked up.

As Stew continued to use Jewel’s hot crotch to masturbate, he let go of her hips,
grabbed the bottom of her thin shirt at the back and in one quick motion, ripped it
up the back and yanked it off under guitar strap. Her big, firm tits bounced around
in full view of the entire crowd before he went to work molesting and fondling them
from behind. The crowd roared with approval as it watched him manhandling
Jewel’s magnificent breasts. Jewel’s tits were large and spongy, filling his hands as
he continued to have his way with them and grind against her butt. She had stopped
playing by now, and everyone at the concert was getting turned on now by the sexy
moaning that Jewel was doing into the microphone. Her moaning became louder and
sexier when she felt Stew rubbing and lightly pulling at her swollen nipples, and it
looked as though half the audience had begun to jerk off at the sight of it.

Jewel turned around again to look at her "lover" and this time her eyes her eyes
smoldered into his head as soon as he looked at her, and he began to kiss her deeply.
Jewel couldn’t remember ever feeling this hot for anyone before, but was it wise to let
go like this in front of her fans? She knew that this was her bass player, but she
couldn’t remember ever seeing him before today. Should it worry her that she was
more than willing to fuck a guy who’s essentially a stranger? As she finally felt one
of his hands burrow into the front of her panties and into her boiling cunt, she
couldn’t think of a single reason not to fuck this guy’s brains out right here, right
now. She immediately tried to fuck his hand by raising her hips up and down and
grinding into it.

This was all too much for young Stew. Feeling Jewel frig herself against his hand
brought him close to the boiling point and he wanted to make sure that he got a
chance to live his dream to the fullest. He let go of Jewel’s heaving breast, but kept
his other hand in her cunt, and pulled her down onto all fours. He finally grabbed
the waistband of Jewel’s panties and tugged them down her smooth thighs, and
left them bundled around her knees, leaving her dripping crotch and firm ass
exposed to him. Before he could even think about it, he was balls deep inside
Jewel. Grinding up into her, ramming her hard from behind, Stew reached around
to grab onto Jewel’s heavy tits as they bounced around underneath her. Trying
to catch her breath, Jewel reached up to grab the microphone stand, but being
shaken as she was, she instead brought it crashing down in front of her, and now
the mike was catching all of her animalistic grunts and sultry moans and casting
them out to the audience.

"Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, fuck me…uh, uh…" Jewel groaned to the entire stadium,
sending many of the audience into orgasm on the spot. Something about that
angelic voice spewing words like this was too much for most anyone to bear.
That included Stew apparently, because he felt as though his cock was about
to explode deep inside the singer, but he decided he wanted to do something
else. He quickly, painfully, pulled out of her squeezing cunt, positioned her
on her back and slid up to her face. Looking down at Jewel’s angelic face,
twisted in lust, he knew he’d made the right decision as he aimed his cock
directly at her and let himself spray cum all over it, covering Jewel’s face with
a few good streams of hot jizz. She immediately tried to lick it up, but her
tongue could only reach the spurts that had hit her mouth and right around
it, so she scooped it up with her hand and fed it into her mouth. Stew,
exhausted, leaned forward so his cock rested on Jewel’s pouting lips, and
she quickly let it fall into her mouth to clean it of whatever cum she could get.

Feeling Jewel sucking his dick woke him up again, so stew finally noticed that
the crowd was now cheering and clapping for him. Stew gave an awkward
smile and turned his attention back to the beautiful young singer giving him head.
The last thing the camera shows is a close up of Jewel Kilcher, face still
speckled with cum, with a slowly wilting dick in her mouth.

Well now!
Congrats, Stew! Ya did a great job!
That fantasy turned out a lot better than some of the ones we got in would have;
one about having lunch with Calista Flockhart and one that mentioned about
Rosie O’Donnell and a pink lace teddie. YIKES!

Anyway, be sure to be back here tomorrow night at eight for an all new episode
of CTV Fanatic that’ll be sure to open up a few…career opportunities for you!

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