Cabin Murders

Cabin Murders

By Dragon333

©November 5th, 2005

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading!

Codes: FF, Ff, necro, nc, cons, inc, murder

Celebs: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pamela Anderson, Erika Elaniak, Britney Spears and Jamie-Lynn Spears

A group of people got invitations to a party that was said to be in cabin 100, which was at high mountain. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pamela Anderson,
Britney Spears, Jamie-Lynn Spears and Erika Elaniak were all in Cabin 100.

“If this is a party then how come there’s only five of us? Isn’t a party a BIG GROUP of people? And where’s the host anyways?” Jennifer Love Hewitt asked aloud, while she played with her boobs in front of them, trying to show them off in front of all the girls. She wasn’t playing with them obviously, she just jiggled them a tad with her hands, letting them bounce only a little bit.

“Quit it, Jennifer!” yelled Erika Elaniak jealous and angered.

“Quit what? I didn’t do nothing!” she replied.

“Oh whatever! You played with your own tits, trying to let everyone here be jealous and to make us think that you have the best tits here!”

“No I didn’t!” Jennifer said quickly. “Besides, I don’t need to prove my tits are the best, everyone here already knows!” Jennifer Love Hewitt said cockily.

“Actually I have the best tits in here!” said Pamela Anderson getting into the little argument.

“Oh whatever, you have implants! Those tits aren’t even real!” Erika said. “Just because you paid for them doesn’t make them any better than my free natural twins.” Erika then removed her plain white t-shirt from her torso. “I’ll show you what great tits really look like.” She said as she undid her white bra from her back.

“Erika! A 14 year old little girl is in here!” exclaimed Jennifer.

“Hey you’re right! Jamie-Lynn, you 14 year old girl, want to feel what a grown woman’s tits are supposed to feel like?” Erika said pushing her breasts together with her hands, leaning forward, teasing Jamie-Lynn with her knockers. Jamie-Lynn almost drooled at sight of Erika’s boobs. She could tell by the way they were being pressed in by Erika’s fingers that they were really soft. Jamie-Lynn then looked up at her big sister, Britney to see if she was going to tell her if it was a trap or something, but Britney gestured to her to go right ahead. Jamie-Lynn walked slowly up to Erika, and slowly put her hand over one of her boob. She then looked into the adult’s eyes to see her reaction, and her reaction was a sexy smile. Jamie-Lynn already felt her pink little nipples harden through her pink and white striped shirt. Erika Elaniak gave a big cheesy smile as she let the teenager squeeze and caress her breasts with one hand. When Jamie-Lynn felt a little more comfortable she then placed her other hand on her boobies as well, so now she was feeling all over Erika’s tits with both of her fresh hands.

“Erika! What are you doing? She’s too young to be doing sexual stuff!” Jennifer said almost scolding her.

“Geeze, Jennifer!” Erika said annoyed. “If she is too young to do sexual things, then what the hell are these for?” Erika said cupping one of Jamie’s boobs through her pink and white striped shirt.

“Exactly!” agreed Britney Spears. “If girls were too young to have sex in their teen years, then why would they grow boobs?”

“Stupid, I mean Jennifer, how old were you when you first had sex?” Pamela asked Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“I was th…. Thirteen.” she replied realizing that she had sex a year BEFORE the age that Jamie-Lynn was now.

“See, Jennifer, she is sooooo not too young to do sexual things.” Pamela said as she kicked off her shoes. “Wait, do you guys hear that?” Pamela said looking around to see if someone was there with them.

“Sorry, Jamie, but we’ll just have to finish our game later.” Erika said as she brushed Jamie’s hand away and put back on her shirt, but left her bra off. Jamie tried not to show she was disappointed that she didn’t get to play with Erika’s breasts some more.

“I hear it too, it’s like… a radio.” said Jennifer. They could all vaguely hear the voice of a man. They followed the voice and found a black and red radio underneath a white cloth. “I can barely hear it, turn it up.” Britney then turned the radio up and then they could all hear the radio very clearly.

“This is Mushroom City news, reporting that we suggest everyone in the cabin area of Mushroom City to evacuate as soon as possible as there is said to be a killer on the loose. I repeat killer is on the loose, evacuate immediately.”

The girls looked around at each other to see their reaction, and they all looked devastated, but after just a single short moment, Pamela began to say something.

“What do you guys think?” said Pamela.

“I think it’s just a hoax, you know how people play jokes on April Fool’s day? Well this is someone’s idea of a Halloween joke.” replied Erika.

“Oh so you think this is a hoax, do you, ERIKA ELANIAK?” they heard a disguised voice. They all found a walkie talkie inside of a glass table in the center of the cabin room. Erika gasped in shock and put a hand on her lips, so fast that her big white boobs started to jiggle for a second. Erika decided to make a bluff.

“If you’re so tough, then why are you so chicken to disguise your voice? Are you afraid to use your REAL voice?” The voice told her it wasn’t fun if he just revealed who he was. He liked to keep it a mystery. He told them he wanted to make a game out of it. Erika told him in a mean voice that she didn’t want to play his game.

“You’re acting as if I’m giving you a choice in this matter! Now if you want to live to see tomorrow, get completely naked!” Erika then removed every piece of clothing that she was wearing and stood there, with her hands to the side, not making any attempt at all to cover up.

“There ya happy? You can see my titis now!” she told him. “But I bet you can’t even see me? If you can see me, what am I doing right now?” she said holding up her middle finger.

“You’re flicking someone off, most likely me.” All the girls gasped as he just proved to all of them he could see them all perfectly clear. “Now what I want you to do is play with yourself! And you’re an ex playboy model, so I know you know how to do it, if you don’t do it good ENOUGH, I’ll kill you!” Then Erika squeezed her own big white tits, and rubbed her nipples with her thumbs. She started to rub the outsides of her vagina with her two fingers. “Come on, bitch! Make yourself cum! Go faster!”

“You want me to masturbate for you? And you’re calling me a bitch!? This has gone far enough! If you got the balls to do it, just kill me now!” Erika egged him on. Another short moment of silence, and then they all heard a soft squishy noise, as the lights in the cabin turned off for a nanosecond and then went back on. As soon as the lights restored they saw a dagger go through Erika’s neck. They saw blood dripping down her neck, and down from her mouth. Surely, she was dead before she could say a single word, and they all watched as she fell on her face front wards. They all gasped in shock and Britney was so disgusted that she threw up on the floor.

“What are we still doing in this cabin?! Let’s get out!” Jennifer Love Hewitt said.
“Let’s go to the NEXT cabin!” So the remaining four beauties went to the next cabin, and luckily it was unlocked. They all rushed in and Britney locked the door. Jamie-Lynn hugged her big sister in fright. They held each other tight as other two stood on different sides of the cabin.

“Well hello there, ladies!” they heard the same voice as the killer again. They all looked unpleasantly surprised! “I figured you ladies would go to another cabin. So me and my partner planted THIS walkie talkie in THIS cabin! Muahaha!”

Meanwhile, back in cabin 100, one of the killers was looking at Erika Elaniak’s body.

“Nice tits.” he said as admired her gorgeous body. “I already committed murder, and that’s a sure-bet that I’ll go to jail, so I might as well get my times worth and have sex with her too!” the killer said as he grabbed both of Erika’s now dead tits, with both of his hands. He played with her soft so squeezable tits and massaged them, while HE was the one feeling refreshed and good. He took a mouthful of the dead girl’s tits and sucked on it. He sucked harder and harder, until he sucked on it extremely hard. It tasted so good to him, but he knew time was wasting, and it was just a matter of time before the police, or whoever was going to catch him in the act to send him away. He took pictures of the dead celebrity with a digital camera real quick, and then stuck a couple of his fingers in Erika’s dead pussy. He finger banged it; sticking them in and out rapidly, and then whipped out his cock, and slightly rubbed it on the girls dead tongue, making his erect penis a little wet. Then he hurriedly stuck his dick inside of Erika Elaniak’s dead pussy and briskly kept humping her dead body. After just a few humps, he grabbed one of Erika’s big nice white boobs and held onto it while he continued humping her body. The killer let out a loud moan as he felt himself orgasm inside of the dead girl’s ovaries. “I can’t believe the guy in the movie Saw didn’t think of something like this!” he said to himself. He put his pants back on and quickly got back up.

In Cabin 101, where the four remaining girls were, Jennifer Love Hewitt was doing jumping jacks in just a regular white bra.

“That’s it you, slut! Bounce those tits! Count for me while you’re at it! Come on, count for me, Jennifer Love Huge Tits!” the killer demanded.

“One, Two, Three, Four!” Jennifer counted each one of her completed jumping jacks, just like when a girl was in middle school. The workout she was doing, combined with the frightfulness she was feeling caused her to sweat greatly.

“Oh yeah, Jennifer! I can see all that sweat comin’ down your forehead, and I can see the sweat from your tits too! I’m enjoying watching you bounce your titis up and down with each jumping jack.”

“Ten, eleven!” Jennifer Love Huge Tits continued to count.

“Wait a second, Jennifer, stop. Why don’t you take your bra off now. Then do some more jumping jacks!” the killer told her. She undid her bra, and took off the bra straps from the front and let it fall. She then got back to counting her jumping jacks as she did them totally topless now. All she had left was a pair of white panties on.

“One, two, three!” Jennifer counted again.

“Nice job, Jennifer! Keep bouncing, those sweaty naked big white tits!” Jennifer bounced and bounced. “That’s a good girl! OK, you can stop now.” Jennifer stopped almost instantly as she caught her breath and began pant. “Now it’s YOUR turn to do something, Britney! I want you to go over to Jennifer and take a mouthful of her tit and suck on it.” Britney walked nervously over to the exhausted Jennifer, and first cupped one of Jennifer’s boobs with her hand and then took a mouthful of her sweaty tits in her mouth and began to suck. She kept sucking and sucking, tasting the salty sweat that came upon Jennifer’s breasts while she was forced to exercise. “Now for the other one, Britney!” Britney then did the same with her other boob. “I can see you are really getting off on this, despite the situation, Britney.” said killer number two. “If you haven’t guessed it yet, ladies, there are MORE than one of us! Anyways, I see your tired Jennifer, so go ahead and get some water, soda, whatever you want in the refrigerator. There’s plenty of drinks in there for you all.” Jennifer then walked over to the fridge cautiously and opened it. She was slightly happy that there was beer in it. She snatched it off the rack of the fridge and started to drink it. Killer one laughed. “Hahaha, out of all the drinks you had in there, the pepsi, the coca cola, the strawberry juice, and the beer, you PICKED BEER? Big mistake, that will make it so much easier for us to get away with it! No one’s gonna believe a girl when she’s DRUNK!”

“Dang it, I’m sick of this! Just kill me and get it over with!” Jennifer shouted.

“Ok but first, let me tell you a little something. You know how girls have been chopping guys dicks off for decade after decade?” Jennifer nodded her head. “Good, I see you nodded your head. Anyways for years girls have chopping GUYS’ privates off, and now it’s PAY BACK TIME! It’s only fair I chop a girl’s tit in return! So you want to die, Jennifer? Then come on outside and step into the light.” Jennifer walked towards the door, and as soon as she got out, she immediately saw one of the killers in an all black suit with a butcher knife. She gasps right before she felt the killer slash right through her huge tit!

“Aaahhhhhh!!!” Jennifer cried in pain. “Ah my tit!” Jennifer said as she saw her titi roll on the ground.

“Hahaha! We’re only evening the score! Girls 5 and guys 1! We got 4 more tits we need to chop off.” Jennifer loudly begged for him to kill her. “OK, here, I’ll try to make it quick just for you!”

“Please hurry! I don’t want to feel this pain anymore!” SWOOSH! Jennifer’s head flew to her right and it rolled on the ground for a few seconds before it made a complete stop. Pamela watched out the window, while she saw Jennifer being decapitated, and then threw up on a chair.

“OK, Pamela, it’s your turn!” said killer two.

“M-My tits don’t bounce!” Pamela said nervously.

“I know that, blondie! Everyone in the WORLD knows that! Everyone knows that the legendary Pamela Anderson’s boobs are fake. Let me start with you by saying I been watching you since I was 9, and now I’m 27. After all these years you are STILL hot!”

“Are you going to kill me?” Pamela asked feeling her heart sink in fear.

“That’s totally up to you, playboy model. First strip down to nothing.” Pamela then briskly removed every piece of clothing she had on. “That’s a good slut! I love this, I finally get to see in person, the legendary Pamela Anderson butt naked. Ok, Pamela, now I want you to squeeze your implants with your hands.” Pamela squeezed her hard tits, but couldn’t press much into her implants. Now take two of your fingers, and stick it into your pink vagina. Pamela nervously inserted her two front fingers inside of her vagina and started to rub the insides of it. “That’s a good blondie! I didn’t even have to tell you what you had to do next. Now I want you to put those same fingers in your mouth, and then after, I want you to tell me you’re a white trailer trash piece of shit whore.” Pamela inserted her fingers in her mouth and sucked it off.

“I’m a white trailer trash piece of shit whore.” she said obediently.

“Very good! Tell me, Pamela, how does your MATURE pussy taste?”

“It tastes very sweet.” she admitted.

“Now what I want you to do is face, Jamie-Lynn.” she did just that, having her fully exposed body in the 14 year old’s eyes view.

“OK, now what?” Pamela asked.

“Tell her to look at your naked tits!”

“Look at my naked boobs.”

“No you filthy playboy whore! Tell her to look at your naked TITS! And make it CLEAR you’re talking to her.”

“Look at my naked tits, Jamie-Lynn.”

“Now tell me your mom is a fucking whore, Pamela!”

“No!!!” she said as she turned around. “I will NOT say that!” One of the killers fired a gun, and shot her in her left implant, through the tits and to the heart. “Bastard!” she said right before she died completely.

“Ah another legendary girl! The legendary Britney Spears!”

“What the fuck do you want from me?” she screamed out.

“Simple! All I want from you is to kiss your little sister.” Then Britney turned to her sibling and knelt down a bit to meet her eyes.

“Jamie, OK remember what you told one of those magazines about me kissing and making out with Madonna, and Christina Aguilera?”

“That you weren’t a lesbian, it was just acting.”

“Right! So now when we kiss, we’re not performing incest, it’s just acting.” With that, Britney pulled her little sister’s head closer to hers and stuck her tongue in her mouth. They both closed her eyes, and Jamie-Lynn felt the lustful sensation of the ecstasy it brought her, by the magic of taboo. She knew that she wasn’t ‘supposed’ to make out with her own big sister, but for some reason, it got her nipples hard and turned her on even more. With each second of the minute she felt her big sister’s tongue swirl and press against hers, she got more excited, happy and most importantly, more horny. Britney gave her little sister a long lip hold at the end of the kiss before she released her lips from hers.

“Now squeeze your little sisters tits!”

“Jamie, I need to, I kinda don’t have a choice.”

“I understand, grab them.” she replied. Britney squeezed her fresh gorgeous tits with both of her hands. Britney was told to massage them, and she did just that. Jamie-Lynn tried to hide her smile, but couldn’t. She was so excited that she couldn’t hide her happiness one bit. It was feeling so good to her. The killer made Jamie-Lynn take off her shirt and bra. Then he made her play with her nicely sized for her age tits. She squeezed, pressed, and bounced them with her soft fresh hands.

“Those are great looking fresh teenaged tits!” A silence. “THANK ME, BITCH!”

“Thank you!” Jamie-Lynn replied instantly.

“Now have your big sister suck on them!” The killer told her. Jamie Lynn stood leaning her back against a wall, and Britney kneeled down and a took a pink nipple of her baby sister’s breast in her mouth. She slowly began to suck on her little sister’s fresh tits. Within just seconds, Britney found herself FEASTING on her little sister’s nice tits. She sucked harder and harder, and began to slobber while she kept sucking on them. The killers watched as Britney feasted and sucked her baby sister’s titis. They watched and listened while Jamie-Lynn moaned with excitement, feeling her big sister’s mouth all over her young boobs.

“Britney! Oh yeah, Britney! That feels so good! Oh Britney! Yeeees!!! Yeeeeeeees, Brittneeeeeeeey!”

“Wow, that’s hot you two! This is great! This looks like a hot teen girl, having her future self, come from the future to the past to have sex with herself.” said killer one.

“Yeah, Jamie-Lynn looks just like a younger version of Britney. And Britney looks just like an older version of Jamie.”

Jamie began to finger herself, as she finger fucked herself with two fingers, slipping her hand underneath her pants and white panties. Britney sucked and swallowed all the flavor she was getting from Jamie-Lynn’s tits, as Jamie-Lynn finger fucked herself faster and faster, while making a little ‘come here’ motion with her fingers inside of her juicy cunt. After about a minute,. Jamie let out a long moan.

“Uuuuggghhh, oh yeah! Oh yeah, Britney! Thank you, Britney! Thank you for giving me the most pleasurable moment of my life!” she said as she felt herself cum and orgasm onto her own fingers, and felt the sweat come from her forehead.

“Now put your fingers in your mouth, Jamie-Lynn.” She did just that, tasting her own juices and her eyes lit up in astonishment. She swallowed her own juices off her fingers like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh thank you killer! You let me taste the most amazing, and delicious juices in the world!”

“Thank YOU, Jamie-Lynn, for giving us a great show! Incest show with an under aged beauty!” Just then everyone heard police sirens. “Oh shit! Looks like the police are here to get us. You two actually survived the whole night. By the way, if you didn’t do a SINGLE thing we said, we would have killed you.”

“That’s understandable,” Britney said half way being sarcastic.

“Well we’re gonna bail, consider yourselves lucky! We’re leaving!”

“OK, Jamie we have to get out of here!” Britney told her.


“Because we could be arrested, if we’re the only survivors, and no one else is here, in a murder scene, then they’ll automatically think its us and arrest us with no evidence.”

“Can they arrest us with no evidence?”

“Yes, they’re cops, they can do whatever they want. No one is going to stop them. They’re definitely not going to arrest themselves.”

When they got into their car, the car wouldn’t start. Dang it, just like in the movies! Thought Britney. But in the movies it only happens when the killing is still going on. So they checked the tires and found out that the killers or someone just slashed all four of their tires, and the car was obsolete. It couldn’t take them anywhere anymore. Britney and Jamie-Lynn then went to another cabin, two cabin’s down and luckily there was food and drinks in there. Britney and Jamie had a cold slice of pizza each and some grape juice.

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