Cabin Murders 2

Cabin Murders 2

By Dragon333

Disclaimer: Everything in this story is fake. It is not real. This story is made for entertainment purposes. If you are under the age of 18, then read no further. This story should not be read or read to anyone while eating. If sex or violence offends you, then read no further.

Codes: FF, cons, sick!!!, ws, scat, mast, Ff, necro, blood, mutil?

Celebs: Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Francine Dee, Bella Thorne,


This story was completed on October 8th, 2014


Note: The killer I chose to be in this story was decided all the way back when I wrote Cabin Murders part one back in 2005. The mental brainstorming I had on the killer and such in this story were done well before 2010.


(Story setting October 2013)

Kim Kardashian invited four other celebrities to a cabin for the night before Halloween. Luckily for Kim, they ALL have accepted the invitations.

“Why did you choose this cabin, Kim?” Francine Dee asked. Kim turned around to look at Francine to answer her question, but when she saw how huge her tits were in the corner of her eye, she immediately had her eyes go from Francine’s eyes down to her tits.

“Because since it’s Halloween I thought it’d be fun to spend the night in a cabin that could be haunted.” Kim replied.

“Why would it be haunted?” Selena Gomez asked. Kim thought Selena Gomez was one of the most amazing girls ever, except for herself of course. She thought it was amazing how Selena Gomez was able to STILL be pretty even after turning 20 years old.

“There were a few people murdered around this cabin.” Zendaya answered Selena’s question she asked to Kim.

“There were? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Francine asked.

“I didn’t know either.” Bella said.

“Bella, what do you mean? I told you a few days ago when I planned this trip. If you didn’t know about the place having a scary history, then why did you come?” Zendaya said.

“You KNOW how I zone out every now and then. You HAVE to tell more than once or I won’t know it. And I came because the invitation said I was gonna get a purse from Kim Kardashian! And I want me a Kardashian Kollection purse!”

“That’s the only reason I’m here too; for the Kardashian Kollection purse.” Francine said. “But no purse is worth getting killed over! I’m out!”

“Wait!” Zendaya told Francine. “Kim, when was the last murder here?”

“Well, I’m not good at math, but the last murder was when Miley Cyrus was still hot.”

“See big boobed pretty Asian chick, that was a long time ago! If the last murder was that long ago, most likely there won’t be anymore murders here.” Zendaya told Francine. “Btw, I watch TV a lot, and I have NO IDEA who you are, but I know the rest of us. And the invitation said it’s for celebrities.”

“Maybe you teeny boppers only watch Disney? You seriously don’t know who I am? I’m Francine Dee! Car Import model! One of the most famous models EVER! I was even on a dating show, I forgot what it was called though.”

“Oh yeah, I remember you now! You were on an old episode of Blind Date! I watched it with my dad once.” Bella said.

“Yeah! See! Your friend here has seen me on TV!” Francine said proudly.

“You were that really boring busty chick. No wonder Zendaya doesn’t remember you.” Bella added.

“Bella!” Zendaya scolded. “Don’t be so rude!”

“What, Zendaya? She WAS really boring! I mean, come on, who the hell talks about religion on the first date? And she kept looking down and didn’t look at her date the whole time!”

“Bella, remember what your mom told you? If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

“Does that mean I should stay silent forever?” Bella asked Zendaya. Zendaya couldn’t figure out a way to answer that, so she didn’t

“How long ago was Miley hot?” Francine asked changing the subject.

“Oh it was a long time ago. I grew up with Hannah Montana! And now I’m 17.” Zendaya said.

“Hey, Z, remember when we would have masturbation contests watching Hannah Montana?” Bella asked her black best friend excitedly.

“YES, Bella! We would take our pants off and stick our fingers in our panties and see who could cum the fastest!” Zendaya said also excited. Zendaya and Bella both screamed in excitement.

“Masturbation contests to see who could cum the fastest? I never heard of that!” Francine Dee said.

“And you’re supposed to be an internet porn star?” Bella asked Francine rhetorically. “Told you, Z! BORRRING!”

“Hey! Let’s all have a masturbation contest right now!” Kim Kardashian suggested.

They all agreed and took their pants off. They spit on their own fingers to get their fingers wet and started to rub their pussies inside their panties.

“Francine, why are you facing the wall while you’re in a corner?” Kim asked.

“Because unlike YOU, Kim, I am NOT a pedophile! I do not look at underage girls naked! I have no interest in underage girls whatsoever!” Francine replied.

“I believe the correct term for a female pedophile is ‘cougar.’” Zendaya said while she was still playing with her pussy.

“Most girls lose their virginity these days at 8 years old. Bella and Zendaya are MUCH older than that!” Selena Gomez explained. Then she took off her shirt and bra.

“Oh and that makes it OK? It doesn’t!” Francine said angrily.

“Why did you take your bra off, Selena? We’re trying to make ourselves cum. It’s not gonna do anything to help make you cum faster.” Kim said.

“Would you guys stop talking about 10 year old girls taking off their bras while I can still hear you?” Francine asked.

“She’s in her twenties!” Kim said loudly.

“Yeah!” agreed Selena. “and Kim, playing with my tits really helps me cum.” Selena said as she took her breast to her mouth and sucked her own nipple. Then she massaged her boobs with one hand while playing with her pussy with the other.

Zendaya began to rub her pussy inside her panties faster and started breathing more heavily and the rest of the girls noticed. Kim moaned then moaned louder as she didn’t care who heard her. After all, everyone around her knew what she was doing anyways.

“Fuck me like a dirty nasty whore!” Zendaya said outloud making everyone turn their head towards her in shock except Bella. “What? Just because I’m really smart doesn’t mean I want boring so-called vanilla sex!” They all shrugged it off and went back to playing with their pussies. “When I masturbate, I like to think of someone fucking me. I talk as if they were right there really fucking me.”

“Me too!” Selena said. “Oh Justin Biebeeeeer!” She said as she played with her pussy vigorously.

“I think I just threw up in my mouth.” Bella said.

“Uuughhhh! Oh YESSS!” said Selena.

“Oh FUCK YEAH!” Zendaya said.

“I won! I just got my panties covered in my own cum! Even faster than YOU, Zendaya!” Selena gloated.

“Damnit! I would have won if you didn’t give me that disturbing image in my head!”

“What disturbing image?”

“Justin Bieber. That really slowed down my cum! How am I supposed to cum fast if I’m picturing that fag’s face?”

“That’s why I didn’t cum at all.” Bella said.

“My panties are soaked now, but I only lost by a few seconds. Would have came much faster if Selena didn’t moan out that ugly boy’s name!” Zendaya said.

“Z, remember what you told me? If you don’t have nothing nice, then… what did you tell me again?” Bella said trying to quote her friend, but her bad short term memory didn’t do her justice.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.” Zendaya reminded.

“Hypocrite!” Selena tried to say in a cough.

“I heard that!” Zendaya said. “But you know what? You’re right. From now on I won’t say anything bad about anyone ever again.”

“Easier said than done.” Kim said.

“I know, but I’m going to do it.” Zendaya said. Suddenly they all heard a faint song.

“Do you guys hear that? Kim asked.

“It sounds like a cell phone ring tone.” Bella said. “I know my phones!”

“Then how about you check it out, Bella. After all, you’re the one knows phones.” Francine said.

“You’re the one with the biggest tits. So you must be the most mature one here. Therefore you shouldn’t be scared.”

“Is it just me, or did what Bella just say not make any sense?” Kim asked as she twirled her hair.

“You’ll get used to it.” Zendaya assured her.

“You big babies! I’ll do check it out!” said Selena as she stormed headed for the door.

“Wait, Selena!” Zendaya said quickly.


“You forgot your bra and shirt!” Zendaya warned her before Selena stepped out the door and Selena looked down at her body to see she was topless.

“Thanks, Zendaya.” Selena said blankly as she took her bra and shirt and put them back on.

“I gotta use the bathroom. Bella, let’s go.” Zendaya said and then Bella followed her to the bathroom and they closed the door. Zendaya pulled her pants and revealed My Little Pony panties.

“Nice panties, Z!”

“Thanks, now get on your knees.”

Bella then got on her knees and opened her mouth wide and lifted her head up. Zendaya pulled her My Little Pony panties down, took them off, and tossed them to the wall of the bathroom. Zendaya spread her legs over Bella’s face and let loose a stream of piss right inside Bella’s mouth. Bella loved how with each nanosecond Zendaya pissed in her mouth, the hotter it got. She was enjoying the hot liquid of her best friend’s pee go in her mouth and filling it up. To Bella, it felt like instant cum from Zendaya’s cunt. Zendaya had more pee than she thought because her piss definitely overflowed Bella’s mouth and some of her pee got on the floor. After she was done peeing in her mouth, Bella just sat there with her mouth open with a mouth full of piss.

“OK, bitch, now gargle.” Zendaya demanded Bella. Bella did what she was told and started to gargle. “Now swallow, slut!” Bella then gulped Zendaya’s piss down like a good slut.

Meanwhile Selena found the cell phone that they heard.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey there.” said a voice that sounded like a man’s crumbled or distorted voice.

“Why does your voice sound like that?” Selena laughed.

“It’s a part of my Halloween costume. I thought I’d use it for the whole week leading up to Halloween.”

“Anyways, I’m not the owner of this cell phone. I wanted see who called because Kim invited me to a Halloween stay at a cabin. I found this cell phone about a cabin away from the one I’m staying at.”

“Since you’re here, what’s your favorite scary movie?”

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

“That’s not a scary movie!”

“Have you seen the Umpa loompas?”

“Forget that. I want to play a game with you.”

“OOoo sounds fun! How do I play?”

“Simple. Do what I say or I kill you!”

“Right like you’re going to go through the phone’s receiver and strangle me to death!” Selena said sarcastically.

“I’m closer than you think, SELENA GOMEZ!” the guy on the phone said. When he said her name she realized that he knew it was her on the phone and that he could see her.

“If this is a joke, it’s not funny.”

“I’m not laughing am I, sweetheart?” said the person on the phone.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want to see you take a shit!”

“What!?” Selena exclaimed.

“You heard me, now pull down your pants, and lay a fuckin’ egg!”

“B-but I don’t have to go!” Selena said almost crying. Then an arrow came shooting which shot just a centimeter from Selena’s shoulder causing her shirt to fly off of her and into a tree. Selena was now just in a white bra and pants. She was now in fear that she would die if she didn’t do what the killer said. So Selena pulled her pants down, removed her panties, and squat on the muddy floor as she hovered her butt over the mud and made sure her butt wasn’t touching the ground. Selena pushed and pushed.

“Poop you fuckin’ beaner!” said the killer on the phone.

“I’M TRYING!” Selena cried out. Selena pooped out a pile of shit.


“I did what you wanted now I’m going!”

“Wait not yet! I want you to eat it!”

“What?! You’re crazy! NO!”

“Eat it you fuckin’ slutty beaner!” said the killer through the phone.

“NO! I’d rather die than eat my own shit you disgusting mental case!” Selena said with tears rolling down her face. Selena then felt something hit her in the back of the head. Before she could respond or feel anything, she was laid flat face down on the floor.

“Why should you get to hold the camera?” Kim Kardashian asked Francine Dee.

“Because I’m a model and own my own site! Besides, the porn you shot with Ray J has the WORST angles EVER! I should be able to direct the scene too! Kim, when people watch sex tapes and sex movies, they want to see the girl’s tits! NOT the guy’s dick! I watched your video that made you famous and I saw nothing but Ray J’s dick the entire time except for 2 seconds of your tits at the end. Heck, most of the time you had your bra on!”

“Fine, turn the camera on and let me do the intro.” Kim admitted in defeat.

“And… action!”

“Hey guys! I’m Kim Kardashian and as you can see, I’m totally naked right now. I’m shooting a scene to raise money for the Kids Make a Wish foundation! I’m also with my friend Francine Dee! She is also naked. Francine, why don’t you show everyone your tits and say hi.”

Francine then moved the cell cam to herself recording her upper torso showing off her 32DD tits.


“So this is our self shot celebrity lesbian scene! Go to my site or Francine’s site to purchase a DVD. And remember ….. Every DVD of this that sells, 50% of it goes to Kids Make a Wish foundation. So purchase our DVD, will ya? It’s for the kids! Make a kid’s wish come true, and buy the DVD of Francine Dee sucking on my tit!”

Being careful to get the perfect view of Kim’s breasts, Francine held up the cell cam and took a mouthful of Kim’s tit with Kim’s nipple centered on her tongue, then she sucked. “Oh Francine! That feels good!” Kim moaned out while she let the Asian model suck on her big tits and didn’t want the fans and viewers to listen to silence of her getting her tit sucked by Francine for too long.

“Now kiss me, Kim.” Francine told her. Kim puckered up and allowed Francine to kiss her on the lips. Kim loved the feel of Francine’s full lips on hers. Francine then hovered over Kim’s boobs and looked at the cam. Then she repeated it over and over again.

“Everything we do here is for the kids! Every time you see me kiss Francine or every time you see Francine suck my tit, it’s all to help make a kid’s wish come true!” Kim told the cell cam. Francine Dee kept hovering over Kim’s boobs without touching it.. Over and over again. “Why do you keep doing that, Francine?”

“That’s what I do in all of my girl/girl videos on my site.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m very serious! That’s what I do and my fans love it.”

“You sure they weren’t just being nice? Oh God. Bella was right, you ARE boring!”

“Fine, then you can find someone ELSE to shoot your charity porn to promote yourself and your show then!”

Zendaya and Bella came out of the bathroom, but this time they had clothes on.

“Hey. Have you guys seen Selena? I was gonna suggest we all watch a scary movie since it’s Halloween.”

“She’s still not back yet.” Francine said.

“She should have been back by now.” Zendaya said a bit worried.

“I’ll go check on her.” Kim said.

“Does anyone got any lotion I can borrow?” Francine asked.

“I do. Here you go.” Zendaya said handing Francine a small travel sized bottle of lotion to Francine.

“Thanks.” Francine said as she went to the bathroom.

“Pick up, damn it!” Kim said after she dialed Selena’s cell phone number and got nothing but her voice mail twice. “Wait I hear something.” Kim heard Selena’s ring tone and left her own phone dialing Selena’s phone, so that she could follow the sound of her cell.

“Selena! Why haven’t you been answering your phone! And why are you naked?” Kim asked when she found Selena’s cell phone next to her body. Kim rolled Selena’s body, revealing her naked breasts and vagina. “OH MY GOD!” Kim was very scared that she saw Selena Gomez actually dead. With a gasp of hope that she could still be alive Kim checked the pulse of Selena’s neck. There was no pulse. She then checked Selena’s heartbeat, but there was no heartbeat. “Oh my god! You’re dead!” Kim said. Though she couldn’t help but get a bit horny seeing Selena’s naked body. “Oh, Selena! If only you were black, I’d fuck you right now.” Kim said as if Selena could still hear her. “I only fuck black people. The only reason I fucked Francine was because it was for charity. And I needed to keep myself fresh on the market, so people will still watch my show and buy my shit. Plus, when I fucked Francine I did it on camera and it was for a movie scene, so it doesn’t count.” Kim explained. “Speaking of shit, what’s that smell?” Kim turned her head to see a pile of shit laying right next to Selena. “Oh my fuckin’ god! I didn’t expect that!” she exclaimed. “Maybe there’s a way I can MAKE YOU black, Selena! Then I could fuck you without losing any of my morals!” Kim then took a handful of Selena’s poop and squeezed it in her hand. Then she spread Selena’s poop all over her face, then all over her body and she squeezed and even massaged a lot of the shit on Selena’s tits. Covered in feces, Selena now looked black enough for Kim. Kim kissed Selena’s lips getting a lip full of Selena’s poop. She licked shit from Selena’s neck down to the bottom of Selena’s chest. Then Kim licked up and down Selena’s shit covered pink nipple. Then she started to suck on Selena’s dead tit. Tasting all the shit from Selena’s breast. Then Kim Kardashian sucked all the poop off of Selena Gomez’s other tit. Then she began to suck Selena’s other breast getting a mouthful of her boob in her mouth. She breathed through her nose, so that she could keep sucking on her tit longer and longer without having to take her mouth off of Selena’s boob. Kim then licked the bottom of Selena’s chest and sucked all the poop out of Selena’s navel.

“Now that you’re dead, we can see how deep this pussy really goes!” Kim said as she stuck two of her fingers in the dead girl’s pussy at the same time. She used her index and middle finger at the same time to finger fuck Selena Gomez’s dead corpse. Kim Kardashian licked her lips. “Mmmm I love taste of shit!” she said right before she pressed her fingers as deep as she could go. She only reached about 3 inches before Selena’s pussy got really tight. “Damn girl, is that all you been takin’?”

“Hey, Zendaya, do you think Francine is OK? Surely it doesn’t take THAT LONG to put lotion on.” Bella asked Zendaya.

“You’re right, Bella. I’ll go see if she’s OK.”

Zendaya opened the door to the bathroom and closed it behind her.

“Hey Francine, Bella wanted me to check if you were OK.” When Zendaya turned her eyes to finally look at Francine she caught her with panties in her hand and very close to her mouth. “Are those my panties?!” Zendaya exclaimed.

“Um.. No. They’re Kim’s panties!” Francine said.

“And you expect me to believe Kim Kardashian wears My Little Pony panties?”

“Who says you have to be a kid to like cartoons?”

“Kim wears elegant sophisticated clothing. Her entire clothing line is boring sophisticated clothing!”

“Maybe she’s a kid at heart?” Francine said panicky.

“Let me see that!” Zendaya said as she snatched the panties from Francine’s hand.

“These ARE my panties!” Zendaya scolded. “And you were licking them!”

“How can you be so sure that they are yours and that someone else just had the same panties as you?”

“Because Francine! These panties have my name RIGHT HERE!” Zendaya said pointing to her panties where she wrote her first name in all caps. Francine stared dreadfully at the name “ZENDAYA” written on the panties she was caught licking. “You made this big deal that you don’t like teenagers and I catch you licking my panties. And you know damn well I’m 17 years old! Care to explain?”

“OK Fine! I get on people’s cases so hard on liking young girls and young boys to cover up the fact that I secretly like young girls. There ya happy?” Francine finally admitted.

“Not quite. But your secret is safe with me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You like my panties so much? You like teenagers so much? You like me so much? Go ahead. Keep licking my panties.”

“Really? Oh thank you, Zendaya!” Francine licked Zendaya’s panties on the crotch area tasting all the pussy juice that was on it from earlier when Zendaya came in 2nd in the masturbation contest. She was licking it as if she was a homeless person eating food for the first time in weeks.

“Now that you tried that. How about you get the real thing.”


“You heard me!” Zendaya said as she grabbed Francine’s head with two hands and shoved her face into her crotch. “Eat my fuckin’ pussy, you slut!” Zendaya demanded Francine. Francine was so confused that she only licked Zendaya’s pussy very softly. “You can do better than that, you fucking whore! I’m gonna dominate your Asian ass ‘cuz I’m much taller than you! I know you want to be dominated by a tall strong black woman like me!” Zendaya then held Francine’s head with one hand while she squeezed her nostril’s together with two of her fingers with the other hand. Francine pushed her tongue slightly harder onto Zendaya’s pussy lips. Francine could hardly breathe, so she was about to come up for a breath of air, but before she could come up for air, Zendaya pushed her head down forcing her back to her black pussy before she could breathe. “Come on you, chink! Eat my fuckin’ pussy! I’m not even gonna let you BREATHE until you stick that tongue of yours into my cunt!” Francine then stuck her tongue all the way into Zendaya’s pussy as deep as her tongue could go. She licked it side to side and then up and down. Zendaya then started humping Francine’s face while she ate her out. “Oh yeah that feels so good!” After Zendaya got enough of that, she squat down to Francine’s level and began to suck on Francine’s big tits. “Mmmm I love sucking on these pink nipples and these big fucking tits!”

“Oh Zendaya!” Francine moaned out arching her back as she felt so good with the 17 year old’s mouth on her right boob. Zendaya then switched her mouth over to Francine’s left tit.

“Damn, these are fuckin’ big knockers!” Zendaya said before sucking on Francine’s tit once again.

“They should be for what I paid for them!” Francine said. Zendaya continued sucking on Francine’s implant while she rubbed and played with the other one with her hand.

Zendaya and Francine were now completely naked. Zendaya took out a blue colored strap on and put it on herself.

“Bend over, bitch!” Zendaya said. Francine did as she was told and got on her hands and knees. Zendaya put a lot of lotion on her hands and jerked the dildo as if she was a guy jacking off. Now that the strap on was nice and slippery it was for ready for Zendaya to give the busty Asian MILF some penetration.

“Mmmmm Zendaya, are you gonna fuck me from behind? I fuckin’ LOVE to get my pussy pounded from behind!” Francine said feeling like she was in ecstasy.

Zendaya RAMMED her strap on in Francine’s ass!

“Owe! Fuck!” Francine moaned out in pain.

“Take it in the ass, you cunt!” Zendaya demanded as she kept fucking Francine’s ass.

“OH MY GOD IT HURTS!” Francine complained. Zendaya held onto Francine’s hips for support.

“Let this tall ass black girl dominate your Asian ass!” Zendaya said as she kept fucking her.

“OH IT FUCKING HURTS!” Francine said. Secretly though, it actually felt quite good to her. She didn’t want Zendaya to stop. She loved the pain she was getting during sex. She loved the fact that it hurt her and gave her pleasure at the same time.

“Does it look like.. Or should I say, does it feel like I give a fuck?” Zendaya said as she started to pound her asshole even harder. Francine let out a few pants of pain. “Take it like a woman!” Zendaya told Francine. “Take this fuckin’ strap on in your ass from this hot black teenager! Feel my 17 year old hands on your ass while I fuck it!”

“Oh, God! ZENDAYA!” Francine moaned out.

“Who’s your mommy, Francine?”

“YOU! You’re my mommy, Zendaya!”

“That’s right! I’m your mommy now!”

“Mommy, please slow down, it’s too much for my Asian asshole!”

“Relax, you whore! This thing is only 5 inches!” Zendaya told her as Zendaya now felt sweat form all over her entire body. “Oh my god! I didn’t think this was fuckin’ possible.”

“W-what’s going on, Zendaya?” Francine said right before she felt Zendaya fuck her ass even faster and it felt like a machine on how fast Zendaya was humping. Then after just a few seconds of that Francine heard Zendaya moan out as if SHE had a gushing orgasm.

“Oh Francine, you slut!” Zendaya said as a huge gush of cum came out of her pussy. Zendaya panted on how good the orgasm felt and how tired she was. “I actually came when I was the one using the strap on.”

“That’s never happened before?” Francine asked her after seeing Zendaya get out her ass and sat on the floor.

“No. I’ve really only put the strap-on on myself a few times. Usually I’m Bella’s bitch.”


“Yeah, I’m usually a good little nigger slut for her. What’s great is that we both like to be doms and subs, so we switch whenever. But Bella is the one who especially likes to be my human toilet.”

“Do me one last favor before I go back to pretend to hating teenyboppers again, Zendya. Suck my tit.” Francine pleaded.

“Sure.” Zendaya said as she took as much of Francine’s tit she could in her mouth and began to suck.

“Oh yes, that was good Zendaya!” Francine said right after Zendaya removed her head from her nipple.

“What the…? What’s this?” Zendaya asked as she looked at her blue dildo. “What the fuck are these red spots?”

“Oh that’s blood.”

“From what?”

“From my ass. When you were fucking my ass you made it bleed. You kept going and that’s why there’s more than just a few drops on your strap on.”

“Gross! BLOOD?” Zendaya exclaimed.

“Well, I TOLD YOU to stop, but you just kept going anyways.”

“Oh my god, I’m gonna freak out!”

“Relax, Zendaya. I’ll take care of it.” Francine said as she moved her upper body closer to the ground and put the strap on in her mouth. She stroked it with her mouth as if she was giving Zendaya a blowjob. When Francine did this, she sucked all of the blood right off of the dildo part of the strap on.

Bella saw Kim standing close to the lake by their cabin.

“Hey, Kim. Did you find Selena? And you ARE giving us a Kardashian Kollection purse right?”

“No, I didn’t find Selena. And sorry, but we are all out of Kardashian Kollection purses.”

“Darn!” Bella exclaimed. Then Bella saw a masked man dressed in all black run at Kim. “Kim, watch out!!!” But it was too late as the masked man took a sword and sliced Kim’s head off. Bella then hid behind a tree as she didn’t want to be the next victim.

The killer took Kim’s head, opened her mouth and made the head give him a blowjob. The killer humped Kim’s face while Kim’s tongue stroked his penis.

“Even without that legendary ass, you sure can please a guy!” said the killer in a disguised voice. He then took the head over to Kim’s body and made it lick her own pussy. “Taste your pussy juice, Kim! I always wanted to see a girl eat out her own pussy!” After the killer got enough of that, he made Kim’s head lick her own nipple. “I hope you’re enjoying this, Kim! I know you can hear me! When the head is cut off, the human still has their senses because the brain is fully intact. Since there’s no damage to your brain you’re still feeling everything that’s happening! You still have your eyes, ears, tongue, and everything else to feel. Of course you don’t have your lungs though, so you will feel everything I do to you until you run out of air!”

Bella gasped for air and looked around herself. She was at the couch in front of the TV.

“Bella, what’s wrong?” Zendaya asked her!

“I had this HORRIBLE dream! Kim ran out of Kardashian Kollection purses, so I didn’t get one!” Bella exclaimed.

“We heard you say, ‘watch out, Kim!’” Francine told her.

“Oh yeah, I had a dream that there was a killer here and Kim got decapitated! I’ve got to warn her!” Bella said as she ran to the lake.

Bella reached the lake of the island.

“Kim! Kim?” she screamed out. “I tried. Might as well play Bird Messenger.” Bella said as she took her fancy cell phone out of her pocket and started playing one of her favorite cell phone video games. “It’s so much fun watching my bird try to deliver that note with its feet!”

“Do you think those birds can carry your body once its dead?” said a disguised voice behind Bella. Bella turned around to see who it was.

“Oh hey little kid! Are you lost?” Bella said as she bent down to get to face level with the person.

“I found just what I was looking for. I ain’t lost at all, snowflake.”

“Just out of curiosity here, but are you a boy or a girl?” Bella asked. Then the little person pulled his pants and underwear down revealing a hard black dick.

“Oh you are DEFINITELY a boy!” Bella said. “And definitely a kid.” Bella said under her breath at how small the boy’s dick was.

“Now suck my dick, snowflake!” the masked guy said pointing to his dick.

“No! I have no idea who you are and I don’t like you.” Bella said with no hesitation. “I might be flunking almost all my school subjects, but only a COMPLETE IDIOT would not know how to say no to a guy she didn’t want to have sex with if he asks or demands for sex!”

“You know me better than you think, Bella. Maybe if you knew how awesome and famous I am, you’d suck my big black dick.” said the masked guy. Bella tried to hold in her laugh after she heard him say ‘big black dick’ when his dick was actually just about 2 inches long when rock hard. The masked guy took his mask off. “Now, suck my dick!” the guy demanded.

“Hey, you’re not a kid! You’re that guy from that show my mom likes! You’re …” Bella started to say, but the man that Bella thought was a kid jumped on her and tried to stab her heart, but Bella dodged making the man stab her left arm instead. Weakened from the wound on her arm, Bella wasn’t able to gather enough strength to prevent the man from dragging her to the lake.

“Now before we get started, I need to settle a score! You white people have kept us as slaves! Do you know what it’s fuckin’ like to be a SLAVE?”

“No, I don’t! But neither do you, asshole! Slavery ended before you were even born! I never kept anyone as a slave. My BFF is black! Don’t try to make me look like the bad guy when you’re the one who’s trying to kill me!”

“Kill you? I want to have a little fun with you first!” said the killer. “Shit!” the killer exclaimed after he realized he lost his boner. “Now it’s too soft to fuck with!” Bella tried to use the time he was looking away to escape, but the killer grabbed her and pushed her back down to the lake. He brought her body to the lake and pushed her head down in the lake’s water, so that she couldn’t breathe. Bella struggled against the black man’s two hands, but with the wound from her arm, it was hard to gather enough strength. However, Bella wasn’t giving up!

“Hey guys. Have you seen, Bella?” Kim asked Zendaya and Francine.

“Whoa! What happened to you? You look like you fell in a pig farm and landed on their shit.” Francine said.

“I slipped on something and landed on mud.” Kim said as it was the only excuse she could think of because she didn’t want them to know she had her mouth and tongue all over some shit.

“Then why do you SMELL like shit?” Zendaya asked.

“I must have fallen into some dog poop while I fell.”

“To answer your question. Bella’s not here. She went out to go look for you.” Zendaya informed Kim.

“OK, I’ll just wait here for her to come back then. Let’s listen to the radio and hear some tunes!” Kim said as she wanted to listen to some good music, but didn’t want to have to pick what song she would hear. There were too many good songs she knew that she didn’t want to have to pick, so she just decided on radio.

“Can you take a shower first, Kim?” Francine said. “YOU STINK!”

“OK, fine, if you two can’t handle a little bad smell.” Kim said as she confidently let her clothes drop to the floor right then and there as she headed for the bathroom. As soon as she closed the door, Zendaya couldn’t help but jump on Kim’s bra.

“What are you doing?” Francine asked.

“Looking at her bra size tag.”


“I kind of have a bra size fetish.” Zendaya admitted.

“What good is a bra if they’re not on tits?”

“I don’t know, but looking at a girl’s bra size tag makes my nipples hard.”

“Why?” Francine asked again.

“Why do people get turned on by watching people eating poop?” Zendaya asked.

“Eww, but good point.” Francine said. “Well, what’s her bra size already?” she asked eagerly.

“34D.” Zendaya said looking at the tag.

“Very nice! But I’m still the champion!” Francine said proudly.

“Yours uh… don’t move though. And when I pressed into them, it kind of felt like I was touching paper over a rock.” Zendaya said trying to be honest, but nice.

“Says the girl who has itty bitty mosquito bites as boobs!” Francine said coldly.

As Francine and Zendaya talked, Kim was in the shower soaping herself with a Zest bar of soap. Kim looked down to see the water mixed in with the light making her boobs shine. She loved the view. She felt all over her big tits and made sure they were nice and clean. She took her shampoo and shampooed her long dark hair with it. She took the bar of zest soap again and looked at it. It has been downsized from all the usage it’s been had. Kim noticed it was big enough to fit somewhere. Somewhere special. Realizing this, Kim took the bar of zest soap and inserted it inside of her pussy until half the bar of soap was inside of her cunt. She fucked herself with half the bar of Zest soap while she held on to the other half of the bar of soap to hold and control it.

“This is my jam!” Zendaya said as she started to dance. After the song ended Zendaya stopped dancing and a commercial came on.

“Get these brand new fashion purses only at Target! Buy one get one free this week only!”

“Oh wow! Bella would LOVE this!” Zendaya said. “She can never get enough purses. Sales like this we usually get two, so one would be half off, then we’d split the total.”

“Isn’t Kim gonna give her a purse tomorrow morning?” Francine asked.

“Yes, but Bella can NEVER have enough purses! She could have 100 nice purses and STILL want a new one! In fact, watch this in 3,2,1.”

“What?” Francine shrugged.

“Uh oh. Something’s wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“Bella would have called me by now and told me about the deal.”

“Hey did Selena come back yet?” Kim asked drying her hair with a towel as she came out the bathroom in a black silky robe.

“No. Both Bella and Selena are both missing.” Zendaya said almost crying. She rushed and got her pocket knife that she brought in case she needed to go hunting or anything else she would need it for. “I’m going after Bella and Selena! Who’s with me?”

“I’ll help you, Zendaya!” Francine said as she stood up.

“I’ll just wait here.” Kim said.

“OK, Francine, here is some mace in case something comes at you. In the woods anything could have happened to Bella and Selena; wolves, bears, alligators, or even necrophilia’s!”

“Should we get walkie talkies?” Francine asked.

“Walkie Talkies? Don’t you have a cell phone?” Zendaya asked.

“Yeah, do you?”

“YES! So we don’t need walkie talkies!”

After Zendaya and Francine got out the door Zendaya decided to call Bella and see if she’s OK.

“Did she answer?” Francine asked.

“No. It went to voice mail. It NEVER goes to voice mail when I call Bella. She ALWAYS picks up her phone!”

“Should we call the police?”

“Hmmm. Maybe we should.” Zendaya agreed. Zendaya called the police and told them that her best friend cannot be found and she fears she was murdered.

“Stop playing with the phones, bitch!” the police officer on the phone said right before he hung up. The officer knew there were murders there before and he wanted to keep his “bad ass” reputation going. Therefore, anytime he heard a call about an ACTUAL violent crime, he’d make up an excuse, so that he wouldn’t have to go. However, he would not hesitate to harass an innocent cooperative person.

“They hung up. They wouldn’t take me seriously.” Zendaya said almost crying again. She called Bella’s cell phone again. “I hear something!” she exclaimed. “It’s faint, but I hear it.”

“Like music?” Francine asked.

“Yes! It’s Bella’s ring tone!” Zendaya walked closer to the phone and Francine followed. Zendaya finally found Bella’s cell phone close to the lake. “I KNOW something is wrong now! Bella is NEVER without her cell phone!”

“OK! I get it! She loves purses and she loves her phone!” Francine said. Zendaya cried a bit listening to her ring tone. It was “Contagious Love.” It was very special to them because it was a song that they worked on together.

Zendaya and Francine walked more along the shore of the lake. They saw a little man in a mask.

“Hey! You!” Zendaya yelled out angrily.

“Ah! Glad you could join in my little party! Hmm… What game should we play first?” said a disguised voice.

“I’m NOT playing games with you!” Zendaya said firmly. “WHAT did you do with Bella?”

“I raped the little cracker bitch! Her cracker ancestors kept my ancestors as slaves, so I needed to teach that redhead cracker white skank a lesson!” the little man said.

“According to this little video on Bella’s cell phone she accidentally recorded, it looks like your dick couldn’t get hard enough to rape a whale’s blow hole!” Zendaya said as she held up Bella’s cell phone to show him the video.

“He’s a little kid, Zendaya. Give him a break on how he has a limp and little dick.” Francine said.

“Whatchu talkin,’ bout, chink?” the little man said.

“I will NOT give him a break!” Zendaya said. Waves rushed to shore and Bella’s naked body came into view. “Bella!” Zendaya said as she saw her best friend naked and motionless on the sand. “I’m gonna ask you ONE last time, WHAT did you do to my beset friend?”

“Best friend? After all the things her kind has done to our people?”

“We are not slaves anymore! We are free! We have more rights than they do and they still don’t hold that against us. We have college funds just for being black. OJ Simpson was freed of his murder charges because of his skin color. We have basketball courts made that only black people are allowed on. We have our own fucking channel, BET, for Christ’s sake! What more could you ask for?”

“Revenge! I want every non-black person in the world to suffer because what my ancestors went through!”

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would be disgusted with you if he were alive and heard you talk like the way you’re doing. He wanted us to have equal rights and here you are MURDERING people who are less fortunate than you!”

“I don’t need to hear another speech from an Uncle Sam! Or an Auntie Samantha, can’t tell with your flat chest!” the little man said. It sounded quite weird to Francine hearing a sinister laugh through a disguised voice device. “I’m gonna REALLY enjoy killing an Uncle Sam!” the killer said as he took a knife out and tried to stab Zendaya, but Zendaya dodged and used the pocket knife she brought and stabbed him in the arm. The masked man let out an agonizing grunt of pain. Zendaya then stabbed him in his right leg after he fell to the ground. She took rope and tied him to a tree. She then rushed to Bella.

“Bella! Speak to me!” Zendaya cried out, but Bella laid there motionless. Zendaya then did CPR on her. Unfortunately the CPR didn’t work. “You bastard!” Zendaya said turning her head to the killer really fast. “It’s time to see who you REALLY are, you son of a bitch!” Zendaya said as she yanked off the mask. “What the? You’re not a little kid!”

“GARY COLEMAN?” Francine exclaimed. Zendaya slapped off Gary’s voice changer device. “Well, I guess it’s not true what they say about black guys.” Francine almost whispered.

“Why does that name sound so familiar?” Zendaya asked.

“Gary Coleman is that kid from ‘Different Strokes.’ He was super rich and famous and then became super broke. He didn’t really grow ever since. After Different Stroke ended he seemed to have lost it all.” Francine explained. Zendaya slapped Gary in the face.

“Besides trying to rape my best friend, what else did you do to her you son of a bitch!? Better yet, I’ll just see for myself.” Zendaya said as she continued to watch the video from Bella’s cell phone. In the video Gary confessed to Bella that he also killed Erika Elaniak years ago. “You drowned Bella, you bastard! You held her head down in the water making sure she suffocated in the lake!” Zendaya then punched Gary right in the nose.

“Can’t we all just…. Get along?” Gary pleaded.

“Can Bella come back to life?” Zendaya said rhetorically. She then slapped him in the face again. Zendaya then pulled Gary’s pants and underwear down.

“Yeah, dat’s what I’m talkin’ about! We can get along really good now!” Gary said whose dick was hard again.

“You think your life is over because you have no more money? Can’t buy an MP3? Can’t buy a computer? Can’t buy DVD? Can’t buy a car?” Zendaya said with tears flowing down her eyes now. “What you took away from ME I can NEVER get back! Money can’t buy me what you took away from me! There will never be another Bella Thorne ever again!”

“No, but there’s my rock hard dick and there’s your mouth, cutie pie!” Gary said in his little way of asking for a blowjob.

“This is for Bella!” Zendaya said as she took her pocket knife and chopped off Gary Coleman’s dick. Gary yelled in extreme pain and looked in extreme horror seeing his dick roll in the sand.

“Holy shit! I didn’t know you had it in you, Zendaya!” Francine said. “Now kill him and get it over with.”

“No. I won’t kill him. I want him to suffer through life without a dick. And as far as untying him goes, I’ll let fate decide whether he gets out of that or not.” Zendaya said as she picked up Bella’s body and started to drag her. They saw a light coming towards them. When they looked up they saw a man holding a flash light heading their way.

“Oh my god! What do we have here?” said a man they were familiar with.

“You’re Vince Vaughn!” said Francine.

“Yeah, I come here once a year to get away from all the fans. I like the attention, but sometimes I want to be alone and focus on me. Am I right, ladies?” Vince winked.

“Yeah.” they said in unison.

“I heard a killer was on the loose here on the radio about half an hour ago. Looks like this friend of yours didn’t get the news fast enough. How about I help you bring it to your cabin?” he volunteered. They agreed and the three of them helped bring Bella’s body back to the cabin. “I’m sorry. How about I take you all to dinner? It will keep your mind off things. Anywhere you want me to go to make reservations?” Vince Vaughn asked.

“Yeah.” said Zendaya. “You can go to hell!” Zendaya said as she stabbed Vince in the stomach. Vince couldn’t help but to lie down in pain holding his stomach from the hard stab. “I never liked your comedies. In fact, I couldn’t tell they were comedies. I can never tell if you’re joking or if you’re whining. Most of your so called jokes seems like you’re just whining.” Zendaya paused. “Bleeding to death is one of the slowest ways to die. So I’m giving you enough time to say your prayers and ask for forgiveness for anything you’ve ever done before you head to the afterlife.”

“I always thought he was whining in his jokes too and I didn’t like his movies either, but do you really think he should be KILLED for that?” Francine said.

“No. I didn’t kill him for that. In the video where Gary confessed he killed Erika Elaniak years ago, he also mentioned Vince Vaughn killed Jennifer Love Hewitt. I also saw in the video someone pass by and looked like he was ‘standing watch’ to protect Gary while he was killing Bella.”

“I also killed Selena Gomez!” Vince said proudly still holding his stomach.

“You don’t deserve to see!” Francine said as she took the mace that Zendaya gave her and sprayed his eyes with it.

They dragged Vince Vaughn’s body back to the lake and covered his whole body in mud except for his head.

It was then morning and the sun came up.

“OK, Kim we’re ready for our Kardashian Kollectin purses.” Francine said.

“Yeah, I want to bury one with Bella’s body.”

“OK, here you go, guys,” Kim said after she unlocked a locked drawer and handed them 1 purse each.

“What about the one for Bella?” Zendaya asked.

“And Selena?” Francine asked.

“Why give one of these to a dead person? They won’t be able to use it anyways.”

“The invitation said we’d ALL get a purse!” Zendaya said firmly.

“If you read the fine print it also said you’d only get one if you stay alive for the whole night. And if you read even further, it also says that you are on a reality show!”

“What?! So everything that happened was video recorded!”

“YES! Everything that happened inside the cabin at least. So Francine, I know you’re a cougar!” Kim winked at her.

“You can’t let people die on a reality show! I’m suing you for the sake of Bella!” Zendaya said angrily.

“You can’t. That invitation was also a contract and Bella and Selena signed it. It specifically states that if you die while on the show, you cannot sue us, and the recording company is not to be held accountable. It‘s standard procedure for reality shows to have the contestants and people sign a contract saying that if they die, the show is not responsible.”

“Why would you do something as sick at this, Kim?” Francine asked.

“For the ratings, baby! It’s all about the ratings!” Kim said cockily. “Don’t worry, Zendaya, I’ll cut out that part of you killing Vince Vaughn. It’s bad for publicity. And don‘t act surprised about me tricking you to do this reality show to get ratings! I milked every dime I could off of Kris Humphries and I also even got him to marry me, so that I could get wedding gifts from HIS side of the family, so that I could milk all the money I could from his ENTIRE family! All his cousin‘s money, his sister‘s money, his aunt‘s money, his second cousin‘s money, his brother‘s wife‘s money, ALL spent on me! And then I donated all the stupid gifts I didn’t‘ want to charity, so that I could still look like the good guy! If I gave the gifts back, I‘d have to give ALL the gifts back to look good. By giving the gifts I didn’t want to charity, I still get to keep the GOOD stuff and still look like a good person!”

Kim’s Halloween special episode that she tricked Francine, Zendaya, Selena, and Bella into had a special DVD and Blu Ray UNCENSORED version and it sold big and made millions.

Zendaya went to Bella’s funeral and stood above her body in the coffin.

“I know how bad you wanted this, Bella. Kim didn’t give you one, so…. I’ll let you have mine.” Zendaya said crying as she dropped the purse in her coffin. The memories she had of Bella that made her so happy were now the memories that made her so sad. However, Zendaya felt a bit of relief knowing that her best friend’s murder was avenged.


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