Café Ole’

Title: Café Ole’

Author: Tori

Celebs: Dove Cameron

Codes: MF, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction.  It did NOT happen.  This story is pure fantasy and fantasy is  legal.


Spotting the gorgeous platinum blonde sitting alone in the café, John walked over and said, “Aren’t you Dove Cameron?”  The blonde beauty smiled and then John saw the gold heart pendant around her neck and read the inscription “Chloe”.  He stepped back and said, “I’m so sorry, Chloe, but you look just like Dove Cameron.”  The girl giggled and held out her perfectly manicured hand and said, “I know.  I get that all the time.”  John shook her tiny hand and said, “May I join you?  You look so lonely sitting her all by yourself.”  Chloe smiled and said, “Please, have a seat…….”  “John.  My name is John.  So nice to meet you Chloe.”


After a minute of awkward silence, Chloe giggled again and John asked, “Want to share the joke?”  She leaned in and said, softly, “I am Dove Cameron.  Chloe is my real name.”  John looked stunned for a second and then a huge smile appeared on his face.  “Oh my God!  I knew it.  I’m such a huge fan.”  Dove looked at him and said, “Really?  I didn’t think anyone but kids liked me.”  John fidgeted in his seat, feeling his cock getting hard and said, “If you must know, I have a huge crush on you, ever since I first saw you on Liv and Maddie.”  Dove could see that John was having trouble hiding his hardon and said, “So tell me John.  Do you jerk off when you watch me?”  John practically jumped out of his seat.  He couldn’t think of anything to say and then Dove dropped her hand onto his leg and started to squeeze it.  “Come on sweetie.  Be honest.  You do, don’t you?”  John took in her beauty and then said, blushing, “Of course I do.  You’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen.”


Dove ran her hand up and started to rub his cock.  She leaned in and whispered, “Want a blowjob John?”  John felt the electricity of her touch run through his body but before he could reply, she said, “Fifty bucks.”  John looked at her and then she giggled again and squeezed his hard cock and said, “I’m just fucking with you sweetie.  I’ll suck you off for free.”  John relaxed a bit but still couldn’t believe the girl of his dreams was playing with him under the table.  Dove looked around and then slipped down under the table cloth and unzipped his fly.  She reached in and pulled out his hard eight inches and started to lick the shaft.  John leaned his head back, sucking in air as the gorgeous beauty took him into her warm, wet mouth.  John did his best to keep his composure as Dove’s head bobbed up and down on him.  Several times her head banged against the table, causing the cups and flower holder to wobble.


John lifted the table cloth and watched as Dove devoured his cock.  It didn’t take but a few minutes before John stiffened up and started to fill her mouth with his hot load.  Dove sucked him all the way down her throat, swallowing as much as she could and when he was finished cumming, she pulled off his cock, looked up at him and licked her lips.  As she slowly slipped back into her seat, John tucked his cock back into his trousers and zipped up.  Dove grabbed a napkin and wiped a little bit of cum off of the side of her mouth and then took a drink of water.  “That was fun, wasn’t it?”  John shook his head and said, “I can’t believe that just happened.”  Dove stood up and straightened out her dress and said, “Maybe next time I’ll let you fuck me.”  John looked up at her and said, “Next time?”  Dove leaned in and kissed his cheek and said, “I’m here for lunch every Thursday.  See you next week?”  John watched her walking out and said, “I’ll be here.”


Dove turned around and blew him a kiss and then left the café.  When John started to get up, the waitress came over and handed him Dove’s check.  He looked at it and smiled.  He reached into his pocket and handed her a twenty.  He fingered paying for her cup of coffee was the least he could do.


The End

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