Cafe Late Harlot

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Cafe Late Harlot

By Sarah Kinky

Jessica sat at a black iron table in an outdoor cafe, working on her
homework that was due in a few hours. The rising sun danced on her beautiful
olive skin, a black tube top and black leather pants hugged her curvy young
figure. Her waiter walked by and set down her cafe late and cinnamon stick.
She smiled flirtatiously. “Will that be all?” the waiter asked, clearly
interested in her.

“Is that
all you’ve got to offer?” She teased, pushing her chest out.
The waiter grinned and they continued to flirt for a while. A few tables
over, a college student sat drinking his coffee (PB Andrew Keegan). He was
dying to teach her a lesson. She’d teased him a few times before, then just
up and left when he was ready to go further. That didn’t fly with him, he
could have any girl he wanted, but she was all he wanted to get into right
now. After the waiter left he watched her finish her homework and then
watched her suck and bite on her cinnamon stick. It was driving him crazy
the way she used her mouth. He knew it could be put to better purposes….

Jessne last time before she left. Andrew watched as she leaned into
the counter, accenting her curves as much as possible as the waiter leaned in
as well. They moved close and she licked his lips. The waiter, having no
self control left, plunged his tongue deep into her mouth. As they kissed,
he moved his hands down to her ass and just began to squeeze a cheek as she
pulled away. “Ah ah ah” she said, waving her finger back and forth, the way
you would to a young child. Andrew laughed, understanding the guy’s
frustration with the little cock teaser that strutted out of the cafe.

He got into his car and followed her to school. He waited in the
parking lot, until he saw her and the rest of the school leave at the end of
the day. He then followed her expertly back to her house where he knew her
parents wouldn’t be home yet. She made her way in the door like every day,
smiling to herself. He waited for a while in the car, then made his way to
the door, prying the lock open. He creeped around expertly to where he found
her lying on her bed, listening to her headphones. He eyed her from behind,
“c’mon now” he thought to himself “what kind of girl wear’s clothes like this
around the house unless she’s just totally stuck on how she looks?!” he
thought, looking at her black satin thong and satiny teddy that hugged her
breasts tight pushing them up and out, then flowered out on her trim belly
and hung just above those panties Andrew was dying to get into. He smiled
mischievously and took a few steps toward her. He saw her freeze and she
knew someone was nearby.

She turned over quickly with her eyes closed “Oh baby I was waiting
for you to come home!” She exclaimed, mistaking him for one of her many
lovers. Andrew was confused, but went along with it for now. Jessica
extended her arms and bit her bottom lip, her eyes still closed. “I need
your dick like soooo bad Puck…..” She moaned teasing one of her hands down
her body. Over her ripe young breasts, down her hard stomach and onto her
satin clad pussy. She moaned, squinting her eyes tightly closed “You know I
don’t like my clit getting all hot and wet when I’m by myself…..” She said
in almost a whisper.

Andrew put his hands on top of hers, and rubbed her hot, sweet
treasure in unison with her. She still had not opened her smoky eyeshadowed
eyes. He laid down on top of her gently, she giggled, ready to peak one eye
open, but he put to fingers on her eye lid, keeping it closed. She smiled
“Oh that’s how its gonna be huh?” she asked, running her hands down his
muscular back, pulling his shirt off.

His hand was alone now, and was rubbing her more aggressively,
listening to her plead for him to take her. Andrew was eating up this dirty
attention, and he slid his other hand up under her teddy. She muttered nasty
phrases in baby talk, and he assumed it was obviously something this ‘Puck’
guy was into. “Mmmmm, Jessica wanna fucky fucky with Pucky Pucky….” She
groaned aching with arousal. Andrew laughed a little, taken aback, but his
hand wandered up her hard body and to her face, pushing her face to his with
a hungry kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, whimpering in that
little girl’s voice. His tongue explored her velvety soft mouth, then sucked
on her tongue which still tasted of that sweet cinnamon stick she’d eaten

All the teasing had given Andrew a raging hard on, and he needed her
to get him off right now. He put a finger on each eye lid, making sure she’d
keep them closed. “Daddy gonna be kinky tonight huh?” she giggled, moving
her lips to his nipples. “Just fuck your baby soon kuz wittle Jessica’s
pussy wussy is so horny it hurts…..” She said, never stopping the baby talk
as she kissed his left nipple before biting it teasingly. Andrew just smiled
eagerly, going nearly insane with arousal.

He slid her satin black thong down her silky soft olive toned legs,
and she giggled, running her fingers through his hair. Her acrylic French
Tipped nails softly scratched his scalp, pulling his head upward to her face.
He left his fingers linger on her young shaved pussy though, rubbing it
lightly at first. He kept his one hand over her eyes and with the other he
let a single finger dive into her hot and wet slit, amazed at how incredibly
tight she was. She wiggled and whimpered under his body as he fingered her,
driving her insane. He smiled mischievously as she bit her bottom lip and
clenched her eyes tightly shut, her entire body tensing as he nearly pushed
her over the orgasmic edge. He couldn’t believe, she had as many lovers as
he knew she did, and she was this tight…..he just couldn’t believe it.

Andrew decided it was his turn to enjoy himself now. He eased up off
of her and left her lying on her back, with his fingers never leaving her
eyelids. He opened her dresser drawer up and pulled out a silky scarf and
tied it around her eyes, making sure she’d keep them closed. She giggled and
moaned, wiggling around on the bed as she heard him undressing. “Oh I want
you to fuck me soooooo hard” she whimpered as though she were in pain. She
pinched at her tiny clit making herself scream and she then heard a polaroid
camera clicking. There was no way Andrew was going to pass this opportunity

She was naked except for her blindfold and it made for a beautiful
photo shoot as she tortured her aching clitoris. She was getting louder and
louder with her moaning, bucking her hips upward into her hand. After many a
pictures, Andrew put his hand on hers and pulled it away. He crawled in her
bed and lay down next to her and she wasted no time topping him off.

She rode him like crazy, and Andrew was amazed at how kinky this girl
could be. He pushed upward and into her, forcing himself into her. He kept
bringing her close to climax, but would then start all over. He finally
crept his hands up her wiggling back and pushed her down onto his chest as he
unleashed his seed into her. The kissed madly, tongues dancing as the both
slowed and soon stopped. “Oooooh Puck……” she moaned lying on her back.
Andrew stood up and collected his pictures and clothes. “It’s never been
that good before” she giggled.

He made his way over to her and kissed her on her sweaty forehead.
“My name’s not Puck” he said, speaking for the first time to her as he walk
walking out of her bedroom and toward the door. Her body shot upward and she
struggled and finally got the scarf off her eyes. Confusion raced through
her blood as she just barely saw his figure get into his car and speed off.
Jessica became lightheaded and fell back onto her couch into a deep deep
sleep. She would never know anything more about today’s crazy adventures .
. .

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