Caleb’s Second Chance

Caleb’s Second Chance

By Dragon333

Disclaimer #1: This story is pure fan fiction. It is completely fantasy, and unreal. If you are offended by sex stories, then read no further.

Disclaimer #2: My “Isaiah” stories started off as a solo project, then it was collaborated with me and another writer. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted at all after a few stories, so this is my attempt at giving the plot’s background a second chance. That’s why it may seem very similar to the Isaiah book. But the Caleb stories might be much different than the Isaiah stories, because the purpose of me creating
the Caleb story (or stories) is to create a story and plot that I wanted to do with Isaiah but couldn’t. If you already read the beginning of Isaiah, then you can just skip the first chapter.

Celebs: Jennifer Hudson

Codes: cons, interracial, MF

written: June 2009

Chapter One: The History of Caleb

Caleb was a man in his twenties and he’s been a Christian since he was born. He was the only guy in his entire school who never groped a girl. He was kicked out of school when he was 16 and a half. He tried hard, but never got the opportunity for a second chance to go back to school. He was smart so he knew if he just had ONE more chance to go back to school he would have passed and graduated walking on that stage with that gown. He prayed to God over and over again to give him a second chance to go back to school, yet sadly, God only laughed at him. Caleb wished this idea hit him a much more longer time ago, but the idea was, if God threatened to torture people for eternity but wouldn’t do it until AFTER the person died, then the person should do whatever he wants until the person gets at the age where he would have a higher chance of dying, like at age 50. Caleb realized he wasted so many years of his life. Caleb remembered all the things that happened and didn’t happen in his past and realized a lot of things. He missed out on his childhood and teen hood completely. He never enjoyed the circus, never went to the carnival, and most importantly, didn’t create good memories when he was a teenager. He lost his virginity to a 30 year old prostitute when he was 14, whereas his schoolmates lost their virginity to a fresh girl or at least a girl around their own age.

After Caleb turned 17 and a half, he realized he couldn’t go back to real school, so he enrolled in college at 17. He kind of knew that college was going to be boring, and that it’s nothing like TV. But he really, really HOPED he was wrong. For some odd reason, his father went to college just a year before Caleb turned 17, yet his father STILL said that college was great, college girls are a lot easier, and all the other myths that Caleb figured out was false. Caleb hoped he was wrong and his father was right. He enrolled in college since he wasn’t accepted back in real school. He hoped he could redeem himself there. Maybe find his second chance in college. Despite what the movies say and show you, college is NOTHING like what you see in the movies. In the movies it shows you that college is the best years of your life. It shows that there are parties everywhere, multiple hot and cool girls everywhere, and it’s full of happy noise and incredibly outgoing and fun people. And it shows you that homework is barely ever assigned. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Caleb, back when he was 15 assumed there would be no parties in college because everyone would be over 18, and if they had a party, they’d go to jail because they would be over 18, and he was right. There were no parties, girls wouldn’t give anyone the time of day – let alone being “easy,” and college was so peaceful and quiet, and every single person there in college except Caleb himself was anti social. Caleb hated peace and quiet. Homework was the only thing that seemed to exist in college. It was pretty much high school WITHOUT the good stuff. College didn’t even have a lunch hour like middle school and high school did. The lunch hour in school was the most social thing there, it was where people bonded, hung out, and even had free shows for the students, such as the pep rallies done by the cheerleaders.

Unfortunately Caleb went to only one pep rally in his life and he totally regretted only going to one. Every minute in college seemed like an hour. Even during their 15 minute break, no one talked to anyone. Caleb couldn’t stand the boredom of college. Caleb then moved to the next step, and found himself a job. It was hard since he didn’t have a diploma, but he finally found one. But he realized a very important lesson, a job was of little importance, and a job ain’t nothing’ but work!

Chapter Two: The Wish

Realizing his life was doomed to suck for the rest of his life, he decided to walk around the streets and help others lives since he couldn’t fix his own. He bought a beef jerky at a gas station, and saw a homeless man sitting down outside. He then offered him a piece of the beef jerky and he accepted. Caleb broke off a piece and gave it to him. He figured homeless people would probably have a really hard time buying meat because of the cost. They probably eat a lot of candy because it’s the cheapest edible thing. He didn’t want to give him a whole beef jerky because he wasn’t rich, and wanted to help multiple people, not just one. He then saw an old lady at a ‘Mac Burger’ and she looked really homeless. He also gave her a piece of beef jerky when she accepted his offer. She then offered him a little booklet. Not wanting to be rude, he accepted.

“Wow, you don’t have much stuff and you’re willing to give something. That’s really nice of you to still try to reward someone.” Caleb told her.

“You might need it more than me.” she told him.

“What I need … I can never get. But I’m glad I can help others at least.”

“If you need a second chance read a page or two in the booklet.”

The next day Caleb went to college and really tried to make the best of it. He said hi to every girl and “what’s up” to every guy, and only three of those one hundred greeted back. And even those, didn’t show any enthusiasm, appreciativeness, or even liveliness. When he tried to actually communicate with any of them, they just ignored him or blew him off.

He then tried the mall to make friends, and he couldn’t get a single girl (or even a guy) to say hi to him, let alone talk to him. A few girls came up to him to talk, and he was real happy people were willing to make friends. That was until…. He found out they were only trying to sell him something. He made conversation finally with the workers at the mall, but then they stopped talking to him once they made a sale off of him. Even the times he didn’t buy from them, the workers realized that they tried to sell him something, he didn’t want it, and was a failed sale, and stopped talking to him. He then sat down on a bench at the mall and started eavesdropping.

“So how did you two meet?” a lady asked a couple.

“Well, my friend from high school introduced us when we were at a birthday get-together my friend’s in-law was having. We connected, and one week later we became an item. Now it’s been three years, and we are getting married in March of next year.”

Caleb then thought it was time for desperate measures and was willing to gamble. He signed up for the dating website membership. You pay a monthly fee to supposedly get a chance at finding a girl. You pay whether you date a girl or not, so it was gambling. Sadly, the only girls he got to message him or respond back were bots and advertisements. Meaning, they weren’t really people, but just profiles with pictures saying something like “Hey, you’re cute. Want to get together?” and nothing else. He couldn’t get a single date on there. Dozens of girls who joined the site met tons of guys on there. Caleb realized any place that is meant to find dates, guys will have an incredibly hard time getting one date, whereas girls will have it incredibly easy. Caleb figured it was because guys are constantly looking to hook up with girls, and girls are rarely ever trying to meet a guy. ‘There goes $50 down the drain!’ Caleb said to himself.

Caleb then thought out of politeness to read some of the little booklet the lady gave him. It had awkward text in the booklet.

“The bible says that whoever follows God’s rules will not perish in eternal flame, but have the glory of seeing him in the heavens. Who does he think he is? He’s an arrogant asshole! He thinks it’s so great just to be in his presence? What a cocky son of a bitch!” Caleb then chuckled after reading the first page. He then got to something more interesting though. He got to a page about magic, and summoning a wish goddess. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t believe that for a second. However, he was so desperate he’d believe anything at the moment! He saw there was a wish spell. It said you could wish for anything you want. Anything at all. A few million dollars? Then maybe he could finally move out? Pay his immediate family’s bills? Buy a car and hire a driver? Help the economy? Nah.. That wouldn’t guarantee him a girl to keep him from lonely nights, and it wouldn’t make him any friends. He then started to think back at his life, what went good, and what went wrong. He remembered taking a week vacation from school and tried to home school that week. He was too focused on having fun during that vacation he didn’t even read the assignments, let alone do the work! That little slump, caused him to be totally unprepared for the next lessons, and hurt him throughout the whole year. Ever since that bad decision in his sophomore year, it ruined his school life. He then had to take summer school, and ditched his math class because of his classmate who was being a real bitch to him. He was offered home school and at the time thought home school was the best thing ever for a student, but when he actually got there he realized it was the worst thing that could ever happen to a teen. He tried to go back, but the old school that suggested he take home school wouldn’t let him. The other schools were too far, full, or didn’t accept students who lived outside of the district. He then remembered the engaged couple at the mall. They were surrounded by a big group of friends. The lady mentioned she met her husband-to-be from being introduced from a friend from high school. Then Caleb knew exactly what to wish for! He then cast the spell from the booklet to wish to go back in time and start off as a Sophomore so he can redo it and create a good life for himself. He knew that he’d have a great adult life if he had a good school life.

Chapter Three: Jennifer Hudson the Wish Goddess

Caleb was walking through a field of grass with a bright light surrounding the whole field.

“Where am I?” he asked aloud.

“You’re dreaming.” a woman’s voice answered. “Do you really think if you got the chance to go back in time to your sophomore year, you would have a better life?”

“Yes, but who are you?”

“I’m Jennifer Hudson. A wish goddess.” she introduced herself. “You sure you wouldn’t mess it up even more if I gave you another chance?”

“I’m absolutely one hundred percent positive!” Caleb said.

“And you didn’t just make the wish to be around spirits and demons all day?”

“No, I want to go back in time so I can fix my past. By fixing my past, I can fix my present. I can make use of the opportunities I had that I didn’t realize I had, or the ones I knew I had, but was too nervous to take them.”

“Just to warn you, Caleb… It’s OK to have sex with demons sometimes, and spend time with them sometimes, but you really shouldn’t over do it. If you make a wish, make use of the wish.” Jennifer told him. “Do you understand?”


“To make the wish come true, you must suck the nectar out of my big black tits.” she said as she removed her red shoulder straps from her red dress and let it glide to the floor. He took a mouthful of tit and started to suck. “Oh yes, Caleb! That feels so good! Keep sucking!” Caleb sucked harder and harder. He continued to suck on one of her nipples while he caressed her other big breasts. He could actually taste the sweetness of Jennifer’s nectar from her big tits. Jennifer then stuck her tongue in his mouth and French kissed him, and then put his head back down to her tits so he could suck them again. After Jennifer Hudson thought he got enough nectar she pushed him away softly.

“So…. What now?” Caleb asked.

“Your wish is granted!” Jennifer Hudson told him as she snapped her fingers and then he woke up.

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