Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls


Description: A shadowy organization, the Victorian Institute of Learning, lures six British glamour model/actresses to a Caribbean island for the filming of a multiracial gangrape.

Content Codes: M+/F+, F/F, Rape, Oral, Anal, Subtle-Voy, Inter, WS, gang, bukkake, cream, strap-on, grope

Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral
actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I’m disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I do not know Gemma Atkinson, Nikki Sanderson, Adele Silva, Jennifer Ellison, Samia Ghadie (nee Smith) or Tina O’Brien (or Charlotte Church/Lacey Turner who are referred too without featuring) and everything I have written is purely fictional, means no harm, and again is solely a work of fiction. I make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Additional Credit: Story requested by the master of fictional buggery, Ronin, as part of a story exchange.

Bernie the shyster checked his watch. The helicopter from Jamaica was overdue, and threatened to throw off his entire carefully planned schedule. He sweated even in the shade, and stains formed on his expensive shirt. On the plus side, he decided, there was absolutely no way things could go as badly as they had the last time.

The Boss had wanted Charlotte Church to star in one of his movies, so they’d recruited her in the usual way. Brought her out to the island, set everything up, and the guys had gone to work. Every tactic of humiliation and degradation known to man had been unleashed on the curvy Welsh girl, and she’d simply begged for more. They gave her ten pounds at the end, as humiliating a declaration of cheap whoredom as any known. Charlotte had called them back and given them five pounds change. She’d asked for a new booking. Voice of an Angel, mind in the sewer. The tape had been a disaster, except, Bernie reflected, possibly as a comedy.

“Bernie,” the Boss had explained to his lawyer in that upper class English accent that so grated Bernie’s NYC sensibilities, “I shall not hesitate to take out my disappointment upon you, personally, if you don’t make this up to me.”

Bernie had believed the Boss. He was Royalty, after all, and like his Grandfather was never afraid to say exactly and honestly what was on his mind. They were sure to avoid any such ‘Charlotte Church factor,’ with the newest video. Bernie smiled as the Helicopter came into view over the nearest island, and uninhabited patch of green in the brilliant Caribbean sea. He knew it was carrying six carefully selected English glamour models, all either currently or formerly appearing in television soaps. They liked soaps at the palace, he understood.

The Boss had been very particular in his choices. Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and the late, lamented Brookside were all represented. It had taken two months to set up, and the Boss’s initial selection of Lacey Turner has been cancelled after Max Clifford had supplied Bernie with a private tape. As Bernie had said “The boys are great at what they do, but how the hell can they do anything worse to a girl who enjoys doing that in a farm yard? I can’t take my kids to a petting zoo again without it spoiling my lunch!”

The Boss hadn’t been bothered, explaining his cousin did far worse with her horses. Still, he wanted to see the shame, the brutally created humiliation recorded in the girl’s eyes and it was doubtful with Lacey. The Boss liked to watch, and if he didn’t like what he watched it’d be Bernie’s balls on a pole.

The chopper landed on the helipad. There were two on the small private island, with the other usually holding the Boss’s private helicopter. Bernie fixed his business smile on his face, and walked out to greet the passengers as they were helped down to the hot tarmac. Bernie subtly checked his watch again; he had business in Jamaica, but also had to be back for the end of the production.

“Ladies, you all look fabulous! Absolutely stunning! I say this from my heart of hearts, you’ll be making the finest charity calendar known to man today. It does my old heart good to see young ladies coming together in unpleasant circumstances.”

Bernie had jerked off twice before strolling down to the helipad, and that along with his age prevented a hard erection bulging at the crotch of his trousers as he ran his eyes over the six model/actresses. A polite cough from behind told him that the Boss’s island Butler, Carlton, had arrived to lead the girls into the villa complex.

The chopper crew carefully unpacked baggage onto the helipad as Bernie made introductions, before climbing inside. He knew the girls’ bags were only being handled carefully because the Boss didn’t want them to know too soon what was in store for them during their ‘charity calendar’ shoot. There wasn’t much baggage, as modeling gear would be provided and the girls were not expecting to stay overnight, but even so they all complained at the notion they might have to carry their own bags to the house,

“Do you know who I fucking am?” asked Samia arrogantly of the elderly Butler, “I’m not carrying my own bags!”

The others nodded in agreement, putting Carlton in mind of the little dogs you used to see in the back of cars. He watched Bernie take off in the back of the chopper and wondered, as he always did, why the lawyer didn’t take part in the master’s affairs. Carlton was nearly seventy, with snow white hair and coal black skin, and he wouldn’t miss one for the world. Like all of the all-male staff on the island, he worked genuinely for the owner in a ‘day job,’ as well as engaging in domination, humiliation, degradation and rape as required.

“My apologies,” Carlton spread his hands calmly, and then clicked his fingers. The girls gasped as two heavily armed black men appeared to materialize from behind the nearest rocks. They towered over even Gemma, who was by far the tallest of the models/actresses. Jennifer even stepped back in alarm, but all they did was twist their weapon straps to their backs and lift up all of the girls’ bags between them in a servile manner.

“Francis, Michael, please take our guests baggage up to the guest suite,” Carlton commanded smoothly, before, “This way ladies, if you please”.

Up at the villa Mario Fantozzi was engaged in setting up the ‘shooting set,’ arranging pool loungers, checking shadow, making sure they’d get the best possible shots for the calendar. It had taken Bernie a while to locate a good photographer and director who also enjoyed raping brainless bimbos. Most of them had turned out to be gay. In Mario, he had the perfect man for the job, loyal, genuinely talented and brutal.

The charity, the Victorian Institute of Learning, was really a front organization that had been used many times by secretive figures within the English Royal Family. Founded by Prince Albert in 1860 as the Royal Association for Promotion of Education, it had been renamed in the late 1930s. It was a low-key organization, good at keeping its secrets. It was well named, since it almost exclusively taught stupid sluts important lessons (almost, because there were a few Royals who preferred stupid studs… or animals). As such a low-key affair, and usually went unreported and unnoticed. Mario had taken pictures and directed video for VIOL before, but for private consumption. He wondered how it would fall out with the girls’ calendar being sold.

After what Mario was going to direct, he really doubted any of them would have the strength of mind to face the shame of going public, even with the sure to be best selling calendar all around. He checked his pose notes, making sure that all of the calendar pictures would be on film before it was time to down tools and, well, grab other tools. As far as the girls knew, it was going to be a fairly short poolside photo session, single shots followed by a few group shots, several alternates just in case, and then they’d have a good high protein lunch and be left to sun worship without paparazzi for a few hours before the chopper returned. Mario chuckled; at least they would get the high protein lunch.

All around the island the final preparations continued. In the kitchen baked refreshments and drinks were arranged. Those on red trays were ‘clean,’ and could safely be consumed by staff. Those on white trays were baked or mixed in with the semen of every man on the island. Even before the fun began in earnest, the models would unknowingly eat their hosts’ seed. Out by the pool the make up guys prepared for touching up – in all senses of the word – the girls, while others stacked up a couple of crates of sun oil. If any of the girls were bright enough to wonder, they would be told that nobody was sure which grade of sun lotion each girl was using, so a wide selection had been obtained.

Armed guards patrolled the island or held assigned positions. They would have to take turns, of course. In the security room the CCTV operators checked all of the monitors were working perfectly. There were cameras and hidden microphones in every room, and around the island. A fresh box of Kleenex was close to hand. Sound could be played at the touch of a button, although currently the soothing sound of the ocean filled the small room.

The six models hired for the shoot were Gemma Atkinson, Jennifer Ellison, Nikki Sanderson, Adele Silva, Samia Ghadie and Tina O’Brien. The eldest of them was Adele, and the youngest Gemma. All of them wore high-heeled shoes, but even without Gemma would have towered above her fellow Mancunian beauties Tina and Samia. They all knew each other at least to nod at through their soap ‘acting,’ and modeling work, and some of them were better acquainted. Though to describe any of the girls as a proper actress was a slur on the noble craft, they were there because the soaps’ directors and writers knew a section of the audience would tune in for shapely arses and pretty smiles.

They followed the ancient butler up to the villa, paying no attention at all to the ever-present guards, or the staff darting about the place. Cooks, handymen and gardeners were total nobodies to the six girls. Once, they had all been nobodies too. They’d had their breaks one at a time, doing things that they hadn’t always been proud of on casting couches and in agents’ offices to get where they were today. Even with those small degradations, they had cause to feel pride, for a handjob here or blowjob there had earned them so much.

Tina O’Brien in particular was secretly extremely proud that her small bum was as un-penetrated as the day she was born. She’d heard that all of the girls on Coronation Street had to bend over for dirty old man ‘Ken Barlow’ as a rite of initiation, but luck had saved her arse from a hard reaming from Billy Roache. Like all of the girls, she hoped the seedy days of breaking into the profession were behind them, and enjoyed teasing men with her body, knowing they could never have her.

They were all impressed with the visible opulence of the villa, although not a one of them amongst them could have named the artists or sculptors responsible for some of the works inside or out. They were better with the fashionable designer gear, and cooed empty-headed appreciation. Well-dressed serving staff stood besides the path to the villa, holding trays of chilled low fat shakes. Each of the models took one from the carefully blank faced staff. They had experience of holding back their smiles as the girls drank, though they knew that only careful flavoring and mixing prevented the girls from realizing there was a whole lot of spunk in their shakes.

The air conditioning hit hard after the island heat, and Adele found herself reaching back to tug her underwear from the crack of her arse.

“Hey, Jeeves! This better be low fat milkshake, or there’ll be trouble.”

Carlton didn’t bother to correct his name. He merely assumed that he would have the opportunity to teach it to Miss Ellison personally later in the day.

“Certainly, ma’am. I assure you, your agents were all very clear about your specific diets. The kitchen staff has been briefed to the nearest calorie. Ah, this is the bedroom assigned for your possessions and changing during the shoot.”

He directed the men carrying the bags to take them into the room, and indicated with a wave of his hand that they were not to angle for tips like hotel bellboys.

“Mr Fantozzi, who is the overall creative director of both the photoshoot and,” Carlton coughed politely, “the documentary is making some last minute equipment and location checks. My understanding of the equipment is basic, but I believe one of the handheld cameras has failed and needed to be repaired.”

“Hello! Do you know how boring you are, you old fart? Get out of here while we change!”

Carlton, ever the butler, bowed his head politely and left the room. There were six bikinis in the room, each labeled for the models. As there had been some confusion over whether Gemma Atkinson could read, the labels were in the form of a picture of each girl. There was a big double bed in the room, a few chairs, and a huge mirror above a long dressing table, turning to full length at the sides. The mirror allowed anybody in a comfortable room next door to see everything in the bedroom, while being unseen.

“Oh brilliant! Look at this pink bikini!” gushed Jennifer, basking in the immediate hostility of her fellow models. Thin straps would hold the bright pink cups onto her firm boobs, while the matching pink bikini bottoms left little to the imagination.

“Wonder who she sucked off to get that,” muttered Nikki as she examined her plain black bikini.

Adele Silva had a white bikini, which brilliantly displayed her arse and chest cleavage to their full, while Gemma Atkinson’s dark green bikini was barely there. She smiled; if she wasn’t to have the pink, at least her awesome breasts would clearly be a high point of the calendar. Samia’s bikini was plain black, but in a slightly different style to Nikki’s, while Tina had a kind of black Bikini/Swimsuit hybrid, with the breast covering fabric going up from the bikini bottoms and around her neck, displaying a wide stretch of her cleavage and her belly button.

They dressed mostly in silence, needing their concentration to operate clasps and tug on panties. There was a pair of matching high-heeled shoes provided for each girl, to replace those that they had worn. They were barely dressed when the make up and hair staff knocked and entered the bedroom for last minute touch ups and checks. Adele was surprised to see that they didn’t appear to be blatantly homosexual, which she had believed to be a career qualification.

Jennifer recognized the prison tattoos on the wrist of one of the men, having seen almost exactly the same rough design on the wrist of some men back when she grew up in Liverpool. She thought it nice, in her simple-minded way, that he had learned skills to turn his life away from crime. She didn’t realize the tattoo marked him as a former member of a brutal Merseyside rape gang, or that the hands, which carefully applied her fresh lipstick, had once bounced a screaming school friend of hers on his thick cock. For his part, he looked forward to having her lipstick smeared on his dipstick.

The only unforeseen problem with the photoshoot clothing was that Jennifer’s feet had swollen slightly in traveling, and so when she forced on her pink high-heels they were very tight. Since she had the best bikini and needed matching shoes she decided not to demand a different pair, but did eventually complain,

“These high heels hurt like buggery!”

“No they don’t,” muttered one of the make up staff, knowing she’d soon find out that what really hurt like buggery was buggery.

Once barely-dressed and ready, and applied with a first layer of sun lotion, the six girls were given another drink each and led through the villa to the poolside. They were introduced to the director, Mario, whose open leering they all expected from past shoots with similar men. He introduced them to his 18 year old son, Joey, whose erection was so obvious in his thin shorts they all offered him their most disgusted expressions.

“God, you have no control do you? Get away from me, you total nobody!” Gemma was the only one who actually vocalized the disgust, and Mario clipped Joey around the ear and sent him down the other end of the pool.

“Sorry, he’s young. You know what Italian men are like, eh?”

“Shit In bed?” Adele’s casual insult would come back to haunt her.

Mario’s expression didn’t change, he kept his leer. The photoshoot involved each of the girls having a solo shot for the first six months of the year, with Mario posing them physically, greasy hands pawing and groping their nubile bodies into arousing poses. It was an unfortunate, but normal, part of the glamour model photoshoot and none of the girls considered Mario’s wondering hands abnormal. Then he paired them up, two each in a picture to fill another three months. He followed up with all six posing together, and then called Tina, Samia and Nikki to run off a few shots of the other three girls together.

“Okay, that’s perfect! We’re going to be fighting between this shot and the next one for the cover photo, I’m sure,” Mario shouted as Jennifer, Adele and Gemma broke from their pose. He was lying; there was no way that that photo of the three girls with the biggest breasts wasn’t going to be on the calendar cover. Adele’s pair alone ought to be enough to shift a few thousand copies.

Gemma dropped back to her sunbed and looked around for a bottle of lotion.


One of the big black men who stood nearby – Gemma thought him Villa staff come for a gawk at her juicy bikini meat – tossed her a bottle of sun lotion. She saw that another black man was sitting idly on a crate of the stuff. Without so much as deigning to offer a thank you, the Mancunian began to cover her body in the greasy protective lotion.

Jennifer Ellison still carried the air of smug satisfaction that came from being the only girl in a pink bikini as she walked seductively down the pool tiles towards Mario. She wiggled her hips as she walked, and made sure to bring each high heel down with a loud click; it was obvious from the bulge in the director’s trousers that all of the girls were having a big effect on the Italian. Even the aged Butler Carlton appeared slightly ruffled at the wiggling tanned flesh on display.

Adele walked a few steps back, smiling widely as she realized just how much Jennifer was teasing both Mario, and the other men around the pool. She, like Jennifer, had large firm breasts bulging inside her bikini. As Jennifer wiggled her hips, the shorter Adele pushed out her chest and started offering seductive glances to men she would never, in a million years, willingly allow to touch her hot body.

The ‘documentary’ cameraman zoomed in for close ups of wiggling hips and bouncing breasts, and the girls played to the lens too. Adele reached a sun lounger just to the side of Mario and bent over it, looking for her sun lotion. In that moment, almost all male eyes were on the succulent round cheeks of her perfect arse, which the thin crotch of the Bikini bottoms came nowhere near to covering.

Jennifer slipped unnoticed into the nearest door of the Villa, heading for the bedroom. She wanted her MP3 player and an opportunity to powder her nose before heading out to sun worship and wait for the return chopper. She was disgusted to see one of the villa’s armed guards standing near to the villa door, with his hard cock poking up past the waste of his combats. ‘There ought to be laws against men going commando if they can’t contain themselves,’ she thought, before reflecting that it was kind of fun to see how much he wanted girls he couldn’t have.

He didn’t even notice her, eyes locked on Adele Silva’s arse. Silently, he promised himself that he would see his nine-inch dick buried to the ballsack between those cheeks. It was all he could do not to run across and take her then and there, face down across the sun lounger. It was only the consideration that not doing things under Mario’s direction would prevent his future participation that stopped him. Many of the other men had reached the same conclusion.

Adele retrieved her lotion, and turned and sat on the sun lounger, noticing her head was about the height of Mario’s bulge. She ignored him totally and looked towards where the pert breasted girls Samia, Nikki were making final adjustments on their black bikinis, and Tina to her bikini/swimsuit hybrid, before posing for their group shot. Mario directed them expertly, the shorter Samia and Tina stood on either side of Nikki, arms around each other.

Mario noted that even as experienced glamour models they were not keen to hold their hands on the others’ bodies quite as he wanted. It had been different with Gemma and Adele, who had gripped each other’s arse without hesitation; Mario knew from the files that they’d both munched carpet in displays for their boyfriends. He respected the men who knew how to make their sluts act appropriately, but not enough that he wasn’t going to personally help violate the bitches, and send them back to their lovers thoroughly used.

Mario snapped off a few shots, got the poses he needed for the calendar, and passed the camera to Carlton.

“Take this inside somewhere safe, please.”

“Very good, sir.” Carlton left the poolside. He knew he’d get his chance eventually.

“Just hold that pose a little longer girls,” Mario shouted, “we need a little more documentary footage here.”

Mario thought that even a blind, deaf and mentally retarded monkey would be able to pick up on the tense atmosphere of anticipation that now surrounded the pool. Yet, not a one of the dumb little bitches appeared to notice anything. How had the British come to this? He could understand Samia, being of French heritage, but surely the others had to have a braincell between them, to pick up on what was about to happen… Italian girls would have got it, he thought.

Mario had a surreptitious look up at the one-way glass of a window on the Villa’s second floor. The Boss would be up there, watching. It had long been established in the Victorian Institute of Learning that the patrons could not be directly involved if there was any chance of their identity being established. Even Mario didn’t know exactly who he worked for, having received his explicit instructions from Bernie.

The director raised his hands above his head and clapped twice. It was time for the unzipping. All of the villa staff around the pool reached down to their trousers and shorts and unzipped or unbuttoned their flies, and tugged out their big hard cocks. The only exception were men at escape routes with guns, and Joey, who was having a trouble with the knot on his swim shorts. There was a stunned silence, except for quiet movement of rough hands on aching cocks.

“Whores, you’ve been doing that softcore bikini shit for too long. Who the fuck do you sluts think you are, the Virgin Mary? It’s time for your move to the hardcore market; way beyond FHM and that, what do you limeys call it… Sunday Sport shit.”

Petite little Tina screamed at the sight of all the cocks, but the other girls thought it was some kind of joke or prank. They thought there was a chance of somebody leaping out to present a prank show aware. Then Mario grabbed a tight grip of Adele’s hair and slapped her stunned face with his veiny hairy cock.

“Suck it whore”

Adele twisted her face away and angrily said, “Do you know who the fuck I am? My agent is going to have you for breakfast, you perverted tosser!”

Mario’s cock was only semi hard, and he needed a piss. He decided to show Adele exactly what she was.

“You’re big titted rapemeat. You’re not a girl – my daughter is a girl. You’re not a lady – my wife is a lady. You’re holes for dick to fuck. That’s what you are.”

The dark yellow stream burst from the end of Mario’s prick into Adele’s gaping mouth. The foul taste was worse than warm Magners, and made her cough. Mario aimed his spray across her face and then down at her busty body. In seconds Adele Silva was turned into a greasy Italian-American’s urinal, his piss slut. He shook it off in her eyes, and then slapped her squealing face with his dick again.

Gemma Atkinson wasn’t noted for her brains so much as her tits, but she was still slightly smarter than the heavyset black men who closed in as she stared at the piss dripping off Adele. The villa staff suddenly appeared very dangerous. Their big black tools bounced as they approached, eyes locked on her breasts. Gemma dodged away from her sun bed as the three still-posing girls were surrounded.

She raised the sun lotion bottle and squeezed it forwards, momentarily blinding the nearest man. He swore and rubbed at his face as the other lunged towards her. Gemma squealed as his strong arms gripped around her, and then to their mutual surprise slipped away thanks to the heavy sun lotion coating. Gemma lost her balance and fell into the pool. Her breasts took the force of the belly-flop, and a stream of bubbles expressed her discomfort as she instinctively swam towards the shallow end.

“Go get the bitch! I can’t fucking see!” muttered the man wiping his face.

“I can’t fucking swim, man! Shit, you look like a nigger came in your eyes!” he broke off and laughed at Gemma’s shapely calves and high-heeled shoes splashing in the water and slowing the desperate model down.

“Stand aside boys,!” Mario’s nephew, Joey, who was officially the ‘pool boy,’ kicked off his shoes and dived in after the frantic glamour model. The men watched in shock as the skinny little Italian-American, who was barely 18, covered the distance behind Gemma.

“Can you believe that fucking greaseball? Gonna nail the bitch with the tits first!”

“Look at him go! Hey, maybe she’ll kick his skinny ass? C’mon, let’s get round there and greet her out the pool!”

Gemma spat water as her feet kicked the bottom. Her eyes with stinging with chlorine, and she couldn’t believe how fast things had changed from a calendar shoot to seeing what Mario did to Adele. She realized someone else was in the pool, and then Joey grabbed her from behind and roughly pushed her against the side. He ground his groin against her shapely ass and reached around to maul her awesome tits, one hand pushed his shorts down and tugged her bikini panties aside in almost the same motion.

Warm pool water splashed Gemma’s back as Joey thrust into her, claiming the first penetration of the day. Gemma screamed with outraged fear as the water slick cock sank into her depths. Joey pressed his rough hands down on her back until he could see her big boobs pressed out the sides by the hot poolside tiles.

“Oh Christ! This bitch is so fucking tight! I hope I knock her up!”

Gemma managed to lift her head to see two muscular black men slowly masturbating on the poolside, eyes hungrily absorbing her hard vaginal rape. Only an idiot would plead for mercy from such men, and Gemma fit the bill.

“Please help me…”

“No way, slut. We gonna fuck you next! What you getting right now ain’t even a fucking warm up!”

Joey’s youthful inexperience meant he was shortly blowing his teen load into the shuddering model’s cunt. He slapped her arse hard, and then the black men were pulling her off his cock and out of the pool. Joey sighed, watching water and spunk dribble down the struggling girls thighs; he had to get a camera and start filming.

There was no escape for the five models still around the pool. Mario plugged Adele’s shocked screams with his sweaty, piss dripping cock. There was a wet gagging noise as he screwed into the dripping glamour models disgusted mouth. Adele’s hands slapped against Mario’s thighs, causing him to spit in her face,

“Shut up and take it you filthy fucking slut!”

Strong hands pulled Samia and Nikki away from Tina as the three girls cowered together, they tugged frantically but felt their hands slip away from sun lotion slick limbs. Eager black hands pawed bikini tops up off of tanned breasts as the soap star gang rape began in earnest. The air was filled with four panicked cries and the wet sound of Adele’s oral rape at the hands of the director.

A muscular black man grabbed Tina’s arms and dragged the feisty girl down onto the pool tiles. His hard shaft was already dripping quickly applied sun lotion, the lubricant that would prevent his baby’s arm of a dick from tearing Tina O’Brien apart like paper.

“Please don’t! I’m not on the pill and I heard that sun lotion destroys condoms!”

“Destroys condoms, slut? That ain’t gonna be a problem! There ain’t a single condom for miles!”

The black rapist stared hungrily down into Tina’s eyes as he hooked aside the crotch of her bikini bottoms. Her writhing exciting him like nothing else in the world and he entered her without delay.

Tina O’Brien’s arms flailed and legs kicked around the strong body of her rapist, but she couldn’t dislodge him. Almost out of habit he held a hand across the white girl’s mouth as he sheathed his throbbing length inside her. Tina was stuffed like a council estate dustbin on two week collection – and half as useful – and she shouted “No! No!” into the humping man’s hand.

“I’m gonna put my baby in your belly bitch!”

Tina’s rhythmic cries, forced from her throat with each cervix punishing cock thrust, turned to a wail of despair as the big man stiffened and sprayed his muck in her cunt. It seemed like his orgasm became even more intense at the sound of Tina’s anguish. He withdrew slowly, and spunk bubbled out from Tina’s cunt.

Nikki was on her knees beside Samia with six black men enjoying the two sluts. Each man would thrust his dick hard into one of their mouths, fast fucking their throats for a few strokes before pulling out and letting the next take a turn. They barked a continuous stream of degrading abuse between them,

“Samia you slut, you were born to suck black dick!”

“Nikki, you filthy cow, wiggle those titties at me!”

“Slags!” “Slappers!” “Little white whores!”

Their high-heeled shoes kicked helplessly on the poolside tiles as a couple more men slid down behind the two unwilling knob swallowers. Groping fingers squeezed their arses before they reached around to push down into bikini bottoms. The girls couldn’t verbally protest around the throat stretching shafts as thick fingers probed their cunts and pushed inside. The six men were speeding up, and then torrents of potent spunk splashed into Samia Ghadie and Nikki Sanderson’s glamour model good looks. Their tanned white faces were quickly painted with the streams of six jerking black shafts.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Ellison had gone back to the bedroom and searched around for her small stash of cocaine. She was surprised that she couldn’t find it, but didn’t know that their bags had been carefully searched for anything that might null them to the gang rape. She assumed one of the others had stolen it, “Thieving cows!” she muttered. Jennifer instead slid in the earphones of her mp3 player, and switched it on.

The ‘music’ of Take That filled her ears before the first screams started at the poolside. Jennifer had been a big fan of the boys back in their thinner days, and found herself recalling teenage fantasies as the familiar tune played. Crossing the bedroom, she lay down on the soft sheets and slid a hand into her pink bikini bottoms. The beautiful large breasted blonde bit her lower lip as her fingers rubbed around the lips of her pussy.

While the rape got seriously underway outside, Jennifer began to speed up her masturbation as she imagined servicing the entire group one after another, or maybe just the ones who still had a lot of money. With the music pounding she was quite unaware how loudly she moaned, nor that Carlton, the ancient Butler, had heard her from the corridor. He pushed the bedroom door open fully, and was greeted with the sight of the passionately frigging model.

Despite his age, he stripped faster than some of the men by the pool had, and walked over to the bed. There was no need for viagra as his old cock stood up harder than it had in a decade. His eyes roamed her body, one breast semi-exposed, the soaking bikini bottoms, the long legs. The first Jennifer knew he was there was when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She screamed as the naked old black man tugged her bikini bottoms aside and thrust hard into her.

There was no need for any sun lotion lubricant in Jennifer Ellison’s well-fingered fuckhole, and Carlton speared her good. He was old enough to have raped the stupid squealing slut’s grandmother, and her slapping arms were no deterrent as he fucked her good and hard.

“How you like this, you little cunt? Wiggling your arse for the world to see!”

Jennifer barely heard Carlton over her mp3 player, which still blared into her ears.

“This is rape! You can’t do this!” Jennifer managed around her screams, “HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

She couldn’t understand why her tearful cries seemed to excite the old butler even more, or why nobody came to her aid. Her face turned crimson with embarrassment as she realized the rough fucking and the snowy-haired old man’s mauling of her breasts was driving her to the orgasm she’d nearly reached with her fingers. Carlton felt it too,

“Shit, you filthy whore! You like being raped don’t you? You dirty slut!”

He pulled out just before she came, and forced her legs back until her arse was up off the edge of the bed. He was surprisingly strong for his age, and held both of Jennifer Ellison’s legs back with one hand as he pressed the cuntjuice slick head of his cock at Jennifer’s arsehole. Her bikini bottoms were stretched enough to hang loosely to the side of the tight star.

“See if you like my big black cock up my arse, blondie!”


Jennifer Ellison screamed at the sudden sharp pain of Carlton’s cock pressing into her sphincter, and almost instinctively started masturbating again to try and drown it out with forced pleasure. Carlton spat into Jennifer’s mouth as he forced his old cock deep into her young arse. He gave her his whole length slowly, until his white-haired old balls were snugly against Jennifer’s taut flesh. The butler thought he might have a heart attack from the sheer pleasure wrapped around his dick, and he began the in and old motions knowing they could almost be his last.

Jennifer Ellison had never felt so dirty as she did when she brought herself off while being raped by an old black man. She was the filthiest whore in England, she thought, as her spasming bottom brought on Carlton’s watery climax into her bowels. She was so humiliated that she didn’t resist as he forced his cock into her mouth and told her to clean off his spunk. Carlton was praying for another hard erection quickly so he could fuck the blonde girl’s shuddering cleavage.

Three minutes later he had her breasts wrapped around his shaft.

Out at the poolside Gemma Atkinson was bent diagonally backwards across a sun lounger. Her sticky hair hung down towards the poolside tiles as a thick tanned cock made use of her upside down face’s angle to slide fully into her throat. Heavy hairy balls smashed over and over into her nose as her awesome tits were painfully groped. Her shapely legs kicked around the black rapist who pulled out and jerked off across her pussy and stomach. Her dripping hole didn’t have time to close before he was moved aside for another man.

Adele Silva had become an unofficial urinal after Mario had pissed all over her face and cleavage. Every time one of the rapists needed to piss, he came over and sprayed it over the drenched and stinking glamour model. The rank scent failed to deter young Joey, who was filming one handed as the broken willed girl worked on his stiff knob with her hot mouth. His knees shook with pleasure and power as he looked down into her eyes. After he came, making her swallow every drop, he shoved her backwards hard. There was general laughter as she splashed backwards into the pool. She was raped again as soon as she emerged.

Mario cocked his head as instructions were relayed from an earpiece. He jerked his head around and saw that Jennifer Ellison had indeed left the poolside. The Boss had decided she could be brought back into the main mix when the gangrape moved to the bedroom, as Carlton was taking care of her. Mario knew the Boss was fond of the Butler, and liked for him to have additional treats. Still, the old man could use some help. Mario grabbed a couple of the guards waiting their turn. Their disappointment at being ordered from the poolside instantly evaporated when Mario said why.

The director then had a couple of guys carry Tina and Samia over to a sunbed. Their black captors held them side by side as Mario stood in front of them. He enjoyed the intensely shameful gazes in their eyes, and reached out to grope each one’s pussy. Spunk and sun lotion mixed with their forced arousal dribbled around his hands,

“Wow, you’re both quite a mess down there – but it’s okay. You’re going to clean each other.”

The girls squirmed on his roughly probing fingers. Of course, neither was terribly bright but still they could work out it wasn’t going to be a flannel and water job.

“I bet neither of you can count to 69,” Mario started, enjoying their sudden gasps, “but that’s what’s going to happen. Neither of you have ever been with another girl, right?”

“N-No, please, dykes are disgusting! Don’t make me do it!”

“Ahh, Tina, that’s why you have to do it. If I picked a couple of girls like, say, Adele and Gemma there they’d just not feel as degraded. They’ve eaten snatch before. Surely you read about it in the papers?”

The wide-eyed and wriggling glamour models shook their pretty heads. Mario shrugged, and then wiped his hands off in their hair. Tina was forced down onto the sun lounger, with her head at the foot end. Samia was pushed on top of her, as rough hands forced faces into pussies. Tina had a stomach full of spunk already, but started to feel really ill as Samia’s snatch dribbled into her mouth. Then she moaned as Samia’s tentative tongue slipped against her sore fuckhole. After a few minutes the guys stood back, watching Tina O’Brien and Samia Ghadie eat each other’s sperm drenched holes.

“Right, get your cock up Samia’s arse. When you’ve cum, turn them over so Tina’s on top and someone else can rape her arse.”

Samia lifted her head as a hand slapped sun lotion down her toned butt crack. Surely nobody… A strong hand pressed her face back into Tina’s oozing hole as the stabbing pain started. Tina O’Brien’s shamed scream of unwilling orgasm mixed with Samia’s muffled cry as eight thick inches of black cock were forced into her arse. The lubrication meant that the pain faded into the shame of being anally raped quite quickly, although it seemed the shame was worse.

After making sure there was some good quality close up footage of Samia’s arsehole tightly stretched around a slippery black cock, Mario had Nikki Sanderson dragged into position for the first double penetration. Her pert breasts were pasted with cum, the black bikini top having been torn off by an over enthusiastic gangbanger.

“Hey, wait, get that pissdrinking slut Adele over here, got something to wash it down with!”

Adele was pulled into position before Nikki, and made to lick the girl’s breasts clean of the dripping spunk of several men. Nikki blushed, and automatically tried to push more of each breast into Adele’s mouth. She shook a little each time Adele’s tongue brushed a hard nipple, and wrapped her hands in dripping hair.

Tina suddenly began begging for her arse to remain untouched in high pitched mancunian tones. The sixtynine had been flipped over, but not before a torrent of spunk had dribbled down Samia’s arsecrack and into Tina’s face.

“No please don’t! Not my arse! I’ve never had anybody put it in there. It’s disgusting, filthy! It’s horrible!”

Tina’s begging grew suddenly more urgent as the sodomy began. Her no longer virginal arse stretched out around hard cock. Somebody pushed her face down into Samia’s crotch.

Meanwhile, groping hands applied sun lotion to Nikki’s arse and cunt. As the girls were pulled apart, their fingers briefly entwined. Then Nikki was being lifted onto a skinny guard laying back on a sun lounger. His assault rifle lay on the hot tiles beside him, forgotten as he aimed his big cock up to slide easily into Nikki’s well lubricated fuckhole. She was pushed forward heavily, and the man beneath held her tightly.

“Come on, nigger! Get your cock up her arse! I wanna see if she squeezes her snatch even tighter around my dick!”

Nikki thought about making a grab for the gun, turning it on the guards. She didn’t – she knew she hadn’t the faintest idea how to fire the weapon. Strong fingers spread her arse, and then a thick penis pushed in. She blushed even through her red flushed face – it was so dirty! The beefy black guards soon had Nikki Sanderson sandwiched between them, her pert breasts shaking from the hard double penetration.

The rape by the poolside continued for a good hour. Mario’s directions were followed closely, and so the five models were not physically hurt beyond what was needed to keep them from biting and fighting – and to stretch out their arses for the largest of the guard’s cocks. Even with sun lotion lubrication there was a definite lack of comfort to having rounders bats sized tools forced into tight tradesmans’ entrances.

There were more then enough guards to keep all five occupied while others drank and regained their breath. The girl’s shame grew throughout the hour; their pleading grew hoarser and higher. With minimal pain, the models found themselves forced into unwilling orgasms by their rapists. Tina and Samia were led around on their knees and made to lick fanny, usually while one cock was pumping their arse and another pumping the fanny they were licking. Gemma Atkinspon’s big breasts had a lot of use, and her face – the underside of her chin particularly – was heavily dripping sperm.

“Okay everybody! Finish up! We’re taking the rest of the action back to the bedroom. Now remember, Jennifer Ellison – that’s the slut in the pink bikini – has only had three cocks today. She’s got a lot of catching up to do.”

As the five model/actresses’ high-heeled shoes clicked tiredly across the pool tiles, Jennifer was on her knees in the bedroom. Without direction from Mario, the three men had tried outdoing each other, with the ‘who can fuck this blonde slut in the arse hardest and longest,’ competition that had seen her bent over the bed and pounded hard into it. They’d forced her to finger herself at the same time, and the side of the bed was drenched with pussy juice. Her arse had been reamed for an hour, and Carlton, who went third, was building to another orgasm.

“See boys! As long as you got rhythm it doesn’t matter how fast and hard you go! Even in a tight anal slut like this blonde whore! You sometimes got to tune out that moaning and groaning because making the bitches get off on it is too easy…”

Carlton heard the noisy approach of the others but, his arse slamming record secure, wasn’t too bothered. He pulled out from the breach, dragged Jennifer’s face around by their hair, and blew a balls draining load across her red face. Spunk dripped down her cheeks and splashed into her mouth. Her arsehole gaped like the mouth of the Dartford tunnel, and then slowly closed. She was pulled to her feet and made to wave as the other girls were brought into the room. Since the bedroom was a lot smaller than the poolside, a few of the guys waited for their turn outside the room.

Joey appeared with a big sack as the girls were lined up, a heavy black man on the side of each of the six girls. The earlier screaming and begging was gone, replaced with an atmosphere of shame and fear. One of the cameramen walked along the line, taking footage of their faces in close up. Meanwhile, Joey tipped out the bag to reveal three strap-on vibrators. Each one was nine inches long.

“I can see all of you boys could use a rest, ” Mario began and then pointed to Adele, Gemma and Jennifer, “get the cocks strapped onto those sluts. They’re going to do the work for a bit. You other pieces of fuckmeat hear that? You’re gonna get rubberfucked by your friends here!”

The big rubberized plastic dildos were strapped onto the crotches of the large breasted models. The leather straps bit into toned thigh flesh as they were tightened into place. Fresh sun lotion was sprayed over the shafts, and also into the butt cracks of Tina, Samia and Nikki. The three girls were stood up, but bent over the backs of chairs.

“Jennifer! Please be gentle with me! I already feel like my arse has been split in two!”

Mario interrupted before Jennifer could reply to Samia’s impassioned plea, “If any of you filthy sperm swallowers takes it easy, you’ll get to see what it feels like with three cocks up your arse at once! Then you won’t ever shit right again!”

The threat did the trick nicely. The girls were loosened and lubricated enough that the dildos slammed fully into each snatch first time. Adele gripped Tina’s hips tightly in surprise as the dildo forced sperm to squirt out around the sides of the shaft, splashing her flat belly. The strong vibrations affected both the dildo raper and dildo rapee.

“Gemma, you slut! Harder! Fuck her snatch like you would if there was a record deal in it for you! That’s it! Yeah! Jesus, have you done this before? Really hammer her hard! Nikki’s a filthy whore, she’s been wanting it like that for years! ”

Nikki grunted sexily with each chair rocking dildo thrust. One of the cameramen was covering their faces, the other filmed from the back to catch the penetration close ups. Mario started shouting instructions at Adele,

“Pissmop! Grab her hair. Pull it back! Good job, let the camera see her face. That’s it! Pull harder, bend her back backwards a little! Good whore! Joey, pay attention! That piss drinking slut has a real talent for dildo fucking. Who’d have thought she had two fucking talents?”

Mario let the pussy reaming go on for a few minutes, and then gave the order for them to change holes. Adele complied immediately, slipping the dildo from Tina O’Brien’s dripping snatch and sliding it deeply into her arse. She had to push harder, and pull back even more roughly on Tina’s hair to get it all in. Tina wailed, her anal virginity long gone, at the fresh violation.

Gemma followed suit, but found it much easier to get her dildo into Nikki’s arse. Mario directed one of the few white guys to plug the girl’s throat. He wrapped hair around his hands and cut off Nikki’s cries as Gemma dildo reamed her good and hard.

Jennifer was still fucking Samia’s pussy. Despite an hour of buggery in the bedroom, she wasn’t as broken as the others and couldn’t bring herself to stick the vibrating dildo into the pleading girl’s tiny puckered star.

“I told you to change holes, bitch!”

“I-I can’t! She’s never done anything to me!”

Mario thought for a moment, then had a twisted idea. He had two guys pull Jennifer momentarily away from the Corrie actress, and then pushed her back until the Samia was fully anally impaled on the vibrating rubber cock. Jennifer was then pushed forward and Mario slid eagerly into her own arse. He moved Jennifer roughly on his cock, forcing her to repeat the buggery of Samia. The only downside, he thought, was that having to slam Jennifer against Samia meant he couldn’t grope her tits.

“I always knew Jennifer Ellison was a sex toy, but it don’t get much more literal than this!”

Adele and Gemma made sure to ream Nikki and Tina extra hard to avoid Mario ordering the same done to them. They cherished the brief respite on their own bodies. Adele was even rougher than necessary, taking out her frustration and shame on the poor squealing girl bent over before her.

After Mario came in Jennifer’s arse – a weak dribble of cum after so much exertion – he let the lesbian strap-on reaming continue for a few more minutes, and then ordered it broken up. The girls were made to lick clean their own dildos once they were unstrapped, with the rubberized tools forced into their mouths until their cheeks bulged.

Mario knew that time was running out, both in terms of the men’s sexual stamina and the long haul flight back to the UK the girls would have to be on (following another helicopter ride – as if they hadn’t ridden enough choppers for one day). There was a big finale to do, but before that he organized a last long scene for each girl to enjoy. He assumed that the Boss was watching everything through the two-way mirror.

Samia was taken into the en suite toilet and bent face forwards into it. Carlton, who was too old to manage any more rape, pissed a heavy warm stream across the back of her head. The foetid liquid dribbled down her hair and into the bowl as she gagged. He was followed by more than a dozen more guys, and general debate had it that Samia was one of the best girls they’d ever pissed over, one commented it was her French/Lebanese heritage, which got a laugh. Her pussy and arse were not left unattended, with one or the other being filled, and Samia had to grip the bowl to prevent herself from being brained against the porcelain.

Gemma was bent over in front of the big mirror, so she could see her own screaming face, and the faces of the men sodomising her. They were all eagerly groping her breasts, squeezing and kneading as they stretched and pounded her bum. Tina was on her knees before Gemma, made to lick and suck both Gemma’s cum dribbling pussy, and also twist her neck under and kiss the rapists’ cocks.

Adele and Nikki were together on one of the bed, forced to share wet kisses and finger each other’s snatches. They were both appalled to feel themselves responding to rough lesbian caresses in front of a circle of men.

“Those fucking dykes!”

“Look at that muffdiver go! She’s nearly got her whole fist up there!”

“Damn, no wonder my mum ran off with another woman!”


“Yeah, suck on that titty, bitch!”

The men were jerking themselves hard, spraying cum across the writhing groaning lesbian display. Adele screamed into Nikki’s mouth as she came, and Nikki retched at the sudden blast of breath. It was going to take a lot more than tic-tacs to clean the piss and cum from Adele’s mouth. Nikki pulled Adele’s face down to her right breast, and sobbed with pleasure and shame.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was off the ground. Her ankles were held up near her ears as her arse and pussy were reamed simultaneously. Additional sun lotion was being slapped on, and suddenly another guy stepped up and began to work his cock in beside the one already in her pussy. The black man buried in her arse groaned as she squeazed his cock tightly with her sphincter, an involuntary reaction to having two cocks slid into her pussy. Finally, they were able to start thrusting, all three at once, and Jennifer wailed and wailed.

Mario himself had Samia turned around, before unleashing a stream of piss directly into her face and then onto her tits. As much fun as buggery and rape were, the Italian-American thought there was something special about pissing all over a slut’s face. It was a purely degrading act, splashing waste material all over waste material. He sighed, and then had her clean the sweat and cunt-taste from his dick as, distantly, a helicopter landed. Bernie was back, time to get things wrapped up.

All the guys knew what was coming for the final scene, and the six biggest men – five of them black, and one white – got all six girls lined up on one bed, on their hands and knees. Mario didn’t need to give directions. Each man grabbed his girl’s hair, and slid easily into her arse. The only exception was the white man, who was buggering Samia. Her hair was drenched and stinking, and they couldn’t have paid him enough. He gripped her hips instead.

The room fell silent, but for the wet squelching slaps of buggery, and the grunts and cries of the girls. Then the chant began, from a whisper, “Fuckmeat… Fuckmeat… Fuckmeat…” the chant grew louder and louder, as the girls were pounded harder and harder. Cartlton, Joey, Mario, all of the men, even those up to the balls in arse,

“Fuckmeat… Fuckmeat… FUCKMEAT!”

The chant rose to a crescendo as the six men pulled out and jerked off over quivering buttocks. As they released hair (or hips) and sprayed their loads, the chant became a wordless cheer of masculinity. The guys who needed to piss still stood forward and sprayed across the girl’s faces and tits. Hot streams into screaming mouths and across sore, bruised breasts.

“…and that’s a wrap! Good going boys! Very artistic chanting, reminds me of a nunsploitation flick we did once.”

Bernie entered the room, and immediately recoiled, holding his noise.

“Shit! It smells like Albany in here! You gotta get an air filtration system or something!”

The six girls huddled together on the bed. They were all utterly broken in spirit, in mind. It was a powerfully erotic sight.

“Enjoy your photoshoot, huh? I tell ya, that’s one that’s going to straight to DVD! Can you imagine the web downloads? It’s hard to hell to get people to pay for porn on the net, but I bet we could get them to pay for your gangbang. You’re all young, incredibly dumb, starlets so you wouldn’t be the first to make a porn release!”

Bernie paused, and wafted his nose, then held up his briefcase,

“There are six release forms in here. They give full rights to all the footage to the institute. They explicitly state that you all took part of your own volition – hey, violated by your own volition! I like that – and so on. You’re all familiar with picture releases and entertainment contracts, am I right? Now in return for giving my good friend Mario here the right to add you to his official filmography, he won’t. That way you won’t have to put up with greasy fan boys all over the world yanking the crank to you being raped.”

Bernie pulled the sheets out, and pens, and continued,

“Do you really want your families to see how many of these fine black gentlemen’s cocks you could fit up your rear ends? Do you want them to know just how good you are at licking pussy? And of course, there’s the general public. Since you’ve previously done a lot of flaunting in the glamour mags they know you’re whores – but do you really want to put up with them knowing they can get you at any time, bend you over, and ride you like the odds on favorite at Ascot?”

The lawyer had heard about Ascot from the boss.

“You’re whores. You’re fuckmeat. You always have been, always will be. So suck it up, sign the forms, and we’ll send you home with nothing made public beyond the charity calendar! I’m sure that, thick as pig shit as you all are, you’re bright enough to know what we’d have done to you if you did decide to try and claim the contracts were signed under force anyhow.”

He didn’t go into detail, but his eyes were cold and his voice was hard. All six girls signed. They had no choice. They were roughly washed, dressed back in their clothes, and returned to the helicopter. The group’s arrogance was gone, and they all had the distinctive strange walk of the vigorously buggered, common in the streets around a Royal Navy dockyard. The sun went down on another successful event for the Victorian Institute of Learning.


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