Call Me Miss Fox

Title: Call Me Miss Fox

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Megan Fox

Codes: MF, Reluc, Mast, body swap

Disclaimer:  None this has ever happened or ever will happen.

Dr. Kyle Starks was happy he could finish his rather long day at his job as a psychiatrist for the stars. He was trusted enough by all of the celebrities in Hollywood that gave him a rather comfortable living. He was in his office, filing the last bits of paper work before he heard a knock at the door. He approached the door and opened it.

“Miss Fox? You don’t have an appointment at this time. Is there something I can do for you? “Dr. Kylie Starks asked a completely distraught looking Megan fox.

“Please don’t call me that. I’m not Miss Fox and I’m not Megan,” I replied.

“Then who are you?” Dr. Starks asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I replied.

“You never know if you don’t try,” Starks replied.

“It’s gonna sound completely crazy and you are probably going to put me, or technically Megan in an insane asylum,” I said.

“Here, take a seat on the couch.” Megan took a seat on the couch like Dr. Starks asked.

“Now tell what’s going on once you’re ready,” Starks calmly said.

“Okay,” Megan said before she took a deep breath. “I’m not Megan Fox. I’m Casey Wells, a normal high school senior who woke up in her body two days ago.

“So you just found yourself waking up in the body of Miss Fox two days ago Casey?” Starks asked as the previous reveal intrigued him.

“Yes sir.” I replied with Megan’s voice.

“Why don’t you tell me more about what happened as you woke up,” Starks asked as he prepared to write notes.

“Everything I did? Are you sure you want to know what I did in this body?” I asked.

“If you think it’s important,” he replied.

Okay, just prepared to be more shocked then you are doctor,” I said before explaining what I did.

The morning I woke up as Megan Fox had me in a haze. I had awoken from a pretty deep sleep. I opened my eyes fully and I was immediately worried. I didn’t recognize where I was. I sat up on the bed and felt something that I was growing too accustomed to having on my chest.

I look down and see a pair of 34B sized breasts sitting there in a silky black bra. I pulled the blanket off of my new body and see that I am definitely in the body of a female. I test out my voice and I bring my hands to my mouth as I instantly recognize the voice.

I need to see if I am who I really think I am, so I got out of the bed and I walk over to the full length mirror that was placed near the closet. I wished my initial senses were wrong, but they were dead on.  I was in the body of Megan Denise Fox.

“What the fuck happened to me? Why the fuck am I Megan Fox?” I say in Megan’s lower toned voice as my hands reached up to   feel my new face. It felt weird being in Megan’s body, I mean it would be weird to be in anyone else’s body, but something about Megan’s body felt totally different. I was so horny. I could feel heat radiating for her lower area. It was unbearable.

“Well, since I’m in her body, I might as well,” I thought as I reached behind my back and tried to unhook the silky black bra off my back. I had gotten bras off as a guy before, but it was awkward to try and undo it while being the one wearing it.  I have no idea why girls just don’t get those special bras that just unhook from the front. After a minute or two, I get the last hook off. I teased myself as I held the bra to my chest before finally letting it fall to the floor.

I was amazed by Megan’s breasts. I needed a better look. I took Megan’s arms and stretch them behind my head so I can see her tits in all of their glory. It was amazing to see how they perked up as soon as the air hit them. Megan’s tits were very symmetrical and their weight was evenly distributed. Her areolas were just the right size and her nipples were little and pink like a pencil erasers. I want to check the perkiness and the jiggle of my new breast so I jumped up and down, watching as they bounced.

“This is so much fun,” I thought to myself as I started to twist harder and harder. Eventually I have to stop as it starts to hurt. I grabbed a goof handful of Megan’s tit and wonder if I can lick my nipple. So I bent down and tried to lick it with my tongue. It took a bit of effort, but her nipple instantly got hard as my tongue came into contact with it. I felt a greater rush of something go through her body, and I wanted more of it.

I started to feel something weird “down there” so I looked down and noticed a giant wet spot. I originally thought I peed myself but remembering I was now a woman hit me, now realizing I was in soiled panties, I stepped out of the lacy black panties Megan had worn to sleep. My curiosity got the best of me and soon my hands poking and priding my new vagina. Lowering my head down to get a good view of my new private parts, my hands went do to her dark little strip public hair and wave my hand through them.

“She’s got a nice little landing strip going on here,” I thought as I brushed through her hair. My hands slowly dips into her vagina, which was unlike any I had seen in person before. The lips were protruding and was a slightly darker pink color. I know I’m going to have to do it eventually, so I place my hand near Megan’s puss and slowly rub it.  I feel an instant and insanely strong jolt of pleasure go through me.

“Holy crap that felt amazing,” I thought to myself as I rub my hand back and forth against Megan’s pussy lips. As I continue to rub the lips, I shuddered as I seem to hit a sensitive spot.  I took my hand out of Megan’s pussy so I can sit down on bed. I bring my hand back to her pussy. I start to wonder if I should go any further. I mean it wasn’t my body and if Megan found out, I’d be in some deep shit. I try to stop for a minute but the feeling of need and attention from Megan’s snatch was too unbearable to just let slide.

Bringing my hand back down to her aching pussy, I take two of her fingers and start to thrust them in and out. While one hands continues to go in and out of Megan’s surprisingly tight cunt, I used my other hand to take care of Megan’s hard nipples, which are just begging for attention. I use her fingers to pinch the hard nipple on her chest, which sent waves of pleasure down to her crotch.

“Holy shit! So play with the nipples. Great to know,” I said in her voice as I continued to used her fingers to fuck myself. It felt amazing as her fingers pleasured my desperate pussy. I started to get a feeling I had which to me, felt like I was about to cum. I braced myself against the wall and held onto the sheets as tightly as I could with my unoccupied hand as I started to feel my vaginal wall contract.

I finally let out a very loud moan as I came. The release of Megan’s liquids all over the bed was something I would never be able to experience anywhere else except the current situation I was in. As my breathing was finally starting to return to a normal resting state, I watched in complete fascination as Megan’s pussy squirted out shot after shot of cum.

“I guess Megan Fox is a squirter. Nice,” I say to myself as I take a minute to regain myself.  As Megan’s cum covered my thighs and most of the bed, I thought about the various porn I’ve watched in which girls tasted their own cum. Wanting to know what Megan’s fluids tasted like, I took two fingers and scraped the cum off of her thighs.

Bring it up to my mouth, the cum was clear and goo like in nature. Deciding it’s now or never, I brought my cum filled hand up to Megan’s mouth and slowly licked off the juices. I only took small tastes to truly get a long taste.

“Holy fuck that’s sweet,” I thought as I swished the cum around in her mouth for a bit. Noticing how sweaty I was from my masturbation session, I decided to hop into the shower. Getting off the bed, I see a huge stain. Looking around for a towel, I eventually find them and grab one for the shower. Going into her bathroom, I noticed it wasn’t too elegant. It took me awhile to figure out how to how to turn it onto the hot water, but I eventually got it going. I lift Megan’s leg into the tub and carefully bring the other leg in.

As the hot water made contact with my back, I was in a state of bliss. It almost felt like I was being massaged by the warm water. I grabbed Megan’s shampoo and poured some into my hands. I lathered it up and ran my hands through her hair, making sure to get her hair all soapy. It felt weird as the wet hair hit Megan’s back. I couldn’t help but feel sexy knowing any guy would get a hard on watching Megan rubbing herself while hot water poured onto her skin. Thinking about this brought the similar sensation brought the same feeling down to Megan’s pussy and I knew I needed to take care of it again.

“I guess you’re ready for a round 2 huh?” I said to Megan’s pussy with a devilish grin on her face as I lightly rubbed the nub of her clit. Grabbing the bar of soap, I scrubbed it across her body, working up a fine lather and making sure that no spot on Megan’s sensitive body went untouched. The bar of soap gliding across Megan’s delicate form made her skin feel smooth and slippery. Bringing the soap down lower and lower, I bit her lower lip as I made the soap brush over her clit. Feeling a strong sensation from the soap, I let out a noise of delight at the arousing sensation it brought.

With Megan’s body still  being  very sensitive from the masturbating sessions I had a couple of minutes ago, her nipples didn’t take long to get  hard again. Looking down at Megan’s tits, the nipples were poking out as far as they could go, almost begging for me to give them the attention they desperately need,

“Don’t worry girls, mama’s gonna give you your turn right now ,” I thought to myself as I put the soap down and brought  both of Megan’s  hands up to squeeze her hard poking nipples. It feels even better than the first time as the combination of Megan’s more sensitive skin and the warm water sends a rush of ecstasy and pleasure.

After spending a good amount of time rubbing, pinching, and squeezing Megan’s nipples, I focused my attention back down to her cunt.

“I can’t believe this. I’m in the body of a famous sexy woman and I’m getting to have my way with her body. This is so awesome!” I say to myself as the pleasure coming from my hand to Megan’s pussy is cause me to lose my balance.  I need to put one of Megan’s hands on the wall to steady myself. As I start adding one finger after another to please Megan’s hungry pussy with the other. Shoving every finger in and out except her thumb I could starts to feel the beginning of another orgasm coming on.

I closed Megan’s eyes and leaned back against the wall, speeding up the soapy massage of her cunt. I quickened the pace of my fingers into her pussy again until I feel the sensation of climaxing again. I bite my tongue so I don’t make any noise while Megan’s pussy releases her juices all over the shower floor. My hand lost the feeling of the wall and dropped to the floor unharmed as I rode out the long and tiring climax. After the orgasm finally ended, I knew it would be awhile before Megan could give it another go.

I decided that would be enough for right now and I step out of the shower. I got up off the floor after sitting there for a few minutes to let my new body recover. I turn the water off and step out of the shower. I walk over to where my towels were and wrapped it around myself. Megan’s nipples hardened again as the towel made contact with them. I stopped talking for a second.

“Are you still following me Dr. Starks?” I said as I was unsure if he was still paying attention.

“I’m still listening Miss Fo…. I mean Casey. Sorry about that, still getting used to this,” Dr. Starks said as he tried to tuck down the throbbing erection that had grown in his pants.

“Do you want me to continue?” I asked.

“Keep going until you arrived at my office,” he replied.

“Okay, There’s not much I did until around 6pm,” I responded.

“That’s perfectly fine Miss… Casey, I’m sorry it’s a hard habit to break,” Dr. Starks replied.

I then continued from where I left off.

After getting out of my long and exciting shower, the realization of my current scenario really set in. I’m miles away from home in a completely new body and had no idea what to do. I had no idea how or why I was suddenly in the body of a sexy famous actress. I needed to look for something. So I went through all of her drawers and closets looking for anything I could find.

After having no luck, I decided to look around the bed for clues. I got down on the floor, which really hurt my boobs, and looked for something that could help me explain what was going on. After finding nothing, I looked in the bedside counter, where nothing turned up either.

I was about to give up when just to be sure, I grabbed her pillow and lifted it up and found this letter.

“A letter?” Starks interrupted. “You found a letter?”

“Yes. Yes I did.” I replied.

“Do you have it?” he responded.

I grabbed Megan’s purse and found the folded note, which I then gave to Dr. Starks for him to read.

Starks unfolded the leader and read its contents.

[i]Dear whoever you are, I’m sorry for putting you into this predicament. I just couldn’t handle it anymore, the industry has made me regret my life. I’ve decided to be someone else, which just so happens to be you. I don’t know if I’ll ever decide to undo this but I know I won’t be able for at least a year. I hope that I have given you something you could have never gotten otherwise. Since this might be a traumatic experience for you, I’m giving you the phone number and address of my psychiatrist, Dr. Kyle Starks, he might be able to help you off. If you do want to return to your own body, you have to make sure that you never…….[/i]

Starks looked at the bottom of the page and saw the rest had been ripped.

“Do you have any clue what the part that was ripped off said,” he asked me.

“No, I found the letter that way,” I replied. Looking at the clock, Dr. Starks realized he needed to get home now.

“I’m so sorry, I believe you and you can schedule an appointment with me anytime,” Starks replied.

“Okay I will. Thank you Dr. Starks.” I said as  I got up from his couch and walked over to the door.

As he approached me. I couldn’t resist him anymore. I closed in and passionately kissed him. Starks was taken back while our tongues danced around in his mouth. While I continued to kiss him, I managed to get his pants and underwear down, revealing his 8 inch cock. I broke the kiss with him and lowered myself down to his throbbing hard cock

“Miss Fox, I mean Casey, this is highly unethical,” Dr. Starks said to me, but I was too into it to possibly stop.

“I don’t fucking care,” I said as Megan’s lust for dick took complete control of me and my action.

“Fuck! That’s a nice, tasty looking cock Dr.  Starks,” I said before wrapping Megan’s lips around his erect cock. I used Megan’s tongue on his cock as I started to lick his cock up and down like a lollipop. When I looked up and saw the look on his face, I stepped up my game and started to shove his cock as far down my throat as possible. After doing that for a little bit, I slowly moved her tongue up the base of his cock to the tip.

My hands cradled my balls as I continued to suck him off. His hands had found the zipper to my dress. Pulling away, he grabbed my dress and got me out of it, revealing I was without a bra or panties. I got back on his dick and messaged his balls like I was trying to get them to release all of the fluids in there. I cupped them in my hands and started to rub them while continuing to wrap Megan’s tongue around my cock. I decided to speed up her assault on his cock by taking all of it into Megan’s mouth again  and slide it as far down her throat as humanly possible. Bella kept deep throating me until I felt that bubbling feeling in my balls.

“I gonna cum soon,” he said.

“Hurry up and give it all to me baby. Shoot your hot jizz into my slutty little mouth,” i said after taking my dick out of her mouth.

“Holy Shit!” Starks moaned, causing me to look up at him, making eye contact with me as he was about to blow.

Starks took hold of his cock and aimed it at Megan’s mouth. I stuck her tongue out as shot after shot of jizz flew out of him and into Megan’s mouth. I was able to get every drop of it in her mouth. I then closed her mouth and gargled his jizz before finally swallowing it. As soon as I finished swallowing, Starks placed his still hard cock into my pussy.

“I need your big fucking cock inside me right now Dr Starks. I’m a slut that you need to fuck with the huge cock, Fuck your slut with that big cock,” I begged as she tried to contain myself. I could feel the heat growing in her pussy and a dampness forming on the inside of her thighs.  I slowly brought her thighs together and rubbed them together while he did magic with his cock.

I make Megan’s voice audibly moan as. he  continues to fuck me senseless. I grabs my breasts and pinch and pull on my hard nipples. I keep hold of them  so they don’t jiggle everywhere as our bodies collide. He  continues to keep ramming his glorious cock into me until I feel him fill me with his seed.

“My god you’re cock is amazing! I’m gonna set up another “appointment” ”, I said in Megan’s voice as we both recover our clothes and head out of the door.

“No, you’re body was was pretty amazing Casey, and I’m eagerly awaiting for that moment,” Starks replied.

“You know what? You can call me Miss Fox.” I said as I put on my coat and head for the door.

Starks lead me out to his office and escorted me to Megan’s car.

“Drive home safely Miss Fox,” Starks said.

“I will. Goodnight,” I said as I drove off. Looking at the ground, Starks noticed something fell out of my car. Looking at the little piece of paper, he discovered it was the missing part of the note from earlier. He read what it said.

Never had any type of intercourse. That will lock us into each other’s bodies permanently. Good luck being me.




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