Cameron Diaz And Janet Jackson

Cameron Diaz and Janet Jackson
by Jimmy Ellzey

This is just a story out of my own perverted mind. This is not a
indication of Janet Jackson’s or Cameron Diaz’s sexual preference.
But wouldn’t it be great if it was?

Janet Jackson was sitting at home one evening watching her
feeling extremely horny, when her phone rang. It was her agent
telling her about a
new movie with Cameron Diaz as the star of the
movie. Janet reveled
at this, as she had always wanted to see Cameron close up. Cameron
had been
the souce of her fantasies while she masterbated. She would finger
her chocolate covered slit for hours on end thinking only of
Cameron. She had
never really considered herself a lesbian, as she had sex with men
on a regular basis, but the thought of the hot blond making love to
her was something she had secretly longed for for some time.

Janet decided to take the job. She made her way down to the
studio and
noticed that all the lights were out. As she was wondering if she
was at
the wrong studio, the lights came on and there stood the object of
her fantasies. Cameron was dressed in skin tight blue jeans and a
white tank
top that was cut short. The fabric clung to her skin as her breasts
under the fabric.

"How are you, Miss Jackson?" The seductive tone of her voice
had Janet

"Why, I’m fine, Miss Diaz?" "I thought that there was a movie
being filmed here today?"

"Why, yes there is, we are the only two in the movie. Call it a
lesbian porn film if you like."

Janet couldn’t believe her ears. "I don’t understand?"

"Yes, I can imagine you don’t. The studio owner has quite the
collection of famous celebrity women getting it on together. He
pays very
well, and well, I just couldn’t refuse her."

"Her? The owner is a woman?"

"Yes, she is a lesbian, and she will pay us handsomly if we
would put
on a show for her."

Janet was beside herself. She was wanting so badly to make love
to Cameron, but this wasn’t at all what she had in mind. However,
when she found out how much she would be payed, she lost all of her
inhibitions and

Suddenly a female voice was heard, "Anytime you are ready

"Well, Janet, you ready?"

"To tell you the truth, I have been waiting a long time for

Cameron slowly moved up to Janet and embraced her. The two
women hugged tightly as they each grabbed each other’s asses. Their
breasts rubbing together through the cloth of their tops. Cameron
pulled Janet’s
head to her’s and they began to french kiss. Their tongues were
rolling all over each other and little drops of drool fell out from
between their
mouths. Cameron opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and Janet
to suck on it pulling it further out of Cameron’s mouth. Without
contact with each other’s mouths, they each began pulling each
other’s top
off. They separated only for a minute as they continued to undress
each other. Cameron undoing her bra top and pulling her jeans off,
and Janet doing the same as they stared into each other’s eyes.
Janet’s massive breasts were finally freed and she pressed them
firmly into Cameron’s much
smaller titflesh. The rubbed their nipples together as Cameron spit
where they were connected. Their nipples were rubbing together
as they once again tongued each other’s mouths. Janet was in heaven
as Cameron lowered down and brought Janet down to the floor.
Cameron’s tongue
worked it’s way up Janet’s body, licking up her thighs before
finally up to
Janet’s sopping pussy. Cameron worked her tongue around her outer
lips, before plunging her tongue into Janet’s slit. Janet was
moaning very loadly as Cameron continued to lick away at her pussy.
Cameron couldn’t help sticking a finger into her pussy as she ate
away at Janet’s pussy.

Suddenly a bottle of baby oil landed right beside Janet.

"Use this." The female voice uttered again.

Janet was only more than happy to use it as the girls proceeded
to oil
up each other’s body.

"I want you two to rub your pussies together." The voice was
on this.

Cameron was only too happy to oblidge her. She got up and
scissored her crotch to Janet. Janet moaned as she had wanted this
for so long. They placed their pussies together and began to grind
on each other. Their
pussies were the scene of lovliness as they contrast each other so
much. Cameron’s was white with blond pubes and Janet’s was brown
with black pubes. They rubbed them together as the sound of oiled
up pussies beating
each other was heard. They began to rub faster and faster, until
their clits jutted out and found each other. Both women were
massaging their breasts as they undilated on the floor. It wasn’t
long before both women
at the same time squirted female ejaculate all over each other. The
yellowish liquid streamed out of each of their pussies as it slapped
up in
the air with every slap of their pussies. The two women were
covered in their own juice as it seemed to rain down from the
ceiling. Cameron was spent as Janet instinctively continued to hump
her. Janet was
trembling as
she licked up the juice that had fell on her body. Cameron did the
same as
both girls were spent.

"Okay, girls, we got it. I will no longer be requiring your

Janet was on cloud nine as Cameron pulled herself up to her.
Both women were completely exhausted as they couldn’t help but fall

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