Cameron’s Punishment

Fic Title:Cameron’s Punishment

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairings:Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore,Drew Barrymore/Justin Timberlake


Summary:Justin Timberlake takes Cameron Diaz to her birthday surprise,which suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Warnings:Rape,Male/female sex,strong language


If I’m not mistaken,both a movie star named Cameron Diaz and a former Backstreet Boy named Justin Timberlake have been a romantic item ever since they’ve met on that very first day–and so far,there was nothing on this very planet Earth that could cause a rift to come between those two lovebirds.

But of course,that was before the Thirtith day of August,which happens to be Cameron’s birthday–and on that very day,Cameron was truly smiling from ear to ear,because she had finally finished filming a scene for her latest film project an hour early,so that she could race over to her house,change her clothes and wait for her one true love Justin to arrive,for he had told her that he’s got a special birthday surprise just for his beloved birthday girl.

And then,after Justin had drove his car into her driveway,Cameron had gotten into the car,looked at Justin with a smile on her face and asked,”Are you sure that you’re not willing to tell me where we’re going now?”

“Believe me,Cammy.I’m very much certain.”,answered a smiling Justin,after he had backed his car out of Cameron’s driveway and on to the street.”Now,why don’t we just sit back,relax and enjoy the ride.”

And with that,Justin’s car had zoomed away from Cameron’s house,roared down the highway and kept on going until it had slowed to a stop in front of an abandoned warehouse.

“Why are we stopping here,Justin?”,asked a curious Cameron,after she and Justin had gotten outselves out of his car.”Could this be where my birthday surprise is?”

“You better believe it is,Cammy.”,answered Justin,while he was placing a blindfold over Cameron’s eyes.”Now,in order to really keep it a surprise,you must wear that blindfold only until I take it off you.Okay?”

“Whatever you say,you sexy beast.”,answered a smiling Cameron,after she had wrapped her arms around Justin’s arm.”Now,are we going to go right on in,or are we going to stay out here forever?”

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for after he had opened the door,both Justin and the blindfolded Cameron had walked into the building and all the way into a single room where a pair of chains were hanging from the ceiling and another pair of chains were attached to the lower part of a wall.

“Can I please take this off now,Justin?”,asked an unsuspecting Cameron,while Justin was removing all of his clothes.”It’s just that I couldn’t stand the suspense anymore.”

“I know,Cammy.I promise that it won’t be long.”,answered Justin,while he was removing all of Cameron’s clothes off of her body.”Just wait until I take it off of you.”

But then,after she had suddenly began to feel a cold breeze being blown against her naked body,a curious Cameron asked,”What are you doing,Justin?What’s going on?Please tell me!I really do need to know!”

“It’ll be okay,Cammy.It won’t be for long.”,answered Justin,while he was attaching the chains to her naked wrists and bare ankles.”All I’m asking you to do is just trust me.”

And then,after he had made sure that the chains on the ceiling and the wall were totally secure,Justin had walked over to his beloved Cameron,removed her blindfold and said,”Now,you may open your eyes.”

And after she had done so,Cameron had looked around and noticed that she has been stripped naked and chained to the ceiling and wall–and after she had looked at Justin and noticed that he was also in the nude,Cameron had allowed a smile to appear on her lips and said,”Oh,I get it.I’m a bad little slut and I need to be…punished.Is that right?”

“Well yes,that’s right.”,answered Justin,after he had stepped away fromn the doorway.”Only,I’m not going to be one the one who’ll do the actual punishing.”

And then,after one of Cameron’s CHARLIE’S ANGELS:FULL TROTTLE co-stars,Demi Moore and her THAT ’70S SHOW boytoy,Ashton Kutcher had walked into the room–and after she had looked at the helpless Cameron,Demi had allowed a devilish smile to appear on her lips and said,”He’s right,Cammy.We’re going to be the ones who’ll do the actual punishing.”

Then,just as the reluctant Cameron was about to object to the whole thing,Ashton had placed himself behind her,placed his hands on her shoulders and started pumping his stiff cock in and out of her asshole.

“Oooohhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Ash!”,said Demi,while she was carressing her own firm breasts and stroking on her hot,wet pussy.”Pump it!Ram it all into her!Give it all to that blonde bitch!”

“JUSTIN,MAKE THEM STOP!”,yelled Cameron,while tears were running out of her eyes and down her cheeks.”PLEASE,JUSTIN!MAKE THEM STOP!”

“Aaaahhhh,I’m so sorry,Cammy!But there’s nothing Justin could do for you right now!”,said a sinister-gleeful Demi,after she had moved herself closer to her helpless former co-star.”Because I do believe that he’s got his hands busy at that moment!”

And then,after she had turned towards the doorway,the look of pure shock had suddenly appeared on Cameron’s face,for she had noticed her beloved Justin and her second CHARLIE’S ANGELS:FULL TROTTLE co-star,Drew Barrymore kissing and carressing all over each other’s nude bodies like she wasn’t even there.

“NO!THAT’S NOT TRUE!GET OFF OF HIM!”,yelled an enraged Cameron,while Ashton was carressing both her breasts and pussy.”GET OFF OF HIM RIGHT NOW,YOU SKANKY BITCH,OR I’LL…!”

“YOU’LL DO NOTHING,YOU FUCKING WHORE!”,roared Demi,after she had smacked Cameron really hard across her face and started pulling on her hair like it was a taffy-pull at a local carnival.”YOU’LL DO NOTHING,BUT ALLOW US TO FUCK YOU AND LIKE IT!GOT THAT,BITCH?!”

“AAAAHHHH,YES!I’VE GOT IT!”,yelled Cameron,who was feeling the pain from Demi pulling on her hair.”JUST PLEASE DON’T PULL ON ME ANYMORE!”

“That’s more like it,Cammy!That’s really more like it!”,said a devilishly-smiling Demi,just before she had started sucking on the tips of Cameron’s breasts–and while both Demi and Ashton were still screwing the living daylights out of Cameron,Justin had placed his stiff cock inside Drew’s asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her firm breasts and hot,moist snatch.


And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final Backstreet Boys concert,both Drew and Justin had cum and collapsed within their naked arms,which had caused poor Cameron to really cry her eyes out.

“Well,Bitch?Are you enjoying it?”,asked Demi,while she was twisting on Cameron’s pussy like it was in a metal vice.”I demand the truth,you skanky whore!Tell me right now!”

“AAAAHHHH,YES!I REALLY AM ENJOYING IT!”,yelled Cameron,after she had realized that she had no choice,but accept her fate as Demi and Ashton’s sex-slave.”JUST PLEASE DO IT!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”

And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final path towards sexual slavery,Demi,Ashton and Cameron had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then suddenly,a strange ringing sound had just filled the room and reached the ears of the unconscious Cameron,causing her to wake up from her dream and realize that she was actually inside her dressing room back at the studio.

And after she had let out a sigh of relief,Cameron had looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she really doesn’t want to go through the same thing that she had dreamed about all over again.

And in order to make sure about that,she had realized that she has no choice,but to break up with Justin,which might be painful,but has to be done anyway.



Well,that’s the story that I’m submitting to your website.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

–Andrew Troy Keller

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