Camilla’s Bored

Camilla’s Bored
by RandyPan
Story Codes: mast, anal
Celebs: Camilla Belle
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Camilla Belle sat on her couch, in her apartment, in her pajamas one night, flipping around on the TV.  Nothing was on, so she just shut it off.

Camilla sat there in silence for a minute, then started unbuttoning her pajama top.  Looking down, she ran her fingers up and down her chest and her stomach, and traced around the rim of her belly button.  She then started feeling up her breasts, squeezing and fondling them.  Her dark brown nipples started to get hard, so she started rubbing and pinching them.

This was making her pussy moist, so she took off the top and bottom, then laid back on the couch.  Her right hand moved down to her moderately hairy pussy, and she ran her middle finger up and down it, from hole to clit, making it even wetter. “Mmm…” she moaned, her forehead creasing.  With every pass of her finger over clit, she twitched slightly.

After a while of this, making herself incredibly wet, she reached behind her and opened a drawer on the table next to the couch.  Inside was a fairly large vibrating dildo, and a tub of Vaseline.  Popping off the top, she scooped out a healthy amount with her fingers, and rubbed it all over the dildo, then turned the vibration all the way up.

She then lifted her leg, put the arm holding the dildo under her, and pressed it against her asshole, and slowly pushed it in. “Anh!” she grunted.  While she had yet to do this with a guy, she loved the way it felt having a nice big toy in her ass, sliding it in and out, especially a vibrating toy, and even more with a finger on her clit.  With one hand, she slid the dildo in and out of her ass, pushing in hard, and then pulling out.  With the other, she furiously worked her throbbing clit with her middle finger. “Unh!  Guh!” she grunted, as the toy went in and out, now a little faster and harder, and her finger moved rapidly over her clit. “Ooooh, fuck!” She could feel the orgasm approaching.  Having something in her ass always made it more intense, and she could tell this would be no different. “Oh, God!  Oh!  Fuck!  Oh, my God!  Yes!  Yes!!!  Oh, fuck!!!”  Finally, she came, letting out a cry that could no doubt be heard by her neighbors.  Still twitching from the aftershocks, she gave her ass a couple of extra thrusts, before pulling the toy out.

Now exhausted, she lay there, listening to her heart slow down, and then finally got up, put her pajamas back on, and went to bed.

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