Camping Trip

Title: Camping Trip

Author: Black Rose

Celebs: Sophia Lillis

Codes: Mf, cons, oral, voy, first, mast, inc

Disclaimer: The following content is fiction and DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN. You know the rules: not 18+, turn around, but hey you’ve come this far right?

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Day 1

I hum along with the song playing on the radio, apparently not doing it right, as I seem to get every word wrong. Not that I really care – I’m just glad Sophia doesn’t notice. She’s too busy singing loudly and sticking her head out of the window, the wind blowing through her red curls.

“Alright, that’s enough,” I smile, turning down the volume when the song ends. “We don’t want to scare all animals off,”

“You think we do?” she asks, grabbing an apple out of the bag between our seats.

“A bunch of crazy New Yorkers like we? Yeah, definitely.”

“Aw, you’re just exaggerating.”

“No I am not.”

“You are.”

We look at each other, then suddenly burst out in laughter. Sophia has a broad smile on her face as she takes a bite and starts chomping. “Y’know, I’m glad we finally get to have this trip, dad. I was really looking forward to this.”

“Me too, pumpkin.” I even think that would be an understatement – I wasn’t looking forward to it, I was craving it. Of course, there was the whole opportunity of spending some time with my sixteen-year-old daughter, but I’d be lying if I told myself that quality time was the only reason. Truth be told, ever since the recent divorce with her mother, I’ve started developing certain… feelings for my little girl, and not in the conventional sense of the word. I’d even go as far as saying it’s lust… and I know how fucked up that sounds. I tried to suppress it, but it’s a bit hard when the object of your fantasies is constantly around, and I guess accidentally walking in on her redressing didn’t help either. I have been thinking about seeing a psychiatrist, but in the end I decided it was probably better to just face my problems. Can’t really say I’ve been having good feelings about it so far. I can’t look at my daughter without fantasizing about her, naked, or my cock between those cute, freckled cheeks. And I still have 1 fucking weekend ahead, alone with my daughter in the woods, for Christ’s sake.

“I bet we’re gonna have a lot of fun,” Sophia pipes up, waking me from up my perverse thoughts.

“Yeah, I think so too, sweetie. I think so too,” I mumble, with a weak smile.


It takes five more minutes to reach the camp place. It’s a really nice spot, fringed with mostly trees and small bushes at one side, and bordered by a large, crystalline lake at the other side. I’m glad Dan told me about it – usually he isn’t so keen on sharing his secret fishing spots, but some begging and a couple of drinks did the trick.

“Oh wow, it’s beautiful, dad,” Sophia sighs, and there is a strange sensation in the bottom of my stomach, like a tight knot.

“Yeah, definitely.” I say, as I start to park the car. “And that lake seems nice too. Weatherman said it would be clear for the weekend, so I hope you brought your bikini.”

“Yep, I didn’t forget,”

No, sure you didn’t. I’ll make sure to be there when you change into it – or maybe I’ll just hide them, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind swimming naked with your daddy-o…

Jesus, stop it.

“Alright.” I pull the brake and the motor dies with a last mechanical cough. “Let’s take a look around then,”

“Yeah, let’s do it!” Sophia jumps out of the car and runs towards the lake, her hair glancing in the sunlight. I lock the car, then stroll after her as I put my hands in my pockets. The nature truly is beautiful – there’s a nice temperature, and the air smells very fresh, too. One part of me is still telling me that this is going to be a nice weekend, the other side, not so much. Oh, well. Maybe I should just go with the flow and see how things work out.

I join Sophia at the lake, trying to keep my eyes off her small, cute ass as she bends down and touches the water. “Lovely,” she chirps. “Temperature’s perfect. Let’s go for a swim!”

“We will, pumpkin.” I smile. “But let’s put up all of the stuff first.”

“Can’t we do that afterwards?”

“Nope. You know the rules – work first, fun comes later.”

“Stupid rules.” she says, as she gets up.

“I hate them just as much as you do, sweetie. But we must follow ’em, or we don’t have a place to sleep tonight.”

“They’re still stupid,” she sighs, as we start walking, following the waterline. “Mom always used to be on my ass about them,”

“Don’t talk like that,”

“But it’s the truth!” She looks up to me, her blue eyes igniting in an angry glance. Then she relaxes again. “Sorry. It’s just… I hate everything that happened and I don’t want to think about it. At least, not during this weekend. I love you and I don’t want this trip to be ruined.”

“It won’t,” I assure her, putting an arm around her. “We’re not going to talk about anything. Just you, and me, and we’re going to have lots of fun. Alright, sport?”

She smiles, yet again causing my stomach to fall apart. “Yes, dad.”


We continue our little stroll around the camp place, marking an improvised toilet and a place to dry our clothes. Then we return to the car, and start setting up the tent. It’s quite a whale of a thing and the manual doesn’t explain shit, so I almost thought we were kinda screwed, but Sophia actually proves to be very technical and she has it all figured out in no time. I can’t help but look a bit surprised a how easily she manages to connect all of the pieces, directing me to hold the canvas as she does so.

It turns out to be the least of my problems, though. The temperature only seems to rise and I have no problem with rolling up my sleeves a bit, but we both start to sweat, and Sophia’s shirt is clinging to her body. It gives a nice addition to her slim curves, but unfortunately, it also enhances the outlines of her young breasts and it isn’t until her chest is nearly fully visible that I realize she isn’t wearing a bra. In fact, I have a perfect view of her round buds, nipples small and so damn pinchable.

Great. Now I somehow have to keep my attention to the building process whilst also trying to hide the enormous boner growing in my shorts. Sophia seems to notice my struggles, as she asks: “You alright, dad?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit hot, that’s all.”

She smiles wickedly. “Daddy’s not getting tired, is he? Oh boy, if he can’t even set up a tent…”

“Hey, watch it, miss superhero. You can’t cook.”

She pouts and I stick out my tongue, trying to ignore the sudden twitch in my shorts. “Harsh, but true.”


Fortunately, the tent is all ready and set within a couple of minutes and I let out a relieved sigh as Sophia disappears to change into her bikini. Also fortunately, she decides to jump directly into the lake and not stop by first, allowing me to give my feelings some rest as I get the rest of the equipment out of the car. I contemplate acting like I have to go for a piss and secretly giving my meat a good beating, but I just… I can’t bring myself to it. As heavy as these feelings are, Sophia’s still my little girl after all and I’m ashamed of how I’m thinking about her.

C’mon, fella, what are you afraid of? She won’t notice. She will just continue to play around in the water, not having a clue about her good ‘ol daddy-o in the woods, jerking off to her, fantasizing about his big cock in her small, tight pussy…


I shouldn’t.

I sigh as I put up the rest of the equipment.


It gets better after that. I even dare to join my daughter in the lake, fooling around and exploring the underwater world with her. I make sure to keep my distance when I feel something growing down there (which is, honestly, only about two times or so), but overall it’s a nice experience and we really enjoy ourselves. I pick her up, then throw her into the water again, and her lively laugh roars across the mirror-like surface as she responds with splashing water back at me.


We end the day at a lovely, small campfire. Sophia has redressed in a comfy sweater and her favorite, black sneakers. We eat the sausages I grilled over the flames as we talk about regular life; school, our favorite tv-shows, the upcoming Super Bowl. Her pretty face, dusted with cute little freckles, is illuminated by the dancing flames and I actually starting to find it no wonder that I’m weirdly attracted to this young girl. Then again, I’m her fucking father, whose sperm helped creating this little paragon of innocence.

She suddenly speaks up. “You know, I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, pumpkin.”

“No.” She shakes her head. “I don’t mean it that way. I mean, I do, but there’s more to it…”

“Oh yeah?” I ask, my heart starting to bounce faster.

She nods. “I really love you, like, you’re the best person in my life right now. I dunno, I just think that mom was always bitching around, while you… you really looked after me. Even when I didn’t deserve it.”

“Oh well,” I say, a bit disappointed, “that’s what dads are for. And you always deserved it, honey.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did. You’re the most precious thing I have in my life, Sophia. Just know that wherever you go, whatever big step you gotta take, I’m always here for you. And I don’t want to ever hear about rewards.”

She sniffs. I think there are actually tears in her eyes. Now that I’m mentioning it, there is something itching in the corners of my eyes as well.

“Come here,” I say, reaching out for her. She crawls into my arms and I hug her, without even having the slightest incestuous feeling about it. I hold her close to me as I stroke her hair. We sit there for a while, and then she finally gets up, wiping the wetness out of her eyes. “Thanks, dad.”

“No worries, sweetie. Let’s get to bed, it’s been a long day.”

“Yeah, fine.”

We spend the last minutes of the day brushing our teeth and getting settled in our sleeping bags. Before I finally put my mind to rest, I roll over one more time, giving my daughter a quick peck on the cheek before I roll back. “Night, dad.”

“Night, sweetie.”

And with that, I slowly drift away, listening to the regular sound of my daughter’s breathing before my mind with all its different and conflicting thoughts goes black.


Day 2

It all started out as a wet dream.

At the time, I wasn’t really aware that it was just a foggy production of my own perverse brain, so I was a kind of surprised when I woke up to the sound of someone moaning, noticing a strange sensation on my cock. I looked down, only to see that it was buried deeply in a pair of cute teenage butt cheeks, humping against my thighs as I fucked the young girl in front of me. I let out a content sigh as I grabbed her hips, deciding to just go with the flow as I thrusted into her. The experience was delicious. Her pussy was really tight – like some kind of vice – and her walls milked me as I listened to her music-like moans. It was only then that I started to recognize a familiar tune in it, and as I looked down, I suddenly discovered the freckled cheeks, almost as red as her hair, of which the sloppy curls were sticking to her forehead.

I was fucking my own daughter.

“Sophia?” I asked, surprised, though not ceasing our act of lovemaking one moment. I doubt if she’d even let me. She was bouncing against me as frantically as she used to when she rode my knee, and that thought alone almost made me go crazy.

“Oh, I’m sorry daddy,” she moaned, “I just… I saw your dick and I couldn’t stop myself… I had to take it,”

My mind seemed to have a voice of its own, and I hoarsely replied: “Fuck yeah!” as I tightened my grip on her hips and started to thrust faster. “Yes, daddy!” Sophia cried. “Fuck me! Fuck your little babygirl!”

Suddenly, she stood up and pressed her lovely young body against me, allowing me to grab and play with her whipping titties. I moved one hand to her thighs and started to frantically rub her clit, causing her to moan into my mouth as I kissed her.

Naturally, it doesn’t take me long to reach my point of no return. This was it. I was going to release all those feelings, all that fucking tension into my own daughter.

“Here it comes, pumpkin,” I groaned.

“Yes! Give it to me, daddy! Give me all your hot, fucking cum!”

“Sophia,” I moaned,


“Sophia!” as I suddenly shoot up. Immediately, I feel my body spasm, and my cock released its load in a few, spurting motions. But it ain’t in my daughter’s pussy. It’s in my fucking sleeping bag, and I groan (of frustration, not of lust) when I pull back the fabric. “Oh, that’s just great. That’s absolutely great.”

Fortunately, Sophia seems to be already up, as her sleeping bag is empty. With a sigh, I step out of the gooey mess, and get to work.


It takes me a good ten minutes before I’ve finally cleaned up the last trace of my imaginary romp and I sigh relievedly as I stand in front of the tent, stretching my arms. Sophia’s nowhere to be seen. She’s probably just out to answer mother nature’s call or brush her teeth, or something. I don’t think too much about it and start preparing dinner. However, by the time the coffee’s ready and the toast baked, she still hasn’t returned.

I decide to go have a look, a feeling of uneasiness settling in my stomach. The natural toilet is abandoned. So is the improvised ‘bathroom’; even the bunch of toilet paper is still there, sitting at its place on the flat branch of a tree. Just as I start thinking about taking the car and having a look at the other side of the lake, I suddenly hear splashing of water, and I sigh in relief. She’s just swimming. Nothing wrong. Just tell her to get out of the water, and have breakfast, and try to not rape your daughter during the rest of the vacation…




I stand still, suddenly having the feeling that the world has turned upside down and I’m about to fall down with it. About just a couple of feet away, bathing in the lake, is my daughter, my sweet Sophia, completely naked.

I quickly crouch down behind a bush before she has a chance of spotting me. I pry away a few leaves, trying to determine whether my eyes are failing me. Apparently not. She’s right there, and even when I rub out my eyes until I’m afraid they are at the point of falling out, she’s still there, running her hands across her slim, glancing body.

I can’t take my eyes off her breasts as she gently rubs them. They’re small, of course, but they’re near damn perfect. Small, rigidly erect nipples, proudly pointing towards me. They have a cute shade of pink and she traces circles around them with her fingers. She gently pinches them, and she giggles as I feel my dick stirring in my pants. Within a couple of seconds, she’s managed to restore it to its full size again, and I contemplate taking it out and jerking off, every rational thought in my head being overthrown by a feeling much stronger than myself. God, how much I’d wish I could just run up to her, and join her, feeling and sucking those small, young titties. Or even better; if she’d just run op to me, and we’d continue the fantasy that started in my head…

But then, all of a sudden, she does come out of the water, and I can’t imagine it’s for the reason I just fantasized about. I quickly stuff my dick back into my pants, and turn back, running away before she can see me. I just pray she hasn’t…


and the nice fella up on the clouds seems to have answered my call. I get back to the camp safely, and I’m already pouring in coffee when she finally arrives, her hair still a bit wet, fully dressed. “Good morning, dad. Did you sleep well?”

“Morning, pumpkin. And yes, I did.”

“Good.” She smiles, throwing off the towel as she sits down. “Same for me. I didn’t get any dreams, though.”

“Me neither, pumpkin.” I sigh. “Me neither.”


We finish breakfast, discussing several ideas for today as I try to forget everything that happened this morning. I just can’t believe I’ve let it come this far. I’ve had some embarrassing moments before, of course, but I can’t recall any that were as strong as these. It almost feels like I’m not able to restrain myself much longer. But upon seeing Sophia’s happy face, and thinking about the words she said to me yesterday, I decided to keep trying. I had to, for my little girl.

I collect all the filthy plates and the litter and go to the lake to do the dishes. It’s a little bit time-consuming, but with all the frustration I put in it, I manage to get everything done within ten minutes. When I get back to the camp, the following problem is there to frustrate me; Sophia’s again nowhere to be seen. I frown, putting down the basket with clean dishes, thinking about what to do next when I suddenly hear a strange sound. It sounds like it’s coming from behind the tent. I put down the basket, planning on walking straight towards it – but then think again. This sound is weird. I think about what it could be, when the realization suddenly strikes me; it’s moaning.


And as I crouch down yet again behind a tree and try to see what’s happening, I can’t help but think life’s actually pulling a prank on me.


Sophia is sitting on the ground, ass protected by her sweater, leaning on the bright canvas, pleasuring herself, in her full, nude glory, save for her black sneakers. She has her eyes closed and her cheeks have a strange, red color, almost like fever. One hand is on one of her tits; she’s kneading and twisting her nipple as she lets out soft, gasping moans. The other hand is between her thighs, finger stuck in her shining wet slit. As I look closer, I see that her pussy is dripping and her juices are already forming a puddle on her sweater.

“Fuck this,” I mutter, as I finally get my dick out and start jacking. I let go of all my doubts as I stroke my big piece of meat, doing my best to align with her thrusts, imagining her finger replaced with my throbbing cock. I accidentally let out a soft gasp, but she doesn’t seem to notice, as she is fully lost in her self-pleasure. Her thrusts become more urgent, and she pushes her finger deeper, licking her lips as she does so.

Then, she speaks the word that changed it all: “Daddy…”

I come to a stop, not worrying about the stream of precum that is currently soaking the crotch of my pants. Did she just… did she…

“Daddy!” she cries again, her body spasming, “that’s it, daddy! I love you! Keep fucking me!”

I can’t believe my ears. I consider getting up and asking what the hell this is about, but before I can do anything, my daughter has her orgasm. Her whole body tenses up, she clutches at her breast, almost crushing her nipple. She bears her teeth and she hisses as her pussy explodes, her juices spreading all over her sweater and the brown, forest floor. She relaxes again, and giggles, a satisfied smirk on her lips. “Thank you, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.” I say out loud, barely noticing the fact that I just did so. Sophia looks up, like an animal discovered by a hunter, and watches in shock as I step out of the bushes, my cock swaying with each step. She attempts to cover her breasts and pussy, but it doesn’t look very convincing.

“Dad! Oh my God, I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be.” I sit down, and she seems to relax a bit more, although she doesn’t take her hands of her body. “Pumpkin, would you mind explaining what just happened?”

She looks surprised, but she almost immediately gives in, apparently also noticing that she’d been caught and she couldn’t do a shit about it. She confesses; that she started to have weird feelings, that she was ashamed for it, and tried to suppress them.

“Then there was this trip.” she says, blushing heavily. “I couldn’t believe that I was going to camp with my dad, alone, for a whole weekend. I had… I had fantasies, dad. About you, fucking me, doing me in the tent, loving me like you loved mom…”

I am not surprised at her confessions. In fact, I also decide to tell her about my feelings, and how I thought about her, fantasized about her, but was equally ashamed of it because she was my daughter. Finally, I look down, and sigh. “Well, I think we got a situation on our hands.”

I don’t notice Sophia taking her hands of her body. I also don’t notice her crawling towards me, and when I feel her soft hands touching my knees, it’s already too late. “Pumpkin, what are you doing?”

“I think Imma break one of your rules, dad…” She licks her lips. “I’m going to give you a reward.”

“But…” Too late. Before I’ve come to the full realization, she has wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck me off. I throw my head back, a moan emerging from my mouth as the sensation of her tongue swirling around my length overwhelms me. “Ugh… Sophia, no, we can’t…”

She let’s go with a wet ‘plop’, looking up to me with her bright, blue eyes as she continues to slowly jerk me off. “Why not? It feels good, and everyone enjoys it, so…”

“But I’m your father, for God’s sake.”

“So?” She gives the top a quick lick. “You’ve waited long enough, daddy. Don’t spoil the fun now,”

Well, I guess she kinda has a point. She goes down again, her head bobbing up and down in swift motions. She’s really good at this. Her tongue is sliding down along the base of my length, then goes up again, and swirls around the top. I notice she has moved one finger down and she continues playing with herself.

“You know how to suck dick, huh, don’t you baby?” I grin, as I stroke her hair. She smiles and lets go for a second, jerking my cock. “I used to practice on lollipops, daddy. It was fun.”

“I see. For how long?”

“Ever since I started to think about you.” She sucks at the top for a couple of seconds. “Sometimes I would just sneak up to my bedroom and start playing with myself. Oh God, daddy, I’m so sorry… I was crazy. I was playing with myself when you were just two rooms away.”

“Don’t be sorry,” I say, lifting her chin up. “Hey, you hear me? It’s not your fault. It’s just the hormones. Nobody can blame ya for that,”

She giggles. “You think so? I wonder what mom would think of this…”

“Well, mom isn’t here and she won’t find out. Now, you just go ahead and have fun, baby.”

“Oh, that’ll be okay, dad.” Down she goes again, stroking, massaging, trying every method now she finally gets to have the real deal. I’m starting to forget my sense of reality. The way my daughter is sucking my cock is just too… too mind-numbing, and I don’t think the whole taboo things matters anymore. Besides, ain’t she right? Everyone’s having fun and as long as nobody finds out, what’s the fucking issue?

Sophia is now getting serious, as she’s now really sucking, like she’s trying to extract my kidneys through my dick. Small streams of drool are leaking from the corners of her mouth, dripping on her pale titties below. Upon hearing the wet sounds the fingers in her slit make, I can tell she’s getting pretty pumped op, too. My load is rising quickly. Just as I think I can’t hold it anymore, Sophia is luckily the one to give in; with a deep groan, she cums, her juices once more spraying the ground below. I wait patiently for her body to stop spasming, silence only interrupted by our quick, frantic breaths.


I seem to have lost my mind, but I just don’t – fucking – care. I pick my daughter up, smiling at her slight yelp as I do so. I sit her down in front of the tent, then go in to grab some stuff. I emerge a few seconds later with one of the mats, and lay it out on the ground. “There. I assume we want to be a bit comfortable, don’t we?”

Sophia just stares, absently rubbing her gash as I lay down on the mat. Before I can say anything, however, she quickly gets up and straddles me, her dripping twat just inches away from my rock-hard meat. She seems to be hesitant. Of course she’s hesitant; these few seconds could change her – not to mention mine – life forever.

“It’s big.”

“It certainly is.”

“You think I can take it?”

“Well, only one way to find out.”

“Yeah, could’ve figured that myself, smartass.” she grins, giving me a playful pat on the head. Then she bites her lip.

“Just take it slow,” I assure her. “No need to hurry. We can do this entirely your way, pumpkin.”

I think she may be having second thoughts, but just as I’m about to propose that we forget everything that just happened, Sophia decides to not give a shit about the system as she rises once again. She mounts me, tip of my dick just brushing along her slick folds, then slowly parting them. The world around me – my heart, my breathing, hell, even my never-stopping train of thought – seems to stop as my daughter sits herself down on my cock. Finally, the tip has disappeared, and I’m met with the soft, but firm resistance from her hymen.

On this point, I decide to offer her some help and I grab her small, teenage buttcheeks, slowly pushing her down. My cock pierces her cherry, and she hisses, bearing her teeth, cheeks flushing red. I give her some time to adjust to the new size, then move her down further, and finally, her hips meet mine. The realization is surreal. I’m here, middle of the day, open and out in the woods for every pervert to see, my cock buried in my daughter’s pussy.

“You’re wet,” I pipe up.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” she sighs, before she surprises me by starting to move herself up and down. God, her cunt is tight. She doesn’t really seem to have a hard time, though, as her pussy is wet – sopping – enough to make it slide up and down with ease.

After a couple of seconds, she seems to be getting more into it, and she moves faster, her cute bubble butt slamming into my hips. Her boobies whip up and down like a pair of young children on a bed, and I can’t help but cup them, Sophia biting her lip as I do so. I thought she would prefer to take it slowly, but she only seems to go faster and faster. Great, my adorable introvert turns out to be a sex-crazed cowgirl. So much for my fatherly intuition.

The sun breaks through, and a ray of light hits my young babygirl, making the sweat on her skin shimmer and shine. It’s on that point that I realize we aren’t just a bunch of crazy folks giving in to their sick lust; we’re a father and daughter, making love, and it’s maybe the best thing that ever happened in my miserable, more sad than happy life.

But that doesn’t matter now. I’m here, with my babygirl, and I’m having a fucking great time.

“Daddy,” she sighs, “I think I’m going to cum again soon,”

“Sure. Just… let me,” and she allows me to take control, grabbing her hips, fucking up into her with careful, but firm thrusts. Her titties bounce faster, and she grabs and fondles them as she moans, increasing in volume, approaching her orgasm like a fast train. As the moment finally arrives, she throws her head back, letting out a loud groan as I feel her juices flooding my dick. After I let her ride out her orgasm, I point at her twat, brushing her clitty and making her shudder. “Whoops. Someone seems to have gotten a bit messy down here,”

“Well? Whatcha think you’re going to about it?” she pouts.

“Oh, I might know just a little trick…”


A few seconds later, we’ve switched positions and Sophia’s now on her back, gasping and digging her nails into her breasts as I lick her small pussy. I circle around her clit, feeling the tremors running through her legs as I apply pressure on it. I lap up her juices, then bury my tongue in her shining folds, causing her to let out a cute moan. “Fuck, you’re good at that, dad.”

I probe around some more, silently cheering as she tenses up and moans loudly. “Oh, fuck! That felt good!”

Done it. Found her g-spot. I brush over it some more, then push on it, causing her to twist and twitch in ecstasy. This way, it doesn’t take me long before I have her edging again, teasing her a little before I decide to give my little girl the treatment she deserves. I push on her g-spot again, and she cums, her juices flowing into my mouth. I make sure to spill nothing before I look up again, only to find her hair sticking to her forehead and her breasts covered with tiny, red marks.


I move myself upwards, and bring my cock to the entrance of her pussy, this time sliding in with ease. She throws her head around as I start fucking her harder, hovering above her, watching her titties bounce around on her chest. She grabs them, bringing one nipple to her mouth to suck it as she stares at me with an amused look on her face. “Still hanging in there, dad?”

“Yeah, but it ain’t gonna be long, pumpkin.”

“Oh yeah?” She smiles. “I dare you to make me cum one more time.”

“One more time?”

“Yes, unless you can’t do it…”

“Oh, you just lay back and watch, baby,” I say, as I start thrusting a little more harder. I balance myself on one hand as I bring the other to her crotch and start diddling her twat. She moans, and I continue staring in her eyes as I fuck her, watching them sparkle. It sounds dumb, but it’s true; they sparkle, with joy, with love for daddy. The sight arouses me so much that within seconds, I’m finally edging, and I don’t think I can restrain myself any longer.

“Fuck, babygirl, I’m close…”

“Me too, daddy. Come on, you can do it.” Her breaths are growing more frantic and she’s gritting her teeth. “Make me cum. Make your little girl fucking cum, daddy!”

I feel my load rising, and I can’t contain myself. It’s inevitable, like the damn apocalypse, I guess.

“Fuck! Pumpkin, I’m coming!”

“Daddy!” Sophia cries, face turning red, squeezing her eyes shut tightly. I feel her come around me, and somehow I manage to bring up the sanity to pull out, all the love and affection for my daughter exploding in one ecstatic orgasm. I shoot my load all over her tummy, drawing thick lines over her soft skin. Finally, I relax again, my dick twitching some more before deflating. Sophia works herself up on her elbows and stares at the gooey mess. “Gee. Is that all for me, daddy?”

“Well, it ain’t because of the goddamn neighbor.”

We both burst out in laughter. Then, I get up, and offer her my hand. “C’mon. Let’s get you cleaned up.”


We spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up, talking, and having dinner. When the sun has gone down, we slide in my bag, naked, this time. We spoon and talk some more before finally laying our heads down, reflecting on all the things that changed today.

“Daddy?” Sophia asks.


“I love you.”

“I love you too, pumpkin.”

It goes quiet after that. Just as I think she’s fallen asleep, she suddenly pipes up again: “Dad?”


“Wanna do me in the lake tomorrow?”

I smile, reaching over and cupping one of her breasts as I rest my head behind hers. “We’ll see, pumpkin. We’ll see.”

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