Camren’s Unusual Day

Title: Camren’s Unusual Day

Author: Dankem7997

Celebs: Camren Bicondova, Larsen Thompson

Codes: MF, FF, MFF, oral, mast, first, cons

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

English is not my native language so I’m sorry for all the mistakes I might have made. Any suggestions or just feedback is more than welcome, I can be reached at: dankem7997(AT)gmail(DOT)com


  1. Introduction


Camren Bicondova has grown up. She wasn’t this cute little girl with tiny tits, abs and nice ass now, she grew up to be really attractive young woman, that every boy her age would love to see in his bed. Her breasts looked great now, her ass went from being nice to perfect and her body became unbelievably appealing to every man she knew. Camren understood her situation pretty well. “Gotham” had quite an audience and almost every young male watching her on the screen wasn’t admiring only her acting skills. There was also her instagram. Every time she posted a new photo, the comment section was flooded with more or less subtle opinions on her look. Camren knew what boys think about her. When she was seventeen she started to wear more provocative clothes and post more provocative photos on her social media profiles. Sexy dresses, no bra or simple bikini photos. That was something her fans were waiting for. Camren’s intentions became obviously clear. She’s an independent woman now and she can be whoever she wants to. Her mind was floating between imaginations about her adult Hollywood life and fantasies about love and sex life. She knew she wouldn’t have any problem with finding a nice boy… if… Well, she saw some obstacles.

In Camren’s view, there was a few problems that kept her from being truly independent. She wasn’t a member of any school, she lived with her parents and she was so focused on her acting job, she didn’t really have time to go out and meet someone. Her short free time was occupied by meetings with old friends and spending time with family. Also: her family. Camren has already had a lot of arguments with her parents about her clothing choices. As you can guess, mother wasn’t happy about them. After Camren’s eighteenth birthday she felt free. She felt like everything she was thinking about was finally going to happen. But… Nothing changed. She kept posting her sexy photos, she kept arguing with parents and she kept imagining having rough sex for the first time. She felt like it’s time. Her erotic fantasies couldn’t leave her alone, and all she could do to fulfill them was pleasuring herself.


  1. What happened before.


She felt it again. She didn’t know if that happened because of the movie she just saw on tv, or maybe she remembered seeing someone good looking when she was on her morning jogging; that didn’t matter at this moment. She was alone in her house so she didn’t hesitate, she went to her room and lied on her bed. She looked up and slipped her hand into her underwear. She felt her wet pussy, and immediately she started fingering herself. Left hand she putted on her chest, slowly rubbing both tits in turns. Camren started to breath faster when her fingers went deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. While her right hand was in her panties, the left one started to fondle her tits. Camren still had her t-shirt on while playing with boobs. Camren’s face was turning red. She decided to squeeze her nipples a little. It felt good, but not perfect, so without taking out her right hand from those panties she took of her t-shirt from her body and left it hanging on the right hand. Her Latina boobs were just perfect. Not to big, but not very small either, they were great toys to play with. When Camren was lying on her back her tits have melted on her whole body making it look like they’re wider but shorter. She kept fondling and squeezing her tits and kept breathing faster and faster. Camren started to moan quietly. She was fingering her pussy faster, her legs started to move towards the body. Her body started to feel this pleasure. Camren lifted her ass a little, still pleasuring herself with a right hand, and immediately lied down again. She did that a couple of times, and kept speeding up with fingering. “Ohhh” – she kept moaning. Her body started to move more. Camren was lifting her ass, crossing her legs and rolling her whole body on the bed. For a moment she took her left hand from her boobs and slipped it into her panties to rub, now completely wet, pussy. After a while she took her hand back and put her wet fingers in her mouth. “Mmmm” – she was tasting it while playing with her tongue. Camren pulled her fingers out returning to squeezing her tits with one hand and fingering herself with the other. She became even more turned on, she felt like climaxing any moment. Her whole body was moving on the bed. Every time she went deeper with her fingers she was moaning: “Yes, fuck me, deeper, fuck me, come on, yes baby”. She was imagining some perfect guy, who could take care of her horny body. She was ready. Her pussy wanted it so badly, Camren was moaning very loudly, almost screaming. She was so close, closer and closer, when…

The door bell rang. Someone was coming.

– Nooo! Why now? – Camren said. She stood up quickly and put her t-shirt back on. The bell rang once again.

– I’m coming, I’m coming! – She went to the door and opened it. It was her mum.

– Why are you still not dressed up? We’re leaving right now.

– Where? – Camren asked.

– Don’t you remember? You have an interview, you asked me to drive you there. – Camren’s mum was visibly upset. She had to leave her work for an hour just to take her daughter for an interview. Camren didn’t have drivers license.

– Sorry – Camren said. – I’ll just put my shoes on and we can go.

– You’re going for an interview wearing this?

– It’s going to be posted only in text. Don’t worry. – Camren said while putting on her shoes.

– By the way… – Her mum said – Why your face is so red?

– Well… I was dancing. You know, practicing. It’s exhausting.

– All right. You’re ready?

– Yeah, we can go. – Camren said and they went to the car.



  1. The interview.


Camren was still in shock. Even while sitting in a car with her mother, she felt horny like hell but she couldn’t show even a tiny bit of it. At the beginning she had no idea if she can hold herself till she gets back home. That feeling was passing, luckily for her.

– Do you want me to pick you up after the interview? – Mum asked.

– No, thanks. I will probably visit Larsen after the meeting.

Larsen was Camren’s best friend. This tall, redheaded beauty was Camren’s source of jealousy. She wasn’t afraid of being almost naked in front of cameras, she was a model, a dancer and, furthermore, she had a handsome, loving boyfriend. Despite all of that, Camren liked Larsen. After all, she was a good friend, helpful and understanding.

– That’s the place. – Camren’s mum said while stopping the car. – Have a nice meeting!

– Thanks! I’ll call you when it’s over. Bye! – Camren left the car and entered the building. This interview was for some new, aspiring website with gossips and celebrity news. It was supposed to be held in one of the rooms located in website’s offices. Camren finally found the place and opened the door. She saw one man sitting on a sofa. He was young, but quite older than Camren, good looking, short hair.

– Hi! – He said – Nice to finally meet you. I’m Tom, I will be interviewing you. Please, sit down. Camren also said “Hi” and sat on the couch next to Tom. There was nobody in that room except them. Tom activated his recorder and the interview started.

– How many times people ask you about your role in Gotham?

– Too much. – Camren said.

– I noticed. That’s why I’ll try to ask more personal questions. I hope that’s fine.

– Sure. – Camren said, a little surprised, but happy. She was sick of answering the same questions over and over again.

– You’re eighteen now. Have you experienced any meaningful changes in your life?

– Well… Ymmm… Not exactly. – This guy hit the right spot. Camren didn’t know what to say. – It’s just an age, right? Nothing really changes except the number on your age rubric.

– Really? I did not expect to hear that. Everyone saw your sudden outfit change as a catwoman. Before, you were completely covered, now we can see some body of yours.

– You said you won’t mention Gotham. – Camren said.

– I said I won’t ask you specifically about your role. So? What’s this change all about?

– Well… Camren was a little afraid to tell the truth – The showrunners thought that it might be good idea to change my outfit since… you know… we have a big teen male audience.

– Ok, I see. So, I assume you have plenty of boys now to choose from.

– No, – Camren said – not really.

– Why?

– I don’t think I want to talk about it. – Camren was getting a little nervous.

– Don’t worry – Tom said. – I will send you my text before it gets published. If you won’t like something in it you will just say a word. But right now let me continue my interview, ok? -Camren had to think for a moment, but finally she agreed.

– Great. So, again, why don’t you have a boyfriend?

– I don’t know. I guess I don’t have much time for looking. You know, acting, dancing, all of that.

– And that’s why you don’t have anyone? That can’t be truth.

– I think it is. – Camren said.

– You know what I think? – Tom raised his eyebrows for a moment. – I think you’re just afraid. Yeah afraid.

– Afraid of commitment? – Camren asked.

– No, not commitment. Sex. Afraid of having sex with another human being.

– Excuse me?! – Camren was surprised how straight forward he was.

– Hell yeah. You want to have a boyfriend but you’re too afraid you won’t satisfy him.

– You’re going to far! – In a burst of emotion Camren felt that her pussy is still wet. She didn’t have time to change her panties and… she didn’t have time to finish on her bed. She was still horny.

– Remember what I said. It stays between us if you want it. – Tom tried to calm her.

– By the way… – Camren said, easier, without yelling – You’re wrong. I’m not scared of being with a man.

– Really? I don’t believe you. – Tom said and immediately put his hand near his crotch. Camren understood it.

– I can prove it to you.

– How? – Tom smiled.

– The doors are open, someone can come here any second. But this bathroom, right there, we can close it.

Tom stood up and took her hand. – Ok. – He said – As you wish.

They both went to the bathroom and closed the door.

One thought appeared in Camren’s mind: “If I will do it, does it make me a slut? I don’t even know this guy.” But she rejected that idea immediately. “No, it’s just this one time. Besides… what’s the difference between that and masturbation in my room?”

Tom sat on a closed toilet seat, Camren was kneeling and taking his jeans and boxers off. Tom pulled out his erected dick. – You’ve ever done this before? – He asked.

– No, never. – Camren took his warm cock with both hands and started to lick it. At first slowly and carefully, her tongue was touching only the tip of the penis, but after a while, when she gained more confidence, she slid towards the balls. After a moment she stopped licking his dick, she grabbed it with one hand and dipped it inside her small, cute mouth. Camren was blowing it slowly, she wasn’t very experienced but she knew one thing: It felt good. Camren started to like the taste of this warm, soft part of men’s body in her mouth. The tip of the penis was hitting her cheek from inside, making it look even better. Tom was quietly moaning, he touched her head and started to hold her short hair. Camren was sucking his cock deeper and faster now. She started to feel out of breath. She pulled out guy’s dick from her mouth and she took a deep, long breath.

– What’s up kiddo? You can’t take it? – Tom smiled.

Without saying a word Camren started to suck his dick again, now without any hesitation, as fast and deep as she possibly could. Camren was moving her head to the left and right so the tip of the cock could hit her cheeks from the inside. “It feels better that way” – Camren though. Her hair was bouncing unnaturally while sucking fully rigid prick, Tom wasn’t even trying to hold her head now. Camren was doing a clumsy job, but at least she was committed. Her head movements were strange and looked quite funny from the men’s point of view, but he couldn’t care less. Camren Bicondova was sucking his dick in a toilet near his office, he felt great no matter what. She didn’t hesitate for a moment. She still felt horny after that unfinished fingering.

– Camren, wait, I think I… – Tom was trying to say.

She didn’t care about anything he was saying. Her mind was so turned on she could only focus on the dick in her mouth and a pleasure it was giving her. Camren was a rookie, she didn’t consider that Tom might…

She felt something warm hitting her throat. In just a moment it was everywhere inside her mouth, she started choking. She pulled his cock out and tried to spit the cum out. She went to the sink.

– You came… In… my mouth… – Camren was trying to say with cum flowing out her lips. She thought she can get rid of it with water.

– No baby! You have to swallow it! Swallow. – He said, smiling and putting his pants back on.

He stood up, walked up to Camren and slapped her ass, saying: “If you want more just say a word”. Then, he left the bathroom.

– What a jerk. – Camren thought washing her mouth.

After a while she also left the bathroom and headed towards an exit.

– Where are you going? – Tom asked.

– The interview is over. – Camren left the room.


  1. Larsen’s house, part 1


Camren still had Tom’s dick aftertaste in her mouth. She was angry at herself for giving him a blowjob regardless of knowing him for about five minutes. She felt horny though. She knew she wouldn’t have done it if she could just finish earlier, at her house. But she didn’t care. Camren felt free, felt independent. Nobody could tell her how and with who she can have sex. She wanted to just go home now, but she promised Larsen to visit her after the interview. After a short walk she was at her house. She rang the bell but nobody was coming. Camren opened the door.

– It’s me! Is anyone home? – She yelled.

– I’m here! – Camren heard Larsen’s voice. – Upstairs! –

Larsen Thompson knew Camren very well. They met each other while being kids and their friendship began right away. As kids they were always honest and open with themselves and they held that tradition to this day.

– I’m taking a bath, come on in! – Larsen and Camren were never ashamed of their bodies if they were alone. It never went far, just simple trust amongst friends.

Camren entered the bathroom and saw her best friend lying naked in bathtub.

– Why so early? – Larsen said – The interview was shorter?

– Yes – Camren replied – It was much shorter than I thought. How are you?

– Great! I just wanted to take a bath before you would come, but… You were faster. – Larsen smiled.

Larsen’s body was perfect. Beautiful skin, fantastic ass and big, natural, symmetric tits were Camren’s main reasons to be jealous. Although all of those parts on Camren’s body were also very sexy, Larsen’s ones were driven to perfection. In the water she was even more stunning. Her long, ginger hair was floating on the surface of the water, touching, time and again, her sexy belly and magnificent tits. She had beautiful legs, completely shaved, along with every single pubic hair around her fantastic, juicy cunt. Camren’s eyes were following Larsen’s boobs slowly moving,  just floating on the water.

– So? How was the interview?

– It was Ok. Nothing new. Same as every interview I did.

Camren felt bad for lying to her best friend, but she had no choice. What happened between her and Tom was supposed to be a secret forever.

– Fine. Whatever you say.

– Larsen… – Camren said.

– Yes?

– I didn’t have time at home to take a shower. Would you mind if I… you know, jump in?

– What? Well… emmm… yes, I mean no, I don’t mind, it’s just… you surprised me.

– I know – Camren was already taking her pants off. – These days I’m even surprising myself.

Camren took her t-shirt off.

– Camren, you’re not wearing a bra? – Lauren asked.

– Like I said, I didn’t have much time to get ready. – Camren got into the bathtub spilling out some water on the floor. They were sitting naked in a bathtub, facing each other.

– So? – Larsen asked. – What else can you say?

Camren couldn’t stop watching. Larsen’s tits were floating on the surface of the water, moving from the left to the right in such a hot way, Camren was horny already.

– Nothing exciting really. Let us just relax for a moment, shall we?

What Camren said and what she thought was two different things now. She was planning how to touch, at least for a moment, those magnificent breasts she was so obsessed about. She got an idea.

– You want me to wash your back? – Camren asked?

– Emm… Ok, why not? – Larsen said with a little bit of hesitation. She turned her back.

It wasn’t the first time Camren did that. When they were kids they had these situations all the time. Although today, Camren was so horny, she couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with her best friend. Meanwhile, Camren was washing Larsen’s back. Her hands were dangerously moving towards the belly. She touched Larsen’s sideboob once, like it was an accident. She did it again in a moment. Now, her hand completely moved from the back to the belly. She was rubbing it gently while slowly moving hands up on the body. Finally she started touching and rubbing Larsen’s tits.

– Cam… Camren… – Said with pleasure.

– What? You have to be clean everywhere.

– Mhm, whatever, mhm…

Camren felt like she needed silent approval and that was it. Larsen liked it a lot, Camren could feel it. After a moment Camren’s left hand went under water, between Larsen’s legs. She started to gently touch her pussy.

– Cam, baby, what are you doing? – Larsen whispered being in pleasure from Camren’s magnificent tits massage.

– I’m just making you feel better. – Camren said while gently fingering her friend.

Camren was hugging her from behind, right hand rubbing Larsen’s tits, left hand rubbing her vagina. Camren pressed her tits to Larsen’s back. Larsen was starting to moan.

– Cam, Camren, ohhh…

Larsen’s hands went down to touch Camren’s legs. Larsen turned her head away and both girls started kissing. Water was dripping from their tits. Camren hugged her friend even closer so she could rub her nipples. Larsen’s tongue was in Camren’s mouth so Camren decided to push a little further into her friends pussy. Larsen’s moaned into Camren’s mouth but they didn’t stop kissing. They felt better and better. As Larsen began to moan even louder she took Camren’s hand from her clit.

She stood up and sat on the edge of the bathtub. She spread her legs in front of Camren’s face so Camren could knew what Larsen wants without saying a word. Camren got on her knees. She sank her head between her friends long, beautiful legs to taste her wet pussy. Larsen was shaving for her boyfriend, she could never imagine that it may come in handy for Camren to eat her pussy. Camren started to kiss Larsen’s body near her vagina, her hands were touching Larsen’s legs, teasing her. Larsen grabbed Camren’s hair as she finally stick her tongue out and started to lick Larsen’s clit. Once again, Larsen began to moan, Camren’s tongue was getting faster and faster, Larsen was closing her legs but it was only turning Camren on. She grabbed Larsen’s hips and started licking her best friend as fast as she possibly could.

– Ooohhhh, Cam, yess, yess! Just like that! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!

She was already out of breath but Camren kept going. Larsen’s pussy tasted fantastic, Camren’s head was locked between two clenched legs, it felt amazing. Being afraid of cuming too fast, Larsen pulled her friend’s head out with visible Camren’s disapproval.

– What? Let me finish!

– No, not just yet.

Larsen sat inside the bathtub once again.

– My turn. I want to taste this. – And she slapped Camren’s butt with her leg.

Camren bend over so Larsen could spread her butt-cheeks and start eating her ass. Larsen’s tongue drowned inside her friend as she kept herself steady on her knees and arms looking just like a cat. Camren started moaning when Larsen put her finger inside Camren’s ass.

– Yes, yes, yes, mhmm – Camren was moaning quietly at first but after a while she got louder and louder as Larsen was fucking her faster and faster. – Baby, yeah, make me cum, deeper, come on, yes, yeah…

Girls were too loud to hear someone’s footsteps in the corridor. Camren was moaning, she was close to finishing, Larsen was rubbing her perfect tits with one hand and in this time of pleasure for both girls the door to the bathroom opened and Larsen’s boyfriend came in. He immediately saw his girlfriend fucking someone else.

– What the fuck, Larsen?!

Both girls in shock, stopped everything they’ve been doing.

– You’re cheating on me?! What the…

– No, no, no, it’s not like that, no! – Larsen jumped out from the bathtub but the boy was already leaving the room. – Gavin, wait! – She went after him, completely wet and naked. Camren also left the bathtub, totally embarrassed started to think what is she supposed to do now. Being in shock she just stood there, she didn’t put any clothes, she was just listening to the conversation between her dear friend and her boyfriend.

After a while Larsen went back to the bathroom.

– What’s going on? – Camren asked still unbelievably embarrassed.

Without answering Larsen got closer and kissed Camren while putting her hand on Camren’s breasts.

– Don’t worry. – Larsen said. – He’s an idiot. When he sees me naked I can say whatever I want. He will buy it.

– Oh God. Good. Sorry. – Camren said with relief.

– There’s just one more thing. I promised him something so he can forgive me for… well… cheating. Cheating him with you.

– What’s that?

Larsen grabbed Camren’s hand.

– Let’s go downstairs. Leave your clothes.


  1. Larsen’s house, part 2


Gavin was already waiting for them in the living room. Sitting on the couch, his pants down, rubbing his cock. Girls entered the room. Gavin tried to start a conversation:

– Oh, so you must be…

– Shut up. – Larsen didn’t let him finish. – Camren, lay down on the carpet, will you?

– I’m not sure about this. – Camren replied. This was going all too fast for her.

– Oh, just do it. – Larsen started kissing her best friend. Camren was still horny, she still wanted to have sex with Larsen. The only problem was the boy, she felt embarrassed in front of him but Larsen’s hot, sexy kissing made her kneel and eventually lay down on the carpet, just like she was asked.

Larsen bend over, raised her ass up thereby giving a silent invitation for Gavin, and started to lick Camren’s pussy. Camren’s hands, once again, went towards rubbing her tits. Larsen raised her head for a moment, looked back at her boyfriend and said:

– Are you waiting for something?

Then she immediately went back to licking Camren’s clit.

Gavin stood up and put his dick into his girlfriend’s pussy. He was fucking her from behind now.

– Ohhh! – Larsen moaned feeling her boyfriend’s dick inside her. In the meantime, Camren was moaning all the time. She was horny from the begging of this day and finally someone was taking care of her in a proper way. Her hands were squeezing her small, sexy tits.

– My gooood! – Gavin wasn’t wasting any second. Instead of starting slowly and gradually gaining speed he was fucking Larsen like he would never have to cum. His body was splashing hers so it could make characteristic sound after every hit. Larsen was almost yelling.

– Oh my god, yes, yes, fuck me, ohhhh, just like that, don’t you fucking dare go slower! Fuck me like that, just like that!

When Larsen wasn’t using her tongue to satisfy Camren, she was fucking her with her fingers. For a virgin like Camren it was more than enough. Camren was squealing. Listening to Larsen’s moans was making her even more horny. She was very close to climaxing.

Gavin stopped fucking his girlfriend.

– Ride on me. Ride on me. – He said while laying down on the carpet.

Larsen pulled out her fingers from Camren’s pussy. Her face was red, it was obvious she’s going to cum any minute. Camren moaned from annoyance.

– Sit on his face! Next to me! – Larsen ordered her best friend.

Larsen sat on Gavin’s dick and started to ride it. Camren couldn’t resist joining her so she sat on Gavin’s face so she could face Larsen.

Larsen was jumping on her boyfriend’s dick while looking at Camren being licked. Girls made eye contact. They immediately started kissing. Gavin’s hands were rubbing Camren’s magnificent butt-cheeks. Both Camren and Larsen were moaning to each other mouths. Girls started rubbing each other’s tits. After a moment Larsen squeezed Camren’s nipples. Camren yelled, stopped kissing her best friend. She was so close to climaxing she started moving her ass back and forth on Gavin’s face.

– Yeeeessss! Come on! Ohhh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Larsen, baby! – Camren got off Gavin’s face.

– Get up, I’m gonna cum too. – Gavin said.

Larsen stopped riding her boyfriend.

He pulled his dick out of Larsen’s pussy and after he got up, without any warning, he grabbed his girlfriend by the hips, spread her ass and put his cock inside the butthole. Larsen started to yell.

– Oh my fucking god! Oh fuck! Gavin!

– You’re gonna cheat on me?!

– Oh no! Fuck no! No!

Gavin was fucking her faster. It wasn’t Larsen’s first anal but she was never fucked so hard. Her eyes drifted up, just like her whole head. She completely forgot about Camren. Seeing that, little Cam got on her knees and started kissing her best friend. At least she tried, because Larsen’s body was going back and forth, she couldn’t keep the pace.

– You like that you little slut?

– Yes! Yes! Fuck me like that! Fuck your little slut! Fuck her hard!

Larsen’s tits were bouncing uncontrollably. Her fantastic hair was flying back and forth regardless of Camren trying to calm them. Larsen was yelling all the time as she was bouncing on her boyfriend’s dick.

– Gavin, baby I’m cumming! I’m cumming! – Larsen was shouting. Seeing this Camren put forward her index finger near Larsen’s face. Larsen saw it and immediately started to suck it. She was on the edge of cumming. In one moment her body shivered, she yelled uncontrollably and lied on the floor rubbing her wet pussy. She came. Gavin was standing and rubbing his cock. He was very close too.

– Camren! – Larsen yelled.

Camren joined her best friend. Gavin stood before two kneeling beauties while rubbing his dick.

– It’s close, it’s close.

– Camren! – Larsen slapped her butt. – Your turn. Help him.

Without any hesitation Camren grabbed Gavin’s dick and started to blow him. In the meantime Larsen was helping her by licking boyfriend’s balls. Camren had her eyes open all the time, she was looking up while Gavin was quickly fucking her mouth. After a while he grabbed Camren’s head and pulled his dick out. He was rubbing his dick with the right hand while holding Camren with the left. Camren knew what’s coming. She closed her eyes and exposed her beautiful face towards Gavin’s cock. He rubbed it for just another moment and finally came, painting Camren’s face in his cum. Camren felt it on her face, she put back her head a little in a small shock. She got shot three more times, she couldn’t get back too far, Gavin was still holding her. When he finally finished he let go so Camren could lay down and at least try to get rid of cum from her face. In the meantime Larsen stood up, hugged her boyfriend in a way that her fantastic, big tits could splash on his chest, and said to him:

– You forgive me now? – pressing her tits more and more towards him.

– Oh yeah baby, yeah. – Being out of breath.

– You’re such a good boy, you know I don’t like cum on my face. – Larsen was still seductive.

– Mhm – Gavin was just looking at her. He didn’t have anything smart to say.

– Can you leave us for a second? I’ll help Camren.

– Sure. – They kissed once again and Gavin left.

Larsen looked at Camren, grabbed her hand and they both went upstairs to the bathroom. Camren washed her face and started to put her clothes back on. Larsen was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, still naked.

– I’m… I don’t know what to say, I think I should say “sorry”. – Camren felt embarrassed.

– Don’t be sorry. It was great. Did you think I’ve never wanted to fuck you? I’m glad you took the first step.

– Your boyfriend…

– Don’t worry about him. Like I said, he sees my tits and he’ll believe everything.

– Yeah, ok, but… About that threesome… To be honest, he was just fucking you all the time.

Larsen started to laugh.

– It’s not like I don’t like you taking care of me, just… – Camren said with a smile.

– Ok, I get it. Don’t worry, that will eventually happen.

Camren was fully clothed.

– But not with my boy. – Larsen laughed.

Remaining completely naked she got close to Camren and she slid her hand into Camren’s panties.

– I don’t care what he thinks. I want to see you more often. Alone. – Girls kissed. Larsen took her hand out.

– Oh, you know… I think I know just a right place in which you could fulfill your… needs. – Larsen said when Camren was on her way out.

– What’s that?

– I can’t really tell you yet. I need to ask, eee…. I need to ask manager.

– Whatever you say, just give me a call.

Camren finally left.


To be continued

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