Can I Use Your Shower?

Can I Use Your Shower?
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, voy
Celebs: Jessica Chastain, Rachel Weisz
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Rachel heard a knock at her door, and went to answer it.  Her neighbor, Jessica, was there, with a towel over her shoulder.

“Hey, Jess, what’s up?”

“Hi, my shower is acting up, and I’m gonna need someone to look at it.  Think I could use yours?”

“Oh, certainly.”

“Thank you so much.” Jessica came in.

Some moments later, Rachel walked through the house, and happened to notice the door to the bathroom was open a crack, and steam was coming out.  Curiosity got the best of Rachel, and she took a peek inside.

While the glass of the shower door was fogged up, Rachel could still make out Jessica’s naked silhouette.  As she watched, Rachel felt an overwhelming urge to take off her clothes, and join her.

As Jess scrubbed her pits, she suddenly felt a draft on her ass.  Looking back, she saw Rachel getting in with her.

“Yeah,” Jess smirked, “I thought this might happen.”

“Oh, did you?” Rachel smirked back, as Jess turned around.

“That’s why I chose you to come to.  Someone who I wouldn’t mind joining me.”

“Well, call me flattered.” Their lips met, followed closely by their tongues, as they kissed sultrily, rubbing their hands over each other.

Rachel then started kissing down Jess’s neck, then her shoulders and chest, pausing to squeeze her breasts, and suck on her nipples.  She slowly lowered herself, kissing down Jess’ stomach, around her navel, down through her ginger bush.  Finally, Rachel inserted her tongue in Jess’s twat, hot and steaming from the shower.  Jess’s body twitched, as Rachel’s tongue probed her snatch, and carressed her clit. “Oh, fffuck…” Jess sighed, squeezing her tits as Rachel ate her.

As Rachel’s tongue probed deeper, her hands squeezed Jess’ buttcheeks.  Slowly, one middle finger slid inside Jess’ crack, and then into her butthole.  Jess nearly buckled when she felt Rachel’s finger go in, and had to hold on to Rachel’s head to keep from falling over when she came.

Now, Jess stood behind Rachel, feeling up her breasts, and kissing her back.  Jess then started kissing down, down the small of Rachel’s back, to her ample cheeks.  Kneading Rachel’s cheeks, Jess held them open, slid her tongue in, and started licking Rachel’s asshole. “Oh, God, yesss…” Rachel moaned, as Jess ate her ass out, and started fingering her pussy.  Rachel pressed against the shower wall, her boobs flattening against it, as Jess’ tongue massaged her ass more vigorously. “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!!” Rachel slapped the wall when she came.

Jess came back up, as Rachel turned around, and the two shared another kiss.

“There was nothing wrong with your shower, was there?”

“Oh, no, there was.  This was just luck.”  The two laughed, and continued kissing.

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