Can You Do Me A Favor

Story title: Can You Do Me a Favor?

Author: sharkboy

celebrity in story: Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, mast

The story you are about to read is not true and it happens to be a work of pure fiction. I am not suggestion that Jessica Alba would do anything like this or that she has done anything like this before. This story is a total work of fiction. Anyone with any questions or comments send them to


By sharkboy

Micheal Chamberland stands by the news stand that he works for during the busy time of the day in LA. He has six jobs just to keep a shitty ass room in the poor district and some food in his fridge. He does not have much, but he has a shot at the big time. He goes on many auditions to be in the movies and TV shows. He actually shot a Mountain Dew commerical that aired. His roomate Eric thinks that things like commerical are below him, because he’s a serious actor. Mike just wants to pay the bills.

He’s working himself to the bone, as he tries to become a working actor. He works at the news stand from 5pm to 7pm every day doing whatever needs to be done. Stanly happens to be a cool older guy who needs a young man who can do things that he no longer can do. Stanly pays more money working for Mike that he would for anyone else in this line of work. Mike would lie underneath a truck if Stanly needed him to do so.

There happens to be one more reason why he likes working for Stanly so much, and here she comes. The beautiful and extremely sexy actress from so many movies including Honey, Into the Blue, The Fantastic Four, and the latest movie that she made The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Every step that she takes brings Jessica Alba closer to him, and his heart beats so hard racing like thunder.

“Miss Alba, do you have a minute?” He asks, as she stops, and she looks at the handsome Mike partially in shock.

“Yes, and please call me Jessica? What’s on your mind?” Jessica shakes Mike’s hand, and she smiles at him. After a moment of him staring at her beautiful face her fingers snap before his eyes. “You have thrity seconds to speak before I continue walking.” It’s not like men don’t stare at her all the time, but she does not let men get this close to her and stare.

“I am so sorry, please forgive me Jessica.” the sexy smile returns to her face, and Mike begins to talk. “You are so beautiful I got lost. Anyway that you could do a favor for someone you don’t really know?”

“If I can do it, and its not degrading.” The can you do me a favor questions make her nervous. Some people ask her to get them auditions with people she hardly knows. Some people want to take pictures of her that she would never pose for, and then there are the sexual favors. Some of those favor disgusted her and one little person made her so angry that she slapped his face so hard.

Mike smiles at her, as he chuckles some out of nerves. “I bet you have had some bad ones. I can only imagine. This might be something really big to you but…” He takes out a picture, and he shows it to Jessica.

Jessica looks at the picture, and she sees a handsome young man who looks really sick. “What’s wrong with him?” Tears begin to run down her cheeks, as she looks into Mike’s eyes.

“That’s my brother Jimmy. He has cancer.” Jessica looks into his eyes, and she can see pain inside them.

“What can I do?” Jessica will do anything to help this handsome young man get better.

“Can you sign some autographs?” Mike hands her an evolope with some pictures in it. “He’s your biggest fan.”

She opens the envelope and she looks inside of it. The evolope has many pictures of her that you can get out of many magazines and the internet. Nothing really special and this seems to be a special case. “Mike, I am not going to sign all of this stuff.” Jessica hands the evolope back to a crushed Mike. “Where is he at right now?”

“Detroit Metro Hospital.” Mike then cocks his head, as he feels his crush begin to wan some. How can she not sign that stuff for Jimmy? What a bitch!

“Well, Detroit is not far from Tornto is it? I am going to be shooting a film in Tornto very, very soon. Why don’t I hand deliever some pictures, and things from my personal stash? You can get that stuff anywhere.” Jessica then gives Mike that sexy smile that he has come to know and love so much.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Mike says, as he hugs her so tight. Jessica hugs him back, and she smiles. They hug for longer than two people who hardly know each other should, but she does not mind. Mike Chamberland happens to be hot as hell. There is a reason why she walks this route every day.

Jimmy Chamberland lies inside of his bed, as his eyes go outside. This week his football team has started football season, and he should be trying to become the team’s running back. He had one okay teammate to beat, but he has made him second string for the last three years. Why did God do this to him now? God could have waited for a year and then do anything that he wanted to do to Jimmy. Of course God could also wait until he got the guts to ask the beautiful blonde named Becky Barns out too. Tears run down his cheeks, as he imagines Dustin being the team’s running back. Dustin is a good running back, but he’s so much better. Why hasn’t anyone on the team came to see him yet? Why hasn’t Becky came to see him yet? He thought that they were friends?

To lighten his depression some, Jimmy slides a Dark Angel DVD into the special player that he has set up for him. One nice thing about being in the cancer ward is that you get things like private room and DVD players. The problem with this is that he’s fighting a battle that he’s losing.

He slides the Dark Angel DVD into the player, and he goes over the menu. His eyes move over the episode titles and he smiles wide. He chooses an episode where Max has the struggle with heat, and she nearly sleeps with a doofus. This guy had no clue and he’s so unworthy of Max. Who would be worthy of her? Logan? Not hardly! Micheal Weatherly married Jessica Alba in real life so there should be no way that he should end up with the beautiful Max. Of course Jimmy happens to be jealous in a major way. Can anyone blame him, because he has fallen for her, and hard.

Jimmy freezes the DVD player on a scene where Max happens to be in the bathroom talking to herself while she deals with her heat. The major dork that Max has in the living room happens to be passing out due to being drunk. It would take him doing an entire kegstand downing the entire keg not to be awake when Jessica Alba, or in this case Max gets out of the bathroom.

His hand moves underneath his gown, and he begins to touch himself when he freezes the scene that the camera moves over her sexy body; as she debates herself to go back out into the next room and satisfy her animal like needs. He closes his eyes, as he imagines his hands moving over the sexy body of Max Guevara. She shakes, and she shivers so hard as his hands move over her ultra sexy body.

“You are so sexy Max. Let me touch that outstanding body that you sport.” Jimmy says, as he jerks off.

“Thank you and I’ll pass on the touching part.” Something then occurs to Jimmy. Max just spoke back to him, and his eyes spring open. He then looks towards the door and Max Guevara happens to be standing next to his bed. Then Jimmy looks back at the TV where he can see her stomach so well, and he looks back at Max. “Yes, I am Jessica Alba who played Max Guevara on the TV show called Dark Angel.”

Then something horrible occurs to Jimmy. He’s still masturbating, oh my God! He slides his hand off from his penis, and he looks up at her in fear. “Are you really Jessica Alba?”

“I sure hope so, because I have access to her bank account.” Jessica smiles so sexy at him, as she hands Jimmy a package.

“Jessica Alba came to se me and she’s bearing gifts?” Jimmy smiles at he looks at the big package. Jessica grins, as she looks at his big package too. Jimmy must be huge, and he’s so young too! She then entertains so many private fantasies that she might have of the handsome Jimmy, and she tries to push those thoughts of her head too.

“Wow, you got me all Jessica Alba stuff! All the movies that you made! Posters! Holy shit! No one has any of this stuff! No one!” Jimmy becomes so excited, as he looks at all of the stuff that Jessica gave him. “Is this stuff all free?” Jimmy looks up at her, because he would have to be dead for six months for them to pay for this stuff.

“No, you owe me twelve hundred dollars.” Jessica tries to keep a straight face until Jimmy nearly bursts out into tears. “Okay, I am kidding. I will take one thing in return for all of those gifts.” Jessica leans over, and she looks into his beautiful brown eyes. “How about a kiss handsome?”

Jimmy leans up, and he kisses Jessica on the lips so deep. She kisses him back with passion too, because she does not have a boyfriend right now and she can be a little bit naughty if she wishes to be. The kiss lasts much longer than she planned, but she does not mind. Jimmy happens to be an excellent kisser.

Jessica finally breaks the kiss or they might be making out all day, and she smiles at Jimmy as she pulls back from his kiss. “How was it?” The look on his face says wow, as he stares blankly into space. “Okay, I think you liked it.”

“Holy shit!” Jimmy says with an amazing grin on his face. His hand then reaches for hers and she lets him take it. “You are even sexier in person than on the screen.”

“Thank you handsome.” Jessica blushes, as he tells her that she happens to be beautiful once more. She squeezes his hand, as she looks into his eyes. She then grins and lets out some air in relief, as Jimmy turns off the television. She did not want to spend the entire visit with the DVD player paused on her stomach.

“So, I hear you are going to be in a movie with Mike Meyers, or is that another MSN lie?” Jimmy smiles, as Jessica laughs some. “MSN sometimes does not do their research.”

“Most of those web people hear gossip and they post it. If they triple check like the newspapers do the next web page would beat them to the headline.” Jessica smiles at Jimmy. “The only problem I have with them is that my parents might get wind of something wrong and call me and ask. Jessica why were we not told about… I then roll my eyes and tell them what really happened. By the way that happens to be very true.”

“So, you can take anything that the net does to you then, huh?” Jimmy grins, as his eyes move over her sexy body. He remembers when she won an award for sexiest woman she thanks all of her editors and brush-up artists. She needs no brushing up. She happens to be perfect.

“Well, the net but Playboy sure pissed me off. I would never take any pictures nude for anyone. Even my exes don’t have any of those.” Jessica chuckles hard, as Jimmy quits looking through the box and he pouts hard. “Sorry, even young men with cancer do not get any naked pictures of me.”

“A guy can dream can’t he?” Jimmy smiles at Jessica, as she laughs some. “I’d like you to read something I wrote.”

“Is it something about me being a total whore?” Jessica rolls her eyes, and she crosses her arms. “This guy named sharkboy happens to be pushing me so hard. I am maybe one story away from suing his little boy ass.”

“Um… I know sharkboy, and he’s closer to forty than you are.” Jimmy giggles some, as Jessica shakes her head hard. “All you would have to do is ask, and he’ll stop writting about you.”

“And give him my e-mail address? I would never do that.” Jessica grins, as she begins to read the story. The story happens to be about the dog person named Joshua that Max knows who came from Manticore too. He was in a heat, and Jessica smiles as she reads the well written story by the handsome Jimmy. “So, you had Max and Joshua sleep together? That’s a way to end the heat.” Jessica giggles some. “Have you written for Dark Angel before?”

“No why?” Jimmy asks a little bit nervous. “Is it that bad?”

“Actually it blew away the storyline that FOX came up with me and Joshua.” Jessica rolls her eyes some. “That was boarderline porno.” Jessica reads some more of the story and then her eyes widen some. “She had puppies? Oh my God, you can’t do that!” Jessica stands up, as her mouth pops open due to extreme shock. “You would have been a huge upgrade to the people who wrote Dark Angel!” Poor Max now has a little of dog children though. Oh my God!

“Did I offend?” Jimmy asks a little bit afraid. He might have insulted Jessica Alba.

“No, you impressed. The sex was not needed, but it was a little bit fun to read it.” Jessica grins, as she crosses her sexy legs and Jimmy notices. “May I ask you something?” Jessica might actually know the answer, because Jimmy knows more of Dark Angel than she does. “Do you like the stuff I do because I act well, or is it all T&A?”

Jimmy lies there for a moment before he speaks. “The truth. You are getting better and better as an actor. I loved you in so many movies that you have done, and I am a huge fan of Dark Angel. To tell you what I think is that your body gets the ticket sold to me, but I enjoy nearly everything that you have done.”

“Let me guess. Your not a huge fan of Honey are you?” Jessica smiles, because when she made Honey she wanted to get far away from the role of Max on Dark Angel as possible. When Dark Angel ended she wanted to become someone who would not end up at things like Comicon. Then she signed up to play The Invisible Woman in The Fantastic Four, and she ended up doing Comicon this year. Yeah, she dodged that bullet.

“The movie was okay, but I could not stand to hear my Max…” Jimmy then shuts his mouth, and he looks at the wall.

“Hear your Max talk street? That’s what your going to say right? That’s okay Jimmy.” Jessica crosses her legs once more, and Jimmy notices. “Honey was not made for Dark Angel fans. Besides Max talked street some too.”

“Very true, you are trying to stretch out from being an action babe aren’t you?” Jimmy smiles, as his eyes move over her legs. Does Jessica realize how sexy she happens to be?

“Those rolls will dry up in maybe ten years if not sooner. I do not plan to be on any informericals saying something like. Hi, remember me? I played Max on Dark Angel and I was in The Fantastic Four too!” Jessica does her dumb actress voice, and it makes Jimmy laugh so hard.

“Trust me at forty you could have any man my age. At twenty six you happen to be… the most beautiful woman in the world.” Jimmy blushes, as he says this with a sincre voice and Jessica blushes bad too. “Awkward moment now, eh?”

Jessica stands, as she walks quickly to the handsome young man who gave her a complement that she so needed. She then kisses him on the lips with such passion and want, as Jessica ponders why she’s doing such a thing. Jimmy will likely want more, and she’ll be very likely to give it to him.

They spend many minutes making out, and his hand moves over the back of her legs. Her skin feels so great, as he and she make out with such powerful passion. Jimmy’s hand slowly moves up the back of her legs, and it makes Jessica so horny. The panties that she wears are soak and wet.

She then stops his hand before it reaches her buttock, but his hand is up her skirt and she could not be more turned on. Jessica breaks the kiss, and she looks into the eyes of handsome Jimmy. “Are you still a virgin?” Jessica grins, as his head bobs yes. “I can take care of that.”

Her jacket comes off first, and his eyes widen as her shirt then comes off her body. Jessica then unzips her skirt and it comes to the floor, and Jimmy drools some. She places her hands on her hips, as she posses for Jimmy in her white panties. “Max looks at the handsome Jimmy, as she fights the heat that comes with her DNA. Her panties are soak and wet, and if she screws Jimmy it will be the deathblow to hers and Logan’s relationship.”

“Jimmy moves his hand over her sexy stomach, and he smiles as Max shakes so hard.” Jessica shakes, as his hand creeps over her tummy. She closes her eyes, as she enjoys it so much. “Max, if you screw me I’ll be cured of my sickness. You need it bad, and so do I.”

She breathes so hard, as his hand moves over her tummy and Jimmy rolls onto his side. He then begins to pull down her wet panties. Jessica shakes so hard, as her panties come down her legs. His fingers move over her sexy gams, as he brings the panties to the floor. Her pussy happens to be extremely wet too.

Jessica lies down beside of him in his bed, as his hands move over her extremely sexy body. She loves how the new pair of hands explore her curves, and she remembers fondly the excitement that comes with a new lover.

“You are so beautiful.” His fingers move over her flat perfect stomach, and he plays with her belly ring some. “How far can I go?”

“Thank you.” Jessica then grins a sly grin, as his question hits home. She kisses his lips with passion once more, and she asks him. “What does that tell you?”

“That you have really lowered your standards?” Jimmy looks at her strange, and it makes her laugh so hard.

“No! I have not lowered my standards, but you can make love to me if you wish to do so.” Her eyes then roll back, as Jimmy begins to play with her clit. Jessica’s chest heaves so hard, while he plays with her clit and her body shivers so hard. She presses her body against his, as she has a minor orgasm.

“Oh my God… you have amazing hands.” She pulls down his sheets, and she brings his gown up and her eyes widen while her lungs expele air. “Oh dear lord!” Jimmy might only be seventeen, but he happens to be a man downstairs. His penis is nearly nine inches long and extremely thick. Jessica has never had a man with a penis that big before except for one. “You are huge!”

“I am? Must be why guys glare at me in the showers at school.” Jimmy smiles all embarrassed. He then runs his fingers all over her pussy, as he gently pushes himself inside of Jessica.

Her eyes flutter hard, as Jimmy pushes himself inside of her nice and gentle. With a member like his he could easily tear a woman in half, so she’s cool with him caring. “Ohmygod!Ohmygod!” She squeeks out fast, as his penis expands her womanhood.

“Are you okay, Jessica?” Right now Jimmy really has to cum, but he fights it like he’s a tiger.

Jessica then looks into his eyes with great passion, and she begins to fuck him so hard. His penis is shaped perfectly for her, and it slams into her g-spot over and over. The fact that it happened to be so huge does not help any. Heck, it could be coming out of her mouth for all that she knows. Jessica closes her eyes, and she decides to enjoy the ride. Only her first lover had a larger manhood than young Jimmy, and she remembers that so well.

As Jessica so enjoys her ride, Jimmy looks at her beautiful face in lust and want. He can’t believe that he’s screwing the shit out of Jessica Alba! What has he done to… no he has earned this. After a year of chemotherapy and some radiation treatments Jimmy has earned something like this. He has just grown his hair back, and he must look sexy with short hair. If his swan song is to screw Jessica Alba so hard than he shall do it.

Her eyes pop open and she begins to expele air, as Jimmy begins to screw her even harder than before. “Yes!Yes!YES! She shouts, as Jimmy slams it home to Jessica. She has never felt such pleasure before in her life, as he fucks her so hard and extremely long.

Then she begins to blow her load, and she orgasms so hard all over his penis. She shakes some, as her sexy legs tighten around Jimmy. Jessica buries her face into his chest, as she cries so hard. She tightens around him, as she does it too.

The act of Jessica orgasming all over him, and tightening her legs and her vagina around him is too much for young Jimmy, and he orgasms so hard. His seed squirts inside of her, and she shudders as it happens. “Jessica, I’m in love with you.”

She smiles, as her heart soars from the great news because she has fallen in love with the young Jimmy Chamberland too. The man happens to be so great, because he’s handsome, funny and an extremely good writer too. The fact that he happens to be so huge downstairs has nothing to do with her feelings at all. Okay, that might have something to do with her feelings for Jimmy. “Jimmy I…”

Before she can tell Jimmy how she feels for him she hears clapping behind her, and she weeps hard. She has been caught screwing Jimmy. Oh my God she might be in huge shit! “Good show Ms. Alba. After watching that I feel that I can call you Jessica. I think I shall.”

Jessica looks to her left and she sighs hard. A tall doctor who looks about fifty with dark glasses and graying hair looks at her. To his left is a curvy nurse who happens to look like she could have an acting career of her own too. Jessica then looks into the eyes of Jimmy, as he fights sleep. “Sleep Jimmy. I’ll talk to you later.”

As the doctor glares at her and the nurse looks at her in shock, Jessica wraps her body in the sheets and she sits up. “How much trouble am I in?”

“Jodi, bring her to my office after you clean Jimmy up. Security will not let her leave the building.” Doctor Herman Glass says, as he glares at Jessica Alba and she swallows hard.

Jessica who is now fully dressed, and Jodi walk to Doctor Glass’ office. She sighs hard, as she goes over the events that have made this moment happen and she shakes her head. “I don’t usually do this sort of thing.”

“Yeah, your face would be in so many scandal rags like Britney and Paris. May I ask what made you break?” Jodi smiles at Jessica, because she has nearly broke more than once when she has given Jimmy a sponge bath. She has wacked Jimmy off once, and he kept the secret too.

“To tell you the truth that story that he wrote about Max was so sweet and extremely sexy. It turned me on so bad, and it made me so wet. Then he made a move on me and I fell like a stack of cards.” Jessica lies some, because she does not wish to tell anyone that she seduced a seventeen-year old. Could that sound any trashier? Something like that could come from the play book of Paris Hilton.

“I happens to be a fan of your work, and I am shocked that you did something like this. I might have to talk my daughter out of idolizing you.” Jodi says, as she walks beside of Jessica. Security guards walk behind them their eyes move over both of their sexy asses.

“Do it anyways. Tell her that she can collect my movies, pictures or whatever she pleases, but tell her I am not someone to that she should try to be like.” Jessica smiles, as Jodi looks at her impressed as hell. “She can even borrow my look if she wishes to do so. You should be her role model not me.”

“I have to warn you about Doctor Glass, to get out of this you might have to get on your knees.” Jodi warns her, and Jessica shakes her head no.

“Jessica Alba does not play that game, besides I hate the taste of seamen.” Jessica becomes really afraid, because Jessica Alba might be forced to play that game. Maybe she can outrun these guards?

“So Jessica, I had you come to my office to thank you for sealing the fate of Jimmy Cumberland.” Doctor Herman Glass looks at her through his glasses.

“How did sex do that? I have no STDs.” Jessica looks him in the eyes, as he tries to intimidate her.

“We were going to try a treatment that would require great strength and with his now weakened condition due to the… sex…” Jessica begins to weep hard, as she figures out that she likely had signed his death ticket. “I shall now call the police, and the hospital shall be pressing charges.”

As Doctor Glass picks up the phone, and he begins to dial a nurse walks into his office. “Doctor Glass, we have something urgent to talk about.”

Doctor Glass leaves the room and he returns a few minutes later mad as hell. He glares at Jessica. “Jimmy, has gone on a hunger strike until he receives proof that Jessica is not getting into any trouble for what happened!”

Jodi smiles, because if Jimmy goes one day without eating he’ll likely die, because he’s so weak. She then makes a suggestion. “Doctor, let her make a donation, and let her leave. The board would not be too happy with what pressing charges would do to the place anyway.”

He sighs, as he presses his hands to his head and he knows that he can no longer nail the beautiful star to the wall. “Okay, make a donation and then leave.”

Jessica quickly writes a large check out to Detroit Metro Hopital, before she is escorted out by security. Doctor Glass then puts her name on the mailing list for donations, because she donated a boatload.

As Jessica walks down the hall, she comes to the hallway where she can see where Jimmy lies sleeping. His food tray looks empty, so she knows that he has eaten too. A beautiful young blonde woman stands outside of his room while she watches him sleep. She then turns around, and she walks towards Jessica and the guards. The guards look at Jessica, as she refuses to move and she looks into their eyes. “Give me a minute, please? Feel free to beat my ass in the parking lot if needed.”

She then catches her, as she walks by Jessica and she asks the young lady. “What are you doing?”

“I came to see James and… I couldn’t go inside again.” Becky shakes so hard, as she becomes so afraid of talking to a sick Jimmy.

“Again? How many times have you chickened out?” Jessica looks at her in anger. “Some friend you are.”

“He’s so sick. He could die at any time.” Becky shakes so hard, as Jessica holds her arm. She does not plan on letting her go too. The blonde so needs to go see Jimmy and not chicken out again.

“Then you go inside there and see him. Give him hope and friendship and anything else that you can think of giving him. Then tomorrow go to your school and tell all of his friends that they need to rally around him. “Now is not the time to be afraid. Show some courage.” Jessica heard a very dispressed Jimmy tell her that not one of his friends have made the drive to come and see him. He needs his friends now more than ever. She stays with the young and beautiful Becky until she talks her into going in to talk to poor Jimmy.

When Becky gets into his room Jimmy wakes up, and he smiles that typical first time grin that happens when someone losses their virginity. She smiles at the handsome Jimmy, and she asks. “Jimmy what’s with the stupid grin?” When she asks that question Jessica makes herself disappear with the guards at her side. No way she’s going to explain that to Becky.

Jessica talks to someone, as she walks out to her car in the parking lot with her cell phone. “Can you believe that I did something like that?” She rolls her eyes and she sighs as she tells him. “Yes, you have made me do much worse than that before. You are so bad.” Jessica smiles, because she is talking to someone so sexy, and very fun. “You don’t video tape your victims do you?” Jessica exhales, as he tells her that he does not video the women that he screws. “When was the last time that you were checked for any STDs? I made a promise that I am not sure could be true.” It does not even occur to her that talking on a cell phone in Detroit is not exactly wise. Her senses should be set to hear if anything is going on in this parking lot. “Wow, you can sense when a women has an STD? How lucky can you be? You have got all the cards!”

As Jessica walks around the corner to where her car is parked, she sighs hard as it drives away with someone else at the wheel. She then says a word that shocks the man on the other end. “I have to hang up now. My car has been stolen.” She then hangs her head and she sighs. This has been a world class bad day, because she rented that car. “What’s next?” She asks, as she walks on the catwalk that takes her back inside of the hospital. The she looks down, as some young men take pictures up her skirt with the cell phones. “What’s next? Did Jimmy get one past the goalie?”

TWO YEARS LATER… Jessica comes back to metro Detroit, and she rides in a cab as the driver takes her out to a cemetary in the suburbs. She had to come to town for something else, and she had her agent look for the name James Chamberland in all of the cemetary records. Her agent found him and it broke her heart so bad. How could Jimmy have died? How could God do that to her? Is this payback for making all of the good things that have happened to her? If so, its too much to pay!

The cab stops outside of the cemetary, and she smiles as the name matches the paper she holds. “Can you watch my son, as I look for a grave? Keep the meter running too.”

Jessica gets out of the cab and she looks for the tombstone that should be up. She finds it and she reads it. “Oh my God! Jimmy!” Jessica falls to her knees, and she begins to weep so hard. How could God not answer those prays that she made to save Jimmy? Is it because she made love with a minor, or because she has so much that she can afford to loose Jimmy? She then screams a bellow of frustration and anger.

She the opens her eyes, as she realizes something. This is not a newer stone, but it happens to be very old and it has some moss on it to. If she’s being Punk’d she’ll strangle Anston by his throat. She leans forward and she read the born and died date. “Okay, James died four years before Jimmy and I…” Jessica still can’t admit what happened between her and Jimmy. How can she say it out loud?

Feeling like a complete ass, Jessica begins to get up and she brushes the dirt off her naked knees. She wore a short skirt because Jimmy loves her legs so much. She imagines that his spirit has showered with her a few times, and she blushes some.

Then she turns to walk back to her cab, and she hears a voice behind her. “Jessica Alba, what are you doing here?” Someone asks, and she sighs some. She puts on her best fake smile, as she wonders how she’s going to explain what she’s doing in a metro Detroit cemetary.

When she turns her fake smile become shattered and its replace by a real grin of pure joy. “JIMMY!” She jumps into the arms of the grown up Jimmy Chamberland, and she begins to kiss him with powerful passion. The problem here is that Jimmy does not kiss her back too intense. She pulls back, as she ponders why. Has she lost it?

She then looks to her left, into the eyes of a really pretty blonde woman who happens to be pissed off as hell at her. “Hello… Becky?”

Becky looks at Jessica furious as hell at her and she suggests. “Hey, here’s a capital idea. You can unwrap your slutty legs around my husband’s waist!”

Jessica takes the suggestion and she looks at Jimmy. “So you got cured? I’m so happy for you.”

“Yes, Jessica when you talked Becky into bringing my friends to come and see me I made leaps and bounds in my recovery. How have you been?”

“Jimmy, I got someone you need to meet.” She waves at the cab and her son comes out and he walks to his mommy. “James, this is your son. Jimmy.”

Becky then begins to break down in tears and Jessica looks at her and then to James. “Jessica, the treatment that cured me made me sterile. I also told Becky that she was my first.” Jessica bites her lip, as she realizes that this day is pretty bad too.

THE END. Any questions or comments send them to

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