Can You Wrestle?

Please do not read the following story if you are under the age of 18 or if
it is not permitted to read such material in your area.

Can You Wrestle? by CallMeKrazy

The following is for lovers of sex and wrestling. It’s a six woman tag team
elimination match and a woman can only be eliminated if she has an orgasm.

Our competitors:

Team 1: Alyssa Milano, Sarah Thompson, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Team 2: Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Drew Barrymore, Mandy Moore

Team 1: Alyssa Milano, the girl needs no introduction, the little girl from
“Who’s the Boss” has worked her way throught the TV
and movie industry and is
currently seen on the WB’s Charmed. Her partner Sarah Michelle Gellar is
also a beautiful WB beauty who can be seen as Buffy the Vampire Slayer every
week on the WB. Their partner is from Fox’s Boston Public Sarah Thompson.
The beauty plays the role of Dana Poole one of the students who a teacher is
quite fond of.

Team 2: Who can forget Saved by the Bell or Beverly Hills 90210 where the
young and vibrant Tiffany Amber Thiessen played a beautiful sexy schoolgirl
in the great state of California. Drew Barrymore the blonde beauty from
Charlie’s Angels is definetly one who can take care of herself. Mandy Moore,
she is just gorgeous.

Here’s the situation:

The six women have agreed to take part in an elimination tag team match for a
pay-per view special as a Chistmas surprise for all the young horny men out
there in TV Land. The girls were chosen at random and paired off in no
particular order. It’s time for the event to begin.

We welcome you live to Great Western Forum in Los Angeles California where
tonight before a capacity crowd six young beautiful women are going to “get
it on” for your viewing pleasure.

Before we introduce the celebrities taking part in tonights matchup, let’s go
over the rules.

1.) Each wrestler is eliminated from the match when she is forced to have
an orgasm. She cannot be eliminated in any other way, she must cum.

2.) Catfighting is allowed, all foreign objects are fair game as long as
nobody gets killed.

3.) Double teaming is legal as long as one wrestler is in and one is out
of the ring, but no celebrity may enter the ring to save their partner from

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the team of Alissa Milano, Sarah Thompson
and Sarah Michelle Gellar!!

A thunderous applause from the audience as the three lovely ladies all
wearing skimpi Santa suits make their way to the ring.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the the team of Tiffany Amber Theissen,
Drew Berrymore and Mandy Moore.

An even larger applause fills the Great Western Forum as these ladies come to
the ring dressed in Laker girl uniforms…boy do they look great.

The girls enter the ring and are staring each other down licking their lips,
trying to intimidate the other side. This should prove to be a gruling
matchup. Special Guest referee Hugh Hefner calls out the first two
participants to enter the ring…Tiffany Amber Theissen and Sarah Thompson.

The girls torpedo at each other in the center of the ring and both girls fall
flat on their stomachs. Tiffany pops out of her bikini top and Sarah sees
the opening, she jumps on top of her and begins to suck on her tit. “Ohhhh,
bitch!” Tiffany screams, and tries to flip Sarah over, but her mouth is stuck
to her tit like a leach, sucking and licking her hard nipple. The crowd
roars for Sarah to rip off Tiffany’s bra and she does. No Tiffany is topless
and her beautiful tits are exposed. She knees Sarah to the crotch and Sarah
falls off to her side. Tiffany tags in Drew Berrymore.

Drew wastes no time going after Sarah’s beaten pussy. She tears her red
“Santa panties” off and dives between Sarah’s legs and starts licking your
hot pussy. “Uh oh, she’s in big trouble” says referee Hugh Hefner as he
moves into position to see the action. Sarah is squirming and her hands are
free to she picks up Drew’s head and slaps her in the face. Drew get’s
pissed and punches Sarah right between her tits!! “How do you like that
bitch??” says Drew. Sarah falls flat back down to the matt almost out cold.
Drew goes back to eating Sarah’s pussy. Licking and sucking on her clit as
it get’s harder and harder in her mouth. “You’re gonna cum bitch, your gonna
cum!!” Alissa and Sarah Michelle and trying from the ring aprin to get
Sarah’s attention…”get up Sarah, get up…hurry get up!!!” “Ohhhhhh,
ohhhhh I can’t…. I can’t….I’m……. I’m…..” and all of a sudden she
begins to squirt all over Drew’s face. “She’s cumming Hef.” Drew stops
licking to show Hef that Sarah has cum. Hefner calls for the bell and asks
Sarah Thompson to leave the ring.


The first elimination is always big in tag team wrestling. Now it’s down to
3-2 as Alissa steps into the ring with a tired Drew Berrymore. “C’mon
Alissa, you don’t scare me, I’ll take you out next.” “You think so bitch!!”
And Alissa and Drew start slugging and punching and kicking at each other
until Drew get’s the upper hand. Both of them end up naked in the grappling
process and Drew is on top of Alissa. “How shall I make you cum?” She leans
in and starts sucking on Alissa’s tits. Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the
outside and calls out to Drew…”You’ll never beat us Drew, you’re weak, I
know all about you.” Drew gets off the beaten Alissa and turns around toward
Sarah. “Fuck you, your pussy is mine” “Why not take a look at it??” Sarah
Michelle strips off her panties to the pleasing of the crowd and Drew
Berrymore sticks her finger inside her beginning to finger her. Sarah is
moaning with pleasure. In the meantime Alissa gets up and surprises her from
behind and hits her in the back of the head. She turns around and into the
waiting arms of Sarah Michelle. She holds her against the ropes as Alissa
begins to suck on her large tits and finger your pussy. “Who did you say was
gonna cum?” Drew can’t take much more she is slowly arching her back she is
moaning in and screaming with pleasure. “You fuckers, I’ll get you for
this…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” And just like that, she came. Hef watching
intently, sees she has cum and sends her back to the locker room.


That took alot out of both Sarah and Alyssa to make Drew cum, but Alyssa is
going to stay in the match and take on a fresh Mandy Moore. Mandy went took
it right to Alyssa, spearing her and knocking her down off her feet. Alyssa
was down her back screaming in pain and Mandy jumped at the opportunity. She
stuck her finger between her legs and starting fingering her hot wet pussy.
“Ohhhhh,” Alyssa shouted. Alyssa in a desperatioon move, started kissing
Mandy. Mandy backed off a little on the fingering and really got into the
kiss. Alyssa then jumped on top of Mandy and stripped her of her panties.
Alyssa started grinding her pussy into Mandy’s. Both girls started screaming
with pleasure. Mandy shouted…”you’ll cum first, I can feel it, your ready
to burst…cum bitch, I know you can do it.” Alyssa, grinding even harder
into her pussy, “no I won’t, you will, ahhh fuck, fuck!!” In the commotion
both girls started grinding into each other seeing who would cum first, Hef
watching with great pleasure starting to see squirt after squirt all over the
girl’s pussies. The problem was, who came first??? Alyssa rolled off and
said Mandy came first and Mandy likewise pointed at Alyssa. Hefner, not
knowing what to do, told them they both had to leave.



What started as 3 each has turned into one and one as Tiffany Thiessen takes
on Sarah Michelle Gellar. This should prove to be a great match-up.

The girls circle each other not wanting to make a mistake. And Sarah whips
out a super kick that hits Tiffany on the side of the head. She is dazed
and falls to the mat. Sarah slides down and begins to lick her clit and
pussy. “Shit….is that all you got.” Sarah replied, “nope!” She stuck a
finger into Tiffany’s ass while she licked and sucked her sweet pussy.
Tiffany’s moans began to get louder, Sarah was thinking she was very close to
cumming and victory, but Tiffany had a trick up her sleeve. She noticed
referee Hefner was right over her, if he doesn’t see her orgasm, he can’t
call it and she won’t be eliminated. So in a desperation move, with
everything she has, she punches him in the balls. Hefner goes down hard
laying on the matt in pain. Has Hugh falls Tiffany screams and begins
cumming all over Sarah’s face. Sarah get’s up thinking she has won and is
celebrating, but see’s Hefner down on the matt. She wipes Tiffany’s sweet
cream off her face and goes to see if he’s alright, he’s hurting. “I won
Hef” she shouted. “You did, I didn’t see her cum” he replied. Realizing she
just wiped the evidence off her face, she would have to do it again. As she
helped Hefner to his feet, Tiffany pushed Hefner into Sarah with his elbow
hitting her between the eye and knocking her senseless. As she falls her
arms get tied in the bottom 2 ropes, she is helpless. Tiffany crawls over
and slides off Sarah’s panties. Tiffany then slides her cum soaked pussy up
to Sarah’s and begins to grind. Sarah moans in pleasure as Tiffany then
slides her hand under Sarah’s bra and unties it from the front. She starts
licking her tits and nipples as they grow harder and harder. “I beat you,
you bitch, you can’t win like this,” Sarah said. “I can and I will,” Tiffany
replied. Tiffany decides to go for the kiss and begin to eat Sarah out.
Sarah is helpless, trapped in the ropes and Tiffany’s tongue is starting to
take its toll on Sarah. She is moaning, loudy and her breathing is getting
heavier. “It’s over Hef” Tiffany shouted. Sarah began cumming all over
Tiffany’s face. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck,” Sarah shouted. Tiffany rose up
victorious as her hand was raised by Hefner.




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