Canadian Girls Do It Best

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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is
entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative
license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in
fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or
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To steal something from TRL, I’ll use his style of disclaimer: If
you dislike lesbians, lesbianistic activities, or the fact that two
women can get each other off just fine without having a man around,
then leave now. You don’t want to read this story, and I frankly
don’t want you reading it. If you do like lesbians, and like reading
about two hot women having sex, then please continue and don’t
forget your box of tissues. If I’ve done my job right, then you’ll
be needing them by the end of the story.

This is a companion piece to my Celebs Meet CSSA story with Avril. I
suggest you read that one first, but it’s not 100% necessary. The
plot line is that Avril gave me details about her encounter
backstage with Elisha Cuthbert in the Celebs Meet CSSA story, and
then had me write it for her. This story is the supposed details,
but yet again, I repeat that this story is not real and should not
be taken as anything but pure fantasy.

This story features Avril Lavigne and Elisha Cuthbert. The codes are
(FF, cons, oral, mast)

“Life’s a stage and we’re all in as guests.” – Ozzy Osbourne ‘I Don’t Know’

Canadian Girls Do It Best

Elisha watched the show from the side of the stage. She had gotten
tickets to see Avril Lavigne and had lucked out when the producers
of her show, ’24,’ had not included her in the episode they were
shooting at the moment. That turn of events had allowed her to be
able to go to the concert without having to do extra scenes the next

She had been a big fan of Avril’s since she bought the CD. Actually,
she didn’t buy it, it had just shown up in her trailer one day. Not
knowing who might have left it there, she put in the CD player. She
had heard ‘Complicated’ on the radio, and had liked it, but had
written it off as just another studio creation. But listening to the
CD, she realized that the whole thing was very well made. The
producers had brought out her inner rock chick while maintaining the
pop sensibilities that were integral to mainstream success. Some of
the songs were immature, but what could you expect from a 17 year
old? The CD had lived in her CD player for months, and had only
recently been replaced LL Cool J’s latest.

At the moment, she was watching Avril sang ‘Tomorrow.’ It was her
favorite song at the moment, but that seemed to change every other
day. That’s the mark of a good CD, when you keep flip flopping on
which song is the best.

“I don’t know how I’ll feel tomorrow, tomorrow. I don’t know what to
say tomorrow, tomorrow is a different day,” she sang along with the

When the show was over, she moved aside as Avril made her way off
stage. Watching her walk toward her in her white tank top and loose
fitting pants, Elisha noticed that Avril’s head hung down as sweat
shown all over her arms. Her hair was blocking her face, but Elisha
could see drops of perspiration falling from behind the hair.

As she walked off stage, Avril hung her head in fatigue. She had
just spent an hour on an adrenaline high that only comes from
performing live. All the running around and jumping had combined
with the extra adrenaline to wipe out her energy. The only thing she
could think about was stripping off her clothes and stepping into a
nice hot shower to let the sweat and dirt fall from her.

“Excuse me,” she said as she bumped into someone. Lifting her head,
she saw that the person she had bumped into was a gorgeous blond.

“No problem,” the stranger answered. “I should have moved further
out of your way.”

“You look familiar, where do I know you from?” Avril asked the

“My name is Elisha,” Elisha said, holding out her hand.

“Now I know who you are,” Avril said as she finally placed the face.
“Elisha Cuthbert from ‘Popular Mechanics For Kids.’ I loved that
show. I always wished I could’ve been the one steering the aircraft

“Most people recognize me as the ‘blond chick from 24,’ so it’s nice
to meet someone who knows me from something else. Although, the last
month or so I’ve become the ‘chick in her underwear in Old School.’
I’m not really sure which one I’d rather be, but at least people
know who I am,” Elisha said.

“I don’t get to watch a whole lot of TV lately, so I’m a bit behind
the times. I guess you know that as well as me since you’ve got a
full time job doing your show. You probably don’t get much time to
watch your own show let alone anybody else’s,” Avril said as she
continued on her way to her dressing room.

“I don’t even have time to listen to the radio, but I did catch your
song a while back. I got the CD and loved it, so I used my
connections at Fox to get me backstage,” Elisha explained as she
fell into step beside Avril.

“Everyone wants to be backstage, but there’s never anything to do.
You get a better view from the seats because you can see everything
head on instead of from a side angle. Then there are all the roadies
and security doing their jobs, which makes everything feel a bit
cramped,” Avril said.

“I like the intimacy of it. I almost felt like I was on stage with
you,” Elisha said.

As they reached Avril’s dressing room, she said “Well, here’s where
I have to go. I’d invite you in, but I really need a shower and
there wouldn’t be anyone to talk to.”

“I don’t mind waiting for you,” Elisha said.

“If you don’t mind waiting, then it’d probably be better if you
waited inside. If you wait out here, Evan will probably think you’re
a groupie and try to get you to join them in their dressing room. If
you don’t mind having the three of them taking turns fucking you,
then it might not be so bad. If you don’t want that, then it’s best
to avoid it,” Avril said, talking about the three members of her
band as she opened the door to her dressing room and stepped inside.

“They’re cute, but I don’t really feel like taking three guys
tonight. I think I’ll take your advice and wait inside,” Elisha said
as she stepped through the open door.

Closing the door behind them, Avril said “Well, I’m going to take a
shower. Make yourself at home. There’s water and sodas in the
refrigerator and food on the table in the corner.”

Walking into the bathroom, Avril reached down and grabbed the hem of
her tank top to pull it off and reveal a simple black bra. Leaning
down, she untied her black Doc Marten boots. Kicking them off, she
lifted each foot in turn to pull off her plain white socks.
Unbuttoning her khaki pants, she undid the zipper and let them slide
down her legs. Stepping out of them, she was left with only her bra
and a pair of red and white striped boxers on. Reaching behind her,
she unhooked the clasp of her bra and dropped it to the floor with
the rest of her clothes. Turning the water on in the shower, she
slipped her boxers off and tossed them into the growing pile of
clothes. Stepping in, she let the water course over her tired
muscles. Dunking her head under the flow to let the water wet her
hair, she reached for her soap. Not finding it, she suddenly
realized that she’d left it and her bottle of shampoo on the table
next to the bathroom door.

“Shit,” she cursed herself. She was about to turn the water off and
go get them when she remembered that Elisha was out there.r
“Elisha!” She called out.

“Yeah?” Came the response.

“Can you bring me my soap and shampoo? I left it on the table by the
bathroom door,” she explained.

“Sure, just a minute,” Elisha said. Hearing the sounds of someone
rummaging around dimly over the shower, Elisha finally said “Here
they are.”

“Could you hand them in to me? That way I don’t have to get out,”
Avril asked politely.

“Sure, here you go,” Elisha said, as she opened the shower door to
hand them in.

“Thanks, your a life saver,” Avril said, grabbing the soap and
shampoo from Elisha.

“I see you like to shave,” Elisha observed.

“Yeah, I started a few months ago. I just wanted to see what it
looked like, and got really turned on. I don’t get to show it off
much, but I keep doing it because it makes me feel sexy,” Avril
responded, setting the soap down on the ledge on the wall of the

“I just go with the bikini wax into the landing strip, but I’ve
always wondered what it’d be like to shave it all off,” Elisha said.

“You should, it’s great,” Avril said, starting to soap herself up.
“I’ve got my razor and shaving cream on the counter if you want to
do it now.”

“I don’t know if I want another woman shaving me. It’s kind of
private,” Elisha said timidly.

“I was talking about you doing it in the sink or something,” Avril
said, soaping up her shoulders and arms, “but I guess I could do it
if you wanted me to.”

“Isn’t shaving your pussy more of a shower thing?” Elisha asked.

“Yeah, but the shower’s occupied,” Avril stated, matter of factly.
“If you want me to do it, then jump in and I’ll do it. If not, then
you can use the sink.”

“I don’t even know how I’d go about doing it in the sink .I’d
probably just end up getting shaving cream all over the place and
doing a shitty job of shaving,” Elisha said.

“Then grab the razor and cream and get in here,” Avril said

“Maybe I’ll wait and get it waxed,” Elisha said nervously.

“You could, but the hair will grow back quicker if you shave it in
case you don’t like it. If you wax, it’ll take a couple weeks
longer. It’s best to shave it first, and then start waxing if like
it,” Avril said, running the bar of soap over her pert teenage tits.

“I think I’ll wait,” Elisha said as she closed the shower curtain
and left the bathroom.

“Suit yourself,” Avril said to herself as she continued to soap
herself up.

Walking out of the bathroom, Elisha could feel her pussy growing
wetter with every step. The whole idea of having another woman shave
her pussy had made her hornier than she’d thought possible. She’d
admired women in the past, and even had the occasional dream, but
had never seriously thought of letting another woman touch her most
private areas. That had always been reserved for men, and she had
thought that they always would. But the fact remained that the
thought of Avril shaving her was making her extremely wet.

Sitting down on the couch, she was trying to figure out whether she
was just excited at the thought of having her pussy shaved, or if it
was the thought of Avril shaving her that had gotten her excitement
level up. Slipping a hand into her pants, she ran her index finger
along the slippery folds of her pussy. Giving a low moan, she sank
the finger into her steaming hole. As her finger worked it’s way in
and out of her pussy, she used her other hand to rub her breasts
through her shirt.

Lost in her own thoughts, she didn’t even notice when Avril walked
into the room in a bathrobe running a brush through her hair.
Clearing her throat, Avril said “I hope I’m not disturbing

Quickly pulling her hand out of her pants, Elisha sat up and turned
a deep shade of red. “I was just checking the couch cushions. I was
wondering if they were velvet or not.”

“No you weren’t, you were polishing the pearl. Don’t worry about it,
we all do it,” Avril said. “We generally don’t do it in someone
else’s dressing room, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“You’re not mad?” Elisha asked.

“No, I almost did it in the shower a couple minutes ago,” She
answered. “I can’t get mad at you for doing something I almost did
myself. So, what made you decide that now was the perfect time to do

“I don’t know if I should tell you,” Elisha said, lowering her eyes.
“It’s private.”

“I just walked in on you playing with yourself, how much can you
have left that’s private?” Avril asked.

“I was thinking about you shaving me, and I couldn’t help myself,”
Elisha answered.

“If you want me to shave you, we can do it out here,” Avril offered.
“I can grab the razor and some water. You’ll love it.”

Without even waiting for Elisha to answer, Avril went back in the
bathroom and grabbed the razor and her can of shave gel off the
counter. Grabbing a bowl, Avril filled it with water from the tap on
the sink. Coming back out, she saw Elisha already standing up to
unbutton her jeans.

Kicking off her sandals, Elisha unzipped her jeans and pulled them
down. Stepping out of them, she pulled her dark blue thonged panties
down to her knees and sat back down on the couch. Feeling the velvet
pressed against her bare ass, she finished pulling her panties off.
Picking up her jeans, she set them and her panties on the couch next
to her.

Holding the razor and can of gel in one hand and the bowl of water
in the other, Avril made her over to the couch. Setting the bowl and
razor between Elisha’s feet, Avril pulled the cap off the can of
shave gel. Pushing the button on top, Avril sprayed a healthy dollop
of gel into the palm of her left hand. Rubbing her hands together to
get the gel to foam, Avril dipped the fingers of her right hand into
the pile of foam on her left hand. Rubbing the foam on the area just
above Elisha’s exposed pussy, Avril made sure to cover the whole
area instead of just the landing strip area.

Dipping her hands in the bowl to cleanse her hands, she picked the
razor up. Pulling the guard off blades, she set to work shaving
Elisha’s pussy. Starting at the outside, she used long downward
strokes to make sure there were no hairs outside of the landing
strip. When she had shaved the outside, she shortened the strokes of
the razor between dips in the water to keep the amount of hair
clogging the blades to a minimum.

“Just a minute,” Avril said when she had finished. “Let me get the
electric shaver to shave the more difficult areas.”

“OK,” Elisha responded as she looked down at her now hairless cunt.
Reaching down, she ran her hand over the freshly shaven area and
marveled at the smoothness of it. It felt so naughty to be shaven,
that she couldn’t help but be turned on by the look of her bald

Looking over at Avril, she saw the young pop star rummaging around
in one of her bags. Noticing the look of determination on her face,
Elisha figured Avril was having trouble finding the shaver.

“Here it is,” Avril said, pulling the electric shaver out of her
bag. It was white, thin, and the absence of a cord led Elisha to
believe it was battery operated. The thought briefly crossed her
mind that Avril had actually grabbed a vibrator by mistake.

“You sure that’s a razor?” Elisha asked.

“Yeah, I just got it,” Avril answered as she crossed the room again.
Handing it to Elisha, she said “See, here’re the cutting surfaces.
It’s small, but that helps it get at the trickier areas that a
woman’s body has. Men just need something to shave their face, so
theirs can be bigger. We need to shave our legs, our armpits, our
cooch, whatever, so we need something more maneuverable.”

Inspecting it, Elisha realized that it actually was a shaver instead
of the vibrator she had originally thought it to be. Handing it back
to Avril, Elisha leaned back on the couch as she settled between her

Pushing the button on the shaver, Avril worked it along the sides of
Elisha’s pussy to make sure any growth there would be shaved off.
Noticing the amount of juice flowing out of Elisha’s cunt, Avril
said “You must be getting really turned on by the whole thing. If
you get any wetter, I might electrocute us both.”

“Sorry, I can’t help it,” Elisha apologized. “The idea of being
shaved has me turned on, and the vibrations of the razor on such a
sensitive area are driving me nuts.”

“It’s OK, but at least try to hold it for a few more seconds. I’m
almost done,” Avril said.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on not letting the sensations
overcome her. When the vibrations stopped, she was surprised to feel
them replaced with a hand roaming across the surface of her pussy.
Opening her eyes, she looked down to see Avril running her right
hand along the length of her slit.

Looking up, Avril saw that Elisha was looking. Pulling her hand off,
she was starting to stand up when Elisha reached out and put a hand
on her shoulder.

“Don’t stop,” Elisha told her, pushing her back down to her knees.

Shrugging, she obeyed and ran her index finger along Elisha’s labia.
Looking up, she saw that Elisha had closed her again and was biting
her lower lip. When Avril reached her clit, Elisha bucked her hips
like she had been hit by lightning and let out a quiet moan of
approval. Rubbing Elisha’s clit with the thumb of her left hand,
Avril used her right hand to slip two fingers into her cunt. As the
two fingers slipped in to the second knuckle, Elisha groaned at the

Not hearing any complaints from Elisha, Avril decided to press her
luck a little. Leaning her head down to Elisha’s pussy, Avril snaked
her tongue and took an exploratory lick of Elisha’s clit. When
Elisha just moaned and bucked her hips into Avril tongue, Avril gave
her clit another flick with the tip of her tongue. Sticking her
tongue out, Avril gave her clit a long lick like an ice cream cone.
She started out with the back of her tongue pressed against Elisha’s
clit and then gave a long slow lick until giving a final flick with
the end.

“Oh shit,” Elisha moaned as Avril was working her pussy over with
her tongue. Grabbing her tits, Elisha fondled them through the
material of her shirt.

Working two finger into Elisha’s cunt, Avril hooked Elisha’s legs
over her shoulders and licked tiny circles around her clit. Sucking
Elisha’s clit into her mouth, Avril used her tongue to lick the
little nub. Feeling Elisha’s hips buck with greater frequency, Avril
grabbed onto her thighs so she wouldn’t be thrown off

Pulling her fingers out of Elisha’s cunt, Avril, groped around for
the shaver. Finding it, she pulled her mouth off Elisha’s clit and
pulled the shaver up. Turning the shaver on, Avril turned it over so
that the blades were aimed towards the ceiling instead of Elisha’s
cunt. Hoping that Elisha would still feel the vibrations from the
blades spinning, Avril pressed it the back of the shaver against
Elisha’s swollen clit.

“Oh fuck,” Elisha gasped as the vibrations raced up her spine. As
Avril pressed the shaver harder against her bud, Elisha thought she
was going to lose her mind. She could feel her orgasm building up
deep inside her, and she knew it was going to be a big one.

As Elisha descended into random spouts of gibberish, Avril sensed
that she was about to cum. Wanted to delay it, she pulled everything
off of her. Just running a finger up and down Elisha’s labia, Avril
occasionally gave her clit a little rub to keep her at her peak as
long as possible.

“Oh fuck, oh please,” Elisha begged. “Need to cum… bad.”

Bringing the shaver back into play, Avril lightly pressed it against
Elisha’s clit again. Just as the other blonde started to climb back
towards ecstasy, Avril pulled it off and watched with devilish glee
as she came sliding back down the slope.

“Fuck… you,” Elisha panted in frustration. “Need… cum… now.”

Taking one of the fingers that was coated in Elisha’s juices, she
reached down and pressed it against Elisha’s back entrance. Feeling
it slip in to the first knuckle, Avril worked it around. Pressing
the shaver turned vibrator against Elisha’s clit, Avril was rewarded
by Elisha relaxing her anus and letting Avril slide her finger in

The feeling of Avril’s finger in her ass, the vibrating shaver
pressed against her clit, and the fact that she had been on the
verge of cumming for several minutes was making Elisha almost
painfully aroused. Her body felt as it were on fire, as every nerve
was being overloaded. Scratching at the couch, her whole body went
rigid and she let out a high pitched moan that echoed through the
dressing room as she came. Her mind exploded in a ray of colors and
she felt herself rising up off the couch. Looking down, she saw
herself sprawled out on the couch with Avril perched between her
thighs. She floated for what seemed like hours, but was probably
more like a few seconds before being pulled back into her body. Just
as she was fully back in her body, she went completely limp.

“You OK?” Avril asked her when she opened her eyes. She was standing
over her with a look of concern on her face.

“Wonderful,” Elisha answered, smiling deliriously. Sitting up, she
felt water dripping off her face. Looking down, she noticed that her
shirt was wet. “Why am I all wet?”

“You had me scared there. You came, and then blacked out for a few
minutes. I threw some water on you to see if that would wake you up.
I was just about to go find a doctor when you started mumbling,”
Avril explained. “You came like a freight train and almost
suffocated me with your legs. It was beautiful.”

“I swear I had an out of body experience,” Elisha said. “I was
floating over the couch watching myself come.”

“That must have been hot, seeing yourself orgasm,” Avril marveled as
her hand slid under the hem of her robe to her own pussy.

“It was great. My head exploded, and then I started floating up. I
looked down and saw myself as my orgasm took hold. I could still
feel every pulse of the shaver and your finger in my ass, but I
could also see the contortions my face went through in great
detail,” Elisha explained. Seeing Avril taking care of herself,
Elisha said “The least I can do is return the favor. I’ve never done
it with a woman, but I’ve played with myself enough to have a sense
of what a woman wants.”

“I was hoping you’d offer,” Avril responded enthusiastically. Still
on her knees, she untied the sash of her robe and she let it fall
from her shoulders before laying down on the floor.

Sliding off the couch, Elisha nervously approached Avril. As the
singer spread her legs for her, Elisha quietly crept between her
thighs. Experimentally, she ran the tip of her index finger along
the length of Avril’s slit from the bottom up. Seeing Avril respond,
Elisha repeated the action, this time letting her finger dawdle at
her opening of her hole. Slipping the finger into Avril’s wet snatch
up to the first knuckle, Elisha was rewarded with a sharp intake of
air. Pulling the finger out, Elisha moved it to Avril’s clit.

“Yeah, that’s the spot,” Avril moaned as Elisha starting rubbing her

Experimentally, Elisha leaned down and gave Avril’s slit a quick
lick. Finding the taste to be slightly tangy, Elisha started lapping
at Avril’s hole while her finger rubbed her clit. It took her a
little while to get her rhythm down, but soon Elisha was in the
swing of things and had Avril moaning constantly.

“Oh yeah,” Avril groaned, tweaking her nipples as Elisha’s tongue
found her pleasure bud.

“Am I doing good?” Elisha asked, lifting her head to look at Avril’s
face while slipping two fingers into the singer’s wet snatch.

“You’re a natural,” Avril panted.

Satisfied that she was doing it right, Elisha lowered her head and
went back to work. Sucking on Avril’s clit, Elisha was amazed at the
amount of juices flowing out of Avril’s cunt. As she slid her two
fingers in and out of Avril’s cunt, the room was filled with the wet
sounds of sex. The sound of her fingers sloshing around in Avril’s
cunt echoed off the walls in between Avril’s moans of contentment.

Elisha was so aroused by the thought of eating pussy, that she
lowered her other hand to play with her own pussy. Slipping the
middle finger into her cunt, she timed the thrusts to match the
thrusts of the fingers on her other hand into Avril’s pussy. The
feel of her finger in her cunt caused her to moan around Avril’s
clit, which further heightened Avril’s arousal.

Lifting her head to look down her body at the woman eating her
pussy, Avril couldn’t help but notice Elisha’s other hand between
her legs. Between moans, Avril said “I can… uh… help you… with

“What?” Elisha asked, lifting her head but keeping the fingers on
both hands going.

“Move around into a ’69’ and we can do each other,” Avril suggested.

Pulling her mouth off Avril’s cunt, Elisha shifted around so that
she could swing her leg over Avril’s head. Adjusting to the new
position, Elisha could feel Avril’s hands grab her ass and pull her
pussy lower. She’d been in a 69 before with several boyfriends, but
never with a woman and the naughtiness of the situation had her
juices flowing even more than before. As Avril’s tongue found her
clit, Elisha let out an involuntary moan. Lowering her head, she
clamped her mouth around Avril’s clit and started to suck for all
she was worth.

With her nose buried in Elisha’s snatch and her tongue licking
circles around her clit, Avril reached one of her hands around
Elisha’s leg. Slipping just the tip of her middle finger into
Elisha’s hole, Avril wiggled it around until Elisha started pushing
herself back to get more in. As Elisha continued to suck on her clit
like a vacuum cleaner, Avril could feel her orgasm starting to build
up in her stomach. Wanting to get Elisha off at the same time, Avril
pushed the rest of her finger into Elisha’s cunt and started worming
it around to look for that special spot.

Just as Avril’s orgasm hit, her finger found the spot and she ran
the tip of her finger along it. That sent Elisha off into another
mind shattering climax, and they both forgot all about the other to
concentrate on the feelings washing over them.

“Oh my god,” Elisha panted as she slid off of Avril.

“That was intense,” Avril agreed as she looked up at the ceiling.

“We definitely have to do that again,” Elisha said, rolling onto her
side to look at Avril.

Getting her breathing back under control, Avril said “Not tonight, I
have to pack up and move on to the next city. I’ll be back in LA
soon though if you want to do something then.”

“Definitely,” Elisha agreed, getting up on her hands and knees.
Crawling over to the couch, she grabbed her clothes.

Standing up, Elisha got dressed and watched as Avril continued to
lay on the floor watching her. Seeing a pen and paper laying on the
table, Elisha crossed the room to pick them up. After jotting her
phone number down, she tore off the piece of paper she had just
written on, put the pen down, and crossed the room back to Avril.

“Call me,” she said, getting back down on her hands and knees.
Setting the slip of paper down on Avril’s stomach, she leaned her
head down and kissed Avril goodbye. Walking out of the room, Elisha
licked her lips and was rewarded with remnants of Avril’s cum on her

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