Candace Cameron Gets Hers

Title: Candace Cameron Gets Hers

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Candace Cameron Bure

Codes: Fbb, anal, facial, incest


Disclaimer: 100% fiction and has never occurred except in a person’s fantasies

Candace had just got home from work and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, her son’s bathroom was closest so she decided to go in there instead. When she opened the door she got the shock of her life as her two sons, Maksim-12 and Lev-14, were in there and totally naked.

Now Candace hasn’t seen her boys nude in a number of years so it came as no surprise that she admired their youthful figures with their short blond hair. What surprised her most was the fact they somehow got it in their heads that they would shave, and I’m not talking about their faces since hair wasn’t growing there yet.

Her youngest son, Maksim, was on his knees and just finishing running a razor down his brother’s leg and was cleaning him up. Since they boys started going through puberty they thought they’d shave their privates and legs, relishing in the slick look. Granted, Lev is a couple years older and has been into puberty for some time now, it wasn’t until his broher hit it that they talked and decided to shave each other’s legs and private area.

“What are you two doing?” Candace said in horror as she watched Maksim take hi brother’s growing erection and playing with it.

Maksim quickly sprang up off the floor with a worried look as they both looked at their Mom standing there in the doorway with no shoes on, a tight white tank top that showed off her hard nipples under it and full breasts and cleavage, and a pair of jean shorts that hugged her firm ass snugly and showed off her gorgeous legs.

“We…We were just…” Maksim started to say.

“We were fooling around, Mom…You know, experimenting like…” His brother, Lev, interrupted.

“What!? Experimenting!? Like sexually!?” Their Mom expressed with a angry voice.

“We’ve been doing it for a while now, I mean it feels good and we wanted to…” Maksim confessed to their Mom. Candace didn’t know what to think and then the boys smiled at each other and approached her with their hard cocks wagging side to side as they walked to her. Lev and Maksim each grabbed an arm and restrained her as she squirmed and whined: “What are you doing!? Stop!?”

“Shhhhh…It’s ok, Mom. We think you’re hot and want to do it with you. Let us show you what we’ve been doing with each other.” Lev said.

“Stop! We can’t…I’m your Mother!” Candace begged.

Than she felt her shirt being pulled up and off her and the boys leaned in and flicked their tongues over her nipples as their hard cocks produced some pre-cum and it smeared into the sides of both her legs as they dry-humped them. Suddenly a rush of ecstasy came over her as she became heated from her boys advances and began to let them have their perverted way with her.

Lev grabbed a pair of her black nylons she left in the clothes hamper and tied one end around her right wrist, tossed the nylons over the beam running across the room and than secured her other wrist so her arms were suspended over her head and above her. She watched as her youngest son went to his knees and undid her shorts, pulling them down and off her and exposing a bright green pair of laced panties. Maksim could see his mother’s pubes through them as most of the panties weren’t a solid pattern.

Maksim took hold of her undies at the waistline and tugged them down and off of her, tossing them to the side and sliding his hand up her smooth leg and twirling his fingertips into her pubes. He could feel them getting wet as she moaned with delight. Maksim began to dry-hump her leg at her calve while Lev hoisted her left leg and draped it over his shoulder.

“Put me in her, Maksim.” Lev commanded of his brother.

Maksim took hole of his brother’s cock and guided it into their Mom as she looked down and watched it disappear into her. Lev could feel his Mom’s pussy clench his cock and soak it with her warmth as he slowly worked it back and forth in her while he licked the backside of her leg just behind her knee as it remained draped over his shoulder.

Soon Maksim blew his load all over her lower leg and watched his brother thrust hard as he started to cum, making their Mom squeal with pleasure as she felt her son’s orgasm fill her up…

“That felt so good, Mom…I want it to happen again.” Lev stated as he lowered her leg and moved to her front as he stayed in her, continuing his fucking of her as she remained tied up and in a standing position.

Maksim stood and reached down, sliding his index and middle fingers around either side of his brother’s cock and felt him pounding away in their Mom. Maksim licked his way up his Mom’s side and over her bare armpit and then flicked his tongue over the underside of her arm still suspended over her head…

“I’m cumming! I’m doing it again, Mom! Feel it? Feel it happening in you?” Lev asked.

“I do! I really DO!” His Mom replied with utter surprise.

After Lev finished he withdrew form hi Mom and Maksim dropped to his knees again betweeen her legs and began to lick her pussy. Candace couldn’t believe her youngest son was doing this to her right after his brother just finished fucking her. Lev’s cum poured from her loins into Maksim’s mouth and dribbled down his neck as he tried to gobble it up…

“He really likes my cum…” Lev stated to their Mom as Maksim slurped it from her pussy.

Maksim stood and began to rub his shaft against his Mom’s fur mound, feeling her pubes tickled the underside of his shaft and then firmly pushing it into her. Candace couldn’t believe the feeling of her youngest son taking her as she remained restrained…

“GOD! Honey! I had no idea! It feels so good in me! Yes! YES! THAT’S IT! TAKE ME!” Candace exclaimed.

Soon, Lev got behind her and she could feel a finger slide into her ass. Her eyes popped open wide with surprise as she looked back over her shoulder…

“Not there! GOD! What…What are you gonna do to me?!” She questioned her eldest.

Soon she would find out as Lev gently popped the head of his cock into her rump and firmly seated it fully into her ass. Her eyes became watery as both her son’s fucked her at the same time in both her holes, making her feel their rigid shafts caressing her vagianl and anal walls as they slid back and forth in her. Within seconds she was having a dual anal/vaginal orgasm, her spasms and screams mirrored each other in the room as her boys filled her with their cum.

Maksim and Lev could feel each other’s cocks throbs inside their Mom as their thrusts slowed and ended with one last cumshot in her. They both withdrew and watched as their cum oozed from both her holes and slid down her gorgeous legs, both front and back.

Lev finally undid the nylons that suspended their Mother’s arms over her head and let her collapse to the floor on her knees. Lev knelt next to her and took his brother’s cock in hand…

“Watch this, this is the first thing we ever did together…” Lev stated.

Candace watched as her oldest son took her youngest and put him in his mouth, sucking his dick with great pleasure and tasting their Mother’s pussy on it. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing as Lev pleasured his younger brother by giving him oral.

Candace witnessed Maksim’s stomach contract as he shut his eyes, squinting as he came; blasting Lev’s face with his cum. Lev quickly aimed his brother towards their Mom and jerked him off onto her face. Load after load splashed on her cheeks and forhead as Lev leaned in and slowly began to lick her lips, the cum smearing into each other’s faces as he coerced her mouth open with his tongue and shared his brother’s cum with a cum-swap.

Candace knew now her son’s were much more than blood relation and that they loved her in more ways than one. She knew now that making each other cum was the true sign of affection and that it would most likely happen as often as possible….

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