Candi And Melyssa: Another Lesbian Vampire Story

Candi and Melyssa: Another Lesbian Vampire Story (FF, MC, vamp)

by Number One

Celebs: Candice Michelle, Melyssa Ford

Warning: If you’re under 18 and/or you’re offended by the sexual content,
stay the hell away from this story!

The sun had set, turning a clear day in to a seemingly ominous night. At that
time Candice Michelle, WWE Diva, Playboy covergirl, and evil vampire queen,
rose from her daytime slumber. She walked toward her nightstand and picked up
the April 2006 issue of Playboy, the very issue she is on the cover of. She
looked longingly at her sexy cover photo

“And they say vampires can’t be photographed,” Candice scoffed. “Yet another
one the ‘experts’ got wrong.”

Candice had the issue bookmarked, but not at the page that features one of
her stunning photos. It was marked at the page that spotlights Playboy’s Babe of
the Month. The Babe of the Month for April 2006 was Melyssa Ford, a noted
hip-hop video vixen and BET’s resident ebony hottie. Candice licked her lips as
she looked at Melyssa’s sexy photo.

“Mmmm, chocolate,” Candice said in lustful Homer Simpson-like fashion. “I
must have her.” A devilish grin appeared on Candice’s face. “And I have the power
to bring her to me.”

She tore the photo from the magazine. Then she lit an immense number of
candles and sat herself on the bed with photo on hand and said, “Soon, my pretty,
you will become my sex slave…for all eternity!!!” She cackled evilly and
began casting her spell.

Meanwhile, Melyssa Ford was sleeping comfortably in her bed. Her sleep was
disturbed, however, by the sound of Candice’s voice calling for her. At that
moment Melyssa, donning some pink lingerie, rose from her bed, left her house and
made the long, trance-like walk to Candice Michelle’s dark lair.

Melyssa arrived at Candice’s lair, only to find the door wide open. She
walked right in, walked a flight of stairs, and entered the bedroom, only to see
the busty vampiress Candice sitting at bedside donning a black robe with her
legs crossed. “I’ve been expecting you, Melyssa,” she said with a smirk on her

“How may I serve you, my Empress?” asked the spellbound Melyssa.

“I’m glad you asked, honey,” replied Candice. “Come to me.”

The Canadian-born beauty walked slowly towards Candice, who wasted little
time disrobing.

“Take off your clothes,” ordered Candice. Melyssa quickly removed her pink
lingerie. “Now,” Candice began, “come lay down next to me.”

“Yes, my Empress,” said Melyssa, doing exactly as Candice requested. “What
else do you want me to do for you?”

Candice kissed Melyssa’s luscious lips and then said, “Fuck me.”

They kissed again and then Melyssa later began doing as Candice instructed
and went down on her Empress. “OH YES! YES! YES!!!!!” Candice loudly moaned
while Melyssa was licking her delectable pussy. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!” As
Melyssa continued working on Candice’s pussy, the vampire queen’s ecstasy reached
an inhuman level when her eyes glowed bright orange.

Melyssa then relieved herself. “Have I pleased you, Empress?” she asked.

“You have pleased your Empress,” replied Candice, “but I’m not done with you
yet.” Candice then overpowered her submissive lover and started caressing and
licking her big tits. “Now, my pretty,” she said with a wicked smirk, “I’m
going to lick your luscious pussy.”

“Whatever pleases my Empress,” said Melyssa. “Take me.”

Enjoying that response, Candice quickly moved down and tasted Melyssa’s tight
pussy, causing the 5’4″ babe to go into deep ecstasy. “OHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHH
YEEEEESSS!!!” she shouted. “Take me, Empress! I want to be one with you!”

At the sound of that statement, Candice rose up, her face slightly covered
with Melyssa’s juices, and her deadly fangs fully extended. She then moved
closer to her lover, gently kissed her left cheek, and sank her fangs into
Melyssa’s neck. Candice took enough out of her to turn her into her undead sex slave.

“Welcome, my child,” said Candice, “to the world of the undead. You are now a
creature of the night with all the same powers that I have.”

“Thank you, Empress,” said Melyssa.

“But,” Candice began, putting her finger on Melyssa’s luscious lips. “I am
your queen. You are my personal sex slave. I give the orders, and you will
follow them.” Candice then kissed Melyssa passionately. “Is that understood?” she

Melyssa, now sporting a pair of fangs and glowing orange eyes, replied, “Yes,
my Empress.”

The End

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